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Belted Cardigan
November 27, 2020

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Total of 357 Entries
Congratulations to Tasneem Saloojee, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Keep it Together Cardigan!

Tie me up
Julie Parker
 [11/29 8:54:08AM] Large black

My Favorite Cardi
Pamela Kraik
 [11/29 8:39:19AM] small black

Tie me up Buttercup
Francesca Hansen
 [11/29 8:37:42AM] XL beige

Tie me up in a bow Cardigan
Shannon Strachan
 [11/29 8:37:29AM] Black XL

Tie One On
Francesca Hansen
 [11/29 8:35:59AM] XL beige

Fit to be Tied
Francesca Hansen
 [11/29 8:34:25AM] XL beige

Tied and True
Francesca Hansen
 [11/29 8:33:17AM] XL beige

Cider O’clock belted Cardi
Rebecca Hungerford
 [11/29 8:31:44AM] Black XS

Cozy up belted cardi
Rebecca Hungerford
 [11/29 8:28:46AM] Black XS

Wrap it knitty or Knitty wrap
Tammy Lee Hauser
 [11/29 8:22:31AM] M/L, beige

Belted Good Time
Brandi-Rae Hanson
 [11/29 8:20:00AM] XL black

Looped in. Or rope me in
Paige Nattall
 [11/29 8:11:26AM] Black size m

Jennifer Brown
 [11/29 8:09:06AM] Small, beige

Keep it Together Cardigan
Tasneem Saloojee
 [11/29 8:06:24AM] Beige M

Belt it out cardigan
Amelia Kessel
 [11/29 8:04:44AM] Large in black

Tie me up and go!
Sandra Devost
 [11/29 7:31:04AM] Large and Black

Hug you just right sweater
Breanne Ehman
 [11/29 6:27:39AM] Small tan

Belted Beauty Cardigan
Kassandra Girard
 [11/29 6:27:26AM] Small, black :)

Cozy Classic Cardi
Kim Nathan
 [11/29 4:11:59AM] XL and Black

Tie one on sweater
Alex Champion
 [11/28 10:07:41PM] Beige medium

The Teri tie top
Jessica Champion
 [11/28 10:05:10PM] Medium black

That’s a wrap
Brooke Brown
 [11/28 9:35:52PM] XS beige

All wrapped up cardi
Brooke Brown
 [11/28 9:34:14PM] XS beige

Wrap around you
Brooke Brown
 [11/28 9:31:41PM] XS beige

Wrap you up
Brooke Brown
 [11/28 9:29:25PM] XS taupe colour

Cozy B Cardi
Dianna Connell
 [11/28 9:25:58PM] Black 1X

Tied up sweater. Knotty and nice sweater
Kim bessette
 [11/28 8:36:10PM] Cream xl

Favourite Thing Cardigan, Tied Up with String Cardigan
Tracey Marcil
 [11/28 8:16:55PM] Black L

Belt Me Knot
Alix Tumback
 [11/28 8:08:10PM] S Beige

Cozy for days cardi
Tina cimaglia
 [11/28 7:52:24PM] Beige xs

Wrap Me Up Cardi
Julie Gibson
 [11/28 7:37:19PM] Lg beige

Tied to Go
Melanie Elliott
 [11/28 7:09:45PM] Beige-medium

Belted wrap cardigans
Sherry Vaski
 [11/28 6:54:19PM] Beige XL

The Allie Cardigan
Jenna Wake
 [11/28 6:36:34PM] Size small, camel colour

Belt Your Heart Out
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:27:52PM] Large; Beige

So wrapped up in you
Jenetta Day
 [11/28 6:27:21PM] Grey extra large

Natasha Smith
 [11/28 6:26:46PM] Black 2XL

Living In It Cozy Cardigan
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:24:28PM] Large; Beige

Wrapped in Warmth
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:22:00PM] Large; Beige

Call Me Cozy
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:17:41PM] Large; Beige

Tied to Perfection
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:16:35PM] Large; Beige

Wrapped to Perfection
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:15:56PM] Large; Beige

Coffee Break Belted Cardigan
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:14:23PM] Large; Beige

Belted to Perfection
Jamie Tates
 [11/28 6:05:46PM] Large; Beige

Audrey sweater.
Angela Yamaoka
 [11/28 4:54:21PM] Black M

Wrapped up cardigan
DeAnna Lance
 [11/28 4:49:41PM] Tan, medium

Attri-belt cardigan
Crystal Mackie
 [11/28 4:30:44PM] Small black

My best attribute
Crystal Mackie
 [11/28 4:30:02PM] Small black

Belt it out cardigan
Crystal Mackie
 [11/28 4:25:51PM] Small black

The perfect cardi
Tracey Gallie
 [11/28 4:22:24PM] Large Balck

Cozy up Cardigan,
Bailee Weigelt
 [11/28 4:20:23PM] Black large

Belt Me Up
Fran Switzer
 [11/28 4:10:23PM] S black

Karolynn Holland
 [11/28 3:47:34PM] Black - size large

Sash "EH" Cardigan
Donna Stewart
 [11/28 3:46:50PM] 2XL Black

Fireside Cardigan
Katherine Hay
 [11/28 3:37:10PM] Small beige

Wrap Me in Comfort
Krystal Nicholls
 [11/28 3:28:36PM] Beige XL

Cardi B’s Cozy Cardi, Belt it to it Cardi,
Jennifer Barone
 [11/28 2:40:04PM] Beige M

Belt It To It Cardi, The Belty Cozy Cardi, Cardi B’s Cozy Cardi
Jennifer Barone
 [11/28 2:37:57PM] Beige size M

Tie Me Cozy Cardi
Stacy Pritchard
 [11/28 2:36:52PM] Black Large

Tie me up Cardi, Tie one on Cardi, melt me belted cardigan
Me,Issa squarey
 [11/28 2:22:54PM] Xl beige

Wrap me up cardigan
Vanessa Ryan
 [11/28 2:10:02PM] Pink & Grey, XL

Wrap me in comfort
Mary Pate
 [11/28 2:06:45PM] Size large & beige

Quick Change Cardi
Shelly Pelley
 [11/28 1:55:06PM] Large Tan

Not Your Grandma’s Cardi
Shelly Pelley
 [11/28 1:53:48PM] Large tan

Tied up in the moment cardigan
Aimee Holtorf
 [11/28 1:46:54PM] Xl, Black

Cozy by the Fire Cardi
Shelly Pelley
 [11/28 1:46:52PM] Large tan

Cardi - Comfy
Karen Bemister
 [11/28 1:43:30PM] Being 2x

Karen Bemister
 [11/28 1:42:27PM] Black - 2x

Must Have Cardi
Tracey Gallie
 [11/28 1:19:42PM] Large Black

Perfect Cardi
Tracey Gallie
 [11/28 1:18:05PM] Black Large

Hold Me Belted Cardigan; Never Let Go Cardigan; Always Around Belted Cardigan
April Hunt
 [11/28 12:11:20PM] Small, Beige

Katy Kauth
 [11/28 12:09:33PM] 2XL beige

You make me belt, I've never belt so good, tie one on
Andrea Grice
 [11/28 11:51:27AM] Xl beige

Warmth in Luxury
Dianne Jackson
 [11/28 11:47:08AM] XL in beige

I’m waisted!
Jeana Penno
 [11/28 11:39:02AM] Xl beige

Wrap it up
Shanie Rhodes
 [11/28 11:38:09AM] Medium black please

Simply stated
Jill Tutty
 [11/28 11:38:04AM] Black 2XL

Thats a wrap
Stacey gregorich
 [11/28 11:24:54AM] Black 2x

Thats a knot cardi
Stacey gregorich
 [11/28 11:24:13AM] Black xl

Wrap Me Up Cozy Sweater
Trisha Tahouney
 [11/28 11:23:04AM] Large Black

Tied to Trendy
Lori Thyssen
 [11/28 11:00:07AM] Large Black

Tied to Trendy
 [11/28 10:52:32AM] Large Black

Come Softly Belted cardigan
Erin Shantz
 [11/28 9:42:22AM] Small, beige

Tie Me Up Sweetly
Jennifer Burlingame
 [11/28 9:26:40AM] Black large

Tied up in you Cardigan
Donna clipperton
 [11/28 9:20:07AM] XL beige

Tie Me Up Cardi
Susan Kendrick
 [11/28 9:16:37AM] Medium, Black

Cozy soft belted cardigan
Karen Harlow
 [11/28 9:13:31AM] Large colour black

Tied up cardi, all wrapped up, tie it on
Jana Mottl
 [11/28 8:53:24AM] XL beige

Shelly garner
 [11/28 8:51:51AM] Xl black

Soft & Cozy Cardigan (S&C)
Kim Boxall
 [11/28 8:49:42AM] Size Large, Black

Soft & Cozy Cardigan (S&C)
Kim Boxall
 [11/28 8:48:44AM] Size Large, Black

Comfy day sweater
Kristen Head
 [11/28 8:48:28AM] Medium beige

Wrap and tie me up with a bow
Stacy Simington
 [11/28 8:23:13AM] Xs. Black

Tie one on simple
Terri Downton
 [11/28 8:17:45AM] Beige XL

Tied & True Cardigan
Donna Stewart
 [11/28 8:16:04AM] 2 XL - Black

Comfy cardi, wrapped up icardi, belted cardi comfort, knotty cardigan, belted comfort cardi
Carolyn kenney
 [11/28 8:01:03AM] Small beige

Sealed with a knot
 [11/28 7:47:34AM] Small black

All wrapped to go; Cardi Craze;
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [11/28 7:43:50AM] XL Black

Tie and Go Cardi
Amber Johnston
 [11/28 7:32:38AM] Beige, Small

Warm Wrap-Up, Style&Comfort Cardi, Tie&Knot Cardigan, Belt It Out, Wrap me up softly, That’s a Wrap
Samantha S
 [11/28 7:10:04AM] L, Beige

Wrap me in softness!
Jodie Johnson
 [11/28 6:04:13AM] Xl brown

Belted Beauty
Anna Lazar
 [11/28 5:55:10AM] Beige in 2XL

Hold me tight cardigan
Janique Vandal
 [11/28 5:30:26AM] Beige XS

Mai tie cardi, Cardi Me, Tie baby cardigan, Belt it out cardigan
Lana Baker
 [11/28 5:02:34AM] Xl black

Hug me sweater
Nathalie Derrah
 [11/28 3:54:57AM] Medium beige

Comfort Colour
Diane Kuntzie Morash
 [11/28 12:14:04AM] 2X Black

Fit to be Tied Cardi , SoftWear Cardi, Snugs and hugs Sweater
Wendy Unrau
 [11/28 12:05:13AM] L black

Cozy cutie
Jennifer Vezina
 [11/27 11:51:59PM] Xl black

Picnic Perfect Cardi
Vayia Platko
 [11/27 11:39:48PM] Black Medium

Robson Tie-up
Vayia Platko
 [11/27 11:38:41PM] Black Medium

Robson Tie-up
Vayia Platko
 [11/27 11:36:41PM] Black Medium

Hold Me Softly
Vayia Platko
 [11/27 11:32:06PM] medium black

Just my TIE-up! / Just your TIE-up!
Kari Dean
 [11/27 10:49:32PM] Beige, 2XL

Cozy chic
Jenna Andrews
 [11/27 10:32:47PM] Small & Black

Tie one on me belted cardigan
Leanne jeakins
 [11/27 10:13:11PM] Med— beige

Tie one on me belted cardigan
Leanne jeakins
 [11/27 10:12:14PM] Med— beige

Tie or not cardi
Ughetta De Piero
 [11/27 9:51:12PM] Camel XL

Wrap it up
Jennifer Leaman
 [11/27 9:49:56PM] Black medium

Lana Sarabun
 [11/27 9:17:54PM] 2 xl black

Tied up in the Moment
Tracey Dunlop
 [11/27 8:47:40PM] XL Black

Wrap Me Up Cardigan
Michelle McAleese
 [11/27 8:47:40PM] Small beige

Cardi To Go
Tracey Dunlop
 [11/27 8:47:00PM] XL Black

Open Your Heart Cardi
Jessica Rose
 [11/27 8:45:56PM] S & Beige

Belt to Last Cardi
Tracey Dunlop
 [11/27 8:45:47PM] XL Black

Wrapped in a hug
Crystal Mackie
 [11/27 8:45:05PM] Black small

Therefore I am Cardi
Melanie Bergeron
 [11/27 8:37:06PM] S black

Tied to go Cardi
Gina bolton
 [11/27 8:33:47PM] Beige xl

Tie one on
Lorrie frayne
 [11/27 8:17:06PM] 2xl black

Tie one one
Lorrie frayne
 [11/27 8:16:16PM] 2x black

Tie-dy Up
Leah Watson
 [11/27 8:06:07PM] Medium & beige

Wrap me up Cardi, Covered In My Cardi, Cover-Me-Cardi,
Avrielle Nelson
 [11/27 8:05:18PM] Black medium please.

CarTIEgan, Tied Up Cozy Cardigan, Belted to Perfection
Stacie Davis
 [11/27 7:48:10PM] Large, beige

"Go me go" belted cardi
Verna Dunn
 [11/27 7:41:56PM] 2xl Black

Sassafrass belted cardi
Verna Dunn
 [11/27 7:29:41PM] Black 2xl

housecoat cardi
Bradi Hansen
 [11/27 7:23:57PM] Small black

Tie One On Cardigan
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [11/27 7:14:31PM] Medium, beige

The Trish wrap up sweater
Trish Rhyno
 [11/27 7:08:41PM] Large, beige

All tied up with no place to go
Crystal Steinman
 [11/27 7:04:35PM] Large, black

Cozy up
Jennifer Staniec
 [11/27 7:04:28PM] Black medium

Get your wrap on
Amber Friess
 [11/27 6:51:16PM] L beige

Cozy Heaven Cardi
Rebecca Martin
 [11/27 6:30:02PM] 2xl, beige

Wrap a hug cardigan
Trish Ramenda
 [11/27 6:26:05PM] Large black

Jennifer owen
 [11/27 6:22:18PM] Beige XL

Comfy Cozy Belted Cardigan
Leslie Lowry
 [11/27 6:12:08PM] Large, Black

Look at me now
Hailey mcdougall
 [11/27 6:04:27PM] Small and black

That’s a Wrap Cardigan
Laura Penny
 [11/27 5:54:41PM] L, Black

All Tied Up Cardigan
Bev Dale
 [11/27 5:52:25PM] XL black

Belt it up Cardigan
Rachelle Parsonage
 [11/27 5:44:54PM] Medium beige

All tied up
 [11/27 5:27:13PM] XL Black

Mona Kimona
Kathy Donaldson
 [11/27 5:19:25PM] Medium Beige

Belt It Out Cardigan**
 [11/27 5:09:53PM] Beige 2XL

Street Sheek
Erin Julihn
 [11/27 5:08:41PM] M Black

*Tied To Me Cardigan / *Tied With Care Cardigan / Belt It Out Cardigan
 [11/27 5:06:37PM] Beige. 2XL

Wrap me in Warmth Belted Cardigan
Meghan Boast
 [11/27 5:04:07PM] Black XL

Not Your Basic Belted Cardigan
Tanja Tomlinson
 [11/27 4:46:26PM] Black XL

Abelt town Cardi
Shona Adams
 [11/27 4:42:55PM] Small black

Luna, CozyCardi, CardiSweet, Stephanie
Stephanie Croft
 [11/27 4:30:59PM] Beige XL

Beltiful Cardigan
 [11/27 4:30:01PM] Beige Medium

Tie the Knot Cardi
Bettina Allen
 [11/27 4:29:26PM] XL, Black

Every Time I Tie Cardi
Bettina Allen
 [11/27 3:52:27PM] XL, Black

Belt Friends Forever Cardi
Bettina Allen
 [11/27 3:50:33PM] XL, Black

Smooze me
Shirlee French
 [11/27 3:49:16PM] XL. Beige please

"It's a Cinch" Cardigan
Barbara Quibell
 [11/27 3:46:27PM] XL Beige

The Tie is Now
Tracie Henry
 [11/27 3:40:05PM] Large, Black

Can't Belt Falling in Love Cardi
Bettina Allen
 [11/27 3:38:23PM] XL, Black

Belt It and They Will Come
Tracie Henry
 [11/27 3:37:15PM] Large, Black

Tie me up Cardi or All tied up Cardi
Alicia Morin
 [11/27 3:33:51PM] Small beige

Belt It Up, Cardi Belt, Better Belt Up
Kaylea Clarke
 [11/27 3:29:50PM] Beige, M

Tied Up Cardi, Tie or Knot Cardi
Tammy Droeshout
 [11/27 3:19:04PM] 2xl beige

Hug a bug cardigan
Wendy Dolton
 [11/27 3:10:40PM] M black

Wrap me up cardigan
Melissa Goldie
 [11/27 3:08:11PM] Beige xl

That’s a wrap
Jacqueline Munro
 [11/27 3:05:11PM] Small Beige

Wrap it up!
Brenda Erlandson Tough
 [11/27 3:05:06PM] Black L

Warm cozy cuddles
Tracy Wiebe
 [11/27 2:56:25PM] Beige in medium

Black licorice
 [11/27 2:56:07PM] Small. Black

Holding me tight or All wrapped up
Brandy-Lynn Corado
 [11/27 2:32:42PM] S/M Beige

Hygge hug cardigan
Mandi Robbins
 [11/27 2:31:08PM] xl beige

Belted to Perfection
Jennifer Penner
 [11/27 2:24:01PM] Black & XS

Cozy Cuddler
Tooie Casavant
 [11/27 2:19:58PM] Size L in camel

Snuggle Wrap
Cheryl Bertoia
 [11/27 2:19:57PM] Xlarge black

Cozy couture cardigan
Dana lean
 [11/27 2:18:34PM] Black lrg

Let's Tie One On! That's A Wrap! Wrapped with Love! Knit (or Knot) without You!
Mandy Dodd
 [11/27 1:59:21PM] M, black please

Heading to the city belted cardigan
Melanie Rumley
 [11/27 1:56:17PM] XS, black

Belt it out; That’s a wrap; All tied up; Belting me Softly; Tied up in Comfort;
Ana Klovan
 [11/27 1:53:43PM] S & black

Belt it out of ya! ( total Newfie) it means sing louder! Lol
Amanda Grant
 [11/27 1:53:31PM] Beige Medium

Only thing needed , flawlessly simple , could I be more perfect
Tracy Lawford
 [11/27 1:52:27PM] Black Xl

Thats a wrap 2020 (thank gawd its nearly over!)
Louise Vukas
 [11/27 1:52:02PM] Xs beige

That’s a wrap sweater
Melissa Kriegerfox
 [11/27 1:50:29PM] Black XL

In a Cinch Cardi
Lisa Watson
 [11/27 1:49:08PM] XL

The Hug
Nicole collins
 [11/27 1:46:31PM] Med tan

Tie It Up Cardigan
Lacey Cyr
 [11/27 1:42:52PM] Black, XXL

Lovely Day Sweater
Shannon Smith
 [11/27 1:33:59PM] Small black

So Comfy
Tracy Rideout
 [11/27 1:28:55PM] Beige XL

Wrapped in comfort cardigan; wrapped in cozy cardigan
Candace Theberge
 [11/27 1:21:00PM] Large beige

Wrapped in casual cardigan, wrapped in cozy cardigan
Candace Theberge
 [11/27 1:20:14PM] Large beige

All wrapped up
Lacey Frazer
 [11/27 1:09:08PM] Med black

The Hug
Nicole collins
 [11/27 1:08:45PM] Medium and tan

The Hug
Nicole collins
 [11/27 1:08:29PM] Medium and tan

The Hug
Nicole collins
 [11/27 1:08:01PM] Medium and tan

Knit tie
Kerri Nielsen
 [11/27 1:07:53PM] Small Beige

Tie me up cardi
Maria Lento
 [11/27 1:07:19PM] Small black

Not your Mama’s Cardigan
Jamie Whitteker
 [11/27 1:07:12PM] Beige M

Tie one ON
Susan chan
 [11/27 1:02:01PM] black, medium

Girls just wanna have fun, I keep it classy, All I got it class cardigan, Business or play classy cardi is the game,
Gugu Maponga
 [11/27 1:01:26PM] Size M Beige

The belted Pomeranian
Sarah Wright
 [11/27 12:48:39PM] Black XL

Wrap Me In Comfort Cardi
Jade Wald
 [11/27 12:37:25PM] XL Biege

Lyndsay Russell
 [11/27 12:36:20PM] Beige xl

Wrapped in love
Darlene Biemans
 [11/27 12:28:42PM] Xl blavk

All wrapped up
Jenn Dilfer
 [11/27 12:27:01PM] Black xl

Wrap me up Cardi
Candice Halvorson
 [11/27 12:24:06PM] XL Beige

Wrapped for you Cardi
Terri Burrows
 [11/27 12:17:56PM] Black Medium

The “Everybody Needs this Cardi”
Tracee Ross
 [11/27 12:15:08PM] Black - M

Wrapped Up in Warmth
Pam Boucher
 [11/27 12:14:42PM] Black, XL

Not your grandma's cardigan, fit to be tied cardigan, sweater weather cardigan
Brittany Tait
 [11/27 12:11:35PM] XL, Black

Just like home
Kara Lewis
 [11/27 12:10:01PM] Medium Black

Cardi Belt
Natasha Lewis
 [11/27 12:08:39PM] Medium, beige

Nothin Belter than this Sweater
Janelle Donhauser
 [11/27 12:05:27PM] Medium beige

Wrap Me Gently
Angie Burrows
 [11/27 12:02:09PM] Beige small

Wrapped in a warm hug cardigan
Janelle Donhauser
 [11/27 12:02:05PM] Beige medium

Belt it Out Cardi
Jenna Carruther
 [11/27 12:02:03PM] Small, beige

Ready Belt Go
Shirley Skrabek
 [11/27 11:56:31AM] xl black

Wrapped in a warm hug
Karin Rowe
 [11/27 11:48:12AM] 2x beige

Tied to comfort
Andrea Kosolofski
 [11/27 11:46:40AM] Medium black

Confide in me
Shawna Dallaire
 [11/27 11:45:44AM] Grey size Large

Smart & sassy
Alisha Openshaw
 [11/27 11:41:53AM] Xl brown

Knot Your Average Cardigan
nicole newson
 [11/27 11:38:44AM] black xl

Beltiful cardigan
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [11/27 11:38:43AM] Medium black

Let’s belt together
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [11/27 11:37:28AM] Medium black

Corona Cardi
Alease Arcus
 [11/27 11:37:06AM] Beige xs

Belt it up cardigan
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [11/27 11:36:39AM] Medium black

Let’s belt together
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [11/27 11:36:11AM] Medium black

Belt it up cardigan
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [11/27 11:35:06AM] Medium black

Wrapped In Warmth Cardigan
Trista Darling
 [11/27 11:35:05AM] Large - Black

Belt it up cardigan
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [11/27 11:34:17AM] Medium black

Cozy me belt up
Jen Gibson
 [11/27 11:28:51AM] Beige small (unless they fit oversizrd then xs)

Belt-ieve It Or Not Cardigan
Erin Sharma
 [11/27 11:23:49AM] medium beige

Cardi T
Kari Clark
 [11/27 11:23:44AM] Black xxl

Tie me up cozy
Julie Wilkins
 [11/27 11:22:32AM] 2XL beige

Fit to be Tied
Sheryl Gray
 [11/27 11:21:05AM] XL Black

Winter wonder cardigan
Leona beacom
 [11/27 11:17:07AM] Beige xL

Wrap me in a hug cardi
Zoe Welsh
 [11/27 11:13:32AM] Black Medium

Wrap me up Cardigan
Zoe Welsh
 [11/27 11:11:02AM] Beige Medium

Wrapped in Softness Cardigan
Angela Mitres
 [11/27 11:10:09AM] Beige small

Tied at the Waist Belted Cardigan
Ashlee Opseth
 [11/27 10:51:50AM] Medium Beige

Tell me a-belt it, I get around, wrapping it up
Kasia Ragan
 [11/27 10:49:50AM] Black large

Wrapped Up With You Cardi, That's A Wrap Cardi (someone took my idea! haha)
Jill Wilkinson
 [11/27 10:39:46AM] Beige,Small

Tie me up Cardigan
Brittaney Pregizer
 [11/27 10:38:48AM] Xl black

(Ahh someone already took my idea!! Lol) that’s a wrap cardi! Wrapped up with you cardi
Jill Wilkinson
 [11/27 10:37:39AM] Beige small

'Hug Me Gently' Cardigan
Lisa Fryer
 [11/27 10:36:56AM] M Beige

Wrap Me Up Cardi
Jessica Livingston
 [11/27 10:29:57AM] L in black

Wrapped in a Hug Cardigan; Soft Hug Belted Cardigan; Belted Hug Cardigan; Hug Wrapped Cardigan
Laura Higgins
 [11/27 10:18:28AM] XL Black

Tie one on
Shauna Brady
 [11/27 10:15:36AM] Beige / large

Cardi Cloak/ Cloak me over
Nicole Guest
 [11/27 10:11:36AM] S black

Wrap me in Comfort Cardi, Tie it in a Knot or Wrap it in a Bow Comfy Cardi, Tied in Comfort Cardi, Cardi Comfort Dreams
Lindsay Hubie
 [11/27 10:10:40AM] Size Lg in Beige

All wrapped up
Sarah Storms
 [11/27 10:08:35AM] M black

The out-of-the-house housecoat
Cody wilson
 [11/27 10:06:35AM] L black

The snug is real
Amanda Travers
 [11/27 10:06:08AM] Black 2XL

That’s a wrap! Cardigan
Kristy Stebbings
 [11/27 10:05:55AM] Beige XL

Wrap Me Tightly
Bronwyn wilson
 [11/27 10:05:52AM] Black L

Tie Me Up
Denise Parsons
 [11/27 10:02:38AM] Brown Large

Hug Me Wrap Cardigan
Michelle Allain
 [11/27 10:01:25AM] XL & beige

Cozy Cardi
Vikki Macmillan
 [11/27 9:54:30AM] Small black

Belted for you cardigan
Julie Hoar
 [11/27 9:52:26AM] L-Black

Belt It Caridgan
Kayla Slind
 [11/27 9:49:00AM] L & Black

Wrapped in a bow cardigan
Amanda Madill
 [11/27 9:48:47AM] beige xs

The It's A Wrap! Cardigan, or "The Reader" (I would wear this cozied up by a fire reading a good book), "The Everything Cardigan" (can wear for work, home etc.)
Heather Meyer
 [11/27 9:47:58AM] Black XL

Casual Ties... Forever Ties ... Tied with Love Cardi
Emily Dyck
 [11/27 9:47:53AM] Small, beige

Tie it to cozy it belt sweater!!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [11/27 9:45:27AM] Black medium

Top it with a bow cardi
Robyn m
 [11/27 9:43:54AM] Medium beige

Wrap me up cozy, wrap me up warm, wrap you longtimee
Lindsey stark
 [11/27 9:42:42AM] Medium black

Business by Day Party by Night Cardi
Erin Green
 [11/27 9:41:30AM] Black medium

Cozy Comfort Cardi
Erin Green
 [11/27 9:40:32AM] Black medium

Hold me Tight Cardi
Erin Green
 [11/27 9:39:18AM] Black Medium

Quaran-tie-me Cardigan
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [11/27 9:34:28AM] Medium and beigey browny please

day2nite cardi
maria mazzocca
 [11/27 9:33:58AM] med black

Style N Knot, Knot N Style
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [11/27 9:32:38AM] Small & Black

The Essential Sweater
Deana Snowden
 [11/27 9:32:21AM] Large, Beige

Toasty & Me belted cardi
Jaime Duckworth
 [11/27 9:31:40AM] Medium, Beige

Wrap it up Cardi
Robin Lyons
 [11/27 9:29:30AM] Xs beige

Knotty Knit
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [11/27 9:27:00AM] Small & Black

Tie One On Cardi
Haley Boland
 [11/27 9:25:24AM] XL, black

Knot Just a Cardi
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [11/27 9:25:16AM] Small & Black

Tie One On Cardi
Haley Boland
 [11/27 9:24:25AM] XL, black

Belt Still My Heart Cardigan
Michelle Grant
 [11/27 9:23:19AM] Beige S or M depending on fit reviews

Relax N Cardigan
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [11/27 9:23:14AM] Small Black

Tie me to Comfy
Christina Monk
 [11/27 9:19:23AM] Medium, Black

Tie one on Cardi
Melisa Gordon
 [11/27 9:18:02AM] Beige, large

Knotty and nice cardigan
Cassidy Hintz
 [11/27 9:14:39AM] Beige and M

Wrap me up Cardigan
Heather Andries
 [11/27 9:11:31AM] Medium & Beige

Tied and true Cardi
 [11/27 9:10:13AM] Small black

That’s a Wrap!
Kyla Gariépy
 [11/27 9:09:32AM] Beige XL

Tie it in a knot, tie it in a bow;. flattering will get you everywhere; it's a cinch;
Denise Hextall
 [11/27 9:08:37AM] Black XL

Wrap Me Up Cozy Cardigans
Charmaine Busch
 [11/27 9:07:32AM] Black - XL

All Tied Up
Laura Callahan
 [11/27 9:07:22AM] XL BEIGE

Tied and True Cardi
Courtney Eisel
 [11/27 9:07:08AM] 2xl Black

That’s a wrap
Ann Mayner
 [11/27 9:06:50AM] S

All Tied Up Cardi
Courtney Eisel
 [11/27 9:06:10AM] 2xl black

Open and Shut Cardi
Courtney Eisel
 [11/27 9:05:23AM] 2XL Black

Bear hug cardigan
Randi sanderson
 [11/27 9:03:37AM] Medium black

Belt it Out cardigan
Nicole Gregg
 [11/27 8:58:34AM] Large Beige

Shop till you drop cardigan
Tammy Brown
 [11/27 8:55:38AM] Black xl

The Comfy Cardi
Jennifer Nixon
 [11/27 8:54:13AM] large black

Warm wrap
Tamara Sutherland
 [11/27 8:52:31AM] M black

Tied In Coziness
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [11/27 8:48:23AM] L & Beige

Bear hug
Victoria Lake
 [11/27 8:48:05AM] Medium, black

Tied to Perfection, All Wrapped Up in a Pretty Bow, Seize the Day
Michelle Cowan
 [11/27 8:48:00AM] Small, black

Wrap it up!
Heather Pender
 [11/27 8:47:46AM] Black Large

Take me everywhere cardigan
Ashley Martin
 [11/27 8:42:13AM] Large & beige

It’s a Wrap!
Isabelle Lirette
 [11/27 8:42:01AM] Beige, small

Snuggles up in softness
Sherry sproul
 [11/27 8:41:56AM] Medium beigh

Breathtaking belted beauty
Pamela Cummings
 [11/27 8:41:19AM] 2xl black

That’s a wrap
Sheryl Huebner
 [11/27 8:40:02AM] Beige 2XL

knot Your Average Cardi
Natasha Veerkamp
 [11/27 8:39:13AM] XL beige

Tied Down Cardi
Natasha Veerkamp
 [11/27 8:38:24AM] XL beige

Locked Down Cardi
Natasha Veerkamp
 [11/27 8:37:51AM] XL black

Wrap me cozy sweater
Melissa Favel
 [11/27 8:35:12AM] Large black

Belt it out
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [11/27 8:34:32AM] Medium beige

Angela Fogarty
 [11/27 8:34:05AM] Xl black

Melt your heart
 [11/27 8:33:28AM] Xl black

Chronic comfort
Angela Fogarty
 [11/27 8:32:52AM] Xl black

Fogarty cardigan
 [11/27 8:32:19AM] Xl black

Belted beauty
 [11/27 8:30:47AM] Xl black

Brenda Jew
 [11/27 8:30:33AM] Small. Beige

Wrapped Up in Comfort Cardigan
Stephanie Beacom
 [11/27 8:30:31AM] Large in Beige

Cardabelt or all about that waist
Phyllis Paige
 [11/27 8:30:18AM] Black large

Tie one on cardigan
Heather beattie
 [11/27 8:29:28AM] Beige L

Cardi Me
Cathy Lewis
 [11/27 8:28:25AM] Beige medium.

Beyond the Belt
Rikki Hoffarth
 [11/27 8:27:40AM] Small and Tan

Miss Belts a Lot, All Tied Up, Tie it Together, Belts it Up
Tara MacDonald
 [11/27 8:26:02AM] beige, xs

Not your grandpas sweater
Leah jones
 [11/27 8:25:18AM] Black, large

Wrap on!
Shelley Turnbull
 [11/27 8:23:50AM] Xs/s

Belt my Heart Cardigan
Sarah Grayman
 [11/27 8:23:41AM] Black small

Wrap on the cozy
Shelley Turnbull
 [11/27 8:23:14AM] Back xs/s

Tie My Up
Samantha Madill
 [11/27 8:23:11AM] XL beige

Wrapped with a cuddle
Shelley Turnbull
 [11/27 8:22:00AM] Black xs/s

Wrapped Up
Hilary Smith
 [11/27 8:20:41AM] Black XL

Belted up
Stacey Garton
 [11/27 8:18:48AM] Xs black

Wrap Star Cardigan, That's a Wrap Belted Cardigan
Nicole Graveline
 [11/27 8:18:44AM] beige, L

Wrapped in a hug, casually cinched, home for the holidays cardigan
Natasha mayes
 [11/27 8:18:44AM] Large black

All A Belt You; Belting Beautiful Cardi
Leslie Beevers
 [11/27 8:18:26AM] Large, black

All tied up
Stacey Garton
 [11/27 8:18:02AM] Xs black

Tied Down to Comfort Cardi, You Had Me at Belted Cardi
Kristin Marchand
 [11/27 8:17:46AM] Large Beige

Spice the comfort cardigan
Christina Holitzki
 [11/27 8:17:26AM] Beige, small

Sunday Funday
Leandra Yargeau
 [11/27 8:16:53AM] L Beige

Tied into comfort
Angela Fogarty
 [11/27 8:15:43AM] Xl black

Buckle up cozy
Angela Fogarty
 [11/27 8:15:02AM] Xl black

Tied up in Cozy Fashion
Stephanie Pelland
 [11/27 8:14:35AM] XL black

Belt it out Cardi
 [11/27 8:14:18AM] camel large

All tied up in cozy
Melissa Rose
 [11/27 8:11:14AM] Small beige

All a Belt Comfort; All A Belt You
Leslie Beevers
 [11/27 8:10:32AM] Large, black

Let’s wrap it up and put a bow on it Cardigan
Kristin Trueman
 [11/27 8:09:26AM] Medium, beige

Belt it up!
Brittney Shields
 [11/27 8:09:19AM] Black small

Tied together cardigan
Christina Gauthier
 [11/27 8:07:39AM] Large brown

Tied Together Belted Cardigan, Tie It Up Cardigan
Nicole Graveline
 [11/27 8:06:39AM] Beige, L

Ties on the prize
Sabrina Stephen
 [11/27 8:03:54AM] Black large

Meet me in the middle belted cardi
Lindsey Janssen
 [11/27 8:02:36AM] Beige large

Classy to sassy
Natalie Ransom
 [11/27 8:02:27AM] Oatmeal , size large

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