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Casual V-Neck
March 13, 2020

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Total of 636 Entries
Congratulations to Lindsay Dahlen, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Light & Bright Top!

Lite N' Lively\Serious Fun
Marjorie Zantolas
 [03/15 8:56:34AM] Yellow\Size L

Spring breezy top
Cari-lynn Hemphill
 [03/15 7:23:44AM] Pink 2x

Blue sapphire, yellow bliss, pink serenity
Mittita Barber
 [03/15 7:21:04AM] Pink- small

Sam Bob
 [03/15 3:07:56AM] Blue Medium

Cats v-meow
Nicole Corbett
 [03/14 10:43:01PM] Xlg pink melange

Cats v-meow
Nicole Corbett
 [03/14 10:41:58PM] Xlg pink melange

Melange a trios
Lindsay Wilson
 [03/14 8:54:40PM] Pink Melange, Small

Spring & Splendid Top
Tina MacDonald
 [03/14 8:35:18PM] Yellow medium

Spring fever
Shannon Knapton
 [03/14 8:18:09PM] Medium pink

Color me happy shirt
 [03/14 8:17:37PM] Blue 2x

C’est La Vee Top, C’est La Vie shirt
Julie Panisiak
 [03/14 8:12:28PM] Blue Melange

Casual “V” long sleeve, Be bright Vneck, V-Fresh Top, Cool V Shirt, Sun In Top, Sun In style shirt,
Julie Panisiak
 [03/14 8:10:18PM] Blue melange

Spring fling
Lorraine Dhanjal
 [03/14 8:07:30PM] Pink size medium

Bright Spot Top
Kellie Hagan
 [03/14 8:06:00PM] Pink Large

Go with the flow
Haley Engele
 [03/14 8:03:25PM] Yellow L

Heart-Breaker Top
Megan Sparks
 [03/14 7:23:15PM] Blue melange medium

Midwest V-Neck
Krystal Bagley
 [03/14 7:13:30PM] XL blue melange

Spring it on me top
Christine Pellerine
 [03/14 7:10:01PM] Blue large

Vee Mine / Please Vee Mine
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/14 6:49:51PM] Yellow Small

Will You Vee Mine?
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/14 6:48:53PM] Yellow Small

Simple and sassy
Angie Lambert
 [03/14 6:42:48PM] Blue small

Pretty in Pastel
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/14 6:34:02PM] Yellow Small

Pastel it to My Heart
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/14 6:31:12PM] Yellow Small

Colour Me Happy Tee
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/14 6:29:25PM] Yellow Small

'V'latter me causal, casual to go
Tessa Bouvier
 [03/14 6:15:12PM] L yellow

Everyday chic top, year round top,
Arielle stahl
 [03/14 5:53:19PM] Blue medium

Erika top, Viola top
Angela Yamaoka
 [03/14 5:49:50PM] Blue M

Everyday Everywhere
Baylee Pfaff-Parsons
 [03/14 5:44:53PM] Pink Melange, Large

Casual Fun, Cute and Fun
Sandra Mueller
 [03/14 5:36:44PM] Blue Melange 2X

Fruity Melange, Downtown Chic, Pastel Dream, Summer Dreamin’, Super Soft Vibes
Samantha SJ
 [03/14 5:35:18PM] Yellow, L

oh What a Night Top
Tracey Marcil
 [03/14 5:25:21PM] Blue m

Perfect Night Top
Tracey Marcil
 [03/14 5:24:56PM] Blue m

 [03/14 5:23:33PM] Blue & XS

Easy Breezy Top
Tracey Marcil
 [03/14 5:19:56PM] Blue m

Spring Breeze Top
Tracey Marcil
 [03/14 5:19:20PM] blue M

The Aurora
Jill Assenheimer
 [03/14 5:12:45PM] Blue Melange in XL

My vivacious Vee
Kelly Mitchell
 [03/14 4:54:12PM] Blue, large

Sun-sational Sweater
Tamara Suh
 [03/14 4:53:47PM] XL blue

Me Lange sweater
Erin fabiano
 [03/14 4:41:42PM] Pink medium

The ‘Sassy’ or ‘Sassafras’s’ top
Erica Beauchamp
 [03/14 4:39:52PM] Blue, Large

Lindsay Long Sleeve
Shayla Ebner
 [03/14 4:27:44PM] Pink Medium

Spring fling
 [03/14 4:17:14PM] Pink medium

Comfy cozy crew
Dallas Romanchuk
 [03/14 4:04:31PM] Blue small

Fresh Dressed top.
Weronika Dubois
 [03/14 3:52:18PM] Blue medium

Boat dock freedom
Traci denbrok
 [03/14 3:34:16PM] Yellow - small

Lively and Free V-Neck Top
Natashia Liboiron
 [03/14 3:00:37PM] Pink & Medium

Pleasure V Tee
Bonnie Colpitts
 [03/14 2:50:16PM] Xl pink melange

Sherbert Dreams
Ashleigh Short
 [03/14 2:41:22PM] Blue, large

Casual Love
Banti Labrie
 [03/14 2:35:23PM] Blue Melange small

Be V utiful
Christine lang
 [03/14 2:28:25PM] Blue Large

Summer glow top
Shannon Fraser
 [03/14 2:11:11PM] Blue small

V Casual
Tamara Morrison
 [03/14 2:00:15PM] 2x blue

Here comes the sun
Carisa Keates
 [03/14 1:45:24PM] Blue Small

Looking 'V'eautiful top
Erin Sigsworth
 [03/14 1:38:13PM] Blue Melange medium

Rainbow Collection
 [03/14 1:32:52PM] Pink M

Shades of Summer Collection
Tammie Bourne
 [03/14 1:18:44PM] Pink size Lg

Spring Fling "V"ibes
Denise Parsons
 [03/14 1:11:59PM] Blue Melange Sz Lg

Spring into soft
Erica Walsh
 [03/14 1:02:43PM] L

ComVy top (play on comfy) soft and comVy, spring into pastel,
Erica walsh
 [03/14 1:01:57PM] L

Pretty in pastel, casual V, Pastel v, soft causal v,
Erica Walsh
 [03/14 12:59:38PM] L

Spring Forward top
Donna Lynn Norcott
 [03/14 12:39:21PM] Pink melange, size small

Essential Vee
Donna Lynn Norcott
 [03/14 12:36:51PM] Pink melange, size small

Spring Mixer top
Donna Lynn Norcott
 [03/14 12:35:03PM] Pink Melange, size small

Tres Melange
Donna Stadnyk
 [03/14 12:18:39PM] Yellow small

Day off top
Jenn Roth
 [03/14 11:57:27AM] Pink melange size small

Vacation days top or Vacation’s calling top
Jenn Roth
 [03/14 11:56:46AM] Pink melange size small

Be back soon top
Jenn Roth
 [03/14 11:55:21AM] Pink melange, small

V so comfy
Michelle Berezowski
 [03/14 11:16:29AM] pink-medium

Takin it pretty easy
Deborah Partridge
 [03/14 11:09:15AM] Blue XL

Takin it pretty easy
Deborah Partridge
 [03/14 11:03:12AM] Blue XL

Light and Lovely
Bailey Thiessen
 [03/14 11:02:31AM] Small & pink

Casual chic v-neck
Melanie Rumley
 [03/14 10:58:42AM] XS blue melange

Easy Sunday feeling top
Brenda Brabander
 [03/14 10:54:16AM] Pink Melange large

V-Comfy Top
Marion Walden
 [03/14 10:40:37AM] Blue Melange,size XL

Early Morning V Off
Kathy Brideau
 [03/14 10:39:54AM] Yellow small

Soft and simple
Kaitlyn jobson
 [03/14 10:38:03AM] Blue large !

Soft & Chic Vee
Melanie Burneau
 [03/14 10:21:06AM] Blue & XS/S

Summer v’s top
Nicole Burchell
 [03/14 10:17:18AM] Blue, m

Susan Ongaro
 [03/14 10:16:55AM] XL

Spring Sprinkle Top
Dalique van der Nest
 [03/14 10:15:50AM] Blue in 2XL

Royal Tees
Rina Dinobile
 [03/14 9:50:41AM] Royal L

Hoppin into spring v-neck, Hoppin into spring top, spring bloom top, that spring feeling top, springing into summer top,
Samantha Krump
 [03/14 9:40:54AM] L yellow

You flow girl
Meagan Randle
 [03/14 9:36:41AM] Pink XL

Leanne Paradis
 [03/14 9:31:47AM] Small Blue Melange

Lilly V Neck
Kairee Szautner
 [03/14 9:30:52AM] Royal Blue size Medium

“V” for Vixen, Va va Vixen, Va Va “V” Top, Va Va “V” Shirt.
Korin Johnston
 [03/14 9:28:21AM] Melange Yellow- L

“V” for Vixen, Va va Vixen, Va Va “V” Top, Va Va “V” Shirt.
Korin Johnston
 [03/14 9:27:43AM] Melange Yellow- L

Siesta v-neck, summer siestas, summertime dreams, taboo for you v-neck, Mommas v-neck
Dana Carter
 [03/14 9:05:33AM] blue size 2XL

Sunshine & lollipops Long Sleeved V
catherine eileen dobinson
 [03/14 9:05:14AM] Large blue

The Valencia V-Neck
catherine eileen dobinson
 [03/14 9:04:10AM] Large pink

Playful Pastel, Pretty & Playful, Spring Bliss, Pretty Pastel, blissful spring feeling
Cheyanne Pawliw
 [03/14 8:57:01AM] M, blue

Seas the day, Siesta Summers, all around comfort
Dana Carter
 [03/14 8:56:33AM] Blue size 2X

The Olivia
Yvonne McAllister
 [03/14 8:51:30AM] Blue Melange in XL

Summer breeze
Tara werning
 [03/14 8:45:08AM] Pink small

Take It Easy V-Neck
Krista Przybylak
 [03/14 8:42:08AM] Med Blue

Cotton candy (fir the pink top)
Jenna Fladager
 [03/14 8:39:59AM] Large pink

Marvelous Melange
Gabrielle Musseau
 [03/14 8:34:17AM] Small pink

Casual Chic
 [03/14 8:34:02AM] Blue in medium

Warm Spring Breezeway
Phyllis Gibbons
 [03/14 8:16:55AM] Melange blue, Size Medium

Vivacious V-Neck!
Tania Brunet
 [03/14 8:16:09AM] 2XL Pink Melange

PasTEL Me You Want Me V-Neck
Melissa Ewanchuk
 [03/14 8:16:06AM] Blue Melange, size Small

PasTEL Me You Love Me V-Neck
Melissa Ewanchuk
 [03/14 8:13:52AM] Blue Melange, size Small

Weekend essential, On point V tee, Comfy- V tee
Chelsy Arnett
 [03/14 8:12:39AM] Blue, medium

Southern Charm
Catherine Strutt
 [03/14 8:03:50AM] Pink sm/med

Weekend Essential
Kelly Lowson
 [03/14 7:58:11AM] Yellow, size l/xl

Light Me Up V-Neck
Melissa Ewanchuk
 [03/14 7:57:27AM] Blue Melange, size Small

Summer fun top
Candace Yousie
 [03/14 7:54:40AM] Blue melange. Size medium

Saturday Feels
Kellie Constable
 [03/14 7:54:36AM] pink melange small

Bliss Top
Cygni Brown
 [03/14 7:46:23AM] Pink, small

All-Around Comfort
Deanna Krist
 [03/14 7:39:02AM] Blue L

Soft and comfy
Deanna Krist
 [03/14 7:37:39AM] Blue size L

Casually Ready
Deanna Krist
 [03/14 7:36:41AM] Blue size L

Summer Breeze
Tracy Abel
 [03/14 7:36:04AM] Blue S

Sizzling Solstice Top
Julie Wright
 [03/14 7:28:09AM] xs/s blue

Weekend Ready
Melody Habibulayev
 [03/14 7:24:10AM] Pink 2XL

Relax V-Tee
Nikki Joyce
 [03/14 7:22:58AM] Yellow small

Summers breeze
Holly Bailey
 [03/14 6:56:55AM] Blue size lg

V the next best thing
Krystle Collier
 [03/14 6:44:21AM] Blue, medium

Lite Brite
Trina Hoang
 [03/14 6:16:30AM] Blue-xs

Party in the Hamptons
Pam Hole
 [03/14 5:48:23AM] Medium pink

Sunday Best
Kira Pereira
 [03/14 5:43:28AM] Blue Small

Spring V Tee
Jackie Whitehill
 [03/14 5:14:19AM] Pink small

Spring forward top
Erin Levesque
 [03/14 5:00:43AM] Pink xl

Summer lovin
Faith Annan
 [03/14 4:59:29AM] Large blue melange

Bright and Breezy Soft Top
Jeanine Winn
 [03/14 4:39:49AM] Yellow melange/ medium

Starburst Pop
Angela Karn
 [03/14 4:21:19AM] White size small

Starburst pop
Angela Karn
 [03/14 4:15:12AM] White size small please

You Move Me, Viva Delight, Viva Bliss Fit for a queen,
Elissa Bogdan
 [03/14 3:35:39AM] L - Yellow Melange

Melange a trois
Pamela Ainsworth
 [03/14 12:26:41AM] S peach

Pleasant Surprise
Shari MacLellan
 [03/13 11:25:03PM] Pink S

Melange a Trois
Joanne Cox
 [03/13 11:22:15PM] Blue & LG

Aloha Beaches Top
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 11:09:00PM] Blue small

Long Beach Tee
Justine Navarro
 [03/13 10:33:01PM] Yellow, L

Too Chill V
Michelle Halmo
 [03/13 10:06:44PM] Blue Med

Spring Vibe
Tanya Tortorella
 [03/13 9:51:21PM] Blue, small

Chill Vibes
Brianna Cooper
 [03/13 9:48:02PM] Yellow, xl

V is vivacious
Wendy Sharp
 [03/13 9:46:12PM] Pink melange XL

Sail away with me
Tara Macaulay
 [03/13 9:45:36PM] Blue medium

Brunch Top
Lacey Schmidt
 [03/13 9:34:33PM] Blue Melange 2XL

Heather you lightly
Sara loran
 [03/13 9:19:23PM] Medium pink

Sunny V
Barb Hunt
 [03/13 9:18:54PM] Blue Med

Fabulous Spring Tea-Shirt!
 [03/13 9:18:44PM] Blue large

Spring Tea-Shirt!
 [03/13 9:18:06PM] Blue large

Icing On Top
Lisa Salter
 [03/13 9:12:06PM] Pink L

Feeling Free Top
Jennifer McEachern
 [03/13 9:06:49PM] Large Blue Melange

Such a softy
 [03/13 8:56:34PM] L blue

Pastel Dreams Top
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [03/13 8:51:25PM] Blue Melange, Small

Soft and simple, Forever Free top, Spring Feel top, Live life v-neck, Freedom top, livin’ life too
Gennie Walters
 [03/13 8:50:11PM] Med blue!

Spring breeze
 [03/13 8:48:57PM] Pink xs

Cool breeze
Tamara Pincombe
 [03/13 8:46:11PM] Blue and XS

Summertime Ready
Jenna Fladager
 [03/13 8:45:05PM] Pink and large

Summer Breeze Long Sleeve
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [03/13 8:41:33PM] Yellow Melange, Small

Simple solid v-neck
Bonnie Fleischhacker
 [03/13 8:40:30PM] Light pink small

Summer Sunset Shirt
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [03/13 8:39:42PM] Pink Melange, Medium

Dreamsicle melange top
Angela Milito
 [03/13 8:37:28PM] 2xl blue

Melange Mood
Kate Potter
 [03/13 8:29:41PM] Blue melange, medium

Not your boyfriend’s top
Karli Owens
 [03/13 8:25:15PM] Xs blue

Easy like a Sunday morning
Tania Walstra
 [03/13 8:21:34PM] Blue 2xl

Hampton's Everyday Chic
Glenda Ducey
 [03/13 8:17:43PM] M Blue Melange

Melange Trois V Neck
Natasha Alcock
 [03/13 8:16:06PM] 2XL, Blue

Ocean Vibes Shirt
Teah Wiseman
 [03/13 8:07:05PM] Blue melange size large

Cerena Rosenthal
 [03/13 8:02:24PM] XS Blue Melange

Calm waters
Melissa Ingram
 [03/13 8:00:49PM] Yellow melange

Come Hither, Come Heather
Linda Seaton
 [03/13 7:57:29PM] Pink XL

Summer lovin’
Amy Fralick
 [03/13 7:41:01PM] Blue L

Kate It Up top
Desire Crowe
 [03/13 7:28:41PM] Blue XL

Desire Me too
Desire Crowe
 [03/13 7:27:40PM] Blue, XL

Classy with a savage side top
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 7:27:17PM] Blue small

Delight V neck
Desire Crowe
 [03/13 7:26:48PM] Blue, xl

Uptown Chic Long Sleeve
Shauna Brennan
 [03/13 7:26:24PM] Blue Melange XS

Think happy thoughts top
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 7:24:47PM] Blue small

Summer Nights Long-Sleeve Tee
Kerry-Anne Bartlett
 [03/13 7:23:53PM] Blue Large

Sexy one of a kind
Bessie Harey
 [03/13 7:23:02PM] Yellow large

The fashion icon top
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 7:22:52PM] Blue small

Aloha beaches!
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 7:20:26PM] Blue small

Mamacita needs a margarita
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 7:18:12PM] Blue small

Spicy melange
Helen karbaliotis
 [03/13 7:15:29PM] Blue medium

Keep calm and put your Melange on
Mercedes Kovacs
 [03/13 7:12:01PM] Size M

Spring Awakens Top
Kristy Stebbings
 [03/13 7:12:00PM] Blue XL

Keep calm and put your melange on
Mercedes Kovacs
 [03/13 7:09:45PM] Yellow size M

Sweet Karolina
Helen Karbaliotis
 [03/13 7:05:54PM] Blue Medium

Simply Me
Lori Randell-Giles
 [03/13 7:03:46PM] Yellow melange, Small

Sunrise to Sunset top
Jennifer Wood
 [03/13 7:02:48PM] Blue Melange XL

Sunset Walks
Sylvia Dziurda
 [03/13 7:01:56PM] Blue - xs

Sunshine Coast Top
Jen Sebok
 [03/13 7:00:05PM] Blue, Small

Spring into Summer top
Amanda Gould
 [03/13 6:50:20PM] Pink Melange xs

Spring is in the air top
Amanda Gould
 [03/13 6:48:38PM] Pink Melange xs

On the Flying V neck Shirt
Angie Coolin
 [03/13 6:43:56PM] Blue, medium

Comfort Pursuit
Allison McFarlane
 [03/13 6:43:55PM] Medium Blue

Melange Medley
Erin Shantz
 [03/13 6:41:45PM] Yellow in medium

Mischa Bazinet
 [03/13 6:37:53PM] Small and pink

Josée Bazinet
 [03/13 6:36:18PM] Blue and large

Vital Vivid V’s
Michelle Marsh
 [03/13 6:35:55PM] Pink Melange XL

Me Lounge in Melange / Melanging Around
Erin Miller
 [03/13 6:35:29PM] Pink medium

Spring fling top
Kyli Ford
 [03/13 6:34:57PM] Blue melange Large

Comfort in Color
Connie Lasko
 [03/13 6:33:04PM] Pink, Large

Calm, Cool & Collected
Jessica Wright
 [03/13 6:29:32PM] Blue melange, size medium

Melange a Top
Karen Carvell
 [03/13 6:24:42PM] 2XL Blue

Pop into Spring
Krista Edwards
 [03/13 6:23:55PM] Pink large

V comfy tee
Tammy porsnuk
 [03/13 6:15:23PM] Pink 2xl

I need a break top
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 6:03:03PM] Blue small

Come 'Melange' with me top / Gimme that V neck girl
Erin Sigsworth
 [03/13 5:59:57PM] Blue medium

I Need a Break Top
Cindy Palmer
 [03/13 5:57:32PM] L Blue

Spring it on T shirt
Colleen confrey
 [03/13 5:52:46PM] Blue, medium

Spring social, spring fling, soulful spring, cozy spring boyfriend
Dawn wise
 [03/13 5:47:49PM] Blue, large

Light & Bright Top
Heather Smith
 [03/13 5:42:21PM] Yellow Melange XL

the Casual Vee; V the Best you can Tee (inspired by Andrea Meyer - give her the credit); Simplici-v Tee
Amanda Bruce
 [03/13 5:41:43PM] blue L

La Bella Vee Top
Kerissa Dickie
 [03/13 5:41:11PM] Blue Melange, 2X

Rendez vous sweater
Anne-Marie Hutton
 [03/13 5:34:45PM] XL blue

Simply casual top
Shelly Langlais
 [03/13 5:32:57PM] Blue size med

Comfy sexy
Patty Wrolstad
 [03/13 5:27:17PM] Pink melange

Pretty in Pastel Top
Shelly langlais
 [03/13 5:24:25PM] Medium yellow

Spring Fling V, Easter Breeze, Casual & Cool, V-the best you can V
Andrea Meyer
 [03/13 5:24:24PM] Blue, size xlarge

Melange Melody
Erin Madill
 [03/13 5:18:42PM] Large Blue

Don’t worry V happy
Shannon Hutchison
 [03/13 5:17:29PM] Pink Lrg

Summer Nights V-Tee
Sherry Vandekemp
 [03/13 5:11:19PM] L and pink

Sassy and short
Toni martino
 [03/13 5:06:47PM] Large and blue

Sassy and short
Toni martino
 [03/13 5:05:41PM] Large and blue

Delilah Dream
Janice Bullock
 [03/13 4:35:35PM] Yellow medium or large

Kool ‘n Komvy
Myrna Allison
 [03/13 4:32:00PM] Yellow 2xl

Victory- t
Susan chan
 [03/13 4:26:17PM] Med, yellow

The go to
Alease Arcus
 [03/13 4:26:15PM] Yellow m

kool ‘n komfy
Myrna Allison
 [03/13 4:24:59PM] Green 2xl

Not so casual colour V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:23:30PM] Medium blue

You had me at casual V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:22:26PM] Medium blue

V’s All That
Tesa Steinke
 [03/13 4:21:00PM] Blue XL

step into hue v-neck
Stacey Lewis
 [03/13 4:20:38PM] Yellow, small

Oh the places you'll go
Kaylee James
 [03/13 4:20:10PM] Pink melange large

Don’t Worry, V Happy
Tesa Steinke
 [03/13 4:19:48PM] Blue XL

Colour wonder V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:19:07PM] Medium blue

Blushing Pink, Yellow Mellow, Breezy Blue, True Blue, Pretty in Pink, Bold in Blue, Say Yes to Yellow
Harjit Kaur
 [03/13 4:19:05PM] Small Blue

Colour V Happy
Tesa Steinke
 [03/13 4:18:03PM] Blue XL

Happy days V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:18:00PM] Medium blue

Sherbet dreams V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:16:24PM] Medium blue

Put me in colour V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:14:38PM] Medium blue

Cool Breeze Top
Tammy Cyre
 [03/13 4:13:37PM] 2XL, blue

Colour my eyes happy v neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:12:12PM] Medium blue

Me Love Melange V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:10:52PM] Medium blue

Like no other,I love a V with colour
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:08:19PM] Medium blue

Not your boyfriends shirt
 [03/13 4:06:29PM] Blue medium

Brighten your day v-neck, bring on the color v-neck, tropical temptation v-neck
Tamara Zaretski
 [03/13 4:05:55PM] Large in blue

Where'd ya get that V
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:05:13PM] Medium blue

Nothing casual about the colours V neck top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:03:19PM] Medium blue

Ultimate colours casual V!
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 4:01:39PM] Medium blue

Love that colour top
Dianne Bates
 [03/13 3:59:05PM] Med,blue

Spring forward casual vneck
Melodie clarke
 [03/13 3:53:56PM] Yellow in large

Loving the breeze
Tiara fleury
 [03/13 3:49:09PM] Medium

Pop of Color Top
Lesley Willford
 [03/13 3:44:00PM] Blue Melange 2XL

V My Best Friend Long Sleeve Tee
Kelly Lewis
 [03/13 3:41:38PM] Pink Lg

Donna Richards
 [03/13 3:41:19PM] Blue

Summer Vibin'
Carly Toppozini
 [03/13 3:41:17PM] Xl pink melange

Let's spring ahead
Deanne Oleksyn
 [03/13 3:40:55PM] Pink small

Summer time melange
Brittaney Pregizer
 [03/13 3:39:08PM] Xl blue

Cathy Costello
 [03/13 3:39:02PM] Large blue

Va Va V-neck
 [03/13 3:36:35PM] Blue medium ??

V Of My Dreams
Barbara Paul
 [03/13 3:35:15PM] Pink Melange small

Strawberry Daquari, Banana Daquari, Blueberry Daquari, Beachwear pullovers in Strawberry, Banana & Blueberry, Summer Berry- Favs,Soft N Sexy, Summer Fruitee's Vee's
Nanci-Beth Foran
 [03/13 3:29:31PM] Large - Yellow

Floating on the Breeze top
Diana Stephens
 [03/13 3:28:59PM] Pink Melange, L

Sweet inks
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [03/13 3:28:22PM] Yellow, medium

Spring spunk
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [03/13 3:27:15PM] Yellow, medium

Brilliantly beautiful
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [03/13 3:26:25PM] Yellow, medium

Mighty melange top
Kendra Denika brennan
 [03/13 3:25:37PM] Yellow, medium

Mighty melange top
Kendra Denika brennan
 [03/13 3:25:15PM] Yellow, medium

Melange Marvel
Donna Arthur
 [03/13 3:24:26PM] Size S in Yellow

Vivacious V
Antonella Visalli
 [03/13 3:20:05PM] Blue, Xl

Cotton candy
Penny Adam's
 [03/13 3:16:46PM] 2xl. Yellow melange

Cool and comfy
Donna koehler
 [03/13 3:14:41PM] Blue & large 2x

Breezy weekender
Christine Clark
 [03/13 3:07:56PM] Pink medium

Go To Girl
Grace Judd
 [03/13 3:06:34PM] Medium Blue Melange

Bubblegum Pink, Sunrise Yellow, Orchid Blue
 [03/13 3:05:58PM] Pink. Xl

Spring delight
Denise Simard zawacki
 [03/13 3:05:49PM] Blue size large

Stunning at its Best, It’s all about Melange
Yvette Reid
 [03/13 3:04:34PM] Blue, L

Sweet jellybean
Penny adams
 [03/13 2:58:30PM] 2xl yellow m

Montauk Mornings
Taeja Campbell
 [03/13 2:55:49PM] Yellow or blue in Medium

The Perfect Sweater
Hayley Stephen
 [03/13 2:53:47PM] Pink Melange-Medium

Simply Sweet top
Kathryn Graveline
 [03/13 2:50:02PM] Blue small

Colour me casual
Lyndsay Ward
 [03/13 2:48:47PM] Blue & large

Colour me comfy
Lyndsay Ward
 [03/13 2:48:16PM] Blue & large

Cute and Casual
Velma peddle
 [03/13 2:46:18PM] Blue Malenge, Size L

Colour me Chic
Angela Mitres
 [03/13 2:44:54PM] Blue, small

Living La Vida Loca, California casual, la vida loca
Martina McEvoy
 [03/13 2:37:41PM] Large, pink melange

Brighter Days Ahead
Lisa Etty
 [03/13 2:35:11PM] Blue - large

Martina McEvoy
 [03/13 2:35:08PM] Large, pink melange

Spring Fling
Lisa Etty
 [03/13 2:33:26PM] Blue - large

Call my name, say my name, mixing it up
Martina McEvoy
 [03/13 2:33:03PM] Large pink melange

Pat Paskaruk
 [03/13 2:30:44PM] S Yellow Melange

High tide long sleeve
Danielle Harvey
 [03/13 2:26:03PM] Yellow, small

Cool and Casual V
Valerie J Partridge
 [03/13 2:19:11PM] large blue

In It To Win It Top
Jacquie Middleton
 [03/13 2:17:28PM] large blue

Slip into Summer, Easy Breezy V
Paige Marcil
 [03/13 2:15:13PM] Yellow small

spring into summer
Jacquie Middleton
 [03/13 2:13:28PM] large blue

That’s not a U neck!
Karen Wallis
 [03/13 2:12:53PM] Xs, blue

summer daze ahead
Valerie J Partridge
 [03/13 2:11:22PM] large blue

Need the V tee
Christina Furlan
 [03/13 2:10:45PM] pink M

Casual Comfort Top
Megan Power
 [03/13 2:08:51PM] Pink, Large

V's? Yes Please!, All day Erry Day V Neck, Livin' in it top,
Joanna Lewis
 [03/13 2:05:41PM] Blue Melange Large

Ocean eyes
Kalina Wasney
 [03/13 1:58:15PM] Blue xs

So V-ry soft v neck
Bobbi Lodewyks
 [03/13 1:54:35PM] Small pink

Splendid Sweater, Feel the Breeze, Spring Forward Sweater, Classic Vibe, Forward Thinking Sweater, Hop to It Sweater.
Devon Anderson
 [03/13 1:54:30PM] Large Blue

Easy breezy
Pamela Ainsworth
 [03/13 1:51:36PM] Peach melange size XS

Spring me up
Raven Cushon
 [03/13 1:42:46PM] Pink lg

Colour me bad
Raven Cushon
 [03/13 1:42:01PM] Lg /blue

Spring fling
Kim Andrus
 [03/13 1:39:31PM] Medium light blue

Out and About V-neck
Andrea Hennel
 [03/13 1:35:01PM] Blue melange size S

Cottage Life
Jackie Rhind
 [03/13 1:33:50PM] Blue, Large

Post-Winter Perfection Top, Made for May top, Must be Spring top, Light n' Bright Top
Michelle Allen
 [03/13 1:33:36PM] Yellow, Medium

Must Pack, Trip Worthy, Easy Breezy, Spring in your step, Cool and Collected, April Powers
Laura Galbraith
 [03/13 1:27:04PM] M, Blue

Cool summer nights
Keya Counsell
 [03/13 1:23:54PM] Blue-Md

Rainbow off colour top
Gloria jensen
 [03/13 1:18:24PM] Blue medium

Spring breezes tops; Spring whispers melange; Spring into soft casual tops; Magical melange V-necks; Sassy Spring melange v- necks.
Susan Garrick
 [03/13 1:18:09PM] XL blue

Right on Time
Shelley Leclaire
 [03/13 1:17:32PM] Royal blue size large

Color me beautiful tee
Danielle Bromley
 [03/13 1:17:07PM] Blue XL

Melange a trois
Steph boals
 [03/13 1:14:13PM] Yellow & medium

So Sweet Vee
Kelli Wilson
 [03/13 1:13:35PM] Blue & Medium

Summer Breeze
 [03/13 1:12:16PM] Pink Melange Large

Spring is here Top
Shantel Blanke
 [03/13 1:11:04PM] Yellow m

Spring Forward Top
Eryn Rex
 [03/13 1:09:56PM] blue, medium

Casual comfort for all times; rainbow ? of casual colours ; Soft, casual and comfortable tops; Let’s play casual comfort; V-neck casual comfort top
Susan Garrick
 [03/13 1:09:11PM] Blue in XL

Sea Breeze Top
Tracy Fisher
 [03/13 1:06:03PM] Blue size small

Spring fling
Lindsay MacIsaac
 [03/13 1:05:15PM] Pink M

Paint Pastel On Me, Pastel Me Beautiful, Sweet Candy, Sweet Coated Candy
Samantha Alexandra
 [03/13 1:01:36PM] Yellow, XL

Spring in to colour
Melody Duncan
 [03/13 12:57:31PM] L

Tina cimaglia
 [03/13 12:56:01PM] Blue xs

Melange Into The Breeze, Melange Into The Air, Springtime Flair, So Chill Vibes, Love Me Sweet, Bright&Beautiful
Samantha SJ
 [03/13 12:55:09PM] Yellow XL

Noticibly Melange; Melody Top,
Jolene Mosiondz
 [03/13 12:53:56PM] BLue, large

Summer lovin top
Mikaela Nole
 [03/13 12:53:23PM] Blue small

Paint the town pastel
Tina cimaglia
 [03/13 12:51:29PM] Blue xs

Pastel for days
Tina cimaglia
 [03/13 12:50:25PM] Blue xs

Comfy and bright
Marie Green
 [03/13 12:49:44PM] Small blue

Spring Sensations Top
Natasha Perkins
 [03/13 12:49:40PM] Blue, medium

Sweet Sensations Top
Natasha Perkins
 [03/13 12:49:08PM] Blue, medium

Beauty of the Melange, Melange Pastel, Spring Vibes, Bright Flow Top, Sweet Sensation, Beautifully Me, V-Amazing Top, Springing into Summer
Samantha Alexandra
 [03/13 12:47:33PM] Yellow Melange, XL

Summer Flair
Laurie Regnier
 [03/13 12:44:20PM] Pink xl

Spring me beautiful sweater
Yvonne stewart
 [03/13 12:41:29PM] Pink medium

Never taking it off V neck
Susan Smith
 [03/13 12:40:47PM] Blue small

Flowing passion
Kara nordstrom
 [03/13 12:38:17PM] Pink Size large

Pastel pop
Tina cimaglia
 [03/13 12:37:45PM] Xs blue

Comfy and sleek
 [03/13 12:35:47PM] Pink medium

Mystical melange Long Sleeved Tee
catherine eileen dobinson
 [03/13 12:33:25PM] Large blue

Santa Fe V-Neck
Bettina Allen
 [03/13 12:32:22PM] Blue, XL

California Vibes Top
Bettina Allen
 [03/13 12:30:16PM] Blue, XL

Me Lange for summer dayS
Amanda Frost
 [03/13 12:29:02PM] Pink size small

Meet Me at the Pier Top
Bettina Allen
 [03/13 12:28:38PM] Blue, XL

Go with the Flow OR Glow with the Flow
Karissa Johnson
 [03/13 12:26:06PM] Pink Melange, M

Light & Bright Top
Lindsay Dahlen
 [03/13 12:25:31PM] Pink Melange Large

Spring is in the air
Amber fisher
 [03/13 12:24:29PM] Blue xl

Sneezy Brezzy V
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [03/13 12:23:25PM] Yellow & XS

Cotton Candy long Sleeved Tee
catherine eileen dobinson
 [03/13 12:22:39PM] Large blue melange

Spring fling
Monique Degagne
 [03/13 12:18:35PM] Blue & xl

Featherly Breeze
Christy Azanza
 [03/13 12:18:00PM] Blue Melange XS

Spring it on
Kelsey Orme
 [03/13 12:12:34PM] Pink XS

Melange a toi
Amanda Gibb
 [03/13 12:10:46PM] Pink medium

Easy breezy beautiful SI girl
Sharonjeet Samra
 [03/13 12:07:07PM] Yellow, large

“Light as a Feather” soft top
Kerrin Wetstein
 [03/13 12:06:57PM] Large Yellow Melange

I feel chic and cozy
Melinda gardner
 [03/13 12:06:09PM] Blue and small

Good vibes v-neck, casual vibes v-neck
Richanda Zurowski
 [03/13 12:05:33PM] Blue medium

Spring it on
Kelsey Orme
 [03/13 12:05:18PM] Pink xs

Spring Breeze
Tanya Nicoll
 [03/13 11:56:18AM] Blue large

Spring Fling
Courtney VanDeSype
 [03/13 11:56:00AM] Pink melange, Small

Sunny & Soft Tee, Spring-sational Tee, Summer Vibes Tee
Jennifer Marshall
 [03/13 11:51:32AM] XL Yellow

Breeze on by
Lyndsey baker
 [03/13 11:51:26AM] Pink large

Spring Ahead Top, Spring Forward Top
Catherine Perka
 [03/13 11:48:44AM] Pink melange, small

Summer breeze
Ashley friesen
 [03/13 11:44:58AM] M pink

Merengue top
Shannon Smith
 [03/13 11:42:56AM] Yellow small

Summer breeze top
Angela Kerluke
 [03/13 11:41:20AM] XL blue

Keepin it cute
Tara Therrien
 [03/13 11:37:57AM] Pink in M

Commercial casual top,
Sonja Vanderwood
 [03/13 11:36:20AM] Blue small

She's lo'Vee'ly
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:35:14AM] Pink, xs

Classy and Flirty V Sweater
Janet Zurba
 [03/13 11:34:50AM] Yellow Melange XL

The Cotton Candy
Michelle Popoff
 [03/13 11:31:09AM] Blue xl

Vee mee tee
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:30:55AM] Pink, xs

“Live in it” top
Debbie Williams
 [03/13 11:30:43AM] Pink size small

V-Beautiful Top
Rosemary Hogg
 [03/13 11:30:42AM] Blue large

Springtime Sensation
Susan Schmidt
 [03/13 11:30:29AM] Pink 2x

My fav vee
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:29:09AM] Yellow, xs

She be vee
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:28:09AM] Yellow, xs

Spring into the V
Susan Schmidt
 [03/13 11:26:52AM] Pink 2x

Love Vee'ing Me
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:26:32AM] Yellow, xs

Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:24:47AM] Yellow, xs

Me vee free
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:23:01AM] Yellow, xs

It’s a breeze
Ashley Budgell
 [03/13 11:21:53AM] Blue XL

Happy to vee me
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:18:03AM] Peach colour, size xs

Sweet vee luv
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:16:52AM] Peach colour, size xs

Forever young
Sarah Kehoe
 [03/13 11:15:38AM] Pink M please :)

Sunny days ahead, or seasons changing top,
Candice MacNeil
 [03/13 11:13:08AM] Small blue

Comfy casual top
Amanda Gould
 [03/13 11:12:52AM] Pink Melange xs

Soaking up the sun, spring has sprung,
Candice MacNeil
 [03/13 11:11:08AM] Small blue

She sweet vee
Jacqueline Wilson
 [03/13 11:09:34AM] Peach color size xs

Pretty in Pink V / Summer Sky Blue V
Kayla Jacula
 [03/13 11:08:31AM] Pink Small

Boyfriend Princess Sweater
Terresa LaRose
 [03/13 11:06:40AM] Blue size med

Spring mix long sleeve v neck top
Tracy Thompson
 [03/13 11:04:54AM] Yellow melange medium

Spring into Summer top
Jelaine Ralph
 [03/13 11:02:55AM] Yellow Melange size Large

Light as a Feather
SAndra Rally
 [03/13 11:01:36AM] pink melange small

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Mildred Thurston
 [03/13 10:56:04AM] Yellow - Sz small

Feel The Love
Stephanie Van Beek
 [03/13 10:55:15AM] Yellow size medium

Spring breeze
Candice Isaac
 [03/13 10:50:54AM] Yellow melange large

Summer breeze top
Nicole Burchell
 [03/13 10:50:45AM] Blue, m

Spring V-ling Casual V-Neck
Jodi Townsend
 [03/13 10:49:56AM] Small Blue

Vivacious V-neck, V mine v-neck, here comes spring long sleeve
Kelsey caston
 [03/13 10:49:34AM] Blue large

Summer breeze top
Nicole Burchell
 [03/13 10:47:36AM] Blue, m

Summer breeze top
Nicole Burchell
 [03/13 10:46:49AM] Blue, m

Colour Me Pretty Top
Nathalie Denicola
 [03/13 10:46:05AM] Blue melange size small

Radiantly yours top
Amanda Gould
 [03/13 10:45:09AM] Pink Melange xs

Easy Breezy top
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [03/13 10:43:14AM] Yellow & large

Mélange à toi (“your melange” in French)
Jenn Haviland
 [03/13 10:42:38AM] Blue XL

Venice Beach Top/Shoreline V Top/Miami Veach Top/Just V You Top
Deanna Borshowa
 [03/13 10:42:06AM] pink/Large

Brighten up your day top
Allison Richardson
 [03/13 10:41:54AM] Blue - medium

Summer Ray of sunshine top
Amanda Gould
 [03/13 10:40:43AM] Pink Melange xs

Take me anywhere sweater
Erynn Bailey
 [03/13 10:40:35AM] Blue XL

Classes and flirty V sweater
Janet Zurba
 [03/13 10:39:47AM] Yellow Melange size XL

Spring Vibes
Natasha Perkins
 [03/13 10:39:03AM] Blue, M

Cozy cutie
Sandra Goldsmith
 [03/13 10:34:50AM] Yellow xl

Summer Dream Come True Top
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [03/13 10:31:10AM] Medium pink melange

Summer sorbet top. Light weight and refreshing
Carolyn Schmidt
 [03/13 10:30:17AM] Pink - size xl

Get Your Sunny V Top
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [03/13 10:28:27AM] Medium pink melange

Colour me Spring
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [03/13 10:26:59AM] Medium pink melange

It’s A V Thing, Spring Vibes
Jennifer Barone
 [03/13 10:26:41AM] Blue size L

Color me comfortable
Rachael Anderson
 [03/13 10:25:19AM] Blue medium

Spring Forward Top; Afternoon Delight Top; Southern Comfort Top; Northern Lights Top
Haley Boland
 [03/13 10:25:10AM] Blue, XL

Spring Dream V-Neck Top
Danielle Jimeno
 [03/13 10:25:06AM] Yellow Size Small

Spring Forward Fashion Top
Candis miller
 [03/13 10:23:21AM] Medium blue

V Yourself
Shannon Greene
 [03/13 10:22:31AM] Yellow, medium

Easy Breezy Beautiful Top; Colour Me Rad Top; Those Summer Nights Top
Gina Caron
 [03/13 10:19:04AM] Pink Melange size S

A day at the sea top.
Sarah Chapman
 [03/13 10:18:59AM] Pink/Small

Summer Comfort
Ashley Smith
 [03/13 10:16:59AM] Yellow Melange size M

Soft summer shirts
Leeann Bieker
 [03/13 10:16:01AM] Blue medium

My lady love
Amanda Kielstra
 [03/13 10:15:11AM] Yellow large

Everyday V-neck
Kristy Stebbings
 [03/13 10:13:24AM] XL blue

Breezy V
Hiransh Popat
 [03/13 10:09:52AM] Pink melange, medium please

Eas-Ter-iffic Longsleeve
Ashli Brook
 [03/13 10:09:45AM] Blue, XXL

Easy breezy v
Michaela cromwell
 [03/13 10:08:51AM] Blue lg

Vibrant outlook top
Amanda Gould
 [03/13 10:07:30AM] Pink Melange xs

Spring it Forward long sleeve tee
Michelle Grant
 [03/13 10:06:32AM] Pink Small

Spring it on me
Rona Tepper
 [03/13 10:06:21AM] Blue size small

On the up side top, be the light top, Good vibes top,
Nikki weightman
 [03/13 10:06:01AM] Pink melange small

Lynda Dewit
 [03/13 10:05:00AM] Pink m

Vibrantly Yours top
Amanda Gould
 [03/13 10:04:22AM] Pink Melange xs

Don't Worry V-Happy
Kimberly Englot
 [03/13 10:04:06AM] Pink, Medium

Lynda Dewit
 [03/13 10:02:41AM] Pink M

Lounge with Melange V top
Stephanie Bowerman
 [03/13 9:59:01AM] Blue melange, small

Spring V Tees
Kristen martens
 [03/13 9:59:01AM] Pink large

Daydreamin' V neck, Spring breeze top
Gagan Gill
 [03/13 9:58:47AM] Pink or blue med

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Top, Colour Me Rad Top, Those Summer Nights Top
Gina Caron
 [03/13 9:58:30AM] Pink Melange size S

Easy V
Kory Strande
 [03/13 9:54:51AM] Blue M

Spring into comfort top
Gail Kieley payne
 [03/13 9:54:46AM] Medium in blue

Shallow plunge top
Sarah Dezotell
 [03/13 9:53:27AM] Pink melange small

Summer Brights
Emily Hadary
 [03/13 9:49:07AM] S, blue

"Top" it off
Diana Brown
 [03/13 9:48:29AM] Small, Yellow

Go with the flow
Jennifer Chaba
 [03/13 9:46:01AM] Yellow small

Ray of sunshine top
April Fellows
 [03/13 9:44:09AM] Yellow medium

Spring It
Leanne Schutte
 [03/13 9:42:11AM] Pink Lg

Just melanging around
Kristina Barnes
 [03/13 9:39:51AM] Yellow Melange XL

Soft Summers Breeze top
Alyssa Nguyen
 [03/13 9:39:41AM] S Pink

Vibrant V's
Jamie Harris
 [03/13 9:39:12AM] Yellow xl

Spring Touch
Adele Mills
 [03/13 9:37:04AM] 2xl blue melange

Spring me into color
Danielle Nelson
 [03/13 9:35:44AM] Small, pink melange

Sorbet & Dream top
Lisa Ginn
 [03/13 9:34:57AM] Pink size small

Spring Forward top
Candis miller
 [03/13 9:33:39AM] Medium blue

Color Me Softly
Desiree Veness
 [03/13 9:33:12AM] Yellow Melange, M

Sorbet and Cream
Lisa Ginn
 [03/13 9:33:11AM] Peach size small

Spring is Calling, Sunshine V, Heathered Weather, Heathered Sunshine.
Melissa Stevens
 [03/13 9:33:01AM] Pink, M

Casual Flow Top
Natalie Baikie
 [03/13 9:32:13AM] Large in Yellow

Happy go lucky V
Teri Peters
 [03/13 9:32:12AM] Pink, small

The Soft Top
Monica Steinson
 [03/13 9:30:37AM] Pink XL

The Simply Soft Top
Monica Steinson
 [03/13 9:29:37AM] Blue XL

Breathing Deep Top
Erin Dragon
 [03/13 9:29:20AM] Pink XL

Spring Vibe’n
Carmen Laforge
 [03/13 9:26:25AM] Pink S

Spring Up, Summer Love, Spring Crossing, Spring Forward V
Marg Harper
 [03/13 9:24:33AM] Blue melange. XL

Bold and colourful, wear me today,
Devon James
 [03/13 9:24:23AM] Blue- small

Melange et trois
Shanna Rae
 [03/13 9:22:27AM] Blue 2xl

Easy Breezy V-eezy
Whitney Duff
 [03/13 9:21:36AM] yellow and medium

Cocktail Blossoms
Shanna Rae
 [03/13 9:21:00AM] Blue 2xl

Spring Fling
 [03/13 9:20:06AM] Pink M

You had me at melange
Emily Gerein
 [03/13 9:19:48AM] Blue melange & size L

Spring Fever top, spring into summer top
Olia Chapman
 [03/13 9:18:55AM] Yellow L

Come Heathered V-neck
Donna Clipperton
 [03/13 9:18:18AM] Blue XL

Walk this way V-neck
Rachel Curran
 [03/13 9:17:32AM] L Blue Melange

Veessential Tee. Special Vee Tee. V-ssential T. Special V Tee.
Denise Weaver
 [03/13 9:17:07AM] Blue 2xl

All the summer feels top, Melange Beauty, summer free top
Crystal Kosokowsky
 [03/13 9:16:25AM] blue melange, XL

Spring into Style
Angela Loeschmann
 [03/13 9:16:01AM] Blue, size large

Tina cimaglia
 [03/13 9:15:52AM] Xs Blue

Canadian adventures top
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 9:15:17AM] Large pink

Casual chic top
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [03/13 9:14:58AM] Pink 2xl

V happy
Pennie Mcinnes
 [03/13 9:14:57AM] Blue, large

Spirit of BC top
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 9:14:36AM] Large Blue

Flossy Candy
Kate Abraham
 [03/13 9:13:51AM] Pink, Small

Sorry for the things I said when it was winter
Pennie McInnes
 [03/13 9:13:09AM] Blue, large

coastal inspiration top
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 9:13:02AM] Large blue melange

Coastal celebration top
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 9:11:49AM] Large blue melange

Casual vibes
Tami Jones
 [03/13 9:11:35AM] Pink small

Spring Fling & Flow Tee
Lyndsie Smit
 [03/13 9:10:57AM] Pink Small

Easy breezy, spring fling
Kim Aumonier
 [03/13 9:09:54AM] Yellow medium

Beach you want it
Cheryl Bowlier
 [03/13 9:09:48AM] Medium yellow

Spring Fling & Flow Top
Lyndsie Smit
 [03/13 9:08:14AM] Pink Small

Soft Spring Nights top
Christine Richardson
 [03/13 9:07:17AM] Pink medium

Spring breeze top
Megan Adelman
 [03/13 9:06:55AM] Melange pink, small

Alexa, skip to spring
Pennie McInnes
 [03/13 9:06:51AM] Blue, large.

Aspire to be top
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [03/13 9:06:29AM] 2xl blue

Color me comfy
 [03/13 9:05:13AM] L blue

Girl Next Door!
Victoria Percy
 [03/13 9:05:01AM] 2x blue mountain

Josie Romeo
 [03/13 9:05:00AM] Blue xl

Colour bug
Suzie McIntosh
 [03/13 9:04:10AM] Xs blue

Alors Melange
Lucia Terlouw
 [03/13 9:04:02AM] yellow melange Small

Smooth Sailing Top
Lisa Kelly
 [03/13 9:03:21AM] Blue and small

Highest peak top
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [03/13 9:03:04AM] Blue 2xl

Fancy-Free Top
Emily Buss
 [03/13 9:02:46AM] XL BLUE

Lighten Up Top
Amanda Chetcuti
 [03/13 9:02:28AM] Pink Melange 2XL

Cover me gently , long sleve V-neck
Sylvie Arcand
 [03/13 9:01:55AM] Pink small

April Showers Top, Spring Blooms Top
Amanda Asturias
 [03/13 9:01:21AM] Pink Melange XL

Cozy long sleeve top
Sarah Bernard
 [03/13 9:00:09AM] Blue melange in small

Tuck up buttercup
Lacey Bartholow
 [03/13 9:00:02AM] Blue XL

Hanging Loose
Jaclyn Barrett
 [03/13 8:58:13AM] Blue XL

Ray of sunshine top
Krista Rutschmann
 [03/13 8:57:47AM] Pink xl

Melange of my eye
Heather Liddle
 [03/13 8:56:40AM] Pink, medium

The Smooth Talker
Amy Wright
 [03/13 8:56:27AM] Small yellow

Color me softly long sleeve tee
Felisha Flodin
 [03/13 8:55:29AM] Blue XL

Call me casual
Amanda Grant
 [03/13 8:54:55AM] Yellow small

Casually me
Laurel costello
 [03/13 8:53:16AM] Blue, medium

Top of the Pile
Shasta-Marie Lagassé
 [03/13 8:53:12AM] Blue, s

Summer Nights Melange Top, Sunsets on the beach melange top
Katrina Bernardi
 [03/13 8:52:33AM] Blue Melange SZ medium

Breeze through the day top
Jessica Nakashimada
 [03/13 8:51:15AM] Blue Melange XL

Just Vee Yourself;
Susan Constantine
 [03/13 8:51:12AM] Pink 2XL

The Bright Side
Mimi Searls
 [03/13 8:49:58AM] Pink medium

Lounging lady v-neck
Kara fisher
 [03/13 8:49:20AM] Med blue melange

The Softer Side
Mimi Searls
 [03/13 8:49:11AM] Pink medium

Brighter Days; Simple Life; Spring Vee-light; Get In the Mix;
Susan Constantine
 [03/13 8:48:11AM] Pink 2XL

The Hudson top
Leanne Hopkins
 [03/13 8:46:22AM] XSpink

Blooming Tee, Springing In Tee
Erika Just
 [03/13 8:46:01AM] Blue melange, 2XL

V that everyday top
Amanda Madill
 [03/13 8:43:44AM] Pink Melange, XS

Boardwalk top
Kristy burton
 [03/13 8:42:53AM] Pink S

V-neck Versatility, Every day Go-To, Casually Chic, Rurban Hit Wonder
Laura Dale-Meschino
 [03/13 8:42:38AM] Blue Melange in Medium

Veezy Breezy; Soft Spot; Casual Vee; Vee Game;
Susan Constantine
 [03/13 8:42:26AM] Pink 2XL

Pretty perfect for you
Donna Benoit
 [03/13 8:41:52AM] Blue Melange xlg

Ocean breeze
Kristy burton
 [03/13 8:41:51AM] Pink S

Mellow Melange V-Tee
Tracy Proulx
 [03/13 8:41:30AM] XS - Yellow Melange

Melange Mayday, Victory Vee, Mighty Melange, Veracious Vee
Jennifer Daeninck
 [03/13 8:41:27AM] Blue 2xl

Prelude to Summer Top
Liz Roy
 [03/13 8:41:26AM] Blue Melange medium

Summers e-V
Kristy burton
 [03/13 8:40:56AM] Pink S

Prelude to summer top
Liz Roy
 [03/13 8:39:33AM] Blue medium

Colour Me Happy Top
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [03/13 8:39:23AM] Blue small

Cool Breeze Tee / Uptown Girl / Gossip Girl Top / Weekend Vibe / Stop-Drop-Tuck in Tee
Cortney Kaliciak
 [03/13 8:38:40AM] Yellow Medium please :)

Petal Perfect
Jessica Mcfadden
 [03/13 8:38:37AM] Medium blue

Amanda Woodtke
 [03/13 8:38:04AM] Pink melange & Small

Prelude to summer
Liz Roy
 [03/13 8:38:03AM] Blue Medium

Slouchy V
Tracey Van Beek
 [03/13 8:37:46AM] Pink / large

Summer daze top
Sarah Reuangrith
 [03/13 8:37:36AM] Medium blue

Prelude to summer
Liz Roy
 [03/13 8:37:24AM] Blue Medium

Easy breezy top
Vanessa David
 [03/13 8:36:58AM] Blue 2X

Casual Perfection Top
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/13 8:36:21AM] Medium pink

Mélange à toi (your melange)
Jenn Haviland
 [03/13 8:36:05AM] Blue xl

Soft Touches
Cherisse Lemay
 [03/13 8:35:37AM] Blue Melange, Medium

Easy breezy
Janessa Berman
 [03/13 8:34:57AM] Blue, Large

Cool casual
Shelley Stefanowich
 [03/13 8:34:21AM] Blue, 2xl

Spring Fling Softee
Tamara Lovegrove
 [03/13 8:33:23AM] XL Pink Melange

me Longs for summer days
Amanda Frost
 [03/13 8:33:21AM] Pink size small

I am a softie Shirt, La V essential,
Katerine Boutet
 [03/13 8:33:09AM] Pink, Small

Relax with me top
Haley Goldenberg
 [03/13 8:32:40AM] Blue xl

Magnifique Top
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/13 8:31:19AM] Medium pink

Vee as a bird
Vicky McCahon
 [03/13 8:31:07AM] Pink L

The Girl Next Door/ Born this Way Top
Bianca Easter
 [03/13 8:30:29AM] Small Pink

Feelin Cushy Top
Lindsay Rivet
 [03/13 8:30:21AM] Pink S

me Longs for summer days
Amanda Frost
 [03/13 8:30:05AM] Small pink

Spring in my step top
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:29:55AM] XL Yellow

eVeryday Chic top, Meant to V top, Casually Chic top
Tanja Tomlinson
 [03/13 8:28:24AM] Pink XL

Va va voom V-neck
Chris Elliott
 [03/13 8:27:58AM] Blue melange XL

Weekend comfort
Shauna Adams
 [03/13 8:27:24AM] Any colour size 2x

My Melange Vibes Top
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:26:56AM] XL Yellow

Vibrant Vibes V-Neck
Monica Dion
 [03/13 8:26:48AM] blue small

Spring Medley Top
Lindsay Rivet
 [03/13 8:26:38AM] Pink S

Look at me Top
Rebecca Laarakker
 [03/13 8:26:20AM] Medium pink

Spring Back Summer Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [03/13 8:26:18AM] Xs blue

I veed you top, Where have you veen sweater, Happy to Vee you top
Judy Thue
 [03/13 8:25:27AM] Blue M

Spring Me To Summer Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [03/13 8:25:26AM] Xs blue

All the feels
Krista Crawford
 [03/13 8:25:18AM] Pink melange size small

Tulip Top
Jana Rizzo
 [03/13 8:25:17AM] Yellow small

Color me happy top
Janelle Nightingale
 [03/13 8:24:57AM] Pink melange size large

Sunny Sundaes Top
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/13 8:24:41AM] Medium pink

True summer comfort
Jasmine knutson
 [03/13 8:24:34AM] Blue xl

Let’s Spring top
Diana Reyes
 [03/13 8:24:32AM] Blue, large

Always a Softie Top; Be Soft Top; Simply Soft Top
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [03/13 8:24:02AM] Pink large

Vibrant V-Neck
Monica Dion
 [03/13 8:23:56AM] blue small

Soft in paradise
Colleen Estridge
 [03/13 8:23:22AM] 2x in pink or blue

Mélange à toi (“your melange”)
Jenn Haviland
 [03/13 8:22:56AM] Blue xl

Spring Feels top
Diana Reyes
 [03/13 8:22:35AM] Blue, large

Spring and summer solstice
Barb Dancey
 [03/13 8:22:26AM] Blue size Large

Cloud 9 top, eye in the sky
Diana Mazzuca
 [03/13 8:22:20AM] Xl blue

Spring Fling Top
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:22:11AM] XL Yellow

Spring has Sprung
Diana Reyes
 [03/13 8:22:03AM] Blue, large

Spring forward
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/13 8:21:55AM] Blue. Small

Easy Top, Moving Forward, Thrive, Spring Up, Colourful Blends Top, Light you Up,Colorful Threads Top
 [03/13 8:21:54AM] Blue md

Touch Me Tunic
Jennifer Hickey
 [03/13 8:21:54AM] Pink melange in XL

Spring Ahead Top
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:21:38AM] XL Yellow

Easy Breazy Top
Tasha Mijinke
 [03/13 8:21:07AM] Pink small

Colour My World Top
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:21:02AM] XL Yellow

Imagine That Top/Gently Brilliant Top
Elizabeth Bihun
 [03/13 8:20:47AM] Medium blue

The Easy Breezy
Vanessa Lockhart
 [03/13 8:20:40AM] Pink XS

Spring Fling top
Diana Reyes
 [03/13 8:20:32AM] Blue, Large

Melange Avec Moi
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:19:32AM] XL Yellow

Be Soft Top or Always a Softie Top
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [03/13 8:19:30AM] Pink large

All the feels v-neck, I love this v-neck, wear wash repeat, Everyday all day top, Yes I wore it yesterday top, can you tell I love this shirt?
Joanna Lewis
 [03/13 8:19:21AM] Blue melange L

Sunny Sundaes Top
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/13 8:19:12AM] Medium pink

Melange a toi (“your melange”) (Name wouldn’t submit with accents)
Jenn Haviland
 [03/13 8:19:10AM] Blue xl

The Girl Next Door Top/ Born this Way Top
Bianca Easter
 [03/13 8:17:45AM] Small pink

Spring serenade
Michelle martin
 [03/13 8:17:37AM] XL blue

The everyday top
 [03/13 8:17:33AM] Blue Large

Be Soft Top or Always a Softie Top
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [03/13 8:17:32AM] Pink large

Mélange à toi (“your melange”)
Jenn Haviland
 [03/13 8:17:22AM] Blue xl

Melange a Trois
Deanne Sanderson
 [03/13 8:17:07AM] Yellow - M

Sweet escape top, paradise loving top, breeze easy top
Candice Bartlett
 [03/13 8:17:03AM] Blue med

Come Melange With Me
Sarah Settels
 [03/13 8:16:54AM] Medium Pink

Casual Comfort Top
Jolene McLeod
 [03/13 8:16:50AM] Blue size small

Melange & Vibe
Sarah Settels
 [03/13 8:16:26AM] Medium Pink

Soft April Showers Top
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:16:24AM] XL Yellow

The Girl Next Door Top/ Born this way Top
Bianca Easter
 [03/13 8:16:15AM] Small pink

Melange All Day
Brooke Derksen
 [03/13 8:15:43AM] XL Yellow

Tuscan sky
Shelley Moore
 [03/13 8:14:22AM] Pink small

Fresh ‘n Fine Top; Bethany Top; V Formation Top; Perfect Pallette Top, Casual Grace Top; Spring Hues Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [03/13 8:14:04AM] Blue, S

Easy Breezy
Caralyn Jones
 [03/13 8:14:02AM] Pink xs

Mélange à toi (“Your melange”)
Jenn Haviland
 [03/13 8:12:55AM] Blue xl

Mélange à Trois
Deanne Sanderson
 [03/13 8:11:53AM] Yellow - Medium

I’m Ready for Spring!
Rose Clay
 [03/13 8:11:33AM] Blue & Medium

Melange Love
Vanessa Carr
 [03/13 8:11:26AM] Blue large

Mélange à toi (your melange)
Jenn Haviland
 [03/13 8:11:25AM] Blue XL

Colorful V-ibes
Laurie Sterling
 [03/13 8:11:13AM] Blue small

Melange et trois
Melissa Tollefson
 [03/13 8:11:03AM] Blue, xl

Fresh ‘n Fine Top; V Formation Top; Bethany Top; Perfect Pallette Top; Casual Grace Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [03/13 8:10:54AM] Blue, S

 [03/13 8:10:48AM] Pink XS

Mélange À Trois
Deanne Sanderson
 [03/13 8:10:39AM] Yellow - M

Spring V-ibes, Calm and Collected, Chill With Me, V-Neck and Chill, V-ibe with Me, Chill V-ibes
Laurie Sterling
 [03/13 8:09:50AM] Blue size small

Splash of colour
Tina cimaglia
 [03/13 8:09:43AM] Xs Blue

Just Caj
Amanda Mackie
 [03/13 8:08:30AM] XL Yellow

Summer breeze, spring in my step shirt, or summer love
Amy martin
 [03/13 8:06:08AM] Any color size medium or large

Brighten the Day
Alysha Watson
 [03/13 8:05:26AM] Yellow (L)

Such a softie; Softest touch; Come snuggle me; let's meet at the V
Shelly Davidson
 [03/13 8:03:29AM] Blue & Large

Absolute V perfect
Patti Krause
 [03/13 8:02:55AM] Size L color blue melange

Spring fling
Kelly Mcquade
 [03/13 8:02:26AM] Pink small

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