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Embossed Layered Hoodie
January 10, 2020

Silver Icing Embossed Layered Hoodie

You know what time it is… it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these quilted-like embossed hoodies!

Very similar to our popular “Layer Up Hoodie”, this piece features two front pockets, a layered hood and a soft embossed body.

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, January 12 at 9AM (PST).

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week. The winner will receive their size and colour of choice! (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL – Black and Grey, Grey and Black, Mint and Grey, Pink and Grey). This coatigan will Presale for $74.99 (Retail $79.95). Good luck! ❤️

*Celeste is wearing the size S*

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Embossed Layered Hoodie

Silver Icing Name It to Win It: Embossed Layered Hoodie

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Total of 1,206 Entries
Congratulations to Laura McIntosh, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Embossy and I know It Hoodie
Double-Hoodie Trouble
Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:59:28AM] Pink grey in large

Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:57:37AM] Pink grey in Large

Double the fun hoodie
Angela Yamaoka
 [01/12 8:55:41AM] Grey M

Co-Z Hoodz
Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:53:52AM] Mint grey in Large

Christina Ko
 [01/12 8:52:13AM] Pink grey in Large

Just Because I Can Layered Hoodie
Adele Mills
 [01/12 8:51:32AM] Black & grey 2xl

Ease the Freeze Sweater
Meagan Kontuk
 [01/12 8:41:32AM] Small, mint

Waffle Me Warm Hoodie
Sandy MacLean
 [01/12 8:39:50AM] Pink and Grey, M

Embossed in comfort
Christine Welburn
 [01/12 8:35:18AM] Large Grey with Black

Quilted cozy
Brandee Valcourt
 [01/12 8:33:52AM] Mint large

Layered in Style
Caroline Zolondek
 [01/12 8:31:06AM] Mint and Grey size small

Quilted Layer Up Hoodie;
Amanda Bruce
 [01/12 8:30:00AM] Blck XL

Layers of Love
Heidi Lewis
 [01/12 8:29:22AM] 3XL Mint & Grey

Double the fun hoodie
leah brabant
 [01/12 8:28:40AM] Grey medium

Layered For Days
Kayla Westerby
 [01/12 8:26:22AM] Mint and Grey XL

Cuddle n Colour Hoodie
Jessica Billey
 [01/12 8:20:46AM] Mint and Grey, size L

Double Comfort Hoodie
Dorothy DiPaolo
 [01/12 8:16:49AM] Pink 2 or 3x

Keeping it cozy hoodie
Stephanie Hollett
 [01/12 8:10:15AM] Grey and mint large

Double Up
Siobhan Hall
 [01/12 8:08:00AM] Black and Grey - XL or 2XL depending on sizing

The Layers are Endless Hoodie
Denise Peta
 [01/12 8:07:07AM] Large green

Colour me Spring
Kaylee Moerman
 [01/12 8:06:59AM] Mint 2XL

Wrapped in quilt
Rachelle Dreger
 [01/12 8:06:42AM] Black and grey large

Quilt and cozy
Ashley james
 [01/12 8:06:30AM] Mint and grey large

Layered Up
Sarah Ireland-Harms
 [01/12 7:30:35AM] Black & Grey, small

Laidback layered Hoodie
Ricki Parmeter
 [01/12 7:24:16AM] Black XL

I’m my own embossed hoodie
Natalie Condon
 [01/12 7:19:30AM] Black & Grey, small

Colors of cozy hoodie
Gail kieley payne
 [01/12 7:15:07AM] Med in black

The Under-cover Hoodie
Jobina Wong
 [01/12 7:14:46AM] Size S Black/grey

Quilted cozy hoodie
Shannon Hutchison
 [01/12 7:12:32AM] Black Lrg

Trendy vibe hoodie
 [01/12 7:11:55AM] Black -medium

Cozy Me Up Hoodie
Bernice fehr
 [01/12 6:58:11AM] Medium _ black and grey

Cozy up Hoodie
Jessica Joyce
 [01/12 6:49:11AM] Mint and grey & Small

Quilted Cozy Hoodies
Nicole Ludwig
 [01/12 6:36:43AM] Black and Grey. Small or Medium

Marshmallow puff hoodie
Zophia mroz
 [01/12 6:25:16AM] Pink size small

Everybody Wants This Popular Trendy Layered Hoodie, Comfy
Toni Manriquez
 [01/12 6:12:03AM] Medium black

I'm-da-boss hoodie
Tenille McAllister
 [01/12 6:02:51AM] Pink 2xl

Stylin comfort
Heather Trelka
 [01/12 5:59:26AM] Mint green, small

Pretty in Pastel hoodie
Patsy drake
 [01/12 5:21:34AM] Mint and grey S

Say you will be mine
Wendy Griffin
 [01/12 4:47:32AM] Pink Medium

Double the Cozy Hoodie
Bianca Easter
 [01/12 4:41:06AM] Small-lime

Bi Golly Cozy Hoodie
Jo-Ann Spencer
 [01/12 12:35:38AM] Black & gray 2XL

Sew Darling sweater
Roberta Pearce
 [01/11 11:25:47PM] Pink & grey , size large

This Is Me
Renae Gartrell
 [01/11 11:15:08PM] Black and Grey Small

Enveloped comfort hoodie
Allyson Longley
 [01/11 10:56:43PM] Mint and grey ..Medium

Twice As Nice Hoodie, Two Hoods are Better Than One Hoodie, Double Delight Hoodie, Lovin the Layers Hoodie
Hilary Blouin
 [01/11 10:56:31PM] Grey & Black, XL or XXL

Warm and Quilty
Christy Lecuyer
 [01/11 10:27:04PM] Black & Grey Small

Layer Me Up
Christina Siesling
 [01/11 10:26:23PM] Black and grey- large

Cozy Quilt Hoodie
 [01/11 10:17:47PM] Black and grey size L

Quilt Me Along
Celeste Kallis
 [01/11 9:51:35PM] Pink large

I’m in double trouble
Crystal Mackie
 [01/11 8:48:29PM] Mint small

Get me into double trouble
Crystal Mackie
 [01/11 8:48:01PM] Mint small

The outdoors are hugging me
Laura Bron
 [01/11 8:27:59PM] Mint small

Hooded for Spring
 [01/11 8:12:28PM] Mint Grey small

Diamond quilted layered offset hoodie
Terri-Lin Jensson
 [01/11 8:09:29PM] 2xl black

Lovely layers corner zip comfy cozy hoodie
Terri-Lin Jensson
 [01/11 8:03:59PM] Black 2xl

Double the Fun
Michelle Fines
 [01/11 8:03:35PM] Black. Sz M

Em-bossy it up hoodie
Victoria Curran
 [01/11 8:03:34PM] Black and grey Sz Lrg

Quilt Layer Hoodie
Lacey Whitt
 [01/11 8:00:18PM] Black & Grey Large

Deuces are Wild
Emily Hadary
 [01/11 7:59:53PM] Mint, M

Cozy Quilted Delight
Lacey Whitt
 [01/11 7:58:23PM] Black & Grey Large

Waiting for Spring Hoodie
Jen Sebok
 [01/11 7:57:41PM] Mint, Medium

Silver Lining Sweatshirt
Lacey Whitt
 [01/11 7:54:45PM] Black & Grey Large

Layered corner zip comfy hoodie
Terri-Lin Jensson
 [01/11 7:53:28PM] Black 2xl

Layered Love
Shelly Langlais
 [01/11 7:51:08PM] Black and grey

"Two" Legit to Quilt
Emily Hadary
 [01/11 7:42:37PM] Mint M

Quilted Comfort
Ashly Mahon
 [01/11 7:41:36PM] Black Large

Embossed double layer hoodie
Susan Garrick
 [01/11 7:20:14PM] Pink 2xl

Double Up Cozy
Erin Dykstra
 [01/11 7:09:05PM] Mint and Grey, XL

Double Take hoodie; Twice is nice Hoodie; Come Again Pull over;
Angela Jeet
 [01/11 7:04:53PM] L grey and mint

Layered Up Hoodie / Spring into action hoodie / Double Scoop Hoodie
Kelly Robertson
 [01/11 6:56:56PM] Mint & Grey, M

Suzie Q
Sandra Shmyr
 [01/11 6:50:56PM] Pink and grey. S

All in one hoodie
Jeannie Garwood
 [01/11 6:49:58PM] Pink 3XL

All in one huddie
Jeannie carr
 [01/11 6:49:15PM] 3Xl grey

Layer Up Hoodie / Cuddle Envy Hoodie / Embossy and I know it hoodie
Laura McIntosh
 [01/11 6:45:50PM] Mint/Grey XL

Embossed Babe, Lost in Embossed
Shayla Ebner
 [01/11 6:45:42PM] Any colour , medium

Inside Scoop Hoodie
Erica Critchley
 [01/11 6:42:59PM] Black and Grey, XL

Twice as Nice Hoodie
Lee Ann Holman
 [01/11 6:42:15PM] Mint and Grey, Large

Be the embossed, embossed babe
Lauren Paradis
 [01/11 6:40:41PM] Black medium

Double take hoodie
Jennifer krull
 [01/11 6:33:56PM] Black L

Sweet Mayhem
Lindsey Ham
 [01/11 6:32:01PM] Medium - grey

Trina bauch
 [01/11 6:31:42PM] L

Double Up Hoodie
Ashleigh Topliss
 [01/11 6:29:15PM] Grey/Pink - L

Diamonds are in hoodie
Sonia DeSouza
 [01/11 6:24:31PM] The peach in a medium

Sweater weather
Renelle Bryan
 [01/11 6:16:42PM] Medium grey and black

Take a double look hoodie
Janine Wilson.
 [01/11 6:13:29PM] Mint -large

Pockets with hoodie style
Sherry. Sproul
 [01/11 6:08:15PM] Size medium mint

Hibernating Hoodie
Janice Sotnikow
 [01/11 6:02:24PM] Black and gray

Double the fun
Krystle Ford
 [01/11 6:01:01PM] Pink and grey large

Switch-it-up hoodie
Melissa LaPlante
 [01/11 5:55:50PM] Black/grey size 2X or 1X

Two Toned Style Hoodie
Beverly Urschel
 [01/11 5:48:46PM] Pink/Grey 2XL

Corner Zip anywhere hoodie
Corrie Kulbacki
 [01/11 5:47:03PM] Mint and grey medium

Seeing double hoodie
Emily Beukers
 [01/11 5:41:45PM] Mint, M

The Shadow Box Hoodie
Kathy Paradis
 [01/11 5:28:42PM] Black/Grey Size S

On the go
Ashley Harper
 [01/11 5:20:38PM] Mint Large

Not My Granny's Quilting
Kate Britt
 [01/11 5:14:31PM] Mint & Grey, in Small or Medium, depends on fit.

Like a boss
Colleen McLellan
 [01/11 5:11:49PM] Black; size small

Wear It Anywhere Hoodie; Love Me A Hoodie; Wrapped In A Bunny Hug
Jan Halushka
 [01/11 5:07:04PM] Black and Grey, size small

Double Hooded Pull Over
Jacqueline Ralston
 [01/11 5:01:47PM] Mint and Grey. 3XL

Double your fun hoodie
Karen Wallis
 [01/11 5:01:42PM] Mint, small

cozy comfort hoodie
yvonne sims
 [01/11 4:55:42PM] pink & grey size medium

Keep me snug double hoodie
Carolyn Quesnel
 [01/11 4:46:32PM] medium minty

Quilted love
Nicole Dykstra
 [01/11 4:31:50PM] Mint 2xl

Out & About Hoodies
Ann Kwan
 [01/11 4:30:27PM] Grey & Black: Med

Double warmth hoodie
 [01/11 4:21:22PM] Black and grey m

Comfy double cozy
 [01/11 4:18:19PM] Pink and grey 2x

Take Two: But in Colour
Alexandria Bay
 [01/11 4:12:56PM] Grey and Black size Medium

See you Layer hoodie, Call me layer hoodie
Kristen White
 [01/11 4:12:17PM] Medium black and grey

Splash of Colour
 [01/11 4:09:36PM] Black & Grey Size Medium

Quilted to perfection, just like a boss hoodie, styling and profiling hoodie.
Karen devouge
 [01/11 4:08:34PM] Green size medium.

Get Cozy Hoodie
Shalene Boyko
 [01/11 4:07:50PM] Black/Grey, 3XL

Creamsicle Dreams Hoodie
Ashley Jenkins
 [01/11 4:07:14PM] Medium, mint and grey

Twice as nice hoodie
Chelsey Goodwin
 [01/11 4:03:21PM] XL mint & grey

Who’s the Emboss
Allison Forster
 [01/11 4:00:52PM] Black and grey, xl

Jelly Bean Hoodie
Arlie Jonathan
 [01/11 3:49:26PM] Mint and Grey medium

Goodie Hoodie
Arlie Jonathan
 [01/11 3:48:04PM] Mint and grey Medium

Double The Spirit Hoodie , Twice The Spirut Hoodie !!
Kym Readman
 [01/11 3:30:59PM] Mint and Grey , XL

Double the Trouble
Leeanne Lumb
 [01/11 3:22:48PM] Black/grey, Large

Sunday vibes
Krista Grenier
 [01/11 3:15:31PM] Pink and grey XLarge

Embossed Squared
Brittny Syme
 [01/11 3:11:04PM] Mint & grey M

Embosed Squared
Brittny Syme
 [01/11 3:10:22PM] Mint & grey M

Selinda Lye
 [01/11 3:04:42PM] Black and Grey XL

Refreshing all the time Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 3:03:45PM] Black and Grey XL

License to chill hoodie; Glacial Apre hoodie; Freeze the day hoodie; Tip of the iceberg hoodie;
Jennifer Sorko
 [01/11 3:02:34PM] Mint and Grey, Medium

The Selinda Hoodie ?
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:59:26PM] Black XL

Layers of comfort hoodie
Heather Trelka
 [01/11 2:59:15PM] Green, small

I'm Boss hoodie, Boss Hoodie, Pure Comfort Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:59:03PM] Black and Grey XL

Twice is Nice hoodie
Marilyn Apland
 [01/11 2:57:14PM] Grey and black in an XL

Stitched With Love Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:56:42PM] Black XL

Embossed Layered Hoodie
Barb Ziebart
 [01/11 2:55:21PM] Teal Xl

Hiug Me Hooie
Cindy Palmer
 [01/11 2:54:14PM] Pink and Grey size M

Quilted Perfection Hoodie, Perfectly Quilted Hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:51:50PM] Black and Grey XL

Quilt you be mine hoodie
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:50:10PM] Black and Grey XL

Quill you be mine
Selinda Lye
 [01/11 2:46:38PM] Black and Grey XL

Poke a dot to perfection
Melissa carson
 [01/11 2:41:02PM] Black XL

Colour me seasons
Melissa carson
 [01/11 2:39:38PM] Black XL

Seasons comfort
Melissa carson
 [01/11 2:38:55PM] Black XL

Double layered hoodie
Rebecca Crawford
 [01/11 2:38:10PM] XL and dark grey

Quilted Comfort
Christie Williamson
 [01/11 2:35:25PM] Large, mint

Colourful Comfy Hoodies
Julie Fraser
 [01/11 2:33:49PM] Green\Green & Large

Layered with love hoodie, Quilted love hoodie, whole lotta layers & love hoodie
Tanya Nascimento
 [01/11 2:31:20PM] Black medium pleeeeaaaassseee!

It takes two bunnyhug
Nicole Gulutzan
 [01/11 2:28:40PM] Mint Xl

Double Double
Kurt Flesher
 [01/11 2:16:58PM] Black and Grey & Small

Totally tantalizing hoodie
Ashley Maki
 [01/11 2:15:29PM] Black, medium

Double Trouble Hoodie, Embossed Babe, Embossador Hoodie, Double Take Hoodie, Seeing Double Hoodie, Double Vision
Alexis Wiessler
 [01/11 2:13:08PM] Black w gray inside, size small

The Quilty as Charged Hoodie, The Winners Never Quilt Hoodie, The Quilted Cozy Hoodie, The Heart of Pockets Hoodie, The Fade into Pockets Hoodie
Alice Meilleur
 [01/11 2:04:51PM] Small, black and grey (black on top)

Emboss yourself
Jessica Martell
 [01/11 2:04:38PM] Grey and pink, medium

Lovin My Layers Hoodie, Perfectly Perforated Layered Hoodie,
Bobi Manrique
 [01/11 2:04:35PM] pink small

Coziest Layered Hoodie
Kelly Burns
 [01/11 2:01:49PM] Medium - Grey + Mint

Hoodie Squared Coatigan, It Takes Two Coatigan
Erika Just
 [01/11 1:49:32PM] Grey and Black, 2XL

Snuggle up cozy
Nicola Ranson
 [01/11 1:35:51PM] Black medium

Layer me with Waffles Hoodie, Layers of Waffles Comfort Hoodie, Double Cloaked in Quilts Hoodie, Paper Towel Comfort Cloaks , I'm the embossed Hoodie,
Natalie Allard
 [01/11 1:35:47PM] Mint and Grey in Size 3X

Blooming Bright Hoodie
Trista Hurtubise
 [01/11 1:31:48PM] Grey xl

The Cozy Quilted Hoodie
Vickie Bath
 [01/11 12:57:49PM] Black Large

Cozy Scuba Hoodies
Raakhee Pillay
 [01/11 12:51:35PM] Grey & Mint - small

Embossed babe hoodie, Dress to impress hoodie, Embossed moonlight
Morgan Kroker
 [01/11 12:48:40PM] Mint and Grey. Size XL

Double Layer, Double Hooded ,
Amanda Krawchuk
 [01/11 12:46:13PM] Mint and Grey size medium

Double the pleasure double the warmth hoodie
Tracy Penney
 [01/11 12:46:05PM] Grey medium

‘Treat’-Yourself Hoodie
Heather Pender
 [01/11 12:45:32PM] Mint-grey large

Beyond Cosy
Karla Tupling
 [01/11 12:37:12PM] Mint & Grey - Large

On the Double Hoodie
Danielle Elsenaar
 [01/11 12:30:36PM] Black and Grey XL

Etched to perfection
Morgan Kroker
 [01/11 12:28:12PM] Mint and Grey. Size XL

Quilted with a side of cozy
Bobbie-Jo Reuber
 [01/11 12:24:21PM] Black large

Doubled hoods double fun
Lori Levesque
 [01/11 12:22:54PM] Mint XL

Take two Hoodie
Tracy Nelson
 [01/11 12:14:04PM] Black/grey xl

Identical twin Hoodie
Tracy Nelson
 [01/11 12:13:28PM] Black/grey xl

Full Spring Ahead Hoodie; Sorbet All the Way Hoodie; Sorbet All Day Hoodie; Yes Way Sorbet Hoodie; Spring Sorbet Hoodie; Nothing Quilt Like It Hoodie; Emboss of You Hoodie; Boldly Embossed Hoodie; Fresh Start Hoodie
Candice Crosby
 [01/11 12:13:23PM] Mint and grey; large

Living Life Hoodie, Spoil Myself Hoodie, Comfy Cozy Hoodie, Just Chillin Hoodie
Tracy Nelson
 [01/11 12:11:26PM] Grey/black xl

Feel like at home
Beth Adamson
 [01/11 11:58:41AM] Xl pink

Embossy pants hoodie
Kelsey caston
 [01/11 11:48:36AM] Ming&grey large

Softness Meet Sexy
Shelley Kryz
 [01/11 11:47:47AM] Medium- Pink and Grey

Mind over matter hoodie
Tarysa Luening
 [01/11 11:45:52AM] Mint and grey large

Winter Escapes Hoodie
Shannon Perzylo
 [01/11 11:44:06AM] Black/grey 2XL

Double the fun hoodie
Janette Kendrick
 [01/11 11:41:32AM] Grey and mint size medium

Emboss Lady hoodie
Diana Stephens
 [01/11 11:35:43AM] Mint and Grey L

Double Header Hoodie
Alison Warner
 [01/11 11:34:57AM] Mint green xl

“All You’ll Need” offset zipper hoodie
Shelley Fuselli
 [01/11 11:33:54AM] Black and Grey in XL

Double duo
Kerri blais
 [01/11 11:31:26AM] Black and gray

Embossed Layered Hoodie
Laura Miller
 [01/11 11:17:56AM] Mint & large

Hooded Love Layered Hoodie
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [01/11 11:14:16AM] Black and grey or mint and grey large

New in town, double trouble, spring into a new you, cozy cabin
Kathryn Abercromby
 [01/11 11:11:04AM] Black small

Dreamy layers
Amanda lipinski
 [01/11 11:10:02AM] Black medium.

Double the love
Katrina Barrington
 [01/11 11:05:57AM] Mint large

Layer me cozy hoodie
Latanya layden
 [01/11 10:51:07AM] Grey and black size large

Double double... mint , bubblegum or licorice ( for colours.
Julie Davis
 [01/11 10:50:25AM] Pink n Grey XL

Double Feature
Barb Guignard
 [01/11 10:45:58AM] Black - Medium

Amanda huckabone
 [01/11 10:35:14AM] Grey and mint, 2xl

The mom hoodie
Nicole mckinnon
 [01/11 10:27:04AM] Large pink/grey

Double take hoody, second look hoody
Sonja Vanderwood
 [01/11 10:22:53AM] Month small

Second glance hoody,
Sonja Vanderwood
 [01/11 10:21:55AM] Mint and gray size small

Karma Chameleon hoodie
Adriana Gaven
 [01/11 10:20:09AM] Medium pink and grey

Hooded Roo (#AustraliaFires)
Angela Debert
 [01/11 10:17:36AM] Mint & Grey

Lovely in layers hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/11 10:16:02AM] Black in small

Don’t emboss me around hoodie
Allison Richardson
 [01/11 10:12:22AM] Grey and Large

Quilted Comfort Hoodie
Elena Swan
 [01/11 10:10:34AM] Mint and gray large

Creamylicious Hoodie
Kate Mroz
 [01/11 10:08:13AM] Pink size small

Lounging under the hood quilted sweater
Angela Skoreiko
 [01/11 10:06:46AM] Mint/grey 2XL

Two sweet layered hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/11 10:04:05AM] Small in mint

Weekend Retreat
Sharon Moore
 [01/11 10:00:05AM] Large

Quilted Comfort
Erin Anderson
 [01/11 9:58:59AM] Black 3xl

Two hoods are better than one
Michelle Ferguson
 [01/11 9:58:24AM] Black with grey hood

Beneath the layers hoodie
Susanne langver
 [01/11 9:54:30AM] Pink, size XL

Layer for Days Hooded Sweater
Sarah langver
 [01/11 9:53:50AM] Mint, size small

Cozy Bunny Hug (layered) Hoodie, Double The Comfort (layered) Hoodie
Kari Manriquez
 [01/11 9:43:21AM] Pastel green, medium

Double Embossed Comfy
Krista murray
 [01/11 9:37:49AM] Black and Grey , xl

Embossed in layers hoodie
Amanda Worden
 [01/11 9:37:33AM] Black and Grey Small

Gratuity Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:37:04AM] XL Mint and Grey

Good in the Hood
Mareena Healey
 [01/11 9:31:54AM] XL, pink and grey

The Balmy Bunny Hugger
Kaila Gouthro-Powell
 [01/11 9:31:49AM] Mint and grey, 2XL

Quilty Pleasures
Christy Moschopedis
 [01/11 9:31:13AM] small mint

Hood Up Chill Out Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:26:49AM] XL Pink and Grey

Double Chill Protection Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:24:05AM] XL Mint and Grey

Dynamic Duo Hoodie
Raizee Crape
 [01/11 9:23:33AM] Black & Grey 2XL

Cozy Has Many Layers
Stefania Franzisi
 [01/11 9:21:37AM] Mint green & grey XL

Field Goal Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:19:37AM] XL Mint and Grey

Two Pointer Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:17:28AM] XL Mint and Grey

Quilted for your warth
Samantha Paetkau
 [01/11 9:17:16AM] Grey and Large

Long Live the Layers Hoodie, Layered Life Hoodie, Bundle Up Bunny Hug, Cozy Up Bunny Hug
Danielle Gouin
 [01/11 9:16:32AM] Green/ Grey size L

Layer anywhere hoodie
Eleanor Savarino
 [01/11 9:15:06AM] L, grey and pink

Itching to be Stitching Hoodie
Emily Bawtinheimer
 [01/11 9:15:01AM] Mint & Grey, XL

Turn Around Again Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:13:49AM] XL Grey and Black

Quilted in comfort
Eva Murray
 [01/11 9:12:31AM] Pink and Grey xl

Head Turner Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:12:02AM] XL Mint and Grey

Déjà Vu Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:10:49AM] XL Grey and Black

Happy Hood Life
Claudine Brown
 [01/11 9:10:45AM] Mint and Grey...2xl

Second Look Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 9:09:27AM] XL Mint and Grey

Snug in the Hood
Christine Rinn
 [01/11 9:04:08AM] Small mint and grey

The Weekender
Angela Karn
 [01/11 9:03:57AM] Black small

In the hood hoodie
Christine Pellerine
 [01/11 9:03:13AM] Mint size large

Doubled Up
Kelly Paryniak
 [01/11 8:55:14AM] Large in grey

Call me cozy hoodie
 [01/11 8:53:11AM] Mint and grey. Medium

Bundle up hoodie
Jessica Willier
 [01/11 8:50:18AM] Grey XL

Baby it’s cold outside !
Jessica Willier
 [01/11 8:48:56AM] Black Xl

Double Trouble Hoodie
Sara Monette
 [01/11 8:48:19AM] Small and black and grey

Lazy Days Coatigan
Sarah Reuangrith
 [01/11 8:48:16AM] Black medium

On Cloud 9 Hoodie
Sara Monette
 [01/11 8:46:16AM] Size Small and Black and Grey

Embossed Layered hoodie
Sheena Fiander
 [01/11 8:38:50AM] Any colour, but love green. Size M

Comfy Cozy
Nancy Coles
 [01/11 8:37:12AM] Black and Grey. medium

Cross pop hoodie
Nichole Roszell
 [01/11 8:35:57AM] Teal, Lg

Double Trouble
Jody Douthwright
 [01/11 8:34:44AM] L /mint and gray

Lovely Layer Hoodie, Lively In Layers Hoodie, Layers In Love Hoodie
Jennifer Barone
 [01/11 8:34:12AM] Large black and grey

Embossed layered hoodie
Kristi Hawrysh
 [01/11 8:32:02AM] Grey and black or mint and grey

Waffely Warm
Colleen Andries
 [01/11 8:28:10AM] Xl-black

Beyond the everyday
Kiley Anderson
 [01/11 8:27:36AM] Black and grey - medium

The quilted Gemini hoody
Kelly Neufeld
 [01/11 8:26:33AM] Black large

Seeing Double hoodie
Lisa Etty
 [01/11 8:21:04AM] Black and grey - xl

Double Vision hoodie
Lisa Etty
 [01/11 8:20:23AM] Black and grey - xl

Quilt Up Hoodie
Michelle Walker
 [01/11 8:20:22AM] Pink and grey

Decorative Dual Hoodie
Erika White
 [01/11 8:19:37AM] Small Black

Layer Up Coatigan, cozy embossed coatigan
Michelle Underwood
 [01/11 8:18:13AM] Pink and grey, large

Layer to Love
Loraine Lalonde
 [01/11 8:18:07AM] pink medium

Two Hoods are Better Than One hoodie
Lisa Etty
 [01/11 8:17:42AM] Black with grey accent - xl

Cusual comfort
Shanna B
 [01/11 8:17:37AM] Small mint and grey

Embossed with love
Natalie reisch
 [01/11 8:13:01AM] Mint large

Freestyle Fun
Lindy Schneider
 [01/11 8:10:17AM] Mint and Grey & medium

Free hugs
Laura Galbraith
 [01/11 8:09:46AM] Mint, M

Spring Breeze hoodie
Ruth Vannieuwenhuizen
 [01/11 8:08:26AM] Green. Medium

Colour me cozy
Laura Galbraith
 [01/11 8:07:49AM] Teal, M

License to chill
Laura Galbraith
 [01/11 8:06:31AM] Teal, M

Two Cute Hoodie, Layer Me Lovely, Better if you Two
Janelle Olchowski
 [01/11 8:05:55AM] Mint medium

Better than a bunny’s hug!
Joanne olorenshaw
 [01/11 8:05:22AM] Grey and black. Size small

Northern Quilted Hoodie, Boss lady hoodie, cozy cuddle up hoodie, double the warmth hoodie
Jennifer Hayes
 [01/11 8:04:41AM] mint green Large

The hug
Alicia Deklerk
 [01/11 8:01:18AM] Size small. Grey and mint please

All Tucked In Hoodie
Katie Flanagan
 [01/11 8:00:44AM] Black size large

The weekender hoody
Michelle Lewis
 [01/11 7:51:23AM] Mint and grey size medium

The Homey Hybrid Hoodie
Sarah Lukens
 [01/11 7:44:26AM] Black, med

Sunday Feels Hoodie
Jenna Paradis
 [01/11 7:40:12AM] Turquoise- Large

Take: Two hoodie
Sarah Lukens
 [01/11 7:34:36AM] Mint, Med.

Double the cuddles
Tammy Droeshout
 [01/11 7:33:54AM] 2xl mint

Double Down Hoodie
Sarah Lukens
 [01/11 7:29:10AM] Mint, Med.

Don’t squeeze the Charmin
Kyra Mochizuki
 [01/11 7:29:00AM] Grey/black small

Double Up, Buttercup / Twice as Nice
Marissa Scott
 [01/11 7:27:07AM] Mint, 3XL

Cozy Creamsicle hoodie
Shannon Emerick
 [01/11 7:16:10AM] Black and grey 2XL

Layer me up hoodie
Cindy Sijpheer
 [01/11 7:15:48AM] Pink and Grey size M

Pastel Dreams Hoodie
Shannon Emerick
 [01/11 7:12:49AM] Pink and grey 2XL

Lady Boss Hoodie
Arlene Norrish
 [01/11 7:11:13AM] Pink and Gray. Size large

Like a emboss hoodie
Lori Forsyth
 [01/11 6:49:36AM] Xl mint and black

Layered! Zippered! Go!
Kendra montie
 [01/11 6:48:17AM] Black and large

Double hoodie
Lori Forsyth
 [01/11 6:47:58AM] Xlblack

Seeking serenity
Lori forsyth
 [01/11 6:46:55AM] Xl mint and black

Jessica McGinley
 [01/11 6:45:48AM] Mint/grey medium

Twice the hugs hoodie, Two hug hoodie
Julie Lowdermilk
 [01/11 6:45:29AM] Pink Small

Lace Knit Quilt Hoodie
Kira Toews
 [01/11 6:44:26AM] Mint and Medium

Double the comfort
Brenna Siroski
 [01/11 6:36:08AM] Mint & medium

Double Decker;
Susan Constantine
 [01/11 6:34:01AM] Black/Grey 2XL

Layer me warm hoodie
Angela Rodgers
 [01/11 6:29:10AM] Pink large

Kozy Quilt Layered Hoodie
Nikki Anderson
 [01/11 6:28:31AM] Mint green XL

Quilted Cutie Hoodie, Day Dreaming Hoodie, Take Your Blanket Outside Hoodie
Michelle Matthews
 [01/11 6:24:57AM] Medium, Pink

Warm Hug Hoodie, Hug Me Hoodie, Quilted Cutie Coatigan, Day Dreaming Coatigan, Take Your Blanket Outside Coatigan
Michelle Matthews
 [01/11 6:21:23AM] Pink, Medium

Layer Up Hoodie
Natasha Hackman
 [01/11 6:19:35AM] Mint and Grey, 3XL

Feel the warmth hoodie
 [01/11 6:12:09AM] Peach/grey small

Color Me Cozy Hoodie
Patricia Bader
 [01/11 6:10:08AM] Pink/grey size small

Quilting Me Softly Hoodie
Karleigh Neufeld
 [01/11 6:08:33AM] Mint (L)

Doubled up hoodie
Leah Novak
 [01/11 6:08:06AM] Black size medium

Double it up Hoodie
Danielle Bilodeau
 [01/11 4:55:51AM] Mint and grey. XL

Cuddle up to a good hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:35:32AM] Grey 2X

Hip hip hurray hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:34:08AM] Pink 2X

Snuggly Hopdie
Patrivis Payne
 [01/11 4:31:32AM] Black & grey 3xl

Fall in love again Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:30:01AM] Black 2X

Harlequin Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/11 4:26:23AM] Pink 2X

On the Double Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/11 4:24:01AM] Mint, Medium, please!

The double snuggle
Mandi Maher
 [01/11 3:54:29AM] Mint, small

Double Up Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 3:46:54AM] XL Mint and Grey

Double Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/11 3:46:07AM] XL Grey and Black

Hello Spring Coatigan , Quilt Cute coatigan, girl emBOSSed coatigan, the spring fling coatigan
Taylor williams
 [01/11 3:11:35AM] Pink and grey xl

Double trouble cozy comfort
Amanda Grant
 [01/11 3:10:55AM] Black M

Em-Boss Lady Hoodie, Quilted Threads Hoodie
Liv Scurr
 [01/11 2:19:57AM] Grey & black 2xl

The Layered bliss
Michelle Kenny
 [01/11 2:15:28AM] Green and xl

Double hooded bunny hug
Bonnie Scheller
 [01/11 1:18:45AM] Teal large

Catch you layer hoodie
Ann Beck
 [01/11 12:06:23AM] Black & grey 3xl

Embossed in the melodies
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/11 12:05:22AM] Black and grey large

Empires embossed
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/11 12:04:04AM] Black and grey large

Embossed invitation
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/11 12:02:41AM] Black and grey large

Epic Breeze
Samantha johnson
 [01/11 12:00:57AM] Mint sz Lg

Electric slide hoodie
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/10 11:56:51PM] Pink and grey Large

In living colour
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/10 11:56:07PM] Pink and grey Large

Fun and flirty
Ashlie McBryan
 [01/10 11:55:03PM] Mint and grey large

Girl please
Rodi Murray
 [01/10 11:48:47PM] Mint green and grey size small

Opposites attract
Rachel Munroe
 [01/10 11:41:52PM] Medium

Snugglzzz down
Shelley Artuso
 [01/10 11:23:21PM] Black 3x

Colour Blocked
Jody Chatman
 [01/10 11:22:59PM] Black and Grey, XL

Pure comfort
Shelley Artuso
 [01/10 11:21:57PM] Black 3x

Sweat and swag
Anwyn Megan Rigby
 [01/10 11:20:11PM] Blue xl

Free Fallin Hoodie
Erin Legare
 [01/10 11:17:31PM] Mint and grey

Snug and cozy hoodie
Stephanie Ayers
 [01/10 11:08:25PM] Mint and grey xl

Cool comfort
Warna Maxwell
 [01/10 10:57:09PM] Mint & grey

Comforter and Cozy Hoodie
Kelly Koshinsky
 [01/10 10:49:32PM] Green and Gray Medium

Keepin delightful
Andrea Sian
 [01/10 10:49:25PM] Black & grey xl

Quilted cozy hoodie
Laurie Ward
 [01/10 10:43:50PM] Black/XL

Freestyle hoodie, comfy cozy hoodie
Kristen Lazowski
 [01/10 10:06:39PM] 2xl

Two faced hoodie
Kristy D
 [01/10 9:59:30PM] Pink small

Megan Reay
 [01/10 9:58:30PM] Mint & grey size medium

Walk With Me
Traci Tebb
 [01/10 9:55:57PM] Size small, black or mint

Double love hoodie
Michelle Unger
 [01/10 9:51:35PM] Extra large Mint and Grey

calm and balmy sweat top
Karen Borys
 [01/10 9:38:48PM] pink/grey -extra large

Twice as nice hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/10 9:36:28PM] Mint in small

Molded Hoodie
Barbara Wells-Taylor
 [01/10 9:28:09PM] Mint large

Quintessential Quilted Hoodie
Shelley Turner
 [01/10 9:28:05PM] Black & size small

Neapolitan I’ve cream
Andrea Morrison
 [01/10 9:24:21PM] Pink/ medium

Layer Luck
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:22:08PM] MINT XXL

Miss Under Hood
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:21:42PM] MINT XXL

Layer up hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:21:32PM] mint and grey, S

Quilt that hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:21:03PM] mint and grey, S

The Tantalizing Textured hoodie; Pretty in pattern
Jessica Lizotte
 [01/10 9:20:43PM] Mint & Large

Double the fun hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:20:04PM] mint and grey, S

Luck Be a Layer
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:19:41PM] MINT XXL

My kind of quilt hoodie
Ina Hammer
 [01/10 9:19:21PM] mint and grey, S

Counterbalance Hoodie
Candice MacNeil
 [01/10 9:19:11PM] Black in small

Twice as nice hoodie
Shannon Strachan
 [01/10 9:18:39PM] Black(body)/grey. Size XL

Side Gig; Side Hustle
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 9:18:36PM] Mint XXL

Puff the magic Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 9:11:57PM] Pink 2X

Emladybossed hoodie
Kirsten Ward
 [01/10 9:10:29PM] Pink and Grey 2xl

Déjà vu Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 9:09:07PM] Pink 2X

Double layer hoodie
Janique Grimard
 [01/10 9:05:52PM] Pink & Grey size L

spring fever hoodie
sharon hein
 [01/10 9:05:48PM] pink and grey 2

Double Cross Coatigan; Double Dare Hoodie; Double edged Sweater
Candice Daniels
 [01/10 9:04:17PM] Pink Medium

Cozy Up Hoodie
Bronwyn Taylor
 [01/10 9:01:56PM] Xl black

Double take hoodie
Heather Mcilmoyle
 [01/10 9:00:42PM] Black L

Criss cross my heart hoodie
Heather Mcilmoyle
 [01/10 8:59:52PM] Black L

Layer With Me Sweater
Andrea Burbank
 [01/10 8:59:05PM] Mint & Grey sz Large

Quilted Comfort
Stacey Pittakidis
 [01/10 8:58:41PM] Mint and grey. Large.

Two Legit
Angela Culham
 [01/10 8:57:02PM] Mint- xl

The snug bug hoodie
Jessica Mills
 [01/10 8:53:17PM] Mint and large

Twinning it up Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:52:54PM] Pink 2X

The Double up Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:51:38PM] Black 2X

Double Down Hoodie / Double Take Hoodie
Thea Windle
 [01/10 8:50:02PM] Black with grey size L

Layer Me Up
Candace Woollam
 [01/10 8:49:52PM] Mint & Grey size medium

Double the comfort hoodie
Wendy Sharp
 [01/10 8:49:23PM] XL in pink/grey

Colour me cozy hoodie, double your comfort hoodie, ‘em boss girls in the hood
Kristin Marchand
 [01/10 8:48:31PM] XL pink and grey

Pocket full of comfort
Wendy Sharp
 [01/10 8:46:53PM] Large black/grey

Long and Luscious; Hello Hoodie; Emboss Babe; Snuggle me softly; Hoodie Be Foolin’; Twice the Love; The Fanciful (means..false) Hoodie; Off-the-mark (also means false) Hoodie;
Tina Boekelder
 [01/10 8:46:46PM] Pink; medium

Sheer Veneer hoodie
Angie Faiers
 [01/10 8:45:44PM] Black and grey size Medium

Too Cozy Hoodie
Tracy Conway
 [01/10 8:45:09PM] Black & Grey size S

Snug as a bug Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:44:01PM] Black 2X

Layered in Love Hoodie
Lindsay Zaik
 [01/10 8:42:26PM] Mint and grey size medium please :)

Double time comfort
Christina LukemanFarrell
 [01/10 8:40:40PM] Black in large

Twist of Double Comfort
Laurie Knull
 [01/10 8:39:30PM] Pink/Grey XL

Double Double Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:36:59PM] Pink 2X

Love Me Some Layers Hoodie
Amber Stevens
 [01/10 8:35:15PM] Teal & S

Double the Love Hoodie
Jaylene Blum
 [01/10 8:35:03PM] Mint and Grey Medium

Layers of vanilla
Amanda lipinski
 [01/10 8:34:32PM] Black and medium.

Comfort and love wrapped in one
Pam richter
 [01/10 8:34:22PM] Black and grey in large

Layer On Me
Amber Stevens
 [01/10 8:34:02PM] Teal & S

Colour Coordinated Hoodie
Amber Stevens
 [01/10 8:33:28PM] Teal & S

Dream weaver
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 8:33:21PM] 2X any colour except mint

Alex McRae
 [01/10 8:33:20PM] mint - small

Lovely quilted layers
Amanda lipinski
 [01/10 8:30:42PM] Black and medium

Double the Fun
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [01/10 8:29:52PM] Medium - pink

Twice as Nice
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [01/10 8:29:05PM] Medium - pink

Two of a Kind Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:28:37PM] Mint, Medium, please! Xo

It Takes Two Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:27:28PM] Mint, Medium please!

Living in Layers
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [01/10 8:27:19PM] Pink medium

Layers for the win, layer it on thick hoodie, layer on the cozy hoodie, layer her with cozy hoodie
Tamara Zaretski
 [01/10 8:26:39PM] Pink and grey in large

Smoochy me hoodie
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 8:24:17PM] 2X - any colour except mint

Comfy duo hoodie
Miranda Goldstein
 [01/10 8:23:43PM] Xl grey and black

Twice the Personality Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:22:26PM] Mint, Medium xo

Two Times a Charm Hoodie
Sarah Senior
 [01/10 8:20:24PM] Mint, medium xo

Twice As Nice Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:20:22PM] Black 2X

Candis miller
 [01/10 8:19:53PM] Grey medium

Cozychic! The comfy of a sweatshirt but the look of a smart,stylish and fashionable top!!!
Mindy Strickland
 [01/10 8:18:21PM] Mint, L

Baby it’s Warm Inside Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:17:50PM] Black 2X

Double scoop
Candis miller
 [01/10 8:16:47PM] Mint medium

Hoodie Up and Snuggle Me
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:16:29PM] Pink 2X

Mint to be
Candis miller
 [01/10 8:15:47PM] Mint medium

All good in the hood
Candis miller
 [01/10 8:14:49PM] Mint medium

Snuggle Up Hoodie
Candace Van Wolde
 [01/10 8:14:30PM] Grey, XL

Hoodie Up And Hug Me Again
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:14:16PM] Pink 2X

Snug as a bug
Tamara Benson
 [01/10 8:14:05PM] Black 2xl

Cuddle up and Huggy Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:12:34PM] Pink 2X

Seas The Hoodie
Sandra Dussiaume
 [01/10 8:11:43PM] greenxl

Two over hoodie
Gloria Katrinchuk
 [01/10 8:10:19PM] Black XL

Double Double Hoodie
Christy Hudacek
 [01/10 8:10:06PM] Size XL I love all the colours !

Double Double Hoodie, When Two Become One Hoodie, Doppleganger Hoodie
Kristyn McCarthy
 [01/10 8:10:04PM] Mint & Grey XL

Snuggle Me Up Hoodie
Niada Monkman
 [01/10 8:08:02PM] Pink and Grey 2xl

Buy it while it lasts hoodie
Rita Alberton
 [01/10 8:07:57PM] Small green

Diamond Heights Hoodie
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [01/10 8:07:09PM] Black, Small

Cozy Curbed Hoodie
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [01/10 8:06:50PM] Black, Small

Be At Ease Hoodie
Sandra Dussiaume
 [01/10 8:05:19PM] greenXl

Cozy Up Hoodie
Agnes Connors
 [01/10 8:03:08PM] Pink and grey, size large

Layered for love Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 8:02:12PM] Pink 2X

Pretty in Pastel Hoody
Kara Thompson
 [01/10 7:58:55PM] Mint, small

Colour it cozy hoodie
Jennifer Barrow
 [01/10 7:58:46PM] Black and Grey & medium

Embossably soft Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:58:26PM] Pink 2X

Layer by layer hoodie
Genista Richards
 [01/10 7:57:58PM] Black and grey size large

Layer Me Cozy
Lesley McGougan
 [01/10 7:57:30PM] Black and Grey XL

Joey Pouch Hoodie
Sherry Wells
 [01/10 7:57:27PM] Mint green in size large

Dare to be comfy hoodie
Bailey Andrusiak
 [01/10 7:56:09PM] Grey and mint small

Hug me S’more Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:54:51PM] Grey 2X

Fall into spring hoodies
Gisele Therien
 [01/10 7:54:22PM] Pink....size 3X

Quilt Playing with My Heart Hoodie
Lesley Willford
 [01/10 7:51:31PM] Pink & Grey 2XL

Be Your Own Em-Boss Hoodie
Heather Stoppa
 [01/10 7:51:03PM] Mint & Grey; M

Lovely Layers Hoodie
Kristen McDonald
 [01/10 7:49:03PM] Mint, L

Quilted In
Sarah Leggett
 [01/10 7:48:16PM] Black and Grey

Hooded Beauty
Melissa Crawford
 [01/10 7:47:17PM] Mint/Grey : Small

Center Stage Hoodie
Sandra Dussiaume
 [01/10 7:46:41PM] green Xl

Hoodie two shoes
Vicki Hanson
 [01/10 7:44:32PM] Grey and black, 2xl

Lay your hands on me
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:44:09PM] Grey 2X

Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:40:47PM] Black 2X

Girls’ Night In
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:37:18PM] Black or pink 2X

Comfortably yum Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:34:27PM] Black 2X

Double vision
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:34:02PM] Black or Pink 2X

Seeing double
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:33:17PM] Black 2X

Weekend warmth
Marilyn Hector
 [01/10 7:32:18PM] Mint Xl

Quilting me softly with your love
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:31:22PM] Pink 2X or Black 2X. Surprise me!

Baby it’s cold outside
Laura Paterson
 [01/10 7:30:40PM] Pink, small

Double the hugs hoodie
Leah Anderson
 [01/10 7:30:36PM] Pink and Grey, large

Quilted Dreams Hoodie, Quilt me in hoodie,
Jana Mottl
 [01/10 7:29:48PM] Mint and grey, XL

Northern Comfort
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:29:15PM] 2X Black

Southern Comfort
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 7:28:45PM] Black 2X

Love Me Two Times Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:25:18PM] Black 2X

Dreaming of you hoodie!
Cindy Bond
 [01/10 7:24:33PM] Pink size large

“Double Dare to Wear Hoodie!”
Annette OQuinn
 [01/10 7:23:57PM] Mint and grey

Crush the Cold, Color Block Comfort, She’s got style sweater
Shayla Hilliard
 [01/10 7:22:56PM] Grey with black, small

Double Your Pleasure Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:22:50PM] Black 2X

The Comfy Hug
Kandace Turnbull
 [01/10 7:20:28PM] Large Mint and Grey

Double Snuggle Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:19:49PM] Black 2X

Goodie Hoodie
Cindy Bond
 [01/10 7:17:30PM] Mint / size lg

Double Up Hoodie
Renae Dumont
 [01/10 7:17:04PM] Black & Grey in 2XL

‘This Ain’t your Grandma’s Hoodie’,
Stephanie Lawton
 [01/10 7:15:47PM] Black and Grey, Large

Quilted-Pleasures Hoodie
Vic Moreira
 [01/10 7:15:16PM] Black 2X

Double take hoodie
Megan Summers
 [01/10 7:04:41PM] Large, mint

Here To Go Hoodie
Crystal Henrickson
 [01/10 7:04:05PM] Mint and Grey size XL

Wrapped up weekend hoodie
Sarah mackenzie
 [01/10 6:59:26PM] Green and grey xl

Spring into comfort
Cara rogers
 [01/10 6:58:07PM] Pink grey medium

The boss of hoodies
Jennifer Freamon
 [01/10 6:57:19PM] Pink xxl

Quilted For Her Hoodie, Quilt to go Hoodie, Quite the Quilt Hoodie
Jenna Mulholland
 [01/10 6:56:43PM] 2XL Mint and Grey

Double raglan sleeve hoodie
Michelle stamm
 [01/10 6:54:24PM] Pink grey size large

Twice is nice hoodie
Anna Young
 [01/10 6:53:55PM] Black with grey xlarge

Quilted cloud layered hoodie
Erin Nault
 [01/10 6:53:41PM] Black with grey trim; size small

Divine Duo to Go Hoodie
Pirjo Pike
 [01/10 6:52:41PM] Grey and Black - Large

I Em The Boss hoodie
Kimberley Williams
 [01/10 6:51:59PM] Mint-grey size medium please

Bonny Bunny
Dianne Bartok
 [01/10 6:50:36PM] Black & grey medium

The Cozy
Kelly Jo O'Neill-Duvall
 [01/10 6:47:13PM] XL mint & grey

Quiltin’ Time
Karey MacDonald
 [01/10 6:44:31PM] Mint & Grey, size medium

"E'm boss" in 2 toned hoodie
Louise Kemp
 [01/10 6:40:02PM] Pink and Grey M.

Pocket layer up
Charlene Boulanger
 [01/10 6:39:56PM] Black & xl

Layer me lovely hoodie
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 6:39:09PM] Mint small

Layered Love Hoodie
Kim Weishuhn
 [01/10 6:38:46PM] Medium Black

Life has layers hoodie
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 6:35:18PM] Mint small

Double Trouble
Christine Barkic
 [01/10 6:33:50PM] XL Black if I'm so lucky! Thank you :)

Quilted Comfort Hoodie
Elena Robertson
 [01/10 6:32:38PM] Mint M

Spring Into Action Hoodie
Elena Robertson
 [01/10 6:31:18PM] Coral M

It’s all about the hood
Jennifer freamon
 [01/10 6:29:08PM] Pink xl

Wits al about the hood
Jennifer Freamon
 [01/10 6:28:23PM] Pink xl

Nothing is emboss-ible hoodie
Caroline Hultgren
 [01/10 6:27:27PM] M in Mint and Grey

Love the Emboss-ible hoodie
Caroline Hultgren
 [01/10 6:26:36PM] M in mint and grey

Never Too Much
 [01/10 6:26:01PM] Black and grey 3xl

Layered perfection hoodie
Cassandra Stebbe
 [01/10 6:24:41PM] Pink medium

Cabin Fever
Jennifer Langevin
 [01/10 6:22:35PM] Black 2XL

Powdered Snow Layered Hoodie
Stacey Ashurst
 [01/10 6:21:55PM] Mint and grey XL

Soft & stylin hoody
Deanne Oleksyn
 [01/10 6:18:25PM] Pink small

Double Love Sweater
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [01/10 6:18:14PM] Black, Medium

Haven Hoodie
Crystal Vaillancourt
 [01/10 6:17:58PM] Grey medium

Hood blinked
Amanda Frost
 [01/10 6:16:58PM] Grey and black size small

Like a Boss
Sharmayne Colvin
 [01/10 6:16:21PM] Mint & grey, XL

Iced out hoodie
Kim Wasylyshen
 [01/10 6:12:28PM] Black large

A Layer of the Embossable
Donna Baron
 [01/10 6:12:08PM] Mint in a size large

Livin La Vida Loca Quilted Hoodie
Diane Nieuwhof
 [01/10 6:11:42PM] Mint/grey Large

Double Coated Wonder-ful Hoody
Jacquie Middleton
 [01/10 6:10:10PM] Black, large. :) thank you!!

Sweet Caroline
Tanya Hart
 [01/10 6:09:44PM] Mint XL

It’s All Hood Hoodie
Andrea Hennel
 [01/10 6:08:51PM] Mint/Grey size S

It Takes Two to Tango Hoody, Twice as Nice Hoody, Waffle-y Warmth Hoody
Jacquie Middleton
 [01/10 6:07:40PM] Black, large ...thank you!!

Double the Cuddle
Amy Evans
 [01/10 6:06:42PM] Medium and pink

At my leisure hoodie
Maureen Meers
 [01/10 6:01:39PM] Green large

Double Take Hoodie
Katrina Kort
 [01/10 6:00:30PM] Pink & Grey, Large

Must Have Hoodie
Heidi A Roche
 [01/10 5:59:40PM] Medium pink/grey

Doing the Embossable Hoodie
Janaya Baron
 [01/10 5:59:25PM] Mint size medium

Layered Bliss
Leah Kaluza
 [01/10 5:58:42PM] Black Grey size Medium

cozy elegance hoodie
yvonne sims
 [01/10 5:58:24PM] pink and grey. size medium?

Double Hooded Hoodie
Robyn Favreau
 [01/10 5:52:44PM] Black and a large

Double Hooded Diva
 [01/10 5:52:16PM] Black/grey medium

Weekend's Here Hoodie, Casual Vibes Hoodie, Brrrrring It On Hoodie, Weekend Waffles Hoodie
Tecia Beulens
 [01/10 5:49:50PM] M/L, Green

Living in Layers
Meggan Lefebvre
 [01/10 5:49:49PM] Pink & Grey - large

Live Love Layers
Meggan Lefebvre
 [01/10 5:48:46PM] Pink & Grey - large

The Hang out hoodie
Brittany Roberts
 [01/10 5:48:33PM] Pink size small

Double time hoodie
Melanie Rumley
 [01/10 5:47:56PM] S, black and grey

Blockbuster hoodie, you had me at cozy,
Laura Bajic
 [01/10 5:47:11PM] Mint and grey, medium

Shopping @ home hoddie
Rachel gadica
 [01/10 5:46:54PM] Black med

Embossed on the Double
Nikki Joyce
 [01/10 5:46:47PM] Mint and grey, small

Layer me up Hoodie
Stacy Wallace
 [01/10 5:46:10PM] Mint and Grey & Large

Miss Pastel Hoodie
Angela Fogarty
 [01/10 5:44:30PM] Xl mint

It takes 2 hoodie
Tasha Jensen
 [01/10 5:43:29PM] Black and grey size large

Laid Off Today Hoodie
Angie Fogarty
 [01/10 5:43:28PM] Xl mint

Come Together Chic Hoodie
Angela Fogarty
 [01/10 5:42:08PM] Xl Mint

emBoss your inner babe
Carrie Schmid
 [01/10 5:41:24PM] Black and grey XL

On The Go2 Hoody
Patricia Taylor
 [01/10 5:40:40PM] Large -grey/black

Early Sunrise Hoodie
Angie Fogarty
 [01/10 5:40:28PM] XL mint colour

Halo Hoodie
Nichole Gray
 [01/10 5:39:34PM] Grey & Mint, 2XL

Double down hoodie
Kristen martens
 [01/10 5:34:32PM] Pink and grey large

Two times cozy
Melonie Bateman
 [01/10 5:33:28PM] Black and grey medium ?

You Can't Fool Me Hoodie
Ronni Grosenick
 [01/10 5:28:00PM] Mint Large

Casual Comfort Hoody
Deb Brandics
 [01/10 5:27:54PM] Mint/grey 3xl

Double quilted fun.
Linda McAuley
 [01/10 5:27:17PM] Mint green and size xl

Snuggy Hoodie
Kathy Richards
 [01/10 5:25:12PM] XL black

EmBoss 2 The Max
Kym Readman
 [01/10 5:22:10PM] Mint and Grey , XL

2 Much Fun Hoodie, Twice The Fun Hoodie
Kym Readman
 [01/10 5:19:25PM] Mint and Grey , XL

Layer Me Up hoodie
Christel Delainey
 [01/10 5:17:53PM] Mint & Grey 2XL

Layer Slayer
Gloria Gaddie
 [01/10 5:11:51PM] Black XXL

Sherbert hoodie ( because the colours remind me of sherbert ice cream)
Yolanda Thomas
 [01/10 5:09:39PM] XL black

Double time
Katherine Dell
 [01/10 5:09:02PM] Large , all black

Quilted Layers
Sophie Graveline
 [01/10 5:08:56PM] Black and Grey 1xl

Uptown Double Vibe Hoodie
Amanda Baxter
 [01/10 5:05:24PM] mint 2xl

Embossed layered hoodie
Maxine Stride
 [01/10 5:04:38PM] Grey size large

It's time!
Monique Gallant
 [01/10 4:56:41PM] Green LG

Two Hoods are Better than one
Lauralee Majeau
 [01/10 4:56:27PM] Pink small

Layer Over Hoodie
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 4:55:14PM] Mint small

Diamonds are Forever Hoodie
Katie Rioux
 [01/10 4:55:13PM] Black Large

This grey hoodie must be SEEN in Pink or GREEN also available in grey and black or black and grey!
Cassandra Heighton
 [01/10 4:55:01PM] Black and grey small

Layers of love hoodie
Tara Kennedy
 [01/10 4:54:28PM] Mint and Grey, Medium

Double Me Up Hoodie
Ashley Nicol
 [01/10 4:54:08PM] Mint and medium

Nothing is Embossable
Tracy Fisher
 [01/10 4:53:55PM] Teal, size small

The layers of you
Veronica Keenan
 [01/10 4:53:13PM] Mint small

Citywide Contrast Hoody
Amanda Baxter
 [01/10 4:50:50PM] mint 2xl

The snuggle hood
Lynn bown
 [01/10 4:49:14PM] Pink xl

Winter warm
Chris Sleger
 [01/10 4:48:37PM] 2xl? Real or coral

It’s kind of fun to do the embossable
Kerri Martin
 [01/10 4:48:31PM] Black, size M

Work's Over, Pullover
Meaghan Walker
 [01/10 4:46:06PM] Mint and grey, small

Hoodwinked Hoodie
Elizabeth Anderson
 [01/10 4:45:20PM] small grey/black

Cotton Candy Coatigan
Eldon Young
 [01/10 4:43:21PM] Mint Size Large

The Ultimate Hoodie
Tammy Haywood
 [01/10 4:41:53PM] Black & Grey M

Embossy Babe Hoodie
Ashley Lindbo
 [01/10 4:41:22PM] black medium

Pitter Pattern Hoodie
Tina MacDonald
 [01/10 4:40:56PM] Green medium

Sweat Treats Hoodie
Kimberly Young
 [01/10 4:40:39PM] Mint size Large

Embossably Cozy Hoodie
Jill Rue
 [01/10 4:39:19PM] Black size medium

Double me softly in colours
Toni martino
 [01/10 4:36:19PM] Large

Hoodie of a different colour
Lyndsey baker
 [01/10 4:33:51PM] Large black

Embossably Soft Hoodie
Jill Rue
 [01/10 4:33:46PM] Black size medium

Shine Bright like a Diamond Hoodie
Jaime Burgoyne
 [01/10 4:30:35PM] S mint

twofold hoodie, endless opportunities hoodie, perfectly paired hoodie
Richanda Zurowski
 [01/10 4:27:16PM] Medium mint (possibly large depending on fit)

I’m Glamping by the Fire
Jenn Hodgson
 [01/10 4:25:59PM] 2X

Double Up Hoodie, Double Mint Hoodie
Jaime Burgoyne
 [01/10 4:24:32PM] S, Mint

cozie Layers
Terri Lynn Arnal
 [01/10 4:24:07PM] mint and grey 2xl

Wanda-Lee Bowles
 [01/10 4:23:37PM] XL and pink.

Feelin' Fresh Hoodie
Michelle Wentzell
 [01/10 4:20:44PM] Mint and grey 2xl

Snuggle Me Softly.
Elaine Smith
 [01/10 4:17:24PM] XL mint

Waffling around
Erica Wandzel
 [01/10 4:15:28PM] 2xl Mint

Sweetheart Hoodie
Jolene Work
 [01/10 4:14:55PM] Pink 3XL

Welcome To My Hood-y
Chantalle Gauthier
 [01/10 4:14:35PM] Black and grey, m

Layered Like a Boss
Mimi Searls
 [01/10 4:10:54PM] Pink medium

The Go To Hood
Noelle mcauliffe
 [01/10 4:06:41PM] Peach size S

Double Quilted Snuggle Hoodie
Kellie Hagan
 [01/10 4:04:15PM] Black and Grey. Large

Zip into spring double hooded sweater
Barbara Benner
 [01/10 4:02:43PM] Aqua and grey medium

Sandra Babonau
 [01/10 4:02:31PM] 2XL black and grey

Double snuggle hoodie
Rhea Morgan
 [01/10 4:01:49PM] Pink, med

Double time hoodie
Brandi Tolofson
 [01/10 4:00:43PM] Black 1xl

Double Diamond
Janet Sudds
 [01/10 3:57:44PM] Green med

Love’n Layers Hoodie
Lindsay Evans
 [01/10 3:48:22PM] Pink M

Snug as a Bug Embossed Hoodie, Double Snuggle
Maria Boonstra
 [01/10 3:46:03PM] Mint large

The, "How You Doin'?" Sweater
Michelle Doherty
 [01/10 3:45:35PM] Size small, mint and grey

Spring n cozy
Jasmine Knutson
 [01/10 3:42:50PM] Black and grey xl

The Bi-cozy
Courtney Gould
 [01/10 3:37:23PM] Black and large

Snow day
Sarah Lechthaler
 [01/10 3:37:01PM] Black & grey Large

The cozy twin
 [01/10 3:34:53PM] Grey and large

Double up my hood
Ish Sehmbey
 [01/10 3:34:14PM] Black and grey size small

Two Hoods are Better Than One
Krydtal Stackniak
 [01/10 3:30:09PM] Lg Black

Double the Love Hoodie
Rachelle Regier
 [01/10 3:22:24PM] Mint green and grey small

Layer me up hoodie
Carrie Schmid
 [01/10 3:20:50PM] Grey and black xl

Pretty Perfect Hoodie
Kimberly Forshaw
 [01/10 3:19:35PM] Mint-grey; 2xl

Double Bunny
Desiree Kasbrick
 [01/10 3:17:14PM] Black Small

Double your pleasure hoodie
Jennifer Sites
 [01/10 3:14:27PM] Black & small

The cozy double hoodie
Sheilla Taylor
 [01/10 3:13:28PM] Mint and grey large

Shenanigans Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:13:20PM] XL Grey and Black

Waffled up layers Hoodie
Kimberly Gleave
 [01/10 3:09:27PM] grey and black small

Cozie up hoodie
Christine Pellerine
 [01/10 3:08:06PM] Mint medium

Single twosome
Sandra Goldsmith
 [01/10 3:05:59PM] Grey/black

Embossed Babe Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:05:24PM] XL Mint and Grey

Ambassador Elite
Dixie Lee Blackmer
 [01/10 3:04:49PM] Black size M

Quilty Pleasure Hoodie
Tanisha Thompson
 [01/10 3:03:40PM] Black/gray 2xl

Cuddle In Coatigan
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:02:59PM] XL mint and grey

The Comforter
 [01/10 3:01:35PM] Black Size Small

Level Up Hoodie
Sunni Mittelstadt
 [01/10 3:00:54PM] Black and Grey, XL

Puts The Boss In Emboss Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 3:00:45PM] XL Grey and Black

Soft Embossed Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:59:09PM] XL Grey and Black

Oblique zip hoodie
Tammy harbord
 [01/10 2:57:58PM] Black and grey, large

Double Fun Hoodie
Sara Irving
 [01/10 2:57:39PM] Medium & any colour

Double Quilted Comfort Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:56:10PM] XL Mint and Grey

Layered Boss Babe Hoodie
Stacy Vanier
 [01/10 2:55:37PM] Large mint/teal

Colour Block His Number, The Snuggle is Real
Allison Bergerman
 [01/10 2:54:44PM] Mint/grey XL or XL unsure

Pocket full of hoody
Teresa Jeang
 [01/10 2:54:17PM] Pink size large

Honey Bug Quilted Hoodie
Kim vany
 [01/10 2:53:46PM] Pink/Grey medium

Colour Block His Number
Allison Bergerman
 [01/10 2:53:46PM] Mint/grey XL or XL unsure

Marlene Hlewka
 [01/10 2:52:57PM] Mint, size medium

Playful Embossing.
Debra Kalo
 [01/10 2:52:23PM] Mint and grey size XL

Two Tone Coatigan
Yvette Reid
 [01/10 2:51:28PM] Black & Grey L

Lengthy Layers Hoodie
Stacy Vanier
 [01/10 2:50:59PM] Large teal/grey

Double your pleasure hoodie
Bonnie Weinand
 [01/10 2:50:38PM] Pink and grey 2X

Snuggle Me Softly
Kyilee Turre
 [01/10 2:50:35PM] Pink/Grey Medium

Double up
Amanda schmidt
 [01/10 2:50:15PM] Green x large

Double the hood hoodie
Gemma Courtenay
 [01/10 2:49:52PM] Mint & Grey XL

Two fold hoodster
Tanya Dias
 [01/10 2:49:01PM] Mint or pink size L (any color really)

The Double Dare Hoodie
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [01/10 2:48:28PM] Black and Grey, size Small

Warm hug hoodie
Teri Sawatsky
 [01/10 2:48:07PM] XL mint and grey

Double Snuggle Hoodie
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [01/10 2:47:51PM] Black and Grey, size S

Layers Away Hoodie
Stacy Vanier
 [01/10 2:47:25PM] Large teal/grey

The Quilted Hugs Hoodie
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [01/10 2:47:03PM] Black and Grey, size S

Em-Bossy Hoodie
Susan chan
 [01/10 2:46:26PM] L, mint/grey

The Double Hug Hoodie
Megan Young
 [01/10 2:45:45PM] Pink and grey Medium

Quilited Layers Hoodie
Randa Derkson
 [01/10 2:44:58PM] Pink M

The EmBossador 2.O Hoodie
Kym Readman
 [01/10 2:42:53PM] Mint and Grey , XL

Layers of Comfort Hoodie
Kimberly Gardner
 [01/10 2:41:49PM] 3x mint and gray

The zipline Hoodie
Lena Sampson
 [01/10 2:41:46PM] Mint medium

On the Double
Ashley spagrud
 [01/10 2:41:02PM] Medium mint & grey

Zipped in hoodie
Carolyn stanley
 [01/10 2:39:26PM] Black/grey size med

Double trouble hoodie
Bonnie Colpitts
 [01/10 2:38:29PM] Pink and grey xl

Snugglebunny Hoodie
Kim vany
 [01/10 2:37:19PM] Pink/Grey size medium

Fun Lovin Layers
Lisa Daigle
 [01/10 2:36:25PM] Mint & Grey XL

Double color hoodie
Bonnie Colpitts
 [01/10 2:35:46PM] Mint and grey xl

The Double Double hoodie, Great North hoodie, Cozy Up hoodie,
Samantha Parker-Bates
 [01/10 2:34:14PM] XL mint & grey

Quilted Love
Kendra Brennan
 [01/10 2:34:09PM] Grey, medium

Pillow Talk
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 2:33:44PM] Mint XXL

Zippity Split
Jenn Haviland
 [01/10 2:32:43PM] Mint XXL

Cozy up
Debra Kalo
 [01/10 2:32:33PM] Mint and grey size XL

Snug as a bug embossed hoodie
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [01/10 2:32:09PM] Grey, medium

Quilted Layers
Rechelle Norrish
 [01/10 2:30:29PM] Grey/medium

Living for the Weekend
Debra Tatomir
 [01/10 2:30:17PM] pink 2xl

Honeycomb layered hoodie
Shelby Collins
 [01/10 2:30:14PM] Mint XL

Double Trouble Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:28:34PM] XL Grey and Black

Double Hoodie Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:27:57PM] XL Mint and Grey

Raina Lipinski
 [01/10 2:27:38PM] Mint L

Tiffany Garbutt
 [01/10 2:27:38PM] Pink 3xl

Dreamy Double Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:26:17PM] Pink and Grey XL

“Layer to Wear Everyday Hoodie”
Annette OQuinn
 [01/10 2:24:29PM] Mint and Grey, size large

Lovin Layers Hoodie
Dana Yeo
 [01/10 2:24:26PM] Pink, 2xl

Hoodwinked Hoodie
Morgan Angus
 [01/10 2:23:36PM] XL Grey and Black

Quilted Comfort Hoody
Jessica Nakashimada
 [01/10 2:22:58PM] Grey and Black 2XL

Not your Grandma's Hoodie
Sabrina Fortier
 [01/10 2:22:14PM] Mint & Grey XL

Do Nothing with Me
Amy Chow
 [01/10 2:21:29PM] Black & Grey

The illusion
Cameron Lynden
 [01/10 2:20:34PM] Grey and medium

The Snuggle Hoodie
Brenda Prosser
 [01/10 2:19:59PM] green / grey xL

Layered Love
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [01/10 2:17:34PM] XL, Mint and Grey

Be a Boss Hoodie
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [01/10 2:14:17PM] XL, Mint and Grey

embossed babe hoodie
Erin Arps
 [01/10 2:12:22PM] Black Large

Quilter’s Coupled Jumper, emBOSSes Gathering Jumper
Denise Escobar
 [01/10 2:10:15PM] Pink & Small

Now you see me now you don’t
Deanne Sanderson
 [01/10 2:10:04PM] Black & Grey (L)

The Double Decker
Cameron Lynden
 [01/10 2:09:55PM] Grey/medium

Comfy Day Hoodie
Tamsen Dierker
 [01/10 2:09:30PM] Pink size medium

Cuddle,snuggle, embrace
Suzie Katrinchuk
 [01/10 2:08:58PM] Grey ,medium

Quilted Love
Susan McDonald
 [01/10 2:07:38PM] Black and Grey - Size M

Quilted love
Danielle Fredrickson
 [01/10 2:07:34PM] XL black and grey

Waffle Cute Hoodie, Feeling waffle cute sweater
Nikole Schmelter
 [01/10 2:06:50PM] Black size med

The snuggle is real
Hailey mcdougall
 [01/10 2:05:13PM] Black in medium

Cozy hooded snuggles
Victoria hacetoglu
 [01/10 2:04:35PM] Med green

Look Twice Hoodie, Colour Block Hoodie
Michelle Allen
 [01/10 2:01:47PM] M, mint

Warm winter weather hoodie
Lori Ross
 [01/10 2:01:25PM] Grey/pink in XL

Layer Me Anytime Hoodie
Lisa Kelly
 [01/10 2:00:53PM] Green & Small

I'm My Own Emboss of Me Hoodie
Sarah Sinton
 [01/10 1:55:30PM] Grey Small

Bundle up Coatigan
Kristy Stebbings
 [01/10 1:54:11PM] XL mint and grey

Like a Boss Hoodie
Sarah Sinton
 [01/10 1:53:19PM] Grey Small

Bossin' it up
Tovah Staudt
 [01/10 1:52:54PM] black/grey S or mint/grey S

Cozy into Spring Hoodie
Raeann Rivard
 [01/10 1:52:23PM] Mint-size small

Take Your Bed (With You) Hoodie
Chelsey Kraneveldt
 [01/10 1:52:10PM] XL Black and Grey

Split coloured hoodie, sculpted warmth hoodie, etch-it up hoodie, 'Boss-it up hoodie, 'Bossed it up hoodie
Tovah Staudt
 [01/10 1:51:47PM] black/grey S or mint/grey S

Empowered comfort layered hoodie
 [01/10 1:50:56PM] Grey XL

Cozy until Spring hoodie
Raeann Rivard
 [01/10 1:50:14PM] Mint- size s

Double Pleasure
Annette O’Brian
 [01/10 1:49:26PM] Pink. Large

Pure comfort layered hoodie
Raelene Lorenz
 [01/10 1:49:19PM] Black medium

Renew hoodie, Resolution hoodie, Resolve hoodie, Layered Contrast hoodie, Contrasting Layers hoodie,
Vanessa Engel
 [01/10 1:48:46PM] Small, black and grey

Double comfort hoodie
Raelene Lorenz
 [01/10 1:48:35PM] Black medium

Waffle Bliss
Ericka Stapleton
 [01/10 1:48:28PM] Xl mint and grey

Layer Me Up
Annette O’Brian
 [01/10 1:48:06PM] Pink. Large

Chilly days hoodie
Denna milliken
 [01/10 1:47:05PM] Mint green and grey size xl

Double up hoodie
Raelene Lorenz
 [01/10 1:47:04PM] Teal medium

Two Cozy
Kelly Harford
 [01/10 1:45:05PM] Black/grey L

Quilt-Essential Hoody
Whitney Boyachek
 [01/10 1:44:01PM] Black & Grey 2XL

Bunny Hug Me
Cindy Syrnyk
 [01/10 1:37:03PM] Mint/grey L.

Debbie Morrison
 [01/10 1:36:44PM] Mint 3XL

Double Pleasure, Seeing Double, Hug in a Top
Deb Lau
 [01/10 1:31:42PM] Medium: mint and grey

Double over hoodie
Tammy Wesselius
 [01/10 1:30:04PM] Black & grey size m

Quilted cuddle up
Victoria nekuliak
 [01/10 1:29:05PM] Black grey small

Easter Bunny Hug
Lesley Norman
 [01/10 1:28:58PM] pink and grey, size xl

Quilted layered hoodie
Nancy Eamon
 [01/10 1:27:41PM] Peach xl

Quilty Pleasure, Embossed Babe
Sarah Morgan
 [01/10 1:25:26PM] Medium, black and Grey

comfy cozy hoodie
Rebecca Krutow
 [01/10 1:23:33PM] 3 XL and mint green

Comfy Zone
Cortney Nicole Lillies-Walsh
 [01/10 1:20:51PM] Mint and grey M

Snuggles for all seasons hoodie
Carey Dingsdale
 [01/10 1:18:39PM] Small mint green

Sorbet Hoodie
Daniela Moore
 [01/10 1:18:32PM] Sea foam green/grey large

Log Cabin Cozy Hoodie
Carol Chorkawy
 [01/10 1:17:51PM] Pink Large

In harmony hoodie
Tina shepherd
 [01/10 1:17:43PM] Black XL

I’m the Boss Hoodie
Jennifer Riviere
 [01/10 1:16:36PM] Mint Large

Layer for days
Skyler mangelsen
 [01/10 1:16:23PM] Large in mint

E-Z Layers Hoodie, Tea and Quilt Hoodie
Andrea Glasgow
 [01/10 1:13:28PM] Mint and Grey

Layered zip hoodie
Dayna thomson
 [01/10 1:13:03PM] Black xl

Quilted Up and Cozy Hoodies
Darlene Kernel
 [01/10 1:11:16PM] pink xl

Quilted huggy
Lindsey Gohmann
 [01/10 1:10:03PM] XL black

Plead Quilty
Kate Stewart
 [01/10 1:07:47PM] Medium grey and black

Walking in a Cozy Wonderland
Kelsey McDonald
 [01/10 1:05:45PM] Black Size L

Seeing Double Layered Hoodie
Sandra Alvarez
 [01/10 1:03:44PM] Mint/Green and Extra Large

Live, Laugh, Layer Hoodie
Susan Schmidt
 [01/10 1:03:27PM] Pink 3X

Day dreaming
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 1:02:17PM] XL pink

Below Zero
Sarah Budd
 [01/10 1:01:53PM] Black & Grey (mostly black one) - 3XL

Cozy Retreat
Roxanne Levis
 [01/10 1:01:27PM] Black Large

All day grey
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 1:01:08PM] Xl pink

Layered To Go
Patti Hall
 [01/10 1:00:57PM] Black and Gray 2xl

Colour Me Snuggled Hoodie
Deanna Martins
 [01/10 1:00:36PM] Large, Mint Grey

It’s a pocket thing
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 1:00:21PM] Xl pink

Layers of Love Hoodie
Susan Schmidt
 [01/10 12:59:19PM] Pink 3X

2-Zone Comfort Hoody
Trisha Tahouney
 [01/10 12:59:13PM] Mint and Grey in XL

Double Delight
Susan Delange
 [01/10 12:59:08PM] Black, medium

Light and layered
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 12:58:51PM] Xl pink

Cozy up
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 12:58:20PM] Pink XL

Color Blocked
Adrienne Lloyd
 [01/10 12:57:52PM] Xl pink

Layered Cake Hoodie
Susan Schmidt
 [01/10 12:57:30PM] Pink 3X

Apres ski
Melissa Stoyanovich
 [01/10 12:57:28PM] Pink and Grey 2xl

Luscious Layers Hoodie
Patti Hall
 [01/10 12:55:43PM] Mint avd Gray 2xl

Double Take Layered Hoodie
Marg Hatper
 [01/10 12:55:23PM] Black XL

Embossed layered hoodie
Lynette Sagstuen
 [01/10 12:52:30PM] Mint and grey, size 3xl

Colour me cozy
Leeanne Speers
 [01/10 12:49:29PM] Teal medium

Wrap me in layers
Barbara Paul
 [01/10 12:49:27PM] Mint and grey in a small

Lavish in Layers Hoodie
Taylor Janes
 [01/10 12:49:18PM] Black & grey 3XL thanks so much! ??

Throw over layered hoodie
Michaela Tulk
 [01/10 12:47:36PM] Mint & grey size 2xl

For the hood of it
Amber Friess
 [01/10 12:46:43PM] Black or Sea foam size large

Lovely layers
Jessica Martell
 [01/10 12:46:16PM] Pink and Grey, medium

Fool me once hoodie
Roxey Gordon
 [01/10 12:46:13PM] 2XL mint

Color me cozy
Jessica Martell
 [01/10 12:45:33PM] Pink and Grey , medium

Emboss me in warmth
Adrianne Ciccone
 [01/10 12:43:41PM] Teal xs

Layers of Love, layered in love
Sandy Trentalance
 [01/10 12:42:42PM] Teal, XL

Femmebossed Hoodie
Nicole Fraser
 [01/10 12:41:42PM] Size Small Mint

Double the Warmth Hoodie
Donna Johnson
 [01/10 12:36:20PM] Back/grey,grey/black,hot pink /charcoal sizes s,m,l,xl,1xl,2xl

Double the Trouble Hoodie
Carly Whiteside
 [01/10 12:36:04PM] Grey 2X

Snow bunny hoodie
Alicia Davies
 [01/10 12:35:51PM] Black XL

Double layered hoodie
Amanda Hunt
 [01/10 12:35:50PM] Grey-mint & xL

Etched in comfort sweater
Carla Beaulac
 [01/10 12:35:49PM] Black and grey XL

Double Down
Colleen Butler
 [01/10 12:34:04PM] Black 3xl

Layer up 2.0, Layer me up
Kristina Barnes
 [01/10 12:33:21PM] XL mint

Cushy Quilted Hoodie
Melanie Bergeron
 [01/10 12:31:57PM] Small pink

Bee Boss Hoodie, Bee Comfy Double Hoodie, Crushed Diamond Hoodie
Michelle McCarthy
 [01/10 12:30:53PM] Black, large

Double Header Hoodie
Lisa Caccia
 [01/10 12:30:48PM] Mint and grey small

Two Tone Beauty
Mary-Jo Corbett
 [01/10 12:30:15PM] Mint&Grey XL

Snow Doubt About It
Shari MacLellan
 [01/10 12:30:08PM] Pink and grey S

The double double
Shawnisy hiscock
 [01/10 12:30:02PM] 2xl black

All I Need Hoodie or My One & Only Hoodie
Vanessa Ryan
 [01/10 12:30:00PM] Pink & Grey, XL

Easter Wrap Hoodie
Dawn Feank
 [01/10 12:29:06PM] XL Mint

Sidelyn Hoodie
Jaymee Tessier
 [01/10 12:28:50PM] Mint and grey and Large

Cozy On Over
Shari MacLellan
 [01/10 12:27:42PM] Pink and grey S

The Cozy up Hoodie
Gigi Bachynski
 [01/10 12:26:47PM] Black xxl

Cozy up layered hoody
 [01/10 12:26:16PM] Grey and black, 2xl

Quilted Cozy hoody
Tara Lotnick
 [01/10 12:26:16PM] Pink medium please!

Easy Breezy Comfortable Hoodie
Natasha Zenhenko
 [01/10 12:25:25PM] Black M

Quilted comfort hoodie
Toni Lewis
 [01/10 12:25:24PM] Black XL

Fuzzy fit
Penny adams
 [01/10 12:23:39PM] Grey. 2xl

Bunny hug hoodie
Melissa Wojcichowsky
 [01/10 12:23:01PM] Black medium

“It’s Boss” Hoodie, “ Like A Boss” Hoodie, Layer Slayer Hoodie
Johanna Haab
 [01/10 12:22:40PM] Black, small

Cozy me layers Hoodie
Felisha Flodin
 [01/10 12:21:58PM] Black and Grey XL

“It’s Boss” Hoodie, Like A Boss” Hoodie,
Johanna Haab
 [01/10 12:21:38PM] Black, small

The best of both worlds hoodie
Laura Kroeker
 [01/10 12:21:20PM] Colour black, size small

Layer Like A Boss Hoodie
Mila Gunn
 [01/10 12:21:14PM] Black and grey size medium

Waffle Me Warm
Tammy Peterson
 [01/10 12:21:13PM] Black size small

Warm and cozy bunny hug
Klaske Hoving
 [01/10 12:20:46PM] Pink M

Cozy up hoodie
Donna Johnson
 [01/10 12:19:51PM] Black/ grey, pink/grey,grey/blacks,m,l,xl,1xl,2xl

Sunnyhug Hoodie
Rachel Tourville
 [01/10 12:18:44PM] XL, mint

Calling for Spring
Sheryllee mitchell
 [01/10 12:17:10PM] Xl mint and grey

Snuggle me softly
MaryKay Paternoster
 [01/10 12:16:45PM] Black XL

Block over hoody
Danielle Bromley
 [01/10 12:15:47PM] Black XL

Dueling Double Hoodie
Sheryllee mitchell
 [01/10 12:15:46PM] Mint and grey and Xl

Cuddle up cozy
Kyli Ford
 [01/10 12:12:50PM] Mint and large

Dual Cool Hoodie
Sheryllee Mitchell
 [01/10 12:11:30PM] XL mint and grey

Weekend warrior
Jessica Davis
 [01/10 12:11:28PM] Pink large

Lost in layers
Sherry Blanton
 [01/10 12:11:26PM] Grey and black, Large

Cowl Up Hoodie
Nathalie Denicola
 [01/10 12:10:32PM] Mint and grey, medium

Layer me up Pop! Hoodie
Brittaney Pregizer
 [01/10 12:10:08PM] Black and Grey 2XL

Like a Boss
Ashley Friesen
 [01/10 12:08:40PM] Black and grey, Large

Cozy Till Spring Layered Hoodie
Brooke Derksen
 [01/10 12:08:30PM] 2XL Mint & Grey

Next Level Layer Hoodie
Kayla Lutz
 [01/10 12:07:52PM] M black & grey

Spring Dreams Layer Hoodie
Brooke Derksen
 [01/10 12:07:24PM] 2XL Mint & Grey

Two tone to handle
Kira Paterson
 [01/10 12:06:33PM] Mint and grey, small

Dreamin’ of Spring Quilt Hoodie
Brooke Derksen
 [01/10 12:06:15PM] 2XL Mint & Grey

Double the love hoodie
Catherine Babineau
 [01/10 12:06:00PM] Pink-XL

Perfectly layered Sweater
Becca Schonewille
 [01/10 12:05:54PM] Mint green in 2xl

Embossed layer hoodie
Melanie Hebert
 [01/10 12:05:02PM] Mint/grey S

Quilty as charged hoodie
Diana Gristwood
 [01/10 12:04:27PM] Pink and grey large

Double the fun
Jodie Moran
 [01/10 11:58:47AM] Black small

Double the Style
Marsha Foster
 [01/10 11:57:57AM] Green size large

Double Cross Me Hoodie
Kari Kalinin
 [01/10 11:57:05AM] black xl

Can’t fool me
Valerie Cox
 [01/10 11:54:12AM] Black/ grey Large

Double it up hoodie
Mara Hockenhull
 [01/10 11:52:03AM] sea foam green/gray (M)

Get Cozy Hoodie
Nadele Erickson
 [01/10 11:49:17AM] Mint & Grey size: Medium

Double time
Shannon Lloyd
 [01/10 11:49:04AM] Mint 3xl

Embossed Babe Hoodie
Mary Ellen Walker
 [01/10 11:47:38AM] Black, large

Zip Over Me
Megan McKinnon
 [01/10 11:47:33AM] Black 2XL

Zip it up
Kristen Letch
 [01/10 11:45:06AM] Mint Green Medium

Add any bottoms hoodie
Melissa delves
 [01/10 11:41:23AM] Medium. Any color!

Live laughs and hoods
Candice Bartlett
 [01/10 11:40:47AM] Black , medium

Layers of love hoodie
Yvonne stewart
 [01/10 11:39:31AM] Medium

Great escape hoodie
Tayla Collings
 [01/10 11:37:59AM] Black size small

Fade to Spring
Brianne Aylwin
 [01/10 11:36:55AM] Mint XL

Level up
Tamara Scutt
 [01/10 11:35:32AM] Mint 2xl

Layering it up cozy
Sonya Boyer
 [01/10 11:33:41AM] Pink in large

Double up Zip Hoodie
Chasity Lacoursiere
 [01/10 11:29:25AM] Black and Grey M

Quilty Pleasure Sweater
Marie Tichborne
 [01/10 11:28:14AM] Mint, Medium

Spring is in the Air Hoodie
Helen Lawrence
 [01/10 11:28:12AM] Mint or grey XL

Zip It hoody!
Nicole Murray
 [01/10 11:28:11AM] Mint and grey 3x

Flash back 2 cool hoodie
Marcy Nixon
 [01/10 11:27:59AM] Black XL

Double Down on Warmth
Christina Tocher
 [01/10 11:27:37AM] Pink and grey XL

Quilt-a-Whirl Sweater
Marie Tichborne
 [01/10 11:27:13AM] Mint, Medium

Double up hoodie
Shieleen Mossop
 [01/10 11:26:02AM] Black large or xl depending on fit

Double Entendre
Antionette Payne
 [01/10 11:26:01AM] Black or pink (surprise me!) size 2X

Layer me Up Hoodie
Shelley Kuzio
 [01/10 11:25:16AM] Black 3xl

I quilt you not!
Tovi Pischiutta
 [01/10 11:24:53AM] Medium black please!!!

Quilt me cozy or quilty as charged
Lynnelle Friesen
 [01/10 11:24:52AM] Pink. Medium.

Two tone hoodie
Reena Maynard
 [01/10 11:23:28AM] Teal, XL

Layer on me
Rhonda Lax
 [01/10 11:22:28AM] Black large

Cozy Double Up Hoodie
Caitlyn Bowker
 [01/10 11:19:39AM] Gray/black size Medium

Get cozy
Carmen Laforge
 [01/10 11:19:12AM] Black small

Double Time Hoodie
Amanda Kipe
 [01/10 11:18:47AM] Black and Grey, XL

Marshmallow fluff
Corina Steele
 [01/10 11:17:37AM] Mint & Grey. 2xl

Quilted two tone layered hoodie
Candace Anderson
 [01/10 11:17:14AM] Mint size 3xl

Coverlet Hoodie
Kelly Beaton
 [01/10 11:17:06AM] Black & Grey 3XL

Quilty as Charged
Rhonda Lax
 [01/10 11:16:30AM] Black large

Quilted with Love hoodie
David Hoare
 [01/10 11:15:06AM] Mint&grey 2xl

The stacked right hoodie
Sarah Lefebvre
 [01/10 11:14:59AM] Pink and grey, size small

To be or not two hoodie
Michelle anderson
 [01/10 11:14:27AM] Xs mint

Double cozy quilted hoodie
Brenda Lacroix
 [01/10 11:13:26AM] Grey/black XL

Double the style hoodie
Morgan Christofferson
 [01/10 11:13:08AM] Mint green large

Double hooded beauty
Sarah harrison
 [01/10 11:12:52AM] Grey mint XL

Cozy Carve hoodie
Vanessa johnson
 [01/10 11:12:51AM] Black small

Color POP Hoodie or Sherbert Dreams Hoodie
 [01/10 11:12:12AM] Teal size small

Embossed like a Boss
Rhonda Lax
 [01/10 11:11:34AM] Black large

Soft and Dreamy Hoodie
Christine Richardson
 [01/10 11:11:18AM] Black and grey medium

Make a layer out of me
Rhonda Lax
 [01/10 11:11:00AM] Black large

Layer Me Cozy
Robert Dillon
 [01/10 11:10:26AM] Black - 2XL

double the pleasure hoody
sonya bailey
 [01/10 11:08:35AM] green/grey xl

From one Hood to the Next Hoodie
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [01/10 11:08:27AM] Black size L

Cozy Days Quilted Hoodie
Melissa Hughes
 [01/10 11:06:29AM] Mint & Grey size large

My Heavenly Hoodie
Cathy Sherlock
 [01/10 11:05:44AM] Mint and Grey Size Small

Quilted Love
Sarah Settels
 [01/10 11:05:42AM] Black Large

Emboss it to me ?
Christine Tossavainen
 [01/10 11:04:02AM] L any colour

Lovely layers
Chantel Laur
 [01/10 11:01:59AM] Mint/Grey , XL

Cozy boyfriend hoodie
 [01/10 11:00:49AM] Black - x large

Double the Love
Amy Stewart
 [01/10 11:00:24AM] Pink Large

Heavenly Hoodie
Dana Webber
 [01/10 11:00:20AM] Black and Grey 2XL

Beyond layers
Chantel Laur
 [01/10 11:00:00AM] Mint & Grey, XL

Look at me
Dana Webber
 [01/10 10:56:35AM] Black and Grey 2Xl

Kozy kangaroo
Karen Fehr
 [01/10 10:55:34AM] Mint & grey

Cuddle up cozy hoodie | quilted perfection hoodie l what dreams are made of hoodie
Jacey D’Antonio
 [01/10 10:55:21AM] Black 2XL

Double trouble hoodie, Double the fun hoodie, twice as nice, take two, 2 is better then 1, twice as cozy hoodie, take it easy hoodie, double the hood, twice a nice.
Chelsea Lund
 [01/10 10:54:37AM] Black & grey or Mint and grey in XL

Double up soft hoody
Kimberly todd
 [01/10 10:53:49AM] Greg/black & size small

Pleasantly Plush
Cheyanne Pawliw
 [01/10 10:52:27AM] Black and grey, M

Double layer hoody
Kimberly Todd
 [01/10 10:52:25AM] Grey/black & size small

Lifeline Hoodie
Dana Webber
 [01/10 10:52:12AM] Black and Grey 2xl

If looks could quilt
Courtney Townsley
 [01/10 10:51:46AM] Mint green in medium

Waffle layered hoody
Debbie Ewen
 [01/10 10:51:12AM] Green Xl

Twice as Nice
Emily Rempel
 [01/10 10:50:36AM] Mint & grey small

Hug me cozy
 [01/10 10:50:04AM] Gray 2XL

No coffee required
Amee bodell
 [01/10 10:50:03AM] L black

Zip Tied
Heather Mostaway
 [01/10 10:49:39AM] Mint and grey 2xl

Comfort with style
Bernadette Saville
 [01/10 10:49:31AM] Small grey

Lazy layered hoodie
Laura Travers
 [01/10 10:47:29AM] Black 2xl

Speak quilty to me
Karlee Visser
 [01/10 10:46:52AM] Black, size Medium

Keepin' it Quilted
Kelsey Garber
 [01/10 10:46:43AM] Large Black and Grey

Quilted dreams
Amee bodell
 [01/10 10:46:08AM] Large green

Double or nothin’
Jina clarke
 [01/10 10:46:08AM] Black & grey 2XL

Double trouble
Jacklyn Quinn
 [01/10 10:46:02AM] Pink and grey. XL

Double Rib-Eye
Banti Labrie
 [01/10 10:45:57AM] Pink & Grey Small

Emboss up before you quilt hoodie
Natalie Dunlop
 [01/10 10:45:48AM] Black & large

Layer me soft
Amy Hood
 [01/10 10:45:34AM] Grey/medium

Layer me up
 [01/10 10:44:12AM] Black and grey 2xl

Double Agent Hoodie
Tesa Steinke
 [01/10 10:43:29AM] Mint & grey 2XL

Winters best hoodie
Dacota reed
 [01/10 10:43:06AM] Mint green and grey, medium

Emboss Babe Cozy Hoodie
Desiree Schellenberg
 [01/10 10:42:59AM] Mint and grey, 3xL

Take me Everywhere Coatigan
Joanna Thornton
 [01/10 10:42:12AM] Black Medium

I’ve got you covered!
Brenda Quaade
 [01/10 10:41:36AM] Black large

Em”boss” Babe Hoodie
Sarah Kelly
 [01/10 10:41:00AM] Large Black and Grey

Cozy up cabin fever
Erin Stoesz
 [01/10 10:39:42AM] Green or pink or black size med

Emboss me baby hoodie
Erin Levesque
 [01/10 10:39:11AM] Black Large

Double hood for double the fun hoodie
Stephanie Vokey
 [01/10 10:38:42AM] Black with grey accents, size medium

Double Quilty as Charged
Krista Storozynsky
 [01/10 10:38:28AM] Black and Grey, size 2XL

I'm the Emboss of this hoodie
Erin Levesque
 [01/10 10:38:23AM] Black Large

Cozy On Up !
Jessica Noonan
 [01/10 10:37:23AM] Pink or mint medium

Quilted Heavens
Leah Hayes
 [01/10 10:35:52AM] Black and grey size xl

Perfectly Patterned
Celia Kroker
 [01/10 10:34:34AM] XL Black

Colour Me Cozy
Nicole Spencer
 [01/10 10:34:00AM] Grey/pink XL

Double Double
Stef Godfrey
 [01/10 10:33:55AM] Mint -L

Power Embossed Hoodie
Kyla Keller
 [01/10 10:33:54AM] Mint and grey, XL

Layered look hoodie
Gail Butt
 [01/10 10:33:38AM] Black XL

Main Squeeze Hoodie