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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go
March 20, 2020

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: All Dressed and Nowhere To Go

It’s contest time again! Time to have some fun and get creative! Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, March 22 at 11:59PM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 479
Congratulations to Melissa Buhler, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "How long is the self isolation on for? The kids want to come back inside."

Wondering if I should tell my husband I hid 4 rolls of toilet paper before he uses the paper towel... Nah!!
Natalie Brandon
 [03/22 9:52:20PM]

Who me ??
Pamela Suzanne
 [03/22 5:54:19PM]

Oh the parties we will have!
Leah Van Slyke
 [03/22 3:56:17PM]

Oh the things i will do when this lockdown is over
Tina cimaglia
 [03/22 1:19:40PM]

Isolation = Styling in Head to Toe Silver Icing
Kathy Pirone
 [03/22 11:52:16AM]

I wonder if I have enough wine for 2 weeks?
Brenda Fisher
 [03/22 11:17:57AM]

Practicing social distancing in style
 [03/22 9:48:23AM]

Not tonight dahling
Jacqueline Kerr
 [03/22 9:46:42AM]

Day 6 of Self Isolation..... SI Window Fashion Show!
Virginia Stack
 [03/22 8:38:09AM]

Day 6 of Social Distancing..... SI we got you!
Virginia Stack
 [03/22 8:36:38AM]

Social Distancing with Silver Icing.
Virginia Stack
 [03/22 8:33:06AM]

Spring Serenity
Lorelee Sankarlal
 [03/22 8:23:50AM]

Waiting for today’s presale,
Candice MacNeil
 [03/22 6:47:34AM]

But those wedge sneakers would look so good with that top I ordered yesterday
Candice MacNeil
 [03/22 6:45:40AM]

Will my stylist get it before it sells out? or Pondering my next silver icing purchase,
Candice MacNeil
 [03/22 6:42:03AM]

Hoping my SI package arrives before my husband comes home
Candice MacNeil
 [03/22 6:40:00AM]

Wondering what today’s presale will be or Do I buy ‘All the colours’ ?
Candice MacNeil
 [03/22 6:38:19AM]

Chardonnay and daydreams.
Lindsay Edwards
 [03/22 5:38:08AM]

Party of One
Lisa Gosse
 [03/22 2:55:19AM]

Time to Un-wined
Lisa Gosse
 [03/22 2:54:51AM]

I wonder how many more outfits and shoes I can fit in my closet ?
Tracy Fisher
 [03/21 10:27:26PM]

Stress management with style
Paula McKnight
 [03/21 9:36:02PM]

Contemplation Chardonnay
Jennifer McCracken
 [03/21 9:30:06PM]

Too good to “wine” or Whats to Wine about?
Marissa findlay
 [03/21 9:29:18PM]

Quarantine and chill
Catie Heim
 [03/21 7:56:12PM]

Hmmm how to hide my 100th Silver Icing purchase from my husband?
Tonya Di Vito
 [03/21 7:12:12PM]

Day dreaming, Boss Babe style!
Josee Poirier
 [03/21 6:39:57PM]

When in quarantine, drink the "quarantinis!"
Audrey Chang
 [03/21 6:37:06PM]

When you can't have happy hour with your friends, you do it alone.
Ann-Marie Cato
 [03/21 5:43:38PM]

When you can't have happy hour with your friends, you do it alone ???
Ann-Marie Cato
 [03/21 3:53:01PM]

“Social distancing is easy when you have wine”
Kristin Houle
 [03/21 3:33:00PM]

Classy pink lady
catherine eileen dobinson
 [03/21 3:13:30PM]

Tranquility at its finest
catherine eileen dobinson
 [03/21 3:12:46PM]

Self-isolating in Silver Icing
Krista Rutschmann
 [03/21 3:00:49PM]

Let's stay Home and Wine
Katerine Boutet
 [03/21 2:26:28PM]

Until the next wine night ladies.
Billie Jo Seidemann
 [03/21 2:08:32PM]

COVID Confined
Billie Jo Seidemann
 [03/21 2:07:15PM]

Wine for daze!
Celeste Kallis
 [03/21 1:39:02PM]

Social distancing and looking fabulous
Gay froescher
 [03/21 1:14:15PM]

Looking out the window, watching the world end, hoping it doesn’t interfere with my online shopping order.
Naomi Dorras-Donnelly
 [03/21 1:00:24PM]

Enjoying the social in social distancing
Eleni Gitersos
 [03/21 12:57:13PM]

Party of one
Jenn Haviland
 [03/21 12:54:52PM]

The boys are finally asleep. Now for some peaceful mom time
Danielle Brémaud-Edwards
 [03/21 12:42:41PM]

Unwind with Pink, white & wine!
Lenny Horton
 [03/21 12:20:27PM]

Pinot n’ Pretty
Samantha Hebert
 [03/21 12:04:44PM]

At least I don't need to social distance myself from my wine
Tamara Suh
 [03/21 11:44:31AM]

Just me, a glass, and my pink-and-white sass!
Diana Stephens
 [03/21 11:42:54AM]

Spring staycation and wine
Agatha Schlamp
 [03/21 11:35:11AM]

Waiting for Spring
Jody Davis
 [03/21 11:30:14AM]

Pretty in pink with a glass of wine .
Christine Pellerine
 [03/21 11:11:54AM]

You + Silver Icing = One Stylish Woman
Tracy Calver
 [03/21 10:15:49AM]

Spot On Chic, On The Spot
Korin Johnston
 [03/21 10:14:30AM]

Cis Consuella
Social isolation: Tuesday morning staff meeting.
 [03/21 10:05:21AM]

My party for one outfit!
Jennifer Alton
 [03/21 9:52:52AM]

Pink and white done just right
Gabrielle Wolfe
 [03/21 9:52:49AM]

I wonder what I'm going to do when I run out of wine...
Courtney Heidt
 [03/21 9:51:52AM]

Sunshine, wine and chill
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [03/21 9:43:34AM]

Nothing a little wine can’t fix
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [03/21 9:41:23AM]

Wishful thinking (sigh)
Carole Williams
 [03/21 9:36:01AM]

Self Isolating with Style
Shannon Flood
 [03/21 9:34:08AM]

Style and wine with more than enough time
Christy Azanza
 [03/21 9:23:49AM]

Chill chic
Brenda Sanders
 [03/21 9:18:11AM]

Let”s chill
Brenda sanders
 [03/21 9:16:45AM]

Day Dreamer
Angie cook
 [03/21 9:15:08AM]

Day Dreamer
Angie Cook
 [03/21 9:13:30AM]

Pondering my next Silver Icing purchase
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 9:12:02AM]

Pondering my next SI purchase
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 9:09:53AM]

A little Piece of Heaven
Charmaine Dupont Leonard
 [03/21 9:09:09AM]

Spring is sprung
Eva Michaud
 [03/21 9:01:59AM]

Casual elegance
Eva Michaud
 [03/21 9:00:42AM]

High class isolation
Stacy Simington
 [03/21 8:46:40AM]

If I Could Bring Back Time!
Robin Colvin
 [03/21 8:45:56AM]

I can't wine about this.
Richard Gafney
 [03/21 8:36:26AM]

Sweet Serenity
Kim lester
 [03/21 8:30:30AM]

Social Distancing never looked this good
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [03/21 8:28:27AM]

Spot of comfort.
Jaye Park
 [03/21 8:25:09AM]

Enjoying the positive side to self isolation!
Robyn Winship
 [03/21 8:21:15AM]

Party Dot Perfect!
Sheri Beaulieu
 [03/21 8:15:30AM]

Loving Life Alone
Jen Sebok
 [03/21 8:11:15AM]

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but I look fine
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 7:48:54AM]

Missing my circle, how can I plan a virtual dinner party
Connie Pratt
 [03/21 7:38:52AM]

Self Reflecting
Liz Roy
 [03/21 6:40:24AM]

Feel Harmonious with yourself!
Cindy Duhamel
 [03/21 6:24:56AM]

Pure Bliss with Silver Icing
Michelle Provenza
 [03/21 6:16:52AM]

Social Distancing in Sheer Elegance
Michelle Provenza
 [03/21 6:15:04AM]

What SI outfit should I wear tomorrow?
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:57:55AM]

But those wedge sneakers will look so good with the top I ordered last week
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:54:41AM]

How do I hide my SI splurges this time?
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:51:39AM]

Wondering how I survived before SI #quarantined
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:47:32AM]

Hold my wine, while I order online #silvericing
Laura MacNeil
 [03/21 5:44:30AM]

Waiting for today’s presale or Will it be a sellout?
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:38:54AM]

What colour should I get?
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:35:56AM]

Hoping your SI package comes before your husband comes home
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:24:34AM]

Hoping your package arrives before your husband comes home
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:18:43AM]

Lazy luxury
Dana lean
 [03/21 5:18:39AM]

Will my stylist be able to get one for me before it sells out?!
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:12:25AM]

Waiting to see what’s coming out today on SI
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:10:21AM]

Waiting for my Silver Icing order to arrive
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:07:13AM]

Should I buy ‘all the colours’?
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:04:47AM]

Under quarantine but still cute
Candice MacNeil
 [03/21 5:00:56AM]

Sublime Serendipity
Angela Hundt
 [03/21 4:25:01AM]

Sublime Serendipity
Angela Hundt
 [03/21 4:22:51AM]

No matter place then home
Linsey DeMontigny
 [03/21 2:59:11AM]

There is always hope especially while sipping wine
Linsey DeMontigny
 [03/21 2:58:56AM]

Stop and breathe and you will feel the magic
Linsey DeMontigny
 [03/21 2:58:22AM]

Him or Silver Icing? Can’t believe he thought it would be him.
Tamara Morrison
 [03/21 1:45:48AM]

working from home used to be a dream... look at me now.
Janie Dunning
 [03/21 12:11:47AM]

Wine improves with age, I improve with wine ?
Lori Courchaine
 [03/21 12:04:02AM]

I wonder if he'll notice I bought for Silver Icing?
Meagan Clifton
 [03/20 11:30:06PM]

 [03/20 10:20:09PM]

Quarantine and Chill
Stephanie Dennison
 [03/20 8:47:53PM]

Pour me a glass of class
Candace Woollam
 [03/20 8:31:34PM]

Pink Passion
Chandra Madsen
 [03/20 8:21:57PM]

Dressed for Success
Bettina Allen
 [03/20 8:04:50PM]

Is there life out there?
Melissa Bohse
 [03/20 7:58:13PM]

Sitting pretty
Harjit Chauhan
 [03/20 7:56:48PM]

Social Distancing... and looking doing it
Nicole Barrett
 [03/20 7:19:41PM]

Miss my family and friends
Colleen Broderson
 [03/20 7:16:02PM]

Relax, Unwind and Shine
Karen Otsig
 [03/20 7:08:00PM]

I’m in love!; beauty upon beauty.; just relaxing with a great glass of wine.; all alone with my wine,; emptiness.; loneliness!;
Susan Garrick
 [03/20 7:06:18PM]

My Bliss
Michelle jackson
 [03/20 7:04:50PM]

The quiet before the storm
Liz Arlette
 [03/20 6:55:03PM]

Isolation with class
Melody Willier
 [03/20 6:50:32PM]

Serenity Now
Karen Fraser
 [03/20 6:41:03PM]

Chillin’ pretty
Tanya Brown
 [03/20 6:36:37PM]

What's self isolation with out a little icing
Kim Denesha
 [03/20 6:30:25PM]

Sitting Pretty
Liska Stafford
 [03/20 6:27:21PM]

Well at least I look amazing in quarantine!
Julie Watson
 [03/20 5:52:45PM]

Well at least I look amazing in quarantine!
Julie Watson
 [03/20 5:52:12PM]

Millions of people all sharing the same though
Carey Dingsdale
 [03/20 5:41:31PM]

Looking good and feeling fine.
Cheryl Vaz
 [03/20 5:36:39PM]

The Silver Lining to COVID-19, Wine and Silver Icing
Teresa Moseley
 [03/20 5:34:23PM]

My Silver Icing, My Best Me.
Lorelee Sankarlal
 [03/20 5:32:48PM]

My Silver Icing, My best Me.
Lorelee Sankarlal
 [03/20 5:29:58PM]

My time.
Lorelee Sankarlal
 [03/20 5:28:34PM]

My time.
Lorelee Sankarlal
 [03/20 5:27:53PM]

Spring into Silver Icing
Tanya Nemeth
 [03/20 5:24:30PM]

Life’s big worries disappear when wearing Silver Icing
Bobbi Lodewyks
 [03/20 5:21:24PM]

Social Distancing in style
Margot Knopp
 [03/20 5:15:07PM]

MY Time ?
Julia Gregoire
 [03/20 5:11:17PM]

Dream time alone
Jodi Schultz
 [03/20 5:08:39PM]

The “ I don’t have a caption but I love this too! And oh can I have a glass too” top
Menik Anthonypillai
 [03/20 4:54:24PM]

Watching people try to return Toliet paper to Costco got me like.
Sarah English
 [03/20 4:48:35PM]

When you get dressed up to go out, but forget everything is canceled.
Tanya Nemeth
 [03/20 4:46:48PM]

Life is good, that is all
Susan Chan
 [03/20 4:45:30PM]

Fine as Wine
Angela Rodgers
 [03/20 4:44:59PM]

Feeling cute. Might order some Silver Icing later. IDK
Tanya Nemeth
 [03/20 4:44:27PM]

Work from home? Don't mind if I do!
Tanya Nemeth
 [03/20 4:42:03PM]

Me putting Coronavirus behind me and dreaming of summertime!!
Susie Foti
 [03/20 4:37:17PM]

This is why I didn’t have kids
Lisa Briones
 [03/20 4:31:47PM]

Feeling fine with my glass of wine.
Trisha Rioch
 [03/20 4:30:43PM]

Britney Moffat
 [03/20 4:20:47PM]

Kids, recess time. Out you go.
Julie Marshall
 [03/20 4:19:57PM]

Wine, chill and ponder what's to come
Laura Dickie
 [03/20 4:11:07PM]

Relaxation SI style!
Natalie Reisch
 [03/20 4:09:50PM]

Perfectly Posh in Polka Dots
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/20 3:57:50PM]

Wondering what to order next from silver icing.
Bev Seymour
 [03/20 3:56:45PM]

Quiet time with wine is simply divine!
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/20 3:55:24PM]

There's No Place Like Home/ Home is WEAR my SI clothes are
Bianca Easter
 [03/20 3:54:21PM]

Unwind Time
Connie Lasko
 [03/20 3:50:07PM]

Ice Wine Alone Time
Brandy Sjostrom
 [03/20 3:45:10PM]

Wondering what I should order from silver icing next.
Bev seymour
 [03/20 3:40:41PM]

How long is the self isolation on for? The kids want to come back inside.
Melissa Buhler
 [03/20 3:40:11PM]

Effortless in SI ??
Angela Mitres
 [03/20 3:39:36PM]

Classy & Cozy
Sarah Gardiner
 [03/20 3:37:25PM]

When you're the seeker in Hide and Seek
Rachel Tourville
 [03/20 3:36:37PM]

Let's Stay Home
Rachel Tourville
 [03/20 3:31:02PM]

Ready for life
Ashley Parsons
 [03/20 3:30:33PM]

Life without kids!
Erin Pittman
 [03/20 3:22:45PM]

Such a beautiful day outside but I’ll rather have my wine inside
Samantha S
 [03/20 3:16:06PM]

If Prince Charming can’t be here for me, thank goodness my wine can
Samantha S
 [03/20 3:14:21PM]

"I may be #socialdistancing but Imma look good doing it!"
Krystal Parsons
 [03/20 3:08:47PM]

Being quarantined without kids
Chelsy-Jane Hannah
 [03/20 3:00:12PM]

When you look this stylish, wearing shoes on the couch is acceptable.
Sarah Bieber
 [03/20 2:52:32PM]

Let’s reflect in style
Sheila Bock
 [03/20 2:27:17PM]

Pink n Wine Divine
Jodi Human
 [03/20 2:14:59PM]

Pretty in pink and wine as my drink
Katrina Bernardi
 [03/20 2:14:58PM]

Home is where the wine is
Jackie Cassidy
 [03/20 2:06:27PM]

Everything can wait
Karla Conflitti
 [03/20 1:57:06PM]

Feeling like a million bucks
Cori Simmonds
 [03/20 1:55:36PM]

Wine a little
Cori Simmonds
 [03/20 1:53:27PM]

Connect the dots
Cori Simmonds
 [03/20 1:52:37PM]

I wonder if he will notice my new SI,s
Rosemary Hogg
 [03/20 1:43:53PM]

Pondering in pink
Jessica Harrison
 [03/20 1:32:12PM]

Social distancing and chill
Nicole Burchell
 [03/20 1:12:33PM]

Wine with everything
Lisa Ginn
 [03/20 1:12:01PM]

When can I get out to pick up my Silver icing order
Jenn Roth
 [03/20 1:12:01PM]

Wonder what the presale of the day will be?
Nicole Burchell
 [03/20 1:11:54PM]

Social distancing made easy with wine and SI
Nicole Burchell
 [03/20 1:10:50PM]

Self isolation is so tough.....good thing I have wine
Jenn Roth
 [03/20 1:10:35PM]

Social distancing in style!
Tracy Sturley
 [03/20 12:50:26PM]

14 days of relaxation
Colleen Schellenberg
 [03/20 12:45:40PM]

Timeless relaxation
Deanna Klein
 [03/20 12:41:57PM]

Just sit with it
Shannon Smith
 [03/20 12:41:54PM]

Pretty in Pink
Melody O'Connor
 [03/20 12:36:45PM]

Unleash your inner beauty - a goddess 24/7
Ina Hammer
 [03/20 12:36:00PM]

Fabulous. Always.
Ina Hammer
 [03/20 12:32:53PM]

Pure bliss
Jessica Hoffele
 [03/20 12:27:04PM]

How I wish isolation was going.
Terri Weishar
 [03/20 12:24:31PM]

Social distancing at its finest
Lauren James
 [03/20 12:22:05PM]

Taking time for me
Christine Richardson
 [03/20 12:17:36PM]

Inside looking out
Stacie Miller
 [03/20 12:13:56PM]

Time for a little “me time” ; Beautiful days ahead...
Jacquie Middleton
 [03/20 12:07:48PM]

"Wine"ding down
Dianne Brice
 [03/20 12:04:23PM]

“At least there’s wine”
Krista Crawford
 [03/20 12:03:06PM]

"A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous." Coco Chanel
Chelsey Irvine
 [03/20 12:01:42PM]

Self Isolation 101
Cindy Palmer
 [03/20 12:00:53PM]

Rosè all day
 [03/20 11:57:55AM]

Waiting for self-isolation to be over so I can show off all my self-isolation SI purchases.
Erin Hartung
 [03/20 11:57:44AM]

Self isolation day one: dress to impress. Check.
Jo Vanderwolf
 [03/20 11:56:51AM]

Winning with Silver Icing
Shannon Hutchison
 [03/20 11:55:45AM]

Lounging in Style
Rachel Curran
 [03/20 11:55:31AM]

Proper Self-Isolation Etiquette ?
Jill Sutherland
 [03/20 11:53:44AM]

Staying home never looked so good
Kathryn Graveline
 [03/20 11:52:10AM]

Mommas time out
Lela Perry
 [03/20 11:51:15AM]

Quarantine mommy time
Dawn Bullock
 [03/20 11:40:35AM]

So happy I decided to try Silver Icing
Vickey Stenberg
 [03/20 11:38:01AM]

I make quarantining look good. Thanks SI!
Sarah G
 [03/20 11:31:32AM]

Solitude at its finest
Crystal Mackie
 [03/20 11:29:16AM]

Wine ?, silver icing ?, quarantine ?
Sarah G
 [03/20 11:28:11AM]

Social distancing in the most chic way possible
Celina Juhlke
 [03/20 11:27:07AM]

On Wednesdays we wear pink
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:24:50AM]

I have nothing to wear
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:24:34AM]

If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it!
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:24:01AM]

Waiting on someone?
Lorie Parsons
 [03/20 11:23:37AM]

Girls never stop playing dress up
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:23:24AM]

Stay po”SI”tive
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:22:54AM]

In a noisy world, quiet time is my solution
Crystal Mackie
 [03/20 11:21:39AM]

Luxury is in each detail
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:20:54AM]

Here’s to date nights in
Crystal Mackie
 [03/20 11:19:51AM]

Thank goodness for online shopping!
Bettina Allen
 [03/20 11:19:38AM]

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be
Adrienne lloyd
 [03/20 11:19:21AM]

Life is short, make every outfit count
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:18:47AM]

Wine tasting in the comfort of my own home.
Crystal Mackie
 [03/20 11:18:16AM]

Toast to Silver Icing
Terri Hinds
 [03/20 11:17:40AM]

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself?
Chantel Dueck
 [03/20 11:16:03AM]

Social distancing never looked so good
Lisa Etty
 [03/20 11:12:33AM]

Enjoy every moment.
Karey MacDonald
 [03/20 11:12:00AM]

Wine and chill
Heather Liddle
 [03/20 11:11:22AM]

Spring forward into SI
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:11:18AM]

Quarantine n' chill
Lindsey Stark
 [03/20 11:09:18AM]

Casually Sippin’
Roberta Henry
 [03/20 11:09:07AM]

Never quit your daydream
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:06:52AM]

Dreaming of sunny skies with starry eyes
Kathrynn Dutchak
 [03/20 11:06:46AM]

Don’t quit your daydream
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:06:34AM]

Feeling Fabulous
Jackie Crnic
 [03/20 11:06:21AM]

Find your sunshine and blossom
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:05:19AM]

Focus on the good
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:04:47AM]

Self care Silver Icing Style
Brittaney Pregizer
 [03/20 11:04:11AM]

I’m so relieved the quarantine has lifted and the kids went back to school today - finally, some “Me” time!!
Rebecca Cook
 [03/20 11:03:26AM]

What am I going to do with them today ?!!?
Marysia Waritsky
 [03/20 11:03:21AM]

Slaying in silence
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:03:16AM]

And I waited
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:02:58AM]

Fashionably quarantined, fashionably isolated
Arielle stahl
 [03/20 11:02:27AM]

I’m so relieved the quarantine has lifted and the kids went back to school today - finally, some “Me” time!!
Rebecca Cook
 [03/20 11:02:23AM]

Relaxing in style with wine while in self solitude
Christine Price
 [03/20 11:01:38AM]

What more can I ask for? So thankful.
Cari hemphill
 [03/20 11:01:34AM]

One day or day one
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:01:24AM]

One day at a time
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:01:08AM]

Dare to dream
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:00:20AM]

Dare to begin
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 11:00:01AM]

Cherish every moment
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:59:39AM]

Grow in gratitude
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:59:01AM]

Bright isolation
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [03/20 10:58:11AM]

See the good
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:57:33AM]

Aim for the highest
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:57:04AM]

May There Always be Style
Lisa Kelly
 [03/20 10:56:16AM]

Where flowers bloom, so does hope
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:55:33AM]

Live like it’s spring
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:55:08AM]

Self Isolating..the SI Way
Susan Kendrick
 [03/20 10:54:28AM]

Spring is in the air
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:54:18AM]

"Stuck at home, yes, but endless places to go in my mind".
Darlene Sharpe
 [03/20 10:54:05AM]

Spring into SI
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:53:53AM]

Hello Spring
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:53:33AM]

Life in full bloom
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:53:18AM]

Home Quarantine Queen
Robin Bell
 [03/20 10:52:39AM]

Keep Calm Spring has Sprung
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:52:30AM]

The sweet smell of spring
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:51:26AM]

Still looking fly, even while staying inside.
Kayla Jacula
 [03/20 10:51:26AM]

Blossoming into my own
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:50:50AM]

Social distancing 101
Tammy Johnson
 [03/20 10:50:39AM]

Living my best life
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:49:59AM]

My happy place
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:49:44AM]

Keeping life positive these days - couch.. wine.. and lookin’ fine!
Allison Richardson
 [03/20 10:48:42AM]

A little me time in SI
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:48:35AM]

Social distance date night
Christina Friske
 [03/20 10:47:57AM]

All dressed up with nowhere to go...
Hillary Kroeker
 [03/20 10:47:37AM]

Spring has sprung at SI
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:46:20AM]

The future looks bright
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:45:42AM]

Social distancing in SI
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:44:57AM]

Social distancing the SI way
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 10:44:34AM]

Dreaming of better things to come; Soaking in the quiet; Solitude quiet's the soul; These days are full of possibilities;
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [03/20 10:43:20AM]

Quality Quarantine!???
Monica Steinson
 [03/20 10:42:54AM]

How I feel in my silver icing clothes knowing I have enough toilet paper.
Rachelle Bysterveld
 [03/20 10:36:09AM]

Covid-19 Can't Touch This
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [03/20 10:32:14AM]

Contemplation in Relaxation
Natashia Liboiron
 [03/20 10:30:42AM]

Fine time Social distancing
Anita Gray
 [03/20 10:19:58AM]

Home Sweet SI Home
Angela Racco
 [03/20 10:16:11AM]

Netflix and chill? Nah! That cute guy delivering my Silver Icing package is the only view I need!
Jennifer Barone
 [03/20 10:15:09AM]

Did i have enough toilet paper?
Sarah Fussry
 [03/20 10:12:24AM]

Cool drinker
Corie kraft
 [03/20 10:09:44AM]

Waiting for your silver icing to arrive at your door. Fashion show here we come!
Tamara Zaretski
 [03/20 10:08:28AM]

All dress up with no where to go!
Dolores Funk
 [03/20 10:08:03AM]

This is what self isolation looks like.
 [03/20 10:07:02AM]

At Home and Beautiful, It’s Lovely at Home, Sippin’ and Dreamin’, Relax and Unwind
Elissa Bogdan
 [03/20 10:04:37AM]

“social isolation, I got this!”
Blossom Mckinnon
 [03/20 10:04:13AM]

Getting paid to look good and drink wine! I love silver icing!
Blossom McKinnon
 [03/20 10:02:44AM]

Home Rime Relax
Melanie Brandt
 [03/20 10:00:58AM]

That HAPPY PLACE when the world is crazy
Lori Beeson
 [03/20 10:00:00AM]

Who said I can't look hot in isolation?
Amanda Madill
 [03/20 9:58:39AM]

Social distancing LIKE A BOSS!
Lori Russell
 [03/20 9:55:03AM]

How to make yourself feel better when you can’t go anywhere
Angela Kerluke
 [03/20 9:51:25AM]

Thinking in her head "I hope I can down this glass of wine before the kids come running inside screaming!"
Melissa Toye
 [03/20 9:50:17AM]

Under quarantine but still cute doe
 [03/20 9:48:29AM]

Thinking of new creative ways to convince my husband why I need what silver icing is launching...and in multiple colors
 [03/20 9:47:19AM]

Damn streaky windows
Shohreh Burchell
 [03/20 9:45:34AM]

Hmmmm why am I wearing shoes on the couch?
Jody Foy
 [03/20 9:44:50AM]

What social distancing is all about
Angela Kerluke
 [03/20 9:44:02AM]

What self isolation is all about
Angela Kerluke
 [03/20 9:41:54AM]

Dreaming of amazing days ahead
Stacey Hanmer
 [03/20 9:41:09AM]

Casual elegance
Shelley Stefanowich
 [03/20 9:39:45AM]

Hmmm.. this social distancing thing is easy as long as I have enough wine.
Louise van Beek Rogers
 [03/20 9:35:39AM]

Chardonnay over Corona all the way!
Shellie Pool
 [03/20 9:34:41AM]

Always in my thoughts... Chic elegance
Emily Dyck
 [03/20 9:34:40AM]

Self-Isolation has never looked so good!
Morgan MacDonald
 [03/20 9:34:16AM]

Iso"lounging" the day away.
Samantha Krump
 [03/20 9:32:26AM]

Making self isolation look good
Krissi Martin
 [03/20 9:32:10AM]

Sifisticly chilling
 [03/20 9:31:48AM]

At first glance
Anna Young
 [03/20 9:31:34AM]

What socialsistancing looks like silver icing style.
Melanie Gross
 [03/20 9:30:36AM]

So fine, sipping wine
Richanda Zurowski
 [03/20 9:26:59AM]

This is my kind of self care! Silver Icing and some wine, life is good.
Kristy Stebbings
 [03/20 9:26:23AM]

On cloud wine...
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [03/20 9:26:13AM]

I wonder what I should do today
Gail Butt
 [03/20 9:26:05AM]

Wine tasting on the couch
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [03/20 9:25:04AM]

Social distanting never looked so good
Teri Smith
 [03/20 9:24:41AM]

When you're quarantined in luxury
Tiffany Butt
 [03/20 9:24:11AM]

Taking time to ''wine'' down
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [03/20 9:22:13AM]

I will never take going outside for granted again!
Stacy Price
 [03/20 9:22:08AM]

Ordered to stay home on a Friday night?! Finally!
Haley Boland
 [03/20 9:21:07AM]

Why go outside
Treena Ward
 [03/20 9:20:54AM]

Getting dressed up gives you endorphins! Endorphins make you happy! Happy people don’t just social distance themselves, they do it in style!
Haley Boland
 [03/20 9:19:48AM]

Dreamy Dots Cardigan
Deb Brandics
 [03/20 9:19:31AM]

"Self Isolating" Myself with this wine in style.
Shannon Kirby
 [03/20 9:12:44AM]

Day 2 of self isolation, still dressing up
Tracy Gordon Toye
 [03/20 9:11:05AM]

Weekend Vibes
Kristin Sabourin
 [03/20 9:10:35AM]

I’m just wine, I mean fine....
Susan Rosher
 [03/20 9:08:55AM]

Warm Spring Days
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:08:40AM]

The SI life
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:08:21AM]

My ideal form of social isolation
Emily Formica
 [03/20 9:08:19AM]

Work hard, play harder
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:08:02AM]

Look good feel good
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/20 9:07:28AM]

The kids are in bed
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:07:03AM]

Quarantine day 1
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:06:47AM]

When you send your suddenly home schooled kids outside for a "fire drill"
Joelle Bakker
 [03/20 9:06:44AM]

Keep calm and silver icing on.
Stacy Smith
 [03/20 9:06:32AM]

Ice-olation at its finest
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:05:37AM]

Should I allow my husband to come home after work for quarentine or just enjoy the piece and quiet
Jordan Golinowski
 [03/20 9:05:01AM]

Boss Babe and chill
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:04:27AM]

Because I can. It’s “me” time!!
Shannon Strachan
 [03/20 9:04:10AM]

Living in luxury
Louise Johnston
 [03/20 9:03:34AM]

Lounging in my SI
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:03:27AM]

Comfort and class
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:03:11AM]

First day of spring
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:02:51AM]

Karen stocked up on toilet paper for her party. Karen’s friends are social distancing. Don’t be like Karen, host an online Silver Icing party!
Stacy Smith
 [03/20 9:02:42AM]

Day dreaming
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:02:31AM]

Living the SImple life
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:02:16AM]

I wonder how long I can survive off wine?
Sarah Storms
 [03/20 9:02:07AM]

Wine tour- first stop THE COUCH!
Kelsey caston
 [03/20 9:02:06AM]

SI and chill
Adrienne lloyd
 [03/20 9:01:55AM]

SI and chi
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 9:01:35AM]

Dreaming of many possibilities
Trista Hurtubise
 [03/20 9:01:09AM]

I wonder if my partner will notice how much I’ve ordered during isolation?
Amy Libby
 [03/20 9:01:01AM]

Style and comfort
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:59:29AM]

SI loungin’
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:59:08AM]

Living the SImple life
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:58:37AM]

What if I run out of Pinot Gris?
Deanna Hill
 [03/20 8:58:35AM]

Social distancing like a boss
Christine Waugh
 [03/20 8:58:33AM]

Ugh I have a million things to do today! 1. Wash dishes, 2. Vacuum, 3. Sweep the floors, 4. Etc etc!
Antonella Visalli
 [03/20 8:58:32AM]

I wonder what that crash was...I’m sure the kids will let me know
Amy BoeAllen
 [03/20 8:58:23AM]

Self isolation in style
Raelene Lorenz
 [03/20 8:58:18AM]

Locked down and lovin’ it
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:58:10AM]

Enjoying a slow down
Stephanie Yule
 [03/20 8:57:41AM]

Living my best SI life
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:57:33AM]

Social distancing in style
Raelene Lorenz
 [03/20 8:56:14AM]

Happy Hour for one!
Michelle Allen
 [03/20 8:54:01AM]

Wish I could go outside but feeling good with my SI outfit and a glass of wine! #social distancing
Krista Measures
 [03/20 8:53:11AM]

Wine- A hug in a glass
Kaylee Moerman
 [03/20 8:52:39AM]

Because looking good makes you feel good!
Kate Britz
 [03/20 8:48:14AM]

Silver Lining in ICE-olation
Michelle Matthews
 [03/20 8:47:14AM]

Wine up, quarantine & chill
Natalie Dunlop
 [03/20 8:46:55AM]

WFH blouse; Work From Home blouse
Megan Summers
 [03/20 8:46:44AM]

Peaceful Elegance
Kerri Bannon
 [03/20 8:44:57AM]

This is how I quarantine
Vanessa David
 [03/20 8:44:29AM]

Self isolation at its finest
Kate Britz
 [03/20 8:44:15AM]

Rest RelaX Renew
Andrea Prodaniuk
 [03/20 8:43:52AM]

There’s always time for a glass of wine
Kaylee Moerman
 [03/20 8:41:02AM]

My style, my day, my way!
Daphne Browning
 [03/20 8:40:52AM]

Having a drink with the neighbours...across the street
Em buss
 [03/20 8:40:45AM]

Planning my trip during social distancing. Shall I take a long stroll to the bedroom or bathroom this afternoon?
Tara Kroeger
 [03/20 8:39:57AM]

Icing on the cake
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:39:44AM]

Ice it in pink through these troubling times.
Judy Thue
 [03/20 8:39:38AM]

Social distancing means it's imperative to drink alone!
Em buss
 [03/20 8:38:57AM]

SI dreaming
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:37:40AM]

Bette Zacharias
 [03/20 8:37:19AM]

Calm Comfort
Lori Simms
 [03/20 8:37:17AM]

First day of spring look
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:36:57AM]

SI on this spring day
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:36:41AM]

Wondering what else I should buy from Silver Icing during isolation..
Cori Oracheski
 [03/20 8:36:19AM]

Spring has sprung
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:36:05AM]

Just passing the time
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:35:24AM]

The kids are finally asleep
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:35:00AM]

Pure Bliss
Emily Gerein
 [03/20 8:34:43AM]

A little down time
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:34:35AM]

Ice-olating the SI way
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:33:24AM]

One day I will be a perfect wife and mother, my house will always be clean and I'll look perfect for my husband every day...,one day...
Kimmie Paul
 [03/20 8:33:12AM]

Quarantine and chill
Adrienne lloyd
 [03/20 8:32:30AM]

Self Isolation Who says you can’t look amazing
Nadine king
 [03/20 8:32:18AM]

Boss Babe and chill
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:31:55AM]

Silver Icing and chill
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:31:20AM]

I am in locked down with my silver icing
Raina niessen
 [03/20 8:31:01AM]

Does SI make wine?!
Adrienne lloyd
 [03/20 8:30:59AM]

SI Olaté
Sarah Settels
 [03/20 8:30:33AM]

But first, wine
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:30:26AM]

Nothing but Time, Wine and Silver Icing
Chelsea Lamb
 [03/20 8:30:18AM]

Classy isolation
Barbara Paul
 [03/20 8:30:11AM]

Wine and chill
Adrienne lloyd
 [03/20 8:30:06AM]

A little me time
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:29:30AM]

Lysol wiped everything, now to relax and unwind!
Alyssa Fahie
 [03/20 8:29:21AM]

It’s okay to wine a little
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:28:50AM]

In my happy place
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:28:24AM]

Now I am ready for my first day working from home!
Alyssa Fahie
 [03/20 8:28:00AM]

It’s wine o’clock
Adrienne lloyd
 [03/20 8:27:40AM]

It’s wine time
Adrienne Lloyd
 [03/20 8:27:12AM]

Wine not?
Erica walsh
 [03/20 8:26:47AM]

Dressed to impress, pretty in pink, wine night? Silver icing and chill.
Erica walsh
 [03/20 8:26:27AM]

Work hard and unwind
Sara Irving
 [03/20 8:25:46AM]

Wine Not?, peaceful in pink, Deep in thought, dressed to impress
Erica walsh
 [03/20 8:24:51AM]

With uncertainties in the world atleast one thing is for certain great clothes!
Jasmine knutson
 [03/20 8:24:35AM]

Life is still beautiful
. Lisa Gosse
 [03/20 8:24:33AM]

Into the Spotlight
Ashleigh Topliss
 [03/20 8:24:17AM]

When you are trying to find your zen, but you just keep mentally counting how many rolls of toilet paper you have left.
Marissa Oteiza
 [03/20 8:23:56AM]

Angela Karn
 [03/20 8:23:22AM]

Give yourself time for reflection
Carolyn Russell
 [03/20 8:22:46AM]

Together, we make this look good!
Shannon Greene
 [03/20 8:22:24AM]

Beautiful contemplation
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/20 8:21:48AM]

Spotted Lounging
Jill Roque
 [03/20 8:20:50AM]

Time for a Staycation
Desire Crowe
 [03/20 8:20:50AM]

Not all superheroes wear capes!
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/20 8:20:44AM]

Best days are ahead
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/20 8:19:30AM]

Elegant resting In the moment!
Phyllis Gibbons
 [03/20 8:18:54AM]

Quiet reflection
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/20 8:18:11AM]

But... do I have enough toilet paper?
Analysse Krausher
 [03/20 8:17:52AM]

Sophisticated moments
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/20 8:17:44AM]

I want to be where the people are I want to see want to see 'em dancin'
Lindsay Geist
 [03/20 8:17:07AM]

Forget the corona, this wine is spot on
Jenn Bennison
 [03/20 8:16:33AM]

I want to be where the people are I want to see want to see 'em dancin'
Lindsay Geist
 [03/20 8:15:55AM]

Debating whether I should go out or not
Kylie Krell
 [03/20 8:15:13AM]

Just another day at my new office
Chantelle Paulson
 [03/20 8:14:23AM]

So This is what spring feels like
April King
 [03/20 8:14:22AM]

Ummmm what can I do today...I guess stay inside and have another glass of wine
Merril Marocchi
 [03/20 8:12:22AM]

I need a bigger closet!
Lara rosenberger
 [03/20 8:12:10AM]

Silver Icing pairs well with White Wine...or wine of any kind
Maxine Mathews
 [03/20 8:11:15AM]

Self isolation? More like self Icing-lation
Lacey Bartholow
 [03/20 8:10:22AM]

Isolating My Thoughts
Linda Thompson
 [03/20 8:10:11AM]

This too shall pass
Tara Macaulay
 [03/20 8:09:47AM]

Simple perfection
Leah Martin
 [03/20 8:09:21AM]

Wonder what the world is doing
Jelaine Ralph
 [03/20 8:09:03AM]

Social Distancing can’t take my wine
Steph Maitland
 [03/20 8:08:30AM]

If I have to stay in, I may as well look pretty doing it.
Susan Constantine
 [03/20 8:08:25AM]

Poised and dressed to impress
 [03/20 8:08:04AM]

Icing on the isolation
april foster
 [03/20 8:07:16AM]

Changing things up instead of quarantinis
Julia Strickland
 [03/20 8:06:14AM]

Everything is better with wine!
Tracey Marcil
 [03/20 8:05:18AM]

Less Whine More Wine
Tracey Marcil
 [03/20 8:04:42AM]

Poised and pretty
Robyn Schwerdtfeger
 [03/20 8:04:36AM]

Nothin’ but sunshine and wine
Donna Clipperton
 [03/20 8:04:21AM]

I have got this under control .
Tracey Marcil
 [03/20 8:03:42AM]

Living my best life no matter what !
Tracey Marcil
 [03/20 8:02:41AM]

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