Short Sleeved Laurel Waffle Top
March 3, 2023

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Short Sleeved Laurel Waffle Top

It’s contest time again! Time to get fun and creative!

Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by Sunday, March 5th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 264
Congratulations to Alyssa Fahie, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Trust me Allison, this move is all over TikTok!"

Show me the waffle
Kyla Stultz
 [03/05 8:44:06AM]

Calm Moments
Cheryl Bertoia
 [03/05 8:37:40AM]

Waffle and Roll
Lisa Michelle Cornell
 [03/05 8:36:28AM]

What a Feeling
Lisa Michelle Cornell
 [03/05 8:36:04AM]

Strike a pose!
Trudy Davis
 [03/05 8:31:42AM]

Feeling flowy and free!
Deanne Farnsworth
 [03/05 8:31:13AM]

Lights, camera, spring into action with these Hot new spring colors.
Erin Volkhammer
 [03/05 8:29:36AM]

Strike a pose!
Deanne Farnsworth
 [03/05 8:27:41AM]

Ready for my Close Up silver Icing!
Tammy stubbings
 [03/05 8:22:48AM]

Strike a post, there’s nothing to it
Wendeline Chan
 [03/05 8:20:11AM]

Reunited and it feels so good
Wendeline Chan
 [03/05 8:18:32AM]

Women rule the world
Wendeline Chan
 [03/05 8:17:30AM]

I believe I can fly
Wendeline Chan
 [03/05 8:16:26AM]

Light up the world! Spring is near!
Suzy Tonkovic
 [03/05 8:10:56AM]

Springtime Fever
Michelle chalmers
 [03/05 8:06:34AM]

Reach For the Stars
Michelle Walker
 [03/05 6:52:57AM]

Work It Girls, Show me your Wild Side!!
Kathy Pirone
 [03/05 6:06:24AM]

I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!
Nadia Roy
 [03/05 4:36:11AM]

Being carefree is the icing on the cake!
Sharon Kusiar
 [03/04 10:12:32PM]

It’s always the right time for a spontaneous dance party!
Jordana Sopkow
 [03/04 8:17:26PM]

I can take myself DANCING! (Insert music note/microphone)
Vanessa Zoldy
 [03/04 7:54:45PM]

I can take myself DANCING!
Vanessa Zoldy
 [03/04 7:51:40PM]

Loving it from all angles
Mindy Scott
 [03/04 7:31:24PM]

Lights, camera, selfie. When besties fall in love with the Laurel Waffle Top there’s nothing left to do but smile
Mindy Scott
 [03/04 7:28:08PM]

Free like a bird
Tanya dickieson
 [03/04 6:33:48PM]

Waffle on top
Amber-Lee Hamm
 [03/04 5:30:34PM]

Waffle on top
Amber-Lee Hamm
 [03/04 5:29:45PM]

Waffle on top
Amber-Lee Hamm
 [03/04 5:29:03PM]

Easy breezy tee
Bobbie Elliott
 [03/04 4:24:54PM]

Feeling Fabulous
Shannon McGlynn
 [03/04 4:14:07PM]

Shake it off!
Ashley Wright
 [03/04 3:53:36PM]

Fun and fearless
Angela Mitres
 [03/04 12:59:25PM]

Strike a pose-the Waffle pose
Lee Hanna
 [03/04 12:25:11PM]

Feeling fine in SI
Kyleah Smandych
 [03/04 12:23:01PM]

Fame, I'm gonna live forever
Laurie Hudson-Craig
 [03/04 12:12:28PM]

We could all lift our hands in the air like "Simple Simon said"!
Mary Clarke
 [03/04 12:12:13PM]

Dance like nobody's watching
Julie Maki
 [03/04 11:55:31AM]

Mirror, mirror, we are the funnest of all!!
Shauna Brady
 [03/04 11:28:08AM]

Girls having fun!!
Debbie Methven
 [03/04 10:04:36AM]

Crazy about color
Jeannine Krefting
 [03/04 9:45:56AM]

Light it up spring super stars!
Nichole Cuomo
 [03/04 9:17:23AM]

No waffling here
Marilyn Clark
 [03/04 9:11:49AM]

Color me beautiful
Marilyn Clark
 [03/04 9:09:02AM]

Just stop , collaborate and listen !!!
Connie Loree
 [03/04 9:08:00AM]

Reach for the stars
Marilyn Clark
 [03/04 9:07:17AM]

Let’s get this party started !
Marilyn Clark
 [03/04 9:06:22AM]

Let’s take it from the top
Erin Straughan
 [03/04 9:06:07AM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Sandra Hillock
 [03/04 9:05:23AM]

Let’s Go!
Marilyn Clark
 [03/04 9:03:06AM]

Reaching for Spring with our favourites from Silver Icing
Sarah Robertson
 [03/04 9:02:00AM]

Happy to see the girls together again!
Mary Clarke
 [03/04 8:55:35AM]

Together Again
Mary Clarke
 [03/04 8:43:12AM]

Silver Icing Fever
Karen Carvell
 [03/04 8:35:30AM]

Strike a Pose!!
Paula Potts
 [03/04 8:31:02AM]

Easy breezey just striking a pose and being silly.
Sherry Drost
 [03/04 8:13:57AM]

Striding into happiness clothing
Lynn Meachem
 [03/04 8:11:13AM]

We're waffles in sunshine
Marsha Foster
 [03/04 8:06:47AM]

What a waffle afternoon
Lynn gagnon
 [03/04 8:04:02AM]

We look & feel FAB-U-LOUS! "
Lisa Copland
 [03/04 8:03:56AM]

Love Molasses on my waffles!
Mary Clarke
 [03/04 7:29:42AM]

I’ve got the moves waffle top
Jenn Truc
 [03/04 7:28:43AM]

Time to shine in waffle
Jenn Truc
 [03/04 7:26:09AM]

Living life to the max
Diane Slater
 [03/04 7:14:41AM]

Sprung like spring!
Lisa Brownrigg
 [03/04 6:53:46AM]

Hit me with your best shot…fire away!, “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”
Caitlin Gillis
 [03/04 6:23:32AM]

Recharge Waffle shirt
Tamara Lambregts
 [03/04 5:10:35AM]

Carolina just posted the warehouse update and my fav waffle top is restocked!
Kelly Demers
 [03/04 5:06:08AM]

We’re W-affle-y Crazy!
Sandra Devost
 [03/04 3:24:28AM]

Waffles are like personalities a bunch of connecting lines to create something magnificent
 [03/04 2:13:54AM]

Lights, camera, and beautiful friends in waffles.
Ashley Restau
 [03/04 2:12:26AM]

Strike a Posse
Shannon Ryan
 [03/04 2:09:59AM]

Waffle Me Pretty
Karen Rideout
 [03/04 12:59:23AM]

Spring to the music; you can’t stop the waffle beat!
Heather Andrews
 [03/04 12:05:17AM]

Spring to the music; you can’t stop the waffle beat!
Heather Andrews
 [03/04 12:04:53AM]

Every Woman Should Reach For Her Personal Star!
Barbara Lusk
 [03/03 10:16:58PM]

SI Girls Just Waffle Have Fun!
Nathalie Denicola
 [03/03 9:17:06PM]

Sunshine & waffle tees with my bestie
Stephanie paquette
 [03/03 8:43:11PM]

YAAAS!! I love sunshine and waffle tees!
Stephanie Paquette
 [03/03 8:42:31PM]

SUNSHINE state of mind
Stephanie Paquette
 [03/03 8:40:22PM]

And…stretch 1,2,3…
Amanda Grant
 [03/03 8:39:48PM]

Dance to it
Sarah bonnar
 [03/03 8:14:14PM]

Having the Time of our lives!
Melissa Frank
 [03/03 7:43:54PM]

(So much copyright issue but sing it ladies!) Just remember You're the one thing I can't get enough of So I'll tell you something This could be love! (Most of the song applies)
Melissa Frank
 [03/03 7:39:14PM]

Bring in the colour
Audrey Pitman
 [03/03 7:27:27PM]

We’re having a waffley good time!!
Linda Wilson
 [03/03 7:21:05PM]

SI Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Karyn Agyepong
 [03/03 6:02:24PM]

Lucille Vachin-Cade
 [03/03 5:46:43PM]

Shout out to Silver Icing and spring fashions
Erin Shantz
 [03/03 5:23:10PM]

Dancing queens
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [03/03 5:18:55PM]

I've got the power!
Rosanna Fiorino
 [03/03 5:17:22PM]

Reaching for the stars is easy peasy in our comfy clothes
Rebecca Garrard
 [03/03 4:55:40PM]

This top let’s you reach for the stars
Judy Fletcher
 [03/03 4:50:11PM]

I scream you scream for sherbet icecream
Jennifer owen
 [03/03 4:49:20PM]

This too let’s you reach for the sky
Judy Fletcher
 [03/03 4:48:59PM]

Stretch it out Baby!
Donna Nelson
 [03/03 4:04:17PM]

Bring on the night with my waffle top!
Mireille Pouliot
 [03/03 4:03:41PM]

Everyday I’m Waffle-ing
Lynne Burnham
 [03/03 4:01:35PM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Mireille Pouliot
 [03/03 4:01:00PM]

I'm wearing Silver Icing for Spring!!!
Julie Hoar
 [03/03 4:00:41PM]

Spring has Sprung!
Deborah Foss
 [03/03 3:44:16PM]

Lunge...and Reach.....!! Lunge and Reach...
Debbie Slater
 [03/03 3:40:11PM]

Tic Tok here we come!
Angela Yamaoka
 [03/03 3:39:23PM]

Who loves these colours?! Me!
Dyhanna Hall
 [03/03 3:26:29PM]

Jazz Hands
Stevie-rose Grisley
 [03/03 3:25:55PM]

Strike a pose waffle top
Kristy Abrams
 [03/03 3:24:57PM]

Spring cheer!
Dyhanna Hall
 [03/03 3:24:55PM]

It’s Fri-yay!
Toni Genge
 [03/03 3:23:20PM]

Show of hands! Who loves spring?!
Dyhanna Hall
 [03/03 3:23:12PM]

Yaye! Spring is in!
Dyhanna Hall
 [03/03 3:21:04PM]

I wanna dance with somebody!
Veronica kish
 [03/03 3:14:28PM]

Simple Simon says "Put your hands in the air" & "shake them all about"! Etc
Mary Clarke
 [03/03 2:56:41PM]

Dance party Waffle style
Jenna Parker
 [03/03 2:56:08PM]

Let’s Go Girls
Christine Bartsoff
 [03/03 2:29:26PM]

Strike a pose bestie
Angela Rodgers
 [03/03 2:21:35PM]

Dance like nobody watching, sing like nobody is listening!!
 [03/03 2:03:48PM]

Singing for Sorbet
Angela O'Hara
 [03/03 1:54:11PM]

Just wanna have fun
 [03/03 1:44:03PM]

The Way you move
Cara Jones
 [03/03 1:37:37PM]

We're Waffle-y excited for spring here at HO!
Vanessa Wickey
 [03/03 1:32:48PM]

Fun in the spotlight
Jen Kowalsky
 [03/03 1:29:57PM]

Put me in the spotlight, I'm a star!
Ina Hammer
 [03/03 1:28:16PM]

Waffle feeling, bright tops…
Serena Bennett
 [03/03 1:26:53PM]

Girls Just Waffle Have a little fun… Ya!
Serena Bennett
 [03/03 1:25:20PM]

Beautiful perfection short sleeve waffle top
Deanna Bridges
 [03/03 1:20:21PM]

Who loves Silver Icing?? I do!!
Lisa Cleveland
 [03/03 1:20:00PM]

Add a little fun, to brighten your day!
Shannon Ryan
 [03/03 12:56:42PM]

Hit me with your best top
Shannon Ryan
 [03/03 12:51:46PM]

short sleeves are a waffle of time
Shannon Ryan
 [03/03 12:51:21PM]

Lift your spirits high!
Michelle Nguyen
 [03/03 12:51:13PM]

Girls just wanna have waffles
Shannon Ryan
 [03/03 12:49:10PM]

Reach for Spring!
 [03/03 12:41:16PM]

I just wanna dance with somebody.. and that somebody is you
Yvonne Stewart
 [03/03 12:32:39PM]

Party everyday!
Elissa Cyr
 [03/03 12:28:09PM]

Who’s ready for Spring?
Wendy Graham
 [03/03 12:27:27PM]

"Dancing into spring". "What a feeling"!
Mary Clarke
 [03/03 12:26:45PM]

Ta Da Hello Spring
Sandi McLeod
 [03/03 12:21:53PM]

Summer vibes, Heck yeah!!
Jasmine knelsen
 [03/03 12:15:08PM]

We have a spring in our step
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/03 12:13:18PM]

Step into spring
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/03 12:12:47PM]

We Got The BEAT!
Krista Walcer
 [03/03 12:12:26PM]

I'm so tiktok famous. I have 100 followers.
Tamara scutt
 [03/03 12:10:22PM]

Yay for spring when we can show off our short sleeves!
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/03 12:08:45PM]

Rebecca armstrong
 [03/03 12:07:29PM]

Dancing the night away
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/03 12:01:03PM]

We are here!
 [03/03 11:59:25AM]

Into the Grove
Heather Boone
 [03/03 11:55:34AM]

I can do moves on the dance floor like no other.
Mary Clarke
 [03/03 11:44:02AM]

Who runs the world? Girls in Silver icing!
Maria Lento
 [03/03 11:37:21AM]

Dancing Queens
Jessica Asselin
 [03/03 11:36:51AM]

I want to dance with somebody shirt
 [03/03 11:35:56AM]

“Give me an S, give me an I, what company is Eva best? Silver Icing!”
Nicolle Parsons
 [03/03 11:34:58AM]

Selfies and style!
Angela Smiley
 [03/03 11:34:23AM]

Color it spring !
Margaret Lavallee
 [03/03 11:32:13AM]

Spring has sprung waffle top
Ginelle neurauter
 [03/03 11:27:38AM]

Swing into spring, feeling the feel!
Gloria Jensen
 [03/03 11:27:24AM]

"Lights, Camera, Action"
Melissa McCracken
 [03/03 11:16:50AM]

What a feeeeeeeelin!
Trish Fraser
 [03/03 11:13:49AM]

Jazz Hands Umung Friends
Jeanette Mills
 [03/03 11:12:36AM]

Ain’t no party like a silver icing dance party
Stephanie paquette
 [03/03 11:09:18AM]

When it’s 4 pm on a Friday
Patricia Merrick
 [03/03 11:03:28AM]

Not your mama’s waffle top
Taylor Sadgrove
 [03/03 11:02:57AM]

Heading into the weekend like
Patricia Merrick
 [03/03 11:02:44AM]

Not your mama’s waffle top
Taylor Sadgrove
 [03/03 11:02:30AM]

Dance like no one is watching! Silver Icing allows you more freedom to be do just that.
Sheryl Kuiper
 [03/03 10:53:48AM]

Singing voice: We'll be known across TikTok, for the cutest waffle top.
Ina Hammer
 [03/03 10:46:09AM]

Aaaaah, I am a star. Well, I definitely look like one.
Ina Hammer
 [03/03 10:42:26AM]

You don't have to be a singer, just have to look cute in your new top.
Ina Hammer
 [03/03 10:41:02AM]

Fashion model by day, TikTok star by... another day.
Ina Hammer
 [03/03 10:40:14AM]

Anyone can be a TikTok star, in the right top color.
Ina Hammer
 [03/03 10:39:23AM]

Ta-Da Top
Megan Johns
 [03/03 10:26:48AM]

Fri-yay waffle shirt
Leanne Rowe
 [03/03 10:21:57AM]

SI Stylists just wanna have fun!
Crystal Wilson
 [03/03 10:18:09AM]

I'm not sweating, your sweating.
Brenda Arnold
 [03/03 10:14:41AM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Sandy Trentalance
 [03/03 10:11:31AM]

Selfie Confidence with Friends
Trisha Tahouney
 [03/03 10:04:50AM]

short and sweet waffle; short stack waffles; short and sweet
Emma Newman
 [03/03 10:04:33AM]

Free spirit top
Diane Thuot
 [03/03 9:59:32AM]

Keep Calm and Tee On
Liette Thibault
 [03/03 9:58:31AM]

Aaannndd that’s a wrap!
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/03 9:57:41AM]

"Girls just wanna have fun"wanna have fun"wanna have fun"! "Yea"
Mary Clarke
 [03/03 9:56:54AM]

Strike a Pose Top
Janice Robinson
 [03/03 9:53:20AM]

Freeze Frame Waffle Top
Janice Robinson
 [03/03 9:51:52AM]

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
Glenda Mollet
 [03/03 9:50:51AM]

bright & free
Wendy payne
 [03/03 9:50:12AM]

That Friday feeling
Lynsey Lister
 [03/03 9:49:37AM]

Pose, Selfie, Repeat!
Angelee Mora
 [03/03 9:48:35AM]

Living it up SI style!!
Carolee Malley
 [03/03 9:46:59AM]

The Exclusives are coming!!!
Pam Walsh
 [03/03 9:38:16AM]

Crazy girl
Chevonne Oginski
 [03/03 9:37:57AM]

Hot summer girl
Chevonne Oginski
 [03/03 9:36:14AM]

Run the world
Chevonne Oginski
 [03/03 9:35:30AM]

Like a girl
Chevonne Oginski
 [03/03 9:34:10AM]

Kimberley Goodwin
 [03/03 9:34:09AM]

Waffle On!
Connie Failler
 [03/03 9:32:28AM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Chevonne Oginski
 [03/03 9:32:27AM]

Camera, action
Chevonne Oginski
 [03/03 9:31:54AM]

Girls just want to have fresh photos with the bomb lighting
Bobbi Vojtko
 [03/03 9:31:48AM]

Reach for the sun and stars in rainbow sherbet
Stephanie Vokey
 [03/03 9:30:31AM]

The girls look like they are having a ball.
Mary Clarke
 [03/03 9:27:29AM]

Reaching for the sun
Ollie Murphy
 [03/03 9:27:18AM]

Snazzy topper
Pat Chubb
 [03/03 9:27:04AM]

Reach for the stars
Rebecca armstrong
 [03/03 9:25:34AM]

"Come on "Let's stretch with the girls"!
Mary Clarke
 [03/03 9:25:24AM]

Who’s ready for spring
Gayle Delaurier
 [03/03 9:21:09AM]

It's nice to see Kim & Allison in there waffle tops. They look fabulous.
Mary Clarke
 [03/03 9:18:00AM]

Reaching for the weekend
Leaha Woods
 [03/03 9:17:18AM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Connie Failler
 [03/03 9:15:47AM]

Will sing for Waffles
Sandra Moore
 [03/03 9:15:24AM]

Dancin' into the Weekend
Erin Dragon
 [03/03 9:11:13AM]

Ain't not party, like a HO party!
Whitney Dillon
 [03/03 9:10:27AM]

Gimme all that 8-way stretch!!
Sarah Snable
 [03/03 9:05:07AM]

Sarah Snable
 [03/03 8:59:14AM]

? Ain't no party like a Spring time party . . .
Erin Thunder
 [03/03 8:56:52AM]

Wake up, and Waffle up!
Jennifer Daeninck
 [03/03 8:56:19AM]

"Singing" we are inside using the ring like cause it's snow-o-ing again!
Haley Crofton-Sleigh
 [03/03 8:48:02AM]

Trina Parsons
 [03/03 8:43:08AM]

Another photo shoot finished. Ta Da!
Jenn Dilfer
 [03/03 8:41:04AM]

Fabulous Comfort
Ada Bond
 [03/03 8:40:29AM]

So if you stretch your leg back like this, you can see bum dimples!
Jenn Dilfer
 [03/03 8:39:02AM]

Silver Icing is stealing the show!
Elisabetta palma
 [03/03 8:38:52AM]

I’m fabulous!
Ada Bond
 [03/03 8:38:43AM]

Another photo shoot finished. Ta Da!
Jenn Dilfer
 [03/03 8:38:06AM]

Look at me!!!
Ada Bond
 [03/03 8:36:23AM]

"All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me!"
Natalie mclaughlin
 [03/03 8:36:15AM]

Come Celebrate the Spring Colours
Maurita Heemeryck
 [03/03 8:35:39AM]

Stretch with a bestie
Dolores Wilson
 [03/03 8:33:35AM]

Wake up, Waffle and Wave hello to Warmer Days
Tesa Steinke
 [03/03 8:27:58AM]

“You know what it's time for... supermodel documentary hour!”
Whitney Dillon
 [03/03 8:27:35AM]

Spring Is Cominnnnng
Sam Skene
 [03/03 8:25:32AM]

Strike a pose waffle tops
Lisa Wou
 [03/03 8:24:39AM]

Girls just wanna have fun waffle shirts
Lisa Wou
 [03/03 8:24:03AM]

Always styled for fun and function!
Ann Timm
 [03/03 8:23:41AM]

You got this!, 1,2,3 pose! , This move oh yeah!
Christine Wilkinson
 [03/03 8:23:14AM]

Yay Spring is in the air! Look at these fabulous colours!
Diane Kotylak
 [03/03 8:22:10AM]

YES!! The best waffle
Tammy Psiurski
 [03/03 8:21:33AM]

Girls just wanna have waffles
Kim morales
 [03/03 8:16:43AM]

Reaching for freedom
Tara Muntain
 [03/03 8:16:20AM]

Strike a pose
Jody Witter
 [03/03 8:15:12AM]

Nothing to see here... just some practice for Karaoke nights at Refresh!
Selinda Lye
 [03/03 8:14:46AM]

I’m hooked on a feeling (music note; microphone)
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [03/03 8:14:43AM]

Get ready for Jazz Hands!!!
Selinda Lye
 [03/03 8:13:50AM]

Say YES to all the bright colours because Spring here we come
Samantha Alexandra
 [03/03 8:13:26AM]

One more time now... with a little more sass!
Selinda Lye
 [03/03 8:12:55AM]

Jazz hands to celebrate Spring Fever at Silver Icing
Tesa Steinke
 [03/03 8:12:46AM]

Waffle for the Win Top
Valerie Dietrich
 [03/03 8:11:30AM]

Raise your hand if you love Spring and Silver Icing
Tesa Steinke
 [03/03 8:11:14AM]

Jeannette Bursey
 [03/03 8:11:12AM]

Put your hands up in the air; wave ‘‘em like you just don’t care
Tesa Steinke
 [03/03 8:10:24AM]

Sarah Rice
 [03/03 8:09:24AM]

Girls just wanna have fun
Sarah Rice
 [03/03 8:08:54AM]

Just 2 Crazy Fashion Friends
Linda Cassista
 [03/03 8:08:43AM]

Dance it out
Kairee szautner
 [03/03 8:08:42AM]

Strike a pose
Sarah Rice
 [03/03 8:08:19AM]

Sexy and I know it
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/03 8:07:22AM]

Let’s change up our Lifestyle pics! How’s this!
caitlin krekoski
 [03/03 8:07:01AM]

Rock stars in style
Teanna And Amber
 [03/03 8:06:13AM]

 [03/03 8:06:04AM]

Fancy & Free
Christine Frandsen
 [03/03 8:05:57AM]

Heck YES we are FAB!
caitlin krekoski
 [03/03 8:05:42AM]

Hit me with your best shot
Ashlee Murray
 [03/03 8:05:37AM]

Girls just want to have fun!
Jana M
 [03/03 8:05:15AM]

Pinky-peach tee
Julianne Tait
 [03/03 8:03:34AM]

And Strike a Pose!!!
 [03/03 8:01:23AM]

Trust me Allison, this move is all over Tik Toc
Alyssa Fahie
 [03/03 8:01:22AM]

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