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Silver Icing

Kids Starry Night Leggings
$ 64.95$ 34.97 CAD
Blue Gradient
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    Estimated to ship by Monday, November 28, 2022.

    Made from the same 8-way stretch fabric as the adult version, your child is going to love not only matching you but the unique starry night print of these leggings! Perfect for playing, eating snacks or playing dress up, the Kids Starry Night Leggings are where it's at!

    • Non-sheer performance leggings
    • 8 way stretch
    • Moisture Wicking
    • Silver Icing Exclusive
    • Designed in Canada
    • Made in USA
    • Silky smooth feel
    • Fabric 82% polyester 18% elastane

    Silver Icing

    Starry Night Leggings
    $ 109.95$ 98.96 CAD
    Blue Gradient 9.5 inch rise
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      Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. Behold our new Starry Night Leggings! These beautifully designed leggings are a new and improved version of a retired print! Here is our legging story. They don't fade, stretch out or shrink yet still have wicking ability to keep you dry. They have a no-show through transparency, that doesn't mean a 100% opaqueness, but it does mean some incredible coverage!

      Leggings that SUPPORT you, COVER you, STRETCH with you and NEVER leave you exposed. We could have stopped there and had an exceptional legging. But hey, we are SILVER ICING and fashionistas at heart. We design, create, sample, scrutinize, revise and re-sample the leggings OVER AND OVER again until each DETAIL is worthy of the SILVER ICING brand.

      So there you have it. We've poured our heart and soul into these leggings so that we can call them SILVER ICING EXCLUSIVE. You literally cannot get them anywhere else.

      • Non-sheer performance leggings
      • Signature muffin top free extra high waistband
      • 8 way stretch
      • Moisture Wicking
      • Approx. 26" inseam (unstretched)
      • Silver Icing Exclusive
      • Made in USA
      • Fabric 82% polyester, 18% elastane
      • Christina is wearing the size S

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