Icing Points

When does the Icing Points Program start?
July 1, 2024
How do I earn Icing Points?
You will earn points on every purchase, which allows you to enjoy significant savings and added value every time you shop!
How many Icing Points do I earn?
Points vary between 1-4 Icing Points for every dollar spent. You will find the point values under each item listed on our website.

Silver Icing Icing Points Chart

Where do I see the Icing Points I've earned?
Make sure you have an account created and when you’re logged in, you will see your points on the rewards bank page.

Silver Icing Icing Points Chart
How do I redeem my Icing Points?
You will be able to apply your Icing Points to your order on the checkout/payment page.

Silver Icing Icing Points Chart

Do Icing Points expire?
Yes. Icing Points will expire after one year of inactivity, meaning no purchases or redemptions within that period.
Can I still earn Icing Points on an order where points are used?
Yes. When Icing Points are redeemed on an order, you can still earn points on the remaining balance after the points have been applied.
Can Icing Points be used on sale items?
When can I start redeeming Icing Points?
You can redeem Icing Points once you’ve reached a minimum threshold of 2000 points, which gives you $10 off your purchase. After reaching this, you can apply any number of points to reduce your subtotal. For instance, if you have 2050 points, which equals $10.25, you can apply these points to an order, reducing the subtotal by $10.25. This discount is applied directly at check out, before taxes and shipping are applied.
Can my Stylist use my points on my behalf?
Yes. You can give permission for your Stylist to use your points for you on an order by selecting the checkbox located on your profile.
Do returns affect Icing Points?
All Icing Points are deposited into your customer points account. When a return is processed, the corresponding points will be deducted from this account. Returns could result in a negative points balance. Any new Icing Points earned from future purchases will be added to this account to offset the negative balance.
Can Icing Points be used on anything?
Points can be redeemed on any products on our website, with the exception of gift cards and Stylist sign-ups. Points cannot be redeemed on an order with coupons or products that have Bonus Discounts applied (given by a Stylist).