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T-shirt Dress
May 29, 2020

Silver Icing T-shirt Dress

You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for this super comfortable t-shirt dress!


It features a high-low, rounded hem that’s perfect for spring, summer or even early fall wear!


Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, May 31 at 9AM (PST).


Find out the winning name when this dress launches as a Presale next week! The winner will receive their size of choice! (XS, S, M, L, XL).

*Allison is wearing the size XL*

The t-shirt dress will Presale for $34.99 (Retail $39.00). Good luck! ♥

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Total of 881 Entries
Congratulations to Tara Kennedy, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Sweet Tee T-shirt Dress
My style T shirt dress
Joanna Lewis
 [05/31 9:01:34AM] L

Easy Breezy T shirt Teasey
Joanna Lewis
 [05/31 8:58:32AM] L

Flirt alert t-shirt dress
Chantal Lortie
 [05/31 8:52:55AM] Xl

Run free dress
Melinda Wood
 [05/31 8:50:33AM] Medium

Life in the Fast Lane Dress
Sarah Sinton
 [05/31 8:49:42AM] XS

Sara Carisse
 [05/31 8:43:30AM] Large

Mindful On the Go Dress
Jennifer McLeod
 [05/31 8:30:05AM] XL

“ Little Dittee”
Patricia Dunnet
 [05/31 8:20:39AM] Lg

Take me out to the ball game dress
Paula Wild
 [05/31 8:17:16AM] L

Casual t-shirt dress
Jenna Orman
 [05/31 8:10:21AM] XL

Daily Ritual Dress
Sarah Hamilton
 [05/31 8:01:46AM] large

Lucky T- shirt dress
Tara Babcock
 [05/31 7:50:40AM] L

Anytime Tee Dress
Shelley Fuselli
 [05/31 7:50:37AM] Large

From A to T shirt dress
Tara Babcock
 [05/31 7:50:00AM] L

Freedom tshirt dress!
Danielle Schneider
 [05/31 7:49:14AM] L

Call Me T- soft dress
Tara Babcock
 [05/31 7:45:55AM] Size M

Right on the T- shirt dress
Tara Babcock
 [05/31 7:44:16AM] Size L

Dress t-impress, Around Town Gown
Nicky Bryant
 [05/31 7:39:44AM] Xl

T-EEZ Dress
Sally Graefer
 [05/31 7:20:46AM] XL

Coffee or Tea-shirt Dress or All Season any Reason Dress
Melissa Benjaminsen
 [05/31 7:05:44AM] Large

Talk About It T-Shirt Dress
Trina Decker
 [05/31 6:41:26AM] M

Everyday comfy dress
Melinda Pelletier
 [05/31 6:38:25AM] XL

Simply Sharp T-Shirt Dress
Michelle Blackburn
 [05/31 6:38:05AM] M

The Weekender
Deanna Mair
 [05/31 6:27:07AM] Xl

Casual Tee Dress
Shauna Sidock
 [05/31 6:15:58AM] XL

One Heart T-Shirt Dress (play on words from your One Love t-shirt dress), Uni-T or Unity T-Shirt Dress, Unite T-Shirt Dress.
Michelle Potter
 [05/31 5:54:29AM] XL

Keep it casual
Marilyn Hector
 [05/31 5:37:28AM] 1XL

Simply The Dress
Karen Carvell
 [05/31 5:09:28AM] XL

Ready to Take Day!
Melissa Spenq
 [05/31 4:58:49AM] Xl

Come As You Are
Marci Dineen
 [05/31 12:06:12AM] Med/large

On the Go, Easy Breezy, My Everyday, Best n Basic, Best Basic, Day Wear
Harjit Chauhan
 [05/30 11:50:07PM] Small

Timeless T dress
Brenda Geres
 [05/30 11:35:26PM] L

Spill the TEE
Shannon Romualdi
 [05/30 11:19:17PM] Medium

TeeRiffic Dress
Kimberly Hersak
 [05/30 10:56:10PM] xs

Bottoms Optional
Melissa Hersche
 [05/30 10:31:34PM] M (maybe L) depending on fit

Sarah Lechthaler
 [05/30 10:25:01PM] Medium

Fav T-dress
Laura Amyot
 [05/30 10:13:49PM] M

Comfort made casual tee, casual comfort dress
Tonia Lamarche
 [05/30 10:04:47PM] S

Amy Benko
 [05/30 10:04:21PM] Small

Heather Bobroske
 [05/30 9:53:14PM] L

Midnight comfort
Melissa Gibbs
 [05/30 9:20:16PM] Medium

The weekender
Jan Filer
 [05/30 9:19:03PM] XL

The black martini
Melissa Gibbs
 [05/30 9:16:23PM] Medium

The black martini
Melissa Gibbs
 [05/30 9:11:28PM] Med

Way to go t-shirt dress
Anna Pochynok
 [05/30 9:03:01PM] s

Coffee with my bff T-shirt
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/30 8:39:49PM] Xs

Tennis Dress!
Terri Vaillancourt
 [05/30 8:31:39PM] XL

Tee-hee t-shirt dress
Jillian Porter
 [05/30 8:28:40PM] Xl

T-time Dress
Tanya Tortorella
 [05/30 8:09:44PM] S

The Summer Traveller
Jo-Anne Dowdall-Brown
 [05/30 8:01:43PM] XL

Girl's BesTee Shirt Dress
Brittany Morgan
 [05/30 7:31:25PM] XL

Outta the Park
Jenn Haviland
 [05/30 7:15:07PM] XL

“Take it easy” or “In her element”
Eva Martin
 [05/30 7:05:24PM] Small

Urban Play
Jennifer L. Pineau
 [05/30 6:44:56PM] XL

On the GO shirt dress
Patty Lema
 [05/30 6:43:48PM] XL

A dress for Everyone
Michelle Baiocco
 [05/30 6:23:53PM] S

Cozy & Comfort
Natasha Dawkins
 [05/30 6:15:36PM] Xl

All season's sass
Jennifer Stahley
 [05/30 6:02:48PM] Medium

All Time Favourite T-shirt dress
Gem Sheppard
 [05/30 5:50:25PM] L

Out and about, business casual, business fabulous, work from home dress, dress to a tee
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [05/30 5:45:12PM] XL

Nicole Barrett
 [05/30 5:24:06PM] 1xl

Dress me classy
Stephanie Theoret
 [05/30 5:18:42PM] L

Off && on dress
Stephanie Evoy
 [05/30 5:14:54PM] Large

The Around Town T
Ellen Slack
 [05/30 5:12:31PM] XL

Off && on dress
Stephanie Evoy
 [05/30 4:48:45PM] Large

Weekend Flirt
Tammy Lyle Gravlev
 [05/30 4:02:04PM] L

The Weekender
Sarah Hopkin
 [05/30 4:01:41PM] Large

“The Staple” T-Shirt Dress
Sam McAllister
 [05/30 3:55:35PM] L

Got to be comfy
linda colbourne
 [05/30 3:53:39PM] L

Basic beauty dress
Laura Porter
 [05/30 3:41:38PM] x-small/small

Spring Fling Dress
Laura Porter
 [05/30 3:39:53PM] x-small/small

Closet to street dress
Shantel Hanson
 [05/30 3:37:48PM] Medium

Just a Girl Dress
Shantel Hanson
 [05/30 3:35:22PM] Medium

For the love of
Robyn Barber
 [05/30 2:57:16PM] L

SumFun Dress
Kelly Lewis
 [05/30 2:45:44PM] L

To a tee - tshirt dress
Vicky McCahon
 [05/30 2:34:25PM] Large

Run Around, Around the Town, Coffe Run
Renee Aberdeen
 [05/30 2:23:38PM] XL

Affordably Cute and Comfortable
Norma Paananen
 [05/30 2:23:24PM] L

Perfection to a Tee
Jenn Mast
 [05/30 2:11:17PM] Large

Fit to a T
Michelle Stamm
 [05/30 2:09:49PM] Xl

Fun in the sun
Sharon Yenta
 [05/30 2:07:20PM] XL

T for Me Dress
Teal Hallaby
 [05/30 2:07:01PM] Small

Everyday Comfort
Jacquie Tucker
 [05/30 1:56:20PM] M

Errand dress
Yvette Musyj
 [05/30 1:49:21PM] Medium

Sunday Brunch Dress, Lets go to Brunch Dress, Starbucks and Chill Dress, Sunday Vibes Dress, Little Black Shirt Dress, Girl on the go dress, let’s do brunch dress, Westcoast Weekender Dress, Around town dress, LBD Vibes Dress, chic and sassy dress
Amanda Renae Davis
 [05/30 1:43:14PM] XL

This Shirt is for real
Jodi Gancer Frohnsdorf
 [05/30 1:38:12PM] XL

Any T goes !
Alena Helin
 [05/30 1:35:23PM] XL

heather fleming
 [05/30 1:18:09PM] XL

Sassy Comfort Dress
Sara Quinton
 [05/30 1:12:22PM] 2XL

Simple life
Tracy Thibodeau
 [05/30 1:08:03PM] XL

Easy teasy dress, call it simple, sweet summer, sweatheart tshirt, simplified, summer loving, it’s summer hunny, it’s summer darlings.
Gugu Maponga
 [05/30 1:02:35PM] Size M

Around Town Tunic Dress
Margaret OConnor
 [05/30 12:56:57PM] S

Slack & Fab
Gianina Hamilton
 [05/30 12:51:45PM] XL

Tee Time
Marlene Murphy
 [05/30 12:48:57PM] M

Wear ‘em anytime, rain or shine
Brigitte Lambert
 [05/30 12:37:43PM] M

Me-Shirt T-Shirt Dress
Nicole Fraser
 [05/30 12:30:04PM] S

Shirty Dancing, Shirty Little Secret
Ashley Kollewe
 [05/30 12:20:49PM] Large

Tee time dress
Melanie Rumley
 [05/30 12:20:26PM] s

Get Shirty
Ashley Kollewe
 [05/30 12:14:08PM] Large

Comfy Caszh T-dress
Kelly Paron
 [05/30 12:07:10PM] Lrg

Easy like Sunday morning dress,
Diana Mazzuca
 [05/30 12:05:43PM] Xl

One-piece wonder
Denise Thorne
 [05/30 12:01:48PM] L

Cuff Me Casual T-Shirt Dress
Karie-Anne Senft
 [05/30 12:01:33PM] Small

Not Just Your Boyfriends Tee
Karie-Anne Senft
 [05/30 11:58:45AM] Small

casually comfortable cutie
joanna fell
 [05/30 11:55:16AM] medium

Better Than Your Boyfriend's Shirt
Ashley Brown
 [05/30 11:52:06AM] M

Joshua's Dream
Nicole Munroe
 [05/30 11:47:06AM] Large

Too Cute Tee
Samantha Hotrum
 [05/30 11:41:05AM] Large

Brenda kobzey
 [05/30 11:39:44AM] Xl

Beyond Tshirt dress
Amelia Mohammed
 [05/30 11:31:23AM] L black

Jeanette Laurin
 [05/30 11:26:41AM] Medium

Jeanette Laurin
 [05/30 11:25:13AM] Mediu

About Town Dress
Kelly Ladbrook
 [05/30 11:24:19AM] L

Coffee or Tee Shirt Dress
Brittany Streeter
 [05/30 11:24:02AM] Small

I got dressed dress
Kerri Bourassa
 [05/30 11:20:19AM] XL

The Everyday Shopping Dress
Lisa Laurie
 [05/30 11:17:19AM] Large

The Fashionista T-shirt Dress
Kristin Fisher
 [05/30 11:13:22AM] Small

I got dressed dress
Kerri Bourassa
 [05/30 11:09:20AM] XL

Road trip ready,
Natasha mayes
 [05/30 11:05:18AM] Large

Summer Dreamin !
 [05/30 10:52:04AM] Small

Breezy blowout
Jordynn gamble
 [05/30 10:45:39AM] Xl

Touring around Town T shirt dress
Julie Thompson
 [05/30 10:44:49AM] XL

Totally Tee-riffic dress
Kaylee Ianni
 [05/30 10:40:04AM] M/L

Off the Cuff T-shirt Dress
Sarah Parlow
 [05/30 10:12:35AM] Small

Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Krista Burrows
 [05/30 10:08:35AM] M

Sonya jan
 [05/30 10:06:39AM] M

Perfect to a T dress
 [05/30 10:06:34AM] Medium

Comfy to a T
Krista Burrows
 [05/30 10:04:46AM] M

Fun in the sun T shirt Dress
Tara Simpson
 [05/30 9:56:51AM] Large

T-shirt a lishous
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/30 9:55:33AM] L

Dressed Up/Down
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/30 9:53:23AM] L

Fun Tee for me
Alison bowring
 [05/30 9:53:06AM] XL

One and Done T-Shirt Dress
Cheryl Weir
 [05/30 9:52:13AM] Small

Anything Goes
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/30 9:51:48AM] L

Casually Cute T-Shirt Dress
Janel Barker
 [05/30 9:47:54AM] Large

It’s My Par-T, High SocieTee
Jeana Penno
 [05/30 9:43:31AM] Xl

Getaway and go
Terry Laronde
 [05/30 9:37:50AM] L

Lori Gummer
 [05/30 9:37:38AM] Xl

Go go girl
Christine McLean-Sleger
 [05/30 9:34:14AM] Xl

T- dress
Morena Kercuku
 [05/30 9:32:15AM] M

Time for T
Lori Seeney
 [05/30 9:31:48AM] L

Get up and show up
Krystal Hibbs
 [05/30 9:31:30AM] Large

Brunch T
Juanita Porco
 [05/30 9:28:20AM] XL

Summer Ease T-Shirt Dress
Heather Anders
 [05/30 9:26:16AM] Medium

Easy On Dress, The Do-All Dress
Sarah Verrips
 [05/30 9:25:02AM] xs

Dress to a tee!! .....
leanne Brown
 [05/30 9:23:07AM] Small

Let’s Go
Samantha Fraser
 [05/30 9:21:13AM] XL

Little Black Dressed to a T
Stephanie Allardyce
 [05/30 9:21:08AM] S

Working T-Shirt Dress
Deborah Cochran
 [05/30 9:17:49AM] Large

Out & About
Jan Power
 [05/30 9:07:27AM] XL

Easy Breezy T-shirt dress Sunday Funday T-shirt dress, comfy cozy T-shirt dress, strolling’ in comfort T-shirt dress,
Erin Pereira
 [05/30 8:55:26AM] XL

Go Anywhere Tee Dress
Penny Masear
 [05/30 8:53:56AM] XL

Lisa Donauer
 [05/30 8:53:06AM] Small

“Play It Again, Sass”
Pamela Booker
 [05/30 8:53:05AM] XL

Tee Up Summer Dress
 [05/30 8:52:31AM] XL

Feeling Groovy
Liz Dawkins
 [05/30 8:52:15AM] XL

Play It Again, Sass!
Pamela Booker
 [05/30 8:51:52AM] ZL

The Sporty-shirt Dress
Whitney Duff
 [05/30 8:50:42AM] medium (if it fits true to size)

Street style dress
Desiree Veness
 [05/30 8:48:48AM] Large

All in one magic ( comfortable and fashionable).
Crystal chayer
 [05/30 8:48:35AM] Medium

Sunday morning t shirt dress
Melissa McIntyre
 [05/30 8:48:16AM] Large

Comfort with Style Dress
Raelene Dezotell
 [05/30 8:44:34AM] xl

Anything but Basic T-shirt Dress
Alicia Barber
 [05/30 8:43:02AM] M

Weekend Warrior Dress
Randi Cookson
 [05/30 8:41:22AM] Small

QuaranT-shirt dress
Klassen Malann
 [05/30 8:40:01AM] XL

Sunday Best Dress
Meghan Atkins
 [05/30 8:39:48AM] m

Sunny days high low t shirt dress
Amanda Smith
 [05/30 8:37:27AM] M

Your summer staple
anne dickson
 [05/30 8:37:07AM] small

Keep It On The T
Amanda Mackie
 [05/30 8:34:30AM] Large

Carly Dress
Jill Stewart
 [05/30 8:34:22AM] S

Maxi T
Carol-Anne Caswell
 [05/30 8:28:52AM] XL

The Weekender Dress
Carla Schwab
 [05/30 8:24:50AM] Xs

Comfort made Teezy Peezy
Megan McDonald
 [05/30 8:24:40AM] Large

Comfort made Teezy Peezy
Megan McDonald
 [05/30 8:24:04AM] Large

On The Go T-shirt Dress
April Gustafson
 [05/30 8:22:47AM] Medium

Dressed to the T, Cross your Tees Dress
Robena Mihalic
 [05/30 8:22:30AM] Medium

Comfort made Easy peezy-t
Margaret McDonald
 [05/30 8:21:09AM] Large

Weekend Explorer T Shirt Dress
Michelle Cowan
 [05/30 8:20:31AM] Medium

Around town dress
Linda Beny
 [05/30 8:17:48AM] XL

Take on Tuesday T-shirt dress
Jessica Williamson
 [05/30 8:16:34AM] Large

summertime comfort
Jinnell Gunn
 [05/30 8:15:45AM] XL

All Black Everythaang Tshirt dress
Martha Wiebe
 [05/30 8:13:47AM] XL

Country side
Tracy Soderburg
 [05/30 8:10:08AM] Medium

Comfort me into summer Tshirt dress
Melanie powell
 [05/30 7:51:17AM] XL

Cute Casual-T Dress
Kathy Pirone
 [05/30 7:49:40AM] XL

Multipropósito - this comfy multipurpose dress is great for work, a night out or be more casual for the weekend.
Jill Yorke
 [05/30 7:43:33AM] Large

Casual to a Tee Dress
Devon Anderson
 [05/30 7:43:10AM] Xl

Multipropósito - this comfy multipurpose dress is great for work, a night out or be more casual for the weekend.
Jill Yorke
 [05/30 7:42:53AM] Large

Better Days Ahead T-Shirt Dress
 [05/30 7:41:53AM] XL

FunctionaliTee Shirt Dress
 [05/30 7:41:09AM] XL

Tee-Fore-U Dress
Anita Lepla
 [05/30 7:40:52AM] S

Things Can Only Get Better T-Shirt Dress
 [05/30 7:39:21AM] XL

Touring Around T shirt Dress
Julie Thompson
 [05/30 7:38:30AM] XL

Tbt dress, winner takes all t-shirt dress, Next step T-shirt dress, Honeybee t dress, confidence is key tee dress
Elora Morrison-Burgess
 [05/30 7:29:26AM] Medium

Summer T- party dress
Jamie Allport
 [05/30 7:29:16AM] Xl

Not your Boyfriends T-Shirt Dress
Laura Winter
 [05/30 7:28:20AM] XL

Easy Peasy
Andrea Heard
 [05/30 7:19:18AM] Large

Laurette Hudon
 [05/30 7:14:02AM] L

Summer vibes t shirt dress
Tracy Thompson
 [05/30 7:13:52AM] L

Tee Time Tunic
Tonia MacLean
 [05/30 7:11:24AM] XXL

Time for Tee dress
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [05/30 7:08:00AM] XL

Hi-Low There Dress
Sara Brown
 [05/30 7:07:11AM] Large

Dressed to the T
Joan Park
 [05/30 7:04:55AM] XL

Spring, Summer ,Fall t-shirt dress Oh My!
Christine Pellerine
 [05/30 7:01:54AM] Large

Off to the market
Jackie Rhind
 [05/30 6:58:15AM] L

Better Days Ahead T-Shirt Dress
Gwen Gamble
 [05/30 6:35:26AM] Xl

Streetwear dress, comfy casual dress
Candice Bartlett
 [05/30 6:35:18AM] Med

Spring forward & fall back Tshirt dress, sping leaves to Autum Breeze Tshirt dress, seasons of change tshirt dress , , ,
April Turco
 [05/30 6:15:21AM] XL

Debbie Roth
 [05/30 6:14:07AM] M or L

Casual cuff T, spin me round T, weekend vibes
Dawn wise
 [05/30 6:04:20AM] Large

Everyday comfort, casual vibes dress comfortable vibes dress
Dawn wise
 [05/30 5:59:57AM] Large

Bring it on T dress
Mary Schultz
 [05/30 5:57:42AM] large

Casual summer t shirt dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/30 5:47:23AM] XL

Dress Me Up Before You Go Go
Patsy MacDonald
 [05/30 5:38:37AM] L

Booty Shaker Tee
Emily Graham
 [05/30 5:32:05AM] Medium

Short but Sassy
Carrie Coon
 [05/30 5:27:48AM] Medium/ Large

Zoom Chic
Andrea Eisner
 [05/30 5:04:34AM] S

Comfy Chic or Comfy Casual Chic
Andrea Eisner
 [05/30 5:02:54AM] S

Dress Me Up
Angela Karn
 [05/30 4:57:29AM] Small

Comfort Chic or Comfort Chic
Andrea Eisner
 [05/30 4:50:01AM] S

Comfort Tee
Andrea Eisner
 [05/30 4:47:45AM] S

Comfortees Dress
Kelly Gallagher
 [05/30 4:45:48AM] XS

Pandemic Chic
Andrea Eisner
 [05/30 4:33:14AM] S

Take Me Away T-Shirt Dress
Christy Stark
 [05/30 4:27:04AM] Large

Michelle Lanoue
 [05/30 3:52:13AM] XL

Afternoon Tee-Lite
Stephanie Siegner
 [05/30 3:46:47AM] XL

Highlow go to dress
Elaine Barney
 [05/30 3:09:39AM] Small

Dressed to Impress Dress
Caley Boyd
 [05/30 2:29:24AM] Small

La Tee Dah Dress
Caley Boyd
 [05/30 2:28:31AM] Medium

Tantalizing T Dress
Jaye Stechey
 [05/30 12:21:01AM] XL

Go With the Flow Dress
Traci denbrok
 [05/30 12:03:28AM] Small

The Daria Dress
Jody Callan
 [05/29 11:45:28PM] Large

Tee die for
Shannon Romualdi
 [05/29 11:18:00PM] M

Shannon Romualdi
 [05/29 11:16:21PM] M

"Serena T-Dress" (because it looks like something Serena Willians would were on her way to tennis practice)
Shelagh Krause
 [05/29 10:59:50PM] 1XL

Time will Tell T shirt dress; Thyme (Time) for Summer, Time to Go
Michelle Lowther
 [05/29 10:39:57PM] Md

Time Will Tell Tshirt Dress, Thyme for Summer, Time to Fly
Michelle Lowther
 [05/29 10:36:57PM] Medium

Tee'd off
Jennifer Jackson
 [05/29 10:32:32PM] Xl

Spring into Summer t-shirt dress
Stephanie Shaughnessy
 [05/29 10:22:14PM] S

Shirdress T-Dress Summer T Dress ? Sun T Dress Sunny T Dress CuteTdress ?????
Candace Quock
 [05/29 10:01:00PM] L or XL bust is 34DD

Cozy T-shirt Dress. Comfy T dress - Cozy ´T’ summer dress, Comfy Stylish T-Shirt dress
Kimberly todd
 [05/29 9:59:37PM] M

Cozy T-shirt Dress , Comfy T dress, Cozy ´T’ summer dress, Comfy Stylish T-Shirt dress
Kimberly todd
 [05/29 9:58:52PM] M

Take me out to the ball game tshirt dress
Jody Coolahan
 [05/29 9:53:01PM] Large

Cozy fall back .
Penny Adam's
 [05/29 9:50:01PM] Xl

Ozark T-Shirt Dress
Amanda Chetcuti
 [05/29 9:48:29PM] XL

Fun & Flirty little black dress
Donna Jefferson
 [05/29 9:46:52PM] XL

Casually, Dress to the Nines
 [05/29 9:46:01PM] XL

Dressed to a Tee dress
Leanne Willshear
 [05/29 9:44:37PM] Xl

Get ready Go Dress
NaTasha Creighton
 [05/29 9:44:21PM] Xl

UncertainTee-shirt dress
Gwen Gamble
 [05/29 9:44:05PM] Xl

Caz to Fab Dress
Natasha Creighton
 [05/29 9:40:43PM] Xl

Caz to Fab Dress
Natasha Creighton
 [05/29 9:40:26PM] Xl

The Down For It All T-Shirt Dress
Tara Bertling
 [05/29 9:39:32PM] M

Grab n Go
Natasha Creighton
 [05/29 9:38:10PM] Xl

The Simple Things T-shirt Dress
Tara Bertling
 [05/29 9:36:23PM] M

All about Me
 [05/29 9:36:10PM] XL

The Tease-shirt dress
Tara Bertling
 [05/29 9:25:14PM] M

Covcas Dress (covid casual)
Sherry Acheson
 [05/29 9:11:06PM] L

T-Skirt Time, Wishing for Weekends, Teed up from the Feet up
Brittney Blair-Harvey
 [05/29 9:07:09PM] M

Par "T" Time
Shannon Romualdi
 [05/29 9:01:13PM] Medium

Debb Greer
 [05/29 8:59:55PM] Unsure

Everyday Summer T Dress
Carolane Heon
 [05/29 8:50:45PM] Small

Better Days Ahead
Gwen Gamble
 [05/29 8:49:49PM] Xl

Corrie Corfe
 [05/29 8:48:19PM] Medium

Sassy Saturday Dress
Janet Kumar
 [05/29 8:46:58PM] Large

I’m essential
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/29 8:27:33PM] Xs

Anytime for Tee Dress
Valerie D’Ambrosio
 [05/29 8:22:53PM] Small

Eazy T Dress
Valerie D’Ambrosio
 [05/29 8:20:20PM] Small

The Comfy Little Black Dress
Heather Brennan
 [05/29 8:19:23PM] XL

T-Shirt Tunic
Valerie D’Ambrosio
 [05/29 8:17:47PM] Small

A dress is a girls best friend
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/29 8:14:41PM] Xs

At first impression
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/29 8:11:06PM] Xs

Total-Tee Awesome
Stephanie Siegner
 [05/29 8:10:52PM] XL

Total-Tee Awesome
Stephanie Siegner
 [05/29 8:09:52PM] XL

Dress to impress
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/29 8:09:49PM] Xs

Ready for the weekend T-dress
Roxane Nicholson
 [05/29 8:08:51PM] Large

Simple but cute, Afternoon dress, Casual Friday’s dress,
Christine Wilkinson
 [05/29 8:07:41PM] XS

Tee-sy does it t-shirt dress
Nicole Burchell
 [05/29 8:05:42PM] M

Free flow dress, legs up, simple but cute
Christine Wilkinson
 [05/29 8:03:48PM] Xs

The Perfect QuaranTEEne Dress
Deseree Villneff
 [05/29 8:02:36PM] S

Casual Days
Andrea Haywood
 [05/29 8:00:27PM] Small

The cozy summer dress
Deseree Villneff
 [05/29 7:58:14PM] S

Cute to a T-shirt Dress
Nicole Stetz
 [05/29 7:55:38PM] XL

The Cozy Chic T-Dress
Caylene Royea
 [05/29 7:51:16PM] Large

Fun & Free T-Dress
Lisa Mann
 [05/29 7:48:20PM] Medium

Sunshine State of Mind Dress
Tracey Marcil
 [05/29 7:47:42PM] Large

The Rylee Dress
Lisa Mann
 [05/29 7:47:07PM] Medium

Beachy Keen Dress
Tracey Marcil
 [05/29 7:46:47PM] Large

Beach Ready Dress
Tracey Marcil
 [05/29 7:46:31PM] Large

Making Waves Dress
Tracey Marcil
 [05/29 7:46:04PM] Large

Heat Wave Tee Dress
Tracey Marcil
 [05/29 7:45:38PM] Large

Easy T-Dress
Lisa Mann
 [05/29 7:45:05PM] Medium

Effortlessly Chic Dress
Lisa Mann
 [05/29 7:36:19PM] Medium

Don’t Tees Me Dress
Kelly Gallagher
 [05/29 7:34:26PM] Xs

Nightgown dress , dresstastic, jack of all trades
Kirsten McCrea
 [05/29 7:33:36PM] M

In a pinch Fab T-shirt dress
Natasha Creighton
 [05/29 7:31:27PM] XL

Long Island Iced Tee
Kailee Meeks
 [05/29 7:25:57PM] XS

High-Low My Name Is
Kailee Meeks
 [05/29 7:25:01PM] XS

Time for Tee-dress
Stacy Price
 [05/29 7:25:01PM] Xl

Bring on the heat T-shirt dress
Lindsay Bates
 [05/29 7:24:49PM] M

Out and about T-shirt dress
Lindsay Bates
 [05/29 7:23:01PM] M

Every season dress
Shannon Hutchison
 [05/29 7:22:26PM] Large

I got dressed dress
Kerri Bourassa
 [05/29 7:21:33PM] Xl

PerfecT Dress
Shannon Hutchison
 [05/29 7:21:29PM] Lrg

To a T dress
Shannon Hutchison
 [05/29 7:20:29PM] Large

Back in black T-shirt dress
Lindsay Bates
 [05/29 7:20:16PM] M

T-ease-shirt Dress
Jennifer Comtois
 [05/29 7:20:09PM] Medium

Versatile Tea Gown
Nancy Shave
 [05/29 7:20:06PM] XL

 [05/29 7:18:10PM] XL

Too Cool for School, dress’n down, comfy cozy and carefree,
Blossom McKinnon
 [05/29 7:14:27PM] M

This is it.
Rosalee Taylor
 [05/29 7:09:35PM] Xs

Out of town dress
Allyce Campbell
 [05/29 7:06:54PM] XL

The Everyday Dress
Tracy Ferguson
 [05/29 6:58:56PM] L

Perfect to a Tee
Susan Cunningham
 [05/29 6:54:12PM] Xl

Perfect to a Tee
Susan Cunningham
 [05/29 6:53:42PM] Xl

Long on Comfort Dress
Karen Lang
 [05/29 6:45:48PM] Large

We all need a little Cuff tee
Paula Alblas
 [05/29 6:43:36PM] m

Living My Best Life
Kendra Olson
 [05/29 6:38:00PM] M

Go Anywhere T
Brandi Machan
 [05/29 6:17:26PM] Medium

Steppin' in style dress
Shawna Setla
 [05/29 6:15:28PM] Large

In Vogue Sunday Casual T Shirt Dress
Laura Opala
 [05/29 6:14:49PM] Xl

Cute with cuffs Dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [05/29 6:12:06PM] xl

Weekend Wonder Dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [05/29 6:11:10PM] xl

Dreamy T-shirt dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [05/29 6:10:05PM] xl

Take me to the fair dress
Terri Nole
 [05/29 6:08:07PM] Large

Welcome to the Weekend Dress
April Turco
 [05/29 6:07:01PM] XL

Take me anywhere
Nichole Freake
 [05/29 6:06:06PM] Small.

all The right moves dress, stay classy and comfy dress
Raeleen hulan
 [05/29 6:03:50PM] Lg

The “I’m well rounded” seasonal tshirt dress”
Robyn Wells
 [05/29 5:59:04PM] Large

Simple black dress
Kim Gowan
 [05/29 5:56:17PM] Large

Weekend warrior
April sullivan
 [05/29 5:53:31PM] Xl

Perfect All the Time Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 5:51:58PM] XL

Wear all the places dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 5:51:23PM] XL

Go all the places
Lara Gray
 [05/29 5:50:58PM] XL

All the Places Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 5:50:32PM] XL

Game Changer
Tabitha Hindley
 [05/29 5:49:47PM] L/xl

Catherine Strutt
 [05/29 5:42:02PM] MEDIUM

Dress to be Casual T-shirt dress
Dallas Romanchuk
 [05/29 5:40:22PM] Small

Comfy Go to it
Angie Lambert
 [05/29 5:35:49PM] Small

I Stole It From The Mr., Tees You Tee, Tee It Up, I Pity The Fool Tee
Mandy Dodd
 [05/29 5:32:25PM] M

Mandy Dodd
 [05/29 5:30:24PM] M

To a T dress
Shannon Hutchison
 [05/29 5:28:34PM] Lrge

Easy breezy
Janice Barrert
 [05/29 5:25:34PM] XL

On The Fly T!
Eldon Young
 [05/29 5:24:47PM] M (for my wife)

Boyfriend T-shirt dress
Meliss McIntyre
 [05/29 5:24:11PM] Large

Ready or Not
Kimberly Young
 [05/29 5:22:58PM] M

Hippy Shake Dress
Karen M Capricci
 [05/29 5:14:41PM] XL

The T-ease Me Dress
Andrea Beliveau
 [05/29 5:11:59PM] Xs

lay down dress
 [05/29 5:11:06PM] M

Go any where dress it up dress it down
Heather D Dyck
 [05/29 5:07:12PM] Large

 [05/29 5:06:42PM] Large

Cute T dress
Sandra Thistle
 [05/29 5:06:26PM] Large

What a teaster dress
Jacine Brown
 [05/29 5:04:19PM] M

Time for Tee
Tamara Astell
 [05/29 5:03:51PM] Large

Triple threat (t-shirt, dress, or tunic)
Charlene Farrell
 [05/29 5:02:34PM] Small

QualiTEE Time Dress
Meghan Friesen
 [05/29 5:01:06PM] Small

The Tee-ny dress
Melissa Glasel
 [05/29 4:58:01PM] Xlg

Tease me a Little
Perri Arnold
 [05/29 4:57:24PM] XL

Love the little things
Kristin Johnson
 [05/29 4:54:05PM] XL

Dream T
Michelle Evans
 [05/29 4:52:38PM] Xl

Sweet thing
Kristin Johnson
 [05/29 4:52:37PM] Large

Anything Will do
Michelle Evans
 [05/29 4:51:57PM] Xl

Tease Me
Michelle Evans
 [05/29 4:50:49PM] Xl

Coffee Time
Michelle Evans
 [05/29 4:49:32PM] Xl

Weekender T-Shirt Dress, Weekday Wonder T-Shirt Dress, Everyday Casual Glamour T-Shirt Dress, Non-Maxi T- Shirt Dress
Erin Shield
 [05/29 4:47:20PM] L

Fits You To A T Dress
Clara Gann
 [05/29 4:45:29PM] L

Just Me
Katrina Davidchuk Loo
 [05/29 4:42:27PM] XL

CC Cotton comfy
Susan hewlett
 [05/29 4:41:11PM] xl

Walking on Sunshine
Daniela Kershaw
 [05/29 4:40:48PM] M

I'm T-ssential/ I'm Tee-ssential dress/ The T-ssential shirt dress
Paige Brisson
 [05/29 4:36:11PM] XS

“My every day go to dress”
Tammy Tanner
 [05/29 4:33:56PM] 2XL

Casual Comfort T-Shirt Dress
Chelsea Zarzycki
 [05/29 4:33:55PM] Large

Calm & casual t-shirt mini dress
Erin McCall
 [05/29 4:28:14PM] Medium

The everything goes t-shirt dress
Erin McCall
 [05/29 4:25:03PM] Medium

Call me casual, ready for the weekend t shirt dress
Angela Yamaoka
 [05/29 4:21:54PM] M

Cute-tee mini dress
Erin McCall
 [05/29 4:20:08PM] Medium

sporting to the T dress
Jody Dais
 [05/29 4:18:52PM] Small

Riding dir-tee
Vannessa Williams
 [05/29 4:08:24PM] M

Rollin Til Dusk t-dress
Kelly Oswald
 [05/29 4:07:47PM] Large

The everyday dress
Tara Johansen
 [05/29 4:01:04PM] Sm

OG T-Dress
Ashlee Brookson-Opseth
 [05/29 4:00:12PM] Small

Rockin’ it everyday dress
Mandy Burton
 [05/29 4:00:00PM] Large

Rockin’ it everyday dress
Mandy Burton
 [05/29 3:59:39PM] Large

Short & Sassy
Donna Bradford
 [05/29 3:59:35PM] Medium

No fuss just chillin’ dress
Natalie perrin-ducharme
 [05/29 3:56:29PM] Xl

No fuss just chillin’ dress
Natalie perrin-ducharme
 [05/29 3:55:21PM] Xl

Crystal Malette
 [05/29 3:54:17PM] Xl

A spot of T
Crystal Malette
 [05/29 3:53:16PM] Xl

T much fun
Crystal Malette
 [05/29 3:52:34PM] Xl

The “Saturday in the Park” Dress
Dara Mcintosh
 [05/29 3:42:23PM] Med

Cooler than cucumber T-shirt
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/29 3:41:10PM] Xs

Fits to a T t-shirt dress
Krista Burrows
 [05/29 3:37:25PM] M

Cute and casual
Liana May
 [05/29 3:34:37PM] Large or xl

Versatility at its finest
Teresa Bailey
 [05/29 3:28:10PM] Medium

Shirts away!
Kelsey Ballett
 [05/29 3:26:36PM] large

Go Everywhere Dress
Katherine Longhurst
 [05/29 3:25:55PM] M

Comfort is T
Becky rendall
 [05/29 3:24:41PM] Medium

Not your bf’s t-shirt
Melissa Laplante
 [05/29 3:24:20PM] XL

Stay Cool Tee-Dress ?
Jenn Walker
 [05/29 3:22:34PM] M

Not your boyfriend’s T-shirt
Melissa LaPlante
 [05/29 3:21:37PM] XL

The Rockstar T-shirt Dress
Tara Bertling
 [05/29 3:14:46PM] M

Tress it up
Katerina hand
 [05/29 3:10:37PM] Xl

Easy going dress
Marie Josée Allard
 [05/29 3:09:04PM] Xl

Inner Glow T-Shirt Dress, Unbreakable T-Shirt Dress,
Kassie Byrnes
 [05/29 3:03:28PM] XL

Dressed to the tee
Diana Brown
 [05/29 3:02:38PM] Small

To A Tee Dress
Kassie Byrnes
 [05/29 2:59:30PM] XL

Perfect to the T Shirt Dress
Annamarie Szent-Ivany
 [05/29 2:58:59PM] Medium

Nothing but my T-Shirt on dress XOXO
Ashley Mondor
 [05/29 2:55:46PM] XL

Summer Sass
Maureen Currie
 [05/29 2:53:10PM] Large

T shkurt
Laurie LaFramboise
 [05/29 2:51:15PM] Xl

Perfect little black dress
Eliana Wittwer
 [05/29 2:50:12PM] XL

To a T Dress, QualiT Time Dress, Teeriffic TShirt Dress, T Time Dress
June Weiss
 [05/29 2:39:38PM] small

Come to the par-T
Natalie Reisch
 [05/29 2:37:19PM] Large

Lazy Dayz Dress
Sarah Nason
 [05/29 2:35:11PM] XL

Perfectly well-rounded
Yvonne McKechnie
 [05/29 2:31:55PM] S

Harlee T shirt Dress
Meghan Abiodun
 [05/29 2:30:15PM] LARGE

Love Me
Michelle Efford
 [05/29 2:28:50PM] Medium

Little TSD, It's the weekend!, Free and Easy, Tshirting around, Tee'd to the cuff
Alexis Santos
 [05/29 2:25:12PM] S

Sunday funday dress
Tami mathison
 [05/29 2:23:40PM] Large

Morgan Gaudet
 [05/29 2:22:13PM] Large

Q-T (shirt dress) aka cutie t-shirt dress
Robin Bell
 [05/29 2:18:46PM] Med

The Coco Dress
Diane Nakamura
 [05/29 2:11:11PM] Small

Tunic or not tunic? (That is the question)
Stephanie Vokey
 [05/29 2:03:24PM] Medium

Work it girl!
Jana Keyes
 [05/29 1:57:48PM] xl

Ring Around Dress
Carmin Hall
 [05/29 1:56:11PM] L

Catch me on the flip side tshirt dress
Andrea Jonkman
 [05/29 1:53:56PM] Large

Dress to a T
Louise Kemp
 [05/29 1:50:51PM] M

Summershine T-shirt Dress
Carla Beaulac
 [05/29 1:50:02PM] XL

Cuffed Me Again
Kylie Tekatch
 [05/29 1:49:55PM] small

Zero Stress Dress; Anytime Dress; Off the Cuff Dress
Sara Lotter
 [05/29 1:42:20PM] XL

Simply Summer T shirt dress
Kate Payne
 [05/29 1:38:50PM] Large

The Weekender
Leanne Young
 [05/29 1:37:57PM] Xl

Oh so comfy T-Shirt dress
Yvonne Stewart
 [05/29 1:35:56PM] Medium

Sweet Tee Summer Dress
Shannon Strachan
 [05/29 1:35:43PM] Small

The everything dress
Katie Blair
 [05/29 1:33:51PM] L

Chic and simple, for work and play T dress, livin in T dot, hangin around town T, lazy days and fancy nights, chill zone, travelling light, off the cuff, completely chic completely cozy, summer chic, Fit and fancy
Deborah wilson
 [05/29 1:32:35PM] Large

Summer lovin
Lindsay Hill
 [05/29 1:25:48PM] XL

Summer Lovin Dress
Kathy Pirone
 [05/29 1:25:42PM] XL

Comfort and Play
Carolyn Fisher
 [05/29 1:25:07PM] Medium

Carefree dress
Janelle Tessier
 [05/29 1:24:25PM] L

Living on a Dream T-shirt Dress
Kathy Pirone
 [05/29 1:24:07PM] XL

You gotta be t-shirting me
Kelsey caston
 [05/29 1:23:28PM] Large

Just that comfy
Cathy Martin
 [05/29 1:20:32PM] Xl

Roll your blues away
Heather Liddle
 [05/29 1:19:32PM] Medium

My TEErific dress
Jennifer Burke
 [05/29 1:18:25PM] L

Comfort and Play
Carolyn Fisher
 [05/29 1:14:58PM] Medium

Covid Cool , Not your average mom dress
Heather Godmaire
 [05/29 1:12:20PM] Medium

Cuffin Cozy, Cozy Cuffs
Louise Vukas
 [05/29 1:11:56PM] Xs

Babes who brunch t-shirt dress
Taryn Lewis
 [05/29 1:11:29PM] Medium

Mckinley Tshirt Dress
Melissa Stoddard
 [05/29 1:05:46PM] Large

Tee Time Dress
Nicole Graveline
 [05/29 1:05:03PM] L

Tee Time
Kristi Jackson
 [05/29 1:03:24PM] M

Casual day out dress
Lauren rivers
 [05/29 12:59:44PM] L

Fun and flirty
Hailey pratt
 [05/29 12:58:06PM] Xs-s

Short & Sweet
Christina Vandenhurk
 [05/29 12:55:28PM] XL

High Low Ah Dress
Karen Carvell
 [05/29 12:55:14PM] XL

Hi Low Ha Dress
Karen Carvell
 [05/29 12:54:22PM] XL

Rag dress
Mary Jewell
 [05/29 12:53:27PM] 2xl

Cottage Casual Summer Dress
 [05/29 12:49:57PM] Large

Off the cuff t shirt dress
Emilie Kearnan
 [05/29 12:44:17PM] Xl

The Casual Friday
Sophia Van Dorp
 [05/29 12:43:24PM] Medium

Risky Business
Angel Brigo
 [05/29 12:42:46PM] XL

Super-T dress days
Pauline Denault
 [05/29 12:41:21PM] Large

Rock in’ It Everyday Casual Dress
Ali Burton
 [05/29 12:39:03PM] Xl

Impress to a T. Dress
Natashia Liboiron
 [05/29 12:38:34PM] M

Tee close for comfort
Debbie Partridge
 [05/29 12:37:57PM] XL

Risky Business
Angel Brigo
 [05/29 12:37:40PM] XL

Out for a stroll
Julia Lacasse
 [05/29 12:35:50PM] M

Highlow good looking dress
Dianne Bates
 [05/29 12:35:19PM] Xl

Fits to a T dress
Amanda Watson
 [05/29 12:31:47PM] Medium

Dress to a T
Joan Park
 [05/29 12:30:04PM] XL

above the knee dress
Sheri deBoer
 [05/29 12:29:34PM] XL

East coast classic
 [05/29 12:29:18PM] M

Weekend Warrior dress
Amanda Watson
 [05/29 12:29:01PM] m

Spring Fling
JoAnn Strom
 [05/29 12:28:06PM] XL

GoGett’er T-shirt dress,
Ashley Trolley
 [05/29 12:27:33PM] S

Not so basic t-shirt dress
Pam Boucher
 [05/29 12:27:04PM] XL

Riding in Style
Kristy Caines
 [05/29 12:26:41PM] Medium

Tshirt dress
Gail VanWart
 [05/29 12:23:52PM] L

Day Trippin'
Natasha Moody
 [05/29 12:20:47PM] Small

OMG, Look At Her Cuff
Allie Murphy
 [05/29 12:19:39PM] M

Hitting the Streets
Jessica Hill
 [05/29 12:18:55PM] Large

Check Out My Hem Dress
Allie Murphy
 [05/29 12:18:42PM] M

dress down chic
Lucy fowler
 [05/29 12:18:31PM] M/L

dress down chic
Lucy fowler
 [05/29 12:18:05PM] M/L

flirting around town dress
Victoria Reid
 [05/29 12:17:54PM] XL

Comfy Tee dress
Eunice Tiesma
 [05/29 12:14:37PM] small

Style and a smile t-shirt dress!
Caitlin Avery
 [05/29 12:12:46PM] Lg

Out For a Stroll dress
Teri Sawatsky
 [05/29 12:11:21PM] Large

Dressed 2 a T
Riekje van Delst
 [05/29 12:10:23PM] Large

Comfy cozy.
Heather Wells
 [05/29 12:09:38PM] Lg.

Right Round Comfort
Allie Murphy
 [05/29 12:09:16PM] M

Cuff Me Crazy
Allie Murphy
 [05/29 12:08:34PM] M

Perfect All Day Every Day dress, Anything But Basic T-shirt Dress,
Dallis Daly
 [05/29 12:08:34PM] Large

Tee-amo Dress
Jody Nordman
 [05/29 12:07:48PM] Size L

You Had Me at High-Lo
Allie Murphy
 [05/29 12:07:03PM] M

You had me at high-low t-shirt dress
Kerri Martin
 [05/29 12:06:32PM] Medium

Perfect comfort t-shirt dress
Jacquie Middleton
 [05/29 12:05:58PM] Large

On the go with me
Debbie Merchant
 [05/29 12:05:48PM] Xl or 1xl

Dressed to a T
Mary Ellen Walker
 [05/29 12:04:15PM] Medium

Simply the best tshirt dress, plain jane tshirt dress
Stephanie Delbridge
 [05/29 11:58:27AM] Large

My Go To
Darlene Wilson
 [05/29 11:58:26AM] M

Urban Chic
Kate Abraham
 [05/29 11:52:43AM] Medium

Time for day drinking
 [05/29 11:51:50AM] Xl

Casual Chic
Angele Lachance
 [05/29 11:50:35AM] XS

Not his T dress
Lindsay Lefave
 [05/29 11:48:49AM] Large

on the go dress, suns out - dress out!
Crystal Kosokowsky
 [05/29 11:48:10AM] XL

Breathe Again tee shirt dress
Jessica pringle
 [05/29 11:46:09AM] Xl

So cool summer dress
Charlotte Mitchell
 [05/29 11:45:41AM] Small

All in one magic ( comfortable ,fashionable )
Crystal L Chayer
 [05/29 11:44:01AM] Medium

Confident little black dress
 [05/29 11:43:43AM] XL

Rollin' with my Homies Dress
Heather Vita
 [05/29 11:43:37AM] XS

TEEzy Does It Dress
Virginia Mielke
 [05/29 11:42:33AM] xs

Comfy Hottie
Inga Wessels
 [05/29 11:42:24AM] XL

Lazy dash
Kim DeSilva
 [05/29 11:41:36AM] Large

Shirtastic Dress
Amy Irwin
 [05/29 11:41:16AM] XL

Hallelujah t'ees me dress
Denise Therrien
 [05/29 11:38:08AM] Med

Daisy dress
Jennifer Vezina
 [05/29 11:37:55AM] Xl

Brunch Chic
Tawny Rother
 [05/29 11:37:22AM] S

All season dress
Erin Levesque
 [05/29 11:36:55AM] XL

Casual Uniform
Erin Levesque
 [05/29 11:36:21AM] XL

Dress for Casual
Erin Levesque
 [05/29 11:35:51AM] XL

Takin’ the Day Tshirt dress , Take me away, Tee’d up , Feelin’ Fine T-shirt Dress Time
Amanda Johnston
 [05/29 11:35:42AM] XL

The perfect T-dress
Shelley Roy
 [05/29 11:35:11AM] L

Goin’ nowhere in style
Ann Mayner
 [05/29 11:35:09AM] Small

Summer loving, Fall in love
Claudette Tremblay
 [05/29 11:34:13AM] Large

All Day Everyday and Every Way Dress
Rebecca Britton
 [05/29 11:31:41AM] S

Kiirsti Stilla
 [05/29 11:30:50AM] Medium

Sassy-T Or sassy-me in my sassy-T
La-Na Fragomeni
 [05/29 11:28:56AM] 2x or 3x

The Tee Dress, Its Tee Time, Tee Time Dress, Ready, Set, Tee, The T-Shirt Dress
Whitney Dillon
 [05/29 11:27:52AM] XL

Too cute not too!
Crissy Green
 [05/29 11:26:29AM] M

High Low for on the go t dress
Heather McAuley
 [05/29 11:25:35AM] L

Sophis-T-cated T-shirt dress
Becky Harnett
 [05/29 11:25:05AM] XL

Up & Go Tee dres
Janie Chalifoux Leblond
 [05/29 11:24:23AM] Large

Casually tee-riffic
 [05/29 11:23:55AM] 2xl

T Casual or T Flirt
Bonnie Antal
 [05/29 11:19:55AM] X-small or small

My cup of Tee
Kelsey Stewart
 [05/29 11:18:50AM] L

Comfort on the go
Louise Johnston
 [05/29 11:15:55AM] Xl

Up & Go Tee Dress
Janie Chalifoux Leblond
 [05/29 11:13:22AM] Large

Around town in style
Angela Thorp
 [05/29 11:12:39AM] M

Up & Go Tee dress
Janie Chalifoux-Leblond
 [05/29 11:11:50AM] L

Up & Go Tee dress
Janie Chalifoux-Leblond
 [05/29 11:10:38AM] L

Free to be Me
 [05/29 11:10:19AM] s

Cool and Fancy Free
Kathleen Bruce
 [05/29 11:09:11AM] Xlarge

Dress to a T
Nancy Palubiski
 [05/29 11:04:24AM] M

Casual to a T
Nancy Palubiski
 [05/29 11:03:55AM] M

Styled to a T
Nancy Palubiski
 [05/29 11:03:33AM] M

FlirtyFun Dress
Marie Macdonald
 [05/29 11:03:13AM] Xl

Street Smary
Heather Isaac
 [05/29 11:02:46AM] L

Cruise’n , my boyfriends back,
Leah Jones
 [05/29 11:01:53AM] Xl

Sunsational Dress
Marie Macdonald
 [05/29 11:01:06AM] Xl

Weekend vibes
lisa tod
 [05/29 10:54:07AM] s

All about town T-shirt dress
Angela Maidens
 [05/29 10:53:57AM] XL

Around town
Jackie fletcher
 [05/29 10:53:51AM] Large

On the Fly
Taylor Hiduk
 [05/29 10:53:14AM] M

Strike that pose
Kim Luciuk
 [05/29 10:52:23AM] XL

Throw it on dress
Tracey Potts
 [05/29 10:51:59AM] M

Takin it Tee-zy
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/29 10:51:44AM] Small

The Weekender
Pam Eriksson
 [05/29 10:51:23AM] 3XL

Sweet Summer Shirtress
Kate Harding
 [05/29 10:51:15AM] Medium

To a Tee
Krystal Stackniak
 [05/29 10:48:39AM] L

Slip it on t-shirt dress
Jasmine Knutson
 [05/29 10:47:41AM] Xl

Tee Time
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/29 10:47:24AM] Small

Not Your Boyfriend’s T-Shirt Dress
Coll Humphreys
 [05/29 10:47:20AM] L

Cozy-Chic Tee Dress
Jill Tremblay
 [05/29 10:46:56AM] XL/1X

Not Your Boyfriend’s T-Shirt Dress
Coll Humphreys
 [05/29 10:45:43AM] L

The Free to be Me tee
Christine Conquergood
 [05/29 10:44:12AM] XL

Casual Vibe
Claudine Klimaschek
 [05/29 10:42:24AM] XL

Weekend Vibes
Christina Spadafora
 [05/29 10:41:32AM] M

High tee, La Tee Da, Class and Sass
Julie Ruddy
 [05/29 10:41:27AM] large

Perfect to a tee
Kim Dilney
 [05/29 10:40:39AM] XL

The Everything T-shirt dress
Anna Young
 [05/29 10:40:00AM] XL

Cuff me cuz I’m hot
Amanda Grant
 [05/29 10:39:39AM] Medium

T’s Please t-shirt dress
Danyell Ochocki
 [05/29 10:39:29AM] XL

High-Low beautiful, high-low beautiful cuffs
Meagan Clifton
 [05/29 10:38:54AM] Small

Flirty and fun sun dress
Anna Young
 [05/29 10:37:57AM] XL

All day tee -rific dress
B Lodewyks
 [05/29 10:37:42AM] S

Classic comfy t-time
Christine Richardson
 [05/29 10:37:31AM] Medium

Cross your T-shirt dress
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [05/29 10:37:02AM] Large

All Occasion dress
Christina Friske
 [05/29 10:36:59AM] 3x

High love you dress
Meagan Clifton
 [05/29 10:36:43AM] small

High Tea Tee
Trina Hoang
 [05/29 10:31:48AM] S

Summer Sazzy
Irene Sluggett
 [05/29 10:29:20AM] XL

B-Casual T-Shirt Dress
Krissi Martin
 [05/29 10:26:54AM] L

Double up t shirt dress; Better Together tshirt dress; Give me a Ring t shirt dress; Put a Ring on it t- shirt dress
Emily Hadary
 [05/29 10:25:27AM] Small

summer slam dress, cool and chic dress
dana lean
 [05/29 10:24:47AM] Lrg

Just Casual Dress
Krissi Martin
 [05/29 10:23:22AM] L

Cotton breeze
Lauren Pollock
 [05/29 10:23:16AM] L

High Fashion Low Rise T-shirt Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [05/29 10:23:02AM] Small

Day to night dress
Laura Axford
 [05/29 10:20:03AM] Medium

Casual cuteness
 [05/29 10:19:25AM] Medium

Sassy! T-Shirt Dress
Lucia Amaral
 [05/29 10:19:10AM] large

Fancy Free
Taina Lickers-Smith
 [05/29 10:18:29AM] Xl

Town and Around
lindsay walsh
 [05/29 10:18:14AM] small

Fits Me to a Tee
Jeana Penno
 [05/29 10:18:13AM] XL

High Sky, Low Tide Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [05/29 10:18:13AM] Small

Telling me “T-crets”, too a tee, giving me the feels
Melissa Assiginack
 [05/29 10:18:08AM] Xl

Most Comfy T Dress
Michelle Smith
 [05/29 10:17:36AM] Large

Tee-die-for dress
Suzann Rees
 [05/29 10:17:18AM] Xl

Cross your Tees
Cristy Evers
 [05/29 10:16:42AM] Large

Covid comfy dress
 [05/29 10:16:20AM] 2xl

Hi-Lo is the way to go
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [05/29 10:16:10AM] SMALL

T-die-for dress
Suzann Rees
 [05/29 10:15:42AM] Xl

Yesss Dress
Carla Cook
 [05/29 10:15:41AM] Xl

Summers Comfort Tshirt Dress, Summer Mornings Tshirt Dress, Sunday Mornings Tshirt Dress, Cozy Summer TShirt Dress, Summer Comfort TShirt Dress
Kalin Dolton
 [05/29 10:15:32AM] xs

Yesss Dress
Carla Cook
 [05/29 10:15:24AM] Xl

Simple is best dress
Linsey DeMontigny
 [05/29 10:13:12AM] Large

T-time dress
Suzann Rees
 [05/29 10:11:48AM] Xl

Perfect to a Tee dress , Simply Tee dress, Effortless Tee Dress
Gagan Gill
 [05/29 10:08:50AM] medium

Just Enough sass
Melanie Ring
 [05/29 10:07:58AM] Xxl

You’re t’sing me t-shirt dress
Lindsay Smith
 [05/29 10:05:57AM] Large

Bring on the weekend T-Shirt Dress
Candace Reid
 [05/29 10:05:26AM] Small

GO, Girl!
Carla Cook
 [05/29 10:05:24AM] Xl

DRESSed to a T!
Heather Ewing
 [05/29 10:05:00AM] M

Total Tee dress
Sarah Weiler
 [05/29 10:04:19AM] Large

summer fling
Cheryl Morrison
 [05/29 10:03:44AM] L

Let’s Go Girl
Karen McDonald
 [05/29 10:03:39AM] 2 XL

The anywhere dress
Janna Morin
 [05/29 10:02:24AM] Large

Short and Sweet, Keepin' it Short and Sweet, Keep it Short and Sweet, Casual T LBD, Sweet Tee, Sweet Tee LBD, It's All About the Cuff, Grey Cuff Tee LBD, Grey Cuff T-shirt Dress
Tara Kennedy
 [05/29 10:01:51AM] Large

Cute as cuff (Cute AC) T-shirt dress, Cuff and go T-shirt dress,
Roberta Jansen
 [05/29 10:00:57AM] Large

On the Go Mo-Jo
Jenn Hodgson
 [05/29 9:59:44AM] XL

tee-da t-shirt dress. Ta-da t-shirt dress
Brittany strebchuk
 [05/29 9:59:40AM] Xl

Comfy Cutie
Ashley Kunze
 [05/29 9:58:14AM] XL

Chilling t dress
Darlene Biemans
 [05/29 9:57:51AM] Large

Not So Basic Dress
Brittany Doyle
 [05/29 9:56:47AM] M

Go everywhere dress
Shantel Blanke
 [05/29 9:56:15AM] M

Say "high low" to summer t-shirt dress. Workin' it t-shirt dress. T-time t-shirt dress. Tough cookie t-shirt dress.
Brittany strebchuk
 [05/29 9:55:42AM] xl

On the go Momma, Take off time T-Shirt Dress, Go with the Flow
Tracy Dun
 [05/29 9:55:39AM] XL

The Daily Dress
Shonda Moshis
 [05/29 9:54:03AM] Large

Bougie t-shirt dress
Meagan Glawe
 [05/29 9:51:59AM] L

Golf Tee
Lindy Schneider
 [05/29 9:51:40AM] S

Casual Fri-Yay Dress
Sheena Eddy
 [05/29 9:51:24AM] XS

Off the Cuff T-Shirt Dress
Becky Van Drunen
 [05/29 9:51:23AM] L

Dressed to a Tee
Nikole Schmelter
 [05/29 9:50:54AM] Med

Fit to a tee dress, Tip Top T-shirt Dress, Not your typical T-shirt dress, Summer Fun T-shirt Dress, Play the Part T-shirt Dress,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/29 9:49:56AM] S

The Rock & Roll’d up sleeve dress
Amanda Nelson
 [05/29 9:47:29AM] XL

Teasin’ T-Shirt Dress
Jessica McColm
 [05/29 9:45:37AM] XL

Esther Scowcroft
 [05/29 9:44:49AM] Xlarge

Good Vibes Only T-Dress
Karen Otsig
 [05/29 9:44:00AM] S

Tee you later!
Larissa Bathgate
 [05/29 9:43:33AM] Small

Basic Tee Dress
Donna Tailby
 [05/29 9:42:41AM] medium

Fits like a T
Stacey Koutsiouris
 [05/29 9:41:47AM] L black

Breezily easy T-shirt dress, Runaway vaca dress, Where is my sunhat dress, One & Done Tshirt dress
Jessica Dawn Marie Hutchison
 [05/29 9:40:51AM] Small

Good Karma T-Dress
Karen Otsig
 [05/29 9:40:28AM] S

Hop skip and a jump t-shirt dress
Nikki weightman
 [05/29 9:40:07AM] Small

Get up and Go
Janet Walker
 [05/29 9:39:55AM] XL

Coffee Date T-shirt dress
nikki Weightman
 [05/29 9:38:50AM] Small

Lazy lounging tshirt dress
Kim Luciuk
 [05/29 9:38:32AM] XL

City Sleek, back to basics, simple style
Donna Tailby
 [05/29 9:38:28AM] medium

Hopscotch t-shirt dress
Nikki Weightman
 [05/29 9:38:21AM] Small

Little Black T-Shirt Dress
Nicole Conway
 [05/29 9:38:06AM] small

Fun in the Sun
Amanda Sedore
 [05/29 9:37:33AM] Medium

Little Back T-Shirt Dress
Nicole Conway
 [05/29 9:37:28AM] small

Take me Anywhere Dress
Lisa Kelly
 [05/29 9:37:18AM] Small

Summer Ready, Tee’d up, The One the only, Dress YOU, The One, Be you, Little Black Dress, Black to the Future, Black to Basics
Janine Winter
 [05/29 9:36:52AM] M

Good Vibes Only T-Dress
Karen Otsig
 [05/29 9:36:38AM] S

“Kick Back”Comfy T-Shirt Dress
Susan Boutilier
 [05/29 9:36:27AM] Large

Go everywhere T shirt dress
Daphne Nichols
 [05/29 9:35:49AM] M

Neighborhood watch t-shirt dress
Nikki Weightman
 [05/29 9:35:42AM] Small

Chill Out Chic
Sharon LeNeve
 [05/29 9:30:58AM] Medium

divine comfort dress
misty reimer
 [05/29 9:30:53AM] xl

Casual Classy Dress
Maureen Mendek
 [05/29 9:30:20AM] Medium

Donna Hammerer
 [05/29 9:30:04AM] Large

Tee time; Perfect Tee; Casual Flair; Step Out; Basic Balance;
Susan Constantine
 [05/29 9:29:00AM] XL

T-shirt and go
Amanda Langevin
 [05/29 9:28:55AM] M

Tee-Licious shirt dress
Nicole Burchell
 [05/29 9:27:06AM] M

Dressed up to a tee
Krystyn Smith
 [05/29 9:25:31AM] M

And That’s A Wrap
 [05/29 9:25:22AM] Small

S’More Sunshine
Jessica De Castro
 [05/29 9:24:46AM] M

Straight Outta Court
 [05/29 9:24:28AM] Small

Ready for the Weekend
Nicole Gerber
 [05/29 9:24:21AM] Small

Yasss gurl dress
Courtney McNeill
 [05/29 9:24:09AM] M

Not so basic bae dress, casual cutie companion dress, sexy staple dress, the wardrobe winner
Jenessa Talbot
 [05/29 9:22:44AM] Xl

Just breathe
Tammy Mutch
 [05/29 9:22:10AM] Large

Back road tunic dress
Genista Richards
 [05/29 9:21:54AM] Xl

The. Oh so T--rifific dress
Marion Decker
 [05/29 9:21:37AM] L

Perfect Everywhere Dress
Courtney Keppen
 [05/29 9:21:01AM] Medium

The perfect hem dress
Jamie Pare
 [05/29 9:20:41AM] Small

Around town in comfort dress
Melissa Meideo
 [05/29 9:20:23AM] L

To A T!
Laura Blocka
 [05/29 9:20:21AM] M

Get it on and Go
Sabrina Reece
 [05/29 9:20:04AM] xl

Easy Going T-shirt dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [05/29 9:19:14AM] xl

Isolating With Style
Krista Gautreau
 [05/29 9:19:05AM] Medium

Out On A Stroll T-Shirt Dress, Dress Me Up or Down, Covid Comfy Dress
Glenda Desaulniers
 [05/29 9:18:53AM] Large

Golfing T Dress
cori thompson
 [05/29 9:18:26AM] large

The Rock & Roll’d up sleeve dress
Amanda Nelson
 [05/29 9:16:36AM] Xl

Holla Back Tshirt Dress
Chrystina Clarke
 [05/29 9:15:35AM] xl

Playing it up t-shirt dress
Paula Bass
 [05/29 9:14:06AM] Medium

Breezy Tee-Dress
Alyson Simpson
 [05/29 9:13:39AM] 1X

Relax in Comfort
Sherry Hansen
 [05/29 9:13:29AM] XL

Shame rattle and roll dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 9:12:36AM] Large

Cute in Comfort T-shirt Dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [05/29 9:12:33AM] xl

Sweetest thing dress
Jennifer nagel
 [05/29 9:11:41AM] Large

Chill T-shirt Dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [05/29 9:11:26AM] xl

Babes in basics
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/29 9:11:19AM] Large

Dress me down
Samantha Keegan
 [05/29 9:11:18AM] XL

Totally me t-shirt dress, bring the tee, leave it to me, show time t-shirt dress
Elora Morrison-Burgess
 [05/29 9:10:50AM] Medium

Debbie Szwaczka
 [05/29 9:10:15AM] XL

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/29 9:10:09AM] Large

Not your boyfriend's tee dress
Leanne MacLeod
 [05/29 9:09:37AM] Xl

Off Course T-Shirt Dress
Shannon Rosso
 [05/29 9:09:27AM] Small

Cute in the city
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/29 9:09:27AM] Large

Free to be
Christie McPhee
 [05/29 9:08:16AM] M

Summer Lovin’ T-Shirt Dress
Shannon Rosso
 [05/29 9:08:09AM] Small

Baseball tee dress
Shannon stewart
 [05/29 9:06:58AM] Medium

Walking on sunshine dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 9:06:36AM] Large

Hello beautiful dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 9:06:09AM] Large

T- Riffic
Brenda Fisher
 [05/29 9:05:57AM] Large

Sexy Mom on the Go!
Phyllis Gibbons
 [05/29 9:05:21AM] Large

Bahama mama dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 9:04:57AM] Large

Bermuda sunshine dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 9:04:32AM] Large

Dress to the Tee
Melanie Waddell
 [05/29 9:04:28AM] Lg

Ask me t-shirt dress, pixel t-shirt dress, summer shade t-shirt dress
Elora Morrison-Burgess
 [05/29 9:04:15AM] Medium

T-reffic dress
Kim Wonnacott
 [05/29 9:03:48AM] XL

On the Run
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [05/29 9:03:43AM] Large

Steal my boyfriend t-shirt dress
Chelsey Herechuk
 [05/29 9:03:27AM] L

Classic black T-shirt dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 9:03:25AM] Large

Bring 'em Out T- Shirt Dress
Ashlee Murray
 [05/29 9:03:16AM] XL

Dress to the T - T shirt Dress
Jeanette Pentland
 [05/29 9:03:15AM] M

On the run dress
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [05/29 9:02:48AM] Large

On the run dress
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [05/29 9:02:27AM] Large

Well rounded and adorable
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/29 9:00:59AM] Large

Ready to roll dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 9:00:35AM] Large

Strolling in Vancity
Ashlie McBryan
 [05/29 9:00:02AM] Large

Beach to street dress
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 8:59:41AM] Large

Tee-Da! Dress
Amanda Hallmark
 [05/29 8:59:00AM] M

Walking on sunshine
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 8:58:57AM] Large

Keepin’ It Casual Dress
Candace Woollam
 [05/29 8:58:41AM] Medium

Just Get Up & Go
Wanda Sinclair
 [05/29 8:58:23AM] 2XL

Ready set sun
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 8:58:21AM] Large

Grab and go
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 8:57:46AM] Large

Keepin’ It Casual Dress
Candace Woollam
 [05/29 8:57:39AM] M

Sun and go
Jennifer Nagel
 [05/29 8:57:06AM] Large

Off The Court Dress, Comftee Dress
Amanda Benker
 [05/29 8:56:55AM] XL

High and Low Around we go!
Bobbie-Jo Killam
 [05/29 8:56:55AM] L

Jersey Girl
Joanne Halliday
 [05/29 8:56:48AM] L

Black Magic
Tonya Chypyha
 [05/29 8:56:17AM] XL

Fits to A T -shirt dress, Totally T-shirt, T-riffic shirt dress,
Jenn Dilfer
 [05/29 8:55:46AM] Xl

Weekend Wonder Dress, City Cruiser Dress
Danica Reid
 [05/29 8:55:23AM] XL

Dress Me
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:54:37AM] XL

I Need That Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:54:05AM] XL

Basic Babe Dress
Kayla Lutz
 [05/29 8:54:01AM] M

I Want that Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:53:38AM] XL

Casual Sheek
Bryanna Duclos
 [05/29 8:53:13AM] x-l

Perfect Work-Play Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:53:07AM] XL

Wear it Everywhere T-shirt Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:52:36AM] XL

The Every-Body T-Shirt Dress
Rochelle Milmine
 [05/29 8:52:32AM] LG

The Shortie
Amber Parkinson
 [05/29 8:52:32AM] small

Perfect All Day All Night Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:51:02AM] XL

Friday Junior T shirt dress
Suzanne Labonte
 [05/29 8:50:42AM] L

Sleek comfort
Maggie Bresee
 [05/29 8:50:19AM] Medium

Dress Up Down Hi-lo Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:49:58AM] XL

Go Anywhere Dress
Melissa Huraj
 [05/29 8:49:55AM] S

The everyday, the everyday, everywhere or "the 3E" (everyday, everywhere, every occasion)
Shannon Okun
 [05/29 8:49:44AM] M

All Day T-Shirt Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:48:57AM] XL

City cruiser dress
Danica Morris
 [05/29 8:48:56AM] XL

Boyfriend t shirt dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/29 8:48:45AM] XL

Pure Comfort Dress, Casually Chic Dress
Michelle Hefford
 [05/29 8:48:41AM] L

High-lo Tunic Dress, Simple Casual Tunic Dress
Felisha Flodin
 [05/29 8:48:00AM] XL

City cruiser dress
Danica Morris
 [05/29 8:47:38AM] XL

Weekend wonder dress
Danica Morris
 [05/29 8:47:06AM] XL

So comfy it hertz
Leah Kwaak
 [05/29 8:46:32AM] L

Rhonda L Bolz
 [05/29 8:45:25AM] 2XL

Hi-lo Summer! Dress
Amie Heaslip
 [05/29 8:45:20AM] XL

Rhonda L Bolz
 [05/29 8:44:47AM] XL

Easy Sunday T-Dress
Connie Hardy
 [05/29 8:44:21AM] L

Swing into Summer Tshirt Dress
Antionette Payne
 [05/29 8:43:18AM] xl

Summer Lovin’ TShirt Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [05/29 8:41:47AM] XL

Easy Peas-Tee Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [05/29 8:41:22AM] XL

Here I Go Again TShirt Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [05/29 8:40:54AM] XL

My everyday??
Jackie Hutchinson
 [05/29 8:40:54AM] XL14-16

Travel & Touring
Hunter Gates
 [05/29 8:40:31AM] M

Weekend Warrior T-Shirt Dress??
Brandy Sjostrom
 [05/29 8:40:01AM] Large

Tee-Time Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [05/29 8:39:26AM] XL

On The Road Again Dress
Brooke Derksen
 [05/29 8:39:04AM] XL

Go To Every Day Dress
Jayne Eyres
 [05/29 8:38:52AM] Large

The Vienna
Victoria Parisi
 [05/29 8:38:26AM] S

Tee and Me Dress, All Around Town Dress, De-stress Tee Dress
Jennifer Barone
 [05/29 8:37:22AM] Size M

Wear Ever Tee Dress
Geri Bordas
 [05/29 8:36:51AM] S

Home Run
Jennifer Haviland
 [05/29 8:36:48AM] Xl

Comfy/Cozy Weekend T-Dress
 [05/29 8:36:48AM] Large

Dress to a Tee, Dressy T-ease, All seasons, 3 Seasons
Jessy Andrusiak
 [05/29 8:36:26AM] S or M depending on fit

Take It Tee-sy Dress
Rachel Tourville
 [05/29 8:36:26AM] XL

Easy like Sunday Morning,
jolene stewart
 [05/29 8:35:40AM] xl xxl

Easy Street Dress
Rachel Tourville
 [05/29 8:35:33AM] XL

Teez it Up Teez it Down, Dress it Up Teez it Down
Samantha Wong
 [05/29 8:35:27AM] M

Goal getter
Antionette Payne
 [05/29 8:34:54AM] XL

Tee-se Me Dress
Rachel Tourville
 [05/29 8:34:42AM] XL

You need another dress
amber fisher
 [05/29 8:34:26AM] xl

Casual-Tee Dress
 [05/29 8:34:07AM] Xl

Modern Audrey Dress
Rachel Tourville
 [05/29 8:33:28AM] XL

“T”GIF dress
Angela Siemens
 [05/29 8:33:20AM] Xl

Summer Lovin'
Antionette Payne
 [05/29 8:33:14AM] XL

Sweet Summer
Antionette Payne
 [05/29 8:32:36AM] XL

All Day All Night T-Shirt Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:32:34AM] XL

Dress to Tee
Nadine Salmers
 [05/29 8:32:03AM] M

Dress Up Down High-Lo Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:31:57AM] XL

Works for Everything Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:31:03AM] XL

Tee-lightful dress; Tee-lightfully Simple Dress
Haley Boland
 [05/29 8:30:58AM] XL

“T”GIF dress
Angela Siemens
 [05/29 8:30:30AM] XL

Pan’Damn I Look Good (play on the word pandemic!)
Shannon Watson
 [05/29 8:30:20AM] 1X

Buffet Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:29:52AM] XL

It's Always Tee Time Tunic
Raina Brugger
 [05/29 8:29:50AM] Xs

All Day Dress
Lara Gray
 [05/29 8:29:19AM] XL

Perfect to a Tee
jamie allport
 [05/29 8:28:47AM] xl

Casual Chic
Noreen Hendershot
 [05/29 8:28:25AM] Large

Not Your Old T-Shirt Dress
Brayell Dengler
 [05/29 8:28:08AM] S

Perfect High-low T Dress
Terry Becker
 [05/29 8:27:41AM] Medium

Dressed to a Tee, Comfy Casual T-shirt Dress, Keeping it Real T-Shirt dress, T-shirt Dress to Impress
Erin Shantz
 [05/29 8:27:33AM] small

She Acts Like Summer And Walks Like Rain
Antionette Payne
 [05/29 8:27:11AM] XL

Get up and go
Nicole Weir
 [05/29 8:27:07AM] Sm

Just roll with it
Nicole Rayner
 [05/29 8:26:06AM] S

Drops of Jupiter
Antionette Payne
 [05/29 8:25:49AM] XL

Every day glam
Jocelyn Morey
 [05/29 8:25:32AM] L

Keeping it casual
Shannon Arruda
 [05/29 8:25:28AM] S

Tee Time Tunic Dress
Raina Brugger
 [05/29 8:24:49AM] Xs

Basic Beauty Dress, Sunrise to sundown dress, Office to off duty dress,
Gina Bolton
 [05/29 8:24:40AM] Xl

Tranquil T-dress
Tess Lohr
 [05/29 8:24:25AM] Medium

Tee time dress
Amanda Heggelund
 [05/29 8:23:58AM] Med

Off the cuff dress
April Manning
 [05/29 8:23:52AM] Medium

Endless PossibiliTees Dress, PossibiliTee Dress, PositiviTee Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [05/29 8:23:33AM] XL

League of it’s own T-shirt dress
Candice MacNeil
 [05/29 8:23:14AM] Xs

Run around dress
Jen Bonn
 [05/29 8:22:24AM] Xl

Business in the front party in the back t-shirt dress
Rachel Curran
 [05/29 8:22:03AM] XL

Cotton Connection t shirt dress
Sheila bock
 [05/29 8:21:55AM] Xl

The dress to go.
Monica Steinson
 [05/29 8:21:51AM] Xl

Casual Friday
Heather Downey
 [05/29 8:21:41AM] XL or larger

Pure comfort dress
Fiona Young
 [05/29 8:21:30AM] Xl

Little Teez Dress
Julie Marshall
 [05/29 8:21:06AM] M

Dressed to a T, What a 'Tee's, What a 'T's, Dressed to chill, Style and Comfort Dress,
Stephanie Hanniman
 [05/29 8:20:39AM] XL

World of it’s own T-shirt dress
Candice MacNeil
 [05/29 8:20:33AM] Xs

Cotton Connection
Sheila bock
 [05/29 8:19:05AM] Xl

Totally Together T
Mary Chapman
 [05/29 8:19:04AM] Xl

Around the Town Dress
Sara McLean
 [05/29 8:18:12AM] M

...Well Hi-Lo There...
Miranda Bowman
 [05/29 8:17:57AM] S

Easy Peasy Teasy
Mary Chapman
 [05/29 8:17:56AM] Xl

Day off dress
Tara Macaulay
 [05/29 8:17:36AM] Large

Scoop of fun dress, Hi-Lo Sunshine, Places to be dress, Classic comfort t-shirt dress, Say Hi-Lo dress
Tatrina Mohr
 [05/29 8:17:35AM] Large

'Not his' T shirt dress
Kim MacDonald
 [05/29 8:17:18AM] S-M

The Happy Hi-Lo
Miranda Bowman
 [05/29 8:17:18AM] S

Cue-tee T-shirt Dress
Bonnie Fouladi
 [05/29 8:17:11AM] Large

Classic Chic Dress
Tessa Fleck
 [05/29 8:17:03AM] XL

Tee time dress
Julia strickland
 [05/29 8:16:44AM] Small

Quaran-Tee-n dress
Darian young
 [05/29 8:16:38AM] L

Get Away Girl
Amber Smith
 [05/29 8:16:18AM] XL

catch you on the flip side tee dress
angela kerluke
 [05/29 8:15:57AM] XL

Suits you/me to a Tee
Carrie Coburn
 [05/29 8:15:02AM] m or l

Hands off it's Mine
Antionette Payne
 [05/29 8:14:26AM] XL

Saturday in the Park
Victoria Torrie
 [05/29 8:14:22AM] Xl

This shirt is Fitting to a “T”!!
Brenda Pashko
 [05/29 8:13:43AM] Medium

Dressed to a Tee
Melissa Ingram
 [05/29 8:13:19AM] Medium

Lunch to Laundry Tshirt Dress
Donna Clipperton
 [05/29 8:13:01AM] L

Tennis Anyone ?
Nicole Smith
 [05/29 8:12:35AM] S

Cuffed to be cute
Karli Owens
 [05/29 8:12:25AM] xs

Tennis Anyone ?
Nicole Smith
 [05/29 8:12:18AM] S

Not your average Tee
Melissa Ingram
 [05/29 8:11:52AM] Medium

Cuffed to a tee
Karli Owens
 [05/29 8:11:50AM] xs

Hit the Streets Dress
Christine Gradin
 [05/29 8:11:41AM] L

Tennis Anyone ?
Nicole Smith
 [05/29 8:11:21AM] S

Tennis Anyone ?
Nicole Smith
 [05/29 8:11:00AM] S

Comfy to a Tee
Jeanelle Warner
 [05/29 8:10:46AM] Xl

Feeling Sassy, Chic Comfort
Cindy Wiebe
 [05/29 8:10:22AM] L

Gail Emanuels
 [05/29 8:09:41AM] M

Classy but Sassy high low t-shirt dress
Denae Opdendries
 [05/29 8:09:35AM] Large

Comforts coming dress
Tonia Lamarche
 [05/29 8:09:21AM] S

All about the Tales Tshirt Dress
Candace Carriere
 [05/29 8:08:50AM] Medium

Around the town T-shirt dress
Erica Walsh
 [05/29 8:08:37AM] L

No pants? No problem!
Meghan Plamondon
 [05/29 8:08:28AM] Small?

All about that dress
Erica Walsh
 [05/29 8:08:17AM] L

Essential T dress
 [05/29 8:08:01AM] m

But those sleeves
Erica Walsh
 [05/29 8:07:44AM] L

All Round Tshirt
Wendy Brulotte
 [05/29 8:07:30AM] Large

Keepin’ It Casual Dress
Candace Woollam
 [05/29 8:07:05AM] M

To A Tee
Frances Dey
 [05/29 8:06:05AM] XS or Small

Keep in’ It Casual Dress
Candace Woollam
 [05/29 8:05:57AM] M

To a Tee Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [05/29 8:05:39AM] XL

On The Run Dress
Scuylar quevillon
 [05/29 8:05:21AM] M

Running errands
Aleisha Barlow
 [05/29 8:04:13AM] Xl

Spot on
Shantel lebel
 [05/29 8:03:38AM] Med

High To the Low T-shirt Dress
Alyssa Fahie
 [05/29 8:03:37AM] Xs

Lounging in luxury t-shirt dress
Danielle wittal
 [05/29 8:02:56AM] Medium?

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