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Flowy Tee
March 5, 2021

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Total of 646 Entries
Congratulations to Laurisa Bonk, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Breezy Street Top!

Just go with the flow tee
Sherilyn West
 [03/07 9:01:11AM] Dusty blue, small

Blissful Breeze T
Tracey Kotyk
 [03/07 8:59:55AM] Large Dusty brick

Tee it up for Spring
Kim MacLennan
 [03/07 8:59:37AM] Dusty brick - small

Feeling Good Tee
Yvonne Corbett
 [03/07 8:53:31AM] Dusty blue Large

Ez bee unique
Alycia Reynolds
 [03/07 8:43:21AM] Large Dusty Olive

Flow your way, summer flow, get ready to flow, show your flow
Stacie Davis
 [03/07 8:38:24AM] Dusty brick large

Go with the flowy tee
Tammy Sambrook
 [03/07 8:28:32AM] Dusty blue large

Cap Me Free TShirt
Joy Dempsey
 [03/07 8:25:19AM] Dusty blue S or M

Dust it off tee
 [03/07 8:25:05AM] Medium- dusty blue

Breeze Thru The Day Too
Kym Readman
 [03/07 8:22:33AM] Dusty Blue, XL

Etherial Flow
Bonnie P. Hansen
 [03/07 8:20:35AM] Size larg, blue, salmon.

Feeling Free Top
Kym Readman
 [03/07 8:20:07AM] Dusty Blue XL

You Complete Me
Holly Leyland
 [03/07 8:18:59AM] Medium - dusty blue

Breezy T
Lisa Steenson
 [03/07 8:15:32AM] Dusty Blue L

Free Flowing Top
Kym Readman
 [03/07 8:13:37AM] Dusty Blue , XL

On the right path tee
Crystal Mackie
 [03/07 8:13:19AM] Small brick

Flaunt and Flow Tee
Heather White
 [03/07 8:13:02AM] Dusty Brick XL

Flow through life shirt
Jasmine Glass-Jeffrey
 [03/07 8:12:39AM] Dusty Olive - Large

Go with the Flow!
Margaret Ramstad
 [03/07 8:09:56AM] Grey 2x

Energized tee
Andrea Stewart
 [03/07 8:09:21AM] Dusty brick xl

Flow with me tee
Barb Haag
 [03/07 8:08:27AM] Large dusty blue

Flow on in. Flow on. Keep calm and flow on. Full on Flow.
Rana Thomas
 [03/07 8:08:15AM] Dusty Blue size XS

Find your Flow T
Shelley Pierlot
 [03/07 8:06:41AM] Dusty Brick - XL

Casual Vibes Top, Cool Vibes Top, knot tuck flow top, ocean breeze top
Tracy Sturley
 [03/07 7:48:40AM] xs dusty blue

Tee Time
Donna Hopperton
 [03/07 7:36:23AM] Large Dusty blue

Malibu Barbie Top, South Beach Tee, Miami Flow Tee, Easy To Flow top, Flow to Top
Sarah mcduff
 [03/07 7:22:29AM] Small, gray or coral.

Flutter And Flow top
Elissa Bogdan
 [03/07 7:20:31AM] Olive L

Let It Flow tee
Elissa Bogdan
 [03/07 7:17:22AM] Dusty Olive L

Lime it up tee
Marysia Waritsky
 [03/07 7:17:04AM] Dusty brick - large

Easy breezy tee
Laura Hofer
 [03/07 6:58:46AM] Dusty Olive size L

Free spirit tank
 [03/07 6:57:22AM] Black l

Go With The Flow tee
Laura Hofer
 [03/07 6:56:03AM] Dusty olive size L

Easy breezy, sunshine and flowing, whisked away, flaunt it and flow, feel it flow, Spring breeze cap sleeves, Sun shines T-shirt flows, weekend warrior, casual CAPtain, easy breezy beautiful Cap sleeves,
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/07 6:36:14AM] Medium dusty blue

Forever Flow Tee
Zoe Welsh
 [03/07 6:34:57AM] Dusty Olive Small

Free flow
Joanne Slate
 [03/07 6:09:27AM] 3x dusty blue

Forever free
Shannon Hutchison
 [03/07 5:40:32AM] Dusty blue large

The easy flow
Ann Milne
 [03/07 5:23:17AM] Large, Dusty Blue

You had me at Flatter-tee
Tiina Keetch
 [03/07 5:17:20AM] Dusty olive xl

Take your breath away
Tiina Keetch
 [03/07 5:12:05AM] Dusty Brick XL

Go with the flo tee
Alanna Trines
 [03/07 5:10:55AM] Medium in dusty blue

Take Me Away T
Debra Pride
 [03/07 5:08:18AM] Dusty Brick - medium

You’ve got the flow, the essential flow top, nothing like a cap sleeve,
Kristy McCurdy
 [03/07 4:39:01AM] Dusty blue, medium

Put a Cap on it Tee
Shelly Schenk
 [03/07 4:20:39AM] Dusty Olive Large

Nothing like comfort tee, be breezy, Summer flow, flow & glow, easy breezy beautiful tee
Stephanie paquette
 [03/07 1:34:43AM] Green. Medium

Magical Oasis
Sara Petrie
 [03/07 1:00:57AM] Dusty Olive & Size L

Magical Oasis Tee
Sara Petrie
 [03/07 12:52:29AM] Dusty Olive and L

Free flowin
Kerri Nielsen
 [03/06 9:43:32PM] Dusty black, XS

Easy breezy
Madonna Jane Easton
 [03/06 8:49:22PM] Blue, size 3xl

Knot another t-shirt
Amy Moore
 [03/06 8:22:24PM] Dusty blue xs

Light n flowy tee
Sarah Lambert
 [03/06 8:20:11PM] Blue and large

Seams to be Spring
Amy Moore
 [03/06 8:19:23PM] xs dusty blue

Class and Comfort
Sandra English
 [03/06 8:09:46PM] Dusty blue xl

Breeze on by tee
Michelle Noel
 [03/06 7:55:59PM] Xs or s

The winds of change tee
 [03/06 7:53:51PM] Xs or S

Easy like Sunday Morning Tee
 [03/06 7:52:37PM] XS or S

Drift away Tee
 [03/06 7:50:05PM] Xl

Free & Breezy
 [03/06 7:48:17PM] Small

Your favourite Tee
Michelle noel
 [03/06 7:46:43PM] Small

Your favourite Tee
Michelle Noel
 [03/06 7:46:21PM] Small

Feel the breeze
Michelle Noel
 [03/06 7:45:08PM] Small

Summer Breeze Tee
 [03/06 7:44:48PM] Small

Down with Dusty Tee
Jennifer Gran
 [03/06 7:14:56PM] Dusty Blue Med

Kick the Dust Up
Caleigh Jacq
 [03/06 7:02:02PM] Dusty Olive, small

Go With the Flow Tee
Katlyn Johner
 [03/06 7:01:32PM] Dusty Blue; XL

Flowy dreams
Tarra Mackinnon
 [03/06 6:54:33PM] Dusty brick xl

Flo(a)T or Flo & Go T
Brenda Cooke
 [03/06 6:54:06PM] Dusty Brick 2XL

Flow like the breeze top
Kelly McQuade
 [03/06 6:29:57PM] Dusty blue small

Flo~Rida Tee
 [03/06 5:45:51PM] Dusty Brick & Small

Soft Slouch
Angela O’Leary
 [03/06 5:34:33PM] Dusty Blue 2xl

Free And Breezy; Let Spring Flow; Seasonal Flow; All Caps; Caps Up;
Susan Constantine
 [03/06 5:00:06PM] 2XL blue

The Go with the Flow tee
Jessica Clark
 [03/06 4:58:25PM] Large, dusty brick

Free to be Me; Easy Flow; All Caps; Catch Me If You Can; Capture Spring; Put a Cap on It;
Susan Constantine
 [03/06 4:47:41PM] 2XL blue

Cool and Confident Tee
Rebecca Maunder
 [03/06 4:36:10PM] Dusty black XS

Summertime swing tee
Melissa Kristjansson
 [03/06 4:33:42PM] Med dusty brick

Cool and Confident Tee
Rebecca Maunder
 [03/06 4:33:03PM] Dusty black XS

Cool and Confident Tee
Rebecca Maunder
 [03/06 4:31:51PM] Dusty Black, XS

everyday realness tee
Jamie Whitteker
 [03/06 4:29:04PM] Small olive

Ready for Tee shirt weather
Summer Manca
 [03/06 4:26:18PM] Blue L

Shades of Spring
Summer Manca
 [03/06 4:25:22PM] olive L

CAPtain of the team, flowing with love, flirty and flowing, Spring breeze cap sleeves, spring fling flowing tees, if you like it tie a knot in it,
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/06 4:22:35PM] Medium dusty blue

Waterfall Tee
Donna Bonnett
 [03/06 4:22:08PM] Dusty blue, small

Flow and go
Summer Manca
 [03/06 4:16:22PM] Blue L

Flowy Tee
Tiana Campbell-Talbot
 [03/06 4:09:52PM] Small

It's a Cap of Tee
Vayia Platko
 [03/06 3:49:05PM] dusty blue medium

Flatter me tee
Vayia Platko
 [03/06 3:46:13PM] Dusty olive medium

In Flow-mo tee
Vayia Platko
 [03/06 3:36:25PM] Med dusty olive

Flow Rite Tee
Lynn Phillips
 [03/06 3:05:40PM] Large green

Go with the Flow
Angela MacKenzie
 [03/06 2:47:33PM] Dusty Brick, 2xl

Current Mood Tee
Tania Daze-Parent
 [03/06 2:42:41PM] Dusty Olive & XL

Swing Town Tee; Spring Swing Top/Tee
Casey Collinge
 [03/06 2:39:48PM] Small Blue

Faded Flow; Dusty Dream
Casey Collinge
 [03/06 2:34:55PM] Small Blue

Momma cap top
Susan neufeld
 [03/06 1:57:11PM] Grey small

Go with the Flow Tee
Diane Smith
 [03/06 1:46:32PM] Grey or Coral, Size Small

In the flow
Tesha Gibbon
 [03/06 1:14:21PM] Dusty Olive, medium

Arc and Flo Tee
Jill Roque
 [03/06 12:34:07PM] xs dusty brick

Bop-Ts or T-bops but I like the first one better
Amber Pietzker-Bozek
 [03/06 12:19:26PM] Small -teal or peachy colours

Flowin’ Fabulosity
Christina Dalik
 [03/06 12:19:08PM] Dusty Blue xL

Bonnie DiFiore
 [03/06 12:17:51PM] Blue, Small

Dove Tee
Dale Klein
 [03/06 11:59:39AM] Dusty Brick, size Medium

With the Breeze
Misty Riach
 [03/06 11:39:55AM] Large dusty black

The wind
Andrea Herault
 [03/06 11:38:58AM] Blue medium

Spring Breeze;
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/06 11:29:15AM] Dusty black

Fancy Free & Flow Tee; Cross your heart; Not your average Tee; Flicker and Flow;
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/06 11:24:44AM] Dusty black, Large

Shaggy Tee/Top, Take My Breath Tee/Top, Lazy Dazy Tee/Top or From Dusk Till Dawn Tee/Top
Leigh Griffin
 [03/06 11:03:57AM] 2XL Dusty Black

Go With The Flow, Stylish Flow, Freedom Vibe, Flow with Style, Breezy&Flowy
Samantha S
 [03/06 10:46:53AM] Dusty Blue, L

Free Flowin'
Heather Campbell
 [03/06 10:27:15AM] Dusty olive small

Floaty tees
Pierrette Mcknight
 [03/06 10:24:41AM] Grey small

Stow n Go Dusty Tee
Monika Greenwood
 [03/06 10:20:44AM] Dusty Olive XL

Dusty and Divine tee
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 10:05:06AM] olive medium

Floating on Air Drifting on By
Melody Habibulayev
 [03/06 10:01:19AM] Pink 1xl

Flaunt and Flow tee
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 10:00:41AM] olive medium

Fierce and Fabulous
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 9:59:05AM] olive medium

Hey Sister, Flow Sister
Kaitlin Bass
 [03/06 9:58:50AM] Dusty blue, small

Let Your Comfy Flow
Kaitlin Bass
 [03/06 9:56:49AM] Dusty blue, small

Unstoppable tee
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 9:54:56AM] olive medium

In charge tee
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 9:52:53AM] olive medium

Feeling Fierce
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 9:51:36AM] olive medium

Free and Easy
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 9:49:24AM] Olive medium

Go with the flow
Stephanie Maxwell
 [03/06 9:48:52AM] olive medium

Freedom Tee
Jan Blanchard
 [03/06 9:09:55AM] Dusty Blue Large

Free flowing; capped and ready (to flow);
Sasha sky
 [03/06 8:59:42AM] Large dusty olive

Flowin’ in Cuteness
Susanna Joy Kirkhart
 [03/06 8:56:42AM] Dusty Olive XL

Just flow tee
stephanie Fraser
 [03/06 8:42:32AM] xl Blue

"Just the Caps" Casual Tee
Carol MacPherson
 [03/06 8:33:05AM] Dusty Blue XL

Just flow with it
Alison Valcamp
 [03/06 8:26:22AM] Grey / Medium

Hang with me top
Kaycee christiansen
 [03/06 8:25:53AM] Dusty olive, small

Cap itup
Linda Holmes
 [03/06 8:21:36AM] Dusty brick 2xl

Comfort to Go Tee
Angela Branchaud
 [03/06 8:17:03AM] Dusty Olive XL

My TEE kind of day
Josee Pepin
 [03/06 8:12:42AM] Dusty Olive- Medium

Free-to-be-me T
Lindsay Jacobs-Scott
 [03/06 8:11:31AM] XL dusty olive

Cap on up
Alycia Reynolds
 [03/06 8:11:23AM] Large, Dusty Olive

She’s Like the Wind, Just Flow and Go,
Jennifer Barone
 [03/06 8:08:47AM] Dusty Blue size M

Easy Breezy Tee
Lisa Kelly
 [03/06 8:07:18AM] Dusty Blue, xsmall

All you tee
 [03/06 8:06:08AM] Small gray

Just flow with it
 [03/06 7:52:59AM] Dusty black size Large

Cap and flow tee/ cap-to-go tee/ comfy cap tee
Nicole johnson
 [03/06 7:45:56AM] Dusty brick in large

Flow with the Go; Flowy Wonder; Go with the Flow; Casual Dreaming; Flowy Dreams
Yolanda Galambos
 [03/06 7:34:29AM] Dusty brick L

Rhythm and Flow Top
Jelena Funk
 [03/06 7:30:47AM] Dusty Black Medium

Hustle and Flow Tee
Jelena Funk
 [03/06 7:30:18AM] Dusty Black Medium

Go with the Flow Tee
Jelena Funk
 [03/06 7:28:17AM] Dusty Black Medium

Seams like a good idea
Ashley Willert
 [03/06 7:27:33AM] Blue L

Free flowing
Anna Berbec
 [03/06 7:24:09AM] Dusty blue 3x

CAPtain Flow
Christine Cook
 [03/06 7:23:32AM] Medium Dusty Brick

Need i say more tee
Denise Therrien
 [03/06 7:21:19AM] Dusty olive, med

Hanging out tee
Denise Therrien
 [03/06 7:19:10AM] Dusty brick size med

Seamingly Innocent T
Candice Daniels
 [03/06 7:16:52AM] M dusty brick

Hearts Crescent Tee
M. Renaud
 [03/06 7:10:49AM] Grey & Large

Flowy but Surely or Free Flowin’ Tee
Steve Renaud
 [03/06 7:07:24AM] Grey-large

Seams of Glory
Jennifer Dakin
 [03/06 7:06:37AM] Small, dusty blue

T-Breeze Top
Michellene Hoey
 [03/06 7:05:51AM] Dusty blue -XL

T-Breeze Top
Michellene Hoey
 [03/06 7:04:03AM] Dusty Blue XL

Caps Off to the Ladies Tee
Mel Gray
 [03/06 7:02:55AM] Large-green

Crescent Love Tee
Mel Gray
 [03/06 7:01:36AM] Large -green

Breeze thru life
Sabrina Chapman
 [03/06 6:57:54AM] M dusty brick

Keep'n it comfy T
Jamie Dunk
 [03/06 6:55:34AM] Dusty black, large

Free Flight T
 [03/06 6:49:19AM] Large grey

Get My Drift Tee
Amanda Proulx
 [03/06 6:41:33AM] Dusty Black - small

Paint Me Dusty
Melissa Meek
 [03/06 6:29:39AM] Dusty Olive - Medium

Kickin’ it tee
Anne-Marie Hutton
 [03/06 6:26:31AM] Xl black

Cozy anytime T
Cindy Ramgobind
 [03/06 6:13:16AM] Blue, medium

Sassy & Classy
Tia Vandermeer
 [03/06 6:09:25AM] Green XL

In the Flow
Joanne Gustyn
 [03/06 6:02:09AM] 3x Dusty Brick

In the Flow tee
Fiona Batte
 [03/06 5:59:27AM] Size M - Dusty Blue

Cutie Tee
Donna Nippalow
 [03/06 5:55:02AM] Dusty Brick size XL

Go with the Flow T
Leslie Welch
 [03/06 5:19:03AM] Blue size small

roberta oneil
 [03/06 5:12:14AM] 2X Dusty Blue

Flow freely tee
Maria Lento
 [03/06 5:12:01AM] Dust blue medium

Go with the flow tee
Meghan Boast
 [03/06 5:11:59AM] Dusty blue XL

Crop it off tee
Krista Crawford
 [03/06 4:56:39AM] Dusty olive

All the right feels tee
Krista Crawford
 [03/06 4:55:20AM] Black size small

The sweet talker
Julie Slipiec
 [03/06 4:53:55AM] Breezy black

Not Your Boyfriends Tee
Nikki Gulutzan
 [03/06 4:53:41AM] Grey Xl

The seducer
Julie Slipiec
 [03/06 4:53:24AM] Dusty olive. Small

Sun capped tee
Kim Twyman
 [03/06 4:51:42AM] XL dusty blue

Wind Swept Tee, Duster Tee, Get Your Flow On Tee, Flow On Tee, Cap’N’Flow Tee, Cap it Off Tee,
Kristy Matichuk
 [03/06 4:48:16AM] 3XL Dusty Blue

Knotty Tee
Julie slipiec
 [03/06 4:48:09AM] Dusty black

Walking on Sunshine
Kim Twyman
 [03/06 4:43:32AM] XL dusty blue or brick

Let the breeze blow by top
Kim Fennell
 [03/06 4:42:30AM] Grey XS

Gone with the wind top
Tara Campbell
 [03/06 3:49:32AM] Dusty brick, M

License to Chill
Amanda Hynes
 [03/06 3:30:16AM] Dusty olive, S

License to Chill
Amanda Hynes
 [03/06 3:29:46AM] Dusty Olive, S

License to Chill
Amanda Hynes
 [03/06 3:29:29AM] Dusty Olive, S

Breathe Hustle Flow
Amanda Hynes
 [03/06 3:24:47AM] Dusty Olive, S

Keep on flowing
Amanda Hynes
 [03/06 3:20:41AM] Dusty olive, S

over under top
Kortney klossen
 [03/06 2:53:44AM] Any Colour Size Large

Flowing into spring
Lyndsey Baker
 [03/06 2:06:08AM] Dusty blue large

Flow with me Tee
Tara Babcock
 [03/06 12:21:18AM] Dusty black L

Jenn Hodgson
 [03/06 12:00:08AM] 2xl dusty brick

Jenn Hodgson
 [03/05 11:59:39PM] 2xl dusty beick

Go with the flow tee
Erica Hopkins
 [03/05 11:44:41PM] Dusty olive size small

Go with the Flow tee
Amy Salikin
 [03/05 11:08:17PM] Dusty black, L

Be the Flow.
Karen Stewart
 [03/05 10:36:25PM] Dusty Black. Small

Flowy Feels; Flowy Days; Easy Breezy; Comfort’s Calling
Patricia Merrick
 [03/05 10:30:00PM] Dusty Olive, M

Just Flow With It
Natalie Zavaglia
 [03/05 10:24:21PM] Dusty black, small

Go with the Flow Tee
Tammy Morgan
 [03/05 10:20:08PM] Dusty brick XL

Boyfriend comfy tee
Penny McMurrer
 [03/05 10:17:50PM] Dusty Olive xl

Easy Breezy
Sara Lord
 [03/05 9:52:20PM] Dusty Blue Large

Float your boat tee, Blow at high flow, Flow and Go, Go with the flow, feel the flow,
Nicole Gregg
 [03/05 9:47:39PM] Large dusty brick

Spring Fling
Nathalie Denicola
 [03/05 9:43:36PM] Dusty blue & XS

Juliet tee
Lisa derby
 [03/05 9:40:59PM] Coral Large

Crystal Patten
 [03/05 9:31:24PM] Dusty blue xs

Feeling Fine
Kelli Wilson
 [03/05 9:29:30PM] M - Dusty Blue

Tie and flow
Nicole peacosh
 [03/05 9:22:58PM] Medium black

Tee-rific Tee
Christine Bartsoff
 [03/05 9:14:03PM] Dusty Olivé small

Top Notch Tee
Christine Bartsoff
 [03/05 9:10:19PM] Dusty Olivé medium

Wind at my back
 [03/05 9:03:00PM] XL blue

Flow down
 [03/05 9:02:37PM] XL blue

Summer breeze
Michelle EVANS
 [03/05 9:02:01PM] 2xl

Summer fun
Michelle EVANS
 [03/05 9:01:42PM] XL blue

Summer Time Breeze
Michelle EVANS
 [03/05 9:01:08PM] XL blue

Flow'n'tie tee
Tricia wood
 [03/05 9:00:42PM] Small dusty olive

Feel the breeze
Michelle EVANS
 [03/05 9:00:18PM] XL blue

Crop me up
Michelle EVANS
 [03/05 8:59:46PM] XL blue

Weekend casual
Michelle EVANS
 [03/05 8:59:22PM] XL blue

Casual Friday
Michelle EVANS
 [03/05 8:58:51PM] XL blue

Get the Flowdown
Sandra Sheffield
 [03/05 8:55:47PM] 3XL blue

Megan wiens
 [03/05 8:51:29PM] Dusty black medium

Go with the Flow Top
Brooke Derksen
 [03/05 8:46:11PM] XL Dusty Olive

Casually Capped
Chantal Sekura
 [03/05 8:41:07PM] Dusty Olive, Medium

Free Flowin', Flowin' Free
 [03/05 8:37:37PM] Dusty Olive XL

Making it flowly, cozy & cute tee
Linsey DeMontigny
 [03/05 8:34:47PM] Dusty brick - large

Flow down tee or Spring ahead tee
Kayla Demers
 [03/05 8:23:41PM] Medium dusty brick

Let it Flow
Maureen Cesmystruk
 [03/05 8:18:41PM] White large or medium

Go with the flow top
Kayla Demers
 [03/05 8:17:06PM] Medium Dusty brick

Eazy Breezy Flow Top
Kim Loof
 [03/05 8:06:47PM] Dusty Olive & M

Cap Tee Vate Top
Jaime Burrgoyne
 [03/05 7:57:24PM] M dusty blue

Flowy Breeze
Cassidy K
 [03/05 7:56:53PM] Xs olive

Go with the flow
Cassidy K
 [03/05 7:55:56PM] Xs olive

Room to Flow
Shanda Rolfe
 [03/05 7:45:54PM] Dusty Brick size XL

Tee up!!
Patty Otteson
 [03/05 7:31:03PM] Dusty Blue - Small

Let it Flow Tee
Linda Elliott
 [03/05 6:56:51PM] Dusty Blue XL

A fine line tee
Skye Carriere-Hébert
 [03/05 6:56:03PM] Dusty brick Large

Flowing to the beach. Flowing easy. Just flow with it.
Destinye Garbet
 [03/05 6:50:20PM] Dusty Blue. Medium.

Fit to flow top
Melinda wood
 [03/05 6:48:54PM] Navy medium

Go with the flow top
Julie kilby
 [03/05 6:46:10PM] Green M

The Everyday Tee.
Tricia Paquette
 [03/05 6:45:04PM] Medium, Dusty Brick

Easy to wear
Melinda wood
 [03/05 6:44:22PM] Navy medium

Easy tee
Sandra walker
 [03/05 6:36:34PM] Dusty brick M

Soft n Sultry Tee, Free n Easy Tee, Easy Breezy Tee, Go with the Flow Tee.
Angeline McCormick
 [03/05 6:35:08PM] Dusty Brick 2XL usually wear 16-18

Let it flow!
Tammy Peterson
 [03/05 6:31:08PM] Dusty black xl

Flow with ease
Shauna Brady
 [03/05 6:30:14PM] Blue size medium

Cool Breeze
Breanne Simmonds
 [03/05 6:28:42PM] XS Dusty Olive

Flow with me
Amy Cantin
 [03/05 6:28:31PM] Dusty Black, Large

Easy Breezy Tee
Jennifer Calvelli
 [03/05 6:20:26PM] XL - Dusty Blue

Breezy Tee
Breanne Simmonds
 [03/05 6:18:39PM] XS Dusty Olive

Glow With The Flow Tee; Sweet & Flow Tee; Soft and Sweet Tee; Dusty Roads Tee;
Rachel Curran
 [03/05 6:12:04PM] Dusty Blue Large

Flarely Perfect Tee
Jodi McNair
 [03/05 6:04:36PM] Dusty Blue size L

Summer Breeze Tee
Angele Lachance
 [03/05 6:00:35PM] Dusty Brick- XS

Flow down and smell the flowers
Ebony Bullock
 [03/05 5:50:25PM] Dusty olive 2x

Go with the flow top
Ebony Bullock
 [03/05 5:48:14PM] Dusty olive 2x

Shawna Tohm
 [03/05 5:44:55PM] 3X dusty olive

Calm all day T
Heather Trotz
 [03/05 5:41:38PM] Xl Dusty Blue

Free Fall Tee
Joyce Hinam
 [03/05 5:19:30PM] Dusty olive size M

Fancy flow
Lorna casey
 [03/05 5:11:53PM] Dusty olive size medium

Fit to be tied
Jenny bown
 [03/05 5:10:56PM] Dusty olive 2xl

Cap-tee-vating Flow
Ashley MacGregor
 [03/05 5:10:26PM] Dusty Brick 2XL

Bellows beach tank
Brittaney Pregizer
 [03/05 5:03:22PM] XL dusty olive

Ashley MacGregor
 [03/05 5:02:58PM] Dusty Blue 2XL

Fit to Flow Tee
Ashley Yu
 [03/05 5:00:49PM] Peach medium

Summer breeze
 [03/05 5:00:05PM] Small dusty black

Blowing In The Wind Tee
Kathryn G Crystal
 [03/05 4:52:26PM] Orange/Rust - size medium

Weekender Tee
Kylie beckett
 [03/05 4:51:25PM] Dusty black, XS

Flow-t away Tee
Paula Ruczynski
 [03/05 4:47:54PM] Dusty olive S

Seamlessly Simple
Lisa Schmit
 [03/05 4:46:46PM] Dusty Blue Large

Dust in the Wind Tee , Wind in my Tee, Breezy Teezy, Go with the flow, Summer Breeze Tees
Lisa Quesnelle
 [03/05 4:45:07PM] Dusty Brick and Medium

Teeming, fluid, teeoff, bye teesha! Eye of the tee, tee me
Celyn Marsh
 [03/05 4:21:10PM] M blue

Cap It Tee
Paula Potts
 [03/05 4:18:19PM] Dusty Blue, medium

Do I look as good as I feel
Sandra Vancoughnett
 [03/05 4:17:09PM] Dusty Blue size M

Cool Capped Casual Tee
Debbie Ruyer
 [03/05 4:16:06PM] Blue in XL

Rockstar tee
Leanne Wayner
 [03/05 4:15:37PM] Dusty black 2XL

Classic cap tee
Shauna mychalyshyn
 [03/05 4:11:02PM] Large blue

Dusty T, Comfy Tee, Tren D T, Cozeetee, EZT
Mare Zettel
 [03/05 4:10:25PM] Dusty Blue XL

A cap above the rest - The boyfriend tee - Breezy Tee - It's Tee Time - A cap of love
Whitney Dillon
 [03/05 4:08:52PM] Dusty Blue 2XL

Call me cozy Tee
Melanie Amadio
 [03/05 4:01:59PM] Dusty brick Large

Stripe and Flow Tee
Stephanie Frtherston
 [03/05 3:52:33PM] Dusty Olive small

Go with the flow top
Crystal Mackie
 [03/05 3:50:57PM] Small brick

Go with the flow, dust in the wind
Jennifer Ottenbreit
 [03/05 3:50:54PM] Dusty blue, small

Sun kissed Top
Felicia Byrd
 [03/05 3:45:17PM] Dusty Olive XL

Surfs up Top
Felicia Byrd
 [03/05 3:42:55PM] Dusty Olive XL

Ocean Breeze Top
Felicia Byrd
 [03/05 3:41:57PM] Dusty Olive XL

Road trip top
Crystal Mackie
 [03/05 3:40:10PM] Small dusty brick

Off to great places top
Crystal Mackie
 [03/05 3:39:38PM] Small dusty brick

Versatile Tank Tee
Gillian Kalman
 [03/05 3:25:44PM] Xs dusty black

I’m a softy
Tiffany Cater
 [03/05 3:19:08PM] 2xl dusty blue

Flow Rider Tee
Nadele Erickson
 [03/05 3:17:51PM] Dusty Brick (small)

Go with the flow tank
Tera Lemire
 [03/05 3:11:56PM] Olive 2xl

Not your Boyfriend's Tee
Ashley Hewer
 [03/05 3:09:04PM] XL dusty black

Cap it off tee
Angela Culham
 [03/05 3:05:37PM] Dusty blue xl

Feel the flow
Andrea Barbour
 [03/05 3:04:20PM] Medium

Feel good tee
Yvonne Francis Wadden
 [03/05 3:00:18PM] Dusty blue size lg

Dream freely tank
Anna Young
 [03/05 2:58:45PM] Dusty olive xl

Julie Hoar
 [03/05 2:55:40PM] L brick

The Captivating tee
Rona Roth
 [03/05 2:49:24PM] Dusty black size x small

Breezy Top
Brittany Hurlbert
 [03/05 2:40:28PM] M in dusty olive

Free and easy, Breezy top
Nicole Sprieszl
 [03/05 2:33:35PM] Dusty olive

‘Sunshine Sweet Tea’ (Tee)
Nicki Savage
 [03/05 2:30:46PM] Dusty Olive 2XL

Feel free tee
Beverly bertolotti
 [03/05 2:23:56PM] Small dusty brick

Summertime Sweet Tee (Tea) or. Cap Sleeves and Summer Tees
Nicki Savage
 [03/05 2:18:39PM] Dusty Olive 2XL

These are a few of my favourite Tees
 [03/05 2:16:34PM] Dusty brick small

Tea Time
 [03/05 2:15:20PM] Small dusty brick

Tea Rose
Pamela Horwood
 [03/05 2:15:17PM] Dusty blue XL

Spring breeze top
Lori Ross
 [03/05 2:14:03PM] Dusty Olive

Hello flow
Summer Manca
 [03/05 2:12:19PM] olive L

Why not top
 [03/05 2:11:35PM] Pink, xxl

Cover me comfy
Summer Manca
 [03/05 2:11:33PM] blue L

“T”easing you Tee
Dana Bellagamba
 [03/05 2:09:39PM] Large Dusty Brick

Summer Breezes
Trish Griffith
 [03/05 2:08:32PM] Dusty blue, 3XL

Deb Tuohey
 [03/05 2:03:38PM] Dusty Brick 3x

Easy Breezy
Katherine Dolan
 [03/05 2:02:21PM] Dusty olive - medium

Fit to a Tee
Deb Tuohey
 [03/05 2:01:03PM] Dusty Black 3x

I’m a little Tee Top
Deb Tuohey
 [03/05 1:59:33PM] Dusty olive 3x

Spring in early bloom tee
Melanie Rumley
 [03/05 1:55:42PM] S, dusty brick

Blown away
Marian MacLellan
 [03/05 1:55:19PM] Grey. Medium

Let It Flow
Lorraine Lowry
 [03/05 1:53:10PM] Dusty Olive Size Small

Cheery willow
Sharon Collins
 [03/05 1:49:40PM] Medium

Free falling tee
Maria finnegan
 [03/05 1:48:20PM] Dusty olive small

Summer Breeze Top
Pam Walsh
 [03/05 1:43:54PM] Dusty brick medium

Sharon Collins
 [03/05 1:41:49PM] Large

Catching Rays
Randi Maw
 [03/05 1:39:43PM] Dusty olive S

Flow into summer
Shelley Benson
 [03/05 1:37:55PM] Orange medium

Kick the dust off
Erica Walsh
 [03/05 1:37:26PM] Large black

Shoulder cover
Erica Walsh
 [03/05 1:36:59PM] Large black

Erica Walsh
 [03/05 1:35:57PM] Large black

Adventure awaits
 [03/05 1:32:21PM] Dusty brick small

Easy Breezy Tee, Springtime flow tee, get with the flow tee,
Jana Mottl
 [03/05 1:30:31PM] Dusty Blue, Large

Eat my dust tee
Natalie Malyk
 [03/05 1:30:01PM] Dusty olive medium

Go with the flow, hangin around, flow with it
Amanda Dingwell
 [03/05 1:29:31PM] Dusty blue 2xl

Bite the Dust tee
Natalie Malyk
 [03/05 1:24:19PM] Dusty olive medium

Fit to a Tee
Allyson Plater
 [03/05 1:23:55PM] L black

Flowing with my homies tee
Natalie Malyk
 [03/05 1:21:14PM] Dusty Olive medium

Feeling Breezy Tee
Lyndey Spence
 [03/05 1:19:00PM] Dusty blue in 2XL

Breezy T
Shelly Knapman
 [03/05 1:16:15PM] Dusty Olive 2X

Where the Wind Flows
Natalie Malyk
 [03/05 1:15:54PM] Dusty Olive- Medium

And flow it goes
Kelly Gallagher
 [03/05 1:13:41PM] Xs blue

Ready, set, flow
Kelly Gallagher
 [03/05 1:12:28PM] Xs blue

Feelin free tee
Adrianna Smith
 [03/05 1:07:06PM] Grey large.

Summer flow, flawless and flowy tee, springtime flowy tee, flouncy and flowy tee, Sweet as summer tee, step into spring tee
Carolyn Kenney
 [03/05 1:00:09PM] Small dusty olive please

Flow Me Away
Laurie Weber
 [03/05 12:59:23PM] Dusty black, small

Vancouver Island tee
Tracy Dubois
 [03/05 12:54:01PM] Dusty blue, XL

Go With the Flow
Karen Bemister
 [03/05 12:53:58PM] Dusty Black - 1x

Where the Wind Blows Tee
Jen Haymond
 [03/05 12:53:45PM] black & small

Let it flow top
Samantha Wells
 [03/05 12:51:20PM] Dusty Olive XL

Cap & Flow
Karen Bemister
 [03/05 12:47:41PM] Dusty Black - 1x

Go with the flow tank
Michelina Morsillo
 [03/05 12:47:04PM] Pink xs or s

Fancy Flow Tee
Brenda Kelford
 [03/05 12:47:03PM] Small Dusty Blue

Cap-ital Style tee
Tracy Dubois
 [03/05 12:46:40PM] Dusty blue, XL

Feel The Breeze Top
Candice Mead
 [03/05 12:45:24PM] Dusty Blue, M

Flowin’ free tee
Victoria aquilina
 [03/05 12:44:31PM] Large, dusty brick

Warm summer breeze
Melissa Wilson
 [03/05 12:42:09PM] Dusty Brick 2xl

Spring is in the Air
Sarah Elsasser
 [03/05 12:40:03PM] Dusty Black in small

Easy breezy tee
Amanda Madill
 [03/05 12:34:39PM] Dusty Brick, XS

relax in the sun
sharon hein
 [03/05 12:30:20PM] dusty brick 2X

Dust in the wind
Katerine Boutet
 [03/05 12:28:42PM] dusty Olive, small

Go with the Wind Tee
Katerine Boutet
 [03/05 12:27:47PM] Dusty Brick, Small

Casual summer Flow Tee
Riekje van Delst
 [03/05 12:27:16PM] Olive medium

Sweet colours cappy tee
Lilliane Hradecki
 [03/05 12:24:28PM] Dusty blue small

Cascade into Spring Tee
Cathy Fitzpatrick
 [03/05 12:22:44PM] Dusty blue large

Muscle me up some tee, Strong girl T, Flatter me tee
Debbie Partridge
 [03/05 12:21:27PM] XL Blue

Go with the Flow Tee
Cathy Fitzpatrick
 [03/05 12:16:12PM] Dusty blue large

Lovely Tee
Molly Dorcas
 [03/05 12:16:04PM] Dusty Black

Summer lovin’ tee
Tara Macaulay
 [03/05 12:14:51PM] Brick medium

Perfection Tee, Cap and Flow Tee, Simply the Best Tee, Soft and Edgy Top, Sassy but Classy Top, Mon Cherie, Soft and Sassy Tee, Laid Back Tee
Cherie Inwood
 [03/05 12:13:36PM] Dusty black XL

She’s got pipes
Deidre Frank
 [03/05 12:13:05PM] medium blue

Tumbling tumble tee
Sheila Lalonde
 [03/05 12:09:01PM] Large dusty blue

Tumblin’ tee
Sheila Lalonde
 [03/05 12:06:59PM] Large dusty beick

Summer breeze tee
Stephanie Coker
 [03/05 12:06:24PM] Large

Summer breeze tee
Stephanie Coker
 [03/05 12:04:59PM] L

Everyday comfort tee
Stephanie Coker
 [03/05 12:04:26PM] L

Spring me right round
Megan Sampson
 [03/05 12:03:38PM] Dusty Black 3xl

Say it ain’t so Tee
Rolanda Morrow
 [03/05 12:03:18PM] Green

GO with the Flow Top
Chantelle Scott
 [03/05 12:03:18PM] dusty black - large

Capped and Carefree Tee
Samantha Cudney
 [03/05 12:02:39PM] M dusty blue

Let It Flow Tee
Allison Richardson
 [03/05 11:58:31AM] Dusty blue - medium

Hang just right T
Emma McCartney
 [03/05 11:49:40AM] Small Dusty Black

Prosperity Tee
Ashley Budgell
 [03/05 11:49:24AM] 2XL dusty blue

Summer Fling
Marnie ghag
 [03/05 11:47:54AM] Dusty black xl

Sun's Out Guns Out
Wendy St Laurent
 [03/05 11:47:16AM] Dusty Brick 3xl

Cap It If You Can Tee
 [03/05 11:39:11AM] Small - any or all all colours lol, but if I had to choose one Dusty Blue

Flowing Towards the Weekend Tee
Angela Skoreiko
 [03/05 11:38:09AM] Dusty Blue, XL

Maxing and relaxing Tee
Jennifer Nixon
 [03/05 11:37:49AM] Dusty Olive xl

Shanti Tee
Ashley Budgell
 [03/05 11:35:14AM] Dusty Blue 2XL

The Best of Days Tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:34:16AM] Black L

Free flowing Tee, Free to Flow Tee
Felisha Flodin
 [03/05 11:34:02AM] Dusty Blue, Large

Anything goes
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:33:02AM] Brick L

Ready for anything
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:32:39AM] Blue L

Flatter me tees
Denise Therrien
 [03/05 11:32:10AM]

Can't go wrong cap sleeve tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:31:31AM] olive L

Spring Fling
Kara Ameloot
 [03/05 11:30:56AM] Dusty brick small

Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:29:20AM] Blue L

Tee-Ruffin times ahead; Stylish Tee the Max
Carrie Coon
 [03/05 11:28:20AM] Small dusty olive or brick

No fuss tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:27:46AM] Black L

Go with the Flow
Rachael Code
 [03/05 11:27:37AM] Dusty Brick XL

Kickin up dust
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:27:12AM] Black L

Everywhere I Flow Tee
Deana Snowden
 [03/05 11:25:53AM] Dusty Brick & Large

Just flow with me; sway day; tee it up; bring on spring; fresh and springy; soft hearted
Shelly Davidson
 [03/05 11:25:25AM] M & Dusty Olive

Softer side of me Tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:25:00AM] Black L

Rhonda Chabot
 [03/05 11:24:06AM] Brick or olive M

Wear me out tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:23:32AM] Black L

Feelin Magic Tee
Geri Pelechaty
 [03/05 11:23:21AM] Dusty Blue in medium

Flow through the weekend
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:21:45AM] Black L

Capital Tee
Melissa Frank
 [03/05 11:21:36AM] Dusty Blue 2x

Through the weekend Tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:20:59AM] Black L

Flow-tee; go with the flow; catch my flow;
Ana klovan
 [03/05 11:20:51AM] Dusty blue small

Summer Slice
Melissa Frank
 [03/05 11:19:00AM] Dusty Blue 2x

Carefree Tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:18:55AM] Blue L

Free Fall
Melissa Frank
 [03/05 11:17:29AM] Dusty Blue 2x

Faded Flowy Tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 11:16:37AM] Brick L

The Delta Tee
Natasha Buchanan
 [03/05 11:12:49AM] Dusty Olive - M

Flow with me, Dusty summer flow
Sherry Moreland
 [03/05 11:12:46AM] Dusty Olive Medium

Sun and Fun, Beach Babe, Float on By, Beach Vibes, Spring Fling,
Julie Ruddy
 [03/05 11:08:34AM] Small dusty brick

Ready or Not Tee
Michelle Cowan
 [03/05 11:07:58AM] Dusty brick small

Cap-Tee-Vate me tee
Sherri Reid
 [03/05 11:07:14AM] Large olive

Windy-Flow Day!
Mabel Contreras
 [03/05 11:01:46AM] Dusty Brick (L)

Go with the Flow
Julie Ruddy
 [03/05 10:59:11AM] Small dusty brick

Tip your cap top
Julie Hoar
 [03/05 10:58:43AM] L dusty blue

Windy-Flow Day!
Mabel Contreras
 [03/05 10:58:31AM] Dusty Brick (L)

Free Fall tank
Haley Goldenberg
 [03/05 10:58:04AM] Dusty olive xl

Dusty Breeze
Julie Hoar
 [03/05 10:57:57AM] L DUSTY BLUE

Left in the dust
Julie Hoar
 [03/05 10:57:26AM] L-DUSTY blue

Cool Cap T
Joanne Rancourt
 [03/05 10:56:26AM] Dusty Blue. 2xl.

Flow Where I go
Tracy Lee Henn
 [03/05 10:54:56AM] Black xs

Flow with me Tee
Tracy Lee Henn
 [03/05 10:54:09AM] Black xs

Cap-tivate me Tee
Tracy Lee Henn
 [03/05 10:52:43AM] Xs black

All that Flows Tee, Gimme That Flow Tee, Shall we Flow Tee, Flowy Fly Tee, Glow Flow Tee
Brittany Agnew
 [03/05 10:50:22AM] Olive 3X

You got me flowin
Tracy Lee Henn
 [03/05 10:47:42AM] Black xs

Flowin in the breeze
Tracy Lee Henn
 [03/05 10:46:43AM] Black xs

Flow this way top / weekend relax top / soft sway top / slay and sway top
Rachael Ashlee Johnson
 [03/05 10:45:50AM] Dusty olive size M

Flow in the wind
Tracy Lee Henn
 [03/05 10:45:00AM] Black xs

The “Cutie T”
Kathy Arsenault
 [03/05 10:43:25AM] Small blue

SofTee FloaTee CapTee
Dana Hendry
 [03/05 10:43:23AM] Dusty Blue Large

Dreamy flower
Cheryl Bertoia
 [03/05 10:42:57AM] Dusty olive clue or large

Around Town Tee
Theresa Kalnicki
 [03/05 10:41:39AM] Dusty Olive, size medium

Cascomfy Tee
Cathy Quane
 [03/05 10:40:34AM] Raspberry 3xl

My Cap Is Full/My Cap Is Flow
Tracy Fisher
 [03/05 10:39:46AM] Small - Dusty Olive

Flowing free
Grace young
 [03/05 10:38:31AM] Xs

Down To A Tee
Tracy Fisher
 [03/05 10:35:45AM] Small - Dusty Olive

Seams perfect, Capped-ivated Tee
Megan Summers
 [03/05 10:33:52AM] Dusty olive, medium

Spring Breeze Top
Katrina Bernardi
 [03/05 10:32:25AM] Dusty Olive size Medium

It’s Tee Time!
Jill Mullin
 [03/05 10:30:23AM] Medium Dusty Blue

Swinging into spring tank
Cassy wilkins
 [03/05 10:30:09AM] Xl brick

Comfy cozy cappie
Janette Gerrard
 [03/05 10:29:07AM] Blue large

Cap and go Tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 10:27:27AM] Brick L

Cap and Flow Tee
Cori Simmonds
 [03/05 10:26:49AM] Any color XS small

Cap it off tee
Cori Simmonds
 [03/05 10:25:31AM] Any color XS small

The Girl Next Door
Zonga Dodge
 [03/05 10:25:30AM] Large Dusty Olive

Flow me the way
Summer Manca
 [03/05 10:25:14AM] Black L

Perfect Saturday Tee
Summer Manca
 [03/05 10:24:29AM] Black L

Ready for the day
Summer Manca
 [03/05 10:24:02AM] Black L

Living on the edge tee
Coro Simmonds
 [03/05 10:23:51AM] Any color xs small

Look no further
Summer Manca
 [03/05 10:23:39AM] Black L

Ball and cap tee
Cori Simmonds
 [03/05 10:23:04AM] Any color / xs small

On the flow tee
Carolyn lesey
 [03/05 10:22:56AM] Dusty brick, medium

Go with the flow
Summer Manca
 [03/05 10:22:43AM] Black L

Flowy and Flirty Tee, Flowin' in the Wind Tee, You Flow Girl Tee
Eryn Rex
 [03/05 10:22:26AM] L dusty blue

Living in the edge tee
Cori Simmonds
 [03/05 10:22:01AM] Any color / XS/small

Free flowin’
Madison Langford
 [03/05 10:21:23AM] Dusty Black, 3X

Sunny day tee
Alicia Jarvis
 [03/05 10:20:45AM] Dusty olive - small

You Flow Girl
Janeen St. Amant
 [03/05 10:19:58AM] Dusty Brick medium

Sweet pea
Tiffany Long
 [03/05 10:19:48AM] Dusty brick 2xl

Flow Dance tee, Ebb and Flow top, Feather in my Cap tee
Diana Stephens
 [03/05 10:18:45AM] M, blue

Not your average boyfriend tee
Maryann Allison
 [03/05 10:17:08AM] Navy 3x

Sassy Cap Tee
Darlene Ellis
 [03/05 10:16:59AM] Dusty Brick Size Medium

Flow like the wind
Melissa Wilson
 [03/05 10:16:44AM] Dusty Olive size 2xl

Cap the Breeze Tee
Teal Hallaby
 [03/05 10:12:55AM] XS Dusty brick

Flow With It tee
Joanna Sutton
 [03/05 10:12:43AM] M - dusty brick

Summer seam tshirt, sew into summer, Seam to be perfect t
Barbara Benner
 [03/05 10:10:02AM] Sage

Cap it off
Shelley Byrnes
 [03/05 10:09:30AM] Dusty Brick large

Let the Sun shine Flow Top, Flow with me Top, Flowy Blowy Tee, Float with me Tee,
Lyndsay Russell
 [03/05 10:08:31AM] Dusty Olive XL

Flo wit it tee
Karen Wallis
 [03/05 10:04:40AM] Dusty black, xs

Cap-ture the Moment Tee
Erika Just
 [03/05 10:03:51AM] Dusty olive, XL

The Duster Tee
Brenda Wall
 [03/05 10:03:28AM] Dusty Rose 2XL

Brawn beauty
Tracy mackinnon
 [03/05 9:57:43AM] Blue xl

Go With The Flow Tee
Ashlee Opseth
 [03/05 9:56:27AM] M , Dusty Brick

On With the Flow Tee
April Hunt
 [03/05 9:56:06AM] Dusty Blue XS

On with Flow Tee
April Hunt
 [03/05 9:55:30AM] XS Dusty Blue

Cap Then Flow Tee
April Hunt
 [03/05 9:52:52AM] XS Dusty Blue

Flow Over Me Tee; Excuse Me Tee; I like to Flow it Tee
April Hunt
 [03/05 9:51:54AM] XS - Dusty Blue

Cap-Tin Soft n' Flowy
Monique Berichon
 [03/05 9:50:59AM] Dusty brick - 2xl

Capped Out Tee, Go with the Flow Tee, Captain T, Here for the Tee, Capped Out T
 [03/05 9:50:51AM] Small, blue

Sweet tee
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/05 9:50:12AM] Xs blue

Get Around Top
Lisa Gosse
 [03/05 9:48:38AM] XL DUSTY BRICK

Get Around Top
Lisa Gosse
 [03/05 9:47:54AM] Xl dusty olive

Cap That T-shirt
Monique Berichon
 [03/05 9:43:22AM] Dusty Olive 2XL

Tee time
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/05 9:42:39AM] Xs olive

Cap and flow tee
Wendy Dolton
 [03/05 9:42:38AM] Dusty brick XL

Tee Hee
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/05 9:37:58AM] Xs blue

Casual Comfy Tee
Tammy Psiurski
 [03/05 9:36:55AM] Dusty blue 2XL

Too Cool For You
Teanda Kornum
 [03/05 9:36:21AM] Dark grey Size XL

T- otally styled
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/05 9:36:19AM] Xs, Oliver

Flatter and Flow Tee
Desiree MacKay
 [03/05 9:35:30AM] M, dusty olive

Flow and Go Tee
Sylvie Arcand-Horner
 [03/05 9:35:07AM] Dusty Black 2XL

To a T
Rebecca Armstrong
 [03/05 9:34:28AM] Xs,

Captured moment tee; Captivating day tee
Vayia Platko
 [03/05 9:31:53AM] Dusty black M

Go With the Flow Tee
Barbara Laurin
 [03/05 9:28:42AM] Dusty Blue Medium

Cap it and go
Denine Hancock
 [03/05 9:27:09AM] Dusty blue 2xl

Easy breezy top
Brooke Fichtner
 [03/05 9:26:42AM] Size XS black or green

Glow Flow Cap Tee
Brandy Sjostrom
 [03/05 9:25:23AM] Large-Blue

Fast and Flowiest Tee
Bettina Allen
 [03/05 9:25:12AM] Dusty Blue, XL

Arch You the One Tee
Bettina Allen
 [03/05 9:23:17AM] Dusty Blue, XL

Go With The Flow
Bria Hunter
 [03/05 9:22:09AM] Dusty Olive medium

You Cap-Tee-Vate Me, Perfect Flow Tee
Renee Kuznecov
 [03/05 9:21:36AM] Dusty black XS

Tee for me
Lisa Gaudin
 [03/05 9:18:00AM] Blue 2x

Warmer Days Tee
Sonia Di Nobile
 [03/05 9:17:53AM] Dusty Olive 2XL

Cap it off tee
Alicia Parisian
 [03/05 9:17:18AM] Olive large

Go With the Flow T
Jennifer Shieh
 [03/05 9:16:33AM] Dusty Blue and probably 2xl, would need to consult with Ashlie

My favourite tee
Shauna mychalyshyn
 [03/05 9:14:07AM] Large blue

Cute cap tee
Shauna Mychalyshyn
 [03/05 9:12:57AM] Large navy

Day at the Beach Tee
Bettina Allen
 [03/05 9:11:08AM] Dusty Blue, XL

Freestyle Tee
Jessica Chilton
 [03/05 9:11:06AM] Olive large

Grab and flow T
Erica French
 [03/05 9:10:31AM] Dusty brick XL

Wannabe My Tee
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [03/05 9:10:19AM] Blue medium

Can't cap this flow
Meagan Clifton
 [03/05 9:10:18AM] Dusty Brick, medium

Easy breezy top
Jessica Chilton
 [03/05 9:09:42AM] Olive large

Just flow with it
Shannon Greene
 [03/05 9:08:47AM] Dusty olive, small

Breeze into summer tee
Adrienne Ashley
 [03/05 9:08:34AM] dusty blue 3xl

Forget me Knot Flowy Tee, Forget me Knot Tee, Stormy days Tee
Cindy Bennett
 [03/05 9:08:29AM] L/XL

Short and sweet
Terra McLean
 [03/05 9:08:01AM] Dusty olive 2xl

Go with the flow t-shirt
Michelle Allain
 [03/05 9:07:28AM] Dusty Blue size XL

Cap it tee
Shirley dunn
 [03/05 9:07:17AM] Size small dusty black

Sunshine,early days,soft&sweet
 [03/05 9:07:16AM] X small any color brighter the better THANKS

CAP-ital Tee
Jaclyn Widenmaier
 [03/05 9:06:29AM] XL dusty olive

CAP-ital Tee
Jaclyn Widenmaier
 [03/05 9:06:12AM] XL dusty olive

Like a Sunday Morning
Nicole Ferreira
 [03/05 9:06:03AM] Large, Dusty blue

Cap-ture your heart top
Julie Dickison
 [03/05 9:05:53AM] 1x green.

Sweet & Flowy Tee
Kim O'Flaherty
 [03/05 9:05:06AM] Medium, Dusty Brick

Spring Fling
Carla Bennett
 [03/05 9:04:06AM] Reddish color and size small

Flowing through the breeze tee
Kristyn White
 [03/05 9:03:23AM] Large dusty blue

Over the Top
Shannon Georgopoulos
 [03/05 9:02:15AM] Blue & 3X

Captivated by you, Easy breezy tee, summer dayz tee, casual comfort tee
Jenn Moyer
 [03/05 9:01:52AM] Dusty Brick - 2xl

Captivating tee
Tanya Hardenne
 [03/05 9:01:42AM] Small brick

Float Like a Butterfly Tee
Sophie Lott
 [03/05 9:01:16AM] Dusty Black - M

Ebb and Flow
Sophie Lott
 [03/05 8:59:47AM] Black - Medium

Easybreezy tee
 [03/05 8:57:46AM] Dusty brick XL

Breezeby T
Tasia mrozinski
 [03/05 8:57:01AM] S DUSTY BLUE

Linear Tank
Christina Maddocks
 [03/05 8:56:47AM] Dusty brick size Large

Work It Tee
Tamie Killeen
 [03/05 8:56:37AM] Dusty blue & medium

Breezy Does It Tee
Rachel Tourville
 [03/05 8:56:08AM] dusty brick, xl

Free and Breezy Tee
Rachel Tourville
 [03/05 8:55:37AM] dusty brick, xl

All day tee
Candace Theberge
 [03/05 8:54:41AM] Medium olive

Everything tee, everyday tee
Candace Theberge
 [03/05 8:54:11AM] Medium olive

Capable Tee, Hit the Streets Tee, Here We Go Tee, Define Me Tee, Be You Tee, Downtown Tee, Let's Walk Tee, Out and About Tee, Go with the Flow Tee, Spring Feels Tee, Let's Do This Tee, Sleeve's Off Tee,
Alanna Renwick
 [03/05 8:53:04AM] DustyOlive, Medium

Come Away with Me Tee, Summer Days Tee,
Kasey Brayman
 [03/05 8:52:51AM] S Dusty Olive

Free Spirit or Comfort and Cozy,
Angela Jenner
 [03/05 8:52:11AM] L and blue

everyday tee, everything tee
Candace Theberge
 [03/05 8:51:19AM] Medium olive

Caps off , cute and captivating
Jenessa Talbot
 [03/05 8:51:16AM] Dusty black, Large

You Captivate Me Tee
Lisa Hamelin
 [03/05 8:49:54AM] Dusty Black 2xl

all day tee
Candace Theberge
 [03/05 8:49:31AM] medium olive

easy peasy summer breezy tee, go with the flow tee, cool summer nights tee
Amanda Divjak
 [03/05 8:48:24AM] Dusty Blue Small

Dusty Love
Traci Linklater
 [03/05 8:47:29AM] Dusty olive medium

Just cap it tee, put a cap on it tee, all over comfort tee, go with the flow tee
Liza Brind
 [03/05 8:45:37AM] Small green

Simply Captivating Tee
Tracey Marcil
 [03/05 8:45:21AM] Dusty blue L

Sunday vibes
Nicole Kime
 [03/05 8:45:20AM] Olive size S

Must be dusty
Traci linklater
 [03/05 8:44:41AM] Dusty blue medium

Go with the Flow Top
Taneill Selinger
 [03/05 8:42:26AM] Dusty black. Small

Longer days flowy tee
Maggi Bruce
 [03/05 8:42:13AM] Small Dusty Blue

Go with the flow tee
Nicole Kime
 [03/05 8:42:10AM] Olive size S

Dawn To Dusk Tee
Jaime Duckworth
 [03/05 8:42:03AM] M -dusty brick

Easy breezy
Traci Linklater
 [03/05 8:42:02AM] Dusty brick large

Summer breeze and flowy tees
Nicole Doucet
 [03/05 8:40:25AM] XL, dusty black

Easy Flow Tee
Shelby coghill
 [03/05 8:40:11AM] Large light green

Ashes to Ashes Tee
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [03/05 8:39:38AM] Dusty Brick size large

Cap it off tee, captivating tee, Dust and diamonds tee, go with the flow tee, flowing free tee, cap and go tee
Nicolle Parsons
 [03/05 8:39:34AM] Dusty blue, 2XL

Flow with it
Valarie alliet
 [03/05 8:33:08AM] Dusty olive large

Sun’s Out, Guns out
Megan Bulford
 [03/05 8:31:48AM] L, Dusty Brick

Ticket to the gun show, sheet to street, perfect comfort, all day every day, just say yes, keeping it cute, country meets city
 [03/05 8:31:43AM] Lg dusty black

She's Like the Wind
Natalie McLaughlin
 [03/05 8:29:44AM] Dusty Black, large

Flowin down the street, easy breezy tee
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/05 8:29:12AM] Xs dusty olive

Captivate Tee
Stacy Cockrell
 [03/05 8:29:07AM] Dusty black M

Why Cap the Flow tee
 [03/05 8:28:54AM] Brick. XL

Muscle Flow Tee
Stacey Garton
 [03/05 8:28:14AM] Dusty Black small

Free your mind
Christina Santos
 [03/05 8:28:10AM] Black & small

A stitch above
Alycia Reynolds
 [03/05 8:27:46AM] Lrg, dusty olive

Free Flowin'
Emily Lee
 [03/05 8:27:43AM] Dusty blue L

Show your Muscle Tee
Stacey Garton
 [03/05 8:27:25AM] Dusty Black small

Go with the flow
Tammy Lee Hauser
 [03/05 8:27:21AM] Navy, Medium

Flowing into spring
Sarah Berting
 [03/05 8:26:31AM] Green small

Cap Those Muscles Tee
Stacey Garton
 [03/05 8:26:01AM] Dusty black small

Breezy Street, flowin away Tee, flowing for you tee, Easy Breezy Tee,
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/05 8:25:16AM] Xs dusty olive

Fun and fancy Free
Kayla Patten
 [03/05 8:25:00AM] Small pink

Dusty Flow Tee
Teisha Asselin
 [03/05 8:24:37AM] Dusty Olive Small

Keep the flow T
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [03/05 8:24:07AM] Dusty Olive Size Small

Soft and flowy
Stephanie adkins
 [03/05 8:23:33AM] Dusty brick xl

Breezy Beach Tee
Natasha Usher-Hameluck
 [03/05 8:23:09AM] Dusty Blue in large

Go With The Flow Top
Teisha Asselin
 [03/05 8:23:06AM] Dusty Olive Small

Feel the Flow Top
Teisha Asselin
 [03/05 8:22:46AM] Dusty Olive Small

Mainstream Tee
Nikki weightman
 [03/05 8:22:15AM] Dusty brick xs

City girl tshirt
Tara Nestman
 [03/05 8:21:13AM] 2xl olive

Flow with the Go Tee
Nikki weightman
 [03/05 8:21:04AM] Dusty brick xs

Beach Dayz Top, Lazy Dayz Tank, Good Vibrations Top
Michelle Vea
 [03/05 8:19:46AM] Dusty Olive M

Cap it T-shirt
Kim Tooley
 [03/05 8:19:38AM] Dusty Olive 2x

Follow the flow
Kelly Robertson
 [03/05 8:19:23AM] Dusty Blue M

Flow my way tee.
Nicole Doucet
 [03/05 8:19:21AM] XL, dusty black

Flo-at Away Tee
Amber MacEachern
 [03/05 8:19:03AM] Dusty Olive 2XL

Go with the flow tee
Denine Richard
 [03/05 8:18:39AM] 3x dusty olive

Gone With the Wind Tee
Gagan Gill
 [03/05 8:18:23AM] Dusty olive small

Around the block tee
Morgan Harrison
 [03/05 8:18:16AM] Dusty blue size Medium

Flow with it
Kimberley Templer
 [03/05 8:18:00AM] Dusty Brick medium

Pitch Perfect Tee
Kelly Gallagher
 [03/05 8:17:39AM] Xs dusty blue

The Emma Tee
Kristal McCoy
 [03/05 8:17:22AM] Dusty black xl

Flow with the breeze tees
Chelsey duffenais
 [03/05 8:17:11AM] Green size xs

Just Flow with it!
Nicole Doucet
 [03/05 8:17:00AM] XL, dusty black

Flow Natural Tee
Trisha Tahouney
 [03/05 8:16:47AM] Medium

Pitch Perfect Tee
Kelly Gallagher
 [03/05 8:16:44AM] Xs dusty blue

Flow off your Beauty
Tesa Steinke
 [03/05 8:16:15AM] Blue XL

Cozy casual Tee
Allison Blair
 [03/05 8:15:44AM] XL dusty brick

Flowing places tee, Steady as she Flows tee, Even Flow Tee
 [03/05 8:15:36AM] Dusty Black XL

Just a Tees
Catia Dias
 [03/05 8:15:33AM] Dusty Olive

Grow with the flow tees
Chelsey duffenais
 [03/05 8:15:29AM] Green size xs

Flow Off your Style Tee
Tesa Steinke
 [03/05 8:15:16AM] Blue XL

One of every colour please
Brielle Hwalstad
 [03/05 8:14:45AM] Dusty Olive & XS

Just flow with it tee
Chelsey duffenais
 [03/05 8:14:13AM] Green size xs

Buy all the colours tee
Brielle Hwalstad
 [03/05 8:13:30AM] Dusty Olive & XS

Ebb and Flow Tee
Monica Dion
 [03/05 8:13:28AM] Brick small

Cap it off
Natasha Flanagan
 [03/05 8:13:25AM] Dust rose 3XL

Flow my Way Tee
Kaylee Moerman
 [03/05 8:13:20AM] Dusty Brick 2XL

Take me home tee
Melissa Goldie
 [03/05 8:13:06AM] Grey xl

Cap-tee-vating shirt
Janice Robinson
 [03/05 8:12:59AM] Dusty Blue xl

Bust a curve
Melony Moeller
 [03/05 8:12:52AM] Dusty blue XL

Cap it to me Tee
Kristy Stebbings
 [03/05 8:12:37AM] XL Dusty Black

Flattering Flow Tee
Tesa Steinke
 [03/05 8:12:27AM] Olive XL

Summer breeze, Spring Fling Tee, Lake Shore Top
Katie Jones
 [03/05 8:12:08AM] Large

Seams of the T-(Shirt)Tank
Brandi Shies
 [03/05 8:11:23AM] Dusty Brick - Medium

Flow Sure Tee
Tesa Steinke
 [03/05 8:10:53AM] Olive XL

One in Every Colour Please
Brielle Hwalstad
 [03/05 8:10:51AM] Dusty Olive & XS

Go with the flow
Shanna Keen
 [03/05 8:10:23AM] Dusty black XL

Ebb & Flow Tee
Tesa Steinke
 [03/05 8:10:06AM] Blue XL

Not Your Basic Tee; Summer Vibes Tee; Beachin’ Tee; Free Flowing Tee
Haley Boland
 [03/05 8:10:05AM] Black, size XL please

Street Smart Tee
Pamela Leitch
 [03/05 8:09:52AM] Dusty Black size L

Gone with the Wind
Marlee Huebner
 [03/05 8:09:46AM] Dusty Olive XL

Fabulously flowy
Lois Dyck
 [03/05 8:09:27AM] Dusty blue medium

Go with the flow tee
Chelsey duffenais
 [03/05 8:09:09AM] Green and size xs

Go with the flow!
Maria Finnegan
 [03/05 8:09:02AM] Dusty olive

Full of flow
Lois Dyck
 [03/05 8:08:41AM] Dusty brick medium

Let Love in Tee
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/05 8:08:13AM] XL black

Go with the Flow tee, Go To Tee
Angela Smiley
 [03/05 8:07:49AM] Dusty Black XL

Take Me To Miami Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [03/05 8:07:29AM] Xs dusty blue

Follow me home
Lois Dyck
 [03/05 8:07:10AM] Dusty brick, medium

Flow-Rida Tee
Tamara Morrison
 [03/05 8:06:45AM] Blue 3x

Go with the flow top
Nikki Weightman
 [03/05 8:06:20AM] Dusty brick, xs

Flow My Mind T Shirt.
Tamara Morrison
 [03/05 8:06:05AM] Blue 3x

Flow with me Tee
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/05 8:05:55AM] Black XL

Go With the Flow Tee
Natasha Veerkamp
 [03/05 8:05:19AM] Dusty Black xl

Flir-Tee Shirt
Tamara Morrison
 [03/05 8:05:08AM] Blue 3x

Wear me knot tee
Kelsy Cadeau
 [03/05 8:04:59AM] Green large

Flow on by
Amber Kolkman
 [03/05 8:04:39AM] Olive, Large

Firt-Tee Shirt
Tamara Morrison
 [03/05 8:04:33AM] Dusty Blue 3x

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