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Cable Knit Sweater
November 13, 2020

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Total of 477 Entries
Congratulations to Laura Hopkins, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Knitty or Nice Sweater!

Knit me crazy
Tyffany Langdon
 [11/15 9:02:35AM] Large in pink

Jammin Jumper
Renae Sharp
 [11/15 8:39:04AM] Pink 2x

Celtic Comfort
Karen Bemister
 [11/15 8:36:38AM] 2XL - cream

Knice Knit Sweater
Karen Bemister
 [11/15 8:34:56AM] 2XL - cream

Not Your Basic Cable
Pamela Kraik
 [11/15 8:30:00AM] Small Cream

Classic Cable knit sweater
Pamela Kraik
 [11/15 8:25:06AM] Small Ceeam

Aran Sweater
Lois Metcalfe
 [11/15 8:18:42AM] Beige medium

Crisscross Comfort
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:10:25AM] Black Large

Wrapped Wire Warmth
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:09:27AM] Black Large

Complete Ecstacy
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:08:17AM] Black Large

Clouded Comfort
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:07:44AM] Black Large

Helix Heaven
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:06:38AM] Black Large

Heavenly Helix Home
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:06:19AM] Black Large

Fusion Fancy
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:04:46AM] Black Large

Cherished Comfort
Erin S green
 [11/15 8:03:41AM] Black Large

Timeless Fisherman knit sweater
Valerie Partridge
 [11/15 7:42:54AM] Pink size large

Cable classic
Brooke Kishkan
 [11/15 7:36:08AM] XXL black

Cable Love
Jodi Brasch
 [11/15 7:11:37AM] Medium cream

Cable All The Way!!
Jodi Brasch
 [11/15 7:06:53AM] Medium Cream

Cable Gal
Brigitte Lambert
 [11/15 6:26:12AM] Cream and meduim

Knotty Hotty
Michelle Shank
 [11/15 5:18:34AM] 2XL - pink

Isn't knit lovely sweater
Jennifer Jones
 [11/15 4:27:25AM] Black size medium

FairIsle Cable, Raglan road, InnisFree cable-knit.
Martina McEvoy
 [11/14 10:27:49PM] large black

Can’t Do Without Cable
Mabel Skelton
 [11/14 10:15:52PM] Large in Pink

Kensington Cable(s)
Martina McEvoy
 [11/14 10:07:09PM] large black

Celtic cables
Martina McEvoy
 [11/14 9:48:16PM] large black

Cable crush
Martina McEvoyl
 [11/14 9:47:19PM] large black

Knot your Grandma's sweater
Martina McEvoy
 [11/14 9:43:31PM] large black

Not your Nana's Knit Sweater. Knit and Nibble sweater, Colour Me Cable (Knit) Sweater, Knit Me Baby One More Time, Knit it or Not Sweater, Lucky Knit Sweater.
Brittany Tucker
 [11/14 9:28:51PM] XL Pink

Cables for days!
Martina McEvoy
 [11/14 9:09:10PM] large black

Keeping it Kind Knit
Jen Roy
 [11/14 8:43:52PM] 2xl black

Classy Cable Comfort
Dawna Mothus
 [11/14 8:29:39PM] XL Black

Knitted Sister
Amanda MacDougall
 [11/14 8:26:27PM] M black

Knits and Giggles
Elena Robertson
 [11/14 8:08:20PM] Small and pink

Cozy at home
Elena Robertson
 [11/14 8:06:18PM] Small&black

Who’s “ZOOMING “ who?
Elena Robertson
 [11/14 8:05:34PM] Small & cream

Always Connected
Elena Robertson
 [11/14 8:03:10PM] Small & Pink

Knitting it!!
Sonya Boyer
 [11/14 7:50:06PM] Pink in large

Woven Warmth Sweater
Jacqueline Wicks
 [11/14 7:27:28PM] L Cream

Not Your Average Knit
Amanda Beckett
 [11/14 7:24:53PM] Black, 2XL

Cable Cozy sweater
Sandra Burtch
 [11/14 7:12:27PM] Pink in large please!

Cable me lovly sweater/ knit me some comfort/ cozy up cables/ All about the cables
Amanda Diamond
 [11/14 7:09:57PM] Cream Medium

Log Cabin
Karen gurney
 [11/14 6:30:04PM] XL CREAM

Weather It
Karen Gurney
 [11/14 6:28:31PM] XL CREAM

Warm and wonderful
Karen Gurney
 [11/14 6:27:13PM] XL CREAM

Cozy cables
Karen gurney
 [11/14 6:26:20PM] XL CREAM

Hot Chocolate by the Fire Place
Tia Robertson
 [11/14 6:16:12PM] Large- Pink

Cable Me Softly
Shirley Skrabek
 [11/14 5:46:56PM] xl

Cable Me Warm
Brenda Kraneveldt
 [11/14 5:19:26PM] Black in L

Casual comfy cable knit sweater
 [11/14 5:12:45PM] Black and white xl

Knit me the right way, baby
Samantha Augot
 [11/14 4:31:51PM] 2xL cream

Warm and Cozy Sweater
Wanda Fiessel
 [11/14 4:08:36PM] XL in Pink

Ski Bunny
Brenda Sandau
 [11/14 3:28:43PM] Medium cream

Staying in sweater
Tania Balverde
 [11/14 3:23:03PM] 2xl, pink

Cozy Cable
Gerarda Yli-Villamo
 [11/14 3:17:44PM] Pink Large

Cable cable
Susan chan
 [11/14 3:05:42PM] White, med

Knit for the win
Kim Freeman
 [11/14 3:03:36PM] Black small

Winter dayz sweater
Rona Sterling-Collins
 [11/14 2:59:05PM] Pink size L

Cable me cozy
Tricia Bell
 [11/14 2:50:59PM] Pink 2xl

Cable Of dreams
Kelly hyde
 [11/14 2:46:30PM] Medium white

Here for the Knit
Jordan Bassett
 [11/14 2:19:04PM] Large Black

Casual Weekend Cable
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/14 2:05:22PM] XL

The Knit That Binds
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/14 2:04:52PM] XL

Snuggle Me Close
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/14 2:04:29PM] XL

All you knit is love
Shauna Brady
 [11/14 1:50:04PM] 2XL pink

Knit it to win
Breanne Evans
 [11/14 1:42:37PM] Large Cream or Pink

Cabled It
Candice Toms
 [11/14 1:36:36PM] Medium, Pink

What's on the Line Cozy Cable Knit; Reel me in Cable Knit Dream
Trisha Ciarlo
 [11/14 1:35:14PM] Small pink

Ready, Willing, & Cable
Alyssa Gerick
 [11/14 1:20:36PM] XS White

You’ve Got Me in Stitches
Alyssa Gerick
 [11/14 1:17:19PM] XS White

Not So Basic Cable
Alyssa Gerick
 [11/14 1:11:42PM] XS White

Cozy Nights
Lia Schoenroth
 [11/14 1:05:40PM] Pink large

Cuddle me cozy
Kiersten Shantz
 [11/14 12:56:29PM] S Cream

Classy Twisted knit sweater
Carolann Edwards
 [11/14 12:51:27PM] Size M cream color

Nicely Knitted Sweater, Necessary Knitted Sweater, Killin' It Cable Knit Sweater
Melissa Best
 [11/14 12:50:28PM] M

Fishing for Compliments
Linda Cvetanovic
 [11/14 12:45:30PM] Black L

Cozy Up Sweater
Stacey Schwickrath
 [11/14 12:34:25PM] Large black if stretchy. If not, XL

Casual comfort sweater
Nancy Jenness
 [11/14 12:29:21PM] S. Cream colour

Leave it all on the cable
Jacqueline Penner
 [11/14 12:03:46PM] Small, cream colour

Cabin Cozy Sweater
Katie Dwyer
 [11/14 11:31:29AM] Large and pink

Neat knit Sweater
Katie Dwyer
 [11/14 11:30:19AM] Large and pink

Cable Me Cozy Sweater
Samantha Brighton
 [11/14 11:09:30AM] Pink medium

Knotty Hottie
Michelle Shank
 [11/14 10:49:19AM] 2XL colour pink

Oh So Cozy Cable Knit Sweater
Diana Fournier
 [11/14 10:37:25AM] Medium or Large (depending on fit) Pink

Winter cuddles
Clint Janzen
 [11/14 10:31:51AM] Small cream colour

cable-it up
carolyn hoffarth
 [11/14 10:19:47AM] cream medium

Cabin Knit, Cabin Cozy
Brenda Villena
 [11/14 10:06:21AM] Xs white

Cozy up cable
Stacie Davis
 [11/14 10:03:36AM] Large cream

Cable Cozy
Beverley Campbell
 [11/14 9:06:36AM] XL Pink

Knittin’ Pretty
Dana Bellagamba
 [11/14 8:41:52AM] Large Pink

Cozy cable night
Kelly Robertson
 [11/14 8:32:42AM] Black - med

Knittin’ It Done Sweater
Sarah Weiss
 [11/14 8:26:06AM] Pink large

Are you knittin’ me sweater
Sarah Weiss
 [11/14 8:25:18AM] Pink large

You gotta be knittin’ me sweater
Sarah Weiss
 [11/14 8:24:46AM] Pink large

Cable Knit Cozy
Robyn Hoffman
 [11/14 8:22:50AM] Medium Black

Around town Knit
Donna Clipperton
 [11/14 8:17:20AM] Cream XL

Chill’in & cozy cable
Nicole Jones
 [11/14 8:11:49AM] White XL

Twisted Sister
Holly Kjear
 [11/14 8:05:42AM] Black, 2XL

Cozy Cottage Sweater
Gina MacGregor
 [11/14 7:54:15AM] Cream, medium

Knit Happens
Karen Carvell
 [11/14 7:48:15AM] Black 2XL

Fireside sweater, Cozy Winter Night
Denise Hexrall
 [11/14 7:48:09AM] XL Black

Cozy knit
Jen Dawe
 [11/14 7:39:56AM] L Black

Knits in the details
Cori Simmonds
 [11/14 7:38:34AM] Black 3

‘Knit’ing pretty sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [11/14 7:26:56AM] Cream m

Just the right knit
Gwen L Cormack
 [11/14 7:26:28AM] Pink med

Pretty in pattern Sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [11/14 7:23:50AM] Cream m

Better than snooze sweater
Nicole Burchell
 [11/14 7:23:07AM] Cream, m

Better than snooze sweater
Nicole burchell
 [11/14 7:21:53AM] Cream, m

You’ve never had knit so good
Michelle Ferguson
 [11/14 7:09:37AM] Medium Cream

Cozy Cable
Shannon Hutchison
 [11/14 6:17:42AM] Black lrg

All day Classic Comfort Cable Knit Sweater
Ashley Edwardson
 [11/14 6:13:55AM] Xs cream

Knitted Hugs Sweater
Melanie Bergeron
 [11/14 5:56:43AM] Small pink

CASSY - comfy adorable sweet sweater you-wear
 [11/14 5:52:50AM] 2xl pink

Ain't Your Grandma's Sweater
Shannon Boyce
 [11/14 5:49:49AM] Pink Medium

Hello Dolly sweater
Marie Neil
 [11/14 4:52:27AM] 2XL Pink

Knocks and knits
Michelle Hammerer
 [11/13 11:42:26PM] M white

Cable and Colours
Michelle Hammerer
 [11/13 11:40:42PM] M white

Stable in cable
Michelle Hammerer
 [11/13 11:29:36PM] M white

The weekdayer or the weekender
Tracy Lawford
 [11/13 11:28:39PM] Pink XL

Love letter Sweater
Kelly Koshinsky
 [11/13 11:11:19PM] Cream Medium

Cozy crochet
jamie harris
 [11/13 10:48:46PM] large/cream

Top Tier Cable
Angie Coolin
 [11/13 10:46:54PM] Large , cream.

One Row At A Time
Angie Coolin
 [11/13 10:44:47PM] Large, Cream

Basic B*tch Stitch
Angie Coolin
 [11/13 10:41:16PM] Large, cream

Knits you like crazy
 [11/13 10:40:39PM] Large PINK

Not Your Basic Cable
Angie Coolin
 [11/13 10:40:03PM] Large, cream

Cozy Knit
Christine Clark
 [11/13 10:38:31PM] M Pink

Cable Me Soflty
Angie Coolin
 [11/13 10:32:24PM] Large cream

Winter warmth
Laura-Lynn Nash
 [11/13 10:27:17PM] L cream

All You Knit is Love
Carolyn Ferguson
 [11/13 10:14:51PM] Large - Cream

Snuggle knit
Eleanora Kill
 [11/13 10:08:13PM] Black l

Knits and giggles
Eleanora Kill
 [11/13 10:06:18PM] Black xl

Same knit different day
Eleanora Kill
 [11/13 10:05:34PM] Black xl

Not your gramma's sweater
Eleanora Kill
 [11/13 10:04:36PM] Black XL

snow get it sweater
candace theberge
 [11/13 9:58:33PM] Black medium

Snow get it sweater
Candace Theberge
 [11/13 9:57:45PM] Medium black

For Knits sake sweater
Nicole Clarke
 [11/13 9:54:05PM] Medium, cream

Wrap me in Knit. Wrapped up in Knit.
Debbie Partridge
 [11/13 9:46:04PM] Pink Large

Knitty or Nice
Laura Hopkins
 [11/13 9:26:09PM] Cream Medium

Sweater Weather
Laura Hopkins
 [11/13 9:25:07PM] Medium Cream

Knit pick
Leah Kaluza
 [11/13 9:24:59PM] White medium! Please

Knitflix and Chill
Laura Hopkins
 [11/13 9:20:04PM] Cream Medium

Cozy in Cable
Katherine Jones
 [11/13 9:17:00PM] 2x cream

Not Your Average Knit
 [11/13 9:03:32PM] Medium Pink

Don’t worry Knit happy sweater
Samantha Pearce
 [11/13 9:01:38PM] White L

Knit My Stress Away
Ivy Dingsdale
 [11/13 8:45:09PM] XS CREAM

Winter Wonderland sweater, All cosied up sweater.
Bronwen menzies
 [11/13 8:45:00PM] Pink large

Wrapped in cable
Katherine Jones
 [11/13 8:43:06PM] 2x cream

A warm hug sweater, cute and cozy cable knit, just chillin cable knit sweater,
Elissa Bogdan
 [11/13 8:42:09PM] XL cream

Coastal Cable Knit Sweater, Winter wonderland cable knit sweater, sweatin’knit cable knit sweater, fisherman’s crew neck cable knit sweater, fisherman’s cable knit sweater, bliss cable knit sweater , luxe cable knit sweater, bundle up cable knit sweater , bundleUp
Dallis Daly
 [11/13 8:26:34PM] Black L

Coastal Cable Knit Sweater, Winter wonderland cable knit sweater, sweatin’knit cable knit sweater, fisherman’s crew neck cable knit sweater, fisherman’s cable knit sweater, bliss cable knit sweater , luxe cable knit sweater, bundle up cable knit sweater , bundleUp
Dallis Daly
 [11/13 8:26:09PM] Black L

The cable staple
Danica kimberley
 [11/13 8:22:36PM] Pink m

Coastal Cable Knit Sweater, Winter wonderland cable knit sweater, sweatin’knit cable knit sweater, fisherman’s crew neck cable knit sweater, fisherman’s cable knit sweater, bliss cable knit sweater , luxe cable knit sweater, bundle up cable knit sweater , bundle
Dallis Daly
 [11/13 8:22:18PM] Black L

Knit Together Sweater
Erin Shantz
 [11/13 8:13:48PM] Medium, cream

Jodi Lobert
 [11/13 7:53:08PM] Medium white

Knit me away sweater
Dayna Friend
 [11/13 7:36:07PM] Black Small

Knit Picky Sweater/Cabletown Sweater
Jennifer Olsen
 [11/13 7:31:17PM] Medium

The beautiful and bold cozy knit cable sweater
Janet Zurba
 [11/13 7:30:43PM] XL cream

Cozy Cable knit stylish sweater
Janet Zurba
 [11/13 7:26:25PM] XL pink

We are all knit together sweater
Leslie Lowry
 [11/13 7:26:16PM] Large - Pink

Ready and Cable sweater, Cable-bodied sweater, knit for a queen
Emily Hadary
 [11/13 7:25:06PM] Cream, med or small

Cable My Love
Darlene Wilson
 [11/13 7:25:01PM] M in pink

Mrs Dress up Sweater
Megan Adelman
 [11/13 7:21:02PM] Size medium, pink

Bucket Twist; Knit's my Life; Fairy Tale Cable
Laura Higgins
 [11/13 7:19:48PM] L Black

Icing sliver sweater
Ashley Parson
 [11/13 7:14:50PM] XL black

Just For Knits
Leslie Hane
 [11/13 7:13:33PM] xs cream

Carol's, cocoa and Cable weave sweaters
Brittaney Pregizer
 [11/13 7:03:54PM] Cream xl

Cabin Fever Sweater
Drew Delaney
 [11/13 7:03:34PM] Cream XL

Hooked on Cable
Zsuzsi Abramson
 [11/13 6:57:07PM] 2XL Pink

Winter Hug
Marni McGregor-Adashynski
 [11/13 6:52:49PM] 2XL black

Book Club Sweater , Snow Day Sweater , Get Cozy Sweater ,
 [11/13 6:47:48PM] S pink

Cozy in Cables; Cabled Coziness; Wrapped in Cozy Cables; Cozy Cables
Sharon Dickson
 [11/13 6:43:24PM] Pink 2XL

Knit it Now; Knit to Be; Simply Cozy;
Amy Fralick
 [11/13 6:37:14PM] Large Pink

Cozy Cable
Leslie Woodford
 [11/13 6:30:52PM] Medium cream

Cuddle up cable
Lisa Ellis
 [11/13 6:28:20PM] Large /pink

Coffee Cable Sweater, Cards on the Cable Sweater
Diana Stephens
 [11/13 6:26:05PM] L Cream

Strike a Chord
Christa Monasch
 [11/13 6:25:47PM] Black L

Simply stitched
Melissa Favel
 [11/13 6:20:28PM] Black (large)

Cable view
Susan Adams
 [11/13 6:17:06PM] XL pink

Can't Keep Me Away Cable Knit Sweater
Erin Shantz
 [11/13 6:13:44PM] Medium, cream

Cozy in cables
Elisabeth Dalcin
 [11/13 6:11:02PM] Size L black

Cable Knits and Fits Sweater, The Knitten Kitten sweater, The Knits and bits sweater,
Jennifer Barone
 [11/13 6:07:58PM] Cream M

Cover me cozy
Jennifer allen
 [11/13 6:05:49PM] White. Medium

Let’s cable it knit sweater
Maria Lento
 [11/13 5:54:14PM] Small pink

Twist up cozy
Jen Gibson
 [11/13 5:46:49PM] Small black

Cable knit sweater
Josephine Doyle
 [11/13 5:39:45PM] L Cream

Knit it Up Up UP!
Dawn Bowerman
 [11/13 5:36:03PM] medium black

Cable Me Cozy
Dawn Bowerman
 [11/13 5:34:35PM] medium cream

Comfy’n Cozy
Tammy Tanner
 [11/13 5:30:33PM] 2XL and pink

Cozy Cable
Carly Campos
 [11/13 5:19:47PM] Ivory size Medium

I heart my sweater
DARA Rankin
 [11/13 5:07:12PM] Pink XL

Knittin it old school Cable Knit Sweater
Condie Grohs
 [11/13 5:02:48PM] Medium/pink

Cabin Cozy [knit sweater]
Amanda Zimny
 [11/13 4:55:15PM] Small cream

Cozy cashmere
Dianne Bishop
 [11/13 4:42:09PM] Medium pink

Knit to perfect
Genista Richards
 [11/13 4:38:58PM] Black xl

Turning Point Sweater
Celine Quenneville
 [11/13 4:36:04PM] Pink size small

Knitty Gritty Sweatshirt
Stephanie Gould
 [11/13 4:31:12PM] White, size L

The Cozy Weekender
Celine Quenneville
 [11/13 4:29:34PM] Pink - size small

Cuddle Me Cable Sweater
Kathy Phillips
 [11/13 4:14:08PM] Small / Cream

All cozy up
Teresa Bui
 [11/13 4:07:09PM] Small in cream

Cable Knit Love Sweater
Shannon Smith
 [11/13 4:03:56PM] Small pink

Strike a Cord Sweater
Kali Bernst
 [11/13 4:00:01PM] White XS

Just Get Knitty with it
Renee de Léséleuc
 [11/13 3:59:29PM] Black & small

A Stitch in Time Cable Knit Sweater
Jamie Whitteker
 [11/13 3:58:50PM] Cream M

Cable me away
Kerri Nielsen
 [11/13 3:56:51PM] Medium Cream

Cozy in cable
Kerri Nielsen
 [11/13 3:55:44PM] Medium Cream

Knitting me softly
Kaitlyn Biehn
 [11/13 3:54:35PM] XS pink

Cable Car Cuteness Sweater
Carrie Honsinger
 [11/13 3:51:18PM] 2xl Pink

Knit me softly
Kaitlyn Biehn
 [11/13 3:46:42PM] XS pink

Cable knit classic, My fisherman sweater, Take me to the wharf,
Lana Baker
 [11/13 3:36:11PM] Xl cream

cozy crossroads knit
Erynn Bailey
 [11/13 3:18:09PM] Pink XL

Cozy-in-knit sweater
Jennifer Jones
 [11/13 3:16:50PM] Medium black

Cute, Cozy & Cable
Darci Degen
 [11/13 3:15:55PM] Small, white

Knittin around town
Debbie Partridge
 [11/13 3:07:49PM] Pink Large

Nothing but cozy for you
Amy cochrane
 [11/13 3:04:36PM] Large black

Nothing but cozy for yoy
Amy cochrane
 [11/13 3:04:08PM] Large black

The Cozy
Karine Arsenault
 [11/13 2:56:17PM] Xl pink

Sweater Weather
Tara Risby-Girardin
 [11/13 2:52:02PM] XL Pink

Chain Link Sweater
Liz Roy
 [11/13 2:47:26PM] Medium Pink

Pretty in Knit
Debbie Partridge
 [11/13 2:46:53PM] Pink Large

Chain Link Sweater
Liz Roy
 [11/13 2:46:32PM] Medium pink

Pretty in Knit
Debbie Partridge
 [11/13 2:46:19PM] Pink Large

Knit your normal sweater
Danielle Gabruck
 [11/13 2:44:46PM] 2XL Cream

Snowed in sweater
Deb Quessy
 [11/13 2:38:33PM] M-pink

Huggle Berry Knit
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:24:54PM] XS Cream

Loving Lips Knit
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:24:30PM] XS Cream

Yarny Loops Knit
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:24:06PM] XS Cream

All eyes on you baby
Debbie Partridge
 [11/13 2:20:03PM] Pink Large

Cable Loop Knit
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:19:06PM] XS Cream

Cable Loop Sweater
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:17:53PM] XS Cream

Lookin so pretty
Debbie Partridge
 [11/13 2:17:05PM] Pink Large

Knits About You
 [11/13 2:16:50PM] XS Cream

Day or Knit
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:16:14PM] XS Cream

Day Or Cable Knit
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:15:54PM] XS Cream

Knitted With Perfection
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:14:31PM] XS Cream

Knitted Dreams
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:13:35PM] XS Cream

Knit Happens
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:12:14PM] XS Cream

Eat Sleep Knit
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:11:13PM] XS Cream

All You Knit Is Love
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:09:48PM] XS Cream

Home is Where the Yarn Is
Barbara Giorgio
 [11/13 2:08:11PM] XS Cream

Cozy Vintage Cable Knit Sweater
Lisa Giesbrecht
 [11/13 1:53:41PM] XL Cream

Chill sweater
Sarah Macdonald
 [11/13 1:39:18PM] Medium oatmeal

Knit me, hug me
Kaitlyn Biehn
 [11/13 1:35:34PM] XS, pink

Cozy Covid Cable
Angie McGowan
 [11/13 1:28:04PM] Pink small

Comfy Cozy Covid Cable(knit)
Angie McGowan
 [11/13 1:26:26PM] Xs black

In stitches sweater and close knit sweater
Lesley Skinner
 [11/13 1:26:20PM] XL Black

All season sweater
Debbie Slade
 [11/13 1:16:05PM] 2x cream

Just Like Grandma Made It
Nicole Brown
 [11/13 1:13:54PM] Medium Black

Holiday Cozy
Gene Andersen
 [11/13 1:07:10PM] Large black

Warm knits for winter
Stacy Simington
 [11/13 1:05:23PM] xs. Pink

The Cable Cozy Sweater
Kathy Henry
 [11/13 1:01:27PM] 3X black

Cables of Love ? Sweater
Barbara Quibell
 [11/13 12:57:54PM] Xl Cream?

This is It...
Crystal Frombach
 [11/13 12:53:51PM] Black in med

Old Fashion made with LOVE
Sandra Devost
 [11/13 12:48:37PM] Large, Pink

Cable & Comfort
Debra Ruyer
 [11/13 12:43:19PM] So- tan

Baby it’s cold outside
Betty strickland
 [11/13 12:42:53PM] L in pink

Cable and comfort
Debra Ruyer
 [11/13 12:42:22PM] XL - tan

Knit-a-cable sweater
Leanne Willshear
 [11/13 12:38:41PM] 2x pink

Keeping me cozy cable knit sweater
Carrie Hancock
 [11/13 12:37:15PM] Size xs in black

Keeping me cozy cable knit sweater
Carrie Hancock
 [11/13 12:35:04PM] Xs black

It’s all about the cable
Lorrie frayne
 [11/13 12:33:15PM] 2x white

Now That’s My Sweater
Cindy Lavender
 [11/13 12:32:42PM] Pink M

Classic ‘N Cozy Cable Knit Sweater
Lauren Friesen
 [11/13 12:32:05PM] Medium Pink, please

Warm and cozy
Lorrie frayne
 [11/13 12:31:19PM] 2x white

Cozy Cable
Cherie Inwood
 [11/13 12:31:17PM] XL Cream

The one and only
Lorrie frayne
 [11/13 12:30:31PM] 2x

Cabella Crew
Shelby Baumeister
 [11/13 12:25:41PM] Small / Pink

Nice and naughty knit
Loraine Lalonde
 [11/13 12:25:16PM] Pink medium

Naughty knit Nice
Loraine Lalonde
 [11/13 12:24:19PM] Pink medium

Cozy by the fire sweater
Kim Luciuk
 [11/13 12:20:40PM] XL, black

Comfy Cozy Cable
Liz Campbell
 [11/13 12:20:30PM] Pink and large

Knit the cold away sweater
Bailee Weigelt
 [11/13 12:19:12PM] Cream or black, large

Cable Karma
Nicole Smith
 [11/13 12:16:53PM] Medium cream

Hooked on You Sweater
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [11/13 12:13:46PM] Small pink

Unravelled for You
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [11/13 12:12:36PM] Small pink

Comfy and cozy sweater
Kylie Krell
 [11/13 12:11:20PM] Size - small, colour - black

Fireside Cozy
Nicolle Carter
 [11/13 12:08:48PM] Large and Black

Snuggle In Sweater
Adele Mills
 [11/13 12:08:30PM] 2xl in black

Whistler Weekend
Farah Steen
 [11/13 12:02:03PM] Cream 2X

Wow'ven to Perfection, Knit and Neat, Winter Nights
Tanya Conner
 [11/13 12:01:43PM] Cream, Large

Dominique Lachapelle
 [11/13 11:56:52AM] Med pink

You Macramé Happy Sweater
Ann Timm
 [11/13 11:54:19AM] Black, small

Everyday I’m cabling
Eliza Davies
 [11/13 11:52:19AM] Cream XL

Cozy in sweater
Patricia Szabo
 [11/13 11:50:18AM] Large and pink

Christine Drody
 [11/13 11:46:42AM] PINK - XL

Knit's your favorite sweater
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [11/13 11:43:21AM] Large black

U Had Me At Sweater
Rebekah Walker
 [11/13 11:41:40AM] 2XL Pink

Cute in Cable
 [11/13 11:40:54AM] Pink 2x

Little bit of Knitting on My Mind; Cable in the Front, Knitting All Around Sweater; Straight Up Cable Knit Sweater; Crawling Straight Into Knit Sweater
April Hunt
 [11/13 11:40:45AM] Small/Cream

Little Piece of Winter
Jennifer Hall
 [11/13 11:40:44AM] XL Cream

Pour Some Knit On Me; Straight Down and Cable on the Front
April Hunt
 [11/13 11:36:17AM] Small/Cream

Catch Me if You're Cable
Jennifer Dilfer
 [11/13 11:35:01AM] XL beige

Pour Some Cable on It Sweater; Knits All in the Cable Sweater; It’s All in Cable Knit Sweater; Merrymaking Cable Knit Sweater; Merrymaker Cable Knit Sweater; Sweetheart Knit Sweater; The Most Wonderful Knit Sweater of the Year
April Hunt
 [11/13 11:33:55AM] Small/Cream

Getting over knit sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [11/13 11:33:44AM] Black small

Knit my grandmas sweater anymore
Crystal Mackie
 [11/13 11:33:13AM] Black small

Knitted back in time
Crystal Mackie
 [11/13 11:31:19AM] Back small

Keeping It Centred Cable Knit Sweater
Monica Dion
 [11/13 11:29:38AM] Pink medium

Come an Kiss Me
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/13 11:28:25AM] XL

Cable Knits Best
Rebecca Richards
 [11/13 11:26:14AM] Medium pink

For the Love of Cable Sweater; Pour Some Cable on My Knit Sweater; Knitting Me Cable
April Hunt
 [11/13 11:25:52AM] Small/Cream

Cable knows best
Rebecca Richards
 [11/13 11:23:50AM] Medium pink

I think I cable
Rebecca Richards
 [11/13 11:22:41AM] Medium black

Knit's A Wonderful Life, Sexy And I Know Knit
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [11/13 11:22:06AM] 2XL black

Cable Me Cozy Sweater; Colour and Cable and Knit Oh My! Sweater;
April Hunt
 [11/13 11:21:13AM] Small / Cream

Simply Classic
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/13 11:19:11AM] XL

Weekend Wonder
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/13 11:18:28AM] XL

Relaxin at Home
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/13 11:18:04AM] XL

Weekend Casual
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/13 11:17:41AM] XL

Cozy Cable
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/13 11:17:17AM] XL

Comfy Cable
Cyndi Van Arragon
 [11/13 11:16:59AM] XL

Knits of Love - Knitted with Love - Stay Warm & Cable On - Knitted for You - You had me at knit - Winter Cable Knit Sweater - Stay Knitted
Whitney Dillon
 [11/13 11:15:56AM] Cream - 2XL

Crisscross comfort
Sarah Bily
 [11/13 11:15:20AM] Large and black

Stylin’ Cable
Jacqueline Munro
 [11/13 11:14:59AM] Small black

Icing on the Cable
Lana Wylie
 [11/13 11:12:33AM] pink small

Cozy warm in wintertime
Patty Werbicki
 [11/13 11:06:01AM] Large pink

Cozy cable cottage
Tania blackburn
 [11/13 11:04:34AM] Cream XL

Stay warm & Cable On
Linda Robertson
 [11/13 11:03:05AM] XL cream

Cozy Cabin sweater
Tania blackburn
 [11/13 11:01:33AM] Black XL

Cable Car Cozy Sweater
Karen McHale
 [11/13 10:50:12AM] White 2XL

Cosy Girl
Bronwen Menzies
 [11/13 10:48:11AM] Pink large

Sea of love
Bronwen menzies
 [11/13 10:46:55AM] Pink large

The Christmas Mingle sweater
Thea Krakowetz
 [11/13 10:45:16AM] Large gray

All aboard cable knit sweater
Treena Butler
 [11/13 10:44:52AM] Xlarge and beige

Fisherman’s Hug
Yvonne Ernst
 [11/13 10:41:55AM] Size xl cream

Knitted through time sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [11/13 10:40:52AM] Back small

Cable Knit Wonder Sweater
Lyndsay Russell
 [11/13 10:39:39AM] Pink 2XL

Crossover Comfort Sweater, Polished Comfort Sweater,
Michelle Cowan
 [11/13 10:39:21AM] Small black

Simply Irresistible
Reesa Valenta
 [11/13 10:39:15AM] Cream size s

Close to home sweater
Crystal Mackie
 [11/13 10:38:01AM] Black small

Get cozy sweater
Emily Formica
 [11/13 10:34:03AM] Cream, medium

ColdSnap CableKnit
Maria J Mikic
 [11/13 10:30:04AM] 2xl cream

The Empire (because the pattern down the middle looks like inca jewelry)
Amsi Caceres
 [11/13 10:17:53AM] L & pink

Cable knit beautiful and sexy sweater
Janet Zurba
 [11/13 10:16:58AM] XL pink

Channel your Inner Comfort Sweater
Stacy Wallace
 [11/13 10:06:39AM] Large & Black

As Good as Knit Gets Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [11/13 10:04:10AM] Black XL

Get Over Knit Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [11/13 10:00:17AM] Black XL

Classic Cozy Cable Knit Feels Sweater
Lindsay Gardner
 [11/13 10:00:16AM] Small and Cream color

Pattern In Time Sweater
Bettina Allen
 [11/13 9:58:35AM] Black XL

Knittin' up style
Chelsea Elliott
 [11/13 9:57:51AM] Cream-medium

Knitted warmth
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:56:44AM] Cream XL

Cozy out the cold
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:55:35AM] Cream XL

Comfy cozy cable
MaryLynne Siren
 [11/13 9:55:19AM] Pink medium

knot your average sweater, holding it all together sweater, cozy cable, cozy knit with the perfect fit, knot your average sweater.
Krista Mclay
 [11/13 9:55:14AM] Black 2x

The Luxe
Crystal Petrowski
 [11/13 9:55:12AM] XS & Cream

Cable Knit Comfort
Susan Schmidt
 [11/13 9:51:14AM] Black 2x

Cabin Cozy Comfort sweater!
Evelyn Webb
 [11/13 9:49:06AM] Small cream

Cable, popcorn, and chill sweater, neopolitan dreams sweater, cozy up sweater, cable-rific sweater, dreams of cable sweater, cuddle up with cable sweater
Nicolle Parsons
 [11/13 9:48:05AM] Pink, XL

Macramemore Sweaters
Ashley Hopper
 [11/13 9:47:34AM] M or L (?) and pink!

Rockin Knit Sweater
Melissa Renyard
 [11/13 9:47:06AM] large , Black

Snug-snug sweater
Tiffany Butt
 [11/13 9:46:14AM] Medium cream

The Cozy Cross Stitch Crew Sweater
Evelyn Webb
 [11/13 9:45:27AM] Size small, cream color

Cable me softly
Natalie M
 [11/13 9:40:10AM] Cream Medium

Keeping it Real Sweater
Leanne Hopkins
 [11/13 9:38:44AM] Black XS

Autumns hug
Jessica Mcfadden
 [11/13 9:35:30AM] Pink medium

XOXO Sweater, Cozy chords Sweater, Comfort Zone Sweater, Be Chordial Sweater, Cables of Love Sweater, Cozy Cables Sweater, Hugs and Kisses Sweater
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [11/13 9:35:03AM] Black, Small

Just chilling
Jamila Ames
 [11/13 9:32:25AM] Pink small

Gramma’s Love
Pamela Melcher
 [11/13 9:25:02AM] Lg in Black

Comfy Cable
Maureen Ellis
 [11/13 9:24:54AM] Black L

Knits All Yours Sweater, Weaving Threads Sweater
Briana Gravel
 [11/13 9:24:35AM] Medium and cream

Knitted in warmth
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:23:44AM] Cream XL

Comfy sweater
Shontelle Benard
 [11/13 9:23:29AM] Pink ex small

Not Your Grandma’s Sweater
Brayell Dengler
 [11/13 9:23:16AM] Medium Cream

Cozy comfort
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:22:26AM] Cream XL

Knit to be tied
Agatha Schlamp
 [11/13 9:21:59AM] Cream, Medium

Warmly knitted
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:21:30AM] Cream XL

Cozy Winter Cable Knit
Shaylea Carifelle
 [11/13 9:19:04AM] XL - cream

Cozy Cable
Amy Hoey
 [11/13 9:17:18AM] Cream xl

Love loops
Cheryl Bowlier
 [11/13 9:16:33AM] Large cream

Knits to meet you sweater
Rachel Curran
 [11/13 9:12:56AM] Pink L

Virtual hugs sweater
Sabrina Stephen
 [11/13 9:11:29AM] Pink large

Knit together with love
Sabrina Stephen
 [11/13 9:09:10AM] Pink large

With love, Grandma sweater
Sabrina Stephen
 [11/13 9:08:05AM] Pink large

Warm yourself
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:07:15AM] Cream L

Cozy yourself
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:06:47AM] Cream L

Creating a retro feel sweater
Sabrina Stephen
 [11/13 9:06:29AM] Pink large

Keep out the cold
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:06:15AM] Cream L

Winter Comfort
Nadia Arcand
 [11/13 9:06:00AM] L in pink

Warmth of Winter
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:05:32AM] Cream L

Cable and chill
Amanda Clarke
 [11/13 9:04:50AM] Medium pink

Winter cozy
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:04:30AM] Cream L

All snuggled up
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:04:08AM] Cream L

Warmth in Winter
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:03:39AM] Cream L

Cozy cabin sweater
Tina Dranfield
 [11/13 9:02:23AM] Cream L

Cozy Grandma Sweater
Brandi-Rae Hanson
 [11/13 9:01:15AM] Pink 2xl

Cozy knit sweater
Amanda Madill
 [11/13 9:00:43AM] black, small

Centerpiece sweater
Katie turner
 [11/13 8:59:14AM] Pink large

Classy Cable
Gail Butt
 [11/13 8:56:34AM] Black size large

Sweet as tea cozy sweater
Jodi Onufrichuk
 [11/13 8:56:34AM] Cream Med

Fall into sweater weather
Pamela Cummings
 [11/13 8:53:18AM] 2xl black

Cozy times
Christy Petersen
 [11/13 8:52:39AM] Large white

Twisted passion
Erin Green
 [11/13 8:50:29AM] Black medium

Twisted perfection
Erin Green
 [11/13 8:50:07AM] Black medium

Cozy comfort
Erin Green
 [11/13 8:49:24AM] Black medium

Passion perfection
Erin Green
 [11/13 8:48:40AM] Black medium

Love my sweater weather
Jeanette Derbyshire
 [11/13 8:48:26AM] Sm white

Pearl passion
Erin Green
 [11/13 8:48:16AM] Black medium

Fall into knit
Erica Walsh
 [11/13 8:47:50AM] L white

Linked in it
Erica Walsh
 [11/13 8:46:13AM] L white

Cozy CABLE of LOVE sweater
Dianne Snow
 [11/13 8:45:25AM] Pink small

Whatever The Weather
Shari MacLellan
 [11/13 8:44:08AM] Black Med

Cable Girl , Cozy Cabin Sweater
Tracey Marcik
 [11/13 8:43:12AM] Cream large

Cozy Chic Sweater
Aureol Watt
 [11/13 8:42:25AM] Pink Size Large

Cable Knit Cozy
Melisa Gordon
 [11/13 8:41:58AM] Cream, medium

Knot your average sweater
Amber Dawn Glover
 [11/13 8:41:17AM] Cream or black in medium

Centre of Attention Sweater
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [11/13 8:39:41AM] XS & Cream

Cable Knit Flicks & Chill
Jennifer Smith
 [11/13 8:39:10AM] black 2xl

Knit me up before you go go
Laura Axford
 [11/13 8:38:26AM] Black medium

Knitters classic cable
Sheila bock
 [11/13 8:37:46AM] Cream XL

Cable Me Cozy
Lorelei Bowers
 [11/13 8:37:42AM] large Black

Knitty Gritty Sweate, Knit Happens
Jill Wilkinson
 [11/13 8:37:33AM] Small, black

Chelsey Pottinger
 [11/13 8:37:18AM] Pink 2xl

Cozy up Cable
Sharon Piercey
 [11/13 8:37:10AM] Large pink

Meet in the middle
Genista Richards
 [11/13 8:37:07AM] Black xl

Bring on winter cozy sweater,
Barb Goddard
 [11/13 8:36:30AM] Medium, black

Cable Knit Crew Sweater, Keep Calm and Knit On Sweater
Gina Bolton
 [11/13 8:36:23AM] Cream XL

Dreaming of the Sea
Jennifer Tiffin
 [11/13 8:35:10AM] XL Cream

Knits about you
Randi Sanderson
 [11/13 8:34:09AM] Medium and PINK

Loved ones hug
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [11/13 8:33:53AM] Medium/cream

Cable and chill
Shohreh Burchell
 [11/13 8:33:37AM] Cream small

Grandmas hug
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [11/13 8:33:11AM] Medium/cream

Knits about you
Randi Sanderson
 [11/13 8:32:56AM] Medium and PINK

Hands of Love
Karen Friesen
 [11/13 8:31:30AM] Pink xl

Knitting around the holidays
Stevie penno
 [11/13 8:31:27AM] Xl white

Cozy like grandmas hug
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [11/13 8:29:50AM] Medium/cream

Baby it's cold outside
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:28:52AM] Cream medium

I'm Snow Over the Cold Sweater
Tracy Fisher
 [11/13 8:26:52AM] Small - Black

Knit your average sweater
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [11/13 8:26:40AM] Medium/cream

Cable to My Heart
Jodie Mercer
 [11/13 8:26:33AM] Black and large or xl

All in stitches
Nicki Kovacs
 [11/13 8:26:12AM] M - black

Cozy Up Sweater
Jamie Thiemann
 [11/13 8:25:29AM] Large Pink

Cozy fireside sweater
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:23:46AM] Xl cream

Cuddle me softly
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:22:55AM] Medium cream

Warm hug,Knit with love,royal cable,the Affi-knittyKnit your grandmas sweater,
April serson
 [11/13 8:22:55AM] Black 2xl

Cuddle me knot
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:22:09AM] Medium cream

Retro lovin knit
Amanda Grant
 [11/13 8:22:01AM] Cream M

Weekend cuddles
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:21:47AM] Medium cream

Knit'n'Purled, knitting around sweater, Purled for you sweater, Knit-fix and Cable'd.
Tovah Staudt
 [11/13 8:21:27AM] Small black

Comfy warm
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:19:42AM] Cream medium

Knitty ‘n Nice
Julie Chipp-Smith
 [11/13 8:19:35AM] M, pink

Love the way you Knit me
Sarah Settels
 [11/13 8:18:19AM] Black and Medium Please

In stitches Sweater
Lesley Skinner
 [11/13 8:18:16AM] XL black

As You Wish Sweater
Jackie MacLeod
 [11/13 8:17:36AM] Large, Black

Knit Me Softly
Sarah Settels
 [11/13 8:15:23AM] Black and Medium Please

Knited with love
Stevie penno
 [11/13 8:15:21AM] XL Pink

Knit in the details
Cori Simmonds
 [11/13 8:15:15AM] Cream S

Weekend Darling
Amber Hill
 [11/13 8:15:08AM] S - Pink

Ready or Knot Sweater
Sarah Settels
 [11/13 8:14:27AM] Black and Medium Please

Not your grandma’s sweater, Cozy knits sweater
Jana M
 [11/13 8:13:58AM] L Black

Keep it knit sweater
Cori Simmonds
 [11/13 8:13:49AM] Black S

Knit and warm
Lauren Simmonds
 [11/13 8:13:11AM] XS black

Tami Danderfer
 [11/13 8:12:59AM] L

Close Knit Sweater
Lesley Skinner
 [11/13 8:12:58AM] Black XL

Knit and warm
Lauren Simmonds
 [11/13 8:12:26AM] XS black

Tami Danderfer
 [11/13 8:11:55AM] L

All tied up sweater
Natasha Vankoughnett
 [11/13 8:11:51AM] Lrg, pink

I knit you not
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:11:32AM] Cream medium

Call me in the morning
Tami Danderfer
 [11/13 8:11:16AM] L

Knit and warm Sweater
Lauren Simmonds
 [11/13 8:11:15AM] Xs black

Casually Perfect Knit, Falling Snow Sweater, Cozy Fireplace Sweater, The Way We Were Sweater, Just Do Knit Sweater, Sofa Weather Sweater,
Brittany Campbell
 [11/13 8:10:46AM] Cream, large

Winter hugs
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:09:58AM] Cream medium

Knit you down
Krista Grenier
 [11/13 8:09:53AM] L PINK

Weekend Warrior
Tara Schouten
 [11/13 8:09:52AM] Black, xl

Not your grandma's sweater
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:09:28AM] Cream medium

Cable Tie Crew Knit
Jessica Workman
 [11/13 8:09:19AM] Medium - any colour

In the Knit of time
Brandi Shiels
 [11/13 8:09:00AM] Large & Cream

Knitting hugs
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:08:59AM] Cream medium

Knit to know you winter
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:08:03AM] Cream medium

Knit to know you
Dakota MacQuarrie
 [11/13 8:07:21AM] Cream medium

Comfort time
Yvonne Ernst
 [11/13 8:07:19AM] Large cream

Cable Sweet Crew Neck
Jessica Workman
 [11/13 8:07:15AM] Medium in any colour (I like surprises)

Knotty and Knits, Knit to Be, Cozy Winter Knits,
Brittany Campbell
 [11/13 8:06:19AM] Cream, L

Cablebility Sweater
Jaime Marmei
 [11/13 8:04:31AM] S-black

Weaved and gorgeous sweater, Business yet casual sweater
Crystal Kosokowsky
 [11/13 8:03:35AM] XL, Black

Don't Cut the Cable - Knit Sweater
Andrea J Wilson
 [11/13 8:03:28AM] Large - Cream

Knits to Know You
Amy Tekatch
 [11/13 8:02:54AM] Black, size M

Knits to Know You, Knit to Be, Knitty and Nice
Brittany Campbell
 [11/13 8:02:43AM] Cream, L

Not Your Grandma’s Sweater
Kelly Nootchtai
 [11/13 8:01:20AM] Black M

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