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Floral Striped Tee
April 30, 2021

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Total of 670 Entries
Congratulations to Lisa Kelly, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Stripes of Paradise Tee!

Field of dreams
Debbie Backs
 [05/02 9:00:46AM] 2xlg

Flower Striped Power
Kayla Burak
 [05/02 8:41:29AM] Turquoise Floral & XLarge

Summer Stroll Tee, Summer Stroll Baseball Tee, Flowers & Stripes Shirt, Two Worlds Collide Top, Out & About Floral Top
Adrienne Lipp
 [05/02 8:30:37AM] White, small

Bloom like a flower
Amber Bernemann
 [05/02 8:28:52AM] Turquoise floral 3x

Touch of Bloom
Jodi Childerhose
 [05/02 8:26:28AM] Ivory Lg

Floral pop top
Dana Zieroth
 [05/02 8:23:37AM] XL turquoise floral

Spring into floral top
Dana Zieroth
 [05/02 8:22:42AM] XL Turquoise floral

Spring's on the Horizon
Lisa Connor
 [05/02 8:21:45AM] Ivory Floral size medium

Baseball in the Garden Tee, Garden floral Baseball Tee,
Kristal Saunders
 [05/02 8:20:40AM] Turquoise floral- L

Flowers Away Tee
Carole Green
 [05/02 8:16:06AM] 1XL. Turquoise Floral

Time to bloom
Debbie Merchant
 [05/02 8:15:02AM] 1xl

Floral Tee, Garden Adventure
Savannah Abernethy
 [05/02 8:12:37AM] XL turquoise

Stripped delight, summer adventure
Catherine Ricard
 [05/02 8:11:23AM] Medium turquoise one

higher love tee
Nicole Gregg
 [05/02 8:08:48AM] Ivory Floral size Medium

Blooming Babe Tee
Sonia Bennett
 [05/02 8:07:55AM] Large

Fresh Floral & Flirty Tee
Sonia Bennett
 [05/02 8:05:11AM] Large

Floral on the Horizon Tee
Erika Just
 [05/02 7:53:14AM] 1XL turquoise floral

Knot Stopping Me, Blossom When it Rains, Ready to Blossom, Bloom Between the Lines
Samantha Wong
 [05/02 7:14:45AM] Ivory Floral M

Beautiful Blooms Top
Katherine Henwood
 [05/02 7:07:16AM] Ivory lg

Garden rows Top
Katherine Henwood
 [05/02 7:03:13AM] Ivory lg

Floral Fling
Amanda Compagna
 [05/02 6:14:12AM] 2x turquoise floral

Everly tee
Andrea Meredith
 [05/02 4:47:52AM] Turquoise xl

Garden par-TEE
Andrea Meredith
 [05/02 4:46:14AM] Turquoise xl

Stripe-ingly Blossomful
sara doolittle
 [05/02 12:07:04AM] Ivory Floral Medium

April Showers
Brittany Sargent
 [05/01 11:27:58PM] Ivory & Medium

Mama Bird, The Robin
Robin Parker
 [05/01 9:43:13PM] S, turquoise

Falling for Floral
Desiree Stewart
 [05/01 8:42:58PM] XL - as pictured

Vivacious stripes of floral classic t-shirt
 [05/01 8:41:33PM] Medium ivory floral

Stripes and Floral make nice
Kelly Lyon
 [05/01 8:38:20PM] Turquoise Floral Size L

Secret Garden Tee
Brea B
 [05/01 8:27:08PM] Ivory floral L

Summer vacay tee
Laura opala
 [05/01 8:13:00PM] Turquoise large

Backyard Get together
Shawna Dallaire
 [05/01 7:46:50PM] Ivory large

Sass my Summer Tee
Heather Trotz
 [05/01 7:15:43PM] Turquoise Floral XL

once and floral tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 6:52:35PM] Medium ivory

simply Iris-istible Tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 6:50:51PM] Medium Ivory

April Showers bring May flowers Tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 6:47:35PM] Medium ivory

Bright slide tee
Jessica Cowpland
 [05/01 6:44:33PM] Medium

Made my Daisy tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 6:37:49PM] Medium turquoise

Pretty Petals Striped Tee
Sherri Budgen
 [05/01 6:36:01PM] Ivory 2XL

Sound the Alarm Tee
Michelle Cowan
 [05/01 6:24:16PM] Turquoise floral, small

Bands n Blooms
Kelly Williams
 [05/01 6:22:22PM] Medium, white shoulder background blue flower

Flower Power tee
 [05/01 6:06:56PM] Xl

Spring Vibe
Becky Dupont
 [05/01 6:04:56PM] XL teal

May Flowers
Monique Monast
 [05/01 5:42:28PM] XL

Party on Top T
Deanna MacLennan
 [05/01 5:10:55PM] Ivory floral large

Party on Top T
Deanna MacLennan
 [05/01 5:07:52PM] Ivory floral Large

Power in the flower
Shauna Brady
 [05/01 4:55:04PM] Turquoise / size medium.

Bl Pretty
Shellie Patrick
 [05/01 4:52:35PM] Xl

creme de fleur
Beverley Kidd
 [05/01 4:37:00PM] Large and Turquoise

Flowery strip Tee
Terri McTaggart
 [05/01 4:23:38PM] Ivory floral,large

Water Lilly
Charline Carre
 [05/01 4:19:18PM] Blue large

Spring time T-shirt
Charline Carre
 [05/01 4:16:31PM] Blue Large

Floral and stripes and everything nice
Karen O'Quinn
 [05/01 4:13:04PM] Small in turquoise floral

Wild flower
Natasha Janzen
 [05/01 3:48:49PM] M turquoise

Floral sunrise
Nancy Haugland
 [05/01 3:32:08PM] Turquoise Large

Finally spring!
Julie Gosse
 [05/01 3:21:53PM] Ivory floral 1XL

Splash of Flowers T
Mieke Williams
 [05/01 3:19:49PM] 2XL ivory or grey

Pretty fine tee, sunshine top, life is beautiful tee, life is beautiful top, Living my best life
Rebecca Richards
 [05/01 3:05:00PM] Ivory large

Overhang Garden
France Roy
 [05/01 3:01:10PM] White (with Red flowers), M

Floral Friday Tee
Ila Schmaltz
 [05/01 2:50:43PM] Turquoise, M

Feeling Great in Floral Tee
Ila Schmaltz
 [05/01 2:49:00PM] Turquoise, M

Flowers on top
Elizabeth watts
 [05/01 2:47:45PM] Ivory Floral 2xl

Bars and posies
Sarah Johnston
 [05/01 2:42:12PM] Ivory 3xl

Full of life
Debbi Pietracupa
 [05/01 2:28:09PM] Med

Love of floral
Rita Rossignol
 [05/01 2:17:01PM] Turquoise Floral Size L

Floral sail
Deborah L Foss
 [05/01 1:59:39PM] Ivory floral M

Détente d'été
Danielle Dionne
 [05/01 1:45:15PM] bleu et small

Summer Paradise tee
Valerie Cote
 [05/01 1:36:20PM] 2xl turquoise floral

Spring fling
Bonnie Dickson
 [05/01 1:35:12PM] Xl

Easy breezy tee
Shannon Bailey
 [05/01 1:33:31PM] Grey and Med

Out and About Tee, Stripe and Floral Fun Tee, On My Way Tee, Fun in the Sun Tee
Jackie Sanford
 [05/01 1:11:27PM] XL Ivory Floral

Stripes petal
Tricia Wood
 [05/01 1:09:10PM] Turquoise small

Picking Posies
Tracy Giff Clark
 [05/01 12:47:34PM] Ivory. Medium

Touch of flowers stripes Tee
Andrée Gibeault
 [05/01 12:38:03PM] Ivory floral Large

In full bloom, It’s stripped, floral v tee, strip it up tee, strip it floral tee
Kristen Partington
 [05/01 12:34:10PM] Xl ivory floral

Soleil Bloom
Caroline Simister
 [05/01 12:32:52PM] Medium, Turquoise floral

Paulina Bloom
Caroline Simister
 [05/01 12:29:45PM] Medium, Turquoise Floral

Stripe a Posy Tee
Sarah Burke
 [05/01 12:25:24PM] Turquoise Floral - XL

Flowers with Flair Tee
Stephanie Fetherston
 [05/01 12:20:51PM] Turquoise floral medium

Springfully Perfect Teeshirt
Joy Dempsey
 [05/01 12:20:11PM] M turquoise floral

Feeling PreTEE
Barb Langham
 [05/01 12:16:34PM] Turquoise small

Spring into Stripes Floral Top
Jessica Adair
 [05/01 12:09:20PM] Ivory Size Small

Flower power tee
Monica Mikolas
 [05/01 12:05:06PM] Ivory 1X

Perfectly Unique Striped Tee
Tracy Dubois
 [05/01 12:02:15PM] Floral turquoise Large

Floral breezes
Christine Horn
 [05/01 12:01:02PM] 3x

Flower me somewhere tee
Tania Daze-Parent
 [05/01 11:55:38AM] Ivory XL

Spring floral contour
Keray Barber
 [05/01 11:48:09AM] Turquoise Floral 3x

Splash of spring
Michelle miller
 [05/01 11:40:15AM] Any colour, Medium

Petal Arounnd
Amanda Gillingwater
 [05/01 11:27:56AM] Turquoise Floral, Large

Awesome blossom
Kristine Smith
 [05/01 11:19:53AM] Turquoise floral size medium

On the garden path t-shirt
Amanda Lloyd
 [05/01 11:12:27AM] Turquoise Floral

Rows-e Posie. Rows of Posie
Julie Odia
 [05/01 11:08:23AM] Turquoise 1XL

Spring Day
Brooke Burke
 [05/01 11:05:03AM] Ivory xl

The stripe is right! Or Spring stripe
Michele Meier
 [05/01 10:59:55AM] XL white sleeves

Time to blossom
Patti Walton
 [05/01 10:41:18AM] Turquoise floral size small (if that is what Kim has on)

Tiger Lily
Julie Marchioli
 [05/01 10:41:06AM] Turquoise floral, size Small

Tropical Tee
Dana Bellagamba
 [05/01 10:36:37AM] Medium

Floracita Mamacita
Samantha Kopperud
 [05/01 10:35:08AM] Ivory floral - XL

Flora or Florence
Lyndsay O’Grady
 [05/01 10:34:38AM] Ivory XL

Find me in the Garden tee
Marsha Foster
 [05/01 10:20:11AM] Size large ivory floral

Bloomin’ Stripes Tee
Patricia Belanger
 [05/01 10:14:35AM] 2xl, turquoise

Stop and Smell the Roses t-shirt
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [05/01 10:13:17AM] Turquoise floral, small

The weekender
Krista wilson
 [05/01 10:09:06AM] Torque 3x

Essential blooms tee
Tara Truscott
 [05/01 10:05:40AM] L

Spring into action tee
Maryann Allison
 [05/01 10:05:22AM] 3x turquoise

Garden tee
Alison Ingertsa Kimberley
 [05/01 9:59:09AM] 2x or 3x

Summer? garden T
Tracy Godda
 [05/01 9:55:45AM] Green & small

Lined up for summer?top
Tracy Godda
 [05/01 9:51:40AM] Pink & small

Summer Fun
Shelley Gradin
 [05/01 9:48:22AM] Ivory fkoral small

Spring Vibe
 [05/01 9:39:17AM] Teal xl

Breton Floral explosion
 [05/01 9:37:54AM] Teal xl

Shot of Bloom
Michelle Evans
 [05/01 9:35:01AM] Teal xl

Spring breeze
Amanda leeson
 [05/01 9:33:46AM] Medium

Sunday Stroll
Kirsten Hansen-Trip
 [05/01 9:28:04AM] XL

Garden Oasis
Krista Dobbie-McFarlane
 [05/01 9:19:37AM] Turquoise Floral size M

Flora and fauna
Meagan MacNeill
 [05/01 9:09:57AM] Large ivory floral

Floral and flair
Meagan MacNeill
 [05/01 9:08:18AM] Large ivory floral

Hint of summer
Andrea Stewart
 [05/01 9:01:06AM] Turquoise XL

stripped floral; strip into spring; spring stripped; floral stripped; floral full of strips
Terri DeGiano
 [05/01 8:52:55AM] Large

Heather Brown
 [05/01 8:49:06AM] As shown - lg

Pedal in time tee
Gina de Roos
 [05/01 8:47:53AM] Medium

All That In Stripes and Flowers
Nancy Holderny
 [05/01 8:46:02AM] Ivory Floral medium

Bloom and Switch; A Petal Above;
Susan Constantine
 [05/01 8:45:47AM] Turquoise 1Xl

Spring into May
Rebecca Scheifele
 [05/01 8:45:05AM] Ivory, turquoise in size 1xl

Stems and Stripes; Blossoms and Stripes; Petal Perfect; Pick Me Perfect;
Susan Constantine
 [05/01 8:40:36AM] Turquoise 1XL

Shoulder checking tee
Crystal Mackie
 [05/01 8:39:04AM] Navy small

Gardeners dream tee
Crystal Mackie
 [05/01 8:37:08AM] Navy small

Spring Bloom Tee
Annik Sigouin
 [05/01 8:36:52AM] Ivory floral, medium

Stripe to my Lou
Crystal Mackie
 [05/01 8:36:21AM] Navy small

Botany Stripes Summer Shirt BBSS
Jane Gzik
 [05/01 8:34:33AM] 2xl Turquoise Floral

Colour me summer
Carole King
 [05/01 8:34:12AM] Large

Paradise Tee, In Full Bloom Tee, Island Vibes Top, Bring the Garden with You Top
Hilary Bowerman
 [05/01 8:21:09AM] Turquoise Floral in XL

Summer Vines
Dawn Chicoine
 [05/01 8:21:02AM] Ivy Floral, 2X

Spring fling
Amy D'Silva
 [05/01 8:16:57AM] Turquoise floral 2Xl

Full Bloom Striped V
Cara Nelson
 [05/01 8:15:25AM] Turquoise 1XL

Easy Breezy Floral
Carolyne Brodeur
 [05/01 8:14:47AM] White medium

Floral fences
Sheri Halpenny
 [05/01 8:14:33AM] Turquoise Floral - med

Sun and stripes Tee
Breanne Ballinger
 [05/01 8:13:24AM] Medium, turquoise floral

Hawaiian Stripes
Alison Mercer
 [05/01 8:09:41AM] L

Tropical Blend Tee or Tropical Balance Tee
Tania Moore
 [05/01 8:02:35AM] Turquoise Floral. Large

Paradise Bloom
Marlene Graham
 [05/01 7:56:15AM] Blue sleeves size L

Spring FlingT-shirt
Yvonne Macdonald
 [05/01 7:46:35AM] Ivory floral size Medium

Garden Party, Shoulder to Lean On, Summer Bloom,
Lisa Quesnelle
 [05/01 7:41:32AM] Large Turquoise

Flowers bloom on my striped tee
Christine Pellerine
 [05/01 7:25:28AM] Turquoise floral medium

Orchid situation tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 7:24:25AM] Turquoise medium

Casual Flair
Kathleen Hore
 [05/01 6:53:40AM] Turquoise Floral, L

Viola Kay
 [05/01 6:52:52AM] Turquoise Floral large

Feelin' Wild, In Full Bloom, Fabulous in Floral, Floral Favourites, Summer Vibes, Flash Forward Floral, Wild About Gardens, Full Blooms Ahead
Michelle MacDonald
 [05/01 6:50:33AM] Small, Turquoise Floral

Floral and the Stripes
Melissa Bodden
 [05/01 6:49:59AM] Turquoise M

Mixed Emotions Tee
Trish Fraser
 [05/01 6:43:41AM] Light Grey

Sun stripe
Jamila Ames
 [05/01 6:39:29AM] S turquoise floral

Fleur de Stripe
Jamila Ames
 [05/01 6:36:42AM] S

Spring into Summer
Angela Benton
 [05/01 6:33:57AM] Turquoise Floral size small

May The V Flower You top
Renee Prevost
 [05/01 6:33:48AM] 2xl Turquoise

Horizontally Flowered Top
Renee Prevost
 [05/01 6:31:44AM] 2xl turquoise

Flower Me With Stripes Top
Renee Prevost
 [05/01 6:30:27AM] Grey 2xl

Summer blooms
 [05/01 6:24:25AM] Ivory fliral, large

Sunshine On My Shoulders
Jennifer Banham
 [05/01 6:16:56AM] Turquoise XL

Beauty on the Horizon Tee
Nikki McConchie
 [05/01 6:12:28AM] Aqua small

Bloom Where You Are Planted Tee
Beth Croskery
 [05/01 6:10:37AM] Medium

May Flowers tshirt
Dana lean
 [05/01 6:08:49AM] Turquoise lrg

Flirty & Floral
Chelsea Shook
 [05/01 5:42:04AM] Turquoise & small

Rose to the occasion tee
Chelsea Shopk
 [05/01 5:41:22AM] Ivory & small

Blooming Beauty Tee
Chelsea Shook
 [05/01 5:40:28AM] Ivory & small

Blooming Beauty
Chelsea Shook
 [05/01 5:39:59AM] Ivory & small

Weekend Getaway top
Keely Moore
 [05/01 5:36:27AM] Ivory, xl

Garden t-shirt.
Tiffany Walker
 [05/01 5:31:45AM] Med turquoise floral

Stripes and Sunshine tee
Paige Bonner
 [05/01 5:20:49AM] Ivory floral, xl

Spring Rush
June Hunt Thomas
 [05/01 5:04:04AM] 3x or 2x any colour

Made me Daisy tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:49:21AM] Medium turquoise

A Peony for your thoughts tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:48:09AM] Turquoise medium

Rose to the occasion tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:45:25AM] Ivory medium

Summertime Bliss tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:41:47AM] Turquoise medium

Last bud not least tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:40:48AM] Ivory medium

Garden Tea party
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:38:39AM] Turquoise medium

Picnic perfect tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:37:21AM] Turquoise medium

Flower wonderland tee
Laurie Colhoun
 [05/01 4:36:31AM] Medium ivory flower

She's a Wild Flower
Ashlee Quintal
 [05/01 4:32:30AM] Size medium. Either color

Blooming Petals casual T
Julia MacEwen
 [05/01 4:29:47AM] Turquoise floral medium

Garden Rows
Mechele te Brake
 [05/01 4:26:24AM] Ivory Floral, 1xl

First Blossom Tee
Donalda Tryon
 [05/01 4:23:56AM] 2xl

Bloomin' Beauty
Kate Taylor
 [05/01 4:18:53AM] Turquoise 1XL

"Mixed summer tee"
suzanne BECK
 [05/01 4:16:25AM] blue and M

She loves herself tee, Blooms of Beauty
Julie Rodger
 [05/01 3:28:02AM] 2x

Perfect Combination T
Shelly Knapman
 [05/01 2:36:02AM] 3X

Striping down the street, straight to floral, Bouquet full of Sunshine, sunset stripe, garden party
Kristin Frombach
 [04/30 11:34:55PM] Ivory Large

Banded Blooms
Melissa Campbell
 [04/30 11:09:31PM] Ivory Large

Out & About tee
Miranda Berry
 [04/30 11:07:17PM] turquoise XL

Spring in my Step tee
Miranda Berry
 [04/30 11:06:13PM] Turquoise floral XL

Earl Grey Floral, petal to the metal, wildflower about you
Kate Stefansson
 [04/30 11:05:59PM] Turquoise and size medium

Spring has sprung tee
Miranda Berry
 [04/30 11:03:19PM] Turquoise floral XL

Sweet and Stripey Spring Tee
Chandra Moffat
 [04/30 10:33:35PM] Ivory floral M

Fun n flirty stripes
Jazmin Higgins
 [04/30 10:30:43PM] Turquoise floral XL

butchart garden tee
Jana M
 [04/30 10:01:13PM] Ivory floral L

Poppin' Blissful Blooms
Lynette MacIsaac
 [04/30 9:37:29PM] Blue/red/grey M/L

Flowers and lines like vines Top
Lacey Frazer
 [04/30 9:31:22PM] ivory floral - medium

Floral lines
Brenda Freeson
 [04/30 9:05:16PM] 2xl turquoise

All The Moods Tee
 [04/30 8:48:05PM] Small, turquoise floral

You Grow Girl
Heidi Haas
 [04/30 8:43:17PM] Turquoise & M

Floral me away Tee
Cindy Charchuk
 [04/30 8:39:49PM] Turquoise floral/xl

Stand out from the crowd
Rebecca Armstrong
 [04/30 8:36:26PM] S, turquoise

Pretty as a picture
Rebecca Armstrong
 [04/30 8:35:00PM] S, turquoise

Twisted Tee
Brandy Mydland
 [04/30 8:28:11PM] Large ivory

Garden Tee Time
Bev Lendvoy
 [04/30 8:23:22PM] Torquoise XL

A walk in the garden
Bev Lendvoy
 [04/30 8:21:10PM] Torquoise XL

Flower me Stripes
Claire Pederson
 [04/30 8:15:58PM] Any medium

Sweet V-Tee
Karen Smith
 [04/30 8:05:34PM] Turquoise size large

Stripe Ease tee
Karen Smith
 [04/30 8:02:49PM] Turquoise Size large

Floral stripped tee
 [04/30 7:59:44PM] Turquoise size large

Beautiful Striped Flower Tee Shirt
Janet Zurba
 [04/30 7:52:01PM] XL

Earned these stripes
Kerri Banman
 [04/30 7:48:30PM] Turquoise floral in medium

Spring flower and stripes Tee Shirt
 [04/30 7:47:40PM] XL

Everyday t
Lindsay Jacobs-Scott
 [04/30 7:22:08PM] Turquoise L

My secret garden
Lindsay Jacobs-Scott
 [04/30 7:21:14PM] Turquoise L

Peoniful, rose bush, garden party
Lindsay Jacobs-Scott
 [04/30 7:20:37PM] Turquoise L

Floral hibiscus
Amanda McCosham
 [04/30 7:19:52PM] Small

Stripey Florals
Elizabeth Palmateer
 [04/30 7:17:15PM] Medium red/blue

Fabulously floral tee
Amanda Pion
 [04/30 7:08:33PM] Size m, ivy floral

Make Me Smile Floral Top
Jenny French Alley
 [04/30 7:05:53PM] Large

Stripes for Days
Lindsay Jacobs-Scott
 [04/30 7:02:19PM] Turquoise L

Flower Power
Lindsay Jacobs-Scott
 [04/30 7:01:43PM] Turquoise L

Floral surprise, Uniquely yours
Sarah Barnes
 [04/30 6:58:49PM] Turquoise Floral, Medium

Flirting with Floral T-Shirt
Heather Y
 [04/30 6:49:57PM] medium turquoise floral

Casually Floral
Kim O’Flaherty
 [04/30 6:14:18PM] Turquoise floral in med

Stephanie Friesen (Johnson)
 [04/30 6:09:29PM] Ivory floral XL.

Showered with flowers
 [04/30 6:05:33PM] Medium

Fresh spring blooms tee
Ashley Edwardson
 [04/30 6:03:23PM] Sm ivory floral

Amazing Grace Floral
Janique Grimard
 [04/30 6:03:09PM] Medium, Turquoise floral

Lines and petals!
Amy Bado
 [04/30 5:57:12PM] Turquoise XL

Spring to summer floral top,bright floral top,vibrant stripe top,cutest floral stripe tee,all year round floral tee,floral stripe vibes tee,blooms verses stripe tee,
Melina Tatchell
 [04/30 5:53:37PM] Turquoise floral L

Bloomin' Tee; Here Comes the Sun Tee; The Spring Effect Tee; Wild Blooms Tee; Stripes in the Wild Tee; Stripe and Grow Tee; Out of the [Garden] Box Floral Tee; Blooms and Stripes Tee
Rachel Curran
 [04/30 5:51:29PM] Ivory L

Springtime Tee
JoAnne Swaine
 [04/30 5:50:21PM] Xl

Spring to summer floral top.
Melina Tatchell
 [04/30 5:46:19PM] Turquoise floral L

Sarah Hudson
 [04/30 5:30:57PM] Turquoise floral 3x

Gardens and Surf shirt
Natalie Perrin-Ducharne
 [04/30 5:29:16PM] Ivory floral xl

Floral Vibes
Elise Anderson
 [04/30 5:11:48PM] 1x

Blooms in Action
Karie Nothof
 [04/30 5:07:42PM] Turquoise floral

Stripe and Smell the Flowers
Stephanie Bramhill
 [04/30 5:06:32PM] XL - ivory floral

Tropical Paradise stripe
Jaclyn Dietz
 [04/30 5:01:54PM] Ivory floral large

Garden Striped Tee
Chantel Bircher
 [04/30 5:00:56PM] Ivory size medium

Bloomin V Striped Tee
Vanessa Carr
 [04/30 4:59:26PM] L, turquoise floral

All eyes on me top
Emily brown
 [04/30 4:52:45PM] Size L turquoise

So stripey top
Emily brown
 [04/30 4:52:07PM] Size L turquoise

Flower power
Emily Brown
 [04/30 4:51:06PM] Ivy turquoise size L

jackie jersch
 [04/30 4:50:23PM] Large

Spring flowers tee
Erin Tamburello
 [04/30 4:49:17PM] L ivory floral tourquise

Flowers and strips and everything nice tshirt
Terri Corbett
 [04/30 4:36:43PM] Size medium

Stripe into Summer Florals!
Kristel Burgess
 [04/30 4:33:25PM] Ivory. Large.

Line up the blooms. / Dash of spring
Julie Odia
 [04/30 4:31:59PM] Turquoise 1XL

Straight & Floral, Fine Line Floral T, Floral & Stripes V Neck,
Angeline McCormick
 [04/30 4:30:55PM] Turquoise 2XL

Rosie Posie/Between the lines
Julie Odia
 [04/30 4:30:46PM] Turquoise 1X

Summer Breeze
Kursten kelly
 [04/30 4:30:34PM] Xl Turquoise Floral

Little This Little That Tee
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [04/30 4:27:38PM] Turquoise Floral Large

Just a little bit of summer Tee
Darlene MacQuarrie
 [04/30 4:26:15PM] Ivory Floral large

Pink martini
 [04/30 4:23:53PM] M turquoise

blast of color
Laura Silvers
 [04/30 4:15:13PM] xl ivory floral

Fun the sun. Summertime luv. Pretty in stripes and flowers. Too cute on you.
Laura Stachera
 [04/30 4:13:28PM] Xlg turquoise floral

blast of color
Laura Silverd
 [04/30 4:12:46PM] xl

Floral and Stripes and Everything Nice top
Tracy Dubois
 [04/30 3:46:13PM] Turquoise Floral Large

A touch of summer fun tee
Jolyn Rhodes
 [04/30 3:40:46PM] Turquoise floral size Large

Secret garden
Melissa crawford
 [04/30 3:40:12PM] Ivory floral L

Adriana ilze
 [04/30 3:36:27PM] Flower to shine on

Adrianna ilze
 [04/30 3:35:23PM] Any color

 [04/30 3:33:37PM] Any color

Flower Power Stripped Tee
Krista Philpott
 [04/30 3:33:19PM] XL

A Flower to Shine On
Samara O'Hagan
 [04/30 3:32:20PM] Ivory Floral, XL

The Business Upfront, Party on the Side T-shirt!
Sabrina Thiffault
 [04/30 3:32:04PM] Turquoise Floral - 1X

Go with the Floral Tshirt
Amanda Mader
 [04/30 3:30:24PM] Turquoise Floral; Large

Floral Knot
Jennifer Aelick
 [04/30 3:28:53PM] White & blue 2xl

Pretty on me
Yvonne Ernst
 [04/30 3:25:28PM] Large Ivory Floral

Cherry blossom Tee
Jagdeep singh
 [04/30 3:23:22PM] Grey Large

Fun Floral Stripe T
Michele Cipressi
 [04/30 3:10:33PM] 2XL

Flower power
Nathalie Hebert
 [04/30 3:06:09PM] Turquoise floral, 1x

Flowers & Stripes tshirt, Flowered in stripes tshirt
Carolyn Kenney
 [04/30 3:05:40PM] Small pls

Life's a garden tee
Josee Poirier
 [04/30 2:58:18PM] Large

Floral Teez
Beverley Kidd
 [04/30 2:47:38PM] 10

Mash Up tee
Lindsay Simpson
 [04/30 2:46:46PM] S

Annette Bourassa
 [04/30 2:44:45PM] Blue and grey.

Blossoming Lanes Tee - Flower Power Top - Summer Showers T-shirt - Shower Me in Flowers Tee
Samara O'Hagan
 [04/30 2:43:05PM] Ivory Floral, XL

Awesome Blossoms!
Tara Kennedy
 [04/30 2:38:08PM] Turquoise Floral & Large

Garden Tee, Spring Blooms, April Showers Bring May Flowers, Sunshine on My Shoulders, Flower Power Tee, Spring Fling Tee
Tara Kennedy
 [04/30 2:32:10PM] Turquoise Floral & Large

Another Day in Paradise striped t-shirt
Melanie Rumley
 [04/30 2:30:26PM] S, ivory floral

Flower power!
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [04/30 2:28:50PM] Medium

Flower girl tee
Sarah Strutzenberger
 [04/30 2:28:27PM] Medium

Beauty of Nature Top
Katherine Henwood
 [04/30 2:24:29PM] Ivory lg

Coastal Garden Top
Katherine Henwood
 [04/30 2:18:29PM] Ivory lg

Wrapped in floral, Flowers on my shoulders, stripes and blooms
Andrea Mason
 [04/30 2:18:23PM] Small turquoise floral

Wrapped in floral, Flowers on my shoulders, stripes and blooms
Andrea Mason
 [04/30 2:18:03PM] Small turquoise floral

Bouquet of Fun tee
Jessica Clark
 [04/30 2:15:23PM] Large

Garden par-tee, spring touch tee, floral lines, spring time tee, dais-tee loving, more than lines
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [04/30 2:15:10PM] Ivory floral 2x

Summer bouquet
Sandra walker
 [04/30 2:07:05PM] Turquoise large

Light and breezy floral tee
Debbie mercer
 [04/30 2:06:33PM] Medium

Spring Love
Kristin Luckins
 [04/30 2:01:56PM] Large

Floral dream
Caroleen Dyball
 [04/30 1:59:19PM] Turquoise medium

Go with the Flo-ral tshirt; Any Which Way tshirt; Budding Athlete tshirt; Sporty Chic tshirt
Leanne Prins Duiker
 [04/30 1:51:56PM] Ivory floral Large

Summer flowers tee, v in the garden,
Jennifer ottenbreit
 [04/30 1:49:31PM] Turquoise floral, small

Stripe into Spring
Katie James
 [04/30 1:49:28PM] Ivory floral medium

Flowered Fun
Judy Scoville
 [04/30 1:43:53PM] Red flowers size xl

I am bloomy striped tee
Chereen Koza
 [04/30 1:43:37PM] L - either tee is beautiful

Flora & Fauna Tee, Floral McStripey Tee, sunny side up tee
Lana Baker
 [04/30 1:42:33PM] Turquoise floral xl

I Stripe to Bloom
Ina Hammer
 [04/30 1:42:30PM] Ivory, xs

Blooming Rays t-shirt
 [04/30 1:42:21PM] Ivory XL

She is a Wildflower
Ina Hammer
 [04/30 1:41:46PM] Ivory, xs

Soul Blossom
Ina Hammer
 [04/30 1:39:44PM] Ivory, xs

Floral fusion striped tee
Elizabeth Page
 [04/30 1:39:36PM] Grey xl

Floral fusion striped tee
Elizabeth Page
 [04/30 1:39:20PM] Grey xl

Floral Striped Mix Tee
Rachelle Parsonage
 [04/30 1:38:43PM] Ivory floral medium

Let Your Happy Bloom
Ina Hammer
 [04/30 1:38:25PM] Ivory, xs

Straight into the flower bed
Amy Pare
 [04/30 1:37:28PM] Medium, ivory floral

She Wore Flowers On Her Sleeve
Ina Hammer
 [04/30 1:37:20PM] Ivory, xs

Summer Breeze
Natasha Rose
 [04/30 1:36:51PM] Ivory 1xl

The Power is in the Flower
Ina Hammer
 [04/30 1:35:57PM] Ivory, xs

Floral Fling Tee
Jennifer Wheeler
 [04/30 1:35:35PM] Ivory floral & 2XL

Ina Hammer
 [04/30 1:34:35PM] Ivory, xs

Color me perfect Tee
Tamsen Dierker
 [04/30 1:34:05PM] Ivy floral Medium

Blossom with joy
Tiffany Cater
 [04/30 1:31:40PM] 2 XL turquoise

Striped top to floral
Ashley Falco
 [04/30 1:27:23PM] Ivory medium

Beauty in Bloom's
Alicia Gagnon
 [04/30 1:27:20PM] Ivory floral, size M

Sharon L Robert
 [04/30 1:26:40PM] XL

Floral to a T
Ashley Falco
 [04/30 1:26:09PM] Turquoise medium

Blossoming Flower Power T
Tania Isabelle
 [04/30 1:22:49PM] Ivory floral 1X

Florever in stripes / Daisy about stripes
Charlene Crouse
 [04/30 1:21:43PM] XL

Playful in the Park tee
Jess Vallier
 [04/30 1:21:11PM] Turquoise floral in small

Je ne sais quoi floral tee
Huguette Cromie
 [04/30 1:19:47PM] Turquoise floral 1X

Je ne sais quoi floral tee
Huguette Cromie
 [04/30 1:18:22PM] Turquoise floral

Aloha Summer
Rhonda Haynes
 [04/30 1:16:39PM] Ivory floral medium

Little bit of floral tee
Trenna bailey
 [04/30 1:15:29PM] Xlg

Les Jardin
Toni Grondin
 [04/30 1:15:04PM] M

Power of the Flower, Flower Power Striped Top, Floral Beauty, Floral Stripe a Pose,
Tracey Dunlop
 [04/30 1:10:59PM] Turquoise Floral xl

Mix it up tee
Amber Kincaide
 [04/30 1:05:56PM] Large

Racing to summer tee
Sharon Endacott
 [04/30 1:00:48PM] L turquoise please if I win :)

Tammy Turpin-Loyer
 [04/30 1:00:00PM] XL-Ivory

Summer Lovin
Yvelaine Moses
 [04/30 12:56:57PM] Teal,3xl

Fine Lines Floral Tee
Datkese Charles
 [04/30 12:53:06PM] Turquoise, L

Once and flor-al
Lori Martin
 [04/30 12:53:03PM] ivory size M

Spring fling, garden medley, bloomin out,
Andrea francis
 [04/30 12:49:08PM] Ivory floral 1xl

Wonderland flowers and stripes V neck Tee
Liz Strong
 [04/30 12:38:36PM] Cream sleeves and medium

Blossoming t
Alisha Openshaw
 [04/30 12:35:52PM] Ivory 1x

Everything Nice
Terra McLean
 [04/30 12:35:50PM] Ivory floral 2x

Spring Tee
Denyse Ramjit
 [04/30 12:35:44PM] Ivory Floral

Flirty Stripes
Kimberly Miller
 [04/30 12:35:30PM] 3 XL

Touch of Floral bliss
Bev Shoots
 [04/30 12:33:14PM] Small, any color

Bloomin Stripes Tee, Flowering Stripes Tee, Every Mood Tee
Melissa Johnston
 [04/30 12:29:45PM] Small, turquoise floral

Garden Tee Party
Sheena Chan
 [04/30 12:27:28PM] Turquoise 1X

Blooming in comfort
Shelly Rowsell
 [04/30 12:25:57PM] Turquoise floral and XL

Summer Vibes Stripe and Floral Top
Courtney Keppen
 [04/30 12:20:15PM] Turquoise Floral - M (if fits TTS) or L if snug

Summer Stripes Top
Jennifer Harrison
 [04/30 12:18:51PM] XL

Summer Set Bloom Tee
Kate Taylor
 [04/30 12:18:23PM] Turquoise Blue - 1XL

Mix it up Tee
Julie Buffett
 [04/30 12:18:20PM] Ivory small

Summer blooms
Danielle Fredrickson
 [04/30 12:18:01PM] Blue xl

All mixed up, flower power
Krista Crawford
 [04/30 12:17:23PM] Ivory floral medium

sunny stripes floral
Hermine Hill
 [04/30 12:16:53PM] turquoise floral 2XL

Beach Bloom Tee
Kate Taylor
 [04/30 12:16:50PM] Turquoise Floral - 1XL

Seventh Inning Stripes Tee; Seventh Inning Stretch Tee, Take Me Out to the Ball Game Tee
Casey Collinge
 [04/30 12:16:49PM] Small Turquoise

Flower Power to a T
Carla Rempel
 [04/30 12:11:18PM] 3X Floral Teal

Flowers on the bar
Sarah Johnston
 [04/30 12:10:54PM] Turquoise 3xl

Flowers on the bar
Sarah Johnston
 [04/30 12:10:04PM] Turquoise 3xl

Flowers on Top
Dawn Perrault
 [04/30 12:09:42PM] Either color, size XL

In Bloom Top
Shann Duf
 [04/30 12:09:08PM] Iv size Large

Summer Love tee
Lindsay Massia
 [04/30 12:08:39PM] Turquoise floral in 2xl

In full bloom tee
Lauren smart-kennedy
 [04/30 12:08:24PM] Large white

Nautical Garden Tee; Floral Reef Tee
Trisha Ciarlo
 [04/30 12:08:11PM] small blue/teal

All Grown Up tee, Flower Market tee, Bouquet All Day tee
Emily Hadary
 [04/30 12:07:24PM] ivory, size S

Flowered zebra
Natalie Giroux
 [04/30 12:06:11PM] White large

Flowers to lean on
Sarah Johnston
 [04/30 12:04:36PM] Turquoise 3XL

Spring fling floral tee
Sherry Drost
 [04/30 12:04:22PM] Turquoise floral, xl

Flowers And Stripes OH MY
Tammy Psiurski
 [04/30 12:03:38PM] 2XL Touquoise

Flower patch
Penny Smith
 [04/30 12:02:05PM] Lg any colour

Sweet scent stripe tee
Sindy Lecompte
 [04/30 11:57:32AM] Small white

Mini Me Wildflower Tee
Bettina Allen
 [04/30 11:53:24AM] Ivory, XL

Spring to the Tee
Holli Griffith
 [04/30 11:49:34AM] 3x

Happy Petals (Floral and Striped Tee)
Melissa McCracken
 [04/30 11:48:47AM] Turquoise and Small

Stripe a Pose
Lisa Hamelin
 [04/30 11:46:54AM] Turquoise floral 2x

Shrug it off with flowers tee
Dana Hendry
 [04/30 11:45:57AM] Turquoise Floral XL

Made by Design - floral and striped tee
Melissa McCracken
 [04/30 11:45:52AM] Turquoise and Small

Forget me not top
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [04/30 11:45:41AM] Ivory floral & XL

Lines and Posies
Stacy Greening
 [04/30 11:45:08AM] M grey

Fun flirt and floral
Jacqu Boates
 [04/30 11:43:57AM] Xl

Tropical Breeze
Barbara Kennedy
 [04/30 11:43:34AM] L

Go with the Flow - Floral Striped Top
Melissa McCracken
 [04/30 11:43:09AM] Turquoise and Medium

Barbara Kennedy
 [04/30 11:42:15AM] L

Garden beauty summer vibes
Sherry Moreland
 [04/30 11:39:43AM] Small turquoise

Perfect Harmony - Floral Striped Tee
Melissa McCracken
 [04/30 11:38:36AM] Turquoise and Small

Mix and mingle
Sue Macdonald
 [04/30 11:37:39AM] Turquoise floral

Tropical comfort
France Barber
 [04/30 11:36:40AM] Ivory floral. Large

The Perfect Match - Striped and Floral Tee
Melissa McCracken
 [04/30 11:36:39AM] Turquoise and Small

Blooms & Stripes
Susan Schmidt
 [04/30 11:35:49AM] 3x turquoise

Spring into action tee
Debbie McMillan
 [04/30 11:34:54AM] Turquoise floral small

Watch out world... here I come!!!
Susie Sousa
 [04/30 11:34:29AM] 1x & Turquoise Floral

Uplifting Blooms
Deanne Jenkins
 [04/30 11:34:05AM] Turquoise Small.

Spring fling
France Barber
 [04/30 11:33:48AM] Turquoise floral. Large

Susan Schmidt
 [04/30 11:33:28AM] Turquoise 3x

Above all lines floral
Lori Garrett
 [04/30 11:30:32AM] Turquoise xl

Stripes be Bloomin'
Krista Cressman
 [04/30 11:30:08AM] XL

Floral shoulders top, floral surprise top
Stacie Davis
 [04/30 11:26:52AM] Ivory floral, large

Don't be a Floral Sport
Michelle McCarthy
 [04/30 11:26:23AM] Ivory Floral , Small

Floral stripes tee
Shannon Goodman
 [04/30 11:24:54AM] Xl

Stripe Me Fancy Top
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [04/30 11:23:36AM] Ivory large

Petal on my shoulder top
Serena Perreault
 [04/30 11:22:46AM] Turquoise floral L

Spring has Sprung Tee
Robin Conlon
 [04/30 11:20:08AM] Medium and Ivory Floral

Lucky Floral
Nicole Boyer
 [04/30 11:19:58AM] Blue and Large

Fun n’ Floral
Katie King-Harrison
 [04/30 11:19:33AM] Turquoise Floral Medium

Flower to lean on
Sarah Johnston
 [04/30 11:19:30AM] Turquoise 3xl

Blossoms and stripes tee
Alissa Matheson
 [04/30 11:19:15AM] Ivory large

Fresh peak floral tee
Tracy French
 [04/30 11:18:44AM] S

Fresh peak floral tee
Tracy French
 [04/30 11:15:09AM] S

Garden Breeze Tee
Carrie Biffis
 [04/30 11:13:47AM] Turquoise Floral XL

I wear it on my sleeve
Christie McPhee
 [04/30 11:13:18AM] Turquoise Floral medium

Spring Lines, Floral Dreams, Flower Power Stripes, Floral Chaos, Meet my Stripes
Brittany Agnew
 [04/30 11:13:01AM] Turquoise 3XL

A little Touch of Spring
Malita Eck
 [04/30 11:08:32AM] Turquoise Floral in Large

Spring Blooms
Tara Schouten
 [04/30 11:07:56AM] Turquoise floral size M

Spring mix
Jennifer Boudreault
 [04/30 11:00:51AM] 2xl turquoise floral

Eazy Breezy Tee or Easy Breezy Tee
Teana-Marie Smith
 [04/30 10:56:46AM] M-L

Lines in the Sun, Follow Me, Floral Lines, Beauty in Bloom, Flora & Fauna, Gaia, Enchantement
Rachael Fortier
 [04/30 10:56:37AM] Turquoise Floral, Large

Walk in the Park
Teana-Marie Smith
 [04/30 10:54:50AM] M-L

Colour Me Pretty!
 [04/30 10:54:08AM] Turquoise floral in M!

Fabulous floral tee
Pamela Cummings
 [04/30 10:53:30AM] 3xl

Winning combo ,floral and stripes tee
Elizabeth Pinder
 [04/30 10:51:38AM] Ivory floral Large

Spring vibe floral and stripe tee
Marysia Waritsky
 [04/30 10:49:57AM] Ivory XL

Gypsy tee, think about you tee, born to love you tee
Nicole Gregg
 [04/30 10:49:16AM] Medium Ivory Floral

Floral Accent Tee
Marysia Waritsky
 [04/30 10:46:57AM] Ivory - XL

Spring in Line
Jennifer LeBlanc
 [04/30 10:46:28AM] Ivory flower, 2x

Almost Paradise Tee, Getting Noticed Tee, Wildflower's Sister Tee, Floral Breeze Tee, Keep It Floral Tee, Botanical Wonder Tee, Bloom with Me Tee, Coming Up Floral Tee, Everything is Coming Up Floral Tee
Cherie Inwood
 [04/30 10:45:42AM] TURQUOISE XL

Flore the love of stripes tee
Stephanie paquette
 [04/30 10:44:40AM] Turquoise floral size large

Zing it
Angie Vincent
 [04/30 10:40:44AM] Ivory colour and size XL

Tropical Plunder; Floral Lane; Shoulder Summer; All Summer; Floral Kisses; Never Compromise; Bee the Vee; Petals and Stripes
Laura Higgins
 [04/30 10:39:19AM] XL Turquoise

Fawn over Flora Tee
DeAnna Lance
 [04/30 10:36:42AM] M ivory floral.

flowered shoulders
mary gallwey
 [04/30 10:35:22AM] grey xl

T-riffic summer top
Nancy Bosman
 [04/30 10:34:01AM] Turquoise floral 1x

Strips with twist tee
Shontelle Benard
 [04/30 10:28:59AM] Size large

Floral Shoulder Power
Sarah Varty
 [04/30 10:25:29AM] Ivory Floral, Small

Blooming in the Breeze tee, Pretty as a Picnic tee
Angela Smiley
 [04/30 10:23:15AM] Turquoise floral

Flowering lines
Shawn dorchak
 [04/30 10:22:44AM] Ivory floral large

Jaye herman
 [04/30 10:21:48AM] M

Spring Time Floral
Lynn Estella McFarlane
 [04/30 10:21:13AM] Ivory 3xl

Flower power
Trudy Davis
 [04/30 10:18:19AM] Xlarge

Cover me in sunshine
Cari hemphill
 [04/30 10:18:00AM] turquoise 2x

Easy to Please Tee, Go for a Stroll Tee, Flowers and Stripes are Nice
Danyell Ochocki
 [04/30 10:15:30AM] Ivory Floral 2xl

Light and Free
NormaJean Paananen
 [04/30 10:15:05AM] Large

Blossom of Flowers
Stephanie Jones
 [04/30 10:13:19AM] Ivory floral 2xl

Wildflower tee
Denise Therrien
 [04/30 10:09:10AM] Med.

Swept Away Tee
Stephanie Neville
 [04/30 10:07:18AM] Turquoise floral size large

Sunny dayz
Christina Dalik
 [04/30 10:06:29AM] Turquoise xl

Stripe my flowers tee
Denise Therrien
 [04/30 10:05:27AM] Med

Cute as a flower tee
Denise Therrien
 [04/30 10:04:04AM] Med.

Floral Summer Stripes
Angels Branchaud
 [04/30 10:03:05AM] Turquoise floral, 1XL

Floral stripped tee
Denise Therrien
 [04/30 10:02:50AM] Med.

A stripe of flowers tee
Denise Therrien
 [04/30 10:01:56AM] Med.

No Rules Tee
Michelle Mayer
 [04/30 10:00:27AM] Ivory Floral 3xl

Rule The Day Tee
Michelle Mayer
 [04/30 9:59:37AM] Ivory Floral 3xl

Floral Lane, Floral Streak,
Beryl Faubert
 [04/30 9:57:57AM] 1x

It's a garden party tee
Linda Hegedus
 [04/30 9:56:52AM] Turquoise and Large

Cascade of stripes and flowers tee
Linda Hegedus
 [04/30 9:56:31AM] Turquoise and Large

Into the Garden
Kristy Stebbings
 [04/30 9:56:23AM] Ivory L

Paradise Found tee
Natasha Mayes
 [04/30 9:55:55AM] Large ivory

Floral Fusion
Maggie Bennett Benoit
 [04/30 9:55:46AM] 2xl any color

Paradise Found tee
Natasha Mayes
 [04/30 9:55:33AM] Large ivory

Floral flag tee
Linda Hegedus
 [04/30 9:55:21AM] Turquoise and Large

In Full Bloom
Shirley Mcfeters
 [04/30 9:55:07AM] Touquoise 1X

Stop and smell the flowers tee
Linda Hegedus
 [04/30 9:54:38AM] Turquoise and Large

Sweet summer tee
Linda Hegedus
 [04/30 9:54:10AM] Turquoise and Large

Garden Rows
 [04/30 9:53:11AM] Ivory L

You grow girl, Petals to Go, Spring Blooms, Time for Tee, Flower-Tee or Floral-Tee (aka play on word "Flirty"), Petal Pushers, Once and Flor-al, Wild Flow-er about you,
Sonnia Valiquette-Fleury
 [04/30 9:53:08AM] Turquoise Floral. 2XL

When you can’t decide t
Sheila lalonde
 [04/30 9:52:57AM] Turquoise large

A Band of Blooms top, beachy blooms, Along the Beach tee, Life in bloom tee
Natasha Mayes
 [04/30 9:52:55AM] Ivory large

Tropical Dreams
Shannon Janzen-Grabler
 [04/30 9:52:30AM] 1xl turquoise floral

garden on the horizon
karissa smith
 [04/30 9:52:27AM] ivory 2x

Turning heads tee
Alicia fisher
 [04/30 9:52:02AM] Medium

Sun, stripes and summer
Linda Hegedus
 [04/30 9:51:19AM] Turquoise and Large

Tickling the Ivory Floral Tee
Sylvie Arcand-Horner
 [04/30 9:50:46AM] 2XL - Ivory Floral

Stripes for one and floral!
Nicole Johnston
 [04/30 9:49:49AM] med., turquoise floral

Spring Vibes
Tracy MacAulay
 [04/30 9:49:34AM] Turquoise size XL

Beautiful Bouquet
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:49:06AM] 3xl ivory

Bouquet Bella
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:48:27AM] 3xl ivory

Belle of the Bouquet
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:48:06AM] 3xl ivory

Floral Striped Tease
Bonnie Fouladi
 [04/30 9:48:05AM] Ivory Floral size medium

Spring Has Sprung Floral Tee
Erin Shantz
 [04/30 9:47:32AM] Medium, ivory floral

Bouquet Beauty
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:47:11AM] 3xl turquoise

Spring Bouquet
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:46:40AM] 3xl turquoise

Spring Fling
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:45:23AM] 3xl turquoise

Garden Tea Top
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:44:53AM] 3xl turquoise

Show Me the Spring tee
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:44:06AM] 3xl turquoise

Garden in the Sun
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:42:12AM] 3xl ivory

Sun Tee
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:41:43AM] 3xl ivory

Island in the Sun Tee/top
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:41:09AM] 3xl ivory

Easy like Sunday morning
Melissa Gour
 [04/30 9:40:34AM] Xs teal

Floraline Tee
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:40:09AM] 3xl ivory

Tee in the Garden
Courtney Eisel
 [04/30 9:38:32AM] 3xl

Flirty floral tee
Stephanie Coker
 [04/30 9:36:23AM] Large or xl

Weekend Fun
wendy kettle
 [04/30 9:35:08AM] Ivory L

Floral escape
Jessica Bracher
 [04/30 9:34:58AM] Ivory floral XL

A sprinkle of floral
Sarah Baxter
 [04/30 9:34:00AM] 2xl

Floral freedom Tee, Spring - lined Blooms… Touch of Floral Casual Tee....Flowers please Tee.....Bottom line - I love Flowers Tee!....Lined with blossoms Tee.
Sandy Reely
 [04/30 9:34:00AM] Ivory 2xl

Watch me blossom, wild flower tee
Megan konkin
 [04/30 9:33:47AM] Medium, ivory

Fauna and Stripes
Sarah Baxter
 [04/30 9:32:50AM] 2xl or 3xl

Stripes and Flora
Sarah Baxter
 [04/30 9:32:03AM] 2xl or 3xl

Shine bright floral Tee
Alison Gendron
 [04/30 9:31:48AM] Xs/s

Floral Fun
Jennifer Short
 [04/30 9:29:58AM] Turquoise; medium.

Peekaboo Sunshine Tee or Peekaboo Floral Tee
Kelly Burwash
 [04/30 9:27:56AM] Turquoise Large

Jump into flora stripes
Grace Young
 [04/30 9:27:35AM] Sm

Flower Power
Jennifer Morrissey
 [04/30 9:25:50AM] Turquoise Floral Size small

T-time with florals
Kim Conrod
 [04/30 9:25:28AM] 2XL

Wild About Flowers
Cheryl Yungwirth
 [04/30 9:25:06AM] Large

May Flowers,
Amy Moore
 [04/30 9:23:33AM] Xs turquoise

Knocked out the Park Floral Tee
Meagan Clifton
 [04/30 9:21:54AM] Turquoise Medium

Floral Twist Tee
Tandra Schopf
 [04/30 9:18:55AM] Turquoise floral, small

Smell the flowers
Olessya Boone
 [04/30 9:16:55AM] XL, ivory floral

Striping good time tee
Melisa Gordon
 [04/30 9:16:09AM] Ivory, medium

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Floral Tee
Amanda Levine
 [04/30 9:14:05AM] Turquoise floral 2xl

Flirty Spring Tee
Lisa Purvis
 [04/30 9:12:49AM] Ivory Floral in 1XL

Flower garden borders
Darlene Kenney
 [04/30 9:12:46AM] Turquoise floral XL

Flower garden borders
Darlene Kenney
 [04/30 9:12:14AM] Turquoise floral XL

Amanda Levine
 [04/30 9:11:51AM] Turquoise floral 2xl

Stripes and floral tee
MaryLynne Siren
 [04/30 9:08:03AM] Med, love them both

Lions, Tigers, Stripes Oh My!
Mary Thomson
 [04/30 9:06:40AM] Medium Ivory

Maui Meadows v-neck
Melissa Mackell
 [04/30 9:06:34AM] Large turquoise floral

A Touch of Floral Striped T
Louise Weiss
 [04/30 9:03:10AM] Ivory Floral size L

Japanese Garden Tee
Hawna Curliss
 [04/30 9:03:06AM] Turquoise floral Large

Until The Last Petal Falls
Amanda Levine
 [04/30 9:03:00AM] Turquoise floral 2xl

Garden fresh tee
Robyn m
 [04/30 9:02:53AM] M turquoise

Mixed cocktail tee
Robyn M
 [04/30 9:01:41AM] M turquoise

A little Slice of paradise
Crystal Macdonald
 [04/30 9:01:26AM] 3x

Mix me up tee
Robyn m
 [04/30 9:00:48AM] Medium turquoise

A Touch of Floral T (t-shirt)
Louise Weiss
 [04/30 9:00:43AM] Ivory Floral size L

Something to Smile About Tee
Erin Sharma
 [04/30 8:59:42AM] Ivory, medium

Floral Horizons
Kristina Keller
 [04/30 8:59:34AM] L

Fields of Glory
Kristina Keller
 [04/30 8:58:50AM] L

Garden flowers stripped tee
Lilliane Hradecki
 [04/30 8:57:54AM] Turquoise in a small

May is blooming
Jessica Nakashimda
 [04/30 8:56:33AM] Turquoise XL

A League of Your Own
Laura Bollinger
 [04/30 8:55:23AM] Turquoise, medium

Got that Floral Feeling Top; Casually Floral Top
Ali Burton
 [04/30 8:55:03AM] XL

Flirty Floral
Shaunda Cooper
 [04/30 8:53:33AM] XXL

Full bloom tee
Suzie Mcintosh
 [04/30 8:53:29AM] Small, ivory

Fun in the Sun Tee
Leanna Molson
 [04/30 8:53:20AM] Ivory Floral Large

Casual blooms
Emily Lee
 [04/30 8:52:07AM] Ivory, XL

Floral Cap Tees
Carey Olson
 [04/30 8:51:56AM] 3xl turquoise floral

Floral frolic
Suzie Mcintosh
 [04/30 8:51:38AM] Small, ivory

Bloomy days tee, floral frenzy tee, budding blooms tee, Blossom buddy tee, may blossom tee, be in bloom tee,
Megan wever
 [04/30 8:51:27AM] Ivory medium

Floral and Fancy Tee
Stephanie Dykstra
 [04/30 8:50:33AM] Medium Ivory Floral

Fancy Free V-Neck Tee
Sheena MacDonald
 [04/30 8:50:13AM] Ivory Floral & Medium

Grow Wild Summer Tee
 [04/30 8:50:05AM] 2XL Turquoise Floral

Blooming stripes
Natasha Usher-Hameluck
 [04/30 8:49:59AM] XL

Heart on My Sleeve, French Garden, Posy Sleeve, Sing for Spring, Bloom and Be Happy,
Aubrey Price
 [04/30 8:49:10AM] Ivory Large

Playful Floral
Amber MacEachern
 [04/30 8:48:57AM] Turquoise S

Floral Me, Floral Breeze, Island Coast, Beachy Breeze
Tiffany McVie
 [04/30 8:47:55AM] Turquoise Floral, med

Spring Forward
 [04/30 8:47:51AM] Either large

Floral fusion to a V, floral facade V tee, Floral Scrapness Tee,
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [04/30 8:47:10AM] Turquoise, Medium

Garden of Life, Garden of Eden, Floral Escape
Paula Gow
 [04/30 8:46:11AM] Turquoise floral XL

Stop and Smell the Rose Stripped Tee
Dallas Hauth
 [04/30 8:45:23AM] Small, ivory floral

Floral Flare Tee
Melody Belanger
 [04/30 8:45:12AM] Turquoise & Medium

Spring has sprung tee
Kristyn White
 [04/30 8:45:10AM] L

Stripe tees, strip tees, floral strip tees, floral stripe tees
Laurisa Bonk
 [04/30 8:44:55AM] Ivory floral S

Not so floral
Kelsey Twerdoclib
 [04/30 8:44:17AM] Turquoise Floral XL

Catching Rays Tee, field of dreams Tee
Nikki Weightman
 [04/30 8:44:13AM] Turquoise floral size small

Garden party tee
Tracey Kotyk
 [04/30 8:43:43AM] Large

Perfect for me floral tee
Jacquie Middleton
 [04/30 8:43:42AM] Size large either colour

Maui Vibes Tee
Bettina Allen
 [04/30 8:43:32AM] Ivory, XL

In full bloom top
Julie Hoar
 [04/30 8:43:10AM] L Turquoise

Blooming spring top
Julie Hoar
 [04/30 8:42:45AM] L Turquoise

Sunshine and Stripes Tee
Bettina Allen
 [04/30 8:42:43AM] Ivory, XL

Beach flower top
Julie Hoar
 [04/30 8:42:02AM] L Turquoise

Mix it Up tee
Rachelle Douglas
 [04/30 8:41:51AM] Ivory Floral XL

Floral dream
Julie Hoar
 [04/30 8:41:13AM] L Turquoise

floral godess
shana crossley
 [04/30 8:40:53AM] ivory floral

Wear my flowers on my sleeve
Julie Hoar
 [04/30 8:40:42AM] L TURQUOISE

Gotta have it tee!!
Barb Wallace
 [04/30 8:39:08AM] Turquoise floral Medium

Eternal Summer Top
Nadine Bennett
 [04/30 8:38:44AM] L

Rose to the Occasion
Sarah Gourlay
 [04/30 8:38:17AM] Large, ivory floral

A peony for your thoughts
Sarah Gourlay
 [04/30 8:37:14AM] Large, Ivory Floral

May Flowers tee
Erin Harris
 [04/30 8:36:57AM] Ivory floral L

Stripes of Summer Tee
Bettina Allen
 [04/30 8:36:40AM] Ivory, XL

Just in time T
Megan Labbe
 [04/30 8:36:15AM] Turquoise floral in medium please

Floral lines of Summer
Marlee Huebner
 [04/30 8:35:55AM] Ivory Floral XL

Pretty popping petals
Alycia Reynolds
 [04/30 8:35:38AM] Ivory floral, med

Floral Touch tee
Erin Harris
 [04/30 8:35:10AM] Ivory floral L

Straight blooming charmed
Alycia Reynolds
 [04/30 8:35:07AM] Ivory floral, med

Floral Lines Top
Marlee Huebner
 [04/30 8:35:01AM] Ivory Floral XL

Sweet harmony tee
Alyssa Quick
 [04/30 8:34:35AM] Large

Pretty popping petals, Straight to blooming, Straight blooming charmed
Alycia Reynolds
 [04/30 8:34:01AM] Ivory floral, med

Floral Fields
Amber Goetz
 [04/30 8:33:05AM] Size 3X

Spring fling
Melissa Goldie
 [04/30 8:32:58AM] Xl ivory

Flower Patch Tee
Charlene Graham
 [04/30 8:32:34AM] Ivory Floral - 3XL

Flowers in the attic
Melissa Goldie
 [04/30 8:32:32AM] Xl ivory

Fields of Floral Tee, Fairy Tee, Trendsetter Tee
Charlene Huizinga
 [04/30 8:32:04AM] Ivory Floral 2xl

Lazy Days Tee, Come on Sunshine Tee, Everyday Errands Tee, Subtle Elegance Tee, Spring Fling Tee, Just Warming Up Tee,
Nicolle Parsons
 [04/30 8:31:53AM] Turquoise Floral, 1XL

Spring Fling
Sandra Devost
 [04/30 8:31:13AM] Turquoise Floral size L

Any Spring Goes
Carolyn Ediger
 [04/30 8:31:07AM] Medium

Floral Beach Breeze Top
Dianne Thebeau
 [04/30 8:30:22AM] blue and small

Bloom popping blossoms
Alycia Reynolds
 [04/30 8:29:36AM] Ivory floral, med

Bloom Out Of Line Tee
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:29:10AM] Turquoise 1XL

Floral and Fauna Tee
Tiffany Gurden
 [04/30 8:28:08AM] Medium, Turquoise Floral

Popping pretty petals, Blooming on stripes, Entranced by blooms, Straight Blooming Charm, straight dash of flowers,
Alycia Reynolds
 [04/30 8:27:39AM] Ivory flory, Med

Floral Dreams Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:27:32AM] Turquoise 1XL

Floral Summer Breeze!
Sherry Malinoski
 [04/30 8:25:45AM] Xl Ivory

Spring Vibe Tee
Michelle Wentzell
 [04/30 8:25:44AM] XL ivory

Spring Breeze
Wendy St Laurent
 [04/30 8:24:50AM] Turquoise floral 3xl

Feelin' Fine in Floral
Erin Dragon
 [04/30 8:24:35AM] Turquoise Size L

Paradise for One Tee
Karen Bodenheimer
 [04/30 8:24:27AM] Large

Summer on my Shoulders Striped Tee
Meghan Boast
 [04/30 8:23:54AM] XL turquoise floral

Garden grow
Karen Gurney
 [04/30 8:22:52AM] Either XL

Go on & Floral Tee - The Vee Floral Tee - Floral Your Own Business- A Spring Ahead Tee - Floral Me Pretty Tee - Strip, Stripe, Floral Tee
Whitney Dillon
 [04/30 8:22:14AM] Ivory- 2XL

Aloha lines Tee
Lois Dyck
 [04/30 8:21:58AM] Ivory size w

No Blooming Way Tee
Tamara Morrison
 [04/30 8:21:29AM] 3x ivory

Cherry blossoms Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [04/30 8:21:29AM] Xs turquoise

Spring your best shoulder forward/Spring forward and shoulder on/Wear your spring on your sleeve
Sara Walgren
 [04/30 8:20:56AM] Medium Ivory Floral

Blooms Away Tee
Tamara Morrison
 [04/30 8:20:55AM] Ivory 3x

Not your grandmas top
Stephanie Eby
 [04/30 8:20:48AM] 2x

A Little Bit Country Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [04/30 8:20:48AM] Xs

Stripe me floral, Pop of Flower, Sun Out Stripe Out,
Kathleen MacDonald
 [04/30 8:20:37AM] Turquoise floral, Large

Time to Blossom Top
Sara Lawson
 [04/30 8:20:26AM] Ivory Floral in Small

Heart On My Sleeve Tee
Tamara Morrison
 [04/30 8:20:26AM] Ivory 3x

Blooming Flowers Top
Alyssa Fahie
 [04/30 8:20:23AM] Xs

Blooming Tee
Julie Kerr
 [04/30 8:20:11AM] Ivory, XL

Party on the Top striped tee or wrapped in floral
Lori martin
 [04/30 8:19:58AM] L

Sunshine ready tee
Rana Thomas
 [04/30 8:19:23AM] Turquoise & small

Free Feeling Floral, A Dash of Floral, Floral on Top, A Splash of Floral, Free Flowing Flowers, Free Flowing Floral, Carry the Strength Floral, Feeling Free Bloom, Floral Bloom, Flow and Go Floral
Erin Green
 [04/30 8:18:46AM] Ivory Floral Size Medium

Spring on summer
Julie Kerr
 [04/30 8:18:27AM] Ivory, XL

Feurs et Rayures Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:18:11AM] Turquoise 1XL

Spring bliss
Lisa Bowick
 [04/30 8:18:09AM] Turquoise large

In bloom
Karen Gurney
 [04/30 8:18:06AM] XL

Spring on the fun
Julie Kerr
 [04/30 8:18:03AM] Ivory, XL

Garden party tee
Lisa Cleveland
 [04/30 8:17:16AM] XL turquoise

Sunshine on my shoulders tee
Kelly Neufeld
 [04/30 8:17:13AM] Ivory floral small

Floraison Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:16:45AM] Turquoise 1XL

Petals and Stripes or Bloom, Girl
Jennifer Banham
 [04/30 8:15:33AM] Turquoise floral XL

Stripes of Paradise Tee
Lisa Kelly
 [04/30 8:14:50AM] Turquoise floral & small

Beautiful Buds Stripes Tee
Kristina Kelly
 [04/30 8:14:24AM] Turquoise Floral M

Petals and Stripes Tee
Jennifer Banham
 [04/30 8:14:20AM] Turquoise floral XL

Striped Floral Tee
Jennifer Smith
 [04/30 8:14:18AM] Turquoise 3XL

Floral Stripes Tshirt
Trish Tahouney
 [04/30 8:13:48AM] Small ivory floral

Aloha lines Tee
Lois Dyck
 [04/30 8:13:45AM] Ivory size large

Blooming Forward Stripe Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:13:38AM] Turquoise 1XL

Lexi 2.0, Splash of Spring
Brenda Villena
 [04/30 8:13:12AM] Turquoise small

Aloha lines Tee
Lois Dyck
 [04/30 8:12:59AM] Ivory size large

Secret garden top
Valarie Alliet
 [04/30 8:12:28AM] Turquoise floral large

A little bit of this and that tee or this and that tee
Glenda Moline
 [04/30 8:12:24AM] Medium turquoise

Botanical Love Tee, Botanical Garden tee, English Garden Tee, Floral Love, Pop of floral tee,
Lyndsay Russell
 [04/30 8:11:49AM] Turquoise floral, size XL

Take Me to the Garden Tee
Kristina Kelly
 [04/30 8:11:24AM] Turquoise Floral M

A splash of colour Tshirt
Rosa Louro
 [04/30 8:11:11AM] Ivory floral large

Sun's out
Joelle Bakker
 [04/30 8:11:02AM] Ivory, M

Spring Fling, Spring Fling Floral Tee
Val Catellier
 [04/30 8:10:18AM] XL

Spring time
Vera snook
 [04/30 8:10:13AM] Turquoise size medium

Stripe me fresh and fun
Maria Lento
 [04/30 8:10:05AM] Ivory floral med

In Full Bloom Stirped Tee
Tracy Russell-Fiebig
 [04/30 8:10:05AM] Turquoise Floral, Size S

Garden glory, fancy florals, secret garden,
Megan wiens
 [04/30 8:09:55AM] Medium blue

Bud & Bloom Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:09:29AM] Turquoise 1XL

Lined with Love
Tesa Steinke
 [04/30 8:09:15AM] Teal 1X

Floral me pretty
Suzanne kempton
 [04/30 8:08:51AM] Turquoise floral small

Memory Lane Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:08:48AM] Turquoise 1XL

Flower me with confidence
Lynne Burnham
 [04/30 8:08:23AM] Turquoise floral, 3xl

Bloom Where You are Planted Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:08:13AM] Turquoise 1XL

Flowing Floral Tee
Nerissa Henry
 [04/30 8:08:09AM] Ivory Floral XL

Vertical floral escapes
Candace Carriere
 [04/30 8:08:09AM] Touqouise medium

Dear diary
Susan chan
 [04/30 8:07:50AM] Med/ turquoise

She Blooms Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:07:45AM] Turquoise 1XL

Wildflower tee, tee into spring, forever young top, tee into summer, floral days tee
Veronica kish
 [04/30 8:07:42AM] Small, any color. :)

Blooming Stripes top
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [04/30 8:07:31AM] Turquoise 3XL

Get in line for floral
Tesa Steinke
 [04/30 8:07:05AM] Teal 1X

Blossom Time
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:06:48AM] Turquoise 1XL

Sleeve garden
Paula Fulthorpe
 [04/30 8:06:24AM] 2XL

Fine Line Floral
Tesa Steinke
 [04/30 8:06:23AM] Teal 1X

Sunshine and rainbows tee
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [04/30 8:06:14AM] Turquoise 3XL

Feelin Fresh Top
Brooke Derksen
 [04/30 8:05:49AM] Turquoise 1XL

Blooming Floral Top
Tracy Fisher
 [04/30 8:05:37AM] Turquoise - Small

Beauty Between the Lines
Tesa Steinke
 [04/30 8:05:35AM] Teal 1X

Spring Flowers Top
Natasha Veerkamp
 [04/30 8:04:47AM] Turquoise Floral XL

Straight up(or across) Floral T
Teens Huston
 [04/30 8:04:32AM] Small ivory turquoise

Florever striped tee
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [04/30 8:04:17AM] Turquoise floral 3XL

Sunshine Feeling Fine Top
Natasha Veerkamp
 [04/30 8:04:16AM] Turquoise Floral XL

Summer Breeze Top
Natasha Veerkamp
 [04/30 8:03:50AM] Turquoise Floral XL

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