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Gold Plated


Wish Ring
$32.00 CAD  

    • One size, adjustable
    • 24k Gold-plated
    • Safe for sensitive skin
    • Lead & nickle-free

    Introducing the Wish Ring – your stylish and meaningful accessory! With a luxe 24k gold-plated finish and adjustable size, it fits everyone perfectly. Whether you love a minimalist look or enjoy stacking jewelry, this ring complements your style effortlessly. Each glance at it reminds you to stay true to your dreams and goals, empowering you to chase what you want in life!

    I am so excited for this jewelry line!! If you watched the Virtual Spring Fashion Show, you would have seen us introduce this brand. It's a very well-known jewelry and sunglasses brand that focuses on sustainability and simplicity. The brand was created by a woman named Annemette Markvad in 1983 who had a passion for jewelry design. She began selling her designs in festivals and soon she couldn't keep up with the demand! Still today, the essence of her brand has not changed.

    All of the jewelry from Pilgrim is either 24K Gold or 925 Sterling Silver plated and is always made on a base metal of either brass or zinc. It's lead and nickel-free and is designed for sensitive skin.

    The rings are adjustable making them perfect for all finger shapes and sizes, also allowing you to stack them and wear them at different heights of your fingers. I can't wait to see what else we launch from Pilgrim!

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