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Hooded Denim Jacket
March 12, 2021

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Total of 1,271 Entries
Congratulations to Amy Salikin, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Up North Denim Jacket!

Denim & Style
Sophie Speer
 [03/14 9:08:21AM] Med, grey & med blue denim

Got your back denim
Cara bubnick
 [03/14 9:03:58AM] Grey XL

Soft "n Sexy
Shelley Smit
 [03/14 9:00:18AM] large

Cozy blues, cozy in blue, soft in denim
Sandra Carter
 [03/14 8:59:04AM] Small gray

Sleeveless in Seattle
Shelley Smit
 [03/14 8:58:45AM] large

Hoody Begone
Shelley Smit
 [03/14 8:58:04AM] large

In the Hood Out of the Hood
Shelley Smit
 [03/14 8:57:20AM] large

Cozy fleece denim jacket
Wendi Smith
 [03/14 8:54:52AM] Black - L

In the Hood
Deanna Bucholtz
 [03/14 8:52:23AM] Black / Small

Sweet and cozy denim hoodie
Melissa Bongalis
 [03/14 8:52:04AM] Grey and medium blue, Large

The spring break denim
Marley Riddell
 [03/14 8:51:51AM] Small black and dark denim

Spring Fling Denim Jacket
Valerie Paulson
 [03/14 8:43:28AM] Size 15

Denim was made for Spring
Denise Taylor
 [03/14 8:43:23AM] M - medium blue with Grey

Style anywhere jacket
Toni Dawson
 [03/14 8:42:59AM] Blue XL

Spring Forward
Nancy Zamborsky
 [03/14 8:37:46AM] Darker Denim

Hoodwinked Denim Jacket
Breanne Ballinger
 [03/14 8:32:18AM] Medium, black & dark blue denim

The Vest Denim Jacket, Vest to Impress, Vest wannabe Jacket, Vest to meet you denim jacket
Angela De Fraine
 [03/14 8:31:01AM] Grey and medium Blue size Small

Denim me up
Tania Moore
 [03/14 8:29:52AM] Black and dark blue denim. Size large

Ole country charm hooded denim jacket
Tania Moore
 [03/14 8:27:30AM] Black and dark blue. Size large.

Spring Bloom Denim Jacket
Annik Sigouin
 [03/14 8:26:04AM] Dark denim, size medium

Spring Denim Bloom Jacket
Annik Sigouin
 [03/14 8:24:13AM] Dark blue, size medium

“On the Fly” denim jacket
Melissa Nollski
 [03/14 8:23:22AM] 3xl-black & dark blue denim

Up North denim jacket
Amanda Treasure
 [03/14 8:21:47AM] Dark blue large

The Martine Jacket
Martine Tasse
 [03/14 8:21:37AM] Black L

Denim for Days
Jessie Kirkbride
 [03/14 8:18:09AM] Dark Blue small

Hood I Stay Or Hood I Go?
Pamela Kraik
 [03/14 8:17:20AM] Grey and medium blue denim. Small

Come together jean jacket
Shauna Brady
 [03/14 8:15:19AM] Medium black and dark Jean

Karen Gillingham
 [03/14 8:12:53AM] Black. Medium

Spring Ahead Denim Jacket
Paula Bass
 [03/14 8:01:27AM] 2xl grey and medium blue

Hoodwink beauty
Mary Ramsay
 [03/14 7:43:06AM] Xlg light blue and white sleeves

The Weekender
Tanya Lee Godin
 [03/14 6:51:56AM] Black and Dark Blue 2xl

Forever Blue, Forever young
Holly Erb
 [03/14 5:26:03AM] Dark blue denim, size Medium

The Jean of Hearts Jacket
Selinda Lye
 [03/14 5:20:35AM] Black and dark blue 2xl

Field of Jeans Jacket, Jeans Come True Denim Jacket, Denim Dreams Jacket, Denim Boss Jacket, Sweet Jeans Jacket, Yas Queen Jean Jacket,
Selinda Lye
 [03/14 5:20:18AM] Black and dark blue 2xl

On a stroll Jacket
Kelly Gallagher
 [03/14 5:11:40AM] Xs dark medium blue

Up North Denim Jacket
Selinda Lye
 [03/14 5:00:27AM] Black and dark blue 2xl

Casual Freydays
Shelley Smit
 [03/14 4:57:28AM] Large

Casual Fridays
Shelley Smit
 [03/14 4:56:48AM] Large

Everyday Jeanious Jacket, Hooded Jeanious Jacket, Jeansational Jacket, All about that Hood Jacket
Selinda Lye
 [03/14 4:55:38AM] Black and dark blue 2xl

No Rest for the vest
Darlene Ashby
 [03/14 1:20:05AM] Grey & medium blue 2xl

Colleen M Yakemchuk
 [03/14 12:12:43AM] Size l dark denim

Hoodwinked Denim
Daniela Savio
 [03/13 11:50:32PM] Black & dark blue XL

Spring Forward Denim Jacket, Northern Comfort Denim Jacket, Come Together Denim Jacket
Christine Riddell
 [03/13 10:50:44PM] Small, Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Hooded Jean-ious Jacket, Blue Jean Baby Jacket, Jeanie in a Hoodie Jacket,
Christine Riddell
 [03/13 10:25:25PM] Small, Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Too cool for school jacket
Alyssa Quick
 [03/13 10:17:24PM] Black, large

Opposites Attract Denim Jacket, Distressed to be Comfy Denim Jacket
Christine Riddell
 [03/13 10:11:42PM] Small, Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Up North Denim Jacket, Too Cozy Denim Jacket, Comfy Cozy Denim Jacket
Christine Riddell
 [03/13 10:00:52PM] Small, Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Sweet as Honey Fleece Denim Jacket
Tracy Dubois
 [03/13 9:38:43PM] Dark denim and black XL

Casual Days Distressed Denim Jacket, Hello Spring Denim Jacket, Classy Casual Distressed Denim Jacket
Tracy Dubois
 [03/13 9:28:14PM] Dark denim and black XL

Kindred Spirit jacket
Katherine Hay
 [03/13 9:27:37PM] Medium grey and light blue

Bringing It Back Jean Jacket
Wendy Irving
 [03/13 9:25:44PM] Grey and Medium Blue Denim Large

Match made in Heaven jacket
Katherine Hay
 [03/13 9:22:34PM] Medium grey and light blue

Hoisin’ Out Denim Jacket
Angela Durakovic
 [03/13 9:20:43PM] Black M

Better with a sweater, sweaters are sweeter, putting the hood back in hoodie,
Char Joy
 [03/13 9:12:04PM] Xl medium blue denim

Dibs on denim
Char Joy
 [03/13 9:07:40PM] Xl medium blue denim

“Layer of Love Denim hoodie”, “Varsity Jean hoodie”, “90s calling jean jacket”, “Breakfast Clubjacket”, “I Dream of Jean hoodie”, “Outsider Denim hoodie “, “Cozy up vest”
Julie Anne Hilton
 [03/13 8:56:15PM] Black & dark blue denim 1Xl

Best in the vest
Char Joy
 [03/13 8:49:21PM] Xl medium blue denim

Dreaming of Demin
Char Joy
 [03/13 8:41:23PM] Xl

Forever in blue Jean,
Jenn Moyer
 [03/13 8:40:23PM] 3xl

Hooded Jean-ious, Blue Jean Baby Hoodie, Spring Ahead Jacket
Christine Riddell
 [03/13 8:38:26PM] Small, Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Weekend Vibe jacket
Nicole Ressler
 [03/13 8:34:57PM] Medium dark blue and black

Hit the trail mix jacket
Katherine Hay
 [03/13 8:30:01PM] Medium grey and light blue

Denim Day
Judy Hruska
 [03/13 8:26:10PM] Blue. 16/XL

Girls in the Hood; Hooded Glory; Teenage Dreams; Detach & Relax; Detatch & Go
Yolanda Galambos
 [03/13 8:26:06PM] Black and dark blue XL

Arm and Hammer Denim Jacket, Live a Little Denim Hooded Jacket, Simply Spring Trimmed Hooded Jacket,
Jamie Ward
 [03/13 8:25:26PM] Med/Grey Medium pls

Reckless abandon jacket
Katherine Hay
 [03/13 8:23:25PM] medium, Grey and medium blue

Hoodwinked Denim Jacket
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [03/13 8:20:09PM] Grey & Light Blue, Size Large

Real Deal Denim Jacket
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [03/13 8:19:09PM] Dark Blue & Black, Size Large

InVESTment denim Jacket
Josee Boyer
 [03/13 8:17:23PM] Black & dark Denim, large please

Together At Last, Simply The Best
Laura Jefferson
 [03/13 8:11:11PM] Black & Dark Denim, Medium

Biker Babe
Ericka dougan
 [03/13 8:00:35PM] Black and dark L

Casual chic denim jacket
Sendi Gallo
 [03/13 7:58:00PM] Black and denim 1x

Double duty, double duty denim, transformation, back to basics, cut to it, not your daughters vest
Victoria Curran
 [03/13 7:52:13PM] Either in a Large

The Blue Place Denim Comfort, The Place of Comfort Blue Denim, Days and Evening Denim, Country Road Comfort Denim
Sarah May Bates
 [03/13 7:49:48PM] 1XL

The good ol’ days denim jacket
Amy Campbell
 [03/13 7:47:33PM] 2XL

Fleece To Me Denim Jacket
Janet George
 [03/13 7:47:21PM] Black and Dark Blue size M

Ol’ School Denim
Amy Campbell
 [03/13 7:45:58PM] 2XL

Southern Comfort Denim Jacket
Janet George
 [03/13 7:44:37PM] Black and Dark k Blue Denim Size M

The Hybrid
Amy Campbell
 [03/13 7:42:37PM] 2XL

Take me back demin jacket
Sarah blue
 [03/13 7:36:59PM] Black and dark. Xl

Distressed to Impress
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 7:14:32PM] Large

Blue Haze Hoodie, Sweater Weather Jacket, Jump for Joy Jacket, Jet Set Go Jacket, April 25th Light Jacket
Danielle Pettie
 [03/13 6:58:20PM] Size small, grey and medium blue

Lady boss
Daniela dimoski
 [03/13 6:39:08PM] Grey and medium denim, size medium

Diva in Denim
Barb Nadeau
 [03/13 6:34:48PM] Large Dark Denim

Around town denim jacket
Fiona Batte
 [03/13 6:28:15PM] Black and Denim size L

Spring Fling Denim Jacket
Marina Hall
 [03/13 6:27:27PM] Blue 2x

Double duty diva
Amanda clarke
 [03/13 6:20:51PM] Blue and grey one XL

Worn Out 2 Wear Out
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:15:12PM] Large

Never Worn Out
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:14:15PM] Large

Not Worn Out
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:13:50PM] Large

Rough Around the Edges; Northern Possibilities City Limits; Northern Comfort; Anything’s Possible
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/13 6:13:23PM] Black and dark blue; XL

A Freyed Denim
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:13:03PM] Large

A Freyed to Distress
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:11:07PM] Large

Not A Freyed
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:09:15PM] Large

A Freyed No More
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:08:47PM] Large

Denim Dreams; Spring It On; Denim Delight
Marley Cady
 [03/13 6:08:38PM] Dark blue denim 1xl

Keeping it denim
Marilyn Hector
 [03/13 6:08:02PM] Grey medium blue denim. XL

From the Hoody
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:55:08PM] Large

Sunset Dreams Denim Jacket
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [03/13 5:54:29PM] Black & Dark Blue, Size Large

Wear Me Out
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:53:39PM] Large

Day & Night Denim Jacket
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [03/13 5:53:11PM] Light Grey & Blue, Size Large

Comfy Classic Denim Jacket, Comfort meets Classic Denim Jacket, True Comfort Denim Jacket
Suzanne Pollard
 [03/13 5:52:52PM] Bkack with Dark denim Size XL

Summer Dreamin’ Denim Jacket
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [03/13 5:51:38PM] Dark Blue & Black, Size Large

Distressed is Best
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:50:20PM] Large

Look'n Best in Distressed
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:49:31PM] Large

Up North Denim Jacket, Smooth Move Denim Jacket, The Right Stuff Denim Jacket, All The Way Denim Jacket,
Amber-Lee Case
 [03/13 5:48:05PM] Dark small

It’s in the hood denim jacket
Annick Nadeau
 [03/13 5:42:11PM] Black small

Cooler than Cool
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:41:01PM] Large

Denim Courage Jacket, Welcome to the NeighbourHood Denim Jacket, Denim Delight Hooded Jacket, TGIF Denim Jacket, Casual Friday Jacket,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [03/13 5:38:53PM] Grey and medium blue, Small

Jersey girl denim jacket
Yvonne Stewart
 [03/13 5:32:25PM] Black and denim

You fancy jacket
 [03/13 5:31:57PM] Black medium

Trucker joe
Shannon McGowan
 [03/13 5:28:14PM] Dark 2xl

Spring Forward
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:24:22PM] Large

Double the Pleasure
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:20:51PM] Large

Heading Down South
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 5:20:02PM] Large

Hoodlum unwinding Denim
Shannon Burr
 [03/13 5:05:54PM] L & white

Unwinding Hoodlum Denim Jacket
Shannon Burr
 [03/13 5:04:42PM] L white

Denim Nights
Barbara Kennedy
 [03/13 4:58:43PM] Large Dark Denim

Casual Cutie Denim Jacket
Jennifer Power
 [03/13 4:57:39PM] Dark Blue and Black XL

Hug it out
Trish thompson
 [03/13 4:55:39PM] Grey 2xl

Casual Denim Dreamin' Jacket
Renee Archibald
 [03/13 4:48:30PM] Black & Dk Blue- L

Around the Hood
Renee Archibald
 [03/13 4:35:39PM] Black & Dk Blue- L

Double Duty Denim jacket, Feeling Fine in the Summer Time jacket, Denim Duo jacket
Janine Saastad
 [03/13 4:29:14PM] Gray and medium blue 2xl

Trucker girl hooded denim jacket
Krista Crawford
 [03/13 4:28:46PM] Medium dark blue denim

Trucker girl hooded denim jacket
Krista Crawford
 [03/13 4:25:20PM] Medium dark blue denim

Trucker girl hooded denim jacket
Krista Crawford
 [03/13 4:24:14PM] Medium dark blue denim

Casual vibes
Bonnie Ivey
 [03/13 4:19:05PM] Small

Stepping Out; Northern Comfort; Country Comfort
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/13 4:18:25PM] Black and dark blue, large

Grab it and go!
Melissa crawford
 [03/13 4:12:58PM] Black lg

City Limits ; Roundabout,
Melanie Gallo Proulx
 [03/13 4:12:14PM] Black and Dark blue, large

Melissa Thompson
 [03/13 4:10:52PM] Light blue medium

Hoodin' North Denim Jacket
Amy Salikin
 [03/13 4:08:41PM] Grey, Large

Snuggle me blue
Shelly Rowsell
 [03/13 4:07:47PM] Light blue and XL

This & That, Effortless Adventure, Always Effortless, Walk the Line, Carefree Adventure, Natural Vibes
Laura Jefferson
 [03/13 4:05:11PM] Black & Dark Blue, Size medium

Stepping into spring jacket
Crystal Mackie
 [03/13 3:56:43PM] Small grey

Fleece and Fancy Jean Jacket
Carolyn Ferguson
 [03/13 3:51:17PM] Black and dark blue - large

Cheer up fleecy Jean jacket
Carolyn Ferguson
 [03/13 3:48:26PM] Black and dark blue - large

North of the Border
Elizabeth Harriman
 [03/13 3:38:25PM] XL

Backstreets Trucker Jacket
Maggie LeClair
 [03/13 3:37:31PM] Black 2XL

The OG Shacket
Shelby Sheehan
 [03/13 3:37:10PM] Grey and Medium

Vest wishes jacket
Maggie LeClair
 [03/13 3:36:23PM] Black 2XL

Billie Jean jacket
Amanda Tymchuk
 [03/13 3:33:59PM] Black M

Vest wishes jacket
Maggie LeClair
 [03/13 3:33:46PM] Black 2XL

Denim Philosophy Jacket, Tried and True Denim Jacket
Vanessa Engel
 [03/13 3:30:13PM] small, grey and medium blue denim

Northern Ride Denim
Nicole Parsons
 [03/13 3:23:23PM] 1x Black and Dark Blue Denim

True North Denim Jacket
Kym Readman
 [03/13 3:18:49PM] Grey & Medium Denim Blue size XL

You had me at Denim; you complete me hooded denim jacket, hoodwinked for denim, denim madness hooded jacket
Gena Amalia
 [03/13 3:18:12PM] Black and dark blue , large

From the Hood E Down South
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 3:15:56PM] med or lrg (I'd have to check with my Rep)

Hoodie and the jean vest, Sisterhood jean vest, to hood or not to hood, Hoodless in Vancouver, Hoodless in Halifax, Unhood of Jean Vest
Jenn Dilfer
 [03/13 3:14:37PM] 1xl either colour!

Down with the Denim jacket
Elizabeth Currie
 [03/13 3:10:22PM] Grey & medium blue denim, size XL

Denim Diversity
Cindy Isaac
 [03/13 2:51:14PM] Dark blue; XL

Convertible Cruiser
Cindy Isaac
 [03/13 2:50:13PM] Dark blue; XL

Dyn duo den jacket
Amanda grant
 [03/13 2:38:32PM] Med black

Dynamic duo
Rosa Anne Howell
 [03/13 2:24:01PM] Light blue & grey so med

Ahood for deniman
Shelley Benson
 [03/13 2:22:50PM] Large black

Jersey Girl Denim Jacket
Mary Lou Finnegan
 [03/13 2:17:31PM] Dark denim 3X

Dreaming of denim
Lois Dyck
 [03/13 2:14:44PM] Dark large

Up North Denim Jacket ; All about the hood Denim Jacket ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [03/13 2:12:49PM] Black and dark blue denim ; XS

You Hood Me denim jacket ; You hood me at hello denim jacket ; Canadian dreamin’ Denim jacket ; Girl gang denim jacket ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [03/13 2:08:43PM] Black and dark blue denim XS

Street Smart Jacket
Maria Finnegan
 [03/13 2:04:20PM] Dark denim small

Hood to go Denim Jacket
Daphne Sali
 [03/13 2:02:27PM] Black 2X

Always Ready Jacket
Janine Marsh
 [03/13 2:02:05PM] Grey, small

In the Hood Denim Jacket, Beauty in the Hood Denim Jacket
Natasha Szpakowski
 [03/13 1:51:44PM] Black and dark denim 2XL

Sunny Solace
Miriam Tschetter
 [03/13 1:36:08PM] 2xl

Just call me denim jersey
Tania blackburn
 [03/13 12:59:02PM] Dark denim 2xl

Down South hooded denim jacket
Tania Blackburn
 [03/13 12:57:56PM] Dark denim 2xl

Down South Hooded Jersey
Tania Blackburn
 [03/13 12:56:57PM] Dark denim 2xl

Four season denim jersey
Tania Blackburn
 [03/13 12:54:56PM] Dark denim 2xl

Happy go lucky
Tania blackburn
 [03/13 12:50:21PM] Dark denim 2XL

Happy Denim
Tania Blackburn
 [03/13 12:49:35PM] Dark denim 2XL

Comfort on the go denim jacket
Michele Tiegen
 [03/13 12:47:56PM] Grey Medium

Country Girls Love Denim Jacket
Carole Green
 [03/13 12:46:30PM] 2XL. Black and dark blue denim Jacket

Rocking the weekend jacket denim jacket
Michele Tiegen
 [03/13 12:45:23PM] Grey Medium

Hug Me Denim Jacket
Tracy Green
 [03/13 12:36:27PM] Black size 2xl

Country Girl Denim jacket
Carole Green
 [03/13 12:28:58PM] 2XL. Dark black and denim

Throw It Back Denim Jacket
Shauna Yellowega
 [03/13 12:26:25PM] Black and dark blue XL

The Everything Jacket
Leslie Lahd
 [03/13 12:26:00PM] Grey & Medium blue in Large

Throw It Back Denim Jacket
Shauna Yellowega
 [03/13 12:25:34PM] Black and dark blue XL

Down to Go
Leslie Lahd
 [03/13 12:23:43PM] Black & Dark in Large

Hoodin’ for Denim
Celeste Kallis
 [03/13 11:55:05AM] Light size M

Hooded Denim Jacket
Geraldine Bob
 [03/13 11:50:43AM] XL

Hooded Denim Jacket
Geraldine Bob
 [03/13 11:49:30AM] XL

Coastal Kiss Denim Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:43:37AM] L black & dark blue

Street warrior Jean jacket
Angela Waddell
 [03/13 11:40:40AM] Black/dark denim 2XL

Day to night Denim Jacket; Double time Denim Jacket; Checking in Denim Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:39:49AM] L black & dark blue

Strollin' in style
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 11:39:30AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim L

Up North Denim Jacket
Leeane Harvey
 [03/13 11:39:10AM] 2XL & light

Uptown Funk jacket
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 11:37:55AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim L

Hangin' tough
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 11:37:14AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim L

Four Season Denim Jacket
Kym Readman
 [03/13 11:36:52AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim size XL

I may look tough but I am soft at the sleeves
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 11:36:38AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim L

Cruising Denim Jacket; Dowtown Denim Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:36:01AM] L black & dark blue

Fleecy but tough jacket
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 11:35:35AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim L

soft and structured
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 11:35:12AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim L

Rockin' it old school
Ashlie McBryan
 [03/13 11:34:34AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim L

Westcoast Walk Denim Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:32:46AM] L black & dark blue

Westcoast Denim Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:32:05AM] L black & dark blue

For The North Denim
Kym Readman
 [03/13 11:32:04AM] Grey & Mediun Denim Blue size XL

Double time Denim Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:31:07AM] L black & dark blue

Cozy Hybrid, blended threads denim sweater jacket, crossblended comfort denim sweater jacket
Aja Balchand
 [03/13 11:30:22AM] Light medium

Take a walk Denim Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:29:47AM] XL black & dark blue

Lissa Ricci
 [03/13 11:29:36AM] M....grey and denim

Rip shore jacket
Christina Maddocks
 [03/13 11:29:02AM] Dark blue XL

Rock The Block
Kym Readman
 [03/13 11:28:07AM] Grey & Medium Denim Blue size XL

City Spring Jacket; De-stress weekend jacket; Kickin' it Jacket
Vayia Platko
 [03/13 11:28:03AM] XL black & dark blue

The Mshoody. or. MissHoody.
Lissa Ricci
 [03/13 11:27:31AM] M ..grey and denim

The Mshoody. or. MissHoody.
Lissa Ricci
 [03/13 11:24:52AM] M ..grey and denim

Seize the Day Denim Jacket
Heather Boone
 [03/13 11:21:40AM] Grey and medium blue denim size medium

Daring and dynamic Denim Jacket
 [03/13 11:05:11AM] black and dark blue denim size: L

Cool country denim
Madonna easton
 [03/13 11:01:23AM] Black and dark blue, 3xl

Denim on the go
Lorea horner
 [03/13 10:59:54AM] Dark denim

Grab and go denim
Lorea Horner
 [03/13 10:56:27AM] Dark d

Love me some denim hoody
Marilyn Crawford
 [03/13 10:54:50AM] Black small

Northern Dreams Denim Jacket, Soft as Clouds Jean Jacket
Amanda Sawchuk
 [03/13 10:43:37AM] Black and Dark blue Jacket Medium

Comfort Casual - Business Casual - Soft Arms - soft lengths - The Flean - Fleece First - Mullet (business in front, comfort on sides) - Comfy Cass - Fuzzy Arms -
Brenda Macintyre
 [03/13 10:42:56AM] Black XL

Rockin the hood
Fenna Poelzer
 [03/13 10:42:14AM] XL, Grey

invested denim jacket
Amanda Sawchuk
 [03/13 10:36:44AM] Black and Dark blue Jacket Medium

Weekend Rocker
Cali Wiersma
 [03/13 10:26:52AM] 2xl, Dark Denim

Up North Denim Jacket
Dat Charles
 [03/13 10:22:25AM] Dark blue - 1X

Spring denim look
Sonya Boyer
 [03/13 10:14:42AM] Dark blue in size XL

Ready Set Go Hooded Denim Jacket
Leah Friesen
 [03/13 10:08:57AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Free feeling hooded denim jacket
Anna Young
 [03/13 10:08:27AM] 2xl dark denim

Heading South Hooded Denim
Leah Friesen
 [03/13 10:00:51AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim 2XL

Feeling Fresh Hooded Denim Jacket
Leah Friesen
 [03/13 9:59:17AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim 2XL

Spring Fray
 [03/13 9:57:31AM] Dark denim 2x

Up North Denim Jacket
Aleina Harrower
 [03/13 9:43:15AM] Light denim. Large.

Cross beauty jacket
Krystal Chabot
 [03/13 9:39:01AM] 2xl

Cross beauty jacket
Krystal Chabot
 [03/13 9:38:14AM] 2xl

Weekend Warrior Denim Jacket
Nicole Antrim
 [03/13 9:34:10AM] Black Dark Denim & small

Hoodwinked Jean Jacket
Nicole Antrim
 [03/13 9:31:50AM] Medium Dark Blue & Small

Cozy Jeaner
Jennifer Schrage
 [03/13 9:27:52AM] Black XL

In Da Hood, Hoodwinked, Spring in Your Step, Step into Spring, Hood Ornament
Jennifer Smith
 [03/13 9:27:30AM] Black, small

Cozy Jeanne, The Canadian Way, The Go To, Why Not Both, Show Stopper
Jennifer Schrage
 [03/13 9:27:18AM] Black XL

Cozy Denim Jacket, Walk This Way Jacket, Hometown Jacket
Paula Potts
 [03/13 9:21:32AM] Grey large

Denim Delight
Angela Branchaud
 [03/13 9:18:11AM] Grey and Medium Blue, 2X

Hometown Jacket, Walk This Way Jacket, Cozy Denim Jacket
Paula Potts
 [03/13 9:14:15AM] Grey size large

To hood or not to hood jacket ; hood me or not jacket ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [03/13 9:11:28AM] XS black and dark blue denim

Femme Fatale Moto Jacket
Ashley Wright
 [03/13 9:07:46AM] Light denim/grey. Medium

Comfy Colab
Jodi Maclean
 [03/13 9:07:36AM] Black/dark blue. Large

Distressed Moto Jacket
Ashley Wright
 [03/13 9:02:08AM] Light denim/grey sleeve

Sassy-Classy-Denim Love
Christin Pohland
 [03/13 9:00:33AM] Black xl

On the Straight n' Arrow Hooded Jacket
Jodie Cooper
 [03/13 8:59:42AM] Black & Dark Denim - 2XL

The Weekender hoodie
Connie traa
 [03/13 8:52:57AM] Black& dark blue denim size xl

Sweet Southern Vibes Hooded Denim Jacket
Tania Moore
 [03/13 8:51:57AM] Black and dark blue denim size large

Nadine Bennett
 [03/13 8:50:28AM] Dark denim xl

Sweet Denim Vibes Hooded Jacket
Tania Moore
 [03/13 8:50:08AM] Black and dark blue denim size large

Nadine Bennett
 [03/13 8:49:30AM] Dark denim xl

Timeless must have jacket
Josephine Goosney
 [03/13 8:46:18AM] Black and dark blue XL

Getting Down with Denim Jacket, I dream of Jean Jacket, Denim Dream Jacket,
Angeline McCormick
 [03/13 8:45:47AM] Grey & Medium Blue 2XL

Suburban day dream denim
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/13 8:42:32AM] Medium dark and black

Game Day Jacket
Jessica Hilton-Mcpherson
 [03/13 8:39:50AM] Black and dark blue size Large

Hoodwinked in Denim
Erin watson
 [03/13 8:38:19AM] Xs black

Take me to the city denim
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/13 8:36:54AM] Medium dark and black

Suburban street denim
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/13 8:35:59AM] Medium black and dark

Dirt roads and denim days
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/13 8:35:17AM] Medium black and dark

Business as usual dream denim
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/13 8:34:16AM] Medium black and dark

Downtown denim
Laurie Colhoun
 [03/13 8:33:12AM] Medium black and dark blue

Going Places
Ashleu Johnson
 [03/13 8:30:19AM] 1X - black and dark blue denim

In my element jacket
Josephine Goosney
 [03/13 8:28:28AM] Black and dark blue XL

Denim Dreams
Ashley Warkentin
 [03/13 8:27:49AM] Light denim size 1XL

Cozy Up Denim Jacket or To Hood or Not Jacket
Sara Lawson
 [03/13 8:27:20AM] Grey & Medium Blue in Small

Ashley Warkentin
 [03/13 8:27:09AM] Light denim size 1XL

Dreaming of denim
Lyndsey Baker
 [03/13 8:25:54AM] Black large

Jeans is life Jacket
Danyele St-Amour
 [03/13 8:13:10AM] Black & Dark blue / 1X

The Jeanie!!! (Hoodie and Jean Jacket combined)
Karie Turton
 [03/13 8:04:59AM] Grey and Medium Blue Denim Size M

Lookin Good in the Hood
Scarlet A Dawson
 [03/13 8:04:26AM] Black and Dark Blue XL

Ellie-Jean Jacket
Arlana Dujlovic
 [03/13 8:03:21AM] Grey & Medium

Divine Denim
Laurey Milligan
 [03/13 8:02:44AM] Grey & Medium blue, size L

True denim love
Karen mccarville
 [03/13 8:01:18AM] Black and 1xl

Under The Hood Denim Jacket
Kristi Charlie
 [03/13 8:00:25AM] XS black and dark blue

Hooded Jean Love
Candice Toms
 [03/13 8:00:15AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim - Medium

Jeanie in a bottle
Barbara Kenendy
 [03/13 7:59:57AM] L light denim

Jeanine jacket
Krista Perlstrom
 [03/13 7:53:40AM] Black large

Weekend Stroll Denim Jacket
Melinda Elgot
 [03/13 7:53:23AM] Grey and Medium Blue XL

Rocket Denim Jacket
Mary-Lou Eddy
 [03/13 7:51:09AM] Gray & Medium Blue large

Full throttle spring love jacket
Kristin joelle sellers
 [03/13 7:46:38AM] Small dark blue

Kick back denim jacket
Teresa Townson
 [03/13 7:44:27AM] Black and dark blue XL

Full throttle Betty jacket
Kristin joelle sellers
 [03/13 7:43:17AM] Small dark blue

Foot loose and free demin hoodie
Catherine Bojda
 [03/13 7:43:06AM] Black and dark blue size M

Denim dream jacket
Teresa Townson
 [03/13 7:42:09AM] Black and dark blue XL

Live your way //. Best self
Julie Odia
 [03/13 7:34:45AM] S grey

Lazy day
Julie Odia
 [03/13 7:33:25AM] S black

Hooded Envy jacket
Erin Lipiec
 [03/13 7:26:51AM] Black,S

Die4me denim
Nicole A Masich
 [03/13 7:14:33AM] Blue , xl

Get down and comfy denim jacket
Kristy Bohnet
 [03/13 7:13:37AM] Black and dark blue medium

Denim Days Ahead
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [03/13 7:09:16AM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim, Size Large

Back 40 denim jacket
Corissa Arduini
 [03/13 7:08:58AM] Black& dark blue denim

Doing Denim Right Jacket
Erin Shantz
 [03/13 7:07:52AM] Medium, dark denim

Back 40 jacket
Corissa Arduini
 [03/13 7:05:21AM] Black& dark blue denim

Denim down jacket;
Gillian Ouellette
 [03/13 6:58:20AM] Grey in large

In Vested in Denim
Shelley Smit
 [03/13 6:58:07AM] med or lrg (I'd have to check with my Rep)

Back to the Hoodie
Tiffany Janzen
 [03/13 6:52:38AM] black, 3XL

Distressed to impress
Erika pinder
 [03/13 6:48:59AM] Black large

Raw edge
paula Breitkreuz
 [03/13 6:42:34AM] Xxl black

Bunny Hug Denim
Barb Stubbs
 [03/13 6:37:09AM] Size xl, grey and medium blue denim

Hoodwinked!, Not Your Average Hoodie, Down South Hoodie, Denim and Fleece Delight, Denim Dreams Hoodie, Fleece Sleeved Denim Dream
Tara Kennedy
 [03/13 6:36:46AM] Black & Dark Blue Denim & Large

Denim Sweatshirt for Spring
Anna MacEachern
 [03/13 6:26:44AM] Black and Dark Blue Denim Large

Not Your 80’s Denim
Melissa Thom
 [03/13 6:25:22AM] Dark denim, size large

Invested blues , denim heaven, cozy nights
Linda Barkley
 [03/13 6:20:05AM] Dark blue and black size 1 xl

Comfy Cozy Denim Jacket , In Denim we Trust Javket, Live Free Denim Jacket, Breathe Easy Denim Jacket,
Lisa Noonan
 [03/13 6:19:41AM] Black 3XL

Takin a stroll in my denim jacket
Marissa Takacs
 [03/13 6:13:33AM] Black and dark blue denim

Fits like a glove denim jacket
Marissa Takacs
 [03/13 6:12:35AM] Black and dark blue denim

Up North
Sophia Frey
 [03/13 6:12:27AM] Dark blue denim size large

Attach or detach denim jacket
Marissa Takacs
 [03/13 6:10:33AM] Black and dark blue denim

Up North Denim Jacket
Katie Dolan
 [03/13 6:09:55AM] Dark denim and black, medium

Hoodwinked Denim
Kristina Sarafincian
 [03/13 6:09:07AM] Black and dark blue medium

Up North Denim Jacket
Katie Dolan
 [03/13 6:08:33AM] Dark denim and black, medium

Up North Denim Jacket
Katie Dolan
 [03/13 6:07:54AM] Dark denim and black, medium

Cozy sleeve denim jacket
Marissa Takacs
 [03/13 6:06:44AM] Black and dark blue denim

Keepin’ it casual denim
Marissa Takacs
 [03/13 6:05:37AM] Black and dark blue denim

Urban Dreams
Rolanda Morrow
 [03/13 6:04:56AM] Black (L)

Anytime Denim ,
Janet Taylor
 [03/13 6:02:55AM] Dark Denim XL

Cozy denim cotton sleeve jacket
Marissa Takacs
 [03/13 6:01:39AM] Black and dark blue denim

Everyday denim jacket
Marissa Takacs
 [03/13 5:59:59AM] Black and dark blue denim

Kick back demin
Teresa Townson
 [03/13 5:27:24AM] Black and dark blue XL

Grab n Go!
Dianne jamieson
 [03/13 5:26:46AM] Grey& med

All I want for springtime jacket
Pamela Lookman
 [03/13 5:20:26AM] Dark blue, M

Spring Forward
Katrina Jemmison
 [03/13 5:17:52AM] Black large

Young again Jean jacket
Katie Dwyer
 [03/13 5:06:57AM] Medium demin and Large

Must be Mine
Vanessa Savage
 [03/13 5:04:27AM] M black

Country rockstar demin
Aja balchand
 [03/13 5:04:01AM] Light medium

Jeanius Denim Jacket, In-Jean-ious Jaquette, Reimaged Down South Denim Jacket
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [03/13 5:03:10AM] M or L, Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Trendsetter Cobain
Aja Balchand
 [03/13 4:59:54AM] Light medium

Denim icing ,silver lining
 [03/13 4:55:57AM] Black and dark blue denim 2xl

Any Day is a Hood Denim Day
Lorna Doiron
 [03/13 4:51:15AM] Grey/Blue Size L

Get Jeany with it
Krystle Stephens
 [03/13 4:50:32AM] Dark M

All about me denim
Krista Crawford
 [03/13 4:48:20AM] Medium dark blue denim

All about me denim
Krista Crawford
 [03/13 4:47:52AM] Medium dark blue denim

Takin' a stroll
Allison Cochrane
 [03/13 4:28:10AM] Medium Blue Demin in XL

Live Free Denim Hoodie
Annalisa Day
 [03/13 4:26:43AM] Black and size small

Say Anything Denim Jacket
Abbey Dakers
 [03/13 4:24:21AM] Black and dark blue size large

Pop the Hoodie - denim jacket
Julie Odia
 [03/13 4:04:47AM] Black 1xl

Take on the Day -denim hoodie
Julie Odia
 [03/13 4:04:07AM] Black 1XL

Look under the Hood -Denim Hoodie
Julie Odia
 [03/13 4:03:12AM] 1XL Black

Pop the Hood — Denim hoodie
Julie Odia
 [03/13 4:02:14AM] XL Black.

Pop the Hood Denim Hoodie
 [03/13 4:00:35AM] 1XLBlack

Take on the Day denim hoodie
 [03/13 3:57:40AM] Black 1XL

When the Down South meets the Up North Fleece Denim Jacket
Sandra Devost
 [03/13 3:50:09AM] Black and Dark Blue size L

Denim hoodie
Lisa Denise Six
 [03/13 3:47:08AM] Grey small

Hooded Jean tuxedo
Joani Crews
 [03/13 3:40:41AM] Black & 2XL

wendy patton
 [03/13 3:26:59AM] Grey and blue denim size xl

Highway to Hell
Laurie Weber
 [03/13 3:23:57AM] Small in grey and medium blue denim

Better Than All The Vest
Gill Smith
 [03/13 2:22:48AM] Grey & medium blue denim size medium

Hooded up North Denim Jacket
Kelly Duddy
 [03/13 1:34:16AM] XL - black and dark

Rebel Girl
Cheryl Fontaine
 [03/13 12:53:10AM] Black and dark blue, size XL

 [03/13 12:03:02AM] Black 2xl

Spring Into Denim Jacket
Jasleen Dosanjh
 [03/12 11:53:46PM] Black & Dark Denim - probably 1XL

Jazzy Jean Jacket
Jan LaFleche
 [03/12 11:49:10PM] Medium Blue Denim and Grey Size: Large

Best of the south vest, south denim vest, far south hooded vest
Megan long
 [03/12 11:35:57PM] Black medium

Spring into Denim Jacket
Lindsay Zaik
 [03/12 11:07:08PM] Small, dark blue& black :)

Casual Cover Coat
Dale Klein
 [03/12 10:57:35PM] dark blue, large

Causal vibes
Brittani forrest
 [03/12 10:57:33PM] Black medium

Denim your hip !
Amber Bruesch
 [03/12 10:37:53PM] Black and dark blue denim size small

Northern warmth denim; Up North dreamy denim; DDF ( dreamy denim fleece)
Jolene Mosiondz
 [03/12 10:36:27PM] Black& dark blue. xl

Hooded for life
 [03/12 10:34:00PM] Blue and black. Size small

It’s all in the jeans jacket
Patricia Merrick
 [03/12 10:33:37PM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim size M

spring into denim hooded jacket; blue skies denim hooded jacket; breezy blue denim hooded jacket; sun kissed denim hooded jacket; perfectly soft denim hooded jacket
jayne hardy cathro
 [03/12 10:31:05PM] small in grey

Chill'axin the hood
Yea Li Sim
 [03/12 10:21:53PM] S, grey

Wife of the party Denim Jacket
Destiny Robinson
 [03/12 10:19:17PM] Dark and black 2xl

Just cas. (short for casual)
Michelle Bailuk
 [03/12 10:19:01PM] Grey & medium blue Lg.

Spotlight Denim
Destiny Robinson
 [03/12 10:16:59PM] Dark and black 2xl

Denim Diva
Amy Livingston
 [03/12 10:15:36PM] Large, grey

Sexy in denim
Destiny Robinson
 [03/12 10:15:26PM] Black and dark 2xl

Sunday stroll denim
Destiny Robinson
 [03/12 10:14:25PM] Black and dark 2xl

Cool Evenings Denim Jacket
Cheryl Tibbo
 [03/12 9:56:49PM] Black & Dark Blue size Small

Denim lovin ?
Darnell McCullagh
 [03/12 9:52:49PM] Black & dark blue denim 2x

Fun Lovin Denim & Fleece ?
Darnell McCullagh
 [03/12 9:50:18PM] Grey & medium blue demon 3x

Denim N Fleece ALL in 1 ?
Darnell McCullagh
 [03/12 9:48:28PM] Grey & medium blue demon 3x

Northern Get Down Denim Jacket
Wendy Ramsay
 [03/12 9:47:53PM] 2XL

Southern Cozy OR Rockin the Comfort
Jennifer Lovatt
 [03/12 9:42:53PM] Grey & Medium Blue SZ XL

Spring in to me jacket
Andrea Inglis
 [03/12 9:38:29PM] Medium black

Invest it, fleece and denim, Jean machine, spring to denim
Mandy Kowal
 [03/12 9:18:21PM] Black large

Dynamite in Denim, Blue Jean Lady, Blue Denim Lady, Daring in Denim, Comfy, Casual & Cosey, Denim My Old Friend, Denim Like an Old Friend - comfy
Diana Beglaw
 [03/12 9:16:44PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim - Large

Denim Sweetheart Jacket
Brittany Roberts
 [03/12 9:16:18PM] M - Black & dark blue denim

Hooded south
Victoria Lake
 [03/12 9:15:51PM] Grey, M

Best of Both Worlds Jacket
Michelle Gardiner
 [03/12 9:13:38PM] Grey & medium blue - medium

Keep it cozy
Shauna Park
 [03/12 9:13:07PM] 2xl dark blue and black

The Samantha Jacket
Samantha Ludvigson
 [03/12 9:09:00PM] Grey, XL

The Dreamer, SisterHood, Stargazer, Allure Jean Jacket
Jeana Pruneau
 [03/12 9:08:49PM] Small black

The Northern Denim
Samantha Ludvigson
 [03/12 9:07:48PM] Black, XL

Weekend cruizer
Sarah Shular
 [03/12 9:03:26PM] Black and denim 2xl

Kicking’ it denim , denim swagger, denim thru the seasons,
Lisa Leigh Gardiner
 [03/12 8:59:47PM] Grey and medium blue denim & large

Hip Chick Hoodie
Lisa Holitzki
 [03/12 8:52:35PM] Black & dark denim size 2xl

Hip Chick Hoodie
Lisa Holitzki
 [03/12 8:47:11PM] Black 2xl

Casual ripped denim jacket, Layered denim jacket, casual long sleeve jacket, button me up denim jacket, sleek and cozy denim jacket
Christine Wilkinson
 [03/12 8:39:17PM] XS

Better than your boyfriends Hoodie, Rancher to Rockstar Hoodie,
Leanna Sibbelee
 [03/12 8:38:40PM] Black, 3xl

Hang with me jacket
Jennifer walkington
 [03/12 8:31:55PM] Large white/blue

Canadien tuxedo
 [03/12 8:16:49PM] Large grey and med blue

Delightful denim!
 [03/12 8:14:18PM] Large medium blue

Under The Hood Denim Jacket
Kristi Charlie
 [03/12 8:07:32PM] XS blue and black

Hooded up North Denim Jacket, Best of Both Worlds Jacket
Stephanie Shaughnessy
 [03/12 8:04:04PM] S, black and dark blue denim

Weekend woman jacket
 [03/12 7:59:04PM] Small grey medium

denim in da hood
Stephanie Frank
 [03/12 7:54:16PM] XL Black

Light and Bluesy
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:48:03PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Northern Exposure Denim Hoodie
Darla Blomme
 [03/12 7:47:53PM] Denim with black size xs

Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:46:46PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Girls best friend
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:46:08PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Denim and Pearls
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:45:42PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

She's got Rhythm hooded denim
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:42:43PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Doin' it in denim
Arlene thygesen
 [03/12 7:41:30PM] Medium blue...size medium

Southern Chic Demin
Angela kelly
 [03/12 7:41:27PM] Medium Blue Denim XL

Blue skies Hooded Denim
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:40:55PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Country Casual Hooded Denim Jacket
Jamie Jakubowski
 [03/12 7:40:33PM] Dark Blue - Small

Big Dreams hooded denim jacket
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:40:10PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Northern light hooded denim jacket
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:38:57PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Spring in the air
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:38:20PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

True North Strong denim, Free style denim, East-west denim, cold shoulder denim, northern chill denim
Maddison Barkley
 [03/12 7:38:17PM] Grey medium denim

Southern Bell Hooded Denim
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:37:51PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Just Peachy Denim
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:37:25PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Buttoned up Denim
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:36:44PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Little bit country denim
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:36:18PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Rhythm and Blues Denim
Jelena Funk
 [03/12 7:35:27PM] Black and Dark Blue Large

Detach and match comfort jacket
Heather Barrett
 [03/12 7:33:15PM] Large

Denim Delight
Lynn Beisel
 [03/12 7:29:32PM] Grey and medium blue XL

Caught On Denim Jacket
Ashley MacGregor
 [03/12 7:22:05PM] Grey & Medium Blue Denim in XL

Southbound Trendsetter Denim Jacket
Bailey Clayton
 [03/12 7:17:56PM] Dark Denim size M

My In(vest)ment
Tammie carr
 [03/12 7:17:12PM] Dark denim large

Down the block jacket
Miranda Alaga
 [03/12 7:17:07PM] Grey and medium blue. Size Medium

Bunny Hug Denim Jacket or Swoodie Denim Jacket
Lisa Connor
 [03/12 7:13:45PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim - Large

My(the) investment.
Tammie carr
 [03/12 7:13:12PM] Large dark denim

Southern Trendsetter Denim Jacket
Jaime Clayton
 [03/12 7:11:07PM] Black & Dark Denim size M

80’s HipHop Denim
Brenda Lammle
 [03/12 7:06:15PM] Small, black and dark denim

Hoodwinked Denim Jacket
Jennifer Hickey
 [03/12 6:55:18PM] Black and Dark Blue denim, size XL

The girl next door jacket
Michele Williams
 [03/12 6:54:27PM] Grey and blue Large

Sarah Quigley
 [03/12 6:52:50PM] XS ... happy with either

In The Hood Denim Jacket
Kelsey Ewen
 [03/12 6:47:37PM] Black & Dark Denim XL

Biker chic
Sylvie dupras
 [03/12 6:45:36PM] Dark sleeve size medium or large

Denim Diva
Chelsea Strachan
 [03/12 6:42:26PM] Black XL

Jaunty Jean Jacket
Kaelyn Janzen
 [03/12 6:41:46PM] Gray & medium blue denim - size medium

Sporty Denim Jacket
Dyhanna Hall
 [03/12 6:39:05PM] Black 2xl

Denim Delight Jacket
Dyhanna hall
 [03/12 6:37:57PM] Black 2xl

Dyhanna Hall
 [03/12 6:33:55PM] Black 2xl

Softie two toned denim jacket
Lilliane Hradecki
 [03/12 6:32:52PM] Medium blue in size medium

Rock the Hood jacket
Dyhanna Hall
 [03/12 6:32:49PM] Black 2xl

My bff jacket (fun to dress up with and easy to be yourself in)
Mellisa Toennies
 [03/12 6:25:53PM] Black/dark blue xl

Spring into Denim
Nancy Medveduke
 [03/12 6:25:10PM] Grey, light blue. Size Lrg.

My Life in Denim
Mabel Skelton
 [03/12 6:24:20PM] Light Blue.......Size Large

Don’t Sweat It Denim Jacket
Kristi Charlie
 [03/12 6:22:07PM] XS black and dark blue

Throwback Denim Jacket
Karly Blanton
 [03/12 6:20:39PM] Black Large

Throwback Jacket
Karly Blanton
 [03/12 6:18:52PM] Black Large

Double take denim
Jody Killen
 [03/12 6:15:55PM] Dark blue and black Lg

Worth the wait jacket
Shantel Blanke
 [03/12 6:15:45PM] Medium grey

The jacket everyone wants
Shantel Blanke
 [03/12 6:15:09PM] Grey medium

Day-time Dreamer
Jennifer Burt
 [03/12 6:13:49PM] Black and dark blue 1XL

Comfy Semi Demi Hoodie
Sindy ferguson
 [03/12 6:13:14PM] Medium black blue

Comfy Semi Demi Hoodie
Sindy ferguson
 [03/12 6:12:57PM] Medium black blue

Mingling Amongst The Denim Jacket
Lisa Murray
 [03/12 6:11:50PM] Black and Dark Blue, 2XL

True North Strong Denim
Shandi Colton
 [03/12 6:10:23PM] 1XL Black and dark denim

Dynamic Denim Mash-Up
Lisa Murray
 [03/12 6:09:07PM] Black and Dark Blue, 2XL

Denham you look good
Tricia Bell
 [03/12 6:08:45PM] 2XL grey

Dynamic Denim Jacket
Lisa Murray
 [03/12 6:07:00PM] Black and Dark Blue, 2XL

Lazy summer denim
Cheryl Tereposky
 [03/12 6:06:51PM] Light color size xl

Double Down detachable hooded jacket
Caterina Tangi
 [03/12 6:05:33PM] Black and dark blue denim, small

Hoodie Denim X-Over Jacket
Danielle Ho
 [03/12 6:05:30PM] Black, Large

Little Bit Denim
Lisa Murray
 [03/12 6:05:06PM] Black and Dark Blue, 2XL

Max it out denim jacket
Caterina Tangi
 [03/12 6:03:28PM] Black and dark blue denim, small

Daring Urban Denim
Melissa Flynn
 [03/12 6:03:20PM] Black size med

Courtside Hooded Jacket
Caterina Tangi
 [03/12 6:02:15PM] Black and dark blue denim, small

Dashing Urban Denim
Melissa Flynn
 [03/12 6:01:07PM] Black size M

Take it to the Streets Denim Jacket
Caterina Tangi
 [03/12 6:01:04PM] Black and dark blue denim, size small (probably)

Not Your Typical Canadian Tuxedo
Jennifer Smith
 [03/12 6:00:44PM] Grey and Medium blue denim XL

Jean-ee had me at hello
Michelle Cooke
 [03/12 6:00:38PM] Medium & any or all colours welcome.

Vest to impress
Nicole Tkachuk
 [03/12 5:59:03PM] Darker blue, small

“Take it to the streets”, “ Courtside” jacket, “ Money shot”, “where it’s at” “warm fuzzies”
Caterina Tangi
 [03/12 5:58:40PM] Black and dark blue

Hoodin' Up North Denim Jacket
Whitney Dillon
 [03/12 5:57:02PM] Black 2XL

80’s chic hoodie
Michelle Molyneux
 [03/12 5:57:02PM] Grey/light blue 1XL

The Northern Hood
Whitney Dillon
 [03/12 5:56:12PM] Black 2XL

The denim boyfriend
Nichole Forbes
 [03/12 5:55:24PM] Black sz L

I'm Not Afrayed Jacket
Heather Trotz
 [03/12 5:55:10PM] Black and Dark Blue XL

Northern Feels Hooded Jean Jacket
Whitney Dillon
 [03/12 5:54:53PM] Black 2xl

The Comfort Coat
Judy Cyr
 [03/12 5:52:34PM] Grey and medium blue denim size large

 [03/12 5:50:17PM] Size xl

Maxin Relaxin Denim Jacket
Samantha Wells
 [03/12 5:46:22PM] Grey and medium blue - XL

Better Together
Jennifer Redman
 [03/12 5:42:07PM] Medium - grey and medium denim

Northern style denim jacket
Sineid McDonald
 [03/12 5:40:45PM] Black 1xl

Southern drawl denim jacket
Sineid McDonald
 [03/12 5:39:37PM] Black 1xl

Deep South denim hoodie
Sineid McDonald
 [03/12 5:38:23PM] Black 1xl

Blast to the Past, it’s in my jeans, In-jean-ious!
Taylor Bonin
 [03/12 5:36:32PM] White (small or medium)

City Lights Meet Country Nights Denim Jacket
Lisa Murray
 [03/12 5:36:30PM] Black and Dark Blue, 2XL

City Lights and Country Nights Denim
Lisa Murray
 [03/12 5:36:01PM] Black and Dark Blue, 2XL

Hooded out for the weekend
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/12 5:34:45PM] Black, small

Jean Claude Van Denim Jacket
Lisa Murray
 [03/12 5:33:26PM] Black and Dark Blue, 2XL

NeighborHOOD Denim
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/12 5:32:06PM] Black, small

Too cool for school, Old School, JEANie in a bottle
Taylor Bonin
 [03/12 5:31:00PM] White (small or medium)

Down South Remix
Tanna Young
 [03/12 5:22:11PM] Light denim and Large

Campfire Magic
Tammy Waiting
 [03/12 5:19:45PM] Black snd dark denim size medium

The Good Ol' Days
Jana Rutherford
 [03/12 5:15:05PM] Black & medium

Retro Comfort
Jannette Riedel
 [03/12 5:13:55PM] Medium blue denim size medium

Maybe I Hood, Maybe I don’t Jean Jacket
Angela Skoreiko
 [03/12 5:13:25PM] Black & Dark blue, 2XL

Sunday Funday
Jana Rutherford
 [03/12 5:12:13PM] Black & medium

Just chillin’ denim jacket
Lacey cribb
 [03/12 5:11:52PM] Grey / med blue size large

Hood Vibrations
Sarah Nuttall
 [03/12 5:08:44PM] Black 2X (if it's TTS)

Sleeve to be free
Shelbie Barrer
 [03/12 5:06:37PM] Large. Black sleeves

Good Jeans Jacket
Erika Just
 [03/12 5:04:17PM] Medium blue denim, 1XL

Shrug it off denim jacket
Shelbie Barrer
 [03/12 5:03:50PM] Large black sleeves

just a little hick-hop
Victoria Healy
 [03/12 5:00:40PM] Large - dark blue

Weekend vibes hooded jean jacket
Sydney White
 [03/12 5:00:30PM] Black and dark blue large

Northern Chill
Janique Grimard
 [03/12 4:54:31PM] Black & Dark Blue in medium

Up North
Janique Grimard
 [03/12 4:52:58PM] Black & Dark blue Medium

Put a hood on it denim jacket, up with the hood denim jacket, down with the hood denim jacket, South-Hood denim
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/12 4:49:42PM] Small, black

Jenn Perozak
 [03/12 4:42:21PM] Black large

Country night dream denim jacket
Sharmayne Colvin
 [03/12 4:39:21PM] XL grey & medium blue denim

Denim Heat
Nancy Haugland
 [03/12 4:32:07PM] Black and Dark Denim XL

DENIM Jelldy(cuz I'm jelly I don't have one. )
 [03/12 4:31:20PM] XL dark denim and black

Rhythm n' Blues
Krista Allen
 [03/12 4:26:18PM] Black XL

Up North Denim Jacket
Jade St.Amand
 [03/12 4:23:52PM] Grey, Small

Up North Denim Jacket
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [03/12 4:20:44PM] Black and dark blue size xl

Carolyn Standing
 [03/12 4:14:28PM] Black, Large

Let’s Chillax Jacket
Josiane Nast
 [03/12 4:13:28PM] Grey and medium blue size L

Down with denim
Tara Nestman
 [03/12 4:08:09PM] Black/jean 2 xl

The Perfect All Seasons Accessory
Elizabeth Green
 [03/12 4:06:53PM] Dark Blue, Large

Comfort Seeker Denim Jacket
Shelby Nunan
 [03/12 4:06:13PM] Black 1XL

N'Vest in Style
Lori Murphy
 [03/12 4:05:22PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim size large

Down With Denim Jacket
Elizabeth Green
 [03/12 4:04:48PM] Black and Dark Blue, Large

Keep It Cozy Denim Jacket
Shelby Nunan
 [03/12 4:04:16PM] Black 1XL

Distressed denim hoodie
Shelly Kupschus
 [03/12 4:04:02PM] .

Goes With Everything Denim Jacket
Elizabeth Green
 [03/12 4:02:27PM] Black and Dark Blue Denim, Large

In My Hood Denim Jacket
Krissi Martin
 [03/12 4:01:26PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim, size XL

Time travel
 [03/12 3:59:24PM] White medium

Up north denim
Jill Tutty
 [03/12 3:58:34PM] Block XXL

Spring into action Denim
Jill Tutty
 [03/12 3:57:46PM] Black XXL

Crushing Denim
Jaycee willey
 [03/12 3:57:23PM] Medium Blue Xl or LG

Dare to dream denim
Jill Tutty
 [03/12 3:57:17PM] Block hood XXL

And then some denim
Courtney Britton
 [03/12 3:54:20PM] Grey and blue denim 3XL

Rock your World, Roll with it, Rock it, Own it
Alyssa Foley
 [03/12 3:48:47PM] Grey XL

Spring into my Jean Jacket
Jasmine Elsayed
 [03/12 3:47:03PM] XL grey

Spring Shabby Chic
Stacy Young
 [03/12 3:46:41PM] Black and blue denim xl

My Cosy Denim
Shirley Barton
 [03/12 3:45:23PM] 1xl

A Hood above the Rest
Tracy Martineau
 [03/12 3:39:11PM] Grey Large

Canadian Tuxedo Jacket
Cally Brown
 [03/12 3:36:05PM] XL, grey & medium blue denim

Bunnyhug denim jacket
Kira Paterson
 [03/12 3:32:18PM] Small, black and dark blue denim

The Weekender Denim Hoodie
Suzanne Maunder
 [03/12 3:31:51PM] white L

City Loves the Country Denim
Londa G Green
 [03/12 3:31:15PM] 2X in black and dark blue

Icing on the cake denim vest
Cindy Gledhill
 [03/12 3:29:18PM] Black and dark demon 1X

Country Loves the City Denim
Londa G Green
 [03/12 3:26:39PM] 2X in black and dark blue

Catch me in the hood denim jacket
Erin Levesque
 [03/12 3:24:20PM] Black XL

Relaxed Canadian Tuxedo
 [03/12 3:23:29PM] Black and dark denim large

In the Hood Denim Fleecie
 [03/12 3:22:43PM] Black and dark denim large

Hop into spring
Cee-Jay Doucette
 [03/12 3:21:11PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim, medium

Rockin It Hoodie
Wanda Ambeault
 [03/12 3:20:31PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim 1XL

Damsel in Distress Denim
Emilee stevens
 [03/12 3:20:27PM] Medium blue

Walk-in on the edge denim jacket
Julie bell
 [03/12 3:14:53PM] Medium blue in xlg

Walking on the edge denim
Julie bell
 [03/12 3:12:12PM] Grey& medium blue in xl

Campfire Nights Denim Jacket
Karin Leusink
 [03/12 3:08:57PM] Black/Dark Blue XL

Cheno denim, denim hoodie with it, best of both denim, casual tux denim
Nikki Robson
 [03/12 3:08:14PM] Grey, Xs

Fleecy-Denim Comfort to Go Jacket
Sabrina Reece
 [03/12 3:07:06PM] Dark Blue with Black 3xl

Straight outta denim jacket
Laura Gray
 [03/12 3:07:01PM] Dark blue xl

Cause A Scene
Joy Nuttall
 [03/12 3:04:05PM] Grey & medium blue size large

Denim Hybrid Hoodie
Jenna Peters
 [03/12 3:03:29PM] Grey medium wash 1X

Denim comfort
Crystal Mackie
 [03/12 3:03:21PM] Small grey

Mystery of the Night
Caitlin Bridger
 [03/12 3:00:45PM] Grey. 1XL

Strut your stuff Denim jacket
 [03/12 3:00:30PM] Black, Large

The whole packet jacket
Kendrya Wiebe
 [03/12 2:58:59PM] Grey/medium denim in Large

Northern Party Denim Jacket
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [03/12 2:58:46PM] Medium, black and dark wash

Varsity Denim Fleece Jacket
Courtney Suttie
 [03/12 2:58:39PM] Grey and Medium Blue Denim, size 1XL

Northern Warmth Denim Jacket
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [03/12 2:57:44PM] Medium, black and dark wash

Downtown Dreamy Denim
Wanda Taylor
 [03/12 2:57:44PM] Grey 1x

In Da Hood Jacket
Joy Nuttall
 [03/12 2:57:32PM] Grey & Medium Denim size large

Sharpe Little Denim Jacket
Michelle Franson
 [03/12 2:55:40PM] Black and Dark denim 1x

Welcome to my Hood
Shelby Totten
 [03/12 2:54:55PM] Black & Dark blue denim size large

Dianna korol
 [03/12 2:54:31PM] Black /dark denim XL

Blue southern comfort
Gloria Fidler
 [03/12 2:52:46PM] Grey and medium blue 1 x

Denim dream
Nicole-Marie Burchell
 [03/12 2:52:24PM] Light, m

I dream of Jean
Nicole-Marie Burchell
 [03/12 2:52:09PM] Light, m

Casually chic
Nicole-Marie Burchell
 [03/12 2:51:28PM] Light, m

Northern Feel Denim Jacket
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [03/12 2:50:01PM] Medium, black and dark wash

Northern Comfort Denim Jacket
Jacquelyn Appleby
 [03/12 2:49:09PM] Medium, black and dark wash

Denim dream, dreaming denim, dare to denim
Heather Brown
 [03/12 2:49:06PM] Large black and dark blue

Northern Charm
Cheryl Roddis
 [03/12 2:48:16PM] Black, medium

Northern Breeze
Cheryl Roddis
 [03/12 2:47:49PM] Grey, medium

The Uptown Downtown Jacket
Carrie Savage
 [03/12 2:47:42PM] Grey in 1X

Up North
 [03/12 2:46:42PM] Black 2XL

Hood me at jean jacket
Pamela McCotter
 [03/12 2:38:48PM] Dark blue small

The Jeanuinely Perfect jacket
Shauna Swanson
 [03/12 2:38:27PM] M Dark blue/black

Michelle daniels
 [03/12 2:38:22PM] 2xl light denim

In the blue denim jacket
Susan Smith
 [03/12 2:34:41PM] Dark Small

Distress Me Not
Shauna Read-Overhoff
 [03/12 2:32:19PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim XL

Dress Up or Down Denim Jacket
Liz Wynn
 [03/12 2:30:59PM] Black/Dark Blue Medium

Distress Me Not
Shauna Read-Overhoff
 [03/12 2:30:54PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim XL

Retro Denim jacket
Geri Pelechaty
 [03/12 2:30:52PM] Grey & Medium denim size large

Dress Up/Down Denim Jacket
Elizabeth Wynn
 [03/12 2:29:29PM] Black and Dark Blue Denim in Medium

Hybrid Love
Dragana Reilly
 [03/12 2:28:16PM] Grey and medium blue denim, size M

Denim Iivin dream jacket
Krystie-Rae Lalonde
 [03/12 2:28:14PM] Xlg black & dark blue

Livin' on the Edge
Michelle Fedorowich
 [03/12 2:28:02PM] Gray and medium blue, 1XL

Breakfast Club
Tiffany Rout
 [03/12 2:20:56PM] Black & Large

Brenda's comfy fleece lined sleeves and hooded denim wacky jacky.
Brenda Todd
 [03/12 2:19:18PM] Size medium

The Better then a Boyfriend Jacket
Kristen Reiniger
 [03/12 2:19:09PM] Dark&Blue denim in XL

Live For Distress
Shelley Smit
 [03/12 2:17:21PM] Med or lrg

Distressed From The Hood E
Shelley Smit
 [03/12 2:16:19PM] Med or lrg

Distressed With No Where To Go
Shelley Smit
 [03/12 2:14:58PM] Med or lrg

Demin Me Blue
Tara Marshall
 [03/12 2:09:57PM] Grey & Medium Blue Demin XL

Demin Me Blue
Tara Marshall
 [03/12 2:08:13PM] Grey & Medium Blue Demin XL

Cozy denim
Jackie mcintyre
 [03/12 2:06:52PM] Dark blue and size xl

Denim I’m Good
Tamara Morrison
 [03/12 2:06:20PM] 3x dark blue

Dreamy Denim
Miranda Strydhorst
 [03/12 2:05:53PM] black and dark blue, medium

Up North Denim Jacket
Laura Bondi
 [03/12 2:01:18PM] Light blue/grey, M or L

Life is Hood Denim Jacket
 [03/12 1:59:08PM] Grey size large

Life is Good Denim Jacket
 [03/12 1:58:40PM] Grey and size large

Out West, Up North, Down East denim jacket
Lana Baker
 [03/12 1:57:57PM] Grey-xl

Spring'em Jacket
Brandi Reeds Montreuil
 [03/12 1:51:54PM] Light and grey

Indigo Chic Denim Jacket
Huguette Cromie
 [03/12 1:51:53PM] I XL GREY AND MEDIUM BLUE

My go too jacket
Janice Burke
 [03/12 1:50:29PM] dark denim size XL

Up North Denim
Rachelle Douglas
 [03/12 1:49:34PM] Black and dark blue 1XL

Distress to Impress
Cindy Lundy
 [03/12 1:49:26PM] grey size medium

HD Jacket
Jane Sanson
 [03/12 1:48:39PM] LG black

Perfectly Ours
Carmie Dixon
 [03/12 1:47:56PM] Blue grey 2x

Jean Jacket hoodie
Sue McGrath
 [03/12 1:46:22PM] Grey/medium blue denim 1X

Vest in time or In the Hood
Verona Jungling
 [03/12 1:45:55PM] Light blue/grey size large please

JJ Jacket
Kim Blackier
 [03/12 1:45:46PM] White medium

Lovin’ in the Denim Hoodie
Jodi Human
 [03/12 1:42:45PM] Grey and medium blue denim size large

North of South denim jacket, country crossover jacket, city slicker jacker
Tamara scutt
 [03/12 1:42:17PM] Xl black

Living Large
Amber Parkinson
 [03/12 1:41:18PM] S grey

Spring fling jackets, You the Denim jacket
Melissa Renyard
 [03/12 1:41:06PM] Xlarge, Black/ dark blue denim

Reliving the 80s denim jacket, Retro denim jacket, living on a dream denim jacket, rewind denim jacket. The Eighty Twenty-One denim jacket
Kaycee Christiansen
 [03/12 1:40:14PM] Black and dark blue demin, Medium

Jean.. More than a Jacket
Natalie Stratmoen
 [03/12 1:39:33PM] Dark denim with black and small

Blue skies denim jacket or daydream denim jacket
Manon Tessier
 [03/12 1:39:23PM] Grey & medium blue & Large

Vest Intentions Hooded Denim Jacket
Sarah Burke
 [03/12 1:39:22PM] Black & Dark Blue, XL

Denim Dream Jacket
Becky Harnett
 [03/12 1:37:32PM] Grey 2XL

9021-Whoa Denim Jacket
Brooke Goldring
 [03/12 1:35:17PM] Grey XL

80’s lady
Kim bentley
 [03/12 1:35:15PM] Black dark denim

Northern Comfort hooded denim jacket
Nikii Neeves
 [03/12 1:34:36PM] Black & dark blue, 1x

All Good in the hood
Lana Baker
 [03/12 1:33:53PM] Grey- size xl

Southern Charm Hooded Jacket
Janice Eckstrand
 [03/12 1:31:55PM] Large, grey/medium blue denim

Urban Feels
Lindsay Shayda
 [03/12 1:31:21PM] Black and Dark Blue Denim, size large

MY Jacket, All the Feels Jacket
Sarah Snable
 [03/12 1:31:02PM] Xs, grey

Lookin’ Good in the Hood, Forever in Blue Jean
Dana Bellagamba
 [03/12 1:30:36PM] Grey and medium blue-XL

Out N About Denim, Always Denim
Barb Langham
 [03/12 1:26:15PM] Medium, grey & med blue jacket

Spring jn my step denim
Mandy Colljns
 [03/12 1:25:45PM] Medium and dark

Double Take hooded denim jacket
Deborah Wilson
 [03/12 1:25:41PM] Large black

Bombshell denim
Tammy brown
 [03/12 1:25:34PM] Dark blue 1 x

The classic
Heather Weberg
 [03/12 1:24:49PM] Any color size xl

Up north Denim jacket
Kerrilee lapointe
 [03/12 1:24:42PM] Grey medium blue size Medium

Souble take ho
Deborah Wilaon
 [03/12 1:23:15PM] Large black

Jersey Chic Denim Jacket/ Jersey Denim Jacket
Kelleigh Desjarlais
 [03/12 1:22:07PM] Grey in Medium

Denim & Chill
Shaunna Tisdale
 [03/12 1:22:07PM] Black and dark blue denim- xl

Spring ahead hooded jackey, hooded dreams, Spring under the hood jacket, Denim dreams jacket,
Elizabeth Antao
 [03/12 1:22:06PM] Lrg, blk & dark blue

Stylin in Spring Hooded Denim
Meghan Boast
 [03/12 1:20:49PM] Dark blue denim 1XL

Denim Breeze Jacket
Laura Axford
 [03/12 1:18:44PM] Black and dark blue

Lookin' Good in da Hood
Jennifer Gran
 [03/12 1:17:45PM] Medium

Denim breeze jacket
Laura Axford
 [03/12 1:17:21PM] Black and dark denim medium

Icing on top / best of both worlds / mommas in the hood / who dat
Natalie Giroux
 [03/12 1:12:25PM] Grey light denim Large

Dreamy Denim
Lori christianson
 [03/12 1:10:34PM] Light denim / small

Up North Denim Jacket
Louise Tilley
 [03/12 1:08:43PM] Black and large

Living I the Hood
Joanne Rychliski
 [03/12 1:08:33PM] Dark blue XS

Blue Jean Baby
Katie Harper
 [03/12 1:07:56PM] Dark blue medium

My Boyfriends Denim Jacket
Brigitte Collet
 [03/12 1:06:43PM] Grey & Médium denim size Small

Spring fling
Shelly Sayeau
 [03/12 1:05:59PM] Dark blue wash medium

Makin’ my way downtown denim jacket
Stephanie paquette
 [03/12 1:03:48PM] White, large

In The Hood Jacket
Alanna Trines
 [03/12 1:03:40PM] Medium/ Black

The Cruis'er Jacket
Lyndi Beers
 [03/12 12:56:52PM] Grey & Medium Blue Small

Jeany Hood
Jennifer Harrison
 [03/12 12:51:17PM] Grey and blue denim

Just Chillin Denim
Rita Lockyer
 [03/12 12:49:48PM] Size small medium grey

Just Chillin
Rita lockyer
 [03/12 12:48:31PM] Medium Blue size small

Downtown Denim Jacket
Cathy Rowan
 [03/12 12:46:24PM] Medium in Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Denim Deva
Ida Brown
 [03/12 12:43:56PM] Grey & medium blue denim XL

Just styling’ denim jacket
 [03/12 12:42:52PM] Dark denim xl

Casual Denim Jacket
Meg Pearson
 [03/12 12:42:05PM] 3xl black and dark denim

Check this out
Ida Brown
 [03/12 12:39:04PM] Grey & medium blue Denim XL

Cuddle me Softly Jacket
Carole Green
 [03/12 12:38:28PM] Dark blue size2XL

Dare to be Denim
Rae-Leigha Chiorando
 [03/12 12:38:20PM] Grey & medium blue denim in medium

Hood you be mine Denim
Selinda Lye
 [03/12 12:37:21PM] Black and dark blue 2xl

Up-North demin jacket (it needs to be warmer up here... makes sense, plays on the down-south!)
Christine Raw
 [03/12 12:34:15PM] Black & dark blue. Large, I think.

Summer Nights Hooded Denim
Jill Stewart
 [03/12 12:33:19PM] Small - Black & Dark Blue Denim

Hood"ing to the West Side Denim Jacket
Sonia Di Nobile
 [03/12 12:33:08PM] Black & dark Blue 2XL

Little Denim Riding Hood Jacket
Selinda Lye
 [03/12 12:31:04PM] 2xl Black and Dark Blue

The Hood Life Denim Jacket, As Hood As Gold Jacket, Hood Feeling Jacket, All Hood Things Jacket
Selinda Lye
 [03/12 12:28:40PM] Dark blue & Black 2XL

Razor Jacket, Retro Jacket
Carmen Shera
 [03/12 12:26:29PM] Grey size large

Denim Dream Vest
Melanie Simpson
 [03/12 12:23:09PM] Size Large grey

Delightful Denim Jacket, Confidence Shines Denim Jacket, Radiating Beauty Denim Jacket, Alluring Denim Jacket, Denim Daze Jacket, Denim Days Jacket
Selinda Lye
 [03/12 12:22:38PM] 2xl dark Blue and black

Southern comfort denim jacket
Amanda Fuhr
 [03/12 12:21:29PM] Black medium

A Little touch of Denim jacket
Crystal MacDonald
 [03/12 12:20:30PM] Dk Blue , 3x

Dungaree dreams
Marcia Hamilton
 [03/12 12:20:07PM] Xl

Girls in the Hood; welcome to my hood; In da Hood;
Leanne Joy Prins Duiker
 [03/12 12:17:59PM] Dark blue/black - large

Day off denim jacket
Shaudee Lavoie
 [03/12 12:17:42PM] Grey and medium blue and XL

Undercover Trucker
Bobbi Chestnut
 [03/12 12:16:26PM] Black & dark denim.

Twenty Four Seven Denim
Selinda Lye
 [03/12 12:15:45PM] 2XL dark Blue & Black

Been there done that denim...
Stefanie Vipond
 [03/12 12:14:28PM] Dark blue, black med?

Walk this way Denim Duo
Sarah Bily
 [03/12 12:13:47PM] Black Large

Cozy Vintage Denim Bliss
Julie Chester
 [03/12 12:13:45PM] Black and Dark Blue in Large

On the go jacket, spring in to me jacket
Kelly muzzatti
 [03/12 12:12:44PM] Dark denim and black 1xl

Dreamin in Denim, denim days,
Sandy Trentalance
 [03/12 12:12:44PM] XL light blue

Cruise’ Route 69
Karen Johnson
 [03/12 12:12:27PM] Medium light blue

Walk this way denim hoodie
Sarah Bily
 [03/12 12:12:01PM] Black Large

Denim Me Everywhere
Marieke Steenbeek
 [03/12 12:11:49PM] Small, dark blue

Hood Rat Denim Jacket
Lana Kokaua
 [03/12 12:11:42PM] black and denim, xxl

Down with Denim, Denim Down, Delightfully Denim, Denim Duet, Delightful Denim Duo, Daydream Denim Duo
Melissa Peleikis
 [03/12 12:09:33PM] XL

Cozy Denim Dream
Amber McGuire
 [03/12 12:09:27PM] Grey and medium denim XL

Dreams Come True
Selinda Lye
 [03/12 12:09:12PM] 2XL black & dark blue

California Kissed
Tara Gaspe
 [03/12 12:08:07PM] Dark denim size medium

Uptown girl, Denim boogie, Denims in the air
Laura Pederson
 [03/12 12:07:27PM] Grey and medium blue xl

Alicia Borle
 [03/12 12:05:41PM] Black & Dark Blue Denim, size L

You hood my at denim
Leanne Willshear
 [03/12 12:05:10PM] Black and dark blue denim in 2x

Free Bird Demin
Tara Grant
 [03/12 12:03:49PM] Small dark and black

Sweet Denivest
Lynn kersey
 [03/12 11:57:21AM] Blue and dark denim 1XL

Clearly this jacket is a timeless staple an urban feel
Christa Deir
 [03/12 11:54:35AM] Xs dark blue denim

Wear me cool or warm denim jacket
Erin mcmahon
 [03/12 11:52:35AM] XL

blue jean baby
susan chan
 [03/12 11:50:29AM] med/ blk

Country denim
Sherry Moreland
 [03/12 11:49:19AM] Black and dark blue Size medium

Jean Queen
Samantha Minifie
 [03/12 11:47:15AM] Grey, size m

Hooded into Spring
Terra McLean
 [03/12 11:47:10AM] Grey medium blue 3 x

Hoodie InVested Denim jacket
Julie Odia
 [03/12 11:46:33AM] Black/Dark 1XL

Denim meets cozy, Denim Diva, Canadian Tux, Denim Swacket, Dreams do come true Denim, Denim Dreamer, Little Denim hood
Krista Mclay
 [03/12 11:42:02AM] Grey and Denim 1x

Shock It
Debbie Miller
 [03/12 11:41:24AM] Demin/black large

Cool blue Denim Jacket
Jean Critchley
 [03/12 11:41:23AM] Blue M

Denim Snuggle
Megan Seier
 [03/12 11:38:35AM] Black& dark blue, medium

Not your average jacket
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [03/12 11:38:30AM] Medium blue/black

Perfect Combo Jacket
Sarah Chapman
 [03/12 11:37:37AM] Black and dark blue- size small

Denim Duo hoodie, Spring Forward Hoodie, Uptown Hoodie
Michelle Matthews
 [03/12 11:35:52AM] Black & Dark Blue, Medium

Hoodwinked Denim Jacket
Cheryl Roddis
 [03/12 11:35:40AM] Black, medium

Retro Hit
Cheryl Roddis
 [03/12 11:34:37AM] Grey, medium

In Da Hood
Deana Snowden
 [03/12 11:32:20AM] Grey & Medium Blue size 1X

Outsider denim jacket
Laura Schryvers
 [03/12 11:32:09AM] Black 1xl

Destressed Day Denim Jacket
Nancy Coles
 [03/12 11:31:55AM] Black and large

Revive Jean Vest
Tori Spanton
 [03/12 11:31:05AM] Light XL

Breezy day jacket
Rosanne Forseille
 [03/12 11:29:45AM] Light size 1 x

Looking Good in the Hood Jacket, Hey hood lookin,
Susan Foley
 [03/12 11:27:40AM] Black and Dark blue XL

No sweat denim jacket
Rena Williamson
 [03/12 11:27:09AM] Black med

Hooded into Spring Denim Jacket
Jenn Anderson
 [03/12 11:27:00AM] Black and Dark Denim size large

Carpe denim jacket
Rena Williamson
 [03/12 11:26:33AM] Black med

Worth the Wait Hooded Jacket
 [03/12 11:25:35AM] grey small

You know you want it Denim Jacket
Norma winters
 [03/12 11:25:31AM] Dark blue 2xl

Dangerous Minds Hooded Jacket
 [03/12 11:24:31AM] Grey/Blue Small

Jack & Diane Denim Jacket
Amber MacEachern
 [03/12 11:24:27AM] 2xl Grey & Med Blue Denim

Norma winters
 [03/12 11:24:05AM] Dark blue and black 2xl

Patience Pending Hooded Jacket
 [03/12 11:23:58AM] Grey/Blue Size small

Hold your Breath hooded Jacket
 [03/12 11:23:20AM] Grey/Blue Small

City Lights Country Nights Denim
Gerri Toews
 [03/12 11:23:18AM] 1xl black

In The Hood Jacket
Morgan Keith
 [03/12 11:23:15AM] Dark blue and black XL

Sleek and style jacket, casual style jacket.
Chelsea Lund
 [03/12 11:23:09AM] Large in darker denim

Urban Suburban
Gerri Toews
 [03/12 11:22:32AM] 1xl black

Anticipate the Hood
 [03/12 11:22:30AM] Grey/Blue Size small

Wake up sleepy Jean jacket
Shannon Greene
 [03/12 11:22:25AM] Medium blue, medium

Hooded Downtown
Andrea Douglas
 [03/12 11:22:12AM] Black xL

All Makes Sense Denim Jacket
Susan Ventimiglia
 [03/12 11:22:00AM] Black & Dark Blue Denim 1XL

Shades of Denim
 [03/12 11:21:54AM] 1xl black

Norma winters
 [03/12 11:21:36AM] Darker blue and black 2xl

Jacket up for spring, jacked up for spring, decked out in denim jacket
Lacey Roberts
 [03/12 11:20:32AM] XL

Camp Me Denim
Gerri Toews
 [03/12 11:20:22AM] 1xl black

Kickin’ it Old School denim jacket
Beverly Lewis
 [03/12 11:19:53AM] Black medium

Springy Denim Jacket
Kim Loof
 [03/12 11:18:52AM] Black and denim and med

Dawn to Dusk
Gerri Toews
 [03/12 11:18:15AM] 1xl black

Denim loving hoodie
Rebecca Richards
 [03/12 11:14:42AM] Large Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Summer Days Denium
Natasha Jarvis
 [03/12 11:14:09AM] Dark Blue 3xl

Up North (the hood makes it warmer than down south!)
Susan Dobson
 [03/12 11:13:08AM] Grey 3x

It's in my jeans jacket, in your jeans jacket, sweet jeans are made of these
Laura Hoffman
 [03/12 11:12:29AM] Small grey and medium

Denim in Da Hood
Marci Bond
 [03/12 11:11:21AM] Black and dark blue

Denim Me Cozy, Southern Belle Denim
Crista Winterkorn
 [03/12 11:10:02AM] Black med/lg

Denim Daze of Summer Jacket
Bettina Allen
 [03/12 11:09:57AM] Grey/Blue, XL or 1XL

Up North Denim Jacket
Sandra Devost
 [03/12 11:09:54AM] Black and Dark Blue Size L

The Great Hoodini
Taslim Jaffer
 [03/12 11:08:08AM] Grey and medium blue denim, large

Denim in the Hood
Marci Bond
 [03/12 11:07:59AM] Black and dark blue

Denim Heaven
Michelle Taylor
 [03/12 11:07:12AM] Black and dark blue XXL

Always in style or Good Ol’ days denim
Shannon Goodman
 [03/12 11:06:52AM] Dark denim 2xl

Weekend vibes jean jacket
Cari hemphill
 [03/12 11:06:12AM] Black dark denim 3x

Sweater Weather Denim Jacket, Spring has sprung denim jacket, Fray together denim jacket,
Alanna Renwick
 [03/12 11:05:43AM] Grey/Medium Blue, Size Large

between season jacket
shannon davies
 [03/12 11:05:36AM] black - 1xl

Hip hop
 [03/12 11:05:24AM] Black xl

Hood me up denim jacket
Denise Therrien
 [03/12 11:04:44AM] Black and dark blue size lg

Fleece be Denim hooded Jacket
Anita Olson
 [03/12 11:04:25AM] Black & dark denim in a Large

sisterhood jacket, Spring it on hooded jacket
Nicole Gregg
 [03/12 11:04:18AM] Large black dark blue

Hooding Down South Denim Jacket
Kirsty Mcrae
 [03/12 11:03:53AM] Dark and black blue denim in 1XL

It's All About the Hood Denim Jacket
Bettina Allen
 [03/12 11:03:25AM] Grey/Blue, XL or 1XL

Coastal Harbour Jacket
Alanna Renwick
 [03/12 11:03:05AM] Grey/Medium Blue, Size Large

Lynne motkoski
 [03/12 11:01:52AM] /black/Large

Jogger Jean Jacket
Kirsty Mcrae
 [03/12 11:00:55AM] Dark and black blue denim in 1XL

Denim Luxury
Crystal Roy
 [03/12 10:58:47AM] XL

Summer Loving Denim Jacket
Bettina Allen
 [03/12 10:58:29AM] Grey/Blue, XL or 1XL

Country Blue
Teanda Kornum
 [03/12 10:56:51AM] Dark Blue size XL

Best of Both Worlds denim jacket
Tina MacDonald
 [03/12 10:56:42AM] Light med

Dreamin of summer denim jacket
Candice Halvorson
 [03/12 10:56:32AM] Grey and medium blue denim, size XL

My neck of the hood denim jacket
Debbie Partridge
 [03/12 10:56:01AM] XL medium blue

Hoodwinked Jacket, The weekender Jacket, Denim Dreams Jacket,
Nicolle Parsons
 [03/12 10:54:58AM] Dark blue/black, 1XL

Summer Dreams Denim Jacket
Bettina Allen
 [03/12 10:51:35AM] Grey/Blue, XL or 1XL

Heaven in my denim
Pamela Cummings
 [03/12 10:51:31AM] Dark 3xl

Casual Friday Denim Jacket
Amy Watts
 [03/12 10:51:06AM] Black, size large

Spring into denim jacket
Krista bergley
 [03/12 10:49:18AM] Xsmall black

Hooded to Perfection, Back to the Hood, Hooded Basic, Cozy In The Hood, A little bit soft, a little bit hood!
Danielle Rusk
 [03/12 10:48:55AM] Grey and Small

Hood Vibes Jacket
Raina brugger
 [03/12 10:48:54AM] S, Grey & medium blue

Casually undone denim jacket
Anne-marie hutton
 [03/12 10:48:26AM] 1x grey and medium denim

Got a love like Denim Jacket
Bettina Allen
 [03/12 10:48:20AM] Grey/Blue, XL or 1XL

Hood Vibes Only Jacket
Raina Brugger
 [03/12 10:48:16AM] S, Grey & medium blue

Dare to detach denim jacket
Deanna Goddard
 [03/12 10:47:20AM] Black size 1x

Double down denim, Denim if you hood, hood over heels for denim
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/12 10:45:39AM] Black, S

Dare to denim jacket
Deanna goddard
 [03/12 10:45:32AM] Black size 1x

Hoodie You Love Denim Hooded Jacket
Jillian Porter
 [03/12 10:44:49AM] Grey/medium denim 1xl please

Rock it
Amy Livingston
 [03/12 10:44:34AM] Large, grey

Chelsy Teske
 [03/12 10:44:34AM] Medium black and dark blue

Dreaming of the hood
Deanna goddard
 [03/12 10:44:21AM] Black size 1x

Dare to denim
Amy Livingston
 [03/12 10:44:18AM] Large, grey

Down Town Denium Jacket 2.0
Tammy Psiurski
 [03/12 10:44:13AM] Blk 3XL

Hood Vibes Only
Natasha mayes
 [03/12 10:43:22AM] L medium blue

In my jeans
Brittani forrest
 [03/12 10:43:02AM] Black medium

Black hood down denim jacket
Deanna goddard
 [03/12 10:42:57AM] Black size 1x

Good ol’ days demon jacket
Shannon Goodman
 [03/12 10:42:42AM] Dark 2xl

Cozy Casual Denim Jacket
Stacey Silzer
 [03/12 10:42:41AM] Grey and Blue denim with hood - XL

Eye-Catching Denim Jacket
Kylea Plouffe
 [03/12 10:42:04AM] Small. Black and demin.

Head over Hood for Denim, hood down south denim jacket,
Laurisa Bonk
 [03/12 10:42:00AM] Black, S

Double deadly denim jacket
Deanna goddard
 [03/12 10:41:04AM] Grey. Size 1x

Weekender Denim & Fleece Jacket "The Weekender"
Kimberly-Dawn Isaacson
 [03/12 10:39:54AM] Black XL

Denim dreams jacket
 [03/12 10:39:45AM] Grey&denim. Size 1x

Best of both worlds jacket, casual vibes, anything goes, joodie, denim dreams hoodie
Jessica McTavish
 [03/12 10:39:42AM] M grey

Hoodwinked Denim Hoodie, In the Hood Jacket, NeighbourHood Hoodie
Eryn Rex
 [03/12 10:39:18AM] XL - Medium Blue

Bayview Casual
Nancy Bringleson
 [03/12 10:39:03AM] Black and dark blue xl

Hoodwinked, hood vibes only
Natasha mayes
 [03/12 10:38:10AM] L medium blue

The Jack Attack
Lacey Landolt
 [03/12 10:37:18AM] Black and Dark Denim

Bring back the 80's, back in jean
Arielle stahl
 [03/12 10:37:05AM] Light blue and large

Hoodwinked Jean Vest
Jenn Dilfer
 [03/12 10:36:16AM] Black and Dark blue 1xl

Eastside Retro Jacket
Zoe Bourdon
 [03/12 10:36:04AM] 2XL Black and Dark Blue Denin

West Coast meets Down South
Leah Heriot
 [03/12 10:34:57AM] Grey & medium

Rise Up Denim Jacket
Kara-lianne Johnson
 [03/12 10:33:53AM] Black and dark blue denim, 3xl

West Coast Denim Jacket
 [03/12 10:33:42AM] Grey & medium

Spring in to Denim Hoody
Kim Haddow
 [03/12 10:32:58AM] Black and dark blue Denim/XL

Cool and Casual Denim Jacket
Ashley Poole
 [03/12 10:30:16AM] 1XL Grey & Medium

Northern Nights Denim Jacket
Ashley Poole
 [03/12 10:29:13AM] 1XL Black & Dark Blue Denim

Welcome to the hood
Danielle Lebel
 [03/12 10:29:10AM] BLack and dark denim

Footloose and Fancy Free
Mandie Burns
 [03/12 10:28:26AM] Dark and black

Denim is a love that never fades
 [03/12 10:28:13AM] Grey and medium blue denim size L

Free and wild/ Ready to cruise/
Tammy Chamberlain
 [03/12 10:27:46AM] Grey and medium blue

Campfire Nights Denim Jacket
Ashley Poole
 [03/12 10:27:31AM] 1XL Grey & Medium Blue Denim

Denim I’m cool Jacket
Shannon Wilson
 [03/12 10:27:03AM] Grey & Medium blue denim

Casually Detached
Kendra Fraser
 [03/12 10:26:52AM] Black dark XL

West coast Denim Jacket
Debbie Partridge
 [03/12 10:26:45AM]