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Daily Discounts

We release new Presales every day at a special price.

Empowering your Style

Each piece is carefully fit tested in women's sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. We celebrate every shape aiming to make fashion more accessible.

Stylist Experience

You have the option to work with a Stylist for free! Stylists offer fit advice and product insights at no extra cost.

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Brooklyn Cable Knit Sweater Brooklyn Cable Knit Sweater 2
Launching in
Quick View
Brooklyn Cable Knit Sweater
$ 85.00 $ 79.99 CAD
Meet Me There Boots Meet Me There Boots 2
Launching in
Quick View
Meet Me There Boots
$ 64.95 $ 59.99 CAD
Love Me Knot Top Love Me Knot Top 2
Quick View
Love Me Knot Top
$ 34.95 $ 29.99 CAD
Going Places Crossbody Bag Going Places Crossbody Bag 2
Quick View
Going Places Crossbody Bag
$ 79.95 $ 74.99 CAD
Take a Bow Socks Take a Bow Socks 2
Quick View
Take a Bow Socks
$ 25.00 $ 22.99 CAD
Waffle Knit Boxy Henley Waffle Knit Boxy Henley 2
Quick View
Waffle Knit Boxy Henley
$ 75.00 $ 69.99 CAD
Waffle Knit Best Friend Jogger Waffle Knit Best Friend Jogger 2
Quick View
Waffle Knit Best Friend Jogger
$ 88.00 $ 84.99 CAD
PresaleSold Out
Soft and Sweet Cardigan Soft and Sweet Cardigan 2
Quick View
Soft and Sweet Cardigan
$ 74.95 $ 69.99 CAD
Day to Day Denim Day to Day Denim 2
Quick View
Day to Day Denim
$ 99.95 $ 94.99 CAD
All I Wanted Boots All I Wanted Boots 2
Quick View
All I Wanted Boots
$ 94.95 $ 89.99 CAD
VIP Earrings VIP Earrings 2
Quick View
VIP Earrings
$ 29.95 $ 24.99 CAD
Make It Shimmer Satin Shirt Make It Shimmer Satin Shirt 2
Quick View
Make It Shimmer Satin Shirt
$ 74.95 CAD
Luminous Evening Bag Luminous Evening Bag 2
Quick View
Luminous Evening Bag
$ 89.95 CAD
Ritz Heels Ritz Heels 2
Quick View
Ritz Heels
$ 64.95 CAD
What's Your Sign Necklace What's Your Sign Necklace 2
Quick View
What's Your Sign Necklace
$ 29.95 CAD
Snap To It Cardigan Snap To It Cardigan 2
Quick View
Snap To It Cardigan
$ 39.95 CAD
Sold Out
About That Handbag About That Handbag 2
Quick View
About That Handbag
$ 79.95 CAD
Lounge Day Joggers Lounge Day Joggers 2
Quick View
Lounge Day Joggers
$ 49.00 CAD
Chase the Rainbow Ring Chase the Rainbow Ring 2
Quick View
Chase the Rainbow Ring
$ 29.95 CAD
The Best Is Yet To Come Necklace The Best Is Yet To Come Necklace 2
Quick View
The Best Is Yet To Come Necklace
$ 24.95 CAD
Bonbon Exfoliating Scrub Bonbon Exfoliating Scrub 2
Quick View
Bonbon Exfoliating Scrub
$ 34.95 CAD
LEVI'S Wedgie Straight Ankle Jeans LEVI'S Wedgie Straight Ankle Jeans 2
Quick View
LEVI'S Wedgie Straight Ankle Jeans
$ 99.95 CAD
Sold Out
Só Luxury Clean Square Só Luxury Clean Square 2
Quick View
Só Luxury Clean Square
$ 20.00 CAD

Find the Best Styles from the Brands We Love

Each piece goes through a selection process to ensure it meets our requirements for fit, quality and style. This vetting process ensures you can be confident purchasing clothing online knowing it has passed our tests.

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