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Zipper Booties
September 11, 2020

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Total of 1,390 Entries
Congratulations to Erika Just, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Best Zip Forward Booties!

The little zippered Chelsea
Celine Quenneville
 [09/13 9:02:05AM] BROWN SIZE 7

Dakota Bootie
Celine Quenneville
 [09/13 8:56:15AM] BROWN SIZE 7 PLEASE

Zip Slip Bootie
Krista Stemmler
 [09/13 8:47:14AM] 9 - Cognac

Classzip Bootie
Lori Hastings
 [09/13 8:45:32AM] 39 Cognac

Comfy Cozy Boots
Cynthia MacDougall
 [09/13 8:43:25AM] 36/Black

You Zip Me Right Round Booties
Krista Stemmler
 [09/13 8:42:53AM] 9 - Black

Bootie walkin, zipped bootie, bootie zipped
kimberly Gleave
 [09/13 8:33:24AM] 37 congac

Zip into fall boot
Jessica brauer
 [09/13 8:25:01AM] 39 in black

Renee... comfy cozy zippy bootie
 [09/13 8:19:18AM] Black suze 8

Zip it or skip it booties
Shannon Horvath
 [09/13 8:18:13AM] Size 40 black

Zip Around Town Booties
Cheryl Wilson
 [09/13 8:18:01AM] size 9 in burgundy

The Zip Zip bootie
Hilary Wolf
 [09/13 8:17:58AM] 37 Cognac

Fly into Fall booties, Zip into Fall booties
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/13 8:15:36AM] 41, Black

On the Fly Boots
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/13 8:12:30AM] 41, Black

Pretty Fly Boots
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/13 8:10:42AM] 41, Black

Zip around Town
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/13 8:09:25AM] 41, Black

Zip in time booties
Collean Dawley
 [09/13 8:08:29AM] 7 burgundy

“Slip on-zip up” ankle booties
Eva Jene
 [09/13 7:46:16AM] 38 cognac

Unzipped Bootie, Kickin Up Dust Bootie, Coming Undone Booties
Ashley Heggs
 [09/13 7:38:30AM] Black 36

Zippity Bootahs
Stephanie Gemmell
 [09/13 7:37:59AM] 36 Cognac

Zip me up Baby Boots.
Megan Kelso
 [09/13 7:35:53AM] Size 9 burgundy

Hop, Skip and a Zip Booties; Follow the Zip Booties; Zip Me Up Booties; Fell For You Booties; Fall For Me Booties; Zip Instinct Booties; I Want To Zip It Booties
Lisa Miller
 [09/13 7:29:25AM] 39 Burgundy

For the Love of Zippers Booties
Carolyn Noorduyn
 [09/13 7:28:26AM] 38, cognac

Susan Roselli
 [09/13 7:26:06AM] Black 41

Some mate boots
Nicole Leffler
 [09/13 7:21:31AM] Black size 8

You decide booties
Michelle McCarthy
 [09/13 7:12:21AM] burgundy, 7

Zip Classic Ankle Boots
Carolyn Noorduyn
 [09/13 7:10:06AM] 38, cognac

Zip and Go
Carolyn Noorduyn
 [09/13 7:01:02AM] 38, cognac

Give me the details bootie
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/13 6:46:25AM] 37 burgundy

Make your move bootie
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/13 6:44:15AM] 37 black

Beauty & the zip bootie
Allison Dawson
 [09/13 6:41:20AM] 38 cognac

Beauty & the zip bootie
Allison Dawson
 [09/13 6:39:11AM] 38 cognac

A step ahead bootie
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/13 6:34:52AM] 37 black

Zippity-Do-Da Boots
Amy Holden
 [09/13 6:21:56AM] Size 37, Cognac

Zippin Around Town
Andrea Douglas
 [09/13 6:18:26AM] 9 burgundy

Too Cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/13 6:15:59AM] 39 Burgundy

Too Le-Zip to Quit
Melissa Ellis
 [09/13 6:12:54AM] Size 7, Cognac

Too Cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/13 6:11:05AM] Burgundy 39

Too Cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/13 6:09:59AM] 39 Burgundy

Too Cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/13 6:08:39AM] 39 Burgundy

Too Cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/13 6:08:21AM] 39 Burgundy

You zip me right 'round
Crystal Foerster
 [09/13 5:57:15AM] Brown, size 9

Feeling Zippy Bootie
Hailey Osborne
 [09/13 5:31:23AM] 41 and Burgundy

Zip me Up Booty
Valerie Barath
 [09/13 4:50:47AM] 40, black

Lucky in love booties
 [09/13 4:16:09AM] 10 & Burgundy

Made for Walking Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/13 2:24:16AM] Cognac 40

Made for walk-in booties
Krista davis
 [09/13 12:58:21AM] 10 red

All about that zip
Lacie Carroll
 [09/12 11:32:15PM] 37- black

All about that zip
Lacie Carroll
 [09/12 11:26:41PM] 37- black

Head over booties
Patrizia Brekke
 [09/12 11:23:18PM] 40, Burgundy

Head over boots
Patrizia Brekke
 [09/12 11:21:15PM] 40, Burgundy

Fall for me booties
Leesa Immelman
 [09/12 11:15:37PM] Size 8 cognac

Date Night Darlings
Maureen Gordon
 [09/12 11:14:44PM] 36 Cognac

Country meets city booties
Dianna Hasley
 [09/12 11:10:03PM] 38 Black

Zip around boots, Lots of zip boots
Valerie Partridge
 [09/12 11:07:19PM] Burgundy. Size 38. (8)

Zippers away booties
Ronda Calder Dickson
 [09/12 11:07:16PM] 37 burgandy

October Sky Zipper Bootie, Falling in Love Zipper Bootie
Kyla Merrick
 [09/12 10:59:28PM] 39 & black

Zip, Zip, and Away Booties
Victoria olson
 [09/12 10:52:45PM] 8, black

Zip on out Boots
Shauna Swanson
 [09/12 10:40:40PM] 39 & Burgundy

Love Line Bootie
Darlene Johnson
 [09/12 10:38:11PM] Size 37/38 (size 7) Cognac

Zip into fall
Katie Sinclair
 [09/12 9:54:47PM] 40 black

Zippity Do Da Booties
Tamara O’Brien
 [09/12 9:40:26PM] Burgundy size 38

Steal the show
Jenn allen
 [09/12 9:39:38PM] 9 black or brown

Zippity boots
Janice Bouchey
 [09/12 9:37:51PM] Cognac size 40 ( 10?)

Zip with me booties
Chantal Ramshaw
 [09/12 9:35:10PM] 39, black

These boots were made for Zippin'
 [09/12 9:25:03PM] 37 bergundy

Pretty Fly Boots
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/12 9:22:58PM] 41, Black

On the Fly Boots
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/12 9:21:21PM] 41, Black

Zip Around Town
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/12 9:20:40PM] 41, Black

Zip-start my heart
Lisa Boughen
 [09/12 9:17:21PM] 39 Burgandy

Pretty Fly Boots
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/12 9:11:03PM] 41, Black

On the Fly Boots
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/12 9:06:46PM] 41, Black

The Zip Remedy Boots
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/12 9:05:15PM] 10, Black

Zip on by boots; zip to it boots
Nathalie Denicola
 [09/12 9:04:12PM] brown size 38

Sunset Stroll Bootie
Marcie Logan
 [09/12 9:03:15PM] 36 Burgundy

Bottoms up booties/One step at a time booties/It's a boot time booties/Happy sole botties
Jennifer Diane Olsen
 [09/12 9:03:03PM] Size 9 in brown

Zip Around the Town
Cynthia Wahl
 [09/12 9:01:12PM] 10, Black

Zippery Do Dah
Ingrid St Cyr
 [09/12 9:00:46PM] 38 burgundy

Give me some bootie
 [09/12 8:46:29PM] 8 burgandy

Save your soles ankle bootie
April Turco
 [09/12 8:45:43PM] cognac.size 10

Zipady booty
Moira swiatek
 [09/12 8:44:45PM] 8 burgundy

walkin on cloud nine zipper booties
April Turco
 [09/12 8:37:19PM] cognac size 10

Classy to boot zipper booties
Kara Burns
 [09/12 8:31:37PM] 38 & Burgundy

A walk on the wild side
April Turco
 [09/12 8:26:59PM] cognac size 10

Zip Zip and away bootie
Samantha Porter
 [09/12 8:18:53PM] 39 cognac

Ziptastic bootie
Angela Maidens
 [09/12 8:16:54PM] 41 in burgundy

Cutie Booties
Samantha Porter
 [09/12 8:16:19PM] 39 Cognac

Zip into fall
Jenna Nichols
 [09/12 8:14:00PM] 39 black

Zip trip
Lisa Gardiner
 [09/12 8:12:24PM] Maroon and whatever a size 6 would be lol

Step to it booties
Kyla Janzen
 [09/12 8:07:14PM] 38 & cognac

Boot Scootin’ Booties
Nicole Marie Arnett
 [09/12 8:06:33PM] 37 black

Zip or Not Booties.
Kalma Arnett
 [09/12 8:02:11PM] 36 Burgundy

Forever Fall Booties
Jennifer Sebok
 [09/12 7:58:52PM] Burgundy 38

Grab and go boot
Janene Quinn
 [09/12 7:58:36PM] Black size 7

Zip it real good booties!
Jenni casler
 [09/12 7:57:57PM] 8 & Cognac

On The Fly Booties
Celina Jean
 [09/12 7:55:32PM] Size 9 Brown

Zip me close, Zigzag booties
Jana Mottl
 [09/12 7:54:35PM] Burgandy size 40

Zip me close, Zigzag scoot
Jana Mottl
 [09/12 7:52:28PM] Burgandy. Size 40

Zip-me-up Booties
Celina Jean
 [09/12 7:52:12PM] black size 9

Zip me close, Zigzag scoot
Jana Mottl
 [09/12 7:52:10PM] Burgandy. Size 40

Zip me close, Zigzag scoot
Jana Mottl
 [09/12 7:51:53PM] Burgandy. Size 40

Zip in my footsteps
Courtney Iwaskow
 [09/12 7:49:04PM] 40 cognac

Zippity do dah!
Jenn Hodgson
 [09/12 7:48:29PM] 38 brown

In the Woods booties
Lindsay Stevenson
 [09/12 7:45:39PM] 9 & Cognac

All the Right Zips; Zip My Way
Juanita Paupst
 [09/12 7:44:59PM] 37 Burgundy

Zenfully Zippy
Cathy Fitzpatrick
 [09/12 7:35:17PM] 9 cognac

Zippy Kick It Boots
Diane King
 [09/12 7:31:07PM] 40 Cognac

Shake It Off Boots
Diane King
 [09/12 7:29:39PM] 40 Cognac

Zip to it
Erin Tough
 [09/12 7:19:13PM] 37 Burgundy

Heel of a good time
Heather Chabot
 [09/12 7:18:47PM] 6 c

Sole Perfect
Mandy Knox
 [09/12 7:13:48PM] 7 brown

First step boots
Veronica Keenan
 [09/12 7:07:30PM] Burgundy 38

Step One boots
Veronica Keenan
 [09/12 7:06:52PM] Burgundy 38

Zip the line, Zipline booties, Flying V booties
Erin Tough
 [09/12 7:02:26PM] 37 Burgundy

Harvest Moon Zipper Booties
Heather Stoppa
 [09/12 7:01:54PM] 38; Cognac

Out and Aboot Zip-Ups
Karina Botelho
 [09/12 6:55:37PM] 36 black

Made for Walkin' Boots
Joelle Plumer
 [09/12 6:53:39PM] 8 Brown

Ankle Biters
Teresa Perri
 [09/12 6:41:33PM] 7 Black

Sura boots
Tammy Waiting
 [09/12 6:41:22PM] 9 and cognac

Cute as a button
Tammy Kohl
 [09/12 6:34:58PM] 7 and black

Zip to my lou
Traci Linklater
 [09/12 6:32:04PM] 40 burgundy

Put some zip into it!
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 6:05:47PM] 37 black

The toe line bootie
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 6:04:04PM] 37 black

cozy leather boots
Patricia Werbicki
 [09/12 6:02:44PM] black size 5

Zip Me Up Chelsea
Wendy Lywak
 [09/12 5:57:39PM] 39 Burgundy

Easy peasy booties
Erin Tamburello
 [09/12 5:56:56PM] Black 9

Zip It Fall Booties
Carmela Slade
 [09/12 5:48:44PM] Black | 36

Zippity Boot-as’
Mandi van Wyk
 [09/12 5:46:55PM] Size 11 brown

Lil Bootie-Licious
Ashley MacArthur
 [09/12 5:41:57PM] Cognac & Size 41 (size 9.5)

Zippin around the block
Amanda Gould
 [09/12 5:30:09PM] 28 cognac

Out for a zip bootie
Sarah Ireland-Harms
 [09/12 5:29:12PM] 37 cognac

All the right moves boots
Amanda Gould
 [09/12 5:27:28PM] 38 and Cognac

I’m bringing bootie back
Lia Schoenroth
 [09/12 5:15:12PM] 10 burgundy

Fall for you booties
Karina Carvalho
 [09/12 5:07:56PM] Size 39 Cognac

Zip My Bootie
Robin Parker
 [09/12 4:54:13PM] Cognac size 40

On the go bootie. Zippin around bootie. Zippin around town bootie. Bootie Zippin.
Debbie Partridge
 [09/12 4:43:50PM] 40

Zip to my ankle booties
Arienne Ferguson
 [09/12 4:36:32PM] 41 burgundy

La Niña booties
Lee Bichel
 [09/12 4:31:26PM] 9 Burgundy

Za Za Booties
Lee Bichel
 [09/12 4:28:41PM] 9 burgundy

Cloud Nine Booties
Lee Bichel
 [09/12 4:27:07PM] 39 burgundy

Boot Scootin’ Booties
Taylor Maxwell
 [09/12 4:21:13PM] 41, burgundy

Too Cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/12 4:19:49PM] 39 Burgundy

Shake Your Shootie Boot
Amanda Mader
 [09/12 4:09:05PM] 9.5 Brown

Pocket boot
Shelly Akins
 [09/12 3:57:49PM] Burgundy size 10

Pixie Boots
Shelly Akins
 [09/12 3:57:01PM] Black size 10

Like a Fine Wine Booties
Marielle Freeman
 [09/12 3:48:09PM] 8 Burgundy

Bootie Love
Ruth McCully
 [09/12 3:39:43PM] 7.5- Cognac

Zip Happens
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/12 3:38:11PM] Cognac 41

Zip in your step boots, ziptide boots,
Randi Cookson
 [09/12 3:27:04PM] Black, 37

Come zip with me booties
Tanya King
 [09/12 3:22:14PM] Brown size 8

Zippity Do
Ashley Jones
 [09/12 3:20:28PM] 7, black

Boot Scootin' Bootie.
Elaine Amelia Smith
 [09/12 3:18:52PM] Burgundy

Zip It
Pauline chewka
 [09/12 3:14:29PM] 40 brown

Style n Grace zip Bootie
Darlene Commet
 [09/12 3:12:32PM] 8. Burgundy

Ziptastic booties
Rachel Claassen-Haeusler
 [09/12 3:12:04PM] 36 cognac

These boots were made for walking
Loriann Peters
 [09/12 3:09:08PM] Brown 37

Booties with Zip
Darlene Commet
 [09/12 3:08:04PM] 8 Burgundy

Anytime Zip Booties
Darlene Commet
 [09/12 3:06:36PM] 8. Burgundy

Leeann Warner
 [09/12 3:06:15PM] 41 (9) burgundy

Zip Step bootie
Darlene Commet
 [09/12 3:03:59PM] 8 Burgundy’s

Rippin Zippin Boots
Angie Fogarty
 [09/12 3:01:27PM] 9 burgundy

Zip n Style Bootie
Darlene Commet
 [09/12 3:00:02PM] 8 Burgundy

Angie Zip Bootie
Angie Fogarty
 [09/12 2:59:03PM] 9 burgundy

Lippy Zippy Booties
Angie Fogarty
 [09/12 2:57:29PM] 9 burgundy

Boogie Booties
Marie-Claude LAFLEUR
 [09/12 2:57:24PM] 7 burgundy

Cutie Z Bootie
Darlene Commet
 [09/12 2:57:18PM] 8 Burgundy

Fall into Zipper Booties
Angie Fogarty
 [09/12 2:56:34PM] 9 burgundy

Zip a dee doo-dah booties
Jessie McGarrigle
 [09/12 2:55:56PM] 42 Cognac (if that's the brown)

Sass n booties
Darlene commet
 [09/12 2:55:35PM] 8 Burgundy

All Zipped Up Bootie
Angie Fogarty
 [09/12 2:55:24PM] 9 burgundy

Unzip my heart booties
Angie Fogarty
 [09/12 2:54:42PM] 9 burgundy

Zip N Zag Booties
Angie Fogarty
 [09/12 2:54:06PM] 9 burgundy

Zippity Do.
jolene connick
 [09/12 2:53:45PM] maroon 7

Unzip my boots
Angela Fogarty
 [09/12 2:53:06PM] 9 burgundy

Boot Scootin Bootie
Angela Fogarty
 [09/12 2:52:20PM] 9 burgundy

All Zip & Play
Tanya King
 [09/12 2:46:45PM] Cognac size 8

Zip to be Tied Boots
Erika Glocker
 [09/12 2:45:41PM] Cognac 39

Zip my way, Zip & Go, Zipping to you
Tanya King
 [09/12 2:38:39PM] Cognac size 8

Walk away booties
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 2:31:07PM] 37 black

Stayin’ Chipper Zipper Booties
Crystal-Lee Savage
 [09/12 2:30:09PM] 39, Cognac

Take the first step booties
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 2:27:49PM] 37 black

Walk home booties
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 2:24:21PM] 37 burgundy

Fall In Love zipper booties
Leithe Brooke Minder
 [09/12 2:21:51PM] Size 9 cognac

Kickin back booties
Karla Moody
 [09/12 2:18:04PM] 8 burgundy

Zip it real good bootie, just zip it bootie,
Julia strickland
 [09/12 2:15:41PM] Burgundy 8

Lower Riders
Karen Smith
 [09/12 2:13:29PM] 38- cognac

Zip to it bootie. On the town bootie.
Brittany Beckett
 [09/12 2:13:02PM] Size 39. Red

Fall in love with booties
Laura Eberle
 [09/12 2:10:52PM] 7.5 brown

Ankles away booties
Shannon Greene
 [09/12 2:09:29PM] Brown, 7

Zip down on the town booties
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 2:00:27PM] 37 burgundy

No place like home booties
Maranda Beattie
 [09/12 1:59:26PM] Black size 8

Slide in to the new
Katelyn Kleinsteuber
 [09/12 1:56:28PM] Size 39 burgundy

Letting loose boots
Tammy Phythian
 [09/12 1:45:13PM] Burgundy 39

Zipping chic, low rider boots, boot scooting bootie
Jenn Moyer
 [09/12 1:45:08PM] Brown size 10

Zipping Along
Elly Ellis
 [09/12 1:44:38PM] 9 burgundy

Zippin’ our in style booties
 [09/12 1:41:36PM] 8 1/2 burgandy

Unzip me
Haley Goldenberg
 [09/12 1:41:11PM] Burgundy 40 (size 9)

Gracie elements
Tania Blackburn
 [09/12 1:38:57PM] 40 brown

Zip Around Town Bootie
Shaelyn Howard
 [09/12 1:38:46PM] Size 8 , Cognac

Bring on the elements
Tania Blackburn
 [09/12 1:38:26PM] 40 brown

Zip It, Zip It Good Booties
Natalie Watson
 [09/12 1:38:04PM] 7 or 37 and brown

Poppy zip
Tania blackburn
 [09/12 1:35:53PM] 40 brown

Casual Friday Bootie
Terri Brown
 [09/12 1:33:54PM] Black size 9

Toe to toe booties
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 1:33:01PM] 37 black

Stepping out booties
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 1:30:52PM] 37 black

Step in line booties
Suzie Mcintosh
 [09/12 1:29:37PM] 37 black

Urban zip
Tania Blackburn
 [09/12 1:29:32PM] 40 brown

Bootilicious Boots
 [09/12 1:28:36PM] Brown OR Burgundy Size 7.5

Step’n it up
 [09/12 1:26:44PM] 41 Burgandy

Hot Footcandy
Tania Blackburn
 [09/12 1:26:26PM] 40 brown

Steppin’ Up Boots
 [09/12 1:25:15PM] 41/ Burgandy

Step It Up Boots
 [09/12 1:24:03PM] 41/ Burgandy

Fusion fun
Tania Blackburn
 [09/12 1:21:12PM] 40 brown

Cutie bootie
Tami McKechnie
 [09/12 1:18:03PM] Size 10 black

Zipping around town boots/
Dawn Chaffey
 [09/12 1:09:32PM] 37 cognac

Booties for babes
Danielle Barron
 [09/12 1:00:57PM] Size 7 black

Country By Day City By Night Boots, Zip to the Country Boots, Zip to the City Boots, Zip to the city from the country boots
Deanna Hunt
 [09/12 12:57:02PM] Black, 38

Totally Zipped
Celia Nolan
 [09/12 12:55:41PM] 7 Burgandy

Zip It Real Good booties
Katherine Henwood
 [09/12 12:53:34PM] Cognac 39

Zippin’ Pretty
Katherine Henwoid
 [09/12 12:52:31PM] Cognac 39

You had me at Zipper Booties
Ellen Whitson
 [09/12 12:48:56PM] Cognac 40

You Zip Me Round Booties
Catherine Reipas
 [09/12 12:47:02PM] size 7 black

Stepping into fall booties, zip into fall booties
Bailee Weigelt
 [09/12 12:44:53PM] 39, Burgundy

Zip Around Boot
Nadine Vater
 [09/12 12:42:37PM] 8 black

Boot Sauce
Laura Haggart
 [09/12 12:32:57PM] 41, cognac

Flying Low
Kara Philip
 [09/12 12:26:19PM] 37, Cognac

Zip To It
Kara Philip
 [09/12 12:25:55PM] 37, Cognac

Falling for You Booties
Pam Allan
 [09/12 12:21:44PM] 39 burgundy

Zip and Chill boots
Amber Johnston
 [09/12 12:19:16PM] 39, Cognac

Zip in style; zipin’ strut boots; walk this way
Julie Panisiak
 [09/12 12:18:43PM] 6.5 burgundy

Zip On By Booties
Jennifer Falastein
 [09/12 12:14:44PM] Black 38

Fall into Fashion Booties
Kirsten Ward
 [09/12 12:14:23PM] Burgundy size 40

Double the Zip Booties
Jennifer Shaw
 [09/12 12:08:44PM] 38, cognac.

Zip into heaven
Beverly Cramm
 [09/12 12:03:36PM] 39, burgundy

Kick it bootie
Andrea Cockell
 [09/12 12:02:57PM] size 10 Black

Zip into heaven
Beverly Cramm
 [09/12 12:00:44PM] 39, burgundy

Bootie zip
Katrina Dobson
 [09/12 11:53:28AM] 8.5 burgundy

Zip it sassy all day classy booties
Kyra Schultz
 [09/12 11:47:24AM] Cognac 40

Zip it chic booties
Kyra Schultz
 [09/12 11:46:31AM] Cognac 40

Zip it and kick it booties
Kyra Schultz
 [09/12 11:45:45AM] Cognac 40

Everyday I’m Zippering; Zip or Treat; Zip me up and take me out; Get a Zip; Ankle Deep in Chic; Ankle of Attack Bootie; Two Zips in the Night; On a Power Zip; She Runs a Tight Zip; Every Zip in the Book
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/12 11:40:56AM] Cognac 41

Uptown zips
Trish Petersen.
 [09/12 11:36:09AM] Cognac,40

Too cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/12 11:31:31AM] 8 Cognac

Fall in to sleek
Alycia Reynolds
 [09/12 11:30:07AM] 37 burgundy

Too Cute to Boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/12 11:27:49AM] Cognac size 8

Zip it up now
Alycia Reynolds
 [09/12 11:23:59AM] 37 burgundy

Zip Zip and Go booties, The Zip and Go booties, Mini Boot Scootin Bootie,
Jennifer Barone
 [09/12 11:23:25AM] burgundy or cognac size 7

The Bootiful addition
Donna badowski
 [09/12 11:23:16AM] 37 Cognac

Kickin’ up style
Alycia Reynolds
 [09/12 11:21:18AM] 37 burgundy

Zip To My Lou Booties
Sabrina Fortier
 [09/12 11:19:19AM] 38 brown

Kick it in to Fall booties
Jennifer Power
 [09/12 11:17:18AM] 41 Cognac

Zip it low
Sara Buchanan
 [09/12 11:14:57AM] Burgundy 39

All Toots No Boots Bootie
Kirsten Ward
 [09/12 11:14:18AM] Burgundy size 40

Take a Zip
Sara Buchanan
 [09/12 11:13:20AM] Burgundy 39

The Tragically Zip
Sara Buchanan
 [09/12 11:12:13AM] Burgundy size 39

Zip it good
Sara Buchanan
 [09/12 11:09:47AM] Burgundy size 39

When I zip, you zip, we zip
Sara Buchanan
 [09/12 11:08:36AM] Burgundy size 39

Fall in love boots
Melissa Regamble
 [09/12 11:07:41AM] Brown 9

Step into Fall Boots
Melissa Regamble
 [09/12 11:06:55AM] Brown and size 9

Boots made for walking
Jennifer English
 [09/12 11:04:41AM] 41 Burgandy

Poppy Ankle Boots
Kim Bradfield
 [09/12 10:59:32AM] 8 black

Quick zip booties
Lorraine Scott
 [09/12 10:59:14AM] 41 black

Zippy Go Booties, Bootie Scoot and Zip, Zippy Scoot Booties, The Zipper Lining Booties
Christy Orcutt
 [09/12 10:59:03AM] 10 Black

Simply Zippy
Tara MacDonald
 [09/12 10:57:27AM] 6, burgundy

Zip into Fall Ankle Booties
Gabriella stamour
 [09/12 10:56:06AM] 8 and black

Sleek & zippy
Alycia Reynolds
 [09/12 10:50:43AM] Burgundy 37

Zippadeedoodah (Sp) booties
April Foster
 [09/12 10:49:09AM] Burgundy 39

Zip Chic Booties
macayla foote
 [09/12 10:46:50AM] 8 cognac

Bootie Scoot Boogie
macayla foote
 [09/12 10:44:32AM] 8 cognac

Zip into Fall
Dorothy Nielsen
 [09/12 10:43:35AM] Black 39

Zip around town booties
Hannah Bassett
 [09/12 10:41:23AM] 8 black

kendra fraser
 [09/12 10:40:44AM] 8 black or burgundy

Zip Tease Booties
Kristina Keenan
 [09/12 10:38:49AM] 40 Black

Toothy Grin Zipper Boots
Tamara Astell
 [09/12 10:38:02AM] Black 9

Short, sweet and zippy
Sadie MacPherson`
 [09/12 10:36:03AM] 40; Burgandy

The Sadie, The Stella, Short and Sassy,
Sadie MacPherson
 [09/12 10:33:44AM] 40; Black

Don’t Mess with Mama Booties
Tina Bohnet
 [09/12 10:33:42AM] Burgundy Size 6

Two steppin booties
Amanda Slaunwhite
 [09/12 10:23:41AM] Black

Urban Zip Bootie
Lynn Wyatt-Reichheld
 [09/12 10:19:39AM] Burgundy 38

Chic Bootie
Tara L Harris
 [09/12 10:14:05AM] size39 cognac

Zip this way booties
Alley Johnson
 [09/12 10:13:14AM] 39 cognac

Easygoing booties
Marie Josée Allard
 [09/12 10:13:04AM] 41 black

Peek-a- booties
Jackie Tibando
 [09/12 10:09:55AM] Black size 6.5

Zip To Be Square Booties
Kelsey Ewen
 [09/12 10:09:35AM] 40 Burgundy

Zip It
Jaime Murdoch
 [09/12 10:09:12AM] 38 cognac

Zipping Around Booties, Zipping Around Town Booties, Zip Me Up Buttercup Booties,
Kelsey Ewen
 [09/12 10:08:42AM] 40 Burgundy

Zip into fall booties
Heather Klanert
 [09/12 10:05:14AM] Cognac size 41

Head over heels booties, Bootiful Booties
Chelsea Larsen
 [09/12 10:04:14AM] 41 black

Too Le-Zip To Quit
Melissa Ellis
 [09/12 10:04:07AM] Size 7 / cognac

A Zip in the Park booties
Laura Tibando-Fox
 [09/12 9:59:56AM] Black size 7. 5

Stop! It's Zipper Time
Rachel Wang
 [09/12 9:57:32AM] Size 40, Black

Let’s unzip
Dawn Chaffey
 [09/12 9:57:15AM] 37Burgundy

For the love of Zip Booties
Jackie Tibando
 [09/12 9:56:47AM] Black size 6.5

All zipped up in you
Dawn Chaffey
 [09/12 9:55:41AM] 37 cognac

Zip n Go Booties
Cheryl Loraas
 [09/12 9:55:10AM] Black size 6

zippity do booties
Mackenzie Pelletier
 [09/12 9:53:34AM] Black size 7. 5

Zipaway bootie
laura Tibando
 [09/12 9:51:04AM] Black size 7. 5

Oh is my zipper down booties
Dawn Chaffey
 [09/12 9:50:34AM] 37 Cognac

It’s good to unzip sometimes booties
Dawn Chaffey
 [09/12 9:47:48AM] 37cognac

Zip-me-round Booties
Lauralee Schoenenberger
 [09/12 9:47:23AM] Bergjndy size 38

Audrey Plantje
 [09/12 9:47:08AM] Size 40 Cognac

Cutie bootie
Krystle Banman
 [09/12 9:42:43AM] 37 burgundy

Zip me up boots
Christine Richardson
 [09/12 9:41:59AM] 36 cognac

Zippin down the runway booties
Stephanie delbridge
 [09/12 9:41:01AM] Black 41

Downtown Booties
Kali Bernst
 [09/12 9:35:34AM] cognac 39

Zip Code
Natalie Goudreau
 [09/12 9:32:31AM] 39 burgundy

Zip Tide Booties
 [09/12 9:29:57AM] cognac 39

Please Zip Me Up Booties, Driving Me Zipping Insane Booties,Zip Up My Booties, Zips Up Booties, Just Zipping Up My Booties
Ivy Dingsdale
 [09/12 9:29:27AM] Size-38 Colour-Black

Chelsea Alderson
 [09/12 9:20:03AM] 38 Cognac

Out All Night Booties
Lisa Arsenault
 [09/12 9:18:38AM] 39 Cognac

Falling into fall boot
Felicia McLeod
 [09/12 9:17:35AM] Size 6 colour burgundy

Zippee Kye-Yay! Booties
CIndy Palmer
 [09/12 9:14:45AM] 37 Burgundy

Zipper Booties
Joy Godfrey
 [09/12 9:14:35AM] 8. Burgundy

Zip to Your Step Booties
Delsarose MOrin
 [09/12 9:05:36AM] Brown 9

Zip to It Booties
Delsarose Morin
 [09/12 9:04:56AM] Burgundy 9

The Unzip Bootie
Dyane Lewis
 [09/12 9:01:28AM] 40 & Black

Zippin into Fall booties
Christa Skwarchuk
 [09/12 9:00:53AM] 8 black

Girl’s Night Out
Melody Habibulayev
 [09/12 9:00:35AM] 41 Black

Street Wise Booties
Jessica Williamson
 [09/12 9:00:11AM] 8.5 or 9 and Red

Put Some Zip in your Step
Vanessa Antoniuk
 [09/12 8:59:25AM] 38 Cognac

The Ziplinin' Bootie, Zip into Fall Booties, Fall into Zip Booties, Keepin' it Zippy Booties
Samantha Wong
 [09/12 8:56:22AM] Size 40 Burgundy

Ziptastic Booties
Anita Gray
 [09/12 8:55:21AM] 39 black

Zippy Boots
Marsha Foster
 [09/12 8:53:08AM] Size 6.5 black

Walk This Way
Beverley Campbell
 [09/12 8:52:43AM] 8 Burgundy

Bella Booties
Lindsay Morrison
 [09/12 8:52:39AM] 8 tan

Zippy Booty
Anita Gray
 [09/12 8:51:39AM] 8.5 black

Fall for me booties
Shawna Dawe
 [09/12 8:47:19AM] 8 cognac

Kick-it-up & zip Bootie
Shelley Pierlot
 [09/12 8:47:00AM] 41 - Cognac

Zip Sleek Bootie
Carley De Lorme
 [09/12 8:46:53AM] 8 - black

Zip to the Point Botties; Zipping Into Booties; Skipping and Zippin into Booties
April Hunt
 [09/12 8:44:30AM] Coniac 39

Zip it Up Booties
Sarah Sinton
 [09/12 8:43:25AM] Burgundy 36

Zip Skippin Bootie; Zip Skipping Bottie
April Hunt
 [09/12 8:42:10AM] Tan/Coniac size 39

Zip to my Lou boot, transitions bootie
Stacey Lewis
 [09/12 8:40:16AM] Black 39

Zip line boots
Jackie Bates
 [09/12 8:36:17AM] 37 Brown

Zippers booties
Holly Meehan
 [09/12 8:35:35AM] 9 and burgundy

The Zip Life
Angela Vancha
 [09/12 8:32:37AM] Size 37 Cognac

Zip It Boots; Zip it Up Boots
Courtney Walsh
 [09/12 8:32:19AM] Black size 39

Zipity doo shoe
Pat Chubb
 [09/12 8:31:15AM] Size 8, burgundy

Zippy feeling / I’ve got a zippy feeling
Melina Chand
 [09/12 8:31:13AM] Cognac 36

Zip It Real Good
Linds Campbell
 [09/12 8:30:48AM] 37 cognac

Zippity Do Da
Stacy Simington
 [09/12 8:30:34AM] Black 7.5

All Zipped Up!
Leijsa Wilton
 [09/12 8:29:49AM] 41 Burgundy

Zip me happy
Pauline Beaudoin
 [09/12 8:28:49AM] 36 Black

Zip around the town
Alyssa Egan
 [09/12 8:27:36AM] 38 brown

Zip it good
Alyssa Egan
 [09/12 8:27:03AM] Brown 38

Zipping Along
Julie Corvera
 [09/12 8:25:30AM] 41 - Burgundy

Zip into Fall
Meagan Roy
 [09/12 8:21:04AM] 41 & cognac

Ziptastic booties
Patricia Belanger
 [09/12 8:20:10AM] 40 burgundy

Always on the zip
Rose Belec
 [09/12 8:19:59AM] 41 black

Zipping Around Town, Zip to it!, Getting Zippy Wit it, Just Zip It! Zipping and Booting Around
Laurie Sterling
 [09/12 8:18:42AM] Black 38

Zippy Cutie bootie
Amy Grieve
 [09/12 8:17:50AM] black size 7.5

You Zip Me Right Round
Lisa Belobrajdic
 [09/12 8:15:56AM] 8, red

Zip it low and go boots
Leann Kopytko
 [09/12 8:13:01AM] Brown and size 9

Zip the day away booties
Kiley anderson
 [09/12 8:11:45AM] 39 burgandy

Zipping around town booties, zippin cutie booties, you zip me up booties, you had me at zip, zippy kicks
Leanne Willshear
 [09/12 8:09:59AM] 36 Cognac

Zip-It Good Bootie
Danielle Rusk
 [09/12 8:07:16AM] Cognac size 39

Zipping around town booties
Leanne Willshear
 [09/12 8:04:25AM] 36 Cognac

Q -Tee Boot-ees, Fall and Fabulous, Pumpkin Patch Perfect, Autumn Leaves and Crisp Breeze
Susan Juhlin
 [09/12 8:01:34AM] Size 37 Burgandy

Baby got boots. Can’t keep up booties. Walking on sunshine boots
Kristie Caron
 [09/12 7:52:27AM] Burgundy 39

Ankle Zippies
 [09/12 7:46:57AM] black size 7.5 or 8

double down bootie
Pamela Bischoff
 [09/12 7:36:48AM] 39 cognac

Catch me if you can boots
Julie lacroix
 [09/12 7:31:06AM] Burgundy and 38

You zip me right round bootie
Amanda Whelihan
 [09/12 7:28:31AM] Black size 38

It's a zipper fling booties
Amanda Whelihan
 [09/12 7:27:24AM] Black size 38

Petite Zip, Zipease, Mini Zip, Fashionista, Low Cut Cutie
Denine Richard
 [09/12 7:26:51AM] 41, burgundy

Peek-a-boot, Zippee Ki Yay boots, Zip Around Town boots
Krista Forte
 [09/12 7:26:34AM] Black or Burghundy, size 39

Zip it up Foot Candy
Diana Koenning
 [09/12 7:22:22AM] 5 or 6 in burgandy

Zipease booties
Denine Richard
 [09/12 7:19:23AM] 41, burgundy

Zipping through Fall
Kim MacLennan
 [09/12 7:18:22AM] 37 Burgundy

Too cute to boot
Karen Svensson
 [09/12 7:18:06AM] Burgundy, what ever translates to size 8

Zipping through Fall
Kim MacLennan
 [09/12 7:17:42AM] 37 Burgundy

Be There In A Zippy Booties; Zip Zap Booties; Bootie Clasp; Fly Booties; Get Closure Booties
Kaija Riabov
 [09/12 6:48:12AM] 38 - Burgandy

Zelda Zip
Amanda Knack
 [09/12 6:47:21AM] Burgundy 37

It's all in the ziptails
 [09/12 6:42:53AM] 38 burgundy

It's all in the detail booties
Elizabeth Scott
 [09/12 6:42:18AM] 38 black

Perfect Fall Zip Bootie
Elizabeth Pinder
 [09/12 6:38:53AM] Cognac 39

Oh Boots!
Leil Amorin
 [09/12 6:20:22AM] sise 36 Burgundy

zip up or shut up booties
Michelle Doherty
 [09/12 6:02:59AM] 38, cognac

all the right details booty
Michelle Doherty
 [09/12 6:01:34AM] 38, Cognac

Ziptastic Booties; Zip Zip Booties; Zippin in Style Booties
Karen Reidt
 [09/12 6:00:59AM] Black, size 38 (size 7)

All the right places
Michelle Doherty
 [09/12 6:00:54AM] 38, cognac

Ripper zipper booties
Natalie Watson
 [09/12 5:48:40AM] Size 7 or 37;Cognac

Zippin' in style
Traci Linklater
 [09/12 5:46:43AM] 40 burgundy

Cutie booties
Jennifer Olson
 [09/12 5:45:58AM] 40 Burgundy

All Zipped Down booties.
Natalie Watson
 [09/12 5:43:05AM] Size 7 or 37 and brown

Zip to relief
Traci Linklater
 [09/12 5:39:17AM] 40 burgundy

Boot Zippin’ Boogie
Laurie Weber
 [09/12 5:36:34AM] Burgundy size 38

walk with me
Natasha Marcoux
 [09/12 5:23:51AM] 39 & Black

Rowdy Cowgirl
Natasha Marcoux
 [09/12 5:22:52AM] 39 & cognac

Zipping out in style
Crystal Grubb
 [09/12 5:20:40AM] 38, burgundy

Boot candy
Tina Fowler
 [09/12 5:20:28AM] 41 cognac

La La cognac , la la black , la la burgundy
Tina fowler
 [09/12 5:18:34AM] 41 cognac

These boots were made for walkin!
Hailey Tuyp
 [09/12 5:11:01AM] Size 9 Brown

Chic & Sleek
Susan Secord
 [09/12 5:06:18AM] 39 Burgundy

Susan Secord
 [09/12 5:05:21AM] 39 Burgundy

Skip into Fall Bootie
Laura Klages
 [09/12 5:04:08AM] Brown and 40

Andrea Oosterlo
 [09/12 5:03:21AM] 41 Burgundy

Straight to the Point Bootie
Laura Klages
 [09/12 4:57:33AM] Brown and 40

Zippered with Love Bootie
Laura klages
 [09/12 4:56:36AM] Brown and 40

All day, everyday comfort booties
Amanda Zimny
 [09/12 4:50:40AM] Size 39 Cognac

Heel-To-Toe Booties, Side Zip Slip Booties, Bootie-licious, Just Slide Booties,
Maryann Clayton
 [09/12 4:45:49AM] 39 Cognac

Hygge Boots
Julia Grodkiewicz
 [09/12 4:25:02AM] Brown, 40

Kickin it Booties
Sarah sharpe
 [09/12 4:24:11AM] 41 burgandy

Too cute to boot
Jennifer Dunn
 [09/12 4:16:00AM] Black 9

Zip Up In Style Booties
Teresa McGregor
 [09/12 4:15:05AM] Size 8 Dark Red

Zip around the world
Angela seniuk
 [09/12 2:51:25AM] Black size 9.5 or 10

Zip it up a notch booties
Nicole parker
 [09/12 1:32:02AM] Size 8 any colour

Boot Scootin' Booties
Erin Dragon
 [09/12 1:10:28AM] 38 Burgundy

Zip them booties
Heather skeats
 [09/12 1:05:05AM] 8 black

Zip zip hurray booties
Wendy Unrau
 [09/12 12:50:04AM] Black. Sz 41

Zip in my step
 [09/11 11:54:03PM] 41 black

kick your sass booty
Barb Courteen-Nurse
 [09/11 11:44:04PM] 40 black

“Zip it good” “maid 4 walken”
 [09/11 11:43:20PM] 8.5 brown

Kip into Fall
Linda Beamish
 [09/11 11:06:06PM] Size 6 Burgundy

Zip To It Ankle Boots
Renae Dumont
 [09/11 11:05:43PM] 40 Burgundy

Kip into Fall
Linda Beamish
 [09/11 11:04:54PM] Size 6 Burgundy

These boots are made for walking booties
Krista Parsons
 [09/11 10:37:49PM] Burgundy size 39

A Zip In Time Booties, Zip Zag Booties, Ankle Biter Booties
Chelsea Rathgeber
 [09/11 10:32:27PM] Cognac 41

Kick it Low
Sheryl Gray
 [09/11 10:29:09PM] Cognac, 40

Steal the show booties
Judy harbour
 [09/11 10:27:38PM] 39 black

Steal the show booties
Judy harbour
 [09/11 10:26:06PM] 39 in black

Steal the show booties
Judy harbour
 [09/11 10:23:44PM] 9 in black

Zip n Go Boots
Diane Grant
 [09/11 10:22:48PM] Black size 6 1/2

Steal the show booties
Judy harbour
 [09/11 10:22:36PM] 9 in black

Be there in a Zip booties
Sharmayne Colvin
 [09/11 10:20:58PM] Black, size 40

Autumn Chill Booties; Hello Fall Boots; Fall Breeze Autumn Leaves Boots; Autumn is Calling Boots; Fall Kinda Gu
Nicole Antrim
 [09/11 10:20:27PM] Cognac & 37

Eternity zip
Jenna Whidden
 [09/11 10:19:40PM] Cognac 38

To the Point booties
Erin Harris
 [09/11 10:17:58PM] Cognac 38

Jocelyn MacNeil
 [09/11 10:13:02PM] 40 cognac

Unzip your potential
Rae-Leigha Chiorando
 [09/11 10:06:54PM] Cognac, 38

Zip on out, Zip a dee do dah, Boot you can’t resist
Angela Scandale
 [09/11 10:03:03PM] Black 8.5

The Cutie Booties
Lesley Glenn
 [09/11 10:00:19PM] Brown size 8

 [09/11 9:57:21PM] 39 in cognac

The Bandit Bootie
Tracey Cuthbertson
 [09/11 9:56:03PM] Size 8 Cognac

The Zooey Bootie
Ambie Glibbery
 [09/11 9:55:52PM] Size 37 cognac

Zip Through The Day
Krista Pedlow
 [09/11 9:51:25PM] 39 Cognac

Pep In your Step
Krista Pedlow
 [09/11 9:50:12PM] 39 Cognac

Zippin’ Around Booties
Lisa Kelly
 [09/11 9:45:20PM] 39 & Brown

Be there in a Zip booties
Sharmayne Colvin
 [09/11 9:37:11PM] Black, size 40

Zipping on by booties, zippity do da booties
Mussette Speer
 [09/11 9:36:22PM] 40 in brown

Be there in a Zip bootie
Sharmayne Colvin
 [09/11 9:36:19PM] Black, size 40

Lourdes Dubois
 [09/11 9:34:07PM] 6 wine

Zip into fall bootie
Bryanna Pocha
 [09/11 9:32:02PM] Black size 9.5

Heather Diack
 [09/11 9:30:54PM] Burgundy size 40

Get the ZIP out of here
Diana Mazzuca
 [09/11 9:27:53PM] 38 cognac

We love to zip it
Diana Mazzuca
 [09/11 9:26:48PM] 38 black

Diana Mazzuca
 [09/11 9:24:21PM] 38. Burgundy

All zipped up
Diana Mazzuca
 [09/11 9:23:30PM] 38 cognac

Zip me up B4 you GOGO booties
Connie Loree
 [09/11 9:23:25PM] 36 (Black)

Scootin’ bootie
Jasmine Oliver
 [09/11 9:23:07PM] 39 black

Zippin’ around
Marie Hoogenboom
 [09/11 9:19:56PM] Size 39 in cognac

Fall For Me Boots
Monica Darrach
 [09/11 9:17:25PM] 37 cognac

Toot cute stylish booties
Naomi Braaten
 [09/11 9:14:57PM] Size 6.6 or 7 in black

Zip your bootie
Jessica Eben
 [09/11 9:09:00PM] Brown 37

Zip me up before you go go booties
Kathryn James
 [09/11 8:58:53PM] 37 Black

Knockin boots
Amanda Pion
 [09/11 8:54:49PM] Burgundy (size 8-8.5)

Knockin boots
Amanda Pion
 [09/11 8:54:21PM] Burgundy (size 8-8.5)

Zipped in cuteness
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/11 8:43:48PM] Cognac 38

Zipped up lovelies
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/11 8:43:09PM] Cognac 37

Zip to it booties
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/11 8:42:29PM] Cognac 37

Everywhere booties
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/11 8:41:34PM] Cognac 38

Everyday booties
Shannon Hutchison
 [09/11 8:41:02PM] Cognac 37

Love me or Zip me
Amanda Walkey
 [09/11 8:36:23PM] 41, Cognac

The Zippy boot
Deborah Hillaby
 [09/11 8:33:03PM] 8 - black

Zip me away booties, get zippy with it, autumnful booty
Pam Nolan
 [09/11 8:32:36PM] Brown 6

Zig, Zag, & Brag Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 8:32:24PM] Burgundy 40

Zip me away
Danielle McAlary
 [09/11 8:31:48PM] Burgundy 39

Justifly Booty
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [09/11 8:27:41PM] Cognac 40

Trina Steinkey
 [09/11 8:24:19PM] Size 40 Burgundy

Dip to Unzip
Andria Di Turi
 [09/11 8:23:05PM] 39 Cognac

Zippity Do Da Booties
Pam Walsh
 [09/11 8:19:01PM] 7 brown

Zip Into Fall Booties
Karie-Anne Senft
 [09/11 8:14:57PM] Burgundy 36

To Zip or Not To Zip Booties
Karie-Anne Senft
 [09/11 8:10:51PM] Burgundy 36

Name it to win it Please Zip Me Up Booties, Driving Me Zipping Insane Booties,Zip Up, My Booties, Zips Up Booties, Just Zipping Up My Booties
Ivy Lyn Dingsdale
 [09/11 8:09:08PM] Colour-Black Size-38

Little Boot Zip’n’Scootin
Karie-Anne Senft
 [09/11 8:08:20PM] Burgundy 36

Getting Zippy With It, Zip Around Town, Zip to It, Zippy Feet,
Jenn Smith
 [09/11 8:06:08PM] brown or cognac, size 8

Tres Belle Bootie
Jeanette Laurin
 [09/11 8:00:16PM] Size 9 Black

Ankle Biter Booties
Kyla Keller
 [09/11 8:00:08PM] 39 Burgundy

Just zip it
Janelle Nightingale
 [09/11 7:59:17PM] 40 black

Pixie Boots
Kyla Keller
 [09/11 7:58:54PM] 39 Black

Janelle Nightingale
 [09/11 7:58:30PM] 40 black

The Devo Boot
Dawn Marchand
 [09/11 7:57:50PM] 8, brown

Fall into fall, zip into fall, booties for cuties, booties for babes, bootilicious
Monica Germain
 [09/11 7:55:54PM] 36 cognac

Head over ankle booties
Shantel Hrytsak
 [09/11 7:55:54PM] 38 black

Zip Top Booties
Kyla Keller
 [09/11 7:55:18PM] 39 Burgundy

Ankle Zipper
Kyla Keller
 [09/11 7:54:22PM] 39 Black

Zip me up buttercup
Shantel Hrytsak
 [09/11 7:53:27PM] 38 black

It's Zip to be fly
Melanie Sera
 [09/11 7:49:32PM] 38 burgundy

Zip it to me
Melanie Sera
 [09/11 7:46:48PM] 38 burgundy

Just Zippin’ Around
Heather McRae
 [09/11 7:45:53PM] 37 in Black

Pixie perfect
Tricia Bissonnette
 [09/11 7:45:37PM] Size 8 any color

Linda Holbeche
 [09/11 7:44:57PM] 38. Black

Always on the fly.
Tammy Tall
 [09/11 7:43:56PM] Cognac, that would be size 9?

unzipped, half dressed, dressed down, running late
Elizabeth Perzan
 [09/11 7:43:33PM] Cognac 38

Zipline Booties
Veronica Keenan
 [09/11 7:41:02PM] Burgundy 38

Saddle up
Nicole Vanden Enden
 [09/11 7:39:33PM] 7.5 burgandy

Bootiful Booties
Tara Chenier-Beach
 [09/11 7:39:10PM] Sz 10 burgundy

Bootiful Booties
Tara Chenier-Beach
 [09/11 7:38:36PM] Sz 10 brown

Sleek into fall
Pamela Bischoff
 [09/11 7:38:29PM] 39 cognac

Michelle maxfield
 [09/11 7:38:07PM] Black 8.5 or 9

Short & sweet
Cydney Croome
 [09/11 7:37:09PM] 7, black

Cutie Booties
Michelle maxfield
 [09/11 7:37:08PM] Black size 8.5 or 9

Cutie Bootie
Connie Pannozzo
 [09/11 7:36:42PM] Black Size 8

Short and to the point
Cydney Croome
 [09/11 7:36:01PM] 7, black

Footloose, Just for Kicks
Tracy Fenty
 [09/11 7:30:48PM] 39 & Black

Deanna Freiburger
 [09/11 7:29:56PM] Size 8. Brown

Head Over Boots
Karen Carvell
 [09/11 7:27:43PM] Cognac 39

Zip my heart booties
Maria Lento
 [09/11 7:26:57PM] 8 black

Zip to my lou
Julianne Traczuk
 [09/11 7:25:59PM] black size 8.5

Little Zippie Booties
Heather Black
 [09/11 7:25:57PM] 38 black

Flynn (as in Erroll, original Robin Hood)
Tami Carvath
 [09/11 7:25:46PM] Burgundy. Sz 8

The Demis (after pandemic)
Catina Bowditch
 [09/11 7:24:18PM] 8 burgundy

Zip me down bootie
Jennifer Kermack
 [09/11 7:24:16PM] 10 red

EZ street
Shannon Mychael
 [09/11 7:24:05PM] Size 38 cognac

Zip me down bootie
Jennifer Kermack
 [09/11 7:23:58PM] 10 brown

Falling for Autumn booties, pumpkin patch booties.
Kristin Marchand
 [09/11 7:22:51PM] Size 40 Burgundy

Zip It Real Good
Brandi-Rae Hanson
 [09/11 7:22:17PM] Cognac 41

“Zip me up?” booties
Jessica St. Pierre
 [09/11 7:21:57PM] 39 & Cognac

Zip me down bootie
Jennifer Kermack
 [09/11 7:21:44PM] 10 brown

Autumn Zip Up Boots
Michele Pearson
 [09/11 7:21:33PM] 39 Cognac

Zip it round booties
Sally Weaver
 [09/11 7:19:14PM] 39 Cognac

Boot Scootin' Boogie Booties, Zippin around town booties
dana lean
 [09/11 7:18:51PM] Burgundy 41

Zip to the ankle
 [09/11 7:18:03PM] Brown 9

Kick it to the Curb bootie
Debra Quessy
 [09/11 7:09:46PM] 39 burgundy

Kick It Up Boots
Ann Kwan
 [09/11 7:08:48PM] 39 burgundy

Zippin’ into fall booties
Kristin Marchand
 [09/11 7:07:19PM] Size 40 Burgundy.

Zip to It
sara major
 [09/11 7:05:55PM] 38, black

Zipping through fall booties
Crystal Mackie
 [09/11 7:05:45PM] Black 37

Zipcode booties, zip on over booties, zip by booties, a bit of a zipper upper
Shannon Mychael
 [09/11 7:05:26PM] Size 7 cognac

Zip to it booties
Crystal Mackie
 [09/11 7:05:13PM] Black 37

Boot Scooting Booties
Stephanie Pipke-Painchaud
 [09/11 7:00:38PM] Cognac Size 6.5/37

The "Booty"ful Booty
Charli White
 [09/11 6:59:56PM] 9 black

Kathleen Ann petersen
 [09/11 6:58:50PM] 8 1/2 tan/brown

Q-tee Patootee Bootee
Connie Lunn
 [09/11 6:58:39PM] Size 7 in Burgundy

Zip to my Lou
Mel Gray
 [09/11 6:54:11PM] Brown 7.5

Pumpkin Spice and Zip Booties; Fall Fair Booties; Koselig Zip Booties
Heather Stoppa
 [09/11 6:51:57PM] 38; Cognac

Zip All Day Booties
Heather Andries
 [09/11 6:50:45PM] 40 & Cognac

Snootie Bootie
Gina Burtini
 [09/11 6:47:11PM] 40

Out and Aboot
Lisa Nicole Torgalson
 [09/11 6:46:14PM] 7 and black

Ankle Biters
Denise Watt
 [09/11 6:45:37PM] 9 and Black

Weekend Karen boots, Schone ( pretty) boot, L.A. sweet kicks,
Natasha vankoughnett
 [09/11 6:44:54PM] 10, brown or black.

Zippidy DoDa Boots
Kyla Gariepy
 [09/11 6:43:57PM] 39 cognac

Zippity Do Da Bootie
Zsuzsi Abramson
 [09/11 6:43:54PM] Size 8 Cognac

Zip-itude Booties
Stephanie Moga
 [09/11 6:43:41PM] 41 Cognac

Zip it Good
Jessica Lee Smith
 [09/11 6:42:48PM] Black and whatever a 7 would be

All over boots
Josée Bazinet
 [09/11 6:42:23PM] Burgundy and size 8.5

Living on the Edge boot
Sheri Gauthier
 [09/11 6:40:06PM] Cognac, size 38

Zippity-do-dah day bootie
Holly Lalonde
 [09/11 6:39:29PM] Size 41 Cognac

Zip on over booties
Dorothy Ludwig
 [09/11 6:38:08PM] 6 brown

Zip up, Step Up
Holly Lalonde
 [09/11 6:34:47PM] Size 41 Congnac

Boots Zip you everywhere, fall into boots, autumn is better in boots,
Carey Dingsdale
 [09/11 6:34:13PM] Burgundy size 40

Booty Booties, Boot is the new Black, Zip To It Boots
Caitlin Skaar
 [09/11 6:33:12PM] 38 burgundy

Give ‘em something to talk aboot
Yvonne McKechnie
 [09/11 6:33:11PM] Cognac, size 38

Taking things in Stride
Kim Arnott
 [09/11 6:30:51PM] 8 Black

Put a little zip in your step
Holly Lalonde
 [09/11 6:29:58PM] Size 41 Cognac

Ziptease Booties
Kelsey Ewen
 [09/11 6:28:38PM] 39 burgundy

Zipidie bootie
Cindy Bird
 [09/11 6:28:27PM] 38 Burgundy

Put a little zip in your step
Holly Lalonde
 [09/11 6:28:21PM] Size 10 Cognac

Zippy feet, Zip it to me booties, zipping into style,
carey Dingsdale
 [09/11 6:28:14PM] rust size

Fall in love booties
Robyn Grimes
 [09/11 6:26:52PM] Size 9 colour brown

These boots were made for walking
Judy lewis
 [09/11 6:23:59PM] 6/black

Zip to be stylin
Phyllis Gibbons
 [09/11 6:22:32PM] 37- burgundy

The you got this cutie bootie
Lauren Ogden
 [09/11 6:22:21PM] 40- Brown

Fit to be zipped
Jenn Bennison
 [09/11 6:22:17PM] 37 & Burgundy

Zip me up booties
Alyssa Neis
 [09/11 6:21:52PM] Burgundy size 37

The commuter
Audrey Evetts
 [09/11 6:21:40PM] Cognac 37

Sylvie Landry
 [09/11 6:21:31PM] Size 9 & Burgundy

Silver icing, side kicks. Zip kicks.
Kim bessette
 [09/11 6:21:21PM] Red 10

Happy feet boots
Julie Odia
 [09/11 6:20:52PM] 38 black

Zipping into town Bootie
Lindsay Rempel
 [09/11 6:19:18PM] Size 7 brown

Zip Around Town
Debbi LeClair
 [09/11 6:18:23PM] 8 & Burgundy

Zip downtown
Tania Blackburn
 [09/11 6:16:47PM] 9 brown or burgundy

Zippity Boot-a
Dana Hendry
 [09/11 6:16:38PM] Black 8.5

Zippity boot da
Maureen Roy
 [09/11 6:16:10PM] Brown 9

Zipped Chic Booties, Zip Art Booties, Stylishly Zipped Booties, Chic Wish Booties, Sleek & Zip Booties, Ring Around the Rosie Booties, Perfectly Piped Booties, Element Booties,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [09/11 6:15:26PM] Cognac, 39

Zippity Boot-a
Dana Hendry
 [09/11 6:14:09PM] Black 8.5

Made for Walkin’ booties
Anna Nixon
 [09/11 6:12:49PM] 37 burgundy

Unzipped, zip through fall, leaf jumpers, unzipped and casual , chasing zippers , ankle zippers
Stevie Penno
 [09/11 6:11:13PM] 8.5 brown

Zip in my step boot
Shannon Smith
 [09/11 6:10:14PM] Size 9 black

Zip a Dee Doo Dah booties
Shauna Abernathy
 [09/11 6:03:31PM] 6.5. Black

Head Of Boots
Karen Carvell
 [09/11 6:02:31PM] Cognac 39

Zip a dee doo dah Booties
Shauna Abernathy
 [09/11 6:02:14PM] Size 6.5 black

Zip Tied Ankle Boot
Sandy Roberts
 [09/11 5:59:09PM] Black 38

Urban cowgirl zip bootie
Marlene Peterson
 [09/11 5:59:03PM] 38 burgundy

Full Zipclosure Booties
Celeste Kallis
 [09/11 5:55:20PM] Burgundy 37

Rock in’ Around Bootie
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [09/11 5:55:11PM] Cognac, 38

V side shooties
Marlene Peterson
 [09/11 5:54:29PM] 38 cognac

Zip It To The Top Booties
Celeste Kallis
 [09/11 5:52:45PM] Burgundy 37

Everyday Edgy
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/11 5:52:38PM] Cognac 41

Zip Me Along Booties
Celeste Kallis
 [09/11 5:52:13PM] Burgundy size 37

Zippin’ Pretty Bootie
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [09/11 5:51:54PM] Burgundy 38.

Zipping Up and Stepping Out booties, Zipping Around Town, Cute too Boot
Danyell Ochocki
 [09/11 5:49:36PM] 39 cognac

Zip to it
Janelle Lindbergh
 [09/11 5:47:08PM] Black, Brown

zip em' up cowgirl
Samantha visser
 [09/11 5:46:10PM] size 39 and burgundy

Zippin’ Bootie-ful
Candace Woollam
 [09/11 5:44:48PM] Cognac size 40

Uptown girl
Tamara kankaansyrja
 [09/11 5:43:39PM] 8.5black

Zippin bootieful
Candace Woollam
 [09/11 5:43:00PM] Cognac 40

Zip line cuties
dale plant
 [09/11 5:39:58PM] 37 in burgundy

Saddle back booties
Melissa hoskins
 [09/11 5:38:21PM] Black 10

Saddle back booties
Melissa hoskins
 [09/11 5:37:51PM] Black 10

Cute scootin bootie, scootin bootie, zip scootin bootie
Vicky Harrison
 [09/11 5:36:41PM] Size 8 burgundy

Short and Sweet booties
Renee de leseleuc
 [09/11 5:36:34PM] 39 cognac

Bobby Sock Booties
Denise Walker
 [09/11 5:36:06PM] 41 burgundy

Cutie Pa-Booties
Amanda Meers
 [09/11 5:32:15PM] Brown size 9

Silver Linings Ankle Boot
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/11 5:29:00PM] Cognac 41

Little Zippy Bootie
Cheryl Drangsholt
 [09/11 5:27:56PM] Size 9 equivalent burgundy

Zip Me Up Ankle Cut Boots
Sue Baksh
 [09/11 5:24:36PM] Size 39, Black

Connecting Together Booties
Kristy Stebbings
 [09/11 5:20:55PM] 41 Cognac

Zippity Do Dah Bootie
Roseanne Hawkins
 [09/11 5:19:16PM] 8

If The Boots Fit
Karen Carvell
 [09/11 5:17:43PM] Cognac 39

Zip Me Up Booties, Fall For Me Booties, All Zipped Up Booties,
Amanda Stevenson
 [09/11 5:16:39PM] Size 9 cognac

Maureen meers
 [09/11 5:16:39PM] 6 black

Cutie ankle booties
Julie Burrows
 [09/11 5:12:56PM] Black size 39

Ankles away bootie
carrie schmid
 [09/11 5:12:22PM] Size 9 brown

Zip Into Fall
Amanda Leigh Stevenson
 [09/11 5:11:53PM] Size 9 cognac

Walking in Fall Boots
Cindy Palmer
 [09/11 5:10:11PM] 37 Burgundy

All Zipped Up Boots
Cindy Palmer
 [09/11 5:09:09PM] 37 Burgundy

Zip Up Buttercup
Melissa Johnson
 [09/11 5:07:15PM] 40 Cognac

Zip it Good
Eleni stewart
 [09/11 5:04:08PM] 11 black

Zip-a-Dee bootie
Eliza Davies
 [09/11 5:00:21PM] Burgundy 40

Walk the line boots, step to it boots, zip it zip it real good boots, I zip you not boots, let’s zip to it,
Jenessa Talbot
 [09/11 4:58:04PM] 10 in burgundy

Better In Boots
Karen Carvell
 [09/11 4:55:40PM] Cognac 39

Zippin around booties
Tessa Hettrick
 [09/11 4:52:11PM] 39, cognac

Fall into Step
Alyssa Gerick
 [09/11 4:50:36PM] Cognac 41

Too Cute Boot
Tracy Stocki
 [09/11 4:50:22PM] 39 Cognac

Zippy Little Boot
Julie Odia
 [09/11 4:49:15PM] 38 / cognac

Zippy Bit of Class Boot /. Zip Around Boot
Julie Odia
 [09/11 4:47:00PM] 41 Burgandy

Boot Scooting Bootie
Susan Foley
 [09/11 4:46:41PM] 38 black

Clearly unzipped
Renae Olson
 [09/11 4:46:28PM] Brown size 41 (10)

Sliding into Fall
Kirsten Lyons
 [09/11 4:45:40PM] 8, Cognac

Zip into Fall, better in leather boots, slit happens, ankle peep show, fall foot forward
Jocelyn schmelter
 [09/11 4:43:05PM] 9/40 burgandy

Colour me bootieful
Sarah Dempsey
 [09/11 4:42:22PM] 37 Black

Zip around town bootie
Susan Foley
 [09/11 4:42:13PM] 38

Just zippin’ OR Zipping along
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [09/11 4:39:42PM] 38 Burgundy. :-)

Zip me up and go boots
Teri Sawatsky
 [09/11 4:38:33PM] Size 10 Color burgundy

Bossy Boots
Karen Carvell
 [09/11 4:37:52PM] Cognac 39

Kicking it
Dianne Olson
 [09/11 4:36:50PM] Brown in 38

Fall Fantasy Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 4:36:26PM] Burgundy 40

Kick it up booties, stepping out booties, style me classy booties
Natasha Mayes
 [09/11 4:36:17PM] Burgundy and equivalent to a 9

Boot scoot n' Fall boots
Julianne Tait
 [09/11 4:33:26PM] 39 black

Finishing Touch Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 4:32:56PM] Burgundy 40

Steppin' in to comfort
Justine McMurdo
 [09/11 4:31:23PM] 38 burgundy

The make you feel boot-iful bootie!
Stefanie Giampaolo
 [09/11 4:27:56PM] 8 black

Zip to my bootie boots
Marnie allen
 [09/11 4:27:43PM] 39 burgundy

lil town booties of the North
Norma Louie
 [09/11 4:27:04PM] Cognac 38

Slip 'N Zip Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 4:25:32PM] Cognac 40

Stairway To Heaven Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 4:25:02PM] Burgundy 40

Dusk to Dawn
Lucille Mitzel
 [09/11 4:24:59PM] 39 burgundy

Boot Scootin
Cheryl Bowlier
 [09/11 4:24:53PM] 8 cognac

One & Done
Kristin Cikowski
 [09/11 4:24:48PM] Cognac 39

Slip it zip it boots
Holly Underhill
 [09/11 4:23:57PM] 38 cognac

Take in the town
Lindsay Muir
 [09/11 4:23:21PM] brown 38 or 39

Gotta Zip! Booties
Kirstin Curtis
 [09/11 4:22:52PM] Size 8, cognac

Easy wear booties, posh booties, zipper babes booties
Julie Gilbert
 [09/11 4:22:38PM] 37 cognac

Classy & Sassy Bootie
Tina Lysohirka
 [09/11 4:20:51PM] 9 burgandy

Down to Business Booties
Kristy Larocque
 [09/11 4:20:42PM] Size 10 in brown

Life is Zippin’
Kim Medaglia
 [09/11 4:20:26PM] 40 Burgundy

Zip to Comfort, Zipper me Comfy, Booties with a Zip, comfort in a zip, zip to my Lou, Zip Boot
Cassidy K
 [09/11 4:19:27PM] Size seven brown or burgundy

Open Zipper Booties, Autumn Shorties, Comfort Cutie Booties, Ankle Zip Booties
Dominique Peloquin
 [09/11 4:11:43PM] 39 Cognac

Bootie call
Karla Conflitti
 [09/11 4:10:44PM] 37, cognac

Autumn is Calling Booties
Danielle Elsenaar
 [09/11 4:09:51PM] 39 Cognac

Come undone, Your Fly Is Down
Christina Dymond
 [09/11 4:08:37PM] Black, 8

Zip me up Buttercup booties
Nikole Schmelter
 [09/11 4:05:28PM] Cognac 41

Zippity do da booties
Calla VandenbergheBurton
 [09/11 4:04:08PM] Brown. 40 or ladies 10

Kicking It Up!
Alison Cordier
 [09/11 4:00:42PM] Cognac 41

Two Steppin’ Booties
Ashley Oystrick
 [09/11 3:57:18PM] 37- Cognac

Zip It Bootie
Sarah Farrell
 [09/11 3:56:23PM] 7.5 brown

Made for Walking Boots
Rhonda Chiu
 [09/11 3:53:34PM] Black size 8.5

It’s all in the details booties, zippin pretty booties
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [09/11 3:45:34PM] Cognac, size 40

Hip with Zip
Susan Secord
 [09/11 3:45:26PM] 39 Burgundy

Comfort by Design
Susan Secord
 [09/11 3:44:59PM] 39 Burgundy

Zip around town
BJ Killam
 [09/11 3:44:58PM] 38 Burgandy

Re-Boot Classics For Fall
Cindy McLarty
 [09/11 3:41:30PM] Burgundy Size 8

Walk around the block
Natalie Monette
 [09/11 3:41:00PM] 40 cognac

Sealed With A Zip
Brittany Sargent
 [09/11 3:40:23PM] Size 8 in burgundy

Show your cuff booties
Melanie Boganes
 [09/11 3:40:14PM] 39 burgundy

Out For A Zip
Ryann Wynsouw
 [09/11 3:40:13PM] 38 Burgundy

WTP Booties (work to play)
Katie Coom
 [09/11 3:36:37PM] 39 cognac

Tamara woods
 [09/11 3:32:43PM] Brown 40

Melissa Hill
 [09/11 3:31:18PM] 9 black

Zipperlicious Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 3:29:36PM] Burgundy 40

Zip into fall
 [09/11 3:28:57PM] 9cognac

Zip ‘n’ Slide
Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:27:57PM] Brown Size 9

Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:27:26PM] Brown size 9

Low flier
Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:26:21PM] Brown size 9

Flying low
Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:25:52PM] Brown size 9

Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:24:51PM] Brown size 9

On the Town booties
Ashley McGregor
 [09/11 3:24:29PM] Cognac 39

'BOOTY' licious boots
Melissa Spetz
 [09/11 3:23:40PM] 40 in cognac

Uptown Booties
Ashley McGregor
 [09/11 3:23:36PM] Cognac 39

Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:23:14PM] Brown size 9

Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin' Everywhere
Melissa Spetz
 [09/11 3:22:50PM] 40 in cognac

Short n Chic
Karen Scheel
 [09/11 3:22:45PM] Black - size 9

Unwrapped Sole
Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:22:06PM] Brown size 9

Mandy Beaudoin
 [09/11 3:21:23PM] Burgundy, 40

In a Zippy
Krista Colley
 [09/11 3:21:10PM] Brown size 9

In it to zip it booties
Tara MacDonald
 [09/11 3:20:22PM] 6, burgundy

Ziptacular comfort
Savanaha Winder
 [09/11 3:19:57PM] Black size 8

 [09/11 3:19:06PM] Brown size 9

Izzie’s. ( Its These —- Zeez )
Renelle Poulin
 [09/11 3:18:30PM] 8 — any colour

For the love of zippers Booties, All zipped up booties, Zippity Booties, Bet Your Booties
Tracey Marcil
 [09/11 3:18:30PM] Black, 39

Zippity Doo Dah Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 3:17:26PM] Burgundy 40

Bombshell booties
Lois Dyck
 [09/11 3:16:15PM] Size 8 black

Zip me down booties
Krista Grenier
 [09/11 3:16:00PM] 39 (size8) burgendy

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Booties
Crystal Haase
 [09/11 3:15:20PM] 39 Cognac

Falling for Zippers Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 3:15:11PM] Cognac 40

Zip My Sassy Booties
Carolyn Zadnik
 [09/11 3:14:44PM] 10 and black

All Zipped In Booties
Kate Rosenthal
 [09/11 3:13:57PM] Cognac, size 40

Zip It Good Booties
Crystal Haase
 [09/11 3:12:05PM] 39 Cognac

Keep It Low Booties
Lindsay Smallwood
 [09/11 3:11:59PM] Burgundy 8.5

You Must Zip It
Crystal Haase
 [09/11 3:11:23PM] 39 Cognac

Cutie Booty
Sara Carisse
 [09/11 3:09:12PM] 10 - brown

Short & Zippy Bootie
Crystal Haase
 [09/11 3:08:48PM] 39 Cognac

I am Bootiful booties
Kristel Geake
 [09/11 3:06:40PM] Black size 40

The Cutie Bootie
Krista Campbell
 [09/11 3:05:16PM] Size 9 Burgandy

Today is Bootiful booties
Kristel Geake
 [09/11 3:04:48PM] Black size 40

Zipping pretty booties
Kira Paterson
 [09/11 3:04:07PM] 39 burgundy

Fall back boot
Kelly MacKay
 [09/11 3:03:59PM] 36 burgundy

Bold and Bootiful booties
Kristel Geake
 [09/11 3:03:59PM] Black size 40

Life is Bootiful booties
Kristel Geake
 [09/11 3:03:23PM] Black size 40

Lookin' So Fine and Zip Booties
Leanne Lange
 [09/11 3:02:37PM] Black Size 38 (7.5)

It’s going to be a Bootiful day booties
Kristel Geake
 [09/11 3:01:59PM] Black size 40

Zipped Comfort Bootie
Jannette Riedel
 [09/11 3:01:22PM] 36 Black

Booties to FALL for
Brielle Hwalstad
 [09/11 2:59:35PM] 37 cognac

Zip to It Boots
Barbara Quibell
 [09/11 2:57:34PM] Size 41 in Black

Zip to it booties
Rachelle Bysterveld
 [09/11 2:57:03PM] Cognac 38 or 39

zip in your step booties
Keira Drake
 [09/11 2:56:21PM] 38 Cognac

Boss Babe Booties
Tracy Liesch
 [09/11 2:53:56PM] Size 7.5 Brown

Boot Scootin Booties
Melissa Kavanagh
 [09/11 2:53:29PM] 38, brown

Boot zipping booties
Jeanette Davis
 [09/11 2:53:14PM] 7.5 black

Boot scoot booties
Maria Lento
 [09/11 2:49:57PM] 8 black

Feeling Single, Zipping Double Booties
Kourtney Kerelation
 [09/11 2:49:40PM] 41 & Burgundy

Rocksta Bootie (Classy and trendy to show off your inner rockstar)
Kristy Anderson
 [09/11 2:48:38PM] 39 Cognac please!

Boot Scootin Booties
Melissa Kavanagh
 [09/11 2:44:03PM] Brown size 38

Scootin Bootie
Daphne Matthews
 [09/11 2:41:35PM] Size 37 Burgundy

Zipped In Booties
Kortney Klossen
 [09/11 2:41:10PM] black, size 8.5/9

My zips are sealed
Jessica Cochrane
 [09/11 2:37:54PM] 7 burgundy

Seek adventure booties
Shantel Hanson
 [09/11 2:37:14PM] Black size 8

Booting Around Town
Kelly Millar
 [09/11 2:37:13PM] 39 & Burgundy

Sophie Pinto
 [09/11 2:35:28PM] 9 in black

All Seasons Zip Bootie
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 2:34:56PM] Burgundy 40

Zipping Through the Seasons Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 2:34:18PM] Cognac 40

Hop,zip and a jump away booties
Lori Forsyth
 [09/11 2:33:44PM] 39 black

Head Over Heel Booties
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [09/11 2:32:34PM] size 7 (36 or 37) & Cognac

Key To My Sole Booties
Selinda Lye
 [09/11 2:30:43PM] Burgundy 40

Cutesie Bootsies
Sandra Bennett
 [09/11 2:27:10PM] 8 Brown

Judy Ruffolo
 [09/11 2:26:35PM] 36 Cognac

Uptown booties
Ashley McGregor
 [09/11 2:25:18PM] Cognac 39

Time To Saddle Up !
Karen Jarvis
 [09/11 2:23:54PM] 38 brown

Zip to my Heart booties
Julianne Traczuk
 [09/11 2:23:17PM] 8.5 in black

Cutie Booties
Sandy Greenberg
 [09/11 2:22:28PM] 8 in burgundy.

Bootiful booties, boot scootin booties, zip a dee doo da booties, zip it booties, zip and slide booties
Nicolle Parsons
 [09/11 2:21:59PM] Cognac 37

On the Town booties
Ashley McGregor
 [09/11 2:21:33PM] Cognac 39

Weekend booties
Mandy Frampton
 [09/11 2:20:59PM] Size 9 in brown

Zip me up fall boots
Rebecca Hungerford
 [09/11 2:18:45PM] 37 cognac

Rocksta Bootie (Classy and trendy to show off your inner rockstar)
Kristy Anderson
 [09/11 2:16:58PM] 39 Cognac please!

Brains Beauty Booties
Pansy Foley
 [09/11 2:15:54PM] Size 41 burgundy

Double zip ankle boots
Rebecca Hungerford
 [09/11 2:15:48PM] 37 burgundy

Kick up your Boot(ie)s
Rachel Funk
 [09/11 2:14:05PM] Size 9.5 Cognac

Foot candyzip boot
LeeAnne Carroll
 [09/11 2:12:22PM] 37 cognac

Bootiful Zips
 [09/11 2:10:47PM] 8 Black

Zippin around town bootie
Lindsay sikora
 [09/11 2:10:37PM] 6 congac

Zippin around bootie
Lindsay sikora
 [09/11 2:09:32PM] Black 6

Slip, zip and go
Sandy Berney
 [09/11 2:07:42PM] Burgundy size 41 (size 10)

Zip me up booties
Lorelei Bowers
 [09/11 2:06:50PM] Black 36

Short and zippy Booties
Sandy Berney
 [09/11 2:05:47PM] Burgundy size 41 (size 10)

Zippy and Short Booties
Sandy Berney
 [09/11 2:04:48PM] Burgundy size 41 (size 10)

Zip-to-it boot
Nadia Brownson
 [09/11 2:04:19PM] Burgundy size 9

Zip me up before you go, go
Deborah Porretta
 [09/11 2:03:34PM] 36 Black

V-Zip Booties
Darling Hamguien
 [09/11 2:02:51PM] 7 & Black

Just the right zip!!!
Elaine Skinner
 [09/11 2:01:21PM] 11 and cognac

Allycat Booties
Veronica Keenan
 [09/11 1:59:50PM] Burgundy 38

Zip in to fall, a hop zip and a jump booties
Barbara Benner
 [09/11 1:59:01PM] Brown 7.5 or 8

The Sawyer Bootie
Veronica Keenan
 [09/11 1:58:51PM] Burgundy 38

Chic Zippered Booties * Zip into Business or Pleasure Booties
Aimee Holtorf
 [09/11 1:58:45PM] 39 burgundy

Go for a zip
Andrea Rhode
 [09/11 1:58:38PM] Brown 8.5

Slip and Zip Booties
Sandy Berney
 [09/11 1:56:51PM] Burgundy size 10 (whick

Booty up
Alyssa Foley
 [09/11 1:56:02PM] Size 41 burgundy

Love Unzipped Booties; Zipped with Love Booties; Fall Unzipped Booties; Zipped with Love Booties; Fall for Zipped Booties; Zip me real good booties: For the love of Zip booties
Melissa Short
 [09/11 1:55:23PM] Size 7 Brown

Bootin scootin boots
Carrie Lander
 [09/11 1:55:18PM] Burgundy , 39

Zip around the block
Mary Burt
 [09/11 1:54:09PM] 38 brown

Zipping the Limits Booties
Veronica Keenan
 [09/11 1:53:02PM] Burgundy 38

Zippin and Kickin Boots
Melissa Short
 [09/11 1:53:00PM] Size 7, Brown

Be Zippy Booty
Shannon Reynolds
 [09/11 1:52:20PM] Black 7.5

Zip it right, zipper boots, step-n-zip boots, perfect zipper booties,
linsey DeMontigny
 [09/11 1:50:17PM] 41 - burgundy

ZIP into fall ankle boots
Daylene Morton
 [09/11 1:48:29PM] 9, brown

Serenzipity Booties
Liz Roy
 [09/11 1:48:19PM] Burgundy 38

Kicks and Zips fall boots
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [09/11 1:42:52PM] 41 cognac

The zip and slide
Alicia Taylor
 [09/11 1:42:43PM] Black 40

Zip me up. Zippin around boots. Bootie be zippin
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [09/11 1:42:11PM] Cognac & 38

Kick 'em up booties
Robyn M
 [09/11 1:41:26PM] Size 38 in cognac

You Had Me At Zipper Booties
Bettina Allen
 [09/11 1:40:58PM] Burgundy 39/40

Never stop wandering booties
Shantel Hanson
 [09/11 1:39:44PM] Size 8 black please :)

Be There In a Zip Booties
Bettina Allen
 [09/11 1:39:18PM] Burgundy 39/40

You zip me right round
Ashley Martin
 [09/11 1:36:53PM] 8.5 burgundy

Twice as nice
Janene hickman
 [09/11 1:36:41PM] Black 9

Zip-it Booties
Willette Briscoe
 [09/11 1:32:32PM] Cognac 37

Scoot Around Town Booties
Jillian Porter
 [09/11 1:30:41PM] 37 cognac please!

Zip into Fall bootie
Christa Skwarchuk
 [09/11 1:29:55PM] 8 black

Zip to Zazz Booties
Lise Long
 [09/11 1:27:38PM] Size 38 in Cognac

Yippity Zippity Bootie, "Over It" Booties, "Back to Town" Booties, Best in Class
Kathryn Adams
 [09/11 1:26:41PM] 39 burgundy

The Perfect Fall Boots
Ashlynne rain
 [09/11 1:25:40PM] Burgundy

Boot scoot booties
Trudy Benjamin
 [09/11 1:25:07PM] 8 Black

Boot Scootin' Booties
Monique Neufeld
 [09/11 1:24:57PM] Cognac Size 9.5

Zip me up softly, walk the zipper, boots were made for zipping, zip or don’t booties, zip zip hooray booties
Nikole Schmelter
 [09/11 1:23:57PM] 9.5 or 41 brown

Smooth Booty (smooth Booties)
Maureen Newton
 [09/11 1:23:50PM] 8 & black

Amber Rodgers
 [09/11 1:23:28PM] 8 black

Cutie Bootie right into fall!!
Amand Rose Broad
 [09/11 1:22:32PM] Black size: 38

Zip Around Booties
Stephanie Pelland
 [09/11 1:17:42PM] Cognac

Slim Booty (slim Booties)
Maureen Newton
 [09/11 1:17:36PM] 8 & black

Zipped into Style Bootie
Cherilyn Misling
 [09/11 1:16:58PM] Burgundy - Size 37

Just Zip It Bootie
Denise Punko
 [09/11 1:16:40PM] size 9 burgundy

All Zipped Up Bootie; Zipped In Style Booties
Jacquie Middleton
 [09/11 1:15:51PM] Burgundy size 39 ( size 8??)

Prairie Boots
Lisa Stolth
 [09/11 1:13:52PM] 38 Burgundy

Zip Away Booties
Stephanie Livsey
 [09/11 1:12:46PM] Cognac 7

Footloose & Fancy Free.... Ankle Biters.... Let it Zip... Flip for the Zip...Zip for the Sole...
Janet Reichert
 [09/11 1:12:01PM] Black. Size 9.

Teaching Queen Booties
Georgie Shepherd
 [09/11 1:11:11PM] Size 7.5-8 or 38 in Burgundy

Scooting It Up Bootie
Laura Baker
 [09/11 1:08:59PM] Size 9 burgandy

Calling Fall booties
Jessica Miller
 [09/11 1:08:55PM] 9, black

Boardwalk boots
Ashley Gillespie
 [09/11 1:08:36PM] 9 black

Zip to Zazz Booties
Lise Long
 [09/11 1:07:54PM] Cognac size 38

Zip to Zazz Booties
Lise Long
 [09/11 1:07:03PM] Cognac size 38

Ride it zip
Dana Charbonneau
 [09/11 1:06:39PM] brown & 8.5

The Low Rider Zip Up Bootie
Jacquie Middleton
 [09/11 1:05:40PM] Brown size 39 ( size 8??)

My little zippies
Tammy Gabb
 [09/11 1:05:35PM] 7 black

Kick the dust up booties
Tara Sutton
 [09/11 1:05:33PM] Burgundy (what ever size would be equal to 9US)

Zip me away boots
Verona Jungling
 [09/11 1:05:32PM] Burgundy size 8

Zip me away boots
Verona Jungling
 [09/11 1:04:53PM] Burgundy size 8

Fall In Love ankle bootleg
Jamie allport
 [09/11 1:04:40PM] 41 cognac

Cute Scootin’ Booties, Zip Zip and Away Booties, Walk This Way Booties, Hint of County Booties, Town and County Booties