Watches by Silver Icing.
Before Anyone Else.
Self-Love Before Anyone Else.
Get There Before Anyone Else.
You Are My Before Anyone Else.
Did you know BAE stands for Before Anyone Else? Neither did we! As much fun as it is to say, we never realized the powerful sentiment behind the word that is so culturally relevant today. To us, BAE stands for a lot of things, which is why we decided to build a powerful brand around it.

The first thing BAE means to us is Self-Love Before Anyone Else – be your own BAE! At BAE Watches, we truly feel that we need to nurture and love ourselves first in order to do so for others. We know days are busy and can sometimes escape us, but we hope you can always find some time in your day just for you (pun intended).

The second thing BAE means to us is Get There Before Anyone Else – We wanted to design a watch you would love wearing so much, it would motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Set your goals and crush 'em! BAE Watches keep you on top of your game!

The third thing BAE means to us is You Are My Before Anyone Else – Who is your BAE? Do you have a bestie that is your go-to girl, your Before Anyone Else? BAE Watches is the perfect way to recognize the beautiful people we call our BAES. Give the gift of BAE Watches and they will never forget how you feel about them. The BAE symbol is right there, looking up at them every second of every day. A daily reminder that they are appreciated and loved.

Treat you and your BAES to the luxuries of BAE Watches and join what is not only a watch brand, but a lifestyle.
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