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Pepper & Zoe Zip Blouse
June 5, 2020

Silver Icing Pepper & Zoe Zip Blouse

You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these Pepper & Zoe zipper blouses! These blouses feature a rounded hemline with a polyester feel. With buttoned cuffs and straps to secure them up, these tops are comfortable and flattering on all body types!


Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting before Sunday, June 7 at 9AM (PST).



Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week! The winner will receive their size and colour of choice! (XXS/S, XS/S, S/M, M/L, L/XL, XL/2XL, 2XL/3XL in Black, White or Pink). These zip-ups will Presale for $49.99 (Retail $54.95). Good luck! ❤️



*Kim is wearing the size S/M*

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Total of 653 Entries
Congratulations to Tara Sarsfield, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Zipping Pretty Blouse
Zip-It Blouse
Chantal de Rocquigny
 [06/07 8:53:39AM] Pink S/M

Dressing With ZIP
Brenda Pashko
 [06/07 8:51:50AM] Black - Size 12

The Zip and Cruise
Alicia Taylor
 [06/07 8:22:43AM] Black size M/L

Zip A Beauty
Gwen Mitchell
 [06/07 8:20:09AM] Pink m/l

Working on the weekend blouse
Laura foxwell
 [06/07 8:12:31AM] Black, small

Too legit to zip
Megan Macinnes
 [06/07 8:09:52AM] 2XL black

Zip and Fly
Pamela Wood
 [06/07 8:03:15AM] Black, Medium

Zip to It, Zipadee do blouse,
Terri Moore
 [06/07 7:25:04AM] Black, medium

Zippity Do Zoe
Phyllis Foster
 [06/07 6:15:04AM] Large pink

Zippity Do Da
Phyllis Foster
 [06/07 6:13:38AM] Large pink

sheer casual class
jennifer swayze
 [06/07 4:36:12AM] white xl/2x

Dare me , limitless , living it up
Tabitha Mydonick
 [06/07 12:52:08AM] Black small

Zip Appeal Blouse
Sandi Lush
 [06/06 11:40:34PM] Black XL/2XL

Zippidy do da zipper shirt
Shohreh Burchell
 [06/06 11:28:23PM] Pink xs

Zip Appeal Blouse
Sandi Lush
 [06/06 10:30:33PM] Black XL/2XL

Summer Breeze
Steph Adams
 [06/06 10:15:20PM] White xl/2xl

Zip Me Tender Blouse
Deidre Morris
 [06/06 9:35:10PM] L/XL in Pink

Lookin’ Good Zip Blouse
Sheila Konecsni
 [06/06 9:31:28PM] Black L/XL

Zip Me Tender
Deidre Morris
 [06/06 9:25:49PM] L/XL Pink

The Zip Slip
Cynthia Wahl
 [06/06 9:21:41PM] Black L/XL

Zip to the Future
Brayell Dengler
 [06/06 9:17:37PM] Black S/M

Zip into summer, sunny zip, zip in your step
Dawn wise
 [06/06 9:00:18PM] Pink xl

Zipped with class
Angela Gladue
 [06/06 8:43:32PM] Small black

Boss Blouse
Joanna Lewis
 [06/06 8:35:55PM] pink l/xl

Zip to my Lou, my darling
Donna Badowski
 [06/06 8:24:37PM] Black xs/s

Perfect pockets blouse; Perfectly Chic Blouse, Summer Chic Blouse
Jacquie Middleton
 [06/06 7:42:42PM] Size large pink or black please

Dress Me Up blouse
Jacquie Middleton
 [06/06 7:36:06PM] Size large pink please

Dress me up blouse
Jacquie Middleton
 [06/06 7:34:25PM] Size large pink

Casually Yours
Danielle Oudesluys
 [06/06 7:26:17PM] Black - medium

Just Zip It
Charmaine Kotyk
 [06/06 6:53:56PM] Black, medium

Life is a highway! Happy Hour! Yacht Club Blouse!
April Schirmer
 [06/06 6:44:05PM] Pink Xl

Zip on by
Lyndsey Baker
 [06/06 6:33:02PM] L/xl black

Smart set
Doreen wiens
 [06/06 6:20:37PM] Medium pink

Office to Date Night Blouse
Erin Hartung
 [06/06 6:17:08PM] Black, XL

Simply Stylin Blouse
Elena Robertson
 [06/06 6:12:35PM] Pink S/M

Simple Stylin blouse
Elena Robertson
 [06/06 6:11:29PM] Pink S/M

Easy Breezy blouse
Elena Robertson
 [06/06 6:09:36PM] Pink S/M

Day to night chic!
Elena Robertson
 [06/06 6:07:56PM] Pink S/M

Sassy Zip Top
Jen Sebok
 [06/06 6:01:38PM] Black, S/M

Zip Around Town Blouse
Penny Masear
 [06/06 5:21:58PM] Pink L-XL

Serious Zipped Blouse
Penny Masear
 [06/06 5:18:42PM] Pink L/XL

Zip-a-dee Do Blouse
Penny masear
 [06/06 5:17:40PM] Pink L/Xl

Business Babe Blouse
Emma McQuarrie
 [06/06 5:02:08PM] Black, M/L

Cute & Classy Quarter-Zip Blouse
Emma McQuarrie
 [06/06 4:59:33PM] Black M/L

Zip Up Town Cuffed Blouse, Night Out Zip Blouse
Angela Skoreiko
 [06/06 4:50:20PM] Black XL/2XL

Do it up right! Zip top
Julie Panisiak
 [06/06 4:49:29PM] Pink m/l

Back to Business Blouse
Katelyn Taylor
 [06/06 4:23:53PM] Pink XL

Babes Blouse
Katelyn Taylor
 [06/06 4:17:47PM] Pink, XL

Zip zip hooray
Vanessa Heilman
 [06/06 3:57:09PM] M pink

Zip, zip hooray top
Dianna korol
 [06/06 3:47:01PM] Pink L/Xl

Zippin into summer casual blouse
 [06/06 3:35:45PM] Lg white please ?

Sammi tee, Ooh La La Zip Top, Pockets Full of Sunshine
Samantha Brice
 [06/06 3:11:09PM] black XS

Zip Me Up !
Christina Spadafora
 [06/06 2:48:50PM] Small/pink

Shabby Chik
Rachael Vrieselaar
 [06/06 2:19:50PM] S/M in pink

Make it happen, You are enough, Now or Never, Go with the flow, Positively Zipped
Joanne Harris
 [06/06 2:03:37PM] Xl black

Zipped to Perfection
Petrina Cameron
 [06/06 2:00:00PM] Pink L/XL

Zip it
Ellen Vaneyk
 [06/06 1:42:00PM] Pink size xl

Zipper up
Tracy Fisher
 [06/06 1:38:30PM] Black size small

Zip into style
Gina Colombe
 [06/06 11:57:25AM] black & L

Zip Me Pretty
Kelsey Slaney
 [06/06 11:39:34AM] Black & Medium

Zip Free With Me Blouse
Mireille chasse
 [06/06 11:33:06AM] M/L in white

Zipped and Tucked Blouse; Zip and Peppered Blouse; A Tuck and A Pull Whichever Way You Go Blouse; Perfectly Zip-periour Blouse ; The Most Zippier Blouse
April Hunt
 [06/06 11:22:46AM] Black: M/L

Perfect summer zip blouse
Elizabeth Pinder
 [06/06 11:19:52AM] White medium

Zip and Tuck ; The Zip and Tuck ; Perfectly Prepped Top
April Hunt
 [06/06 11:08:39AM] M/L Black

The Freedom Blouse
Mary Ann Villeneuve
 [06/06 10:53:50AM] Pink, M/L

Zip Along Blouse
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [06/06 10:38:31AM] black large

Zipped in all its own class
Terry Becker
 [06/06 10:35:33AM] White medium

EZ Zip
zsuzsi abramson
 [06/06 10:32:37AM] Black xxl

Classy Zip Blouse
Terry Becker
 [06/06 10:30:29AM] White medium

Lucky You
zsuzsi abramson
 [06/06 10:27:59AM] Black XXL

Uptown Girl Blouse
Readman, Kym
 [06/06 10:17:14AM] Black , Size XL/2XL

Zip to it top
Nichole Roszell
 [06/06 10:00:44AM] Pink and lg

Casually Yours
Hunter Gates
 [06/06 9:54:56AM] M black

" On The Fly
Crystal Borkes
 [06/06 9:53:39AM] M/L and pink ??

Sassy Chic Blouse
Ani Olson
 [06/06 9:43:54AM] Pink S/M

Zip to it top
Nathalie Denicola
 [06/06 9:41:28AM] pink size xs/s

Zip Zip Hooray, Zip Code, Zippin' Around, Zip It, Zip A Dee Doo Dah
Jennifer Smith
 [06/06 9:40:42AM] White XS/S

Casual Chic Blouse
Tara Timmermans
 [06/06 9:39:28AM] Black 1xl

Fabulous freedom top, zip to it to, fabu-casu top, this is me top
Tecia Beulens
 [06/06 9:39:25AM] Pink S/M

Zip Me Up Blouse
Dana Kendall
 [06/06 9:34:16AM] Black & Large

I Am The Trend Zip Blouse
Valerie Bosch
 [06/06 9:25:31AM] White , Small

classic with a fresh zip
Debbie Jensen
 [06/06 9:15:46AM] White s/m

Zip me some fun
Tara Morrison
 [06/06 8:59:57AM] XS/S black

Meet you there blouse
Fiona Hetherington
 [06/06 8:59:39AM] S/M pink

Easy breezy blouse
Fiona Hetherington
 [06/06 8:58:23AM] S/M pink

P&Z zippy blouse
Trina Wiseman
 [06/06 8:53:49AM] 3xl black

It’s a zip thing, Zippin Style, Zip and Go, Zip Around Town
Jennifer Barone
 [06/06 8:53:01AM] Pink size M

Zip on over to my closet Blouse
Louise Giese
 [06/06 8:50:26AM] Black & M/L

Touch of zip top
Ashley Strome
 [06/06 8:44:40AM] Black large

Soft around the edges top, All the right edges top, Zipmeuptop
Andrea Priestley
 [06/06 8:38:09AM] Black XL

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful
Chantalle Gauthier
 [06/06 8:37:14AM] White m/l

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful
Chantalle Gauthier
 [06/06 8:36:43AM] White m/l

Lookin’ Lovely
Chantalle Gauthier
 [06/06 8:35:44AM] White m/l

Zipping around, Zip Zip Horray
Caroline Hultgren
 [06/06 8:34:23AM] Black medium

Chic Staple
Chantalle Gauthier
 [06/06 8:32:01AM] White m/l

Chic With It
Chantalle Gauthier
 [06/06 8:31:01AM] White m/l

Zippin Breezy
Kelly MacIntyre
 [06/06 8:25:06AM] White, small

Zipping around town top
Sarah Graham
 [06/06 8:20:28AM] Black, Small/medium

Casual elegance
Kathie jasperson
 [06/06 8:11:50AM] Black XL

Zippidy Do It blouse
Marlene seymour
 [06/06 8:04:38AM] Pink large

Zip me up before you go go
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [06/06 7:54:15AM] black XL/2Xl

“Zip me up, Scotty”
Trisha Unique
 [06/06 7:51:58AM] Black, medium

Too Zip to Be Square
Stephanie Moga
 [06/06 7:50:50AM] Black, L/XL

Zippin' Around Blouse
Karen Carvell
 [06/06 7:41:47AM] XL/2XL Black

Free Styling Blouse
Laura Barkman
 [06/06 7:36:20AM] Black XL/2XL

Zip zip hooray blouse
Ina Hammer
 [06/06 7:27:22AM] pink, xs/s

Zip to my Lou my Darlin’
Mandy Spielman
 [06/06 7:09:39AM] XS/S pink

zip sexy blouse
Alacia Henderson
 [06/06 6:48:57AM] Pink and medium

Everyday Zip Blouse
Paula Ellison
 [06/06 6:43:55AM] Xxs/s pink

Own It blose
Nancy Twist
 [06/06 5:32:34AM] pink, large

Rockin’ It blouse
Nancy Twist
 [06/06 5:31:50AM] black, large

‘Slick Chick’ blouse
Nancy Twist
 [06/06 5:29:36AM] white, xl

Zip, Flip, You're Hip
Nadine Salmers
 [06/06 5:28:22AM] Pink M/L

Summer breeze 3/4 sleeve
Megan main
 [06/06 4:55:44AM] Small white

Zip Service Blouse
Kelly Gallagher
 [06/06 4:45:43AM] pink xs/s

Free falling
Jennifer Tanner
 [06/06 4:10:58AM] Pink small

Sassy and classy zip shirt , sassy yet classy ,
Natalie ransom
 [06/06 3:23:33AM] Black xl

Precious Cargo
Kerissa Dickie
 [06/06 3:20:45AM] Black 2X/3X

Rev Me Up
Melissa Langdon
 [06/06 1:40:43AM] White; XL/2XL

Blouses Be Crazy
Melissa Langdon
 [06/06 1:39:37AM] Pink; XL/2XL

Pep Me Up Top
Melissa Langdon
 [06/06 1:35:20AM] White; XL/2XL

Classy and Sassy
Karen Weiman
 [06/06 1:30:38AM] Pink 3xl

Bingin Blouse, Bling Blouse, Bling'n Blouse
Melissa McIntyre
 [06/06 12:51:11AM] Black. I normally wear Lg so not sure if I should get M/L or L/XL

Tres Chic
Debbie Marshall
 [06/06 12:14:37AM] XL/2XL

Zip Me with Your Best Shot Top, Get Zippy with It Top, Gettin’ Zippy With It Top, Pretty Fly Top, Zip Magnet Top, Unzip to Hip Top, Zip and Happening Top, Zip and Happenin’ Top
Candice Crosby
 [06/06 12:13:24AM] Pink & M/L

Zip Me with Your Best Shot Top, Get Zippy with It Top, Gettin’ Zippy With It Top, Pretty Fly Top, Zip Magnet Top, Unzip to Hip Top, Zip and Happening Top, Zip and Happenin’ Top
Candice Crosby
 [06/06 12:12:25AM] Pink & M/L

Zip Me with Your Best Shot Top, Get Zippy with It Top, Gettin’ Zippy With It Top, Pretty Fly Top, Zip Magnet Top, Unzip to Hip Top, Zip and Happening Top, Zip and Happenin’ Top
Candice Crosby
 [06/06 12:12:05AM] Pink & M/L

Zip to it,zip on by, zip it to me
Verona Jungling
 [06/06 12:04:24AM] black m/l

Hot Zips Hoolihan Blouse; Hot Zips Blouse; Ah, Zip It; Zipster;
Jennifer Dilder
 [06/05 11:16:12PM] Xl hot pink

Class act top
Jennifer Hackenschmidt
 [06/05 11:07:40PM] Black xlg

Pretty fly blouse
Kate Abraham
 [06/05 10:45:13PM] White S/M

All around town top
Kerri Kirk
 [06/05 10:43:42PM] Black xl

Joanne Mallory
 [06/05 10:33:00PM] White size medium

Zip in to summer Blouse
Heather McAuley
 [06/05 10:13:53PM] Black lg

Blouse to Browse
Teresa Kolarcik
 [06/05 10:13:01PM] Pink and small

Zip Chic
Loraine Lalonde
 [06/05 10:12:17PM] Pink sm/med

Take Me Out
Christine Baudry
 [06/05 10:02:11PM] Small pink

Day dreamer zipper top
Candace Carriere
 [06/05 10:01:30PM] Pink M/L

slURVEY blouse (slim looking/curve of your bottom)
Camellia Gray
 [06/05 9:59:48PM] Mediums

Summer simple zip
Pamela Burton
 [06/05 9:55:13PM] Black medium

Free Flow Blouse
Melissa Haines
 [06/05 9:44:43PM] White S/M

Zipper Hero; Freelance; Flirt n’ Flowy Blouse; Flattering Unicorn; Zippy Chic
Jennifer Kerychuk
 [06/05 9:30:25PM] Pink M/L

Back in class
Brenna Walker
 [06/05 9:19:18PM] Hot pink m/l

Zip me away
stephanie mrdeza
 [06/05 9:14:11PM] m/l pink

Zip and tuck
Maureen Roy
 [06/05 8:54:08PM] Black xl

Let’s zip to the weekend blouse
Laurie Anderson
 [06/05 8:52:58PM] Black xl/2xl

Zip it real good
Debbie Merchant
 [06/05 8:45:22PM] 2xl pink

Nothing compares zipper classic
Cheryl Bosch
 [06/05 8:31:04PM] Pink S/M

Jenn Moyer
 [06/05 8:23:15PM] Black xl/2xl

P and z zip blouse
Glynis matheson
 [06/05 8:17:12PM] Blue xl

Zip to be hip, comfy zip, spring zip, free spirited zip
Rhea Morgan
 [06/05 8:05:44PM] Black sz med

ZipPity do da blouse
Lori forsyth
 [06/05 8:02:50PM] L/XL pink

City Chic zip blouse
Whitney stone mathews
 [06/05 8:02:02PM] Pink medium/large

Classy to sassy zipper blouse
Marcie Ruether
 [06/05 8:01:55PM] Black l/xl

Dash of Comfy Class
Carolle Prytula
 [06/05 8:00:05PM] Pink in size S/M

Chantilly grace
Loni Mcpherson
 [06/05 7:54:21PM] White, medium

Zip up the fun blouse
Maria Lento
 [06/05 7:53:57PM] White medium

Girl about town or what this old thing?
Mandy Collins
 [06/05 7:44:48PM] S/m pink

Zip Uptown Blouse
Patricia Clifford
 [06/05 7:42:23PM] Pink and a small.

Zip It Blouse
Laurel McClean
 [06/05 7:37:18PM] Black 2X

Free Flowing Blouse
Aspen Hall
 [06/05 7:19:43PM] S/M Black

City lights blouse
Joanna Lewis
 [06/05 7:14:53PM] pink l/xl

Its hip to zip
amber fisher
 [06/05 7:13:12PM] pink l/xl

Zip it to win it
Brittaney Pregizer
 [06/05 7:12:22PM] Xl/2xl pink

City Nights
Jerry Konecsni
 [06/05 7:08:07PM] XL/2xl pink

Jaime Davison
 [06/05 7:04:20PM] 3xl pink

Alisha Openshaw
 [06/05 7:03:56PM] Xl white

The Final Zip
Marcey Larocque
 [06/05 7:03:55PM] Black 2xl

Strut your Stuff
Hailee Weir
 [06/05 6:55:33PM] White XL

Take on the Day zipper blouse, Zip Zip
Lindsay Rempel
 [06/05 6:54:05PM] Pink, small

Light & Breezy Blouse
Aspen Hall
 [06/05 6:52:54PM] S/M Black

Easy Breezy Blouse
Aspen Hall
 [06/05 6:50:44PM] S/M Blouse

Just Flow with it Blouse
Aspen Hall
 [06/05 6:43:10PM] S/M Black

Zipster Blouse
Carole Tessier
 [06/05 6:42:52PM] Pink S/M

Zippy Chic
Jackie Sanford
 [06/05 6:41:59PM] Pink XL/2XL

Footloose and Fancy Free Blouse
Aspen Hall
 [06/05 6:41:51PM] S/M Black

Easy breezy top
Taryn Harper
 [06/05 6:40:52PM] Black medium

Going With the Flow Blouse
Aspen Hall
 [06/05 6:39:47PM] S/M Black

Casual Elegance Zip, Or casually elegant
Gennie Walters
 [06/05 6:29:11PM] Black medium

See my zip top
Amanda Grant
 [06/05 6:23:37PM] White s/m

See me zip top
Amanda grant
 [06/05 6:21:25PM] White s/m

Zip and Tuck
Nerissa Bysterveld
 [06/05 6:21:13PM] Pink S/M

Zip me low zip me high shirt
Sarah Chapman
 [06/05 6:20:50PM] Black M/L

Add A Little Zip
Nerissa Bysterveld
 [06/05 6:17:10PM] Pink S/M

Zip to My Lou, Zipology, Zipperology, Zipperific, Ziptastic, Unzipped, Unzipper Blouse, Zip It Cuff It Love It
Tara Kennedy
 [06/05 6:12:35PM] Pink & M/L

Cargo Cachet
Kerissa Dickie
 [06/05 6:10:21PM] Black 2X/3X

E.Z. Zip blouse
Amber Dubitz
 [06/05 6:07:31PM] Black xl/2xl

Chic Mystique Zip blouse
Maria Boonstra
 [06/05 6:03:49PM] M/L pink

Virtual Voyages
Kerissa Dickie
 [06/05 6:02:59PM] Black 2X/3X

Zip, Zip Hooray Blouse
Kourtney Kerelation
 [06/05 6:01:37PM] XL/2XL white

Sweet and Sassy Zip Top
Liz Straiton
 [06/05 5:57:30PM] Pink small

City Safari
Kerissa Dickie
 [06/05 5:57:29PM] Black 2X/3X

Pretty Zipalicious
Lynn Wyatt-Reichheld
 [06/05 5:57:13PM] Black xl

Street Safari
Kerissa Dickie
 [06/05 5:54:28PM] Black 2X/3X

Oh snap! Top
Nancy Keating
 [06/05 5:50:46PM] Pink XL

Peekaboo or Butterfly Top or Great White North
Becki Young
 [06/05 5:44:17PM] White Or Black xl/2xl

Let it slide blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 5:42:31PM] Pink medium

Zip Up or Zip Down Blouse
Lucia Amaral
 [06/05 5:41:52PM] Pink, XL

Sarah Allen
 [06/05 5:41:35PM] Xl/2xl pink

A Zipper Runs Through It; Zipper It Out
Nikki Graveline
 [06/05 5:38:48PM] black L/XL

You had me at zipper blouse
Shohreh Burchell
 [06/05 5:33:00PM] XS pink

Zipping pretty blouse
Tara sarsfield
 [06/05 5:29:32PM] Pink l/xl

Wear me your way blouse
Stephanie Theoret
 [06/05 5:28:24PM] M/L

Zipping pretty blouse
Tara sarsfield
 [06/05 5:27:28PM] Pink l/xl

Zip To It
Nikki Graveline
 [06/05 5:26:25PM] black, M/L

Slip in slide
Tracy McGrath
 [06/05 5:22:12PM] Black size Medium

Zippity doo top
Janet Snow
 [06/05 5:22:02PM] Black clean/2xl

Zip to it
Kimberley Conrad
 [06/05 5:18:37PM] Pink small

Going Places
Amanda Gould
 [06/05 5:11:34PM] Black xs/s

Sweet and sexy zipper blouse
Aimee Nadon
 [06/05 5:07:46PM] Pink s/m

Zip Er Up!!
Yvette Reid
 [06/05 5:06:10PM] Black & Large

hip to zip
chelsey baillie
 [06/05 5:04:06PM] pink, medium

Zip zip hooray!
Maureen Roy
 [06/05 5:01:30PM] Black xl

Carefree and casual zip up top
Suzie Mcintosh
 [06/05 5:00:45PM] Pink xs/s

Zippin’ Into work
Maureen Roy
 [06/05 4:58:45PM] Black xl

Go with the flow zip up top
Suzie Mcintosh
 [06/05 4:58:04PM] Pink xs/s

Just my style zip up top
Suzie Mcintosh
 [06/05 4:57:01PM] Pink xs/s

Clubhouse blouse
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [06/05 4:56:40PM] Pink XL

Stars in the big dipper
Maureen Roy
 [06/05 4:55:56PM] Black xl

Zip to it Blouse
Kathy Phillips
 [06/05 4:48:07PM] White Small

Zip from day to night
Cara Rogers
 [06/05 4:48:01PM] Pink Medium

Ziplining Anyone
Janet Sudds
 [06/05 4:45:49PM] pink Med

Zippity Zip
Janet Sudds
 [06/05 4:43:16PM] pink med

Zip and sail
Maureen Roy
 [06/05 4:40:12PM] Black xl

Catch me if you can blouse
Lindsay Zaik
 [06/05 4:38:40PM] White XS/S

Zip and sail
Maureen Roy
 [06/05 4:37:26PM] Black xl

Zip and sail
Maureen Roy
 [06/05 4:36:18PM] Black xl

Sleek and Sassy Half-zip blouse
Stephanie Gilbert
 [06/05 4:30:50PM] Pink, size L/XL

Class with Sass Zip Top, Sassy Zip Top, Class & Sass Zip Top
Sarah Snable
 [06/05 4:30:04PM] Xxs/xs or xs/s BLACK or PINK

Flow your own way
Kim Medaglia
 [06/05 4:22:30PM] Black xL

Zippity do da
Fara Hals-Pinfold
 [06/05 4:22:01PM] White...medium

Add Some Zip Bouse
Karen Carvell
 [06/05 4:21:50PM] XL/2XL Black

Casual fun blouse
Julie Hoar
 [06/05 4:17:08PM] L/XL Black

Zip up chic blouse
Julie Hoar
 [06/05 4:16:18PM] L/XL in pink

Breezy and beautiful blouse
Angie Harris
 [06/05 4:15:22PM] Black 2xl/3xl

All zips ahead
Angela Yamaoka
 [06/05 4:13:56PM] M pink

Zip to my Lou, Allahead
Angela Yamaoka
 [06/05 4:13:28PM] M

Zip code style, Zip city Chic
Kirby Schulz
 [06/05 4:13:11PM] Xl/2x black

Watch me Zip, Zip, Zip it good,
Kirby Schulz
 [06/05 4:08:00PM] Xl/2x black

Cuff it up blouse, zip and chill blouse, zipping fancy blouse, off the cuff blouse
Louise vukas
 [06/05 3:59:40PM] Xxs white

Pin Up Blouse, Off the cuff blouse, zip and chill
Louise Vukas
 [06/05 3:58:27PM] Xxs, white

Look Out Hollywood!
Olympia Papamanolis
 [06/05 3:56:01PM] Fuschia Large

Zip and Clip Cargo
Megan Baker
 [06/05 3:55:25PM] Black Small

Freely Flowing Cargo
Megan Baker
 [06/05 3:54:29PM] Small in black

Zip up the fun
Chelsea Westbury
 [06/05 3:52:36PM] black L

Zappy Zip Blouse!
Sandra Taylor
 [06/05 3:47:36PM] Pink & M/L

Yacht club blouse
Sara Gallinger
 [06/05 3:46:57PM] Pink 2X

Zip-adeedoda top
Lisa Etty
 [06/05 3:42:51PM] Black large

Weekender Blouse
Noreen Basciano
 [06/05 3:33:31PM] Pink medium.

Flirty Temptations Blouse
Tracy Martens
 [06/05 3:31:55PM] XL , black

Cool and Classy Zip Top
Theresa Trotter
 [06/05 3:30:49PM] White XL

Temptress Three-quarter sleeve blouse
Lenora de Moor
 [06/05 3:30:15PM] 2x Hot pink

Ez Pz Zipper Blouse
 [06/05 3:29:23PM] M/L

Flirty Zip
Tammy Mutch
 [06/05 3:24:23PM] Black l/xl

Zip zip hooray!
Annie Sjodin
 [06/05 3:24:08PM] Black size large

Zip right to it
Annie Sjodin
 [06/05 3:23:43PM] Black size large

Breeze Away
Brianne Freethy
 [06/05 3:22:40PM] M/L

Work It or Play It!
Tracy Drover
 [06/05 3:19:15PM] 2XL Pink

Perfect Zip
Sharon Wagner
 [06/05 3:10:06PM] Pink M/L

City girl blouse
Maryann Allison
 [06/05 3:09:20PM] Pink 2x/3x

Work wife zip up
Jodi Schultz
 [06/05 3:05:04PM] Pink Medium

Zip me up.
Natalie Reisch
 [06/05 3:04:08PM] Pink. Large

Trendy Top, Fashionably Trendy Top
Sandra Mueller
 [06/05 3:01:54PM] Pink 2xl

Boss Babe blouse
Nevada Hewitt
 [06/05 2:56:24PM] White xs/s

It’s all about me sexy Z
Rachel mcdonald
 [06/05 2:55:26PM] S/m pink

Summer Unzipped
Shelagh Ballance
 [06/05 2:55:19PM] Black XL/2XL

Boss Babe blouse
Nevada Hewitt
 [06/05 2:55:05PM] White xs/s

Free Spirit Blose
Karen Nunweiler
 [06/05 2:54:16PM] Pink L/XL

Zip and Snap ( Legally Blonde Reference )
Megan Holmes
 [06/05 2:47:12PM] White XL/2XL

Pro Zip; Hot Zip; Zipping Point;
Jenn Haviland
 [06/05 2:45:59PM] Pink XL/XXL

Zippy Dee Doo Da Top
Cindy Palmer
 [06/05 2:45:07PM] M/L Pink

Zip it, zip it real good blouse
Liz Roy
 [06/05 2:44:19PM] White M

Zip Zip Hurray
Jenn Haviland
 [06/05 2:44:00PM] Pink XL/XXL

Zip Check
Jenn Haviland
 [06/05 2:43:04PM] Pink XL/XXL

Zip Hop Hurray
Jenn Haviland
 [06/05 2:42:12PM] Pink XL/XXL

Go with the flow blouse
Megan Holmes
 [06/05 2:41:34PM] White XL/2XL

Joined at the Zip;
Jenn Haviland
 [06/05 2:39:51PM] Pink XL/2XL

Fresh and Fabulous
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:39:45PM] Pink XL

Pockets full of sunsbine
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:39:09PM] Pink XL

Jenn Haviland
 [06/05 2:38:56PM] Pink XL/2XL

Cuff and Zip
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:38:29PM] Black Xl

All cuffed up
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:38:10PM] Black xl

Blouse and Chill
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:37:22PM] Pink xl

Cuff it up!!
Jessy Andrusiak
 [06/05 2:37:21PM] Black small

Take Me Everywhere Top
Tracey johnson
 [06/05 2:37:08PM] White , small

Blouse on babe
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:37:05PM] Xl pink

Zen Zippy
Melanie O’Donnell
 [06/05 2:36:29PM] 2Xl/3Xl black or pink

Zen Zippy
Melanie O’Donnell
 [06/05 2:35:12PM] 2Xl/3Xl black or pink

One sweet day
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:34:23PM] Xl black

Michelle Rau
 [06/05 2:33:46PM] Pink & Small

Summer Breeze
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:33:30PM] Black XL

City Limits
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:33:03PM] Xl pink

Free and fun
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:32:32PM] Black XL

Summer Zip!
Sarah Nason
 [06/05 2:31:46PM] Pink & xl/2xl

In a Zip! 3/4 Sleeve Blouse
Adrienne Bridgeman
 [06/05 2:31:37PM] XL Black

Blouse On Bane
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:30:50PM] Pink xl

Zip to it blouse - Zip your blouse - Zip n' Go - Lightly Zipped Blouse
Whitney Dillon
 [06/05 2:30:49PM] Black or Pink - 2XL

Pepzazz Blouse
Amanda Zimny
 [06/05 2:30:44PM] Pink S/M

Blouse on babe
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:30:24PM] Xl black

Heart breaker blouse
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:29:14PM] Pink xl

Stopping traffic blouse
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:28:48PM] Pink XL

Class Act
Inara Bauld
 [06/05 2:27:23PM] Medium, pink

Icing on the cake blouse
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:27:14PM] Xl pink

Just a little metal
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:26:57PM] Pink Xl

Summer fresh
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:26:38PM] Black xl

Bounce into summer
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:26:11PM] XL black

Basic Babe Blouse
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:25:33PM] Black XL

All Day long blouse
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:25:01PM] XL black

Zippy chick
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 2:19:32PM] Xl black

Weekend chic
lisa tod
 [06/05 2:18:07PM] black s/m

Just My Zip
Lindsey White
 [06/05 2:17:49PM] Pink 3xl

Just My Zip
Lindsey White
 [06/05 2:16:59PM] Pink 3xl

Business Casual
Donna Tailby
 [06/05 2:07:32PM] black or white med

Summer breeze blouse
Melanie Rumley
 [06/05 1:54:05PM] XS black

Zippin Summer Blouse
Riley easton
 [06/05 1:53:53PM] Pink large

Zip it Blouse
Shona Adams
 [06/05 1:53:10PM] Blk m/l

City Slicker
Sabrina Bryan
 [06/05 1:52:28PM] s/m white

Free and Fun Zip Top
Tamara Hanley
 [06/05 1:52:01PM] White L/XL

Summer breeze blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 1:51:26PM] Pink medium

Posh Pullover
Kelsey Woytkiw
 [06/05 1:51:13PM] 2xl purple or red

Cargo summer girl blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 1:50:19PM] Pink medium

Don't Give a Zip; All About the Blouse
Megan Summers
 [06/05 1:50:10PM] Pink - M/L

Naughty or nice zip up me blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 1:49:09PM] Pink medium

Unspeakable blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 1:48:42PM] Pink medium

Just Zip It
Jaime Davison
 [06/05 1:48:19PM] 3xl pink

Easy P&Z Lemon Squeezy
Shannon Pettem
 [06/05 1:47:47PM] Black M/L

Holy Zip me up blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 1:47:42PM] Pink Medium

Blush the blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 1:46:48PM] Pink, medium

Easy P&Z Lemon Squeezy
Shannon Pettem
 [06/05 1:46:00PM] Black M/L

Flowy Zip
Melinda wood
 [06/05 1:45:49PM] Red medium

Zip the Bliss Blouse
Courtney Parker
 [06/05 1:45:30PM] Pink medium

Zip To It
Claire Heard
 [06/05 1:43:46PM] Black Large

Zip and brunch in style, getting zipped, just zipping around, downtown zip, zip and stones, zip me away
Tovah Staudt
 [06/05 1:42:15PM] Black or pink, small

Zip in style top; Step into summer; Easy, breezy, beautiful shirt; Lovin life in style zip up
Julie Panisiak
 [06/05 1:42:10PM] Pink M/L

First Class Sass Blouse
Kendra Olson
 [06/05 1:40:50PM] S/m pink

A Hop Zip and a Jump
Jaime Davison
 [06/05 1:39:29PM] 3xl pink

glow and flow blouse, London calling blouse, windy city blouse,
Dana lean
 [06/05 1:37:49PM] pink m/l

Zippin’ fabulous
Jaime Davison
 [06/05 1:34:13PM] 3xl pink

Zippin' Around
Karen Carvell
 [06/05 1:30:31PM] XL/2XL Black

Zip a dee ooh la la
Jaime davison
 [06/05 1:30:08PM] 3xl pink

Breezy Blouse
Tina David
 [06/05 1:29:13PM] Black Med/Lar

Zippin’ fabulous
Jaime Davison
 [06/05 1:27:47PM] 3xl pink

Zippin in Style
Brenda kraneveldt
 [06/05 1:26:49PM] Black L/Lx

Light and Breezy Zip Top
Danielle Rusk
 [06/05 1:24:35PM] XS Pink

Zip in Style
Kim Gowan
 [06/05 1:24:19PM] Black m/l

Zip It Real Good Blouse
Beverly Best
 [06/05 1:23:19PM] Black, XL/2XL

Zippin around blouse
Stacey Mason
 [06/05 1:22:02PM] Pink large

Zippity doo da
Keree LaBelle
 [06/05 1:20:05PM] Pink size L/XL

Be-cleavage or not top!!!
Mussette Speer
 [06/05 1:16:39PM] Black M/L

Sass and Class
Patti Bonhomme
 [06/05 1:16:23PM] Large

Zip-a-Dee-Do-Da. Zip to It
Karen Adams
 [06/05 1:15:55PM] XL white

Darling me up blouses
Victoria Reid
 [06/05 1:12:01PM] 2XL pink

Full Closure; All Things Pretty; Trend Setter; Simple Pleasures
Susan Constantine
 [06/05 1:11:55PM] 2XL Pink

Darling me up blouse
Victoria Reid
 [06/05 1:10:43PM] 2XL pink

From the Zip, Straight From the Zip blouse
Angela Mclellan
 [06/05 1:04:57PM] pink, s/m

Zippety Day Top
Megan wever
 [06/05 1:04:56PM] M/L black

Weekend warrior blouse, zipadeedoodah blouseworkday to weekend blouse
Gemma Sheppard
 [06/05 1:04:39PM] L black

Pretty in city top
Desiree Brown
 [06/05 1:04:23PM] Black Xl

From the Zip, Straight From the Zip blouse
Angela McLellan
 [06/05 1:03:44PM] pink, s/m

From the Zip, Straight From the Zip blouse
Angela McLellan
 [06/05 1:03:05PM] pink, s/m

Let 'er Zip
Angela Mclellan
 [06/05 1:01:57PM] pink, s/m

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Blouse
Kelsey Dugas
 [06/05 1:01:06PM] Black Medium

Mama K Top
Beth Mah
 [06/05 12:59:19PM] Black XL

Brunch date
Kristy Leahy
 [06/05 12:58:08PM] Xs/s pink

Round about Town
Kristy Leahy
 [06/05 12:57:39PM] Xs/s pink

City Chic zip
robyn michaid
 [06/05 12:54:20PM] white s/m

Breezy Day Top
Tanya Goertzen
 [06/05 12:50:48PM] Pink XL

Zip Yourself Blouse
Natashia Schwarz
 [06/05 12:47:45PM] Pink medium

Zip Yourself Blouse
 [06/05 12:47:15PM] Pink medium

Skip & a Zip Blouse
Lisa Miller
 [06/05 12:43:26PM] Black XL

Zip It Good
Kelly Dolan
 [06/05 12:38:28PM] Black L/XL

Sips & Zips Blouse
Kira Glas
 [06/05 12:34:56PM] Pink L/XL

Get Zippy
Natalie Baikie
 [06/05 12:32:06PM] Pink L/XL

Take it easy, zip away, flowy chic
Bonnie DiFiore
 [06/05 12:28:18PM] Black s/m

Zip to it blouse
Tanya Cornfoot
 [06/05 12:22:54PM] Pink M/L

Zip it right round
Autumn Shank
 [06/05 12:18:33PM] Pink L/XL

Summer Pepzo
Cathy petricevic
 [06/05 12:18:03PM] Pink closet/2xl

Zip zip away
Shannon Greene
 [06/05 12:16:03PM] white, M

Summer pepzo
Cathy Petricevic
 [06/05 12:13:57PM] Pink closet/2xl

Sign of the times top
Nikki Weightman
 [06/05 12:09:13PM] Xs/s pink

Just Zip It
Laura Meshen
 [06/05 12:08:47PM] Pink, L/XL

Backyard Beauty Top
Nikki Weightman
 [06/05 12:07:55PM] Xs/s pink

Take Action Zip Blouse
Lucy Rajnovich
 [06/05 12:07:33PM] Black, M/L

Pockets of perfection shirt
Sarah Bily
 [06/05 12:07:25PM] Black / Large

Spring Cool top
Donna Nelson
 [06/05 12:06:51PM] Pink 2xl

Zip It Up
Karen Carvell
 [06/05 12:06:04PM] XL/2XL Black

9-5 whatever! blouse
 [06/05 12:05:36PM] White XXL

Zippity Do Dah Blouse
Karen Carvell
 [06/05 12:04:58PM] XL/2XL Black

Coastal Nights
Angela O’Hara
 [06/05 12:02:51PM] Black XL

easy zip top
sharon hein
 [06/05 11:56:32AM] black 2x

Summer Chic
Tracy Wilson
 [06/05 11:52:48AM] Black M/L

Lady’s stylish zippy
Michelle Molyneux
 [06/05 11:48:34AM] Black m/l

Uptown Blouse
Linsay Williams
 [06/05 11:48:31AM] Pink / S

Zip into fun blouse
Cara Smith
 [06/05 11:46:55AM] 1st choice pink, 2nd choice black

Carefree beauty
Erica Walsh
 [06/05 11:46:41AM] Lxl white

Blissfully breezy
Erica Walsh
 [06/05 11:46:02AM] Lxl black

Classic zip up
Susie Parrott
 [06/05 11:44:48AM] Black Xl

Chic blouse
Erica Walsh
 [06/05 11:44:40AM] Lxl black

Boss babe blouse
Kaila Pinkston
 [06/05 11:43:53AM] black 3xl

Casual zip
Erica Walsh
 [06/05 11:43:40AM] Lxl

Cleans zip
Erica Walsh
 [06/05 11:43:14AM] Lxl

Zip zip hooray!
Kyla Alliston
 [06/05 11:42:36AM] Black s/m

Zippin’ on summertime
Lindsay Bates
 [06/05 11:37:38AM] M White

Hot Zippy blouse
Amanda Madill
 [06/05 11:36:03AM] Pink, XS/S

City Zipper Blouse
Candace theberge
 [06/05 11:34:58AM] Medium pink

Hot Shot blouse
Caroline hall
 [06/05 11:34:01AM] Black lg

Zip it blouse
Lindsay Bates
 [06/05 11:33:45AM] M White

Free to be me
Amanda Gould
 [06/05 11:33:11AM] Black xs/s

Zip me up for summer blouse
Angela Rodgers
 [06/05 11:32:57AM] Black L

Zippity Do Da
Kim Wonnacott
 [06/05 11:31:53AM] Xl pink

Zip Me Away
Kyla Gariepy
 [06/05 11:31:45AM] Pink XL

Zippee dee blouse
Amanda Kaselkat
 [06/05 11:31:23AM] Black xl/2x

A little zippy
Lindsay Bates
 [06/05 11:30:27AM] M white

Zip Me Away
Kyla Gariepy
 [06/05 11:29:34AM] Pink XL

Cute as button top
Leanne Willshear
 [06/05 11:29:32AM] Pink Xl/2x

‘Round town blouse
Lindsay Bates
 [06/05 11:28:45AM] M White

Just Zip It!!
Pamela Valente
 [06/05 11:27:02AM] Pink 3 XL

Zip aRound the block top
Lindsay Bates
 [06/05 11:26:17AM] White M

My Zippy Top
Linda Thompson
 [06/05 11:24:19AM] Pink or Black, Size L

I feel zippy
Crystal Mackie
 [06/05 11:23:08AM] Black XS/S

Zip to it blouse, It's time to zip blouse, Whatzip blouse
Tatrina Mohr
 [06/05 11:22:11AM] White L

Zip up and away blouse
Chandra Madsen
 [06/05 11:20:14AM] S/M black

Zip it good, zippy, Zip in good time
Blossom Mckinnon
 [06/05 11:18:34AM] M pink

Keepin it Casual Blouse, On the Fly Blouse
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [06/05 11:17:06AM] Pink, M/L

Zip to my Lou
Crystal Mackie
 [06/05 11:12:41AM] Xs/S black

Zippity-do top
Crystal Mackie
 [06/05 11:11:56AM] Xs/S black

Zip Happy Blouse
Devon Anderson
 [06/05 11:08:04AM] Black L/XL

Zip-it-up buttercup
Nicky Munroe
 [06/05 11:06:44AM] Black Lg

Fancy and Free
Kelly Lewis
 [06/05 11:06:24AM] Large & Fuschia

Elegant Zippy V
Brette Bickford
 [06/05 11:06:17AM] Pink in XS/S

Brush your hair back blouse
Stefania Hansen
 [06/05 11:04:18AM] Xxl and black

Zip it up blouse
Kayla Dick
 [06/05 11:03:18AM] White XL

Zippity (doo da)
Stephanie Whalen
 [06/05 11:02:28AM] Pink M

Zip to Beauty
Meagan Clifton
 [06/05 11:01:41AM] Pink, M/L

Zip Line Looking Fine
Susan Schmidt
 [06/05 11:00:54AM] Black 2x/3x

Zip through the city blouse, Slick city blouse, zip your lips blouse
Jennifer Gauthier
 [06/05 11:00:36AM] Medium, black

Fashionista in the City
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [06/05 10:59:14AM] S/M in pink

Zipping Around Blouse; Fashionista in the Citt
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [06/05 10:58:05AM] S/M in pink

Zip Zip Hooray! Blouse
Lisa Hewer
 [06/05 10:57:22AM] Pink Large!

Zip Zip Hooray! Blouse
Lisa Hewer
 [06/05 10:56:32AM] Pink Large!

Zip into Comfort, Pretty Zippy top, Stay Classy Top
Glenda Desaulniers
 [06/05 10:55:31AM] Pink Large

Flowy and glowy
Marnee Walker
 [06/05 10:55:27AM] Black size s/m

Life is a highway
Kathryn Dorricott
 [06/05 10:54:27AM] M/L Pink

Out and about multi-sleeve T. In Ice, Midnight black and Very Berry
Madi Bouchard
 [06/05 10:54:22AM] 2XL pink

She Means Business Blouse; Too Zip to Handle Blouse; Zip It Blouse; Zip To Be Square Blouse
Haley Boland
 [06/05 10:54:22AM] Black, XL/2XL

The Wear it Daily Blouse
Morgan Gaudet
 [06/05 10:54:12AM] White & Lg

Sizzling Zip Up!
Georgia Buyukakarsu
 [06/05 10:54:05AM] PINK and L/XL

Dial it up or down
Debbie Partridge
 [06/05 10:53:23AM] Black XL

Zip to it top
Christy kivari
 [06/05 10:51:36AM] Pink medium

Locked and loaded
Cheryl Weir
 [06/05 10:47:42AM] Pink S/M

Just Zippin Around, Zip City Blouse, Hot Blouse in the City, Zipped So Cool, I Like That Zip!
Tanya Nemeth
 [06/05 10:46:50AM] Pink L/XL

Zip It Blouse
Barbara Coates
 [06/05 10:46:17AM] Black, XL

Zip & Tuck Blouse
Danielle Jimeno
 [06/05 10:44:39AM] White Small

Bright & Brilliant Zip up Blouse
Kristin Fisher
 [06/05 10:43:53AM] Pink size small

Zip & Tuck Blouse
Danielle Jimeno
 [06/05 10:43:41AM] White Small

Essential Top
Misty Reimer
 [06/05 10:43:02AM] Black large

Bright & Brillant Zip up Blouse
Kristin Fisher
 [06/05 10:42:12AM] Pink size small

Zip & Shine Blouse
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [06/05 10:41:21AM] L/XL - Black

Beverly Hills Blouse
Ashlee Murray
 [06/05 10:40:33AM] Black xl/2X

Zip on by, zip zip hooray, zip check, let her zip! ,
 [06/05 10:40:00AM] Xs white

Zip & Shine
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [06/05 10:38:36AM] L/XL - Black

Zip n Roll Blouse / Day to Night blouse
Angela Mitres
 [06/05 10:37:39AM] Pink and xs/small

Zip n’ Go
Krystal drotar
 [06/05 10:36:13AM] White and small

Brittany Tait
 [06/05 10:34:25AM] Black L/XL

Vibrant day shirt
Jennifer Staniec
 [06/05 10:33:57AM] Black medium

Zip and Flow
Brie Glaicar
 [06/05 10:32:02AM] Small and pink

Pocket full of Sunshine Zipper Blouse
Dallas Romanchuk
 [06/05 10:29:15AM] Sm pink

Not Your Mama’s Blouse
Jaylene Blum
 [06/05 10:28:34AM] S/M in pink

Zipping Along Blouse
Rachel DeFranceschi
 [06/05 10:28:09AM] Black XL

Zip into Summer
Renae Dumont
 [06/05 10:26:50AM] XL/2XL in Pink

Zip Zip Hooray! Blouse
Lisa Hewer
 [06/05 10:25:52AM] Pink Large!

Zip Zip Hooray! Blouse
Lisa Hewer
 [06/05 10:25:37AM] Pink Large!

Zip to my heart
Stephanie Eby
 [06/05 10:23:49AM] Black 2x/3x

Girls night out Blouse, be you blouse, bold like you blouse
Julia Croezen
 [06/05 10:21:36AM] Small/Medium black

Let's Get Zippy With It
Valerie Warren
 [06/05 10:19:09AM] Pink - Medium

City Zipper blouse
Angela Kerluke
 [06/05 10:18:47AM] Black L/XL

Zip of the town blouse
Gagan Gill
 [06/05 10:14:24AM] m/l black

Zip it on up blouse
Sierra McBeth
 [06/05 10:13:37AM] Black, XS/S

Zip to be Tied
Fran Switzer
 [06/05 10:12:57AM] Pink - S/M

Zip to it blouse
Sierra McBeth
 [06/05 10:12:31AM] Black, M/L

All about the Biz
susan chan
 [06/05 10:12:16AM] black, MED

Zip into it
Elaina Geeraert
 [06/05 10:11:00AM] Black M/L

Zip a dee do dah blouse
Patty Joynes
 [06/05 10:10:52AM] Xl pink

The Zippy Top
 [06/05 10:10:03AM] Large Pink

Zip Away Blouse
Courtney McCarron
 [06/05 10:08:57AM] Pink-Medium

Zipping Around Town Blouse
Nicole Fraser
 [06/05 10:08:30AM] XS/S White

Fasten-ate Blouse
Rachel Tourville
 [06/05 10:08:07AM] Black, L/XL

Zip My Way Top, Zip My Way
Stacy Loitz
 [06/05 10:07:14AM] Black 2X

Zippity do dah
Michelle adams
 [06/05 10:06:30AM] M/L. Pink

Zip My Way Blouse
Stacy Loitz
 [06/05 10:05:04AM] Black 2X

Easy Breezy Blouse
Teri Peters
 [06/05 10:05:03AM] White, S/M

Zip My Way Shirt
Stacy Loitz
 [06/05 10:03:47AM] Black 2X

My Zip & Go Shirt
Wanda Banga
 [06/05 10:01:00AM] White large

Day to play blouse
Veronica Keenan
 [06/05 10:00:40AM] Pink xs/s

Fasten-ation Blouse
Rachel Tourville
 [06/05 10:00:17AM] Pink, L/XL

If You Got Zip, Flaunt It!
Sharnelle Krikke
 [06/05 9:59:56AM] S/M in Black

Bells and Whistles; All in One; Perfect Package; Full Package; On the Run;
Susan Constantine
 [06/05 9:56:09AM] 2XL PINK

Fabulous Flow, Work to Play Zip, Friday Night Beauty
Carey Dingsdale
 [06/05 9:55:21AM] Pink s/m

Guard your Heart top
Rachel Friesen
 [06/05 9:53:05AM] Black sm/med

Talk To Me Top
Margarita Roadknight
 [06/05 9:52:56AM] Large white

Show off Blouse
Tara Babcock
 [06/05 9:52:46AM] Pink Large

Pockets of Love Top
Rachel Friesen
 [06/05 9:52:05AM] Black sm/med

Zip Line and Silver, Silver Lining, Zip Snap Relax
Jennifer Daeninck
 [06/05 9:50:31AM] Black 2xl

Simple but classy
Grace Young
 [06/05 9:48:07AM] Pink XS/S

simple business
Joanna Lewis
 [06/05 9:47:04AM] pink l/xl

Jo on the go zip blouse!
Joanna Lewis
 [06/05 9:46:19AM] pink l/xl

Zipping Around Town
Tasha Kelly
 [06/05 9:44:52AM] Black S/M

Cindy Daniels
 [06/05 9:43:35AM] Black l/xl

Zip into Summer Blouse
Jessica Nakashimada
 [06/05 9:43:30AM] Black L/XL

Go go Zipper Blouse
Joanna Lewis
 [06/05 9:43:19AM] pink l/xl

City Chic Blouse
Liz Roy
 [06/05 9:42:05AM] White M/L

City Chic Blouse
Liz Roy
 [06/05 9:41:39AM] White M/L

Zip to the Top
Mimi Searls
 [06/05 9:41:22AM] Pink m/l

Show Off Your Necklace Blouse
Frances Dey
 [06/05 9:41:19AM] Small black

Classy & Sassy
Robyn Hoffman
 [06/05 9:40:47AM] Pink/S/M

Breezy Blouse
Frances Dey
 [06/05 9:39:58AM] Small Black

Quarter Zoe Zip
 [06/05 9:39:23AM] Black & large

Boss Lady Top
Mimi Searls
 [06/05 9:39:12AM] Pink m/l

Weekend chic
Tayla Collings
 [06/05 9:38:52AM] Black s/m

Beautiful me blouse
Erin Whitham
 [06/05 9:36:49AM] Black, L

Arleigh Reid
 [06/05 9:36:07AM] Pink 2x

Zippin' down Robson Top
Vayia Platko
 [06/05 9:34:02AM] Black, large

Zip to it Blouse
Melissa Vander Heide
 [06/05 9:33:08AM] XL/2XL pink

Zip Me Up Buttercup Top
Mimi Searls
 [06/05 9:32:49AM] Pink m/l

Zippide do blouse
Vayia Platko
 [06/05 9:31:32AM] black large

Looking Snappy Blouse; Pretty and Polished Zip-Up Blouse; Zip to It Blouse; Buttons, Zippers and Beauty Blouse; Strapping Zipper Blouse; Vibrance Zip-Up Blouse;
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/05 9:30:55AM] Black, S/M

Purdy Perfect
Kimberley Blyth
 [06/05 9:28:59AM] White Small

Summer breeze
Jenny Latimer
 [06/05 9:28:24AM] Pink lg

Zipped Up and ready to go blouse
Pam Hagen
 [06/05 9:26:12AM] Pink & L/XL

Glam it up shirt
Gail Henton
 [06/05 9:24:49AM] Black medium size

Zippie fly blouse
Nicole Burchell
 [06/05 9:22:50AM] Pink, s/m

Zipping up Main Street
Antionette Payne
 [06/05 9:21:58AM] 2X/3X Black or Pink

On the Fly
Rona Tepper
 [06/05 9:21:46AM] Pink s/m

Easy Breezy top
Anita Gray
 [06/05 9:20:59AM] Xs/s white

Zip! There it is!
Antionette Payne
 [06/05 9:19:17AM] 2X/3X Black or Pink

Zippin’ it real
Nicole Burchell
 [06/05 9:18:37AM] Pink, s/m

Zip it up BLouse, Zip it to win it, Classic Zip Blouse, Zip it, Casual and Chic,
Marg Harper
 [06/05 9:16:59AM] Black XL

Straps, buttons and zippers oh my
Alisha Patterson
 [06/05 9:14:45AM] XL black

Rock It Zip Up Blouse
Kristy Burden
 [06/05 9:14:35AM] 2XL black

Zip to it blouse
Miranda Phoenix
 [06/05 9:12:34AM] White small

Turning Heads Zip Up Blouse
Kristy Burden
 [06/05 9:12:24AM] 2XL black

Stop in Your Tracks Blouse
Kristy Burden
 [06/05 9:10:47AM] 2XL black

Feel the Breeze Zip up Blouse
Rose Pampu
 [06/05 9:07:31AM] M/L Pink

Zip around town blouse
Alisha Patterson
 [06/05 9:07:21AM] XL Black

Zip ‘er up
Michelle Molyneux
 [06/05 9:07:07AM] White & m/l

Zip me up to you blouse
Bobbi-Lee Sheen
 [06/05 9:06:23AM] Pink & S/M

Alanna McLeod
 [06/05 9:06:14AM] Pink l/xl

The Becki, traditional with a bit of sass!
Becki Cota
 [06/05 9:05:36AM] Black sm/med

So Zippen Cute
Leslie Beevers
 [06/05 9:04:34AM] Probably a l/xl in pink!

Classy zip up
Amanda Gould
 [06/05 9:04:17AM] Black xs/s

Boyfriend blouse
Melissa Goldie
 [06/05 9:00:23AM] Black xl

On the fly top
Bobbi Janzen
 [06/05 9:00:16AM] Any s/m

Zip Me Up Pepper
Elizabeth Bihun
 [06/05 8:59:52AM] Black medium

Chic Zip
Christina Holitzki
 [06/05 8:59:24AM] White , small

City Chic
Tara johansen
 [06/05 8:59:20AM] White and SM

Bold and beautiful blouse
Cassandra Stebbe
 [06/05 8:58:18AM] Pink medium

Zip To It Top
Natasha Veerkamp
 [06/05 8:58:07AM] L/XL black

Zip to my heart
Laura Axford
 [06/05 8:56:29AM] Black medium

Cuff ya later blouse, Kim’s zippy blouse, zip zip hooray blouse
Chantal Lortie
 [06/05 8:56:15AM] Black- L/XL

Freelance blouse
Candace Payne
 [06/05 8:56:11AM] White, L/XL

City chic
Tara johansen
 [06/05 8:56:05AM] White and SM

Pepper and Zoe zip blouse
Nea Miles
 [06/05 8:55:56AM] Black xl

Any Time Top
Natasha Veerkamp
 [06/05 8:55:49AM] L black

Casual Chic
Kim McDowall
 [06/05 8:55:09AM] Black XL/ 2XL

The “up/down” blouse (dress it up, dress it down)
Christina Morris
 [06/05 8:54:55AM] XL-2XL, Pink

Zipping along top
Lacey bartholow
 [06/05 8:52:23AM] Black xl/2xl

Feelin’ Zippy
Nicole Burchell
 [06/05 8:52:18AM] Pink, s/m

Zip it, Clip it, Pocket and Rock it!! blouse
Jennifer Jones
 [06/05 8:52:09AM] Pink size small

UnZip Me With Your Eyes
Laurie Weber
 [06/05 8:51:43AM] Black medium

Work With It Blouse
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [06/05 8:51:36AM] Black Size L

Be Bold
Amber Houle
 [06/05 8:51:34AM] Large Black

Take me out blouse
 [06/05 8:51:08AM] Large black

The Good Old Days of Summer; Steal my Sunshine; Picnics to Parties
Chelsea Larsen
 [06/05 8:51:01AM] 2XL/3XL White

ZipAll Top
Bobbi Janzen
 [06/05 8:50:55AM] White S/M

Zip-Adee Do Dah
Nicole Burchell
 [06/05 8:50:35AM] Pink, s/m

Zip to it Blouse
Bobbi Janzen
 [06/05 8:49:56AM] Any colour s/m

Too Legit to Zip
Nicole Burchell
 [06/05 8:49:48AM] Pink, s/m

A Zippin Good Time
Teresa Smith
 [06/05 8:49:27AM] Pink & L/XL

Zip it up to the Sun
Teresa Smith
 [06/05 8:48:12AM] Pink and M/L

Zip line my style
Dorothy Donnelly
 [06/05 8:47:53AM] Pink M/L

Sleek N’ Summer
Teresa Smith
 [06/05 8:46:45AM] Black in M/L

Zippity do dah blouse
Dorothy Donnelly
 [06/05 8:46:11AM] Pink M/L

Boss Babe Blouse ( she looks like a total boss babe )
Lindsey David
 [06/05 8:44:27AM] Black XL

Zip with the Flow
Elyse Sterne
 [06/05 8:44:14AM] S/M

Summer slay
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:43:30AM] Xl black

Summer stylin
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:41:44AM] Black xl

Pockets full of sunshine
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:41:20AM] Xl black

Pocket full of sunshine
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:41:03AM] Xl black

Business can be casual/ breezy business
Kimberly Gleave
 [06/05 8:40:52AM] Xs/s pink

Pockets for days
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:40:47AM] Black xl

Zipping around town
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:40:26AM] Black xl

Everyday Blouse
Tara Campbell
 [06/05 8:40:18AM] White. M

Zipping it real blouse
Crystal Grubb
 [06/05 8:40:17AM] Pink LG

Zip Around Town Blouse
Robena Mihalic
 [06/05 8:40:06AM] Pink, M/L

Zip it real good
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:40:03AM] Black xl

Zip-uptown blouse
Lauren Simmonds
 [06/05 8:39:59AM] Xs/s in black

All zipped up
Sarah Poitras
 [06/05 8:39:38AM] Pink xl/2xl

Zip into summer
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:38:57AM] Xl black

Fresh and zipped
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:38:42AM] Xl black

Zippity do da
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:37:57AM] Black xl

Zipin’ in style
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:37:38AM] Xl black

Zipin around town
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:37:18AM] Xl black

Zip in’ Around town
Adrienne lloys
 [06/05 8:36:46AM] Xl black

Pocket Delight Blouse
RENAE Friesen
 [06/05 8:36:32AM] Pink - XS

Zipin’ in style
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/05 8:36:17AM] Black Xl

easy breezy blouse
April king
 [06/05 8:35:17AM] Black L/XL

Zip It Real Good Top
Raina Brugger
 [06/05 8:34:56AM] Xs/s, pink

Pocket play blouse
Vicky McCahon
 [06/05 8:34:56AM] Pink L

Zip It Good Top
Raina Brugger
 [06/05 8:34:17AM] Xs/s, pink

Zip it, zip it good
Courtney Hildebrand
 [06/05 8:32:44AM] M black

Go With The Flow Blouse
Nicole Wiltse
 [06/05 8:32:13AM] 2xl Pink

Jamie Leigh Allen
 [06/05 8:31:45AM] Pink XL

Zip a doo day top
Jenna Mulholland
 [06/05 8:31:38AM] Pink L/XL

Slay All Day Blouse
Julie George
 [06/05 8:31:22AM] XS/S - White

Put some zip in your life
Susan Kendrick
 [06/05 8:30:38AM] Size M / Pink

Zip up the sun blouse
Kayla Erlandson
 [06/05 8:30:09AM] Pink xl/2x

Zip me up Blouse
Janelle Nightingale
 [06/05 8:28:52AM] pink L/XL

Zippin’ Around Blouse
Kerry Potts
 [06/05 8:27:01AM] Pink XL/2XL

Flatter Me Blouse
Angele Lachance
 [06/05 8:24:31AM] Pink XS

All Work , All Play Top
Tracey Marcil
 [06/05 8:23:37AM] Black L/XL

Zip All Day
Lindsay Walsh
 [06/05 8:23:33AM] black xs/s

Back to Work Top, ZIP top shape Top, Just a little zip Top, Zip It Top ,
Tracey Marcil
 [06/05 8:22:21AM] Pink L/XL

Get Zippy with it Blouse
Sarah Grayman
 [06/05 8:21:23AM] Xs/s pink

Zip a Dee do dah
Susan Kendrick
 [06/05 8:21:07AM] Size Medium / Pink

Half zipped pep blouse
Brooke Camick
 [06/05 8:19:54AM] L/Xl pink

Unzip my heart
Barbara Paul
 [06/05 8:16:38AM] S/m pink

Zip Around Town Blouse
Julia Grodkiewicz
 [06/05 8:15:28AM] Black Size M

Comfy & Classy Zip Blouse
Lisa Kelly
 [06/05 8:14:14AM] Black & small

Zip it zip it real good
Courtney loitz
 [06/05 8:13:57AM] Medium pink

Eyes on Me Blouse, All about that Zip!,
Gina Bolton
 [06/05 8:13:49AM] Pink xl/2xl

Queen of the city
Ashlie McBryan
 [06/05 8:13:19AM] Pink L/XL

Slay the day
Courtney loitz
 [06/05 8:13:05AM] Black medium

Pockets full of sunshine blouse
Madison Wagner
 [06/05 8:12:11AM] Black XS/S

Zip with love, zipped to perfection
Vicki Hanson
 [06/05 8:12:09AM] Black xl/2xl

Feeling the Vibes Blouse/Zippidy-do-you blouse
Bianca Easter
 [06/05 8:11:33AM] S/M Pink

Ziptown, Zipped up, Feelin' Zippy
heather dyck
 [06/05 8:11:26AM] pink, small

Pockets full of sunshine
Madison Wagner
 [06/05 8:10:54AM] Black xs/s

Zip for success
Shannon Hutchison
 [06/05 8:10:48AM] Black Lrg/Xl

Dressed for Success Top
Melissa Ingram
 [06/05 8:10:44AM] S/M pink!

Easy Breezy Blouse
Kate Payne
 [06/05 8:10:24AM] L/Xl black

Zip Me On Up
Caroline Inkpen
 [06/05 8:09:01AM] Pink L/XL

Zip to it blouse
Bev Seymour
 [06/05 8:09:01AM] Black size large

Zip me up and watch me go
Tara Macaulay
 [06/05 8:08:01AM] Black large

Zip-Uptown Blouse
Megan Bulford
 [06/05 8:06:28AM] L/XL in Pink

Day and Night zip blouse
Julianne Tait
 [06/05 8:06:17AM] black and lg

Walk the walk
Ashlie McBryan
 [06/05 8:05:44AM] Pink L/XL

Blouse Your Mind
Lorilee Scott
 [06/05 8:05:33AM] Black Large

Stronger Then Yesterday Zip Blouse
Alyssa Fahie
 [06/05 8:04:58AM] Xs/s black

All about the zip blouse
Donna Clipperton
 [06/05 8:04:56AM] L/XL black

Basic Babe
Ashlie McBryan
 [06/05 8:04:43AM] Pink L/XL

Zip code
Wendy Hanaka
 [06/05 8:04:38AM] pink small

Out in the town
Ashlie McBryan
 [06/05 8:04:10AM] Pink L/XL

Zip to it blouse
Donna Clipperton
 [06/05 8:04:00AM] L/XL

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