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Summer Midi Dress
May 14, 2021

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Total of 724 Entries
Congratulations to Alison Viaes, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Southern Sunshine Dress

Sun swept dress
Andrea Sardinha
 [05/16 9:07:52AM] Medium

Ruffle me to the Beach midi
Gayle Munro
 [05/16 8:48:34AM] M

Country vibes
Gloria Terhaar
 [05/16 8:35:56AM] Large, black

Right on the Money Dress, Love it and Live it Dress,
Nicole Friesen
 [05/16 8:35:43AM] XL

Picnic in the Park Dress
Brittany Sargent
 [05/16 8:24:50AM] Medium blue

Go with the Flow; Summer Dreams; Cool & Casual; Dressed for Summer; Dressed for Fun; Dressed for Summer Fun; Float in the Sun; Sweet and Sexy
Justina Tedesco
 [05/16 8:22:09AM] Small

Backyard Swayger dress
Brittany Sargent
 [05/16 8:18:01AM] Medium blue

Beach wave nights
Heather Stanley
 [05/16 8:12:45AM] 2XL

Flow away with Me Midi
Amber Scarborough
 [05/16 8:10:34AM] Xl

Anywhere Anytime Dress
Leah Watson
 [05/16 8:10:03AM] Medium

Sunny midi dress
Stéphanie Desjardins
 [05/16 7:32:45AM] L

Cool Vibes
Brenda Sandau
 [05/16 7:13:04AM] Small

Easy breezy Fun summer dress
Linda Cole
 [05/16 6:59:23AM] Small

HauteSummerNights midi dress
Lynn Appelt
 [05/16 6:55:50AM] Large

The Josephine
Deana Goshulak
 [05/16 5:03:35AM] M

The waterfall
Michele kreposter
 [05/16 4:41:06AM] S

Cool Breezy you!!
 [05/16 1:30:53AM] XL

Tier Me To Summer Dress, Tie Me To The Breeze Dress, Seymour Narrows Dress, Can't Tier This Dress
Catherine Dixon
 [05/16 12:11:13AM] 2x black

Free falling
Heather Harrison
 [05/15 11:49:01PM] Medium probably

Sunny Day Smock
Heather Harrison
 [05/15 11:29:39PM] Medium probably

Midi Summer Nights Dream
Jesse Rodi
 [05/15 11:26:45PM] Small

Perfect Picnic
Heather Harrison
 [05/15 11:24:34PM] Medium probably

Set For Summer
Heather Harrison
 [05/15 11:23:50PM] Medium probably

Preety Aggarwal
 [05/15 11:20:44PM] L

Hardip Brar
 [05/15 11:15:37PM] M

Heather Harrison
 [05/15 11:10:01PM] Medium probably

Lunar rainbow
Heather Harrison
 [05/15 11:06:31PM] Medium probably

Perfect Romance dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/15 11:04:04PM] Xl blue

Heather Harrison
 [05/15 11:01:18PM] Medium probably

Summer Lovin'
Heather Harrison
 [05/15 10:59:23PM] Medium probably

Easy breezy
Heather Harrison
 [05/15 10:57:24PM] Medium (probably...)

Fearless Flow, summer rendezvous, boho flow, my pretty midi, midi-night rendezvous
Jacqueline Dawe
 [05/15 10:25:18PM] Small

Hello Beaches, Tier me Away
Jennifer Daeninck
 [05/15 10:06:11PM] 2xl black

Summer Flow
Lisa MacDonald
 [05/15 10:01:39PM] large

Lisa MacDonald
 [05/15 10:01:04PM] large

Have a Pleasant Day Dress
Thea Miscavish
 [05/15 9:39:51PM] XL

Little Dress on the Prairies
Nicole Linza
 [05/15 9:32:34PM] 2xl

Summer flair midi, sweet summer dreams midi
Sharmayne Colvin
 [05/15 9:28:10PM] XL

The dreamer dress
Cindy Grondin
 [05/15 9:25:47PM] L or XL depend if the fit is snuf

Summer rain dress
Laurie Colhoin
 [05/15 9:02:12PM] Medium black

Summertime dreams dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/15 9:00:27PM] Medium black

Fresh and Free Summer Midi Dress
 [05/15 8:59:30PM] Small

Summer Vibe tiers dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/15 8:55:47PM] Medium black

The height of summer dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/15 8:49:52PM] Medium black

Summer solstice dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/15 8:48:12PM] Medium black

Tiers In heaven dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/15 8:43:31PM] Medium black

Day dreamer dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/15 8:42:49PM] Medium black

Farmer market dress
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/15 8:41:33PM] Medium black

Summer Lovin' midi
Danielle Barker
 [05/15 7:35:18PM] XL

Layers of fun
Dee Gallant
 [05/15 7:12:00PM] 2X

Blue Wave
Lindsey Sklar
 [05/15 6:22:01PM] medium

Tank me Beautifully
 [05/15 6:12:23PM] Xl

Summer nights
Danielle Barron
 [05/15 6:09:27PM] Small

Prairie Dream
 [05/15 6:07:48PM] XL

Picture perfect
Janique Grimard
 [05/15 6:00:12PM] L blue

Frills like Summer
Melissa MacKinnon
 [05/15 5:30:27PM] M

Blossoming Tulip
Lisa Viegener
 [05/15 5:15:58PM] Medium

A midi-night summer's dream dress
Jennifer Jones
 [05/15 5:09:18PM] Black size medium

Summer vibes
Amy Cantin
 [05/15 4:54:10PM] Large

Summer cooler
Teresa Marshall
 [05/15 4:43:49PM] Xl

Fit and Flare midi summer dress
Angela Benton
 [05/15 4:40:30PM] Small

Peek a boo tiered dress
Pam Walsh
 [05/15 4:31:06PM] large

All That’s Boho Dress
Randi Fingas
 [05/15 3:40:35PM] XL

Prairie at Heart
Randi Fingas
 [05/15 3:39:51PM] XL

Summer Flow
Shannon Keefe
 [05/15 3:39:00PM] Xl

Peek-A-Boo Swirl
Bernice Twomey
 [05/15 3:24:51PM] 2XL

Soft Summer Flow
Debbie Allison
 [05/15 3:04:52PM] Large

Tiers of summer midi dress
Amber Bremer
 [05/15 2:48:03PM] L, black

Feel the flow
Rachel D'Antuono
 [05/15 2:38:21PM] Xl

Tiers to Summer
Sharon Kyrzyk
 [05/15 2:36:55PM] Small

Cortona Casual
Erin Crotty
 [05/15 2:32:53PM] Small

Sunny Days Ahead
Sandra Craine
 [05/15 2:31:45PM] 2xl

Midsummer Midi
Elynn Johnson
 [05/15 1:44:34PM] Medium

Boho Beauty, Free Spirits Dress, Go with the Flow, Boho Summer Dreams,
Allison Perry
 [05/15 1:26:58PM] Large

Flowing fun
Jane Wentzel
 [05/15 1:18:58PM] Large,blue

Sailing on the sea
Ruth Burden
 [05/15 1:06:15PM] Large

Tiered for Fun
Danielle Colacci
 [05/15 12:56:50PM] XL

Dreamy days dress
Valentina Nikolajew
 [05/15 12:56:43PM] Medium

Summer Essential
Lisa Ruffell
 [05/15 12:52:55PM] Black, xl

Sunny vacation
Lisa Ruffell
 [05/15 12:51:53PM] Black, xl

Tiers of joy midi dress
Rhonda Brown
 [05/15 12:43:07PM] XL black

Soft summer breeze midi dress
Katie marr
 [05/15 12:35:00PM] L

Summersville country chic dress
Terri Johnston
 [05/15 12:28:57PM] 2xl

Charlene Bordador
 [05/15 12:23:41PM] L

Favourite Summer Go To
Randi Hansen
 [05/15 12:13:36PM] 2x

Feeling Romantic Midi dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/15 12:00:33PM] XL blue

Flowing thru summer dress
 [05/15 11:51:56AM] Xl/XXL

Summer Belle dress
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [05/15 11:42:42AM] Large black

Summer Feels Dress
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [05/15 11:41:06AM] Black Large

Summer breeze
Rebecca Caughey
 [05/15 11:39:18AM] 2XL

Summer breeze
Rebecca Caughey
 [05/15 11:39:03AM] 2XL

Summer Dreamin’ Dress
Chancy Phillips
 [05/15 11:34:42AM] M

You Me and Midi Dress
Susan Raith
 [05/15 11:31:09AM] Medium black

Feel the breeze midi dress
Susan Raith
 [05/15 11:30:26AM] Medium black

She’s all that Midi dress
Kristen Henry
 [05/15 11:27:48AM] XL

Meet me in Madrid
Susan Raith
 [05/15 11:27:48AM] Medium

Country charm
Kristen Henry
 [05/15 11:25:03AM] XL

Tiers of summer midi dress
Amber Bremer
 [05/15 10:45:37AM] L, black

Denim delight
Betty Flood
 [05/15 10:35:39AM] Large

Cool Comfort
Penelope Inch
 [05/15 10:30:21AM] Xl

Boho Breeze
Amber Bremer
 [05/15 10:24:39AM] L, black

Flow With Me Girl!
Amber Scarborough
 [05/15 10:17:33AM] Xl

Summer dreams
Cheryl Bosch
 [05/15 10:14:19AM] Medium in Blue

Bella Breeze
Bobbie Treherne
 [05/15 10:09:17AM] 2xl

Summer dreams dress
Melanie Molloy
 [05/15 10:04:34AM] L black

Midi summer nights dream dress
Melanie Molloy
 [05/15 9:59:45AM] L black

Sway it Away Dress Or Boho Sway Dress
Jessica-Lynn Gribbons
 [05/15 9:51:21AM] S

Trending Tiers
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:49:55AM] xl blue

Pretty in Ruffles
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:42:03AM] xl blue

I Love Me Some Ruffles
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:41:01AM] xl blue

Just Chillin
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:39:59AM] xl blue

Tiers of joy
Christie wilson
 [05/15 9:39:02AM] M

Desert Dreamer
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:35:06AM] xl blue

Fresh & Flowy Dress, Great day for a Midi Dress
Shannon Strachan
 [05/15 9:31:40AM] Small. Blue

Boho Beauty
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:22:27AM] xl blue

Not my first Rodeo
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:18:10AM] xl blue

Boho on the Go
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:12:20AM] xl blue

Hello Summer; Sunshine and Margaritas
Sandra Drew
 [05/15 9:11:57AM] S

Retro Ruffles
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:09:30AM] xl blue

Tiers of Joy
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:08:40AM] xl blue

Free Bird
Jennifer Falastein
 [05/15 9:05:57AM] L demin

Life’s a Beach Dress
Amy Briley
 [05/15 9:05:33AM] XL

Summer Breeze
Sandra Drew
 [05/15 9:02:33AM] S

Casual Cowgirl
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 9:01:03AM] xl blue

Denim Days, Denim Daze
Gerri Toews
 [05/15 8:57:03AM] xl blue

Free Flow
Sherry Sereda
 [05/15 8:57:01AM] L

Calling for Sunshine
Kelly Mytz
 [05/15 8:47:02AM] 18 / 2X

Summer Carnival Dress, Carnival Classic Dress, Cafe Classic Day Dress, The Boardwalk Trendsetter, Dreaming of You Day Dress
Heather Y
 [05/15 8:44:49AM] M blue

Summer Dreams
Sandra Fromberg
 [05/15 8:29:38AM] Medium

Flow away with me dress
Lindsay Simpson
 [05/15 8:26:35AM] 2xl

I’m summer Maxi
 [05/15 8:22:56AM] Large & Black

Sweetheart Maxi dress
Roxanne Dutchak
 [05/15 8:17:55AM] Xl

Casual Dress Up
 [05/15 8:16:43AM] M

Summer Flows
Care Carter
 [05/15 8:14:18AM] 2xl-black

Breezy Layers Patio Dress
Cathy Keyes
 [05/15 8:09:26AM] L

Dreaming of Summer Dress
Lisa Kelly
 [05/15 8:05:48AM] Small

Back porch swinging, country market, farmers daughter, in the garden, sweet summer
Stephanie Heffernan
 [05/15 8:04:28AM] 2xl

Dress to impress dress
Amy Moore
 [05/15 7:58:00AM] Small blue

Easy breezy
Allison Sands
 [05/15 7:37:10AM] M

Go with the flow
Allison Sands
 [05/15 7:36:41AM] M

Teatime on the Terrace
Lisa Quesnelle
 [05/15 7:36:32AM] Large black please

Summer waves
Samantha Zuercher
 [05/15 7:35:01AM] XL

Layered Dreams, Summer Dreams, Walk in the Park
Lisa Quesnelle
 [05/15 7:34:24AM] Large black please

Here comes the Sun-dress
Samantha Zuercher
 [05/15 7:33:17AM] XL black

Midisummer night's dream dress
Sonja Vanderwood
 [05/15 7:29:40AM] Small black

Go with the flow, Cooling Updraft, Breezy comfort
Jan LaFleche
 [05/15 7:27:06AM] M Blue

Must-have tier dress, allure midi dress,
Jeline Wiens
 [05/15 6:54:22AM] Black/Small

Let it Flow Dress
Carrie Biffis
 [05/15 6:45:18AM] XL

Alina Cameron
 [05/15 6:34:54AM] S

Beautifully breezy dress
Sarah Gourlay
 [05/15 6:23:32AM] Lg

Tuscan Sun
Danielle Loreto
 [05/15 6:22:18AM] Xl

Summer is for “Chambray”
Lisa Gaudet
 [05/15 6:22:00AM] Medium

Savannah Summer Midi Dress
Arista Ethier
 [05/15 6:19:49AM] XL

Sun n' Shade dress
Samantha Wells
 [05/15 6:09:49AM] 2xl blue

Summer Breeze Dess
 [05/15 6:05:32AM] XXL

**Go Along with Anything
Julie Odia
 [05/15 6:00:05AM] 2XL blk

**Anywhere Summer takes me
Julie Odia
 [05/15 5:58:36AM] 2XL Blue

Day at the beach dress
Vanessa Locke
 [05/15 5:53:36AM] XL

Summer Daydreams, DreamWear Dress
Crista Winterkorn
 [05/15 5:49:13AM] Medium

I feel pretty summer midi dress
Danica snow
 [05/15 5:48:01AM] Small

I feel pretty summer midi dress
Danica snow
 [05/15 5:46:54AM] Small

I feel pretty summer midi dress
Danica snow
 [05/15 5:46:02AM] Small

Kim Gallagher
 [05/15 5:24:47AM] Medium

Key to my heart dress
Ashley Constantine-Webber
 [05/15 5:12:04AM] XL

Summer Bliss Dress
Ursula Nilsson
 [05/15 5:10:28AM] M

Country Chic Dress, Summer Nights Dress, The Daisy Darling Dress, Dare to Dream Dress
Kelsey Goldsmith
 [05/15 5:04:43AM] 2XL

Summer Flow
Bridgette Carton
 [05/15 4:52:50AM] L

Go With The Flow
Bridgette Carton
 [05/15 4:52:21AM] L

Chasing waterfalls
Melissa Fletcher
 [05/15 4:45:02AM] 2xl

Santa Monica Tier Dress
Janice Trenholm
 [05/15 4:43:12AM] 2XL- Black

Summer whisper
CIndy Phillips
 [05/15 4:20:16AM] Large

Meet me on the Vineyard maxi dress
Sheri Andrews
 [05/15 4:10:58AM] Small

Sunscape dream
Debbie Halls
 [05/15 3:46:31AM] XL

Mai Tai’s in the Sun Midi Dress
Jenna Ruff
 [05/15 1:59:15AM] X-large, Black

Daydream Believer Dress
Samara O'Hagan
 [05/15 12:55:26AM] Black, Small

Sweet summer nights
 [05/15 12:10:17AM] 2xl

Country feel dress
 [05/15 12:09:12AM] Xl

Endless Wonder Dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/14 11:17:31PM] Black 2XL

Sashay my way dress
Selinda Lye
 [05/14 11:14:15PM] Black 2xl

Day Dreaming Dress
Jodi McNair
 [05/14 11:06:51PM] L

Denim fling
Celestine Moritz
 [05/14 10:38:23PM] 3xl

Tiers in Heaven MIdi Dress
Shannon Wood Cavalheiro
 [05/14 10:22:51PM] Black 2xl

Save Your Tiers MIdi Dress
Shannon Wood Cavalheiro
 [05/14 10:22:11PM] Black 2xl

Tiers From Heaven Midi Dress
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [05/14 10:19:09PM] Black 2xl

When You Wish Upon A Dress
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [05/14 10:17:22PM] Black 2xl

Summer breeze, summer kiss, April Showers, swing into summer, Simple Gifts
Katy Geh
 [05/14 9:59:08PM] L

Summer breeze, summer kiss, April Showers, swing into summer, Simple Gifts
Katy Geh
 [05/14 9:58:48PM] L

Summertime Bliss
Jennifer Schulte
 [05/14 9:47:32PM] M

Sleeveless Free Flowing Dress
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [05/14 9:37:51PM] XL - Blue

Wanna Be Free Midi Dress
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [05/14 9:31:30PM] XL - Blue

Walkin’ on Sunshine dress
Verona Jungling
 [05/14 9:27:18PM] Large

Mid-Afternoon MIdi Dress
Liz Strong
 [05/14 9:19:29PM] Black -medium

Hearts’ a Flutter Middi Dress
Lindsay Gaschnitz
 [05/14 8:50:52PM] Large

Summer Dream
Danita Lechelt
 [05/14 8:31:55PM] XL

Summer Festival Frock; Jericho Dress; Folk Frock
Anna Comfort
 [05/14 8:27:15PM] 2x blue

Country Belle Midi Dress
Shauna Swanson
 [05/14 8:19:26PM] Small

Rain rain go away dress
Krystle Senecal
 [05/14 8:18:10PM] Medium

Country Breeze Maxi Dress
Shauna Swanson
 [05/14 8:17:08PM] Small

Free flow
Shannon Pirhonen
 [05/14 8:17:05PM] )

Carousel dress
Stephanie Couldwell
 [05/14 8:05:49PM] M

Go with the Flow Midi
Donna Murray
 [05/14 7:56:47PM] Large /xl

Boho Breeze Maxi Dress
Kyra Mueller
 [05/14 7:54:34PM] Medium in Blue

Mid Summers Dream Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [05/14 7:54:21PM] Large

Endless Summer Dreams Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [05/14 7:53:42PM] Large

Blue Jean Baby
Patti Renaud
 [05/14 7:52:50PM] M

Tiered to Perfection Midi Dress
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [05/14 7:52:49PM] Large

Swing Low Sweet Summer Midi Dress
Anne Ryan
 [05/14 7:51:12PM] XL

Swinging Summer
Lindsay Stevenson
 [05/14 7:48:11PM] M

Swing into summer dress
Joanne Holliday-Scott
 [05/14 7:39:21PM] L

Free Spirit
Susan Pearson
 [05/14 7:38:38PM] XL

Swing into Summer
Brooke Stevens
 [05/14 7:29:42PM] L

Charmed Life
Carla Cook
 [05/14 7:21:29PM] Xl

Take me away dress
Stéphanie Vandal-Croskery
 [05/14 7:05:48PM] S-blue

Wild Rose ~ Prairie Sunrise ~ Prairie Dreams ~ 'Sippin' tea on a porch swing' dress ~ Prairie Wildflower
Susanne Fleming
 [05/14 7:00:30PM] L - Black :))

The Sunshine Jodie Dress
Tracey Smith
 [05/14 6:59:01PM] Medium - Black

Whispering Springs Midi Dress
Nicole Graveline
 [05/14 6:58:24PM] XL

Soul Sister Midi
Jessica Richardson
 [05/14 6:58:12PM] XS

Cynthia Dobbs Cox
 [05/14 6:55:02PM] M

Layers of Summer Days
Jodie Cooper
 [05/14 6:53:52PM] 2XL - Black

The Sunshine Jodie Dress
Tracey Smith
 [05/14 6:52:57PM] M

Country stroll
Sara Walgren
 [05/14 6:47:23PM] Medium

The Sunshine Jodie dress
Tracey Smith
 [05/14 6:47:16PM] M

Summer Sun
Catherine Gilchrist
 [05/14 6:34:53PM] Large

Summer Dreams
Dee Bartens
 [05/14 6:32:47PM] M

Ever After Boutique Chic Day Dress
Michelle McLaughlin
 [05/14 6:23:42PM] Medium

California dreamin dress
Amanda Pion
 [05/14 6:22:23PM] Small

Blue skies every day
May Larson
 [05/14 6:19:06PM] Xxl

Summertime Ruffles
Kelly Ewart
 [05/14 6:16:40PM] Large

Sunshine on my Mind Dress, Long Live Summer Midi,
Jenn Dilfer
 [05/14 6:00:23PM] Black XL

Breezy date night
Amanda McCosham
 [05/14 5:59:32PM] S

Breezy night
Amanda McCosham
 [05/14 5:58:46PM] S

Date Night Dress
Nadia Olheiser
 [05/14 5:58:33PM] 2xl black

Peek a Boob Dress
Jenn Dilfer
 [05/14 5:57:19PM] Black. Xl

Sun hat attire
Chase Smith
 [05/14 5:53:42PM] M

Southern Bell dress
Kim Wright
 [05/14 5:50:49PM] Medium

Lise Thibeault
 [05/14 5:50:33PM] m

Sylvie Rodd
 [05/14 5:49:46PM] m

Summer Lovin'
Christine Fitzgerald
 [05/14 5:47:18PM] XL

Summer Solstice
Jennifer Simpson
 [05/14 5:45:59PM] XL black

Summer Strolling
Ashley Morin
 [05/14 5:39:14PM] XL

Country Flare Midi Dress
France Roy
 [05/14 5:38:50PM] L, Blue

Wandering Wildflower Dress
Sarah Weiss
 [05/14 5:37:35PM] L

Wanderlust Denim Dress
Sarah Weiss
 [05/14 5:36:49PM] L

Tiers of joy
Terralee Franklin
 [05/14 5:24:04PM] 2x

Days of whimsy dress
JoAnne swaine
 [05/14 5:15:07PM] Large

Bring on the sun
Colleen Courtney
 [05/14 5:09:52PM] 3X

Spirit of Summer Wanderer Dress
Heidi Bender
 [05/14 5:07:09PM] L

Midnight Twirl, Denim Twirl, Summer Twirl
Tammy Abernethy
 [05/14 5:06:12PM] Xl

Warm Summer Nights Dress
Victoria Barber
 [05/14 5:05:53PM] Medium

Sunshine Twirl
Savannah Abernethy
 [05/14 5:05:26PM] Xl

Midi summer dream
Sandra walker
 [05/14 5:02:22PM] Black large

Believe In Bliss
Shannon parsons
 [05/14 5:01:32PM] L

MIDI summer dream
Sandra walker
 [05/14 5:01:05PM] Black large

Sassy Barnyard, Barnyard Sass, Barnyard Beauty
Donna Cameron
 [05/14 4:59:08PM] Xxl

Waterfall dress
 [05/14 4:57:30PM] Probably 2x

Country roads dress
Crystal Mackie
 [05/14 4:54:31PM] Small black

Call me to the country
Crystal Mackie
 [05/14 4:53:56PM] Small black

Frilled to Be Out. **. Ready for anything
Julie Odia
 [05/14 4:48:08PM] Black 2XL

summer gentle breeze
Pamela Baker
 [05/14 4:47:38PM] Med

Summer Dreams
Heather Peterson
 [05/14 4:47:35PM] XL

**Come to Life. **All Day Long. **Any Time Fun
Julie Odia
 [05/14 4:45:39PM] 2XL black

Very Airy, summer lovin’, All for love, sweet Caroline, under the boardwalk, lakeside breeze, beachy waves
Gina MacGregor
 [05/14 4:45:19PM] Medium

**Relax in Style ** Dress for Joy
Julie Odia
 [05/14 4:43:59PM] Blue. 2XL

Summer Breeze
LaVerna Moreland
 [05/14 4:42:36PM] Large

Tiers of Summers Past
Charlene Huizinga
 [05/14 4:28:05PM] 2xl black

Brooke Ronan
 [05/14 4:23:46PM] S

Easy Breezy
Sarah Wilson
 [05/14 4:22:13PM] Medium

Sweet sunset glow let your inner child flow
 [05/14 4:14:14PM] L

Under the Moonlight, Dancing in the Rain, Beachside
Sarah Armstrong
 [05/14 4:10:55PM] L

Fun and Flirty summer nights
Sonya Mackenzie
 [05/14 4:06:46PM] Lg

The Kiera
Karla Ryan
 [05/14 4:04:32PM] M

Pretty in midi dress
Lacey cribb
 [05/14 4:04:31PM] L

Summer Fields
Laura Vesel
 [05/14 4:03:26PM] Medium

Flo with it
Madelynn Nelson
 [05/14 3:57:14PM] Small or medium

Ruffled perfection — All about the ruffles
Diana mazzuca
 [05/14 3:57:13PM] L-xl

Go with the flo dress
Madelynn Nelson
 [05/14 3:56:43PM] Small or medium

Blowing in the wind summer dress
Christine Pellerine
 [05/14 3:56:23PM] Medium

Peasantly Dreamy
Linda Genaille
 [05/14 3:55:46PM] 2xl

Lovely Summer dreams dress
Valerie Dietrich
 [05/14 3:55:06PM] M

Boho Beauty
 [05/14 3:54:27PM] 2xl

Layered simplicity
Diana mazzuca
 [05/14 3:54:12PM] L or xl depending on fit

Cheers in tiers midi dress
Liv Scurr
 [05/14 3:49:09PM] L

Piece of perfect
Tina Consalvo
 [05/14 3:46:59PM] 2xl black

Tiers and Beers midi dress
Liv Scurr
 [05/14 3:46:53PM] L

Breezy Boho
Robin DiMartino
 [05/14 3:45:12PM] Small

Summer Breeze
Robin DiMartino
 [05/14 3:43:18PM] Small

Pretty on the patio
Jennifer ottenbreit
 [05/14 3:38:41PM] Blue medium

The Rainbow gown
Tanya Braund
 [05/14 3:38:40PM] XL

Fiesta Sundress
Renee Prevost
 [05/14 3:34:15PM] 2xl

Blue Sky
Joanne Levato
 [05/14 3:34:02PM] L

Midnight dream
Nicole kolkman
 [05/14 3:28:57PM] Large

BoHo Peep
Tanya Oslie
 [05/14 3:28:21PM] S

Summer daydreams
Jennifer Nixon
 [05/14 3:27:43PM] xl. blue

Mid summer dream
Danette Fillier-Aubin
 [05/14 3:23:37PM] Xl

Summer boho frilly dress
Maria Lento
 [05/14 3:18:04PM] Med blue

Frill Falling Maxi Dress
Amanda Mader
 [05/14 3:10:54PM] XL

No Time for Rain!
Rachelle Douglas
 [05/14 3:06:23PM] Blue XL

Sunshine swirl, ruffles and sunshine, summertime feeling, sunny days , chasing the sun
Nicole young
 [05/14 3:05:27PM] Small

Swing Into Sprrring
Kari Laslo
 [05/14 3:05:15PM] Large

Sunshine swirl, ruffles and sunshine, summertime feeling, sunny days , chasing the sun
Nicole young
 [05/14 3:05:04PM] Small

Flirty frills dress
Marla Chernyk
 [05/14 3:04:25PM] Large

Oh So Darling Dress
Julie Duchesne
 [05/14 2:58:01PM] L

Spring Meadow
Jen Stamp
 [05/14 2:57:42PM] Xl

Summer Lovin
Christine Bartsoff
 [05/14 2:55:22PM] Medium

Summer breeze
Yvonne McEwan
 [05/14 2:55:17PM] M

A Walk in the Park
Lisa Waye
 [05/14 2:53:23PM] L

Boulevard of Dreams
Lisa Waye
 [05/14 2:51:50PM] L

A Midi’s Summer Dream
Sabrina Thiffault
 [05/14 2:51:42PM] XL

Summer breeze
Alison Ingertsa kimberley
 [05/14 2:49:11PM] 2x

Summer Night's Dream Dress
Sarah Canney
 [05/14 2:48:41PM] Small

Fun in the Sun dress
Jazmin Higgins
 [05/14 2:45:53PM] XL

Summer romance dress, flirty peek-a-boo dress, Boho Summer Nights Dress
Shauna Puchniak
 [05/14 2:36:57PM] XL

Spring fling
France campbell
 [05/14 2:34:47PM] Xs

Hot & Dreamy dress
Becki Zerr
 [05/14 2:32:03PM] Small

Tiers for days dress, All ruffled up dress
Stephanie Priebe
 [05/14 2:27:48PM] Small, Blue

Tiering up for summer dress
Lisa Price
 [05/14 2:26:20PM] Large

Summer Waves dress
Lisa Price
 [05/14 2:25:50PM] Large

Sweet swinging summer midi dress
Sherry Drost
 [05/14 2:25:42PM] XL blue

Pretty in Picnic dress
Lisa Price
 [05/14 2:25:08PM] Large

Slip into summer
Lisa Price
 [05/14 2:23:43PM] large

Flirty fashionista dress
Erin krueger
 [05/14 2:20:36PM] L

Boho chic
Christina Galluccio
 [05/14 2:20:21PM] Medium

Strap happy
Marina slusar
 [05/14 2:16:19PM] Small

bohemian rhapsody dress
Dana lean
 [05/14 2:13:58PM] Black xl

Summer Lovin'
Jenn McNaughton
 [05/14 2:03:57PM] XL

1-I'm Tiering up dress 2 - Take a stroll with me dress 3 - Flirty in Florence dress
Deborah D'Alfonso
 [05/14 2:03:29PM] 2xl

The Pretty Patio dress
Amy Chapman
 [05/14 2:00:16PM] XL black

Casual elegance
Jane Sanson
 [05/14 1:57:47PM] L

Fun in the Sun Frock
Julie Gelinas
 [05/14 1:55:16PM] L

Cocktail hours “ Here l come”
Melissa Mullen
 [05/14 1:54:30PM] Black and med

Daisy Days, Life me up
Shannon Mac Laughlin
 [05/14 1:51:19PM] L

Patio Pleaser Dress
Jennifer ertel
 [05/14 1:50:58PM] XL

Be Bold, Beautiful & Feel the Breeze
Tatianna Hommy
 [05/14 1:49:38PM] XL

Boho Chic
Teryl Cocks
 [05/14 1:47:36PM] XL

Cool summer breeze
Cindy Zeldenrust
 [05/14 1:47:09PM] 2x

Walking on Sunshine dress, Sway to the Beat Dress, Summer Loving Dress
Natasha Mayes
 [05/14 1:46:29PM] Large black

El Sol Dress
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [05/14 1:44:33PM] XL

Summer Sway Midi Dress, Bring Me to Tiers Midi Dress
Diana Stephens
 [05/14 1:44:09PM] Black XL

Sightseeing Dress
Erin Sharma
 [05/14 1:42:08PM] Medium, black

Tiers of Joy Dress, Button Up Midi, Peekaboo Midi, Level Up Midi, Leveled and Lovely Midi, Level Headed Midi, Button Me Up Dress
Cherie Inwood
 [05/14 1:41:18PM] Black XL

Tiers of triumph dress
Rhonda Brown
 [05/14 1:39:14PM] XL Black

Sunshine on a rainy day
Andrea heard
 [05/14 1:37:21PM] Large

Breezy Bombshell
Sherri Martins
 [05/14 1:19:48PM] Medium

The peek-a-boo beauty
Sherri Martins
 [05/14 1:18:15PM] XL

Divinely Feminine
Laura Silvers
 [05/14 1:15:58PM] XL Black

Tiered Love Midi, Looking Midi Fine, All Buttoned Up Midi
Tawny Rother
 [05/14 1:14:36PM] Small

Cheryl Farrer
 [05/14 1:13:28PM] L

Pretty in picnic
Megan konkin
 [05/14 1:12:07PM] Medium

A Summer Ride Maxi
Anchal Chadha
 [05/14 1:12:06PM] Black, Small

Weekend brunch midi, Sunday brunch, picnic ready dress, pretty in picni
Megan konkin
 [05/14 1:11:14PM] Medium

Summer Maxi
Anchal Chadha
 [05/14 1:11:10PM] Black, Small

Sunrise dress
Melissa Severin
 [05/14 1:09:45PM] L

Rain or shine dress
 [05/14 1:07:50PM] M

Summer Tiers
Christy Martin
 [05/14 1:06:57PM] XS

Ruffled Summer Midi Dress
Anchal Chadha
 [05/14 1:05:51PM] Black, Small

Summer Breeze
Sandi Hamilton
 [05/14 1:05:48PM] 2XL

“I need it” dress
Melissa jones
 [05/14 1:01:02PM] Medium

I frill you dress, walk with me dress, I ruche you dress, run away with me dress
Melissa Price
 [05/14 12:58:58PM] Large

Summer Breeze, Paradise Awaits, Summer Delight
Keisha Birg
 [05/14 12:52:38PM] M

Summer Breezy,
Keisha Birg
 [05/14 12:51:42PM] M

Twirling Tiers Dress; Tiers Are Made for Twirling Dress
Heather Smith
 [05/14 12:49:39PM] XL or 2XL

Cassandra Burroughs
 [05/14 12:48:46PM] L-XL? not entirely sure! :(

Saddle up dress
Miranda schill
 [05/14 12:48:37PM] 2xl

Beverly Smith
 [05/14 12:47:26PM] Xl

Twirly Day Dress, Longing to Twirl Dress, Twirl me Right Round Dress
Stephanie Riley
 [05/14 12:46:36PM] L / Black

Paradise Maxi
Courtney Knaggs
 [05/14 12:43:48PM] M

Summer Baddie
Dinesha Court
 [05/14 12:43:15PM] Xxl

Sensational Summer Dress
Monica Steinson
 [05/14 12:43:09PM] Xl

Sway with Me Sundress
Michelle Mayer
 [05/14 12:39:38PM] 3xl

Favorite things Midi Dress
Brittaney Pregizer
 [05/14 12:39:34PM] Black xl

Garden Party
Ley Sachowski
 [05/14 12:39:20PM] Large

Ginette Primeau
 [05/14 12:38:40PM] XL

Feeling the Breeze MIDI Dress
Lisa Ginn
 [05/14 12:38:05PM] S

The flowy flirty fun dress
Sarah Elsasser
 [05/14 12:36:42PM] Small

Girl next door dress
Stacey Nearing
 [05/14 12:36:26PM] M

Fantasy Flair
Barbara Kennedy
 [05/14 12:36:09PM] L Blue

Summer Lovin’ Dress
Aimee Cowley
 [05/14 12:35:37PM] Small

Boho Rain
Michelle Piggott
 [05/14 12:35:31PM] XL

Don’t rain on me sundress; ooh la la sundress; Date worthy sundress; Fun in the Sun sundress
Leanne Willshear
 [05/14 12:35:00PM] XL Black

Step out into Summer Dress
Jennifer Harrison
 [05/14 12:32:46PM] L

Picnic days midi ; Midi Summer Nights Dream; midi summer nights; summer solstice midi, summer catch midi
Stephanie Hinkson
 [05/14 12:30:10PM] L

Save Your Tiers
Melissa Weatherill
 [05/14 12:29:35PM] 2XL Blue

Summer dreamin’ dress, simply summer dress, dressing it up for summer
Carolyn kenney
 [05/14 12:29:07PM] Small black pls

Tiers of Joy Sundress
Lisa Peppard
 [05/14 12:27:13PM] M

Gone with the wind
 [05/14 12:24:57PM] S

In The Breeze
 [05/14 12:21:54PM] Xl

delicious summer nights dress
lillian mulrooney
 [05/14 12:21:43PM] xl

In the breeze dress
Megan Ewing
 [05/14 12:18:21PM] M

Breezing into Summer dress, Ocean Front Property dress, Tried and Teir midi dress
Tracy Dubois
 [05/14 12:13:20PM] XL, blue

Free Flowin
Olivia Hansen
 [05/14 12:12:31PM] Large

Beautiful breeze dress
Jennifer price
 [05/14 12:12:16PM] M

Follow the Dreams or Inner Child
Julie Rodger
 [05/14 12:12:02PM] 2x

The Sunkissed Midi
Macarena Lopez
 [05/14 12:08:19PM] Large

Mid summer night
Krista Crawford
 [05/14 12:07:33PM] Size medium blue

Feeling flirty dress, Happy tiers dress,
Debbie Partridge
 [05/14 12:06:54PM] Blue XL

All Dolled Up Dress
Erin Sharma
 [05/14 12:01:44PM] Medium, black

Floating Cloud Dress
Lilliane Hradecki
 [05/14 12:00:13PM] S black

Summer Breeze
Debbie Slater
 [05/14 11:59:01AM] XL

Breezy days
Annette Bokenfohr
 [05/14 11:58:24AM] Medium

Jessica Peters (Murdy)
 [05/14 11:57:53AM] L

Endless summer dress
Eriks Melnychuk
 [05/14 11:55:16AM] Large

Summer Breeze
Liz Carroll
 [05/14 11:51:37AM] Large

Midsummer dream dress; dreams are made of dress; summer sun dress; tiered true dress; midi market dress; going to the market midi dress; beach stroll dress; sunny days midi dress; carpe diem dress; summer day date dress;
Ashley Domagala
 [05/14 11:49:05AM] Xl

Flow away summer dress
Jocelyn Sarver
 [05/14 11:46:54AM] L

Mighty Midi Dress
Jeanette Mills
 [05/14 11:46:27AM] Large

Everything or Nothing dress
Mandy Hill
 [05/14 11:43:47AM] XL

Layers of love midi dress
Sarah Letourneau
 [05/14 11:43:39AM] L

Sweetheart of Summer Dress
Kym Readman
 [05/14 11:42:28AM] Blue, size XL

Go with the flow
Lorrie frayne
 [05/14 11:41:49AM] 2x

Easy like a Sunday
Mandy Hill
 [05/14 11:41:10AM] XL

Summer days
Tammy Peterson
 [05/14 11:39:29AM] Small

Gypsy soul sister
Jenn Good
 [05/14 11:36:12AM] 2xl

Boho Flair
Kym Readman
 [05/14 11:36:06AM] Blue, size XL

The flirt and twirl summer fun dress
Jenn Good
 [05/14 11:34:49AM] 2xl

Gypsy Flair Dress
Kym Readman
 [05/14 11:34:20AM] Blue, size XL

Mid Summer Nights Dream Dress
Susan Schmidt
 [05/14 11:33:45AM] Blue 2xl

Tiered Me Pretty - Tiers of Joy - Denim Dress Up - Siesta Summer - Summer Loving Denim -
Whitney E Dillon
 [05/14 11:33:24AM] Black - 2XL

Southern Charm Dress
Kym Readman
 [05/14 11:32:49AM] Blue, size XL

Those Summer Nights Dress
Melissa McCracken
 [05/14 11:32:19AM] S

Good looking anywhere
Melanie Feschuk
 [05/14 11:32:10AM] Large

Summer Lovin'
Melissa McCracken
 [05/14 11:31:33AM] S

Peek-a Boo Denim Dress
 [05/14 11:29:32AM] S

Day at the beach dress
Melanie watchorn
 [05/14 11:24:23AM] LG, blue

Country Comfort
Shannon Georgopoulos
 [05/14 11:22:33AM] 2x

Tiers in Heaven Dress
Rachel Tourville
 [05/14 11:21:01AM] XL

beautiful day dress
 [05/14 11:14:31AM] Blue medium

Return to Life Festival Dress
Sarah McDowell
 [05/14 11:14:30AM] Large

sunny day dress
 [05/14 11:13:29AM] Blue medium

Southern sunshine or southern belle
Alison Viaes
 [05/14 11:08:49AM] S

Play it close to the chest midi dress
Jennifer Jones
 [05/14 11:05:15AM] Black size medium

Patio vibe
Gitanjali chopra
 [05/14 11:05:06AM] Medium

Lovely Layers dress, Fiesta Frock, Lovely n Lively, Twirly Girly,
Scarlet Dawson
 [05/14 11:04:57AM] XL Blue

Ocean of love
Jessica bracher
 [05/14 11:01:19AM] XL black

Dress up your life summer time dress
Chantal Ethier
 [05/14 11:01:08AM] M black

Sunset Siesta
Rosanna Fiorino
 [05/14 11:00:35AM] Xs

Ocean of love
Jessica bracher
 [05/14 11:00:26AM] XL black

Ocean of love
Jessica bracher
 [05/14 11:00:01AM] XL black

Summer Siesta
Rosanna Fiorino
 [05/14 10:58:28AM] Xs

Sunshine joy summer dress
Chantal ethier
 [05/14 10:58:28AM] M

Summer Dreams
 [05/14 10:58:12AM] XL Black

Boardwalk Breeze
Rosanna Fiorino
 [05/14 10:57:58AM] Xs

Country girl summer flow dress
Chantal ethier
 [05/14 10:56:30AM] M

Fun in the Sun, Sunny Days, Hearts a Flutter, Brighter Days Ahead, Easy Breezy
Leigh Griffin
 [05/14 10:54:30AM] XL Black

Prairie Days Dress
Cheryl Barrett
 [05/14 10:49:04AM] Small

Midsummers Dream
Kim Twyman
 [05/14 10:46:26AM] XL

Ruffle it up
Kim Twyman
 [05/14 10:45:36AM] XL

Flowing waves of summer
Clarice Chafe
 [05/14 10:45:14AM] L

Sunny Days Dress
Kate Potter
 [05/14 10:44:14AM] M

Summer on the Prairies
Davina Lakeman
 [05/14 10:43:35AM] M

Open Heart Summer Midi Dress
Jennifer Pugh
 [05/14 10:43:25AM] L

Prairie Peak A Boo, Bring on the heat,
Deanna Hunt
 [05/14 10:40:09AM] Large, Black

Chambray Sway all day dress
Stacey Garton
 [05/14 10:38:41AM] Black small

Prairie Peak Dress, Sneak A Peak Dress, Flowly and Flirty
Deanna Hunt
 [05/14 10:37:06AM] Black, Large

Twirling around the world dress
Crystal Macdonald
 [05/14 10:36:24AM] 2x

Kool summer
Donna cyprien
 [05/14 10:35:57AM] Xl

Summer’s Breeze Dress
Lori R
 [05/14 10:34:55AM] 2X

Super sexy summer sundress
Linda hunt
 [05/14 10:33:10AM] Large black

The button me Midi Dress, free flowing middle dress, ruffle you not midi dress, summer dreaming midi dress
Kathleen MacDonald
 [05/14 10:29:37AM] Large, Blue

Midi-Nite Dream Dress
Wendy Unrau
 [05/14 10:29:10AM] L

Dreamlover Denin
 [05/14 10:28:44AM] M

Simply fun
Alycia Reynolds
 [05/14 10:28:42AM] Large black

Blue Wave dress
Judy Gilson
 [05/14 10:28:19AM] XL

Flow into Summer Dress
Lacey Whitt
 [05/14 10:28:07AM] M Black

Flow Away Dress, Summer Nights Dress
Lacey Whitt
 [05/14 10:27:25AM] Medium Black

Sunny Days Midi Dress
Robin Paisley
 [05/14 10:27:24AM] M

Go With The Flow Midi Dress
Jenna Ruff
 [05/14 10:26:23AM] X-large, Black

Mai Tai Midi Dress
Jenna Ruff
 [05/14 10:25:25AM] X-Large, Black

Midsummer Dream
Holli Griffith
 [05/14 10:22:13AM] 2

Country breeze dress
Dallas Herie
 [05/14 10:22:04AM] Large

Summer sunshine dress
Melisa Gordon
 [05/14 10:21:22AM] Black, large

Nice with a little spice midi, Beautiful peak a boo midi
Kristy Bohnet
 [05/14 10:18:56AM] L

Daytime dreaming.
Sandy trentalance
 [05/14 10:18:31AM] Xl

Smock dress
Gisèle Blais-Rivest
 [05/14 10:18:26AM] Xs

Rainy day dress
Debbi Pietracupa
 [05/14 10:17:51AM] M/l

Prairie picnic dress, little dress on the prairie, go with the flow dress, tiered perfection, buttoned babe, picnic date dress, anything goes dress
Jessica McTavish
 [05/14 10:16:33AM] M blue

Summer Flow Lovin Dress
Kathy Thompson
 [05/14 10:16:31AM] Lg

Midnight Dreams
Natalie Brunet
 [05/14 10:15:30AM] M

Summer Flow Lovin Dress
Kathy Thompson
 [05/14 10:14:44AM] Lg

The dear tier dress or The cheer tier dress or The chandelier tier dress or The lumiere tier dress
Heidi Ferriman
 [05/14 10:10:38AM] M

Country comfort
Kendra Fraser
 [05/14 10:10:36AM] XL

Boho Beauty
Kendra Fraser
 [05/14 10:09:47AM] XL

Boho you doin?!
Lisa Pittman
 [05/14 10:09:21AM] 2xl

The dear tier dress
Heidi Ferriman
 [05/14 10:09:07AM] M

Summer Comfort
Sarah Baxter
 [05/14 10:07:47AM] 2xl

Easy Breezy
Sarah Baxter
 [05/14 10:07:21AM] 2xl

kalowna’s Beauty
Heather Stanley
 [05/14 10:07:18AM] 2XL

Spring Fling Dress
Christina Lenz-Campbell
 [05/14 10:06:50AM] M

Country Summer
Sarah Baxter
 [05/14 10:06:46AM] 2xl

Summer time dreamin' midi
Sasha Fiselier
 [05/14 10:06:18AM] small

Tiered Romance
Sarah Carlson
 [05/14 10:05:35AM] XL

Summer Swing Dress
Vicki Restoule
 [05/14 10:05:31AM] Small

Summer Sway Dress
Renee Helm
 [05/14 9:59:50AM] XL

Take me to the beach dress
Ashley Martin
 [05/14 9:59:37AM] Large

Summer Ivy dress
Amanpreet Butter
 [05/14 9:59:18AM] M

Go with the Flow dress
Lacey Whitt
 [05/14 9:58:39AM] Medium Black

Peasantly Perfect
Melissa Mazur
 [05/14 9:57:49AM] M

Summer Waves
Julie Hoar
 [05/14 9:56:37AM] XL black

I Dream of Summer Dress
Erin Shantz
 [05/14 9:56:20AM] Medium, black

Layers of summer
Julie Hoar
 [05/14 9:56:13AM] XL Black

Sweet Seduction
Jess Vallier
 [05/14 9:55:33AM] Small

Mid summer night dress
Julie Hoar
 [05/14 9:54:56AM] Xl black

Moonlight midi dreams dress; moonlight midi dress ; moonlight dreams dress ; midi romance dress ; Equestrian dream dress ;
Stephanie Hedderson
 [05/14 9:54:19AM] S

Feel free Dress
Teresa Townson
 [05/14 9:54:14AM] Blue XL

A breath of fresh air sun dress
Denise Therrien
 [05/14 9:53:17AM] Med

Summer Dreams Dress
Teresa Townson
 [05/14 9:53:12AM] Blue XL

Feel the breeze
Andrea Bruni
 [05/14 9:51:32AM] Small

Go with the flow sundress / Tiers of joy sundress / Flow with it sundress
Susan Shoemaker
 [05/14 9:51:31AM] L

Fun and flirty midi dress
Louise Weiss
 [05/14 9:50:25AM] Large blue

California dreamin’
Candace Grady
 [05/14 9:49:48AM] xxl

Free for All
Maggie Cimprich
 [05/14 9:49:45AM] M, black

Flow into summer midi dress
Louise Weiss
 [05/14 9:49:39AM] Large blue

Boho chic summer midi dress
Louise weiss
 [05/14 9:48:33AM] Large

Roll With Me
Maggie Cimprich
 [05/14 9:48:25AM] M, blue

Farmers Market Midi Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [05/14 9:45:45AM] XL black

Midsummer Nights Dream Dress
Angela Maidens
 [05/14 9:45:11AM] L

Simplistic beauty dress
Elyse connors
 [05/14 9:43:53AM] Large

Take me away dress
Cindy Schwartz
 [05/14 9:43:06AM] XS

Summer Lovin’
Angela Yamaoka
 [05/14 9:42:14AM] Blue M

Roll with Me Midi Dress, Roll On Midi Dress, Fresh and Free Midi Dress, Free for All Midi Dress
Maggie Cimprich
 [05/14 9:40:55AM] M

A little Bitty Midi Dress , A Summer Fling Dress
Mary Thomson
 [05/14 9:40:22AM] Medium

Roll with Me Midi Dress, Roll On Midi Dress, Fresh and Free Midi Dress, Free for All Midi Dress
Maggie Cimprich
 [05/14 9:39:53AM] M

Bohemian Rhapsody Dress, Boho Fantasy Dress
Mary Thomson
 [05/14 9:38:46AM] Medium

Easy Breezy
 [05/14 9:38:24AM] Large

Fresh & Free
Shelly Dodgson
 [05/14 9:38:10AM] Xl

Cross My Heart
Melanie Antunes
 [05/14 9:36:23AM] M

Flow with me
Dana Leidl
 [05/14 9:36:06AM] 2xl

Light up my life dress, light of my life dress
Alexx Matthews
 [05/14 9:35:21AM] M

Heather Moskal
 [05/14 9:35:00AM] S OR M?

Sexy but Subtle Dress
Tammy Psiurski
 [05/14 9:35:00AM] Black Medium

Easy Flowing Dress
Jennifer McQuillan
 [05/14 9:34:13AM] 2xl

Peek a boo
BrendaLee Morrow
 [05/14 9:33:35AM] 2xl

Summer Sizzle Peekaboo Dress
Sheena MacDonald
 [05/14 9:32:40AM] Large

Light up my life dress, light of my life dress
Alexx Matthews
 [05/14 9:31:32AM] M

Blue Bliss or Sweet Summer Days
Robyn Wallace
 [05/14 9:30:32AM] L

Dare to Dream Dress
Kathryn Graveline
 [05/14 9:29:44AM] Small black

Glamorous Gypsy
Laureece Weaver
 [05/14 9:29:34AM] 1 XL Black

Spring fling dress
Laurisa Bonk
 [05/14 9:28:59AM] Small black

Light up my life dress, light of my life dress,
Alexx Matthews
 [05/14 9:28:57AM] M

Christine Scott
 [05/14 9:27:31AM] 1x

Go with the flow
Amber Johnston
 [05/14 9:26:40AM] S

The Gretchen
Greta Engelsman
 [05/14 9:24:55AM] Lg

Summer breeze dress
Katrina Ariza Gudiel
 [05/14 9:24:53AM] M/L

Tiers of Joy Summer Dress
Dana Hendry
 [05/14 9:23:44AM] XL Blue

Layer on the fun dress, mid-summer nights dream dress, twirls and delights dress, summer breeze dress, afternoon adventures dress
Nicolle Parsons
 [05/14 9:22:27AM] Blue, 2XL

Midi Dream Dress, Midi Summer Dreamin dress, Midi Summer Denim
Rebecca Anderson
 [05/14 9:19:50AM] XL

Boho Beauty Midi Dress
Sarah Settels
 [05/14 9:19:22AM] Large Black please and thank you

Pretty Peasant Midi (this totally gives me 70s vibes)
Sarah Settels
 [05/14 9:18:37AM] Black Large Please

Layers Of Love Midi Dress
Jacqueline Miller
 [05/14 9:13:55AM] M

That 70's Flow Dress
Sarah Settels
 [05/14 9:13:50AM] Black Medium Please and thank you

Sunset Strip Midi Dress
Sarah Settels
 [05/14 9:12:33AM] Medium Black Please and Thank you

Secret Garden Dress
Kayla Woelfle
 [05/14 9:12:26AM] M

Sky breeze
Karen Friesen
 [05/14 9:11:56AM] XL

summer breeze
wendy kettle
 [05/14 9:11:52AM] L

Sunny Summer Midi
Josephine Merlina
 [05/14 9:10:46AM] Medium

Ruffle your feathers dress
Emily Eckford
 [05/14 9:09:59AM] 2XL

Layered lady midi dress
Breanna Frank
 [05/14 9:09:48AM] S

Vineyard Dress
Emily Buss
 [05/14 9:09:12AM] XL

Free Flow Dress
Keira Richardson
 [05/14 9:09:05AM] Large Blue

Doll It Up dress
Olessya Boone
 [05/14 9:08:49AM] XL

Ruffle Me This
Carolyn deVries
 [05/14 9:08:30AM] S

Functional flow dress
Lori tinney
 [05/14 9:07:44AM] Small

Calypso Breeze, Island Breeze, Island Waves, Layers to Love, Beachside Beauty, Sun and Sand Dress, Dock of the Bay
Tara Kennedy
 [05/14 9:07:13AM] Black and Large

Summer Flow Dress
Jill Stewart
 [05/14 9:06:11AM] Small Blue pls!

Mid summer nights DreAm
Lara rosenberger
 [05/14 9:05:29AM] Xl

Flirty, breazy, flouncy, easy
Tami Mckechnie
 [05/14 9:04:55AM] Large

Peace of Prairie
Lara rosenberger
 [05/14 9:04:17AM] Xl

Flowin' in the wind
Amanda Levine
 [05/14 9:04:02AM] Black 2xl

Easy, Breezy, Midi Dress
Amanda Levine
 [05/14 9:03:31AM] Black 2xl

Garden Beauty
Carmen Eisnor
 [05/14 9:03:15AM] 2xl

Bellflower Summer vibe dress, Bell Flower, Bluebelle, Summer Belle
Angela Mifflin
 [05/14 9:02:54AM] S

Boho Bird Midi Dress
Victoria Clarke
 [05/14 9:02:00AM] Black - XL

Sweet Evening Breeze Midi Dress
Victoria Clarke
 [05/14 9:01:13AM] Black - XL

Sway Away with Me Dress
Kaylee Moerman
 [05/14 9:00:51AM] 2XL black

Dreamy days dress; Rain, rain go away dress; nothing button the best dress; swirl and twirl midi
Kim Freeman
 [05/14 8:59:41AM] xl - black

Relax in the sun dress
 [05/14 8:59:01AM] Black small

Free falling, button up breeze , dreamy breezy, beachy breezy boho
Brittany Hunter
 [05/14 8:57:12AM] M

Denim daze midi
Ashley Bilokryli
 [05/14 8:57:11AM] M

Mid-Summer Night's Dress
Amanda Levine
 [05/14 8:56:59AM] Black 2xl

Summer Daze dress
Lisa Cleveland
 [05/14 8:56:13AM] Black XL

Boho Beauty dress
Rachael Code
 [05/14 8:56:00AM] XL black

Tiers & True Midi Dress
Victoria Clarke
 [05/14 8:54:51AM] Black - XL

In a Midi Minute Dress
Karen Otsig
 [05/14 8:54:38AM] M Blue

Layers of Love
Tara Kennedy
 [05/14 8:54:20AM] Black and Large

Boho breeze
Angela Mitres
 [05/14 8:54:15AM] Blue small

Boho Summer
 [05/14 8:54:00AM] L

Peak a boo boho midi dress
Angela Mitres
 [05/14 8:53:27AM] Blue small

Summer Fling Dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [05/14 8:51:40AM] 2XL Black

North Country Girl
Victoria Clarke
 [05/14 8:51:34AM] Black - XL

Summer Dreams Dress
Amanda Levine
 [05/14 8:51:11AM] 2xl

Summer time fun Maxi dress
Angela Lalonde
 [05/14 8:51:03AM] Medium

Easy breezy sun dress
Tanis Hayward
 [05/14 8:50:46AM] Medium

Sunshine dress
Rosa Louro
 [05/14 8:50:39AM] Large

Fiesta breeze
Mindy moore
 [05/14 8:50:34AM] 2xl

Tiers to you summer dress
Dana Hendry
 [05/14 8:50:11AM] XL Black

Garden Party Dress, Hold Me Closer Dress, Happy Tiers Dress, Young Hearts Dress, Summer Queen Dress, Witty Midi Dress
Aubrey Price
 [05/14 8:49:54AM] Large, Black

Summer Nights Dress
Amanda Levine
 [05/14 8:49:40AM] 2xl

Sunshine After Rain
Carrie Johnson
 [05/14 8:48:50AM] Large

Come Away with Me
Sarah Rice
 [05/14 8:48:21AM] Black 2X

Easy Breezy
Nancy Armstrong
 [05/14 8:47:10AM] Xl

Summer Dreamin' Maxi, Under the Rainbow Maxi
Tiffany Payne
 [05/14 8:46:18AM] Small Blue

Boho Chic
Sarah Rice
 [05/14 8:46:02AM] Black 2X

Happy Tiers; Tier Time; Afternoon Delight; Layer Up; Tiery Eyed;
Susan Constantine
 [05/14 8:45:29AM] 2XL blue

Southern Belle
Sarah Rice
 [05/14 8:45:10AM] Black2x

Denim dreams
Lexi Crothers
 [05/14 8:44:49AM] M

Summer breeze
Kelly Cribb
 [05/14 8:44:37AM] medium

Feelin Fine in the summertime dress OR Summer dreams dress
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [05/14 8:44:34AM] Large (for the girls to fit - lol)

Cute as a button
 [05/14 8:44:20AM] 2XL

Mid Summer Nights Dream
Sarah Rice
 [05/14 8:43:51AM] Black XL

Country Midi Dress, Summer Flow, Boho Breeze, Summer Midi Dress, Midsummer Blues Midi Dress
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [05/14 8:43:49AM] Blue. 2XL

Summer flaunt it
Desiree Kerr
 [05/14 8:42:45AM] 2xl

Button Flare; Layered with Buttons; Tiers of Joy; Mixed Media;
Susan Constantine
 [05/14 8:42:05AM] 2XL Blue

Tiered around Town
Jessica Hill
 [05/14 8:41:55AM] XL

Rain drops and storm clouds
Melissa Ross
 [05/14 8:41:34AM] Medium

Easy Breezy
Joanna Langlois
 [05/14 8:41:33AM] M

Summer Stroll Dress
Mavis Conrad
 [05/14 8:41:33AM] M

Feel the breeze
Allyson Plater
 [05/14 8:41:32AM] L

Flow with Me Maxi dress
 [05/14 8:40:56AM] 2XL

Summer Lovin'
Valerie J Hancock
 [05/14 8:40:54AM] 2XL-Black

Fun in the Sun
Lindsey Hummel
 [05/14 8:40:43AM] Medium

Easy Breezy
Joanna Langlois
 [05/14 8:40:22AM] M

Prairie Girl
Jaime Sayers
 [05/14 8:40:03AM] M

Boho Gypsy, Gypsy Dreams,
Sandy Greenberg
 [05/14 8:39:53AM] L black

Fun In The Sun
Nicole Graves
 [05/14 8:39:52AM] L

Mid Summer's Dream
Valerie J Hancock
 [05/14 8:39:07AM] L

Breezy Bell Dress
Britney Loos
 [05/14 8:37:47AM] XL

Sunny Days
Kristen Hutchingame
 [05/14 8:37:03AM] XL in Black

Summer Fields
Kyla Jennings
 [05/14 8:36:50AM] XL

Summer Daze midi
Ashley Bilokryli
 [05/14 8:36:20AM] M

Tiered up for Summer
Heather Isaac
 [05/14 8:34:52AM] L

Tuscan nights
Heather Stanley
 [05/14 8:34:25AM] 2X

Midi Bluebelle
Tracy Gagnon
 [05/14 8:34:01AM] Small

Daily divinity
Julie Laframboise
 [05/14 8:33:20AM] 2XL

Easy Flow
Laura Dickie
 [05/14 8:33:15AM] Small

Boho Belle
Tori Spanton
 [05/14 8:33:04AM] XL

Breezy Dreams
Cara Woods
 [05/14 8:33:03AM] XL

Rain or shine midi, midi summer night dress, Boho sleek midi, Boho boardwalk midi, Buttons and Boardwalks midi, Boho, button and boardwalks
Kristin Frombach
 [05/14 8:32:38AM] XL Black

Summer flow
Jamie whynot
 [05/14 8:31:43AM] M

Feelin’ Midi Dress
Angie Coolin
 [05/14 8:31:43AM] Xl

Summer breeze
Jamie whynot
 [05/14 8:31:01AM] M

Zephyr Nights
Cat McPhail
 [05/14 8:30:40AM] S

Go With The Flow
Melissa Doucet
 [05/14 8:30:31AM] Medium

Summer time breeze
Chantel Dobson
 [05/14 8:29:51AM] Xl

Summer Dreams
Megan Bulford
 [05/14 8:29:41AM] XL-Blue

Boho Flow Dress; Boardwalk Babe Dress
Alyssa Gerick
 [05/14 8:29:33AM] S Black

The easy flow
Tarra Mackinnon
 [05/14 8:29:04AM] 2x

Peak-a-Boo Swirl
Bernice Twomey
 [05/14 8:28:34AM] 2XL

Buttons Up Denim Dress
Adanja Carr
 [05/14 8:28:00AM] 2xl

A mid summer days dress
Kalla Levere
 [05/14 8:27:11AM] L

Sweet Summer Days Dress
Kim Conrod
 [05/14 8:27:05AM] 2XL

Take a stroll dress
Jennifer Pedersen
 [05/14 8:26:43AM] Black Large

Boho Breeze Dress; Boho Bliss Dress
Alyssa Gerick
 [05/14 8:26:32AM] S Black

Nathania Hunter
 [05/14 8:26:25AM] Xl

The peasant dress
Jennifer Breault
 [05/14 8:26:25AM] Xl

Easy Breezy Days Dress
Elisa Epps
 [05/14 8:26:04AM] 2XL

Fliting with your heart
Jennifer Pedersen
 [05/14 8:26:03AM] Black Large

Beachfront Midi Dress
Adanja Carr
 [05/14 8:25:54AM] 2xl

Summer Solstice
Cat McPhail
 [05/14 8:25:39AM] S

Goddess dress
Rebecca Richards
 [05/14 8:25:09AM] Large Blue

Peek a boo Dress/take me away/feeling the breeze/button me up dress/dreaming Away
Glenda Desaulniers
 [05/14 8:24:03AM] L

Summer Love Dress
Lisa Smit
 [05/14 8:23:53AM] Blue XL

Summer dreams dress
Lisa Smit
 [05/14 8:23:26AM] Blue XL

Dancing in the rain
Danielle Townsend
 [05/14 8:23:12AM] 3x

Easy Breezy
Somer Dingman
 [05/14 8:23:06AM] Medium

Summer feels
Melissa Goldie
 [05/14 8:22:51AM] Black xl

Summer loving, All I want is the breeze, Face the breeze, sun’s out mid dress, Let it flow..
Gugu Maponga
 [05/14 8:22:48AM] M

“Tier-ing Up My Heart” Maxi
Alicia de Jager
 [05/14 8:22:20AM] XS/S

Layers of Love
lynne burnham
 [05/14 8:21:49AM] Large

Summer Breeze
Pam Bazinet
 [05/14 8:21:31AM] M

MIDI Summers Night Dream
Bobbi Janzen
 [05/14 8:21:04AM] Med

Gone with the wind dress, dancing on my own, mids summer nights dream dress,
 [05/14 8:20:52AM] Black medium

Peasently Surprised Dress
Jennifer Smith
 [05/14 8:20:29AM] XL

Summer Lovin'
Kristin Luckins
 [05/14 8:20:10AM] Large

Go with the Flow
Stephanie Fraser
 [05/14 8:20:06AM] xl

Boho Beauty Dress
Alyssa Gerick
 [05/14 8:19:54AM] S Black

Lazy Dayz dress
Leanne Wickenheiser
 [05/14 8:19:23AM] XL

Sunkiss Day Dress
 [05/14 8:19:14AM] 2xl

Singin in the rain dress, under my umbrella dress
Tandra Schopf
 [05/14 8:19:10AM] Small

Denim Dayz
Bobbi Janzen
 [05/14 8:18:54AM] Med

Beach Flow Midi Dress
Trisha Tahouney
 [05/14 8:18:50AM] M in blue

Begin your day dress
Leanne Wickenheiser
 [05/14 8:18:39AM] XL

Searching for sunshine dress, feel the flow dress, Market Days tiered dress, summer strolling dress
Savanna Rave
 [05/14 8:17:57AM] M, black

Buttonly beautiful dress
Jennifer Love
 [05/14 8:17:55AM] Lg

All lined up dress
 [05/14 8:17:51AM] XL

Summer breeze
Dena Duchesne
 [05/14 8:17:26AM] 2xl

Sun’s Out Midi
Robyn Smith
 [05/14 8:17:20AM] L

Midi-summer night's dream
DeAnna Lance
 [05/14 8:17:14AM] L

Waterfall dress
Sherri Van Vliet
 [05/14 8:17:05AM] L

Boho Babe Dress
Alyssa Gerick
 [05/14 8:16:59AM] S Black

Solstice Sun dress
Jamie Johnstone
 [05/14 8:16:56AM] XL

All Tiered Up Dress; Tier Me A New One Dress
Haley Boland
 [05/14 8:16:36AM] 2XL blue

Ocean waves
Wendy Scoular
 [05/14 8:16:29AM] Large

Midi Perfect Dress, Prairie Perfection, Meet me in the Midi Dress, Mid Summer Dream Dress, Midnight Dreams Dress
Caitlin Gillis
 [05/14 8:16:10AM] 2XL blue

Perfect day dress, skip my heart dress, feeling fine dress, middle of my heart dress, between the lines dress, terrifically tiered dress
Rana Thomas
 [05/14 8:15:04AM] Black and Medium

Patio weather maxi
Melissa Goldie
 [05/14 8:14:43AM] Black xl

Midsummer dreaming
Melissa Goldie
 [05/14 8:14:02AM] Black xl

Summer dream dress, summer night dress, Play it by tier dress
Angela Smiley
 [05/14 8:13:46AM] Black xl

Take me to Market Midi Dress
Colleen hammill
 [05/14 8:13:40AM] Large

Flirting with Summer dress, flirty frill dress
Savanna Rave
 [05/14 8:13:16AM] M, Black

Casually everyday dress
Heidi Tingley
 [05/14 8:13:03AM] 2XL

Feelin Breezy
Natalie Goudreau
 [05/14 8:12:54AM] L black

simply free
Angie Hascarl
 [05/14 8:12:39AM] L

“Tier-y” days dress
Carmen Obrigewitsch
 [05/14 8:11:54AM] L

Summer is here to stay dress, about town dress, no more rainy days dress
Sarah Grayman
 [05/14 8:11:40AM] Small blue

Waves of Love dress, Feelin’ Pretty dress, Feelin’ Free dress
Savanna Rave
 [05/14 8:10:55AM] M, Black

Prairie Dreams
Joanne Fergus
 [05/14 8:10:47AM] M

Button Up Beauty, Fall for Fall, Summer Blast, Spin Me Round, Set Me Free
Erin Green
 [05/14 8:10:06AM] Large Black

Summer Waves dress
Savanna Rave
 [05/14 8:09:23AM] M, black

Summer breeze midi dress
Suzanne Labonte
 [05/14 8:09:10AM] L in blue

Greece Goddess Dress
Emilie Gaudette
 [05/14 8:09:02AM] Medium

High Tide Dress
Tamara Morrison
 [05/14 8:08:31AM] Black 2x

Summer Love dress, summer lovin
Savanna Rave
 [05/14 8:08:15AM] M, Black

Tiers of Joy Midi Dress
Monica Dion
 [05/14 8:08:11AM] Blue Medium

Sunny Days Midi Dress
Sara Brown
 [05/14 8:08:03AM] XL

Cafe in Paris Dress
Tamara Morrison
 [05/14 8:07:57AM] Black 2XL

Peek-a-boo Midi Dress
Meghan Boast
 [05/14 8:07:54AM] 2XL blue

Midi Summer Dream Dress
Melanie Myers
 [05/14 8:07:51AM] XL

Summer to the max, bayside breeze, flirty to the maxi dress, full on flirt dress
Nicole Gregg
 [05/14 8:07:41AM] Large Blue

Button up, button up midi dress, summer wave
Veronica kish
 [05/14 8:07:33AM] Small, either color :)

Sunset strolls
Kristy Ruggieri
 [05/14 8:07:26AM] M

Come along, Embrace your beauty, Hooked on you, Buckle Up Beauty, Day Dream Night Life, Catch me Later
Erin Green
 [05/14 8:07:03AM] Large Black

Walking on Sunshine
Jackie Fletcher
 [05/14 8:07:03AM] Large

Summer Lovin'
Joëlle Bakker
 [05/14 8:06:57AM] M

Summer Waves dress
Savanna Ravr
 [05/14 8:06:57AM] M, black

Summer nights Waves of sunshine
Sherry Moreland
 [05/14 8:04:46AM] Medium black

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