Cozy Sweaters
December 16, 2022

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Cozy Sweaters

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this GIF for shopping for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting with your best caption by Sunday, December 18th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 135
Congratulations to Alesha Buston, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "I call this move the shopping cart!"

You Go Girl
 [12/18 8:40:50AM]

Run & Cozy Up With Me!!
Sheryl S.
 [12/18 8:38:59AM]

Start the car lol
Katie T.
 [12/18 8:37:15AM]

Let’s get the party started
Karen N.
 [12/18 8:30:12AM]

It's like a hug
 [12/18 8:28:54AM]

Run with me! It’s fun!!
Laura M.
 [12/18 8:26:23AM]

Knees up and laugh
 [12/18 8:18:17AM]

Knees up and laugh
Erin T.
 [12/18 8:17:59AM]

Knees up and laugh
Erin T.
 [12/18 8:17:59AM]

Catch me if you can
Laura M.
 [12/18 8:17:55AM]

Run! Don't walk! Or you will miss the Silver Icing Presale
Kelsey S.
 [12/18 8:17:29AM]

My favourite is a flash sale today??? Run!!!
Wendeline C.
 [12/18 8:15:35AM]

Did you say “flash sale at SI?!?!”
Wendeline C.
 [12/18 8:14:50AM]

Fast as fluff
Leslie M.
 [12/18 8:12:04AM]

Let's show these sweaters off girl! ??
Crystal B.
 [12/18 8:11:41AM]

Don’t pass me buy sweater
Leslie M.
 [12/18 8:11:15AM]

On Dancer and Prancer!
Karen C.
 [12/18 8:03:16AM]

Look at you go Girl!! You’ve got this!
Sandra D.
 [12/18 5:24:37AM]

Come on. I want to order this cozy sweater before it’s sold out
Karen N.
 [12/18 5:20:02AM]

Come on. Its a Silver Icing sale
Karen N.
 [12/18 5:17:22AM]

Karen N.
 [12/18 5:12:01AM]

Catch me if u think u can
Darlene c.
 [12/18 5:11:50AM]

She said yes to stand up with me when I get married
Darlene c.
 [12/18 5:09:01AM]

Will you be my maid of honour at my wedding
Darlene c.
 [12/18 5:07:30AM]

Hurry…Silver Icing presales start in 2mins
Siona W.
 [12/18 4:57:43AM]

Running into the holidays like…!
Louise V.
 [12/18 4:06:53AM]

Cozy & Warm Sweater
Lisa W.
 [12/17 8:48:49PM]

Cozy & Fun Sweater
Lisa W.
 [12/17 8:36:58PM]

Cozy & Fun Sweater
Lisa W.
 [12/17 8:35:31PM]

I like to wear it wear it!
Tannis M.
 [12/17 7:23:56PM]

I’m just running to catch the newest Silver Icing presales!
Alicia B.
 [12/17 5:42:21PM]

Love your sweater!! Oh must shop at Silver Icing.. The best online shop there is!!
Beverley M.
 [12/17 4:14:11PM]

Running into softness
Terra M.
 [12/17 12:39:09PM]

Spread Christmas cheer
Anne-Marie H.
 [12/17 11:39:12AM]

Allison "I've got a big head and little arms" Kim "wait are you trying to be the dinosaur from Meet the Robinsons?"
Alice M.
 [12/17 8:56:43AM]

EEEEEE! It’s sweater weather!
Cathy M.
 [12/17 8:23:32AM]

Why are u running? It’s presale time silly !
Teresa d.
 [12/17 8:02:17AM]

When you realize Boxing Day Sales start soon!
Caitlin G.
 [12/17 5:16:16AM]

I'm not running away from work, it's presale time!
JoAnne M.
 [12/17 5:01:03AM]

Sweater Time is here!
Jennifer G.
 [12/17 4:39:46AM]

Catch Me If You can
Eunice P.
 [12/17 1:05:58AM]

My Happy Sweater
Eunice P.
 [12/17 1:04:32AM]

Run Rudi Run Sweater
Eunice P.
 [12/17 1:02:14AM]

Runnin’ for warmth
Daryl B.
 [12/17 12:08:24AM]

Sweat-er it out!
Susan F.
 [12/16 10:15:00PM]

Catchy cozy vibes
Jennifer o.
 [12/16 9:42:38PM]

Hurry up, it’s freezing out here!
Yvonne S.
 [12/16 8:09:39PM]

 [12/16 7:11:20PM]

My wallet saying bye to $$ every presale!
Tiffany T.
 [12/16 7:01:14PM]

Close To My Heart Sweater
 [12/16 7:01:04PM]

Dashing all the way!
Brittaney P.
 [12/16 6:45:26PM]

We got away with it! AGAIN!!
Caprice A.
 [12/16 5:40:47PM]

Catch me if you can
Janice K.
 [12/16 5:38:04PM]

Laughs with your bestie
Carla N.
 [12/16 5:36:15PM]

Sweater Weather is Better Together
Angela H.
 [12/16 5:21:51PM]

Sweater Weather is Better Together
Angela H.
 [12/16 5:21:01PM]

I look pretty cute when I run like this don’t I?
Jennifer G.
 [12/16 5:13:53PM]

Best friend but the best sweaters
Debbie G.
 [12/16 5:07:43PM]

Chasing Snowflakes
 [12/16 5:06:25PM]

Running away from my Christmas credit card bill
Melissa H.
 [12/16 5:04:41PM]

You want me to do that? You’re hilarious.
Jessica B.
 [12/16 4:22:20PM]

Dashing down the street..another sale is on the way..Kim's laughing at me..but she's going to pay! (Sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
Melinda C.
 [12/16 4:05:59PM]

Laughing all the way... to Sweater Weather ?
Melinda C.
 [12/16 3:59:05PM]

Come on girl what you waiting for let’s go!!
Norma P.
 [12/16 3:54:26PM]

Off to the Reindeer games
Lauren P.
 [12/16 3:51:49PM]

Girl Run I See A Sale!!
Lisa C.
 [12/16 3:06:02PM]

Zip a dee doo dah - it’s time to shop!
Lee H.
 [12/16 2:33:41PM]

What do you mean I run like phoebe?
Kate B.
 [12/16 1:28:17PM]

Cozy Vibes
Tania B.
 [12/16 1:20:38PM]

Cozy Christmas twist
Tania B.
 [12/16 1:20:17PM]

OMG, the sale is on. Let's go
JoAnne W.
 [12/16 12:53:09PM]

I really can't stay
Stephanie d.
 [12/16 12:36:37PM]

Let's go shopping!!!!!
Lisa W.
 [12/16 12:19:48PM]

Catch to me if u can
Chantal l.
 [12/16 12:19:46PM]

Fuzzy and Fun sweater
Lia S.
 [12/16 12:17:28PM]

Soft as Feathers
Janet S.
 [12/16 12:15:36PM]

My happy feet!
Shauna B.
 [12/16 12:08:08PM]

Running to the sale
Naomi T.
 [12/16 11:54:29AM]

Just imagine...we bought these sweaters too...
Norine F.
 [12/16 11:38:13AM]

Carefree and Cozy Sweater Weather
Sandra H.
 [12/16 11:32:12AM]

Just bust a move
Shannon. G.
 [12/16 11:30:29AM]

Come on Sista let’s do this!
Crystal F.
 [12/16 11:21:42AM]

Run, Kim, run!
Natalie m.
 [12/16 10:52:56AM]

Girl, hurry!! Gotta get home before my hubby sees another Silver Icing package just got delivered!!
Daniela R.
 [12/16 10:45:11AM]

Catch me if you can!
Sharon B.
 [12/16 10:33:09AM]

Running Knit for Friends
Tammy C.
 [12/16 10:22:41AM]

Super Knit Sweater
Tammy C.
 [12/16 10:20:53AM]

Just Knit for Me Sweater
Tammy C.
 [12/16 10:20:35AM]

Knit for Me Sweater
Tammy C.
 [12/16 10:20:08AM]

Jog on ladies!
Barbara M.
 [12/16 10:17:29AM]

Run…I don’t think so style is easy, comfort
Maria L.
 [12/16 9:53:33AM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Shaylea C.
 [12/16 9:51:26AM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Shaylea C.
 [12/16 9:50:08AM]

Let’s Go Girl!
Tara S.
 [12/16 9:48:30AM]

My mouse trotting over to the SI site
Alesha B.
 [12/16 9:44:24AM]

Cute outfit! .. “I know”
Alesha B.
 [12/16 9:42:47AM]

Snuggle Up Sweater
Susie P.
 [12/16 9:42:04AM]

I call this move the shopping cart!
Alesha B.
 [12/16 9:41:50AM]

Wanna go shopping?
Alesha B.
 [12/16 9:40:56AM]

Running to presale like..
Alesha B.
 [12/16 9:39:42AM]

Run, Silver Icing is having a sale!
Angela M.
 [12/16 9:36:36AM]

Start the car!
Deanna S.
 [12/16 9:34:12AM]

"Keep up, girlfriend"
Sheryl K.
 [12/16 9:29:54AM]

Running from envy!
Dana Z.
 [12/16 9:23:24AM]

You crack me up
Leanne S.
 [12/16 9:21:00AM]

I’ve got moves like Phoebe
Liz R.
 [12/16 8:54:15AM]

I’ve got moves like Phoebe
Liz R.
 [12/16 8:53:07AM]

Kristel B.
 [12/16 8:52:43AM]

I’ve got moves like Phoebe
Liz R.
 [12/16 8:52:24AM]

Satu S.
 [12/16 8:51:51AM]

OMG Let's Go
Sandi M.
 [12/16 8:49:03AM]

Ahhhh the countdown... Must Pay Now
Jody B.
 [12/16 8:48:56AM]

Skipping into the weekend like
Sonja V.
 [12/16 8:42:40AM]

Omg! I just heard this cozy sweater comes in black! Start the car!
Jenn D.
 [12/16 8:41:14AM]

Guess what animal I’m trying to be in this cozy sweater?
Jenn D.
 [12/16 8:40:39AM]

Guess what animal I’m trying to be?
Jenn D.
 [12/16 8:40:10AM]

This sweater is so cozy I hardly have to run to stay warm
Jenn D.
 [12/16 8:39:09AM]

Hey look! No hands!
Jenn D.
 [12/16 8:38:32AM]

It’s almost noon and my phone is in the office!
Jenn D.
 [12/16 8:37:54AM]

Hey look! I’m Phoebe from Friends!!
Jenn D.
 [12/16 8:36:42AM]

Let’s get ready for Boxing Day shopping, girl!!
Wendeline C.
 [12/16 8:34:00AM]

Egg Nog this way!!
Adrienne S.
 [12/16 8:32:56AM]

Check out these good vibes, let’s go!
Lori J.
 [12/16 8:31:58AM]

Boxing Day sales! Let’s go!
Paula B.
 [12/16 8:24:57AM]

Come on….SI has another great sale on!
Krista M.
 [12/16 8:23:33AM]

Winning warmth
Melissa G.
 [12/16 8:21:15AM]

Running to catch all the pre-sale deals!
Autumn L.
 [12/16 8:20:54AM]

Racing to score the presale!
Natasha V.
 [12/16 8:16:33AM]

Whoever is last to reach the end of this path has to buy the drinks…bye!!!
Alexandra S.
 [12/16 8:15:30AM]

Oh my goodness! This sweater is so warm and cozy!
Samantha A.
 [12/16 8:11:24AM]

Girl time…because it’s cheaper than therapy!
Samara W.
 [12/16 8:10:56AM]

Presale Time!!!
Amber C.
 [12/16 8:10:02AM]

Hurry up Santas coming!
Amber C.
 [12/16 8:08:59AM]

Catch me if you can!!
Rachelle D.
 [12/16 8:06:20AM]

I like that I can be me around you no judgements
Steph A.
 [12/16 8:03:09AM]

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