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Happy New Year
December 27, 2019

Silver Icing Caption This Contest: Happy New Year's

Get the Look: Celeste is wearing the Night Moves Top (Brown Shimmer, S), Satisfactions Jeggings (Black, 5), Fashion Forward Heels (Black, 8)

It’s contest time again! Time to get creative everybody! Give us your best caption for this New Year’s Eve themed photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing gift card! Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, December 29 at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!!

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Note: Some entries submitted may require admin approval.
Total Entries: 313
Congratulations to Erika Just, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Sip sip hooray; cheers to another year of fun, friendship, love, and Silver Icing! "

Here’s to the Roaring Twenties!
Nonie Little
 [12/29 5:47:23AM]

Yipeeeeee my skinny clothes fit,!!!
Naomi Laycock
 [12/28 10:11:03PM]

New year 2020... forget diets, bring on the Silver Icing on this Cake!
Loraine Lalonde
 [12/28 9:47:26PM]

Cheers to ALL the boss babes!!
Clara Gann
 [12/28 8:51:55PM]

Cheers to all the babes supporting babes!!
Clara Gann
 [12/28 8:46:08PM]

Cheers to heals, deals and good feels!
Sasha Yunick
 [12/28 8:42:38PM]

Feeling good, looking better!
Stephanie Thomas
 [12/28 8:42:05PM]

Cheers, let's start the year of right with comfort and style #loveSIclothing !!!
Kym Readman
 [12/28 8:01:35PM]

Feeling hawt in my new SI outfit
Tracy Sturley
 [12/28 6:52:38PM]

Sometimes you just need a fresh start and champagne. Lots Of Champagne
Justine Wingert
 [12/28 6:48:08PM]

Make the new year sparkle, all year long!
Riekje van Delst
 [12/28 6:46:14PM]

Here’s to “New Beginnings!”
Donna Arthur
 [12/28 6:24:04PM]

SipSip Horray
Kathi Haugh
 [12/28 5:20:07PM]

Champagne Glitter
Sara Irving
 [12/28 4:56:15PM]

“New Year cheers to me”
Tyra Pughe
 [12/28 4:36:17PM]

"She Designed a Life She Loved....time to celebrate!"
Marcie Munro
 [12/28 4:31:30PM]

"Here's to Lycra over the holidays.....Cheers Bit*hes!!" Lol
Kristie Johnston
 [12/28 4:08:22PM]

Ready for Another Trip Around the Sun!
Robena Baynton
 [12/28 4:04:29PM]

Cheers to you, cheers to me, cheers to the future whatever that may be!
Lacey Roberts
 [12/28 3:10:20PM]

Reach for the Silver Icing ?
Janet Sudds
 [12/28 3:03:36PM]

Cheers to another year of fashion with passion!
Janique Grimard
 [12/28 2:58:08PM]

I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me
Carole LaPorte
 [12/28 2:44:13PM]

Sparkle and Cheers to this New Year!
Kim MacLennan
 [12/28 2:31:07PM]

Cheers to Jennifer T. !
Andréanne Sarazin
 [12/28 1:53:26PM]

Bring in the new year with Sparkle! It’s all about the Silver and Icing.
Megan Kindree
 [12/28 1:43:50PM]

Let’s Get Lit ?
Lisa Ginn
 [12/28 1:37:41PM]

Here’s to the pre sale items I managed to get!
Karen Carvell
 [12/28 1:33:25PM]

It’s never too late to chase your inner sparkle! Here’s to Shining Bright, from the inside out!! #Si2020
April Hunt
 [12/28 1:16:48PM]

Cheers to, a fabulous decade of dreams coming true & plenty of Silver Icing too! Happy New Year!
April Hunt
 [12/28 1:15:27PM]

Happy New Year!! Now, bring on the Silver Icing!
April Hunt
 [12/28 1:11:53PM]

Here’s to another decade! Now let’s go chase those dreams while looking as stunning as we all are on the inside!
April Hunt
 [12/28 1:08:29PM]

It’s never too late to chase your inner sparkle! Here’s to Shining Bright, from the inside & out!! #Si2020
April Hunt
 [12/28 12:59:36PM]

It’s never too late to chase your inner sparkle! Here’s to Shining Bright, from the inside & out!! #Si200
April Hunt
 [12/28 12:58:24PM]

May All of Your Dreams Come true! Happy New Years from all of us at Silver Icing!!
April Hunt
 [12/28 12:51:11PM]

There’s Always a Silver Lining when we’re brought together by Silver Icing!
April Hunt
 [12/28 12:48:03PM]

Cheers! To doing your best, while looking fabulous!
April Hunt
 [12/28 12:44:19PM]

CLEARLY ? excited for 2020 (20/20 ?)
Alicia Anderson
 [12/28 11:21:42AM]

New Year New Decade New Me - I got this!
Lisa MacLean
 [12/28 11:07:58AM]

Bring it on!! , sparkle and shine!!
Candice Bartlett
 [12/28 10:34:33AM]

Good bye 2019, Cheers SI & Hello 2020 !!!
Kim Shields
 [12/28 9:30:02AM]

Cheers to a new decade!
Candice W
 [12/28 9:16:16AM]

Silver Linings with Silver Icing in 2020!
Stephanie Siegner
 [12/28 8:00:57AM]

I survived the holiday season!
Haley Boland
 [12/28 7:19:44AM]

Here’s to another great year of looking good thanks to Silver Icing!
Jayne Eyres
 [12/28 7:17:44AM]

Silver Icing Sparkle and Shine into 2020!
Deidre Sword
 [12/28 7:08:51AM]

Sip sip hooray; cheers to another year of fun, friendship, love, and Silver Icing!
Erika Just
 [12/28 6:51:49AM]

Jumping into 2020 happy and confident
Angela Rodgers
 [12/28 6:45:28AM]

December 28, 2019
Tanya Hebert
 [12/28 6:39:35AM]

Sparkle and Shine!!!
Pauline Lorincz
 [12/28 4:40:38AM]

Midnight Kisses & New Years Wishes! Or Let’s Dream it, wish it, DO IT!!
Jamie Ward Anderson
 [12/27 11:56:57PM]

Here's to 2020 and buying at least 2,020 items from Silver [email protected]
Louise Kemp
 [12/27 11:31:02PM]

Silver Sparkling into the new year!
Danielle D'Sena
 [12/27 10:52:44PM]

Rock Around the Clock Baby
Yvette Reid
 [12/27 10:41:26PM]

Let’s do this !!
Jillian wile
 [12/27 10:37:35PM]

The 20’s are back and it’s icing on the cake!!
Jennifer Anderson
 [12/27 10:37:11PM]

Celebrating never felt so good!
Stephanie formo
 [12/27 10:19:51PM]

Celebrate with a sparkle
Stephanie Formo
 [12/27 10:17:08PM]

Flirting with 2020
Stephanie Formo
 [12/27 10:15:57PM]

Sparkle into the new year
Stephanie Formo
 [12/27 10:15:05PM]

Icing 2020
Darlene Wilson
 [12/27 10:10:00PM]

My New Years resolution was to quit all my bad shopping habits with Silver Icing...but then I realized no one likes a quitter!
Stephanie Dennison
 [12/27 9:48:59PM]

It’s 2020 and I’m feeling like I’m 20 again
Candace Theberge
 [12/27 9:15:41PM]

Let’s get ready to paaaaaarrrtttaaaaaaayyyyy
April Lyons
 [12/27 9:06:09PM]

Beauty begins the moment you decide to become yourself!
Deirdre Janssen
 [12/27 8:51:40PM]

Embrace What You Love to Wear!
 [12/27 8:48:21PM]

Cheers to the freakin weekend!
Sonja Vanderwood
 [12/27 8:42:47PM]

Cheers to Liberty... The statue of Liberty.
Bal Grewal
 [12/27 8:29:55PM]

Cheers to a New Year!
Jenni Casler
 [12/27 8:26:18PM]

I am woman,I am strong, I have the power!!
Darlene Shield
 [12/27 8:04:16PM]

May your new years resolution's last as long as your wardrobe!
Tara Bertling
 [12/27 7:53:37PM]

Anything is possible with silver icing and champagne !
Tara Bertling
 [12/27 7:28:21PM]

Here's to a golden year and 'silver' clothing!
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [12/27 7:04:35PM]

Auld lang syne? How about 'Ode to these legs of mine'?!
Elizabeth Stauffer
 [12/27 7:00:29PM]

Silver icing sparkle! Happy New Years
Nicole Jean
 [12/27 6:52:42PM]

It’s a good year to have a good year!
Janeen St. Amant
 [12/27 6:45:23PM]

Wishing you a year full of silver icing!
Melinda Mouland
 [12/27 6:37:38PM]

Lovin this life!!
Shannon Mangaloglu
 [12/27 6:32:23PM]

Goin' into 2020 like...
Nicki Agro
 [12/27 6:31:57PM]

Sparkle up and beyond!
Sharon Gaspar
 [12/27 6:15:14PM]

Tonight is the night!
Amanda Grant
 [12/27 6:14:58PM]

Lighting the world
Sherri Kohle
 [12/27 6:11:07PM]

Here’s to a glamorous new you and a glamorous new year!
Courtney Bendickson
 [12/27 5:57:35PM]

Sarah Settels
 [12/27 5:49:38PM]

Look fabulous, do fabulous, be fabulous!
Korin Johnston
 [12/27 5:43:11PM]

11:59 pm, I'm not in PJ's and my feet don't hurt! Winning!
Lisa LaPorte
 [12/27 5:41:58PM]

Silver into 2020
Korin Johnston
 [12/27 5:41:40PM]

Bring On The Cheer!
Aileeen Anderson
 [12/27 5:40:30PM]

New Year's Resolution -- Eat your cake and SILVER ICING too!
Bettina Allen
 [12/27 5:33:53PM]

I’ve never felt this good!
Christie Abrams
 [12/27 5:27:54PM]

New year. New feels. New chances. Same dreams.
Bettina Allen
 [12/27 5:26:09PM]

Cheers to a New Year -- Less bitter, more glitter!
Bettina Allen
 [12/27 5:25:12PM]

The best is yet to come!
Christie Abrams
 [12/27 5:24:21PM]

20/20 is Glitz and Glamorous!
Brittaney Pregizer
 [12/27 5:08:29PM]

Sandra Braun
 [12/27 5:05:13PM]

Continue feeling Confident and Amazing with me in 2020
Jenna Paradis
 [12/27 4:55:04PM]

Thank you all for your support in 2019, Cheers to 2020?
Jenna Paradis
 [12/27 4:53:13PM]

Sipping in the New Year!
Jennifer Vipond
 [12/27 4:34:10PM]

Sophisticated, sassy and sexy the three S
Yvonne Haggard
 [12/27 4:34:09PM]

"I don't have to put the kids to bed tonight!"
Tanya Schustyk
 [12/27 4:29:02PM]

Let's celebrate together ...Here's to 2020 and Silver Icing !! Excited and reaching for the stars!
Liz Smith
 [12/27 4:18:25PM]

Kids are going back to school!
Linda Mattock
 [12/27 4:17:48PM]

Party like a rockstar
Charmaine Harrison
 [12/27 4:12:04PM]

Sparkle like SI Gear
Courtney Parker
 [12/27 4:06:40PM]

Bring the new year with a new style SI!
Courtney Parker
 [12/27 4:04:54PM]

Everyone Should Party like SI Way
Courtney Parker
 [12/27 4:04:17PM]

Party like it’s SI New Years Style
Courtney Parker
 [12/27 4:03:32PM]

Ring in the New Year, head to toe in SI gear!
Shayla Ebner
 [12/27 3:31:33PM]

I'm single and readyyyyyyyy to partyyyyyy with my girls, 2020 is going to be amazing
Chantel MacDonnell
 [12/27 3:17:26PM]

It’s party time!
 [12/27 3:17:14PM]

When you know you look bomb because you got your New Years outfit at
Amanda Durrant
 [12/27 3:15:17PM]

I feel good...I knew that I would! ?
Angela Yamaoka
 [12/27 3:10:09PM]

New Year! New Silver Icing! Bring it!
Stacie White
 [12/27 3:08:10PM]

Yes! I just signed up to be a Silver Icing Stylist ?
Annie Dupuis
 [12/27 3:05:10PM]

Glitter, glam, champagne!
Crystal Meier
 [12/27 3:04:21PM]

Shimmer and Shine and dressed to the Nine!
Michelle Halmo
 [12/27 2:51:01PM]

New Years comfort glam!
Kimberly Gleave
 [12/27 2:46:45PM]

Crystal Lundine
 [12/27 2:40:29PM]

Care Free Style
Emily Dyck
 [12/27 2:15:08PM]

Bring it 2020???
Lisa Graham
 [12/27 2:04:38PM]

Cheers! I feel good!!
Susan Adams
 [12/27 2:03:49PM]

Sheila Kosolofski
 [12/27 2:01:27PM]

"Look at my new New Years Eve outfit!"
Michelle Jackson
 [12/27 1:56:03PM]

"Too many more of these and I will not be able to do this"!
 [12/27 1:55:44PM]

Cheers to strong, fierce women everywhere!
Randi Cookson
 [12/27 1:55:28PM]

Cheers to the new year
Stephanie Cooper
 [12/27 1:52:43PM]

See ya 2019!!
Lacey Bartholow
 [12/27 1:52:33PM]

SIsters shine brightly
Kali Bernst
 [12/27 1:52:12PM]

2020 Get Ready!
Kali Bernst
 [12/27 1:47:56PM]

Ringing in 2020 with some Silver icing
Kali Bernst
 [12/27 1:45:42PM]

Heck Ya!
Kali Bernst
 [12/27 1:44:51PM]

2020: Year of Satisfaction
Kyla Keller
 [12/27 1:42:13PM]

Silver in Style
Kyla Keller
 [12/27 1:41:49PM]

Icing Cheers!
Kyla Keller
 [12/27 1:40:15PM]

Fashion Forward in to 2020!
Kyla Keller
 [12/27 1:39:46PM]

Celebrate the possibilities!
Brenda Wotten
 [12/27 1:37:01PM]

Got the #nightmoves #fashionforward into 2020
Vicki Wiebe
 [12/27 1:30:09PM]

2020: Coming in Hot!, Great things await!
Angela Roberts
 [12/27 1:30:02PM]

Ringing in the new year looking fabulous!
Samantha Spalding
 [12/27 1:28:37PM]

Best year ever! Here we go 2020!!
Lori Niemiec
 [12/27 1:26:40PM]

Let’s move into 2020 this New Year’s Eve with satisfaction
Ilse Hildebrand
 [12/27 1:14:55PM]

Celebrate...Be fabulous!
TARA Mccord
 [12/27 1:07:36PM]

May your champagne be bubbly and your dreams for 2020 come true! Cheers!
Jennifer Barone
 [12/27 1:01:16PM]

Cheers to the Weekend
Shelby Lees
 [12/27 12:55:31PM]

Sparkling Champagne toastie
Sharon Dixon
 [12/27 12:51:05PM]

Here’s to Another great year with silver icing
Patty Burr
 [12/27 12:48:50PM]

She sparkles because she feels fabulous and confident!
Shelly Bryan
 [12/27 12:48:39PM]

Let’s Start the New Year Right!
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [12/27 12:47:49PM]

The feeling you get when a new presale is announced!
Shayla Ebner
 [12/27 12:37:09PM]

Sparkle me happy
Dorothy Ludwig
 [12/27 12:35:22PM]

2020 vision on new silver icing outfits!
 [12/27 12:30:38PM]

Sparkle and Shine!
Shayla Ebner
 [12/27 12:30:08PM]

Here’s to “US” 2020
Amber Cruse
 [12/27 12:28:55PM]

Sparkle and shine
Amy Briggs
 [12/27 12:25:59PM]

Cheers To The New Year!
Karen Carvell
 [12/27 12:25:43PM]

I just won this outfit and the kids are gone for the night!!
Malita Eck
 [12/27 12:24:06PM]

Let’s do this
Marie Daniel
 [12/27 12:22:24PM]

Crushing the new year
Ashlie McBryan
 [12/27 12:22:07PM]

Raise it up to 2020
Ashlie McBryan
 [12/27 12:21:19PM]

You keep worrying what to wear, I'll be over here like "cheers to my stylist".
Ina Hammer
 [12/27 12:20:24PM]

Babes bringing in the new year!
Ashlie McBryan
 [12/27 12:20:07PM]

I was just “iced”! / cheers to being “iced”! / Icing into the new year!
Eleni gitersos
 [12/27 12:19:33PM]

Silver Icing Celebrates 2020!
Susan Schmidt
 [12/27 12:17:03PM]

Bling Me Into the New Year With Some SI Love
Hailey de Sousa
 [12/27 12:15:22PM]

Shine bright like a diamond
Rachel Curran
 [12/27 12:15:08PM]

Silver Icing Cheers! ?
Susan Schmidt
 [12/27 12:15:01PM]

Cheers to slayin’ Christmas mamas!
Ashley Lindbo
 [12/27 12:09:53PM]

Glittering in style!
Jenny Wagner
 [12/27 12:09:14PM]

When the kids go back to school after Holidays
Candis Miller
 [12/27 12:08:13PM]

Bring it on 2020, but first champagne!
Ashley Strome
 [12/27 11:56:47AM]

Ball Drop
sara dawson
 [12/27 11:53:16AM]

Bright New Year T-Shirt
 [12/27 11:50:36AM]

All that Glitters in 2020
Kaysi Strome
 [12/27 11:48:27AM]

New Year, Same Great Style!
Ila Schmaltz
 [12/27 11:46:20AM]

Yay only 365 days to Christmas
Blanche Frame
 [12/27 11:44:23AM]

Celebrating the best of this year...Celebrating even more to the New Year Ahead. ?
Susan Atkinson
 [12/27 11:43:47AM]

New year. Same me. Bigger goals.
Shari MacLellan
 [12/27 11:41:22AM]

Let's P-A-R-T-Y!
Barbara Laurin!
 [12/27 11:37:21AM]

Yay Me!!!
Chantal Marsolais
 [12/27 11:31:23AM]

Cheers to 2020!
Pam Walsh
 [12/27 11:18:40AM]

Silver Icing-frost yourself in 2020
Angela Siemens
 [12/27 11:14:55AM]

Raise your glass!
Tara Bertling
 [12/27 11:13:39AM]

a perfect vision of yourself, #si2020.
Marie Hall
 [12/27 11:13:31AM]

Cheers Babes! ?
Shelley Kuzio
 [12/27 11:12:05AM]

Marked *Safe* from over spending silver icing sales
Ericka Emond
 [12/27 11:10:27AM]

Party like a rockstar!
Tara Bertling
 [12/27 11:10:05AM]

Shine bright day and night 2020!
Michelle Matthews
 [12/27 11:09:53AM]

Unleash Your Sparkle
Stephanie Monfort
 [12/27 11:09:20AM]

Celebrate in style
Jennifer Hall
 [12/27 11:07:35AM]

Bring Your Silver Sparkle
Kim Freeman
 [12/27 11:04:23AM]

New Year Don’t Care
Heather Clarke
 [12/27 11:02:17AM]

Cheers to a new look and a new you, cheers to 2020, cheers to empowering women
Lizanne Roy
 [12/27 11:00:28AM]

Cheers to decade
Heather Isaac
 [12/27 10:59:36AM]

I love my new shoes but they’re killing my feet...just keep dancing!
Wendy janzen
 [12/27 10:58:45AM]

Cheers to rolling into 2020!
Crystal mackie
 [12/27 10:51:54AM]

Cheers to New Looks
Bianca Easter
 [12/27 10:51:22AM]

Baby, how you feelin’?!
Jenn Kirk
 [12/27 10:49:59AM]

Rocking my silver icing into the new decade!
Sabrina Stephen
 [12/27 10:49:42AM]

The Elf is Gone!
Shelby Mistecki
 [12/27 10:45:44AM]

Sparkle like champagne
Tracey Wills
 [12/27 10:45:14AM]

New Decade means new Wardrobe...cheers to that!
Sabrina Stephen
 [12/27 10:43:25AM]

....I got the silver icing on my cake and ate it too!
Victoria Harrison
 [12/27 10:43:12AM]

I feel good....
Susan Chan
 [12/27 10:39:58AM]

Made it another year!
Cassandra Evans
 [12/27 10:35:37AM]

Bring it on 2020
Rayann Paddock
 [12/27 10:35:12AM]

Toasting/cheers to a little sparkle and shine this New Year!!
Kathy Lawman
 [12/27 10:31:48AM]

Yes! He finally proposed
Marysia Waritsky
 [12/27 10:31:43AM]

Blinging In The New Year
Nicole Ludwig
 [12/27 10:30:17AM]

New Year! New Silver Icing!!! Cheers to that!!!
Andrea Graham
 [12/27 10:29:39AM]

Bonjour 2020
Whitney Dillon
 [12/27 10:28:48AM]

Yaaaaay, I still fit in my pants!
Stacey Lewis
 [12/27 10:28:08AM]

Used my 2020 vision for this perfect SI outfit to celebrate New Year’s Eve!
Randi Domanski
 [12/27 10:28:07AM]

Ring in the new year in style, bring in the new year with silver icing
Arielle Stahl
 [12/27 10:25:58AM]

Here's to the night
Jennifer Saville
 [12/27 10:24:11AM]

Cheers to creating your future
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:22:55AM]

Go confidently into 2020
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:22:00AM]

Here’s to a new decade of celebrating and empowering women ??
Rita Hall
 [12/27 10:21:13AM]

Celebrate what you want to see more of
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:20:54AM]

You’re never to old to old to feel amazing in your clothes
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:20:13AM]

Nathale Young
 [12/27 10:18:58AM]

Cheers to a new year and another chance
Adrienne Lloys
 [12/27 10:18:45AM]

when You’re the only one home your order arrives!
Jamie allport
 [12/27 10:18:27AM]

Confidence is sexy
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:18:09AM]

Adventure begins in 2020
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:17:33AM]

Cheers to a new year
Sheri Tidy
 [12/27 10:17:19AM]

Cheers to me!
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:17:07AM]

Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:16:47AM]

Tammy Droeshout
 [12/27 10:16:01AM]

Confident and Courageous in 2020
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:15:20AM]

2020! When dreams come true
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:14:28AM]

Feeling plenty in 2020
Adrienne Lloys
 [12/27 10:13:38AM]

Good bye 2019! 2020 is going to be frosted with Silver Icing!
Santana Oommen
 [12/27 10:13:01AM]

Get it girl
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:12:46AM]

Bring on 2020
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:12:28AM]

Celebrate YOU
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:12:13AM]

New Year New you
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:11:54AM]

2020 Vision
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:10:51AM]

Glitz and Glam
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:10:28AM]

Glammed up
Adrienne Lloyd
 [12/27 10:10:09AM]

Rachel Friesen
 [12/27 10:10:03AM]

20/20 vision
Katie reid
 [12/27 10:04:45AM]

Nailed it!
Jordana Cates
 [12/27 10:01:19AM]

Shannon Kirby
 [12/27 10:01:11AM]

Sunday December 29th at 9pm
Melissa Gibbs
 [12/27 10:00:36AM]

Celebrations a Plenty in 2020
Celeste Kallis
 [12/27 10:00:32AM]

Shimmer and Shine!!
Chandra Madsen
 [12/27 10:00:15AM]

Silver Icing a Plenty in 2020
Celeste Kallis
 [12/27 9:59:12AM]

Smashing another decade
Carey Dingsdale
 [12/27 9:59:03AM]

Silver a Plenty in 2020
Celeste Kallis
 [12/27 9:58:43AM]

 [12/27 9:58:40AM]

Icing a Plenty in 2020
Celeste Kallis
 [12/27 9:58:03AM]

Another successful year, Bring on 2020
Yvonne Stewart
 [12/27 9:56:34AM]

Goodbye 2019 hello 2020!!
Tara Macaulay
 [12/27 9:56:28AM]

Walking into 2020 like...
Stacey Firth
 [12/27 9:53:20AM]

Let’s celebrate!
Kaitlyn Hornsby
 [12/27 9:52:45AM]

Here's to a fabulous 2020
Victoria Harrison
 [12/27 9:51:42AM]

Cheers to silver icing and 2020!
Meagen Pearson
 [12/27 9:49:30AM]

Cheers to glam aplenty for 2020!
Nicole Burchell
 [12/27 9:48:52AM]

Feeling Frisky
Angie Shepitko
 [12/27 9:47:13AM]

Ready to ring ? in the New Year!
Leanne Cottrell
 [12/27 9:45:57AM]

Let’s toast and jam
Lindy Schneider
 [12/27 9:41:52AM]

This is what the 20’s look like!
Vanessa Caron
 [12/27 9:41:01AM]

Party the Night Away
Vanessa Caron
 [12/27 9:37:49AM]

Bring it on 2020!!
Sherisse Clarke
 [12/27 9:37:48AM]

No kids tonight...... I think that deserves a toast
Melissa Sobiepanek
 [12/27 9:37:22AM]

Let your sparkle shine!
Tina cimaglia
 [12/27 9:35:37AM]

New decade, new goals!
Amanda Lipinski
 [12/27 9:34:37AM]

2020 Here I Come!
Maxine Mathews
 [12/27 9:33:48AM]

Cheers to the best year yet!
Kaylee Moerman
 [12/27 9:33:34AM]

It's time to shimmer and shine!
Jamie Fanous
 [12/27 9:32:24AM]

Cheers to a stylish new year!
Sarah Reuangrith
 [12/27 9:29:28AM]

2020 and looking great!, Cheers to a new year of SI
Samantha Krump
 [12/27 9:26:37AM]

That New Year Bling Bling Feeling
Brooke Derksen
 [12/27 9:25:42AM]

When that new silver icing presale hits the website
Brooke Derksen
 [12/27 9:24:47AM]

Sparkle in the New Year
 [12/27 9:24:23AM]

Ring in the Sparkle
Pamela Saulters
 [12/27 9:23:46AM]

Cheers to a New Year and New Silver Icing
Brooke Derksen
 [12/27 9:23:38AM]

Cheers To The New Year ! Bring On 2020 !
Stacey Alford
 [12/27 9:22:13AM]

Raising A Glass To Sparkle & Shine
Brooke Derksen
 [12/27 9:22:05AM]

Time to bling in the new year!
Melissa cumming
 [12/27 9:21:57AM]

When Your Silver Icing New Years Outfit Is On Point
Brooke Derksen
 [12/27 9:21:13AM]

2020 is my year to shine every day!
Kayla Lutz
 [12/27 9:20:50AM]

Jumping Into The New Year Like
Brooke Derksen
 [12/27 9:20:37AM]

Cheers to my best self
Pam MacKenzie
 [12/27 9:20:33AM]

Raise Your Sparkle
Pamela Saulters
 [12/27 9:19:36AM]

2020 here I come!
Shohreh Burchell
 [12/27 9:18:56AM]

Cheers to the new year and more Silver Icing!!
Melissa Dugas
 [12/27 9:18:49AM]

Glam Sparkle
Trisha Tahouney
 [12/27 9:17:24AM]

Sparkle like champagne!
Raina brugger
 [12/27 9:16:58AM]

We did it!
Vanessa Zulke
 [12/27 9:16:50AM]

She's bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne!
Raina Brugger
 [12/27 9:16:04AM]

Bring on the happy!
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [12/27 9:15:33AM]

Anything is possible with a little Silver Icing and champagne!
Raina Brugger
 [12/27 9:15:00AM]

champagne cocktail
Rina Di Nobile
 [12/27 9:14:56AM]

High stepping into the Roaring Twenties!
Patty Joynes
 [12/27 9:14:14AM]

Start the day with a smile, and end it with champagne!
Raina Brugger
 [12/27 9:13:00AM]

When your silver icing package arrives!!
Alyssa Fahie
 [12/27 9:12:03AM]

Bottoms Up to New Beginnings
Braelyn Taks
 [12/27 9:09:55AM]

Chanpagne cocktail
Rina Di Nobile
 [12/27 9:09:43AM]

Cheers to you and yours, here’s to a new year!
Julia Strickland
 [12/27 9:09:29AM]

To new beginnings
Victoria kozina
 [12/27 9:09:27AM]

Have A Sparkling New Year!
Julie Nally
 [12/27 9:08:12AM]

The Best is Yet to Come!
Julie Nally
 [12/27 9:07:05AM]

Cheers to babes supporting babes in 2020!!
Shelly Chapin
 [12/27 9:06:51AM]

Nailed It!!
Joanne Ball
 [12/27 9:05:08AM]

Let’s get this party started
Tracey Marcil
 [12/27 9:04:41AM]

Here’s to a new decade!
Angela Kerluke
 [12/27 9:04:35AM]

I’ve got 2020 vision
Shari MacLellan
 [12/27 9:04:22AM]

Ring in the year
Dee Hunter
 [12/27 9:04:04AM]

Celebrating a new decade!
Angela Kerluke
 [12/27 9:03:46AM]

Less Bitter, More Glitter
Shari maclellan
 [12/27 9:03:42AM]

Cheers to New Year's, Cheers to a new Decade
Jackie Burton
 [12/27 9:02:36AM]

The Roaring 20’s 2.0
Madison Wagner
 [12/27 9:02:23AM]

When you finally get the kids to bed
Samantha Banks
 [12/27 9:01:59AM]

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