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3/4 Sleeve Top
February 7, 2020

Silver Icing 3/4 Sleeve Top




You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these 3/4 sleeve tops!

These tops are incredibly soft and feature a slightly rounded, high low hem.

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, February 9 at 9AM (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week. The winner will receive their colour and size of choice! (Olive, Off White, Rose, Indigo – XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL). These tops will Presale for $29.99 (Retail $34.00). Good luck! ❤️

*Kendra is wearing the size M*

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Total of 528 Entries
Congratulations to Rachel Tourville, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Fashionably Light Top
All around stylish tee
Courtney Mcacarron
 [02/09 8:56:39AM] Olive, medium

Stress free
Amanda Gould
 [02/09 8:39:16AM] Rose xs

Not so basic boyfriend shirt
Jana M
 [02/09 7:59:58AM] Indigo, XL

Spring into comfort shirt
Debbie Sigfusson
 [02/09 7:28:10AM] 2xl pink

The comfy cozy
Melveena Roberts
 [02/09 5:47:33AM] Pink medium

Breena 3/4 top
Kara Tilbury
 [02/09 5:18:07AM] Black XL/2xl

Sweetly Soft Sweater
Megan Baker
 [02/09 5:07:59AM] White xs or s

Street Chic
Lauren Wilson
 [02/09 4:15:28AM] White, L

Drop it like it’s hot
Christina Ingham
 [02/09 1:09:17AM] Indigo medium

The Highlife Top
Elena Robertson
 [02/09 12:42:01AM] Medium rose

Simple and sheek 3/4 tee
Robyn Foss
 [02/08 11:41:34PM] Blue small

Andrea Cockell
 [02/08 11:33:07PM] Xl olive

Andrea Cockell
 [02/08 11:32:38PM] XL olive

Slick and perfect fit
Viviane Wingerak
 [02/08 11:27:03PM] Small white

Cuddle Me Softly
Joy-Ann Johnson
 [02/08 11:16:35PM] White/Large

Pretty in pastel
Amanda Gould
 [02/08 10:57:48PM] Rose xs

Everyday Comfort
Amanda Gould
 [02/08 10:40:43PM] Rose XS

Simply Elegant
Amanda Gould
 [02/08 10:37:06PM] Rose xs

Perfectly causal
Katie Gasemy
 [02/08 10:28:11PM] White small

Perfect causal Wear
Katie Gasemy
 [02/08 10:27:24PM] White small

On the Dotted Line Top
Shaya Bellamy
 [02/08 10:00:58PM] Black large

Spring is in the air
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/08 9:57:13PM] white medium

Seeing spring ahead
Karen Wallis
 [02/08 9:56:47PM] Off white- small

Possibilities Top
Shaya bellamy
 [02/08 9:56:36PM] Blue large

Call it love
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/08 9:55:39PM] White Medium

Not so basic top
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/08 9:51:40PM] White Medium

Don't be shy top
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/08 9:50:31PM] white medium

3/4 sleeve top
Shaya bellamy
 [02/08 9:50:10PM] Blue large

Light of my life
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/08 9:49:29PM] White medium

Spring to it
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/08 9:48:54PM] White medium

3/4 of me top
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/08 9:48:03PM] Off white, Medium

Almost home 3/4 top
Wendy Sharp
 [02/08 9:36:35PM] XL rose

The everyday essential top
Ashley Rudek
 [02/08 9:06:00PM] Olive size large please

Just right
Maritess Howard
 [02/08 8:34:43PM] L olive

Timeless Top
Kelly Gallagher
 [02/08 8:06:59PM] Off white XS

Gotta Have It! Dolman
Erin Friesen
 [02/08 8:05:45PM] White and Large

Candice henson
 [02/08 7:23:35PM] White / medium

Day to night darling
Jennifer Saville
 [02/08 6:55:25PM] White in large

Chic in the city, breezeway top
Angela Yamaoka
 [02/08 5:50:49PM] Olive m

Simple comfort , spring fling , spring comfort , light hug tshirt
Barbara Benner
 [02/08 5:50:23PM] White small

My Spring Vibe Top
Kym Readman
 [02/08 5:45:52PM] Rose , size XL

Devoted top
Josee Bazinet
 [02/08 5:41:37PM] Large green

Right for Me Top
Kym Readman
 [02/08 5:37:50PM] Olive, size XL

The Right Kind of Fit Top
Kym Readman
 [02/08 5:31:54PM] Indigo, size XL

Softer Side Top
Emily buss
 [02/08 5:29:00PM] Blue XL

Going to town top
Jo Vanderwolf
 [02/08 5:24:59PM] Off white Large

Colour Me Comfy; Colour Me Happy
Sheri Dyck
 [02/08 5:20:01PM] Olive, XLarge

Northern Comfort, Casual Friday, Cute and Classy,
Lori Martiin
 [02/08 4:52:13PM] Large Indigo thank-you

Just beauty
Mildred Matthews
 [02/08 4:51:32PM] Blue L

Half way there top
Christa surowich
 [02/08 4:50:32PM] Olive 2x

Weekend Warrior, Pastel Pleasures, Cozy Up To Me
Maria Boonstra
 [02/08 4:41:58PM] Green medium

Between Seasons Sweater; Spring Whispers; Let Sleeve it between us; Modest Goddess; Modest Missus
Candice Daniels
 [02/08 4:19:51PM] Olive Medium

Heavenly High-Low
Nicole Ludwig
 [02/08 4:09:16PM] Rose or Olive, Medium

Soft Touch
Stacey pittakidis
 [02/08 3:11:51PM] White large

Flow with it
Stacey pittakidis
 [02/08 3:11:07PM] White large

Carlie Shirt (since there is a Christie shirt...have a Christie and a Carlie)
Anna W
 [02/08 3:07:32PM] Rose large

Lots of Love
Sandra Mueller
 [02/08 2:52:14PM] 2X Rose

Three-quarter rounded softness top
Christine Bruyere
 [02/08 2:24:57PM] Olive and extra large

You Never Go Full Sleeve!!!
Ashley Lindbo
 [02/08 2:23:20PM] green medium

Spring Forward
Karie-Anne Hawthorne
 [02/08 2:19:39PM] Rose M

Up North We Wear Three Fourth
Ashley Syrek
 [02/08 2:16:39PM] Olive Large

Whisper to me
Meggan Lefebvre
 [02/08 2:16:27PM] White - medium

Marsha Willoughby
 [02/08 2:14:52PM] Indigo XL

Lily of the Field Top; Where the Wildflower Grows Top; Going with the Flow Top; Simple Elegance Top, Easy Going Top, Joelle Top; Perfect Pitch Top; Plain Perfection Top; Just Love Me Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/08 2:12:20PM] Off White, Small

dress me up or down sweater
yvonne sims
 [02/08 2:08:39PM] rose medium?

Panda Hugs
Kelly Quessy
 [02/08 2:01:13PM] White & exlarge

Bobcaygeon Top
Randi Cookson
 [02/08 1:52:32PM] XS White

Fashionably Light Top
Rachel Tourville
 [02/08 1:43:20PM] Olive, XL

Better Light Than Never Top
Rachel Tourville
 [02/08 1:42:52PM] Olive, XL

Marsha Willoughby
 [02/08 1:40:40PM] Olive xL

Fall Back Top
Rachel Tourville
 [02/08 1:36:31PM] Olive, XL

Gisele Picard
 [02/08 1:36:04PM] xl indogo

Simple Pleasures Top
Ashley Lott
 [02/08 1:35:36PM] Olive - Medium

3/4 long, 100% luxurious
Melanie Kramer
 [02/08 1:34:18PM] Small indigo

Weekly Warmer
Kelly Gray
 [02/08 12:30:52PM] Blue 2XL

Spring ‘n Swing Top, Hi-Lo Spring! , Float Freely Top
Sarah Radley
 [02/08 12:21:47PM] Medium, olive

Classic Chic Comfort
Sarah Whitehead
 [02/08 12:14:04PM] Olive small

Simple Splendid
Shavonne O'Reilly
 [02/08 12:02:55PM] Olive XL

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood
Barb Davidson
 [02/08 11:57:07AM] Olive and size L please

Comfy me cozy
Amy Evans
 [02/08 11:56:42AM] White medium

In Full Bloom
Nikki Joyce
 [02/08 11:53:20AM] Small Blue

Classy Comfort
Cassidy K
 [02/08 11:49:57AM] Small olive

Pretty Comfort
Amanda Lipinski
 [02/08 11:47:09AM] Olive Large

Backwoods 3/4 sleeve top
Courtney VanDeSype
 [02/08 11:45:39AM] Size small, Olive

A Little Piece of Heaven
Lisa Miller
 [02/08 11:36:54AM] Olive; XL

sharon nelson
 [02/08 11:23:56AM] 2xl in grey

day to night top
Melanie Lee
 [02/08 11:20:08AM] Olive. Large

The Allison, the Ally top
Courtney Walsh
 [02/08 11:13:36AM] White/medium

Spring fling
Kelly McQuade
 [02/08 11:04:45AM] Green small

3/4 and Lovin it
Glenda moline
 [02/08 10:53:26AM] White large

The Avery
Sandy Scott
 [02/08 10:52:20AM] black large

All of Me top
 [02/08 10:45:26AM] Olive 2XL

The Go To
Shelagh Gilmore
 [02/08 10:45:05AM] Olive m

Casual Chic
Amanda Hurst
 [02/08 10:44:55AM] M - Off white

3/4 til tea time
Shelley Turnbull
 [02/08 10:35:37AM] Olive small

Sitting pretty in Spring!
Lori Thomson
 [02/08 10:33:46AM] Pink and xl

On a Cloud Top
Erin Gibb
 [02/08 10:32:51AM] Indigo, M

Fits like a T
Stacey Koutsiouris
 [02/08 10:24:57AM] Blush Large

New horizons
Crystal Mackie
 [02/08 10:11:52AM] Olive small

Cruisin around top
Veronique Dube
 [02/08 10:03:35AM] Large white

Lovely lengths t
Alisha Thompson
 [02/08 9:59:10AM] Olive large

3/4 simple fun
Mahsa Alghaspour
 [02/08 9:58:23AM] Small rose

3/4 of love
Leah brabant
 [02/08 9:45:44AM] White M

Leisurely Lounging Top
Louise Kemp
 [02/08 9:42:12AM] Rose M

Comfort Retreat
Jami Payne
 [02/08 9:36:29AM] Olive 2Xl

The Weekender, The Blakely tee
Ashley Doiron
 [02/08 9:35:49AM] Olive in Large

Aspen Soft
Jami Payne
 [02/08 9:35:20AM] Olive 2XL

Urban comfort
Jami Payne
 [02/08 9:33:37AM] Olive 2Xl

Essential comfort top
Stephanie Hall
 [02/08 9:11:58AM] Rose XL

Westcoast Vibes, Westcoast Chic
Laurie Sterling
 [02/08 9:02:51AM] Size small in white

Spring Vibes, Everywhere You Go, Top it Off, Brighter Days Top, Spring To It
Laurie Sterling
 [02/08 9:00:40AM] Size small in white

Cool comphy tee
Debbie Ruter
 [02/08 8:54:10AM] Rose XL

Three Quarter Ease Tee
Darla Weimer
 [02/08 8:22:55AM] Indigo XL

Neighborhood ladies club
Bailey McManus
 [02/08 8:22:40AM] Off white 2XL

The 18 hour sweetheart top
Jackie Chipman
 [02/08 8:22:06AM] Rose, medium

The Go To 3/4 T-Shirt
Ananda Kersey
 [02/08 8:20:49AM] Olive L

My Go To Fav Top
Brenda Thorne
 [02/08 8:20:07AM] Olive medium

3/4 hug
Amanda Tuchscherer
 [02/08 8:09:34AM] Olive Large

Simple Elegant
Amanda Gould
 [02/08 8:04:17AM] Rose, xs

Ashlyn Redekop
 [02/08 7:44:12AM] Olive in XL

Easy Living Top
Shannon Tersigni
 [02/08 7:29:43AM] Small white

Danielle Scurr
 [02/08 7:22:17AM] Olive size large

Cozy Casual
Ashley Parsons
 [02/08 7:03:43AM] Rose XL

Spring Feels
Teena Huston
 [02/08 6:47:07AM] White /medium

Soft and chic top
Lori Forsyth
 [02/08 6:46:41AM] Olive, xl

Weekend comfort
Alison Fischer
 [02/08 6:34:45AM] Indigo small

Full comfort tee
Abigail Barnes
 [02/08 6:32:26AM] pink, blue, yellow, white, black. xs s m l xl 1xl 2xl 3xl

Cozy 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
Tanya Barron
 [02/08 5:49:12AM] Pink 1xl

Comfort Crush Top
Kourtney Richardson
 [02/08 5:42:08AM] Rose, M

Make my day top
Leanne Assu
 [02/08 5:38:21AM] Indigo xl

Cozy Chic
LeeAnn Bungay
 [02/08 5:31:35AM] White small

Weekend lounger
Marlene Hollett
 [02/08 5:26:57AM] Off white size small

The “Love”Tee
Daphne Matthews
 [02/08 5:06:35AM] White size S

First class casual
Tara werning
 [02/08 4:53:18AM] Off white medium

Cozy soft day
Toni martino
 [02/08 4:31:41AM] Green xL

Casually Cool Top
Jennilea Mannella
 [02/08 3:39:24AM] Rose Medium

Cozy comfort on a cold day
Tracy Wiebe
 [02/07 11:07:19PM] Olive,medium

It’s T-time
Shannon Nugent
 [02/07 11:02:32PM] Rose, medium

Lara Gray
 [02/07 10:25:54PM] Olive 2xl

The Astoria
Cassandra Converse
 [02/07 10:17:30PM] White, XS

Leave it to me
Jennifer Pedersen
 [02/07 10:06:38PM] Blush medium

The ‘Bethany’ top
Wendy Unrau
 [02/07 10:00:37PM] White Large please! :)

Round it Up, Quarter Up, Sunday Vibes, Three Quarter Vibes,
Michelle Lowther
 [02/07 9:51:31PM] Rose MD

Katie britz
 [02/07 9:43:37PM] Rose, Med

North shore crew
Kate britz
 [02/07 9:42:44PM] Olive medium

Everyday Comfort
Tawnya Perry
 [02/07 9:39:00PM] Indigo, sized small please

3/4 Round
Kim Vany
 [02/07 9:33:56PM] Rose/XSmall

Spring Fourth
Kim Vany
 [02/07 9:27:51PM] Olive/XSmall

The 3/4 Breeze!
Brenda kraneveldt
 [02/07 9:22:15PM] Olive L

Swing into spring top
Tara bertling
 [02/07 9:17:56PM] Rose , small

Let’s Watch a Movie top
Sandra Harrad
 [02/07 9:06:25PM] Indigo XL

Go with the flow top
Karen Moss
 [02/07 8:58:59PM] Olive med

The softer side top
Maggi Bruce
 [02/07 8:55:39PM] Off white, small

Sweet Expectations Top
Amanda Worden
 [02/07 8:39:33PM] Olive, Small

Sheer elegance
Bobbi Jo Johnston
 [02/07 8:39:00PM] Olive 2XL

Hello Love Top
Amanda Worden
 [02/07 8:38:27PM] Olive, Small

Theresa Doyle
 [02/07 8:34:34PM] Rose M

Pastel pleasure top
Loraine Lalonde
 [02/07 8:33:46PM] small blue

spring fling top
Loraine Lalonde
 [02/07 8:31:31PM] small blue

The softer side of me top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 8:29:39PM] Rose, xs

The Right Stuff Top
Karen Otsig
 [02/07 8:25:54PM] Rose size small

Something up her sleeve top
Candice MacNeil
 [02/07 8:02:46PM] Rose small

3 is better than none
Lindsay Nielsen
 [02/07 7:45:36PM] Small indigo

Scoop there it is
Michele Rosaasen
 [02/07 7:40:50PM] Olive-2XL

3/4ths Breezier ( than your normal momtop)
Cheyanne Noyes
 [02/07 7:28:21PM] Olive and size Medium

Creature comfort
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 7:26:04PM] Any colour XL

Keepin it Classy top
Teah Wiseman
 [02/07 7:22:06PM] Rose size large

Antionette Payne
 [02/07 7:20:47PM] Any colour XL

Perfect High Low Top
Deanna Freiburger
 [02/07 7:19:38PM] XLgreen

Jumpin jelly bean
Penny adams
 [02/07 7:15:40PM] Indigo. Size xl

Heavenly comfort
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 7:02:15PM] Any colour XL

The Karma
Holly LeBlanc
 [02/07 7:00:34PM] Olive M

Antionette Payne
 [02/07 7:00:25PM] Any colour XL

Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:53:40PM] Any colour XL

Playful thoughts
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:52:52PM] Any colour XL

Impressions of love
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:52:18PM] Any colour XL

Simply Everyday Top
Jenn Roth
 [02/07 6:47:31PM] Pink. Small

To Comfy to care top
Terri Mitt
 [02/07 6:47:28PM] off white size small

Natural Woman
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:46:36PM] Any colour XL

3/4’s iced
Korin Johnston
 [02/07 6:46:30PM] Olive L

No Frills
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:45:33PM] Any colour XL

Dress me up
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:44:48PM] Any colour XL

Hundy P
Aron Newman
 [02/07 6:39:42PM] White (L)

Cloud 9, Softer Side, Cuddle Me Sunday, Cuddle Up, “Air”ant Class, Quiet Grace, Modal Moments, Summer Nights, Springtime Comfort, Spring Breeze, Forever Sunday
Jenn Alexander
 [02/07 6:39:12PM] Rose M

Own it sleeve
Bailey Andrusiak
 [02/07 6:36:21PM] XS - indigo

Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:31:14PM] Any colour XL

Effortless top
Megan long
 [02/07 6:29:28PM] Olive large

Surprise me
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:26:56PM] Any colour XL

Casual weekend top
Melanie Rumley
 [02/07 6:26:51PM] XS, rose

Reflections of Love
Antionette Payne
 [02/07 6:26:20PM] Any colour XL

All soft tee
Mirelle Cain
 [02/07 6:20:53PM] White small

Erin's Essential Top, Bring On Spring Top, Erin's High Low Go To Top
Erin Sigsworth
 [02/07 6:19:49PM] White medium please

Easy breezy 3/4 sleevey
Mirelle Cain
 [02/07 6:17:44PM] White small

Live to be me
Dorothy Ludwig
 [02/07 6:17:20PM] White xs

Casual Friday
Amanda smith
 [02/07 6:14:27PM] Olive 2XL

Go Anywhere
Kathy Gikes
 [02/07 5:57:01PM] L Green

Home run Tee; Irresistible you; Quarter Up
Lynnelle Friesen
 [02/07 5:56:15PM] Indigo , small

Make it Sweet Top, Spring me Forward top
Michelle Webster
 [02/07 5:55:56PM] Green in large

Helene Riabov
 [02/07 5:54:36PM] White. Large

The perfect top
Katie Gasemy
 [02/07 5:52:57PM] White small

Indian Summer Top
Kenzie Karwandy
 [02/07 5:46:30PM] Olive, size xl

Spring Softie
Jen Sebok
 [02/07 5:44:56PM] Indigo, small

Living Life in 3/4 Time
Michelle Webster
 [02/07 5:44:00PM] Green in large

Weekend Warrior Shirt
Mandy Lang
 [02/07 5:42:10PM] Rose

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Anne Terris
 [02/07 5:38:15PM] Indigo

High low gorgeous!
Lori Schnellert
 [02/07 5:35:53PM] Olive small

A cross between comfort and beauty top, 3/4's of comfort top
Arielle stahl
 [02/07 5:19:21PM] Medium rose or olive

Sunday SWEETshirt
Terry Gonzalez
 [02/07 5:11:18PM] Olive medium

3/4 of my vibe
Deanna White
 [02/07 5:10:41PM] Off white

Daily Vibe
Deanna White
 [02/07 5:09:15PM] Off white

Simply Chic 3/4 Sleeve Top
Samantha Brighton
 [02/07 5:07:37PM] Indigo medium

Bringing cozy back!
Kelly Mitchell
 [02/07 5:05:12PM] Indigo or rose in large

Cozy weekender top
Lisa Marie Graham
 [02/07 4:55:00PM] Green size s

Cozy weekender
Lisa Marie Graham
 [02/07 4:54:13PM] Green size s

Sweet Slumber Sweater
Megan Baker
 [02/07 4:53:59PM] White xs or small

Weekend vibes
Lisa Marie Graham
 [02/07 4:52:34PM] Green size s

Soft and chic top
Anita Lee
 [02/07 4:45:19PM] Indigo XL

Cozy loves comfort, The Jennifer top,
Jennifer Barone
 [02/07 4:41:43PM] Light blue Size L

Soul comfort
Michelle Tremblay
 [02/07 4:39:06PM] Indigo in Medium

The weekender
Claire sedesky
 [02/07 4:38:34PM] White large

Classy Casual
Deanna Hunt
 [02/07 4:36:37PM] A Quarter Classy

Painted pastel
Wendy Hanaka
 [02/07 4:32:01PM] Pink small

Spring fling
Wendy Hanaka
 [02/07 4:29:44PM] Blue small

Weekend Vibes
Sara Lotter
 [02/07 4:29:19PM] Indigo, XL

Charming Chica
Joanne Rowsell
 [02/07 4:21:14PM] Medium, Blue

It’s all class
Elisha Sartori
 [02/07 4:17:19PM] Xs white

Babe the Brave top
Dayna Friend
 [02/07 4:06:34PM] Green medium

Round Up
Kimberly Young
 [02/07 3:59:33PM] Olive -Medium

Just jersey
 [02/07 3:58:21PM] Olive 2x

3/4 sleeve full comfort top
Jill Haber
 [02/07 3:53:39PM] Olive M

Friday Feels Tunic
Jessica Williamson
 [02/07 3:49:22PM] White large

Soft Landing Top
Jennifer Holmes
 [02/07 3:47:26PM] Rose, S

In between top
cindy carter
 [02/07 3:46:33PM] Rose, medium

Old faithful
Jessica willier
 [02/07 3:46:26PM] Green XL

Sophia Me Crazy
Tania Blackburn
 [02/07 3:44:49PM] Olive Xl

3/4’s to Comfort T-shirt
Robin Slade
 [02/07 3:43:38PM] Indigo and 2XL please

The Khloe
Sandi Targett
 [02/07 3:41:27PM] Indigo 2x

Calmer weather
Melissa ingram
 [02/07 3:37:34PM] Small white

Cozy Katie
Cathryn Cull
 [02/07 3:36:21PM] Blue 2xl

Super smooth
Chris Sleger
 [02/07 3:35:36PM] Green 2xl

Just Right
 [02/07 3:31:55PM] Xl rose

Sexy Comfort
Brenda Lapointe
 [02/07 3:30:38PM] Indigo Xl

Wear me Anywear
Brenda Lapointe
 [02/07 3:29:05PM] Indigo xl

The Brendalee
 [02/07 3:26:51PM] Rose Xl

The Brenda
 [02/07 3:26:29PM] Rose Xl

3/4 elegance top
Bianca Easter
 [02/07 3:21:36PM] M-rose

Perfectly Plain
Sarah Jeynes
 [02/07 3:20:57PM] L olive

3/4 full and fabulous
Breanne De Jong
 [02/07 3:15:42PM] Medium off white

Wear Me Round Top, Hello Friday Top, Round To A Halt Top,
Cath Dixon
 [02/07 3:12:32PM] 2x - olive

Flow and grow top
Brittaney Pregizer
 [02/07 3:10:42PM] Indigo xl

Casual Comfort Tee, Push up the Sleeves Tee, 3/4 Sleeve 100% Goddess, Goddess with a Short Sleeve Tee, Style by Comfort Top
Renee Kelly
 [02/07 3:07:35PM] 2XL Rose

Swoon Over the Moon Tee
Samantha Ribchester
 [02/07 3:05:41PM] Indigo medium

Deanna’s Desire
Charity Kalinowsky
 [02/07 3:04:14PM] Green, large

Arm Candy Top
Marina Luporini
 [02/07 2:59:50PM] Rose - medium

 [02/07 2:58:21PM] XL, white

Easy does it top
Valerie Gudmundson
 [02/07 2:55:58PM] Rose XL

Take Me Anywhere
Andrea Klein
 [02/07 2:53:04PM] Green large

Spring has sprung top
Valerie Gudmundson
 [02/07 2:51:11PM] Rose XL

The Everyday Must Have
Nicole Pahor-Simpson
 [02/07 2:49:41PM] Olive small

Casual comfort top
Ashley Jenkins
 [02/07 2:46:14PM] Medium olive

My go to top!
Joy McLean
 [02/07 2:43:44PM] White. Small

Soft, classic dress it up sweater
Christine Richardson
 [02/07 2:41:32PM] Medium rose

Hey Spring I got your back Top
Linda Simkins
 [02/07 2:41:21PM] White and size Medium

Casual quarter shirt
Janique Tessier
 [02/07 2:40:43PM] White medium

3/4 aww-some top, dress me up top!
Hilda Dyck
 [02/07 2:34:29PM] Blue, medium

Wander Goddess Sweater
Fawn Hall
 [02/07 2:33:08PM] Pink - L

Girl next door 3/4 length shirt
Kelly Koshinsky
 [02/07 2:28:10PM] Green medium

Springing softly
Gabrielle Musseau
 [02/07 2:26:33PM] Small pink

Hilo Softie
Cindy Hiscott
 [02/07 2:25:50PM] Green size M

Casually Elegant
Deanne Sanderson
 [02/07 2:24:11PM] Indigo - size M

Charlotte’s way
Brittanee Haussecker
 [02/07 2:22:56PM] Rose large

Spin Me Right Round Top
Rachel Curran
 [02/07 2:22:53PM] Olive L

Kitten Soft Top
Melanie Bergeron
 [02/07 2:20:13PM] M pink

The Classic, The 3/4 Classic, The Quarterback, Stay Classic
Whitney Dillon
 [02/07 2:19:12PM] Indigo 2xl

The coziest softy classy top
Danyele St-Amour
 [02/07 2:16:47PM] Olive / 2XL

3/4 softest Bouquet tee, Easter Boquet Tees
Carey Dingsdale
 [02/07 2:13:17PM] Olive Small

Simply Spring Top
Tracey Marcil
 [02/07 2:13:13PM] Indigo large

Living My Best Life Top
Tracey Marcil
 [02/07 2:12:28PM] Indigo large

Easy Living Top
Tracey Marcil
 [02/07 2:12:03PM] Indigo large

Three quarter dream
Crystal Mackie
 [02/07 2:10:53PM] Olive small

Softer Side of Spring
Kathy Santrock
 [02/07 2:10:05PM] Indigo XL

Soft & stylish
Tami McKechnie
 [02/07 2:09:01PM] Large. Green

Spring Forward 3/4 sleeve top
Gail Butt
 [02/07 2:06:46PM] Olive size XL

Between the seasons
Nina Robins
 [02/07 2:04:51PM] Medium-white

Pastel me Chic
Carla Cameron
 [02/07 2:03:46PM] Green in a medium

Basically beautiful
Sonja Vanderwood
 [02/07 2:02:41PM] Small white

Spring Fling or Spring of Comfort
Tammy Kieswetter
 [02/07 1:55:18PM] Rose, XL

You spin me right round
Breanne De Jong
 [02/07 1:48:25PM] Off white in medium

Comfort classic
Lacey Bartholow
 [02/07 1:48:13PM] Olive xl

Cuff up for Spring
Kim MacLennan
 [02/07 1:46:16PM] Olive M

Softly she goes
Breanne De Jong
 [02/07 1:46:05PM] Off White in medium

Springing ahead into warmer days top
Kristin Marchand
 [02/07 1:44:32PM] Rose - Large

The Go-To Top; Classic Go-To; The Gotta Be Tee; classic, cozy, and comfy; the staple top; the Be On Top; Top of the World
Kelly Rawson
 [02/07 1:43:25PM] Rose, xl

Stay classy
Jessica davis
 [02/07 1:38:25PM] Pink medium

Slightly Round 3/4 soft
Tammy D
 [02/07 1:36:21PM] Rose 2xl

Snow Sweet
Tanya white
 [02/07 1:35:11PM] Rose small

Let it flow top
Richanda Zurowski
 [02/07 1:35:06PM] Rose L

Let it flow too
Richanda Zurowski
 [02/07 1:34:15PM] Rose L

Keepin in cozy top
Tiffany Adams
 [02/07 1:32:50PM] XL olive

Spring Ahead 3/4 Top
Lesley Willford
 [02/07 1:30:21PM] Olive 2XL or Rose 2XL

Soft Sky
Tami den Otter
 [02/07 1:29:48PM] Blue in xl

Classic Comfort Top
Melissa Hubert
 [02/07 1:25:23PM] Olive, XS

For Your Eyes Cozy
Bettina Allen
 [02/07 1:22:55PM] Olive, XL

Soft and Secure
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 1:22:15PM] Rose, xs

Soft and sensitive top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 1:21:32PM] Rose, xs

Spring Vacation Top
Bettina Allen
 [02/07 1:20:58PM] Olive, XL

Sweet-tee Top, Subtle-tee Top, Not So Plain Jane Top
Vanessa Engel
 [02/07 1:18:15PM] olive small

Soft hipster top
Angela Rodgers
 [02/07 1:16:53PM] Pink m

Relaxed Rosie
Patricia Brisebois
 [02/07 1:15:37PM] Olive, medium

Melanie Ferguson
 [02/07 1:13:00PM] Off White; XL

The long and short of it
Tiffany Oszli
 [02/07 1:11:49PM] Olive, xl

Casual Comfort
Ashley Parsons
 [02/07 1:11:35PM] Rose XL

Soft and Smooth
Ashley Parsons
 [02/07 1:10:46PM] Rose XL

Springing for Comfort
Ashley Parsons
 [02/07 1:08:45PM] Rose XXL

Bright side top
Robyn jones
 [02/07 1:04:52PM] Medium white

Hi Low Comfort top
Christine Bruyere
 [02/07 1:01:29PM] Indigo large

Briar Rose
Tania Blackburn
 [02/07 12:56:11PM] Green XL

Easy vibe
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [02/07 12:55:05PM] Olive large

Easy Livin’
Shannon Kitsul
 [02/07 12:53:09PM] Off white small

Belissima Top
Tania Blackburn
 [02/07 12:52:12PM] Green Xl

Sophia 3/4
Tania Blackburn
 [02/07 12:51:15PM] Green XL

Sweet and stylish 3/4 sleeve top
Raeleen Hulan
 [02/07 12:50:55PM] Olive lg

Classic Cozy
Evelyn Pacheco
 [02/07 12:47:51PM] Green , medium

Cosie Posie
Tania Blackburn
 [02/07 12:47:28PM] Olive XL

Spring ahead Sweet Pea
Sandy Seney
 [02/07 12:47:03PM] 2xl olive

The Spring Classic
Georgina Currie
 [02/07 12:43:59PM] Pink Size S

Modest Comfort and Style
 [02/07 12:43:33PM] Olive and large

Simple Elegance
Brandie Bates
 [02/07 12:42:19PM] Green and medium

3/4 me ready
Tania Blackburn
 [02/07 12:42:03PM] Olive XL

Hi-lo beautiful top
Brett Da Costa
 [02/07 12:41:13PM] White, small

Basic Comfort
Amanda Lipinski
 [02/07 12:41:03PM] Olive and medium

Angel Skin
Robyn Gomuwka
 [02/07 12:39:29PM] Green. Large

3/4 off the cuff
Adrianne Ciccone
 [02/07 12:37:07PM] Rose. Xs

Spring Ahead Top
Heather Smith
 [02/07 12:36:38PM] White XL

Hi-low it’s me you’re looking for
Amanda Nelson
 [02/07 12:31:36PM] Green, medium

Best Comfy 3/4
Shannon Hutchison
 [02/07 12:30:39PM] Lrg green

High-Low Go to Top
Debbie Anderson
 [02/07 12:28:04PM] Green Medium

Classy basic
Huguette English
 [02/07 12:28:02PM] Blue large or XL

Spring is in the air. Classy and casual.
Michelle Logan
 [02/07 12:26:45PM] Green Olive

Mamas cozy top
Tracy Boutilier
 [02/07 12:26:12PM] Olive XL

Slinking shift
Yvonne Haggard
 [02/07 12:24:29PM] Medium light blue

Elegant comfort
Tawny Kerkowich
 [02/07 12:22:55PM] Large indigo

Back to basics
Joni Follett
 [02/07 12:15:47PM] Rose size medium

Don't 3/4 Sleeve Me This Way
Bettina Allen
 [02/07 12:13:57PM] Olive, XL

So soft and so seam free!
Marissa Miller
 [02/07 12:12:59PM] Medium, olive green

Soft and Simple Top, Simply Elegant Top
Terri Grey
 [02/07 12:12:51PM] Pink and medium

Sliding into Basic Top
Rachel Tourville
 [02/07 12:12:06PM] Olive, XL

A Spring of Beauty Top
Bettina Allen
 [02/07 12:11:37PM] Olive, XL

Hi-Low can you go
Marissa Miller
 [02/07 12:10:52PM] Medium, olive green

Bring on Spring Top
Bettina Allen
 [02/07 12:10:28PM] Olive, XL

Out of the park - Tee
Lynnelle Friesen
 [02/07 12:06:40PM] Blue small

Get In My Closet!
Jolene lindsey
 [02/07 12:05:35PM] Olive Small please

Perfect Balance
 [02/07 12:04:10PM] Indigo 2xl

Bloom Top
Sarah Reuangrith
 [02/07 11:59:59AM] Indigo, medium

Sunday Feels
Kelly Harford
 [02/07 11:58:42AM] Olive L

Let it wear you; relax in style; just be me; casual grace
Kim Freeman
 [02/07 11:58:38AM] Indigo; L

Too Much of a Good Spring Top
Bettina Allen
 [02/07 11:57:42AM] Green, XL

Sweetheart top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 11:52:46AM] Rose, XS

Spring has sprung shirt
Michelle Sauls
 [02/07 11:52:15AM] Olive xs

Sweet innocence top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 11:51:37AM] Rose, XS

Soft Springs Top, Springs Up Top, It's A Quarter to Spring
Alanna Demont
 [02/07 11:51:29AM] Off White in Medium

Comfy weekender
Blanche Frame
 [02/07 11:48:58AM] Green large

Best of the Crop 3/4 Sweater
Janet Zurba
 [02/07 11:47:42AM] Indigo XL

Spring Around the Bend
Yvette Reid
 [02/07 11:46:26AM] White and L

Plain Chic
Cynthia Laviolette
 [02/07 11:44:29AM] Pink Small

Soft and subtle top
Jennifer Selvaggi
 [02/07 11:41:42AM] Large Olive colour

At-Bat Tee
Vanessa Thomson
 [02/07 11:38:55AM] Rose, Small

Soft Simplicity
Lyndsie Smit
 [02/07 11:37:53AM] White Medium

Softer Side Top, Any Day Top, Every Day Top
Michelle Matthews
 [02/07 11:37:46AM] White - Medium

The Free and Clear
Nicole Spencer
 [02/07 11:37:23AM] White, large

Loving life top
Ashlee moore
 [02/07 11:35:23AM] Blue xl

Ready for the long weekend top
Nicole St-Cyr
 [02/07 11:35:23AM] Olive L

Quarter to Noon, Quarter to Spring, Almost There
Melissa Stevens
 [02/07 11:26:46AM] Olive, Large

At Work or Play Baseball Tee
Meghan Stephenson
 [02/07 11:25:42AM] L - olive

Sweet Caroline
Nadine Cape
 [02/07 11:25:20AM] Indigo medium

Truly me top
Laurel costello
 [02/07 11:25:07AM] Green medium

Boss 3/4
Dana carter
 [02/07 11:24:43AM] Indigo size XL

Casual Love
Jasmine Knutson
 [02/07 11:24:26AM] Blue xl

Anytime anywhere
Crystal mackie
 [02/07 11:22:27AM] Olive small

Everyday top
Crystal Mackie
 [02/07 11:20:52AM] Olive small

Spin me right round
Crystal Mackie
 [02/07 11:18:26AM] Olive - small

Well Rounded
Barbara Brace
 [02/07 11:16:39AM] Blue size small

Spring into comfort
Kim larson
 [02/07 11:15:57AM] Olive large

Flawless Spring for Less Top
Kristin Fisher
 [02/07 11:14:21AM] White/ Medium

Easy Breezy
Julie Duchesne
 [02/07 11:14:09AM] Indigo, Large

Soft side
 [02/07 11:13:40AM] Black

Spring fling
Tara Gonzalez
 [02/07 11:13:16AM] Indigo size large

OH So Dreamy
Tracy Liesch
 [02/07 11:11:03AM] White Large

Daytime/nightlife top
Michelle Lewis
 [02/07 11:10:21AM] Olive, small

All the Feels top, Mary Jane, Jean’s BFF, Lovely Essential
Vanessa Riccio
 [02/07 11:10:12AM] Olive small

Classic comfort top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 11:09:04AM] Rose, xs

Comfort and Flow
Pamela Pereira
 [02/07 11:05:01AM] S green

Spring Fling
Chelsey Kraneveldt
 [02/07 11:04:00AM] Rose XL

Triple C -cool, casual, comfy
Lori Ross
 [02/07 11:03:51AM] White in XL

Smooth Sailing
Catharine Erin Haggarty
 [02/07 11:01:24AM] White (S)

Casually clean
Jamie Harris
 [02/07 11:00:14AM] Olive/large

Quater to spring top, spring into comfort top, easy breezy 3/4 tee
Felisha Flodin
 [02/07 10:59:49AM] Indigo XL

Cozy Josie
Charlene Pisani
 [02/07 10:59:41AM] Xl OLive

Clean & casual
Jamie Harris
 [02/07 10:59:25AM] Olive

Back to Basics Tee, Up in the Third Quarter Top,
Kaitlin Fritz
 [02/07 10:57:04AM] Rose, XL

All in
Melissa Benz
 [02/07 10:53:21AM] Olive Small

We got this
Melissa Benz
 [02/07 10:52:00AM] Olive Small

Meant to Be top
Candis miller
 [02/07 10:49:54AM] Medium green

Casual comfort
Frances Enns
 [02/07 10:47:45AM] Olive, 2xl

Cozy up top
Jennifer Grant
 [02/07 10:43:07AM] Blue medium

Soft and sweet
Jade Norberg
 [02/07 10:40:21AM] Green in size small

Simple as can be, soft and causal, just for me
Tanya Odelein
 [02/07 10:39:05AM] Xs olive, rose or off white

Spring has almost sprung 3/4 sleeve
Krista Moore
 [02/07 10:38:58AM] Pink and large

Colour Me Spring
Ann Firth
 [02/07 10:38:54AM] Blue size medium

Classic Chic Top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 10:37:23AM] Rose, xs

Cute & cozy pullover
Marina Balaz
 [02/07 10:34:01AM] rose medium

Cozy classic 3/4 sleeve top
Melanie Kramer
 [02/07 10:33:58AM] Blue small

Spring Quarter top; light and breezy top; light side top;
Amanda Bruce
 [02/07 10:33:20AM] Off white XL

Free to be
Rosanne Bangma
 [02/07 10:31:39AM] Rose size medium

Chic Happens
Jenn Haviland
 [02/07 10:29:57AM] Olive XXL

Weekend Warrior
Valerie Taylor
 [02/07 10:27:46AM] Off white medium

Free Flow Shirt
Amanda Miller
 [02/07 10:26:49AM] Rose 2XL

Confort zone
Josee Bonneau
 [02/07 10:26:17AM] Green , large

Donna Chapman
 [02/07 10:25:36AM] Blue 2X

Weekend Warrior
Valerie Taylor
 [02/07 10:23:47AM] Off white/ med.

All about ME
Krista Measures
 [02/07 10:22:19AM] Indigo. Size small

Make It Easy Top
 [02/07 10:20:41AM] Off-White, XL

Comfort and class
Kelli Zimmerman
 [02/07 10:20:16AM] Olive medium

Up to the minute top
Ashley Poole
 [02/07 10:20:01AM] White, XL

The Bracelet Shirt
Lillian Wakulchyk
 [02/07 10:18:14AM] Indigo medium

The Weekend
Colleen Ripp
 [02/07 10:18:04AM] Green, Medium

Easy Peasy 3/4 Sleevey
Tara Kennedy
 [02/07 10:17:56AM] Rose L

Comfy Chic top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 10:17:47AM] Rose, xs

Simply perfection
Yvonne stewart
 [02/07 10:17:37AM] Medium Indigo

Pure Comfort
Debbie Stephanyshen
 [02/07 10:16:13AM] Olive XL

Donna Chapman
 [02/07 10:14:25AM] Blue 2X

Easy does it
Shannon Greene
 [02/07 10:11:01AM] Olive, Medium

Keep me Cozy
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [02/07 10:09:28AM] Rose Size Medium

Ever so soft top, touch me softly top, simply soft top
Jessica Harrison
 [02/07 10:08:47AM] Olive XL

Cozy 3/4 Shirt
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [02/07 10:04:54AM] Green Large

Comfort with style
Abby Park
 [02/07 10:04:34AM] Pink/Med

Partially Casual Top
Haley Piercey
 [02/07 9:58:48AM] Large white

Just 4 Me 3/4 T
Jenny Owen-Paulus
 [02/07 9:58:35AM] Olive L

simply soft
Crystal Kosokowsky
 [02/07 9:58:30AM] olive XL

Traveller,...or... Spring Forward Top
Emily Dyck
 [02/07 9:58:10AM] Rose.. Medium

Sarah flare, spring and simple, spring delight
Bryndis Thorsteinson
 [02/07 9:56:29AM] Olive XL

Feel me
Shelley Bodt
 [02/07 9:55:34AM] Large rose

Cloud 9
Julia Grodkiewicz
 [02/07 9:55:14AM] Pink, Medium

Simple Comfort
Darlene Jones
 [02/07 9:54:49AM] Off white - medium

The simple life top
Rachel Friesen
 [02/07 9:53:33AM] White small

Tara L Rourke
 [02/07 9:52:46AM] White, L

Want it all 3/4 sleeve too
Sarah Fennell
 [02/07 9:51:53AM] White size small

Keepin' it soft ; Simply me
Jessica Dawn Marie Hutchison
 [02/07 9:48:17AM] Off white,Rose size M

Lady Luck
Kendra D Brennan
 [02/07 9:48:16AM] Olive large

Seize the Day top
Amanda Gould
 [02/07 9:46:59AM] Rose, xs

Soft elegance top, fit to flow, daily flatter
Amanda Gibb
 [02/07 9:46:44AM] Olive M

Comfort Zone Top
Gina Caron
 [02/07 9:46:14AM] Rose size L

Spring it on me top! ( 3/4 is perfect for spring!)
Katrina Bernardi
 [02/07 9:44:42AM] Olive in Medium

Cafe cozy
Kristen martens
 [02/07 9:44:00AM] Medium olive

Love Me Oh So Softly
Tawnya Racheal
 [02/07 9:43:35AM] White, Large

Be Mine 3/4 sleeve top
Beth Gucciardi
 [02/07 9:41:12AM] Olive medium (Olive U A Lot!l

The divine
 [02/07 9:41:07AM] Olive Xl

Boss Babe Top
Jessica Parlee
 [02/07 9:40:18AM] Medium Olive

Just Enough Top
Christine Pedersen
 [02/07 9:39:39AM] Green - size m

Cool but Casual top
Leanne Creran
 [02/07 9:39:24AM] Indigo size Large

Spring Blossom top
Tara Macaulay
 [02/07 9:37:54AM] Olive medium

The Simple Comfort top
Jody Summers
 [02/07 9:37:29AM] Pink ? size large

Snuggle Me Softly
Laurie Schirripa
 [02/07 9:35:31AM] Indigo M

Dream Top
Joanne Cooze
 [02/07 9:35:22AM] Indigo size Medium

My Softer Side
Gina Kaiser
 [02/07 9:35:15AM] Olive Size XL

Let's go another round
Suzie McIntosh
 [02/07 9:33:28AM] Olive xs

Spring Into Comfort Top
Raina brugger
 [02/07 9:33:21AM] Off white small

The Soft and Subtle Top
Amanda King
 [02/07 9:32:35AM] Rose 2XL

Spring Is In the Air Top
Raina Brugger
 [02/07 9:31:48AM] Off white small

Weekend vibes top
Jody Coolahan
 [02/07 9:30:23AM] Rose, large

Three Quarter Top Notch
Kayla Jackson
 [02/07 9:29:47AM] small, white

Spring Around the Corner Top
Sandy Elena
 [02/07 9:29:24AM] Indigo medium

Every Other Day Top
Tina MacDonald
 [02/07 9:29:15AM] Rose large

Simple beauty
Lynnette Babin
 [02/07 9:29:09AM] Rose. Xl

Joyce Hoff
 [02/07 9:27:55AM] Off white in M

Middleton or Duchess
Shannon Kirby
 [02/07 9:27:39AM] XL indigo

Everywhere She Goes
Laura Kent
 [02/07 9:27:22AM] Large Indigo

Everyday comfort Top
Nancy Keating
 [02/07 9:27:21AM] Pink, xl

“Take Me Anywhere”
Barbara Christie
 [02/07 9:26:47AM] Indigo XL

Keepin’ it Cas top (short for casual)
Lindsay Meyer
 [02/07 9:26:32AM] Green in size medium

Everyday Comfort Top
Nancy Harder
 [02/07 9:26:31AM] Rose size small

3/4 Teerific Tee
Melissa Hefford
 [02/07 9:25:39AM] Rose M

All things possible; Touch of Class; Cut Above;
Susan Constantine
 [02/07 9:24:24AM] 2XL Rose

Spring into summer
Kara Belding
 [02/07 9:24:10AM] Off white or rose size large

Free to be Me
Donna Badowski
 [02/07 9:23:17AM] Xs green

Go with the flow
Darsie Smith
 [02/07 9:23:16AM] Olive 2XL

Powder soft, proud and perfect
Samantha Peters s DAY U
 [02/07 9:22:56AM] Olive or rose XL

Round em up
Desiree Veness
 [02/07 9:22:43AM] M, Rose

Soft and Easy Top, Quartermasters Top
Eryn Rex
 [02/07 9:21:51AM] M, rose

Spring into Softness
Susan Kendrick
 [02/07 9:21:22AM] Rose/ medium

Subtle Softness, Delicately Divine, Delicate with Class, Dive into Softness, Classly but Sassy, Cute & Simple, Soft & Simple, Cuddly & Cute
Cheyanne Pawliw
 [02/07 9:20:54AM] Green M

Walk this way; Upper Cut; Softer Side; Shirty Got Low;
Susan Constantine
 [02/07 9:20:36AM] 2XL Rose

Everyday Top ; Casually Chic ; Spring Forward Top ; Effortless Beauty Top ; Effortlessly Chic Top
Haley Boland
 [02/07 9:19:54AM] Olive, 2XL

Spring Fling; Spring Basic;
Deanna Hill
 [02/07 9:19:18AM] Pink xl

Perfect for today 3/4 sleeve shirt
Carroline Johnson
 [02/07 9:19:15AM] White XL

Up to the Minute top
Tiffany Butt
 [02/07 9:18:44AM] Olive medium

Everyday Essential Top
Lisa Kelly
 [02/07 9:18:37AM] Olive and Small

Lounge Shirt
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [02/07 9:18:37AM] Green Large

Basic Needs Top
Amanda Chetcuti
 [02/07 9:18:25AM] Rose 2XL

Luxury comfort top
Lacey Doman
 [02/07 9:18:21AM] White M

Nothing but Perfection Top
Selinda Lye
 [02/07 9:18:05AM] Rose Xl

Timeless Top, she’s got the look top, Time after Time Top, A moment in Time Top, Effortless Top
Nikki Weightman
 [02/07 9:18:00AM] Off white medium

Roundabout we go!
Suzie McIntosh
 [02/07 9:17:39AM] Olive xs

Better than basic top
Nicole Burchell
 [02/07 9:17:36AM] Pink, m

Classic comfort
Amanda Grant
 [02/07 9:17:29AM] White Medium

Spring Vibes Top
Selinda Lye
 [02/07 9:17:26AM] rose xl

The "Tanja" (Definitely feel like Tanja needs a shirt named after her for all the help she gives us with her beautiful collages. This one makes me think of her"
Cherilyn Misling
 [02/07 9:17:21AM] Indigo in a small!

Just relax
Nicte Reyes Ordaz Moreno
 [02/07 9:16:42AM] Olive XL

Everyday chic
Christine McColl
 [02/07 9:16:28AM] White xl

Total Softie 3/4 sleeve top, Soft Spot 3/4 sleeve top
Angela Smiley
 [02/07 9:15:47AM] Olive XL

Pretty please
Jen Brett
 [02/07 9:14:08AM] Indigo small

Keeping/Keepin' It Casual Top
Tonya Barich
 [02/07 9:12:45AM] Indigo, M

Simply Be
Kristy Hill
 [02/07 9:12:44AM] White, XXL

Kiss Me Softly Top
Brooke Derksen
 [02/07 9:11:00AM] XL Green

Deluxe Comfort Top
Selinda Lye
 [02/07 9:09:45AM] Rose XL

Come with me everywhere 3/4 sleeve top
Amanda Carnovale
 [02/07 9:09:40AM] Olive M

Casual & Chic / City Chic / Comfy & Casual / Everyday style or Everyday Chic
Deana Langille
 [02/07 9:08:49AM] White or Olive size L

Hello Spring Top
Kaylee Moerman
 [02/07 9:08:02AM] Rose 2XL

The Basically You Top
Erica Peterson
 [02/07 9:07:33AM] White in Small

The Becca
Rebecca Canning
 [02/07 9:07:12AM] White Medium

All is SOFT top!
Kaylee Moerman
 [02/07 9:07:05AM] Rose 2XL

Time For Adventure Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [02/07 9:05:48AM] Xs rose

Light and airy top, cool and casual sweater, spring is in the air top, wave goodbye to winter sweater, spring to action top,
Julia Strickland
 [02/07 9:04:37AM] Small white

3/4’s Of The Way There Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [02/07 9:03:52AM] Xs White

Pretty perfection
Amy Graham
 [02/07 9:03:50AM] Indigo large

 [02/07 9:02:52AM] GREEN, XL

Rounding Spring top
 [02/07 9:00:20AM] Rose 2XL

Simple Pleasures Top
Diana Stephens
 [02/07 8:54:50AM] L Rose

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