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Secret Message Bracelet
$24.95 CAD  

    The Secret Message Bracelet is a unique and meaningful accessory that allows you to carry a secret message with you wherever you go. They are a lariat style, making them easy to put on and adjust for a perfect fit.

    What sets these bracelets apart is the hidden message encoded in Morse code. You can express your feelings in a subtle yet touching way, and your message will be a constant companion throughout the day, reminding you of the special bond you share.

    • Lariat bracelet
    • Adjustable
    • Nickel-free
    • Lead compliant

    These are the funnest bracelets! Each bracelet is a morse code message that reads either Beautiful, Friends, Mama, Sister, Fearless or Love. They feature a toggle that allows you to adjust it to your perfect fit which I love!

    How cute are these little bracelets? Each one has a word in Morse code written on them! They are a lariat style so it's easy to get a comfy fit!

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