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Crochet Cardigan
February 5, 2021

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Total of 2,035 Entries
Congratulations to Brette Bickford, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Soak up the Sun Cardigan!

Sweet Sorbet!
Marielle Freeman
 [02/07 8:58:23AM] S

Stole my heart Cardigan
 [02/07 8:55:44AM] L

Cozy Cardigan Ada
Donna L Grimard
 [02/07 8:52:33AM] Med.

Island Breeze Relaxed Cardigan
Annalisa Day
 [02/07 8:48:16AM] small

Rainbow drape cardigan
Trista Newcombe
 [02/07 8:44:58AM] L

Spring Fling Cardi
Stacey Rhodenizer
 [02/07 8:41:02AM] XL

Coral crush cardi
Cleo Wolstenholme
 [02/07 8:38:47AM] Medium

Margarita Camera
 [02/07 8:38:20AM] Medium

Evening Breeze
Brenda Archibald
 [02/07 8:35:31AM] Large

Rainbow Cardigan
Jennifer Hancock
 [02/07 8:34:53AM] S

Sand and shells Cardigen
Lisa Harding
 [02/07 8:33:20AM] L

Sherbert Breeze Cardi
Melissa Bongalis
 [02/07 8:32:55AM] M

Sweet breeze cardigan
Chantal Fullerton
 [02/07 8:30:51AM] Small

Wrap Me Up
Joy Dempsey
 [02/07 8:30:36AM] M

Knitastic Cardigan
Melanie Myers
 [02/07 8:29:34AM] XL

Jennifer Powers
 [02/07 8:29:24AM] Large

Candigan, spun sugar Cardy,
Meagan Le Drew
 [02/07 8:29:16AM] XL

Cozy Cardigan
MaryAnn Labancz-Vye
 [02/07 8:27:46AM] Pink, Medium

Just an illusion
Ashley Chamberlain
 [02/07 8:22:18AM] XL

Spring with string
Leanne Stanwat
 [02/07 8:17:10AM] [email protected]

Loop-do-loo spring cardigan
Karen Coupar
 [02/07 8:16:37AM] L

I See You Cardigan
Torri Olsen
 [02/07 8:15:55AM] L

Cotton candy cocoon
Julie Hoar
 [02/07 8:13:53AM] M

String art cardigan
Leanne Stanway
 [02/07 8:12:16AM] [email protected]

Over the Rainbow
Laurie Innocent
 [02/07 8:10:54AM] Small

Casual dream
Julie Hoar
 [02/07 8:10:22AM] M

Sweet as Candy
Sarah Gilmour
 [02/07 8:08:48AM] Medium

Knitted cloud cardigan
Julie Hoar
 [02/07 8:08:41AM] M

Knitted dream cardigan
Julie Hoar
 [02/07 8:07:48AM] M

Pink dreamsicle
Kymberlee Broadhurst
 [02/07 8:07:08AM] Xs

Spring Dreams Cardi
Ashley Cowell
 [02/07 8:03:31AM] 3x

Brenda Kuttai
 [02/07 8:03:26AM] M

Spring breeze cardigan
Julie Hoar
 [02/07 8:02:46AM] Med

Picture Perfect Cardi
Ashley Cowell
 [02/07 8:02:34AM] 3x

Just peachy
Julie Hoar
 [02/07 8:01:39AM] M

County Fair Sweater
Kristine Gavin
 [02/07 8:00:03AM] 2x

Peaches and dreams
Jen Haymond
 [02/07 7:59:59AM] S

Sherbert dreamsicle
Jen Haymond
 [02/07 7:59:17AM] S

Cotton Candy Cardi
Celina Wang
 [02/07 7:53:15AM] XS

Spring Breeze
Heather Loewen
 [02/07 7:48:19AM] Small

Nana Hug Cardigan
Tricia Bissonnette
 [02/07 7:38:27AM] M

Cotton Candy Cardi
Sandra Hillock
 [02/07 7:23:52AM] M

Sweet shades cardigan
Danielle Parker
 [02/07 7:20:37AM] XS

Sweet shades cardigan
Danielle Parker
 [02/07 7:19:33AM] Xs

Candy me Cotton
Jackie Brown
 [02/07 7:15:30AM] M

Picnic Perfect Cardigan
Jessica Florek
 [02/07 7:06:39AM] XS

A stroll through the park cardigan
Jessica Florek
 [02/07 7:05:50AM] XS

Spring is in the air
Ashley Webber
 [02/07 7:02:51AM] Large

Sweet Blossom Cardigan
Jessica Florek
 [02/07 7:00:59AM] Xs or S if doesn't come in xs

The Pink Casual
Elaine Clarke
 [02/07 7:00:33AM] Large

Sunrise, sunset, delight cardi
Alycia Reynolds
 [02/07 6:59:11AM] Large

Sweet surrender
Nadia Cantafio
 [02/07 6:57:44AM] XXL

Easy breezy beautiful cardi girl
 [02/07 6:51:34AM] Large

Breezeway cardi
 [02/07 6:50:55AM] Large

Peaches N' Cream Cardi
Brittany Elizabeth Hopkins
 [02/07 6:50:51AM] 2XL

Spring swing cardi
 [02/07 6:49:19AM] Large

Peachy Keen
Susanne Wilson
 [02/07 6:36:28AM] XL

Neapolitan Dream Cardigan
Lorna Scott
 [02/07 6:23:21AM] M

Tropical Sunset Cardigan
Lorna Scott
 [02/07 6:21:45AM] M

Spring is in the Wear
Mary Louise Rodgers
 [02/07 6:14:50AM] Large

Pretty in Pink
Tammy Stafford
 [02/07 5:35:03AM] Large

Silver Lining Cardigan
Tracey Leonard
 [02/07 5:32:49AM] Large

Cloudless cardigan
shannon Bailey
 [02/07 5:30:06AM] L

I dream of cotton candy
shannon Bailey
 [02/07 5:28:26AM] L

Fairy Light Cardigan
Jody Hordenchuk
 [02/07 5:22:31AM] 2xL

Comfy dreamz , Sweet dreamz , Coral heart dreamz
Rhobin Birch
 [02/07 5:17:17AM] L

Coral heart dreamz
Rhobin Birch
 [02/07 5:15:48AM] L

Comfy dreamz , Sweet dreamz ,
Rhobin Birch
 [02/07 5:08:04AM] L

Spring revival
Dawn Gallant
 [02/07 5:07:08AM] 1x

Angelic Dreamz
Rhobin Birch
 [02/07 5:03:14AM] L

Angelic Dreamz
Rhobin Birch
 [02/07 5:02:56AM] L

Peaches & Cream
 [02/07 5:02:29AM] Large

Comfy kisses xoxo
Rhobin Birch
 [02/07 4:33:49AM] L

Strawberry Wine Cardigan
Cindy Bennett
 [02/07 4:29:21AM] L/XL

Pretty Flowerance Knitingal Cardigan
Shelley Smit
 [02/07 4:29:06AM] Med or lrg

Not Your Grandma’s Cardigan, Cotton Candy Kisses Cardigan
Kristen Anderson
 [02/07 4:28:07AM] Large

Sunshine & Summertime Cardigan
Cindy Bennett
 [02/07 4:27:56AM] L/XL

Crochet Candy Cardi
Trish (Patricia) Belanger
 [02/07 4:26:28AM] 3x

Sorbet Breeze
Andrea Hammill
 [02/07 4:15:00AM] Medium

Peachy Breeze
Andrea Hammill
 [02/07 4:14:08AM] Medium

Soft Flow Cardi
Andrea Hammill
 [02/07 4:12:48AM] M

Sweet Sorbet Cardigan
Kelly Condron
 [02/07 3:47:04AM] Large

Pastel Passion cardi
Dana Tucker
 [02/07 3:00:36AM] XL

Cosy comfort me
Tammy Morgan
 [02/07 2:33:52AM] Large

Peaches And Dream
Shannon Dufour
 [02/06 10:55:57PM] L

See you thru the times Cardi
Sasha McLaughlin
 [02/06 10:21:50PM] Large

Sangria Sunset Cardigan
Carolyn Klassen
 [02/06 10:17:55PM] small

Cotton Candy Dream
Carolyn Klassen
 [02/06 10:15:45PM] Small

Cotton candy kisses cardi
Natasha Flanagan
 [02/06 10:02:13PM] 2xl

Morning Sunshine
Carolyn Klassen
 [02/06 10:00:04PM] Small

Sweet Sorbet Cardi
Carolyn Klassen
 [02/06 9:57:42PM] Small

Peachy keen dream cardi
Alli Pridmore
 [02/06 9:47:41PM] Xl

Dream Weaver Cardigan
Kalli Ingram
 [02/06 9:43:50PM] Medium

Spring sweetness
Carolyn Ferguson
 [02/06 9:35:26PM] L

Dreamy sunset
Miranda Blesse
 [02/06 9:35:01PM] XL

Spring Fling Cardigan
Alison Valcamp
 [02/06 9:28:59PM] Medium

Holy Moly Cardigan
Tiffany Britto
 [02/06 9:27:36PM] 2xl

Chic & Sweet , pretty in pink , crochet me pretty
Tabitha Mydonick
 [02/06 9:23:57PM] Small

Let the sun in, cotton candy and sun shine, sweet and lite, crochet and sunshine,
Nicole young
 [02/06 9:08:43PM] Small

You Make Me Blush Cardi
Kathy Shubrook
 [02/06 9:02:16PM] XL

Strawberries & Cream
Sarah Borkes
 [02/06 9:01:32PM] XL

Pretty in pink
Nancy Ritcey
 [02/06 8:59:53PM] 3xl

Celebration; Spring Confetti; After the Rain; Nine Lives; New Beginnings;
Susan Constantine
 [02/06 8:57:26PM] 2XL

Candy Kisses Cardigan
Barbara Quibell
 [02/06 8:52:36PM] 2xl

spring fling cardigan
penny taylor
 [02/06 8:52:13PM] medium

Above the Clouds; Pastel Clouds; Cloud Cover; Spring Breeze; Spring Skyline; What dreams are made of; Cloud Mine;
Susan Constantine
 [02/06 8:50:30PM] 2XL

Sweet Treat Cardi
Michelle Provenza
 [02/06 8:49:17PM] Med

Cotton Candy Cardigan
Christine Belanger
 [02/06 8:48:53PM] Large

Gumdrops and Lollipops Cardi
Michelle Provenza
 [02/06 8:48:27PM] Med

Pretty in Pastels Cardigan
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/06 8:48:01PM] Xl

Summer Vibes Cardigan
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/06 8:47:23PM] Xl

Crochet your way cardigan
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/06 8:45:13PM] Xl

Cotton Candy cardigan
Tracey Dunlop
 [02/06 8:42:33PM] Xl

Hooked On You
Laura Jefferson
 [02/06 8:30:31PM] Medium

Peachy keen
Natalie Brandon
 [02/06 8:27:54PM] S

Cotton candy cloud
Natalie Brandon
 [02/06 8:27:17PM] S

Dreamsicle Cardigan, Above the Cloud Cardigan, Starburst Cardigan, Tickled Pink Cardigan, Quilted Pink, Tropical Sweet Cardigan
Jennifer Puddicombe
 [02/06 8:26:01PM] Large

Champagne Sunday Cardigan
Heather Trotz
 [02/06 8:25:52PM] Xl

Cold Weather Coral Crochet Cardigan
Shelley Young
 [02/06 8:23:57PM] 2XL

Light and Airy cardigan
Tiffany Baker
 [02/06 8:23:10PM] Medium

For the Love of Spring Cardi
Shantel Blanke
 [02/06 8:21:26PM] m

Fair and Fireworks Cardi
Shantel Blanke
 [02/06 8:20:39PM] M

Cute Cotton Candy Cardi
Shantel Blanke
 [02/06 8:19:45PM] m

Spring Sunrise Cardi
Shantel Blanke
 [02/06 8:17:32PM] M

Take me to the Fair Cardi
Shantel Blanke
 [02/06 8:15:41PM] m

Peaches and Creamsicle
Alexa Dauk
 [02/06 8:15:39PM] Small

Bubble gum
Amy Livingston
 [02/06 8:13:51PM] Large

Sunny side cardi
Amy Livingston
 [02/06 8:12:59PM] Large

Cotton Candy Carnival
Laura Jefferson
 [02/06 8:06:46PM] Medium

Butterfly Kisses or Butterfly Kiss
Laura Jefferson
 [02/06 8:05:58PM] Medium

Candy cove cardigan
Becca bolt
 [02/06 7:59:01PM] Zl

Candy crochet cardigan
Becca bolt
 [02/06 7:58:34PM] Xl

Coral Cay Cardigan
Jodi Lawlor
 [02/06 7:47:28PM] L

Beautiful & Breezy
Brandee reid
 [02/06 7:45:26PM] Lg

Candy Floss Sunset
Laura Jefferson
 [02/06 7:45:18PM] Medium

Just peachy
Brandee reid
 [02/06 7:38:31PM] Lg

Lighter than air
Beth Thomson
 [02/06 7:37:32PM] Medium

Holy moly, it’s crochet
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:18:13PM] XS

Neapolitan dream
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:17:09PM] XS

Heavenly soft Cardigan
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:16:38PM] XS

Tropical paradise
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 7:16:31PM] Large

A breezy Spring Cardigan
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:16:02PM] XS

 [02/06 7:15:41PM] L

Spring Breeze Cardi
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:14:19PM] XS

Spring into Spring Cardi
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:13:44PM] XS

Neapolitan Love
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:13:00PM] XS

For the love of spring
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:12:17PM] XS

Cotton Candy Crush
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:11:04PM] XS

Soft as a Cloud
Megan Crawford
 [02/06 7:10:04PM] XS

Candy coated cardi
Shannon Shannon
 [02/06 7:06:30PM] Xl

Holy Pastel Cardi
Dominique van Dyk
 [02/06 7:04:56PM] XL

Hooked on my Cardi
 [02/06 7:04:54PM] S

Not your Grandma's crocheted cardigan!
Shannon Shannon
 [02/06 7:04:12PM] Xl

Spring forward cardi
Karen whalley
 [02/06 7:02:59PM] Xlg

Pretty in Pink
Leah Sheridan
 [02/06 7:01:17PM] XL

Amazing Grace Cardi
Dominique van Dyk
 [02/06 7:01:10PM] XL

Spring Bliss
Tammi Donison
 [02/06 7:00:33PM] Medium

Open Air Cardigan
Leah Sheridan
 [02/06 7:00:05PM] XL

Paisley Paradise
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 6:59:26PM] Large

Spring Bliss
Tammi Donison
 [02/06 6:58:41PM] Med

Sunset Crush
Barb Guignard
 [02/06 6:53:44PM] Med

Sweet on Me
Carol walsh
 [02/06 6:52:38PM] Small

Spring into style
Shannon perme
 [02/06 6:50:43PM] S

Cotton Candy Cardy
Christina Rozema
 [02/06 6:46:52PM] L

Hello Dolly, Prairie Rose, Candy Floss, Pink Horizon
Vanessa Gosling
 [02/06 6:45:24PM] 3xl

Cotton Candy Be Content Cardi
Jodi McKay
 [02/06 6:43:55PM] L

Crochet kisses spring cardigan
Paula Henuset
 [02/06 6:43:39PM] 2xl

Cardi Blush !
Christina Spadafora
 [02/06 6:41:36PM] M

Pink perfection
Debby Schubert-vasd
 [02/06 6:41:07PM] Xl or xxl

Pink lemonade
Brandy Gyman
 [02/06 6:40:33PM] Xs

Pink sorbet or sherbert
Brandy Gyman
 [02/06 6:38:30PM] S

Blushing Beauty
Tashanna Hungerford
 [02/06 6:33:05PM] Large

Pink Breeze Cardi
Natalie Sutton
 [02/06 6:28:33PM] M

Summer Sunset
Lori Durette
 [02/06 6:25:44PM] M

It's a Creamsicle Dream
Katie Lynn Miller
 [02/06 6:24:01PM] L

Sherbert Dreams
Katie Miller
 [02/06 6:22:32PM] L

Vintage Sass
Tracey Mueller
 [02/06 6:13:41PM] L

Peach dream
Angela Kabotof
 [02/06 6:11:51PM] xl

All blush, no rush
Ingrid Pejsa
 [02/06 5:59:10PM] L

 [02/06 5:52:44PM] Med

Pink passion flirt
Sandy day
 [02/06 5:50:03PM] Xxl

Feeling Peachy Cardigan
Véronique Imbeault-Morin
 [02/06 5:49:25PM] M

Cotton Candy Confetti
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 5:46:22PM] Large

Spring Fling
Catherine Goodfellow
 [02/06 5:43:20PM] Medium

Sunrise Surprise
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 5:41:21PM] Large

Sunset boulevard
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 5:40:28PM] Large

Pretty in Peach
Lindsay Carlson
 [02/06 5:39:25PM] Small

Tropical punch
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 5:39:14PM] Large

Seaside Sunset
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 5:37:16PM] Large

Hooked on love cardigan
Isabelle Labbé
 [02/06 5:35:20PM] 2XL

Spring Sunrise Cardigan
Jennifer Lusty
 [02/06 5:28:12PM] XL

Spring Breeze Cardigan
Jennifer Lusty
 [02/06 5:24:50PM] XL

Coral Embrace, Coral immersion
Kathleen Quibell
 [02/06 5:23:10PM] Large

Cotton candy crochet cardi
Tracy Irvine
 [02/06 5:11:49PM] Medium

Candy Crush
Tracy Matthews
 [02/06 5:00:53PM] Medium

Watermelon Sunshine Cardi
Monique Haudegand
 [02/06 4:52:00PM] Large

Pastel Comfort
Kayla Oja
 [02/06 4:46:55PM] Medium

Peachy Keen sweater
Heather Spence Dalley
 [02/06 4:46:11PM] 2xl

Creamsicle Sunday
Cindy Lundy
 [02/06 4:42:30PM] small to large

Bellini Breeze
Kara McCaughen
 [02/06 4:40:27PM] M

Cotton Cloud Cardi
Amanda McMullan
 [02/06 4:32:05PM] M

Candy Crochet Cutie
 [02/06 4:31:04PM] M

Cozy Candy Cardi
 [02/06 4:28:47PM] M

Peaches and Cream
Lesley Truemner
 [02/06 4:21:48PM] XL

Neapolitan Dreams
Nicole N
 [02/06 4:18:14PM] Xl

Spring fling
Heather Holgate
 [02/06 4:12:27PM] Xl

Peaches and Cream Dream,
Maria Boonstra
 [02/06 4:10:03PM] Medium

Steal my Sunshine Cardigan
Amanda Hynes
 [02/06 4:09:58PM] XS

Walkin' on Sunshine Cardigan
Amanda Hynes
 [02/06 4:09:34PM] XS

Walkin' on sunshine cartigan
Amanda Hynes
 [02/06 4:09:00PM] XS

Pink Valentine
Bobbi McCormick
 [02/06 4:08:57PM] Xl

Sweet as Candy Cardi
Lisa Kelly
 [02/06 4:06:56PM] Small

It’ts shawl about me
Pamela MacDonald
 [02/06 4:05:16PM] XL

Neopolitan ice cream
Orishia Asher
 [02/06 3:58:18PM] Medium/large

Just breezy
Michelle Merrick
 [02/06 3:48:38PM] XL

Knit sunset
Michelle Merrick
 [02/06 3:45:37PM] XL

Make Me Blush Cardigan
Amanda Hynes
 [02/06 3:44:00PM] XS

strawberry creamsicle cardigan
Sarah Pringle
 [02/06 3:33:31PM] Large

With love cardigan
Brittany Hamilton
 [02/06 3:30:18PM] S

Pink Cloud Cardigan
Patti Elsayed
 [02/06 3:23:22PM] S

Pink Cloud Cardigan
Patti Elsayed
 [02/06 3:16:48PM] S

Charismatic Peaches and Cream
Marlene Hungerford
 [02/06 3:12:18PM] Large

Candy envy
Andrea Oxford
 [02/06 3:03:01PM] Large

Candy envy
Andrea Oxford
 [02/06 3:01:54PM] Large

Enchanted Lace
Marlene Hungerford
 [02/06 3:00:48PM] Large

Candy Stitches
Terri Hemphill
 [02/06 2:57:51PM] 3XL

Crocheted all up, pockets full of knit, knit in time,
Jana M
 [02/06 2:57:28PM] L

Croquet Bouquet
Toni Gibbs
 [02/06 2:57:11PM] 2XL

Fanciful Notions
Marlene Hungerford
 [02/06 2:54:37PM] Large

Sweet Dreams
Terri Hemphill
 [02/06 2:54:30PM] 3XL

Creative Circle Cardi (CCC)
Marlene Hungerford
 [02/06 2:52:43PM] Large

Dreamweaver Cardigan
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [02/06 2:47:01PM] M

Head in the Clouds Cardigan
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [02/06 2:45:51PM] M

Pastel Pallete
Toni Gibbs
 [02/06 2:44:45PM] 2XL

Hooked on a Feeling crochet cardi
Carrie Osborne
 [02/06 2:38:48PM] Xl

Twilight Entwine
Marlene Hungerford
 [02/06 2:38:24PM] Large

Gorgeous in Gossamer
Marlene Hungerford
 [02/06 2:36:33PM] Large

Just Peachy Cozy Cardy
Colleen Reid
 [02/06 2:35:46PM] Large

Sweet Wheat Cardigan
Nancy Haugland
 [02/06 2:25:19PM] XL

Heavenly airy cardigan
Wendy Dolton
 [02/06 2:24:17PM] XL

Spring forward cardigan
Wendy Dolton
 [02/06 2:22:40PM] XL

Candy crushin' it cardi
Jessica Vallier
 [02/06 2:05:25PM] XS

Springtime Sweetheart
Tammy Appell
 [02/06 2:03:46PM] L

Light as Air Crochet Cardigan
Keitha Hansen
 [02/06 1:58:50PM] 2xl

Love Thru Thick & Thin Cardi
Natasha Fisher
 [02/06 1:49:22PM] 3x

With My Whole Heart
Laura Jefferson
 [02/06 1:48:43PM] Medium

Bubblegum Clouds
Laura Jefferson
 [02/06 1:47:37PM] Medium

Peachy Keen Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [02/06 1:45:59PM] XL

Candyland Dream Cardi
Jennifer deBruyn
 [02/06 1:44:38PM] small

Beautiful Peak a boo cardigan
Marla Jarvie
 [02/06 1:35:39PM] Lg

Spun sugar cardigan
Heather Blondin
 [02/06 1:27:31PM] L

Fairy floss cardigan
Heather Blondin
 [02/06 1:25:38PM] L

Spun sugar cardigan
Heather Blondin
 [02/06 1:23:36PM] L

Afternoon Tea Cardigan
Laura J
 [02/06 1:23:19PM] Medium

Cotton Candy cloud
Heather Blondin
 [02/06 1:22:13PM] L

Balloon Ride Cardigan
Laura J.
 [02/06 1:21:07PM] Medium

Above The Clouds
Laura J
 [02/06 1:19:20PM] Medium

Cotton Candy cloud
Heather Blondin
 [02/06 1:19:11PM] L

Candy Cloud Crochet Cardigan
Selene Darmochid
 [02/06 1:14:13PM] Medium

Can’t get enough cardigan
 [02/06 1:07:44PM] 2xl

Sheer pink, subtle hug, airy kiss,
Sarah McDuff
 [02/06 1:02:24PM] Small

Bright and light cardigan, light and airy cardigan, candy stripe cardigan
Amanda grant
 [02/06 12:45:45PM] M

Summer Sunrise Cardi
Nicole Lovell
 [02/06 12:43:02PM] L

Cotton candy cardigan
Amy Preston
 [02/06 12:41:59PM] Large

Cotton Candy Cardi
Nicole Lovell
 [02/06 12:41:18PM] L

Cotton Candy Cloud Cardigan
Kellianne Carnegie Meeres
 [02/06 12:39:44PM] L

Cotton Candy Clouds Cardigan
Katie Henwood
 [02/06 12:39:11PM] Lg

Happy as a peach, cozy is where its at,
Linsey DeMontigny
 [02/06 12:37:56PM] Large

Summer Skies Cardigan
Katie Henwood
 [02/06 12:36:44PM] Lg

Open Air Cardigan
Katie Henwood
 [02/06 12:35:19PM] Lg

Strawberries and Cream Cardigan
Lynn Chartrand
 [02/06 12:29:12PM] Large

Just Peachy
Marlene Hungerford
 [02/06 12:23:18PM] Large

Not your Grandmas Cardi
Shantel Hrytsak
 [02/06 12:22:44PM] S

Not your Grandma's knit Cardigan
Shantel Hrytsak
 [02/06 12:22:15PM] S

Strawberries and Cream
Jessica Bertelsen
 [02/06 12:12:20PM] Large

Strawberry Fields Forever
Jessica Bertelsen
 [02/06 12:11:26PM] Large

cream of the crop cardi
Deborah Bell
 [02/06 12:11:19PM] 3x

Up in the clouds
Peggy Lemieux
 [02/06 12:01:48PM] Small

Spring fling
Shontelle Benard
 [02/06 12:00:19PM] Large

Peachy soft
Sharon Nameth
 [02/06 11:59:19AM] Large

I feel so pretty cardigan
Sophie Daze
 [02/06 11:52:48AM] small

Cotton candy spring days, spring it up, dreaming of spring
Jen Gibson
 [02/06 11:42:58AM] Small

Azalea crochet cardigan, Callie Rose cloud nine crochet cardigan, knit me tight around 2.0 cardigan
Christine Wilkinson
 [02/06 11:41:14AM] XS

Azalea Rose crochet cardigan, Callie Rose cloud nine cardigan,
Christine Wilkinson
 [02/06 11:38:31AM] XS

Hole-Hearted Cardigan, Hole Lotta Love Cardigan, A hole new world Cardigan
Melissa Rutledge-Parsons
 [02/06 11:29:39AM] XL

Come What May Cardigan; Dreaming of April Cardigan; Winter to Spring Cardigan; Hole Lotta Loving Cardigan; Your Girl Cardigan
April Hunt
 [02/06 11:23:40AM] Small

Bohemian Wrap-Me-Up
Stella Fralick
 [02/06 11:21:49AM] L

See through you cardi, easy breezy cardi, pretty in pink cardi
Andrea Klein
 [02/06 11:19:35AM] L

A Peach of My Heart Cardigan
Deanna Miller
 [02/06 11:19:32AM] Large

Stacy Mackenzie
 [02/06 11:17:37AM] L

Just peachy
 [02/06 11:16:05AM] XL

Strawberries and creme
Andrea Klein
 [02/06 11:15:55AM] L

Eye Candy Cardigan
Deanna Miller
 [02/06 11:15:45AM] Large

All up in stitches Cardi
Dana Zieroth
 [02/06 11:13:06AM] XL

OK Crochet Cardigan
Robin Packer
 [02/06 11:11:19AM] XL

One Fine Day Cardi; Pretty In Pinks Cardi; Pretty Knit Cardi
April Hunt
 [02/06 11:07:58AM] Small

Pretty in knit
Brittani forrest
 [02/06 11:07:47AM] M

candy cardi
Lisa Niven
 [02/06 11:06:24AM] M

Pastel breeze cardigan or Lacey pastel cardigan
Patti Ann Plowman
 [02/06 11:03:00AM] Medium

Passion Peach Cardi
Dawn Zbytovsky
 [02/06 11:02:10AM] XL

Butterfly Kisses
Maureen Lavoie
 [02/06 10:59:36AM] 3XL

morning glory cardi
Alana Noel
 [02/06 10:58:33AM] medium

Beachy Bellini cardi
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:56:33AM] Large

Cotton candy skies. Cotton candy sunrise. Sorbet dream.
Katie Archambault
 [02/06 10:56:00AM] Xs

Summer sunrise
Kerri Gillis
 [02/06 10:55:29AM] Large

Shake your bonbon cardi
Kerri Gillis
 [02/06 10:54:11AM] Large

By the she-shore
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:53:10AM] Large

She sell seashells
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:52:34AM] Large

MoonMist cardi
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:51:48AM] Large

Seashells and Sugar
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:51:11AM] Large

Sweet-tart cardi
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:50:30AM] Large

Candy Shop Cardi
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:49:39AM] Large

Spring glow
Janelle Anderson
 [02/06 10:48:31AM] Large

Candy Crochet Cardi
Kaitlyn Foster
 [02/06 10:48:10AM] L

Sweet touch cardigan
Kerri Gillis
 [02/06 10:47:32AM] Large

Boho breeze cardigan
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:46:34AM] Large

Crochet-it Cardi
Kaitlyn Foster
 [02/06 10:46:08AM] L

Boho bonbon cardigan
Kerri Gillis
 [02/06 10:43:47AM] Large

Coral Echo
Jewel Legrow
 [02/06 10:43:15AM] Small

Indian summer open front cardigan
Kerri gillis
 [02/06 10:42:14AM] Large

Cotton candy cardigan
Tania Yanchycki
 [02/06 10:41:46AM] S

Sweet Deja vu
Bonnie Kautz
 [02/06 10:37:13AM] Large

Melody Cooper
 [02/06 10:36:07AM] XL

Airy Feel the Breeze Summer Cardigan.
Dawn McGifford
 [02/06 10:33:21AM] S

Strawberry swirl
Neena Lester
 [02/06 10:30:56AM] Xl

Pretty in Pink Cardigan
Nikki MacKenzie
 [02/06 10:30:01AM] Small

Just Peachy Cardi, Summer Nights Cardi, Peaches N Cream Cardigan
Katie Boileau
 [02/06 10:26:59AM] Large

That 70’s Show Stopper
Terri Hinds
 [02/06 10:22:03AM] M

Sweet memories cardigan
Tania Dazé-Parent
 [02/06 10:19:21AM] XL

Northern Sunset, sunrise dream, calm before the storm
Raileigh-Jean Grace Louis
 [02/06 10:16:21AM] M

Peach Sorbet
Trina Schell
 [02/06 10:16:20AM] L

Coral Cozy Cardi, Spring Breeze
Ashley Healy
 [02/06 10:14:59AM] Medium

Candy Land Cardi, cotton candy cardi, ambrosia cardi
Stephanie evoy
 [02/06 10:11:41AM] Large

Freshly Picked Cardi
Amy McFee
 [02/06 10:10:18AM] 2x

Sweet Summer Nights Cardi
Amy McFee
 [02/06 10:09:55AM] 2x

Those Summer Nights Cardi
Amy McFee
 [02/06 10:09:32AM] 2x

Peachy supreme cardi
Claudette Lappin
 [02/06 10:08:08AM] M

Baby’s breath
Karen Gurney
 [02/06 10:06:45AM] XL

Peaches and Dreams
Karly Parkin
 [02/06 10:06:41AM] Small

Pinky promise
Karen Gurney
 [02/06 10:05:58AM] XL

In the air
Karen Gurney
 [02/06 10:05:29AM] XL

Summer Breeze or Mid-Summer Night
Amanda Mulder
 [02/06 10:04:45AM] S

Coral breeze
Tina millard
 [02/06 10:04:44AM] L

Sunrise and Shine Cardi
Jenn Dilfer
 [02/06 10:01:47AM] Xl

Xoxo cardi
Karen Gurney
 [02/06 10:01:44AM] XL

Cotton candy kiss cardigan
Amanda Hodgins
 [02/06 10:00:41AM] L

Cotton candy kiss cardigan
Amanda Hodgins
 [02/06 10:00:26AM] L

Easy Breezy Cardi
 [02/06 10:00:14AM] XL

Pink Dream’s Cardigan
Amanda Hodgins
 [02/06 9:59:09AM] M

Pink Dream’s Cardigan
Amanda Hodgins
 [02/06 9:58:36AM] M

Cotton Candy Cloud Cardigan
Amanda Hodgins
 [02/06 9:57:36AM] M

Summer Sunrise Cardi
Michelle Stalwick
 [02/06 9:54:46AM] M

Cotton Candy Cardi
Brenda Kaiser
 [02/06 9:51:35AM] L

Cotton Candy Cardigan
Tracy Lampron
 [02/06 9:42:45AM] Medium

Touch of Spring Petals
Meghan McLean
 [02/06 9:40:12AM] Large

Walking on air Cardigan
Rana Thomas
 [02/06 9:39:08AM] Small

Touch of Spring Petals
 [02/06 9:38:44AM] Large please

Peaches and Cream
Keri Helgren
 [02/06 9:37:27AM] S

Sorbet Dream
Jessica Sweet
 [02/06 9:36:08AM] X Small

The Dreamsicle Cardigan
Janet Lowe
 [02/06 9:34:47AM] XL

Coral Sunrise Cardigan
Cindy Sijpheer
 [02/06 9:29:42AM] M

Sorbet Stripe
 [02/06 9:29:37AM] 2x

Peachy Keen Perfect Cardi
Terri-Lin Jensson
 [02/06 9:29:05AM] 3xl or 2xl

Rainbow Connection Cardi
Stacey Wilton
 [02/06 9:28:55AM] 2xl

Sweet & Subtle Sorbet Cardigan
Cara Conlon
 [02/06 9:26:28AM] M

Newborn Blooms
Brittany Kurylowich
 [02/06 9:25:21AM] L

Pink Pretty
amy laughlin
 [02/06 9:24:04AM] LG

Southern Breeze
Laura J
 [02/06 9:23:45AM] Medium

Sorbet Rainbow Cardigan
Cara Conlon
 [02/06 9:22:13AM] M

Pink Whimsy
Laura J.
 [02/06 9:21:34AM] Medium

Spring Fling cardigan
Charmaine Galivan
 [02/06 9:21:16AM] XL

Casual Cardi
Ashlee Gibbs
 [02/06 9:13:23AM] M

Dreams of Candy Cartigan
 [02/06 9:05:57AM] Small

Sunset mist cardi
Carrie White
 [02/06 9:05:48AM] L

Pink grapefruit burst
 [02/06 9:04:15AM] M

Cotton candy cardigan
Dawn MacArthur
 [02/06 9:03:37AM] Medium

Sweet Sorbet
Jamie Roblin
 [02/06 9:02:14AM] S

Watermelon + Sugar Cardi
Christina Giuliani
 [02/06 9:02:13AM] 2xl

Light as Air cardigan
Lorranne Listar
 [02/06 9:01:14AM] L

Eye Candy Cardi
Sarah Szyc
 [02/06 9:00:56AM] L/XL

Peaches & Cream
Louise Ungarian
 [02/06 8:59:21AM] XL

Pretty Candy Cardi
 [02/06 8:58:38AM] 3x

Cozy me coral cardigan
Erin Volkhammer
 [02/06 8:57:55AM] Small

Stardust cardigan
Sandy Trentalance
 [02/06 8:56:22AM] L

Peaches and Cream
Carrie White
 [02/06 8:49:00AM] Medium

Making me blush cardi
Leah kraushaar
 [02/06 8:48:40AM] Xl

Cozy Elegance
Malita Eck
 [02/06 8:48:32AM] L

Drift into Spring; Hello Spring!
Sarah Bergen
 [02/06 8:48:29AM] M

Blushing Angel Cardi, Ocean Breeze Cardi
Morene Yaworski
 [02/06 8:47:57AM] Medium

Comfy and Cozy in Pink
Angie Watney
 [02/06 8:45:15AM] XL

Cotton Kisses Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [02/06 8:44:49AM] XL

Sweet Spring Cardigan
Andrea Lindsey
 [02/06 8:40:26AM] Small

Almost your grandmas cardigan
Vicki Wiebe
 [02/06 8:39:09AM] Large

Easy breezy cardigan
Faye Huang
 [02/06 8:38:46AM] S

Peaches and Cream Cardigan, Strawberries and Cream Cardigan, Strawberry Shortcake cardigan
Jordon Lindner
 [02/06 8:38:43AM] Large

Coral sweet delight
Alycia Reynolds
 [02/06 8:36:55AM] Large

Peachy perfection
Alycia Reynolds
 [02/06 8:36:11AM] Large

Coral Kiss Cardi
Jolene Webb
 [02/06 8:34:26AM] Large

Spring Blush
Karen Matthews
 [02/06 8:34:23AM] Large

Open Spaces Cardigan
Gagan Gill
 [02/06 8:29:00AM] Small

Reader's Delight Cardigan, Fireside Cozy Cardigan, Springtime Cardigan
Beth Guenther
 [02/06 8:27:55AM] Xl

Charlotte's Web, Go As You Please Cardigan
Karen Stewart
 [02/06 8:25:48AM] Small

Sorbet Swirl
Jacqueline McKellar
 [02/06 8:24:53AM] XL

Just Peachy
Jennifer Sikora
 [02/06 8:24:52AM] M

Pastel perfection cardigan
Carolyn Mathison
 [02/06 8:23:47AM] S

Cotton candy cardigan
Carolyn Mathison
 [02/06 8:22:24AM] S

Sugary sweet cardigan
Becca bolt
 [02/06 8:22:07AM] Xl

Sugary Sweer Cardigan
Becca bolt
 [02/06 8:21:38AM] Xl

Sashay Crochet, Sorbet Crochet, sorbet Crochet Sashay
Lisa Van De Kerckhove
 [02/06 8:20:26AM] Xl

Everything is better with rainbows
Sandra Carter
 [02/06 8:17:46AM] Sm

Crochet me in Cotton Candy
Jacqueline Larosa
 [02/06 8:17:35AM] M

Peace out pastel
Sandra Carter
 [02/06 8:16:52AM] Sm

Peaceful pastels
Sandra Carter
 [02/06 8:16:34AM] Sm

Airy cloud candy
Shelly bonin
 [02/06 8:14:43AM] Large

Spring Breeze
Mande Hay
 [02/06 8:14:23AM] XL

Sunny with a chance of cardis
Stephanie Jones
 [02/06 8:13:34AM] Xl

Rainbow Kisses
Jackie Rhind
 [02/06 8:13:02AM] M

Open Knit
Zach Kramer
 [02/06 8:12:15AM] M

Cotton Candy cardi
Michelle Harlington
 [02/06 8:10:49AM] M

Heaven!y Hugs
Shelley Benson
 [02/06 8:09:23AM] Medium

Candy Floss Cardigan
Michelle Harlington
 [02/06 8:08:03AM] M

Spun Sugar Cardigan
Karen Carvell
 [02/06 8:07:22AM] XL

Spring Blossom
Karen Matthews
 [02/06 8:06:12AM] Large

Sunset Cardigan
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [02/06 8:05:32AM] Large

Strawberries and Cream
Wendy Josephson
 [02/06 8:04:34AM] Xl

All mine, pretty in pink and ready to go,
Brianna Cooper
 [02/06 8:04:24AM] Xl

The Candy Breeze Cardi
Courtney Kunz
 [02/06 8:02:00AM] Medium

Holey, That's A Beauty Cardigan
Shelley Smit
 [02/06 8:01:43AM] Med or lrg

Casey’s Cotton Candy Cardigan
Heather Blondin
 [02/06 8:01:42AM] L

Cotton Candy cloud
Heather Blondin
 [02/06 7:59:22AM] L

Holey Moley What Beauty Cardi
Shelley Smit
 [02/06 7:58:57AM] Med or lrg

Crochet Away
Carla Rempel
 [02/06 7:58:38AM] 3x

Morning sunrise, mandarin surprise, sunset dream
Amanda Divjak
 [02/06 7:58:28AM] Medium

Festival fresh
 [02/06 7:58:11AM] S

Strawberry cream
Linda Lefebvre
 [02/06 7:57:06AM] XL

peach blossom
christie spronk
 [02/06 7:55:27AM] medium

Cotton Candy Cardigan
Shannon Kunz
 [02/06 7:51:47AM] 3Xl

Kristen Fiolleau
 [02/06 7:50:22AM] XXL

A touch of spring
Diane Arruda
 [02/06 7:48:34AM] XL

Coral Shells
Cholette Lelond
 [02/06 7:47:38AM] Large

Spring it on!
 [02/06 7:40:57AM] S

Savannah Carlick
 [02/06 7:39:18AM] L

Spring fever cardigan
Laurie Olson
 [02/06 7:34:25AM] Large

The candy striped cardi
Sherri Rogers
 [02/06 7:32:07AM] Large

You're Making Me Blush Cardi
Shelley Smit
 [02/06 7:29:34AM] Med or lrg

Carolin Roemer
 [02/06 7:27:05AM] L

Sherbet Scoop Cardigan;
Jewel Ross
 [02/06 7:22:19AM] L

A stitch in time
Sherilyn Campbell
 [02/06 7:21:48AM] M

Perfect cardigan
Donna Richards
 [02/06 7:19:18AM] XL

Kandi Kisses Kardi
Shelley Smit
 [02/06 7:18:36AM] Med or lrg

The "So airy perfect Cardi"
Bethany Thielmann
 [02/06 7:17:39AM] Xl

Candy Land cardigan
Amy Fiddler
 [02/06 7:17:22AM] Medium

Pastel me Hole Cardigan
Pamela Boucher
 [02/06 7:11:15AM] XL

Crochet All Day Sweater
Jennifer Power
 [02/06 7:08:52AM] XL

A warm hug,
 [02/06 7:07:15AM] Depends on fit, Spring Fling, Summer love, lovin life

Pretty in Pink
Monique Monast
 [02/06 7:02:55AM] XL

Peachy Mellow
Rama Kemmerer
 [02/06 7:01:36AM] XL

Soft Summer Flavored Cardigan
Laurie Rymer
 [02/06 6:59:25AM] M

A hole lot of love cardigan
Amy ten-Bohmer
 [02/06 6:58:10AM] Medium

Angel Hug
Melinda Whittaker
 [02/06 6:56:14AM] 2X

Candy Cloud!
Melinda Whittaker
 [02/06 6:53:26AM] 2X

Fairy Kiss, The Cardi C, Pastel Icing, Springtime Lovin'
Melinda Whittaker
 [02/06 6:51:26AM] 2X

You're A Blush'n Beauty
Shelley Smit
 [02/06 6:50:19AM] Med or lrg

Heaven Sent Hug
Casey Collinge
 [02/06 6:38:55AM] Small

The girlfriend cardigan
Vanessa Kelly
 [02/06 6:35:39AM] L

Cream Sorbet
Cathy Coffey
 [02/06 6:34:48AM] Large

Kiss From Above Cardigan
Casey Collinge
 [02/06 6:26:46AM] Small

Morrison Cardi ( inventor of cotton candy)
Michelle Ferguson
 [02/06 6:24:53AM] Large

Peaches & Cream cardis
Michelle Ferguson
 [02/06 6:20:21AM] Large please

Blush'n Beauty Cardi
Shelley Smit
 [02/06 6:18:01AM] med or lrg (I'd have to check with my Rep)

Pinky Cotton Candy all day long
Shannon Hutchison
 [02/06 6:10:53AM] Med

Cotton Candigan
Shannon Hutchison
 [02/06 6:10:19AM] Lrg

Dream catcher cardi
Valerie Knight
 [02/06 6:00:51AM] Xl

Wrapped in pink heaven
Emma McCartney
 [02/06 6:00:30AM] Small

Sunset walks Cardigan
Valerie Knight
 [02/06 5:59:40AM] Xl

Take Me to the Midway
Lisa DaCosta
 [02/06 5:57:41AM] S

Spun Sugar
Valerie Knight
 [02/06 5:56:34AM] Xl or a 2xl

Pink Cadillac
Jacqui stanzel
 [02/06 5:55:30AM] Xl

Over the rainbow cardigan
Ashley Edwardson
 [02/06 5:53:32AM] Xs

Himalayan glow
Jacqui stanzel
 [02/06 5:52:45AM] Xl

Candy floss
Jacqui stanzel
 [02/06 5:51:57AM] Xl

Jacqui stanzel
 [02/06 5:49:42AM] Xl

Breezin’ thru
Charlene Gilchrist
 [02/06 5:48:07AM] Medium

Pretty with peach spots
Amanda smith
 [02/06 5:40:20AM] Large

Cotton Candy Cozy Cardi
Erica Hunt
 [02/06 5:39:02AM] XL

Cotton candy dreams
April Hunt
 [02/06 5:35:02AM] Small

April Showers
Allison Cochrane
 [02/06 5:32:28AM] LRG

Forever Cozy Cardigan
Beth Guyaux
 [02/06 5:31:35AM] Small

Peach play crochet cardigan
Nancy Miller
 [02/06 5:22:14AM] M

Peach play crochet cardigan
Nancy Miller
 [02/06 5:21:58AM] M

Beachy peachy cardi
Nancy Miller
 [02/06 5:20:26AM] M

‘Sweet as Pie’ cardigan, Glow cardigan, brighten your day cardi, pop that bubblegum cardi, Girlfriends sweater,
Gillian Costelo
 [02/06 5:17:24AM] S

pretty in peach, sweet summer peach
Karen Gallo
 [02/06 5:13:57AM] small

Not your grandma's cardi
Amber Fisher
 [02/06 5:13:13AM] Xl

Sun Kissed Desert Crocheted Cardigan
Stacey Ashurst
 [02/06 5:10:48AM] Large

karen gallo
 [02/06 5:10:26AM] small

Spring is in the air cardi, spring into cardigan, the perfect crochet cardigan, Holy Cardigan, pink perfect cardigan, feelin good cardigan
Julie Gilbert
 [02/06 5:08:35AM] XS

Pretty in Pastels Cardi
Kara Downie
 [02/06 5:03:21AM] M

It’s Cotton-like Candy
Sarah Monkman
 [02/06 5:03:18AM] Medium

Sunset beach cardigan, sunrise morning cardi, candy kisses
Lori Forsyth
 [02/06 5:00:18AM] Large

Breah Simmons
 [02/06 4:59:27AM] 3x

Wrapped in sugar
Stephanie Niedopytalski
 [02/06 4:44:57AM] Xl

Strawberry Blonde stripe
Lana Baker
 [02/06 4:41:43AM] Xl

Not your Grandmothers cardigan!
Melanie Lee
 [02/06 4:37:44AM] Medium

Cozy cottage cardi
Mary Henneberry
 [02/06 4:34:14AM] Xlarge

Whole Hearted!
Kelly Nagy
 [02/06 4:22:53AM] Medium

Cotton Candy Delight, Peaches and Cream, Sunday Drive, Pool Side, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Sunny Days
Bobbi-Jo Morris
 [02/06 4:15:25AM] L

Carnival Cardi, Carnival living Cardi, Pink slush,
Ebony Hodgson
 [02/06 4:15:07AM] Small

Cotton Candy Crush, Peachy Dream, Crushing on Crochet
Chris Hill
 [02/06 4:11:43AM] 2xl

Candyfloss Cardigan
Ashley Kinch
 [02/06 4:05:54AM] S

Day Dreamer
Bobbi-Jo Morris
 [02/06 4:03:37AM] L

Cotton Candy Cardigan
Ashley Kinch
 [02/06 4:02:50AM] S

Sailers delight, Sailers warning, sunset living cardi, magic hour,
Ebony Hodgson
 [02/06 4:01:02AM] Small

Sailers delight !! Sailers warning, sunset living cardi, magic hour,
Ebony Hodgson
 [02/06 4:00:34AM] Small

Pastel Beauty
Belle Fry
 [02/06 3:42:52AM] Xxl

Summertime Knit
 [02/06 3:22:36AM] Xl

Spring Fling crochet cardigan
Amy Morris
 [02/06 2:55:29AM] Medium

Pink Bliss sweetheart cardi
Amy Morris
 [02/06 2:54:33AM] Medium

Pink bliss cardi
Amy Morris
 [02/06 2:48:25AM] Medium

Sweet dreams cardi
Amy Morris
 [02/06 2:47:22AM] Medium

Tickled pink cardi
Amy Morris
 [02/06 2:45:14AM] Medium

Sweet as a peach cardigan
Amy Morris
 [02/06 2:44:24AM] Medium

Unicorn Bubbles
Beverly Richardson
 [02/06 1:53:17AM] CL

Charlotte’s Web Go as you Please
Karen Stewart
 [02/05 11:58:56PM] Small

Charlotte’s Web Go as you Please!
Karen Stewart
 [02/05 11:56:55PM] S

Easy Breezy Cardi, Holy Crochet, Cozy Coral, Comfy Coral, Sweet Treat Cardi, Smitten Kitten Cardi, Timeless Love, Rosewater Comfort, Not my Grandmas Cardi
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [02/05 11:45:42PM] S

Sweet as candy cardi
Kristy McCurdy
 [02/05 11:29:43PM] Medium

Feather light cardi
Kristy McCurdy
 [02/05 11:29:12PM] Medium

Once upon a Fair night cardigan
Kristy McCurdy
 [02/05 11:27:49PM] Medium

Carnival cardi
Kristy McCurdy
 [02/05 11:25:42PM] Medium

Simply sweet cardi
Roxane Nicholson
 [02/05 11:09:31PM] Med

Spun Sugar
Linda Elliott
 [02/05 10:58:17PM] 2XL

Any prism Sunday (sundae)
Cheryl Roddis
 [02/05 10:53:20PM] M

Pastel perfection
Lesa Galbraith
 [02/05 10:35:09PM] Lge

Perfect Carnival Cardi, Cocktails and Candy Cardigan, Life Peachy, Patio Dreamin Cardigan,
Carey Dingsdale
 [02/05 10:25:06PM] Small

Fuzzy peach cardigan, peachy keen cardigan
Amanda Divjak
 [02/05 10:24:30PM] Medium

Pink cardi Bliss
Nadine Tashoots
 [02/05 10:22:45PM] M

Crochet Candy Cardigan, Cool Crochet Cardigan, Cotton in your Crochet
Carey Dingsdale
 [02/05 10:22:35PM] S

Spring time vibes
Dorian George
 [02/05 10:18:42PM] Medium

Love Bug Cardigan
Becca Bolt
 [02/05 10:11:49PM] Xl

Cotton Candy Cloud Cardigan
Becca Bolt
 [02/05 10:11:03PM] Xl

Strawberry Shortcake Cardigan
Becca Bolt
 [02/05 10:10:29PM] Xl

Sugar and Spice Cardigan
Becca Bolt
 [02/05 10:09:28PM] Xl

Cotton Candy Dreams Cardigan
Becca Bolt
 [02/05 10:08:45PM] Xl

Effortless Embrace Cardigan
Laura J.
 [02/05 10:01:47PM] Medium

Breezing By
Laura J
 [02/05 10:00:23PM] Medium

Spring time vibes
Cathy West
 [02/05 9:54:38PM] XS

Candy flare cardigan, peachy love cardigan, blushing peach cardigan
Lacey Roberts
 [02/05 9:51:35PM] 2XL

Rainbow Dreams
Kim Bisschop
 [02/05 9:40:52PM] 3xl

Peaches and Cream Cardi
Nicole Janyk
 [02/05 9:35:16PM] M

Peaches 'n cream cardi
Rhonda Sutherland
 [02/05 9:31:17PM] 2xl

Sweet-treat knits
Tanisha Pretty
 [02/05 9:30:47PM] Small

Spring Breeze cardigan
Charity Cripps
 [02/05 9:29:33PM] Medium

Ode to the candy striper... seashells and sugarcones...sunset beach walk... sunrise sunset cardi...Summer Loving’ Cardinal
Diane Wilkinson
 [02/05 9:28:41PM] 2XL

Knit Happens Cardigan
Catherine Dixon
 [02/05 9:27:25PM] 2x

Coral me pink
Robin Parker
 [02/05 9:25:24PM] M

Spring-sational cardi. Up in the clouds cardi. Be fresh cardi.
Melissa Hubert
 [02/05 9:24:25PM] XS

Spring Blossom Cardi Make me Blush Cardi
Debbie Partridge
 [02/05 9:24:15PM] XL

Cozy comfort Cardi, Sunsetter Cardi, Sunrise Comfort Cardi, Blissful Embrace Cardigan, Sweet Embrance Cardigan, Spring Ahead Cardigan
Jenna Paradis
 [02/05 9:18:41PM] Large

Life’s a Peach cardi
Katherine Hay
 [02/05 9:16:15PM] Small

Sweet Candy Floss Cardigan
Cindy Hiscott
 [02/05 9:14:34PM] Medium

Life is Peachy cardigan
Katherine Hay
 [02/05 9:13:17PM] Small

Spring Fling Cardi
Barbara Kennedy
 [02/05 9:11:56PM] L

Life is Peachy cardigan
Katherine Hay
 [02/05 9:11:40PM] Small

Sunrise sorbet
Kristine woolgar-barrett
 [02/05 9:11:10PM] 2xl

Life is Peachy cardigan
Katherine Hay
 [02/05 9:10:41PM] Small

Candy Delight Cardi
Barbara Kennedy
 [02/05 9:10:26PM] L

Candy breeze cardigan
Vicki Castro
 [02/05 9:08:52PM] 1xl

Girls best friend
Linda Zimmerman
 [02/05 9:07:34PM] Xl

Peaches and cream cardi
Maryann Allison
 [02/05 9:07:30PM] 3x

Sweet Spun Sugar
Laura Mercer
 [02/05 9:03:45PM] XL

SweetLite Cardigan
Cindy Hiscott
 [02/05 9:02:56PM] Medium

Spring has sprung
Kristen sheidow
 [02/05 8:58:00PM] XL

fresh and airy
sharon hein
 [02/05 8:51:18PM] 2x

spring is in the air
sharon hein
 [02/05 8:50:05PM] 2x

Pink Icing Cardi
Linsey Fegan
 [02/05 8:48:53PM] Small

lovely in lace
sharon hein
 [02/05 8:47:54PM] 2x

Southern sunny Comfort
 [02/05 8:47:04PM] Small

Cro-Slay All Day Cardigan
Erika Just
 [02/05 8:45:55PM] 2XL

Hole-e-Moley, I need this sweater!
Nicole Smith
 [02/05 8:44:25PM] S

Knot your nans knit
Ashley Redmond
 [02/05 8:36:49PM] S

Candi Cardi
Kendra Olson
 [02/05 8:33:14PM] M

Peachs and Cream Cardigans
Sarah Aubin
 [02/05 8:32:55PM] Xl

Spring Fling
Alison Daly
 [02/05 8:30:29PM] XL

Kiss of Sun Cardigan
Sarah Aubin
 [02/05 8:30:24PM] Xl

Easy Breezy Cardigan
Laura Penny
 [02/05 8:30:07PM] L

Love My Csrdi ?
Alison Daly
 [02/05 8:29:50PM] XL

Unicorn Dreams
Megan Bulford
 [02/05 8:29:28PM] XL

Spring Forward and Kicking Back in Pink Cardigan
Laura Mark
 [02/05 8:27:53PM] Small

Spring it Up Cardi
Danielle Wessels
 [02/05 8:27:30PM] L-XL

Not your Granny's Cardie
Katrina Jones
 [02/05 8:27:07PM] Small

Spring it Up Cardi
Danielle Wessels
 [02/05 8:23:34PM] L -XL

Vanilla peach
Nicole Schaefer
 [02/05 8:21:22PM] L

Knit to be tied
Lindsay Huys
 [02/05 8:21:11PM] Large

Neapolitan Cardi
Erin Sharma
 [02/05 8:20:53PM] medium

Strawberry swirl
Nicole Schaefer
 [02/05 8:20:13PM] L

Cotton Candy Crochet Cardigan
Ashley Babin
 [02/05 8:19:01PM] Medium

Moonbow cardigan
Nadia Weese
 [02/05 8:18:12PM] 3XL

Pink Sunset
Crystal Roy
 [02/05 8:15:13PM] XL

Hang in There Cardigan
Tiffany Gurden
 [02/05 8:14:50PM] Medium

Hope Springs Cardigan
Nadia Weese
 [02/05 8:13:14PM] 3XL

Pink Blush Blossom Cardi
Myann Marks-Aitken
 [02/05 8:10:28PM] Medium

Rainbow Spring
Megan Bulford
 [02/05 8:09:09PM] XL

Champagne Breakfast
Amy Moore
 [02/05 8:08:48PM] xs

Pink sorbet
Michelle Lepage
 [02/05 8:08:33PM] Large

Peachy Breeze Cardigan
Carrie Anheliger
 [02/05 8:07:38PM] M

Let’s Do Breakfast
Amy Moore
 [02/05 8:07:27PM] xs

See Me Through Cardigan, Blossom Flower Cardigan
Natashia Liboiron
 [02/05 8:03:25PM] Medium

Summer of Love Cardigan
Katie Quinsey
 [02/05 8:03:17PM] M

Hippie Chic Crochet Cardi
Katie Quinsey
 [02/05 8:02:42PM] M

Candy Cardigan
Steph Duncan
 [02/05 7:57:15PM] XL

Soak up the Sun Cardigan
Brette Bickford
 [02/05 7:55:12PM] XS

Sweet Spun Sugar Cardigan
Dawn Garrett
 [02/05 7:53:03PM] Medium

Soak up the Sun Cardigan
Brette Bickford
 [02/05 7:52:47PM] XS

Pretty as a peach. Cardi b wear. Have your candy and wear it too.
Joanne Olorenshaw
 [02/05 7:52:06PM] Small

Carrie Warman
 [02/05 7:47:38PM] XL

California Cozy
Tara Bolt
 [02/05 7:47:30PM] M

Pretty in pink
 [02/05 7:47:23PM] 1X

Simply casual
Lorrie Frayne
 [02/05 7:44:15PM] 2xl

Love is in the air
Katrina wisniewski
 [02/05 7:42:56PM] 3xl

Cotton Candy
Heli Putkuri
 [02/05 7:41:45PM] XL

Tye die sally cardigan
Janine Hoover
 [02/05 7:40:15PM] Xl

Spring Forward Cardi
Janice Bullock
 [02/05 7:39:00PM] Medium

Spring Forward Cardi
Janice Bullock
 [02/05 7:37:55PM] Medium

Spring Forward Cardi
Janice Bullock
 [02/05 7:36:47PM] Medium

Colour me peaches
Helen Karbaliotis
 [02/05 7:27:19PM] L

Colour me peaches
Helen Karbaliotis
 [02/05 7:26:12PM] L

Float Me Away Cardigan
Trisha Tahouney
 [02/05 7:25:27PM] Medium

Colour me peaches
Helen Karbaliotis
 [02/05 7:24:21PM] L

Spring is in the air
Lynn Chartrand
 [02/05 7:23:47PM] Large

Colour me peaches
Helen Karbaliotis
 [02/05 7:23:33PM] L

Colour me peaches
Helen Karbaliotis
 [02/05 7:21:53PM] L

Cardi Come True
Crystal Koscielniak
 [02/05 7:21:30PM] XS

Cloud 9 cardi
Dawn Siemens
 [02/05 7:19:31PM] L

Sweet as Candy Cardi
Candice Sarrazin
 [02/05 7:18:08PM] Small

Sweet Sorbet, Life’s a Peach, Soft Sky Cardi, Sweetpea , Coastal Cardi, Dawn to Daylight
Megan Holmes
 [02/05 7:14:30PM] XL

Crochet All Day Cardigan
Nicole Gregg
 [02/05 7:12:53PM] Large

Blushing Beauty Cardi, Brushed in Blush Cardi, Beach Bum Cardi, Blushing Beach Cardi, Life’s a Beach Cardi, Sunset Cardi
Stephanie Gemmell
 [02/05 7:11:13PM] Xs

Fall into Spring, Crochet Dreams
Amanda Ladas
 [02/05 7:01:30PM] M

Fall into Spring, Crochet Dreams
Amanda Ladas
 [02/05 7:01:00PM] M

Sweet breeze cardi
 [02/05 7:00:05PM] Small

Crochet Cloud Cardigan
Stacy Loitz
 [02/05 6:59:29PM] 2x

Krystle white
 [02/05 6:58:45PM] Xl

Mayan Sunrise Cardi
Rhandi Prystae
 [02/05 6:57:59PM] Lg

Mayan Sunrise
Rhandi Prystae
 [02/05 6:57:34PM] Lg

Sassy Silver Swoodie
Natasha Puglas
 [02/05 6:55:14PM] 3X

Eazy Breezy Cardi
Renae Sharp
 [02/05 6:54:48PM] 2xl

Cotton Candy Cardi
Rita Copat
 [02/05 6:49:19PM] xs

Blush in Love
Jenn Gibbons
 [02/05 6:49:06PM] XL

Candy dreams cardi
Laura Campbell
 [02/05 6:48:55PM] M

Sweet Candy Cardigan
Dale Snow
 [02/05 6:47:19PM] Large

Sweet Tart Sweater
Leanna Sibbelee
 [02/05 6:47:10PM] 3 XL

On Cotton Candy Cardi, Cozy in Crochet Cardi,
Kristy Doornbos
 [02/05 6:43:37PM] XL

Shortcake cardy
Trina wood
 [02/05 6:43:07PM] Large

West Coast Cardi
Heather Peterson
 [02/05 6:42:50PM] XL

The 'Sunshine Champagne' Sweet Pea cardi
Angela Branchaud
 [02/05 6:42:18PM] 2xl

Spring bloom cardi
Laura nahkala
 [02/05 6:40:39PM] Xl

Sweet Spun sugar cardi
Kati Dyer
 [02/05 6:38:28PM] Large

Sorbet Sensation
Amanda Elliott
 [02/05 6:38:18PM] M

Easy Breezy Cardi, Clouds of Cotton Candy Cardi, Heaven Spun Cardi, Heaven Sent Cardi, Angelic Cardi, Heavenly Sunrise Cardi, Sunrise Cardi, cotton Candy Sunrise Cardi
Jenn Dilfer
 [02/05 6:37:29PM] Xl

Holey comfy cardi
Marissa Takacs
 [02/05 6:37:12PM] Large

Angel arms
Caroleen Dyball
 [02/05 6:35:01PM] Medium

Hooked on Cotton Candy
Janice Trenholm
 [02/05 6:34:55PM] 2xl

Candy Cardi
Donna Baxter
 [02/05 6:34:10PM] Large

Peachy aircro
Pierrette Morin
 [02/05 6:33:14PM] Small

Peachy keen cardi
Kate moyer
 [02/05 6:32:45PM] M

Plain Janey
Donna Baxter
 [02/05 6:32:39PM] Large

Spring is in the air
Diana McKenzie
 [02/05 6:31:38PM] S

Pink-a-boo cardi
Shannon Lillywhite
 [02/05 6:31:31PM] Large

Colour me candy floss
Jess Kobelsky
 [02/05 6:29:27PM] Sm

Soft wishes cardi/ tangerine dream/ spring sunset cardi
Nicole johnson
 [02/05 6:26:38PM] Xl

Just peachy
Cheryl Roddis
 [02/05 6:19:38PM] M

Peaches and Dream
Cheryl Roddis
 [02/05 6:19:11PM] M

Cotton candy cardi
 [02/05 6:18:39PM] Medium

Strawberry Swirl
Cheryl Roddis
 [02/05 6:18:25PM] M

Iced Peach
Kat Pechmann
 [02/05 6:16:51PM] 2X

“Peachy Keen”
Jessica Warman
 [02/05 6:14:45PM] M

Cherry Blossom Cardi
Cheryl Roddis
 [02/05 6:14:11PM] M

The Peachy Bunch Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 6:13:37PM] 2x

“My Fair Maiden”
Jessica Warman
 [02/05 6:13:16PM] M

The Peachy Punch Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 6:12:42PM] 2x

Peach Punch Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 6:11:47PM] 2x

Peach Bellini, at my knits end, warm sunset, fuzzy peach, “peach out stitches”,
Laurie Colhoun
 [02/05 6:11:09PM] M

Summer Sorbet
Julie McMurtrie-Sheppard
 [02/05 6:11:06PM] M

Pink Punch Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 6:11:04PM] 2x

Mary-Lou Eddy
 [02/05 6:08:41PM] Large

Sweet N’ Cozy. / Soft Kitty. / Pink Whisper
Pearl Dell
 [02/05 6:07:56PM] L

Karen Colley
 [02/05 6:05:04PM] Large

Spring feeling Cardi
Kyrsten Child
 [02/05 6:04:41PM] Medium

Strawberries & Cream Cardi
Janelle Wallace
 [02/05 6:03:03PM] Medium

Spring Fling Cardigan
Lauren Davie
 [02/05 6:02:28PM] XL

Airy fairy cardigan
Keree LaBelle
 [02/05 6:00:34PM] M

Oahu Sunrise Cardigan
Nikki Tripp
 [02/05 6:00:26PM] 2xl

Summer Sunsets Cardigan
Trisha MacLean
 [02/05 6:00:06PM] XL

Beckie book
 [02/05 5:57:58PM] Large

Pastel Perfect Cardigan, Delicate Layers Cardigan, Spring Awakening Cardigan
Diana Stephens
 [02/05 5:56:49PM] L Cream

Cloud Ninepointfive
Sabrina Prokopetz
 [02/05 5:56:45PM] Small

Pastel Skies
 [02/05 5:55:44PM] M

Eyelet Summer Daze
Emily Rempel
 [02/05 5:54:24PM] S

Peachy Beachy Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:54:17PM] 2x

Starburst cardigan
Teri Peters
 [02/05 5:51:15PM] Medium

Summer dream cardigan
Jessica Hendry
 [02/05 5:51:13PM] 1x

Sweet and so Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:50:14PM] 2x

Cotten twist
Leanne lloyd
 [02/05 5:49:39PM] Large

Candy Cloud
Megan Holmes
 [02/05 5:48:57PM] XL

Pinky Swear Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:46:51PM] 2x

Making Me Blush Cardigan, Peachy Keen Cardi, Hole Lot of Peach Cardigan, Pretty in Pink Cardigan, Strawberry Shake, Campino Crochet Cardigan, Cozy Campino, Morning Blush
Aliah Elliott
 [02/05 5:46:25PM] M

Crochet all day cardi
Sherry Nickle
 [02/05 5:45:12PM] 3XL

Pretty in peach
Jessica Jones
 [02/05 5:43:43PM] L

Strawberries and Cream
 [02/05 5:43:22PM] M

Spring Fever
 [02/05 5:42:44PM] M

Spring Fling Cardi
Stacey Nadeau
 [02/05 5:40:36PM] Small

Boho Beautiful Cardigan
Sheri Aginas
 [02/05 5:40:03PM] M

Escape Cardi, Escape in Pink Cardi, Escape in Peach Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:39:23PM] 2x

Rising Sun Cardi
Meghan Buehler
 [02/05 5:36:39PM] L

Candy clouds
Jillian burns
 [02/05 5:36:18PM] Medium

Morning Sky Cardigan
Meghan Buehler
 [02/05 5:35:42PM] L

Eyelet love it, Eyelet always love you cardi, Sorbet Cardi, Hooked on Spring cardi, Hooked Together cardi, Hooked on love cardi, Fe.B.YOU.ary cardi, Airy dreams cardi
Tovah Staudt
 [02/05 5:34:21PM] S

Crochet cardigan
Ashley savauge
 [02/05 5:34:18PM] Xl

Tickled Pink
Ashley Parsons
 [02/05 5:33:20PM] XL

Sweet a so Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:33:12PM] 2x

Cozy pink champagne
Theresa Boer
 [02/05 5:32:29PM] Large

Spring candy cardigan, cotton candy cardigan, cotton candy clouds cardigan
Stacie Davis
 [02/05 5:32:27PM] Large

Tickled Pink
Ashley Parsons
 [02/05 5:32:12PM] XL

Great minds pink alike
Erin Hayward
 [02/05 5:31:25PM] Medium

One stitch over the Rainbow
Jolene McLeod
 [02/05 5:30:03PM] Medium

Perfectly Peachy Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:29:27PM] 2x

Practice what you PEACH cardi
Meghan Buehler
 [02/05 5:29:19PM] L

Just Peachy
Angela Chiodo
 [02/05 5:29:09PM] Large

Coastal dreams cardi
Andrea Bennett
 [02/05 5:28:03PM] L

One stitch over the Rainbow
Jolene McLeod
 [02/05 5:27:03PM] M

Summer Breeze
Brittany Henderson
 [02/05 5:26:22PM] Small

Perfectly Pink Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:25:37PM] 2x

Cotton Candy Cardi
Liz Thompson
 [02/05 5:24:53PM] Medium

Strawberry Field, Made you Blush,The Lennox
Misty Whittaker
 [02/05 5:24:51PM] M

Pink Puddin Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:23:46PM] 2x

Spring Spritzer Cardigan
Mandy Zinn-White
 [02/05 5:22:45PM] XL

Pink paradise. Or cozy pink clouds
Theresa. Boer
 [02/05 5:21:52PM] Large

Sweet comfort cardigan
Vicky harrison
 [02/05 5:21:22PM] Medium

The Ada Cardi, The Ada Casey Cardi, Ada So Pink Cardigan, Ada girl Cardi, Ada Girl
Valerie Gudmundson
 [02/05 5:20:49PM] XL

Just Peachy Cardi, Just Peachy must have Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:20:42PM] 2x

A Touch Of Spring
Tara Thompson
 [02/05 5:20:20PM] M

Crochet cardigan
Tracy Lall
 [02/05 5:20:13PM] S

Nana's hug
Donalda Tryon
 [02/05 5:19:41PM] Xl

Crushing on Pink Cardi
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:19:17PM] 2x

Cotton candy cardi, cardi candy, candy kissed cardi,
Pauline chewka
 [02/05 5:19:13PM] Medium

Fuzzy Peaches Cardigan
Mandy Zinn-White
 [02/05 5:18:48PM] XL

Beauty of pastels
Chantal lacroix
 [02/05 5:18:04PM] S

Pink Himalayan salt wrapper
Shauna Brady
 [02/05 5:17:48PM] Medium

Neopolitan cardi
Kelly muzzatti
 [02/05 5:16:03PM] Xl

Neopolitan cocoon
Kelly muzzatti
 [02/05 5:15:11PM] Xl

Cotton Candy Kiss
Laura J
 [02/05 5:15:07PM] Medium

Feel the breeze, Candy Crochet, Pink Pastel, Pink Rose Blossom, Strawberry Shortcake, Sweet Rose, Cotton Candy, Creamy Pink, Pink à la mode
Samantha S
 [02/05 5:15:06PM] L

Cotton Candy Breeze
Laura J
 [02/05 5:12:00PM] Medium

Strawberry Kiss Cardi
Tashanna Hungerford
 [02/05 5:11:27PM] Large

Not your grandma cardigan or “cotton candy”
Jenn Belanger
 [02/05 5:11:02PM] Xxl

Fairy Floss Cardigan
Rhonda McFetridge
 [02/05 5:10:52PM] L

Eye Candy Cardi
Tashanna Hungerford
 [02/05 5:10:39PM] Large

knit into Spring Cardi
Enzina Tucker
 [02/05 5:10:17PM] L

Perfect in Peach
Marie Nadeau
 [02/05 5:09:24PM] Large

Sweet Treat Summer Cardigan, Sweet Treat Shrug, Sweet Treat Sweater
Jan LaFleche
 [02/05 5:09:15PM] Medium

Candy coral cardigan
Tara Sarsfield
 [02/05 5:08:43PM] Xl

Stepping Into Spring Cardigan
Sonya Villeneuve
 [02/05 5:08:26PM] M

Crochet cloud
Veronica Paul
 [02/05 5:08:17PM] Small

Shortcake cardigan
Amanda Kiezik
 [02/05 5:07:58PM] XL

"Pretty in Pink" Cardigan
Dianne McCarthy
 [02/05 5:07:57PM] 2x

Pretty peachy cardigan
Tara sarsfield
 [02/05 5:06:12PM] Xl

Airy Bliss
Laura J
 [02/05 5:06:02PM] Medium

Strawberry Sundae
Heather beattie
 [02/05 5:06:01PM] L

Head in the Clouds cardigan
Teri Peters
 [02/05 5:05:18PM] Medium

Malibu Breeze
Laura J.
 [02/05 5:05:08PM] Medium

Beachside Breeze
Laura J.
 [02/05 5:04:19PM] Medium

Peachy breezy cardi
Tara Sarsfield
 [02/05 5:03:25PM] Xl

Softly Softly Cardigan
Lara Gray
 [02/05 5:02:41PM] 2XL

Crochet is in the air
Michaela Cromwell
 [02/05 5:01:08PM] Xl

Nice and Airy Cardigan
Sarah Wilkes
 [02/05 5:00:01PM] Small

My Bestie
Bernice MacCormack
 [02/05 4:59:53PM] Med

Light as Air Cardigan
Sarah Wilkes
 [02/05 4:59:03PM] Small

Sweet Pea Comfort Cardigan
Sindy ferguson
 [02/05 4:57:55PM] Small

Lady Lace Cardigan
Kate Abraham
 [02/05 4:57:41PM] M

Cotton candy dreams , cozy cotton cardigan
Maureen Newton
 [02/05 4:55:36PM] XL

Cotton candy cardigan
Maureen Newton
 [02/05 4:53:09PM] XL

Cozy on me
 [02/05 4:52:55PM] XS

Pink Candy Dreams Crochet Cardigan
Melissa Hawes
 [02/05 4:51:16PM] M

Pretty in my Crochet Cardigan
Brittany Tough
 [02/05 4:50:21PM] S or M

Spring is in the Air
Joelle Bakker
 [02/05 4:50:19PM] Small

Cozy cotton candy cardigan
Cindy Mackinnon
 [02/05 4:50:09PM] 2x

Cozy and Happy in Pink
Melissa Hawes
 [02/05 4:49:49PM] M

Smile Bright Cardi
Melissa Hawes
 [02/05 4:49:18PM] M

Spring Fling Cardi
Melissa Hawes
 [02/05 4:48:12PM] M

Dreaming of Cotton Candy cardi
Melissa Hawes
 [02/05 4:47:34PM] M

Ambrosia Cardi
Kathryn Van Dorp
 [02/05 4:47:01PM] XXl

Cloud Candy Cardigan
Melissa Hawes
 [02/05 4:46:47PM] M

Open Up Cardi
Melissa Hawes
 [02/05 4:46:08PM] M

Not your Nana’s Cardigan
Jennifer Lidbury
 [02/05 4:44:02PM] M

Easy like Sunday Morning Cardi,
Sheena O’Connor
 [02/05 4:42:52PM] M

Dreaming of spring
Lyndsey Baker
 [02/05 4:42:24PM] L

Cozy cotton candy cardigan
Cindy MacKinnkn
 [02/05 4:40:46PM] 2x

Rosé all day, Fade to Pink, Strawberry Cream Cardi, cardi B pink
Lana Baker
 [02/05 4:40:35PM] Xl

Pink lemonade or sunset beach
Brooke Bennett-Dyck
 [02/05 4:38:59PM] XL

A Peachy Dream
Angela Crevels
 [02/05 4:38:50PM] L

Your a peech
Angela Crevels
 [02/05 4:38:02PM] L

Classy Casey Cardi, Sassy But Classy Cardi! Knot your Grandma’s Cardi!
Michell Nelson
 [02/05 4:37:25PM] 2xl

Mellow Melon Cardigan
Ruth Strohschein
 [02/05 4:37:18PM] S

Racey Lacey
Bonnie Charlene Gerle
 [02/05 4:36:59PM] Large

Peaches n cream
Angela Crevels
 [02/05 4:36:51PM] L

Cotton Candy Dream Cardigan; Let it Flow Cardigan
Kerri Stevens
 [02/05 4:36:21PM] Small

Mystical moon beam
Sharon Stone
 [02/05 4:34:36PM] Medium

Colours blooming in spring cardi
Ashlie McBryan
 [02/05 4:32:49PM] Large

Cotton Cloud Cardi
Katy Hillier
 [02/05 4:32:29PM] M

Cozy Blush Cardigan
Dianne Yuzicapi
 [02/05 4:31:48PM] 3xl

Perfectly Peachy Cardigan
Erin Bowman
 [02/05 4:31:33PM] Medium

Candy cane quarantine
Ashlie McBryan
 [02/05 4:31:28PM] Large

Sweet Pastel Cardigan
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [02/05 4:31:08PM] XL

Staying home in style cardi
Ashlie McBryan
 [02/05 4:30:53PM] Large

Shrug your worries away
Ashlie McBryan
 [02/05 4:30:26PM] Large

Knot your mama’s crochet cardi
Ashlie McBryan
 [02/05 4:29:57PM] Large

From Hippie dreams to office memes cardi
Ashlie McBryan
 [02/05 4:29:17PM] Large

Peaches and Cream
Tammy Hulstra
 [02/05 4:29:10PM] M

Cotton Candy Knots, Woollen Skies, Lambs Pajamas,
Chantal Dekker
 [02/05 4:28:52PM] L

Virtual Hug in a Shrug
Linda Muirhead
 [02/05 4:28:48PM] Medium

lovely in lace
Sheila Boxell
 [02/05 4:27:49PM] xl

Sunset boardwalk
Margaret McDougall
 [02/05 4:27:44PM] XXL

Holy, Pretty Cardi!
Kelly Viljanmaa
 [02/05 4:27:22PM] L

Crochet Nine Cardigan
Stacy Loitz
 [02/05 4:26:18PM] 2X

I'm Peachy Cardi
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [02/05 4:26:12PM] Xs

Crochet Cloud Nine Cardigan 2.0, Cloud Crochet Cardigan 2.0, Light as a feather Cardigan, Airy Dream Crochet Cardigan.
Stacy Loitz
 [02/05 4:24:55PM] 2x

Knit Me Another Cardi
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [02/05 4:24:35PM] Xs

Hug Me Tight Cardigan
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [02/05 4:24:00PM] Xs

Happiness Cardi
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [02/05 4:23:01PM] Xs

Over the rainbow cardi
Amanda Gould
 [02/05 4:22:46PM] XS

Breah Simmond
 [02/05 4:22:28PM] 3x

Love Me Tight Cardigan
Dominique Kennedy-Halford
 [02/05 4:22:11PM] Xs

I dream of peach
Trina Lamb
 [02/05 4:21:42PM] XL

Lambent long Cardi
Breah Simmons
 [02/05 4:20:06PM] 3x

 [02/05 4:19:26PM] L

Cardi C
Sheri Thomas