Floral Wrap Skirt
July 1, 2022

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Total of 217 Entries
Congratulations to , the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Heavenly Floral
Laura Silvers
 [07/03 8:33:45AM] XL Green

Flutter skirt
Angela Morgan
 [07/03 8:32:37AM] pink/orange (31 inch waist)

Wrap me in Sunshine
Melissa McCracken
 [07/03 8:31:41AM] 36 Green

I’ve Got that Floral Feeling
Jennifer Barone
 [07/03 8:27:38AM] Green size L

wrapping around the clock
Kim Williamson
 [07/03 8:22:43AM] green/blue size small

Flirty flip skirt
Tracey Kotyk
 [07/03 8:17:56AM] 40 green

Wrap Those Flowers Please
Lisa Cleveland
 [07/03 8:13:21AM] 46 green/blue

Feeling free to be me
Maria Graham
 [07/03 7:34:55AM] Blue. Medium

That's a wrap
Ashley Warkentin
 [07/03 6:57:44AM] XL & orange

Flower lane
Ashley Warkentin
 [07/03 6:57:06AM] Xl orange

Walking in the sunshine skirt
Alisha Baird
 [07/03 1:37:28AM] Green and Blue XL

Freestyle wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:59:57PM] Green large

Freedom floral wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:59:13PM] Green floral large

Freedom with a wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:58:34PM] Green floral large

up to you wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:56:52PM] Green floral large

uptown floral
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:56:09PM] Green floral large

uptown easy wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:55:19PM] Green floral large

Mix it up wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:54:44PM] Green floral large

light up
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:54:02PM] Green floral large

light breeze wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:53:24PM] Green floral large

Wrap light breeze
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:53:09PM] Green floral large

Dream of easy
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:51:18PM] Green large

wrap it up
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:50:19PM] Green large

Feel the wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:49:18PM] Green large

Is that a wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:48:46PM] Green large

Lightly wrapped
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:44:48PM] Green large

Faux the frill of it
Sonja Vanderwood
 [07/02 10:35:02PM] 38 orange floral

Lucky wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:14:23PM] Green floral large

Easy wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:05:28PM] Green large

Easy around floral
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:04:49PM] Green large

Wrapping around flowers
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:03:41PM] Green large

Wrapping around floral
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:03:05PM] Green large

Wrap easy floral
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:01:32PM] Green large

Wrap up floral
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 10:00:32PM] Green large

I want to wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 9:59:53PM] Green large

That's a wrap
Andrea Marshall
 [07/02 9:58:41PM] Green large

Wrap of fun skirt
Jazmin Higgins
 [07/02 7:57:33PM] XL in Pink & Orange Floral

Let your Love Grow Skirt
Tesa Steinke
 [07/02 7:42:12PM] Green 46

That's a Wrap, Wrap around Me
June Weiss
 [07/02 6:51:39PM] small green and blue

Summer Breeze
Casey Stewart
 [07/02 6:37:17PM] Xl green

Wrap You Up in My Love
Erin Jones
 [07/02 5:29:09PM] 38 & green

Floral Wrapture
Adele Farough
 [07/02 4:48:22PM] Size: 40; Colour: pink and orange.

It's a wrap
mary weselowski
 [07/02 3:53:21PM] green 36

All wrapped up skirt.
mary weselowski
 [07/02 3:42:45PM] green, medium

Twisted tulip Wrap skirt
Lois Dyck
 [07/02 3:12:14PM] Medium, pink and orange

Wren wrap skirt
Lois Dyck
 [07/02 3:11:14PM] Medium, pink and orange

Waterfall Wrap Skirt
Debbie Slater
 [07/02 2:11:33PM] Pink floral sz 44

Flouncy Floral
Elena Robertson
 [07/02 1:35:32PM] Orange one size larger than Kimberley.

Summer Flow
Elena Robertson
 [07/02 1:33:34PM] Green One size larger than Kimberley

Floral Breeze
Elena Robertson
 [07/02 1:32:29PM] Orange One size higher than Kimberley

Wrapped in Wildflowers
Elena Robertson
 [07/02 1:30:10PM] Green in one size higher than Kimberley.

Dressy Floral skirt
Suzane Braun Hanser
 [07/02 1:07:45PM] 36 green blue

Dressy elegant skirt
Suzane Braun Hanser
 [07/02 1:06:49PM] 16, green blue

Dressy elegant skort
Suzane Braun Hanser
 [07/02 1:05:26PM] 16 green

Summer Vibes
Cindy Strauss
 [07/02 12:54:59PM] 42 green and blue flora

Cindy Strauss
 [07/02 12:53:29PM] 42 green and blue floral

Everyday, Everyway Skort
Cindy Strauss
 [07/02 12:52:09PM] 42 Green and Blue floral

Wrapped in florals
Kirsten Fladhamer
 [07/02 12:33:44PM] 38, green and ue floral

Flower Power
Kim MacAlpine
 [07/02 12:03:05PM] Pink

That’s a Wrap Skirt
Valerie Boyd
 [07/02 11:58:10AM] 42 Green

Flower Fling Wrap Skirt
Wendy Graham
 [07/02 11:48:49AM] Pink & Orange - whatever translates to size M

That’s a wrap
Arlene Sopel
 [07/02 11:38:34AM] 36 pink

Flirty skirt
Karen moore
 [07/02 11:05:49AM] Green & blue size 42

Summer fleurt
Nicole-Marie Burchell
 [07/02 10:32:41AM] Orange and pink, 42

Summer fleur-tation
Nicole-Marie Burchell
 [07/02 10:31:39AM] Pink and orange, 42

Linda Stansell
 [07/02 10:07:33AM] 36 blue/green

Trina tulip wrap skirt
Nikki Thoreson
 [07/02 9:54:53AM] 36 pink

Easy breezy short wraps
Elisabetta Palma
 [07/02 9:46:32AM] Medium pink floral

Wrap It Up Summer
Karen Hicks
 [07/02 9:44:42AM] Large Green & Blue Floral

Walk on the wild side wrap
Shelly Kupschus
 [07/02 9:36:10AM] Xl pink

Floral finesse wrap
Shelly Kupschus
 [07/02 9:34:47AM] Xl pink

Whimsical floral wrap
Shelly Kupschus
 [07/02 9:34:15AM] Xl pink

Wrapped in Floral Skirt
Morgan MacLean
 [07/02 9:23:36AM] 42 Blue

That's a Wrap
Morgan MacLean
 [07/02 9:22:12AM] 40. Pink & Orange

That Summer Feelin’
Jennifer Spurrell
 [07/02 9:15:14AM] 45 green and blue (same size as Alison)

Flirty Skirty
Laurie Trusty
 [07/02 9:14:51AM] Blue/Green XL

Flowers all around
Marlene belliveau
 [07/02 9:06:02AM] Medium blue/green

Swing me around, wrap & swing skirt, floral tie wrap, tie me up shirt
Christine Wilkinson
 [07/02 9:01:34AM] 34- green and blue

Sway with me, tulip dreams,
Brittany Hamilton
 [07/02 8:53:59AM] Pink/orange size 38

Whimsy Wildflower Wonder
Amie Rusk
 [07/02 8:48:51AM] 42 green and blue

Feeling Flirty Skirt .... All Wrapped Up Skirt...Its a Wrap Skirt....Flirty Floral Skirt
Barbara Quibell
 [07/02 8:39:37AM] 44 Green and Blue Floral

Wrapped in petals skirt
Nicole Gregg
 [07/02 8:39:34AM] Size 40 Green & Blue Floral

Cover Me In Sunshine. Wrapped Up In You.
Trish Renaud
 [07/02 8:30:30AM] Green and Blue, I’m a size 9 in allll my Judy Blues,I don’t know what that is in these sizing s :)

Swinging in the sun
Tina Beard
 [07/02 8:28:16AM] Large, blue/green

The Flower Petal Skirt
Monique Friesen
 [07/02 8:27:35AM] Orange large

Flower power, petal power, Monet skirt, impressionist skirt, pop of petals, pick of posies, precious posies
Tammy Desharnais
 [07/02 8:24:50AM] 36 pink and orange

Mylène Comeau
 [07/02 8:24:05AM] Blue 1X

Sunday wrap up
Deborah McKinstry
 [07/02 8:08:16AM] Green 42

Pretty as a Posy
Gina Hildebrand
 [07/02 7:23:13AM] Pink and Orange, size L (42?)

Strike a Posy
Gina Hildebrand
 [07/02 7:21:48AM] Pink and orange floral, size L (42?)

Flouncy Flowers Wrap Skirt
Mavis Bolton
 [07/02 7:16:07AM] 33 Green and Blue Floral

Fun & Flirty Floral Skirt, Walkin’ on Sunshine Skirt, Summer Lovin’ Skirt, Twirl me Around Skirt, Wrap me up in Sunshine Skirt
Paula Potts
 [07/02 7:15:14AM] 40 pink and orange

Awesome blossom
Shauna Brady
 [07/02 6:55:01AM] 40 green and blue

It s a wrap
Catherine stehr
 [07/02 6:52:26AM] 34, orange and pink floral

Wrap it up, under wraps floral skirt, summer’s not a wrap skirt
Liane Heebner
 [07/02 6:16:49AM] Green floral in XL

Colourful meadow wrap skirt
Natalie perrin-ducharme
 [07/02 6:04:08AM] Green and blue

Summer whirl
Katie Tuitman
 [07/02 4:46:43AM] 46 green and blue floral

Wrap it up softly
Darlene Post
 [07/02 3:50:39AM] 36 Blue

Wrapped up in you skirt; wrapped up in florals skirt; wrapped up in summer skirt;
Kayla Schneider
 [07/01 8:34:12PM] 38, oral floral

Floral flows
Sherry Moreland
 [07/01 8:16:59PM] Pink medium

Wrapped around my finger wrap skirt
Andrea Lindsey
 [07/01 7:56:55PM] Medium, green/blue

Keeping it under wraps skirt
Andrea Lindsey
 [07/01 7:55:30PM] Medium, green & blue

de Fleur Wrap Skirt
Louise Sylvestre
 [07/01 7:30:07PM] Green and blue floral size 34????

Flower burst of fun skirt
Crystal Durrant
 [07/01 7:27:08PM] Green XS

Floral flirt skirt
Basia Downs
 [07/01 7:21:15PM] Pink and Orange floral 34

Feeling Fleur-ty Wrap Skirt
Erika Just
 [07/01 7:19:57PM] 44 Pink & Orange Floral

Get your flirt on
Basia Downs
 [07/01 7:18:22PM] Green and Blue floral 34

Cathy Brydon
 [07/01 7:07:08PM] M orange

Wrap It Up!
Cathy Brydon
 [07/01 7:06:14PM] M green

It's a Wrap!
Cathy Brydon
 [07/01 7:04:48PM] M orange

Flower Power;
Ana Klovan
 [07/01 6:46:57PM] S Green & Blue

Tulip skirt
Isabelle Brulotte
 [07/01 5:58:48PM] 38 Green

Petal Pusher
Janine McDuff
 [07/01 4:49:57PM] Size 46 Green and Blue

Lina skirt
 [07/01 4:34:20PM] Green and whatever a size 28 would be

Twirling and flirting with the girls
Daisy Ng
 [07/01 4:02:00PM] Pink and Orange 42-44

Twirling around with the girls
Daisy Ng
 [07/01 4:01:06PM] Pink and Orange 42-44

Florally awesome
Daisy Ng
 [07/01 4:00:41PM] Pink and Orange 42-44

Wrapped up in flowers
Daisy Ng
 [07/01 3:59:58PM] Pink and Orange 42-44

Wrappin it up with the girls
Daisy Ng
 [07/01 3:59:30PM] Pink and Orange 42-44

Flirty Flower Wrap Skirt
Kim MacLennan
 [07/01 3:54:48PM] 40 - orange

Wrap It Up Mini Floral, Its A Wrap Mini
Amy Dell
 [07/01 3:15:30PM] Blue Green (usually wear 2x/3x)

Bloomdiggity Babe Skirt
Susan Schmidt
 [07/01 2:58:27PM] Green 46

Floral Fields Forever Skirt
Susan Schmidt
 [07/01 2:56:52PM] Green 46

Wrap 'n Roll
Diane Harris
 [07/01 2:55:14PM] Medium, pink and yellow

All the Feels Floral Wrap Skirt
Erin Shan5z
 [07/01 2:40:08PM] 36, pink and orange

Floral Fields Wrap Skirt
Rachelle Douglas
 [07/01 2:34:29PM] 44 Green and Blue Floral

Botanical Bliss Wrap Skirt
Michelle Provenza
 [07/01 2:27:43PM] 40 Green and blue

Robin Teal
 [07/01 2:26:28PM] 34, green/blue

Floral wrap up
Daniela Racco
 [07/01 2:15:17PM] Green XL

Summertime Floral Wrap Me Up
Diane Kotylak
 [07/01 1:40:52PM] Size 46 green and blue floral

Wrap me up
Amanda emon
 [07/01 1:39:08PM] Blue green floral size 46

Wrapped in Flowy Floral
Sheryl Sloboda
 [07/01 1:30:02PM] XL (depends on fit) I usually take the same size as Allison blue/ green

Fun in the sun wrap
Daniela Cook
 [07/01 1:28:54PM] Xl mint floral or navy floral

Floral fling
Gina knutson
 [07/01 1:12:01PM] Pink/orange 38

Pretty in Pansies skirt
Angela Branchaud
 [07/01 12:43:15PM] Green & Blue floral, sz 46

That's a wrap!!
Jess Vallier
 [07/01 12:38:05PM] Pink and Orange 36

Look At The Flowers Wrap Skirt
Raina Brugger
 [07/01 12:20:57PM] Orange floral 34

Fancy Free Wrap Skirt
Raina Brugger
 [07/01 12:20:24PM] Orange floral, 34

Precious Petals Mini
Vicky Rose
 [07/01 11:55:42AM] Size 40 Green and blue floral

Tiptoe Through the Tulips Skirt
Karen Otsig
 [07/01 11:33:25AM] 38 pink and orange

Wrap me floral skirt, Nothing but sunshine wrap skirt, Floral embrace skirt
Natalie M
 [07/01 11:32:33AM] 36 green and blue floral

Garden Wrap
Jocelyne Lepine
 [07/01 11:32:17AM] S pink

Pretty as a petal, tulip skirt, Dutch summer, summer breeze, flower fun
Lisa Van Wert
 [07/01 11:30:29AM] M pink

Fun and flirty wrap skirt, blooming beauty skirt, wrapped up in blooms skirt, happy wrap skirt, wrappy go lucky skirt, set your wrap skirt
Nicole Barlow
 [07/01 11:25:45AM] 38, pink & orange floral

Cross me once, that's a wrap!
Shalleah Camparsi
 [07/01 11:20:18AM] 42 green

Wrapped in Flowers Skirt
Jen Belsito
 [07/01 11:18:58AM] M green/blue

Summer Wrap Up Skirt
Jen Belsito
 [07/01 11:17:36AM] M pink

Wrapped Up In Sunshine
Lily Parrouty
 [07/01 11:17:25AM] 42 -green and blue floral

It’s A Wrap Skirt
Jen Belsito
 [07/01 11:16:33AM] M green

Flouncing Floral Skirt
Mel Mathers
 [07/01 11:07:25AM] Orange/pink 46

Fleur-ette Skirt
Jocelyn LeBeau
 [07/01 11:05:29AM] Pink XL

Wrapped in Summer/Blossom "Wrapture"/Pretty in Posies/Calling Summer/
Kitlin Louie
 [07/01 10:53:46AM] pink 38

Forever flowers
JoAnne Fortier
 [07/01 10:53:29AM] Large green

Floral Field wrap skirt, Wrapped up in Petals wrap skirt, Wildflower Wrap skirt, Wrapped in Wildflowers wrap skirt,
Melissa Seguin
 [07/01 10:43:53AM] Small, blue green mix

Wrapped up in summer!
Cheri Beatty
 [07/01 10:29:02AM] 38 in pink

Rolling Meadows Skirt
Kristy Stebbings
 [07/01 10:26:25AM] Pink/Orange 42

Wrap up Summer
Tammy MacMillan
 [07/01 10:26:14AM] Size 38, Pink and Orange Floral

Flowy Floral Fun Wrap
maria mazzocca
 [07/01 10:23:18AM] L pink

Flirty Wrap , Summer Breeze Wrap
Debra Somers
 [07/01 10:13:15AM] Any color ,size large

Short wrap of summer
Julie Odia
 [07/01 10:08:02AM] Blue 34

Right Round Wrap Skirt
Lisa Brownrigg
 [07/01 10:03:58AM] 42 pink and orange

That a wrap!
Cheri Beatty
 [07/01 10:02:40AM] 38 in pink

Thatsa Wrap
Kimberly Horn
 [07/01 10:02:29AM] Blue, biggest size

That’s a wrap!, wrapped up in it all, flawlessly floral, flower power skirt, garden party ready, girls who brunch skirt
Jenessa Talbot
 [07/01 9:58:35AM] Green and blue floral size 44

Floral fever skirt, wrap it up, under wraps
Angela Yamaoka
 [07/01 9:57:53AM] Mint 40

Tulip Blossoms Skirt
Alyssa Fahie
 [07/01 9:51:10AM] 38 pink

Petal perfect wrap skirt
Natalie Campbell
 [07/01 9:44:54AM] Green lg

Pretty as a tulip
Sarah Robertson
 [07/01 9:44:43AM] Peach and Alison’s size

Pretty As Flowers Wrap Skirt
Valerie Dietrich
 [07/01 9:42:47AM] 40 -pink/orange

Go with the flow skirt
Becky Barthelette
 [07/01 9:40:14AM] 42 blue

Wrap me in flowers
Tanya Marlatt
 [07/01 9:27:31AM] Pink and orange, 40

Flawless in Floral
Amber Bester
 [07/01 9:24:49AM] 46 green

Spring in my step skirt
Lisa Bowick
 [07/01 9:21:35AM] 40 pink and orange floral

Flirting flowers
Julie Hoar
 [07/01 9:18:06AM] 42 pink

Wrap it up
Maureen Musgrove
 [07/01 9:17:50AM] 2x ,green

Wrapped in floral
Julie Hoar
 [07/01 9:17:19AM] 42 pin

That's a wrap
Julie Hoar
 [07/01 9:15:26AM] Pink 44

Floral Flirt Skirt
Sheryl Kuiper
 [07/01 9:13:57AM] 42 Pink & Orange

My Heart’s Aflutter Floral Wrap Skirt
Shelly Pelley
 [07/01 9:07:54AM] L pink

Maxine’s mini
Heather Stanley
 [07/01 9:03:24AM] 46 green/blue

A Summer's Embrace Skirt
Samantha Sham
 [07/01 8:59:06AM] Pink and orange 44

That’s A Wrap Skirt
Terri Grey
 [07/01 8:57:38AM] 36, Blue and Green

There she flows
Racheal Herrington
 [07/01 8:53:30AM] 34 green and blue

Like a Boss SKirt
Christina Furlan
 [07/01 8:53:03AM] 40 pink and orange

feeling flirty
Marla Lemon
 [07/01 8:51:29AM] XL BLUE/GREEN

Feeling Fleur-ty skirt
Linda Wilson
 [07/01 8:42:04AM] Pink and orange sz 46

That’s a wrap!
Heather Scott
 [07/01 8:37:10AM] Either colour (14)

Summer wrap up, skirting on floral, wrap me up in flowers skirt.
Jennifer Love
 [07/01 8:36:23AM] 44 green and blue

Live the Flirt Skirt
Tracey Marcil
 [07/01 8:36:03AM] pink & orange 44

Tied and Flirty skirt, Flirty Floral Fun Skirt, Find your Floral Skirt, Blooming Wrap Skirt
Tracey Marcil
 [07/01 8:35:32AM] pink & orange 44

Fleur de wrap
Susan chan
 [07/01 8:34:10AM] Med, green/blue

Floral Frenzy ; Summer Breeze ; Build Me Up Buttercup ; She’s A Wildflower
Haley Boland
 [07/01 8:32:14AM] 44, Green/Blue

Wrapped up in summer
Deana Snowden
 [07/01 8:29:38AM] Size 40, green and blue floral

Tulip Wrap
Bonnie Froh
 [07/01 8:29:04AM] 38 green/blue

Wrapped up bouquet of flowers
Paula Fulthorpe
 [07/01 8:25:21AM] 46 pink/orange

Floral frenzy
Sandy Greenberg
 [07/01 8:24:50AM] Green size large

Easy breezy
Kara Vlasman
 [07/01 8:24:38AM] Medium, pink

What’s not to love?/ no gloom, only blooms skirt
Pamela Preibisch
 [07/01 8:24:33AM] Pink/orange Size medium

Flirt skirt or flirty skirty
Kara Vlasman
 [07/01 8:23:34AM] Medium,pink

Wrapped up in summer
Jen Ottenbreit
 [07/01 8:23:30AM] 40 pink and orange

You had me at Tulip, Endless Summer Skirt, Flower Girl Wrap Skirt
Marika Stitt
 [07/01 8:20:25AM] Green & Blue 36

Floral and Grace Skirt, Flirtin’ Floral Skirt, Fresh Florals Skirt
Brayell Dengler
 [07/01 8:18:54AM] 38 Pink

That's a Wrap
Paula Fulthorpe
 [07/01 8:16:55AM] 46 pink/orange

It’s A Wrap Skirt
Wendeline Chan
 [07/01 8:15:18AM] 44 Green & Blue

Wrapped up in love
Shandea Patras
 [07/01 8:14:50AM] Orange floral size medium

Warped to perfection,
Candice Bartlett
 [07/01 8:14:23AM] Blue and green size 40

Tulip forever
Lori A. Baine
 [07/01 8:14:23AM] 3xl and green and blue.

Wrap it up!
Marina Santos
 [07/01 8:12:42AM] Green, 46

Wrap it up skirt
Marie Macdonald
 [07/01 8:12:34AM] Green XL

Under Wrap Skirt
Marie Macdonald
 [07/01 8:11:58AM] Green xl

That’s a Wrap
Kate Rosenthal
 [07/01 8:11:02AM] Pink size medium

That’s a Wrap
Kate Rosenthal
 [07/01 8:10:39AM] Pink and orange medium

Floral wrap skirt
Shannon Morgan
 [07/01 8:10:14AM] Xl size 14 blue and green floral

Keep it under wraps, wrapped in summer, summer bloom
Veronica kish
 [07/01 8:10:04AM] 36, green/blue

Petals in the wind, tied up in petals, wrapped up in floral
Arielle stahl
 [07/01 8:09:32AM] 38 and pink

Gangster Wrap
Jennifer Smith
 [07/01 8:03:00AM] Xl green

Wrapped in blossoms
Alyssa Fahie
 [07/01 8:02:33AM] 38 pink

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