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Crossroads Sweater 2.0
August 7, 2020

Silver Icing Caption This Spotlight: Crossroads Sweater 2.0

It’s contest time again! Time to get cute and creative! Give us your best caption for this photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card!

Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, August 9th at 9AM PST.

Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Total Entries: 868
Congratulations to Amy Restoule, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Happiness is a cozy sweater on a fall day."

Rise and Shine
Hermina Khara
 [08/09 8:59:02AM]

Coffee, cozy...crossroads delight!
Celeste Kallis
 [08/09 8:58:45AM]

Does this Sweater make me look cozy
Karmyn Robertson
 [08/09 7:36:48AM]

Lovin Life!
Melissa Gilchuk
 [08/09 6:51:54AM]

You will cross-off your must haves for a comfortable, fashionable sweater with this Crossroads Sweater 2.0!
Melissa Best
 [08/09 6:47:28AM]

Saw this sweater for sale and was at a crossroad as to weather or not to buy. I chose to "knit" let this deal slip away!
Melissa Best
 [08/09 6:43:06AM]

Don't sweat it! Just wear your Crossroads sweater!
Maxine Mathews
 [08/09 6:42:48AM]

When you're standing at a crossroad, there's a choice to make. I chose yes!
Melissa Best
 [08/09 6:40:45AM]

Easy breezy beautiful Silver Icing girl
Libby Rudolph
 [08/09 6:18:34AM]

Never be at a crossroad with comfy & chic, you can have both!
Jesse Werbicki
 [08/09 5:54:22AM]

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, with fall right around the corner.
Tracy Van Raes
 [08/09 5:41:06AM]

Life is good!
Monique Gosselin
 [08/09 5:17:10AM]

Cute as a button sweater
Véronique Mouland
 [08/09 4:25:36AM]

Relaxed and on route in my new Crossroads 2.0 sweater
Carrie Coon
 [08/09 4:24:17AM]

Care-A-Melatté Crossover
Deena Beauchamp
 [08/08 11:06:56PM]

Care-A-Melatté Crossover
Deena Beauchamp
 [08/08 11:05:26PM]

This sweater is so versatile I can even use it as a mask when I forget mine in the car!
Leah Petersen
 [08/08 10:56:29PM]

Cozy and Free!
Claudia Andrews
 [08/08 10:52:04PM]

I'm A Star
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [08/08 10:50:11PM]

When I wish upon a “star”
Debbie Ferguson
 [08/08 10:02:08PM]

In this sweater I truly am a “STAR”
Debbie Ferguson
 [08/08 9:58:51PM]

Easy Peasy SI Girl
Lesley Willford
 [08/08 9:37:19PM]

Warm oatmeal crisp fay
karen fast
 [08/08 9:37:14PM]

Breaking out the cozy sweaters!
Charlotte Mitchell
 [08/08 9:34:22PM]

Wrap me in warmth
Lindsey Woidyla
 [08/08 9:27:33PM]

renee prevost
 [08/08 8:58:28PM]

Feeling Pretty Cute Today
Laurie Young
 [08/08 8:17:07PM]

Fellin' fall
Melissa Clark
 [08/08 8:08:28PM]

Stroll with me
Tami Jones
 [08/08 8:05:33PM]

Sarah Bates
 [08/08 8:03:48PM]

"Stoey of life, trying to take a selfie with my kid....he's hanging from his feet behind me" #nailed it
Katherine McCrea
 [08/08 7:46:14PM]

Sunday Morning Feels
Katelin Christiuk
 [08/08 7:35:44PM]

Gael chunky button
Cheryl levy
 [08/08 7:32:34PM]

Perfect for a light summers night or a crisp autumn day! Feel the fresh breeze in our Crossroads Sweater 2.0!
Cori-Lynn White
 [08/08 7:09:07PM]

Caramel and get it!
Shannon Mangaloglu
 [08/08 7:08:28PM]

Caramel buttons with lots of lovin!
Shannon Mangaloglu
 [08/08 7:06:31PM]

There no summer sadness when it’s time
Denise briones
 [08/08 7:00:09PM]

Just Chillin and waiting for Fall!!
Jamie Marouelli
 [08/08 6:47:16PM]

Comfy Cozy Casual
 [08/08 5:20:39PM]

Falling for ypu
Wendy Drobiasko
 [08/08 5:19:28PM]

Does ”This better come in my size” work?
Margo Nygard
 [08/08 5:12:32PM]

No crossroads in sight, just comfort 2.0
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 5:10:15PM]

Criss cross cuddles
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 5:07:16PM]

A sweater for every crossroad.
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 5:04:13PM]

Pumpkin Spice and Crossroads are extra nice!!
April Hunt
 [08/08 5:03:26PM]

Meet you at the roundabout
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 5:03:04PM]

Function junction
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 5:02:18PM]

Crossroads are back, and Fall’s just a campfire and s’mores away! Hooray!!!
April Hunt
 [08/08 5:01:55PM]

Roundabout here
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 5:01:53PM]

Crossroads are back, and Fall’s just a campfire and s’mores away! Hooray! ?
April Hunt
 [08/08 5:00:49PM]

Meet me at the Crossroads 2.0
Pamela Valente
 [08/08 5:00:45PM]

Plush, Perfect & Sweet
Kayla Meadows
 [08/08 5:00:08PM]

Teddy Bear Hug ?
Kayla Meadows
 [08/08 4:58:58PM]

Big hugs
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 4:58:31PM]

Teddy bear hug
Tina Meadows
 [08/08 4:57:52PM]

Crossroads are back and Falls just around the last Summertimes campfire and s’mores!
April Hunt
 [08/08 4:56:56PM]

Caroline Dupuis
 [08/08 4:54:34PM]

This Crossroads for You, Kid! :]
April Hunt
 [08/08 4:54:10PM]

It’s time for a new Crossroads in 2020!!
April Hunt
 [08/08 4:52:26PM]

Just add fall
Jenn Houtby
 [08/08 4:51:58PM]

Oh so comfortable!
Tracey Douglas
 [08/08 4:46:10PM]

" meet me at the crossroads "
Amber Davison
 [08/08 4:31:25PM]

Waffle me home
Mary Ann Munro
 [08/08 4:25:33PM]

Leaves are falling, autumn is calling
Courtney Walsh
 [08/08 4:16:40PM]

Cross my heart and buttons sweater
Rayann Jarman
 [08/08 4:11:26PM]

Cross my heart and buttons sweater
Rayann Jarman
 [08/08 4:10:58PM]

Autumn tresure
Monique Berichon
 [08/08 3:50:08PM]

Autumn Air...don’t care!
Tamara Caldwell
 [08/08 3:24:30PM]

summer sunshine turns into fall leaves
Jessica Kroes
 [08/08 3:18:46PM]

Kelley mckay
 [08/08 3:14:40PM]

falling for you
Melissa Carew
 [08/08 2:40:43PM]

It's Fall Y'all Sweater
Jenny Vandermeer
 [08/08 2:36:41PM]

"Where's the snow? I'm ready to go!"
Judy Lewis
 [08/08 2:31:24PM]

Crossroads 2.0 Live, Love, & Eat
Laura Thiessen
 [08/08 2:21:15PM]

Crossover from cool summer evenings to crisp fall days
Johanna Nimchuk
 [08/08 2:20:16PM]

What’s Knit to Love
Jennifer Kerychuk
 [08/08 2:11:37PM]

Pumpkin spice ready
Adrienne Damm
 [08/08 2:09:24PM]

Cozy up & Fall in Love
Lori Lipp
 [08/08 2:06:45PM]

Cozy up & Fall in Love
Lori Lipp
 [08/08 2:06:12PM]

Cozy up & Fall in Love
Lori Lipp
 [08/08 2:04:26PM]

Paula Browne
 [08/08 2:00:02PM]

Button up Buttercup!
Jackie Weighill
 [08/08 1:53:22PM]

Falling for Fall!
Tracey Wing
 [08/08 1:39:58PM]

Fall Sweater Bliss
Amy Epp
 [08/08 1:39:35PM]

Cozy crossover
Kristen White
 [08/08 1:39:22PM]

Sweater for the weather
Jaclyn Baker
 [08/08 1:36:08PM]

Knit me cozy
Jaclyn Baker
 [08/08 1:35:44PM]

Cozy me sweater
Jaclyn Baker
 [08/08 1:35:14PM]

Getting ready for fall in style.
Connie woodrow
 [08/08 1:31:59PM]

Ahhhh..... I’m ready for a seasons!
Shannon Arbek
 [08/08 1:28:48PM]

Fallin’ 4 U
Christine Lindgren
 [08/08 1:24:59PM]

As comfy as it gets!
Tayler Metcalfe
 [08/08 1:17:27PM]

“Make me a waffle!”
Alisha kennerfeldt
 [08/08 1:14:49PM]

“Make me a waffle!”
Alisha kennerfeldt
 [08/08 1:14:09PM]

Fall into autumn
Alicia carroll
 [08/08 1:07:05PM]

Weave me at the crossroads
Janique Grimard
 [08/08 1:02:53PM]

Ready to Snuggle!
Donna Shaddick
 [08/08 12:44:26PM]

The Pick of the Patch
Denise Dingman
 [08/08 12:44:05PM]

Crossroads sweater
Gail Foster
 [08/08 12:37:16PM]

Catch me with the Crossroads 2.0
Pamela Valente
 [08/08 12:35:41PM]

Catch me at the Crossroads!
Pamela Valente
 [08/08 12:35:07PM]

When pumpkin and cinnamon season is around the corner and you are ready to live your best life
Summer Scott
 [08/08 12:32:00PM]

Free fallin' into autumn
Amy McDonald
 [08/08 12:28:11PM]

Fall in love!
Kim Anderson
 [08/08 12:26:05PM]

Lake Life is the best life
Jennifer Sites
 [08/08 12:24:49PM]

Buttons Up Knit Sweater
NIcole Ludwig
 [08/08 12:17:46PM]

Waffles to Go
Jaclyn Collins
 [08/08 12:17:44PM]

Happy Day Out, Crossroads-style!
Sharon Tessier
 [08/08 12:16:32PM]

Happy Day Out, Crossroads-style!
Sharon Tessier
 [08/08 12:13:30PM]

Fall has sprung
Michelle Evans
 [08/08 12:10:33PM]

Double the button
Michelle Michelle Evans
 [08/08 12:08:59PM]

Wrap me twice
Michelle evans
 [08/08 12:08:30PM]

Cozy up into Fall.
Shelley Kuzio
 [08/08 12:08:24PM]

Ready for Fall
Cheryl Cairns
 [08/08 12:01:47PM]

Cute as a button
Cheryl Bowlier
 [08/08 11:59:27AM]

Nap time
Paula Alblas
 [08/08 11:54:56AM]

Yes I am this comfy
Paula Alblas
 [08/08 11:54:34AM]

Autumn antiquing in style
Monica Jackson
 [08/08 11:48:47AM]

Feeling good in classy and comfort
Bev Crawford
 [08/08 11:44:00AM]

Fall into me sweater
Rae-Anne Gall
 [08/08 11:37:33AM]

Crossover into Comfort / Fold over into Comfort / If I'm crossing over into Fall style, softness and luxury, it must be with SI!
Natashia Liboiron
 [08/08 11:35:02AM]

"Somehow, a comfy sweater tends to feel like home."
Carmen Darichuk
 [08/08 11:26:22AM]

Feelin' Free
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/08 11:19:40AM]

Kickin' Back
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/08 11:19:10AM]

Lovin' Life
Sharon Rathbone
 [08/08 11:18:30AM]

That’s a wrap
 [08/08 11:11:49AM]

Any time is a good time for a sweater!
Karen Paul
 [08/08 11:07:48AM]

Breath of Fresh Air
Adele Mills
 [08/08 11:03:17AM]

Sweater weather is better weather!
Leanne Frick
 [08/08 11:01:47AM]

All Bundled Up
Sarah Armstrong
 [08/08 11:00:31AM]

Crochet cozy
Rebecca fizer
 [08/08 10:57:28AM]

Why wait for fall?
Sandra RAlly
 [08/08 10:53:40AM]

Wrap me in cozy
Nadia Ferrante
 [08/08 10:47:09AM]

Waffle me home!
Mary Ann Mmnro
 [08/08 10:41:02AM]

Sweater weather is better weather
Lauri Ostrom
 [08/08 10:36:48AM]

Fall for Comfort
Rob Currie
 [08/08 10:34:24AM]

Enveloped in Warmth
Ronnie Skolnick
 [08/08 10:30:58AM]

Crossing the road to 2021
Stevie Penno
 [08/08 10:19:50AM]

Why hello fall! How I've missed you
Patricia McKeen
 [08/08 10:17:51AM]

Fall-ing with style
Tamara Antenucci
 [08/08 10:10:47AM]

Happy and carefree
Helen Karbaliotis
 [08/08 9:58:34AM]

I fall for sweater weather!!!
Allison Overholt
 [08/08 9:55:42AM]

I’m the star of the evening: Welcome Crossroads 2.0
Heather Klassen
 [08/08 9:52:57AM]

To Legit to Knit
Jenn Hodgson
 [08/08 9:52:16AM]

Tight Knit with this sweater! Fall'n in love!
Melissa Best
 [08/08 9:42:03AM]

Killin the look
Diane Pickering
 [08/08 9:40:55AM]

FALL in Love Sweater
Melissa Best
 [08/08 9:40:44AM]

Oh Yay Being On The Fall Festivals!
Barbara Kennedy
 [08/08 9:37:54AM]

Oh Yay Being On The Fall Festivals
Barbara Kennedy
 [08/08 9:37:34AM]

Fall'n in love with the crossroads sweater 2.0
Amanda Diamond
 [08/08 9:36:24AM]

Fall Frolic
Sherry Priebe
 [08/08 9:32:07AM]

Early sunsets, warm tea, messy hair, warm sweaters.
Paula Bass
 [08/08 9:31:54AM]

Put the icing on Fall and add this sweater to your word robe!
Amanda Sonnenberg
 [08/08 9:30:07AM]

Cozy Crossover knit sweater
Dawn Clark
 [08/08 9:29:33AM]

Put the icing on Fall and add this sweater to your word robe!
Amanda Sonnenberg
 [08/08 9:29:25AM]

Fall For You
Mary Thomson
 [08/08 9:23:03AM]

That's a wrap!
Mindy Beckett
 [08/08 9:18:36AM]

Coffee & Waffles Sweater
Crystal Donovan
 [08/08 9:17:44AM]

When your sweater matches your Autumn coffee order.
Laura Weller
 [08/08 9:08:05AM]

Early sunsets, warm tea, messy hair, warm sweaters.
Paula Bass
 [08/08 9:02:20AM]

Early sunsets, warm tea, messy hair, warm sweaters.
Paula Bass
 [08/08 9:00:21AM]

Cute As A Button
Ashlee Brookson-Opseth
 [08/08 8:59:17AM]

Pumpkin spice and the Crossroads 2.0 sweater...Fall here I come!
Maxine Mathews
 [08/08 8:53:58AM]

All Wrapped up
Ronda Calder
 [08/08 8:53:28AM]

Be comfortable with who you are...and in the Crossroads 2.0 Sweater!
Maxine Mathews
 [08/08 8:52:34AM]

Crossroads Sweetie Sweater
Connie Flaherty
 [08/08 8:52:00AM]

Falling for this sweater
Jennifer Ottenbreit
 [08/08 8:47:02AM]

Wrapped in style and loving it!?
Gina Hildebrand
 [08/08 8:37:51AM]

Falling for Fall!
Jennifer Banham
 [08/08 8:34:56AM]

I love waffles sweater
Shannon Hoiness
 [08/08 8:20:36AM]

Experience happiness and confidence when wrapped in comfort with the Crossroads sweater 2.0
Darlene Visintini
 [08/08 8:20:22AM]

perfect harvest time
Krystyna DunnBlacklock
 [08/08 8:18:06AM]

Its a maple waffle kinda day
Susan Chan
 [08/08 8:14:16AM]

Fall Forward Sweater
Katie Fraser
 [08/08 8:11:21AM]

Buttons Up Sweater
Laresa Sayles
 [08/08 8:08:49AM]

Buttoned up and Cozy
Lisa Dillin
 [08/08 8:07:58AM]

Cross it over casual sweater
Jody dais
 [08/08 8:06:16AM]

Not your boyfriend’s sweater
Una Levesque
 [08/08 8:04:58AM]

All wrapped and buttoned up !
Stacy Simington
 [08/08 8:04:29AM]

Crossover cozy
Jody dais
 [08/08 8:03:11AM]

Best kind of fall waffle ?
Megan Keeler
 [08/08 7:52:48AM]

Falling around you!
Kristiana Schmidt
 [08/08 7:51:35AM]

Fall Cross-over
Megan Keeler
 [08/08 7:51:35AM]

Can it be Fall yet!
Kathy Kinrade
 [08/08 7:48:22AM]

Wrapped up in the sweetness of Waffles!?
Sandra Devost
 [08/08 7:39:37AM]

Confident at the Crossroad
Erin Shantz
 [08/08 7:37:41AM]

Everyday I’m Wafflin’ Wafflin’
Brittany Hill
 [08/08 7:34:39AM]

So Cowl Me Maybe?!
Brittany Hill
 [08/08 7:33:08AM]

Covid might keep you 6 feet away but this sweater has me feeling all wrapped up!
Brittany Hill
 [08/08 7:30:02AM]

Namaste in My Sweater!
Brittany Hill
 [08/08 7:28:59AM]

Weekend errands? Check! Relaxing at home? Check! A couple of nights at the cabin? Check! The Crossroads sweater has you covered no matter where the road takes you!
Karen Hach
 [08/08 7:27:20AM]

Current Mood: Sweater Weather
Vanessa Rotundo
 [08/08 7:21:43AM]

Seasons change, but a sweater comforts me through them all!
Elissa Bogdan
 [08/08 7:16:06AM]

Here we go Comfy
Alesia Hann
 [08/08 7:15:39AM]

You knit me together.... I am fearfully and wonderfully made!, Seasons may change, a sweater comforts me in all of them., Wrapped up in a sweater and a smile.,
Elissa Bogdan
 [08/08 7:14:14AM]

Bring on pumpkin spice everything!
Lynn-Ann Martens
 [08/08 7:11:17AM]

Cozy & free
Tammy Paquette
 [08/08 7:09:27AM]

Feeling like A Star!
Denise Prevost
 [08/08 6:51:15AM]

Fall Embrace
Tammy Bedard
 [08/08 6:49:12AM]

Waffley Cozy!
Sara White
 [08/08 6:45:38AM]

Cuddle me sweater
Deanne Hunter
 [08/08 6:42:44AM]

Fall is in the air!
Melanie Charbonneau
 [08/08 6:41:59AM]

Cozy knit
Krista Grenier
 [08/08 6:34:29AM]

Would you be-leaf I took this photo on the first try?
Shannon Magyar
 [08/08 6:29:33AM]

Joan Park
 [08/08 6:28:02AM]

cute as a button
Joan Park
 [08/08 6:25:33AM]

Cozy warm
Carrie chapman
 [08/08 6:25:08AM]

Fall Dreamin’
Christine Lafontaine
 [08/08 6:18:39AM]

Crisp Fall mornings
Sandra Stone
 [08/08 6:17:59AM]

That's a wrap, cowl do up the buttons, let's cowl this a wrap
Tiffaney Godin
 [08/08 6:12:11AM]

Loving sweater weather season!
Nadine Pocrnic
 [08/08 6:10:12AM]

You’ll know exactly where you’re going in the Crossroads 2.0!
 [08/08 6:06:57AM]

Warm Hug!
Lori McIntosh-Belanger
 [08/08 6:06:06AM]

Lattes, knits and fall vibes.
Ina Hammer
 [08/08 5:59:47AM]

Falling in love never looked better.
Ina Hammer
 [08/08 5:58:18AM]

Maybe if I put my arms up like this people will think I am putting on my mask..
Elizabeth Anderson
 [08/08 5:57:41AM]

Look at all my comfy-ness
Annie Pope
 [08/08 5:57:18AM]

Get with comfort
Tania shanks
 [08/08 5:55:06AM]

“I looked up to the lord above and said hey man thanks” - the tragically hip
Angela Rankine
 [08/08 5:46:41AM]

Cross my heart and open up to the skies
Angela Rankine
 [08/08 5:44:36AM]

Waffle you waiting for?
Erika Just
 [08/08 5:38:47AM]

Walkin in a cozy cardigan
Lisa Swaikoski
 [08/08 5:34:09AM]

Martha Chevalier
 [08/08 5:28:29AM]

Brunching in comfort & just a relaxing stroll
Julie Hoar
 [08/08 5:23:13AM]

Crossing over to weekend comfort
Julie Hoar
 [08/08 5:21:59AM]

"Babe, quick, take my pic. We can go home as soon as I post it to instagram"
Brittany Tucker
 [08/08 5:17:41AM]

Make No Mistakes sweater
Carolyn Somerville
 [08/08 5:09:47AM]

Autumn Crossroads
Nicole Appleby
 [08/08 5:07:08AM]

All Wrapped Up
Kathy Calanchie
 [08/08 4:54:53AM]

That’s a wrap sweater/ All wrapped up sweater
Bianca Easter
 [08/08 4:46:26AM]

Country Fair
Paula Woodfine
 [08/08 4:36:40AM]

You sweater believe it!
Jodie Johnson
 [08/08 4:36:28AM]

You had me at sweater!
Jodie Johnson
 [08/08 4:35:30AM]

Weekend Wrap Up
Sheila Buell
 [08/08 4:14:01AM]

Why did she cross the road? To get this sweater.
Debbie Maclean
 [08/08 4:06:43AM]

Waffle in the sun
Shawna O’Dwyer
 [08/08 3:41:47AM]

Been travelin' Sweater
Sarah Bradbury
 [08/08 3:41:31AM]

Fall in love with a hug sweater
Bianca Schiavone
 [08/08 1:26:33AM]

Good vibes equals sun and pretty sweaters
 [08/08 1:13:57AM]

Wrapped in a waffle of cozy cuteness!
Elizabeth Platz
 [08/08 12:34:11AM]

Fall is in the air sweater
Kelly Sumner
 [08/07 11:55:54PM]

Fall into Cozy, Crisp And Cozy Fall Night , There is never a crossroad between fall and cozy
Amanda Broad
 [08/07 11:36:04PM]

No kids, a little me time, cozy sweater....perfect??
Jennifer McCowan
 [08/07 11:07:03PM]

I smell pumpkin spice
Erin Anderson
 [08/07 11:06:55PM]

Fall into Comfy!!
Shannon Peacock
 [08/07 11:04:43PM]

The most versatile sweater this fall!
Denise Donatelli
 [08/07 11:03:55PM]

Fall 2019 Vibes
Melissa Moore
 [08/07 11:00:12PM]

“Coffee check, breakfast check, ready for the day check”
Crystal Mackie
 [08/07 10:55:29PM]

“I am ready to start strutting into fall”
Crystal Mackie
 [08/07 10:52:45PM]

“When I feel great, I smile like this”
Crystal Mackie
 [08/07 10:50:36PM]

I could live in this sweater all fall, it's so chic yet comfy
Lyndsey Baker
 [08/07 10:47:03PM]

Wrapped into Fall
Katie Hirvi
 [08/07 10:32:42PM]

Wrapped up in a cozy cowl cocoon for fall.
Sandra Sheffield
 [08/07 10:26:46PM]

Welcoming sweater weather with open arms this season!
Tina cimaglia
 [08/07 10:23:40PM]

Look what I’ve been doing during quarantine, SHOPPING!! Don’t worry, I can hook you up with silver icing too”
Nikki Weightman
 [08/07 10:21:24PM]

All wrapped up for the end of summer.
Kathleen Dunbar
 [08/07 10:19:50PM]

Wrapped n cozy
Shannon Hutchison
 [08/07 10:11:39PM]

Waffles are my thing.
Ina Hammer
 [08/07 9:39:00PM]

Cross my heart and hope for fall !
Brie Glaicae
 [08/07 9:35:32PM]

Did someone say pumpkin spice season?
Cherie Kerr
 [08/07 9:35:27PM]

I like you a latte
Brie Glaicar
 [08/07 9:34:35PM]

The cozy stylish buttoned cowl sweater
Alicia Taylor
 [08/07 9:27:39PM]

You can look this good even when your screaming on the inside ?
Yvonne Stewart
 [08/07 9:22:27PM]

Chai Day’s and Namaste’s
Mikki Kinnaird
 [08/07 9:20:58PM]

The Slouchy Knit (my husband's suggestion)
Shannon Greene
 [08/07 9:15:07PM]

Cowl me cozy
 [08/07 9:01:07PM]

Fall-tless Sweater - “Looks good- Feels good”
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/07 8:55:18PM]

Covid can’t keep me down!
Willa Potter
 [08/07 8:54:32PM]

Leaves wont be the only thing Falling this Autumn. If you haven't already you will Fall for Silver Icing in this cozy sweater!!!
Miranda Grunerud
 [08/07 8:53:10PM]

“Come make your waffle!” ?
 [08/07 8:51:17PM]

Oooh I Love That Sweater
Monika Greenwood
 [08/07 8:48:45PM]

Oooh I Love That Sweater
Monika Greenwood
 [08/07 8:46:13PM]

Holy Cowl...sweater weather will be here in a jiffy!! FACT...You can be warm and stylish
Mussette Speer
 [08/07 8:46:11PM]

Wrapping up for fall
Katherine Henwood
 [08/07 8:44:24PM]

Coffee Break
Neely Harding
 [08/07 8:42:04PM]

Waffle me cozy
Tammy Enns
 [08/07 8:39:34PM]

“Fall-tress” Looks Good-Feels Good Sweater
 [08/07 8:38:10PM]

Buttonly Beautiful
 [08/07 8:37:02PM]

wrapping fall
Adriana mitchell
 [08/07 8:36:50PM]

We call this a Covid hug
Marlise Nordstrom
 [08/07 8:35:13PM]

Faultless Sweater/Looks Good-Feels Good-Fall Sweater!
 [08/07 8:34:46PM]

Cozy Comfy
Christine Collette
 [08/07 8:34:10PM]

Cozy makes me happy
Germaine Saulnier
 [08/07 8:32:49PM]

Cindy Sgroi
 [08/07 8:32:07PM]

Wrapping up fall
Katherine Henwood
 [08/07 8:29:24PM]

Cross over to fall
Katherine Henwood
 [08/07 8:21:36PM]

Sweater weather
Katie Tinkler
 [08/07 8:18:27PM]

It's almost pumpkin spice season!!!!
Pamela Lee Hogewoning
 [08/07 8:15:37PM]

Fallin’ For You Sweater
Janaya Baron
 [08/07 8:15:02PM]

Stepping on Out
Cindy Lavender
 [08/07 8:14:29PM]

Twinkle twinkle little star, this sweater for fall is my fav so far
Erin Straughan
 [08/07 8:12:46PM]

Autumn bliss
Miranda Phoenix
 [08/07 8:10:36PM]

Faultless Sweater- Looks Good Feels Good Sweater
 [08/07 8:10:22PM]

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Erin Straughan
 [08/07 8:08:26PM]

Faultless Sweater-Looks Good- Feels Good Swesater
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/07 8:07:41PM]

Faultless Sweater-Looks Good- Feels Good Swesater
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/07 8:06:52PM]

Fall into Me
Valerie Bosch
 [08/07 8:06:12PM]

Faultless Sweater... Looks Good-Feels Good Sweater
 [08/07 8:04:21PM]

Wrapped In Waffle Knit
Jodi Leighanne Lawlor
 [08/07 8:03:59PM]

Faultless Sweater Everything looks good/feels good sweater!
 [08/07 8:02:01PM]

Faultless Sweater-Everything Looks Good-Feels Good Sweater
 [08/07 7:59:58PM]

Faultless Sweater-Everything looks good/Feels Good Sweater
Susan Kinnear-Beaton
 [08/07 7:57:50PM]

Don't let the smile fool you — I couldn't feel my toes when this was taken!
 [08/07 7:57:49PM]

Covid who?
Michelle Tremblay
 [08/07 7:57:42PM]

Faultless Sweater- Looks Good-Feels Good Sweater!
 [08/07 7:55:26PM]

Pumpkin spice and nameste
Ashley Domagala
 [08/07 7:52:40PM]

Faultless Sweater-Everything looks Good! Feels Good!
 [08/07 7:52:11PM]

#FallVibes all I need now is a PSL
Kellah Lavoie
 [08/07 7:51:10PM]

Fall comfort
Brenda Trueman
 [08/07 7:47:01PM]

Sweet sweater for fall weather
Verna Shaver
 [08/07 7:43:41PM]

Wrapped in love Cardigan
Christel Culberson
 [08/07 7:43:23PM]

Feels like a warm hug, Like a warm hug, Cuddled up, I’m ready for Autumn
Janine Winter
 [08/07 7:41:26PM]

“I feel pretty, oh so pretty!”
Darlene Berry-Davis
 [08/07 7:37:05PM]

Happiness is in the warmth of a smile and great sweaters
Erin crossley
 [08/07 7:34:42PM]

Warm and cozy.
Lynn Meachem
 [08/07 7:31:22PM]

Sweet sweater for fall weather
Verna Shaver
 [08/07 7:28:58PM]

Lattes and Lazy days
Melissa Mackell
 [08/07 7:24:51PM]

There are really only 2 season...Summer and Sweater...Which one is your favourite ?
Lisa Quesnelle
 [08/07 7:22:37PM]

Cozy Mountain Knit
Leanne Campbell
 [08/07 7:20:26PM]

These buttons are so satisfying!
Robyn Emde
 [08/07 7:19:43PM]

Fall around me
Nicole Spencer
 [08/07 7:19:05PM]

Fall around me sweater
Nicole Spencer
 [08/07 7:18:31PM]

You are the wind beneath my wings! (my hero!)
Jodie Dew
 [08/07 7:14:50PM]

Nothing better than a new fall sweater
Melissa Warner
 [08/07 7:12:09PM]

Cute as a button sweater
Shiraz Italia
 [08/07 7:10:43PM]

All wrapped up in Fall
Melissa Morris
 [08/07 7:08:55PM]

Button me up Fall
Sara Hulowski
 [08/07 7:08:54PM]

Of course I’m smiling, look at this fantastic sweater I’m wearing
Karina Burzynski
 [08/07 7:08:14PM]

Weekend vibes
Kathleen Leveque Niles
 [08/07 7:07:57PM]

Waffle me up sweater
Marnie Allen
 [08/07 7:02:57PM]

Roastin’ around the Fire
Ashley Gosselin
 [08/07 7:01:36PM]

Cuddle up to Fall
Jenn Brown
 [08/07 6:57:27PM]

Did someone say smile? Not hard when you are wearing this cozy, comfy sweater!
Tracey Marcil
 [08/07 6:57:23PM]

Cozy Up
 [08/07 6:55:57PM]

Ready for my pumpkin spice latte!
Tracey Marcil
 [08/07 6:55:52PM]

Feeling Fall in the summer y’all
Gabby demuzio
 [08/07 6:55:40PM]

Mocha latte fall sweater
Amanda murray
 [08/07 6:55:09PM]

Easing in to Fall
Kristin Dolman
 [08/07 6:54:38PM]

Forget me knit
jennie renaud
 [08/07 6:53:44PM]

Button me cozy
Brenna Siroski
 [08/07 6:52:50PM]

It’s Fall Y’all
Julie Pitre
 [08/07 6:52:19PM]

Comfy Cozy Confidence
Barb Balicki
 [08/07 6:52:09PM]

Sunny Days Ahead
sherry haggith
 [08/07 6:52:08PM]

To be or knit to be
Kathy Brideau
 [08/07 6:51:50PM]

The morning coffee cosy sweater. Cowl crop comfy
Deja coupe
 [08/07 6:50:31PM]

Antiquer by day, snuggler by night!
Lisa Boughen
 [08/07 6:49:15PM]

To be or knit to be
Kathy Brideau
 [08/07 6:49:14PM]

falling into sweater weather!
Joanna Lewis
 [08/07 6:49:06PM]

Sweaters are like blankets you wear to work
Julie Burrows
 [08/07 6:49:00PM]

Cheryl-Lynn Tomlinson
 [08/07 6:48:57PM]

Falling In Love with Fall
Tanya Slater
 [08/07 6:48:44PM]

Crisp + Cozy for Lockdown 2.0
Kayla Myers
 [08/07 6:48:29PM]

Relaxing while standing, thats how comfy my crossroads 2.0 is!
Joanna Lewis
 [08/07 6:48:21PM]

Crisp + Cozy for Lockdown
Kayla Myers
 [08/07 6:48:11PM]

Cozy like a Button - Lit Knit Sweater
Angele Lachance
 [08/07 6:45:58PM]

Cozy Fall Sweater; Pumpkin Spice Season Sweater
Bailee Weigelt
 [08/07 6:42:48PM]

Fall in love sweater
Melanie Gross
 [08/07 6:38:34PM]

Cozy into fall
Kristina mcnab
 [08/07 6:34:06PM]

Cross my heart and hope to fall
Yvonne McKechnie
 [08/07 6:26:58PM]

Cross my heart and hope to fall in love
Yvonne Mckechnie
 [08/07 6:24:49PM]

Falling into Comfort
Tanya Hardenne
 [08/07 6:23:18PM]

Bring on sweater weather, so much better then the mask!
Sara McLean
 [08/07 6:18:29PM]

Waffle hugs
Crystal Steinman
 [08/07 6:18:22PM]

It’s sweater weather
 [08/07 6:16:44PM]

Fall in love!
Jaclyn Jacobson
 [08/07 6:16:42PM]

Cowl Knit Crazy
Sara McLean
 [08/07 6:16:01PM]

Feelin fine at sweater time!
Cassandra ONeil
 [08/07 6:13:46PM]

Button me up cardi
Kelly Sneek
 [08/07 6:13:29PM]

Weekend Waffle Wear
Michelle Clouter
 [08/07 6:13:28PM]

Fireside Crossover
Dorothy McRae
 [08/07 6:11:23PM]

Criss Cross Awesome Sauce
Carene Schroeder
 [08/07 6:09:54PM]

Cozy Night Out
Laura Webb
 [08/07 6:07:30PM]

Fall in love again sweater
Krystle Hald
 [08/07 6:07:23PM]

Cozy crossroad sweater
Rebecca Hungerford
 [08/07 6:06:14PM]

Ready for cozy nights
Valerie Hansen
 [08/07 6:05:46PM]

Cross into fall with this beautiful crossroad sweater!
Rebecca Hungerford
 [08/07 6:04:17PM]

All wrapped up in fall
Marion Yun
 [08/07 5:59:23PM]

Easy Breezy sweater girl/ Makin' my way downtown!/Smiling for sweater weather
Jennifer Olsen
 [08/07 5:55:10PM]

Welcoming Fall with Wide Open Arms
Heather Hodgins-Chan
 [08/07 5:50:32PM]

Her smile is her best accessory!
Renee Lukie
 [08/07 5:50:12PM]

Autumn Fling
Barbara Kennedy
 [08/07 5:48:17PM]

“The best weather is sweater weather!”
Dawn Marchand
 [08/07 5:45:31PM]

“The best weather is sweater weather!”
Dawn Marchand
 [08/07 5:44:59PM]

Cozy nest sweater
Joni Follett
 [08/07 5:39:08PM]

Sweater weather is better weather
Shari MacLellan
 [08/07 5:36:43PM]

All Waffled Up
Margaret Kelly Latoski
 [08/07 5:36:37PM]

Fall Waffle Sweater
Margaret Kelly Latoski
 [08/07 5:35:54PM]

Cozy as a button.....or two
Joanne Lauer
 [08/07 5:34:37PM]

Being wrapped in a quilted sweater was never so cute, comfy and cozy!
Jessica Woods
 [08/07 5:32:34PM]

Cute ‘n cozy
Karen mccarville
 [08/07 5:30:34PM]

Cozy stroll
Melissa Forsyth
 [08/07 5:28:42PM]

It's a girl thing
Michelle Fink
 [08/07 5:28:40PM]

Crossing over into fall in my Crossroads Sweater 2.0 Love it!!
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [08/07 5:24:35PM]

Sweater Weather - nuttin' better
Stephanie Gillis
 [08/07 5:24:10PM]

School is back in session and I can go for a fall stroll by myself without holding any kids sticky hands!
Sheena Eddy
 [08/07 5:23:13PM]

Oatmeal on the Go
Jaclyn Collins
 [08/07 5:21:24PM]

Crossing over into fall in my Crossroads 2.0 Sweater! ?? Love it!
Carol-Ann Leyden
 [08/07 5:20:51PM]

Wrap it up this fall with this gem
Danielle Jones
 [08/07 5:16:42PM]

Who said you can't be cozy and look this good at the same time?!
Tamara Zaretski
 [08/07 5:14:43PM]

Let’s wrap this up!
Patti Derksen
 [08/07 4:56:10PM]

Fall got nothing on this sweater
Bailey Andrusiak
 [08/07 4:55:30PM]

Button up Beautiful ??
Penny Roberts
 [08/07 4:55:14PM]

Oh so soft knit sweater.
Liane Chevrier
 [08/07 4:47:40PM]

Look at me, I look like a ‘star’!
Annette Holterman
 [08/07 4:43:12PM]

I'm a star! A real star! Shining bright!
Tonya Barich
 [08/07 4:39:48PM]

Feeling all wrapped up in love!
Sheri Crowston
 [08/07 4:38:08PM]

I Love big buttons??
Therisa Poole
 [08/07 4:25:25PM]

All Wrapped Up sweater
Wendy Brulotte
 [08/07 4:19:53PM]

Wrapped In Warmth
Tanya Watkins
 [08/07 4:18:41PM]

Cozy crossover
Megan Husak
 [08/07 4:17:02PM]

Bring it Fall! We've got you covered.
Trisha Ciarlo
 [08/07 4:12:44PM]

"Dang, I look good"
Denise Drouin
 [08/07 4:11:45PM]

Does this hide my muffin top?
Kim Wonnacott
 [08/07 4:09:07PM]

Warm Waffles
 [08/07 4:05:53PM]

Cross your heart sweater
Sherri Conley
 [08/07 4:04:22PM]

Cozy Crossing
Robyn Beauregard
 [08/07 4:03:47PM]

Taking a happy stroll down the boulevard. Just a small town girl living in a lovely sweater.
Jennifer Barone
 [08/07 4:01:14PM]

Cozy comfort
Angela Y
 [08/07 3:59:15PM]

Crossroads hittin the road
Kristy Stebbings
 [08/07 3:56:32PM]

Feeling soft and cozy this fall
Janice flaman
 [08/07 3:55:50PM]

Riding the “second wave” in style
Amanda Collard
 [08/07 3:48:22PM]

Riding the “second wave” in style
Amanda Collard
 [08/07 3:46:53PM]

Cute as a button or 2!
Janel Matt
 [08/07 3:46:43PM]

“ This is how I relax in the fall! “ “ can you bring me a hammock? I’m so cozy - it’s time to relax!”
Shantel blanke
 [08/07 3:43:23PM]

Sweater Weather
Caitlyn Faucher
 [08/07 3:39:54PM]

At A Crossroads
Julie Corvera
 [08/07 3:39:44PM]

Falling for this!
margaret lavallee
 [08/07 3:38:49PM]

Afghan in a wrap
Debbie Koch
 [08/07 3:36:51PM]

Urban Stroll
Leah Stanley-Jones
 [08/07 3:28:19PM]

It's a Jessica sweater
Jessica Saulnier
 [08/07 3:27:25PM]

Cross into fall
Francine Davies
 [08/07 3:20:51PM]

Fall into comfort
Tara McNeil
 [08/07 3:18:01PM]

‘it’s the SeAsON to FALL in love with this cute sweater
Christy Packham
 [08/07 3:13:49PM]

‘Tis the Tis the SeAsON to FALL in love with this cute sweater
Christy Packham
 [08/07 3:12:37PM]

Cross comfy
Charity Carter
 [08/07 3:10:53PM]

Feeling fall cozy!
Christina Mills
 [08/07 3:09:31PM]

Cute and cozy day 101
Victoria Reid
 [08/07 3:07:38PM]

Waffle-weave me into fall!
Stacey Kloosterhof
 [08/07 2:57:42PM]

Forever knitted together
Helene Legault
 [08/07 2:55:48PM]

Yes it’s Friday !!
Carole Lafantaisie
 [08/07 2:55:39PM]

Hug so soft sweater
Victoria Catellier
 [08/07 2:46:40PM]

Embrace the fall
Carla Johnson
 [08/07 2:43:52PM]

Knit’s time for fall fashion ?
Beth Holden
 [08/07 2:41:06PM]

Cowl You Later Summer, I’m Ready for Fall ?
Karen Otsig
 [08/07 2:41:05PM]

Wonderful and cosy
sharon Hampton
 [08/07 2:39:30PM]

Cowl You Later Summer, I’m Ready for Fall ?
Karen Otsig
 [08/07 2:38:54PM]

What's this you say? Sweater weather is coming! Yes!
Jennifer Dakin
 [08/07 2:37:47PM]

Cowl You Later Summer, I’m Ready for Fall ?
Karen Otsig
 [08/07 2:37:36PM]

Wonderful and cosy !
Sharon Hampton
 [08/07 2:37:27PM]

Snug as a bear hug
Allison Rice
 [08/07 2:35:05PM]

Knot at work just at play
Sarah Hamilton
 [08/07 2:30:32PM]

cute & cozy chic into fall
Avery R
 [08/07 2:30:02PM]

Wrap me in Fall
Shauna Riley
 [08/07 2:29:50PM]

Wrapped in warmth
Tamara Sutherland
 [08/07 2:29:39PM]

Sunday Brunch Best
Brenda Deobald
 [08/07 2:26:12PM]

Fall into Winter
Tracy Christensen
 [08/07 2:24:42PM]

Transitioning to fall like.... #igotyou
Amanda Johnston
 [08/07 2:23:28PM]

Pumpkin spice latte ready!
Jennifer Shaw
 [08/07 2:22:44PM]

Is there even anything to discuss? , The only decision you need to make is how many... , Coffee&Cable knits; I live for coffee, cool fall nights and cozy sweaters...
Amanda Johnston
 [08/07 2:22:26PM]

“As free as a butterfly”. (First thing I thought of, the shape the greenery in the picture, her smile)
Gina S hrief
 [08/07 2:17:44PM]

Fall brunch sweater, cozy cafe sweater
Stacy Greening
 [08/07 2:17:15PM]

Cable Knit Cutie, Life’s better in a Sweater
Amanda Johnston
 [08/07 2:15:57PM]

Crossing from summer to fall in style!
Desiree Stewart
 [08/07 2:15:24PM]

Fall Hug
Sarah Froese
 [08/07 2:14:27PM]

A mother’s hug
Becky MacDonald
 [08/07 2:13:50PM]

Wrap me up cozy
Donna Savage
 [08/07 2:11:57PM]

Cozy Up cable knit
Teresa Wolf
 [08/07 2:10:32PM]

Cute as a button
Micheline Perreault
 [08/07 2:08:38PM]

I just ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte!
Bettina Allen
 [08/07 2:07:26PM]

The star of the fall is the Crossroads 2.0 sweater
Kate Rosenthal
 [08/07 2:07:03PM]

“C’mon sweater weather!”
Jacelyn Chikousky
 [08/07 2:06:44PM]

Today's forecast -- Sweater Weather!
Bettina Allen
 [08/07 2:05:12PM]

All Buttoned Up
Susan Kendrick
 [08/07 2:05:05PM]

Rollneck pull me over
Jan LaFleche
 [08/07 2:04:02PM]

There are two times of year: Sweater Weather and Waiting for Sweater Weather!
Joy Janzen
 [08/07 2:04:01PM]

Sweaters are just blankets you wear to work!
Bettina Allen
 [08/07 2:03:09PM]

Shawl about you
Carissa Arnold
 [08/07 2:02:45PM]

Sweater weather is better weather!
Bettina Allen
 [08/07 2:02:21PM]

Wrap Me Up Fall Knit
Renae Dumont
 [08/07 2:01:24PM]

Feeling cute...might still be wearing this later.
Andrea Stewart
 [08/07 2:00:41PM]

Caught in the crossroads
sarah bowen
 [08/07 1:54:08PM]

Cozy Comfort
Tammy Hauser
 [08/07 1:53:22PM]

Wrapped, buttoned, and cozying your day away
Jesslyn Rosanna
 [08/07 1:50:37PM]

Wrap Me Up Sweater
Jennifer Ross
 [08/07 1:49:24PM]

Cream of the crop
Lauren Pollock
 [08/07 1:48:17PM]

Breezin’ into the Fall
Stephanie Livsey
 [08/07 1:47:57PM]

Breezin’ into the fall
Stephanie Livsey
 [08/07 1:47:07PM]

Owning family photos this year in my crossroads
Kayla woodhouse
 [08/07 1:45:07PM]

All buttoned up and cozy as can be!
 [08/07 1:44:37PM]

Coffee & Oversized Sweaters #thingsirunon
Virginia Mielke
 [08/07 1:44:23PM]

So Cozy and I like it
Michelle McCarthy
 [08/07 1:44:00PM]

Feeling Happy and Comfy
Joan McCarthy
 [08/07 1:41:45PM]

Summer nights had me a blast ....oh I love me some SI
Misty Reimer
 [08/07 1:41:15PM]

Warm sweater, boots and pumpkin spice= perfect fall day!
Kayla Peters
 [08/07 1:40:00PM]

ABC Sweater Absolutely Beautiful Classy Sweater
Jackie Gilbertson
 [08/07 1:38:52PM]

ABC Sweater Absolutely Beautiful Classy Sweater
Jackie Gilbertson
 [08/07 1:37:51PM]

The perfect sweater for strolling the marketplace this Fall. “Pumpkin spiced “ anything in your hand, shopping bag in the other and away we go!
Sandy Greenberg
 [08/07 1:35:06PM]

Beautiful sweater and great for fall or a chilly summer night.
Alicia Florczynski
 [08/07 1:34:00PM]

Cowl me cozy or button up perfection
Sandy Greenberg
 [08/07 1:30:18PM]

5 Point Star sweater
Taffy Reardon-Parsons
 [08/07 1:25:29PM]

Just add pumpkin spice
Emily Beukers
 [08/07 1:19:41PM]

Sweater Swag
Samantha Jones
 [08/07 1:19:40PM]

There’s just somethin’ about the sun of summer and the crisp of fall
Danika Cominotto
 [08/07 1:19:05PM]

Ain't it knit
Lena Gilbert
 [08/07 1:17:47PM]

Just chillin' in the crossroads
Louise Kemp
 [08/07 1:13:03PM]

Cowl and Cozy
Misty Riach
 [08/07 1:12:52PM]

Waffle Weave of Hugs
Barbara Quibell
 [08/07 1:12:48PM]

Hug me a waffle-lot
Helen Johnson
 [08/07 1:10:12PM]

Written in the stars (it has 5 points of the star)
Taffy Reardon-Parsons
 [08/07 1:08:34PM]

Fall into the good life
Jaylene Blum
 [08/07 1:07:37PM]

5 point star or STAR SWEATER
Taffy Reardon Parsons
 [08/07 1:07:33PM]

FALLing In Love Again
Bettina Allen
 [08/07 1:07:26PM]

FALLing In Love Again
Bettina Allen
 [08/07 1:06:15PM]

A leaf fell!! It's FALL y'all!!
Wendy St Laurent
 [08/07 1:05:45PM]

Button Up Cocoon
Krista Calder
 [08/07 1:04:35PM]

Stylish, Causal and Comfy!
Paige Brinoni
 [08/07 1:03:56PM]

Wrap into fall
Alison Nachtegaele
 [08/07 1:02:06PM]

feeling cozy in the perfect fall knit
 [08/07 12:55:36PM]

feeling comfy in the perfect cozy knit
 [08/07 12:54:56PM]

start feeling comfy in the perfect cozy knit
 [08/07 12:54:33PM]

Sweater weather never looked better !
Melissa McIntyre
 [08/07 12:54:06PM]

Fall for you
Nadia Arcand
 [08/07 12:53:30PM]

Free Fallin
Robin Bell
 [08/07 12:53:22PM]

Shining star
Jen Ireland
 [08/07 12:49:59PM]

Practicing my Fall Smile’s, Silver Icing Style!
April Hunt
 [08/07 12:49:05PM]

Who knew wearing a Waffle could be this flattering!
April Hunt
 [08/07 12:45:33PM]

Finding the love for fall
Amy lynch
 [08/07 12:45:20PM]

Falling into cozy
Chantal Malboeuf
 [08/07 12:44:44PM]

the warmth and ease of Fall for All
Gerri Toews
 [08/07 12:44:24PM]

Wrap Me Up For Fall
Wendy Trask
 [08/07 12:42:50PM]

Cozy me crazy!
 [08/07 12:42:19PM]

hello Fall, have missed your cozy cowlers
 [08/07 12:41:42PM]

Fallin for this knit!
Kyla Schofield
 [08/07 12:41:11PM]

Fall is coming “weather” we like it or not
Catherine Martin
 [08/07 12:41:01PM]

Cowl me Cozy
Gerri Toews
 [08/07 12:39:30PM]

Livin’ the good life
Aspen Hall
 [08/07 12:38:39PM]

Break out the sweaters, it's autumn
Pam Boucher
 [08/07 12:37:15PM]

Make all your moments cozy
Amanda Zimny
 [08/07 12:36:59PM]

Karen Dunn
 [08/07 12:35:50PM]

I Slay All Beige
Rebecca Thompson
 [08/07 12:33:30PM]

Cowl, knit and loving it
Candice Sarrazin
 [08/07 12:33:20PM]

Fall time bliss with sweater weather
Dana Lean
 [08/07 12:33:08PM]

Wrapped up in fall
Nicole young
 [08/07 12:32:28PM]

It’s a wrap
Nicole young
 [08/07 12:31:59PM]

Everyday is a crossroads, choose comfy sweaters
Jennifer MacLennan
 [08/07 12:30:08PM]

Cute as a button
 [08/07 12:30:08PM]

Fall Essential - Pure and Simple
Cassi Tremblett
 [08/07 12:29:29PM]

It’s a Good Life
Aspen Hall
 [08/07 12:29:15PM]

Fallin’ in love
Karli MacKinnon
 [08/07 12:26:36PM]

Autumn Harvest
Michelle Findlay
 [08/07 12:25:41PM]

Button up Knit
 [08/07 12:23:41PM]

Cozy, Comfy, Chic ?
Candace Schmidt
 [08/07 12:22:51PM]

Kozi Kardi
Candace Schmidt
 [08/07 12:19:51PM]

Comfy cozy cowl
Lucia Faria
 [08/07 12:18:04PM]

Not a care in the world with my new sweater on
Vicky Harrison
 [08/07 12:17:40PM]

Fall into spice
Adele Danis
 [08/07 12:16:44PM]

The weekend cardigan
Suzanne Murison
 [08/07 12:16:41PM]

We welcome the coziness
Linsey DeMontigny
 [08/07 12:16:30PM]

Relax everything will be okay
Linsey DeMontigny
 [08/07 12:15:47PM]

Cowling for fall
Mercedes kovacs
 [08/07 12:09:38PM]

Cowling for a change
Mercedes Kovacs
 [08/07 12:08:37PM]

Sunshine and falling leaves
Lia Schoenroth
 [08/07 12:08:26PM]

Cozy Time Sweater
Erin Michie
 [08/07 12:07:52PM]

Wrap Me Up Sweater
Rosette McLeod
 [08/07 12:07:15PM]

The Star of Fall (The sweater here, looks like a star)
Kathy Spink
 [08/07 12:04:37PM]

Sweaters are just blankets that you can wear to work!
Taryn olson
 [08/07 12:03:27PM]

Falling in Love sweater, button it, waffle this way, always cozy, cuddled up
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [08/07 11:56:44AM]

Weekends are for waffles
Jordana sopkow
 [08/07 11:56:36AM]

Fallin into Crossroad Cozy!
Lori Kerpan
 [08/07 11:56:08AM]

Crossover Lovin'
Nanci Vaughan
 [08/07 11:55:42AM]

Cowl me comfy sweater
Serena Perreault
 [08/07 11:53:49AM]

Waffle chic
Andrea Lausch
 [08/07 11:52:47AM]

And it’s a wrap sweater
Janessa berman
 [08/07 11:52:33AM]

Knit me up sweater
Veronica kish
 [08/07 11:51:49AM]

Super fantastic sweater weather sweater!
Sarah Thompson
 [08/07 11:50:26AM]

Out for breakfast, wrap me up sweater, feeling cozy,
Veronica kish
 [08/07 11:49:40AM]

Cowl up all day long
Sarah wiseman
 [08/07 11:48:39AM]

Waffling into Fall
 [08/07 11:48:00AM]

Knit me up sweater, Sunday brunch,
Veronica kish
 [08/07 11:47:53AM]

I’m Free! Or I’m in Love!
Sonia Boyko
 [08/07 11:45:54AM]

I’m Free! Or I’m in Love!
Sonia Boyko
 [08/07 11:45:26AM]

Cozy and cute - living our best life!
Cari-lyn Christensen
 [08/07 11:45:01AM]

Wrap me up sweater
Veronica kish
 [08/07 11:44:09AM]

Crossing into fall
Pamela Kraik
 [08/07 11:43:44AM]

Sweet Saturday's
Kate McPhail
 [08/07 11:43:40AM]

Knit me pretty
joanna lewis
 [08/07 11:42:57AM]

A Waffle Lot sweater
Leslie Welch
 [08/07 11:42:50AM]

All cowled up!
Joanna Lewis
 [08/07 11:41:17AM]

Waffle knit comfort!
Gloria Jensen
 [08/07 11:41:15AM]

Cowl me comfortable
Melanie Rempel
 [08/07 11:36:13AM]

Fall into it
Janice Barrett
 [08/07 11:35:20AM]

Hide those extra Covid 19lbs!
Natalia Baelde
 [08/07 11:34:11AM]

Fallow you anywhere sweater
Michelle Cowan
 [08/07 11:32:41AM]

FALLing in Love
Katerina Papayiannopoulos
 [08/07 11:32:21AM]

Stay warm while looking stylish
Erin Mills
 [08/07 11:29:38AM]

My comfy sweater
Nicole Nadeau
 [08/07 11:29:14AM]

The Cuddle Wrap
Jeri Huzel
 [08/07 11:28:48AM]

Comfy, classy and a must have.
Lynn Nelson
 [08/07 11:28:20AM]

Button you with Love Sweater
Leanne Hopkins
 [08/07 11:28:18AM]

Fireside Fancy
Robin Bell
 [08/07 11:25:55AM]

Come at me Fall.. I am ready
Jody Brisebois
 [08/07 11:25:54AM]

Isn’t it knit
Cindy Ross
 [08/07 11:25:12AM]

Comfy zone
Ann Vansnick
 [08/07 11:24:50AM]

Cozy cowl neck knit
Mahriya Frame
 [08/07 11:24:24AM]

Wafflee Cozy
Jody Nordman
 [08/07 11:24:22AM]

Heading into Fall like......
Trina Agopsowicz
 [08/07 11:23:22AM]

Cozy crossroads sweater
Krista Rogers
 [08/07 11:23:07AM]

Wrap me in comfort, twisted and cozy
Arielle stahl
 [08/07 11:23:04AM]

Cozy cowl crossover
Tiffany Cherry
 [08/07 11:22:52AM]

Crossroads sweater + Antique shopping = priceless ?
Leona Beacom
 [08/07 11:22:30AM]

Cozy crossroads sweater
Krista Rogers
 [08/07 11:22:00AM]

Fall sweaters leaf me feeling so happy
Amber O'Reilly
 [08/07 11:20:08AM]

Carefree, loving life, and gearing up for sweater weather
Rachel Curran
 [08/07 11:18:23AM]

Sweater weather better with silver icing ??
Saydi Tait-Sjogren
 [08/07 11:17:18AM]

Relax in style
Jackie fletcher
 [08/07 11:15:15AM]

Who's the star, me or this sweater?!
Kim Harding
 [08/07 11:15:06AM]

Cowled up and cozy sweater
Jennifer Dyck
 [08/07 11:13:06AM]

Farmers markets and lattes
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [08/07 11:12:09AM]

Waffle Me Cozy
Erin Corstorphine
 [08/07 11:11:08AM]

Cooler temps and fall feels
Kathleen Leveque Niles
 [08/07 11:10:58AM]

Want to put a smile on your face and body. You will not be able to go without this wonderful super comfy, cozy, warm sweater with your choice of all day wear, casual or dress up. Hurry don't miss this wonderful item to add to your wardrobe.
Carole Ayotte
 [08/07 11:10:14AM]

Knit flix and chill kinda day.
Sandy trentalance
 [08/07 11:10:03AM]

Just like a hug sweater
Erin Houldsworth
 [08/07 11:09:53AM]

Cozy Overload 2.0, Cozy Overload, fall into cozy, crisscross buttons up
lucia Terlouw
 [08/07 11:09:49AM]

Snug as a bug sweater
 [08/07 11:09:28AM]

Not your grannies sweater
 [08/07 11:09:02AM]

Weekend Wanderer
Kirsti Gallagher
 [08/07 11:08:13AM]

Wrapped knitly
Nicole Ethier
 [08/07 11:07:40AM]

Bring on that sweater weather
Allison Wright
 [08/07 11:07:05AM]

Ah, that waffle feeling
Allison Wright
 [08/07 11:05:32AM]

“Fall” into comfort
Lisa Gaudet
 [08/07 11:04:02AM]

“Fall” into comfort
Lisa Gaudet
 [08/07 11:03:07AM]

Fall into comfort
Ally Marcotte
 [08/07 11:01:05AM]

Cross my heart
Melody Willier
 [08/07 11:00:57AM]

Amazing Comfort, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.
Selinda Lye
 [08/07 11:00:20AM]

Absolute Comfort, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.
Selinda Lye
 [08/07 10:57:51AM]

Easy breezy
Amy Campbell
 [08/07 10:57:43AM]

Never at a crossroad with my Crossroads Sweater
Selinda Lye
 [08/07 10:57:36AM]

Wrapped up and ready for fall
Chelsea McClurg
 [08/07 10:57:20AM]

Sweater Weather
Amanda Katherine Pion Lepper
 [08/07 10:57:17AM]

“Knits a Wrap”
Kathleen Meehan
 [08/07 10:57:07AM]

Things I look forward to in the Fall? Sweaters.
Selinda Lye
 [08/07 10:56:22AM]

Officially Reached Peak Coziness
Kairee Szautner
 [08/07 10:55:43AM]

Cozy as a Winter's Night
Heather Medynska
 [08/07 10:55:28AM]

Sunshine. Fresh Air. My favourite sweater. What more do I need?
Selinda Lye
 [08/07 10:55:19AM]

Absolute Comfort, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.
Selinda Lye
 [08/07 10:54:46AM]

Foggy morning hugs
Chelsey Penner
 [08/07 10:54:09AM]

Come snuggle up with me
April Graham
 [08/07 10:52:44AM]

OMG! I love fall
Robyn Ioannidis
 [08/07 10:52:17AM]

Falling for Autumn
Kathleen Leveque Niles
 [08/07 10:50:54AM]

Market Day!
Brittany Mackay
 [08/07 10:50:40AM]

Fall is in the air
Jessica Nakashimada
 [08/07 10:49:49AM]

Criss Cross Warmth Sweater
Jen Williams
 [08/07 10:48:36AM]

Cottage cozy cardigan
Paula Breitkreuz
 [08/07 10:47:20AM]

Comfy sweater
Deanna clifford
 [08/07 10:45:30AM]

Utter Bliss
Karen Spencer-Miller
 [08/07 10:44:48AM]

I got my good looks from my mother and Silver Icing!
Jackie Rhind
 [08/07 10:44:33AM]

Autumn mountain cozy.
Tasha Davis
 [08/07 10:44:23AM]

All Knitted Up
Kristy Jones
 [08/07 10:44:16AM]

Cozy comfort
Dora Fitz
 [08/07 10:42:47AM]

Thanks for giving Waffles sweater
Kathleen Leveque Niles
 [08/07 10:41:55AM]

Falling into Fall
Jennifer Beauchamp
 [08/07 10:40:14AM]

Autumn Crossings Sweater
Kathleen Leveque Niles
 [08/07 10:38:42AM]

Falling into Fall
Jennifer Beauchamp
 [08/07 10:38:39AM]

Sweater weather
Sheryl Browne
 [08/07 10:37:51AM]

Cable cabin city chic
Tiffany Meisters
 [08/07 10:36:52AM]

This sweater gives me all the feels
Kate Britz
 [08/07 10:36:40AM]

Its PSL season, did my sweater give it away?
Kate Britz
 [08/07 10:35:55AM]

Comply Hug
Sylvie Blake
 [08/07 10:35:43AM]

Cozy and Free
Lindsay Schultz
 [08/07 10:35:28AM]

Wrapped up in a bear hug
Allison Rice
 [08/07 10:35:14AM]

Comfy warm sweater
Therese Grgich
 [08/07 10:34:01AM]

Pattington knit
Stephanie Mcdougall
 [08/07 10:33:35AM]

Talk stack of waffles
Beth Mah
 [08/07 10:31:47AM]

It’s PSL and cozy sweater season, But you already knew that from my smile!
Kate Britz
 [08/07 10:30:27AM]

Fall for Jackie O
Beth Mah
 [08/07 10:29:56AM]

Cozy Hug Sweater
Meaghan Friedrick
 [08/07 10:29:29AM]

My Sweater Hug
Darlene Wilson
 [08/07 10:28:40AM]

Wafflely Warm
Beth Mah
 [08/07 10:28:34AM]

Fall Hugs
Darlene Wilson
 [08/07 10:27:38AM]

Summer might be ending but there's no time for scowls in this cowl neck sweater! Fall forecast of radient beams from a satisfied smile.
Chantel Breau (Shawnee Bro)
 [08/07 10:27:10AM]

Love You a Waffle Knot
Beth Mah
 [08/07 10:26:47AM]

Smitten with Knittn”
Kim Luciuk
 [08/07 10:26:34AM]

Waffle'y Cute Sweater!
Keri Tischart
 [08/07 10:25:34AM]

Criss Cross cozy
Stacey randall
 [08/07 10:24:39AM]

Cozy Up Fall
Adela Lazzinnaro
 [08/07 10:23:38AM]

Happiness is a cozy sweater on a fall day.
Amy Restoule
 [08/07 10:21:26AM]

Yes! Fall! Pumpkin Spice and all things nice ?
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [08/07 10:20:33AM]

There’s a chill in the air button down the hatches
Antionette Payne
 [08/07 10:18:49AM]

Living my best life sweater
Kerri Kirk
 [08/07 10:18:45AM]

A wander around the ‘hood
Morgan Rowe
 [08/07 10:18:17AM]

Cabin Comfort
Christine Horn
 [08/07 10:17:37AM]

Crossing over to the next season with the cozy fall sweater!
 [08/07 10:17:12AM]

Fall cuddles wrapped in love
Sherry sproul
 [08/07 10:15:58AM]

Button Up Sweater
Terri Corbett
 [08/07 10:14:50AM]

Look this Fall Fabulous ??
Krystle Senecal
 [08/07 10:14:44AM]

Be a Star in this amazing sweater!
Christy Pflanz
 [08/07 10:14:07AM]

Captain Breezy making fall easy
Brittaney Pregizer
 [08/07 10:13:25AM]

Cute As A Button Sweater
Emily Trach
 [08/07 10:12:38AM]

Fall is here, check out our cozy comfy fashionably sweater.
Tara Tyefisher
 [08/07 10:12:16AM]

warm and cozy is better than fashionably freezing!
Julie Tremblay
 [08/07 10:11:49AM]

Let’s Meet Soon!
Susan Fryters
 [08/07 10:10:49AM]

The Yes Please Sweater
Carol Eason
 [08/07 10:10:15AM]

Fall Crossings
Kelli Wilson
 [08/07 10:08:37AM]

Crossing over to fall
Angela Kerluke
 [08/07 10:08:02AM]

Hello Fall
Lauren Chapman
 [08/07 10:07:48AM]

Cute and cozy.
Courtney broad
 [08/07 10:07:30AM]

Living the cozy life
Debby Shahin
 [08/07 10:07:20AM]

Buttons Down
Kelli Wilson
 [08/07 10:07:06AM]

Comforts of Home
Kelli Wilson
 [08/07 10:06:38AM]

Sweater weather
Lauren Chapman
 [08/07 10:06:25AM]

Buttoned to perfect
Samantha Fraser
 [08/07 10:05:56AM]

Fall into you sweater
Ashley. Rudek
 [08/07 10:05:43AM]

Sweater Weather
 [08/07 10:05:21AM]

Cozy it up life
Julie bell
 [08/07 10:04:29AM]

Falling for fabulous!
Karen Gurney
 [08/07 10:03:58AM]

The full comfort
Josee bonneau
 [08/07 10:03:44AM]

Free and Breezy
Kathleen Colson
 [08/07 10:03:06AM]

Your everyday Flowy fall cable knit top
Ashley boutilier
 [08/07 10:03:05AM]

We're dreaming of sweater weather ??
Gagan Gill
 [08/07 10:03:04AM]

Comfy but very stylish great for fall
Nicola Thomson
 [08/07 10:01:46AM]

Cute, creative and COZY!
Courtney Eisel
 [08/07 10:00:25AM]

Is your wardrobe ready for fall?
Jennifer Lasovich
 [08/07 9:59:46AM]

"Bring in Fall"
Amy Tucker
 [08/07 9:59:39AM]

Waffley Cozy Cross
Kathy Phillips
 [08/07 9:59:18AM]

Wrapped in Style
Rassika Risko
 [08/07 9:58:53AM]

Its Fall, Ya'll!
Courtney Eisel
 [08/07 9:57:52AM]

PSL, anyone?
Courtney Eisel
 [08/07 9:57:13AM]

cozy cross my heart
Courtney Eisel
 [08/07 9:56:20AM]

Ready for summer to cool off so we can have sweater weather and pumpkin lattes
Janny Lau
 [08/07 9:56:13AM]

Do you have cable sweater? Cross this off your list sweater! Fall for me sweater!
Joanne olorenshaw
 [08/07 9:55:36AM]

Love fall Sweater Weather, leaves and lattes!
Candace Moore
 [08/07 9:54:51AM]

Bring on Fall! ?
shelly bradley
 [08/07 9:54:49AM]

Look forward to when summer meets fall sweater!
Kristy Bohnet
 [08/07 9:54:34AM]

Cozy close-up
Courtney Eisel
 [08/07 9:52:55AM]

Smitten with knittn’
Kim Luciuk
 [08/07 9:52:11AM]

I feel pretty oh so pretty
Marta Thompson
 [08/07 9:51:45AM]

I love Fall most of all
Ellen Tremblett
 [08/07 9:51:19AM]

The sweater that wraps around and gives you a little hug!
Julie marshall
 [08/07 9:51:00AM]

I feel pretty oh so pretty
Marta Thompson
 [08/07 9:51:00AM]

Came to a “crossroads” and chose better
Jacqui Shaddock
 [08/07 9:49:57AM]

Fall Into Me
Kahlea Ball
 [08/07 9:49:02AM]

You'll fall for this sweater!
Aimee Carson
 [08/07 9:46:48AM]

Did somebody say sweater weather?!
Christine Cullen
 [08/07 9:46:38AM]

Fall it over
Danika Brazeau
 [08/07 9:46:29AM]

Button up the Hatches
Chelsey Herechuk
 [08/07 9:46:18AM]

Waffle warmth
Gail Butt
 [08/07 9:46:04AM]

Love fall a latte, adoring autumn, cafe latte, crossing into fall, crossing into autumn,
Megan wever
 [08/07 9:45:57AM]

Fall.. here I am ???
Donna huff
 [08/07 9:44:27AM]

Living my best cozy life , Strolling in style, Pullover at the crossroads,
Teri Sawatsky
 [08/07 9:43:57AM]

Cosy and chick ready for today!!
Annette cattier-Paupst
 [08/07 9:43:37AM]

Time for fall fashion favourites!
Haley Boland
 [08/07 9:43:09AM]

Wrap Me in Comfort
Sue Alves
 [08/07 9:41:21AM]

Finally it’s sweater weather!!
Haley Boland
 [08/07 9:40:15AM]

Sun’s shinning, sweater’s smiling
Nicole Stark
 [08/07 9:38:57AM]

Cables of Love
Katrina Burden
 [08/07 9:38:37AM]

Criss cross sweater
 [08/07 9:38:33AM]

rib me comfy
kim morales
 [08/07 9:38:31AM]

Cuddle me comfy
Faye Babyak
 [08/07 9:38:26AM]

Button up! Fall into Sweater Weather
Jenn Ducharme
 [08/07 9:38:25AM]

button me up
kim morales
 [08/07 9:37:55AM]

Waffley cozy
 [08/07 9:37:21AM]

Cross over to sweater weather.
jennifer leblanc
 [08/07 9:37:21AM]

Button me comfy
kim morales
 [08/07 9:36:51AM]

Button up buttercup
Heather Mcilmoyle
 [08/07 9:35:51AM]

Rural comfort for Urban lifestyle.
Wendy Alvaro
 [08/07 9:35:48AM]

Fall back into sweater season
Jennifer LeBlanc
 [08/07 9:35:08AM]

Care Free Fallin' into your Arms
Aimee Deneve
 [08/07 9:33:52AM]

Falling for This Sweater
Amanda Miller
 [08/07 9:32:14AM]

Comfy Cozy Autumn
Katina Fraser
 [08/07 9:30:59AM]

Cuddles and Cocoa
Jennifer Ruf-Wilson
 [08/07 9:28:18AM]

Everyday is a winding road.
Lindsay Dahlen
 [08/07 9:27:16AM]

Fall Freedom!
Dyan Bader
 [08/07 9:26:34AM]

Carefree & Cozy
Tresley Arnason
 [08/07 9:26:30AM]

Pumpkin spice and Silver Ice (ing) is nice (amazing didn’t rhyme) and but you will FALL for this sweater!
 [08/07 9:26:28AM]

Call Me Cozy
Shaelynn sarich
 [08/07 9:26:21AM]

Falling for Fall
Penny Masear
 [08/07 9:26:16AM]

Falling into the Season
Penny Masear
 [08/07 9:25:15AM]

Easy peasy, comfy, breezy
Pam Albers
 [08/07 9:23:45AM]

Fall back and relax
Natalie Campbell
 [08/07 9:22:01AM]

Crossover to fall
Teresa Jeang
 [08/07 9:22:00AM]

Ahhhh! Zero f*cks given! ?
Jen Harris (Middleton)
 [08/07 9:20:51AM]

The Cross Roads 2.0 feels like you are still wiggles up in bed. What a great way to start your day !!
Christine Tapp
 [08/07 9:20:41AM]

Ahhh...sweater weather
Lacey Bartholow
 [08/07 9:20:28AM]

Warm and Fuzzy!?
Jamie Jones
 [08/07 9:20:24AM]

Knitted with love
Danielle wittal
 [08/07 9:19:44AM]

Waiting for Pumpkin Spice Lattes got me feeling like
Jocelyn Thomas
 [08/07 9:19:33AM]

Weaving into fall, one knit at a time.
Tovah Staudt
 [08/07 9:18:59AM]

Fall Sweater makes to you smile
Carrie dexter
 [08/07 9:18:34AM]

Fall into fashion
Jodi Hutcheson
 [08/07 9:17:40AM]

Fall in love with fall
Carrie dexter
 [08/07 9:17:09AM]

Fall lovin
Catherine Ruggles
 [08/07 9:16:58AM]

Sweater season is my favorite season
Laura Axford
 [08/07 9:16:24AM]

That’s a Wrap on Fall
Jennifer Gerace
 [08/07 9:16:24AM]

Crossed over and care free
Sonja Vanderwood
 [08/07 9:16:20AM]

Fall Fetish
Danielle Schmidt
 [08/07 9:16:05AM]

Sweater season is my favorite season
Laura Axford
 [08/07 9:15:19AM]

Oatmeal Bliss
Christina Kane
 [08/07 9:14:31AM]

Cozy Cowl
Lynne Coderre
 [08/07 9:14:21AM]

Sweater season is my favorite season
Laura Axford
 [08/07 9:14:19AM]

Falling in love
Jessica-Lynn DeMoor
 [08/07 9:14:16AM]

Elegant yet comfortable
Lyn Paish
 [08/07 9:14:15AM]

Maria Aramoni
 [08/07 9:12:28AM]

I like warm hugs ??
Valérie Beauregard
 [08/07 9:12:04AM]

Cozy Hugs
Becky Palmer
 [08/07 9:12:04AM]

Oh so cozy
Sarah Poirier
 [08/07 9:11:35AM]

My Maple waffle cozy sweater
Susan Bennett
 [08/07 9:11:01AM]

Fall feels
Emily Gerein
 [08/07 9:10:35AM]

Just pickin’ up my pumpkin spice latte ??
Pauline Saunders
 [08/07 9:10:29AM]

Fall Feels
Wendy Hanaka
 [08/07 9:09:36AM]

Latte, sweater weather, sandy bliss, autumn comfort, cozy and warm, better than a cuddle, warmer than a latte,
Blossom Mckinnon
 [08/07 9:09:30AM]

Knit me cozy
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [08/07 9:09:16AM]

Snuggle up and go
Melissa Goldie
 [08/07 9:08:28AM]

I can't wait to Fall back
Wendy Hanaka
 [08/07 9:08:05AM]

I like you a waffle lot sweater !!
Kristie Lajeunesse
 [08/07 9:06:02AM]

All the fall feels
Liz Roy
 [08/07 9:05:50AM]

Back to school bliss
Renee Young
 [08/07 9:05:38AM]

Hello, Sweater Weather!
Kayla Miller
 [08/07 9:05:36AM]

Wrapped up in you
Lois Dyck
 [08/07 9:05:25AM]

Wrap me cozy
Kimberley Conrad
 [08/07 9:04:41AM]

Pairs well with Pumpkin spice latte!
Sasha Moye
 [08/07 9:04:35AM]

Sweater Weather!
Michelle Kwakernaak
 [08/07 9:03:16AM]

Rise and Recline Sweater
Nicole Wiltse
 [08/07 9:03:13AM]

Life’s a knit sweater
Randi Marcil
 [08/07 9:02:27AM]

Laid Back n' Low Key
Kayla Miller
 [08/07 9:02:21AM]

Latte Bliss!
Meghan Plamondon
 [08/07 8:57:20AM]

Wind down and relax
Katrina Turner
 [08/07 8:57:03AM]

Tidal waves
Wendee Geldart
 [08/07 8:54:34AM]

Let’s be starfish under the pier
 [08/07 8:51:38AM]

Fall into Comfort
Andrea Bell-Perreault
 [08/07 8:49:40AM]

Best brunch date ever!
Debbie Bailey
 [08/07 8:48:11AM]

Criss Cross Applesauce Sweater
Megan Kelso
 [08/07 8:48:01AM]

Comfort has reached the max!
Maria Johnson
 [08/07 8:46:50AM]

Fall in Love with You Sweater
Nicole Barrett
 [08/07 8:46:08AM]

Sweater weather is the most wonderful time of the year! ?? #crossroadssweater2.0 #sweaterweather #falllover
Kristine Rebelo
 [08/07 8:46:03AM]

It’s a Wrap Knit Sweater
Valerie D’Ambrosio
 [08/07 8:44:58AM]

Ahh, true happi-knit!
Nicole Burchell
 [08/07 8:44:36AM]

Fall in the air, don't care!
Melissa Bongalis
 [08/07 8:44:11AM]

Wrapped up in a Hug
dayna dziurzynski
 [08/07 8:44:09AM]

Hurry up, sweater weather!
Nicole Burchell
 [08/07 8:43:08AM]

Too Knit To Quit
Kate Donnelly
 [08/07 8:43:07AM]

Cozy Coupe sweater
Emily Schraud
 [08/07 8:43:02AM]

Embracing cozy
Katie Smart
 [08/07 8:40:55AM]

Cozy and ready for road less travelled
Jocelyne De Romana
 [08/07 8:39:54AM]

A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Elise Rozander
 [08/07 8:39:07AM]

Cross my Knit
Shana McNee
 [08/07 8:38:53AM]

Sweater weather is better weather
Pamela Cummings
 [08/07 8:38:16AM]

Keep me warm when the sun goes down ?
Brandi Shiels
 [08/07 8:33:32AM]

Autumn cozy knit
 [08/07 8:30:40AM]

Cozy Corner Sweater
Valerie Lichty
 [08/07 8:28:26AM]

I’ll take this Crossroad!
Karen Stewart
 [08/07 8:27:31AM]

It's like wearing a warm hug
Mairia Clements
 [08/07 8:27:04AM]

Autumn Joy
Erin Evans
 [08/07 8:26:59AM]

Falling into cozy
Erin Levesque
 [08/07 8:26:09AM]

Bring on Fall
Jennifer Whittingham
 [08/07 8:25:24AM]

All I need now is my Pumpkin spice latte
Sonja Craddock
 [08/07 8:22:55AM]

Autumn Walking on Sunshine
Brenda Fisher
 [08/07 8:22:07AM]

Sweater weather is better weather!
Adrienne Elain
 [08/07 8:20:37AM]

Fall Vibes, Cozy Inside
Rhonda Mikolayenko
 [08/07 8:20:34AM]

Take the road less travelled and arrive in style.
Kerri Martin
 [08/07 8:16:31AM]

Warming vibes, Falling into warmth
Leanne Willshear
 [08/07 8:16:25AM]

A Hug to Go!
Shannon Smith
 [08/07 8:14:18AM]

cross my heart you are going to love this sweater!
Karen Lang
 [08/07 8:10:06AM]

Strolling in style
Amanda Grant
 [08/07 8:09:56AM]

Flea Market cosy
Lorna McCartney
 [08/07 8:09:02AM]

Bring on the PSL’s!
Natalie Gonneau
 [08/07 8:07:48AM]

Flowing Fall Favorites
Lori Thomson
 [08/07 8:07:37AM]

Falling for this Cardigan
Whitney Roy
 [08/07 8:04:17AM]

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