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May 15, 2020

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Total of 1,321 Entries
Congratulations to Nikki Weightman, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Dots of Love Joggers!

Celebrate Comfort Cozies, Just add Comfort Cozies
Candice Daniels
 [05/19 8:54:56AM] Olive Medium

‘Happy Place’ Joggers
Joy Borutskie
 [05/18 9:02:29AM] XL Grey w hearts

Spot on Comfies
Kory Strande
 [05/18 8:56:34AM] Polka dot / black Medium

Artsy heartsy, polka dotted daydream
Kourtni brophy
 [05/18 8:50:18AM] Grey with hearts, xl

Quarantine Life Joggers, Life is better in Joggers, Social Distancing Expert Joggers, Day ‘n Night Joggers, Homebody Joggers, Feelin’ Indoorsy Joggers,
Kaitlynn Mittelholtz
 [05/18 8:45:16AM] Small & black polka dots

Hearts/dots on point Joggers
Dawn Bouchard
 [05/18 8:42:29AM] Grey, XL

Forget Me Knots
Kristy Kulyk
 [05/18 8:40:09AM] Black xl

I heart you Joggers
Melissa Crerar
 [05/18 8:26:28AM] M hearts

Sweet Dreams Polka Joggers
Michele Pearson
 [05/18 8:23:16AM] Medium Black Polka Dot

Love Everywear Joggers
Sherilee Zwack
 [05/18 8:22:22AM] M/ grey

Can’t live without joggers
Trisha Eros
 [05/18 8:15:57AM] medium hearts

Love at first sight joggers
Trisha Eros
 [05/18 8:14:50AM] Medium hearts

Straight leg capris
Cindy Hanna
 [05/18 8:12:50AM] Traditional size 12 -black or grey

Jumpin to comfort joggers
Dana Zieroth
 [05/18 8:12:06AM] XL Grey with hearts

Casual comfort
Krysta Ahlers
 [05/18 8:08:25AM] M grey hearts

Rainy day joggers
Krysta Ahlers
 [05/18 8:08:01AM] M grey hearts

Polk Your Heart Out Printed Jogger, Polk Your Heart Out Patterned Jogger, Polk My Heart Out Printed Jogger, Poke My Heart Out Patterned Jogger
Ashley Heggs
 [05/18 6:45:21AM] Small - Grey with Hearts

No Time To Jog
Erica Wandzel
 [05/18 5:58:37AM] 2xl Mint

Anti-Jogging Joggers
Erica Wandzel
 [05/18 5:58:20AM] 3xl black

Step to it Joggers; High Road Joggers; Sweet Retreat joggers
Kristin Martens
 [05/18 4:49:19AM] Medium, grey hearts

FTW Joggers
Kristin Willis
 [05/18 4:43:56AM] Large, Black

Diva Delights Joggers
Kristin Willis
 [05/18 4:33:13AM] Large, Black

The Everywear Joggers
Kristin Willis
 [05/18 4:32:23AM] Large + Black

Charlotte Mitchell
 [05/17 10:59:08PM] Size M black polka dots

Hot Spot Joggers, Spot it Want it Joggers, Spots on You Joggers, Sit for a Spot Joggers, Joy in the Joggers, You Bet Your Bottom Joggers
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/17 10:56:29PM] Black, S

Take comfort in hearts and dots joggers
Denice Anderson
 [05/17 9:41:42PM] Medium, black polka dots

Take comfort in hearts and dots joggers
Denice Anderson
 [05/17 9:32:34PM] Medium, black polka dots

Sunday Loungers, Lounge Day Pants, Don’t Bother Me Jogger
Miranda king
 [05/17 9:23:23PM] XS, grey hearts

Love ya own self joggers
Kendall Carlson
 [05/17 9:00:14PM] Size M color grey with hearts

Essential AF Joggers, Slay the Day joggers, No guilt joggers, comfort only joggers, stay home stay casual joggers
Lindsey Merrells
 [05/17 8:54:26PM] Black with Polka Dots, Large

Michele Sood
 [05/17 8:21:30PM] Polka dot large

The Jogger Dots, Comfy Jogger Polka, Comfy Jogger Dots
Amélia Libonao
 [05/17 8:20:47PM] M, Grey! Thanks! All the best to you :)

Quartini Joggers
Wendy Unrau
 [05/17 8:14:37PM] Grey large. Thank you!!

Cozy J’s
Katalin Smith
 [05/17 8:04:44PM] Size medium & grey with hearts

Pretty Sleepers
Sara Gray
 [05/17 7:40:01PM] Medium , grey with hearts

Lounge Me Pant
Stephanie Kelemen
 [05/17 6:53:39PM] Medium , grey

Lounge Me Pant
Stephanie Kelemen
 [05/17 6:53:03PM] Medium , grey

Love you to the bed and back joggers, Homebound
Kathy-Ann Mohammed
 [05/17 6:24:55PM] Grey XL

Call Me Cozy Joggers
Amy Kendall
 [05/17 6:13:10PM] Grey XL

It’s Sunday Everyday Joggers
Lacey Dawn Doman
 [05/17 6:08:14PM] Grey with hearts Medium

Cozy Up Joggers (aka The Cozy Ups)
Amy Kendall
 [05/17 6:07:28PM] Grey, XL

Anywhere Goes Jogggers; Anything Goes Joggers; Loved and Lived In Joggers; There’s No Place like Joggers; Back to Joggers; Peace, Love, Home...and Joggers; Homeward Lounge Joggers; Home is Calling Joggers; Heart to Heart Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/17 5:38:03PM] Hearts; Medium

Memory Jogger, Day Dreamer Jogger, Home Schoolin' Joggers
Melissa Hillier
 [05/17 5:35:41PM] Med Polka Dot

Seventh Day in Heaven Joggers; Perfect Timing Joggers; Lovely Loungin Joggers; You had Me at Comfy Joggers; Daily Addiction Joggers; Peace, Love and Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/17 5:21:45PM] Hearts; Medium

Getting joggy with it
Nicole Newson
 [05/17 4:28:06PM] Xl black polka dots

Covid joggers
Kiran Narwal
 [05/17 4:25:52PM] Medium and

Comfy Jogger
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/17 4:20:08PM] XL grey hearts

Lady Jogger
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/17 4:18:25PM] XL grey hearts

Confirm cruisers
Rachelle Dordu
 [05/17 4:01:57PM] XL - Black with polka dots

Comfort of home
Cindy Wiebe
 [05/17 4:01:41PM] Grey, L

Lovies, spotties, Heartsy, Dotsy
Harjit Chauhan
 [05/17 3:54:24PM] Hearts Medium

Stay at Home, Quarancomfy, Mom Dress Code
Kaitlyn Armstrong
 [05/17 3:22:38PM] M - Polka dot

The Jogger-naut, Tranquil Trackers, Hangout Hottie Pants, lovely loungers
Caitria Dunn
 [05/17 3:16:58PM] Medium, polka dots

Nothing Better
Shelley Lazette
 [05/17 3:09:59PM] size medium, gray pair

Lottie Dotties - Sunday Comfies - Sofa Polka - Dots for your Spot
Natalie Brandon
 [05/17 3:08:22PM] M - grey

Hearts of comfort Polka Dot dream
Gay Upton
 [05/17 2:40:39PM] Grey with hearts Xlarge

Feels like Sunday Joggers
Laurice Kuresh
 [05/17 2:23:17PM] Size small - Grey hearts

comfort and class; love to lounge (for the heart joggers); pleasant polka (polka dot jogggers)
Lisa Foster
 [05/17 2:16:07PM] grey heart XL

Michele Picard
 [05/17 2:09:37PM] Black,in XL

The Cozy & FAB Joggers
Shania Dietrich
 [05/17 1:22:56PM] Medium & grey with hearts

Pj the Day Away
Julie Dickison
 [05/17 1:19:57PM] Black XL

Between Both Worlds Joggers; Textbook Joggers; The Clouds are On Joggers; Up & Down Joggers ; Cloudscape Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/17 1:18:35PM] Hearts; Medium

PJ All Day
Shelley Chartier
 [05/17 1:09:48PM] Polka Dots/Medium

Covid Cozy Jogger
Jenn Matta
 [05/17 1:08:55PM] Grey Hearts - XL

Babydoll Joggers; Stay-at-home Joggers; Stay Safe-Stay Comfy Joggers; Start to Finish Joggers; Anytime Joggers; Get-up n’ Go Joggers; Get Up & Go Joggers; The New Normal Joggers; New Morning Joggers; Realities Jogggers
April Hunt
 [05/17 1:01:03PM] Hearts; Medium

Comfort is Essential
Kimberly Brown
 [05/17 12:41:23PM] XL black

Quarantine TIme Joggers, Going for Comfort Joggers, WFH Joggers, Just in TIme Joggers, Comfort from Home Joggers, Dots and Hearts Joggers
June Weiss
 [05/17 12:31:38PM] medium (love both styles)

Whole dotta cozy
Brooke Camick
 [05/17 12:13:21PM] Medium black dots

Lazy day joggers,
Gina Bergman
 [05/17 12:04:23PM] Medium hearts

Stay-cation joggers!
Liz Blair
 [05/17 11:48:10AM] Black with polka dots size large

The comfort zone
April rowe
 [05/17 11:45:07AM] Large in black

After Shower Joggers, Heart To Resist Joggers, Attirely Yours
Allison Murphy
 [05/17 11:24:16AM] Large, Grey Hearts

Life is Good, The Good Life
Martina McEvoy
 [05/17 11:12:13AM] Medium black with polka dots

Living the Dream or Quarantine Dream
Becki Moss
 [05/17 11:11:22AM] Large polka dots

XO joggers
Taunya Kooiker
 [05/17 11:07:48AM] XL hearts

Love at First Sight
Lisa Dacre
 [05/17 11:07:31AM] Small grey hearts

Melissa McCrystal
 [05/17 10:51:31AM] Large hearts

Home Bound Joggers
Julie Sweeney
 [05/17 10:50:55AM] Hearts L

Stay Home Loungers
Shelley Harper
 [05/17 10:41:59AM] Xl polka dots

Jessica Shaw
 [05/17 10:41:00AM] medium, grey

Wanna polka? Hearts will go on.
Phoebe Dey
 [05/17 10:36:30AM] Medium and polka dots.

Comfort in Quarantine
Laura Love
 [05/17 10:35:35AM] Large grey

Sunday snuggles
Tammy Kuric
 [05/17 10:27:56AM] Lg grey hearts

Polka dot pj joggers
Bianca Schiavone
 [05/17 10:20:45AM] Black and white XL

Covid and cozy, just me jogger, stay home sweats,
Olivia Brandsma
 [05/17 10:20:08AM] Small, hears

"I wear my heart on my PJ's" (not sleeve as the saying goes) or "Stylin heart PJ's"
sandi billis
 [05/17 10:12:49AM] XL

Everyday Jogger
Laura Penny
 [05/17 10:11:07AM] Grey Large

Convic19 de-stress garment
Lise Lapierre
 [05/17 10:10:54AM] Medium in grey

Cozy comfies
Cindy Reguly
 [05/17 9:55:10AM] XL grey with hearts

I wanna lounge wit you
Amelia Mohammed
 [05/17 9:42:27AM] L Grey

 [05/17 9:40:18AM] L black

Cozy in dots + Cozy in love
Taunya Kooiker
 [05/17 9:39:20AM] XL hearts

Connect the Dots!
Karen Amos
 [05/17 9:33:56AM] grey and white size 16

Confetti joggers
Kelly Neufeld
 [05/17 9:31:32AM] XL polka dots

Flatten the Curve Cozy Joggers
Kayla Kulla
 [05/17 9:30:09AM] Black Dots Large

Stay Home Joggers
Kayla Kulla
 [05/17 9:28:28AM] Grey Hearts Large

Dot Dot Dot + Heart By Heart
Taunya Kooiker
 [05/17 9:27:59AM] XL hearts

Snooze O’Clock or Girls Night In or Sleeping is my Happy Hour or # Yawn or #Nap
Sharmay Taylor
 [05/17 9:26:38AM] Large

Polka Dots & Happy Hearts, Creme de la dot + Creme de la heart, Connect the dots joggers + follow your heart joggers
Taunya Kooiker
 [05/17 9:24:49AM] XL hearts

Lazy day joggers
Marilyn Fussey
 [05/17 9:21:19AM] XL

Hugs iOn The Go
Lynda Moffat
 [05/17 9:21:09AM] Size L - Colour grey

Home Jogs
Janel Matt
 [05/17 9:14:40AM] Hearts Size large

Live Love Joggers, Spot On Love Joggers, Love of Cozy Joggers, Cozy in style joggers
Taunya Kooiker
 [05/17 9:09:42AM] XL hearts

Spot on Joggers + Heart on Joggers
Taunya Kooiker
 [05/17 9:06:50AM] XL hearts

Sprinkled With Cozy Joggers + In Love With Cozy Joggers
Taunya Kooiker
 [05/17 9:05:21AM] XL - Hearts

Love all around
Maureen Gusway
 [05/17 9:04:57AM] XL grey

Chillaxing Joggers
Nicole Reith
 [05/17 9:02:32AM] M - grey with hearts

Jama-lama joggers
Nancy Kovacevic
 [05/17 8:50:31AM] Black polka dot 2xl

Cozy Couch Surfers
Meghan Plamondon
 [05/17 8:48:35AM] Grey medium

Steal my heart & on the spot joggers
Sarah hulme
 [05/17 8:36:46AM] 1x grey hearts

Ease into comfort Joggers
Lorraine Thompson
 [05/17 8:26:36AM] Polka dot in small

COVID cozies
Tamara vaandrager
 [05/17 8:25:50AM] XL black polka dot

Snuggle in Style
Megan kavanaugh
 [05/17 8:23:03AM] Medium hearts

Joyful Joggers
Sabrina Prokopetz
 [05/17 8:12:52AM] Size small Grey hearts

Stay at Home Joggers, Quarantine Time Joggers, Comfy Love Joggers
Michelle Provenza
 [05/17 7:34:04AM] Med, Polka dot

Make my morning , loving everyday, weekend wonderful
Tracey Johnson
 [05/17 6:54:01AM] S gray with hearts

Spot On Joggers
Celeste Kallis
 [05/17 6:30:20AM] Large either color

Back to polka dot with touch of love joggers
Gloria jensen
 [05/17 6:28:59AM] Black size m

sunrise to sunset joggers
Lisa Nesbitt
 [05/17 6:04:55AM] Large, grey with hearts

All day loungers
Lisa Nesbitt
 [05/17 6:00:47AM] Large, grey with hearts

Jogging in my sleep
Lisa Nesbitt
 [05/17 5:57:03AM] Large, grey with hearts

No place like home joggers
Shelly Calinescu
 [05/17 5:54:09AM] Grey with hearts M

There's no place like comfy!
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/17 5:42:50AM] Black small

Spot on cozy, heart of comfort lounging
Naomi FelixGaddes
 [05/17 5:19:32AM] Medium black

Jog not, not your mothers joggers, all the feels, cuddle me joggers, cabin fever
Brianna Cooper
 [05/16 11:39:42PM] Heart xl

Comfy for Days Joggers
Jessica Armenti
 [05/16 10:04:37PM] XL, Grey with hearts

Cozy Up Joggers
Jessica Armenti
 [05/16 10:01:01PM] XL, Grey with hearts

Cozy Up Joggers
Jessica Armenti
 [05/16 9:58:08PM] XL, Grey with hearts

Comfy for Days Joggers
Jessica Armenti
 [05/16 9:56:26PM] XL, Grey with hearts

In love with comfort
Sara Gallinger
 [05/16 9:28:59PM] Grey XL

Plush It Up Sweatpants
Val Bosch
 [05/16 9:20:41PM] Grey with Hearts, size small

Corona Cozies
Barbara Kennedy
 [05/16 8:46:48PM] Grey with cute hearts size large

Barbara Kennedy
 [05/16 8:44:05PM] Grey with cute hearts size large

All My love joggers
Jamie Schwartz
 [05/16 8:39:19PM] L

Just Right Joggers
Maggie- Blue Waters
 [05/16 8:37:13PM] Black polka dot size large

Pandi 19
Tannis Rathwell
 [05/16 8:32:50PM] XL any color

Covid Comfies, Quaratine Comfort, Corona Comfort, At-home Comfort
Tania Sertic
 [05/16 8:27:29PM] Grey, Large

Th Q.C’s (quarantine classics!)
 [05/16 8:16:59PM] Size small black and white polka dots

Next Best Thing To No Pants Joggers
Waverley Bexson
 [05/16 7:57:19PM] Polka Dot Large

That’s My Spot Loungers & Can’t Break My Heart Loungers
Waverley Bexson
 [05/16 7:55:37PM] Polka Dot Large

LaX Joggers
Darcy Robb
 [05/16 7:54:06PM] Lg/ grey w/ hearts

A spot of love
Leanne Willshear
 [05/16 7:27:35PM] 1x grey

Poke My Heart Joggers
Ashley Heggs
 [05/16 7:17:28PM] Small - Grey with Hearts

Cuddle time jogger
Bryanna Duclos
 [05/16 7:08:22PM] X-large black and polka dot

Home is where the heart is
amber fisher
 [05/16 7:03:04PM] xl heart

Spot on joggers
Kimberly Gleave
 [05/16 7:02:26PM] XS grey

Love pajama polka
Kimberly Gleave
 [05/16 7:01:29PM] Xs grey with hearts

Spot the Distance Joggers
Sabrina Aitchison
 [05/16 6:51:09PM] M/L any style

Au coeur de lune
Michelle Ferguson
 [05/16 6:47:42PM] Medium grey hearts

Just plain Comfortable joggers
Julie Gilbert
 [05/16 6:43:22PM] Small heart grey

Jogger Advocate
Julie Gilbert
 [05/16 6:42:23PM] Small grey heart

breathe easy Joggers
Julie Gilbert
 [05/16 6:40:55PM] Small grey hearts

Composed Enough joggers
Julie Gilbert
 [05/16 6:39:40PM] Small heart grey joggers

Discover me loungers
Julie Gilbert
 [05/16 6:38:41PM] Small grey hearts

Not-so-secret, secret joggers
Julie Gilbert
 [05/16 6:37:09PM] Small

Michelle Pierini
 [05/16 6:36:55PM] Med gray with hearts ?

Lovely lounger
Angela Robbins
 [05/16 6:36:10PM] Xl Grey hearts

Serene spirit
 [05/16 6:33:17PM] Xl Grey with hearts

Sweet Heart Joggers
Kristina Hoefels
 [05/16 6:14:39PM] Hearts medium

Covid Comphy
Lindy Hodgson
 [05/16 5:51:15PM] Medium

Poke ur ?
Sandra Benne
 [05/16 5:31:20PM] Medium grey with hearts

Sandra Benne
 [05/16 5:29:48PM] Medium black with polka dots

Love spot joggers
Michelle McCarthy
 [05/16 5:29:39PM] Small in hearts

Messy bun, joggers on!
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/16 5:21:13PM] S black

Polka party pant
Shira Hick
 [05/16 4:38:46PM] XL black

Comfort with Style
Jen Kowalsky
 [05/16 4:32:59PM] Small Black

Jogger dots
Cheryl King-cline
 [05/16 4:32:43PM] Xtrlg blue

I ?? Comfort Joggers
Megan Power
 [05/16 4:19:59PM] XL grey with hearts

Georgia jackson
 [05/16 4:18:02PM] Xl grey

Georgia jackson
 [05/16 4:13:18PM] Xl grey

Corona Cozies
Heather Hackson
 [05/16 4:09:48PM] Lrg grey

Spot On Joggers, Heart On Joggers ?
Dawn Forsey
 [05/16 4:07:59PM] m

Cozie-Ronie pants
Tracy Boutilier
 [05/16 4:03:17PM] Hearts, XL

Sending the world LOVE
Jena Jones
 [05/16 3:46:00PM] Black xl

Self Isolating Love
Jena Jones
 [05/16 3:44:49PM] Black xl

Stay and play joggers
Lisa Worth
 [05/16 3:41:34PM] M grey with hearts

Lazy day day pants
Lisa Worth
 [05/16 3:41:07PM] M grey with hearts

Covid comfys
Lisa Worth
 [05/16 3:35:53PM] M grey with hearts

Day Dreaming joggers
Stacy Price
 [05/16 3:33:23PM] Polka dot large

Love me loungers
Georjeana Christianson
 [05/16 3:25:38PM] Xl and either is good

Daytime Pyjama Pants
Maggie Robertson
 [05/16 3:19:58PM] Medium & Black with Circles

Jogging Around the House
Angela Skoreiko
 [05/16 3:19:27PM] Black XL

Jogging Around the House Pants
Angela Skoreiko
 [05/16 3:16:55PM] Black XL

Don't poke my dots, be still my heart
Kristy Arseneau
 [05/16 3:14:32PM] XL black with dots.

Safe at home joggers
Sharon poulsen
 [05/16 3:09:24PM] Grey hearts size small

Spot on loungers
Jessica Lizotte
 [05/16 3:04:08PM] Large pokadot

Pretty in pattern
Jessica Lizotte
 [05/16 3:03:21PM] Large pokadot

Weekend gateway joggers
Katie Gasemy
 [05/16 2:55:18PM] M polka dots

Warm Hug
Bethany Duff
 [05/16 2:54:35PM] Large, Grey with hearts

Everyday is Sunday
Candy StOnge
 [05/16 2:47:24PM] Gray hearts. Lrg

Lounge Love Jogger
Brenda Eaton
 [05/16 2:35:35PM] Grey, med or large depending on fit (I generally fit a size 10 or 11 pant)

Dot On Lounger, Caring Hearts
Shannon Nugent
 [05/16 2:25:03PM] M Grey

Lounge Love
Brenda Eaton
 [05/16 2:24:28PM] Grey, Medium or large depending on fit (generally fit a size 10 pant)

Happy Heart
Shannon Nugent
 [05/16 2:23:17PM] M Grey

All the right feels joggers
Jessica Florek
 [05/16 2:11:30PM] Either, both are cute. Size small

Poke My Heart Joggers
Ashley Heggs
 [05/16 2:02:52PM] Small - Grey with Hearts

Sleep easezzzzze
 [05/16 1:42:56PM] Large any colour

Weekends Here Dots or Hearts Joggers
Michelle Blackburn
 [05/16 1:37:51PM] Black with Polka Dots & M

Lazy Day Joggers
Shaughnessy Peters
 [05/16 1:24:05PM] Medium polka dots

Adorable Dots Joggers, Sweet hearts joggers
Cara Chow
 [05/16 1:20:25PM] M, grey with hearts

Spot On Joggers and I Heart Joggers
Laurie Sterling
 [05/16 1:06:14PM] Hearts- size medium

All about the comfort
Carol Phillips
 [05/16 1:01:12PM] Large black

Cozy Comfort
Kim dingsdale
 [05/16 1:00:11PM] xl

Polka Pants
Laura Anderson
 [05/16 12:55:34PM] Hearts size medium

Simply Comfort
Susan Cottrell Firlotte
 [05/16 12:52:03PM] Hey hearts 2XL

My time
Jenna Fladager
 [05/16 12:44:25PM] Large. Grey with the hearts

Cozy home pants
Amanda Dykstra
 [05/16 12:43:05PM] Med, grey hearts

Let’s do the Polka; it’s good for our hearts!
Jillian Porter
 [05/16 12:37:57PM] Size L, black with polka dots please

Living the dream joggers
Heather Eyford
 [05/16 12:33:21PM] XL black with polka dots

Heart Throb Joggers
Brittany fehr
 [05/16 12:24:44PM] small and grey hearts

Jammin out
Jaime Gabrielle
 [05/16 11:55:54AM] XL black

Lazy Sunday Joggers, weekend paradise joggers
Amy Condie
 [05/16 11:50:11AM] L Grey with hearts

Jaw dropping joggers, joggers to jam in, lounging in luxury, living that lounge life, loving that lounge life, jogging for joy, lounging in style, sweet on sweats, "sweet" pants, jog for joy
Leanne brown
 [05/16 11:44:26AM] Small. Polka dots

Jog To The Couch Joggers
Michelle Koch
 [05/16 11:43:52AM] Small, hearts

Comfort zone joggers
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/16 11:39:04AM] S black

"hearts have it" joggers
Shannan Jean McLean-Weir
 [05/16 11:30:41AM] 2x

Loves me (heart), Betty (polka dot)
Leanne Utendale
 [05/16 11:30:17AM] XL polka dot

THE 24 Hour Pant
Dawn Laraine Philipchuk
 [05/16 11:26:28AM] Black & medium

Sweetheart Joggers
Gugu Maponga
 [05/16 11:26:06AM] Size M & Grey with hearts

Got me lookin so cozy in love
Shalaine Stebner
 [05/16 11:24:16AM] Medium hearts

Polka Jogs
Jamie Bulin
 [05/16 11:09:55AM] Xl

Netflix and Chill Joggers , Zoomworthy Joggers, But I am wearing pants, or am I? Joggers.
Danielle Wong
 [05/16 11:00:05AM] polka dot large

Polka Perfect
Shoshana Hauer
 [05/16 10:54:20AM] Xs - black aNd white

Sharon Myers
 [05/16 10:45:40AM] XL black and white polka dot

Forty Winks
Sheena Gallagher
 [05/16 10:39:58AM] Polka dot black, XL

« She Loves Me » Joggers
Anick Larcher
 [05/16 10:34:40AM] Medium Grey with hearts

Lovable joggers
Susan Vanderwindt
 [05/16 10:29:26AM] Hearts sz xl

Chillin in my homies, Patterns of Home, Laze All Day Joggers,
Brittany Campbell
 [05/16 10:28:03AM] Grey hearts, M

SI and Chill joggers
Teah Wiseman
 [05/16 10:24:10AM] Large grey with hearts

Couch to Computer Comfort Commute pants
Mary Upson
 [05/16 10:18:23AM] small grey

Quarantine & chill
Jessica Dawn Marie Hutchison
 [05/16 10:11:22AM] Small, grey with hearts

Lazy loungers
Courtney loitz
 [05/16 10:08:53AM] Large grey

Polka hearts
Viola Alexander
 [05/16 10:06:07AM] Grey with hearts suze lg

Love Me Joggers
Kendra MacLean
 [05/16 10:04:44AM] XL grey with hearts

Love, Live, Lounge
Billy Joe Semple
 [05/16 10:03:26AM] Size M Grey with hearts

Wear them Anywear Joggers
Rosemary Hogg
 [05/16 9:56:52AM] Large grey hearts

Home Comfort to Street Joggers
Rosemary Hogg
 [05/16 9:54:22AM] Large. Grey hearts

Covid Cozies
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [05/16 9:47:45AM] XL grey with hearts

Party on the Bottom / Zoomers /
Christina Whitrow
 [05/16 9:45:38AM] Grey with hearts size M

Covid Love
Michelle Evans
 [05/16 9:44:34AM] Black xl

Hello dottie
Brenda Seafoot
 [05/16 9:40:24AM] Hearts m

The home-eez
Shannon Dacanay
 [05/16 9:39:29AM] Grey hearts med

The Devil Wears Joggers. Baby I Was Born to Lounge
Stephanie Jones
 [05/16 9:39:18AM] XL black with polka dots

Dottie, Daisy, Chill Pill, Skip the Jog
Victoria J Lee
 [05/16 9:38:14AM] Small, grey with hearts

Get My Comfy On Joggers
Jan Halushka
 [05/16 9:32:25AM] Size small black with polka dots

Comfy Love
Suzanne Hauser
 [05/16 9:30:53AM] Medium black

SI and chill Joggers
Teah Wiseman
 [05/16 9:30:32AM] Large, grey with hearts

Joggers.... not sweatpants- this is not the 90s
Tara Babcock
 [05/16 9:29:45AM] XS- Grey

Spot on joggers, my heart is in it joggers
Karen Lang
 [05/16 9:28:37AM] Large, Grey

You Had me at Joggers
Tara Babcock
 [05/16 9:27:41AM] L and black please

Cozy be joggers
Angie Harris
 [05/16 9:18:39AM] Xl grey

No judging joggers
Alyssa Pfaeffli
 [05/16 9:18:39AM] Small grey with hearts

COVID comfies
Susan Fryters
 [05/16 9:18:24AM] M black polka dot please

Snuggy Buddies
 [05/16 9:16:38AM] Med large and the grey with hearts

Maureen Plante
 [05/16 9:15:15AM] 2x black and white

Polka Dot Cozies, Heart Felt Joggers, Cozy & Me
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [05/16 9:03:29AM] Small, Grey Hearts

Polka Dot Pajama Party
Kendra Olson
 [05/16 9:02:36AM] Grey Hears medium

Live, Love, Lounge Pants
Amanda Meers
 [05/16 9:00:50AM] Hearts XL

Oh my heart
Sharmayne Colvin
 [05/16 8:55:48AM] XL grey

We be jammin joggers
Barb Holland
 [05/16 8:54:12AM] XL grey

Cozy in quarantine , day dreamin joggers, dotty dreams, isolation dreams, workday to lounging pants, quarantine cozy, Netflix marathon joggers
Shannon Arnaud
 [05/16 8:52:13AM] Xl polka dot

To your hearts content
 [05/16 8:49:10AM] M-grey

Covid Comfy’s
Kristina Clifford
 [05/16 8:48:54AM] Size medium & grey hearts

Good Vibes Joggers
Steph S
 [05/16 8:46:20AM] Xs/s grey hearts

Dotted Leisure
Judy O’Brien
 [05/16 8:45:53AM] L

Polka dot Tracks
Judy O’Brien
 [05/16 8:45:10AM] L

Vacation Cancellation Comfies
Morgan Keith
 [05/16 8:44:33AM] XL

Jamming Joggers
Wendy Hamlin
 [05/16 8:43:13AM] Xl black polka dots

Cozy all day joggers , comfort on repeat jogger , feels good to be home jogger
Christine Molinelli
 [05/16 8:40:26AM] Size small in grey with the hearts

Staycation joggers
Shirrae Anderson
 [05/16 8:40:01AM] Black xl

Heart stopping poka dots
 [05/16 8:39:26AM] Xl grey hearts

Staycation joggers
Shirrae Anderson
 [05/16 8:39:19AM] Black xl

Heart stopping poka dots
 [05/16 8:37:41AM] Xl dark blue

Comfy C-19’s !
Tannis Leachman
 [05/16 8:37:00AM] Grey size L

Heart stopping poka dots
 [05/16 8:36:11AM] Xl. Dark blue ones pls

Candice Loiselle
 [05/16 8:35:59AM] Polka dots in a large ??

Sweet Soirée Joggers
Jillian Simpson
 [05/16 8:33:19AM] XL & Black with white polka dots

Comfie Love
Germaine Saulnier
 [05/16 8:29:19AM] Medium, gray

Yolanda Lindsay
 [05/16 8:28:59AM] Medium black polka dot

Jammin' joggers
Jennifer Ardley
 [05/16 8:28:26AM] Black. XL

Pan-Jammin’ Joggers
Stephanie Siegner
 [05/16 8:28:12AM] Grey with Hearts XL

All day Joggers
Donna Clipperton
 [05/16 8:26:11AM] Xl black

Hearts ? in the night
Jan Smith
 [05/16 8:23:37AM] XL & black

Go the Social Distance Joggers
Whitney Duff
 [05/16 8:21:45AM] Large black with white polka dots

Heart breakers
Nora Dann
 [05/16 8:21:03AM] XML black

Cozy days joggers
Jessica Lizotte
 [05/16 8:21:03AM] Large pokadots

Sleep tight joggers
Lisa Bowick
 [05/16 8:20:30AM] Large hearts

You had me at hello joggers
Michelle Cowan
 [05/16 8:18:24AM] Grey - medium if loose fit large if slim fit

Cushy love
Lisa Morin
 [05/16 8:16:40AM] Large / grey

Day after day joggers
 [05/16 8:14:50AM] Grey. Large

Cozy my heart
Nicole G
 [05/16 8:13:03AM] M. Gray with hearts

The most Heartfelt Comfy joggers
Corina German
 [05/16 8:12:10AM] Medium / Grey

Quarantine Cozies
Krista Harrison
 [05/16 8:11:54AM] Medium-Black Polka Dots

New Normal Joggers
 [05/16 8:09:05AM] Medium Polka dots

Queen of These Comfies
Donna Clipperton
 [05/16 8:05:27AM] Xl black

Covid comfy
Carolyn McGregor
 [05/16 8:03:37AM] Xl grey hearts

Love in the dark
Carolyn McGrrgor
 [05/16 8:02:08AM] Xl/ black

All day long joggers
Amber Rogers
 [05/16 7:54:51AM] Grey hearts Large

The Weekenders
Brittany Dobrin
 [05/16 7:53:45AM] Medium hearts

Polka jogger
Kayla Moore
 [05/16 7:52:06AM] Black medium

Don't burst my bubble joggers
Suzie Mcintosh
 [05/16 7:50:25AM] S black

CV19 Chillaxin Wear
Leslie Dickie
 [05/16 7:48:56AM] Black small

Weekend Spotify
Jennifer Hall
 [05/16 7:46:54AM] Size Large Black with Polka Dots

Not Your Traditional Polka, Polka Jog
Krista Forte
 [05/16 7:44:47AM] Black, XL

Polka (Dot) Party!
Leanne Friesen
 [05/16 7:44:01AM] Black with dots XL

A Whole-Jogga-Love
Olivia Knight
 [05/16 7:41:44AM] Large grey

Tracy kozak
 [05/16 7:41:23AM] Large grey with hearts

Cozy dot jogger
Brittany Baranieski
 [05/16 7:40:07AM] Grey with hearts small

Love to lounge joggers
Jessika MacRae
 [05/16 7:39:30AM] Small black

Spot On Joggers, Home-time Joggers, Cozy Chic Joggers
Maryann Clayton
 [05/16 7:38:46AM] Polka dots, XL

Cute & Cozy Joggers
Jamie S.
 [05/16 7:32:09AM] grey medium

Cozy Quarantine Joggers
Payton Smith
 [05/16 7:29:24AM] small black

Soft Spot Joggers
Jennifer Bentley
 [05/16 7:26:40AM] Size small black polka dots

Pocket Full of Cozy
Susan Kendrick
 [05/16 7:23:01AM] Size M - black polka dots

Picket Full of Cozy
Susan Kendrick
 [05/16 7:22:23AM] Size M - black polka dots

Easy Like Sunday Mornin' Joggers
jamie SMITH
 [05/16 7:22:10AM] Grey medium

Staycation Joggers, Live-in Joggers, Quarantine Must-Have Joggers, Soft & Cozy Joggers
Melanie Lee
 [05/16 7:15:10AM] Medium, polka dots

Heather Flynn
 [05/16 7:09:19AM] L grey with heart

Cozy Drawstring Loungers
Martina Butterworth
 [05/16 7:00:54AM] XL black polka dots

Lotta Dots and Spots
Kathy Hurst
 [05/16 6:51:20AM] Grey Large

Lazy Loungers
Breanne MacDonell
 [05/16 6:48:54AM] XL- grey with hearts

Covid Comfies or Quarantine Essentials
Marisa Bonnetta
 [05/16 6:48:41AM] Large - black polka dots

Aimee Kennedy
 [05/16 6:43:42AM] Black medium

Polka Lotta love
Bobbi-Jo Lodewyks
 [05/16 6:42:28AM] Small

Just stay home jogger
Kathleen Clayton
 [05/16 6:35:59AM] Medium grey With hearts

Heather Flynn
 [05/16 6:32:16AM] L with hearts

Au Coeur de Lune
Michelle Ferguson
 [05/16 6:23:50AM] Medium Grey Hearts

Lovely leg, spot the comfort, home sweet home, wear me out, classy comfort
Stacy Greening
 [05/16 6:12:20AM] Grey M

Z's Bedtime Joggers
Nancy Mignault
 [05/16 6:09:46AM] XL grey

Live, love, lounge pants
Loraine Lalonde
 [05/16 5:52:41AM] Medium gray

Au coeur de lune
Michelle Ferguson
 [05/16 5:47:37AM] Medium grey hearts

Comfy JJ’s (aka- Jam Joggers) (aka-jogger jammy’s)
Alina Adjemian
 [05/16 5:47:13AM] Black Polka dot, the largest they come in (2XL)

Au coeur de lune
Michelle Ferguson
 [05/16 5:44:18AM] Medium grey Hearts

Stay at home jogger, lounge all day jogger
Amy Figliuzzi
 [05/16 5:26:20AM] Small polka dot

Heart of the Home
Anna Simms
 [05/16 5:18:37AM] Small - Black with Polka Dots

Couchtime comfies, Weekend wear, The Everyday pant, Hometime Uniform, All-Time Pant, All-Star Pant, Anytime Pant, No Occasion, Sunday Best, Wake Up & Go, Easy Sliders, Allday Everyday
Katherine Noga
 [05/16 4:57:52AM] grey with hearts, size large

Warm and Cosy nights with polka dots and hearts
Toni Martino
 [05/16 4:49:17AM] Black XL

Stay at home joggers
Shannon O'Connor
 [05/16 4:43:09AM] polka dot size small

Comfort with Heart jammies
Natasha MacKinnon
 [05/16 4:27:02AM] M, grey

Polka fun, love your legs, stay"cation",
Bailey Harnden
 [05/16 4:22:25AM] Grey with hearts (L)

Safe at home pants
Glenda Desaulniers
 [05/16 4:10:35AM] Large, Grey

"But I am dressed!" , "Joggers all the time", "Every hour joggers" , "I need you joggers" "Relax,not for jogging!!"
April Berry
 [05/16 4:09:04AM] Dots small

Stay Home..No Problem!
Sylviane Chiasson
 [05/16 3:06:41AM] L black

I’ve Got a Soft Spot for these Joggers; Soft Spot Joggers; Joggers ‘n’ Chill; Keep Calm Put Your Joggers On;
Olivia Brown
 [05/16 2:36:53AM] Small Grey with Hearts

Quarantine Queen Joggers
Dana Savage
 [05/16 1:17:42AM] Small... polka dots :)

Vivid Comfies
Joanne Dosch
 [05/16 12:54:34AM] Black xl

Covid Compfies
Joanne Dosch
 [05/16 12:52:21AM] Grey size xl

Home is where your heart is
Amy Kroeker
 [05/16 12:48:54AM] med hearts

Staycation spot
Crystal Mackie
 [05/16 12:45:20AM] Small black

All day and all night
Crystal Mackie
 [05/16 12:44:34AM] Black small

Hit the cozy on the dot
Crystal Mackie
 [05/16 12:43:51AM] Small black

Anytime joggers
Crystal Mackie
 [05/16 12:42:27AM] Black small

Cozy town joggers
Crystal Mackie
 [05/16 12:40:56AM] Black small

Never waking up pants
Crystal Mackie
 [05/16 12:40:29AM] Black small

Sweet Dream joggers
Rachel Wagner
 [05/16 12:36:09AM] Size medium any pair !??

spot of love joggers, comfort and love, love and lounge, lounge spt
Chelsea westbury
 [05/16 12:35:10AM] black polka dot XL

Quarantine Comfort
Shannon Joanisse
 [05/16 12:16:12AM] Hearts. Medium.

Jam jams jammi up,pajookies, stay vacation, bummin it
Jennette Bergen
 [05/16 12:14:45AM] LG, black w/white poka dots

Mama bear joggers
Mary Tam
 [05/16 12:14:36AM] XL and grey with hearts

On the spot
Tara Vankoesveld
 [05/16 12:09:10AM] Large black

Pantdemic joggies. (Mix of joggers and cozies)
Leanne jeakins
 [05/15 11:55:47PM] Hearts—large

Keep calm with joggers on
 [05/15 11:53:13PM] XL black and white polka dot

Legsential Love Joggers
Kym Readman
 [05/15 11:48:21PM] Grey with Hearts , Size XL

Whole Lotta Love
Allyson O'Brien
 [05/15 11:24:49PM] XL/hearts

Lazy In Love, Chillax In Style
Jindy Popoff
 [05/15 11:17:22PM] Polka dot, medium

Eat your heart out joggers
Leanne Mahussier
 [05/15 11:06:36PM] Size medium. Grey hart joggers

Get Comfortable Joggers
Kelly Koshinsky
 [05/15 11:00:58PM] black and Polka Dots. Medium

Netflix & Chill
Taryn Rattray
 [05/15 10:59:03PM] Size small & grey hearts

Jogger (or not) pants
Tamara Larre
 [05/15 10:58:55PM] Large grey

Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on
Taryn Rattray
 [05/15 10:57:54PM] Size small & grey hearts

Heart on my sleeve
Liana May
 [05/15 10:18:37PM] Grey hearts

Lazyday jogger
Gifty Jenkins
 [05/15 10:08:01PM] Large & black

Hearts Desire (grey with hearts) Polka PJ Party pants (black with polka dots)
Kim Simmonds
 [05/15 9:49:30PM] Size Medium & Grey with hearts

So pretty joggers
Michelle Murray
 [05/15 9:45:35PM] Black & white polka dot size medium

Zoom Ready Joggers; Nowhere to go Joggers; Fifty Shades of grey Joggers
Nathalie Denicola
 [05/15 9:45:06PM] large grey with hearts

The awe effect (off with your work clothes awe I can be comfy)
Wendy Newman
 [05/15 9:42:00PM] XL grey with hearts

Jog for joy
Natalie Reisch
 [05/15 9:40:26PM] Xl black with white dots

Sleepy head girlfriend sleep pants
Michelle Murray
 [05/15 9:37:19PM] Black & white polka dot , size medium

Krystyn Scrbic
 [05/15 9:30:51PM] medium grey w hearts

Weekend comfies; comfy time; weekend wear
Tecia Beulens
 [05/15 9:25:03PM] M

The Rona
Larasia Merchant
 [05/15 9:17:37PM] Size Large Colour Grey

The Rona
Larasia Merchant
 [05/15 9:17:06PM] Size Large Colour Grey

“Lotty-dotty,” Comfy-DOT-com, x marks the spots, dot to dot, To the Point, on Point, “adorable, adorable,”
Jennifer Sawyer
 [05/15 9:12:04PM] Medium & grey hearts

Lisa Conroy
 [05/15 9:11:36PM] Medium Grey with hearts

Lounge Around Town
Lindsay Weisbros
 [05/15 9:09:24PM] Small grey

#StayAtHome Joggers
Jennifer Smith
 [05/15 9:06:42PM] Medium black

Coffee and Comfies, Pour Another Cup of Coffee, Day or Night, Night and Day, Make Yourself Comfortable, Make Yourself at Home, Home is Where the Heart Is
Jennifer Smith
 [05/15 9:05:15PM] Medium black

Lounge around joggers/ pants, lazy days jogger
Amanda Lepper
 [05/15 9:03:14PM] Medium grey with hearts

All Day Swag
Chelsa McConnell
 [05/15 9:00:27PM] Small grey

Unjog joggers
Tracey Marcil
 [05/15 8:54:27PM] Black and dots large

Just in Time Joggers , Nick of Time Joggers , Perfect Time Joggers, Comfy Time Joggers
Tracey Marcil
 [05/15 8:50:40PM] Black with dots , large

Just Joggin’ around
Tanya Marlatt
 [05/15 8:48:04PM] Large and grey/hearts

Spot my heart joggers
Erin Tough
 [05/15 8:47:02PM] Medium, grey hearts

Monique Gosselin
 [05/15 8:37:48PM] Medium and black

Hangin’ at home
Hannah McTaggart
 [05/15 8:36:41PM] Black, Large

Let’s Stay Home Joggers
Megan Fristak
 [05/15 8:29:07PM] Grey hearts, Large

Memory joggers
Melissa Mohammed
 [05/15 8:25:10PM] Large grey with hearts

Cuddle Bug Joggers
Andrea Kistler
 [05/15 8:20:26PM] Grey and white in large

Lovin' lounging joggers
Jennifer Dakin
 [05/15 8:20:05PM] Medium grey with heats

Polka Party Pants
Jennifer Ross
 [05/15 8:10:45PM] Large, grey

The Yes, Please Pants
Jodi Marr
 [05/15 8:10:27PM] Grey XL

Comfortable Hearts Joggers
Julia Baldwin
 [05/15 8:06:30PM] M/L - Grey hearts joggers

Komal Ruchie
 [05/15 8:02:55PM] Large- grey hearts

Jammin in my Jammies
Karen Sevigny
 [05/15 7:58:04PM] Black bubbles xl

Movie night must haves
Laura Eberle
 [05/15 7:55:04PM] Medium grey

Just joggin’ around
Tanya Marlatt
 [05/15 7:53:36PM] Large and grey/hearts

At home Jogger
Jennifer Slater
 [05/15 7:51:46PM] Black medium

Homebody joggers
Katie Tobin
 [05/15 7:51:31PM] Large grey with hearts

Staying home in Style Joggers; Our Time Jogggers; Once upon a Time Jogggers; Staying Alive Joggers; Journey through summer Joggers; Style and Safety Jogggers; No Fashion Sacrificed Joggers; Styled Together Joggers; Side by Side Joggers; Social Destiny Joggers; Day by Day Joggers; Comfiest Job-ers Ever; Steppingstone Jogggers; Tea Time Joggers; Grandma Approved Joggers; Highlight of my Day Joggers; Hopefully Tomorrow Jogggers; Just until the world resumes joggers; When Reality Hits Joggers; Feeling Free to be Me Joggers; My Society Joggers;
April Hunt
 [05/15 7:46:36PM] Hearts: Medium

Weekend comfy full of dots and hearts joggers
Leona Kraemer
 [05/15 7:46:15PM] Large and gray

Spot on Joggers
Stephanie Koval
 [05/15 7:38:09PM] XL-Black and white polka dots

Livin' In the Lap of Luxury Loungers
Raina Brugger
 [05/15 7:36:19PM] Grey hearts, small

Spot on Joggers
Stephanie Koval
 [05/15 7:35:59PM] XL- Black and white polka dots

Lush Luxury Joggers
Raina Brugger
 [05/15 7:35:39PM] Grey hearts, small

Lush Luxury Lounge Pants
Raina Brugger
 [05/15 7:35:07PM] Grey hearts, small

For the love of comfort joggers
Raina Brugger
 [05/15 7:34:20PM] Grey hearts, small

Luxury Loungin' Joggers
Raina Brugger
 [05/15 7:33:53PM] Grey hearts, small

You had me at joggers, hello comfort, comfies
Emily Gerein
 [05/15 7:33:45PM] XL Grey with hearts

Curl up in Comfort or Couch Cozies
Angie Kirschner
 [05/15 7:31:36PM] Grey hearts med

We Be Chillin’ Joggers
Scuylar Quevillon
 [05/15 7:31:04PM] M - black polka dots

I heart jammies
Renée Chalifoux
 [05/15 7:30:59PM] Grey large

We Be Chillin’ Joggers
Scuylar Quevillon
 [05/15 7:30:21PM] M - black polka dots

A Dot For Each Day Joggers
Shelly Pelley
 [05/15 7:29:44PM] Large, polka dot

Staying Inside Joggers; Staying and Slaying Joggers; You had me at Joggers; Remembrance Jogggers; All hail the Joggers; Once Upon Our Time Joggers; Embrace the Day Joggers; Somewhere Over the Rainbow Joggers; We Stayed Home Joggers; Standing Together in Comfort Joggers; My Safe Place Jogggers; Journey of the Jogggers; And these are the Joggers of our Lives; Survival of the Joggers; Job-ers ; Comfort Job-ers; Cozy Job-ers; Advanced Jogggers; Dancing with Myself Joggers; Journey of the Joggers; Leaning on the everlasting Jogggers; Steppingstones Lounge & Jogggers; Steppingstones Jogggers; All Day, Everyday Jogggers; Life is like wearing comfy Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 7:29:37PM] Polka dot: Medium

Be Still My Heart Lounge Pants
Shelly Pelley
 [05/15 7:28:01PM] L grey hearts

Love me some joggers
Yiota Petrakis
 [05/15 7:27:33PM] small & heart joggers

Pandemic Polka Dot Pant/Les coeurs de COVID
Kelly Weber
 [05/15 7:26:15PM] Small - polka dots

Good Morning Joggers
Meaghan Walker
 [05/15 7:25:30PM] M - black

I ?? You. Pjs
Tecia Beulens
 [05/15 7:20:28PM] M

My life
Karen Sanders
 [05/15 7:18:45PM] Grey

That Time We Were In Quarantine Pants
Allie Motley
 [05/15 7:11:44PM] XL grey hearts

Shelter in Place Joggers, what day Is it joggers
Dominique Lachapelle
 [05/15 7:01:24PM] Med grey hearts

Tied Together 4ever Joggers; Beautifully Done Up Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:58:54PM] Hearts: Medium

Ditty dotty joggers
Cheri Myles
 [05/15 6:57:08PM] M black

Ditty dotty joggers
Cherie Myles
 [05/15 6:55:56PM] M black

The Year of the Joggers; Working Together Joggers; Loungin Ladies Joggers ;More than Just Tied Together Joggers;
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:55:22PM] Hearts; Medium

Queen of Hearts joggers
Krista Rutschmann
 [05/15 6:50:22PM] XL hearts

Lounging Ladies Joggers; The 2020 Joggers; Remember When...Joggers; Ladylike Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:50:14PM] Hearts : Medium

I lost count Joggers ?; Winning in Comfort Joggers; The Lounging Ladies Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:43:10PM] Hearts; Medium

Stay Comfy
Shay Bolden
 [05/15 6:39:18PM] Black polka dot / medium

Me Time Joggers; Joggers For Life; We’re in These Joggers Together; Togetherness Joggers; Successful Day Joggers; Women in Comfort Joggers; Forever Mine Jogger Time; Time-out Joggers ;
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:38:32PM] Hearts; Medium

Comfy so soft
Shay Bolden
 [05/15 6:36:57PM] Black polka dot / medium

“Comfy Cozies”
Carrie Stubbard Parsons
 [05/15 6:36:29PM] Size medium grey hearts

Seeing Spots Joggers
Krista Bates
 [05/15 6:33:35PM] Black large

Formalcomfypants, no one will know on zoom, Business-on-top-relaxed-on-the-bottoms,
Sarah Barron
 [05/15 6:32:28PM] xl black polka dots

For the Love of Dots Jogger
Heather Hamilton
 [05/15 6:32:04PM] Medium - black

Oh My Heart Joggers/Pop More Popcorn Polka Dot Joggers
Jessica Petrie
 [05/15 6:31:41PM] Polka dot size small

Cuddle Bug Joggers
Bridgette Schram
 [05/15 6:31:05PM] Black with Polka Dots- Large

Feel the Love Jogger (gray hearts)
Heather Hamilton
 [05/15 6:30:26PM] small - black

Living Your Best Life
Sarah Barron
 [05/15 6:26:30PM] xl grey hearts

Working and Living Joggers; The New Beginnings Joggers; Homeward Bound and Around Town Joggers; These Are The Days of Our Joggers; Keepsake Joggers; One Jogger at a Time Joggers; These Are The Joggers of My Life
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:25:09PM] Hearts; Medium

Cozy dotss
Tiffany Butt
 [05/15 6:24:32PM] M

Queen Of Comfort
Tanya Tortorella
 [05/15 6:23:43PM] Black, medium

I’m Working On It Joggers; Working’ n Living Joggers; Best of Both Worlds Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:19:20PM] Hearts; Medium

Keeping Komfy
Laura Lee Millard-Smith
 [05/15 6:17:12PM] Grey - xl

Homecoming Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:16:26PM] Hearts: Medium

Essentially You Joggers; Essentially Yours Joggers; Essentially Essential Joggers; New Beginnings Joggers; Joggers 4 Life
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:15:07PM] Hearts; Medium

Polka dot quarantini
Nicole Burchell
 [05/15 6:14:18PM] Grey m

Essentially Cute Joggers; Cuffing Comforts Joggers; Essentially Comforted Joggers ; New Beginnings Joggers; The Live, Laugh, Love Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:12:00PM] Hearts; Medium

Isolazing around joggers
Debora Currie
 [05/15 6:11:42PM] L in black

Annette Simpson
 [05/15 6:10:04PM] Large Black

The weekend jogger
Josee Bonneau
 [05/15 6:03:30PM] Medium black

Dreaming about Tomorrow Joggers; Countdown to Comfy Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:03:23PM] Hearts: Medium

Until Tomorrow Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:00:53PM] Hearts; Medium

Stay A Little Styled Joggers; Fashionably Functionalists Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 6:00:23PM] Hearts : Medium

Casual Cozy Comfort Joggers
Janet Walker
 [05/15 5:59:17PM] XL polka dot

Cuffed and Cuddly Joggers; Cuffs Up Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 5:55:58PM] Polka Dots; Medium

My favourite spot joggers
Janet Walker
 [05/15 5:55:50PM] XL polka dots

Staycationing Joggers ; Stylish Staycationing Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 5:53:54PM] Hearts ; Medium

Jammie's after my heart
Lyndsay Ward
 [05/15 5:52:06PM] Large black

Staying but Styling Joggers ; Staying In Style Joggers; Safety Fashion Joggers; Perfect Excuse Joggers
April Hunt
 [05/15 5:51:18PM] Hearts, Medium

Dreamy Jammers
Lyndsay Ward
 [05/15 5:51:13PM] Large grey

Call me cozy
Emily Beukers
 [05/15 5:50:49PM] Hearts, M

Truly Essential joggers
April Cameron
 [05/15 5:50:25PM] Medium polka dots

My Favourite Spot Joggers
Janet Walker
 [05/15 5:49:13PM] XL

Dreamy joggers
Debra Ruyer
 [05/15 5:43:24PM] XL grey with hearts

"Rather be home" joggers
Melissa Mackell
 [05/15 5:41:50PM] Black polka dots, size Large

Weekend Bliss
Leanna Molson
 [05/15 5:41:24PM] Grey Hearts and Large

Simple life joggers
Anna Young
 [05/15 5:35:21PM] Grey hearts xl

Seeing spots joggers
Sarah Kehler
 [05/15 5:33:28PM] L black

Quarantine Cozies
Ashley Bilokryli
 [05/15 5:32:21PM] Black polka dot; med

Hearts on you / polka dot prancer
Jennifer Roberts
 [05/15 5:31:39PM] Medium/ heart joggers

Pandemic pants
Ashley Bilokryli
 [05/15 5:30:40PM] Black polka dot pant; medium

Gentle Joggers; At Home Joggers; Spot On Joggers
Sara Lotter
 [05/15 5:29:11PM] Polka Dots XL

Gentle Joggers; At Home Joggers; Spot On Joggers
Sara Lotter
 [05/15 5:28:53PM] Polka Dots XL

Jump Into Comfort Joggers
Amy Campbell
 [05/15 5:28:21PM] XL grey with polka dots

Time to Lounge
Hailee Weir
 [05/15 5:19:21PM] Polka dots XL

PolkaHeart Comfy Joggers
Tammy Droeshout
 [05/15 5:19:15PM] Xl grey with hearts

Stay in joggers
Angie McKean
 [05/15 5:18:45PM] Large black polka dot

Day Dreamin’ Joggers
Jolene McLeod
 [05/15 5:12:41PM] Medium - grey with hearts

Sweetheart Jammies
Charlianne Schultz
 [05/15 5:09:31PM] See

Zoomy joggers
Melanie Rumley
 [05/15 5:08:58PM] S, grey with hearts

Loungin n loving it joggers
Jenna Gregoire
 [05/15 5:05:31PM] M & grey

Connie Ivison
 [05/15 5:03:08PM] 2XL

Spot On Joggers
Wendy Burk
 [05/15 5:03:02PM] XL black polka dot

WFH Comfy jogger
Patricia Bexis
 [05/15 5:00:13PM] Small / black

Noelle Rigby
 [05/15 4:58:13PM] Xl black with polka dots

Lazy dayz
Natasha quinsey
 [05/15 4:57:14PM] L and grey

On point joggers
Dawn Digby
 [05/15 4:52:27PM] Grey, medium

I’ll Be Here Joggers
Jenna Samson
 [05/15 4:51:36PM] Grey size small!

So Comfy Joggers
Raylene Rector
 [05/15 4:46:54PM] XL grey with hearts

Love me softer/ polka dot soft
Tanya Lemoine
 [05/15 4:38:03PM] Small of either (both are so pretty!)

Comfy as a cloud
Stephanie Mrdeza
 [05/15 4:32:34PM] M an

Cut to the Laze Lounge Pants
Stacy Vanier
 [05/15 4:31:07PM] Large grey/hearts

Between a Dot and a Heart Place Joggers
Stacy Vanier
 [05/15 4:29:23PM] Large grey/hearts

Working from home comfort video conference buttoms
Amanda McLaurin
 [05/15 4:27:59PM] Large with hearts

pure comfort joggers
Candace Theberge
 [05/15 4:26:35PM] Medium heart

Laze Me Down
Brittany Sargent
 [05/15 4:22:12PM] Medium Black Polka dot

Porky Piggin
Brittany Sargent
 [05/15 4:20:19PM] Medium Black Polka Dot

A Spot of comfy and I heart for comfort
Maria Pucci
 [05/15 4:18:45PM] Small Black

All In a Day's Laze Joggers
Stacy Vanier
 [05/15 4:12:29PM] Large grey/hearts

Snuggle Me Up
Hailee Weir
 [05/15 4:08:23PM] Greg with hearts XL

Polka heart joggers, polka heart perfection joggers
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [05/15 3:57:42PM] Dots large

Polka paradise pants
Barbara Hickey
 [05/15 3:48:18PM] Black polkadot

wanda abbott
 [05/15 3:42:05PM] grey with hearts, size xl

LazyDay joggers
Tracey Crispin
 [05/15 3:38:41PM] Large - black

Comfy and Cozy
Lisa Williams
 [05/15 3:33:47PM] XL grey with hearts

Moonlight nighty nights
Julie Davis
 [05/15 3:30:23PM] Xl either colour ????

Don’t Polka the Bear and Steel my Heart
Margot Knopp
 [05/15 3:24:13PM] Hearts, size L (size 14)

Cuddle Me Softly
Kayla Korska
 [05/15 3:13:44PM] Large in Gray Hearts

Dotties, Full of love
Christine Levesque
 [05/15 3:10:25PM] Size L - Black with white polka dots

Essential Comfies
Kelly Lowson
 [05/15 3:08:04PM] Large, Grey with Hearts

Covid comfies ?
Jasmin cookman
 [05/15 3:04:38PM] Grey hearts xs/s

Quarantime in comfort joggers
Jocelyn Shott
 [05/15 3:04:28PM] Medium, black Polk-a-dot

"Hit 'em with the Cozy" , "Let's Get Cozy"
Carmen Hagele
 [05/15 3:04:11PM] Small; Black Polkadots

Heart you pretty pants
April Manning
 [05/15 2:59:21PM] Small gray

1. Quarantine Queen or 2. Covid Comfies
Sherri Jones
 [05/15 2:57:44PM] Medium; Grey with Hearts

Covid Comfort
Chantal Pelletier
 [05/15 2:57:01PM] Xl polka dot

Spot on Joggers
Kory Strande
 [05/15 2:56:15PM] M black / dits

Spot in Joggers
Kory Strande
 [05/15 2:55:28PM] M black / dots

What day is it Joggers, Blending Time joggers
Sarah Grayman
 [05/15 2:55:05PM] Gray with hearts

Snooze Tyme Sleep Jogger
Kathy Pirone
 [05/15 2:54:51PM] XL Black & White Polka Dot

Cozy dream
Jennifer Paziuk
 [05/15 2:53:29PM] Grey with hearts in L

Here I am joggers
Tara Babcock
 [05/15 2:44:27PM] L- grey with hearts please.

Long live comfy joggers
Jody Dais
 [05/15 2:44:17PM] Small & hearts please

I heart joggers, Stay at home joggers, livin the life joggers, let’s go crazy joggers, Lazy day joggers, Just chillin joggers,,, relax and enjoy joggers,
Susan Garrick
 [05/15 2:44:15PM] Grey hearts ? XL

Laze for Days Jogger
 [05/15 2:41:17PM] Large grey with hearts

A spot of comfort joggers
Celia Kroker
 [05/15 2:40:57PM] Black XL

A spot of comfort joggers
Celia Kroker
 [05/15 2:38:44PM] Black XL

Cozy, comfy, cute anytime joggers
Tara Kennedy
 [05/15 2:38:04PM] Large, Grey with Hearts

Jamming on zoom with friends joggers
Beckie Vyse
 [05/15 2:31:55PM] XS grey

Comfortine Joggers
Amy Irwin
 [05/15 2:31:43PM] XL black

The comfy covids
Kim Bradford
 [05/15 2:28:33PM] Black size medium

Sherry Moller
 [05/15 2:26:01PM] Xl grey

Lisa Volk
 [05/15 2:23:52PM] Small Grey with hearts

Covid comfort joggers
Riekje van Delst
 [05/15 2:21:55PM] Medium & Grey

Wear it Anywhere Jogger
Renae Friesen
 [05/15 2:19:49PM] Small-B&W

Jogging love, safe at home joggers
Lisa Wilson
 [05/15 2:19:04PM] Xl grey with hearts

I just wanna have fun joggers
Candis Miller
 [05/15 2:17:07PM] Medium grey hearts

Covid cozies
Lindsay Carlson
 [05/15 2:15:38PM] Medium & black

Polka doo daisy
Victoria Reid
 [05/15 2:15:37PM] 18 black polka dot

On the dot loungers
Erin Legare
 [05/15 2:15:07PM] Black with polka dots, size XL

Sweet spot joggers
Morgan Oliver
 [05/15 2:14:28PM] Medium hearts

I jog (in my dreams), fancy pants, wear my heart on my pantleg joggers
Aimee Shaw
 [05/15 2:14:24PM] XL, hearts

polka doo daisy
Victoria Reid
 [05/15 2:13:48PM] 18 black polka dots

Meet me at the zoom meeting, Isolation Standing Ovation Joggers
Valerie Gudmundson
 [05/15 2:12:50PM] Grey Hearts XL

Cast a,Weigh Smarty Pants
Debhie Oueloette
 [05/15 2:12:27PM] Small Pink

Meet me at the zoom joggers, my zoom meeting joggers, Isolation Standing Ovation Joggers
Valerie Gudmundson
 [05/15 2:10:32PM] Grey hearts XL

Weekend at Tiffany’s joggers
Patricia Rintjema
 [05/15 2:10:27PM] Small, black with polka dots!

Peace love polka dots
Kate Payne
 [05/15 2:09:51PM] Lg black polka dot

Heart to home joggers
Michelle Poulin
 [05/15 2:09:46PM] XL hearts

Hearts or Dots Abound
Donna Rinas
 [05/15 2:09:01PM] Size L, Grey with Hearts

Not gonna jog joggers
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/15 2:07:36PM] Hearts small

Zoom meeting joggers, Isolation Standing Ovation Joggers,
Valerie Gudmundson
 [05/15 2:06:15PM] Grey hearts XL

Spotted luxury loungers
Jen MacMillan
 [05/15 2:04:52PM] Medium grey

All my love joggers
Kathy Mckay
 [05/15 2:03:34PM] XL either one- Grey with hearts

Polka dots for days joggers
Kara Colbourne
 [05/15 2:03:13PM] XL

Comfy is the new covid fashion
Bernie Charlie
 [05/15 2:03:02PM] black polka dots and sz xxl

Spot On Joggers
Jamie Allport
 [05/15 2:02:20PM] Grey xl

Zoom meeting joggers, Isolation Standing Ovation Joggers,
Valerie Gudmundson
 [05/15 2:02:08PM] Grey hearts XL

Cozy Up Joggers ?
Kristina Sarafincian
 [05/15 2:01:05PM] Medium, grey with hearts

You don’t need anything else wearing a little heaven!
Charmaine Dupont
 [05/15 1:59:09PM] XL

Home Alone Pants
Nicky Bryant
 [05/15 1:58:28PM] Large Grey Hearts

Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [05/15 1:58:21PM] L - black & white

Heart of the home joggers, Stay together apart joggers
kelly clendining
 [05/15 1:57:54PM] Sm, hearts

Zoom Pants
Nicky Bryant
 [05/15 1:57:18PM] Large Grey Hearts

Quarantine cozy & chill joggers
Erica McGavin
 [05/15 1:56:38PM] Grey xl

Corona casuals
Wendy Mclaughlin
 [05/15 1:56:20PM] Xl grey

You Don’t need anything else your in heaven !
Charmaine Dupont
 [05/15 1:56:19PM] XL

Runaway with my Polka heart joggers.
Brigitte Lambert
 [05/15 1:55:46PM] M black with polka dots

Quarantine cozy joggers/sweats
Erica McGavin
 [05/15 1:55:03PM] Grey XL

Outta sight quarantine jogger
Marion Yun
 [05/15 1:53:00PM] Grey size L

Goin' About My Day
Kelli Wilson
 [05/15 1:50:50PM] MEDIUM & GREY

My Everyday Joggers
Danielle Kennedy
 [05/15 1:50:02PM] XL & Hearts

Namaste At Home jogger
Lisa Etty
 [05/15 1:49:15PM] Grey large

Comfy Cozy Covid Heart Joggers, Comfy Cozy Covid Polka Dot Joggers
Annika Armstrong
 [05/15 1:48:25PM] M Grey Heart

So Lovin' Life
Kelli Wilson
 [05/15 1:48:13PM] Medium & Black

Polka Dot Princess Joggers / Home is where the Heart is Joggers
Jemmie Harris
 [05/15 1:47:56PM] Medium / polka dots

Rocking quarantine joggers
Amanda Sauve
 [05/15 1:41:55PM] Grey size large

Hearts Desire Joggers, Spot On Joggers
Candice Crosby
 [05/15 1:39:10PM] Large and grey Hearts

Namaste Comfy
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/15 1:38:55PM] Hearts small

Workin' Heart joggers
Jamie Godwin
 [05/15 1:37:44PM] Small, grey hearts

Polka Perfect; Heart Me Softly; jogging around the house
Heather Gjertsen
 [05/15 1:37:35PM] M in hearts

Sleepy time joggers
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/15 1:37:33PM] Hearts small

Spot On
Kristen Showers
 [05/15 1:36:47PM] Xl black

Comfy and safe at home joggers
Shohreh Burchell
 [05/15 1:34:42PM] Hearts small

Grey - You Had Me at Hearts Black - Polka Dot Party
Sarah Burke
 [05/15 1:33:45PM] Size xl, grey hearts

Making Lazy Look Cute Joggers, Too Cute to Sweat in Joggers, Jump in Joggers
Michelle Matthews
 [05/15 1:33:43PM] Medium Grey

“Just want to stay home” joggers or “Staying at home” joggers
Rechelle Norrish
 [05/15 1:33:42PM] Large grey with hearts

Oh-so-cozy jogger, iso-cozy-lation jogger, not your grandmas jogger,
Chrissy Lwowski
 [05/15 1:31:45PM] Medium Hearts

Spit spot and off we go
Elizabeth Donnelly
 [05/15 1:29:31PM] XL black with polka dots

Unwind Joggers
Kristy Burden
 [05/15 1:28:08PM] XL grey with hearts

Love, peace and polka dots. Comfy at heart
Alea falkus
 [05/15 1:27:18PM] Large grey with hearts

Love ur Legs
Debra Sprague
 [05/15 1:18:20PM] XL- grey with hearts

Jammin Joggers
Amber Houle
 [05/15 1:17:49PM] Large Heart Pattern

All the Love Joggers
 [05/15 1:15:24PM] Medium frey

Heart I comfy pants
Melissa bishop
 [05/15 1:15:11PM] Size small in the gray hearts

Livin' La Vida Cozy Joggers
Maxine Mathews
 [05/15 1:14:31PM] Small, Grey

Stay Home Jogger
Lisa Buckland
 [05/15 1:14:11PM] M, Grey Heart

Cozy Jogs
Tammy Davis
 [05/15 1:11:12PM] Medium in grey

 [05/15 1:10:59PM] Medium either one

Still Chillin’ Joggers; Keep On Chillin’ Joggers
Liane Jimenez
 [05/15 1:10:37PM] Medium, grey/hearts

Cozy spot joggers
Stephanie Fournier
 [05/15 1:09:25PM] XL black

You have my heart
Jenn Hummel
 [05/15 1:07:54PM] L - ANY

Corona 2020 Comfy Joggers / 24/7 Comfort Jogger / Livin’ the Dream in my Joggers
Amanda Wiens
 [05/15 1:06:54PM] Small / grey hearts

Spot of comfort joggers
Olivia Hardy
 [05/15 1:05:58PM] XL black with polka dots

A Relaxer's High Joggers
Alison Castella-Chin
 [05/15 1:05:26PM] Grey with Hearts - Small

"Heart Over Heels Joggers" & "Jogging on the Spot Joggers"
Amanda King
 [05/15 1:02:20PM] Any color 2xl

Cozy Quarantine joggers
Michelle Mulder
 [05/15 1:00:43PM] Small, black with polka dots

Dot it like it’s hot
Alysse Champion
 [05/15 12:59:13PM] Grey hearts L

Not for jogging joggers
Christina Davidson
 [05/15 12:59:11PM] Black M

Covid Comfies. I ?? Cozy Jams. Covid Cozies.
Jennifer Dilfer
 [05/15 12:59:06PM] XL grey

Lazy loungers
Lana Smith
 [05/15 12:58:28PM] Grey with hearts medium

Spot your relaxation
Chelsea Giguere
 [05/15 12:52:36PM] Large Black polka dot

Cozy Up in Comfort Joggers
Jessy Danyluk
 [05/15 12:50:21PM] Small-black with polka dots

Dot-a-Love Joggers, Dotta Love Them Joggers, Dot of Love Joggers
Lauren Petersen
 [05/15 12:49:50PM] Grey M

Quarantinoggers, Self Isolationoggers, Rolling In My Joggers, Chillin and Killin Time Joggers
Jennifer Barone
 [05/15 12:48:50PM] Size L black and white polka dots

The Saturday Morning Jogger
Jessy Danyluk
 [05/15 12:48:48PM] Small-black with polka dots

Spot on cozy
Alysse Champion
 [05/15 12:47:10PM] Grey hearts L

You dotta love the joggers
Lauren Petersen
 [05/15 12:47:03PM] Grey M

Quaran-tina Jogger
emily hutchinson
 [05/15 12:46:17PM] M grey please

Dot you love them jogger
Lauren Petersen
 [05/15 12:45:25PM] Grey medium

Dot you love them jogger
Lauren Petersen
 [05/15 12:44:37PM] Grey medium

Seeing spots joggers
Alysse Champion
 [05/15 12:43:35PM] Grey hearts L

Comfy time joggers
Leesa Immelman
 [05/15 12:43:32PM] Large, grey hearts

Lazy day joggers
Christine Pellerine
 [05/15 12:43:11PM] Grey hearts Large

On the spot joggers
Moral Mercer
 [05/15 12:43:05PM] grey hearts in XL or 2XL

Polka heart joggers
Morag Mercee
 [05/15 12:42:11PM] grey with hearts XL or 2XL

Comfier than you are.
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/15 12:40:34PM] M grey with hearts

Jogging on sunshine
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/15 12:39:11PM] M grey hearts

Comfiest Spots Joggers, Spot-on Comfies
Sheena Eddy
 [05/15 12:38:36PM] S, black with polka dots

Jogged to meet you
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/15 12:38:16PM] M grey with hearts

Spot of Rest
Karina Dunn
 [05/15 12:38:02PM] XXL (18) grey hearts

All day Dreamin’ joggers
Nicola wade
 [05/15 12:36:37PM] Medium grey hearts

Namaste In These Joggers
Chantalle Gauthier
 [05/15 12:35:08PM] M, grey with hearts

Let's Get Cozy Jogger
Lidia Visscher
 [05/15 12:34:55PM] Heart - Large

Stay Awhile Joggers
Lidia Visscher
 [05/15 12:34:27PM] Heart - Large

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Carmen Halpenny
 [05/15 12:34:21PM] Grey & Black M

Here and Now Joggers
Lisa Kelly
 [05/15 12:31:59PM] Medium & Grey

Isolation at its best joggers
Carla Beaulac
 [05/15 12:30:47PM] Black and white polka dots

Quarantine comfort
Angela Mark
 [05/15 12:29:33PM] L grey

Love me comfy
Michelle bulmann
 [05/15 12:27:18PM] Xl grey

In my comfy spot joggers / comfy love joggers
Jessica Knowlton
 [05/15 12:27:05PM] Medium and black polka dots

The Quarancute joggers
Melanie Weiler
 [05/15 12:26:53PM] Large grey

All about me
Michelle bulmann
 [05/15 12:26:23PM] Xl black

Zoom in Comfort Joggers
Sarah Radley
 [05/15 12:25:55PM] Small, black

In my comfy spot joggers and comfy love joggers
Jessica Knowlton
 [05/15 12:25:49PM] Medium and black polka dots

You had me at cozy pants
Sarah bowen
 [05/15 12:24:11PM] Hearts xl

Dot me all night long
Tara Martin
 [05/15 12:23:58PM] Small black

I heart Dottie joggers ??
Carrie Bell
 [05/15 12:21:26PM] Large polka dots

Dot me all night
Tara Martin
 [05/15 12:20:59PM] Small black

Loungin' around joggers
Amanda Gibb
 [05/15 12:19:49PM] black m

The Bomb DOT Com Jogger
Cortney Rudman
 [05/15 12:19:13PM] Medium, grey

Sweet dreams are made of these
Sarah bowen
 [05/15 12:18:22PM] Xl hearts for this mom of triplets please

Specta Dots
Cathy Ramsundar
 [05/15 12:18:20PM] M black

Cutie Pants??
Rhonda Campbell
 [05/15 12:18:17PM] Amp, not fussy

Summer Slummin' Joggers
Sabrina Bryan
 [05/15 12:15:26PM] Medium Grey

Couch Po-tasty Joggers
Michelle Bellamy
 [05/15 12:14:19PM] Large polka dots

Keepin’ It Cozy
Paige Powell
 [05/15 12:13:41PM] Grey with Hearts, m

The slip into comfort
Kimberly Brown
 [05/15 12:13:26PM] XL black

Comfy Outfit Victory Inside Day (COVID)
Shirley Tom
 [05/15 12:12:40PM] XL - Black with polka dots

"Locked Down and Loungin'," "Stay Safe, Stay Comfy",
Tracy Brenner
 [05/15 12:12:19PM] Medium, Grey Hearts

The CuteCozyComfy day or night pant
Giannetta Hall
 [05/15 12:12:10PM] Small black polka dots

My fave joggers, keep your polka heart to yourself, comfort coziness
Susan Kendrick
 [05/15 12:11:36PM] Size M - Black with polka Dots

Spot On Comfort Joggers
Lonnie Campbell
 [05/15 12:11:23PM] XL or bigger if available Grey with hearts

Live, laugh, live me in these joggers
Sarah bowen
 [05/15 12:11:14PM] Xl hearts

Everday Essential Joggers
Kimberly Brown
 [05/15 12:10:46PM] XL gray

My perfect polka pants
Evelyn McKim
 [05/15 12:10:27PM] Med black

Mindful Joggers, Keeping Calm Joggers, Seven Days Joggers,
Tracey Marcil
 [05/15 12:09:31PM] grey with hearts large

"Walking on Sunshine" - dots and "Queen of Hearts" - hearts
Sarah bowen
 [05/15 12:09:20PM] Xl hearts

Comfiest lounge joggers
Janie Chalifoux-Leblond
 [05/15 12:07:46PM] Large - Grey with hearts

Black and white polka dot joggers
Deborah Mansell
 [05/15 12:07:33PM] Large black and white

Not just joggers
Kimberly Brown
 [05/15 12:06:32PM] XL Black

Lounging polkadots
Kristen Letch
 [05/15 12:06:10PM] Small

Nothing wrong with comfy
Rachel Hotchkiss
 [05/15 12:05:28PM] Large black with polka dot

Love the pants your in joggers
Kimberly Brown
 [05/15 12:04:58PM] XL gray

slothing around joggers
Julie Hoar
 [05/15 12:04:24PM] Grey with hearts -size XL

Polka my heart joggers
Jenn Gibbons
 [05/15 12:03:00PM] Size XL, Grey hearts

Casual retreat
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [05/15 12:02:57PM] Grey, small

Pretty plush
Kimberly Brown
 [05/15 12:02:43PM] XL blue

Pandemic pants
Kimberly Brown
 [05/15 12:01:44PM] Xl black or gray

Couch Hugger, Stay home jogger, Woke up like this jogger
Sasha Sky
 [05/15 12:01:08PM] Black, M

Couch Culprit Joggers, Sweet Couch Dreams Joggers, Lazy Loungers, Lounge Loving Joggers, Lounger-19 Joggers, Cozy-19 Joggers
Jennifer Daeninck
 [05/15 11:58:39AM] XL Grey

Sweating Sweetly
Laurie Weber
 [05/15 11:58:38AM] Medium - Grey hearts

Shar O’Neill
 [05/15 11:55:33AM] M grey

For The Love of Joggers
Karen Flegel
 [05/15 11:54:47AM] Grey with hearts - M

Summer Slumbers
Teena Johnson
 [05/15 11:54:38AM] Large Black with Polka Dots

Campfire Comfies
Teena Johnson
 [05/15 11:53:04AM] Large Black with Polka Dots

Karen Magill
 [05/15 11:51:03AM] Grey. XL

Loungin’ Around , Cute & Comfy , Cute in Comfies
Amber Stevens
 [05/15 11:50:48AM] Grey hearts size S

For the love of sleep
Alexis Appleby
 [05/15 11:50:38AM] Gray medium please

For The Love of Joggers
Karen Flegel
 [05/15 11:49:49AM] Grey with hearts - M

Love me some comfy’s or polka dot for days
Deb Scully
 [05/15 11:49:48AM] Small & grey with hearts

Cozintini Joggers
 [05/15 11:49:33AM] Medium - GREY :)

Stay safe joggers
Danielle Bromley
 [05/15 11:49:23AM] Blue XL

Sari Kwakernaak
 [05/15 11:49:19AM] Size medium grey

taking it easy joggers
sharon hein
 [05/15 11:49:10AM] grey with hearts XL

Spot On joggers
Teresa Grant
 [05/15 11:48:29AM] Medium black

Cozintini Pants
Keri Ann Berga
 [05/15 11:48:10AM] Medium in Grey!

Lovin’ Lounging
Desire Crowe
 [05/15 11:47:10AM] Xl heart

Cozintine PJs
Keri Berga
 [05/15 11:46:07AM] Medium Grey

Serenity Joggers
Sarah bowen
 [05/15 11:45:51AM] Xl hearts

Graceful Lounging
Desire Crowe
 [05/15 11:45:42AM] Large hearts

Cozintine PJs
Keri Ann Berga
 [05/15 11:45:41AM] M Grey

Dot's the way I like it
Leigh Wells
 [05/15 11:45:35AM] XL grey

Best Friend Bloomers
Wendy Dunne
 [05/15 11:45:33AM] Medium. Black Polka Dots

For the love of comfort
Desire Crowe
 [05/15 11:45:17AM] Large, polka dot

Cozy and Comfy
Linda Thompson
 [05/15 11:45:03AM] Large - Black or Grey

Craving Cozies
Keri Ann Berga
 [05/15 11:44:52AM] M - grey

Quarantine Comfort
Desire Crowe
 [05/15 11:44:49AM] Large hearts

Lounge it up joggers
Rachel Curran
 [05/15 11:43:36AM] Hearts XL

No where to be joggers, I wore these to my zoom meeting pants, locked down loungers
Kelsey caston
 [05/15 11:43:14AM] Large, grey hearts

"Dot Calm" for the polka dot ones and "Love Affair" for the heart ones
Michelle Marinelli
 [05/15 11:43:12AM] Heart print, size small

Homebody Joggers, Polka Me Home Joggers, The Covid Jogger, The Tripe C Jogger - Comfy, Cozy, Covid
Whitney Dillon
 [05/15 11:42:01AM] XL - Heart

Home Office Joggers; Stay at Home Sweats
Sarah Radley
 [05/15 11:41:30AM] Small, black

Comfy and Chill joggers
Amy Fralick
 [05/15 11:40:53AM] L, grey

I Heart You ?lounge set/ Spot On Comfort lounge set/
Heather Keir Ewing
 [05/15 11:40:37AM] size large- spot on - polka dots

Cozy cuddle-ups
Jennifer Trinkies
 [05/15 11:40:04AM] Grey hearts, medium

Jog-ers at Home
Amy Fralick
 [05/15 11:39:57AM] L, grey

Colour me comfy joggers
Kelly Hayes
 [05/15 11:38:38AM] Large, grey with hearts

Covid19 dot dot heart, at home comfys
Courtney Reid
 [05/15 11:38:05AM] XL black

The weekender comfies jogger
Michelle Lewis
 [05/15 11:37:42AM] medium and grey with hearts

Quaran-Queen joggers
Kelsey caston
 [05/15 11:37:36AM] Large, grey hearts

Quarantine comfort joggers, isolate the day away joggers, straight to the couch joggers, comfort all day joggers, patterned comfort joggers
Samantha Krump
 [05/15 11:37:01AM] L grey hearts

Just Loungin Joggers
Ashley Carter
 [05/15 11:36:44AM] XL grey

Keepin’ It Cozy
Paige Powell
 [05/15 11:36:07AM] Small & Grey With Hearts

Sweetheart sweats
Chandra Callegari
 [05/15 11:35:11AM] Grey with hearts large

Polka Heart Love
Ann DesRoches
 [05/15 11:34:19AM] XL black with polka dots

Keepin’ It Comfy
Paige Powell
 [05/15 11:34:09AM] Small & Grey with Hearts

Quarantine pants
Shannon Anderson
 [05/15 11:33:49AM] XL black

Laid back chic
Shelena Carlick
 [05/15 11:33:04AM] M Grey with hearts.

Spring in your step joggers, don’t mess with my heart/dot joggers,
Asha Singh
 [05/15 11:32:44AM] Large grey hearts

Essential joggers
Amanda lebrun
 [05/15 11:31:31AM] M gray

Love what you are in
Sue Ducau
 [05/15 11:30:17AM] M grey with hearts

Inner Peace Joggers, Slow it Down Joggers
Diana Stephens
 [05/15 11:30:11AM] L grey w/ hearts

I heart comfort joggers
Jordan watton
 [05/15 11:29:35AM] Heart and small

Back to basics, Stay home and chill jogger, hearts of polka dots
Mercedes Carrigan
 [05/15 11:28:38AM] Small polka dots

I heart comfort time joggers
Nicky watton
 [05/15 11:28:36AM] I heart and medium

BSB's (babes supporting babes)
krista miller
 [05/15 11:28:33AM] grey with hearts medium

Spotlight on comfort or hearts on comfort
Amanda Defrancesco
 [05/15 11:28:20AM] Grey hearts size large

Summer Lovin’ Joggers
Amanda Bruce
 [05/15 11:27:54AM] L grey hearts

Cozy-up joggers, dress down joggers, laid-back and relax pants
Meagan Sarrazin
 [05/15 11:27:30AM] M(black with polka dots)

Seeing spots
Aleisha Barlow
 [05/15 11:27:30AM] Xl and grey with hearts ?

Dot it like it’s hot joggers
Brooke Camick
 [05/15 11:24:53AM] Dots size medium

I Heart Comfort Time Joggers
Lesley Willford
 [05/15 11:24:00AM] XL Grey Hearts

Just Because Joggers
Tina MacDonald
 [05/15 11:23:34AM] Hearts size large

The ultimate comfy pant
Mercedes Carrigan
 [05/15 11:23:15AM] Small heart

Queen of hearts joggers
Andrea Haywood
 [05/15 11:23:13AM] Small, hearts

Girly joggers
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [05/15 11:22:48AM] Grey large

Livin the dream joggers
Monica jackson
 [05/15 11:22:36AM] M black

Lazy Days Joggers
Andrea Haywood
 [05/15 11:22:29AM] Small, hearts

Ready set comfort
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/15 11:22:27AM] XL hearts

Ready to go
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/15 11:21:38AM] XL hearts

Path to Happiness joggers
Kerry Daponte
 [05/15 11:20:18AM] Medium black with Polk a dots

Comfy legs
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/15 11:20:05AM] XL hearts

House Party Pants
Ashley Doiron
 [05/15 11:19:47AM] Size Medium Grey with Hearts please!

Hip Huggers
Michelle Hodder
 [05/15 11:19:16AM] XL - grey hearts

Laidback joggers
Brenda Hartmann
 [05/15 11:18:56AM] XL hearts

Happy legs
Tabasom Darbyson
 [05/15 11:16:09AM] XL in Black

Right on the dot joggers/Get your heart on joggers
Christine Lafontaine
 [05/15 11:16:02AM] Grey size large

Cozy Cutie Joggers / Business (Extra) Casual Joggers
Erika Just
 [05/15 11:15:46AM] XL Grey with Hearts

Polk your dot on the couch joggers
Jessica Sznadel
 [05/15 11:15:45AM] Grey. Medium.

Lockdown joggers
Leanne Hopkins
 [05/15 11:14:58AM] Grey small

Stay at Home Coziness
Lori Simms
 [05/15 11:14:41AM] XL Grey with Hearts

To die for Joggers
 [05/15 11:14:33AM] Xl polka dots

Lazy Dayz Joggers
Sarah Gardiner
 [05/15 11:14:15AM] small grey with hearts

Lounge Arounds; Every day is Sunday Joggers; Lounging on Repeat Joggers
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [05/15 11:13:52AM] Medium: Grey with Hearts

Couch Cozy Joggers / Couch Comfort Joggers
Sarah Gardiner
 [05/15 11:13:44AM] small grey with hearts

All Day Jammers
Shannon Hutchison
 [05/15 11:13:11AM] Med & gray

Sleeping Beauty
Kyra Scheuerman
 [05/15 11:13:04AM] M grey with hearts

Jammin’ Joggiez’
Shannon Hutchison
 [05/15 11:12:30AM] Med & black

Sweetheart joggers
Victoria Scriver
 [05/15 11:12:19AM] Large / grey

Quarantine cozies
Sara McLean
 [05/15 11:12:19AM] Black L

Home is where the heart is jogger
Alysha Eichel
 [05/15 11:11:44AM] Size L and grey hearts.

“Dot my memory” joggers
Becki Bryan
 [05/15 11:10:47AM] Grey hearts in a small

these are my fancy pants
Christina Furlan
 [05/15 11:10:47AM] hearts large

What day are we on? / Stay at home Joggers / Home Attire / Give me all the comfort Joggers
Bianca Easter
 [05/15 11:07:32AM] M hearts

Huggz Pjs
Sumayya Khan
 [05/15 11:07:14AM] small grey

Pajamasizers/Comfy Time Joggers/ Pretty Light Exercise/ Pretty Light Jog-gers/ Weekend Joggers
Sara Walgren
 [05/15 11:06:23AM] Medium Grey with Hearts

Every day is Saturday Jogger
Crystal Kjernisted
 [05/15 11:06:01AM] XL, black

Stay Home joggers
Melissa LaPlante
 [05/15 11:05:13AM] Grey with hearts XL

Loving comfort joggers
Sabrina Saccucci
 [05/15 11:04:58AM] Medium polka dot

Spot me on the horizontal joggers
Kim Cameron
 [05/15 11:04:54AM] XL black with polka dots

All Day Comfy Joggers
Nicole Stetz
 [05/15 11:04:25AM] XL black with polka dots

Spot on girls... Put your heart into it!!
Leslee Sanderman
 [05/15 11:04:24AM] Small Grey

Polka Party Pant
Amanda Treloar
 [05/15 11:02:57AM] Large Black

Pretty Little Loungers
Christine Lucas
 [05/15 11:02:43AM] Medium grey hearts

Had me at hello
 [05/15 11:02:04AM] Medium black dots

Day to Night Joggers
Nicole Stetz
 [05/15 11:00:02AM] XL grey hearts

Can’t compare that feeling
Kara Nordstrom
 [05/15 10:58:45AM] Large & black

To jog or not to jog, Stay at home comfies, Day and night Joggers, Feel free to be comfy joggers,
Vicky Harrison
 [05/15 10:57:39AM] Grey Large

TGIF lounge wear
Kara Nordstrom
 [05/15 10:57:24AM] Large & black

Heart pants - My love Black polka dot- oh my dots
Kelsy Cadeau
 [05/15 10:57:24AM] Large

Let's Stay In
Hannah Geissler
 [05/15 10:56:30AM] Medium, hearts

Jammie Joggers
Vicky Harrison
 [05/15 10:56:06AM] Grey Large

Beam me up Dottie
Angela Yamaoka
 [05/15 10:56:03AM] Dots M

Staycation joggers
Kara nordstrom
 [05/15 10:55:16AM] Large & black

No questions asked joggers
Erin Tamburello
 [05/15 10:55:05AM] Xl hearts

Dreamy wear jogs
Kara Nordstrom
 [05/15 10:53:53AM] Large & black

Spotted Love
Sara Carisse
 [05/15 10:53:39AM] Xl - Grey

Spot on comfort
 [05/15 10:53:23AM] Gray XL

Jog into my heart, Beam
Angela Yamaoka
 [05/15 10:52:37AM] Dots M

Days in joggers
Erica Peterson
 [05/15 10:52:22AM] Med , black

Hibernatation comfort jogs
Kara Nordstrom
 [05/15 10:52:13AM] Large & black

Don’t quit your day dream, Love hard-lounge harder, Stuck in a daydream,
Jess DePalma
 [05/15 10:50:46AM] Grey hearts, small

Love to be comfortable
Anna Spiliotopoulos
 [05/15 10:50:42AM] XL

‘Chase me joggers’ , ‘Can’t catch me joggers’, ‘at least the mailman will think I worked out joggers’
Kristy burton
 [05/15 10:50:36AM] M grey hearts!

G=so comfy it hearts & just pika dotting around pants
Claire Greenley
 [05/15 10:49:39AM] Medium and the grey hearts please

Spot On Joggers & Hearts a flutter Joggers
Crystal Grubb
 [05/15 10:48:55AM] LG Grey with hearts