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Tom Tailor Top
November 9, 2018

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Total of 308 Entries
Congratulations to Nikki Weightman, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the She's All That Top!

Let it Go Ice Queen
Lesley Norman
 [11/11 8:44:35AM]

Struck your Lilac Top *: Strutting Lilac Top *: Ain’t Button Like Lilac Top *: Comforting Lavender Up Top
April Hunt
 [11/11 7:10:34AM]

Eternally Lilac Top *: Pillows of Lilac Top *: Forever Lilac Top *: Lavender Everafter Top *: Lilac Everafter Top *: Truly Your Lilac Top *: Heavenly Lilac On Top *: Gorgeously Lilac Top *: Lilac Tranquility Top
April Hunt
 [11/11 7:02:40AM]

Lilac Button Cuffed Top *: Heavenly Fluffed Top *: Pillow Cross Top *: Lavender Cuffed Top *: Lilac Pillow Top *: Structured Lilac Top *:
April Hunt
 [11/11 6:46:49AM]

Spring to it top
Michaela Barcena
 [11/11 6:42:11AM]

Pretty in plum
 [11/11 5:45:21AM]

Love Lilactually top
Stephanie Horne
 [11/10 10:56:16PM]

Keen Calm and Lilac On
Jennifer Haviland
 [11/10 10:49:14PM]

Michelle Rivera
 [11/10 10:16:52PM]

Lush on you
Jen McCarthy
 [11/10 9:36:42PM]

Wanderlust top
Jen McCarthy
 [11/10 9:30:49PM]

Violet Vitality Top
Alison Green
 [11/10 9:27:57PM]

Some Lilac It Hot
Sarah Szyc
 [11/10 9:24:44PM]

Mauve Memories
Tracy St Denis
 [11/10 9:10:14PM]

Periwinkle Promise
Tracy St Denis
 [11/10 9:07:25PM]

Spring Solstice
Larissa McLean
 [11/10 9:07:22PM]

Mauve Madness
Tracy St Denis
 [11/10 9:04:19PM]

Periwinkle Passion
Tracy St Denis
 [11/10 9:03:07PM]

Periwinkle Pizzazz
Tracy St Denis
 [11/10 9:02:33PM]

Cool as Ice
Diane zurkan
 [11/10 8:39:38PM]

Forever Lavender
Evelyn Groeneveld
 [11/10 7:29:14PM]

Fall Into Me
Karey MacDonald
 [11/10 7:11:01PM]

Cool winter vibes top
Tara Hamilton
 [11/10 6:59:23PM]

It’s a cinch!
Ashley Catroppa
 [11/10 6:36:40PM]

Pretty in purple
Angela Rodgers
 [11/10 6:04:37PM]

Jessica Marleau
 [11/10 5:47:22PM]

Lilac you a lot
Alicia Crawford
 [11/10 5:12:02PM]

Simply pretty
Angela Siemens
 [11/10 5:02:35PM]

Spring To Me
Nicole Linza
 [11/10 4:18:16PM]

Living it up
Sarah Clark
 [11/10 3:12:08PM]

MaryAnn Labancz-Vye
 [11/10 2:53:54PM]

Cruise Control
Michele Miller
 [11/10 2:18:32PM]

Leaving my Cares Behind Lillac Top
Maria Boonstra
 [11/10 1:42:15PM]

Wake Up And Lilac Top
Morgan Angus
 [11/10 1:40:18PM]

Calm Down and Lilac On Top
Morgan Angus
 [11/10 1:39:34PM]

Lilac and Waffle (knit) Top
Morgan Angus
 [11/10 1:37:07PM]

Lilac And Relax Top
Morgan Angus
 [11/10 1:35:41PM]

Jessi Senkoe
 [11/10 1:14:05PM]

Lilac your style
Maria Pucci
 [11/10 1:13:00PM]

Lilac you in that
Maria Pucci
 [11/10 1:10:38PM]

Bubble Wrap Top
Ish Sehmbey
 [11/10 12:49:48PM]

Lilac ice
Tammy Dugas
 [11/10 12:33:05PM]

Lavender fields forever
Gisele Gunderman
 [11/10 11:50:19AM]

Fancy me in lavender
Gisele Gunderman
 [11/10 11:49:52AM]

Glow on
Gisele Gunderman
 [11/10 11:49:05AM]

Simply me
Gisele Gunderman
 [11/10 11:46:34AM]

Free to be me
Gisele Gunderman
 [11/10 11:44:38AM]

Violet Passion Sweater
Wilda Dys
 [11/10 11:43:47AM]

Livin’ the dream top
Leanna Mate
 [11/10 11:33:05AM]

Inner Light Top
Angela Bedore
 [11/10 10:30:39AM]

Wonder Lust
Stacy Evans
 [11/10 10:24:38AM]

Fall Into Lilac , Lilac Serenity, Lovin Lilac
Allison Frank
 [11/10 10:15:07AM]

Lavendar Fields
Sandi Binding
 [11/10 10:02:28AM]

Lavendar dream
Patty Redman
 [11/10 9:58:46AM]

Lilla Button-Back ('lilla' is lilac in Italian)
Lori Arno
 [11/10 8:20:06AM]

Lusciously Liliac
Pauline Denault
 [11/10 8:02:53AM]

Lucious Lilac
Pauline Denault
 [11/10 8:01:12AM]

Delicately Lavender
Tanya Vick
 [11/10 7:25:34AM]

Ethereal in Lavender
Tanya Vick
 [11/10 7:24:44AM]

The classy chillax
Kristina miousse
 [11/10 7:23:50AM]

Eye Snack in Lilac
Tanya Vick
 [11/10 7:14:42AM]

(Looking) Lovely in Lilac
Tanya Vick
 [11/10 7:13:15AM]

Lilac It Like That, Tidings of Comfort and Bliss
Vanessa Engel
 [11/10 7:03:54AM]

 [11/10 7:02:05AM]

Lavender Dream Top
Shelby Pederson
 [11/10 6:44:56AM]

Fallow Me
Sarah Hayward
 [11/10 6:41:46AM]

Calming paradise
Alana Yuswack
 [11/10 6:28:37AM]

Look fresh in Lilac
 [11/10 6:25:55AM]

Happiness Is....
Wendy Baldin
 [11/10 5:52:00AM]

A lilac Fairy Tale
Wendy Baldin
 [11/10 5:51:08AM]

Pattern Perfection Top
Tracey Marcil
 [11/10 5:17:10AM]

Would I Lilac To You
Amy Forrest
 [11/10 4:40:17AM]

Lavender Bliss
Simone Totesau
 [11/10 4:38:26AM]

Lie Back and Relax
Sandra Coker
 [11/10 4:34:31AM]

Wisteria Beauti
Sandra Coker
 [11/10 4:31:22AM]

Purple rain
Carrie Hopkins
 [11/10 4:18:33AM]

Feeling Whimsical
Heather Kay
 [11/10 3:37:22AM]

Missy Mae
Megan Rolufs
 [11/09 11:43:56PM]

Amy Norton
 [11/09 11:33:52PM]

I lilac it a lot
Lindsay Baldwin
 [11/09 10:18:48PM]

Spring into Lilac
Tamara Zaretski
 [11/09 10:10:56PM]

Lilac’n beautiful
Amy Shawanda
 [11/09 10:10:22PM]

Memory Maker
Sarah Froese
 [11/09 9:55:27PM]

Quarter Season Sweet
 [11/09 9:23:56PM]

Social Spirit
Tasha Mijinke
 [11/09 9:16:46PM]

She's got the lilac look
Jana Mottl
 [11/09 9:12:08PM]

Falling for you
 [11/09 8:50:06PM]

Lilac and chill
Gail Marks
 [11/09 8:31:29PM]

Spring Fling
Gail Marks
 [11/09 8:30:06PM]

A Moment In Time
Jody Chatman
 [11/09 8:11:18PM]

Living in Liliac
Lindsay Geist
 [11/09 8:07:01PM]

Lovely lady lavender
Tina Thibeault
 [11/09 8:01:04PM]

Luxurious lilac and buttons
Dawn Digby
 [11/09 7:55:42PM]

On cloud lilac
Carrie Emberley
 [11/09 7:51:55PM]

Polar Ice Top
Nicki Fortin
 [11/09 7:40:51PM]

First Love Blossom Top
Cheryl Weir
 [11/09 7:28:38PM]

Hook Line and Sinker
Laine Murray
 [11/09 7:24:46PM]

Winter Flower Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [11/09 7:19:28PM]

I Lilac it a lot
Yolanda Nieken-Spence
 [11/09 7:17:26PM]

Lilac Breeze
Natasha Zenhenko
 [11/09 6:57:01PM]

Orchid on the Move
Natasha Zenhenko
 [11/09 6:56:19PM]

Lavender lineup
Natasha Zenhenko
 [11/09 6:55:42PM]

Lovely In Lavender
Gail Wells
 [11/09 6:44:10PM]

Cozy lilac chemise
Patricia Brisebois
 [11/09 6:25:19PM]

Complete chemise
Stephanie Leavitt
 [11/09 6:12:28PM]

The Easy Life
 [11/09 6:12:04PM]

Simple dreams
Melissa Ferreira
 [11/09 6:09:46PM]

Lila-cozy sweater
Jennifer Kutcher
 [11/09 6:08:53PM]

Lilac like that, wonderfully lilac, softly lilac, fresh soft and beautiful
Rebecca Baker
 [11/09 6:07:44PM]

Morsdo love
Evelyn pacheco
 [11/09 6:05:50PM]

Breezy but true
Jennifer Kutcher
 [11/09 6:05:39PM]

Purple Haze Top
Shannon Bloye
 [11/09 6:03:10PM]

Live Lilac Top
Shannon Bloye
 [11/09 6:00:35PM]

Fall into Lavender
Sarah Becker
 [11/09 5:36:55PM]

Lilac Lily
Anita Farnsworth
 [11/09 5:32:39PM]

Perfectly Pure Top
Natasia Ball
 [11/09 5:28:34PM]

Comforts of Lavender
Stacey Flint
 [11/09 5:22:40PM]

Cinched in lilac
Brittany Huschka
 [11/09 5:19:28PM]

Living in Lilac
Lindy Osipenko
 [11/09 5:04:15PM]

Ashley Eisel
 [11/09 4:49:27PM]

Comfort Chic Top, Cozy Comfort, Lushest Lilac
Crystal Donovan
 [11/09 4:41:39PM]

Lilac love
Allison Gratton
 [11/09 4:38:46PM]

Lovely Lighter Lilac
Lesley Willford
 [11/09 4:29:11PM]

Lavish Lilac
Amanda Hostland
 [11/09 4:25:20PM]

Autumn Breeze Top
Christie Abrams
 [11/09 4:12:13PM]

Summer Dreams Top
Christie Abrams
 [11/09 4:11:10PM]

Pastel me I’m beautiful
Cindy Syrnyj
 [11/09 4:10:55PM]

Lilac it a lot
Jennifer Love
 [11/09 4:09:28PM]

Simply lovely lilac sweater
Jennifer Robin Jones
 [11/09 3:57:56PM]

Nancy Twist
 [11/09 3:42:30PM]

Embossed Beauty Top
Tracey Marcil
 [11/09 3:35:57PM]

Era Bella
 [11/09 3:11:17PM]

Fresh Air
Maurita Heemeryck
 [11/09 3:05:45PM]

Pique My Interest
Carlee Rosso
 [11/09 2:58:42PM]

Hug it tight top
Melody OConnor
 [11/09 2:58:00PM]

Pique Your Interest
Carlee Rosso
 [11/09 2:58:00PM]

Lilac a boss top
Cassandra Stevens
 [11/09 2:51:21PM]

Hug it tight top
Melody O'Connor
 [11/09 2:51:11PM]

It's beginning to look a lot like lilac, love struct top, building confidence top, dream chaser top, dream builder top
Cassandra Stevens
 [11/09 2:48:22PM]

Sweet lilac luxury
Laurie Labrie
 [11/09 2:47:44PM]

A lovely lilac in winter
sherry sproul
 [11/09 2:19:29PM]

Lilac Button Love
Tammy Sagar
 [11/09 2:11:54PM]

No Lilac-ing here, not just in spring lilac
Ashlee Spenst
 [11/09 2:05:25PM]

Noreen Rasmussen
 [11/09 2:04:44PM]

Sunday fun - day top
Laurie Norman
 [11/09 2:03:52PM]

I Lilac Relaxing
Kathryn Crystal
 [11/09 1:56:09PM]

Button of Love top
Ashley Browning
 [11/09 1:54:50PM]

Sweet serenity
Rhonda Long
 [11/09 1:54:47PM]

Keep Cozy
Erin Currie
 [11/09 1:52:30PM]

Peace be with You
Kathryn Crystal
 [11/09 1:51:39PM]

Lady Liliac
Janet McCormack
 [11/09 1:46:59PM]

Sprig of Spring Lilac
Tabitha Rudkin
 [11/09 1:41:11PM]

Simple Button Top, Hidden Button Gem, Find The Button Top
Brooklyn Rae Greig
 [11/09 1:30:36PM]

Lilac it like that
Vicky McCahon
 [11/09 1:25:23PM]

Beautiful one.
Gwen Powell
 [11/09 1:24:04PM]

All the right things
Gina Bergman
 [11/09 12:55:29PM]

Legendary Lilac Top
Heather Vita
 [11/09 12:54:02PM]

Lilac seduction
Gina Bergman
 [11/09 12:54:00PM]

Lilac is the new black
Gina Bergman
 [11/09 12:53:34PM]

Perfectly Purple Pullover
Ali Ternes
 [11/09 12:52:44PM]

Lilac Lover
Karen Adams
 [11/09 12:36:25PM]

Luscious Lavender
Brittaney Pregizer
 [11/09 12:22:23PM]

Comfy and classy
Victoria havetoglu
 [11/09 12:20:49PM]

Positive energy too
Elizabeth Lu
 [11/09 12:07:14PM]

Lavender Love Top
Cassandra vreeling
 [11/09 12:02:50PM]

Skye Beauty!
Marcella Doyle
 [11/09 12:01:56PM]

Fall Seasons Lilac Bloom, Falls Lilac Bloom
Brienne Dawson
 [11/09 12:00:05PM]

The back button
Candis Haire
 [11/09 11:58:01AM]

“Mauve” on Over
Kim Dilney
 [11/09 11:53:02AM]

Pretty in Periwinkle
Shannon Meinen
 [11/09 11:52:29AM]

Cozy Josie, Lovely Linda, Textured Dream, Lilac for Days,
Nicola Gold
 [11/09 11:48:35AM]

Falling for Lilac Top
Brienne Dawson
 [11/09 11:46:19AM]

I Lilac You Alot Top
Stacey Sambirsky
 [11/09 11:43:22AM]

Summer in winter too
Brenda Dedrick
 [11/09 11:40:35AM]

Spring in winter top
Brenda Dedrick
 [11/09 11:39:54AM]

Woven Wonder Top
Dianne Deley
 [11/09 11:39:37AM]

Live...Laugh...Love Lilac
Jilian Chueden
 [11/09 11:36:50AM]

Mauveuolous Marvel, Mauvey-star fashion top, Luscious Lavender
Penelope Hacker
 [11/09 11:30:19AM]

Like a lilac
Shelly Thomas
 [11/09 11:29:33AM]

I am structured top, lilac structured, I lilac it alot, tailored lilac,
Shelly davidson
 [11/09 11:28:06AM]

Shannon Auramenko
 [11/09 11:26:52AM]

Lilac love, la la lilac, talk lilac to me
Lacey Johnson
 [11/09 11:26:51AM]

Pastel Beauty
Marla Brackenridge
 [11/09 11:22:55AM]

Mi Vida Lilac
Fran Brulotte
 [11/09 11:16:38AM]

Cozy petal
Jessica Feser
 [11/09 11:15:13AM]

In a Pinch
 [11/09 11:13:44AM]

Lilac Scent
Marla Brackenridge
 [11/09 11:11:14AM]

Lilac love
Amber shipley
 [11/09 11:08:19AM]

Lilac legacy
Meagan Breckner
 [11/09 11:06:25AM]

Lilaclushus = lilac luscious ?
Diane Gitzel
 [11/09 11:02:11AM]

Girls just Lilac fun
Brenda Isaac
 [11/09 11:02:00AM]

Peek-a-boo button love
Jennifer Hunt
 [11/09 11:00:57AM]

Into lilac beauty
Michelle Fowler
 [11/09 11:00:40AM]

Fall In To It Sweater
Deanna Klein
 [11/09 10:57:36AM]

Dress me up or down top
Linda Muirhead
 [11/09 10:57:07AM]

Classic Runaway, Classy Comfort
Emily Dyck
 [11/09 10:55:54AM]

Lazy Lilac
Falon Holewa
 [11/09 10:55:32AM]

Living Lilac
Shannon Jares
 [11/09 10:48:44AM]

Downton Pretty
Marina Paternoster
 [11/09 10:41:44AM]

Lilac you mean it
Joy Zacharias
 [11/09 10:41:41AM]

I lilac your top
Nicole Burchell
 [11/09 10:41:21AM]

Waffle Around Me
Christa How
 [11/09 10:40:01AM]

Lilacs in winter, hugged by lilacs
Rebekah McMeekin
 [11/09 10:35:48AM]

Lilac a Bird top, Lilacs are Blue Top, Lilac Blossom Top, Love You Lilac That Top
Emily Hadary
 [11/09 10:34:11AM]

Can you see me now
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/09 10:32:32AM]

Lilacally lavender 3/4 sleeve top
Harp d
 [11/09 10:30:56AM]

Lilac love top
Stéphanie Ayers
 [11/09 10:28:19AM]

lilacicing 3/4 sleeve top
Harp D
 [11/09 10:27:12AM]

Lilac in Love
Joan Barnscher
 [11/09 10:22:08AM]

Every Day Mine
Jane Unsworth
 [11/09 10:18:49AM]

Lavericing 3/4 sleeve top
Harp D
 [11/09 10:18:36AM]

Fall fling, No bad days top
Erin Legare
 [11/09 10:16:48AM]

Relaxing hugs
Sheila king
 [11/09 10:15:46AM]

Simply lilacable
Dianna Korol
 [11/09 10:14:07AM]

Button Back Beauty
Janet Wyant
 [11/09 10:13:23AM]

Syringa Winter Top (syringa vulgaris is the scientific term for lilacs)
Angeline McDonagh
 [11/09 10:12:12AM]

Likin' Lilac
Carol Balcome
 [11/09 10:10:17AM]

Life in Lilac, lovely in lilac
Angela Yamaoka
 [11/09 10:09:38AM]

Winter sky top
Karen Moss
 [11/09 10:07:36AM]

Blissful comfort
Dawn Coffey
 [11/09 10:06:45AM]

Liking that lilac
Vicky McCahon
 [11/09 10:05:26AM]

Pastel Pretty
Brittani Rumpel
 [11/09 10:05:23AM]

Gather 'Round the Waist Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/09 10:05:22AM]

Weave Belong Together Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/09 10:04:43AM]

Peace, love, lilac
Kyleigh Gabriel
 [11/09 10:03:51AM]

Lilac Your Style
Sonya Hanson
 [11/09 10:03:38AM]

Soft as a flower, living with lilies, field of lilies top
Lauren Klassen
 [11/09 10:03:27AM]

Lilac it like that top
Stephanie Horne
 [11/09 10:03:21AM]

Lilac Luxury; Luxurious Lilac
Jennifer Haviland
 [11/09 10:02:55AM]

Weave Belong Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/09 10:02:43AM]

Catch me in a Lilac Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/09 10:01:29AM]

Lilac And Weave, Weave Into Lilac
Celeste Kallis
 [11/09 10:00:53AM]

Lovely in Lilac
Carla Entz
 [11/09 10:00:07AM]

Living amongst lilacs, Lilacs in Winter, Winter Wonderland Top
Lauren Klassen
 [11/09 9:59:52AM]

Winter Dream, Icy Lilac, Wintry Weave
 [11/09 9:59:49AM]

Weekend Waffle Top
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/09 9:59:28AM]

Comfy warm light top
Hannah L Hunt-Miller
 [11/09 9:59:10AM]

Jennifer Haviland
 [11/09 9:59:03AM]

Spring Me Back Shirt
Danielle Skwarchuk
 [11/09 9:58:14AM]

Picture perfect top, Dreaming of lilacs, Lilac Dream, Winters Day, Every Occassion Top, Touch of Elegance Top
Lauren Klassen
 [11/09 9:55:00AM]

The Beauty in comfort top
Amy Boughen
 [11/09 9:54:31AM]

Living in Lavender
Jennifer Daeninck
 [11/09 9:54:21AM]

Lucious Lilac
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:54:05AM]

Cozy comfort sweater
Jennifer Daeninck
 [11/09 9:52:37AM]

Lovely in Lilac
Kyla Baxter
 [11/09 9:52:34AM]

Sweet Retreat Sweater
Jennifer Daeninck
 [11/09 9:52:05AM]

Shades of Lilac
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:51:53AM]

Living in lilac
Courtney sheane
 [11/09 9:50:47AM]

Everbloom Top; Touch of Spring; n Lilac Dream;
Susan Constantine
 [11/09 9:48:18AM]

Lilacs in Winter
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:48:18AM]

Lilac lovey
Shantel butler
 [11/09 9:48:14AM]

Love Me Tender Top
Dena Francis
 [11/09 9:47:25AM]

Misty Lilac Daze
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:47:02AM]

Falls Misty Haze
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:46:40AM]

I LiLac Fall
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:46:05AM]

Weave Me Away, Lilac Me Away, Beauty In Lilac, Lilac In The Weave, Weave In The Lilac
Celeste Kallis
 [11/09 9:45:48AM]

Lilac Fog
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:45:36AM]

Take Action Top
Stacy Pritchard
 [11/09 9:45:28AM]

I Dream of Violet top
Amanda Worden
 [11/09 9:45:23AM]

Blissfully yours
Kim Hartigan
 [11/09 9:45:15AM]

Lilac Mist
Gerri Toews
 [11/09 9:44:56AM]

Simply lilac comfort
Lichelle Neufeld
 [11/09 9:44:01AM]

Notified Top (only SI Stylists would understand)
April Foster
 [11/09 9:43:06AM]

Spring Fling
Lisa Spurrell
 [11/09 9:43:03AM]

Pretty In Purple top
Nicole Graveline
 [11/09 9:42:43AM]

Lived-In Lavendar
Sheena Walls-Ingram
 [11/09 9:41:37AM]

Periwinkle Perfection
Amy Prentice
 [11/09 9:41:02AM]

I Lilac you
Bobbi Terrell
 [11/09 9:40:46AM]

Slay the day top
Nicole Tassone
 [11/09 9:39:44AM]

Provence Love, Love it or Lilac,
Morgan Gebhardt
 [11/09 9:38:39AM]

Lavender Lust
Ashley Schmalz
 [11/09 9:38:19AM]

Lilac Love
Ashley Schmalz
 [11/09 9:36:43AM]

Purple passion
Ashley Schmalz
 [11/09 9:36:09AM]

Pretty in purple top, pretty in lilac Top
Jennifer Klassen
 [11/09 9:35:05AM]

Lilac Wonderland Top
Jennifer Klassen
 [11/09 9:34:10AM]

The Loving Lilac
Maria Pucci
 [11/09 9:33:22AM]

Lilac Bloom
Sandi Binding
 [11/09 9:33:14AM]

Lovingly Lilac
Sandi Binding
 [11/09 9:32:25AM]

Longing for spring
Desiree Veness
 [11/09 9:32:17AM]

Detailed comfort
Alicia Anderson
 [11/09 9:31:27AM]

Cozy for Christmas top
Kelsey Dickson
 [11/09 9:28:44AM]

Lilac love
Jennifer McKitterick
 [11/09 9:28:17AM]

Cozy as a Button
 [11/09 9:27:51AM]

Lilac fields forever
Tracy Hewgill
 [11/09 9:27:35AM]

Longing for Spring Top
Joanne Davis
 [11/09 9:26:23AM]

Purple wonderland top
Julianne Tait
 [11/09 9:26:19AM]

Hold me close top
 [11/09 9:25:47AM]

Soft and lilac top
Christine Richardson
 [11/09 9:24:26AM]

A purple proposal
Kari Petrin
 [11/09 9:23:49AM]

I Dream of Lilac Top
Tara Bertling
 [11/09 9:21:49AM]

Love the way you Lilac
Tina Dalman
 [11/09 9:21:24AM]

Falling into Lavender
Jackie Routhier
 [11/09 9:21:06AM]

Fierce elegance top
Michelle Collins
 [11/09 9:17:47AM]

She’s All That Top
Nikki Weightman
 [11/09 9:17:41AM]

New Hampshire Top (lilac state)
Leanne Hopkins
 [11/09 9:16:40AM]

Pretty as a Lady Lilac Top
Nikki Weightman
 [11/09 9:15:48AM]

Soul Connection
Kathy Ferris
 [11/09 9:14:34AM]

Fro-lilac-ing top
Pam Walsh
 [11/09 9:13:45AM]

Lavander Dreams Top, Loving Lavander, Lavander Fields, Woven Lilac
Kaitlin Wouters
 [11/09 9:10:15AM]

Lilac You A lot Top
Adrienne Saler
 [11/09 9:09:32AM]

Lilac Goddess
Kimmy Eben
 [11/09 9:08:49AM]

Dream weaver
Liz Roy
 [11/09 9:08:27AM]

Lovely in Lilac
Kayla Erlandson
 [11/09 9:07:11AM]

Living in Lilac
Kayla Erlandson
 [11/09 9:06:41AM]

Love it or weave it top
Julia Strickland
 [11/09 9:06:31AM]

three quarter time
Bonnie Earl
 [11/09 9:05:04AM]

Balance Weave
Ashley Smith
 [11/09 9:01:49AM]

Cozy Chic Top
Randice Quick
 [11/09 9:01:39AM]

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