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August 17, 2018

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My name is Angela and I suffer from chronic Lyme Disease. I struggle mostly with my gut health and general GI dysfunction. Because of this, it's very hard for me to wear pants that put pressure on my Tummy area because the discomfort is unbearable. That's why I love Silver Icing's phenomenal 12 inch waistband!! Its puts zero pressure on my stomach, helps to conceal bloating and makes me feel comfortable,confident and stylish! Thank you Silver Icing ?
Angela McLellan - 33, Drumheller
 [08/22/18 8:40:32AM]

Confident, sexy, fit.. these are only a few of the things my SI leggings make me feel. As a mom of two littles, I struggle with body image constantly. After having my first babe I wanted to change the way that people view motherhood and this stereotyped "mom bod". Finding SI gave me the confidence I needed to start a social media platform of my own to help inspire and educate others on proper fitness and nutrition. If you are a Mom, and have a body... well then you have a Mom Bod.
Catherine Valiquette - 25, Rainbow Lake
 [08/22/18 7:45:10AM]

Why be ordinary if you can be extrodinary! I feel invincible in my Exclusives like I can take on the world. Why? They make me feel confident, as they really nip and tuck, never see through and make ME feel good and sexy-almost a wonder woman transformation. Watch out world, Iam wearing my exclusives ?
Renate - 37, Burlington
 [08/22/18 5:11:43AM]

My love with the SI exclusive leggings began a few years ago, now with all the changes and options I’m still hooked and all the new ones coming keeps me so excited! They make me feel more confident out and about and in the gym. The patterns and colours are amazing. I know I’m getting a pair of leggings that are unique ! They seriously make strangers stop and ask you where you got your pants !! I am able to workout in a pair then leave the gym with the same pair on. The versatility is ?
Chelsea Fitzpatrick - 26, Prince George
 [08/21/18 9:45:16PM]

Before SI I would never have entered a contest like this. I'm very much a plain Jane you see. I'm not one to shine amongst all you beauties out there! That's changing ever so slowly and I truly believe it's because SI is for everyone! Everyone can wear these exclusives with confidence they feel like butter and suck in my lumps and bumps.I get to wear fabulous bold colours and prints that help me shine. I asked my husband to take a photo of me for this contest;this was his favourite.
Emma Freeman - 39, Vermilion
 [08/21/18 8:50:34PM]

When wearing the Under the Dress Shirts, I feel so confident. The fit and the material do not disappoint. I love how these feel on that I would be comfortable enough to wear them on their own to work out. They stay in place & don’t roll up the leg. That’s quality and well worth the price .
Janet Walker - 44, Sault Ste Marie, ON
 [08/21/18 7:29:58PM]

Hi! Penny here? My daughter is a stylist so I first bought SI to support her, but I have fallen in love with your clothing! I love the leggings - wear them to work, church, shopping, date nights - you name it! I can't recommend them enough! They wash like a dream - and look like brand new every time! What did I ever wear before them? Thank you!!
Penny Roberts - 62, Grimshaw
 [08/21/18 7:26:59PM]

My SI Leggings obsession began in January 2016. That's over 32 months of true legging love. Over 32 months of mom life, chasing kiddos, Netflixing, running errands, teaching, dog walking, pregnancy, post pregnancy, and a few workouts too! ;) These leggings are comfortable no matter what I'm doing, make me feel confident no matter where I'm going, and while I've purchased SEVERAL new pairs since, (I'm sort of a #buyallthecolours kinda girl), this original pair is still going strong. Best. Leggi
Lisa McLean - 36, Sault Ste. Marie
 [08/21/18 5:30:49PM]

I love these exclusive leggings for so many reasons. One being the versatility of them. Whether you dress them up or wear them as workout gear they fit every occasion. My favorite part of the leggings is their feel....I’m so many ways. No matter the day these leggings make me feel good and confident and not self-conscious about my body. I feel like I always look great in these leggings.
Donna Macklin - 40, Thunder bay
 [08/21/18 5:25:15PM]

My first pair of SI leggings was gifted by my boyfriend’s wonderful sister, a SI Stylist, and I remember pulling them out of the package thinking “no way these are gonna fit.” The first thing she said was “don’t worry, they’ll definitely fit, they’re super stretchy” and she was right! I struggled to find a pair of leggings that didn’t go sheer in the back so these were life-changing. I feel amazing in these leggings - whether I’m running errands or working out, these are my go-to’s!
Amanda Hunt - 25, Dartmouth
 [08/21/18 3:36:32PM]

I have always struggled with finding activewear that I am not constantly having to pull up in the middle of an activity. The exclusives have solved this problem for me! I have the Elevate capris, the crops and some full length, and they all do an amazing job, so I'm able to focus on my task, whether it be court volleyball, Beach volleyball, Stand up paddleboarding or slacklining, like I am here!
Sarah Lane - 36, Thunder Bay
 [08/21/18 2:51:08PM]

A little over a year ago, I decided to take control of my life and started a weight loss journey. It was hard, I was unhappy with my looks and self conscious. I tried on many leggings but nothing made me feel comfortable until I tried Silver Icing. They were comfortable, pretty, didn't show anything when I stretched and made me feel good about myself due to the amazing fit. Today I am 70lbs down and going, I hike mountains on a regular basis and Silver Icing leggings are the only ones I'll wear.
Nadine Gough - 43, Chilliwack
 [08/21/18 12:54:19PM]

Epic leggings: the leggings I feel beautiful in. Let’s face it, no matter what size you are, people will always have their insecurities. Mine is my mommy tummy. After trying these leggings, I started wearing my t shirts again! I feel so confident in them that it even shows my confidence through my personality. I don’t sell these to make money, I sell them so I can share with my ladies how amazing these leggings will make them feel. Fabulous, stylish, and proud: the way these make me feel ??
Lacey roberts - 24, Grimshaw
 [08/21/18 10:03:33AM]

Epic leggings: the leggings I feel beautiful in. Let’s face it, no matter what size you are, people will always have their insecurities. Mine is my mommy tummy. After trying these leggings, I started wearing my t shirts again! I feel so confident in them that it even shows my confidence through my personality. I don’t sell these to make money, I sell them so I can share with my ladies how amazing these leggings will make them feel. Fabulous, stylish, and proud: the way these make me feel ??
Lacey Roberts - 24, Grimshaw
 [08/21/18 9:57:02AM]

I’m a brand New Silver Icing Stylist and used my 100$ welcome gift card to buy these perfect leggings. I love how soft and light weight they are as well as how they make my legs look strong! My husband and I own a boxing gym and I’m super excited to spread the word with our members about these hidden gems. I think every gal should own a pair. Wether you’re going to pair with our stranger then yesterday tank and exercise in them or wear with a cute tunic or fall sweater! Love me these leggings!
Sarah Thompson - 37, Airdrie
 [08/20/18 10:33:29PM]

My Silver Icing exclusives make me feel edgy, put together, sporty and pretty all at the same time! They are a game changer for me! They smooth me out , move with me and they breathe!! They go from gym, to work; to an evening out just by adding a jacket, a tunic or a quick change of shoes. I’m not sure how I lived before my Silver Icing exclusives !!
Nicole Smith - 45, Kamloops
 [08/20/18 9:21:28PM]

I've recently lost 40 lbs, and these Epic Leggings in Charcoal make me feel amazing! I wore them today and received so many compliments... made me blush... but I made sure everyone knew where I got these amazing leggings! <3
Meagan Clifton - 36, Mission
 [08/20/18 8:07:10PM]

Love my silver icing leggings and tank tops!! I always get compliments on all your clothing! It is so comfy to wear, I can’t gefind enough of it!!!
Tasia - 40, Fort McMurray
 [08/20/18 8:04:36PM]

I have tried lulu’s, and I have tried cheaper brands. But I have never loved leggings, in fact I would cringe at the thought of wearing them. They always stayed at the back of my closet only to be worn when I was pregnant and can’t fit anything else. Then I tried silver icing, I was very hesitant because of my past experience of constantly having to pull my pants up (including the crotch area). Once I tried my cream of the crops I can fully understand quality. I feel so comfortable glam in these
Alyssa Fahie - 34, Gibbons
 [08/20/18 6:43:44PM]

In the beginning I didn’t get the whole SI legging hunger, but once I purchased my first pair everything made sense lol. Holy cow there like butter on and move with you all day! And the best part they suck it all in!? I love my SI Exclusives and will wear nothing else ever! ???
Nicole Pike - 41, Grande Prairie
 [08/20/18 5:15:47PM]

I love my SI Epic Leggings. As a mom of 2 my body hasn’t been the same since I’ve had children. I love that the leggings are soft, comfortable and high! They cover all the right places and smooth everything out! They are my go to leggings for sure!
Meghan Bourgeois - 34, Stratton, On
 [08/20/18 12:38:05PM]

I’ve had a bit of a letter tummy for as long as I can remember. I’ve had people congratulate me on my pregnancy, not being pregnant. So I have always felt self conscious when wearing leggings. Since finding Silver Icing and the exclusive leggings, I don’t need to feel that way anymore. They suck me in in all the right places and I love that I can pair them with a long shot and off I go. I have two young kids, so for me the easiness and confidence I feel is amazing! Thank you Silver Icing!
Jennifer Soares - 31, Burlington
 [08/20/18 12:29:34PM]

My Journey with Silver Icing started in September 2017. It all started with a pair of Silver Icing exclusives - Epic Leggings. Since then, I’ve purchased 5 more pairs. My first pair were a purchase I made 4 months postpartum, not fitting anything else, I put them on and instantly felt confident. The waistband will forever be something I rave about! The material of Silver Icing exclusives are something you can live in. Work wear! Gym wear! Everyday wear!
Kelly Nootchtai - 26, Massey
 [08/20/18 7:07:25AM]

My SI leggings make me feel so smooth and put together! No lines and no worries. And the best part is that you get to size down, so you feel like even more of a rockstar! Thanks SI for all the confidence these exclusives have provided me!
Kaija Riabov - 33, Thunder Bay
 [08/20/18 4:08:07AM]

Hi, I’m Bryna from Lake Country, BC! I’m a 32 year old mom who loves the SI exclusives because they are the most comfortable,flattering leggings I have ever worn! Having PRACTICAL clothing is a necessity for chasing after my 2 kids and the fact that these leggings look good dressed up or down make them the perfect choice! These leggings physically feel silky soft and fit like a glove and mentally make me feel uplifted, empowered, sexy, & beautiful! These pants are literally made for EVERY BODY!
Bryna Evans - 32, Lake Country
 [08/19/18 10:31:50PM]

I love my exclusive leggings because of the confidence they give me. Having two children within 18 months and turning 40 left me in new mombod territory! Wearing these leggings allows me to do anything throughout my day without having to worry about a muffin top or my leggings going sheer or falling down.
Carley Hayes - 40, Langley
 [08/19/18 10:30:59PM]

I have always had rather low self esteem, especially after becoming a mom. But the SI exclusive leggings fit me so perfectly that I always feel strong and beautiful when I’m wearing them, regardless of whether I’m trying to find my zen in Tree Pose or chasing my two VERY busy boys!
Mimi Searls - 33, Williams Lake
 [08/19/18 10:26:00PM]

When I signed up with SI 3 years ago and immediately ordered exclusives it was becausle I was in love with the print. These leggings introduced me to a group of incredible, supportive women who have become friends and community. My leggings have motivated me to workout on days when I’d rather sleep in. My leggings give me courage to try new things in fashion. And perhaps best of all, they hold in and cover up everything I’m self conscious about!
Karis Matthews - 32, Watrous
 [08/19/18 9:37:49PM]

I LOVE SI leggings! I have LOTS of workout pics with me wearing them but this is one of my faves. I feel STRONG and confident when I workout or coach in them! At 42, working out HAS to be part of my life. And when I put them on I feel like superwoman! I’m the one on the bottom of this plank challenge! I like to think of the caption as “SI leggings.....enough to support 2 beautiful women!”
Tanya Plamondon - 42, Lloydminster
 [08/19/18 9:19:16PM]

My SI Leggings obsession began in January 2016. That's over 32 months of true legging love. Over 32 months of mom life, chasing kiddos, Netflixing, running errands, teaching, dog walking, pregnancy, post pregnancy, and even a few workouts! ;) These leggings are comfortable no matter what I'm doing, make me feel confident no matter where I'm going, and while I've purchased SEVERAL pairs since, (I'm a #buyallthecolours kinda girl), this original pair is still going strong. Best. Leggings. Ever.
Lisa McLean - 36, Sault Ste. Marie
 [08/19/18 8:35:53PM]

My Silver Icing Epic Leggings make me feel like part of my family again. I had a horrible birth experience and then experienced postpartum depression. Silver Icing got me out of my funk and self doubt and lack of confidence. I absolutely adore my leggings and for a girl who has had stomach issues her whole life, they are a lifesaver for me to feel fashionable and still be comfortable with no pain. I wear my leggings with confidence and am embracing my new body.
Nikki Webber - 30, Warburg
 [08/19/18 8:35:37PM]

I was introduced to Silver Icing a year ago, fell in love with the exclusives, I have purchased every color and wear them for yoga, casual and dress up. I am 72 years old and I read comments in our products group from young stylists asking if their Mom's can wear leggings and also our other pieces, their Mom's feel it is not age appropiate. I have to disagree, as a woman today, it is how you feel about yourself when wearing Silver Icing clothing. I feel amazing especially in our leggings.
Nancy McConnell - 72, Maple Ridge
 [08/19/18 7:44:22PM]

I love my SI leggings because they make me feel amazing when I put them on. They are that added bit of motivation for me to get up at 5:30am and get to the gym - the down side (?) being that I now need smaller sizes in all my leggings ?. The patterns are gorgeous and fun, and I love how I look and feel in them. They are the first pair of leggings that stay in place, no matter what exercise I attempt to do.
Sarah Multamaki Walker - 37, Thunder Bay
 [08/19/18 7:37:19PM]

The exclusive leggings by Silver Icing, quite literally, have my back. No matter the activity – playing at the park with my kids, weekend grocery trip, backyard BBQ with friends, taking my dog for a run, lounging with a coffee – these leggings fit the bill. They are my go-to with the perfect waist band and buttery smooth fabric. I feel comfortable, athletic, pretty. Add to that the fact they don’t go sheer, they provide me with the confidence to do just about anything! Photo by my 5-year old!
Sarah Snable - 36, Barrie
 [08/19/18 7:32:47PM]

The exclusive leggings by Silver Icing, quite literally, have my back. No matter the activity – playing at the park with my kids, weekend grocery trip, backyard BBQ with friends, taking my dog for a run, lounging with a coffee – these leggings fit the bill. They are my go-to with the perfect waist band and buttery smooth fabric. I feel comfortable, athletic, pretty. Add to that the fact they don’t go sheer, they provide me with the confidence to do just about anything! Photo by my 5-year old!
Sarah Snable - 36, Barrie
 [08/19/18 7:32:10PM]

When I first tried the exclusives, I had been suffering with Ednomitriosis, and just couldn’t wear anything restricting it hurt so bad. These leggings allowed my body to swell as it needed to and still they stayed in place, they never lost their shape and are so comfortable, something which I haven’t been able to say about another pants before them! I feel amazing in them ?? Fast forward a year or so later and I am 35 weeks pregnant and still the only pants I wear are exclusives!
Kaysi Strome - 30, Stettler
 [08/19/18 7:02:39PM]

Silver Icing leggings make me feel confident when I run because they look and feel great. I ran my first marathon in Silver Icing crops and I was comfortable the whole race, and they looked great too. They also made it easy for my family to spot me!
Tracie Farrell - Edmonton
 [08/19/18 6:23:10PM]

I discovered SI about a year ago and have been gaining confidence in my own skin ever since. The leggings started out as being something I would just wear "under something else", but this summer, I broke out and let my leggings and crops speak for themselves. Comfort, confidence and versatility - all part of the beauty of my SI leggings!
Sarah Froese - 42, Abbotsford
 [08/19/18 6:02:49PM]

I've been wearing the SI brand of workout leggings and crops since Anne Marie Pardy introduced me to them. at 58 I don't have the figure from my younger years. but in these crops and leggings, I feel like a million bucks! they fit better than any pair I've ever worn and now I have a huge collection...they make me want to go for a walk or work out at the gym. they are a real confidence builder for this old gal. please keep up the good work!
June Weiss - 58, Sarnia
 [08/19/18 5:58:03PM]

I am a mom and a wife and I work full-time while trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. I am often last on the priority list when it comes to taking care of myself. Silver Icing has allowed me to look great on days when I am tired or feel like I am failing at life. I love how my exclusive leggings hug my curves and hide imperfections. My favorite part is the high waistband that eliminates muffin top while smoothing out my mom tum. Thank you for giving me the confidence to feel and look beautiful!<3
Kaitlin Gutowski - 32, Garson, Manitoba
 [08/19/18 5:10:09PM]

SI leggings have given me a confidence back that I had lost, my weight has fluctuated for most of my adult life and the way I feel wearing these leggings makes me feel amazing! I have so many pairs because I wear them almost every day! My favorite place to wear them is at the dog park where I can run around with my dogs and feel comfortable and sexy all at the same time! Thank you Silver Icing! And thank you to my amazing Stylist Britt!!
Elyse Croome - 28, Edmonton
 [08/19/18 4:48:39PM]

Believe it or not putting on exclusives on every single morning to hit up a HIIT class makes me feel fabulous and pretty much motivates me to head to the gym. I was in a bad car accident last year that prevented me from going to the gym. This pictures says it all. It was first day back after 6 months in recovery and I can say that without the exclusives, I wouldn’t feel as confident heading back to the gym. I truly felt like a rock star. These ladies are my amazing support system.
Melissa Appave - 33, Calgary
 [08/19/18 4:04:59PM]

This is my mom. You’ll never believe she’s 60 years old! She’s had many life struggles and one of them is body image of herself. I gave her one for Christmas. She looked at the leggings and says “you know I won’t fit in this”. She was pretty disappointed. She tried them on, came out and this is the picture I snapped of her. She was elated that they fit and how amazing she looked in it. The confidence she displays gives me motivation to be like her when I am her age.
Melissa Appave - 60, Calgary
 [08/19/18 3:54:53PM]

as someone who has bigger legs I just assumed leggings were not for me. I have seen Silver icing leggings raved about in local Mom groups so I finally went for it. My only regret is not doing so sooner. I love how silver icing fits real people of all sizes. These leggings are rediculously confirtable and smooth everything out. Thank you silver icing for allowing me to feel confidant in leggings ??
Brianna Cooper - Mission
 [08/19/18 3:18:42PM]

Hi, my name is Cheryl, I was introduced to the epic leggings at a silver party. It was love at first site. I had to try them on. As a mother I was in search for a pair of leggings that held in my mommy tummy. The epic leggings have it all! They aren't see through when you bend over and they hold my mommy tummy making my feel comfortable and confident in my new body.
Cheryl Goertzen - La Crete
 [08/19/18 2:31:50PM]

Oh these leggings! Comfort level: like eating freshly cooked mashed potatoes. I love being able to wear these to work paired with a dressy tunic and my tall boots. The quality is unmatched by any other black legging that I’ve tried. Perhaps the biggest perk of these leggings are the high waist. Nothing is rolling up or out of these babies! The. Best. Leggings.
Sara Lotter - 39 and 11/12ths ?, Sudbury
 [08/19/18 2:05:31PM]

I love my exclusive SI Leggings for traveling. In this photo, I’m leaving for an all night flight from Fort McMurray, AB to Moncton, NB. True comfort while still feeling good and looking fashionable.
Tara Somers Steen - 48, Fort McMurray, AB
 [08/19/18 1:55:57PM]

My rainbow leggings are, hands down, my favourite article of clothing. In fact, I feel so great in them that I chose to wear them to a Supernatural fan convention and had my picture taken in them with David Haydn-Jones, who plays Arthur Ketch in the show. I always get so many compliments on them every time I wear them, and this day was no exception. Feeling comfortable and delightfully curvy was an awesome way to start the weekend! (Maybe the hug helped a bit, too!)
Tricia Arthur - 32, North Bay
 [08/19/18 12:22:18PM]

Wearing my epics make me feel so comfortable in my own skin. Not only do they suck you in and make you look smaller, they also pass the squat test ? and the no more pulling up doing burpees test. No more fear of people seeing what colour underwear I’m wearing. They also pass the sweat test!! These are a staple for all women to have in their closet.
Lindsay Eden - 33, Surrey
 [08/19/18 12:15:23PM]

These legging are amazing!!!! They are so comfortable it sometimes feels like I am not wearing any leggings at all! They are soft, really stretchy and were I can wear a size smaller then my usual size,which is why I love these leggings so much. Fitting into a size smaller gives you so much confidence and makes you feel sexy! I can go out to the store or to the gym wearing these Leggings!!! Love them!
Irene Dunlop - 41, Whitby
 [08/19/18 10:52:49AM]

These leggings are amazing! I have a few ‘different’ curves as I do a lot of weight lifting and bodybuilding so I have a hard time finding pants and leggings that actually fit in all the right places. My SI Epics are amazing at hugging all the right spots, never bagging out, and keeping up with my super busy and active SAHM lifestyle. Thank you SI!!
Lauren Simmonds - 29, Surrey
 [08/19/18 9:40:54AM]

I LOVE my SI Exclusive Leggings! They make me feel like a super hero!! I am always on the go with my kids and we live a very fast paced busy life. They can take me from everyday casual to sexy mama in a quick change of a top and shoes. I always feel beautiful, comfortable and ready for anything life throws at me in these leggings. I love how silky they feel on my skin and I almost never have to readjust them. They are so versatile and are my fave go to!
Kayla Lutz - 35, Mistatim
 [08/19/18 8:44:24AM]

Silver Icing Exclusive leggings are my feel good pants! When I put them on, I feel GOOD! No! I feel Great! Sexy! And Confident! No matter what size or age I am. During my fitness journey they have played a massive role in my confidence to hit the gym. Nothing can stop me while I am sweating my butt off (literally!) Having no sweat lines and no sheer bottom during squats has been a blessing. I can't wait to continue my fitness journey and buy all of the styles!
Alison Eastman - 32, Port Coquitlam
 [08/19/18 12:33:57AM]

My first thought when I tried on my Victory leggings was “It feels like I’m not wearing pants!”. I now own a few (*cough*) pairs of Exclusives and love how comfortable I feel in them. I mostly love that I’ve been able to share the love with other ladies and moms like me. I’ve met wonderful women through SI and think it’s so great that we share a love of the leggings together. We help each other with sizing & no one ever feels judged. It’s an amazing little community we have.
Stacey Kosturos - 32, Langley
 [08/18/18 9:38:57PM]

First I have to say I absolutely hate to exercise. I ordered my Neverland Crops hoping they would fit as I am usually a 18 I got the 2xl. I hated working out and feeling self conscious pulling up my crops constantly and feeling every jiggle and wiggle. I have used my new crops three times and I LOVE the feeling of everything being locked and loaded in place. Thank you Christina Marcano for helping me to increase my confidence and motivation to exercise!
Susan Schmidt - 46, Lethbridge
 [08/18/18 9:34:56PM]

My Eh Team Crops are one of my favourite pairs of exclusives! The fit is amazing. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. They look and feel great when on. My point where I knew these were the most amazing crops in the world is when I went to Canada's Wonderland and the day ended in torrential downpour. I was sure that with THAT much rain, you could see what I was wearing underneath. To my surprise, you could see nothing. Phenomenal! White pants that aren't see-through!
Virginia Mielke - 26, Ottawa
 [08/18/18 1:14:51PM]

I think these are my most fav cuz they are the ones I purchased first. I started my fitness journey when my daughter bought me these, so they are kind of a milestone for me. Whenever I wear these they make me smile and remind me how far I have come on my journey. What amazes me is how many times people, quite often strangers, stop me to say how great I look! Such a boost to my confidence and a reminder to keep moving! Not bad for a 69 year old Nana! Thanks Silver Icing and thank you Nicole Smith
Terri Fick - 69, Vernon, b.c.
 [08/18/18 1:09:22PM]

I love my Silver Icing exclusive leggings because whenever I wear them they make me feel like I can conquer anything! Weather I'm having a day at work trying to catch up with all of my office work while running my own business. Or I am at home with my little one being a handful. One look in the mirror and take a deep breath, I say to myself "I can do this!"
Seanna LoralKay Unger - 27, Castlegar BC
 [08/18/18 12:46:16PM]

As a 45 year-old career woman, partner and mother it can be hard to find time for myself. I all too often focus on work and family, and making the time to put myself together and feel confident about what I wear is not always the priority. I want to be comfortable and confident in my clothes, and look professional at work. The exclusive leggings do just that for me. I feel great and look even better! The bonus is that I can wear them professionally, and at play.
Kim Freeman - 45, Guelph
 [08/18/18 12:09:36PM]

These are the cozy up leggings! They are so soft and comfortable. I’ve never felt overly confident in wearing leggings out and about, but I’ve never thought twice about not going out in these!
Nicole Stark - Fort St. John
 [08/18/18 9:56:10AM]

I love my silver icing leggings, they make everything stay in place and so comfy and soft, also wearing the lace bra underneath, so soft and I love it so much, I love the fact the tank tops are long, makes me feel great!!!
Tasia - 40, Fort McMurray
 [08/18/18 9:45:43AM]

Galaxy crops go to Body Attack GoodLife Fitness. I love how these crops fit. With other brands I am constantly pulling them up during high impact aerobics, these stayed in place. I didn’t have to pull them up once! The high waist hides every roll and prevents muffin top. I felt completely comfortable wearing a tighter tank with these. They also passed the squat test and don’t show the sweat. Perfect workout crop.
Heather Greene - 43, Ottawa
 [08/18/18 9:29:45AM]

My SI leggings are AMAZING! I was so excited to try my very first pair! They are SUPER comfortable, best quality leggings I have ever owned (and I've owned plenty). They not only proved themselves on the yoga mat, but also as an everyday essential. They work wonderfully for a gentle yoga practice (AND CONFESSION, I liked the fit so much I slept in them that night and wore them straight out of bed for a morning yoga practice!).
Aurelia Prince - 35, Red deer
 [08/17/18 11:16:38PM]

My current favourite leggings are the survivor crops. Not just because the are comfy, the epic waist smooths out my plus size rolls and they make me feel amazing, but they remind me how lucky I am. In the summer 2015, I found lump in my left breast. After several test it was deemed NOT Cancerous. I am lucky.. the 72 Canadian women are diagnosed with breast cancer and the 14 who die every day are NOT lucky. The survivor crops remind to teasure life and to remind women to check the girls.
Lianne Healey - 39, Abbotsford
 [08/17/18 10:25:18PM]

To capture the way I feel in Silver Icing Exclusives would be to include a bunch of awesome contrasts. SI exclusives make me feel: strong but feminine sporty but sleek tucked in yet cozy stylish but so comfortable Long story short, SI leggings make me feel like the best version of me. Plus, they look amazing! Talk about a win win.
Corinna Van Niejenhuis - 36, Red Deer
 [08/17/18 8:39:26PM]

Before Silver Icing Exclusives - leggings were simply leggings. Since finding SI they have become the most comfortable, reliable staple item in my closet. I love the way they feel and the way they make me feel just a touch more confident. They are so versatile - I can wear them to work with a tunic or cardigan . I can wear them to the gym and not have to worry about sheerness. They can be worn in any season too - they really are one of the best pieces! I don’t know how I lived without them.
Tracey Marcil - 47, Sudbury
 [08/17/18 6:35:34PM]

My SI Leggings makes me feel INVICIBLE!!! Like I can take on the world. When I want to be sure I’m comfy but covered, especially on a challenging hike, I always reach for Silver Icing. One of my fav patterns are the Eh Team because I love that they represent strong, fierce, beautiful and confident Canadian women. This vista in Gros Morne National Park was incredible and it was a day I’ll never forget. So glad I had Silver Icing with me all the way.
Heather Vita - 37, Thunder Bay
 [08/17/18 4:48:48PM]

I have always struggled with confidence. People say because I am on the smaller side, I should feel great about myself, but that isn’t always the case. You need to feel good in your skin to have great confidence. Silver Icing has given this too me. The first time I slipped on a pair of Epic Leggings, I felt like I could take on the world. The fact that I can put these on and feel held in, but like I’m wearing nothing at all is incredible to me. Thank you for my confidence back SI!
Jindy Popoff - 31, Nelson
 [08/17/18 3:06:42PM]

I am a fulltime night shift nurse and mom of 2, leaving me very little time to myself. I struggle with body image since my babies. SI leggings are the single best thing I own that make me feel my best and beautiful even if it is straight after a nightshift running on fumes!
Gina Bergman - 34, Round hill
 [08/17/18 2:07:08PM]

Every time I put on a pair of silver icing exclusive leggings I feel special! The creativity, craftsmanship, artwork and love exudes through every pair and fills my whole body with tiny heart bubbles! this photo is fun and playful and each time I look at it I am reminded to enjoy the little things in life. The beautiful vibrant colors in the galaxy crops really make this photo pop!
Angelee Mora - 35, Red Deer
 [08/17/18 11:53:41AM]

I will admit that when I was first indroduced to SI I was one of those ladies who said “I won’t pay $100 for leggings”. Then I tried them on!! Life changing. I now own more than I’ll admit to my husband and wear them everyday. I love the solid colours that can be more “dressy” and the fun patterns for a day with the kids or hitting the gym. I feel pulled in, smoothed out and love how my larger thighs glide beautifully past one another. No more thigh rubbing. My confidence has soared!
Jamie Girouard - 34, Brockville
 [08/17/18 11:28:14AM]

My journey to self love has been a long one but I am finally almost there! The epic leggings have helped so much along the way! As a curvy girl, nothing is worse than wondering if you booty is making the leggings stretch to show your underwear or worse... the cellulite! I am so thankful I took the plunge and purchased a couple of these leggings. I am a nanny so to be able to go from keeping up with the three boys or taking those moments for myself to work out, I don’t have to worry about comfort
Kaylin Draper - 24, Fort Saskatchewan
 [08/17/18 10:51:57AM]

These are my very first pair of SI exclusive leggings. I bought them for running after I lost 100 lbs. I wanted a splashy colour for running in 5K races. These particular leggings exceeded my expectations because they fit so well. They form to my skin, are very comfortable and never slip down when I’m physically active. I’ve worn them to school sporting events and my students think they are very cool! The scenery on them reminds me of home because we live at the lake.
Alanna Hermans - 34, Eganville
 [08/17/18 10:27:58AM]

I’m not a skinny girl. I’ve got curves & fluff & cellulite & rolls. I also have two gorgeous little girls who are growing up in a selfie world, and I want them to see their mama is proud of her body, a body that created, birthed, fed and nurtured her children. A body that is soft enough for cuddles, and strong enough to protect. I love Silver Icing Exclusives because I don’t have to worry about dimples or rolls. I wear them and am sexy and beautiful. I am proud of my body. Fluff & all.
Emily Buss - 37, Lake Country
 [08/17/18 10:27:42AM]

I’ve been wearing SI Exclusives for almost 2 years, and I’m in love. They simply make me feel what the tank says, “Stronger everyday.” I wear them to workout everyday, and they’ve been with me through my entire 60 pound and 65 inches weight loss!! I’ve went from size XL to XS! And, for a sleek, sophisticated look I slip into a pair of the leggings, and dress them up for a classic outfit of the day!
Lindsay Dahlen - 40, Loon Lake, Saskatchewan
 [08/17/18 10:04:11AM]

Here I am 1 week postpartum in my silver icing rainbow spectrum leggings. I look amazing right! Well I still have a mama tummy/pouch underneath these leggings that can make me feel very insecure in certain clothing. But these leggings make me look incredible and even better boost my confidence through the roof and makes me feel beautiful. I am SO happy I found silver icing their clothes are amazin, especially the leggings! ?
Kylea Plouffe - 24, Prince George
 [08/17/18 9:20:23AM]