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Silver Icing

Pilling Me Softly Fabric Comb
$12.95 CAD  
Brown & Black

    • Classic fabric comb
    • Silver Icing logo
    • Simply brushes away pilling and fuzz from fabrics
    • Works in seconds
    • Includes Silver Icing branded keep-safe pouch
    • Measurements approx. 3" L x 1.5" H

    Fear pilling no more! The Pilling Me Softly fabric comb will be your new best friend! We all have those pesky leggings, cardigans, coats, the list goes on, that no matter what we do, pill. With a few easy combing swipes, the pilling on your clothing will be swept away! Great for use on all fabrics that pill, especially wool.

    This little comb comes in handy all the time! It gets rid of pesky pills and keeps your items so fresh and new looking! What I love is that because they are so affordable it's perfect for keeping multiples on hand for a pill-y situation. They are compact and cute, with a small size like this, it's great to keep in a bag or in the car too!