The Online Stylist Program
December 25, 2017

Silver Icing The Online Stylist Program

Christina Marcano, CEO and Co-Founder of Silver Icing, started the company in 2011 as a manufacturing and wholesale business, selling to boutiques across Canada. In 2013 the company hit a few bumps in the road and the decision was made to switch to a Direct Sales type business model, selling through independent Stylists across Canada. At first the program was very traditional, selling clothing in person through in-home parties. Women would become Independent Stylists of Silver Icing by purchasing a kit of physical samples and use those samples to sell and earn a commission.

Christina understood the need to balance family while earning an income and was attracted to the options and independence this type of business gave women.¬† But that first year revealed some interesting challenges. The intention was to provide an opportunity for women to gain independence in a way that supported her family life. However the traditional direct sale model didn’t always work well with that vision.¬† Most in-home parties are held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Which meant, in order to earn income for their family, Stylists were forced to remove most family time to do so. In addition, having an current rack of samples put financial pressure on the stylist as fashion is updated often.¬†Since a full sample rack was needed to have a successful in person party the startup cost was burdensome. It was nearly impossible for someone to just give the business a shot because signing up was an investment.

Christina had her “aha” moment in the summer of 2014 when she questioned why she was trying to force the traditional form of in person sales. Christina and her team’s strength was in technology. They had built proprietary software in house and had a sophisticated website that was seamlessly integrated with a comprehensive back office. All stylists received a personalized version of the website when they signed up. Even though those Stylists had signed up to a traditional in-person sales program they found they sold exceptionally well through their website and some had stopped selling in person altogether. So why force Stylists to purchase a kit that they might never use? By offering an Online program, Silver Icing was able to drastically reduce the start up cost and since there were no additional fees or payments, women were able to become an Online Stylist with little to no financial risk.

It was from that revelation on that the Silver Icing opportunity transformed into an Online program. Stylists were now able to earn an income from the comfort of their homes sitting in front of their computers or phones. Most women played with cut out dolls when they were little and almost all had a Barbie. The desire to dress up, style, or put outfits together is a common passion. Silver Icing allows women to channel their inner fashionista without the burden of investing in inventory or carrying overhead. Silver Icing’s unique business model of launching at least one new product everyday means Stylists have continual opportunity to sell throughout the year, offering a more stable income than a season based selling cycle will allow.

The cost to become an Online Stylist has stayed the same since it began. For $75 the Stylist gets a personalized version of the website, a $100 gift card, support & training and an ongoing 20% commission on her personal sales. One of the most rewarding aspects of the program is the community that comes along with Silver Icing. Click here to learn more about becoming a Silver Icing Online Stylist.

Silver Icing Christina's Story


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