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Self Care Spa Headband
$19.95 CAD  

    Estimated to ship by Monday, March 04, 2024.

    Say hello to our fabulous Self Care Spa Headband - the ultimate accessory for your pampering sessions! This little gem is here to revolutionize your skincare routines, face masks, and makeup rituals. Not only does it keep your hair in check during your beauty escapades, but it also infuses a dash of charm into your routine. It features an adorable bow and plenty of stretchiness to accommodate any hair type or head size. No more tugging or slipping – just pure comfort. Treat yourself to the luxury of a bow-tiful headband that's not only cute but also incredibly versatile!!

    • Spa headband
    • Bow on front
    • Plenty of elasticity in the band
    • 3" wide band

    I love that the headband keeps your face clear from your hair, ideal for when getting ready in the morning or while you're on your skincare! The material is incredibly soft, feels so lovely! Needing something to make your morning routine easier? This is it!

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