Mermaid Sweater
November 1, 2019

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Total of 635 Entries
Congratulations to Shayla Lennea, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Modern Mermaid Sweater!

Modern mermaid
Susan Raith
 [11/03 7:57:55AM] Black medium

Sweet Pea, Mermaid musings, To the ocean,
Susan Raith
 [11/03 7:56:50AM] Medium black

April Brown
 [11/03 7:51:29AM] Black L

Under the Sea
Robynn Bartusek
 [11/03 7:35:29AM] Small Black

She’ll Shocked
Tracey Cholin
 [11/03 7:13:04AM] Off white/ medium

Mer-made For You Sweater, Puff Momma Sweater
Shannon Tersigni
 [11/03 6:23:31AM] Black small

Mermaid On the Dot Sweater
Lindsay Hanson
 [11/03 6:15:27AM] Black Large

Kimberley Brown
 [11/03 4:43:15AM] Cream- medium

Trip to Aspen
Christine McColl
 [11/03 3:51:18AM] White and XL

Met-made for you! So soft mermaid sweater
Jen Leakey
 [11/03 3:36:15AM] Small-off white

Softest Mer-made sweater just for you!
Jen Leakey
 [11/03 3:24:07AM] Off White-small

Siren of the sea, a shell of a sweater, the sea is calling, mermaid at heart
Holly veenstra
 [11/02 11:27:02PM] Black XL

You are mermazing
Holly Veenstra
 [11/02 11:19:11PM] White XL

Perfect Petals Sweater, Petals Galore Top, Petal to my Porch Top, Petal Perfect Sweater, Piles of Petals Top, Scales of Glory Top,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/02 10:33:57PM] Off White, small

Scaled to Perfection, Scale of One to Cozy, Scalloped in Grace, Perfect Pick Sweater,
Brittany Campbell
 [11/02 10:32:24PM] Black Lg

Pillow soft perfection sweater
April Manning
 [11/02 10:20:36PM] Off white, size medium

Owl wear it
Angie Aiken
 [11/02 10:04:16PM] White and Medium

Sassy Siren Sweater
Shannon Rosso
 [11/02 9:12:08PM] Black, size S

Donna Stadnyk
 [11/02 8:41:08PM] Black medium

Scales comfort Sweater
Korrie hicks
 [11/02 8:35:42PM] Black xl

Cozy Mermaid
Bweay Kue
 [11/02 8:10:57PM] white & medium

Cozy Mermaid i
Bweay Kue
 [11/02 8:08:33PM] white & medium

A whole new world sweater
Sherri Budgen
 [11/02 7:53:33PM] Off white 2xl

Shell of a sweater
Melanie Moore
 [11/02 7:47:47PM] Black M

Mermaid in the shade sweater
Melanie Moore
 [11/02 7:44:26PM] Black M

Mystical mermaid
Melanie Kearley
 [11/02 7:42:18PM] White small or medium

Mermaid Sweater
 [11/02 7:17:02PM] Black Small

Butterfly scales, dragon skin, cozy upper, tip the scales, owl feathers,scale it up, Ariel's tail
Tina cimaglia
 [11/02 7:13:30PM] White,XS

Puffy scale Chic sweater
Minerva Michaud
 [11/02 6:51:50PM] Black /large

Sassy Class Sweater
Kelli McCutcheon
 [11/02 6:45:20PM] Black large

Tracy Pfeiffer
 [11/02 6:32:54PM] Black xl

Christie watson
 [11/02 6:25:10PM] Black small

Siren sweater; sea meets shore; siren song sweater
Melissa Burtch
 [11/02 5:13:44PM] Black xl

Part of your World Sweater
Channelle Zaichkowsky
 [11/02 5:09:56PM] Black - L

Mermaid tale
Celeste Gagnon
 [11/02 4:41:32PM] White XL

Robin Tremblay
 [11/02 4:40:11PM] White .size medium

Cathy Ball
 [11/02 4:04:27PM] White size medium

Days of waves and class sweater
Brenda Dedrick
 [11/02 4:04:16PM] White M

Sophisticated Scallops; Kiss and Shell Sweater; Shell we get cozy; By the Shore; Scaled Up; Subtle Scales; She Wears Seashells
Kelly Rawson
 [11/02 3:47:50PM] Black xl

Caviar sweater
Claudine Storness-Bliss
 [11/02 3:33:39PM] White small

Salty but sweet
Tanya Hardenne
 [11/02 3:29:27PM] Off white small

MOD top (Mother of Dragons)
Kali Bernst
 [11/02 2:54:50PM] White Sm

"Mer"age top -Mirage top
Kali Bernst
 [11/02 2:53:11PM] White Sm

Siren Song
Lorraine Langis
 [11/02 2:39:00PM] Black, xl

Cuddle me softly
Tracy Peterson
 [11/02 2:29:13PM] Black M

Shayna Hinz
 [11/02 2:28:48PM] White 2XL

Mermaizing sweater
Fiona Hetherington
 [11/02 2:24:48PM] Black medium

Kiss the Girl Sweater
Pam Ralston
 [11/02 2:24:02PM] White 2XL

Shell sheek
Brenda Sanders
 [11/02 2:22:20PM] Black small

Sheek shell
Brenda Sanders
 [11/02 2:20:09PM] White small

Carla Beaulac
 [11/02 2:19:33PM] Black XL

Tipping the Scales
Christina McCormick
 [11/02 2:13:39PM] Black 2XL

Mother of Dragons Sweatshirt
Kendra Olson
 [11/02 2:13:02PM] Black Medium

Up scale
Alex olson
 [11/02 2:12:28PM] Black 2xl

Atargatis (mermaid goddess in 1000BC)
Gail Gosse
 [11/02 2:10:20PM] White. Medium

Pop the Magic
Carla Niemi
 [11/02 1:55:42PM] Black, large

The Ariel (after the little mermaid-kind of catchy)
Kimberley Goosen
 [11/02 1:35:42PM] Black XL

Shell A Brate Good Times
Lisa Cornell
 [11/02 1:30:58PM] Large Black

Smooth scaling
Melanie moore
 [11/02 1:28:16PM] Black M

Mermaid Goddess Sweatshirt
Leanne Hopkins
 [11/02 1:27:49PM] xs black

Stylishly Scalloped Sweater, Sea Scalloped Sweater, Season for Scallops Sweater, Scallops of Style Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/02 12:49:58PM] Black, Small

Be Shell-fish, She Wears Seashells, Mermaid Tears
Wendy Burrell
 [11/02 12:46:30PM] Black Size Small

Wind in my scales
Karen Mclean
 [11/02 12:41:48PM] Black Large

Scales of Love
Carey Dingsdale
 [11/02 12:36:44PM] White and Small

Now you sea me sweater
Jessica Manes
 [11/02 12:13:18PM] White s

Wendy VandeVoorde
 [11/02 12:06:23PM] Off white, 2XL

shells over lapping, sea shells sweater
Marsha Foster
 [11/02 12:04:20PM] Black Large

Fall bubbles or Fall Bubbly
Kimberly Gleave
 [11/02 12:01:28PM] Black small or XSmall if it comes in that size

Dragon Scale Sweater
Megan Kelso
 [11/02 11:58:58AM] XL Black

Mermaid Mode
Andria Terry
 [11/02 11:52:48AM] Black medium

Classically chic
Lori Courchaine
 [11/02 11:49:10AM] Black xs

Mermaid Goddess
Cindy Wiebe
 [11/02 11:47:20AM] Off White - XL

Shasa Sweater (Shasa means “precious water”), Mertini Sweater
Keri Hillier
 [11/02 11:44:55AM] Medium-White

Up-scale Chic
Nichelle Roe
 [11/02 11:44:30AM] Black L

Ariel Does Christmas Dinner Sweater
Brianna Bjerke
 [11/02 11:25:43AM] M- White

Soft Pillowy sweater
Luisa Reato
 [11/02 11:22:30AM] Black 2x

Mermaid for you
Lori Martin
 [11/02 11:15:39AM] Black XL

Design me
Gennie walters
 [11/02 11:04:06AM] Black large

Tip the Scales Sweater
Shelly Pelley
 [11/02 11:03:22AM] Large white

Mer-maid you look sweater or sea-ze the day sweater
Jessica Manes
 [11/02 11:02:43AM] Black s

Phoenix sweater, up”scale” pullover , Phoenix pullover, mother of dragons pullover, khalessi pullover,
Julia Strickland
 [11/02 11:00:48AM] White small

Sea of dreams sweater
Jessica Manes
 [11/02 10:58:11AM] Black small

Up-scaled sweater
Jessica Manes
 [11/02 10:56:59AM] Black s

Ocean thoughts sweater
Jessica Manes
 [11/02 10:55:11AM] Black small

Bubble Wrap
Emerita Urquhart
 [11/02 10:44:47AM] Black Large

Mermaid dreams
Jenneffer Albert
 [11/02 10:43:31AM] Med black

Scale up sweater
Josee Poirier
 [11/02 10:35:13AM] White L / XL

Mermaid in Heaven
Courtney Lato
 [11/02 10:25:23AM] White medium

Shelling Out
Courtney Lato
 [11/02 10:24:23AM] White. Medium

#scaledit! Sweater
Jennifer Konyha
 [11/02 10:08:34AM] XL Black

Scale It Up Girl!
Janine Kuester
 [11/02 10:07:20AM] Black & Medium

Open Ocean
Lesley Leray
 [11/02 10:06:17AM] Black, small

Lesley Leray
 [11/02 10:05:24AM] Black, small

Feeling Fintastic, Ariel's Delight, Siren Song, Mermaid for You
Kym Vine
 [11/02 10:04:40AM] White, small

Seas the Day!, Be Shellous, Making Waves, Make a Splash, Mermaze Me, Wishing on a Starfish
Samantha Reno
 [11/02 9:46:58AM] Off-white in Medium

She wears shells......,
Brenda Sanders
 [11/02 9:43:19AM] Black small

Quilted pleasure
Ashleigh Preston
 [11/02 9:42:06AM] Large and white

Take me to the sea sweater; To the sea sweater
Erika Glocker
 [11/02 9:41:00AM] Black, Small

Siren of the Sea Sweater
April Hunt
 [11/02 9:36:47AM] Black; Large

Scales Divine Sweater
Erin Carter
 [11/02 9:36:03AM] White, M

Part of Your World Sweater
April Hunt
 [11/02 9:32:26AM] Black, Medium

The Grotto Sweater, Charming Grotto, Secret Grotto, Mediterranean Grotto
Julie Farrell
 [11/02 9:26:19AM] M black

accordion Knit
Victoria nekuliak
 [11/02 9:23:52AM] Black s

accordion Knit
Victoria nekuliak
 [11/02 9:23:33AM] Black s

Winter Mermaid
Rachel Littler
 [11/02 9:21:32AM] Black XL

Under the Sea or Ariel's Dream
Nicole Venne
 [11/02 9:20:30AM] Black (L)

Mermaid Maven
Meghan Davis
 [11/02 9:15:43AM] White, small

The "Finn"esse
Lisa Cornell
 [11/02 9:11:42AM] Large Black

Shell chic
Brenda Sanders
 [11/02 9:04:47AM] White small

Ladies quilted long Sleeve
Deanna hews
 [11/02 9:03:17AM] Black, medium

Let’s Shellebrate!
Dawn Laraine Philipchuk
 [11/02 9:01:38AM] White & Small

Swimmingly Posh
Jamie Petrie
 [11/02 8:59:17AM] Off White & Small

Shell shock
Brenda Sanders
 [11/02 8:56:09AM] Black size small

Seashell sensation
Brenda Sanders
 [11/02 8:50:51AM] White size small

Thick Nick's & White delight cozyness
 [11/02 8:50:27AM] Black XL

Scallopini Sweater
Vicky Bogstie
 [11/02 8:43:05AM] Black Size Medium

Sweet Bubble Sweater
Joan Setz
 [11/02 8:42:10AM] White xl

Under the Sea
Kelly Neufeld
 [11/02 8:41:51AM] Black XL

Vintage mermaid
Judy harbour
 [11/02 8:38:27AM] White and size large.

You Mermaid to be Comfy!
Taylor Reid
 [11/02 8:36:38AM] White & Large

You Mermaid to be Fabulous!
Taylor Reid
 [11/02 8:34:33AM] Black & Large

Winter Marina/splashy Ice queen
Tina spector
 [11/02 8:28:37AM] Black size large

She who walks the Sea
Lindy Schneider
 [11/02 8:21:47AM] Off White & Small

The Rio
Melanie Camara
 [11/02 8:17:50AM] White and Large

Cold Fins sweater
Julie chandler
 [11/02 8:17:13AM] Off white L

Under The Sea Sweater
Aleah Longaphie
 [11/02 8:10:19AM] Black medium

Fin-tastic sweater
Megan Sparks
 [11/02 8:08:46AM] Off white medium

Floating on the edge
Michelle Teskey
 [11/02 8:08:15AM] Black or white XL

Ariel's Dream
Sophie den Haan
 [11/02 8:02:55AM] Black/M

“Scale New Heights” Mermaid Sweater
Jalayna Schmitt
 [11/02 7:54:22AM] Black (s)

A Soft Touch of Heaven
Liz Dove
 [11/02 7:41:23AM] Small black

The cozy queen
Michelle Praticante
 [11/02 7:40:39AM] Off white medium

"The pearl dory" (dory is a type of fish) or "scale me pretty"
Jenna larke
 [11/02 7:37:40AM] Black medium

 [11/02 7:19:05AM] White small

Ariel for you
Aly Popa
 [11/02 7:17:53AM] Small white

Chasing the sea
Karen Prouse
 [11/02 7:09:01AM] White medium

Athena ( Goddess of the sea)
Erin Dawson
 [11/02 7:01:51AM] White medium

Cuddle up mermaid sweater
Rebecca martin
 [11/02 7:00:09AM] Black medium

Enchanted Beauty
ericka mckinnon
 [11/02 6:53:09AM] white, small

Jolly Jumper
Cathryn Cull
 [11/02 6:36:18AM] White 2xl

Winter bliss
Stephanie Lavergne
 [11/02 6:12:17AM] White small

Bubble Pop
Wendy Jones
 [11/02 6:01:37AM] White medium

Meremaid Scaled Sweater
Miranda Ware
 [11/02 5:47:54AM] Off white & Small

Scaled to you
Donna Richards
 [11/02 5:25:03AM] Black

On Scale Sweater
Hillary Kroeker
 [11/02 5:18:34AM] White, L

Upscales Sweater
Chelsea Leiva
 [11/02 5:15:40AM] Black, XL

Mermaid Me Do It Sweater
Hillary Kroeker
 [11/02 5:12:32AM] Black, Large

Silver Fish Sweater
Shelley Gray
 [11/02 5:02:54AM] White size medium

Up in the clouds sweater
Leslie dunseath
 [11/02 4:48:55AM] Black L

Round Neck Hex Sweater
Nicole Pritz
 [11/02 3:56:38AM] Black small

Cozy by the sea
Rosette McLeod
 [11/02 3:32:29AM] White and small

Mermaid moments sweater or scale me up sweater
Chelsea Iwama
 [11/02 12:52:56AM] Black & Medium

Drops of cozy
Kristy Sargent
 [11/02 12:42:38AM] Black, XL

The Julie
Julie Gidney
 [11/01 11:40:40PM] white large

Mer-made for comfort
Kym jarrett
 [11/01 11:17:58PM] Black / XS

Heads or scales
Tony seime
 [11/01 11:16:56PM] White / XS

Confetti sweater wear
 [11/01 11:09:35PM] White size M

Khaleesi Sweater
Toni Christie
 [11/01 10:24:18PM] black XL

Pretty petal
Lianne Nugent
 [11/01 10:23:06PM] White , large

Dancing Petals
Audra Parker
 [11/01 10:22:41PM] Black large

Scales of the Ocean Sweater
Bailey Andrusiak
 [11/01 10:17:24PM] White small

Winter Petals
Audra Parker
 [11/01 10:14:27PM] Black large

Winter Waves
Audra Parker
 [11/01 10:11:04PM] Black large

Lady Swan (Black Swan & White Swan)
Jeehea Park
 [11/01 10:06:33PM] Black & M

Pearl of my eye sweater
Sasha McLaughlin
 [11/01 10:03:26PM] Off white large

cozy baubles and hugs sweater
sharon hein
 [11/01 9:59:19PM] off white 2X

Scale into winter ; mermaid tales
Madison Weiss
 [11/01 9:55:39PM] Black small

Puff Perfect
Larissa Warford
 [11/01 9:52:22PM] Black M

Honey comb
Jen MacMillan
 [11/01 9:47:24PM] Black medium

Avalon Isles
Alicia parsons
 [11/01 9:45:51PM] Black, size L

Winter Frost
Audra Parker
 [11/01 9:42:32PM] Black Large

Scaled the Ocean Sweater
Angela Skoreiko
 [11/01 9:42:16PM] Black 2XL

Scale Me Back Sweater
Ann Cochrane
 [11/01 9:41:50PM] White... Large

Puzzle me comfort
Melissa Carson
 [11/01 9:38:02PM] Black XL

Mermaid at Heart sweater
Jocelyne Bright
 [11/01 9:29:45PM] Black Medium

Scallop into Winter
Sheila Cory
 [11/01 9:21:00PM] L Black

Tipping the Scales Sweater
Victoria Olson
 [11/01 9:20:23PM] M- white

Under the Sea Sweater
 [11/01 9:11:12PM] White & Large

Fintime sweater
Sarah Hiltz
 [11/01 9:08:43PM] White medium

Poms for life
 [11/01 9:07:29PM] Black medium

Iced Delight
Lindsey Hannah
 [11/01 9:02:52PM] White small

Scalloping around town
Lexi Nichols
 [11/01 8:56:14PM] Black medium.

Scaled to puffection, mermaid puffection, wearing me softly, scaling me softly, princess puff sweater, puff the magic mermaid sweater
Brianna Kranenborg
 [11/01 8:50:42PM] White XL

I’m Finning About You
Melissa Tran
 [11/01 8:46:43PM] Black/large

Ripple effect sweater
Tayla Collings
 [11/01 8:42:41PM] White size Medium

Daily Snuggle
Shari MacLellan
 [11/01 8:38:17PM] White Med

By the Sea, Beautiful Ocean, Seaside, Oceanshore, Beachcombing
Lesley Norman
 [11/01 8:37:46PM] White medium

Princess Ariel , Mermazing
Charlotte Mitchell
 [11/01 8:36:21PM] White, small

Life in the Clouds Sweater
Shelley Fuselli
 [11/01 8:33:46PM] White XL

Shell shock
Lisa Gardiner
 [11/01 8:31:45PM] White extra large

Sea's of Cozy Sweater
Charlanne Sarrazin
 [11/01 8:30:28PM] White M

Talk Cozy to Me
Shari MacLellan
 [11/01 8:30:18PM] Black Med

I’ve got a shell on you
Kimberly Dennis
 [11/01 8:26:24PM] Black, large

Scaled back Sunday
Elena Robertson
 [11/01 8:18:32PM] Black medium

Tails of Comfort
Elena Robertson
 [11/01 8:14:41PM] Black medium

You make me come out of my shell sweater
Lindsay Watkins
 [11/01 8:13:43PM] Black, L

Fall into Me Sweater, Mermaid for each other sweater
Brianne Jaegli
 [11/01 8:10:23PM] Off White, Medium

Cozy Mermaid
Chelsea Meyers
 [11/01 8:08:57PM] L Black (if it fits tighter then XL please)

Cozy comfort
Jennifer Staniec
 [11/01 8:06:59PM] Black size medium

Mermaid Dreams
Shannon Laderoute
 [11/01 8:04:33PM] Black & large

Winter warmth
Jennifer Staniec
 [11/01 8:04:09PM] Black size medium

Mythtic Glance
Kaelyn Turberfield
 [11/01 7:53:26PM] White medium

Quilted in Comfort
Sandy Trentalance
 [11/01 7:53:24PM] XL black

Majestic Mermaid Sweater
Melanie Lee
 [11/01 7:49:54PM] Black Large

Mermaid soft
 [11/01 7:49:50PM] Large black

Scaled Down Sweater
Heather Alley
 [11/01 7:48:34PM] Black XL

Stormy Weather Sweater, Rough Seas Sweater
Ashkey Bowden
 [11/01 7:45:55PM] White Medium

Soft as Snow
Mary Kay Antonello
 [11/01 7:44:05PM] White /medium

Finnishing touch sweater
Stephanie Delbridge
 [11/01 7:35:56PM] Black, large

Arctic mermaid
Jennifer paz
 [11/01 7:30:03PM] Off white, medium

Mermaid by heart
Kari Stabbler
 [11/01 7:29:31PM] Black medium

Scales of love
Jacqueline Fersovich
 [11/01 7:21:46PM] Off white M

Catch a Mermaid
Courtney Parker
 [11/01 7:16:30PM] Black

Layer me with shells
Courtney Parker
 [11/01 7:15:43PM] Black

Shell me love
Courtney Parker
 [11/01 7:15:09PM] Black

Shell of love
Courtney Parker
 [11/01 7:14:37PM] Black

Go with the waves
Courtney Christie
 [11/01 7:07:56PM] White M

Seas the day
Courtney Christie
 [11/01 6:58:03PM] M white

Upscaled sweater
Shelby mcclelland
 [11/01 6:53:31PM] Black large

Quilt Fix
Sabina Malkani
 [11/01 6:49:36PM] Black, medium

Pillow Talk
Sileas Sideroff
 [11/01 6:49:21PM] Black & Small

Mermaids Have More Fun Sweater
Lisa Anderson
 [11/01 6:48:07PM] Large, white

Helen Saunders
 [11/01 6:46:49PM] Off white medium

Siren’s Call sweater
Aimee Shaw
 [11/01 6:40:04PM] Black Xl

Soft & Sassy
Janeen St. Amant
 [11/01 6:36:34PM] Black, Medium

Bubbly mermaid
Brandi Tolofson
 [11/01 6:34:30PM] Xl black

Chunky Chic
Lisa Wilson
 [11/01 6:30:32PM] Black Large

Mermaid dreams sweater
Laura Gray
 [11/01 6:30:11PM] Black xl

She Sells Seashells sweater
Emily Becker
 [11/01 6:23:35PM] Black large

Mermaid diamonds sweater
Chelsea Allen
 [11/01 6:17:49PM] Off white medium

Shell be a Lady
Laurel Shaw
 [11/01 6:15:56PM] Black large

Fishing for compliments
Kayla Bolt
 [11/01 6:12:24PM] Black Large

Cobblestone Lane
Jessica Loughery
 [11/01 6:08:48PM] Off White, L

Bubbly Elegance
Brenda Kohle
 [11/01 6:01:39PM] Black medium

Shell talk about it sweater
Kyla Thomas
 [11/01 5:53:09PM] Black, Small

She shell be noticed sweater, arrival of Ariel sweater, clam bake sweater, scale me softly, shoreline sweater, magnificent mermaid
Jenessa Talbot
 [11/01 5:47:17PM] Off white/ large

Smart Casual
Julie Gilbert
 [11/01 5:45:24PM] Black small

Sea Shell be noticed sweater
 [11/01 5:26:35PM] White and M usually ( size depending fit)

Mermaid you look sweater
Jane Rowland
 [11/01 5:26:21PM] Black medium

Cozy chic sweater
Melanie Rumley
 [11/01 5:25:59PM] Off white small

Scale me soflty
Amayah D
 [11/01 5:19:15PM] Red , medium

Puff Dreams
Natalie Brand
 [11/01 5:17:22PM] Medium black

Under the sea
Shauna Danraj
 [11/01 5:16:38PM] White and medium

Sugar cookie sweater, Funday Sunday Sweater, Bubble-yum Sweater
Jolene Campbell
 [11/01 5:16:03PM] Medium black

Waverly Sweater, Sirène Sweater, Warm Waves Sweater
Sara Lotter
 [11/01 5:15:04PM] Black, XL

Saucy Saturday Sweater
Jolene Campbell
 [11/01 5:12:22PM] Medium black

Fuzzy Blanket Sweater
Lyne Savage
 [11/01 5:09:14PM] Off white, medium

Mer-perfect, Mermaid in Training, She Sell Sea Shell, Mermaid Perfect
Natalie Woods
 [11/01 5:08:18PM] Black, L or XL

Atlantis Elegance
Anna Pascuzzo
 [11/01 5:01:35PM] Off white & Small

A scaly day sweater
Sarah durrant
 [11/01 4:59:33PM] black small

Mer-maid in heaven sweater
Lisa Smit
 [11/01 4:58:31PM] Black. & XL

The mother of dragons sweater
Lisa Smit
 [11/01 4:57:20PM] Black & XL

Mermaid sweater
Nicole Ohrlein
 [11/01 4:55:55PM] Black medium

Own it
Melissa Gibbs
 [11/01 4:47:56PM] Black - M

Cuddle me Softly sweater
Suzie McIntosh
 [11/01 4:47:54PM] S white

Popcorn Popover
Melissa Guy
 [11/01 4:47:41PM] Black Medium

Fly away with me
Stephanie Lewis
 [11/01 4:44:44PM] Black & small

Pretty Petals
Petrina Cameron
 [11/01 4:38:55PM] Off white in large

Calling all Sirens Sweater
Julie Brooks
 [11/01 4:32:27PM] Black Medium

Pop a Top Sweater
Katrina Burden
 [11/01 4:29:51PM] Black XL

Mermaid with love sweater, soft and snuggly sweater, simply irresistible sweater, can’t believe it’s not cashmere sweater
Rachel Reimer
 [11/01 4:24:08PM] Small, black(because kids! Lol)

Cozy cloud
Ella Correia
 [11/01 4:21:19PM] Black & s/m

Make Waves sweater
Allison Richardson
 [11/01 4:18:04PM] Black - medium

Enchantme sweater
 [11/01 4:12:42PM] black and large

Mermaid Dreams
Samantha Brighton
 [11/01 4:09:15PM] Black - medium

Celeste Lalonde
 [11/01 4:09:15PM] Off white Large

Scalloped Dreams
Candace Leis
 [11/01 4:01:24PM] Black, 2XL

Ohh so Classic/Classy basic
Paulette Coles
 [11/01 3:59:48PM] White - M

Rock Me Gently Sweater
Sheri Crowston
 [11/01 3:58:04PM] Off White size medium.

I’d Rather be a Mermaid Sweater
Karen Jackman
 [11/01 3:51:14PM] Black medium

The Jackie O
Christine McColl
 [11/01 3:50:17PM] White, XL

Fall for winter sweater
Karen perks
 [11/01 3:49:05PM] White size medium

You mermaid for this sweater
Brianna Seime
 [11/01 3:44:54PM] Black size small

Hug me softly sweater
Brianna Seime
 [11/01 3:43:28PM] Black size small

Ariel, Siren, Neptune
Kathleen Nameth
 [11/01 3:42:24PM] Black, Large

Scales of Love
Amy Salikin
 [11/01 3:41:12PM] black, large

The Khaleesi
Amy Salikin
 [11/01 3:40:04PM] black, large

Tear Drop Sweater
Sue Williamson
 [11/01 3:39:35PM] White & xl

Splash returns
Cheryl Scott - me
 [11/01 3:38:46PM] Black, XL

Softest Goddess Shell Sweater
Susan Thomas
 [11/01 3:38:18PM] Black small

The Arial
Cheryl Scott - me
 [11/01 3:37:28PM] Black, XL

Under the Sea
Amber Bardock
 [11/01 3:34:15PM] Black Medium

The Ariel sweater
Caroline Hultgren
 [11/01 3:31:45PM] Off white medium

She sells sea shells
Caroline Hultgren
 [11/01 3:31:06PM] Off white medium

Mer-mazing sweater
Whitney Patterson
 [11/01 3:30:17PM] White and medium

Petal soft sweater
Dalyce Jack
 [11/01 3:29:57PM] white size38

Feeling Beautiful Sweater
Julie Gilbert
 [11/01 3:28:22PM] Black small ?

Scale Back
Kaycee Hecht
 [11/01 3:27:40PM] Black 2XL

Yvonne Haggard
 [11/01 3:26:08PM] White medium

Scales of time
Christa Meng
 [11/01 3:19:42PM] Black XL

Lovely Shells sweater
 [11/01 3:19:04PM] White med

Envy of Ariel
Chelsea D Brooks
 [11/01 3:17:19PM] Black, Small

Shell-ebration Sweater
Candace Wotten
 [11/01 3:16:35PM] Black M

Sweet Scalloped sweater
Nadine Wickens
 [11/01 3:14:45PM] Black and small

Jodi Krechowiecki
 [11/01 3:13:20PM] Black Medium

Warm up to winter Sweater
Raelene Pearson
 [11/01 3:09:16PM] Black size L

The Siren Sweater
Jolene Mcleod
 [11/01 3:08:46PM] Black - size medium

Warm winter wo derland
Loraine Lalonde
 [11/01 3:07:21PM] white medium

Mother of dragons
Erin McCarthy
 [11/01 3:07:00PM] L black

Waffled Embrace
Laura Bron
 [11/01 3:06:36PM] Xs white

Poppin comfort sweater
Melissa Morris
 [11/01 3:06:14PM] Black S

“Owl” be with you sweater
Blaire Kochling
 [11/01 3:05:39PM] Black - M

Sea Breeze Sweater
Lisa Kelly
 [11/01 3:02:58PM] Black & Small

Keep Calm and Wave On Sweater
Lidia Visscher
 [11/01 2:59:59PM] Black M

Carmel schade
 [11/01 2:58:39PM] White size L

She Wears Seashells Sweater
Karen Otsig
 [11/01 2:55:24PM] Black size M

Round Neck Chunky Sweater
Nicole Pritz
 [11/01 2:49:34PM] Black small

Waffle Me Cozy
Dee Mikolas
 [11/01 2:39:27PM] Black size large please

Cushioned Soft
Lindi Stroeder
 [11/01 2:34:03PM] White small

Mermaid Kisses
Susan Penner
 [11/01 2:33:35PM] Large Off White

Salty and Sassy
Susan Penner
 [11/01 2:32:18PM] Large Off White

Seas The Day
Susan Penner
 [11/01 2:29:43PM] Large Off White

Winter Comes In Waves
Amber Stevens
 [11/01 2:26:58PM] Off white, S

Winter Scales
Marie Hall
 [11/01 2:25:44PM] White and Large

Upscale Sweater
Susan Penner
 [11/01 2:25:43PM] size Large Off white

Seas the day
Emily Rempel
 [11/01 2:20:43PM] Off white small

Mountain Drop
Stephanie Sonnenberg Ayquipa
 [11/01 2:20:08PM] Medium, white

MerMade With Love
Hailey de Sousa
 [11/01 2:16:00PM] Black, Large

Snowdrop sweater, snow angel sweater, snow day sweater, winter bliss sweater
Judy Thue
 [11/01 2:15:25PM] White M

Queen of dragons
Jessie lynxleg
 [11/01 2:13:52PM] Medium white

Poppin with positivity
Melissa delves
 [11/01 2:13:22PM] Any medium

Cozy comfort plus!
Jacqueline Erickson
 [11/01 2:09:03PM] Black mecium

Cortney Kaliciak
 [11/01 2:08:50PM] White medium

Cortney Kaliciak
 [11/01 2:08:12PM] Medium surprise me on colour

The Ocean is Calling Sweater
Amber Stevens
 [11/01 2:07:55PM] Off White, S

Mer-Puffin Sweater
Dana Zieroth
 [11/01 2:05:07PM] Black XL

Scale the sea
Angie Zazula
 [11/01 2:03:41PM] Off white / size small

Scale to the top
Sonja vanderwood
 [11/01 2:03:11PM] White small

Hallmark Channel watching sweater
Anne Pathammavong
 [11/01 2:01:47PM] Small black

Popcorn Sweater
Jennifer Olson
 [11/01 2:01:26PM] Black L

Cable to Network Sweater
Nicole Fraser
 [11/01 2:01:10PM] Black small

Mermaid kisses sweater OR Let the sea set you free sweater
Ashlyn Jewell
 [11/01 1:59:52PM] Off white, medium

A Scallop a Day Keeps the chills away, perfect puff sweater
Kelly Stover
 [11/01 1:59:34PM] Black medium

As Timeless As The Tides
Amber Stevens
 [11/01 1:58:06PM] Off White, S

Timeless Tides Sweater
Amber Stevens
 [11/01 1:56:37PM] Off White, S

Under the Sea Sweater
Dana Zieroth
 [11/01 1:56:03PM] Black XL

MerMaiden Love
Shannon Baxter
 [11/01 1:51:34PM] Black XL please :)

Soft Siren Sweater
Marla Mayer
 [11/01 1:51:31PM] Small, white

Living Aloha Sweater
Karen Otsig
 [11/01 1:50:13PM] Black size small

Under The Sea Sweater
Amber Stevens
 [11/01 1:45:34PM] Off white, S

A Cloudy Day
Deanna Borshowa
 [11/01 1:45:03PM] Black/Large

Cozy With Class Sweater
Amber Stevens
 [11/01 1:44:56PM] Off white, S

Quilted comfort, winter waves,
Natasha mayes
 [11/01 1:37:25PM] Black large

Ride the Waves Sweater
Monica Dion
 [11/01 1:32:12PM] Black & Small

Siren to the rescue sweater
Josee Poirier
 [11/01 1:32:11PM] White L or XL

Floating on a Cloud
Debbie Reynaud
 [11/01 1:31:41PM] White/cream (medium)

Earth Siren or Earth Mermaid sweater
Josee Poirier
 [11/01 1:31:32PM] White L or XL

Catching Waves, I was Mer-made for you, Making Waves Sweater
Terri Grey
 [11/01 1:31:06PM] White Medium

Chrystal Leal
 [11/01 1:30:33PM] Black & Small please ?

MMM (Mystical Magical Mermaid) Sweater
Tecia Beulens
 [11/01 1:30:10PM] M white

Sea Goddess
Cindy Palmer
 [11/01 1:29:16PM] L - Black

Mermaid goddess, cool waves mermaid sweater
Jenilee Brain
 [11/01 1:22:06PM] Medium black

Mer-made for me upscaled sweater
Jennifer Hayes
 [11/01 1:20:10PM] Black size L

A Touch of Scale
Yea Li Sim
 [11/01 1:19:17PM] off white, Small

Mermaid sweater
Michele Latham
 [11/01 1:13:13PM] Black - large

Show Me What You're Mermaid of
Brandy Baker
 [11/01 1:08:13PM] White Medium

Making waves
Tanya Souter
 [11/01 1:07:39PM] White medium

Mermaid You Look Sweater; Mermazing Sweater
Lianne Chizen
 [11/01 1:05:11PM] Either Color 1XL

On Top of the sea
Trina Hoang
 [11/01 1:03:56PM] White, small

Soft Seashell Sweater
Nicole Ephgrave
 [11/01 1:00:19PM] Black M

Mother of Dragons
Stephaine Bendo
 [11/01 12:57:57PM] Black-L

Take a Shell-fie Sweater
Tara Bertling
 [11/01 12:56:57PM] Black, small

Shell-fie Queen Sweater
Tara Bertling
 [11/01 12:56:26PM] Black, small

Shell-ebrate Good Times Sweater
Tara bertling
 [11/01 12:55:45PM] Black, small

Fintastic fall sweater
Kim Cornect
 [11/01 12:51:12PM] White medium

Catching waves sweater
Drea Frank
 [11/01 12:50:23PM] Black medium

Love letters in the sand
Drea Frank
 [11/01 12:47:32PM] Black medium

sea shell
Patti Weiler
 [11/01 12:47:24PM] White Large

Cozy for you
Lara Gribben
 [11/01 12:47:00PM] Black medium

The Winter Mermaid Sweater
Kim Metcalfe
 [11/01 12:46:11PM] Black large

Off the Scales Sweater
Marie Tichborne
 [11/01 12:45:38PM] White, medium

Shell We Dance Sweater
 [11/01 12:44:42PM] Black, small

Seek to sea more sweater
Drea Frank
 [11/01 12:44:20PM] Black medium

Pillow Talk Sweater
Marie Tichborne
 [11/01 12:43:21PM] White, medium

Diving deep sweater
Drea Frank
 [11/01 12:42:39PM] Black medium

By the sea sweater
Drea Frank
 [11/01 12:40:48PM] Black medium

The Ariel (but I honestly think the Mermaid sweater is the best name for this!)
Amy Burton
 [11/01 12:38:16PM] Black Small

Mer-mazing sweater
Charlotte McKenna
 [11/01 12:37:15PM] Black size small

Upper Scale Sweater (due to the scale-look)
Meagan Clifton
 [11/01 12:35:10PM] Black Medium

Lure Me In
Lindy Chiblow
 [11/01 12:33:04PM] Large

The Khaleesi (looks like dragon scales) The Ariel sweater (also looks like mermaid scales)
Liv Scurr
 [11/01 12:33:01PM] White 2xl

Under the Sea Sweater
Catharine Haggarty
 [11/01 12:32:59PM] White (S)

White dreamy merm sweater
Laurie Stevens
 [11/01 12:31:44PM] Medium

Mer-made you Blush
Danielle Slusar
 [11/01 12:26:55PM] Black Size large

Scalloped Perfection
Sue McIntosh
 [11/01 12:25:45PM] Black, Large

Scalloped Comfort
Sue McIntosh
 [11/01 12:25:24PM] Black, Large

Swan sweater
Margaret Dziarmaga
 [11/01 12:24:22PM] Cream size medium

Seas The Day Sweater, Mer-made My Day Sweater, Shell-abration Sweater,
Sarah Lepage
 [11/01 12:23:16PM] Black, large

Diana Unger
 [11/01 12:22:05PM] Size large in black

Shell-abrate Good Times Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [11/01 12:21:52PM] Black, XL

Spot the difference
Darlene Shepstone
 [11/01 12:20:54PM] Black Medium

We Were Mermaid For Each Other
Bettina Allen
 [11/01 12:20:06PM] Black, XL

Afternoon Delight
Gail Butt
 [11/01 12:18:34PM] Black XL

The Cindy (Crawford)
Laurie Miller
 [11/01 12:18:27PM] Medium Black

Scaling Things Up Sweater
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [11/01 12:15:09PM] Cream, M

DayDream sweater
Lindsay seaby
 [11/01 12:15:00PM] White small

My Sweater
Cindy Saarela
 [11/01 12:14:04PM] Black large

Mer Mazing Sweater
Karen Carvell
 [11/01 12:12:08PM] 2XL Black

She sells seashells sweater
Diana Unger
 [11/01 12:11:49PM] Size large in black

Mystical Magical Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [11/01 12:10:51PM] Black, XL

The Luxe
Sarah Sinton
 [11/01 12:10:11PM] White - Small

Positively Plush Sweater, Scales of Perfection Sweater, Sea Worthy Sweater, Scales of Wonder Sweater, Scale Past the Limit Sweater, Above and Beyond Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/01 12:09:12PM] Off White, Medium

Happy Scales Sweater
Michelle Kwakernaak
 [11/01 12:08:13PM] Black XL

Off Scale sweater
Jennifer Stevens
 [11/01 12:05:01PM] Black Medium

Warm Willows Sweater
Erin Calver
 [11/01 12:04:27PM] Black and medium

Scales of perfection sweater
Lisa Ginn
 [11/01 12:02:30PM] Small in white

Pillow talk
Shelley Bodt
 [11/01 12:01:55PM] White large

Mermazingly Cozy Sweater
Lisa Harding
 [11/01 12:01:06PM] BOTH! Samll or Medium

Mermaid Sweater
Shelley Bodt
 [11/01 12:00:12PM] White large

Sirène Sweater. (Means 'mermaid' in french. The sweater reminds me of a mermaid tale)
Chrystal Martin
 [11/01 12:00:10PM] Black size small

Warm Waffle sweater
Bobbi-Jo Lodewyks
 [11/01 11:57:45AM] Love shite xs

Text-ture I love you sweater, Scales of Beauty Sweater, Tip the Scales Sweater, Plush and Perfect Sweater, Fair Maiden Sweater, Plush to the Top Sweather
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/01 11:57:10AM] Black, Medium

Tara Werning
 [11/01 11:56:09AM] Black medium

you mermaid for me
Colleen Caruso
 [11/01 11:55:32AM] Black XL

Scaled Up
Wendy Burrell
 [11/01 11:52:24AM] Black Size Small

Terra Salmond
 [11/01 11:51:32AM] Black med

Soft scales
Carrie Swanton
 [11/01 11:50:37AM] Black small

Give me the warm fuzzies
Lynnelle Mae Friesen
 [11/01 11:50:33AM] Black and medium

Fintastic comfort
Terra salmond
 [11/01 11:50:16AM] Black med

Mer-made for comfy
Terra salmond
 [11/01 11:45:54AM] Black med

Maid for Me Sweater; Up Scaled Sweater; Part of This World Sweater
Melissa Gervais
 [11/01 11:45:52AM] White, small

Terra salmond
 [11/01 11:44:29AM] Black med

Mer-Made for me Sweater
Gina Ashby
 [11/01 11:42:30AM] Black - size large

Sirens Call
Colleen Humphreys
 [11/01 11:41:04AM] White size L

Spot On Sweater
Jennifer Rygus
 [11/01 11:40:37AM] Black and Medium

Siren Sweater
Colleen Humphreys
 [11/01 11:38:39AM] White size L

Will you Mermaid me sweater
Kyla Janzen
 [11/01 11:36:36AM] Black and size sm

Cozy up scale Sweater, Comfy Cozy Shell Top, High Tide fashion, Shell In Style Sweater
Julie Panisiak
 [11/01 11:32:02AM] Black, Medium

Not getting cold fins
Carly Toppozini
 [11/01 11:30:46AM] Xl white

Bubble Soft Luxury Sweater
Dalique van der Nest
 [11/01 11:24:58AM] Black in 2XL

Scales just right
Pamela Elliot
 [11/01 11:23:06AM] Burgandy or Black Large

Scalled Up - Dragon Slayer - Dragon Armor
Jennifer Daeninck
 [11/01 11:22:33AM] Black 2xl

Black: Kaimana(Hawaiian, "power of the sea") White: Almeta(Danish, "pearl")
Christa hansen
 [11/01 11:22:26AM] Black 2xl

Winter Mermaid Sweater
Deris Chisholm
 [11/01 11:22:26AM] Off white & 2XL

Floating in the clouds
Sarah English
 [11/01 11:21:07AM] Grey and size Medium

Ariel; Winter Mermaid; Under the Sea
Lisa Gosse
 [11/01 11:20:33AM] S black

Siren sweater
Lauren James
 [11/01 11:19:22AM] Black xl

Mer-made with love
Nikki Joyce
 [11/01 11:19:13AM] Black small

Cuddle me cable sweater
 [11/01 11:13:50AM] White - L

Layer me Softly Sweater
Melanie Kramer
 [11/01 11:13:21AM] Black small

Audrey Derkach
 [11/01 11:09:07AM] Black XL

Cozy Mermaid Sweater
Erin Bogner
 [11/01 11:08:14AM] Black XL

Tip the scales sweater (Looks like fishy scales ?)
Melonie Bateman
 [11/01 11:07:16AM] Black medium

Mother of Dragons
Courtney Pidduck
 [11/01 11:02:45AM] Black and Small

Serine bliss
 [11/01 11:02:23AM] Black med

The Ariel Sweater
Whitney Dillon
 [11/01 11:01:38AM] Black & 2xl

Scale Away with me Sweater
Megan Curry
 [11/01 11:00:42AM] Black Large

Cozy Armor, Cozy Mermaiden, Up-scale cozy,
Svea Braun
 [11/01 10:57:12AM] black small

Up-scale top, top puff, cozy days
Megan Summers
 [11/01 10:56:35AM] Black, large

Seasons in the Park
Danielle Baker
 [11/01 10:55:09AM] Medium Off White

Scaled to your style
 [11/01 10:53:23AM] Black- large

Puffed out! Or Your scales are showing sweater.
Jaylyn Jager
 [11/01 10:52:54AM] White - size L

Cozy scales sweater
 [11/01 10:50:05AM] Black medium please

Tales of a Mermaiden
Maryanne Kidd
 [11/01 10:49:18AM] Off white medium

Into the Sea
Fran Switzer
 [11/01 10:47:58AM] Black small

Forever Yours
Angela Reiter
 [11/01 10:47:12AM] Off white. Size Lrg

Seashell sweater
Arlene McGregor
 [11/01 10:47:09AM] Off white size L

Under the sea sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [11/01 10:46:37AM] Black m

Catch a wave sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [11/01 10:46:17AM] Black m

Mer-maid for comfort
Nicole Burchell
 [11/01 10:45:10AM] Black m

Mermazing sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [11/01 10:44:29AM] Black m

Mermaid life sweater
Chrystal sullivan
 [11/01 10:43:53AM] Small black

Mother of Dragons
Sarah Morgan
 [11/01 10:43:10AM] Black Medium

Scalloped siren sweater
Cassandra Stebbe
 [11/01 10:42:48AM] Black small

Scale to the Top
Sarah Morgan
 [11/01 10:42:48AM] Black Medium

Loves me loves me not
Kelly bayda
 [11/01 10:42:04AM] Black size medium

Under the sea
Senny mcneil
 [11/01 10:41:59AM] Black large

On the Fins of Angels Sweater
Mimi Searls
 [11/01 10:41:58AM] Off White Medium

Senny mcneil
 [11/01 10:41:34AM] Black large

Mermaid You Look Seeater
Angela McLellan
 [11/01 10:41:13AM] Black size S

On the Fins of Destiny
Mimi Searls
 [11/01 10:41:06AM] Ivory Medium

On the Fins of Mermaids Sweater
Mimi Searls
 [11/01 10:40:21AM] Ivory Medium

Classic scalloped sweater/knit
Stephanie S
 [11/01 10:38:51AM] Black XS/S

Mer-maid for you sweater
Ashley Strome
 [11/01 10:38:41AM] Black size large

Tip the Scales Sweater
Mimi Searls
 [11/01 10:38:29AM] Ivory Medium

Scallop dream, Fish sweater
Kristy eaton
 [11/01 10:38:24AM] White / xl

Quilted Comfort Sweater
Emily Buss
 [11/01 10:37:53AM] Black, XL

Splashy Flashy Sweater
Lesley Willford
 [11/01 10:33:58AM] Off White 2XL

Shell Yeah!!!!
Lori Lafreniere
 [11/01 10:33:15AM] White L

Island dreaming
Sarah renaudette
 [11/01 10:33:10AM] White 2xl

Scalloping into winter sweater
Lexi Nichols
 [11/01 10:32:59AM] Black med

Scalloping straight to winter
Lexi Nichols
 [11/01 10:32:29AM] Black med

Scalloping straight to winter
Lexi Nichols
 [11/01 10:32:07AM] Black med

Scalloping through the day
Lexi Nichols
 [11/01 10:31:39AM] Black med

‘Scale Me Beautiful’ Sweater
Marie Vincent
 [11/01 10:31:09AM] White. Size S.

Dana Schmidt
 [11/01 10:30:56AM] M black

Mermaid clouds
Sarah renaudette
 [11/01 10:29:35AM] White 2xl

Seaside sweater
Lindsay Zaik
 [11/01 10:29:14AM] Off white size small :)

Perfectly Upscale pullover
Mercedes Kovacs
 [11/01 10:28:04AM] White-M

Top of the Scale Sweater
Lexi Nichols
 [11/01 10:27:28AM] Black Med

Fintastic fall sweater
Melissa Goldie
 [11/01 10:27:13AM] Black XL

Pop corn sweater
Beth Mills
 [11/01 10:22:14AM] White..size M

Coastal comfort
Kristen martens
 [11/01 10:20:44AM] Large white

Soft shell sweater
Kristen martens
 [11/01 10:18:55AM] Large white

Luxe spun sweater
Kristen martens
 [11/01 10:17:49AM] Large white

Practically Perfect Pullover
Emily Dame
 [11/01 10:17:18AM] Black Size Small

Puffy By Nature
Raquel Williams
 [11/01 10:17:03AM] Black, Xlg depending on fit

Mermaid in the Shade
Jenn Haviland
 [11/01 10:15:50AM] White XL

Sea No Evil
Linda Thompson
 [11/01 10:15:38AM] White Size L

Part of your world (sweater)
Laurie Vaughan
 [11/01 10:15:04AM] Black large

Quilted Comfort
Samantha Kolesar
 [11/01 10:15:03AM] Black - Large

Under the sea (sweater)
Christa Skwarchuk
 [11/01 10:14:53AM] Black medium

Sea Shells By The Seashore Sweater
Linda Thompson
 [11/01 10:14:33AM] Black Size L

Sweet Sirena
Chantelle Falk
 [11/01 10:14:19AM] Off-White, M

Upscale and Comfortable
Yvette Reid
 [11/01 10:14:00AM] Black, L

Cover me Cozy Mermaid Sweater
Chaelsey Loehr
 [11/01 10:13:33AM] Black medium

Under The Sea Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [11/01 10:13:27AM] Black, XL

Mermaid Tale Pullover
Maureen Crawley
 [11/01 10:11:50AM] M black

Sweet So-fish-tication Sweater
Julie Telford
 [11/01 10:11:02AM] Black Large

Wind beneath my wings sweater
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [11/01 10:09:20AM] Off white, XL

Queen of the sea
Jodi Netelenbos
 [11/01 10:08:50AM] White medium

Jacqueline Byrne
 [11/01 10:08:44AM] 2xl black

The Upscale (Sweater)
Maureen Crawley
 [11/01 10:08:16AM] Black medium

Ocean Waves Sweater
Susan Kendrick
 [11/01 10:08:08AM] Size Medium/ White

Simply Scalloped Sweater, Softly Scalloped Sweater, Seaworthy Sweater, Seafaring Sweater, Showy Siren Sweater,
Chantelle Falk
 [11/01 10:07:36AM] Off-White, M

"Weavy" Comfy
Jacqueline Byrne
 [11/01 10:07:28AM] 2xl black

Part of your world sweater, The Ariel sweater
Heather Daniel
 [11/01 10:06:44AM] White medium

Shell be Beautiful sweater
Christie Abrams
 [11/01 10:05:40AM] Off-white large

UpScale sweater
Heather Daniel
 [11/01 10:04:41AM] White medium

Upscale sweater, Soft Scale sweater, Scale Back sweater
Angela Smiley
 [11/01 10:04:27AM] Black XL

Soft and warm pangolin scales sweater
Bweay Kue
 [11/01 10:03:07AM] White & medium

Miranda sweater
Morgan Desjarlais
 [11/01 10:02:39AM] Black, size Medium.

Scallops of sea sweater
Ish Sehmbey
 [11/01 10:02:18AM] Black small

Part of Your Wardrobe
Britney Young
 [11/01 10:01:49AM] Black Medium

The silver gill sweater
Michelle Anderson
 [11/01 9:58:09AM] White size small

Cover-Me Sea Shell Sweater
Helen Call
 [11/01 9:57:58AM] Black XL

Mermaid tides or Mystic Tides
Alesia Marchant
 [11/01 9:57:57AM] Black xs

Bubble Pop Top
Tanya Cameron
 [11/01 9:56:12AM] White, small

She sells seashells sweater
Sheri Surgeson
 [11/01 9:54:28AM] Black Medium

Mermaid dream
Jennifer Huska
 [11/01 9:53:07AM] Black small

Popping Scales
Dorothy Goodine
 [11/01 9:51:43AM] White M.

Under The Sea Sweater
Meredith Dew
 [11/01 9:51:41AM] Black large

Sachet Into Winter
Janine Nadeau
 [11/01 9:51:26AM] black XL

Chic in Shells
Kim duquette
 [11/01 9:50:58AM] Large. Black

Sea the mermaid sweater
Shantelle Araneda
 [11/01 9:49:06AM] White and small

Mer-made in Heaven Sweater
Mimi Searls
 [11/01 9:49:05AM] Medium Ivory

Sea the mermaid sweater
 [11/01 9:48:22AM] White and small

Ariel sweater
Kaitlyn hornsby
 [11/01 9:48:19AM] Small black

Scales for days
Robynne Barone
 [11/01 9:48:12AM] Black large

Sea Maiden Sweater
Chantelle Falk
 [11/01 9:46:51AM] Off-White, M

We were MERMAID for each other Sweater
Kaylee Moerman
 [11/01 9:45:43AM] black 2XL

Upscale Sweater
Renée Kuznecov
 [11/01 9:43:58AM] Black Small

Cloud 9
Senny mcneil
 [11/01 9:43:21AM] Black large

Mermaid Kisses
 [11/01 9:42:16AM] Black, small

Mer-made you look
Danielle Rider
 [11/01 9:41:06AM] Black size large

Drops of the Ocean, Mermaid's Tears, Tears of Happiness
Lucia Terlouw
 [11/01 9:39:43AM] S - white

Laying on clouds
Megan Crawford
 [11/01 9:38:48AM] Small and off white

Siren Sweater
Elizabeth Cormack
 [11/01 9:38:07AM] White, small

Drop Knit Pullover
Shelby White
 [11/01 9:37:46AM] Black small

You had me at Mermaid Sweater
Kaylee Moerman
 [11/01 9:37:17AM] black 2XL

Making Waves Sweater
Selinda Lye
 [11/01 9:36:34AM] Black 2XL

Mermaid Me Marvelous
Lyndsie Smit
 [11/01 9:36:05AM] White - Small

Scaled to perfection sweater
Sasha McLaughlin
 [11/01 9:36:01AM] White, large

Soft shells sweater
Christine Richardson
 [11/01 9:34:41AM] Black Medium

black and white pearl mermaid
sherry sproul
 [11/01 9:34:25AM] white medium

Mermaid Dreams Sweater
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [11/01 9:32:46AM] White, Medium

Serene Siren
Julie Parker
 [11/01 9:31:43AM] Large black

Part of Your World sweater
Raina Brugger
 [11/01 9:31:38AM] Black, small

Wrapped in the sea
Megan Sondergaard
 [11/01 9:31:30AM] Black medium

Part of your world sweater
Michelle Hymers
 [11/01 9:30:52AM] Black large

Goddess sweater
Trisha Rioch
 [11/01 9:30:32AM] Black 2XL

Sweet scallop sweater
Devon Anderson
 [11/01 9:29:29AM] Black XL

Swimming in it sweater
Kirsti Medaglia
 [11/01 9:28:56AM] Off White XL

Mermaid Scales for you
Suzanne kempton
 [11/01 9:27:54AM] White small

Mermaid Dreams Sweater
Selinda Lye
 [11/01 9:27:29AM] Black 2XL

Comfy waffle sweater
Melanie Gross
 [11/01 9:26:56AM] Off white. Xl

Quiet ConFINdence top
Kali Bernst
 [11/01 9:26:49AM] White S

Mostly Mermaid
Larissa Bathgate
 [11/01 9:26:31AM] Small black

Belle of the ball sweater
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/01 9:26:02AM] Off white small

Siren's Song
Joelle Bakker
 [11/01 9:25:25AM] Black, medium

On a cloud sweater
Mandy Lemire-Hodge
 [11/01 9:25:19AM] 2XL

Scaled to perfection sweater
Julie Parker
 [11/01 9:24:59AM] Large black

Part of your world top
Kali Bernst
 [11/01 9:23:13AM] White S

Mystical Seas Sweater
Jodie Cooper
 [11/01 9:23:02AM] Blk 2XL

Pearl of the Sea
Brenda Fisher
 [11/01 9:22:53AM] White and Med

Mermaid for you; we were mermaid for each other;
Erin Hayward
 [11/01 9:21:36AM] White large

Shells by the seashore sweater
Rita Rowsell
 [11/01 9:21:28AM] Black size 2XL

Sweater by the Sea
Jodie Cooper
 [11/01 9:20:54AM] Black 2XL

The Ariel sweater, mer-made perfection, mystical catch
Diana Mazzuca
 [11/01 9:20:34AM] Black xl or 2 xl depends on brand

What Dreams are made of
Selinda Lye
 [11/01 9:20:20AM] Black 2XL

Seas the day sweater
Laura Kidd
 [11/01 9:19:41AM] Black S

A Whole New World Sweater
Liz Roy
 [11/01 9:19:31AM] White Large

Sea Me sweater
Kali Bernst
 [11/01 9:19:07AM] White S

A While New World Sweater
Liz Roy
 [11/01 9:18:56AM] White large

Cozy yet enchanting sweater
Julie Parker
 [11/01 9:18:00AM] Large black

Warm at sea
Vanessa Litfin
 [11/01 9:17:59AM] Off white, large

Upscale Sweater
Kali Bernst
 [11/01 9:17:19AM] White S

Falling for you fancy
Tyra Pughe
 [11/01 9:16:55AM] Black (L) or XL if fits tight

Siren Sweater
Gina Bolton
 [11/01 9:16:53AM] black xl

Under the Sea Love Story
Rachel Thompson
 [11/01 9:16:47AM] White, L

Modest Mermaid Sweater
Raina Brugger
 [11/01 9:16:40AM] Small, black

Under the sea sweater
 [11/01 9:16:23AM] Black medium

Falling for you
Tyra Pughe
 [11/01 9:16:02AM] Black (L) or XL if they fit tight.

Scaled back sweater
Laura Peters
 [11/01 9:15:44AM] Black XL

Scaled to Perfection
Sarah Snable
 [11/01 9:15:19AM] Off white, small

Heart of the Ocean sweater
Rachel Friesen
 [11/01 9:14:37AM] Cream medium ...THANK YOU!

Mer-Made for you
Kali Bernst
 [11/01 9:14:36AM] White S

Scaled to Perfection
Robynne Barone
 [11/01 9:14:36AM] Black large

Splash Sweater
Raina brugger
 [11/01 9:14:34AM] Small, black

Tipping the Scales Sweater
Rachel Tourville
 [11/01 9:14:30AM] Black, XL

Ariel Sweater
Kelly Gallagher
 [11/01 9:13:49AM] Small black

Under the sea sweater
Richanda Zurowski
 [11/01 9:13:44AM] Medium black

Dazzling ocean sweater
Richanda Zurowski
 [11/01 9:12:27AM] Medium black

Ariely Sweater
Raina Brugger
 [11/01 9:12:11AM] Small, black

Living Free, Round Tales, Mighty Love, Travel Around
Emily Dyck
 [11/01 9:11:41AM] Black in Medium

Jodi Ruschin
 [11/01 9:11:40AM] Black L

Modern Mermaid
Shayla Lennea
 [11/01 9:11:04AM] White medium

Mermaid For You sweater
Raina brugger
 [11/01 9:11:04AM] Black, size small

Cloud Nine Sweater
Melissa Danis
 [11/01 9:10:57AM] Black XL

The warm mermaid
 [11/01 9:10:55AM] White medium

Part of their world Sweater
Selinda Lye
 [11/01 9:10:44AM] Black 2XL

Layers of luxury
Roberta Henry
 [11/01 9:10:31AM] White - L or XL

Part of your world Sweater
Kelly Sheaves
 [11/01 9:10:26AM] Black, Size XL

The Ariel
Jess Robertson
 [11/01 9:10:16AM] White, Large

Sole Sisters Sweater
Nicole jones
 [11/01 9:10:00AM] Black XL

Mermaid to be My Sweater
 [11/01 9:09:03AM] White, Large

Up to scale
Robyn Dennis
 [11/01 9:08:51AM] Medium black

Swimmingly chic sweater
Kelli zimmerman
 [11/01 9:08:40AM] Off white, medium

Now you SEA me
Anita Dyck
 [11/01 9:08:35AM] Black medium

You Mermaid to Be My Sweater
 [11/01 9:08:21AM] White, Large

Under the Sea Sweater
Jenn Bemister
 [11/01 9:07:11AM] Medium Black

Allison Fontana
 [11/01 9:07:05AM] White, medium

Oh my goddess sweater, Cozy sprite sweater
Camille Yip Hoi
 [11/01 9:06:59AM] M black

The World is Her Ocean Sweater
Randi Marcil
 [11/01 9:06:59AM] Black L

Scales of Luxury Sweater
Selinda Lye
 [11/01 9:06:42AM] Black 2XL

Merskin Kind of Feeling Top
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [11/01 9:06:24AM] Black XL

Quilted Comfort
Selinda Lye
 [11/01 9:05:08AM] Black 2XL

Cozy Under The Sea
Kaysi Strome
 [11/01 9:05:06AM] Black or white I love them both XL please

Up-scale (or upscale) sweater
Vicky McCahon
 [11/01 9:04:52AM] White large

Mermaid Dreams
Tasha Mark
 [11/01 9:04:48AM] Black Large

Mermagic sweater, ruffled in love sweater
Danielle Wittal
 [11/01 9:04:44AM] Off white & medium (?).

Mystic Tales Sweater
Jessica Nakashimada
 [11/01 9:03:50AM] Black 2XL

Under the sea mermaid sweats
Teresa Jeang
 [11/01 9:03:02AM] Black XL

She sells sea shells by the seashore
Melissa fletcher
 [11/01 9:02:21AM] Black XXL

Mystical Tails sweater
Alyssa Fahie
 [11/01 9:01:35AM] Black small

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