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KanCan Bermuda Shorts
February 14, 2020

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Total of 326 Entries
Congratulations to Ashli Brook, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Pretty Fly Bermuda Shorts!

Buttons Up Bermuda Shorts, Bottoms Up Bermuda Shorts
Samantha Reno
 [02/16 8:37:05AM] Dark blue denim size 9

Bermuda Blues
Courtney Crema
 [02/16 8:35:23AM] Size 9 medium blue denim

Summer’s Calling Bermuda Shorts
Stacey Hanmer
 [02/16 8:21:33AM] Dark Blue size 11

Calm, Cool, and Collected
Nicole Gryde
 [02/16 7:27:48AM] Dark Blue 15

Hello Spring! Bermuda Shorts
Rachel Volk
 [02/16 7:27:08AM] Medium Blue Denim - size 7

Aurora Denim
Kimberley Page
 [02/16 7:05:22AM] Dark 9

Tropical anywhere
Sherri Julé
 [02/16 5:21:07AM] Blue, size 10

Wave Length Short
Jennifer MacKay
 [02/16 4:44:28AM] 13

Macies mid leg denim
Kate Britz
 [02/16 12:12:55AM] Medium blue- size 9

Eat, sleep, Bermuda Beach shorts; long time, no sea Bermuda shorts; KanCan we ‘seas’ the day Bermuda shorts;
Natalie Dunlop
 [02/16 12:06:31AM] Dark blue denim & 15

Cute and Sassy
Sandra Mueller
 [02/15 11:16:10PM] Dark blue 15

Sea the Sun Bermuda Shorts
Rachel Volk
 [02/15 9:10:54PM] Medium Blue Denim - size 7

Sand dollar roll ups
Rachel Munroe
 [02/15 8:47:00PM] Medium Blue Denim size 7

Who wears short shorts
Christine McLean-Sleger
 [02/15 8:32:17PM] Medium blue 15

Blue to my heart, cascading breeze, button up sallys, crazy demnin nights, lost a shore, lazy day loungers
Michelle Kenny
 [02/15 8:22:06PM] Dark 16

Cancun Bermuda Shorts
Lisa Kelly
 [02/15 8:06:10PM] Dark Denim and 5

Fun in the sun
Diana Brown
 [02/15 8:05:32PM] Med blue denim size 7

Button-fly Bermuda’s
Elissa Cyr
 [02/15 7:59:14PM] Dark blue, 16

Arizona denim
Therese Grgich
 [02/15 7:57:45PM] dark denim size 7

I yike them shorts
Therese Grgich
 [02/15 7:55:27PM] dark denim size 7

Cute as a button Bermudas
Mirelle Cain
 [02/15 5:38:40PM] Dark blue 5

Short and sexy
Karen Mccarville
 [02/15 5:38:00PM] Xl

Summer Lovin’ Bermuda Short or Lake Life Bermuda Short
Chelsea Boyko
 [02/15 5:33:56PM] Dark size 8

Carly Riding
 [02/15 5:22:39PM] Medium blue 11

Beracuda shorts
Chris Koe
 [02/15 4:59:53PM] Dark blue size 9

Bermuda Blues
Kathy Calverley
 [02/15 4:34:24PM] Dark Blue Denim, Size 7

Kickin’ It Shorts, Keeping it Cozy Shorts, On Bended Knee Shorts, Who Knee-ds Short Shorts, KanCan in Bermuda, Doing the KanCan Shorts, Summer Sweethearts, Take Me to Bermuda, Beachside Bermuda Shorts, Triangle Tango Shorts, Left My Heart in Bermuda Shorts
Amanda Davis
 [02/15 4:15:43PM] Medium Wash, size 15

Breezy Dreams Bermuda Shorts
Jennifer Matthews
 [02/15 3:19:25PM] Dark Blue Denim size 15

Button up Beauties
Joeleen Tignanelli
 [02/15 3:18:46PM] Dark blue 7

Lost in the bermuda triangle shorts
Allison Richardson
 [02/15 3:18:40PM] Dark blue, size 9

The fit to impress Capris
Kristin sellers
 [02/15 2:52:06PM] Pink small

Bahama Mama Shorts
Susan Kendrick
 [02/15 2:50:12PM] Medium Blue/ size 9

Fun In The Sun Bermuda Shorts
Bettina Allen
 [02/15 2:41:48PM] Dark Blue, 15

Blue Hawaiian Shorts
Bettina Allen
 [02/15 2:34:01PM] Dark Blue, 15

Denim to spring shorts
Dana Zieroth
 [02/15 2:26:44PM] Dark blue size 15

Pocket Full Of Sunshine shorts, Let’s Take A Trip Shorts, I Wanna Take You To Bermuda shorts,
Jennifer Barone
 [02/15 2:08:11PM] Medium Blue Demin, Size 10

KanCan Kickers
Karen Carvell
 [02/15 1:47:56PM] Dark Blue 15

Bermuda Bama Mama Shorts
Caroline Kitt
 [02/15 1:35:07PM] Dark blue & size 13

Spring Rains Supreme Shorts
Heather Trotz
 [02/15 1:25:55PM] Med blue 13

Take Me to Paradise Shorts
Denise Dingman
 [02/15 1:25:31PM] Dark blue, size 3

Made for the beach shorts
Kristie Mcnab
 [02/15 1:17:19PM] Dark blue denim size 15

Daring Blue Denim, Denim Blues
Dana carter
 [02/15 12:59:41PM] Size 13 medium blue denim

Sea Side Bermuda
Leanne Emery
 [02/15 12:30:43PM] Blue and size 8

Come A Pretty Momma
Pam Ralston
 [02/15 12:05:55PM] Medium blue, 15

Summertime blues
Michelle Marinelli
 [02/15 12:01:00PM] Medium blue size 1

Easy on, easy off
Megan Baker
 [02/15 11:59:33AM] Dark Medium

So Busy, Day off, Button Me Up (3)
Selena Smigelski
 [02/15 11:49:42AM] Medium, 5

Rock it Bermuda
Marie Josée Allard
 [02/15 11:49:05AM] Dark blue denim size 15

Oh me oh my button fly
Kristina Barnes
 [02/15 11:11:51AM] Dark blue size 15

Me oh my button fly
Kristina Barnes
 [02/15 11:01:05AM] Dark blue size 15

Flirty, fun, perfect-fit shorts
Jennifer Robin Jones
 [02/15 10:55:28AM] dark blue denim size 7

Can We Take away To Bermuda, Button Me to Bermuda
Tammy Droeshout
 [02/15 10:47:35AM] Medium Blue size 15

Denim Darling
Chelsey Fedato
 [02/15 10:46:19AM] Medium blue denim size 15

Walkin' & Rollin' Shorts, Walking in Sunshine Shorts, Fair Weather Shorts, Walk the Town Shorts, I Can and I Will Shorts, Coming in Hot Bermudas, Perfect Pair Bermuda Shorts
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/15 10:44:04AM] Medium Blue, 7

Button Beach Getaway shorts
Diana Stephens
 [02/15 10:20:17AM] Medium Blue 11

Muda Denim
Meagan Tessier
 [02/15 9:39:38AM] Dark Blue Denim

Bermuda Board Shorts
Kelly Collerette
 [02/15 9:33:01AM] Dark blue 11 please

Cuff It
Sharon Dixon
 [02/15 9:21:46AM] 15

Spring into Summer
Dana Zieroth
 [02/15 9:18:28AM] Dark blue size 15

Knicker Kicker Bermuda Shorts
Haley Rumble
 [02/15 9:05:11AM] Dark blue size 13

Bermuda babe
Gina Bergman
 [02/15 8:53:16AM] 7, med blue

Lovely Muda shorts
Marsha Foster
 [02/15 8:46:16AM] Blue size 11

Boardwalk Shorts
Joanne Wardekker
 [02/15 8:43:13AM] Medium Blue,size 11

She Side Shorts
Joanne Wardekker
 [02/15 8:40:30AM] Medium Blue Denim,Size 11

Shooting the Breeze, Butterflies and Blue Skies, Play all Day,
Maria Boonstra
 [02/15 8:21:27AM] Size 9, Dark Blue

The long and short of it Bermuda
Stephanie Jones
 [02/15 8:09:18AM] Dark blue 15

Rising Pheonix Bermuda Shorts
Kailynn Wilson
 [02/15 8:08:09AM] Medium, size 1

Don’t want no short shorts, man!
Julia Strickland
 [02/15 7:31:23AM] Size 7 either colour

Drop it like it’s hot shorts
Amanda grant
 [02/15 7:29:46AM] Dark blue 7

Cheaper than going to Bermuda shorts
Joanne olorenshaw
 [02/15 7:10:55AM] Dark blue. Size 5

Lindsay Zentner
 [02/15 7:08:46AM] Medium blue and size 11

Take me to Bermuda shorts
Christine Richardson
 [02/15 7:06:11AM] Medium blue 9

Super Fly Bermuda Shorts
Kira Glas
 [02/15 6:35:00AM] Medium wash in size 9

Take Me Away Bermuda Shorts; Bring On The Sun; Sunshine And Carefree
Jan Halushka
 [02/15 6:34:00AM] Size3, light denim

Summer Lovin’ Bermuda shorts
Tracey Bruce
 [02/15 6:25:19AM] Medium blue size 13

Style-N-Comfy Bermuda Shorts
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [02/15 5:56:55AM] Colour Dark Blue Denim Size 15

Style-‘N-Comfy Bermuda Shorts
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [02/15 5:50:43AM] Colour Dark Blue Denim Size 15

Comfy Stylin’ Bermuda Shorts
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [02/15 5:47:25AM] Colour Dark Blue Denim Size 15

Rum Swizzle
Jackie Rhind
 [02/15 5:45:13AM] Size 11 Dark blue

Wish I was in Bermuda
Leanne Ellis
 [02/15 5:43:37AM] Light blue size 14

Dark n Stormy
Jackie Rhind
 [02/15 5:42:37AM] Size 11 Dark Blue

Stylin’ Bermuda Shorts
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [02/15 5:42:30AM] Dark Blue Denim Size 15

Simply Stylin’ Bermuda Shorts
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [02/15 5:39:42AM] Colour Dark Blue Denim Size 15

Pink Sands Bermuda Shorts
Jackie Rhind
 [02/15 5:35:45AM] Dark Blue size 11

Summer Comfort
Melissa Hooge
 [02/15 5:16:38AM] Dark Blue size 9

Beautiful Bermuda Breeze Denim Shorts
Kristin Fisher
 [02/15 4:52:43AM] size 5

.Mamasita Showy Shorts
Haley Piercey
 [02/15 4:13:32AM] Dark blue & size 15

Boss babes only shorts
Erin Levesque
 [02/15 4:08:59AM] Dark 15

Take me to the Hamptons shorts
Erin Levesque
 [02/15 4:08:21AM] Dark 15

Take me to the shore, shoreside
Ashley may
 [02/15 3:30:29AM] 15 dark denim

Key Largo Bermuda Shorts; Easy Breezy Denim Shorts; Surf’n’Turf Buttonfly shorts; Midsummer’s Dream Bermuda Shorts
Tina Boekelder
 [02/14 11:36:14PM] Medium blue, size 9

Kokomo Shorts, Farewell Winter Shorts, Chasing Dreams Shorts, Daydreaming Shorts, daydreamer shorts
Selinda Lye
 [02/14 11:31:24PM] Dark blue 13

All Day Shorts, Comfort Cruising Capris, Summer Surfin' Shorts, Spring Sundance Shorts, Spring Cruising Shorts,
Selinda Lye
 [02/14 11:19:11PM] Dark blue 13

Jamaican Me Crazy
Lisa Etty
 [02/14 10:43:38PM] Dark size 11

Can fly Bermuda shorts
Christa Surowich
 [02/14 10:30:27PM] Dark blue 15

Pretty Fly Bermuda Shorts
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [02/14 10:03:42PM] Dark size 9

Straight line Bermuda shorts, shape of things shorts
Angela Yamaoka
 [02/14 9:55:29PM] 9 medium

Babes Butter fly to Bermuda shorts
Nathalie Denicola
 [02/14 9:45:49PM] Dark blue denim size 9

Best Bermuda Butt Beauty
Debra Ann Ruyer
 [02/14 9:40:11PM] Dark Blue Denim - Size 15

Not for Boys Bermudas
Barbara Quibell
 [02/14 9:37:45PM] Dark Blue....15

Cute as a Button Bermuda Shorts
Stephanie Dennison
 [02/14 9:32:38PM] Dark blue, 13

Flying To Bermuda Shorts
Stephanie Dennison
 [02/14 9:31:02PM] Dark blue, 13

Escape to Bermuda shorts
Cindy Sijpheer
 [02/14 9:27:19PM] Dark Blue. Size 11

Brrrr be gone shortie
Karen Wallis
 [02/14 9:25:06PM] Dark denim size 5

Kokomo Bermuda Shorts
Amy Smith
 [02/14 9:20:14PM] Medium Denim Size 11

Bermuda Babe Shorts
Raina Brugger
 [02/14 9:06:06PM] Medium blue, 3

Kick It In Bermuda Shorts
Raina Brugger
 [02/14 9:03:14PM] Medium blue, 3

Shake Your Bon Bon Bermuda shorts
Raina Brugger
 [02/14 9:00:02PM] Medium blue, 3

Put you in the Best "mood" ya Shorts
Carey Dingsdale
 [02/14 8:50:50PM] Med blue size 5

Cap cod clam diggers
Michelle tremblay
 [02/14 8:43:00PM] Mes blue denim size 7

Traci Denbrok
 [02/14 8:32:32PM] Medium

Breakfast at Bermudas
Katrina Pichette
 [02/14 8:29:52PM] Medium blue 9

Pretty Fly
Melanie Winters
 [02/14 8:19:31PM] Medium blue denim size 27

Lovin Summer Bermuda Shorts
Elaine Zapata
 [02/14 8:10:45PM] Medium Blue Denim size 9

Bermuda Paradise
Deniece Lisowicz
 [02/14 8:09:17PM] Dark blue 8

Hittin' The Heat Bermuda Shorts
Jindy Popoff
 [02/14 8:03:27PM] Dark Blue Denim size 7

Bottons Away!!
Yvette Reid
 [02/14 7:55:35PM] 11/12

Hitting The Heat Bermuda Shorts
Jindy Popoff
 [02/14 7:55:29PM] Dark Blue Denim size 7

Take ya to Bermuda shorts
Sherri Budgen
 [02/14 7:46:45PM] Dark denim 15

I wanna take ya to Bermuda shorts
Sherri Budgen
 [02/14 7:45:06PM] Dark blue 15

Best Mooda Shorts
Amanda Batty
 [02/14 7:37:44PM] Dark, size 11

Bermuda button ups
Angela Rodgers
 [02/14 7:25:47PM] Dark blue 11

Bermuda Outa Sightin Shorts
Christine lang
 [02/14 7:24:48PM] Size 8 dark Denim please

Pretty Fly for a Capri short
Christine lang
 [02/14 7:21:48PM] Size 8 dark Denim please

Bermaking me happy
Maria Watson
 [02/14 7:09:48PM] Dark Size 9

High Expectations Bermuda shorts (they remind me if the jeans)
Meagan Clifton
 [02/14 7:03:14PM] Dark blue, 13

Bahama mama shorts, Be Cool Shorts,
Kathleen parlee
 [02/14 7:01:35PM] Medium

Bermuda Beach Shorts, Take me to the Beach Bermuda Shorts, Summer in Bermuda Shorts
Terri Grey
 [02/14 6:37:12PM] Size M

The longboard short
Melissa De Leom
 [02/14 6:32:59PM] Size 15, dark blue

Bahama comfies
Cheryl Miller
 [02/14 6:23:17PM] Med blue size 9

Take me to Bermuda shorts
Shannon Kitsul
 [02/14 6:17:16PM] Size 3

Bodacious Bermuda shorts
Stephanie Beacon
 [02/14 6:15:17PM] Dark blue 15

The long and the short of it
Michelle Bauer
 [02/14 6:11:04PM] XL

Button-it Bermuda shorts
Terri Degiano
 [02/14 6:01:13PM] Dark blue; size 11 or 13

I long for summer shorts
Liane Basset
 [02/14 5:58:48PM] Medium - size 5

Bold burmuda
 [02/14 5:55:49PM] Size lg

Button Up Shorty
Lacey Bartholow
 [02/14 5:54:44PM] Dark blue 15

She sells sea shells Bermuda shorts
Nicola Vanderaegen
 [02/14 5:51:44PM] Medium blue denim 15

Coral Beaches Bermuda shorts
Nicola Vanderaegen
 [02/14 5:50:58PM] Medium blue denim 15

Let’s Go Denim, Long Time Suzy Denim, Summer Ready Denim, Let’s Do This Denim, Dream to Travel denim
Jamie ward
 [02/14 5:38:39PM] Medium blue size 9??

Bermu-DUH short
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [02/14 5:36:12PM] Size 5, medium denim

Mid-Day Shorts
Charlene Holt
 [02/14 5:10:11PM] Dark blue denim size 7

Best of Bermuda Shorts
Amy Graham
 [02/14 5:00:02PM] Dark blue 15

Kicking it Kancan Capris
Amy Graham
 [02/14 4:58:58PM] Dark blue 15

Bermuda Beat Capris
Amy Graham
 [02/14 4:57:45PM] 15 dark blue

Bahama mama
Maggie LeClair
 [02/14 4:57:01PM] Medium blue size 15

Walk this way shorts
Nicole Clarke
 [02/14 4:48:10PM] Medium blue denim size 9

Runaway Bermuda’s
Jacqueline Stephan
 [02/14 4:47:37PM] Dark denim size 11

Mama me-ah! Bermuda shorts
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [02/14 4:43:03PM] Medium blue denim- size 5

Beluga Shorts
Jennifer Wallace
 [02/14 4:43:01PM] Dark denim sz11

Burmuda Day Denim. Stretch My Way Bermudas.
Breanne De Jong
 [02/14 4:32:20PM] Dark blue, size 11

Bestie Bermuda button flys
Cathy Glenn
 [02/14 4:28:59PM] Med denim size 5

Revolution my Shorts
Shelley Kuzio
 [02/14 4:26:17PM] Dark blue size 15

Conquer the Summer Shorts
Tracey Marcil
 [02/14 4:19:31PM] Dark 11

Divination Shorts
Tracey Marcil
 [02/14 4:19:07PM] Dark 11

Premonition Shorts
Tracey Marcil
 [02/14 4:18:45PM] Dark 11

Rebellion Shorts
Tracey Marcil
 [02/14 4:17:15PM] Dark 11

Ahoy! Bermuda been all my life!?
Carmen laforge
 [02/14 4:14:45PM] Medium blue. size 3

Fly me Away
Cheryl Cyr
 [02/14 4:09:11PM] Dark Blue 9

Rev It Up shorts (you know - cause they are like revolution denim but shorter.)
Tricia Friesen
 [02/14 4:01:42PM] Dark denim size 13

Mid rise fly cuff
Erica walsh
 [02/14 3:53:08PM] 15

Clearwater beach
Erica walsh
 [02/14 3:51:05PM] 15

Chaplin bay beach (it’s a beach in Bermuda) Somerset long bay
Erica Walsh
 [02/14 3:48:45PM] 7

Clammer cuties
Tara Evans
 [02/14 3:45:49PM] Size 10 dark blue

Lady sings the blues
Sharie Rea
 [02/14 3:43:09PM] Medium blue 11

Button down Bermuda shorts, Bermuda mamas, button up Bermuda cuffs, ‘Uda best buttons,
Erica Walsh
 [02/14 3:33:35PM] 15

Dockside Denim
Krista Przybylak
 [02/14 3:26:40PM] Medium 9

Denim Staple for your wardrobe
Julie Davis
 [02/14 3:24:40PM] Dark blue xl

Surfer Fly Babe, Bermuda Wave Shorts
Jessica Thompson
 [02/14 3:23:52PM] Dark, 11

Cute as a button fly Bermudas
Jamie allport
 [02/14 3:22:14PM] Medium 13

Bermuda Jhorts
Lana Smih
 [02/14 3:12:06PM] Dark blue denim size 7

Ball Park Bermuda
Trish Hardie
 [02/14 3:08:56PM] Medium Blue Denim size 11

Kickstart Denim Shorts
Sara Lotter
 [02/14 3:08:30PM] Dark Blue, Size 15

Button Those Up Bermudas
Amber Kolkman
 [02/14 3:04:33PM] Size 12, any colour!

Bermuda Bahama come on pretty mama
Lori Ross
 [02/14 3:02:13PM] Medium blue denim size 15

Sail away Bermuda shorts
Jennifer Hackenschmidt
 [02/14 3:01:41PM] 15

Button Fly Me to Bermuda
Tara Kennedy
 [02/14 2:54:51PM] Dark Blue Denim 13

Button Fly Bermuda
Deanna Freiburger
 [02/14 2:52:52PM] 15. Dark blue

Berm"uda" need a pair?!
Crystal Grubb
 [02/14 2:40:03PM] Dark blue, 11

Lisa chatman
 [02/14 2:30:56PM] Not sure

Button Those Bermuda’s / Button Up Those Bermuda’s
Amber Kolkman
 [02/14 2:24:29PM] Size 12

Beachy Keen, Spring has Sprung, Lollipop,
Linda Funk
 [02/14 2:24:27PM] Dark Blue Size 13

Cute as a button! Summer sassy shorts!
Hilda Dyck
 [02/14 2:21:10PM] Dark blue, size 9

She’s so fly shorts
Christene crowe
 [02/14 2:21:01PM] Medium blue size 15

Gilligan Shorts
 [02/14 2:00:06PM] 3 Light

Button down the hatches
Shannon Greene
 [02/14 1:56:33PM] Size 7

Long Day Shorts
Julia Grodkiewicz
 [02/14 1:49:51PM] 7, Dark Blue Denim

Button Up Baby, Button Me Up, Coastal Denim
Whitney Dillon
 [02/14 1:48:03PM] Medium-15

She’s got bootie
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:46:29PM] 15 either colour

Bodacious Button Bermuda long shorts
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:45:59PM] 15 either colour

Bermuda Babe
Robert Dillon
 [02/14 1:44:38PM] Medium - 15

Blue Lagoon Denim
Whitney Dillon
 [02/14 1:43:29PM] Medium - 15

All summer long shorts
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:28:11PM] 15 either colour

Cottage life
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:25:37PM] 15 either colour

Long Live Summer
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:24:19PM] 15 either colour

You Kancan push my buttons
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:22:41PM] 15 either colour

Pushing all the right buttons
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:21:27PM] 15 either colour

Button Me Up Denim
Celeste Kallis
 [02/14 1:21:05PM] L dark

Ready for the summer
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:19:13PM] 15 either colour

Cute as a button
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:18:17PM] 15 either colour

Bermuda Bahama C'mon Pretty Mama
Laura Bollinger
 [02/14 1:17:39PM] medium denim, size 7

Lori Marryin
 [02/14 1:17:28PM] Size 9 medium blue

Antionette Payne
 [02/14 1:17:00PM] 15 either colour

Bermuda Babe shorts
Melissa Stallaert
 [02/14 1:16:56PM] 15 dark denim

Button Down Bermuda Blues Shorts
 [02/14 1:14:54PM] Dark blue denim size 3

Beach Bum Denim Shorts
Candice Nolan
 [02/14 1:11:48PM] Dark denim size 13

Beachfront bermuda
Kim Freeman
 [02/14 1:07:19PM] Medium blue 11

Bottoms up
 [02/14 1:06:27PM] Dark blue size 13

Buttoned Up Bermuda Beauties
Kim MacLennan
 [02/14 1:04:11PM] Medium Blue - size 9

Take me to the sky
Crystal mackie
 [02/14 12:59:34PM] Dark blue 3

I’m fly shorts
Crystal mackie
 [02/14 12:58:53PM] Dark blue 3

Beautifully Bold Bermuda Shorts
Felisha Flodin
 [02/14 12:53:34PM] Medium blue, 15

Summer loving shorts
Denna milliken
 [02/14 12:46:33PM] Denim size 16

Just enough shorts
Janessa Berman
 [02/14 12:35:57PM] Dark denim, size 13

Button It Up Denim
Celeste Kallis
 [02/14 12:32:03PM] L dark blue

Denim desire shorts
Loraine Lalonde
 [02/14 12:17:59PM] medium size 5

Casual Fridays
Charli White
 [02/14 12:17:49PM] Dark blue size 15

Bermuda mama long shorts
Heather Nagel
 [02/14 12:15:17PM] Size 10

All Around Shorts
Ashley Gosselin
 [02/14 12:12:24PM] Medium blue shorts size 5

Sunny Day Denim
Kaththea Snoek
 [02/14 12:07:04PM] Medium blue 11

Belle of Bermuda shorts
Lyndsie Smit
 [02/14 12:05:17PM] Medium wash size 7

Go getters
Megan Bailey
 [02/14 12:04:07PM] Dark blue denim size 15

Flying High
Debbie Harris
 [02/14 12:00:33PM] blue size 9

The Bees Knees
Maureen Lowden
 [02/14 11:58:21AM] dark blue denim - 11

Mid rise Bermuda. Button up first class shirts
 [02/14 11:54:25AM] Faded blue size 12

Bermuda Babe Shorts
Lisa Matlock
 [02/14 11:50:05AM] Dark blue size 11

Bermuda Triangle
Antionette Payne
 [02/14 11:46:39AM] Size 15 either colour

Bahama Mama
Kris Coyle
 [02/14 11:43:12AM] Medium blue 9

Adventure seeking Bermudas
Sandra Harrad
 [02/14 11:42:30AM] Dark blue size 13

Come Hither Summer
Cindy Hiscott
 [02/14 11:29:25AM] Medium Blue Size 9

Holiday Resort shorts
Sarah Reuangrith
 [02/14 11:23:48AM] Dark denim 9

Springtastic Bermuda Shorts
Melanie Kramer
 [02/14 11:23:02AM] Dark blue denim 7

Fly High
Debbie Harris
 [02/14 11:08:52AM] blue size 9

Summer Lovin' Shorts
Miranda Nelson
 [02/14 11:05:29AM] medium blue size 11

Summer Lover Shorts
Miranda Nelson
 [02/14 11:04:58AM] medium blue size 11

On Island Time Bermuda Short
Nicola Vanderaegen
 [02/14 11:03:03AM] Medium blue denim, 15

Bahama mamma's
Sharmelle best
 [02/14 10:57:33AM] Dark blue 7

Catch N waves shorts. Beaching perfect shorts
Diana Mazzuca
 [02/14 10:53:51AM] Dark wash 13 if they are hammer and fit tts

Tropical Bermuda, or, Vacation Ready, or, On a Roll
Emily Dyck
 [02/14 10:53:19AM] 7

Long Story Short Bermuda Shorts
Mimi Searls
 [02/14 10:42:40AM] Dark blue size 7

Summer Fly
Dot Donnelly
 [02/14 10:42:32AM] Medium blue 13

Button up Bahama mamas
Angela Siemens
 [02/14 10:32:41AM] Dark blue size 15

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama!
Sarah Gardiner
 [02/14 10:20:57AM] medium blue, size 5

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya!
Sarah Gardiner
 [02/14 10:20:04AM] medium blue, size 5

Bermuda Bums
Monica Steinson
 [02/14 10:18:56AM] 13

Rolling Tides; Changing Tides; Roll with It; Turn a new Cuff
Susan Constantine
 [02/14 10:17:29AM] Medium 15

Take me Higher;
Susan Constantine
 [02/14 10:14:50AM] Medium 15

Caribbean coast shorts
Angela Kerluke
 [02/14 10:12:35AM] 15 dark denim

Rising Expectations; On the Rise; On the Fly; Rise to the Occasion;
Susan Constantine
 [02/14 10:09:38AM] Medium 15

Short Revolutions; Beachy Intuition; Beachy Keen; On a Roll; Rising Tides;
Susan Constantine
 [02/14 10:08:10AM] Medium 15

Flirty Denim shorts
Shelley Turnbull
 [02/14 10:07:14AM] 1 medium blue denim

Winter brrr-muda away go with the flow short
Blanche Frame
 [02/14 10:06:09AM] Medium denim 13

Freemont Street Denim/Stormi Dream Denim
Deanna Borshowa
 [02/14 10:04:16AM] Medium Blue 13

Summer perfection, long Bermuda nights, button up for summer ,
Barbara Benner
 [02/14 10:03:13AM] Size 27 dark

Cuff off the ole denim
Alesia Marchant
 [02/14 10:02:36AM] Medium blue size 1

Off the Cuff Denim Shorts
Jennifer Holmes
 [02/14 10:02:03AM] 5

Summertime Blues
Sarah Gardiner
 [02/14 10:00:53AM] medium blue, size 5

Nothing but Hot Bermuda shorts, Walk this Way, Buttonfly, fly by the button, Cuff me
Gennie Walters
 [02/14 9:58:51AM] Med blue size 11

Short and Sassy
Linda Savoie
 [02/14 9:55:39AM] Medium blue 15

Ready for beach waves
Crystal Jones
 [02/14 9:53:17AM] Dark denim size 9

Life’s a Beach
Danielle Baker
 [02/14 9:51:59AM] Dark denim 11

Bermuda Babe
Sarah Gardiner
 [02/14 9:51:15AM] Medium blue, size 5

Longing for Length Shorts,
Carly Archer
 [02/14 9:50:31AM] Dark Blue size 9

Button up Bermuda, Ride the Waves Bermuda shorts, Button Button Bermuda shorts,
Gennie Walters
 [02/14 9:50:03AM] Med blue size 11

Bermuda to the beach
Leeann Bieker
 [02/14 9:47:40AM] Dark blue size 9

Shorty pants Denim
Lynnelle Friesen
 [02/14 9:46:23AM] Dark, size 7

Bermuda My Friend Shorts
Kimberly Gleave
 [02/14 9:45:23AM] Dark blue denim size 3

Bermuda and the Beach (like Beauty and the Beast)
Louise Vukas
 [02/14 9:43:05AM] size 1, medium blue

Pretty Mama Bermuda Shorts
Leanne Creran
 [02/14 9:42:30AM] Dark blue denim, Size 13

Spring Fling Short
Amanda Lipinski
 [02/14 9:42:13AM] Dark blue, size 9

Kan You Kick It
Louise Vukas
 [02/14 9:41:36AM] size 1

Sunny side shorts, love the length shorts, summer's here shorts, button lovin' the sun shorts, sweet vacay shorts
Tecia Beulens
 [02/14 9:41:22AM] 7

Bermuda Buttons
Stacey Parson
 [02/14 9:40:35AM] Medium blue, 15

Not your mom's shorts
Amber Fisher
 [02/14 9:39:28AM] 13 dark

Walk with me Shorts
Melanie Bergeron
 [02/14 9:37:47AM] Dark blue size 5

Tide’s out shorts, Sands of Time shorts, mermaizing shorts, driftwood shorts, Long Beach shorts, toes in the water shorts, blue lagoon shorts
Nikki Weightman
 [02/14 9:36:32AM] Medium blue size 3

'Now she's done it shorts' or 'stride right in Bermuda shorts'
Penelope Hacker
 [02/14 9:34:24AM] Medium blue, size 15

Button Fly Me to Bermuda Shorts
Jacquie Middleton
 [02/14 9:34:13AM] Size large and either colour

Hot Shot Shorts
Sarah Settels
 [02/14 9:34:10AM] Medium Blue 9

Forget Bermuda Shorts
Laura Levan
 [02/14 9:33:51AM] 9, dark blue

Toes in the sand Bermuda shorts, Walking along the shore Bermuda shorts, Bahama Mama Bermuda Shorts
Katrina Bernardi
 [02/14 9:33:14AM] Medium Blue SZ 11

Bedazzle your vag
Shannon Koshman
 [02/14 9:32:59AM] M 11

Pretty Fly Bermuda Shorts
Ashli Brook
 [02/14 9:32:46AM] Dark wash, sz 15

Jenna Bermuda Shorts
Deborah Mansell
 [02/14 9:31:28AM] Dark denim size 11

Cute as a Button Bermuda shorts, Push My Buttons Bermuda Shorts, Button Up Bermuda Shorts, Beach Bound button up Bermuda Short
Angela Smiley
 [02/14 9:31:22AM] Dark Blue 15

Kokomo Bermuda’s
Tia Fouillard
 [02/14 9:30:24AM] Blue 9

Kan’t escape this Bermuda denim
Mackenzie Ebelher
 [02/14 9:30:18AM] Medium blue denim

See ya in Bermuda
Sharon Schoenit
 [02/14 9:30:07AM] Medium blue 11

Pretty mama shorts
Tia Fouillard
 [02/14 9:29:40AM] Blue 9

Come on Pretty Mama Shorts
Tia Fouillard
 [02/14 9:29:14AM] Blue 9

Pushing my buttons Shorts
Morgan Gebhardt
 [02/14 9:29:05AM] 3 dark blue

Bermuda Bahama shorts
Tia Fouillard
 [02/14 9:28:34AM] Blue size 9

Gettin’ Lost in the Bermuda Triangle Shorts, Kokomo Bermuda Shorts
Vanessa Riccio
 [02/14 9:28:13AM] Dark blue denim size 7

BermUDA bomb shorts
Skye Carriere-Hebert
 [02/14 9:27:58AM] Dark blue size 15

Button me up baby
Mackenzie Ebelher
 [02/14 9:27:23AM] Medium blue denim

‘Knee-ve it to me’ Bermuda style shorts
Tanya Yatchuk
 [02/14 9:26:46AM] Dark blue denim sz 13

Ready for shorts shorts
April Foster
 [02/14 9:23:58AM] Medium blue denim size 13

So blue fly
Angelene Logan
 [02/14 9:23:53AM] Light blue size 9

Take the Long Way Home Shorts
Rachel Curran
 [02/14 9:23:35AM] Medium Blue 13

Barefoot on the Beach
Tonya Barich
 [02/14 9:23:09AM] Dark Blue Denim, Size 11

Bahama mama shorts
Vanessa Zulke
 [02/14 9:23:02AM] Dark 11

Beach back shorts
Tiffany ly
 [02/14 9:21:24AM] Medium blue size 9

In the fly Bermuda shorts
Jolene Mosiondz
 [02/14 9:20:45AM] Dark blue denim size 13

All the ladies say I’m pretty fly for a button fly
Ashlie McBryan
 [02/14 9:20:43AM] Dark Blue size 13

Everyday Shortastic
Linda Genaille
 [02/14 9:19:59AM] Medium blue and 15

Catch me at the beach shorts
Ashley Hancock
 [02/14 9:18:20AM] Dark denim size 11

Kokomo shorts
Ashlee Murray
 [02/14 9:18:12AM] 15 dark blue denim

Comin in hot Bermuda shorts
April Foster
 [02/14 9:17:26AM] Medium denim size 13

Bermuda Style
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [02/14 9:17:14AM] 5 - Dark Blue

Vitamin Sea Bermuda Shorts
Katherine Henwood
 [02/14 9:17:14AM] Dark blue 13

The wanderer
Eva Gansauge
 [02/14 9:16:34AM] Dark blue size 9

Bermuda Blues shorts, ocean kissed Bermuda shorts, sea breeze Bermuda shorts, Blue Lagoon Bermuda Shorts
Katherine Henwood
 [02/14 9:16:31AM] Dark blue 13

Bermuda Bound
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [02/14 9:16:28AM] 5 - Dark Blue

Kokomo Bermuda Shorts (Beach Boys reference ;) )
Chelsea Anaka
 [02/14 9:15:19AM] Medium denim, size 15

Sailing in style
Crystal parker
 [02/14 9:14:10AM] Dark blue denim

Tides and Shine; Sand and Sun Shorts; Surf and Sunshine Shorts; Toes in the Water Shorts; Take Me To The Beach Shorts
Kaija Riabov
 [02/14 9:13:42AM] Dark Blue size 9

Island time shorts
Meagan Sarrazin
 [02/14 9:12:20AM] Dark blue denim 9

Lovely Denim Lengths, May Lengths, May Day Denim, Cuffed beauty denim, Everyday Button Denim
Amanda Lipinski
 [02/14 9:12:06AM] Dark blue, size 9

Walking In Sunshine
Beverly Tatarliov
 [02/14 9:11:47AM] Medium Blue size 5

Bermuda Comfort Denim
Crystal Kosokowsky
 [02/14 9:10:34AM] Dark Blue Denim size 15

The weekender Shorts
Jesseca Chen
 [02/14 9:07:28AM] Medium blue 15

Paradise shorts, laid back shorts, long weekend shorts, fly shorts
Linsey DeMontigny
 [02/14 9:07:17AM] Medium blue denim size 11

Spring Ahead Bermuda Style
Lizanne Roy
 [02/14 9:06:09AM] Medium blue size 11

Beach Vibes Only
Kaylee Moerman
 [02/14 9:04:37AM] 15

Evolution Denim
Sarah Settels
 [02/14 9:03:29AM] Medium Blue 9

Huntington Beach Shorts
Alyssa Fahie
 [02/14 9:02:17AM] Medium blue size 1

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