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WACOAL Red Carpet Strapless Bra
$90.00 CAD  
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    Estimated to ship by Monday, December 04, 2023.

    A good strapless bra is like GOLD! This bra has boning along the side, optional straps, a hook and eye closure, and works well with all breast shapes. There is also silicone grip along the top and bottom that will keep the bra in place all day long. The WACOAL Red Carpet Strapless Bra will be the saving piece for all outfits for any event!

    • Full coverage bra
    • Optional adjustable straps
    • Silicone strip on top and bottom edges
    • Boning along sides and back
    • Molded cups
    • Hook & eye closure
    • Under wire
    • Straps can convert to halter, crisscross, and one-shoulder
    • Fabric 91% nylon, 9% elastane
    • Measurements vary by size
    • Kim is wearing the size 34D
    • Allison is wearing a 40DD

    The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived! Introducing the best strapless bra on the market!!! We have developed an estimated bra calculator that we feel will suggest the best WACOAL bra size for you. There are a few things to keep in mind when you receive your bra:

    • A new bra should be worn on the "loosest" or "first" hooks to start. As the bra wears, it will get looser over time. As this happens, move down the clasps to tighten it.
    • When wearing the straps, you should only be able to fit one finger between the strap and your shoulder.
    • When you put on your bra, do the scoop!
    • Fact: Most women are wearing the wrong size bra. When you receive your new bra, it may feel "weird". Wear it for the day and try it out.
    • Do not put your bra in the dryer. The heat will break down the elastane and wear it out quicker. We also suggest washing it on delicate and in a laundry bag if you have one.

    As for my size, I have always worn a 34C. Our calculator put me at a 34D and it's actually the perfect fit! This is also the size I modelled!

    You guys - this is it! This is the perfect strapless bra! There are silicone bands on the bottom and top edges that will keep it in place all day long. It is full coverage with a molded cup, and adjustable and detachable straps that can convert to a halter, crisscross, and one-shoulder option. We noticed that as the size increases, the band does as well! Which is amazing because I need that extra support! There is also boning along the sides and back which adds support and will help ensure it doesn't budge through the day! I am wearing a 40DD and it's the size I prefer!

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