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Quick Dry Hair Towel
$19.95 CAD  

    Say goodbye to dripping wet hair and hello to a speedy, gentle dry with our Quick Dry Hair Towel! Made from ultra-absorbent microfibers, this towel works like magic to dry your locks in record time without robbing them of essential moisture. Unlike regular towels that can be a bit too rough, this wonder is gentle on your strands. Designed to be easy to use, it takes the shape of a hood, making it a breeze to wrap around your hair securely. Lightweight and oh-so-soft, this towel is a joy to wear. Whether you're getting ready for work or indulging in some self-care at home, it's the perfect companion for your hair care routine!

    • Hair wrap towel
    • Quick dry
    • Shaped like a hood
    • Super soft
    • Button and elastic loop feature
    • 25" long

    These towels are so essential! The towel does double duty in keeping the hair out of your face and drying your tresses faster! The material is incredibly soft, feels so lovely and you know that it won't damage your hair! Needing something to make your morning routine easier? This is it!

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