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Mommy & Me
February 28, 2020

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Mommy & Me

“So there’s this girl, she stole my heart, she calls me mommy ❤️”

It’s contest time again! Time to get cute and creative! Give us your best caption for this adorable photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, March 1 at 9AM PST.

This adorable set will Presale soon, don’t worry!

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 517
Congratulations to Brianna Kampman, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "A mother is your first friend, best friend, and forever friend."

Cheetah Girls
Jordyn Erickson
 [03/01 6:21:50AM]

The Princess apple doesn’t fall far from the Queen tree
Helen Karbaliotis
 [03/01 6:13:47AM]

Momma and her cub
Angela mitres
 [03/01 5:51:47AM]

Strong and fierce duo
Melissa Martin
 [03/01 3:56:23AM]

Girls just wanna have fun!
Melissa Martin
 [03/01 3:54:01AM]

Mommy, I want to be just like you!
Kristi Kocherkewych
 [03/01 2:02:41AM]

A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous
Raina Brugger
 [02/29 11:16:41PM]

A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart
Raina Brugger
 [02/29 10:37:16PM]

No matter how old she may be, sometimes a girl just needs her mom
Raina Brugger
 [02/29 10:35:21PM]

Imprint this!
Lisa Perry
 [02/29 10:29:08PM]

Cheetah best
Codi Bible
 [02/29 9:12:34PM]

Let’s leave those boys at home more often!
Carolyn Mumford
 [02/29 8:49:09PM]

A Mommy Moment Locked In Time
Brittany Reinders
 [02/29 8:30:55PM]

Lucky me she said :)
Kay Burke
 [02/29 8:24:19PM]

Fiercely Connected
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [02/29 8:09:24PM]

May you grow to be as strong and bold as my coffee.
Janelle Nowosad
 [02/29 7:45:57PM]

No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one that knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.
Angela Karn
 [02/29 7:27:17PM]

First my mommy forever my friend
Courtney mitchell
 [02/29 7:20:34PM]

Learning to love Leopard
Danielle Bilodeau
 [02/29 7:12:22PM]

Shetah and Cub
sara dawson
 [02/29 7:11:18PM]

Fur-ever family
Erin McCall
 [02/29 7:09:54PM]

The Puuurrfect Pair
Erin McCall
 [02/29 7:06:36PM]

Sweet Peas in a Pod
Noreen Zhang
 [02/29 6:38:48PM]

Forever and Ever Yours
Noreen Zhang
 [02/29 6:38:12PM]

“Mommy, what if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”
Shohreh Burchell
 [02/29 6:34:51PM]

She calls me nanny
Cathy Ramsundar
 [02/29 6:23:28PM]

Spot the moment
Melissa Ingram
 [02/29 5:07:20PM]

Leopard see, leopard do ??
Sharmayne Colvin
 [02/29 4:43:35PM]

I love you to the moon and back
Karen Otsig
 [02/29 3:56:29PM]

Mommy and me ??
 [02/29 3:47:42PM]

“Yes, you are my best friend forever!”
Wendy Janzen
 [02/29 3:23:14PM]

You are my joy and pride but most of all my best friend
Samantha Alexandra
 [02/29 3:22:26PM]

ShIne bright, shine strong
Cara Rogers
 [02/29 3:08:43PM]

You are my sunshine.
Cara Rogers
 [02/29 3:04:20PM]

A Moment In Time
Andrea Prodaniuk
 [02/29 2:55:18PM]

A Fierce Duo
Allison Pasitney
 [02/29 2:36:29PM]

Fashion runs in the family
Haley Boland
 [02/29 2:04:15PM]

Being a Silver Icing shopper definitely has its perks, doesn’t it?!
Haley Boland
 [02/29 2:02:34PM]

Getting down to business, girls coffee date, I love you a latte
Vanessa Zulke
 [02/29 1:56:05PM]

Shadow of Love ?
Julie Wright
 [02/29 1:51:56PM]

Eat your heart out, she’s a mini me.
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [02/29 1:34:54PM]

Love Cannot Be Tamed
Lisa Kelly
 [02/29 1:29:29PM]

Connection by Love
Birgit Keys
 [02/29 1:17:58PM]

Laughter is the smile shared with another
 [02/29 1:16:54PM]

From my own spots
Kayla Klava
 [02/29 12:46:02PM]

From my s
Kayla Klava
 [02/29 12:45:16PM]

Amanda-Lee Cunningham
 [02/29 12:32:11PM]

Life is good with you in it.
Gail Wells
 [02/29 12:31:33PM]

Chee-tha Best
Jennifer Taylor
 [02/29 12:31:31PM]

Fierce and Fabulous
Candace Woollam
 [02/29 12:19:59PM]

Fur-Ever my Baby You'll be
Kathleen Angell
 [02/29 12:19:48PM]

Mirror Image
Krista Przybylak
 [02/29 12:16:35PM]

An unbreakable bond
Allison Pasitney
 [02/29 12:03:44PM]

Looking into the future
kari cermak
 [02/29 11:58:11AM]

Looking at the future
kari cermak
 [02/29 11:57:50AM]

Ferociously Fabulous besties sipping on some cocoa!
Tanya Nascimento
 [02/29 11:48:44AM]

Ain't no cougars in this joint! Just a couple of cuties!
Tanya Nascimento
 [02/29 11:44:20AM]

Matching Mommy and Me! Love at first sight!
Felisha Flodin
 [02/29 11:21:31AM]

You had all of me at first Glance ; You had me at first glance!; Be ferociously Kind, sweet child of mine
April Hunt
 [02/29 11:06:36AM]

Jungle love with my little one
Brittany W
 [02/29 11:04:54AM]

Gals, on the Prowl
Brittany Warner
 [02/29 11:01:16AM]

Always My Mom, Fur-ever My Friend!
April Hunt
 [02/29 11:00:11AM]

Fur-ever it’ll always be, you and me!!
April Hunt
 [02/29 10:58:37AM]

Thank you for ever so gently, but firmly holding your heart in mine ?
April Hunt
 [02/29 10:53:31AM]

That’s My Girl!! Hear Me Roar!!
April Hunt
 [02/29 10:51:34AM]

A True Mommy is Always “Looking” Out for her Cubs
April Hunt
 [02/29 10:49:35AM]

Stole my heart shirts
Kristin Sabourin
 [02/29 10:31:46AM]

You have “leopt” I to my heart
Kelli wiebe
 [02/29 10:26:55AM]

Thank you Sweetie, for being a little like me!
Shara Tweedy
 [02/29 10:17:05AM]

I want to be just like you when I grow up - Mommy to Daughter
Shara Tweedy
 [02/29 10:14:33AM]

Making Memories with Mommy
Lindsey Stanway
 [02/29 10:04:10AM]

Fun with Mom
Gerri Toews
 [02/29 10:00:15AM]

wild and free mommy and me
Gerri Toews
 [02/29 9:50:44AM]

Your my heart
Shirley Dunn
 [02/29 9:31:20AM]

Leopard is our superpower!
Mandy Leach
 [02/29 9:26:15AM]

A daughter is someone you laugh with, shop with, and love with all your heart
Gerri Toews
 [02/29 9:22:49AM]

You're gonna hear me roar!
Allyce Campbell
 [02/29 9:20:16AM]

Purrrfect love
Gerri Toews
 [02/29 9:18:48AM]

Mumsies & Kidz Walk on the Wild Side
Melanie Schill
 [02/29 9:00:18AM]

"Ahhh my mommy" " my baby girl"
Lindsey Watson
 [02/29 8:57:29AM]

Stay wild my child
Jolene Tchir
 [02/29 8:37:26AM]

Blessed to have you
Lori Nagy
 [02/29 8:33:52AM]

Mommy Dream Day
Lisa Wilson
 [02/29 8:22:23AM]

I should have bought us silver icing sunglasses so we wouldn't have to squint
Jordan Golinowski
 [02/29 8:13:14AM]

2 cute to handle
Melanie Lee
 [02/29 7:49:55AM]

I didn't add that question mark to my sentence! Typo for sure
Alicia Davies
 [02/29 7:43:57AM]

Baby girl shine bright, don't let anyone dim your light
Alicia Davies
 [02/29 7:42:52AM]

Typo- **Accept ?????
Breanne MacDonell
 [02/29 7:42:47AM]

Baby girl shine bright, don't let anyone dim your light?
Alicia Davies
 [02/29 7:42:00AM]

Baby girl, shine bright, don't let anyone dim your light?
Alicia Davies
 [02/29 7:40:57AM]

“Treat her like a Queen, and she’ll never except anything less”
Breanne MacDonell
 [02/29 7:38:07AM]

Matching Mama and loving it!
Taryn Tuttle
 [02/29 7:31:05AM]

"Always my mother, forever my friend"
Maria G
 [02/29 7:14:44AM]

Babe’s raising babes
Leslie-Anne Oshust
 [02/29 7:13:54AM]

Tell me all your wildest dreams
Miranda Phoenix
 [02/29 7:09:00AM]

Unleash your inner wild child
Courtney McCarron
 [02/29 6:40:23AM]

A Mommy & Daughter Bond cannot be broken. It starts in the heart and ends in the closet.
Ashley Parsons
 [02/29 4:59:46AM]

No one is as special as you, and that is your Superpower!
Coli Ziegler
 [02/29 4:41:33AM]

What could be more special than a Hot Coco / Coffee date with my favourite little copy cat?
Gabrielle Niessen
 [02/29 4:18:18AM]

Make them strong
Linsey DeMontigny
 [02/28 11:15:51PM]

Future independent woman in the making
Linsey DeMontigny
 [02/28 11:15:29PM]

Mini me date ?
Linsey DeMontigny
 [02/28 11:13:02PM]

The Purest Love you will ever know
Karen Francis
 [02/28 10:49:05PM]

A purr-fect mommy and me date
Kierra Southgate
 [02/28 10:31:04PM]

Her Idol & Her Inspiration
Sarah Huntley
 [02/28 10:13:38PM]

"And that baby, is how you take care of yourself and ignore the haters!" #bossbabe #youbeyou
Bethanie Frank
 [02/28 10:05:07PM]

Now we can dress the same all the time...just don't tell daddy what we bought!
Lyndsey Baker
 [02/28 9:24:27PM]

Love of my life
Anna Pochynok
 [02/28 8:40:08PM]

I loved you the first moment I spotted you
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/28 8:26:20PM]

“Tell me Everything!” “You are my Sunshine, my girl.” “
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [02/28 8:25:12PM]

Precious Moments
Alexandra Winter
 [02/28 8:15:00PM]

Mocha match
Darla Durand
 [02/28 8:12:29PM]

alot of leapord latte and love
Loraine Lalonde
 [02/28 8:10:12PM]

Stay little a little longer
Megan Baker
 [02/28 8:01:15PM]

My heart??My Latte
Liss Ginn
 [02/28 7:49:01PM]

Each saying. I want to be just like her
Roxey Gordon
 [02/28 7:45:11PM]

Jackie Betts
 [02/28 7:44:56PM]

Girl talk: you’re wild at heart and that’s the best part ???
Anika Guthrie
 [02/28 7:43:10PM]

Like mother, like daughter
Melissa Martin
 [02/28 7:40:29PM]

Mommy daughter date
Melissa Martin
 [02/28 7:39:39PM]

My love, the spots we hold in each other's heart is bigger than all of the spots on our shirts combined.
Amy Wright
 [02/28 7:29:31PM]

Happiness is mother and daughter time
Jennifer Barone
 [02/28 7:27:35PM]

I want to be just like mama
Margaret Beaulieu
 [02/28 7:13:13PM]

Fierce! Planning how to change the world!
Rebecca Baker
 [02/28 7:02:41PM]

Girls just wanna have fun, and go shopping!
Danielle McCune
 [02/28 7:01:03PM]

Don’t tell dad I let you have coffee
Lacey Bartholow
 [02/28 6:42:48PM]

Leopard Love
Mandy Bouchard
 [02/28 6:42:35PM]

Did we just become best friends?
Barb Santi
 [02/28 6:28:53PM]

It's you and me kid!
Kim Freeman
 [02/28 6:18:38PM]

You’re the best thing I never knew I needed
Kourtney R
 [02/28 6:17:07PM]

Purrrty Pair!
Kim MacLennan
 [02/28 6:14:19PM]

Mini See Mommy Do it in style
Brittaney Pregizer
 [02/28 6:11:53PM]

Girls have all the fun!
Erin Levesque
 [02/28 6:11:01PM]

What do you think the boys are doing? Dont tell the boys!
Erin Levesque
 [02/28 6:10:45PM]

Let's be best friends
Erin Levesque
 [02/28 6:10:13PM]

In a world full of neutrals, let’s be leopard!
Nicole Stein
 [02/28 6:10:13PM]

Girls day!
Erin Levesque
 [02/28 6:09:51PM]

The world is full of neutrals, why not be leopard!
Nicole Stein
 [02/28 6:08:33PM]

In a world full of neutral, be leaopard!
Nicole Stein
 [02/28 6:05:25PM]

Stay wild
Nicole Stein
 [02/28 6:03:00PM]

Empower your wildness
Nicole Stein
 [02/28 6:02:15PM]

Mommy, you are doing a great job!
Margaret Coady
 [02/28 5:27:38PM]

"Find comfort in the chaos"
Anna Dhaliwal
 [02/28 5:23:27PM]

Mommy Cubbie Date
Morgan Angus
 [02/28 5:21:39PM]

I got it from my momma
Lacey Gould
 [02/28 5:18:20PM]

My BESt friend
Lacey Gould
 [02/28 5:17:28PM]

Cub-side (curb side) Appeal
Morgan Angus
 [02/28 5:16:26PM]

Best date ever
Lacey Gould
 [02/28 5:16:13PM]

There will never be another moment....exactly like this one.
Jenn Roth
 [02/28 5:15:29PM]

Purrrfect For Mom And Her Cub
Morgan Angus
 [02/28 5:08:56PM]

Angelic interaction
Elena Robertson
 [02/28 5:08:54PM]

Junior Boss Babe in training!
Elena Robertson
 [02/28 5:06:55PM]

Mom: my first friend, my forever friend.
Samara Worth
 [02/28 5:06:06PM]

Puuurfect Moment
Morgan Angus
 [02/28 5:04:19PM]

Cheetah little more warmth from the tail end of winter with this top. Puuurfect for mom and her cub this Spring.
Morgan Angus
 [02/28 5:02:32PM]

She’s Is the cream to my coffee!
Natalie Perrin-Ducharme
 [02/28 4:46:39PM]

Boss babe training
Justyse montpetit
 [02/28 4:46:01PM]

Like mother, like daughter.they both adore each other..
Denise Therrien
 [02/28 4:38:53PM]

Mother and daughter from the start, best friends forever from the heart
Monica jackson
 [02/28 4:38:48PM]

A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.
Samantha beck
 [02/28 4:28:18PM]

A mothers treasure is her daughter
Samantha beck
 [02/28 4:27:12PM]

Leopard Loveseat
Sherry Murray
 [02/28 4:19:00PM]

You’re the roar to my reign
Karla Conflitti
 [02/28 4:01:44PM]

Ashley Eggie
 [02/28 3:57:39PM]

Mother Daughter Memories ????????
Deb Koochin
 [02/28 3:50:15PM]

Some say she looks up to me......but the reality is that I look up to HER!!
Chantal Racine
 [02/28 3:49:43PM]

Forever and always
Melanie Camara
 [02/28 3:43:01PM]

"So do you think Grandma's going to want a blazer, too? I do!"
Judy Taylor
 [02/28 3:42:50PM]

Just One for Fun!
Carrier Osborne
 [02/28 3:42:22PM]

Bonding Perfect
Christine Bruyere
 [02/28 3:41:30PM]

"Latte" love for you.
Lindsay Edwards
 [02/28 3:36:24PM]

 [02/28 3:33:12PM]

"It's like looking in the mirror! Unfortunately we didn't have Silvericing when I was yourger. Your generation is so lucky!"
Rita Soplet
 [02/28 3:28:00PM]

She's the twinkle in my eye, she's the spots in my leopard print. I would not be complete without her.
Selinda Lye
 [02/28 3:26:01PM]

Mommy daughter day!! ?? ? # mommydaughterday #family #loveyou
Chloe Creech
 [02/28 3:25:01PM]

Don’t tell your dad there are more matching Mommy & Me outfits showing up at the door soon!
Erin Hartung
 [02/28 3:24:21PM]

Momma loves her cub a latte
Crystal Schouten
 [02/28 3:22:37PM]

First my mother, Forever my friend.
Morgan Ferguson
 [02/28 3:22:03PM]

Momma and cub on the catwalk
Crystal Schouten
 [02/28 3:21:34PM]

When I look at you I see the best part of myself.
Michelle Marsh
 [02/28 3:16:09PM]

Just the two of Us
Jody Brown-Wilson
 [02/28 3:15:39PM]

Teach them to be fierce without being catty.
Amanda Berry
 [02/28 3:14:18PM]

So thers's these 2 girls who stole my heart, one calls me Bumma! the other Ma! aka mommy!
Tish Moon
 [02/28 3:13:39PM]

I love you a latte!
Meghan Schuler
 [02/28 3:12:36PM]

Fearless leader in the making
Ila Schmaltz
 [02/28 2:59:15PM]

A mother is your first friend, best friend, and forever friend ??
Brianna Kampman
 [02/28 2:58:37PM]

My Mini Me
Kylee Sobchishin
 [02/28 2:55:11PM]

I got it from my mama
Jenna kirkwood
 [02/28 2:51:58PM]

"The moment you were born you became my friend for life"
Ashley novak
 [02/28 2:51:55PM]

In her natural habitat
Julie Lacroix
 [02/28 2:44:33PM]

Two of a kind treasure., Purrrrfecly the same., I am purrrrfet, just like you!, Pretty little cats, my Mom & me.
Susan Garrick
 [02/28 2:44:30PM]

You are grrreat
Susan Smith
 [02/28 2:44:21PM]

Say what Meow?
Julie Lacroix
 [02/28 2:41:54PM]

The Purr-Fect Convo!
Julia Souliere
 [02/28 2:41:42PM]

Mommy and her mini
Alison Fischer
 [02/28 2:38:15PM]

A wild coffee date
Vanessa Litfin
 [02/28 2:38:06PM]

Leopard me be your friend, Look here kitty kitty!, Jammie’s gone wild!, cats gone wild!, Hello pretty kitty!.
Susan Garrick
 [02/28 2:37:59PM]

Sunshine date with my mini
Ashley Rudek
 [02/28 2:37:22PM]

The best double doubles are caffeine free
Kerri Huculak
 [02/28 2:34:00PM]

Happiness is a mother daughter moment.
Kayla Lutz
 [02/28 2:32:26PM]

Sweet Tea time!
Sarah Nason
 [02/28 2:32:24PM]

Girls just want to have fun
Alexa Hodgins
 [02/28 2:29:09PM]

Just like Mommy??
Claire Quigley
 [02/28 2:22:31PM]

Just you and me
Janine Pickerell
 [02/28 2:18:48PM]

Peas in a pod
Paula Murphy
 [02/28 2:12:09PM]

When I Grow Up I Want To Be Just Like You Mommy ??
Crystal Donovan
 [02/28 2:11:32PM]

First a babe then a boss, little and lady, cherish as the years leap by
Joanna Lewis
 [02/28 2:11:32PM]

Stay Wild Little One
Christine Boyd
 [02/28 2:11:19PM]

Dress like Mommy
Christine Boyd
 [02/28 2:10:28PM]

Leopard with mommy
Christine Boyd
 [02/28 2:10:08PM]

Spotted today... this mother daughter dynamic duo spending some quality one on one time !
Tracey Marcil
 [02/28 2:10:05PM]

See Honey, we can shop and make daddy think we’ve had these tops the whole time!!
Veronica Keenan
 [02/28 2:07:43PM]

I wanna be just like you when I grow up!
Tracey Marcil
 [02/28 2:07:28PM]

You, my girl, can do ANYTHING
Kelsey caston
 [02/28 2:00:03PM]

Spring ahead with a piece of my heart
Courtney Parker
 [02/28 1:58:44PM]

Momma cub & Baby cub time
Courtney Parker
 [02/28 1:57:23PM]

You can be ANYTHING in this world, but being KIND & SWEET is who you are. ?
Suzanne Fellows
 [02/28 1:57:19PM]

Mabel Skelton
 [02/28 1:56:51PM]

Two of a kind leopard print
Sherry Bristow
 [02/28 1:56:46PM]

Daughter & Mom Date
Courtney Parker
 [02/28 1:55:31PM]

Two smiles better than one
Brandie Bates
 [02/28 1:53:26PM]

Today we celebrate us !!!!
Cheryl Cottrell
 [02/28 1:51:42PM]

Mommy, I want to grow up to be a cool Boss Babe like you!
Karen Ykem
 [02/28 1:49:18PM]

Apple of my eye
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [02/28 1:45:37PM]

Mother and daughter, a girls first best friend
Amie counter
 [02/28 1:44:56PM]

Leopard print, lattes, and little girl love.
Amy Graham
 [02/28 1:42:30PM]

Little Leopard Ladies day out!
Amy Graham
 [02/28 1:41:20PM]

Looking at her is like looking at the best version of me.
Madeliene Assiniwe
 [02/28 1:39:48PM]

Just like mommy moments
Amy Graham
 [02/28 1:39:32PM]

I won’t ever look back on life and think “I spent too much time with you, Baby Girl!
Kathy Jones
 [02/28 1:38:24PM]

Pawsitivity Tuesday
Kyra Scheuerman
 [02/28 1:37:43PM]

There is nothing as powerful as mother's love, and nothing as healing as a child's soul
Terra Sinclair
 [02/28 1:31:02PM]

"You wanna hear a story, Mommy"?
Krista moore
 [02/28 1:28:38PM]

Mother and daughter from the start, best friends forever from the heart
Shohreh Burchell
 [02/28 1:19:21PM]

Two peas in a pod?
Michelle saldanha
 [02/28 1:17:37PM]

I’m a strong woman, because a strong woman raised me
Shohreh Burchell
 [02/28 1:17:07PM]

Let's surprise Daddy
Valerie Warren
 [02/28 1:15:41PM]

Twin the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle
Melanie Meyer
 [02/28 1:15:09PM]

I love our mommy, daughter dates!
Laine Brazeau
 [02/28 1:13:52PM]

Do you think the men are jealous?
Catherine Dixon
 [02/28 1:13:36PM]

“Don’t tell daddy but, we’re going to silver icing head office for some girl time after this!!”
Nikki Weightman
 [02/28 1:10:00PM]

Don’t worry daddy won’t know how much we bought!!!
Suzanne kempton
 [02/28 1:09:50PM]

Just you & me ??
 [02/28 1:08:28PM]

"She's my favorite reflection"
Dominique Hampton
 [02/28 1:05:11PM]

Mommy-daughter time is the best time ??
Tamara McCallum
 [02/28 1:04:39PM]

Best teas for life!
Melissa Chhina
 [02/28 1:03:46PM]

I’m going to be just like my mommy
Andrea klein
 [02/28 1:01:15PM]

Little Leopard Love
Jill Roque
 [02/28 1:00:50PM]

Best day ever!
Pamela Huber
 [02/28 12:57:20PM]

Just my girl and I, wild and free spirit
Kyla Janzen
 [02/28 12:53:39PM]

Mama and me + BFF forever
Anne Dickson
 [02/28 12:53:12PM]

puuuuurrrrfect for Mom n I ......
Alty Kanten
 [02/28 12:52:31PM]

Our blessed moment!?
Diane Antonvitch
 [02/28 12:42:24PM]

"did they spell your name right? No, they didnt spell my name right either!" ????
Victoria Percy
 [02/28 12:36:23PM]

Motherhood is ... Having tiny humans you can call your Best friends
 [02/28 12:23:29PM]

No matter what age I grow to, I’ll always need you and my Silver Icing
Bianca Parsons
 [02/28 12:21:49PM]

You will always be the Lorelai to my Rory.
Amanda Trerise
 [02/28 12:19:55PM]

Cheers to my mini me
Allison Richardson
 [02/28 12:19:32PM]

A Cat’s Meow jacket
Wendy Brulotte
 [02/28 12:19:01PM]

Mother and daughter spotted sharing a moment
Kira Paterson
 [02/28 12:15:47PM]

“Mom, we need to talk.” “It’s ok honey, I know, I’m addicted to Silver Icing too. “
Danyell Ochocki
 [02/28 12:10:40PM]

My sweet little girl never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. You my dear will take this world by storm!
Kyla Hinter
 [02/28 12:08:47PM]

Girls gone wild
Tanya Miller
 [02/28 12:06:31PM]

Best part of her!
Tina MacDonald
 [02/28 12:04:42PM]

"Please, please Mom can we get the Country Girl Little sweatshirt and matching Mommy sweatshirt?"
Sharon Dixon
 [02/28 12:04:01PM]

While we try to teach our daughter all about life, Our daughters teach us what life is all about
 [02/28 12:00:45PM]

Wild and Free with My Mini Me!
Linda Thompson
 [02/28 12:00:34PM]

Girls day gone wild
Chelsea Desveaux
 [02/28 11:55:31AM]

Purfectly Spotted Queens
Jaime Gabrielle
 [02/28 11:54:38AM]

I see it in your eyes
Shana Sothmann
 [02/28 11:49:17AM]

I love you a latte!
Shena LaFreniere
 [02/28 11:48:46AM]

I love you ? a latte!
Shena LaFreniere
 [02/28 11:48:04AM]

"Mom, a title above queen. Daughter, a girl who grows up to be your best friend"
 [02/28 11:46:56AM]

The power or family, Rawr! Nothing beats it
Tamara Zaretski
 [02/28 11:44:26AM]

Double Trouble
Tamara Urlacher
 [02/28 11:42:37AM]

Purrfect Pair
Joylyn Dysievick
 [02/28 11:41:31AM]

My love, be wild, be free
Danielle Houle
 [02/28 11:38:30AM]

A daughter is a girl who eventually grows up to be her mother's best friend
Danielle Houle
 [02/28 11:36:47AM]

Mother & Daughter, a powerful source to be reckoned with! RAWR!
Danielle Houle
 [02/28 11:35:35AM]

Mom and daughter what a fierce combo.
Jasmine knutson
 [02/28 11:35:05AM]

Precious moments when time stands still. Doesn't happen often; but when it does magic occurs?
Carey Dingsdale
 [02/28 11:32:20AM]

The Moment is Meow
Elissa Bogdan
 [02/28 11:30:41AM]

Feelin’ Purr-ty
Elissa Bogdan
 [02/28 11:30:09AM]

I've Got You
Brenda Villena
 [02/28 11:28:25AM]

mirror image
angela clement
 [02/28 11:27:46AM]

Wild and loved
Julie Cook
 [02/28 11:27:39AM]

Fierce Duo
Melissa McCarthy
 [02/28 11:27:19AM]

The Purfect Date
Melissa McCarthy
 [02/28 11:26:21AM]

"I show her the way she shows me the courage" “A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.” "I just eat you up!"
Michelle McCarthy
 [02/28 11:25:57AM]

Momma and Cub Tea Time
Annette O’Brian
 [02/28 11:21:19AM]

Sometimes you just need to talk to a young child so you can understand life again
Stefanie Godfrey
 [02/28 11:19:57AM]

Mom I am ready, we got this.
Angela Rodgers
 [02/28 11:18:43AM]

Tea time for 2 is my favourite time
Kim Gowan
 [02/28 11:18:35AM]

Twinning is Winning
Stef Godfrey
 [02/28 11:17:45AM]

Morgan Court
 [02/28 11:15:55AM]

“Mommy, why are boys so smelly?”
Melina Hartman-Moore
 [02/28 11:15:28AM]

Leopards who Lunch
Jennifer Francella
 [02/28 11:14:33AM]

Wild Love
Erin Talbot
 [02/28 11:13:46AM]

Though she be but little, she is fierce
Raina Brugger
 [02/28 11:09:52AM]

My momma my friend my forever
Terri lee whaley
 [02/28 11:09:48AM]

Nothing better than cappuccino and my cub ??
Nicole Burchell
 [02/28 11:02:19AM]

Hot drinks, warm grins, cool prints
Lisa Smit
 [02/28 11:02:02AM]

Too fierce for boys!
Amee Bodell
 [02/28 11:00:56AM]

Mama bear, admiring stare, and a whole lotta flair??
Beverly Lewis
 [02/28 11:00:52AM]

Coffee on the wild side ?
Amee bodell
 [02/28 11:00:30AM]

“The purr-fect day with your mini”
Maggi Bruce
 [02/28 10:59:54AM]

you had me at Hello
Angela Karn
 [02/28 10:59:52AM]

you had me at Hello ??
Angela Karn
 [02/28 10:58:51AM]

She stole my heart!
Gloria Jensen
 [02/28 10:56:49AM]

Passing down the eye for great fashion to your own greatest creation ??
Carmin McDermott
 [02/28 10:56:44AM]

A mother is a daughters best friend
Brittany Murphy
 [02/28 10:55:11AM]

A Purr-fect Mommy and Daughter Pair
Nicole Daw
 [02/28 10:46:48AM]

You are a reflection of me....So you know your awesome right?
Christy Hamilton
 [02/28 10:46:15AM]

Raise them fierce
Elisha Sartori
 [02/28 10:45:35AM]

Sweetie you are going to do great things in this world and I’m so proud to be your mommy.
Lori Snow
 [02/28 10:42:00AM]

First my daughter, Forever my friend
Laurie Weber
 [02/28 10:41:51AM]

Teresa Moseley
 [02/28 10:41:17AM]

It takes two
Megan Harris
 [02/28 10:36:37AM]

A children’s happiness is spent with their hero’s ??????
Traci denbrok
 [02/28 10:36:13AM]

Precious moments, precious time, precious love
Dee Coombs
 [02/28 10:36:11AM]

Like a cheetah they grow up too fast. Cherish these moments
Heather baribeault
 [02/28 10:36:00AM]

Love you a latte
Lori dyck
 [02/28 10:34:39AM]

Mom! Stop copying me!!
Kimberly Holbrook
 [02/28 10:33:30AM]

Leaving the den in style
Kim Fluxgold
 [02/28 10:31:14AM]

You're the best my little leopard cub!
Karen Carvell
 [02/28 10:31:12AM]

Girl talk ?
Meaghan hayes
 [02/28 10:29:27AM]

My best lunch date
Jennie Mainville
 [02/28 10:25:09AM]

The sun is shining, we have our coffee, let’s get serious. You want to become a consultant??
Christine Richardsons
 [02/28 10:23:27AM]

A date to remember
Tami Conlin
 [02/28 10:20:47AM]

“Having a daughter is like having a mini best friend who thinks your rich” ?
Jennifer Roberts
 [02/28 10:19:30AM]

Raising Warriors
Emily Dyck
 [02/28 10:17:54AM]

“Seeing spots in the sunshine”
Nicole Smith
 [02/28 10:17:21AM]

Mommy and Me spotted on the purr-fect date!
Katherine Henwood
 [02/28 10:14:16AM]

No, I love your outfit more!
Sarah Verrips
 [02/28 10:13:13AM]

“I am a princess not because I have a prince, but because my mother is a queen.” – Unknown
Vikki Macmillan
 [02/28 10:13:05AM]

You are my sunshine; like mommy like daughter; I get it from my mama;
Whitney Feragen
 [02/28 10:12:55AM]

"I feel just as pretty as my mommy when I get to be matching in my own Silver Icing"
Jindy Popoff
 [02/28 10:11:37AM]

Twinning & Winning in Leopard!
Shelley Van Beek
 [02/28 10:11:36AM]

Fierce Besties
Amanda Lipinski
 [02/28 10:11:28AM]

Mommy + Me = One Broke Daddy
Bettina Allen
 [02/28 10:08:53AM]

The only thing better than leopard, is spending time with you.
Susan Constantine
 [02/28 10:06:39AM]

A Mommy & Me date on the Wild side!
Shelley Van Beek
 [02/28 10:06:02AM]

And she loved a little girl very much; even more than she loved herself
Karla Herrington
 [02/28 10:05:23AM]

Next week we will buy matching shoes!
Susan Constantine
 [02/28 10:04:40AM]

Momma and baby cub play time
Stacy Simington
 [02/28 10:03:45AM]

I got it from my mama!
Maxine Mathews
 [02/28 10:03:11AM]

Mommy’s mirror image
Kendra Denika Brennan
 [02/28 10:02:58AM]

Wanna know a secret?
Vicky McCahon
 [02/28 10:00:12AM]

The bond we have is ever lasting”; “Two of a kind, with shopping on our minds”.
Susan Constantine
 [02/28 9:56:14AM]

Like Mother Like Daughter
 [02/28 9:55:05AM]

Mommy Daughter date, Mom we need to talk
Tammy Droeshout
 [02/28 9:54:55AM]

“Us girls, we gotta stick together” ????
 [02/28 9:53:05AM]

Lioness and her little cub
Samantha Peters
 [02/28 9:52:49AM]

Raise them fierce and fearless!
Kira Glas
 [02/28 9:51:14AM]

The purr-fect coffee date
Ashley Burchell
 [02/28 9:50:32AM]

Forever Young
Bettina Allen
 [02/28 9:45:58AM]

In my Daughters Eyes ....
Bettina Allen
 [02/28 9:45:06AM]

Everyday is Mother's Day!
Bettina Allen
 [02/28 9:42:24AM]

I Never knew how much love my heart could hold, until a little girl called me Mommy
Kate Britz
 [02/28 9:41:14AM]

Oh my I'm in so much trouble cause you are my dou le
Lee-ann Therrien
 [02/28 9:40:00AM]

Wildly in Love
Melissa Goldie
 [02/28 9:38:58AM]

Happiness is mama and daughter time
Sarah Kehoe
 [02/28 9:38:36AM]

Together we are Leopard hearts, or Panthera pardus time
Julie Gilbert
 [02/28 9:38:08AM]

Matcha moments
Jamie Fanous
 [02/28 9:37:26AM]

Best friends for life
Kris Defrane
 [02/28 9:37:25AM]

Leopard Lovelies
Nicole jones
 [02/28 9:36:03AM]

Julie Gilbert
 [02/28 9:35:04AM]

Minutes that build memories
Jamie Fanous
 [02/28 9:34:35AM]

A moment in time ?
Cheryl Goertzen
 [02/28 9:32:45AM]

Mom and Me time is the best time!
Aimee Cowley
 [02/28 9:31:43AM]

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero. I am strong and wise
Samantha Ribchester
 [02/28 9:29:18AM]

Raaarrr mommy! Tell me more ??
Sonja Vanderwood
 [02/28 9:28:21AM]

Coffee with my mini ??
Leigh Harder
 [02/28 9:27:54AM]

Mirrored Self
Desiree Veness
 [02/28 9:27:31AM]

Hear us roar!
Candis Sharpen
 [02/28 9:27:22AM]

The queen with her princess
Sandra Alvarez
 [02/28 9:26:23AM]

A little bit of coffee and a whole lot of love, She may be little but she is Fierce, Mommy and me is my favourite place to be
Nikole Schmelter
 [02/28 9:25:25AM]

Cozzy time
Penny adams
 [02/28 9:24:46AM]

Self confidence is the best outfit
Lisa hutch-Conn
 [02/28 9:24:03AM]

Mommy and Me, Twinning is Winning!
Kim Hine
 [02/28 9:22:05AM]

Purr-fect Ladies
Jennifer Durasin
 [02/28 9:20:56AM]

We are Fierce and Fun!!!
Lilian Brown
 [02/28 9:19:21AM]

You know what my favourite drink is? The one I have with you.
Stefanie LeBlanc
 [02/28 9:19:20AM]

Spotting the Weekend!
Jennifer Durasin
 [02/28 9:18:39AM]

Little girls with dreams become women with vision
Kim Conquergood
 [02/28 9:18:29AM]

I got it from my mama
Nikita Mcfadyen
 [02/28 9:18:06AM]

Purrr-fectly Divine!
Jennifer Durasin
 [02/28 9:17:47AM]

Love it we both showed up in Silvericing again.
Dorothy Goodine
 [02/28 9:17:38AM]

Purrfect pair ??
 [02/28 9:15:24AM]

Girl talk purfection
Kiirsti Stilla
 [02/28 9:15:11AM]

...and then I said to her, You my girl, are already enough.
Becky Van Drunen
 [02/28 9:14:12AM]

You’ve Got This! Trust me.
Shannon Pettem
 [02/28 9:13:29AM]

Purrfect Together
Laurel Costello
 [02/28 9:13:04AM]

Sweet but fierce
Jelaine Ralph
 [02/28 9:12:45AM]

Printy pair
Melissa Kristjansson
 [02/28 9:12:14AM]

This moment is where their bond, became more powerful than ever ?
Meagan Tessier
 [02/28 9:10:56AM]

Sweety, boys will always stay boys! I will always be wild about you, The Purr-fect coffee date
Katrina Bernardi
 [02/28 9:08:09AM]

Coffee. Tea. Mommy and me
Alyssa Egan
 [02/28 9:07:27AM]

Spotted Her 1st
Michelle Walker
 [02/28 9:06:58AM]

Spotted having coffee, Spotted drinking hot chocolate,
Liz Roy
 [02/28 9:06:30AM]

I want to be just like you when I grow up
Kristy eaton
 [02/28 9:05:03AM]

Moments we treasure
Susan Pelletier
 [02/28 9:04:21AM]

Grrrl Power
Kim Metcalfe
 [02/28 9:03:46AM]

Mommy and mee go for coffee
 [02/28 9:03:00AM]

If we were cartoon characters we’d have heart eyes!
Kristy Klarich
 [02/28 9:02:03AM]

Latte things to do...where do we start!
Amber Cruse
 [02/28 9:01:48AM]

As is her mother, so is her daughter. / There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul. / Nothing can leopardize us./ Wild about us. / Wild and Free, my mini-me!
Lucia Terlouw
 [02/28 9:01:48AM]

Best Friends Forever
Sarah Mann
 [02/28 9:01:33AM]

Puuur-fect duo
Danielle kennedy
 [02/28 9:01:27AM]

This is it Mommy....Tomorrow we show them!
Amber Cruse
 [02/28 8:59:57AM]

Whole Latte Love
Melissa Koski
 [02/28 8:58:55AM]

purrfect together Spot . One of the best moments, Mommy and Me “spotted” together
Barbara Benner
 [02/28 8:58:48AM]

"Coffee is better with my min "coffee date with mini me", "coffee and twinning = life goal complete", "Nothing better than cheetah print and coffee while twinning!"
Samantha Krump
 [02/28 8:58:16AM]

Take a walk on the wild side
Yvonne Stewart
 [02/28 8:56:52AM]

Blessed with precious moments, fancy feline frenzy
Erica Walsh
 [02/28 8:56:39AM]

Get spotted
Sarah Reuangrith
 [02/28 8:56:25AM]

Matchy matchy with me and mommy
 [02/28 8:55:47AM]

Teatime for Two
Cheryl cook
 [02/28 8:55:22AM]

Twinning and Winning with Mommy and Me
Kaija Riabov
 [02/28 8:52:39AM]

Young, wild, and free
Madison Wagner
 [02/28 8:52:12AM]

Mom, our fashion game is spot on!
Patty Joynes
 [02/28 8:51:54AM]

Coffee and tea with mini me, Lions tigers and leopard print oh my
Erica walsh
 [02/28 8:50:13AM]

Purrfect reflection of mommy and me!
Sabrina Stephen
 [02/28 8:49:05AM]

The slogan on this cup is a lie. Just One is never enough.
Bal Grewal
 [02/28 8:47:25AM]

I got blessed with a little reflection of myself...
Sheila Moerkoert
 [02/28 8:46:02AM]

Happiness is mother and daughter time
Pamela Boucher
 [02/28 8:45:41AM]

Leopard and lattes
Erin Dwyer
 [02/28 8:45:20AM]

Cafe Latte Chatte
Kathi Haugh
 [02/28 8:45:12AM]

Just Like Two Peas In A Pod
Angelee Mora
 [02/28 8:44:50AM]

“Happiness is... a momma-daughter moment”, “No matter how much I say I love you, I always love you more than that”, “I asked god for a best friend, he sent me my daughter”, “a mother is a daughters forever friend”, “we laugh, we cry, we make time fly. We are best friends, my mother and I”
Taunya Kooiker
 [02/28 8:44:44AM]

I love you a latte
erin faria
 [02/28 8:44:40AM]

I got it from my Mama.
Sarah Chapman
 [02/28 8:44:06AM]

"I'll always keep your secrets"
Danielle Clark
 [02/28 8:44:04AM]

Coffee date with mini me
Kylie Hall
 [02/28 8:43:57AM]

love at first sight,that never ends
Sherry sproul
 [02/28 8:43:41AM]

Heart melting moments
Katy Desgroseilliers
 [02/28 8:42:39AM]

Stay wild & free my little cub
Whitney Dillom
 [02/28 8:41:15AM]

A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend!
Angelee Mora
 [02/28 8:40:55AM]

Copy cats!
Marla Mayer
 [02/28 8:40:34AM]

Happiness is appreciating what you have!
Suzanne nernberg
 [02/28 8:39:46AM]

Me and you, just us two!
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [02/28 8:39:29AM]

Like mother, like daughter; I wear what my momma gave me!
Jessica Dawn Marie Hutchison
 [02/28 8:39:04AM]

Like a leopard does not change his spots, neither will my love for you.
Tanja Ross
 [02/28 8:38:02AM]

Guess what mama? We is twinsies!!
Tecia Beulens
 [02/28 8:37:35AM]

Just a mom and her Princess
Lisa labranchr
 [02/28 8:37:35AM]

When something really hits the spot
Tina cimaglia
 [02/28 8:37:26AM]

As is the mother, so is the daughter
Cara Colley
 [02/28 8:36:38AM]

Meowmy and Me
Erin Coccimiglio
 [02/28 8:36:23AM]

Taking time for the little things in life
Tina cimaglia
 [02/28 8:36:03AM]

Puuurrfect together
Anik Duplessis
 [02/28 8:35:55AM]

You've got a soft "spot" in my heart
Amanda Klassen
 [02/28 8:35:54AM]

Mother and daughter from the start, best friends forever from the heart
Cara Colley
 [02/28 8:35:48AM]

Love beyond the stars
Linda Assiginack
 [02/28 8:34:31AM]

I got it from my mama
Cara Colley
 [02/28 8:34:26AM]

Love at first rawr
Emily Gerein
 [02/28 8:34:14AM]

Boss babe in training
Lisa Gosse
 [02/28 8:33:02AM]

Can't come beTWIN us!
Angela Smiley
 [02/28 8:32:40AM]

Sweet spots for cherished memories
Kim Fehr
 [02/28 8:31:31AM]

A mom and her cub “spotted” together!
Tammy Ruedig
 [02/28 8:29:45AM]

From Our Cubs To Yours with Rawr
Lisa Miller
 [02/28 8:28:30AM]

All a girl needs in life is coffee, cheetah print and her bestie ??
Tracey Carlisle
 [02/28 8:27:11AM]

I got it from my mama!
Angela Smiley
 [02/28 8:26:35AM]

Wild in me Top
Elizabeth Antao
 [02/28 8:26:13AM]

Morning meeting with the boss.
Lisa Gosse
 [02/28 8:25:21AM]

Girl talk
 [02/28 8:24:54AM]

......Because I want to show her that dreams can come true.
Jamie Smith-Wilson
 [02/28 8:24:23AM]

Sweet girl you light up my world, I hope you always stay wild and free
Jody Summers
 [02/28 8:24:11AM]

And then we had a kids line
Angela Kerluke
 [02/28 8:23:45AM]

“ I like it when my mothers smiles, I especially like it when I make her smile”
Meagan Clarke
 [02/28 8:23:31AM]

Leopard print and love in her eyes
Sonia Aikens
 [02/28 8:23:02AM]

There is nothing as powerful as mother's love, and nothing as healing as a child's soul.
Leora Ashdown
 [02/28 8:22:55AM]

Love in the wild , wild love , always my baby
Diana Mazzuca
 [02/28 8:22:53AM]

May you always feel "fierce, wild and free" little one.
Gina Bolton
 [02/28 8:22:13AM]

Coffee date
Theresa Bourdon
 [02/28 8:21:51AM]

Precious moments. Precious memories
Diana Mazzuca
 [02/28 8:21:42AM]

...and that’s why mine has caffeine and yours doesn’t!
Jina Clarke
 [02/28 8:21:37AM]

And then you press purchase right at 12!!
Alyssa Fahie
 [02/28 8:21:08AM]

Twinning and winning!
Angela Smiley
 [02/28 8:20:45AM]

“Future boss babe” in training ??
Allison keen
 [02/28 8:20:12AM]

Knowledge is power, sweet child, and power starts with feeling good....and feeling good starts with wearing Silver Icing.
Wendy Sharp
 [02/28 8:19:03AM]

Coffee date, with my best girl!
Codi Bible
 [02/28 8:19:02AM]

Coffee, Tea or Mommy?
Megan Curry
 [02/28 8:18:59AM]

Wild and tame
Kimberly zaluski
 [02/28 8:18:45AM]

Our time together is the greatest gift ?
Samantha Beck
 [02/28 8:18:00AM]

Mom and daughter memories
Jaime Batley
 [02/28 8:17:23AM]

I wish we could stop time in this most purrrrfect moment
Jennifer Klassen
 [02/28 8:16:54AM]

"When you get older...what do you wanna be?"... "Just like you mommy"
Dallas Romanchuk
 [02/28 8:16:12AM]

Wild tea party. Party for two!
Hilda Dyck
 [02/28 8:16:12AM]

We're a purrfect pair
Rachel Curran
 [02/28 8:15:56AM]

My heart, my soul, my love!
Crystal Garton
 [02/28 8:15:45AM]

Wild about you
Kaitlyn Fox
 [02/28 8:14:46AM]

Mommy and me cute as can be
Ashley Hancock
 [02/28 8:14:44AM]

The leopardess and her cub in their natural habitat
Kaitlyn Fox
 [02/28 8:14:05AM]

Mommy & Me on our Purrfect Date
Ashli Brook
 [02/28 8:13:49AM]

"A daughter is just a little girl, until she grows up to be your Best Friend ?"
Jamie Smith-Wilson
 [02/28 8:13:26AM]

I am mama’s girl, hear me roar!
Marie Pinsent
 [02/28 8:12:49AM]

“What? No YOU'RE the cutest!
Ashli Brook
 [02/28 8:11:23AM]

Be Fierce Baby Girl
Jody Brisebois
 [02/28 8:11:03AM]

"Wild about our girl time"
Melissa Melideo
 [02/28 8:10:46AM]

To the world she may be just a girl, but to me she is the whole world
Jenna Paradis
 [02/28 8:10:42AM]

Blazing her own way with me by her side!
Vanessa Riccio
 [02/28 8:10:35AM]

#While looking in the mirror
Brittany giesbrecht
 [02/28 8:09:46AM]

I want to be just like you mommy when I grow up?
Jennifer Klassen
 [02/28 8:09:36AM]

“Though she be but little, she is fierce” -Shakespeare
Amy Tekatch
 [02/28 8:09:30AM]

Oh the places we will go little one
Ashley Hancock
 [02/28 8:08:49AM]

Wild about being together!
Vanessa Riccio
 [02/28 8:08:38AM]

The best moments are everyday together moments!
Vanessa Riccio
 [02/28 8:07:35AM]

Adventures with mommy, walking on the wild side with mom
Ashley Hancock
 [02/28 8:07:27AM]

Just taking a moment to soak it all up!
Vanessa Riccio
 [02/28 8:07:07AM]

Stay wild, little one
Amy Tekatch
 [02/28 8:07:00AM]

You can grow up to do whatever you want to do, my little one !!
Kym Readman
 [02/28 8:06:52AM]

Mini me purfection!
Jackie Murray
 [02/28 8:06:46AM]

Always be my baby, Mini me, Two of a kind
Jana M
 [02/28 8:06:18AM]

Mommy and me, We are cute as can be!
Macayla Beairsto
 [02/28 8:06:01AM]

Mommy and daughter cheetah print date
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [02/28 8:05:37AM]

Mommy and Me dates are the best!
Erin Levesque
 [02/28 8:05:28AM]

Girl - I love you to the moon and back
Marysia Waritsky
 [02/28 8:02:35AM]

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