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Black Jumpsuit
December 6, 2019

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Total of 642 Entries
Congratulations to Shari MacLellan, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Glambition Jumpsuit!

Midnight jumpsuit
Carrie Eibl
 [12/08 8:59:18AM] Black, small

Black out jumpsuit
Carrie eibl
 [12/08 8:58:50AM] Black, small

Jumpin’ Jack Flash; Lunar Eclipse; I’m so Fancy; High-Society
Tina Boekelder
 [12/08 8:58:38AM] Black, medium

One Jump At a Time
Karen Carvell
 [12/08 8:31:08AM] Black 2xl

You had me at hello
Crystal Mackie
 [12/08 8:23:25AM] S

Jump around the clock
Crystal Mackie
 [12/08 8:21:24AM] S

The Holiday jumpsuit
Katie Gasemy
 [12/08 8:16:57AM] Black small

"Tis the season" for the little black jumpsuit
Katie Gasemy
 [12/08 8:16:10AM] Black small

"THE" Black Jumpsuit
Katie Gasemy
 [12/08 8:15:03AM] Black small

Must~Have~Go~To Black Jumpsuit
Katie Gasemy
 [12/08 8:13:55AM] Black small

Everyone's Favorite little black jumpsuit
Katie Gasemy
 [12/08 8:12:46AM] Black small

"The ONE & ONLY" ~ little black jumpsuit
Katie Gasemy
 [12/08 8:11:56AM] Black small

THE staple piece
Katie Gasemy
 [12/08 8:10:43AM] Small black

Euphoria, Felicity, Epiphany, Charisma, Zing, 0r the “I Can” jumpsuit
Connie Bonar
 [12/08 7:07:58AM] Size L Black

The Always Classy Jumpsuit; The Paramount Jumpsuit; The Maverick; Little Miss Boss(y) Jumpsuit
Alicia Glaicar
 [12/08 6:59:54AM] Black, medium

Belt Me Beautiful Jumpsuit
Melanie Kramer
 [12/08 6:49:28AM] Black small

Own the night jumpsuit
Kylie Krell
 [12/08 6:05:27AM] Size small

Connie Bonar
 [12/08 5:49:34AM] Size L Black

The One and Go Jumpsuit
Joyce VanDyk
 [12/08 12:02:22AM] Size L

Simple Sexy Chic
Joyce VanDyk
 [12/08 12:01:10AM] Size L

Jump for joy jumpsuit
Louise Kemp
 [12/07 11:25:55PM] S black

Lovers and Friends Jumpsuit
Valerie Bosch
 [12/07 11:03:51PM] Black/small

Lovers and Friends
Val Bosch
 [12/07 11:00:48PM] Black/small

My Sleek Little Black...Jumpsuit!
Shelley Kuzio
 [12/07 10:20:24PM] Black 2xl

Jumping Beauty
Brandi Tolofson
 [12/07 10:06:27PM] Black 2xl

Jump into Midnight
Tammy Pruden
 [12/07 9:59:29PM] XL

I Am Woman
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [12/07 9:47:14PM] Black Size XL

Sophisticated Lady Black Jumpsuit
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [12/07 9:17:18PM] Black Size XL

Gotta Jump Right In, Gotta Jump In
Kelly MacIntyre
 [12/07 9:14:36PM] Black, small

The Evening is Young
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [12/07 9:13:08PM] Black Size XL

Little Black Jumpsuit, Jump into Nightlife, Midnight Beauty
Justina Tedesco
 [12/07 9:11:57PM] Black, XS

Evening Vogue Black Jumpsuit
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [12/07 9:10:19PM] Black Size XL

Out on the town jumpsuit
Shelley Kuzio
 [12/07 9:08:43PM] Black 1xl

Exquisite Midnight Jumpsuit
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [12/07 8:51:54PM] Black Size XL

Night on the town
Kathleen Rey
 [12/07 8:47:00PM] Large black

The night is young
Kathleen Rey
 [12/07 8:45:40PM] Large black

Who needs a little black dress Jumpsuit
Samantha Sara Sinclair
 [12/07 8:36:47PM] BLACK LARGE

Romp around the clock
Danielle Cameron
 [12/07 7:43:03PM] XL Black

Back in Black jumpsuit
Stephanie Shaughnessy
 [12/07 7:38:55PM] Black, size small

ON THE SPOT elegant jumpsuit
Elaine Palchinski
 [12/07 7:35:09PM] Black. Size medium

Cheers to the weekend jumpsuit
Kim hartigan
 [12/07 7:33:44PM] Black large

Ever Chic Jumpsuit
Laura Manganaro
 [12/07 7:23:22PM] M

Kris Kross will make you jump suit
Amanda Meers
 [12/07 7:04:58PM] Black Large

Everyday jumpsuit
Anne Dickson
 [12/07 6:46:25PM] small black

Glam Gal, Play all day suit, the blindside
Drew Clipperton Saray
 [12/07 6:07:34PM] Black, medium

Little Black Jumper
Sara Langlais
 [12/07 5:58:16PM] Black 3xl

The new LBJ
Roberta Hopkins
 [12/07 5:41:06PM] Black & size L

Slam dunk jumpsuit
Janaya Wintonyk
 [12/07 5:21:49PM] Black size 6

That’s it! Jumpsuit
Janaya wintonyk
 [12/07 5:20:31PM] Black size 6

Cheers to you jumpsuit
Melanie Lee
 [12/07 5:13:05PM] Black. Large.

LBJ (Little black jumpsuit) - Can’t leave home without it!
Valerie Woods
 [12/07 5:11:02PM] Small

Christina Siesling
 [12/07 5:02:48PM] Black, large

Le Chique
Jasmine Tomczak
 [12/07 5:02:46PM] Black - L

Strut your stuff jumpsuit
Cherie hart
 [12/07 4:37:49PM] Small

The Bold & The Beautiful
Carla Beaulac
 [12/07 4:34:09PM] XL black

Feelin’ Fabulous Jumpsuit
Mallory Hough
 [12/07 4:27:26PM] Black, Small

Everyone Wants Your Jumpsuit
Mallory Hough
 [12/07 4:26:30PM] Black, Small

Double Take Jumpsuit
Mallory Hough
 [12/07 4:25:43PM] Black, small

Black Beauty
Susan Schmidt
 [12/07 3:54:48PM] Black 2x

Perfect jumpsuit
 [12/07 3:40:01PM] Black large

Jump On It
Eve Limebeer
 [12/07 3:39:58PM] Black Size S

powerful panther
Jennifer Gran
 [12/07 3:38:12PM] black size 12

Rock it with Pockets Jumpsuit
April Bomben
 [12/07 3:23:38PM] Black Size XL

New Year exclusive
Christine McCleary
 [12/07 3:23:34PM] Black small

Be a diva in a cinch
Jennifer Jones
 [12/07 3:08:41PM] Black size medium

Prêt-à-Porter Jumpsuit
Stacey Saxena
 [12/07 3:07:26PM] L

Cocktails Anyone?
Tara Kennedy
 [12/07 3:02:22PM] Black & Large

Pretty woman; lady in black; Paris is always a good idea; the Audrey
Samara Bilmer
 [12/07 2:58:03PM] Black small (I think!)

Smart n’ Sexy
Kyilee Turre
 [12/07 2:57:08PM] Size small

Business class
Ally Perry
 [12/07 2:52:27PM] L

The bosses suit
Ally Perry
 [12/07 2:50:52PM] L

Little black jumpsuit
Ally Perry
 [12/07 2:49:32PM] L

Joyful jumpsuit, strut your stuff, black beauty
Ally Perry
 [12/07 2:48:52PM] Large

Tres Chic exclusive jumpsuit
Bj McCullough
 [12/07 2:36:06PM] Black size small

Class ‘n Sass
Tanya Willmott
 [12/07 2:32:25PM] Black small

Anything but basic
Emily Beukers
 [12/07 2:26:54PM] Black, M

Jump into the holidays
Emily Beukers
 [12/07 2:24:44PM] Black, M

The All I Need Is You Jumpsuit, The All I Need Jumpsuit
Joyce VanDyk
 [12/07 2:19:53PM] Size L

One for All Jumpsuit, all for one jumpsuit
Robyn Smith
 [12/07 2:08:55PM] Black L

One for All Jumpsuit
Robyn Smith
 [12/07 2:07:33PM] Black L

Jenna Hurry
 [12/07 1:55:15PM] Black XL

Aren’t you going to Cuff me Jumpsuit.
Abbey Thacker
 [12/07 1:51:52PM] black XL

The Isabella Jumpsuit
Michelle Hodak
 [12/07 1:42:34PM] Black and medium

The dress for success jumper
Delana Kelly
 [12/07 1:29:55PM] Black Size Medium

Sweet and Sassy Day to Night Jumpsuit
Monique Bullen
 [12/07 1:16:14PM] Black. Small or extra small

Not your little black dress, Star at midnight, dark & dangerous
 [12/07 1:15:02PM] Medium, black unless there’s another color

The romp it up romper
Erin Beauvais
 [12/07 12:45:04PM] Black medium

Sweet and Sexy Jumpsuit
Haylee Johnson
 [12/07 12:37:42PM] Black XS

Jump for Joy
Paula Harasymiw
 [12/07 12:28:10PM] Black medium

Sleek Panther jumpsuit
Dalyce Jack
 [12/07 12:11:59PM] black,large

For Every Occasion Jumpsuit, The Every Occasion Jumpsuit
Amber Stevens
 [12/07 11:37:06AM] Black & Small

Fabulous Chic Jumpsuit
Brandie McDonald
 [12/07 11:33:41AM] M

Casual Comfort Jumpsuit, Out On The Town Jumpsuit, Feelin’ Classy Jumpsuit
Amber Stevens
 [12/07 11:32:59AM] Black & Small

Sophisticate Me Jumper
Crista Winterkorn
 [12/07 11:26:05AM] Black med/lg

Black beauty, black orchid, dark sea, dark abiss, black hole, black widow, elegant in black, black boss, over moon,
Samy Lulat
 [12/07 11:25:01AM] Black, size XS or small

Black Goddess jumpsuit
Reena Maynard
 [12/07 11:23:50AM] Black, xl

#1 Trim & Slim Jumpsuit or #2 Sassy In Black Jumpsuit
Brenda Thorne
 [12/07 11:22:05AM] Black size large

Bringing Sexy Back Jumpsuit
Reena Maynard
 [12/07 11:18:57AM] Black, xl

The Bomb
Shelley Vandale
 [12/07 11:18:09AM] Black , L

Darlene Wilson
 [12/07 10:36:59AM] L

Classy and Sassy Jumpsuit
Randi cookson
 [12/07 10:25:33AM] Black small

dazzling black beauty
sonya bailey
 [12/07 10:17:48AM] large

Holly Jolly Jumper!
Jenna Elliot
 [12/07 10:16:54AM] 1XL

Jump up and be gorgeous
Shalaine stebner
 [12/07 10:15:52AM] Black medium

Classy Sexy
Kim Morrison
 [12/07 10:11:28AM] Any colour, size small

 [12/07 10:09:34AM] Black. Large

Dress Me Up Jumpsuit, Black Beauty Jumpsuit, Paint the Town Black Jumpsuit, Making Moves Jumpsuit, Date Night Jumpsuit
Catherine Perka
 [12/07 10:06:06AM] Black size small

Beauty in Black Jumpsuit
Kim MacLennan
 [12/07 10:05:43AM] Black Medium

Jumpin’ into Style
Jessica Stirling
 [12/07 10:04:55AM] Black, large

Vava Boom
Ingrid St Cyr
 [12/07 9:55:48AM] Bl med

Ready Sexy Go!
Joyce VanDyk
 [12/07 9:55:11AM] Black, size Large

Dream Big Jumpsuit
Veronica Keenan
 [12/07 9:51:07AM] Black xs

Own the Night Jumpsuit
Tracey Sperling
 [12/07 9:46:54AM] Black, large

To V Desired
Adrienne Lunn
 [12/07 9:39:37AM] Black large

Out for a romper good time, romping into the new year, New Years glamour jumpsuit, New Years glamour romper
Stacie Genier
 [12/07 9:36:33AM] C

New year new you jumpsuit
Jordan Chambers
 [12/07 9:24:44AM] Black m

Comfy & Classy
Carhy Goodfellow
 [12/07 9:16:50AM] Black&large

All Wrapped Up
Shelley Cressy-Hassel
 [12/07 9:13:28AM] Black large

Day to Evening Elegance
Janet George
 [12/07 9:13:02AM] Black size large

Black beauty
Rhonda savoury
 [12/07 9:04:11AM] Black, 2XL

“Foxy Lady “
Joanne Wardekker
 [12/07 8:54:53AM] L

“Bewitching Hour Jumpsuit”
Joanne Wardekker
 [12/07 8:53:14AM] SizeL

“Suit”-ably Stunning Jumpsuit
Krista Rutschmann
 [12/07 8:52:10AM] Black, XL

“Looking Like a Million”
Joanne Wardekker
 [12/07 8:51:33AM] Size L

“Simply Irresistible “
Joanne Wardekker
 [12/07 8:44:57AM] Size L

Take me out
Amy Tucker
 [12/07 8:41:59AM] Black size large

Jump for Class
Brandie Reeve
 [12/07 8:36:33AM] Black & Medium I think

Girls just wanna have fun
Christina Arneson
 [12/07 8:36:11AM] Black. Medium.

Jump it Up, Jump it Down
Josy Renaud
 [12/07 8:32:36AM] Black Med

Downtown, Office Babe, Downtown Girl, Day to Night, New York Vibe,
Brice Verhoog
 [12/07 8:32:35AM] Black, Large

Ronni Gordon
 [12/07 8:31:39AM] Black small

Too hot for the office
Ananda Brady
 [12/07 8:30:49AM] XL black

Darlene Zanidean
 [12/07 8:30:17AM] Medium black

Sizzling sleek jumpsuit
Amanda Brady
 [12/07 8:29:41AM] XL black

Simply ONE
Stephanie Nowaczyk
 [12/07 8:28:30AM] Black / Medium

Boss babe jumpsuit
Natalie Koski
 [12/07 8:28:12AM] Black m

Uptown Class
Danielle Banga
 [12/07 8:25:33AM] Black & Medium

Sassy Classy
Anita Hely
 [12/07 8:20:24AM] Black, medium

Belted beauty jumpsuit
Tiffaney Godin
 [12/07 8:19:11AM] Black L

Night out on the town Jumpsuit, Simple yet sophisticated Jumpsuit
Candace Lloyd
 [12/07 8:09:17AM] XL Black

Pump Me Up Jumpsuit; Pockets full of Wishes Jumpsuit
Candice Gauthier
 [12/07 8:07:17AM] Black, small

Style it up jumpsuit
Bernadette Williams
 [12/07 8:01:39AM] Black large

Black Magic
Tracy Blasko
 [12/07 8:01:21AM] Small - Black

Timeless Jumpsuit
Leanne Johnson
 [12/07 7:57:25AM] M-black

Ladies Night Out Jumpsuit, Dressed to Impress Jumpsuit, New Year New You Jumpsuit,
Kim Oliver
 [12/07 7:36:39AM] Black Large

Empower suit
Tayla Collings
 [12/07 7:22:03AM] M

New Year’s Evening Jumpsuit
Rachel Thompson
 [12/07 7:10:40AM] Black, large

Jump to it
Annelise wall
 [12/07 6:50:42AM] Black xl

Heavenly crop
Alicia Anderson
 [12/07 6:47:37AM] Black 3XL

Wrapped in elegance jumpsuit
Pam Walsh
 [12/07 6:32:02AM] Black- large

Classic glamour girl jumpsuit
Tracy Hofland
 [12/07 6:24:18AM] Size small black

Pockets full of promise
Katherine Henwood
 [12/07 6:13:46AM] Xlg black

You Had Me at Jumpsuit
 [12/07 6:12:40AM] Black Medium

What Are you Doing New Years Jumpsuit
Crystal Shaunghnessy
 [12/07 6:11:05AM] Black 2XL

Chique Romper
Katherine Henwood
 [12/07 6:10:23AM] Xlg black

Romping Around the Christmas Tree
Katherine Henwood
 [12/07 6:09:16AM] Xlg black

Executive Attitude
Veronica Keenan
 [12/07 6:06:19AM] Black xs

Hey good lookin’ pantsuit
Veronica Keenan
 [12/07 6:02:34AM] Black xs

Timeless Jumpsuit
 [12/07 6:02:19AM] Black - small

Timeless elegance pantsuit
Veronica Keenan
 [12/07 5:56:58AM] Black xs

Elegance jumpsuit
Sarah Corby-Edwards
 [12/07 5:52:27AM] Black size Medium

Perfectly Perfect Pantsuit
Sherry Vandekemp
 [12/07 5:48:07AM] Large black

Jumptastic LBJ
Jody Nordman
 [12/07 5:09:24AM] Black sizeL

Sharp dress suit
 [12/07 5:07:30AM] Med

Jump For My Love
Meaghan Pennell
 [12/07 4:51:25AM] Black M

Sassy and Sexy
Helen Johnson
 [12/07 4:38:46AM] xlg

undated & sophisticated jumpsuit
Laura Surrett
 [12/07 4:06:48AM] Black M

Own The Day & Rock The Night Jumpsuit
Kristen Anderson
 [12/07 3:51:39AM] XL

Little Black Jumpsuit
Amy Hoffarth
 [12/07 3:29:10AM] Black, medium

Catwalk jumpsuit
Shohreh Burchell
 [12/07 2:08:22AM] Small

Casplay -casual and playfull jumpsuit
Selena de Saint Ygest
 [12/06 11:26:03PM] Small

Uptown Girl, Down to business, Powerplay
 [12/06 11:25:01PM] XL, black

Fabulous feminine jumpsuit
Amanda Brady
 [12/06 11:10:23PM] Black XL

Jump into style
Amanda brady
 [12/06 11:08:30PM] XL black

Better in black jumpsuit
Amanda brady
 [12/06 11:07:19PM] Black lg/XL

Jump to the moon and back
Nikki Joyce
 [12/06 10:49:39PM] Black small

Kimberly Dennis
 [12/06 10:28:53PM] Black, large

Boss Babe Jumpsuit
Alison Fee
 [12/06 10:28:12PM] xs please

Party in the front, business in the back
Ashlie McBryan
 [12/06 10:16:08PM] Black XL

Sassy, Classy, and Flashy jumpsuit
Ashlie McBryan
 [12/06 10:12:38PM] Black XL

Smart n’ sassy
Ashlie McBryan
 [12/06 10:10:43PM] Xl Black

Short and Sassy
 [12/06 10:09:41PM] Black Xl

I’m All Yours Jumpsuit
Shilo Matthews
 [12/06 10:04:13PM] Black, Large

Rock it like a boss
Melanie edison
 [12/06 10:01:58PM] L-black

Work to party jumpsuit
Marie Bittman
 [12/06 9:54:56PM] Blsck medium

City Girl
Tannis Rooney
 [12/06 9:53:24PM] Black 3x

Date Night Jumper
Karie-Anne Marie Senft
 [12/06 9:48:10PM] Black - Small

Be”you”tiful jumper
Kelli Zimmerman
 [12/06 9:44:10PM] Black medium.

Jump to stunning
Kristine Bryant
 [12/06 9:37:02PM] Black large

“Jump start” the Season
Charlotte Cameron
 [12/06 9:36:45PM] Black large

Sharp curves
Annick Custeau
 [12/06 9:21:18PM] Black L

Sexy Chic
Amanda Kreutzwieser
 [12/06 9:18:52PM] Large black

Jazz Club
Corina Sellner
 [12/06 9:17:09PM] 2XL- black but open to any!

The every occasion jumpsuit
Sharon Hunter Masson
 [12/06 9:10:29PM] Black medium

Class and sass jumpsuit
Morgan Dingle
 [12/06 9:07:31PM] Black xs/s

Bringing Sexy Black Jumpsuit
Michelle Souque-Rey
 [12/06 9:07:26PM] Black XL

Belt It Out Jumpsuit
Chelsea Brooks
 [12/06 9:06:14PM] Black Sz Small

Jane Bond Jumpsuit
Leslie McEachern
 [12/06 9:00:17PM] L black

Sassypants jumpsuit, slim lines jumpsuit
Rhea Morgan
 [12/06 8:59:04PM] Large black

Black Beauty
Amanda Day
 [12/06 8:50:03PM] Black size large

Cocktails at Tiffany’s
Willa Potter
 [12/06 8:48:29PM] Black XS

Sophistication At its Finest Jumpsuit
Kym Readman
 [12/06 8:47:54PM] 2XL

Jumpsuit into the New Year
Cassandra Stebbe
 [12/06 8:42:44PM] Black medium

A Touch Of Heaven
Beth Milnes
 [12/06 8:27:10PM] Black, medium

Jump to it Jumpsuit
Tina carruthers
 [12/06 8:26:13PM] Black Large

Business as Usual
Laura Hoffman
 [12/06 8:23:43PM] Small/medium (depending on height)

finer con casual jumpsuit
Roselle Cruz
 [12/06 8:23:33PM] Black L

Back to Class Jumper
Crista Winterkorn
 [12/06 8:22:46PM] Black med/lg

Better than the little black dress
Nova walsh
 [12/06 8:13:23PM] Black xl

Chic It Up
Jocelyne Bright
 [12/06 8:13:12PM] Black medium

GlamSquad Jumpsuit
 [12/06 8:09:37PM] Black small

Day to midnight jumpsuit
Julie Carr
 [12/06 8:01:41PM] Black large

Vivacious V-neck crop jumpsuit
Melissa Melideo
 [12/06 8:00:43PM] XL black

Jumpstart the Night
Shanna Bosma
 [12/06 7:56:06PM] Medium, black

Jump to it
Angela Baranowski
 [12/06 7:55:01PM] Size small black

The Perfect Black Suit
Sandra Mueller
 [12/06 7:53:42PM] Black XL

Jumpsuit for Joy
Lori Martin
 [12/06 7:51:17PM] Large please

Jump into sexy
Dana lean
 [12/06 7:48:27PM] XL

The Vs tease jumper. The Vs tease romper
Kourtney Macdonald
 [12/06 7:44:05PM] Black L

Professional party jumpsuit
Toni DeLaroque
 [12/06 7:39:26PM] Black Medium

Class & Sass Jumpsuit
Shelley Lepischak
 [12/06 7:38:28PM] Black size Mediun

Sassy Sensation
Terri McCormick
 [12/06 7:35:38PM] Black size small

A Night Out on the Town Black Jumpsuit
Angela Skoreiko
 [12/06 7:33:22PM] 2XL

Oh so cozy
Tammy Hemphill
 [12/06 7:32:27PM] Black and large

Little Black Jumpsuit
Crystal Stockley
 [12/06 7:29:02PM] Black XL

Black is the New Black, Black Panther, Maleficent’s Jumpsuit, Girl’s Night Out (GNO)
Caileigh Muilenburg
 [12/06 7:24:37PM] Black & Small

The BossLady Suit
 [12/06 7:14:38PM] 3x

Jump into style
Kristen martens
 [12/06 7:14:02PM] Large black

Little Black Jumpsuit
Angela Angelopoulos
 [12/06 7:12:11PM] Black, Medium

Party Hopper Jumpsuit
Roberta Simson
 [12/06 7:11:51PM] Black, Large

Jump From Work to Wine Jump Suit
Keirsten Jones
 [12/06 7:11:16PM] Black. Med/Lg

Mama's still got it! jumpsuit
Malinda Phillips
 [12/06 7:10:25PM] S

Fancy Friday
Bianca Easter
 [12/06 7:08:49PM] Black small

Business as usual Jumpsuit
Yvonne Stewart
 [12/06 6:59:35PM] Medium black

Woah black Betty, jumping jumper, nice to meet you jumpsuit, black goes with everything jumpsuit, I jump to you, jump n jive jumpsuit,
Laura Beks
 [12/06 6:57:05PM] Black, medium

Smash and Class Jumpsuit
Kelly Lafrenière
 [12/06 6:50:23PM] Black size S

Ebony eyes
Charlie ubias
 [12/06 6:45:00PM] Black, med or large depending on fit

Suits You Jumpsuit
Jenn Bennison
 [12/06 6:43:29PM] Black, Large

Cute & Classy
Krista Pedlow
 [12/06 6:43:20PM] Black large

Must have Little Black Jumpsuit
Lindsey Knott
 [12/06 6:42:44PM] Black M

Festive Vee Jumper
Courtney McCarron
 [12/06 6:39:21PM] Black, Medium

Oh la la jumpsuit
Janelle Bernier
 [12/06 6:31:09PM] Black & size medium

Cat got your tongue jumpsuit
Andrea Brown
 [12/06 6:27:00PM] Black Small

Fun and flirty
Chantell Holm
 [12/06 6:21:52PM] XL

It’s all in the attitude suit
Veronica Keenan
 [12/06 6:19:37PM] Black xs

Sexy is black
Carol Chayer
 [12/06 6:16:44PM] M black

Cat-woman jumpsuit
Veronica Keenan
 [12/06 6:16:04PM] Black xs

Take me put tonight jumpsuit
Sarah blue
 [12/06 6:14:54PM] Black 2xl

CatSuit or CatWoman
 [12/06 6:14:23PM] M or L

One piece wonder
Kayla Lutz
 [12/06 6:13:46PM] Medium

Jump to it
Janice ewert
 [12/06 6:11:30PM] Black large

Midnight Express Jumpsuit
Rita Wouters
 [12/06 6:10:29PM] Black XS

Turn Up the Heat Jumpsuit
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [12/06 6:09:32PM] Black small

Vixen suit
Veronica Keenan
 [12/06 6:07:04PM] Black xs

Sass and class suit
Veronica Keenan
 [12/06 6:04:19PM] Black xs please

Sexy Vibe
Audra Kushner
 [12/06 6:01:10PM] Small black

Classy, Sassy Jumpsuit
Holly Kirkpatrick
 [12/06 5:58:33PM] Black & Small

Holiday Style Jumpsuit
Elena Robertson
 [12/06 5:58:01PM] Black, Medium

Resolutions Jumpsuit
Elena Robertson
 [12/06 5:55:49PM] Black, medium

Business Jumper
Angela Rodgers
 [12/06 5:54:56PM] Black large

Jumpstart the Holidays
Elena Robertson
 [12/06 5:54:29PM] Black, medium

Seasonably Sassy
Elena Robertson
 [12/06 5:53:06PM] Black, Medium

Strut around town
Lisa Nesbitt
 [12/06 5:52:43PM] Black XL

Jump for Joy
Lisa Nesbitt
 [12/06 5:50:29PM] Black XL

Flying V Jumpsuit
Terri Farnden
 [12/06 5:50:17PM] Black, M

Suit it up jumpsuit
Lisa Nesbitt
 [12/06 5:49:51PM] Black XL

History in the making jumpsuit
Sarah Grayman
 [12/06 5:49:35PM] Small

Jump Into Sexy and Sophisticated
Robynne Barone
 [12/06 5:49:15PM] Large

Jumpstart this party jumper
Mary Banks
 [12/06 5:35:16PM] Large black

The Black Elegance Romper
Lisa Graham
 [12/06 5:34:12PM] XS Black

One piece wonder
Julie Brooks
 [12/06 5:32:53PM] L

Holiday Elegance Jumpsuit
Janique Grimard
 [12/06 5:32:40PM] Black Medium

Sexy Saturday
Janique Grimard
 [12/06 5:31:25PM] Black medium

Friday Fabulous
Janique Grimard
 [12/06 5:30:26PM] Black & Medium

Crop of the world
Katerina rosar
 [12/06 5:27:51PM] Black and medium

A little party never killed no one
Kari stabbler
 [12/06 5:27:45PM] Medium

Jumpstart my Heart Jumper
Kaley Danderfer
 [12/06 5:27:19PM] Black 2XL

Holiday flair
Debra Kalo
 [12/06 5:25:59PM] Black - 16 XL

OMG Love at First Sight ??
Catherine Williams
 [12/06 5:23:35PM] Black Large

Prancer at Midnight
Theodora Pappas
 [12/06 5:23:32PM] Black and probably Large depending on the measurements

Black suits me
Taylor zanutto
 [12/06 5:22:27PM] Black medium

Class Act
Nicole Handziuk
 [12/06 5:18:08PM] Black XL

Classic Crop Jumpsuit
Stacey Lynn Aitchison
 [12/06 5:16:06PM] Small

Shrek and comfy
Maureen Meers
 [12/06 5:12:49PM] Black

All About Class Jumpsuit, Sweet Silhouette Jumpsuit
Michelle Matthews
 [12/06 5:05:25PM] Black small

the power suit! It’s the only jumpsuit you’ll need.
Tammy barrow
 [12/06 4:59:04PM] Black medium

The classic jump
Claire Greenley
 [12/06 4:48:20PM] Black and medium

Jolly Jumper
Kerri Reid
 [12/06 4:43:50PM] black, large

Sophisticate Me Jumpsuit
Michelle Matthews
 [12/06 4:43:32PM] Black size small

Jump in feet first! Jumping to conclusions!
Suzie Mcintosh
 [12/06 4:41:03PM] S black

Show me your V Jumpsuit
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [12/06 4:38:15PM] Black size L

Perfect obsession jumpsuit
Kyla Janzen
 [12/06 4:34:06PM] Size xsmall

Pretty little thing
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 4:31:37PM] Small black

killer suit
Katerine Boutet
 [12/06 4:31:00PM] black, small

reVeal jumpsuit
Tracy Fisher
 [12/06 4:28:06PM] Black size small

Must have jumpsuit
Michelle Blake
 [12/06 4:25:51PM] Small black

Not my Mothers Jumpsuit
Susan Kendrick
 [12/06 4:25:19PM] Black medium

Work to happy hour
Becky rendall
 [12/06 4:25:19PM] Black- medium

Vee-nominal jumpsuit
Nicole Burchell
 [12/06 4:20:11PM] Medium

Jump into the weekend.
Jakki Bowden-Green
 [12/06 4:19:43PM] Black medium

You had me at "black jumpsuit"
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 4:17:05PM] Small black

Don't hesitate.... Jump for it
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 4:15:58PM] Small black

Date night
 [12/06 4:14:48PM] Black xl

Jumpstart my heart
Jamie Allport
 [12/06 4:13:55PM] Xl black

Simply sleek
Susan Mann
 [12/06 4:07:43PM] Black size Large

Jump into 2020
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 4:01:48PM] Small black

Take me anywhere jumpsuit,
Diana Mazzuca
 [12/06 3:55:40PM] Xl black

Classy black jumpsuit
Anita Powar
 [12/06 3:53:51PM] Black and size small

Night moves jumpsuit, night magic jumpsuit
Angela Yamaoka
 [12/06 3:51:33PM] M

Leap into Love Jumpsuit
Tanya Marlatt
 [12/06 3:49:03PM] Black & Large

Executive Assistant
Jessica Searcy
 [12/06 3:48:07PM] Small black

Beautiful Pursuit Jumpsuit
Jenn Haviland
 [12/06 3:46:46PM] black Xl or xxl

TGIF Jumper
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 3:45:33PM] Small black

Stepping Out
Kim Adriaansen
 [12/06 3:44:57PM] Black small

Good luck jumper
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 3:41:26PM] Small black

Black beauty jumpsuit
cindy carter
 [12/06 3:40:29PM] Black, medium

Back to Work Jumper
Paige Marcil
 [12/06 3:39:24PM] Black small

Business Sexy Jumpsuit
 [12/06 3:39:13PM] Black XS

Go ahead jump for it
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 3:38:13PM] Small black

Must have jumper
Katie Gasemy
 [12/06 3:36:29PM] Small black

Bringing in the New Year
Breanne Willett
 [12/06 3:32:37PM] Black, Medium

Casual Chic
Raquel Williams
 [12/06 3:31:03PM] Black, Xlg - 2X depending on fit

Elegance Jumpsuit
Kathleen Parlee
 [12/06 3:30:54PM] Black size M

Work to Play Jumpsuit
Kathleen Parlee
 [12/06 3:30:16PM] Black M

Little Black Jumper (little black dress)
Huyen Way
 [12/06 3:30:02PM] Black, Large

Midnight Magic Jumpsuit
Christi Lein
 [12/06 3:27:41PM] Black. Small.

Classic Chic
Stephanie Winstanley
 [12/06 3:17:15PM] Black 1x

Essentially Yours
Stephanie Winstanley
 [12/06 3:15:42PM] Black 1x

Dress to impress jumpsuit
Jessica hogan
 [12/06 3:14:14PM] Black medium

All in one comfort and style
Rebecca Pattison
 [12/06 3:13:16PM] black XL

Cat’s Meow Jumpsuit
Lisa Matlock
 [12/06 3:11:46PM] Large

Class Action Suit
Janet Sudds
 [12/06 3:09:36PM] black size med pair with a blazer and it's a Class Action Suit

Easy Glamour
Laura Blocka
 [12/06 3:05:44PM] Black medium

Looking Leggy Jumpsuit
Kim Stajkowski
 [12/06 3:04:12PM] Black Medium

Sass n’ Pants Jumpsuit
Karen Ykema
 [12/06 2:58:24PM] Black 3XL

Get up and Jump!
Debbie Johnson
 [12/06 2:56:34PM] Black & XL

Classy Lady
Denise Green
 [12/06 2:55:21PM] Black 2xl

Get the Party Started Jumper
Breanna skelding
 [12/06 2:49:55PM] Black XL

Black Magic
Melanie Lau
 [12/06 2:49:37PM] XS

Sophisticated Bliss
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [12/06 2:45:35PM] Black, medium

Dare to jump jumpsuit
Deanna White
 [12/06 2:43:10PM] Black Medium

"It's My Party" Jumpsuit
Nicole Slade
 [12/06 2:40:46PM] Size Large, black

Romper Life
Rachel Gimbel
 [12/06 2:35:23PM] Black & Small

Romp The Night Away
Rachel Gimbel
 [12/06 2:34:15PM] Black & Small

21 Jumpsuit
Tamara Morrsion
 [12/06 2:32:23PM] medium

You Had Me At Hello!
Michelle Doherty
 [12/06 2:32:18PM] Black, size small

Jump for my love jumpsuit
Lisa Cuglietta
 [12/06 2:29:54PM] Black 2xl

Rockin’ the Halls jumpsuit
Robyn St Onge
 [12/06 2:29:23PM] Black XL

Moon River Romper, Divinely Rich Romper, 5am on Fifth, Haute Holly Romper (It feels so Breakfast at Tiffany’s!)
Samantha Aune
 [12/06 2:28:16PM] Black, 2xl

All that Jazz jumpsuit
Robyn St Onge
 [12/06 2:27:58PM] Black XL

Out on the Town
Danielle Baker
 [12/06 2:27:48PM] Black Medium

All That Sass Jumpsuit
Robyn St Onge
 [12/06 2:27:18PM] Black xl

Smooth Lines
Lori Magee
 [12/06 2:25:34PM] Black XL

Jumping for Joy
Robyn St Onge
 [12/06 2:24:33PM] Black XL

No work and all fun
Hollie Kushner
 [12/06 2:23:10PM] M black

lLBJ (Little Black Jumpsuit)
Randi Domanski
 [12/06 2:15:38PM] Black 2XL

Flirty V jumpsuit
Lorraine lambert
 [12/06 2:13:30PM] Black -med

Timeless Jumpsuit
Monica Dion
 [12/06 2:13:00PM] Black & Small

The V-Suit
Leanne Mitten
 [12/06 2:11:49PM] Black - medium

The V tease romper. The V tease jumper
Kourtney Macdonald
 [12/06 2:10:47PM] Black L

Flirty Chic jumpsuit
Frédérique. grewal
 [12/06 2:05:55PM] Black M

All You Need Jumpsuit
Lisa Kelly
 [12/06 1:57:27PM] Black & Small

Pow-Her Jumpsuit
Sheryl Forsythe
 [12/06 1:54:17PM] Black, small

V Classy Jumpsuit
Carrie-Anne Lunn
 [12/06 1:50:52PM] 2xl black

Little black romper
Nicole Leffler
 [12/06 1:48:30PM] M in Black

Va va voom jumpsuit
Tracey Marcil
 [12/06 1:43:49PM] Black large

Notably Playful
Candice Loiselle
 [12/06 1:41:55PM] Medium Black

Leap of Faith
Yvette Reid
 [12/06 1:41:43PM] Black, Large

Oh what a Jumpsuit
Tracey Marcil
 [12/06 1:41:42PM] Black large

Might As Well Jumpsuit
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [12/06 1:41:12PM] Black, size large

Jump for my love Jumpsuit
Tracey Marcil
 [12/06 1:40:40PM] Black large

Sleek and Slick
Dee Mikolas
 [12/06 1:39:15PM] Black & large

Jump Into 2020
Tamara Morrison
 [12/06 1:37:52PM] Medium

Taking care of business
Tara Look
 [12/06 1:37:49PM] Black, size small

Get Down to Business Jumpsuit
Samantha Howl
 [12/06 1:35:33PM] Black, large

What Are You Doing New Year's jumpsuit
Crystal Shaughnessy
 [12/06 1:32:51PM] 2XL black

Best Life Lived Romper, Jump For My Love Jumpsuit
Ashley Goldie
 [12/06 1:32:47PM] Black size: M

Night out on the Town Jumper
Carrie Osborne
 [12/06 1:31:13PM] Black xl

Styled & Ready to Go
Twyla Thomson
 [12/06 1:29:58PM] Black, Small

Celebrate good times jumpsuit
Christine Richardson
 [12/06 1:28:52PM] medium

The v-neck flawless jumpsuit
Tanya Ouellette
 [12/06 1:28:52PM] Black S

Dress to impress romper
Esther tucker
 [12/06 1:24:45PM] Black large

The All The Time Jumpsuit
Jayne Eyres
 [12/06 1:21:38PM] Black, size large

The Panther. ..Because it's so sleek and beautiful!
Linda Campbell
 [12/06 1:18:29PM] Black, large/xl

Smoke show romper
Sarah Franklin
 [12/06 1:13:55PM] Black 1x

Life of the party jumpsuit
Shelley Hay
 [12/06 1:05:04PM] Size small

Very impressiVe jumpsuit. Very ExclusiVe jumpsuit, V to the J suit.
Seanna Campbell
 [12/06 12:58:59PM] Small black

Skip Hop and a Jumpsuit
Sarah Brade
 [12/06 12:48:41PM] Small

Jump into Black
Jenny Wagner
 [12/06 12:45:04PM] Black & Small

Dawn to Dusk Jumpsuit
Sabrina Stepanis
 [12/06 12:44:07PM] Black & size small

Chic all around
Kayla Hilman
 [12/06 12:41:30PM] Black XS

The “All Occasions” Jumpsuit
Sabrina Stepanis
 [12/06 12:40:35PM] Black & size Small

Head Turning, Eye Popping Jumpsuit
Carey Dingsdale
 [12/06 12:31:18PM] Small

Fun, fancy and free
Beverly smith
 [12/06 12:28:45PM] Black and 2xl

Flirty Weekender
Tracy Villa
 [12/06 12:26:01PM] Black large or extra large

Divine Jumpsuit
Dionne Hjelsing
 [12/06 12:25:23PM] Black Small

Jump to the Runway
Dorothy Ludwig
 [12/06 12:18:25PM] Black size small

Night Out!
Margaret Beaulieu
 [12/06 12:17:22PM] Black Medium

Pursuit Jumpsuit; Well Jumpsuited; Jumpsuit Yourself; Strong Suit Jumpsuit
Jenn Haviland
 [12/06 12:11:25PM] XL or XXL

Dressed to Thrill
Heather Schaufele
 [12/06 12:07:30PM] Black XL

Chic and sleek jumpsuit
 [12/06 12:06:37PM] Small black

Jump to it suit
Victoria wild
 [12/06 12:04:28PM] Black XL

Back in black. Classy Sassy and badassy ,
Sheila Kosolofski
 [12/06 12:02:33PM] Large black

Light the Night, coveted find, On trend jumpsuit, timeless jumpsuit
Julie Gilbert
 [12/06 12:01:58PM] Black small

Swipe Right Jumpsuit, Suit of Appeal Jumpsuit, Black Beauty Jumpsuit, Slip into Style Jumpsuit, Just my Type Jumpsuit, Casual Beauty Jumpsuit, Wrap me Right 'Round Jumpsuit, Pretty Perfect Jumpsuit, Irresistible Jumpsuit
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [12/06 11:59:18AM] Small

Sass in Black Jumpsuit
Lara Fisher
 [12/06 11:57:24AM] Black medium

Feeling Elegant
Shonnadel Johnson
 [12/06 11:54:56AM] Black, xs

Jump into the day
Janice Burton
 [12/06 11:54:48AM] XL black

Touch of Sass; Jump into Elegant; What Dreams are Made Of;
Susan Constantine
 [12/06 11:53:25AM] 2XL

Every Woman Jumpsuit; Off the Clock Jumpsuit; After Hours Jumpsuit
Rachel Curran
 [12/06 11:50:21AM] Black, large

Sassy and Classy Jumpsuit
Tracy-Lynn Anderson
 [12/06 11:48:33AM] Black Medium

Rise and Tie; Night Moves; Holiday Vee-light; Take the Plunge
Susan Constantine
 [12/06 11:48:27AM] 2XL

Jump into Chic, Little Black Romper, Who Needs a Dress, Not Your Classic Suit
Jennifer Durasin
 [12/06 11:46:28AM] Black M

Feet First; A star is born; Jump for the Holiday; Best Suit Forward; Simple Charm
Susan Constantine
 [12/06 11:46:04AM] 2XL

I am sleek and stylish
Annette O’Brian
 [12/06 11:44:45AM] Black large

Jumpy Trendsetter
Annette O’Brian
 [12/06 11:42:53AM] Black large

Mrs. Smith,
Chelsie schmidt
 [12/06 11:41:19AM] Large black

Jumper Around Town
Melissa Thiessen
 [12/06 11:37:12AM] Black, M

Jump into beauty
 [12/06 11:33:37AM] Black

Walk the line jumpsuit
Teal Hallaby
 [12/06 11:31:35AM] Black Small

Through the Roof Jumpsuit
Teal Hallaby
 [12/06 11:29:05AM] Black Small

Top of the Line Jumpsuit
Teal Hallaby
 [12/06 11:28:29AM] Black S

We are the World jumpsuit
Sheila Piderman
 [12/06 11:27:58AM] Black, size small

Baby it’s hot inside
Kirstyn edgar
 [12/06 11:26:15AM] Black and large or medium (couldn’t find a size chart)

The night out
Jodi ruschin
 [12/06 11:25:41AM] L black

A jump ahead
Sheila Piderman
 [12/06 11:25:26AM] Black, size small

Out On The Town Jumpsuit
Kym Readman
 [12/06 11:24:38AM] 2 XL

Jumpsuit Goddess
Ruwani Sodhi
 [12/06 11:24:00AM] Black / S

Jump to it!!!
Sheila Piderman
 [12/06 11:23:44AM] Black, size small ?

Hop, Skip & A Jumpsuit
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [12/06 11:20:40AM] Black & Large

The Uptown Easy
Kelly Harford
 [12/06 11:18:06AM] Black XL

Classified Jumpsuit, Ready to Mingle, All Class Jumpsuit, Cropped and Ready Jumpsuit, Jump into the Holidays
Laurie Sterling
 [12/06 11:17:58AM] Size small

A suit for all occasions
leanne Brown
 [12/06 11:16:55AM] Black small

Lil black suit
leanne Brown
 [12/06 11:15:54AM] Black small

The lbjs little black suit
leanne Brown
 [12/06 11:15:10AM] Black small

Moves like Jaguar.
Cindy Ross
 [12/06 11:14:18AM] Black 2xl (I’m 5 10”, with a long body and high rise) 210lbs

Walk the line
Megan Hopkins
 [12/06 11:13:20AM] Black XL

1. Might as well Jumper, 2. Jumper for my love 3. Jump in
Tesha Gibbon
 [12/06 11:08:48AM] Black, Medium

V-ery glamourous jumpsuit
Kierra Southgate
 [12/06 11:01:07AM] Black large

One and Done, Jump&Go, Ready Set Jumpsuit
Stephanie Craig
 [12/06 10:59:53AM] ?large

Classy but a lil sassy
Amanda Lausen
 [12/06 10:59:22AM] Black and small

Front and center jumpsuit
Kierra Southgate
 [12/06 10:59:03AM] Black large

Jumpsuit for joy, Holly Jolly jumpsuit, Jaunty jumpsuit, Little black jumpsuit
Stacey Baker
 [12/06 10:57:47AM] black medium

Sleek, chic and on fleek
Shannon Greene
 [12/06 10:57:30AM] Black, Large?

State of the heart jumpsuit
Kierra Southgate
 [12/06 10:56:11AM] Black large

Making Moves
Shari MacLellan
 [12/06 10:55:10AM] Black Small

Sleek and sexy jumper
Jen Brett
 [12/06 10:54:33AM] Black small

Black Queen
Haven Huebner
 [12/06 10:52:41AM] 2XL

one jump ahead
Lynn Henderson
 [12/06 10:50:41AM] small

Jump Around Town jumpsuit
Lori Earl
 [12/06 10:50:41AM] Black XL

Not your little black dress
Holly Jefferd
 [12/06 10:49:54AM] Black & XL

Refined Romper
Elyse Sterne
 [12/06 10:48:44AM] Black size small

jumping jumpsuit, work-to-play romper, work-to-play jumpsuit, friday flare, keep it fresh
Sarah Deazevedo
 [12/06 10:47:54AM] Medium Black

Own the world
Dawn Enright
 [12/06 10:47:33AM] Large black

Jump into it, jumping around, jump into the holidays
Mercedes Kovacs
 [12/06 10:45:22AM] M

Jump to it suit
Stacy Melbye
 [12/06 10:42:03AM] Black, size s

Jump to it
Tawny Kerkowich
 [12/06 10:41:50AM] Black large

"The Silhouette"
Laura Osmond
 [12/06 10:41:23AM] Black XL

Croppy pants jumpsuit, V for Viper jumpsuit, Blaze jumpsuit
Simmii Chohan
 [12/06 10:41:17AM] Black & 2X

The executive
Rhonda Rautenstrauch
 [12/06 10:40:01AM] Black & large

Jumpsuit For Joy
 [12/06 10:39:05AM] Black XL

Lisa Melton
 [12/06 10:38:37AM] Black, 3x

Jumpstart my heart
Lynn Henderson
 [12/06 10:36:06AM] small

Barb cheyne
 [12/06 10:35:57AM] Black 1x

Ring The Alarm
Shari MacLellan
 [12/06 10:35:17AM] Black Small

Own the night
Michelle Phillips
 [12/06 10:33:41AM] Black, lg

Black elegance
Meg Deptuck
 [12/06 10:32:51AM] Black large

Lady in Black
Meg Deptuck
 [12/06 10:31:38AM] Black large

Slay all day
Angie Shepitko
 [12/06 10:30:37AM] Black (XS)

Vixen Jumpsuit
Brittany Wolowidnyk
 [12/06 10:30:12AM] Black XS

Jinglebell jumpsuit, jingle hop jumpsuit, Jingle around the clock jumpsuit, Jump for joy jumpsuit , Jump to it jumpsuit
Angela Smiley
 [12/06 10:28:50AM] Black XL

Shari MacLellan
 [12/06 10:28:23AM] Black small

The goddess, black magic, jumpstarter, Powersuit
Morgan Gebhardt
 [12/06 10:28:17AM] Xs

Sassy pants suit
Amanda dyal
 [12/06 10:28:02AM] Black medium

I'm Very Busy
Tia Hilderman
 [12/06 10:27:28AM] Black Small

Mic-drop jumpsuit
Victoria Melbourne
 [12/06 10:27:14AM] Large

Halter your catsuit style!
Crystal Vaillancourt
 [12/06 10:26:10AM] Black small

Little Black Jumpsuit, Business Class Jumpsuit, Class Act Jumpsuit
Lisa Van De Kerckhove
 [12/06 10:25:42AM] Black, xl

Back In Black
Kerry Regnier
 [12/06 10:22:45AM] Black. Med

Jump You Up, Little Black Jumpsuit, Femme Fatale
Jennifer Barone
 [12/06 10:20:34AM] Black Size L

Holiday in the city
Anne-marie hutton
 [12/06 10:20:19AM] XL black

Romping around the Christmas tree
Crystal Schouten
 [12/06 10:16:12AM] M black

Jumpsuit by Day or Night
Kim Kay
 [12/06 10:14:19AM] Black (8-10)

Midnight special
Colette Saunders
 [12/06 10:14:10AM] Medium/black

The hourglass romper
Hermione Green
 [12/06 10:13:06AM] Black, size small

Jump into it
Irene Kirkpatrick
 [12/06 10:11:51AM] Black XL

At-TEN-tion to Detail
Kaija Riabov
 [12/06 10:11:32AM] Black. Medium.

Jumping for joy
Ish Sehmbey
 [12/06 10:11:00AM] Black small

Rocking the romper
 [12/06 10:09:40AM] Black and medium

Flawless style
Roxanne VanWoensel
 [12/06 10:09:04AM] Black, small

Celeste ... like the beautiful model!!
Tanya Gillard
 [12/06 10:06:35AM] Black Medium

The Jump Off
Rhonda Penner
 [12/06 10:05:04AM] Large black

Effortless class, effortless style, suits all jumpsuit, A girls gotta have jumpsuit, my favourite jumpsuit
Roxanne Van Woensel
 [12/06 10:04:48AM] Black & small

Sexy, Sleek and comfy!
Nancy Jenness
 [12/06 10:04:34AM] Black Medium

Simply Sublime Jumpsuit
Maxine Mathews
 [12/06 10:03:42AM] Black, Size Small

The Rockin’ Romper
Michelle Reid
 [12/06 10:03:30AM] Large black

"Belt It Out" or "Jump Start My Heart"
 [12/06 10:03:26AM] Black XL

Dressed to Impress Jumpsuit
Melissa Ingram
 [12/06 10:02:02AM] Medium black

Own the night
Amanda Rouleau
 [12/06 10:01:40AM] Black medium

Keeping it classy jumpsuit
Kira Paterson
 [12/06 10:01:40AM] Small

Don't Sleeve Me
Mindy Beckett
 [12/06 10:01:38AM] 3xl black

Jump to it suit for 2020!!!!
Colleen Schellenberg
 [12/06 10:00:14AM] Black& XL

Own the Night, own it jumpsuit, Boss Lady jumpsuit
Angela Roberts
 [12/06 9:59:45AM] Black, large!

Classy and sassy jumpsuit
Melanie Rumley
 [12/06 9:59:38AM] XS black

I Mean Business Jumpsuit
Darla Weimer
 [12/06 9:59:35AM] black; 2xl

Classy AF
Tonya Barich
 [12/06 9:59:24AM] Black, Size Large

Black Beauty Jumpsuit
Stacy Simington
 [12/06 9:59:03AM] Small

Jump at the Chance Jumpsuit
Rhonda Penner
 [12/06 9:58:59AM] Large black

Ready for Anything Jumper
Christina Giese
 [12/06 9:57:07AM] Black Small

Jump into Class
Brittney Feldberg
 [12/06 9:56:03AM] Black size small

The cities little Black Jumpsuit
Laura Shalton
 [12/06 9:55:52AM] Black medium

Little Black Jumper
Christina Giese
 [12/06 9:55:41AM] Black Small

Business Classic Jumper
Christina Giese
 [12/06 9:55:12AM] Black Small

Forever classic jumpsuit
Tara Macaulay
 [12/06 9:54:23AM] Black M

Fancy pants jumpsuit
 [12/06 9:53:57AM] Xl Black

Victory jumpsuit, V-line jumpsuit, dressed for success jumpsuit
Angela Kerluke
 [12/06 9:52:33AM] Black XL

Here I Am Jumpsuit
Danielle Nakhleh
 [12/06 9:51:48AM] Black and small

Jump(suit) to It!
Marissa Scott
 [12/06 9:51:20AM] 3X, black

Class act jumpsuit
Tanis Twiddy
 [12/06 9:51:14AM] Black, medium

All about class jumpsuit, sassy in black jumpsuit,
Linsey DeMontigny
 [12/06 9:50:54AM] Black & large

On Fleek Chic Jumper
Nicole Moxley
 [12/06 9:50:23AM] Small

Night out jumper
Tanis Twiddy
 [12/06 9:49:51AM] Black, large

The Little Black Jumpsuit
Danielle Nakhleh
 [12/06 9:49:38AM] Black and Small

Life of the Party
Roxanne Van Woensel
 [12/06 9:48:48AM] Black & Small

Fierce Femme Jumpsuit
Tammy Girard
 [12/06 9:48:01AM] Black and Small

Back to Business Jumpsuit
Rhonda Penner
 [12/06 9:47:50AM] Large black

Twenty-One Jump Suit
Rhonda Penner
 [12/06 9:47:11AM] Large black

Checking In jumpsuit
Crystal mackie
 [12/06 9:46:46AM] S

Walk the Runway jumpsuit
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:46:32AM] 2xl

The works jumpsuit
Rashmi Neilson
 [12/06 9:45:54AM] Medium black

Makin’ it
Crystal Mackie
 [12/06 9:45:47AM] S

History in the making
Crystal mackie
 [12/06 9:45:15AM] S

The Ultimate Jumpsuit
Pamela Drover
 [12/06 9:44:41AM] Size M Black

One and Done Jumpsuit
Haley Boland
 [12/06 9:44:11AM] Size XL

Little black jumpsuit
Liza Brind
 [12/06 9:43:50AM] Small, black

Black Tie jumpsuit
Shannon Roberts
 [12/06 9:43:13AM] Black size small

Steal the spotlight
Jennifer gardecki
 [12/06 9:43:00AM] Black & medium

Tied pocket jumpsuit
Rashmi Neilson
 [12/06 9:42:56AM] Large black - black

The little V black jumpsuit
Bailey Byrne
 [12/06 9:42:43AM] Black Large

Glass Ceiling Crusher Jumpsuit
Mindy Livingston
 [12/06 9:42:40AM] Black 3XL

Jump to conclusions suit
Sabrina Starosta
 [12/06 9:42:40AM] Black xs

Lavishly Chic Jumpsuit
Chrystal Martin
 [12/06 9:41:58AM] Black small

Hot Minute
Brianna Topham
 [12/06 9:41:40AM] Black XL

Fashion forward
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:39:37AM] 2xl

All In Jumpsuit
Laura Kent
 [12/06 9:39:32AM] Black Large

All Eyes on Me Jumpsuit
Melissa gervais
 [12/06 9:39:14AM] Small

Fashion first
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:39:09AM] 2xl

Wine and fine jumpsuit
 [12/06 9:38:42AM] Black small

Jump for joy
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:36:53AM] 2xl

Out loud jumpsuit
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:36:00AM] 2xl

Flawless Wrap Jumpiit
Christa Chappelle
 [12/06 9:35:55AM] Black, medium

Glam & Glow
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:34:55AM] 2Xl

Flatter Me More Jumpsuit
Celeste Kallis
 [12/06 9:34:36AM] Large

Feeling fine
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:34:29AM] 2xl

Timeless jumpsuit
Senny McNeil
 [12/06 9:34:26AM] Black large

Jump Into Style
Roxanne Van Woensel
 [12/06 9:34:10AM] Black & Small

Dressed for Success
Lindsey White
 [12/06 9:34:05AM] 2xl (possibly 3xl depending on fit)

Dare to wear jumpsuit
Senny McNeil
 [12/06 9:33:52AM] Large black

Move it jumpsuit
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:33:41AM] 2xl

Jump into the New Year
Robynne Barone
 [12/06 9:33:35AM] Large

Lil’ black jumpsuit
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:33:13AM] 2xl

Steal the night
Amanda Rouleau
 [12/06 9:32:33AM] Black medium

Dare to dream
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:32:32AM] Black 2xl

Oh happy day jumpsuit
Sonja Vanderwood
 [12/06 9:32:15AM] Black small

Day to night
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:32:06AM] Black 2xl

Jump into Glamour
Kelly Robertson
 [12/06 9:31:43AM] Black, Med

Get up and go
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/06 9:31:30AM] Black 2xl

Simply Sassy Jumpsuit
Tracy Sturley
 [12/06 9:31:08AM] Black S

Sleek n chic
Brenda Akerman
 [12/06 9:31:06AM] Size M black

Va Va Voom V-neck Jumpsuit
Jen Haughton
 [12/06 9:30:41AM] Black Medium

Jump into style
Kathleen Last
 [12/06 9:29:19AM] Black XL

lights, camera, action jumpsuit
Tracy Sturley
 [12/06 9:28:37AM] Black S

Classic Beauty Jumpsuit
Sarah Gilbert
 [12/06 9:28:12AM] Black XS

Business As Beautiful, Came For The Pockets Stayed For The Neckline
Cath Dixon
 [12/06 9:27:44AM] Black, 3XL

A touch of Sass Jumpsuit
Tracy Sturley
 [12/06 9:27:37AM] Black S

Safistication Jumper
Stephanie Peters
 [12/06 9:27:36AM] Black XL

Classy Jumper
Roxie Wickstrom
 [12/06 9:27:06AM] Black - large

A touch of class jumpsuit
Tracy Sturley
 [12/06 9:26:41AM] Black S

Footloose and fancy free
Caralyn Jones
 [12/06 9:25:58AM] Xs

Work it jumpsuit
Vanessa Zulke
 [12/06 9:25:07AM] Black L

Class Act jumpsuit
Aliesha Shuparsky
 [12/06 9:24:40AM] Black medium

Taking the plunge jumpsuit, jump into the new year jumpsuit, a moment in time jumpsuit, classically you jumpsuit, making history jumpsuit
Katrina Bernardi
 [12/06 9:24:34AM] Black medium

Distraction jumpsuit, Bond Girl Jumpsuit, 007 jumpsuit, Marilyn Jumpsuit, She’s The One Jumpsuit, Baby Got Back Jumpsuit,
Nikki Weightman
 [12/06 9:24:02AM] Black small

The Black Panther
Vera McMaster
 [12/06 9:22:04AM] Black Size Med

All in One Jumper, Straight Shot Jumper, My little black Jumper, Catwalk ready Jumper
Andrea Meyer
 [12/06 9:21:41AM] Black, XL

Out on the town
Kaitlyn hornsby
 [12/06 9:20:19AM] Xs black

Chicago Style Jumpsuit. From Day to Night Jumpsuit.
Jillian Studman
 [12/06 9:20:11AM] Black & XL

Take Charge Jumpsuit
Sarah Snable
 [12/06 9:19:52AM] Xs

Swiftly tailored jumpsuit
Vicky McCahon
 [12/06 9:19:40AM] Black large

Holiday Happiness Jumpsuit
Bettina Allen
 [12/06 9:18:54AM] Black / XL or 2XL

Midnight Goddess
Shelly Chapin
 [12/06 9:18:00AM] Black S

The One & Only Jumpsuit
Sarah Snable
 [12/06 9:17:11AM] Xs

A Jumpsuit In Time
Bettina Allen
 [12/06 9:17:00AM] Black/ XL or 2XL

Jump into high fashion
sherry sproul
 [12/06 9:16:50AM] black size large

Million Dollar Jumpsuit
Sarah Snable
 [12/06 9:16:43AM] Xs

Black Magic Jumpsuit
Sonnia Valiquette
 [12/06 9:16:35AM] Black, XL

Short, sweet and sexy jumpsuit
Christine Gradin
 [12/06 9:16:13AM] Black size large

Jingle jumper
Ashley Kimmerly
 [12/06 9:15:56AM] Black small

Jump up and get down
Gennie walters
 [12/06 9:15:55AM] Black large

"LBJ - Little Black Jumpsuit",
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [12/06 9:15:53AM] Black, XL

Glam In One Jumpsuit
Angie Coolin
 [12/06 9:15:51AM] Large

Smooth Operator Jumpsuit
Angie Coolin
 [12/06 9:15:03AM] Large

Black beauty
Gennie Walters
 [12/06 9:14:41AM] Black large

Jump for glory jumpsuit
Chelsea Egli
 [12/06 9:14:24AM] Black and large

Dare to Flair Jumpsuit
Taneill Selinger
 [12/06 9:14:14AM] M

A touch of class
Natasha mayes
 [12/06 9:13:51AM] Large black

‘Fly away with me’, ‘Class and Sash’, ‘Destination Love‘, ‘A Little Bit Audrey’
Jenn Alexander
 [12/06 9:13:37AM] Medium

Dressed to Kill, Suited for You, Best Suited
Jenn Bennison
 [12/06 9:13:28AM] Black, Large

Jump into beauty
Gennie walters
 [12/06 9:12:35AM] Large black

All eyes on me Jumpsuit
Amber Fisher
 [12/06 9:12:25AM] Black XL

Jump Up The Volume Jumpsuit
Bettina Allen
 [12/06 9:12:22AM] Black/ XL or 2XL

The Monroe (miss Marilyn rocked a jumpsuit like a boss)
Katie Frecon
 [12/06 9:12:02AM] Sm-md dependant on wait measurements

Just jump in
Gennie walters
 [12/06 9:11:47AM] Large black

Hot to trot jumpsuit
Amber Fisher
 [12/06 9:11:36AM] Black XL

Back in Black or Black Beauty
Norma Darnel
 [12/06 9:11:20AM] L - black please

Might As Well Jump
Bettina Allen
 [12/06 9:10:09AM] Black / XL or 2XL

Dare To Jumpsuit
Victoria Clarke
 [12/06 9:09:55AM] Black, XL

Midnight Dream; Lets Celebrate; Celebrate Me; Cheers to the Suit;
Susan Constantine
 [12/06 9:09:46AM] 2XL

Simple Elegance
Liz Roy
 [12/06 9:09:08AM] Black large

Josée Bazinet
 [12/06 9:08:51AM] Black large

Jumpsuit for Joy
Victoria Clarke
 [12/06 9:08:42AM] Black, XL

Diane Drake
 [12/06 9:08:37AM] Black large

A night out jumpsuit
Shohreh Burchell
 [12/06 9:08:06AM] Small

Dawn MacLean
 [12/06 9:07:51AM] Black & Large

Life in the Galmour Lane Jumpsuit
Haley Boland
 [12/06 9:07:24AM] Size XL

Midnight Class; After Midnight; Midnight Delight
Susa. Constantine
 [12/06 9:07:23AM] 2XL

Let’s jump to it jumpsuit
Shohreh Burchell
 [12/06 9:06:57AM] Black small

Little Black Jumpsuit
Kirsten Confectioner
 [12/06 9:06:47AM] Black small

Sassy but classy jumpsuit
Senny McNeil
 [12/06 9:06:37AM] Black large

So sleek jumpsuit
Senny mcneil
 [12/06 9:06:08AM] Black large

Pure Elegence; Making History; A Touch of Class; Top of the World;
Susan Constantine
 [12/06 9:06:01AM] 2XL

Wrapped up in you Jumpsuit
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/06 9:05:49AM] Xs black

She’s Got The Look Jumpsuit
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/06 9:05:26AM] Xs black

Simply the Best jumpsuit
Megan Sparks
 [12/06 9:05:15AM] Medium

Effortless jumpsuit
Senny McNeilMcNeil
 [12/06 9:05:03AM] Black large

Sugar and Spice Jumpsuit
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/06 9:04:55AM] Xs black

Slay the Day
Michelle Martin
 [12/06 9:04:07AM] Black Xl

Business as usual
Senny McNeil
 [12/06 9:04:06AM] Black large

Nightlife Jumpsuit
Laura Travers
 [12/06 9:02:52AM] Blk 2xl

Elegantly mine jumpsuit
Erin Levesque
 [12/06 9:01:20AM] Black XL

Full of class jumpsuit
Erin Levesque
 [12/06 9:00:51AM] Black XL

Midnight Elegance
Melissa Crerar
 [12/06 8:50:16AM] Black and Medium

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