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Dressy Coat
September 18, 2020

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Total of 954 Entries
Congratulations to Jessica Reid, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Work to Play Coat!

“Ruth”less ambition coat
Kristin Walter
 [09/20 10:09:14AM] Xs royal blue

Valerie Partridge
 [09/20 8:51:04AM] Blue size large

Classy Car Coat
Amanda Hess
 [09/20 8:45:03AM] Grey XL

Into the Night. Cloud Nine Jacket,,, Fall into my Arms,, Cozy Carmen ,,, Royal Blue Raven ,,, Dress me Up,,
 [09/20 8:14:23AM] Medium 8

Falling For You
Dana Bellagamba
 [09/20 8:13:10AM] Royale Blue Melange/Large

RUTHless and ready jacket
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/20 8:11:00AM] Xs grey

Classy for fall coat
Kristin walter
 [09/20 8:07:48AM] XS royal blue

Sophistichic uptown/downtown warm topper coat
Angela Hanrahan
 [09/20 7:56:00AM] Sz small, any colour! It is gorgeous!

RUTHless ready
 [09/20 7:38:56AM] Large - royal blue

Buttoned up for Winter pockets
Leanne Willshear
 [09/20 7:35:00AM] 2x Royal blue

Sunday drives
Michelle Coleman
 [09/20 7:30:08AM] Medium, blue

Uptown Coat
Lee Elsasser
 [09/20 7:30:06AM] M light grey melange

Warm zone jacket
Andrea Stewart
 [09/20 7:24:48AM] XXL blue

Seasonless Coat
Katherine Henwood
 [09/20 7:24:17AM] Xl blue

Fallin’ in love with Melange, Cozy for Fall, Fallin’ for you
Megan Pistilli
 [09/20 6:52:44AM] XL Grey

Power forward coat
Miranda du Plessix
 [09/20 6:11:56AM] Light grey 2xl

Power forward coat
Miranda du Plessix
 [09/20 6:10:12AM] 2xl light grey

Power forward coat
Miranda du Plessix
 [09/20 6:09:04AM] 2xl

Weather or Not-Looks Good Coat
Susan Beaton
 [09/20 6:08:50AM] xl grey

Style Boss
Chrisoula Aliferis
 [09/20 6:01:09AM] 2XL Royal Blue

Class act jacket
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/20 5:56:20AM] Xs grey

Feeling Crisp Coat
Kelly Lewis
 [09/20 5:12:42AM] XL Royal Blue

The Casey, Casey’s Choice, Dressed for Success coat
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [09/20 4:44:46AM] Light grey XL

Classic classy
Michelle Kuervers
 [09/20 3:14:33AM] L grey

Clear Skies
Amy Lockhart
 [09/20 12:27:02AM] Blue Small

Timeless classic coat
Maryann Allison
 [09/19 11:53:37PM] 2x royal blue

Sunday Brunch Coat, The Diana Jacket
Nikki Graveline
 [09/19 11:45:04PM] blue, L

City Sleek Coat
Renee Kent
 [09/19 11:15:19PM] M, Grey

The notorious RBG
Ashley budge
 [09/19 11:07:12PM] Royal blue XL

Dress Me Up Bossy
Jade St.Amand
 [09/19 10:54:47PM] Small & Light Grey

Fall O’er Me coat
Paula Forbes
 [09/19 10:42:53PM] M (light grey)

The Dutchess, The Diana,
Michelle Lowther
 [09/19 9:43:05PM] Grey large

Only Blue For You
Clare Perry
 [09/19 9:42:27PM] medium, blue

Ruth In honor of the Late Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Strong, classic, and made to be a part of history
Courtney Smith
 [09/19 9:35:16PM] small royal blue

Double Take / Double or Nothing
Melissa Cabezas
 [09/19 9:32:57PM] XL light grey melange

Mind the P's and Q's
Lisa Cornell
 [09/19 9:24:48PM] Large Royal Blue

Lady Di; Classy Diana
Fran Switzer
 [09/19 9:03:03PM] Small grey

Double breast is best!
Alison MacDonald
 [09/19 8:57:12PM] Grey melange size M

Button me cozy
Megan kelso
 [09/19 8:15:51PM] White/grey size xl

Sunday Drive car coat, Dress it up dress coat, revival coat
Shannon Mychael
 [09/19 8:03:09PM] Blue melange, size L

Class Act Coat
Jennifer Sebok
 [09/19 7:56:11PM] Small, Royal blue

Miss Sophisticate Coat
Natalie Baikie
 [09/19 7:53:23PM] Large in blue

Kathy Kimak
 [09/19 7:52:45PM] 2XL grey

Blazer Into Fall Coat
Ivy Dingsdale
 [09/19 7:49:20PM] Size-XS Colour-Blue

Look Ma, I made it
Jenn Stad
 [09/19 7:40:33PM] small;light grey

Cozy nights coat
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/19 7:31:40PM] Royal blue large

Classic Uptown Glam Coat
Janice West
 [09/19 7:30:39PM] Large / Light Grey please

Classy and Cozy
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/19 7:29:31PM] Royal blue large

Back to class coat
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/19 7:28:04PM] Light grey large

Class and Sass coat
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/19 7:26:37PM] Light grey melange large

Perfect Pea Coat
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/19 7:24:55PM] Light grey melange large

Kim Dahl
 [09/19 7:19:29PM] Small

Bold not Cold; Foxy Bossy; Smile and Slay Coat
Tamara Korassa
 [09/19 7:16:24PM] Royal Blue - Medium

Born Royal Coat
Olivia Brown
 [09/19 7:15:02PM] Size Small & Royal Blue

We The Peapole
Lisa Cornell
 [09/19 7:11:36PM] Large Royal Blue

The Blue Boss
Vanessa Bussiere
 [09/19 7:05:50PM] Large - royal blue

The Breaking the Glass Coat
Tamara Korassa
 [09/19 7:04:29PM] Royal Blue - Medium

The Ginsburg
Tamara Korassa
 [09/19 7:03:30PM] Royal Blue - Medium

Ms. Peabody
Lisa Cornell
 [09/19 6:45:23PM] Large Royal Blue

Sassy and Classy Coat!
Shauna Brady
 [09/19 6:40:20PM] Large royal blue

Perfectly polished and poised
Kendra McCreadie
 [09/19 6:34:07PM] Royal blue melange XL

Glamour Me Coat
renee prevost
 [09/19 6:28:20PM] 2xl light grey

Le Manteau
renee prevost
 [09/19 6:27:09PM] 2xl light grey

Glam me Coat
renee prevost
 [09/19 6:26:32PM] 2xl light grey

Glammy Coat
renee prevost
 [09/19 6:26:01PM] 2xl light grey

Royaly Trenched Coat
renee prevost
 [09/19 6:25:01PM] 2xl light grey

Classy Seattle
Piera Maddalena
 [09/19 6:25:00PM] Small, blue

Trench it Up Classy Coat
renee prevost
 [09/19 6:24:22PM] 2xl light grey

Seize the Day
April White
 [09/19 6:24:20PM] Small Royal blue

Coat Classy
renee prevost
 [09/19 6:23:28PM] 2xl light grey

The Whistleblower
April white
 [09/19 6:22:12PM] Small. Royal blue

Victoria Michael
 [09/19 6:21:38PM] Small and Blue

TrailBlazer Coat, Make an Entrance, or Double Down
Rhonda Urfey
 [09/19 6:19:16PM] small, grey melange

Princess K Koat
sheila bell
 [09/19 6:07:55PM] xl or xxl Blue

Sophie or Winona
Kim Andruchow
 [09/19 5:50:43PM] Light Grey Melange Size L

Autumn medley
Jeanine bursey
 [09/19 5:46:15PM] Gray medium

Double me up button coat
Marsha Foster
 [09/19 5:38:03PM] Light gray...large

Autumn Breeze Jacket
Michelle Provenza
 [09/19 5:35:59PM] Medium, blue

Command Attention Coat
Michelle Provenza
 [09/19 5:34:27PM] Medium, blue

Check Me Out Jacket
Michelle Provenza
 [09/19 5:33:06PM] Medium, blue

Coco coat ( a nod to Coco channel that made classic shapes in jackets)
Wendy Dalton-Tasker
 [09/19 5:27:24PM] Blue large

Strictly Business; No Stressy Just Dressy; Feeling Dressy; Fancy me a Double Button;
Ana Klovan
 [09/19 5:24:11PM] S & Light Grey Melange

Misty morning staple
Janice Bouchey
 [09/19 5:23:39PM] Medium grey

Double-booked Coat
Tiffany Page
 [09/19 5:20:59PM] XL blue

Workend Chic - perfect for weekday and weekend styles!
Erica Roberge
 [09/19 5:05:30PM] 2XL Light Grey Melange

Blue is your colour
 [09/19 5:03:51PM] Blue small

Step into fall coat
Stefanie Giampaolo
 [09/19 4:41:21PM] s, royal blua

The Classic
Gail Wells
 [09/19 4:26:55PM] Grey medium

The Double 0-Fasten Coat
Ashley Neufeld
 [09/19 4:24:00PM] Light Grey Melange Small

Slay all day
Sarah Walters
 [09/19 4:18:44PM] Cobalt blue L

Going Coastal
Katie Ventura
 [09/19 4:15:44PM] Xl grey

Royal Nights
Laura rockl
 [09/19 4:09:56PM] 2xl light grey

Uptown coat
Garret Hawkins
 [09/19 4:00:35PM] Grey - medium

Fitted Royal Jacket
amy leclair
 [09/19 3:54:20PM] M grey

Cute As A Button Melange Coat
Tamara Astell
 [09/19 3:47:05PM] Blue - large

The Ginsburg Coat ( in honour of Ruth Ginsburg)
Kalyn Davies
 [09/19 3:42:57PM] X-small grey

Princess in the Peacoat
Lexi Nichols
 [09/19 3:34:40PM] Grey Small

Princess and the Peacoat
Lexi Nichols
 [09/19 3:33:56PM] Grey Small

Classic Pea Coat
Kelly Lowson
 [09/19 3:08:28PM] Xl Grey

Give Peas a Chance
Lisa Cornell
 [09/19 3:00:27PM] Large Blue

Northern Nights coat
Chris Koe
 [09/19 2:58:34PM] Blue size L

Feeling So Jackie O
Kelli Wilson
 [09/19 2:40:27PM] M in Royal Blue

Classic Chic
Dianne Kruk
 [09/19 2:39:52PM] Large Light Grey

Classic Coatigan
Larissa Warford
 [09/19 2:36:35PM] Medium royal blue

Jody Chatman
 [09/19 2:33:23PM] Royal Blue Melange in XL

Colour Me Cobalt
Carrie Maclellan
 [09/19 2:30:57PM] Large blue

Cambridge Coat
Carrie Maclellan
 [09/19 2:29:08PM] Large blue

Cobalt Chic
Carrie Maclellan
 [09/19 2:28:04PM] Large blue

Cobalt Coat
Carrie Maclellan
 [09/19 2:26:32PM] Blue large

Arguably Essential Classic Coat
Alison Sloan
 [09/19 2:25:27PM] M Blue

Arguably Essential Classic Coat
Alison Sloan
 [09/19 2:21:43PM] M Blue

Uptown Class
Kelly Patterson
 [09/19 2:19:47PM] Grey, small

Baby it’s Cold outside
Melanie Alde
 [09/19 2:16:42PM] M Blue

Classy but Sassy
Melanie Alde
 [09/19 2:15:05PM] M Blue

Fall frenzy
Yolanda Brattly
 [09/19 2:11:39PM] Grey med

For Heather Classy (Forever Classy)
Amanda Meers
 [09/19 1:56:10PM] Grey XL

Walk in Class Coat
Julia Langley
 [09/19 1:48:18PM] Blue 2XL

Profesh refresh coat
Kira Paterson
 [09/19 1:35:51PM] light grey melange small

Falling for fall jacket
Stephanie Woodhouse
 [09/19 1:34:40PM] Medium blue

O la la long fall coat
 [09/19 1:32:17PM] Medium

Elegant yet classy ,comfort meets classy ,melange dress coat,on the town dress coat ,fierce stopper coat ,
Melina Tatchell
 [09/19 1:30:33PM] L light grey melange

Come Together Bridge Coat
Shauna Swanson
 [09/19 1:28:51PM] S Blue

Great Lakes
Tiina Keetch
 [09/19 1:23:56PM] Royal Blue XL

Northern Lights
Tiina Keetch
 [09/19 1:22:47PM] Royal blue XL

Casual Chic Coat
Caroline Dupuis
 [09/19 1:10:52PM] Royal Blue - Medium

Fall in love
Sherry sproul
 [09/19 12:58:09PM] Medium blue

Fall in love at first glance
Sherry sproul
 [09/19 12:57:20PM] Med blue

Royalty Or Royalty Rein
Shelly Kaczmarek
 [09/19 12:57:14PM] Royal blue XL

Trenched In Love Coat
Kym Readman
 [09/19 12:55:38PM] Size-XL, Color-Royal Blue Melange

Dressy coat
Sarah Bannister
 [09/19 12:48:59PM] Light Grey size large

Sassy and Classy
amber fisher
 [09/19 12:39:38PM] xl blue

Casey or Audrey
Claire Rijke
 [09/19 12:35:25PM] Grey, 2xl

Button Up For Fall Classic * Comfort Chic Coat *
Aimee Holtorf
 [09/19 12:27:43PM] Xl, Light Grey

Classic Cozy Middy
Grace Gould
 [09/19 12:18:16PM] M. - Light Grey

All Class Jacket; Fierce and Fabulous Jacket; One Step Above; City Style; Flash of Elegance
Lisa Miller
 [09/19 12:05:22PM] Grey XL

Layered in Confidence
Carolyn Ferguson
 [09/19 12:02:09PM] Large Royal Blue Melange

Lisa Knull
 [09/19 12:00:20PM] 2xl in royal blue.

Fall In Step Jacket
Chelsea Euchner
 [09/19 11:58:00AM] Grey & Medium

Sweet Pea
Kim Hanson
 [09/19 11:55:02AM] Royal Blue XL

Audrey Hepburn
Janice Ilowski
 [09/19 11:49:15AM] XL Royal Blue

"Rockin' my way to work" coat
Luisa Rotella
 [09/19 11:47:06AM] Small & Royal Blue

Cocoon coat
Harjit Jassal
 [09/19 11:33:51AM] Med & royal blue melange

Nishaan - 'means make your mark'
Harjit Jassal
 [09/19 11:30:21AM] Med & royal blue melange

Ready for the day
Consuela Sirois
 [09/19 11:25:40AM] Xl royal blue

Harjit Jassal
 [09/19 11:22:55AM] Med & royal blue melange

Arguably Essential Classic Coat
Alison Sloan
 [09/19 11:19:35AM] Size M Colour Blue

Don’t ‘leaf’ home without it fall coat
Lisa Forman
 [09/19 11:13:23AM] Royal Blue size sm

Dressed to Impress
Jessica Smith
 [09/19 10:57:58AM] XS /Blue

Power boss lady
Denise prevost
 [09/19 10:51:19AM] 2x grey melange

Classy Comfort Coat
Kim Wilken
 [09/19 10:50:47AM] Grey, Lg

Royalty Le Boss Manteau or Boss Babe Coat
Lenny Horton
 [09/19 10:42:23AM] L & Royal Blue Melange

Simply Chic Power Coat
Tanna Young
 [09/19 10:35:50AM] Size Large in Blue

Made for Royalty coat
Jennifer Wallace
 [09/19 10:34:40AM] Blue large

Dress it up warmly
Jackie Hardy
 [09/19 10:34:00AM] Blue 2x

Perfectly professional
Melissa Goldie
 [09/19 10:32:56AM] Grey xl

Lady Grey
 [09/19 10:29:00AM] Gray XL

Class me up dressy coat
Miranda Phoenix
 [09/19 10:25:53AM] Small blue

Long love Coat
 [09/19 10:25:31AM] xs and light grey

Fall for Warmth Coat, Keep you bright and warm, Cozy Classy Coat
Chaelsey Loehr
 [09/19 10:25:23AM] Medium & Royal Blue Melange

Class me up dressy coat
 [09/19 10:25:04AM] Small blue

Class me up dressy coat
 [09/19 10:24:17AM] Small blue

About Town Jacket
Jennifer Helwig
 [09/19 10:22:53AM] Small, Light Grey Melange

Business as usual
Kimberly Bonkowski
 [09/19 10:10:44AM] Xs light grey melange

Strike a Pose Coat
Marie Tichborne
 [09/19 10:06:17AM] Blue, medium

East to west melange
Julie Odia
 [09/19 10:02:32AM] Light grey 2XL

East to West Melange
 [09/19 9:59:24AM] Light grey 2XL

sassy and classy
Sandra Walker
 [09/19 9:59:02AM] blue large

East to West Melange
 [09/19 9:58:28AM] Light Grey 2XL

East to West Melange
 [09/19 9:58:10AM] Light Grey 2XL

All That Class Jacket
Alina Hext
 [09/19 9:58:10AM] XL Royal Blue Melange

East to West Melange
 [09/19 9:57:52AM] Light Grey 2XL

Arguably Essential Classic Coat
Alison Sloan
 [09/19 9:54:57AM] Medium Blue

Keep it Classy
Courtney Crema
 [09/19 9:54:36AM] Medium light grey melange

Dress and Go Coat OR City Lights Coat
Kara Johnson
 [09/19 9:45:22AM] Royal Blue Melange size Large

Dress me up dress me down coat
Colleen calliou
 [09/19 9:44:41AM] Xl grey

"Dress the Part" coat
Gloria Woodland
 [09/19 9:42:45AM] Blue 2x

Fall For Me
Christine Stevanus
 [09/19 9:42:00AM] XS/S grey heather

Downtown class coat; Take me for a walk coat;
Barb Courteen-Nurse
 [09/19 9:41:34AM] blue LG

Uptown chic coat, Fallon’ into fall coat, classic classy coat
Nikki robson
 [09/19 9:40:26AM] XS, light grey

color me fall.
margaret lavallee
 [09/19 9:37:12AM] ex large blue

Classy Comfort Coat
Tamarah Kinchen
 [09/19 9:34:03AM] M Royal Blue

You are a Sweet Pea
Lisa Cornell
 [09/19 9:29:27AM] Large Blue

Chic Impressions Car Coat
Karen Bemister
 [09/19 9:28:31AM] Light Grey Melange - 2X

Falling for You Autumn coat
Christine Stevanus
 [09/19 9:28:15AM] XS/S Grey Heather

Snow Queen; Jack Frost Jacket; Mood Maker; Winter Wonder; Own This Season
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [09/19 9:26:34AM] Large Blue

Sassy yet very classy
Robyn Hoffman
 [09/19 9:23:05AM] Small;Blue Melange

Cozy Chique Autumn coat
Christine Stevanus
 [09/19 9:21:07AM] XS Grey Heather

Fall into Autumn Coat
Tamara Giroux
 [09/19 9:11:13AM] Large Grey

More then 9-5
Tara Duval
 [09/19 9:09:33AM] XXL Blue

You only bolero once
Tara Duval
 [09/19 9:08:28AM] XXL blue

Stoke Coat
Mavis Conrad
 [09/19 9:07:24AM] Royal Blue size medium

Boss girl bolero
Tara Duval
 [09/19 9:07:19AM] XXL blue

Queen of the year coat
Shohreh Burchell
 [09/19 9:05:24AM] Small grey

Uptown Girl dressy coat
Dione Doliska
 [09/19 9:05:03AM] XL royal blue

Autumn Class coat
Tracy McGrath
 [09/19 9:04:29AM] Light grey Medium

Front of the line jacket
marielle freeman
 [09/19 9:02:33AM] Small , and blue

All dressed up and Snow where to go coat
Wendy Peterson
 [09/19 8:59:26AM] Royal blue , M

The Emile Tailored Coat
Kimi Schwab
 [09/19 8:52:16AM] Blue small

Royal classic jacket
erin fitzer
 [09/19 8:45:32AM] blue and medium

Sassy Classy Dresscoat
Megan McKay
 [09/19 8:45:05AM] Royal blue XL

Coat-tastic coat
Shohreh Burchell
 [09/19 8:40:25AM] Small Grey

One Button Coat, Cozy Toasty Coat, The Boss Coat, First Class Dress Coat, Classy&Uptown Coat
Samantha S.
 [09/19 8:34:32AM] L, Light Grey Melange

Top me up
Sandra Harrad
 [09/19 8:26:01AM] XL light grey melange

Blue Beauty
Muriel stocki
 [09/19 8:22:54AM] 2X Blue

emPowered, Fierce Jacket
Jaime mcgill
 [09/19 8:21:34AM] Medium light

Power Move
April white
 [09/19 8:20:45AM] Royal blue small

Classy Dress Coat
Carol Whitfield
 [09/19 8:11:39AM] Medium Light Grey

Sassy classy coat
Darcy mcbain
 [09/19 8:10:31AM] XL royal blue

The Casey
Kathy Calverley
 [09/19 8:10:14AM] Light Grey, Small

Jacket of All Trades, Coat of Love, Just Call Me Boss Coat
Jenn Chorney
 [09/19 8:09:27AM] Light Grey, L

Anywhere and Every time Jacket
Brenda Dedrick
 [09/19 8:07:45AM] M Light grey

Here I am
Christina Mills
 [09/19 8:05:55AM] Medium & light grey

Hug me warm
JoAnne McDermott
 [09/19 7:57:52AM] Medium grey melange

Dressed For Success
Karen Carvell
 [09/19 7:51:00AM] 2XL Royal Blue Melange

Catch me if you can
Catherine Robicheau
 [09/19 7:46:50AM] royal blue XL

Kickin' it Classic Coat
Crystal Grubb
 [09/19 7:46:30AM] Lg, Royal Blue

Classy Sassy Bossy Coat
Dana Hendry
 [09/19 7:42:39AM] blue xl

Who's The Boss Coat
Dana Hendry
 [09/19 7:39:40AM] blue xl

Who’s the Boss coat
Lindsay Rempel
 [09/19 7:35:44AM] Grey, small

Board Room Babe jacket,9-5 Hustle jacket
Lauren James
 [09/19 7:33:25AM] L blue

Blazing cold coat
Celia Kroker
 [09/19 7:30:08AM] Xl grey

The Classic Cozy Coat
Lesley Royle
 [09/19 7:19:40AM] Royal Blue. 2XL

Comfy boss
Audrey-Ann Evetts
 [09/19 7:18:07AM] M- royal blue melange

Classic Comfort
Lisa Wilson
 [09/19 6:57:37AM] Grey XL

I need Closure
Vannessa Williams
 [09/19 6:55:50AM] L light grey melange

Fall kiss
Jennifer Brown
 [09/19 6:55:08AM] Medium in Royal blue

Princess Pea Coat
Lisa Cornell
 [09/19 6:52:11AM] Large Royal Blue

The Dressy Class & Sass Coat
Trisha Ciarlo
 [09/19 6:51:07AM] Small, grey melange

Proud as a Peacock
Lisa Cornell
 [09/19 6:50:36AM] Large Royal Blue

falling into fall fall into warm too cool for school classic fall wrapped in fall casual classic chic fall dream the fall blues the grey falls
cathleen nilsen
 [09/19 6:45:05AM] grey large

The Button and Go Coat
Stephanie Livsey
 [09/19 6:39:16AM] S Blue

Manic Monday
Crystal Haase
 [09/19 6:36:43AM] XL Blue

9 to 5
Crystal Haase
 [09/19 6:35:32AM] XL Blue

Takin' Care of Business
Crystal Haase
 [09/19 6:34:41AM] XL Blue

Professionelle trendsetter jacket
Catherine Cecilia Deacon
 [09/19 6:33:49AM] L light grey melange

Feels Flawless Coat
Coral Smith
 [09/19 6:33:18AM] Melange medium

Caution: Women At Work
Crystal Haase
 [09/19 6:32:08AM] XL Blue

Work B**ch
Crystal Haase
 [09/19 6:27:54AM] XL Blue

Cozy Boss classic
Charlotte Cameron
 [09/19 6:13:29AM] Blue xl

You Will Be Unstoppable
Dawn Garrett
 [09/19 6:08:21AM] Size med/large Royal

Hit the Reset Button Coat
Michelle Cowan
 [09/19 5:58:47AM] Medium blue

The blue little lamb
Jessica Vallier
 [09/19 5:57:25AM] Blue XS

Fall into Success
Anne Ryan
 [09/19 5:56:28AM] XL-Grey

Sweet Caroline
Anne Ryan
 [09/19 5:52:14AM] XL-grey

Double Blend of sophistication/Traffic Stopping Melange//Traffic Stopping Melody
Julie Odia
 [09/19 5:51:53AM] Royal Blue 2XL

Sophisticated n’ Sassy
Anne Ryan
 [09/19 5:45:00AM] XL-grey

Melange like a boss
Krista Colley
 [09/19 5:41:21AM] Light grey M

Falling for Melange
Krista Colley
 [09/19 5:40:45AM] Light grey M

Pretty in petticoat
Krista Colley
 [09/19 5:39:08AM] Light grey m

2-button wonder
Krista Colley
 [09/19 5:38:39AM] Light grey M

Button up for fall
Krista Colley
 [09/19 5:38:06AM] Light grey M

Mingling melange
Krista Colley
 [09/19 5:37:31AM] Light grey M

Wool your arms around me
Krista Colley
 [09/19 5:36:38AM] Light grey M

Traffic stopping Blazigan
 [09/19 5:30:52AM] 2XL Royal blue

Downtown goes Uptown
Anne Ryan
 [09/19 5:29:21AM] XL-grey

Don’t Boss Me Around
Anne Ryan
 [09/19 5:20:17AM] XL - grey

Coated in Melange
Anne Ryan
 [09/19 5:16:46AM] XL - grey

Wrapped in Harmony Coat
Anne Ryan
 [09/19 5:12:56AM] XL - grey

Wrapped in Awesomness!
Sandra Devost
 [09/19 4:55:04AM] size L, colour Light grey melange

Done Right Dress Coat
Amanda Zimny
 [09/19 4:14:40AM] Royal Blue small

Everyday Tweed, The Megan, Everyday Elegance Coat, The Royals Coat, Royal Pursuit Coat
Sara Lotter
 [09/19 4:03:57AM] XL Royal Melange Blue

Fall into Autumn coat
Alicia Taylor
 [09/19 3:57:27AM] Size large colour royal blue

Summer turns to Autumn Coat
Alicia Taylor
 [09/19 3:56:19AM] Size large colour royal blue

Take Me To The Top Jacket
Brooke Derksen
 [09/19 3:49:33AM] XL Grey

Take Charge Jacket/In Charge Jacket
Brooke Derksen
 [09/19 3:45:47AM] XL Grey

We melange together
Taylor Maxwell
 [09/19 3:26:43AM] 2X, blue

Looking Dapper Jacket
Lyndsay Ann Russell
 [09/19 2:19:10AM] XL Blue

Girl on the go
Michelle Sestito
 [09/18 11:58:13PM] L or Xl grey melange

‘I’ll Toast To That’ Coat
Wendy Unrau
 [09/18 11:39:06PM] Grey XL

Warm Me Up
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 11:31:14PM] Gray 2xl

Sophisticated Boss
Michelle evans
 [09/18 11:30:29PM] Gray 2xl

Colors of Fall
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 11:28:58PM] Blue 2xl

Classic Fall
Michelle evams
 [09/18 11:28:11PM] Blue 2xl

Best Coat Forward
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:27:44PM] Blue M

Jump into fall
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 11:27:36PM] Blue 2xl

Love it like a Boss
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 11:24:53PM] 2xl

2 botton wonder
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 11:23:29PM] 2xl blue

Pickpocket boss
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 11:22:36PM] 2xl gray

Winds of change
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:19:37PM] Blue M

New York Minute
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:18:11PM] Blue M

Classic Boss
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 11:17:34PM] 2xl gray

Fall feels
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:17:20PM] Blue M

Sky’s the Limit
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:16:01PM] Blue M

Fall from the sky
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:15:21PM] Blue M

Your beautiful self jacket
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:13:37PM] Blue M

Show me the money
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 11:11:27PM] Blue M

Sweet sophistication coat, call me classy
Angela Yamaoka
 [09/18 11:05:42PM] Blue M

Royally Classic Coat
Corene Mills
 [09/18 10:49:11PM] Large grey

The Ginsberg
Melisia Catling
 [09/18 10:38:01PM] XL / Royal Blue

Back into fall
Krista Wasylyk
 [09/18 10:36:23PM] grey, m

Suit up
Karen Wallis
 [09/18 10:33:17PM] Royal blue, small

Classy Uptown girl jacket
Kimberly rose
 [09/18 10:28:14PM] Light grey 2xl

Dress for Success
Nicole Yadlowsky
 [09/18 10:19:28PM] L Royal Blue Melange

We Melange Together, Boss Babe Blazer
Crystal Parker
 [09/18 9:57:38PM] Grey, medium

Fit for A Queen
Megan Bulford
 [09/18 9:55:03PM] XL Royal Blue Melange

Blazin Trails
Jennifer Kirk
 [09/18 9:40:57PM] L or XL any colour

Weight lifted
Joelle Zelter
 [09/18 9:36:01PM] M Grey

Flash of beauty, Fall royalty jacket
Barbara Benner
 [09/18 9:31:04PM] Blue medium

Fall Classy
Janet Roelens
 [09/18 9:29:32PM] size M, colour Royal Blue Melange

Pristine and perfect, Royal Highness at its finest, Boss Babe is Royalty, Complete the outfit, Chic and Simple,
Carey Dingsdale
 [09/18 9:25:08PM] blue small

Pea in a pod coat
Michelle Vipond
 [09/18 9:18:28PM] Xl light grey melange

Drenched in Royal Trench
Tiffani Katcsma
 [09/18 9:16:47PM] Small Blue

Stefanie Kersey
 [09/18 9:15:52PM] med in Royal Blue

Nice Tweed Meet You
Laurie Vaughan
 [09/18 9:11:58PM] Large light grey melange

Reach for the Sky Jacket
Teal Hallaby
 [09/18 9:06:15PM] Small blue

Blue bliss
Netta Brown
 [09/18 9:03:44PM] blue small

Fall into love jacket and the sweetheart jacket
Trista Taylor
 [09/18 9:02:50PM] 2xl light gray melange

Dressed for success coat
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/18 9:01:21PM] Xs, grey

Button Up Coatigan
Jodie Cooper
 [09/18 8:53:02PM] 2XL Blue

Uptown Downtown
Julie Kalka
 [09/18 8:49:56PM] Small. Either.

Button Down to Business; Button Down to Earth
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/18 8:46:09PM] Grey small

A Coat Above the Rest
Kirstin Curtis
 [09/18 8:42:00PM] XL light grey melange

Dressed for success
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/18 8:35:19PM] Xs, grey

Be the Boss coat
Rebecca Armstrong
 [09/18 8:34:44PM] Xs, grey

Cloudy skies. Cloud nine. Wrapped in clouds.
Shirley hooker
 [09/18 8:30:33PM] L light Grey melange

Cosy blue jacket
Stephanie Thompson
 [09/18 8:25:31PM] Xl

Busy Bee Jacket
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 8:23:34PM] Blue M

Boss babe coat
Danica kimberley
 [09/18 8:14:37PM] Grey small

Power Coat
Danica kimberley
 [09/18 8:13:03PM] Grey small

Coat and Dagger, Crazy Coat Lady, Love at First Melange
Jennifer Daeninck
 [09/18 8:12:25PM] 2xl royal blue

mingle in melange coat
dana lean
 [09/18 8:10:39PM] blue large

Back to the boardroom Coat
dana lean
 [09/18 8:10:05PM] blue large

Smart and cozy
kimberly gleave
 [09/18 8:08:41PM] xs blue

In My Element Coat
Chiara Provenzano
 [09/18 8:08:11PM] Light Grey Melange in Large

Born to be bossy; Natural born boss babe
Kristi Fedorowicz
 [09/18 8:03:24PM] Blue, small

Cute as a button
Yvonne McKechnie
 [09/18 7:57:57PM] Small, grey

Classically Yours
Tara Wagg
 [09/18 7:49:27PM] Size M, light grey melange

'Fall'ing for you, Slay this Way, Dress To Impress,
Jenny Strutz
 [09/18 7:47:29PM] L, royal blue

Cozy Dreamer Sweater
Darlene Williams
 [09/18 7:45:37PM] Small, Royal blue

We Melange Together; You Melange With Me
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/18 7:42:25PM] Grey Small

Dress me up in style coat, Sophistication coat.
Debbie Partridge
 [09/18 7:42:24PM] XL blue

Authentically You Jacket.
Tanya King
 [09/18 7:37:42PM] Small-Blue

Into the fall
Carly Huskins
 [09/18 7:26:38PM] Medium grey

Power Slay Coat; Too Posh to Handle; Pocketful of Posh; Dress the Part; Great Expectations; Working Fine to Five; Posh it Real Good; Posh Goals; First Impressions; League of Her Own
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/18 7:25:35PM] Grey Small

Carmen Dress Coat, Fall into Autumn dress coat, Wrapped up in Fall dress coat
Heather Butt Paul
 [09/18 7:25:01PM] Xl blue

Classy Chic Dress Coat
Lindsay Rivet
 [09/18 7:24:32PM] Blue XS

High Class Coat
Lindsay Rivet
 [09/18 7:23:46PM] Blue XS

Classy Boss Babe Jacket
Megan Story
 [09/18 7:19:29PM] Medium, light grey melange

Concur it all jacket , Concur the Fall jacket, Lovers Rendezvous Jacket, A Tryst this fall Jacket
Tanya King
 [09/18 7:11:09PM] Blue- small

Fall Sweetheart Coat
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/18 7:09:08PM] Light grey melange large

Sassy Classy
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/18 7:08:48PM] Light grey melange large

You’ve got to note this coat!
Kristiana Schmidt
 [09/18 7:08:01PM] Blue large

Fall Sweetheart Coat
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/18 7:07:36PM] Light grey melange large

Fall sweetheart coat
Loraine Lalonde
 [09/18 7:05:59PM] Light gray large

Feeling Fresh
Marilyn Verloop
 [09/18 7:01:14PM] size large in Royal Blue

Crush the Season Jacket
Tanya King
 [09/18 6:58:16PM] Small- Blue

Sweet complete
Sindy Baranowski
 [09/18 6:55:46PM] Large blue

Two Button Beauty
Candace Broerken
 [09/18 6:54:39PM] light grey melange, medium

Wrap into Autumn
Angela Rodgers
 [09/18 6:48:33PM] Xl grey

Something’s in the Air jacket
Tanya King
 [09/18 6:45:28PM] Small-blue

Dress me classy
 [09/18 6:44:56PM] Blue XL

Something in the Air jacket
Tanya King
 [09/18 6:44:38PM] Small-blue

The Classic and Classy
Kim Freeman
 [09/18 6:44:34PM] Medium, Gray

Fall Feelings Coat , Fall Forward Coat, Style for Miles Coat
Rachel Curran
 [09/18 6:41:46PM] Grey XL

Falling seasons jacket , Turning a New Leaf jacket
Tanya King
 [09/18 6:36:00PM] Blue- Small

The Dawn Draper (after Don Draper, stylish boss from from Mad Men)
Margaret Madore
 [09/18 6:35:36PM] XL royal blue

Silver's chills
Mary Schroder-Prince
 [09/18 6:34:00PM] 2xl

Dapper Daze or Dapper Days Coat, The London Look Coat, Posh and Pretty, Office Chic, Office Sleek, Regal Royal, Tres Chic and Oh So Sleek
Ashley Pitt
 [09/18 6:31:18PM] L, Grey Melange

Autumn dayz
Tanya King
 [09/18 6:29:32PM] Small-blue

Dressed for success
Sarah Schuck
 [09/18 6:26:46PM] XL light grey

Wool Weekender
Ally Surbey
 [09/18 6:26:22PM] Light Grey Melange size lrg

Autumn Royalty Coat
Natasha Innis
 [09/18 6:25:19PM] Large & Blue

Royal Flush
Gina Hildebrand
 [09/18 6:25:07PM] Royal Blue Melange, Large

The Duchess Coat
Melissa Stevens
 [09/18 6:23:17PM] Blue, Large

Fall Or Nothing Coat
Gina Hildebrand
 [09/18 6:23:00PM] Large, Royal Blue Melange

Classy cloak
Raylene Rector
 [09/18 6:22:38PM] XL Royal Blue Melange

Falling Leaves Coat
Abagail Doucette
 [09/18 6:21:45PM] Small Royal Blue Melange

Locked and Loaded Coat
Gina Hildebrand
 [09/18 6:20:36PM] Royal Blue Melange in Large

Not Just any Sweater
Laurel Boucher
 [09/18 6:19:10PM] Small grey

Comfort with Class
Katherine D'Andrea
 [09/18 6:18:58PM] grey size Large

Feeling Cozy coat
Abagail Doucette
 [09/18 6:18:27PM] Small Royal Blue Melange

Sunday Best coat
Abagail Doucette
 [09/18 6:16:31PM] Small Royal Blue Melange

Fall Feels coat
Carol Wooster
 [09/18 6:14:24PM] Small royal blue melange

New Chapter coat
Abagail Doucette
 [09/18 6:10:20PM] Small Royal Blue Melange

Uptown Coat
Coral Smith
 [09/18 6:09:09PM] Light grey melange, medium

Royal Chic coat; Perfect Ten coat ; Spoonful of sugar coat
Teri Peters
 [09/18 6:08:29PM] Grey medium

Warm Memories coat
Abagail Doucette
 [09/18 6:07:39PM] Small Royal Blue Melange

Nine to Five
Rachael Boucher
 [09/18 6:07:32PM] 2X Royal Blue

Nine to Five
Rachael Boucher
 [09/18 6:06:40PM] 2x Royal Blue

Take me out
Erin Roach
 [09/18 6:02:08PM] xl blue

Fun at heart
Connie woodrow
 [09/18 5:57:37PM] Light grey melange. S

Anywhere Coat
Sabrina Reece
 [09/18 5:56:27PM] 2xl Royal Blue Melange

Hold my calls
Tiffany Page
 [09/18 5:53:50PM] XL royal blue

Take the Chill Off coat
Abagail Doucette
 [09/18 5:46:26PM] Small in Royal Blue Melange

Periwinkle predicament
Brittaney Pregizer
 [09/18 5:36:20PM] 2XL blue

Button up Buttercup coat, Dress for Success Coat, I mean business coat,
Nicolle Parsons
 [09/18 5:26:05PM] Royal Blue 2xL

Stepping out in Style Dress Coat
Laura Klages
 [09/18 5:25:23PM] Large and light grey

Wrapped Up In Classic, Classic Coverage, Icing on the Coat, Coat on the Icing,
Susan Beaton
 [09/18 5:18:41PM] xl grey

Out of the Blue
Sonja Richards
 [09/18 5:13:31PM] Light grey melange XL

Adoring Autumn coat
Sophia Peters
 [09/18 5:03:57PM] Medium grey

Cozy classic coat
France McClure
 [09/18 5:02:00PM] Blue size medium

City Chic Coat
Leslie Welch
 [09/18 5:00:33PM] Size small grey melange

Fall forward coat (As in fashion forward)
Sarah Clark
 [09/18 4:59:02PM] Gray large

Slay the day
Britnee Wallace
 [09/18 4:57:35PM] XL royal Blue

Wrapped Up in You
Danielle Rusk
 [09/18 4:55:57PM] S Light Grey Melange

Reign Blazer, Command Coat,
Britnee Wallace
 [09/18 4:55:32PM] XL Royal Blue

Class act coat
Teri Peters
 [09/18 4:54:32PM] Grey, medium

Dressed for the Weather Coat, Cool and Collected, Buttoned Up, All Buttoned Up, Cozy and Covered, Casey Coat
Michelle Allen
 [09/18 4:53:53PM] Grey medium

Wrapped Up in Classic
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [09/18 4:50:55PM] Xlrg Light Gray Melange

Boss Babe Cozy Coat
Jacquie Middleton
 [09/18 4:49:30PM] Size large blue

Coast into Autumn
Arly Berry
 [09/18 4:49:28PM] L/XL grey

Queen for a day jacket
Patricia Rintjema
 [09/18 4:47:49PM] Grey, XS

Comfort & Classy Coat
Julia Gott
 [09/18 4:45:51PM] Royal blue melange. Small or xs depending on fit

Take your business outside
Katerina rosar
 [09/18 4:45:21PM] M/grey

Blue dog
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 4:43:34PM] 2xl gray

Sassy and Classy
 [09/18 4:41:32PM] 2xl gray

The warming up to fall jacket
Kristina McNab
 [09/18 4:41:15PM] L, light grey

Locked n Loaded jacket
Elizabeth Ogston
 [09/18 4:41:03PM] blue 2XL

2 button love
 [09/18 4:40:59PM] 2xl Gray

Wrap around
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 4:40:27PM] 2xl gray

Airy and Bubbles
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 4:39:46PM] 2xl gray

Royal Jacket
 [09/18 4:39:37PM] 2XL blue

My Lady Melange Coat, Once upon a Button Coat
Colleen Humphreys
 [09/18 4:38:10PM] L, Light Grey Melange

Blaze the way
Miranda Martens
 [09/18 4:38:09PM] Light grey melange - medium

Classic overcoat
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 4:37:50PM] 2xl gray

Classy and sassy jacket
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 4:36:52PM] Xs grey

Classically You
Tara Wagg
 [09/18 4:35:54PM] Size M, Light Grey Melange

Belstaff overcoat
Michelle Evans
 [09/18 4:35:44PM] 2xl Blue

Belstaff Coat
Michelle Michelle Evans
 [09/18 4:34:37PM] 2xl light color

Classically You
Tara Wagg
 [09/18 4:34:06PM] Size M, Light Grey Melange

The best days jacket
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 4:32:45PM] Xs grey

Classically You
Tara Wagg
 [09/18 4:32:11PM] Size M, Light Grey Melange

Dress it Cozy
Tammy Rose
 [09/18 4:31:32PM] Small grey

Cozy Classy Casual Coat
Tia Filby
 [09/18 4:28:51PM] XS Royal Blue Melange

Dress Classy Coat
 [09/18 4:26:34PM] XS Royal Blue Melange

Dressed to kill Jacket
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/18 4:24:30PM] Royal Blue L

BizCozy Blazer
Ashley Miller
 [09/18 4:24:01PM] Large - light grey

Cloud to Sky Coat
Michelle McCarthy
 [09/18 4:20:59PM] Blue Medium

Moving On Up Coat, Boss TO Babe coat
Angela Siemens
 [09/18 4:18:26PM] 2xl light grey

hilary day
 [09/18 4:15:03PM] large blue

London dog
Catherine Robinson
 [09/18 4:11:17PM] Medium, blue

au courant
Laura Grandfield
 [09/18 4:10:16PM] Blue XL

Color Me Lovely Dresscoat
Kim de Koning
 [09/18 4:07:26PM] Small blue

Button up cozy
Kristen Head
 [09/18 4:07:03PM] Medium blue

Like a boss
Angela Waddell
 [09/18 4:04:18PM] Light grey, XL

Boss babe
Tara guest
 [09/18 4:02:19PM] M

Town and Country Coat
Jennifer Simon
 [09/18 4:00:42PM] Large and Royal Blue

Can’t Blow Me Away
Tiffany Leboeuf
 [09/18 3:59:55PM] XL, grey

Dressed For Excellence
Shari MacLellan
 [09/18 3:57:31PM] Grey Small

She ain’t heavy, she’s my sister!
Trudi Brooks
 [09/18 3:56:48PM] Blue med

Fall Flare
Loraine Campbell
 [09/18 3:56:28PM] Grey medium

Cloud Nine Coat, True too you, Boss Babe Coat, Falling for you, Love me Pretty
Carrie Nyitrai
 [09/18 3:56:26PM] 2XL

Strictly Business
Shari MacLellan
 [09/18 3:55:27PM] Light grey Small

Casual Elegance
Lori McIntosh
 [09/18 3:55:03PM] Light grey - XL

Weather or Not
Shari MacLellan
 [09/18 3:53:05PM] Blue Small

Tailor Me Smart Coat
Caroline Rahmanian
 [09/18 3:52:14PM] Large Light Grey

Stepping Out In Style
Shari MacLellan
 [09/18 3:51:52PM] Blue Small

Top notch coat
Carrie Nyitrai
 [09/18 3:51:38PM] 2XL

Hazey Dayz Dressy Coat; Hazey Days Coat
Amanda Bruce
 [09/18 3:50:56PM] Blue large

Skies the limit/ Peacock Peacoat/ Weightier Matters/ Royal Crown Jewel
Tatianna Hommy
 [09/18 3:45:42PM] XL Royal Blue Melange

Cozy me up coat, Spring into Fall Coat
Felisha Flodin
 [09/18 3:41:16PM] Light Grey Melange XL

Dress Me Up coat
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/18 3:40:32PM] Grey - medium

Markle My Words
Shannon Duguay
 [09/18 3:39:06PM] Blue- large/xlarge

Like a boss classy coat, Classy sassy coat
Krista Parsons
 [09/18 3:33:45PM] Blue, large

9 to 9 coat “from office to evening”
Rebecca Wilkins
 [09/18 3:31:20PM] XL grey

Like a boss classy coat, sassy classy coat
Krista parsons
 [09/18 3:30:42PM] Blue large

The Cc double B
Brenda Kraneveldt
 [09/18 3:30:03PM] Blue xl

Tailor Me Smart Coat
Caroline Rahmanian
 [09/18 3:28:13PM] Large Light Grey

Business As Usual Coat
Sheena Eddy
 [09/18 3:26:29PM] XS light grey melange

Boss & Bundled Coat; Brisk Babe Coat
Erika Just
 [09/18 3:24:40PM] XL & Royal Blue Melange

The Get Up and Get Out Dress Coat
Laura Klages
 [09/18 3:24:33PM] Large and light grey melange

Blue steel
Nicole Guest
 [09/18 3:24:11PM] Xs & blue

Work to play coat, work and play coat
Carolyn kenney
 [09/18 3:23:45PM] Medium light grey

Ready for Anything Jacket
Lisa Kelly
 [09/18 3:19:24PM] XS & Blue

Button her up coat, pea-utiful coat, double decker coat, decked out coat, all Dickied up coat, silver lining coat, a Fall into me coat,
Nicolle Parsons
 [09/18 3:18:54PM] Royal Blue, 2XL

Colour Me Timeless
Susan Janes
 [09/18 3:15:49PM] Small Royal Blue

Falling for you coat
Ashley Edwardson
 [09/18 3:14:59PM] XS light grey

Class Act
Elly Ellis
 [09/18 3:12:29PM] Medium light grey

City Chic Coat
Laura Mercer
 [09/18 3:12:05PM] Royal blue XL

The Sophie Coat
Kimberly Campbell
 [09/18 3:11:43PM] Small in light grey

Touch of Class
Cassy Wilkins
 [09/18 3:11:12PM] Grey and 2XL

Winter Boss
Trixie Mercereau
 [09/18 3:09:01PM] Royal Blue Size XL

Classy Coattails Winter stroller Coat
Carrie Coon
 [09/18 3:05:35PM] Medium Royal blue melange

Fall Erosion
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [09/18 3:04:42PM] Sm royal blue melange

Girl Boss Coat, Dress up your Jacket, Dress it up coat
Lori Trost
 [09/18 3:04:02PM] XL Royal Blue

Royally sophisticated coat
Tiffany Butt
 [09/18 3:01:50PM] medium royal blue

Casgo any wear
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [09/18 2:58:36PM] Sm blue

Street to Chic Coat
Tiffaney Gamble
 [09/18 2:57:07PM] Blue Small

Dress me up in style!
Barbara Hickey
 [09/18 2:55:40PM] Xl in Royal Blue

Be True To You Blazer Coat
Kate Scammell
 [09/18 2:54:00PM] 2XL Royal Blue

Winter Boss
Trixie Mercereau
 [09/18 2:52:53PM] Royal Blue Size XL

Out on the Town
Sharlene Bowes
 [09/18 2:51:46PM] Light Grey Melange - Size L

Pea-utiful coat
Kristen martens
 [09/18 2:51:26PM] Grey large

wheeling-and-dealing Professional Pea
Rebecca McGarry
 [09/18 2:48:37PM] Medium / blue

Femme Fall Overcoat
Meghan Aris
 [09/18 2:45:39PM] XS light grey melange

Cozy chic, cottage coatigan
Mercedes Kovacs
 [09/18 2:44:38PM] Small & light grey

Cottage Coatigan
Mercedes Kovacs
 [09/18 2:43:03PM] Size Small

Oh so perfect coat!
Joanne sushelnicki
 [09/18 2:42:22PM] XL in the royal blue

Cozy chic
Mercedes Kovacs
 [09/18 2:41:30PM] Small

Princess Perfection Coat , Royal Connection Dress Coat,
Tracey Marcil
 [09/18 2:39:05PM] Blue , XL

Turning heads coat
Kristy Stebbings
 [09/18 2:38:10PM] XL royal blue

Blue Bomber
Lisa Williams
 [09/18 2:37:26PM] XXL light grey

Princess Cut Coat
Tracey Marcil
 [09/18 2:34:46PM] Blue , XL

Winter’s Coming Coat
Karen Bouwhuis
 [09/18 2:25:46PM] Royal blue, medium

Refreshingly classy
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 2:23:33PM] Xs grey

All Around the Town
Julie Kalka
 [09/18 2:23:20PM] Small either

Back in business coat
Angie Fogarty
 [09/18 2:22:04PM] Large blue

Born This Way
Angie Fogarty
 [09/18 2:21:26PM] Large blue

Fall's Pleasure Coat
Anita Banow
 [09/18 2:21:05PM] Light gray size L

Business Chic
Angie Fogarty
 [09/18 2:20:53PM] Large blue

Fall into Love Coat
Angie Fogarty
 [09/18 2:20:05PM] Large blue

Boss babe attire
Angie fogarty
 [09/18 2:19:19PM] Large blue

Warms your heart
traci linklater
 [09/18 2:16:40PM] XL light grey melange

Blaze'n Business Jacket
Heather Stewart
 [09/18 2:16:36PM] Light grey melange XL

Back to business
.Jennifer Brewster
 [09/18 2:16:29PM] Grey xl

Let's get down to business
.Jennifer Brewster
 [09/18 2:15:47PM] Grey xl

Extra mile jacket
Debra Asmussen
 [09/18 2:15:31PM] Light grey size Large

Coat Ma-Goat
Melissa McTaggart
 [09/18 2:15:05PM] Small Grey

Business or Pleasure Coat
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/18 2:12:59PM] Grey Small

Cozy in Cobalt
Tanya Lemoine
 [09/18 2:08:23PM] Small in blue

Sidewalk chic Coat
Rona sterling-collins
 [09/18 2:04:33PM] Size L royal blue

Fall in love coat
Janelle Tomnuk
 [09/18 2:03:48PM] Xl grey

Falling For You Blazer
Kate Kaestner
 [09/18 1:55:55PM] XS - Light Grey Melange

Double Trouble Trench, Pretty in the City Coat , Fall for You Coat
Stephanie Maxwell
 [09/18 1:52:45PM] Large, light grey melange

Dress it up!
Jennifer Leaman
 [09/18 1:51:19PM] Royal blue size medium

Not your mama’s coat
Darlene Biemans
 [09/18 1:50:57PM] Xl -grey

Cobalt Classy....Blue Boss......cobalt chic...... Royal boss.....royally chic...double trouble button down.....pocket boss babe
Tara walker
 [09/18 1:43:21PM] L royalblue

2 Button Detective Coat
Amanda Wilson
 [09/18 1:43:09PM] Large & Blue

Coat Me In Cozy, Here We Coat Again, Loving Luxury Coat
Erin Shantz
 [09/18 1:34:21PM] Small, light grey

Who's the Boss coat
Melanie Rumley
 [09/18 1:29:23PM] XM Light Grey Melange

“Stand Out” in the Cold
Lindsay Brandt
 [09/18 1:29:16PM] Light Grey Melange in Medium please

On the town in STYLE!
Sandra Schroder
 [09/18 1:24:19PM] Blue melange size L

Deep Pockets Coat
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/18 1:24:05PM] Grey Small

Uptown Girl Coat
Sarah Bily
 [09/18 1:23:31PM] Large/ Blue

Pocket this Way
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/18 1:23:12PM] Grey Small

All ablaze jacket or fall ablaze jacket
Tenaya Funk
 [09/18 1:21:30PM] Medium Blue

The Power Hour Coat
Kayla Guckert
 [09/18 1:20:59PM] xl blue

Calabrae or Serenity
Stacey assu
 [09/18 1:17:37PM] M and the grey :)

Fall into me
Ceire Moloney
 [09/18 1:15:47PM] Light grey large

Hot Button Coat
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/18 1:15:22PM] Grey Small

Sophisticated and Sassy!
Sandra Schroder
 [09/18 1:15:11PM] Light grey melange size Large

Wrap me warmly
 [09/18 1:15:01PM] XL Royal blue

Back In Business Trench
Debbie Anderson
 [09/18 1:13:26PM] Light Grey Melange (Medium)

Dreamy Dress Coat
Brianne Kolenko
 [09/18 1:11:20PM] Grey L

Wrapped up in Warm
Brianne Kolenko
 [09/18 1:10:05PM] Grey L

Wrapped up in Fall
Brianne Kolenko
 [09/18 1:09:13PM] Grey L

Style me pretty
Leanne Munday
 [09/18 1:03:14PM] Small / grey

Take me on a Date
Nicole Ferreira
 [09/18 1:02:19PM] Royal Blue, XL

button up into fall
stacey Gregorich
 [09/18 12:59:35PM] grey 2xl

Dress to Impress Classic
Kimberley Zieg
 [09/18 12:56:27PM] Light grey melange size small

Button up cozy
traci linklater
 [09/18 12:54:49PM] XL light grey melange

Dress Me Up and Take Me Out Coat
Rachel Bunn
 [09/18 12:53:20PM] Large, Light Grey

Biz to Caszh button up. OR Boss Babe OR Boss Button
Samantha Bentley
 [09/18 12:52:15PM] L & Grey

Working Girl Coat
Rachel Thompson
 [09/18 12:51:23PM] Royal blue, L

Peas To Meet You
Kimberly Foster
 [09/18 12:50:24PM] 2xl royal blue

Take me anywhere Jacket
Tanya Floro-Easson
 [09/18 12:50:18PM] Large and the electric blue

Dress for Success Coat
Chantelle Martin
 [09/18 12:47:16PM] XL grey

Buttoned for Fall Dress Coat
Chantelle Martin
 [09/18 12:45:02PM] XL grey

She’s the Boss Coat, Like a Boss Coat
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [09/18 12:44:33PM] Large, grey melange

Buttoned for Sophistication Coat
Chantelle Martin
 [09/18 12:44:18PM] XL grey

The Duchess Dress Coat ( as it looks like something Kate Middleton would wear )
Raye Gibbons
 [09/18 12:43:46PM] L in grey

It’s all about you coat
Tanya King
 [09/18 12:43:36PM] Small - blue

Fall into Style Dress Coat
Chantelle Martin
 [09/18 12:41:40PM] XL and Grey

Melissa Yerhoff
 [09/18 12:38:32PM] XL blue

Dressed to Impress Coat
Karen McHale
 [09/18 12:38:28PM] 2XL blue

Double button show stopper
Rebecca Hungerford
 [09/18 12:36:53PM] Light grey XS

Falling Fresh coat
Tanya King
 [09/18 12:34:35PM] Small -Blue

We mean business, play and everyday coat
Amber Coleman
 [09/18 12:34:24PM] Medium Light Grey Melange

The Double Double Coat
Debbie Hurley
 [09/18 12:33:07PM] Size 2x in Blue

Any Occasion Dressy Coat
Jenn Simpson
 [09/18 12:32:26PM] Blue large

Fall in Love Again coat
Tanya King
 [09/18 12:32:05PM] Small -Blue

Falling Free Coat
Tanya King
 [09/18 12:28:50PM] Small -BLUE

Chic and Elegant
Michelle Piggott
 [09/18 12:27:49PM] Size xl and light grey melange

Babe alert coat
Nicole burchell
 [09/18 12:24:22PM] Blue m

Dress me up coat
Janice Robinson
 [09/18 12:23:20PM] Light grey melange 2XL

The Katherine Coat
Emily Buss
 [09/18 12:22:45PM] Blue, 2XL

Out of the blue classy coat
Tracy lawley
 [09/18 12:22:00PM] Blue extra large

Hot button coat
Janice Robinson
 [09/18 12:21:44PM] Light grey melange in 2XL

Looking Mighty Fine Coat
Debbie English
 [09/18 12:19:00PM] M Blue

Glam girl
Jane Sanson
 [09/18 12:18:14PM] Medium. Grey

CCC -Cool, classy, coat
Jenna Gregoire
 [09/18 12:18:01PM] Grey

Electric style coat, Gossip girl coat, slimming and thinning coat, fall days coat, sweet electric coat
Melissa knopp
 [09/18 12:15:08PM] L blue

Fabulous Fall
Tammy Kuric
 [09/18 12:14:31PM] Xl blue

Work, Play & Everyday Classy Coat
Susan Juhlin
 [09/18 12:12:44PM] grey xl

Fall-abulous jacket
Kyli Ford
 [09/18 12:12:19PM] L Royal blue

Business Casual
 [09/18 12:07:50PM] M, Grey

Coating in Style
Ashlee Corley-Smith
 [09/18 12:06:17PM] Large. Blue

Riddle Me This
Lindsay Collard
 [09/18 12:02:52PM] Light Grey Melange, XL

Classically Radiant Jacket
Shayla Lennea
 [09/18 12:02:06PM] Blue, medium

Hug Me All Day Coat
Ann Timm
 [09/18 12:01:38PM] Light Grey Melange, Small

Winter blues and grey with a happy twist
Sherry sproul
 [09/18 11:58:52AM] Royal blue melange size med

Function of beauty coat; class act coat; work to play coat
Jessica Reid
 [09/18 11:56:44AM] Med royal blue.

Boss Babe Coat
Jennifer Konyha
 [09/18 11:55:14AM] XL Light Grey Melange

Patricia Kuhn
 [09/18 11:54:27AM] Black or ivory

A ‘lil Class, a ‘lil Sass
Nicole Appleby
 [09/18 11:54:18AM] Medium, Grey Mélange

Royally You
Sue Weir
 [09/18 11:52:18AM] 2XL; Royal Blue Melange

Keeping it Real
Melinda wood
 [09/18 11:51:45AM] M grey

Classy but Sassy
Melinda wood
 [09/18 11:44:10AM] Light Grey M

A Coat of Winter, The Classic Coat, A Twist Of Business Coat, Full of Pride Coat, Wonderfully Lined Coat, Line Me Up Coat
Whitney Dillon
 [09/18 11:44:04AM] Royal Blue - 2xl

Royally Yours
Robyn Beauregard
 [09/18 11:44:00AM] Small, blue

Back to business
Tracy christensen
 [09/18 11:42:56AM] Medium blue

Back to class jacket
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 11:41:57AM] Xs grey

Ready for Anything Coat; You Go Girl Coat
Tricia Nolan
 [09/18 11:39:15AM] Royal Blue large please

The Sassy Signature Coat! Or Cover me in Happiness Coat!
Gail Eastman
 [09/18 11:38:29AM] Size small please in the Light grey Melange! Thanks! Good Luck to All !

Wonder Warm Jacket, Warm Wonder Jacket
Erin Dragon
 [09/18 11:38:26AM] XL, Royal Blue Melange

Take me seriously
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:38:06AM] L Grey

Warm me up Trench Coat
Tanya Brazeau
 [09/18 11:37:38AM] Blue XL

Wrapped up in Style; Boss Babe In the City; Go Grab the World by the Lapels; Go Out and Grab the World;
Tricia Nolan
 [09/18 11:37:10AM] Royal Blue Large

Glamafied Coat
Nikki Weightman
 [09/18 11:36:24AM] Grey small

One Fine Day Coat
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [09/18 11:35:05AM] Royal blue extra large

Ready for Connection Coat
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:34:44AM] L Grey

Any Occasion Dressy Coat, Fall Vibes Dressy Coat
Jennifer Simpson
 [09/18 11:33:38AM] Blue L

Dressed to Impress Coat, Fancy Pants Coat, Call me Boss Babe Coat, Babe in Charge Coat, Button Me Up Coat, Classic Boss Babe Coat, Baby It’s Cold Outside Coat
Vanessa Riccio
 [09/18 11:33:23AM] Small Royal Blue Melange

Dress to impress jacket
Amanda Madill
 [09/18 11:33:11AM] XS, grey

Cobalt mood!
Christina Peck
 [09/18 11:32:54AM] xl cobalt blue

Face the Breeze Coat
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:32:09AM] L Grey

Fall into Me Jacket; Spring to Fall for Me Coat; Back at It Coat; AutuMe the Coat;
Vanessa Thibeault
 [09/18 11:32:02AM] Blue Medium

Dressed to impress jacket
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 11:31:45AM] Xs grey

Happy Anywhere Dressy Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:31:01AM] Size small, light grey colour

Nothing but Business
Laura Meshen
 [09/18 11:30:18AM] Grey melange, size large

Marvelous in Melange
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:30:07AM] L blue

Classy on the go coat
Gail Butt
 [09/18 11:30:02AM] Size large grey

Dress Me Up Coat, Dressed to Impress Coat, Button me Fancy Coat, Fancy Pants Coat, Call Me Boss Babe Coat, Babe In Charge Coat
Vanessa Riccio
 [09/18 11:29:39AM] Small Royal Blue

Yvonne Arentsen
 [09/18 11:29:14AM] Xl Blue

Falling in love jacket
Fallyn Hamilton
 [09/18 11:29:13AM] Small in grey

Call Me Cute Coat
Melissa Guenter
 [09/18 11:28:43AM] Small royal blue melange

Melange It Like That Dressy Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:28:27AM] Size small, light grey colour

Any Occasion Dress Coat
Jennifer Simpson
 [09/18 11:27:39AM] Blue L

Fab femme
Becky MacDonald
 [09/18 11:27:36AM] Blue and xxl

Bundled Up Babe Dress Coat
Melissa Guenter
 [09/18 11:27:18AM] Small royal blue melange

Iced Out Dressy Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:27:14AM] Size small, light grey colour

Beauty boss
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 11:26:53AM] Xs grey

Practically Perfect Coat
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:26:27AM] L blue

Keep Me Cozy Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:26:18AM] Size small, light grey colour

Own it like a boss!
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 11:25:21AM] Xs grey

Wrap Me Up Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:25:10AM] Size small, light grey colour

Be your own boss
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/18 11:24:35AM] Xs grey

Call Me CEO Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:24:03AM] Size small, light grey colour

Straight from Chelsea
 [09/18 11:23:49AM] M/ Grey

Victoria Station Jacket
 [09/18 11:23:08AM] M/ Grey

Deep Pockets
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:22:09AM] L Grey

Autumn Breeze Coat, Fall for You Coat, Warm Hugs Coat, Cozy Up Coat
Jessica Armenti
 [09/18 11:21:30AM] XL, Royal Blue Melange

No Limitz Coat, Unlimited Options, On the Mark
Penny Steffen
 [09/18 11:20:24AM] XL Blue

Fall in love
Karen Dicostanzo
 [09/18 11:19:49AM] Grey, small

Ready for anything
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:19:31AM] L Grey

Total Betty Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:19:00AM] Size small, light grey colour

Northern Comfort Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:18:21AM] Size small, light grey colour

North Shore Vibes
 [09/18 11:17:37AM] M/ Grey

Keep it Classic Coat
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:17:17AM] L Blue

Boss Babe Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:16:08AM] Size small, light grey colour

Cover me casual
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:15:22AM] L blue

Changing Seasons Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:14:51AM] Size small, light grey colour

Uptown Girl
 [09/18 11:14:35AM] M/ Grey

Elegance in Melange coat
Julie Burrows
 [09/18 11:14:26AM] Small grey

Embracing Fall
 [09/18 11:14:24AM] L Grey

Fall into Winter Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:12:53AM] Size small, light grey colour

Fresh Powder Coat
Shannon Moerman
 [09/18 11:12:10AM] Size small, light grey colour

Just the right coat
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:11:37AM] L Grey

Button Me Up Jacket
Bronwyn Wilson
 [09/18 11:11:08AM] Large & grey

Total Class; Perfectly Perfect
Megan Summers
 [09/18 11:10:46AM] Large, White

Always Classy
 [09/18 11:10:02AM] M/ Grey

Fall on me
 [09/18 11:09:08AM] XL light grey

Kates Coat
 [09/18 11:08:29AM] M

Double Warm and Classy
Deb Rawlins
 [09/18 11:08:21AM] M Blue

The Megan coat
 [09/18 11:08:04AM] M

Timeless jacket
 [09/18 11:06:12AM] M

Quintessential vibes
Jodi Walsh
 [09/18 11:05:39AM] Xl - Royal Blue

Made for Royalty
 [09/18 11:05:30AM] M

Getting it Done Coat
Cindy Palmer
 [09/18 11:05:10AM] M Blue

A touch of Europe
 [09/18 11:05:09AM] M

Windsor Coat
 [09/18 11:04:53AM] M

Wool U Be Mine
Lana Hemminger
 [09/18 11:04:26AM] 2XL Royal Blue Melange

Blue Me Away
Leslie Beevers
 [09/18 11:04:10AM] Blue, large or xl

One Button Bold Blazer
Summer Manca
 [09/18 11:03:51AM] Light Grey

West Coast Coat
 [09/18 11:03:07AM] M

Button me up
 [09/18 11:02:34AM] XL light grey

Bossy Betty Coat
CIndy Palmer
 [09/18 11:02:32AM] M Blue

Take me to Yaletown
 [09/18 11:02:19AM] M

English Bay winter wear
 [09/18 11:00:46AM] M

Sexy 'n Stylin'
Sue Weir
 [09/18 11:00:45AM] 2XL; Royal Blue Melange

cozy and classy
 [09/18 11:00:19AM] M

Keeping it Classy
 [09/18 10:59:43AM] M

Robson Street Jacket
 [09/18 10:59:23AM] M

Free to Glow
Darian Griffiths
 [09/18 10:58:46AM] Light grey XS

Take Me Out; Where We Going; Dressed To Impress
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [09/18 10:56:03AM] M - Light Grey Melange

Royal Rapport, Rhythm & Blues
Angela McLellan
 [09/18 10:55:49AM] blue, medium

Class me up butter cup coat; sassy n classy coat , chic n sleek coat
chelsea westbury
 [09/18 10:55:43AM] light grey melange L

Blue Over You
Angela McLellan
 [09/18 10:54:49AM] blue, medium

London is Calling coat , Cozy Dream coat , Best Coat Forward , A Coat Above the Rest
Jessica Wright
 [09/18 10:54:14AM] Large in Royal Blue

Double the Fun Coat
Melissa DeLeon
 [09/18 10:52:42AM] XL Blue

The Sultry swagger
Melanie Ling
 [09/18 10:52:26AM] 2X & Royal Blue

Buttoned Up Business Coat
Melissa Guenter
 [09/18 10:48:49AM] Small royal blue melange

Boss Babe Classic Collar Coat; or Boss Babe Jacket; or Boss Babe Professional Jacket
Nicole McCarthy
 [09/18 10:46:54AM] XS, Royal Blue

Sassy Elegance
Gayle Bradley
 [09/18 10:46:14AM] M light grey

Casey’s single button vandyke Melton coat
Kiana earl
 [09/18 10:46:07AM] Small grey

The Regal rejuvenation
Melanie Ling
 [09/18 10:45:58AM] 2X & Royal Blue

Dressed in confidence coatigan
 [09/18 10:45:36AM] Light grey & size small

Buttoned Up Boss Babe
Melissa Guenter
 [09/18 10:45:20AM] Small royal blue melange

Kate Coat
Samantha Fraser
 [09/18 10:42:22AM] 2XL -Royal Blue

Toast of the Town Coat
Jessica Kilmer
 [09/18 10:41:08AM] L Light Grey

The clozer (coat-blazer)
Mandy Beaudoin
 [09/18 10:40:40AM] Blue 2xl

Megan Parenteau
 [09/18 10:39:20AM] XL light grey

Like a Boss Coat
Sara Lawson
 [09/18 10:37:36AM] Small in Grey Melange

From my shoulders to my knees coat,
Mandy Beaudoin
 [09/18 10:37:13AM] Blue 2xl

Sky's the limit
Beata Betker
 [09/18 10:35:34AM] Large in royal blue

That Lovin’ Feeling, Cozy Glow, Happy Hugger, Warm Fuzzies, Hot Toddy
Terry Tanasichuk
 [09/18 10:35:02AM] Light Grey Melange XL

You can call me the CEOooooh! Coat
Sara Petrov
 [09/18 10:33:46AM] Blue 2xl

The Coat of Arms
Melanie Ling
 [09/18 10:33:05AM] XXL & royal blue

The Royal coat, cute as buttons coat, in it for the long haul
Mandy Beaudoin
 [09/18 10:32:42AM] Blue, 2xl

Run the world coat
Gina bolton
 [09/18 10:32:26AM] Grey 2xl

Run the world
Gina bolton
 [09/18 10:30:12AM] Grey 2XL

Run the World Coat
 [09/18 10:29:21AM] Light grey 2XL

Power Coated; Coated for Success
Susan Kendrick
 [09/18 10:28:04AM] Grey / size M

This is Mine Back Off!
Shawna Dallaire
 [09/18 10:22:35AM] blue large

Blue jacket- Bluetiful You, Bluetifuly You, So Bluetiful Grey jacket- Greytly Cozy, Grey Clouds
Leslie Beevers
 [09/18 10:20:03AM] Blue, either large or xl depending on shoulder sizing

Melange On Me
Robin Lyons
 [09/18 10:19:46AM] Xs light grey

Dressed For Success
Caley Boyd
 [09/18 10:19:44AM] Royal blue/ medium

Head held high, Boss babe Coat, Cover me in awesome, Stepping Out, Stepping Forward, Crushing it!
Kerry Holmes
 [09/18 10:17:18AM] XL, Blue

Queen of The Cold or Queen of Cool
Cristin Korchinski
 [09/18 10:14:28AM] Light Grey in 2XL

Falling for you jacket, or cozy hug jacket
Colleen Wagner
 [09/18 10:14:22AM] Large blue

Winter Vibes Coat
Bettina Allen
 [09/18 10:12:43AM] XL / Light Grey

Legendary Car Coat
Linda Thompson
 [09/18 10:11:57AM] XL Royal Blue

Seasonal transition jacket
Beverly bulman
 [09/18 10:11:44AM] M grey speckled

Coat tales (tails)
Keree LaBelle
 [09/18 10:11:00AM] 14 either color

Fall is in the air coat
Shelly Langlais
 [09/18 10:10:51AM] Grey xl

Dressed for success Jacket
Lisa Ferguson
 [09/18 10:10:32AM] Large grey

Fall is in the air jacket
Shelly Langlais
 [09/18 10:10:00AM] Xl grey

Let It Snow Coat
Bettina Allen
 [09/18 10:09:50AM] XL / Light Grey

Confidently Chic Overcoat
Melanie Marsh
 [09/18 10:09:20AM] Blue Large

Confidently Chic Overcoat
Melanie Masrsh
 [09/18 10:08:18AM] Blue Large

Monarch Coat
Mendara Chan
 [09/18 10:07:59AM] Small light grey

Cozy class or snug and sassy
April Dawn Pike
 [09/18 10:07:11AM] Blue size S

Take Me Downtown Coat
Bettina Allen
 [09/18 10:06:09AM] XL / Light Grey

Fall into Confidence Coat
Kalma Arnett
 [09/18 10:04:29AM] XS- Royal Blue

Coat of Many Colors
Bettina Allen
 [09/18 10:04:13AM] XL / Light Grey

Monday Thru Sunday Best jacket
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/18 10:03:49AM] Royal Blue L

Dress for Success Coat
Bettina Allen
 [09/18 10:03:07AM] XL / Light Grey

Point Grey dress coat
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/18 10:02:41AM] Royal Blue L

In Control coat. Get ahead Jacket. Executively
Kim booth
 [09/18 10:02:33AM] Small light grey

Show it n'own it coat.
Barb Warner
 [09/18 10:00:46AM] Blue large

Take me anywhere coat
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/18 10:00:31AM] Royal Blue L

Straight lines and fine times coat
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/18 9:59:44AM] Royal Blue L

All tweed up
Ashlie McBryan
 [09/18 9:58:19AM] Royal Blue L

Dress Like A Royal Jacket
Madeleine McKechnie
 [09/18 9:56:17AM] Light Grey- Small

Takeover the world Coat; World Takeover Coat; Take Over Control Coat
Vayia Platko
 [09/18 9:56:12AM] light grey medium

Dressed for Success
Vickie Adams
 [09/18 9:54:21AM] Grey size medium

True Class Jacket, Good Manners Jacket, Elegantly Simple Coat, Impeccably Dressed Jacket, Ultimate Sophistication Jacket
Nikki Graveline
 [09/18 9:53:44AM] blue, L

MVP Coat; VIP Coat
Vayia Platko
 [09/18 9:53:42AM] light grey medium

Like a Duchess coat
Tina MacDonald
 [09/18 9:52:25AM] Grey medium

Executive Realness or Boardroom Babe
Amanda Hill
 [09/18 9:52:07AM] 2xl grey

The Duchess Coat
Miranda Bender
 [09/18 9:51:30AM] 2x Blue

princess Royal
Kim Cunningham
 [09/18 9:50:48AM] Blue xl

Candy Coated
Kim Cunningham
 [09/18 9:49:08AM] Xl BLUE

Beauty in charge coat; I'm in charge coat
Vayia Platko
 [09/18 9:48:09AM] light grey medium

Your New Fave Coat; Fierce for Fall; Falling Hard; Fall into Fall,
Denise Hextall
 [09/18 9:47:32AM] Blue XL

Day to night coat; Day or night coat
Vayia Platko
 [09/18 9:46:03AM] light grey medium

Cozy with elegance
Katelyn Kleinsteuber
 [09/18 9:45:44AM] Medium in title blue

Like a Boss Jacket
Laura Penny
 [09/18 9:45:10AM] Grey melange size L

All Buttoned Up
Lacey Bartholow
 [09/18 9:44:47AM] Xl royal blue

Girl Boss Blazer Coat, Ambitious Woman Blazer Coat, Glambition Blazer Coat
Lisa Ledsome
 [09/18 9:44:27AM] Medium, blue

Class Act Peacoat
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [09/18 9:44:12AM] XS & Light Grey Melange

Melange Mood
Shannon Boyce
 [09/18 9:43:48AM] Blue small

Royal Chic
Angela Mitres
 [09/18 9:43:47AM] Small, blue

Dress it up cozy coat
Jennifer Bryden
 [09/18 9:43:39AM] Xlg Royal Blue Melange

Casualchic coat
Shirley Janzen
 [09/18 9:43:34AM] 2xl

Blue bird of Happiness and Grey Sparrow
Tracy Bennett
 [09/18 9:42:40AM] blue medium

Polling Peacoat
Alison Warner
 [09/18 9:41:23AM] Xl grey

Power house coat
Julie Hoar
 [09/18 9:41:11AM] Xl grey

Barb Guignard

Business as Casual
Shannon Boyce
 [09/18 9:40:41AM] blue size small

Lead The Way Coat
Alison Warner
 [09/18 9:40:27AM] Xl grey

Cast Your Vote Coat
Alison Warner
 [09/18 9:40:03AM] Xl grey

Barb Guignard

Stay Classy
Kiirsti Stilla
 [09/18 9:39:25AM] Grey large

Ballot Box Coat
Alison Warner
 [09/18 9:39:23AM] Xl grey

Heathered Street Coat
Alison Warner
 [09/18 9:38:53AM] Xl grey

The Uptown Coat
Chelsea odell
 [09/18 9:38:45AM] Grey small

Trench it up
 [09/18 9:38:19AM] XL blue

Barb Guignard

"What, like it's hard?" Coat
Alison Warner
 [09/18 9:37:55AM] Xl grey

All Blazed Up, Blazing on Through, Bold & Beautiful Blazer Coat, Boss Babe Blazer Coat
Lisa Ledsome
 [09/18 9:37:46AM] Blue, medium

Barb Guignard

Girl on the Go Coat
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [09/18 9:37:16AM] XL Royal Blue

Heavyweight Champion Coat
Alison Warner
 [09/18 9:37:14AM] Xl grey

Barb Guignard

Dress to impress classic jacket
Stacy Churchill
 [09/18 9:36:45AM] Small blue

The wrapped in warmth coat
Monica Steinson
 [09/18 9:35:36AM] XL. Blue

Perfectly posh
Rena williamson
 [09/18 9:35:31AM] Blue large

Fine and fabulous coat
dale plant
 [09/18 9:34:39AM] LG grey

Simply sophisticated coat
Rena williamson
 [09/18 9:34:28AM] Blue large

Pretty and Polished Coat
Tanya Constable
 [09/18 9:34:16AM] Blue XL

Date night coat
Gillian Dubroy
 [09/18 9:34:06AM] Large rotal blue melange

Stay Classy Coat
Lisa Mann
 [09/18 9:33:57AM] Light Grey Melange. Size medium

Blue fall away
Madison Jongsma
 [09/18 9:33:37AM] Medium, light grey

Glam Girl Dressy Coat
Michelle Provenza
 [09/18 9:32:37AM] Medium light light

Fall delight
Pam Moen
 [09/18 9:32:31AM] Grey large

Dressed For Success
Susan Kendrick
 [09/18 9:31:37AM] Grey / size M

Looking Fancy Dressy Coat
Michelle Provenza
 [09/18 9:31:28AM] Medium light grey

Like a Dream
Michelle Haskell
 [09/18 9:30:47AM] Small & Grey

Fall on your coat-tail
Stephanie Polhill
 [09/18 9:30:46AM] Grey 2XL

Like a Dream
Michelle Haskell
 [09/18 9:30:18AM] Small & Grey

Look At Me Dressy Coat
Michelle Provenza
 [09/18 9:28:55AM] Medium light grey

Classy Double Agent
Tesa Steinke
 [09/18 9:28:24AM] Blue 2X

Sharp Dressed
Amy Livingston
 [09/18 9:28:23AM] Blue, large

The Duchess Coat
Laura Bottiglieri
 [09/18 9:26:57AM] M in royal blue

Keepin it Classy Jacket
Kristin Trueman
 [09/18 9:26:45AM] Medium, Light grey melange

Cozy classic coat
Viki hillson
 [09/18 9:26:39AM] 3xl and black or blue

Forever Chic
Shawna Wiebe
 [09/18 9:25:57AM] Blue 1x

The CCC Coat (city and country classic), The Classic, Your New Favourite Classic
Caroline Rutter
 [09/18 9:25:42AM] Medium Light Grey Melange

Autumn love with this coat
Jolene Campbell
 [09/18 9:23:40AM] M or L- grey please:)

Downtown Dream
Sarah Bristol
 [09/18 9:22:46AM] 2XL in Royal Blue

Show stopping peacoat
Heather Klanert
 [09/18 9:22:42AM] 2xl Royal blue melange

Glam Clutch Coat
Tiffany Bishop
 [09/18 9:21:16AM] Medium Light Grey

Peas be mine Pea Coat
Jennifer English
 [09/18 9:20:19AM] XL grey

Fly into Fall
Lori Stefanishion
 [09/18 9:18:58AM] Xl blue

Princess In the pea coat.
Kim Bessette
 [09/18 9:18:34AM] Xl royal blue

Boss Baby
Janice Watts
 [09/18 9:18:17AM] Light grey melange size 1x

Top-Level Coat
Erin Sharma
 [09/18 9:17:27AM] Medium Royal Blue

Cozy dress up coat
Grace Young
 [09/18 9:17:06AM] Grey xs or sm

The Royalty coat, Bring on the cold cozy coat, Fall into this classy, cozy coat
Barb Goddard
 [09/18 9:16:37AM] Royal blue, size M

Blazin’ Boss Babe
Alana thomas
 [09/18 9:16:18AM] Xs grey

Day to Night Boss Babe Coat
Samantha Henne
 [09/18 9:15:51AM] Small royal blue

Beautifully Buttoned
 [09/18 9:15:14AM] blue 2xl

Medley Impressions, Melange Impressions
Melanie Barnett
 [09/18 9:12:55AM] Blue XL

Autumn Breeze
G. Jeffares
 [09/18 9:11:46AM] 2xxl in blue

Royally Classy Coat
Christy Bergen
 [09/18 9:11:20AM] Blue size large

Royally cute coat
Christy Bergen
 [09/18 9:10:30AM] Blue size large

Fall for Me
Katie Perran
 [09/18 9:10:22AM] Grey melange size L

All for Fall jacket
Tara Macaulay
 [09/18 9:10:13AM] Blue large

No more days of blue, no more cloudy days
Letitia Pirie
 [09/18 9:10:01AM] no more days of blue, xs

Keeping it Classy
Vanessa David
 [09/18 9:09:13AM] Light grey melange 2X

Classy Cobalt Coat
Christy Bergen
 [09/18 9:09:02AM] Blue size large

Collar Me Maybe
Rachel Tourville
 [09/18 9:08:04AM] light grey, XL

Cozy Coat
Shannon Smith
 [09/18 9:07:14AM] Small grey

Let's Collar a Day Coat
Rachel Tourville
 [09/18 9:07:06AM] light grey, XL

Slay the Day
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 9:06:03AM] Blue M

Coat of Confidence
Laurie Anne King
 [09/18 9:05:54AM] xl Blue

9 to 5
Jennifer Pedersen
 [09/18 9:05:37AM] Blue M

Classic Casey Coat, Classy and Confident Coat, Dressed for Success Coat, Timeless Trench Coat,