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Lace Top
November 22, 2019

Silver Icing Lace Top

Get the Look: Celeste is wearing the First Class Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 5).

You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these beautiful lace detailed tops! They are soft and lightweight and feature a keyhole detail in the back with a single button closure.

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, November 24 at 9AM (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week. The winner will receive their colour and size of choice! (Black, Pumpkin Spice, Emerald Green – 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44). These tops will Presale for $24.99 (Retail $29.00). Good luck! ♥️

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Lace Top

Get the Look: Celeste is wearing the High Level Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 5), First Class Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 5), Stepping Up Heels (Black, 8) and the Bright Spark Ring Set (White Gold).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Lace Top

Get the Look: Celeste is wearing the First Class Denim (Dark Blue Denim, 5), Stepping Up Heels (Black, 8) and the Bright Spark Ring Set (White Gold).

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Lace Top


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Total of 409 Entries
Congratulations to Lisa Melton, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Better Lace Than Never Top
Flounce the Season lace blouse
Miranda Phoenix
 [11/24 8:59:42AM] Small green

Lace-y lady
Susan chan
 [11/24 8:41:42AM] Blk, large

Devine Sofistication
Dawn Chicoine
 [11/24 8:35:54AM] Emerald Green 44

Lacey Elegance
Carolyn stanley
 [11/24 7:57:06AM] Black 36

Flirty lace
Nadine Wickens
 [11/24 7:55:05AM] Black and small

Come on lets party
Carey Dingsdale
 [11/24 7:38:29AM] Black 36

For the frill of it
Gina Bolton
 [11/24 7:32:37AM] black XL

Lori Biersack
 [11/24 7:30:51AM] Black/medium

Lacey daze
Chris Huber
 [11/24 7:28:38AM] 34 Emerald Green

Lacey love shirt
Kelly Brown
 [11/24 7:14:05AM] Xl black

The Lace is Key, Lacey Day Top, Race for Lace Top
Valerie Gudmundson
 [11/24 6:31:43AM] Green XS

My heart’s a-flutter
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [11/24 6:17:00AM] Emerald green, 38

Frill of lace
Elaina Geeraert
 [11/24 5:42:06AM] Emerald 38

Make my heart Lace top
Mirelle Cain
 [11/24 5:16:10AM] Black S

Sweet & lacy
Anik Duplessis
 [11/24 5:00:36AM] Green - large

Pretty In Lace
Jamie Marouelli
 [11/23 11:48:22PM] I am not sure

Sweet Day or Night
Pirjo Pike
 [11/23 10:56:13PM] Back, 38

Sweet Lace Top
Christina Furlan
 [11/23 10:44:34PM] Black 40

Lace you to It
Christina Furlan
 [11/23 10:41:13PM] Black 40

Lace You To The Top; Lacey in Love Top
Candice Crosby
 [11/23 10:34:41PM] Emerald Green; large

Lace night out
Kristen Kringhaug
 [11/23 10:31:51PM] Black , M

Lace toppers
Caroline Lewis
 [11/23 10:13:41PM] Blue, medium

Lovelace top
Ronaleen Carlson
 [11/23 9:26:39PM] Emerald green and the equivalent of an xl

Lace lace baby
 [11/23 9:04:24PM] Black medium

For The Frill Of The Lace Top
Kym Readman
 [11/23 8:50:26PM] Size 44 , Color Pumpkin Spice

Racy lacy
Phaedra glushek
 [11/23 8:32:47PM] XL. Pumpkin spice

Lace you to it
Leora Ashdown
 [11/23 8:29:40PM] Black & 38

Blissful Elegance
Alisa Lindsay
 [11/23 8:18:05PM] Black, size 44

lace is grace
Jaime clayton
 [11/23 8:17:16PM] Black medium

Embrace the Lace top
Julie Brooks
 [11/23 8:14:29PM] Emerald size 38

Lacey Sunday afternoon top
Julie Brooks
 [11/23 8:12:37PM] Emerald size 38

You flutter me
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/23 7:59:58PM] Green 36

Lucy lace top
Sarah Antrobus
 [11/23 7:56:37PM] Green large

Flutter my heart
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/23 7:55:32PM] Green 36

Lovely in Lace Top
Adria Rault
 [11/23 6:55:41PM] Pumpkin Spice Large

Victorian Vixen
Catherine Korte Monz
 [11/23 6:27:24PM] Green in Large 42?

Ooh La La top
Gloria Diegel
 [11/23 6:17:53PM] Size 40 Pumpkin Spice

Lacey Lane Flow Top
Angela Deneault
 [11/23 6:14:30PM] Pumpkin spice medium

Lace Me Not
Jessica Laroche
 [11/23 4:50:15PM] Emerald Green and Size 36

Lace yourself
Dagmara Chapman
 [11/23 4:44:10PM] Black XL

Lacy business
Dagmara Chapman
 [11/23 4:42:05PM] Pumpkin spice XL

Lace talk about it
Dagmara Chapman
 [11/23 4:17:39PM] Emerald green XL

Darling you make me flutter
Dagmara Chapman
 [11/23 4:07:48PM] Black size XL

Let's be friends
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:43:46PM] Green 44

Goodnight sweet dreams
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:43:21PM] Green 44

There's always tomorrow
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:42:59PM] Green 44

Tonight we dance
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:42:38PM] Green 44

Let's be lacey tonight
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:42:12PM] Green 44

Romance my heart
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:40:14PM] Green 44

Girls night out top
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:39:48PM] Green 44

Flutterfly my heart
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:39:20PM] Green 44

Luscious lace top
Erin Levesque
 [11/23 3:38:44PM] Green XL

Silky Siren
Kristen martens
 [11/23 2:58:46PM] Green large

Flutter sleeve
Kristen martens
 [11/23 2:56:58PM] Green large

The Lace is on Top
Candice Daniels
 [11/23 2:08:29PM] Medium pumpkin spice

Lace & Grace top, Angel on Top; the Lace is on; a hint of lace
Candice Daniels
 [11/23 2:07:18PM] Medium pumpkin spice

Sweet and Spicy blouse
Debbie Leicht
 [11/23 12:43:29PM] Pumpkin spice sz 38

Lace Go Out
Christine Rinn
 [11/23 12:07:20PM] Small green

Flirty Fantasy Top
Heather Vita
 [11/23 12:00:41PM] 34 Green

Lace Yourself Top
Rachel Thompson
 [11/23 11:54:16AM] Black, Large

Lisa Tate
 [11/23 11:23:20AM] Green L or XL

Cascading Lace top
Kali Bernst
 [11/23 11:02:25AM] Emerald 36

Flow Essence top
Kali Bernst
 [11/23 11:01:34AM] Green 36

Flutter and Flow
Kali Bernst
 [11/23 11:00:57AM] Green 36

Fluttering Heights top
Kali Bernst
 [11/23 10:57:32AM] Green small

Lovely in Lace
Raissa Zukowski
 [11/23 10:47:24AM] Emerald Green in Large

Grace of Lace
Sophie den Haan
 [11/23 10:33:47AM] Black/ L

You be Lacey
Shannon Granger
 [11/23 10:33:03AM] Emerald Green size 40?

Flutterby, Dateable, First Kiss, Key to my Heart, RomCom Love
Allison Vieth
 [11/23 10:26:49AM] Emerald Green

Embrace the Lace Top
Jane Rowland
 [11/23 10:26:17AM] Emerald 38

All About That Lace
Alexandra Kuefler
 [11/23 10:23:35AM] Black Medium

Butterfly lace
Hiransh Popat
 [11/23 9:47:02AM] Pumpkin spice large

Lace me away
Ashton gouin
 [11/23 9:46:06AM] Green. Xl

Fun & Flirty
Joanne Clark
 [11/23 9:45:09AM] Pumpkin Spice 42

Romance and Lace, As Beautiful As You, Timeless, Gentle Sweetness
Corie Dixon
 [11/23 9:39:19AM] Emerald Green, 38

Be Still My Heart
Karen Punnett
 [11/23 9:34:37AM] Green in Medium

Lovely Lace Top
Lisa Kelly
 [11/23 9:29:56AM] Black and small

We all need a little Lace top
Janet George
 [11/23 9:26:44AM] Dark Green size Large

Moonlight Lace
Janet George
 [11/23 9:25:09AM] Dark Green Size Large

Bringing on the lace
Janet George
 [11/23 9:21:51AM] Dark Green size Large

Peek A Boo Lace
Sandra Kaleta
 [11/23 9:21:07AM] Emerald Green 44

The Peekaboo of The Top.....Top
Kym Readman
 [11/23 9:13:11AM] Size 44 , Color Pumpkin Spice

Fairytale Top
Lindsay Zaik
 [11/23 9:06:07AM] 34-emerald

Lace to my heart is the key
 [11/23 9:05:01AM] Black

Little piece of lace Top
Chrystal Ennis
 [11/23 9:03:31AM] Black & med

Lacy lace
Janene Quinn
 [11/23 9:02:48AM] Black and I’m a med in most depends how yours fit

Laced With Love Top, Pomp & Circumstance Flutter Top, The Diva’s in the Details Frill Top
Emily Dame
 [11/23 8:38:43AM] Black; 34

Pretty in lace
Nicole Cormier
 [11/23 8:37:02AM] Pumpkin spice large

Lace You To The Top
Lauralee N Majeau
 [11/23 8:29:36AM] Size small, Emerald Green

Lust ‘n Lace
Kerri King
 [11/23 8:23:03AM] XL black

Lacey Dayz
Bobbi Janzen
 [11/23 8:22:11AM] Medium

Flowing with Lace Top
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [11/23 8:18:25AM] Black size L

 [11/23 8:08:43AM] BLACK 42

Live it, love it, lace it
Sandy Henry
 [11/23 8:06:39AM] Green, large

Lacy Luxury
Kathy Phillips
 [11/23 7:37:39AM] Black in small size

Laced beauty
Elaine Dupuis
 [11/23 7:33:39AM] Pumpkin spice 42

Pixie Lane Lace Top
Carla Beaulac
 [11/23 7:00:06AM] Black 44

Simply lacey
Barbara Grimes
 [11/23 6:05:44AM] Size large color emerald green

For the Love of Lace
Janet Walker
 [11/23 5:29:06AM] Emerald Green 42

Flutter Me Up
Sheena Eddy
 [11/23 4:42:14AM] Emerald green, 34

Lace & Loaded
Allison DePaulo
 [11/23 4:39:13AM] Black 36

Holiday Fancy
Lisa MacIntyre
 [11/23 4:28:59AM] Emerald Green small

Let's flow
Donna Richards
 [11/23 2:39:05AM] Emerald green 38

Shirley walker
 [11/23 1:39:11AM] M black

Chantilly or Chantilly Lace
Jennifer Bushby
 [11/22 11:17:19PM] 44 - Emerald Green

Lace be Ftuends
Michelle Morton
 [11/22 10:43:29PM] Emerald green size 36

All about that Lace
Danielle Baker
 [11/22 10:30:12PM] Black size 38

Feelin' Lacy
Lindsay Mitchell
 [11/22 10:18:12PM] Green medium

Grace and lace
Shauna Swanson
 [11/22 10:06:30PM] Emerald small

Lace Away Top
Melanie Goldberg
 [11/22 9:49:39PM] Black 44

Love the Lace Top
JJ Dosch
 [11/22 9:24:28PM] Emerald green size 44

Lace embrace top
Megan Adelman
 [11/22 9:21:44PM] Emerald green 36

Delicately Detailed
Karma Kubbernus
 [11/22 9:15:15PM] Xl emerald

Kathleen Colson
 [11/22 9:13:07PM] Black Large

Casual Elegance
Theresa Loewen
 [11/22 9:07:20PM] Emerald & 36

Top it with lace
Kim Hartigan
 [11/22 9:06:10PM] Black large

Flutter to the top
Tara Macaulay
 [11/22 9:00:04PM] Black medium

Queen of lace
Stacey Nogier
 [11/22 8:57:34PM] Emerald xL.

Flutterby Wings Top
Stephanie Dykstra
 [11/22 8:49:01PM] 38 Emerald Green

Time for tea
Amber Glover
 [11/22 8:43:13PM] Emerald medium

Flowers on the top
Angela Skoreiko
 [11/22 8:33:43PM] Pumpkin spice 44

All About the Frills top
Courtney Walsh
 [11/22 8:30:01PM] Green/Medium

Ruffle around the edges
Kasia Ragan
 [11/22 8:22:43PM] Black XL

Eleganza Extravaganza
Fallon Martin
 [11/22 8:17:50PM] Emerald green Large

LaceTime; LaceTime Call
Jenn Haviland
 [11/22 8:13:02PM] Green 44

Lacey Flare
 [11/22 8:11:53PM] Black 42

Fancy and free lace top
Ramona Holman
 [11/22 8:09:29PM] Emerald green 36

Lace to the top
Natalie Baikie
 [11/22 8:04:50PM] Pumpkin Spice - 42

Key To My Heart
Monica Hawkins
 [11/22 8:01:00PM] Emerald, 38

Life made easy
Sarah Denes
 [11/22 7:57:28PM] Black medium

Sweet n Sassy
Roxanne Francis
 [11/22 7:42:49PM] Emerald, 44

Just a taste of lace
Sheila McNab
 [11/22 7:42:37PM] Black size medium

Coming up Roses
Nicole Huppe
 [11/22 7:42:10PM] Emerald Green 38

Lisette Peterson
 [11/22 7:41:33PM] Black small

Frill & lace, flirt & flair
Nita Mjolsness
 [11/22 7:39:16PM] Emerald green size 42

Keep it coy
Twyla Stychyshyn
 [11/22 7:34:39PM] Emerald green 38

Tracy Fisher
 [11/22 7:34:14PM] Black 34

Butterfly kisses
Brenda sanders
 [11/22 7:31:22PM] Green small

Sexy Stassy
Taryn Copland
 [11/22 7:12:56PM] 38 emerald

The perfect neck lace top
Lisa Smit
 [11/22 6:55:48PM] Pumpkin spice, 42

Rosie Doll Top
Joanna Lewis
 [11/22 6:54:51PM] Emerald Green 42

Lace in Love
Sandra Mueller
 [11/22 6:54:25PM] Emerald Green 44

All Aflutter Top
Karen Otsig
 [11/22 6:53:27PM] Black M

Grace in Lace
Nicole Leffler
 [11/22 6:44:02PM] Pumpkin Spice

Lace It Up Top
Karen Carvell
 [11/22 6:43:52PM] 44 Black

Frill of the Lace Top
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:42:41PM] Emerald Green 44

Lace of our lives top
Rachel Friesen
 [11/22 6:42:36PM] Emerald 36

Victorious, victory, Victoria
Amanda v Walsh
 [11/22 6:42:11PM] 44 pumpkin spice

Joyeux Blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:41:12PM] Emerald Green 44

Lace in all the right places blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:40:25PM] Emerald green 44

All the Right Places Lace Blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:40:03PM] Emerald green 44

Lacey Blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:39:16PM] Emerald green 44

Chills & Frills blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:38:27PM] Emerald Green 44

Holiday Frills Blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:37:48PM] Emerald green 44

Holi Lace Blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:36:04PM] Emerald green 44

Key Note Blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:35:26PM] Emerald green 44

Lace Dance Blouse
Brooke Derksen
 [11/22 6:35:01PM] 44 Emerald Green

Holiday flutter
Allison cardinal
 [11/22 6:32:43PM] Large black

Embrace the lace
Tricia larade
 [11/22 6:31:37PM] Large black

Peek a Boo Lace Top
Karen Carvell
 [11/22 6:31:15PM] 44 black

Happy Feels, Joyful tee, Pretty Parsnip top.
Weronika Dubois
 [11/22 6:30:23PM] black med

Chill Frill Blouse
Chene Hustej
 [11/22 6:26:52PM] Emerald size 36

Lovin' Lace
Michelle Wolter
 [11/22 6:26:34PM] Pumpkin Spice 42

She is Power and Grace
Lindy Schneider
 [11/22 6:06:01PM] Pumpkin Spice & 36

A Flutter over Lace
Angie Cottrell
 [11/22 6:02:32PM] 38 Pumpkin

Embrace the Lace
Angie Cottrell
 [11/22 6:01:40PM] Emerald Green Medium

Flutter Elegance
Michele Latham
 [11/22 6:00:49PM] Large (10 - 12) - black

Talk lace to me. lace me up. Show a little lace.
Maria Jeppesen
 [11/22 5:56:34PM] Black, or emerald green 40

Driving Miss Daisy with Lacey
Carrie Ronnie
 [11/22 5:48:25PM] M black

Flow and easy
Lisa Wilson
 [11/22 5:40:01PM] Emerald green 40

The Duchess
Danielle Nakhleh
 [11/22 5:34:58PM] Emerald green and 34

Lace all a flutter top
Karen Benoit
 [11/22 5:34:24PM] Pumpkin spice, medium

Everything nice top
Erin Harris
 [11/22 5:33:06PM] Green XL

Sugar and Spice
Erin Harris
 [11/22 5:32:11PM] Green XL

Lois Elliot
 [11/22 5:30:52PM] Black 40

Lovely in Lace
Charlotte Warford
 [11/22 5:05:30PM] Large, black

Touch of Grace
Kathleen Rey
 [11/22 5:01:34PM] Black, 40

Everything nice top
Kyli Ford
 [11/22 4:59:16PM] Emerald green 40

Duchess Lace Top
Daniela Moore
 [11/22 4:56:24PM] Green large

Key to comfort
Tanya Mac neil
 [11/22 4:49:30PM] Blue

A little Something special Top ?
Leeann Lang
 [11/22 4:49:10PM] 44 pumpkin spice

To and fro
Shelley Bodt
 [11/22 4:48:01PM] Green large

Gracie Lacie !
Daphne Matthews
 [11/22 4:47:24PM] Emerald Green size 34

Rhonda Sauerberg
 [11/22 4:47:24PM] Emerald Green size 40

Lace with Grace !
Daphne Matthews
 [11/22 4:43:19PM] Emerald Green size 34

T-Envy,Green with Envy,Ace of Lace
Raena Phelps
 [11/22 4:43:05PM] Green,small

Lacey Frills
Dagmar de Rijke
 [11/22 4:28:07PM] Green M

All about that lace, amazing lace, you had me at floral lace,
Jolene Frampton
 [11/22 4:19:53PM] Green, 44

All Ruffled Up
Marie Tichborne
 [11/22 4:14:35PM] Green, Medium

Lovely in Lace
Pamela Woytiuk
 [11/22 4:04:27PM] Green in L

Caress Me Lace top, Wrap Me Up in Lace, Lacey Keyhole, All Saints Lace, For the Love of Lace top, To Know Lace is to Love top,
Jennifer Barone
 [11/22 3:48:47PM] Green size L

Lady in Lace Top
Priya Sharma
 [11/22 3:47:20PM] Emerald Green in Medium

Flights of Fancy
Evy Lang
 [11/22 3:43:18PM] Surprise me; Medium

Playful T Rose
Kelly Sneek
 [11/22 3:41:17PM] Blue 42

Key to My Heart Top
Louise Kemp
 [11/22 3:30:38PM] S Emerald Green

Lace all a Flutter
Nicole Parker
 [11/22 3:20:53PM] Emerald 40

Frilly elegance
Allison Luther
 [11/22 3:17:17PM] Green size 38

Lovely lacey top
Jennifer McKinders
 [11/22 3:11:22PM] pumpkin spice - large

Let There Be Lace
Alison Fee
 [11/22 3:09:12PM] 34, Pumpkin Spice

Better LACE than never.
Lisa Melton
 [11/22 3:09:10PM] Emerald Green (44)

The Eleglace
Rebecca Varjassy
 [11/22 3:05:23PM] Emerald Green Size 42

Fly away
Emily Rempel
 [11/22 2:55:17PM] Green small

What a frill
Nicole Burchell
 [11/22 2:54:43PM] Green, m

Lovin’ Lace
Charlene Trudel
 [11/22 2:53:01PM] Rust M

Flirty femme
Nicole burchell
 [11/22 2:51:44PM] Green, m

Flutter Sleeve Top
Charlene Trudel
 [11/22 2:51:31PM] Rust M

Flirty femne
Nicole Burchell
 [11/22 2:50:41PM] Green, m

Sheer Elegance
Tracy Penney
 [11/22 2:50:24PM] Pumpkin Spice small

Simple Elegance
Tracy Penney
 [11/22 2:49:40PM] Emerald green small

For the frill of it
Terra Greenfield
 [11/22 2:45:46PM] black medium

Flutterby floral
Leigh Buurman
 [11/22 2:41:41PM] Emerald green medium

Lacey Vixen
Terra Hailes
 [11/22 2:39:32PM] Black and med-lg

Flutter lace top
Erin reid
 [11/22 2:34:50PM] Black medium

Tracy Wiebe
 [11/22 2:28:25PM] Emerald in medium

Downton Dreamin’
Leah Gamache
 [11/22 2:21:46PM] Black, Large

Feeling free
Nicola myhre
 [11/22 2:18:50PM] Black size M

Lace beauty
Dawn Huseby
 [11/22 2:18:09PM] Pumpkin spice , size 42

Lovin’ the Lace
Patty Otteson
 [11/22 2:17:10PM] Pumpkin Spice in Large

Grace with lace
Jill Byrd
 [11/22 2:16:24PM] Emerald Green size Small

Lacey Days
Amanda Culshaw
 [11/22 2:08:00PM] Black. Size M

Lace and Grace
Krystal Sharpe
 [11/22 2:07:57PM] Black 38

Sweet and Sassy
Sherrie Myrol
 [11/22 2:05:16PM] Emerald Green and size medium (38)

Live. Laugh. Love. Lace.
Suzie McIntosh
 [11/22 1:52:14PM] Black. 34

Flutter and lace
Jennifer Hayes
 [11/22 1:51:30PM] Black ?size

Capt’in lace
Jamie allport
 [11/22 1:39:59PM] XL black

Capt’in lace
Jamie allport
 [11/22 1:39:26PM] XL black

Lace and Grace
Christie Trembicki
 [11/22 1:39:23PM] Black size M

Graceful Lace
Nicole Reith
 [11/22 1:36:40PM] pumpkin spice - S/M

Fabulous Flutter
Caroline Rahmanian
 [11/22 1:36:05PM] Black 42

My Flirty Favourite
Michelle Patterson
 [11/22 1:35:45PM] Emerald Green 40 (L) (10)

Unlock the Love
Randi Domanski
 [11/22 1:35:09PM] Emerald Green 44

Caps for lace
Mercedes Kovacs
 [11/22 1:31:22PM] Green -38

Divine lace
Rachel Eagleton
 [11/22 1:28:18PM] Large emerald green

A Flare of sugar plum
Kimberly Reisig
 [11/22 1:25:40PM] Pumpkin spice 36

Thankful floral top
Jessica Dugdale
 [11/22 1:23:06PM] Emerald green 36

Elle top
Amber Iskra
 [11/22 1:16:23PM] Emerald in a 38 ( of whatever XL is)

A chance of flarries
leah brabant
 [11/22 1:15:14PM] Green medium

Little bit Juliet
Jennifer Foley
 [11/22 1:13:08PM] Large....emerald green

Fancy & flirty flirtatious
 [11/22 1:13:05PM] Black 1x

Date Night Top
Jo Vanderwolf
 [11/22 1:08:10PM] Black 38

Right Lace, Right Time
Celeste Kallis
 [11/22 1:08:10PM] Emerald green 40

Total bliss
Charlotte Mitchell
 [11/22 1:04:20PM] Black size small

It’s all about the lace top
Erin Butterfield
 [11/22 12:57:56PM] 34, pumpkin spice

Lacy Grace Top
Emily Buss
 [11/22 12:35:25PM] Emerald XL

Dare to Flare
Stephanie Morris
 [11/22 12:34:28PM] Emerald green ; 36

A Lace and a Frill
Amanda Bueckert
 [11/22 12:32:05PM] Emerald Green, size 36

Lacey Flair
Stephanie Morris
 [11/22 12:32:04PM] Emerald green ; 2

Lace with grace top
Tara Simpson
 [11/22 12:31:29PM] Large black please

Lace day elegance
Stacey bingham
 [11/22 12:28:53PM] Black size 38

Midnight beauty
Charlene Krpan
 [11/22 12:27:56PM] Large black

Lacey Janes
JoAnne Sieppert
 [11/22 12:23:37PM] Black medium

Sweet Something
Tracey Zimmerman-Sakalli
 [11/22 12:21:53PM] Emerald, 42

Sugar and Spice
Tracey Zimmerman-Sakalli
 [11/22 12:17:16PM] Emerald, 42

All the roses top
Megan LeManne
 [11/22 12:16:23PM] Black

Lucy Lace
Wendy Miles
 [11/22 12:10:10PM] Emerald Green - 44

Flirt with Floral
Willa Potter
 [11/22 11:57:56AM] Pumpkin Spice 34

Frill and lace all day
Brandi Tolofson
 [11/22 11:57:46AM] Black xl

You give me flutters in my lace top
Ish Sehmbey
 [11/22 11:55:17AM] Green small

Emerald exquisite... tangerine teaser
Natalie Furlong
 [11/22 11:53:17AM] Emerald green 1XL

Out on the Town top
Lori Ross
 [11/22 11:47:53AM] Emerald Green, size 44

Feeling pretty Weekend Lace
Lindsey Knott
 [11/22 11:45:47AM] Large black

Lace and Grace Top
Kira Glas
 [11/22 11:44:10AM] Black 36

The Frill of the Lace Top
Michelle Kwakernaak
 [11/22 11:38:21AM] Emerald green 44

Lace Pekaboo Shirt
Katerine Boutet
 [11/22 11:35:37AM] Green- Small

Lacey days
Michelle Hymers
 [11/22 11:35:29AM] Pumpkin spice large

Frill the day!
 [11/22 11:33:32AM] Emerald green size 44

A Night Out Top
Erin Butterfield
 [11/22 11:32:32AM] 34, Pumpkiin Spice

Everyday Elegance top
Brandy Kelly
 [11/22 11:30:26AM] Green, 44

Lace Face It, You’re Be-you-tiful
Chantalle Gauthier
 [11/22 11:26:52AM] Emerald 38

Lace & Flutters & a Key Hole, Oh My!
Kristin Marchand
 [11/22 11:26:34AM] Black 44

More or Lace my favorite top
Fiona Hetherington
 [11/22 11:26:27AM] black & size 38

Let’s Dance
Chantalle Gauthier
 [11/22 11:25:25AM] Emerald 38

Pretty Frilly Lace
Odessa Dyer
 [11/22 11:23:16AM] Emerald Green size Medium

My Favourite Lace
Chantalle Gauthier
 [11/22 11:22:37AM] Emerald 38

lace to the top, flaunt it, the amazing lace, lace recognition, a change of lace,
Tina cimaglia
 [11/22 11:21:38AM] Xs, orange

Lovesome lace
Daphne Wheeler
 [11/22 11:21:31AM] Emerald green, 44

A touch of lace
cindy carter
 [11/22 11:18:55AM] Pumpkin spice medium

Lace You To It
Chantalle Gauthier
 [11/22 11:17:48AM] Emerald 38

Lady Of The Lace
Chantalle Gauthier
 [11/22 11:15:15AM] Emerald 38

Lace You To The Top
Chantalle Gauthier
 [11/22 11:14:29AM] Emerald 38

Lace Is More
Chantalle Gauthier
 [11/22 11:13:50AM] Emerald 38

Lacy & Lovely
Corinne Da Silva
 [11/22 11:12:33AM] 36 black

Lace gets ready to party top
Kierra Southgate
 [11/22 11:12:10AM] Green

Lace away
Nicole Jean
 [11/22 11:11:32AM] Green small

Dainty Tee
Tara Smith
 [11/22 11:08:34AM] Large Orange

Flirty frills and flowers, flirty with a touch of flowers
Amanda Gibb
 [11/22 11:07:53AM] Emerald green, 40

Lace it up
Jen Bonn
 [11/22 11:04:18AM] Large black

Sweet and chic top
Shawna Wagner
 [11/22 11:03:52AM] Black size 38

Lace talk about it shirt
Kierra Southgate
 [11/22 11:02:57AM] Green, medium (40?)

Flutter & Lace Top
Sarah Hanson
 [11/22 11:01:59AM] Emerald Green 38

all a flutter lace top
Dalyce Jack
 [11/22 11:01:36AM] emerald green,38

Some Type of Way Top
Amanda Liedtke
 [11/22 11:01:11AM] Emerald Green, whatever equals a medium?

You Make My Heart Lace
Tanya Marlatt
 [11/22 10:58:41AM] Emerald Green & 40

Hearts a Flutter Lace Top
Robena Baynton
 [11/22 10:56:40AM] Black, 38

"A Taste of Lace"
Paula Browne
 [11/22 10:56:30AM] Emerald Green size 38

Tinkerbell Top
Erika Glocker
 [11/22 10:55:34AM] Emerald green, 34

At Your Own Lace
Shari MacLellan
 [11/22 10:55:26AM] Pumpkin Spice 36

Lacey Love Top; Nottingham Lace Top; Graceful Lace Top
Haley Boland
 [11/22 10:53:14AM] Black, size 44

Flutters and lace blouse
Michelle Sauls
 [11/22 10:53:08AM] Emerald green size 34

Floral on top. Lace on top.
Seanna Campbell
 [11/22 10:49:18AM] Emerald 36

Lace me up top
Lynnelle Friesen
 [11/22 10:49:06AM] Black medium

key to lace elegance
sherry sproul
 [11/22 10:49:05AM] pumpkin 34

Romantic Elegance
Cindy Baerg
 [11/22 10:47:43AM] Emerald Green & 42

Talk Flirty to Me
Shari MacLellan
 [11/22 10:46:22AM] Black 36

Peek a boo blouse
Susan piper
 [11/22 10:45:36AM] Navy 2X

Lace of Spades
Shari MacLellan
 [11/22 10:43:52AM] Emerald 36

Lacefully Yours
Jenn Haviland
 [11/22 10:43:17AM] Green 44

For the love of lace
Nicole Peters wrs
 [11/22 10:43:13AM] Black, 44/Xxl

Sheer grace in lace
Jennifer Jones
 [11/22 10:42:29AM] Emerald green size small

Graced with Lace, a grace of lace, interlaced with grace, encased with lace
Shawna Kowalchuk
 [11/22 10:37:34AM] Emerald Green-Large

Graceful Lace, A Hint of Lace, Lovely Lace
Sandi Wagner
 [11/22 10:35:13AM] Emerald green, 44

Lace of my Life Top, Common Ring those Bells Tee, Silver Bells Tee, All Dressed up Tee, Lacy and Loose Tee
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/22 10:33:22AM] Emerald, 36

Secret Garden
Michelle Waugh
 [11/22 10:31:13AM] Emerald Green (XL)

Baby Doll
 [11/22 10:29:47AM] Black Lg

Lucky in Lace
Kirsten Paterson
 [11/22 10:29:10AM] Green large

Little Bo Peep
Andrea Zappe
 [11/22 10:28:30AM] Black m

Melissa Cumming
 [11/22 10:28:22AM] Pumpkin spice xl

Andrea Zappe
 [11/22 10:28:07AM] Black Medium

EnLaced on you
Melissa cumming
 [11/22 10:27:30AM] Black xl

all seasons
ana cervoni
 [11/22 10:27:02AM] emerald green, 36

Free as a bird, lace and grace, free bird
Sherri Budgen
 [11/22 10:23:45AM] Pumpkin spice 44

Straight- Laced Top, face to lace top, Perfect P-lace-ment Top
Nikki Weightman
 [11/22 10:20:43AM] Emerald 36

Sneak a peek
Crystal Mackie
 [11/22 10:18:45AM] Green 34

Straight-Laced Top, face to lace top, Perfect P-lace-ment Top
Nikki weightman
 [11/22 10:18:27AM] Emerald green 36

Straight Laced
Melissa Cumming
 [11/22 10:17:49AM] Pumpkin spice xl

My Heart Flutters Top
Meredith Dew
 [11/22 10:16:45AM] Green large

I’m beautiful
Crystal Mackie
 [11/22 10:16:34AM] Green 34

Chantilly Lace Top
Melissa Cumming
 [11/22 10:16:29AM] Green xl

Lace me pretty
Kaitlyn hornsby
 [11/22 10:16:28AM] Xs green

Straight-Laced Top, Lacey dreams top, face to lace top, timeless top, Perfect P-lace-meant top
Nikki Weightman
 [11/22 10:16:22AM] Emerald green 36

The Key to Lace
Amanda R
 [11/22 10:15:20AM] Denim Blue XL

Luxe Lacey
Jenna Dutka
 [11/22 10:11:03AM] Emerald & 36

the lacey lolita
Leta Rohne
 [11/22 10:08:02AM] emerald green medium

Blooming Blouse
Sarah Chapman
 [11/22 10:07:54AM] Green & Medium

Love Me Some Lace
Jeanette Cronin
 [11/22 10:06:31AM] Black Small

A Taste of Lace top, Embrace the Lace top, Ladylike Lace top, Lovely in Lace top
Angela Smiley
 [11/22 10:06:13AM] Emerald 44

The A L O T (a little lace on top)
Nicole Warawa
 [11/22 10:05:52AM] Black Large

Lace is da bomb , Lacey daze ahead , lace and spice
Nicole Smith
 [11/22 10:04:17AM] Pumpkin 36

Call me a fairy
Crystal mackie
 [11/22 10:02:29AM] Green 34

Flutter days
Crystal mackie
 [11/22 10:01:52AM] Green. 34

Lacey Days Top
Rachel Curran
 [11/22 10:01:19AM] Green, large

Flirt in Lace
Christina Siesling
 [11/22 10:00:55AM] Emerald green 38

Lacey in waiting
Laura Travers
 [11/22 10:00:27AM] Black 44

Soft around the Edges
Nicole Huppe
 [11/22 10:00:05AM] Black 38 (if that's med)

In love with lace top
Lesley Gilbert
 [11/22 10:00:03AM] Emerald green- xl

Frill of the Lace Top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 10:00:02AM] Black 38

I Frill it in My Heart Tee, Flutter Moves Tee, Fluttershy Top
Sarah Snable
 [11/22 9:59:36AM] 34, emerald

Thrill of the Lace Top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 9:59:16AM] Black 38

Chantilly Thrill Top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 9:58:08AM] Black 38

Chantilly Frill Top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 9:56:39AM] Black 38

Miranda Sunderland
 [11/22 9:56:12AM] Green 2x

Sweetheart Top
Holly Cammidge
 [11/22 9:55:31AM] Black medium

Delicatessen Top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 9:53:02AM] Black 38

Racy Lace Top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 9:51:42AM] Black 38

Not too racy lacy top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 9:51:09AM] Black 38

Hearts A-Flutter Top
Taylor Kaufmann
 [11/22 9:50:39AM] Emerald Green - 40

Lace you to the moon and back
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/22 9:49:47AM] Emerald green 36

Sylvia McCorkindale
 [11/22 9:49:16AM] Green S

Lacey Day
Nadine Ferguson
 [11/22 9:49:08AM] Emerald Green 40

I’ll lace you there
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/22 9:47:31AM] Emerald green 36

Lace of the Land Top
Mimi Searls
 [11/22 9:46:39AM] Black 38

Pretty & Sweet in Lace ‘n Ruffles
Eunice Korte Puetz
 [11/22 9:46:33AM] Black/38 or 40

Lust For Lace Top
Karime Thom
 [11/22 9:41:16AM] Green small

Modern fairy tale
Amber Nancoo
 [11/22 9:40:02AM] Black small

Lace insert flutter sleeve
Dorothy Neudorf
 [11/22 9:38:35AM] Sz small any color

All the Frills & Lace
Courtney McCarron
 [11/22 9:38:31AM] Emerald Green, S M

Let there be lace top; ‘Lace’ the way top; ‘Frill’ it up and lace top;
Natalie D
 [11/22 9:38:12AM] Green & large

Lace Top
Donna Nelson
 [11/22 9:38:07AM] Pumpkin spice & size 38

Lacey Doll
Jenna Vanderzwan
 [11/22 9:37:23AM] Black 42

Go-with-the-flow shirt
Ellen Tremblett
 [11/22 9:33:08AM] Black, medium

For the Frill of Lace Shirt, New Victorian Top
Taneill Selinger
 [11/22 9:31:46AM] Emerald medium

Lay down the Lace
Tanya Rogers Reimer
 [11/22 9:31:42AM] Pumpkin Spice - Medium

Right lace, Right time too
Melanie moore
 [11/22 9:28:27AM] Emerald M

Chantilly lace and a pretty face ruffle top
Stacy Routledge
 [11/22 9:27:00AM] Black large

Live for Lace Top
Adrienne Saler
 [11/22 9:25:08AM] Black small

For the frill of it
Nicole Freake
 [11/22 9:24:43AM] Pumpkin spice M

Lace of my dreams too
Kaitlyn Popert
 [11/22 9:23:51AM] Emerald small

Love and Lace Top
Adrienne Saler
 [11/22 9:23:34AM] Black small

Capped Off top
Meredith Desmarais
 [11/22 9:22:26AM] Black 42, 44

No Need for a Neck-lace
Meredith Desmarais
 [11/22 9:20:54AM] Black 42-44

Laced with love top, lace you there top, Flutterlace top, laced to a tee ,
Megan wever
 [11/22 9:19:20AM] Emerald, 38 ?

Friday Night Lace Top, Keyhole Lace Top, Day & Night Lace Top, Button Lace Top
Candace Lloys
 [11/22 9:18:15AM] 42 Emerald Green

Fit ‘n Flirt Top
Morgan Smale
 [11/22 9:16:46AM] Green medium

Frills For Days
Cherie Ferguson
 [11/22 9:15:20AM] Green - size small

Flutter & lace, frilly & flirty, touch of flutter, flutter away the night, lace me away, lace & romance, butterfly kisses,
Shannon Arnaud
 [11/22 9:15:07AM] Black and size large

The Amazing Lace Tee
Bettina Allen
 [11/22 9:14:51AM] Black XL

The Key Is Lace Top
Angie Coolin
 [11/22 9:13:28AM] Green, Large

Lace it up a notch
Aynslie Sulker
 [11/22 9:13:14AM] Black large

The feeling Beautiful top
Tiffany turner
 [11/22 9:12:48AM] Black XL

Lacy Days top
Andrea Grice
 [11/22 9:12:41AM] L green

A Ruffle In Time Top
Bettina Allen
 [11/22 9:12:39AM] Black XL

Flirtiness flows in lace
Stacy Simington
 [11/22 9:12:38AM] Black small

Romantic Garden, Lace Night Top
Emily Hadary
 [11/22 9:11:41AM] Green, small

Floral seduction, floral fancy
Linsey DeMontigny
 [11/22 9:11:22AM] Large pumpkin spice or emerald

All about the lace
Katrina Bernardi
 [11/22 9:10:59AM] Emerald Green in 38

A feminine touch top. Finishing touch top.
Melanie Bennett
 [11/22 9:08:16AM] Green Medium

Flutter my Heart
Michelle Baart
 [11/22 9:08:09AM] 42 emerald green

Lace to the Top
Emily Hadary
 [11/22 9:08:09AM] Green, small

You Lacey Huh
Kelly Gallagher
 [11/22 9:07:52AM] Black small

It’s all in the details
Katie Sinclair
 [11/22 9:07:18AM] Pumpkin spice 44

Chantilly Lace Top
Angelee Mora
 [11/22 9:06:38AM] Green size 28

Love and Lace Top, Lacey Love Top
Lisa Gosse
 [11/22 9:06:27AM] Emerald 44

Ruffle me right
Lacey Bartholow
 [11/22 9:06:13AM] Green xl/xxl if tighter through the bust

Lady in Lace Top,
Liz Roy
 [11/22 9:05:54AM] Emerald Green Large

Lace It Up Top
Susan Kendrick
 [11/22 9:05:38AM] Emerald Green- Medium

Frills and lace tee
Melissa Kristjansson
 [11/22 9:05:28AM] Black size M

For the frill of it top, feminin frill top, frill me up buttercup blouse,
Julia strickland
 [11/22 9:04:09AM] Small green

Lace You To It Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [11/22 9:02:23AM] Emerald green 34

Lacey Flutterby
Johanna Liscomb
 [11/22 8:51:21AM] Black in Large

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