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Sparrow Cove

Give Me a Sign Ring
$34.95 CAD  

    • Signet ring
    • Open ring
    • Lightweight

    We love signet rings for their deep-rooted history. Did you know that they were originally used to mark and seal documents by pressing the engraved family crest on the face of the ring into hot wax? They rose to popularity in the late 19th century and have stuck around since—and we can totally see why! We love these for their simplicity and boldness. A ring set is not complete without a signet ring. Be bold in this ring; be you!

    This little ring is simple and makes a statement! The back of the ring is open so you are welcome to pull it a bit more for a bit more room or close the gap for the perfect fit! The simple design will be the perfect complement to any accessory!

    How awesome is this open ring? I love that it can fit all sizes just by squeezing it closed or pulling it open. It's a signet ring, meaning it has a round, flat front. So it's simple yet bold at the same time—a welcome change from all my regular band rings!