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Dreamy Lace Dress
April 5, 2017

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Total of 877 Entries
Congratulations to Joanne Holliday-Scott, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Lace Actually Dress!

 [04/06 3:04:10PM]

Amazing lace, say it with lace, happy p-lace, lace and lipstick, slay it with lace, love and luck, lace is life
Charles Syrette
 [04/06 2:48:58PM]

Vision in Lace
Angela Yamaoka
 [04/06 2:48:54PM]

Lace Be Friends!
Jennifer Jobin
 [04/06 2:35:44PM]

Luck be a Lacey tonight.
Samantha McEwan
 [04/06 2:31:58PM]

Luck be a Lacey
Samantha McEwan
 [04/06 2:30:44PM]

Vintage Chantilly chic
Katie sharp
 [04/06 2:26:28PM]

Paint it with Lace
Brittany Tash
 [04/06 2:21:56PM]

Pretty Gypsy Soul
Brittany Tash
 [04/06 2:20:58PM]

Chantelly Lace Dress :)
Christine Raw
 [04/06 2:07:55PM]

Lacy Affair Dress
Patricia Nolan
 [04/06 2:06:45PM]

Oh Be Still My Beating Heart Dress
Patricia Nolan
 [04/06 2:03:02PM]

Laced With Beauty
Sylvia Einfeld
 [04/06 1:41:39PM]

Going Lace
Kim Dao
 [04/06 12:39:30PM]

Going Places dress
Leana Satim
 [04/06 12:19:45PM]

Just In Lace
Sylvia Einfeld
 [04/06 12:19:40PM]

Falling Into Lace
Sylvia Einfeld
 [04/06 12:18:33PM]

A lace to call my own
Sylvia Einfeld
 [04/06 12:17:17PM]

Cupid's Bliss
Carla Entz
 [04/06 12:14:35PM]

Flirty & Fabulous, Delicate Charm, Miss Lacey
Julie Forde
 [04/06 12:14:04PM]

Lacefully Yours
Candace Hallet
 [04/06 12:13:56PM]

Oh La Lace
Dineen Robinson
 [04/06 12:12:40PM]

Stevie (as in Stevie nicks - song Leather and Lace
Janet erskine
 [04/06 12:03:53PM]

Business or Pleasure dress
Lyndsey milward
 [04/06 12:03:16PM]

Date Night
Gillian Dubroy
 [04/06 11:51:04AM]

Lace dream
Gillian Dubroy
 [04/06 11:48:35AM]

Whimsical Dream Dress
Michelle Thompson
 [04/06 11:45:24AM]

Lacey Lucille
Tammy Noel
 [04/06 11:43:36AM]

English Grace; Born to Jive; Grace and Lace; Timeless Grace; Always Ethereal, Poised and Pretty; High Class: Self Assured Spirit, Night Out, Little Lace Dress,
Melissa Edge
 [04/06 11:42:55AM]

The marilyn
Tammy macinnis
 [04/06 11:42:54AM]

Filigree dress
helma tolsma
 [04/06 11:41:38AM]

Debbie Powell
 [04/06 11:23:50AM]

Full of Lace
Holly Beck
 [04/06 11:19:28AM]

'Every Girls Dream'
Stephanie Yule
 [04/06 11:09:43AM]

Lace with grace
Shirley Eileen Munro
 [04/06 11:09:40AM]

Not So Straight Laced
Tesa Steinke
 [04/06 11:07:38AM]

For the love of lace.
 [04/06 10:56:19AM]

Sheer delight, sheer goddess,
Skye Carriere-Hebert
 [04/06 10:51:05AM]

Lovely in lace
 [04/06 10:48:41AM]

All That Lace
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [04/06 10:43:54AM]

The Angel Above all Others!!
Val Nahanni
 [04/06 10:42:53AM]

Summer Dream
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [04/06 10:42:40AM]

Sweetness of Lace
Tina Rogers
 [04/06 10:42:36AM]

LA LA Lace
Leah Anderson
 [04/06 10:42:31AM]

Lace is on the case
Tabatha Jacobs
 [04/06 10:42:23AM]

Tabatha Jacobs
Tabatha Jacobs
 [04/06 10:41:48AM]

Love me lacely
Lisa Brudy
 [04/06 10:40:16AM]

Tina Rogers
 [04/06 10:39:27AM]

Angelic in Lace
Tina Rogers
 [04/06 10:33:57AM]

Elegantly Lace
Tina Rogers
 [04/06 10:30:16AM]

Lovely in lace
Ann Mayner
 [04/06 10:19:59AM]

Lace n Luscious
Tina Rogers
 [04/06 10:09:40AM]

Luscious in Lace
Tina Rogers
 [04/06 10:08:36AM]

Sheath Me in Lace
Janine Birt
 [04/06 10:06:21AM]

Slip of Lace
Janine Birt
 [04/06 10:05:30AM]

The McDreamy Dress
Dolores Funk
 [04/06 10:03:54AM]

Sheer Lace
Alyssa Fedchuk
 [04/06 10:02:27AM]

Ethereal delight
wendy meuse
 [04/06 9:57:29AM]

Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face
Jennifer Pedersen
 [04/06 9:50:44AM]

Love of Lace Dress
Amanda Johnston
 [04/06 9:46:39AM]

Sweet Summertime
Kayla Lutz
 [04/06 9:42:49AM]

Ma Vie en Lace (My Life in Lace)
Brittany Richards
 [04/06 9:40:18AM]

Meet me in the Garden
Leanne Stanway
 [04/06 9:39:42AM]

Summer-sexy flirt
Carla Fedchuk
 [04/06 9:39:04AM]

Hampton bliss
Amber Bardock
 [04/06 9:30:50AM]

Dream catcher
Joanne thomas
 [04/06 9:26:56AM]

Chase the Lace, Lovely Lacey, Sheer Madness, A Lace in my Heart,
Angie Shea
 [04/06 9:25:49AM]

Dreamy lace dress
 [04/06 9:24:37AM]

Dream Come True
Shannon Marr
 [04/06 9:21:15AM]

Secret Garden
Leanne Stanway
 [04/06 9:16:47AM]

With Grace
Sara munrke
 [04/06 9:15:40AM]

Lovelace dress
Veronica Keenan
 [04/06 9:07:16AM]

Lace N' Love
Veronica Keenan
 [04/06 9:06:08AM]

Irreplaceable dress (irrepLACEable dress)
Veronica Keenan
 [04/06 8:57:35AM]

Grace in Lace
Alanna Pynenburg
 [04/06 8:50:45AM]

It's all about the lace, the lace, the lace
Alana Noel
 [04/06 8:45:04AM]

Lacy Love
Dianne Legault
 [04/06 8:43:40AM]

A Touch of Class, Lacy Seduction, Say My Name, Keepsake
Karen Fehr
 [04/06 8:42:57AM]

Delicious Confection, Summer Romance, The Stunner, Smokeshow
lisa salter
 [04/06 8:42:04AM]

Beautiful vintage lace dress
Keisha Bennett
 [04/06 8:41:44AM]

Not just another pretty lace
Brandy Sjostrom
 [04/06 8:29:36AM]

Sugar and Spice & Everything Lace
Jaymie Martiniuk
 [04/06 8:27:58AM]

Grace In Lace
Irene Fiore
 [04/06 8:19:14AM]

Laced to kill dress
Jamie Westerhof
 [04/06 8:18:45AM]

Sorry You Lost My Number Dress
June Versteeg
 [04/06 8:17:13AM]

A touch of elegance
Carlee Nolan
 [04/06 8:14:02AM]

All about the lace, you had me at lace
Anna galassi
 [04/06 8:11:31AM]

Touching Class
Cindy vanberg
 [04/06 8:07:53AM]

Crystal Tremblay
 [04/06 7:59:31AM]

Lady Lace
Dianne Legault
 [04/06 7:53:57AM]

Angelic Infernal Dress
Crystal Tremblay
 [04/06 7:53:53AM]

The New Little Black Dress, Because we all need some color in our wardrobe <3
Belinda Oliver
 [04/06 7:52:06AM]

Ashley Leclair
 [04/06 7:47:35AM]

Summer nights
Laura Travers
 [04/06 7:43:25AM]

Flirty Elegance, Classy & Sassy,
Gerri Toews
 [04/06 7:42:48AM]

Late Night Lace
Jamie Hillier
 [04/06 7:35:14AM]

Name of Love
Jas Sihota
 [04/06 7:32:50AM]

Legally laced
Amanda Heggelund
 [04/06 7:31:24AM]

"Late Night Lace"
Jamie Hillier
 [04/06 7:29:24AM]

Class & Sass
Gerri Toews
 [04/06 7:29:05AM]

Laced in the French Riviera Dress
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/06 7:26:56AM]

Whimsical Lace Dress
Jasmine Agnew
 [04/06 7:26:45AM]

French Laced Cocktail Dress
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/06 7:22:10AM]

Miranda Forbister
 [04/06 7:20:07AM]

Laced in French (the three colours are the flag colours of France
 [04/06 7:19:41AM]

Every vow and again...
Shawna Rimkey
 [04/06 7:18:23AM]

Dream girl date
Kristen Hamilton
 [04/06 7:17:15AM]

Love Me Lace Dress
Andrea Wilson
 [04/06 7:13:27AM]

Beauty n lace
Rosie walsh
 [04/06 7:12:41AM]

You're Mine Lace Dress
Sheila's Ingram
 [04/06 7:12:13AM]

Not just another pretty lace
Courtney Amy op
 [04/06 7:07:03AM]

Dress Me In Lace
Deneen Morgan
 [04/06 7:03:54AM]

The Love Letter Lace Dress
Deneen Morgan
 [04/06 7:01:27AM]

Vow or nothing lace dress
Vina Turner
 [04/06 6:58:12AM]

Lace Dreams
Ashley boyer
 [04/06 6:58:12AM]

Every vow and again
Shawna Rimkey
 [04/06 6:54:13AM]

Delicate Lady in Lace
Guy LaFosse
 [04/06 6:51:01AM]

Lace Angel (Lace Angel Dress)
Melanie Bennett
 [04/06 6:49:47AM]

Lovely Lace Breeze
Amanda LaFosse
 [04/06 6:48:58AM]

Delicate details dress
Colleen Nelson
 [04/06 6:29:53AM]

Lace to the finish line
Julie Anne Hilton
 [04/06 6:23:14AM]

1. Belle of the Ball 2. Luscious in Lace 3. Heartthrob 4. Delicate Dreamer
Jennifer Burkhart
 [04/06 6:22:34AM]

"What's underneath?"
Judy Martin
 [04/06 6:08:56AM]

Lacy lassy dress, Sweet Lacy Dreams
Kathleen Angell
 [04/06 6:07:03AM]

1) subtly sweet 2) chic&fit 3) hopeless romantic 3)forever lace
 [04/06 6:06:47AM]

melodie belich
 [04/06 5:57:38AM]

STEVIE (as in Stevie Nicks song Leather and Lace)
Janet Erskine
 [04/06 5:54:29AM]

Lace be my Lady
Sabrina Osborne
 [04/06 5:52:36AM]

Lacey Love
Tamara Pincombe
 [04/06 5:48:03AM]

Lucky in lace
Lauren Leduc
 [04/06 5:41:19AM]

Farrah Dress
c nilsen
 [04/06 5:35:34AM]

Dutchess, Kate
Sarah Cootes
 [04/06 5:34:35AM]

Luscious Lace Dress
Kelley Andrews-Klein
 [04/06 5:31:45AM]

Delicate, Devine, and Daring In Lace
Lori Martin
 [04/06 5:13:48AM]

Sugar and spice
Jennifer Caceres
 [04/06 5:13:27AM]

Sassy in Lace
Debi Gervais
 [04/06 5:03:26AM]

All About the Lace
Amanda Rhein
 [04/06 4:58:06AM]

Lace Legacy
Joanne Miller
 [04/06 4:45:51AM]

Above Cloud Nine
Amber Carruthers
 [04/06 4:45:15AM]

To love and to Lace, till lace do us part
Jordan Fine
 [04/06 4:44:17AM]

Heavenly Lace Dress
Amber Penney
 [04/06 4:44:05AM]

Lace Me Up! Or Lace Legacy
Joanne Miller
 [04/06 4:43:24AM]

In attendance, love me lace, all eyes on lace, all eyes on me, lace this way, lace in attendance, rsvp lace, lace loves weddings, I'm in lace, lucky lace.
 [04/06 4:42:47AM]

Lace it up
 [04/06 4:40:57AM]

Debbie Powell
 [04/06 4:33:45AM]

Irish dream (Irish lace is so lovely, wealthy brides used Ron wear it)!
Jen McGibbon
 [04/06 4:29:38AM]

Love letter lace, Lace Elegance, Accidentally in love.
Melanie Leslie
 [04/06 4:28:23AM]

Damsel in this dress
 [04/06 4:26:01AM]

Summer Breeze
Ellen noel
 [04/06 4:24:32AM]

All About Da Lace
Tina belzile
 [04/06 4:16:44AM]

Starry Nights
Karen Sangwin-MacPhail
 [04/06 3:58:23AM]

Laced in dreams
Teresa bestman
 [04/06 3:51:47AM]

Pure Elegance
Lisa Hicks
 [04/06 3:47:02AM]

Smoking hot lace
Amy Boutette
 [04/06 3:43:10AM]

a night out on lace
Anna siegman
 [04/06 3:42:57AM]

Summer of lace
Anne Reynolds
 [04/06 3:42:12AM]

Pretty Little Lies Dress.
Weronika Dubois
 [04/06 3:28:12AM]

Lace Love Dress
Brittany Earle
 [04/06 3:27:27AM]

A la lace
Tamarra moore
 [04/06 3:19:48AM]

Lusting for Luxe Lace Dress
Brittany Earle
 [04/06 3:19:02AM]

Embrace the lace
Meagan Sarrazin
 [04/06 3:11:11AM]

Meila Dress
Brittany Earle
 [04/06 3:07:00AM]

Shear Beauty
Melissa MacLean
 [04/06 3:01:29AM]

Race for the lace dress
Stephanie dunn
 [04/06 2:17:04AM]

Fell From Lace
Leslie Hane
 [04/06 2:09:32AM]

Falling From Lace
Leslie Hane
 [04/06 1:39:58AM]

Lace Forward Dress
Night owl
 [04/06 12:08:49AM]

Angel Wings
Jenny Comer
 [04/05 11:33:59PM]

Heavenly angel lace
Karen plamondon
 [04/05 11:32:46PM]

Angel Love Lace
Karen Plamondon
 [04/05 11:12:44PM]

Luscious in Lace
Karen Wyonzek
 [04/05 11:11:41PM]

"Lacey Beauty" or "Wrapped Up In Lace"
Julia Belmonte
 [04/05 11:11:06PM]

Passion Love Lace or Angel Love Lace
Karen Plamondon
 [04/05 11:04:13PM]

Luscious Lace
Tina Rogers
 [04/05 10:30:02PM]

Seductive charm, Interlace, cheek to cheek, The way you look tonight, Got me on my knees, ravish me, omniscient, The Stunner
Jennifer Anderson
 [04/05 10:24:56PM]

Effort-lace desire, like "effortless"
Megan Tait
 [04/05 10:18:01PM]

Just Wing It
Jessica Caldwell
 [04/05 9:57:05PM]

Lace be Honest, Not just a Pretty Lace
Cassandra Obritsch
 [04/05 9:51:36PM]

Lucky in Lace
Amanda Price
 [04/05 9:51:28PM]

Angel's Lace Angel's Wings
Angela Upton
 [04/05 9:48:58PM]

Lace mystery, Lace have a good time, ace the lace
Nicole Stodola
 [04/05 9:47:05PM]

Anyplace Lace Dress
Megan Connors
 [04/05 9:43:51PM]

Kiera Lacey
Allison McArthur
 [04/05 9:42:05PM]

Lace Actually
Joanne Holliday-Scott
 [04/05 9:40:37PM]

Lacey Macey
Jolene Bourque
 [04/05 9:40:21PM]

Marilyn Lace Dress
Megan Connors
 [04/05 9:39:27PM]

Sandra tunbridge
 [04/05 9:35:38PM]

Daydreamer party dress
Megan connors
 [04/05 9:31:08PM]

Lace to the Finish dress
Brittany Prevost
 [04/05 9:29:23PM]

Sweet sensation
Angela Yamaoka
 [04/05 9:29:07PM]

Love you forever dress
Megan Connors
 [04/05 9:19:41PM]

Lady of the Lace -- Now You See Me -- Lace Give Them Something to Talk About
Deidre Clark
 [04/05 9:16:32PM]

Dainty Diva Dress
Kelsey Garber
 [04/05 9:12:58PM]

Ace of Lace dress
Megan Connors
 [04/05 9:11:21PM]

Dainty Diva
Kelsey Garber
 [04/05 9:09:14PM]

Afternoon tea Afternoon delight ;)
Krista Brzezicki
 [04/05 9:08:48PM]

Prairie Glam
Kelsey Garber
 [04/05 9:03:06PM]

The Lace of luxury dress
Sherri Kohle
 [04/05 9:00:13PM]

Dainty lace dress, flutter dress, whimsy dress
Lizanne Roy
 [04/05 8:59:40PM]

On Point Dress
Dana Shiels
 [04/05 8:57:49PM]

Lacey Dazzer Dress , Misses Lace Dress
Lindsay Lamirande
 [04/05 8:54:43PM]

Sweet Sensations Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [04/05 8:53:02PM]

Perfectly Polished Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [04/05 8:52:20PM]

Be a Vision Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [04/05 8:51:30PM]

Lace and Angel Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [04/05 8:50:44PM]

Lacey Soulmate Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [04/05 8:49:45PM]

Spring Thrill; Spring Frill-sation; Lace-embrace; Fun'n Flirty; Sweet Summer flare.
Michelle Coolen
 [04/05 8:48:00PM]

Luxe and Lace
Cherie McEntire
 [04/05 8:42:42PM]

Live, laugh, love, lace! Sweet escape. All you need is lace.
Ashley Talmey
 [04/05 8:42:41PM]

What dreams are made of.
Catherine green
 [04/05 8:40:48PM]

Love Letter Lace Dress; Sweetheart Lacey Dress
Kailee Bowman
 [04/05 8:39:46PM]

Graceful Lace Dress
Dinah Bueckert
 [04/05 8:38:58PM]

Elegance is Timeless
Gennie Walters
 [04/05 8:35:43PM]

You're mine
Sheila Ingram
 [04/05 8:34:37PM]

The Dazzling Lacey
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [04/05 8:31:57PM]

Chantilly Lace Dress; Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face Dress; Chantilly Lace on a Pretty Face Dress;
 [04/05 8:27:52PM]

Sheila Gaarden
 [04/05 8:26:50PM]

Lacey Jane
Tori McFaddin
 [04/05 8:24:59PM]

Sass n class lace dress
Bonnie Langton
 [04/05 8:22:40PM]

Lucky Lace Dress
June Versteeg
 [04/05 8:18:26PM]

Lindsey Lace
Lindsey MacNeil
 [04/05 8:17:56PM]

Dream On Laced & In Love Lady in lace
Samantha Heffernan
 [04/05 8:16:26PM]

Date Night Dress
June Versteeg
 [04/05 8:12:23PM]

Faith & Flourish Dress
Stephanie Macdermid
 [04/05 8:12:05PM]

Thrill of the lace
Celeste Kallis
 [04/05 8:11:25PM]

Love Me In Lace, Lacey Love, Dare To Be Lacey, A Lacey Little Number
Barbara Paul
 [04/05 8:09:41PM]

Love in Lace, Lovin' Lace, All Laced Up, All Laced Up and Somewhere to Go,
Candice Crosby
 [04/05 8:09:10PM]

Embraced by Lace Dress
Pam Ralston
 [04/05 8:07:11PM]

The Duchess
 [04/05 8:06:32PM]

Chantilly Dreams
Misty Fortier
 [04/05 8:05:03PM]

A Touch of Lace Dress
 [04/05 8:04:22PM]

Chantilly Lace
Christina Giesbrecht
 [04/05 8:04:06PM]

Love Me In Lace, Lacey Love, Dare To Be Lacey
Barbara Paul
 [04/05 8:03:51PM]

Lace your curves
April Price
 [04/05 8:00:55PM]

'Arsenic and Old Lace Dress'
 [04/05 8:00:32PM]

Lacy days of summer dress
Charlene Tran
 [04/05 7:59:00PM]

A little bit flirty but a whole lot of sexy
Deb Tycholiz
 [04/05 7:58:02PM]

The Duchess of Cambridge Lace Dress
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 7:57:29PM]

Racey Lacey dress
 [04/05 7:55:37PM]

A Royal
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 7:53:40PM]

Gathering Place Dress
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 7:52:15PM]

Straight Laced Beauty Dress
Angela McLellan
 [04/05 7:51:54PM]

"Anytime dress"
Margo Gregson
 [04/05 7:51:18PM]

"And why not?!!"
Margo Gregson
 [04/05 7:48:32PM]

Flutter & Lace Dress
Kate Bingham
 [04/05 7:48:05PM]

Lavishly Lace
Raylene Thompson
 [04/05 7:47:41PM]

Lace the Town
Leanne Norman
 [04/05 7:46:04PM]

Love Letter Lace Dress; Damsel in This Dress
Chrystal Sullivan
 [04/05 7:46:03PM]

Margo Gregson
 [04/05 7:44:31PM]

Lovely In Lace
Allie Campbell
 [04/05 7:42:50PM]

Lace Ventura, lace it on me, Lacey lassie, Lacey lass
Joanne Fodchuk
 [04/05 7:42:19PM]

To An Imaginary Place Dress
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 7:41:18PM]

Interlace Dress; Stay in Place Dress; Imaginary Place Dress; To a Higher Place Dress;
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 7:39:28PM]

Save the Date (Lace) Dress, Pucker Up (Lace) Dress
Amanda Asturias
 [04/05 7:39:18PM]

Lady in lace
Joanne Fodchuk
 [04/05 7:38:27PM]

Daisy Dreamer
Jennifer Chuckry
 [04/05 7:37:47PM]

Lacey lace dress Not your grandmothers tablecloth dress.
Jacquie both
 [04/05 7:34:23PM]

Big Night Out Dress
Virginia Foulds
 [04/05 7:34:17PM]

Date night dress.
Reggena glynn
 [04/05 7:34:12PM]

The Emmy Dress
Virginia Foulds
 [04/05 7:32:57PM]

Dream date dress, lucky love dress,cloud nine dream dress, lace love, spring fling frock
Bobbi Janzen
 [04/05 7:31:52PM]

Braid Dress
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 7:31:27PM]

Wedding March dress
Virginia Foulds
 [04/05 7:30:53PM]

Lakei (Lacey in Hawaiian)
Amber Crofts
 [04/05 7:30:50PM]

Lace and Braid Dress
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 7:28:40PM]

Lace it up
 [04/05 7:28:23PM]

Lace of Love
Kaitlyn Thurston
 [04/05 7:28:16PM]

Love Letter Lace Dress, When in Rome Dress, Laqueus Dress
Roxy Heinen
 [04/05 7:28:02PM]

Tammy James
 [04/05 7:23:27PM]

Embrace the Lace dress, The Racey Lace-y, Midsummers night dream dress, Better than the bride dress
Allyce Campbell
 [04/05 7:22:01PM]

Kia Charko
 [04/05 7:20:10PM]

Pretty in lace, a touch of lace, Lacey
Christi McEachen
 [04/05 7:19:10PM]

Arlyn Greig
 [04/05 7:18:12PM]

Lady in Lace, love and lace, love in Lace, Tea Time in the Garden dress, No Love Lost Dress,
kaitlyn robb
 [04/05 7:17:39PM]

I Dream of Lacey
Mel Gray
 [04/05 7:16:02PM]

Ready to be romanced?!
Angela Walker
 [04/05 7:15:49PM]

Chantilly Lace
Brenda Mears
 [04/05 7:14:52PM]

Lacy Girl, sweet lace, Lacy Dream
Chantalle Nolet
 [04/05 7:13:34PM]

Sandra graham
 [04/05 7:12:56PM]

Lace me crazy
Martyne Todd
 [04/05 7:11:23PM]

Fearless in lace dress
Laurie Pampu
 [04/05 7:10:19PM]

Shawna Koch
 [04/05 7:09:02PM]

All leather and no lace makes me dull
Alana Ekren
 [04/05 7:08:48PM]

All About that Lace Dress
Teena Huston
 [04/05 7:08:40PM]

Lace it all out, lets lace it all on the line, lace have a good time
Randi marcil
 [04/05 7:08:01PM]

Lace & Hope
Ashley Maida
 [04/05 7:06:41PM]

Peppermint Ice!
Lorrie tarka
 [04/05 7:04:40PM]

Thrill Of The Frill Dress
Jennifer Pittman
 [04/05 7:04:10PM]

Little lace dress "LLD"
Chandal Eggli
 [04/05 7:03:59PM]

'Ethereal'(meaning too light and delicate for this world).
Jennifer Hiebert
 [04/05 7:02:42PM]

Reck"lace" monroe
Renelle bryan
 [04/05 7:02:00PM]

'Ethereal' (meaning too light and delicate for this world).
Jennifer Hiebert
 [04/05 7:00:30PM]

"Love at First Lace"
Jennifer Schultz
 [04/05 6:59:53PM]

'Straight-laced' - Definition of straitlaced. 1 : excessively strict in manners, morals, or opinion. 2 : wearing or having a bodice or stays tightly laced.
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 6:59:47PM]

Dreamy Lace Dress
Christine Jones
 [04/05 6:59:18PM]

Fantasy in lace
Rachael Sanders
 [04/05 6:59:05PM]

Reck"lace" romance.
Renelle Bryan
 [04/05 6:57:44PM]

She's All That Dress
Jennifer Pittman
 [04/05 6:57:33PM]

Lady In Lace Dress
Kelly Courtney
 [04/05 6:56:56PM]

Goddess, Lovely in Lace
Wendy Ramsay
 [04/05 6:56:25PM]

Chantilly Lace Frilly Romance Flair for the Romantics Lace, Grace & Grit
Marilyn Newton
 [04/05 6:56:13PM]

Laced Butterfly, Ace of Lace
Crystal Wright
 [04/05 6:54:35PM]

Show me the love dress
Korenn Nawrot
 [04/05 6:54:01PM]

'Straight Laced' - Definition of straitlaced. 1 : excessively strict in manners, morals, or opinion. 2 : wearing or having a bodice or stays tightly laced.
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 6:52:49PM]

You had me at lace
Cathy schroeder
 [04/05 6:52:28PM]

Angel Wings
 [04/05 6:52:28PM]

Angel wing dress or party pal dress.
Barb huber
 [04/05 6:52:14PM]

Captivated by Lace
Charlene King
 [04/05 6:51:54PM]

Lavish Lace
Angela Wilson
 [04/05 6:50:56PM]

Beautiful elegant lacy dress
Stephanie Morrison
 [04/05 6:50:24PM]

High Tea Lace Dress
Alison Clarkson
 [04/05 6:49:22PM]

Queen Anne's Lace Dress Victoria Lace dress
Robyn Clayfield
 [04/05 6:48:50PM]

Ruffles & Lace
Pauline Konrad
 [04/05 6:48:38PM]

Straight Laced
Barbara Giorgio
 [04/05 6:48:35PM]

Chantily lace
Stacey Pitsos
 [04/05 6:48:12PM]

Tina Carruthers
 [04/05 6:47:45PM]

Sweet & Sassy
Chantal Lebel
 [04/05 6:41:54PM]

Crush on Lace
Jennifer shelley
 [04/05 6:39:45PM]

Sinfully safe lace dress
Marlene seymour
 [04/05 6:38:04PM]

Daisy Lace
Tracey Lavers
 [04/05 6:37:29PM]

Sugar Queen Dress
Michelle Rakoczy
 [04/05 6:37:23PM]

Royal Laces, Love Letter dress, dress d'amour, Aphrodite dress
Natalie St-Laurent
 [04/05 6:37:15PM]

Triple L- Lovely Ladies Lace
Laurie Barnett
 [04/05 6:36:37PM]

Win the race lace
Vicky McCahon
 [04/05 6:35:35PM]

First place lace
Vicky McCahon
 [04/05 6:34:39PM]

"Queen Anne's lace" or " Queen of lace"
Dana Lean
 [04/05 6:34:07PM]

Chantilly Dream Dress
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [04/05 6:34:05PM]

Lace it on top dress , Venise on point ,
Denise Jackson
 [04/05 6:32:19PM]

Aisle style, Lusting for lace, I now pronounce you posh
Ashley Robbins
 [04/05 6:31:54PM]

Lace up the night
Katie foster
 [04/05 6:30:56PM]

Lace be a lady
Megan Curry
 [04/05 6:30:53PM]

Lucky in lace, I love lacey
Sarah Willier
 [04/05 6:28:29PM]

"it's all about me"
Bev Gudlaugson
 [04/05 6:28:03PM]

The Lacey
Odessa Dyer
 [04/05 6:26:49PM]

Fire and Ice dress, irrepLACEable, endless embrace
Megan Tait
 [04/05 6:26:46PM]

Charlene Wojcicki
 [04/05 6:26:27PM]

Timeless dress Forget Me Not dress
Chantelle Paulson
 [04/05 6:25:02PM]

Wow or Never Lace Dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 6:24:29PM]

Racey Lacey
Allison Darling
 [04/05 6:18:41PM]

Lady in Lace Dress
Angela Rankine
 [04/05 6:18:41PM]

The Chantelle lace
Allison keen
 [04/05 6:17:20PM]

Ever After Dress OR Love Me A Little Lace Dress
Lindsay Fera
 [04/05 6:16:27PM]

Lace me up dress
Randice Quick
 [04/05 6:16:22PM]

Romantic Moments
Janice Anderson
 [04/05 6:15:52PM]

First Lady
Shawnda Scott
 [04/05 6:15:32PM]

Dreams come true in lace
Amanda Johnson
 [04/05 6:14:28PM]

Luck Be a Lacey Dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 6:14:04PM]

Lovely lace
Monica Kauthlove
 [04/05 6:13:58PM]

Loveable Lace Dress
Agnes Connors
 [04/05 6:12:45PM]

Sweet & lacey, midsummer lace, graceful lace
Amanda Normandeau
 [04/05 6:11:35PM]

Live in the Wow Lace Dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 6:11:07PM]

Bestowed with Beauty
Lara Beattie
 [04/05 6:11:03PM]

Pretty in lace dress Chantilized by lace dress
Victoria melbourne
 [04/05 6:10:48PM]

Laced Ice or Lacey Icing
Diana Cornell
 [04/05 6:10:29PM]

Lace with Grace
Jocelyn Benner
 [04/05 6:10:24PM]

Frosted delight
Caryn Van Hemert
 [04/05 6:09:20PM]

Time and Grace Lace Dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 6:09:18PM]

Laced embraced dress
Jennifer freamon
 [04/05 6:08:13PM]

Wear and Wow
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 6:06:35PM]

Lady Lace, Queen of Lace.
Jackie Van Den Bussche
 [04/05 6:05:15PM]

Brilliant in lace.
Sue sullivan
 [04/05 6:05:03PM]

Lace get it on
Emily Rousselle
 [04/05 6:04:31PM]

Lady in Lace
Jennifer Ramsay
 [04/05 6:03:44PM]

Lacey Gracie
Jennifer maclachlan
 [04/05 6:03:22PM]

Lace be Honest
Kareen martin
 [04/05 6:02:24PM]

Lacy Lady
Jessica Kulbida
 [04/05 6:01:28PM]

Love N Lace
Jas doucette
 [04/05 6:00:55PM]

The Royal Dress
Julie LePretre
 [04/05 6:00:11PM]

Racy Lacey, Royal Ruffles, Lady Lace
Stephanie Andrews
 [04/05 5:58:47PM]

Naughty or Nice Lace Angel Dress
Laresa Sayles
 [04/05 5:57:27PM]

Late Night Date Night!!
Chantal Weightman
 [04/05 5:55:08PM]

Lovely in lace
Elaine Taylor
 [04/05 5:55:06PM]

Lace be friends
Emily Rousselle
 [04/05 5:54:14PM]

The Marilyn Dress
Calyssa Skeggs
 [04/05 5:54:03PM]

Every Vow and Again Lace Dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 5:53:38PM]

Flirty Feminine Fun
Heather Wilson
 [04/05 5:53:16PM]

A midsummer lace's dream
Devon Eisenberger
 [04/05 5:53:11PM]

Summer Nights
Katie Burnett
 [04/05 5:53:08PM]

All Laced Up
Jolene Reimer
 [04/05 5:53:08PM]

Classy Lassy Lace Dress
Joanne Calder
 [04/05 5:52:47PM]

Flirt alert
Melanie Rumley
 [04/05 5:52:22PM]

Lace in your face; oh so fancy lace dress; not your grandma's tablecloth!
Louise van Beek Rogers
 [04/05 5:52:18PM]

Lace Butterflies
Mandy Rodman
 [04/05 5:52:06PM]

Summer Lace
Katie Burnett
 [04/05 5:52:02PM]

It''s All About The Lace
Amber Nemeth
 [04/05 5:51:48PM]

Destination Dreaming
Shari Maclellan
 [04/05 5:51:01PM]

Grace & Lace
Katie Burnett
 [04/05 5:50:49PM]

"Always the case" lace dress!
Lea Lianza
 [04/05 5:50:48PM]

Hope-lacy devoted
Megan cull
 [04/05 5:49:53PM]

Wear and Wow Dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 5:47:46PM]

Arsenic and old lace.
Shila King
 [04/05 5:45:37PM]

Summer sass
Amanda Kaselkat
 [04/05 5:45:29PM]

Lacey Elegant
Maranda Housr
 [04/05 5:44:28PM]

Chantille swirl lace dress
Carrie Cabot
 [04/05 5:43:39PM]

Love Letter Lace dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 5:43:37PM]

Lace O'lay
Amber Keller
 [04/05 5:41:55PM]

Starry Nights
Annmarie Penner
 [04/05 5:41:36PM]

Classy lace
Lorrie McGrayne
 [04/05 5:40:39PM]

I lace you Lace em up Pretty in lace On Fridays we wear lace.
Jenn McNaughton
 [04/05 5:40:30PM]

Lacey Lou Dress, Lace go out!
Angela McDonald
 [04/05 5:40:08PM]

Lovely in Lace Dress
Laura Pawlowski
 [04/05 5:39:31PM]

2920's revival
Brittney Smith
 [04/05 5:39:22PM]

Laced with confidence
Megan Major
 [04/05 5:38:40PM]

Gilded Grace Lace dress
Shari MacLellan
 [04/05 5:38:11PM]

Lovely in Lace
Jackie Van Den Bussche
 [04/05 5:38:11PM]

dentelle, Belle robe de dentelle,ladies in lace , lady in lace lady lace ,lace elegance , who's the lady in lace , lovely lace dress , lovely lace
Rechelle krieger
 [04/05 5:37:02PM]

My fair lady, Southern Sunday, Bows and Arrows, Simply Lace
Morgan Black
 [04/05 5:35:56PM]

Cynthia Lanoue
 [04/05 5:35:22PM]

Latin Lace
Lauren Paradis
 [04/05 5:33:51PM]

You had me at Lace
Jennifer Lalonde
 [04/05 5:33:44PM]

Tina Rogers
 [04/05 5:32:10PM]

Angela Mortimer
 [04/05 5:31:34PM]

Simply angelic
Lisa Wilson
 [04/05 5:31:15PM]

Western Lace (because it would look amazing with some cowboy boots!)
Heather Cosenzo
 [04/05 5:31:05PM]

Chantilly nights
Pamela MacKenzie
 [04/05 5:30:57PM]

Lovely in Lace Dress
Andrea Robinson
 [04/05 5:30:56PM]

Lacy racy date night dress
Heather lequyere
 [04/05 5:30:04PM]

Chantilly Lace
Helen Saunders
 [04/05 5:29:26PM]

Tina Rogers
 [04/05 5:28:50PM]

Summer Breeze Dress
Donna Tamm
 [04/05 5:28:41PM]

Tina Rogers
 [04/05 5:27:45PM]

Dainty Lace Dress, Sweet Lace Dress, Sweet Attraction Dress, Meet me in the Garden Dress, Meet me in the Moonlight dress, Lace Kissed Dress, Naughty but Nice, Blissful Lace dress, Vintage Blossoms Dress
Megan Baker
 [04/05 5:26:36PM]

Cover-me lace
Tammy Pruden
 [04/05 5:25:44PM]

Sassy & Classy
Sarah Cootes
 [04/05 5:24:59PM]

Lady in lace
Jackie shoemaker
 [04/05 5:24:26PM]

Princess Lace
Carol Lettington
 [04/05 5:23:24PM]

Donna Grern
 [04/05 5:22:20PM]

Lace Minute Elegance
Joanne MacLellan
 [04/05 5:21:13PM]

Storm the Castle
Heidi Kostrey
 [04/05 5:20:51PM]

Lucious Lace Dress
Erin Levesque
 [04/05 5:19:19PM]

Swan lace dress
Cyndi Van Aalst
 [04/05 5:18:26PM]

Lace Dreams, Elegant in Lace
Kayla Jennings
 [04/05 5:18:25PM]

Lacy Love
June Weiss
 [04/05 5:18:21PM]

Spring Fling
Stephanie Mang
 [04/05 5:17:58PM]

Lacy Lady
Christina Rivard
 [04/05 5:17:19PM]

Purely Elegant
Nicole Pilgrim-Shier
 [04/05 5:15:57PM]

As You Wish
Heidi Kostrey
 [04/05 5:15:51PM]

Entwined Beauty Dress
Sherri Page
 [04/05 5:15:22PM]

Lovely in Lace
Colleen Gurgul
 [04/05 5:14:31PM]

Frilly Beautiful Dress
Candice Erdelyi
 [04/05 5:14:25PM]

Delicate and Daring!
Christina Rivard
 [04/05 5:12:48PM]

Lovely in Lace
Carrie Laidler-Slusar
 [04/05 5:12:00PM]

Living in Luxury
Melissa VanDerMark
 [04/05 5:11:31PM]

Racy in lace
Kim Gibeault
 [04/05 5:11:07PM]

Lace is More
Jessie Demone
 [04/05 5:09:28PM]

The"YES" dress
Marie-Anne Iturregui
 [04/05 5:09:00PM]

Lacin' the dream
heather mctavish
 [04/05 5:08:59PM]

Chantilly Lace Dress
Sherri Page
 [04/05 5:08:04PM]

Dressed for Royalty
Crystal Scheit
 [04/05 5:07:30PM]

Lady in Lace
Cayla Solomon
 [04/05 5:07:09PM]

Lovely Lace me Up
Heather Butt
 [04/05 5:06:25PM]

Floral fantasy
Allison Vitelli
 [04/05 5:05:22PM]

Lace Expectations
Bridget Frost
 [04/05 5:03:28PM]

-all about that lace -not your grandma's doiley -little lace dress -mad about lace -lace o'clock
Harper Kettle
 [04/05 5:03:05PM]

Endlace clssic
Grace micklefield
 [04/05 5:00:38PM]

Lovely in Lace
Heidi Kostrey
 [04/05 5:00:09PM]

Luxurious Lacey Dress
Megan Baker
 [04/05 4:59:44PM]

Lace of spades!
Nicola Munro
 [04/05 4:59:36PM]

Lady in Lace
Heidi Kostrey
 [04/05 4:59:19PM]

Simply Lace
Crissinda Black
 [04/05 4:57:35PM]

Oh la la lace dress
Melissa MacIntyre
 [04/05 4:57:03PM]

Chase the Lace
Amanda Verge
 [04/05 4:54:26PM]

Lace is the Word
Tracy Wild
 [04/05 4:54:10PM]

Oh that dress
Kelly hagel
 [04/05 4:54:06PM]

Carolina lace dress
Paula Breitkreuz
 [04/05 4:52:39PM]

Ace of Lace
Nicole Tkachuk
 [04/05 4:52:20PM]

Ain't your grandmas Doily!
Jennaya Isaac
 [04/05 4:52:01PM]

Heavenly lady lace, 50 shades of lace, Laced to kill
Shana Allen
 [04/05 4:51:45PM]

Grand taste of lace
Kerri Bourassa
 [04/05 4:50:07PM]

Carole Brun
 [04/05 4:48:13PM]

Lace n Grace!
Gonish Keeping
 [04/05 4:48:13PM]

Angelwing Lace Dress
Karla Barker
 [04/05 4:47:34PM]

Everywhere Lace (because there's lace everywhere and you can where this everywhere - dress is down with a denim jacket and boots or dress is up with jewelry and heels!)
Lynn Sedgwick
 [04/05 4:46:13PM]

Spring fantasy or Harmony in Sweet Lace or girl power
Carina Roberts
 [04/05 4:45:40PM]

Lovely Lacey Dress
Michelle Pearson
 [04/05 4:44:23PM]

All about that lace
Christina Dymond
 [04/05 4:43:58PM]

Lovely in lace
Carrie Hulshof
 [04/05 4:43:54PM]

Luscious in Lace
Jan Simon
 [04/05 4:43:08PM]

Delicate Desire Dress
Natasha Nicholson
 [04/05 4:42:47PM]

Luminous Luxurious Lacey Dress
Sarah Bourbonnais
 [04/05 4:41:29PM]

All the Right Moves, Timeless, Bliss, Forever Lace, Lace Dreams, Hot Summer Nights, The Name of Love, Twilight, Femme Fatale,
Fawn Kosiancic
 [04/05 4:40:29PM]

Lovely in Lace; Lace Me Up; Love Me Some Lace; Grace With Lace; Swept Up In Lace; In Your Dreams
Amy Apfelbaum
 [04/05 4:39:34PM]

1.Ladylike lace mini dress 2.Romantic lovely lace mini dress 3.Lacey Susan 4.Play nice mini dress
Debbie Smith
 [04/05 4:39:09PM]

Lovely in Lace
Heather Maccallum
 [04/05 4:38:53PM]

Krista Calder
 [04/05 4:36:57PM]

Lacey's Night Out
Victoria Melbourne
 [04/05 4:36:40PM]

 [04/05 4:35:25PM]

The Right Time and Lace Dress
Deanna Miller
 [04/05 4:35:24PM]

Kim Stecyk
 [04/05 4:34:06PM]

I challenge you to a lace.. dress
Rene Simpson
 [04/05 4:33:18PM]

Sleek and Sassy
G-Nel Nelson
 [04/05 4:33:02PM]

Lace Embrace dress
Michelle Canning
 [04/05 4:31:28PM]

Tanya Hardisty
 [04/05 4:30:59PM]

Secrets in lace, grace in lace, chantilly lace, laced on point, laced bombshell,
Marissa pichette
 [04/05 4:30:10PM]

Perfect Cut Dress; Orleans Dress; Total Eclipse Dress
Angela Corcoran
 [04/05 4:29:43PM]

Lace and Love Lace Embrace Lace you until the end of Time
Susan Schmidt
 [04/05 4:29:33PM]

50 shades of Lace
Shana Allen
 [04/05 4:28:48PM]

Larissa Beraskow
 [04/05 4:28:03PM]

Evening in Lace
Patricia Plumpton
 [04/05 4:27:47PM]

"Lace the night away" "Lace Embrace" "Lady Lace"
Shana Allen
 [04/05 4:27:11PM]

Not Your Grandma's Tea Party Dress
Krista Broda
 [04/05 4:26:45PM]

Dreaming of Lace
Randice Quick
 [04/05 4:26:17PM]

Elizabeth Fairhall
 [04/05 4:26:10PM]

Dazzling diva
Suzette Hillier
 [04/05 4:25:51PM]

Chantilly Lace
Brittany Schofield
 [04/05 4:24:39PM]

"Lovely embrace the lace" or "Lacey Embrace"
 [04/05 4:24:17PM]

Racey Lacey Dress
Linda Sarginson
 [04/05 4:23:31PM]

Lady In Lace
Bev Rodrigues
 [04/05 4:22:22PM]

A midsummer lace dream
Devon Eisenberger
 [04/05 4:21:53PM]

Kissed by the lace, The Scarlet Rose, The Secret Garden
 [04/05 4:21:18PM]

Summer fun dress Or Fun and flirty dress
Katie Page
 [04/05 4:21:09PM]

"The lacey dream "
Amanda MacDonald
 [04/05 4:21:09PM]

Kristina komoto
 [04/05 4:19:51PM]

Angelic lace
Laurie Althouse
 [04/05 4:15:44PM]

Celebration dress
Jamie Petrie
 [04/05 4:15:34PM]

Lacey Flair, Flora Lace, Mischa Lace, Summertime Romance,
 [04/05 4:13:25PM]

Lucky in lace
Amanda grant
 [04/05 4:12:12PM]

Flutter fresh lace dress
Jodi Duhard
 [04/05 4:10:37PM]

Sheer Elagance
Christine Barthelette
 [04/05 4:09:58PM]

Right Lace Right Time Dress
Vanessa Marshall
 [04/05 4:08:57PM]

Grace and Lace Sheer grace Lacey love Laced up Had me at lace
Renee Deslaunais
 [04/05 4:07:34PM]

The look of lace, living for lace, justify my lace, it must have been lace
Tanya Kierstead
 [04/05 4:06:45PM]

Stacey Tomlinson
 [04/05 4:06:32PM]

Lace in Just the Right Place
Katie Shw
 [04/05 4:05:42PM]

The Cagney Cocktail Dress
Melissa Mohammed
 [04/05 4:03:51PM]

Chantilly Lace & a Pretty Face
Natalie Bradbury
 [04/05 4:03:09PM]

Embrace the Lace Dress
Brandi Black
 [04/05 4:02:31PM]

Flutter Sleeve Lace Dress; The Cagney Cocktail Dress
Melissa Mohammed
 [04/05 4:02:05PM]

Lace be honest
Tanya Kierstead
 [04/05 4:00:48PM]

Spring Isle Mini Dress
Hillary Makolowich
 [04/05 4:00:35PM]

Summer Love
Melissa Shaw
 [04/05 4:00:16PM]

It reminds me of 20s.. Gats2beme or Gats2bemine
Melissa lemky
 [04/05 3:59:11PM]

50 Shades of Lace
Brenda Eaton
 [04/05 3:57:42PM]

Chase the lace
Angela Roberts
 [04/05 3:56:00PM]

Lace Da Night
Joanne Clark
 [04/05 3:55:54PM]

Lace With Grace
Barbara Sempovich
 [04/05 3:55:45PM]

Timeless dress
Lindsay McAllister
 [04/05 3:55:38PM]

A Cut Above dress
Tracy Dubois
 [04/05 3:55:06PM]

Lace the night away
Lyndsey Baker
 [04/05 3:55:05PM]

You Make My Heart Flutter Fluttering Heart Fluttershy Flutterby Flutter in My Heart Belaced Lacewing Lacework Chantilly Lace
Chantelle Falk
 [04/05 3:53:00PM]

Angel Lace
Jennifer Hicks
 [04/05 3:52:59PM]

On Cloud 9
Janet McAninch
 [04/05 3:52:41PM]

Sassy and classy dress
Tracy Dubois
 [04/05 3:52:37PM]

Saved by lace
Garland burlando
 [04/05 3:52:36PM]

First pLACE Dress All About That Lace Dress Lace Luxury Dress Lace to the Top Dress Lovely Lace Dress Lace Escape Dress
Jessica Derksen
 [04/05 3:52:23PM]

Samantha Mohamed
 [04/05 3:52:05PM]

Lace the Music
Janet McAninch
 [04/05 3:51:47PM]

A Midsummers nights lace :)
Nancy Twist
 [04/05 3:51:15PM]

Karlee waight
 [04/05 3:50:48PM]

I lace you
Devon James
 [04/05 3:50:13PM]

Lace Me With Your Best Shot
Angela Roberts
 [04/05 3:50:00PM]

Sweet lace
Joanne Coughlin
 [04/05 3:49:27PM]

Scarlet dress as in Southern Belle gone with the wind.
Amanda watt
 [04/05 3:49:09PM]

Living it up Lacey
Amy Graham
 [04/05 3:48:38PM]

Lacey lass
Shellie O'Brien
 [04/05 3:48:25PM]

Sofia's Entrantrace Dress
Michelle McCarthy
 [04/05 3:48:19PM]

Pure beauty
Jennifer Zawadzki
 [04/05 3:47:28PM]

Forever Lace
Kathy Pirone
 [04/05 3:46:52PM]

Victoria Billard
 [04/05 3:46:47PM]

Eva's seduction
Michelle McCarthy
 [04/05 3:46:36PM]

Exquisite Lacy Dress
Susan Wood
 [04/05 3:45:28PM]

Katie Nautical Lace Dress
Candice McFadyen
 [04/05 3:45:21PM]

Lace me away
Courtney gullickson
 [04/05 3:44:51PM]

Lady in lace dress
Melanie Forbes
 [04/05 3:43:52PM]

Angel in Lace drrss
Ingrid St-Cyr
 [04/05 3:43:43PM]

Date Night Delight
Carley Johnson
 [04/05 3:43:38PM]

It's a lace affair
Alyse Bedard-Dow
 [04/05 3:42:29PM]

Lace Matters
Amber Johnson
 [04/05 3:42:20PM]

Loving Lace
Julie Clemence
 [04/05 3:42:10PM]

Dressed to Frill, or when in Rome dress
Tamara Vaandrager
 [04/05 3:41:34PM]

Chantilly Lace
 [04/05 3:40:55PM]

Country Sass City Class
Anita Knipe
 [04/05 3:40:33PM]

I Dream of Lace Dress
Amy Warick
 [04/05 3:40:23PM]

Romancing The Lace
Kerry O'Brien
 [04/05 3:39:48PM]

A Midsummers night dress
Korrin Lenderbeck
 [04/05 3:39:43PM]

All You Need is Lace
Amber Johnson
 [04/05 3:39:41PM]

Right lace, right time
Jessica Reid
 [04/05 3:38:56PM]

The Gatsby Dress
Melissa Koski
 [04/05 3:37:28PM]

Ooh La Lacey
Lindsay Kannwischer
 [04/05 3:37:23PM]

Lovely in Lace dress.
 [04/05 3:36:37PM]

1.Classical Butterfly Lace 2. Eternal Empress 3. Royal Lace 4. Classical Duchess
Mia Kalmo
 [04/05 3:36:36PM]

Lace caress
Crystal Edwards
 [04/05 3:36:14PM]

The Paisley
Melissa Thompson
 [04/05 3:35:31PM]

Queen of Lace
Jeannine Helfrich
 [04/05 3:35:08PM]

Love me or Lace me
Lisa Allen
 [04/05 3:35:00PM]

Flirty Girl
Aynslie Croney
 [04/05 3:35:00PM]

Crystal Edwards
 [04/05 3:34:48PM]

Sassy & Classy Lace Dress
 [04/05 3:33:48PM]

Vintage chic dress Chantilly chic dress
Katie sharp
 [04/05 3:33:46PM]

Lucky in lace
Ashley Roth
 [04/05 3:33:44PM]

Flow lace dress, breezy lace dress, go with lace dress
Michelina Morsillo
 [04/05 3:33:38PM]

Lace Embrace
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 3:33:33PM]

Lustfully lace dress
Shauna Hackett
 [04/05 3:33:21PM]

Sweet Sensation
Kim Page
 [04/05 3:33:20PM]

Say my name Lacey dress
Jennifer Freamon
 [04/05 3:33:17PM]

Stevie (as in Stevie nicks - her song leather and lace) Leather and Lace / chantilly lace
Janet Erskine
 [04/05 3:33:07PM]

The Nightingale
Christina costa
 [04/05 3:32:48PM]

Amazing Grace, Angels From Heaven, A cut Above, A Class All Your Own
Christy Anderson
 [04/05 3:32:45PM]

Angel in lace, Enjoy the Lacey things dress,
Tonia Lamarche
 [04/05 3:32:10PM]

Lace goddess
Shelly collier
 [04/05 3:29:37PM]

Lace me up
Christina Lai
 [04/05 3:28:51PM]

Lady Lovelace
Nancy Twist
 [04/05 3:28:40PM]

Reck"lace" beauty
Dominique Lauzon
 [04/05 3:28:05PM]

Charlotte lace dress
Rebecca Howell
 [04/05 3:27:38PM]

Graced With Lace
Jessica Gibbons
 [04/05 3:27:13PM]

"To love and have fun".. like "to have and to hold"
Lissa McTaggart
 [04/05 3:26:47PM]

Victorian Godess
Trish Schram
 [04/05 3:26:35PM]

Pure Necessity
Sherri Coldwell
 [04/05 3:25:43PM]

Grace and Lace
Rebecca Brunke
 [04/05 3:25:20PM]

All grace in lace
Steph Cook
 [04/05 3:24:03PM]

Pure Necessity
Sherri Coldwell
 [04/05 3:22:50PM]

Lace be honest
Trisha Wasaznik
 [04/05 3:22:40PM]

All Laced Up Dress
Rachel Marie Millar
 [04/05 3:22:12PM]

Summer Dreams
Brittany Turnbull
 [04/05 3:22:06PM]

The Rhianna Dress; The Love Letter Lace Dress; The Secret Garden Dress; A Midsummer's Dress; Some Say It's Love Dress; The Sweetest Thing Dress
Amanda Corbett
 [04/05 3:22:02PM]

Love me Lacey, All Laced Up, Love Laced
Michaela Finnamore
 [04/05 3:19:53PM]

Sugar and Spice dress
Jennifer Ko
 [04/05 3:19:39PM]

La la Lacey
Ashley Maida
 [04/05 3:19:34PM]

All decked in lace
 [04/05 3:19:24PM]

Lace the music dress In your lace dress Lace the party A lace to remember Subtle sweetness
Julia strickland
 [04/05 3:18:43PM]

Lace My Breath Away
Rosemarie Peters
 [04/05 3:18:14PM]

Sweet and sassy lace dress
Julia strickland
 [04/05 3:15:47PM]

Lace me up dress
Julia strickland
 [04/05 3:15:13PM]

Evening in Lacey
Chantelle Collier
 [04/05 3:14:33PM]

Delicately Iced dress
Julia strickland
 [04/05 3:14:18PM]

Lace Lovely
Larissa Warford
 [04/05 3:13:56PM]

Luxury Lace
Ashley Maida
 [04/05 3:13:30PM]

Love Me Some Lace
Diane O'Hagan
 [04/05 3:13:14PM]

Delicate dreams dress
Julia strickland
 [04/05 3:13:05PM]

Grace in Lace
Jackie Eddie
 [04/05 3:12:17PM]

The Icing on the Cake Dress
Shelby Mistecki
 [04/05 3:11:59PM]

Elagant dream
Jody Clark
 [04/05 3:11:47PM]

Lace Luxury
Nancy Marshall
 [04/05 3:11:33PM]

Lace Me Lovely
Shawna Trudeau
 [04/05 3:11:25PM]

I dream of lace
Teri Foster
 [04/05 3:10:49PM]

Superior elegance party dress
Jolene Dorcas
 [04/05 3:10:46PM]

Lady in Lace
Cindy Palmer
 [04/05 3:10:03PM]

Dream Daisy
Angela Locke
 [04/05 3:10:01PM]

Sassy and classy
Nita Mjolsness
 [04/05 3:07:43PM]

Moonlight Madness, Moonlight Bliss, Lace in Your Stars
Megan Blair
 [04/05 3:06:56PM]

Face it with Lace
Monica Whiteway
 [04/05 3:05:46PM]

Lacey Legend Legendary lacy dress
Brittany Verkuyl
 [04/05 3:05:36PM]

Posh & Polished
Kelli Holst
 [04/05 3:04:48PM]

Summer fling
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [04/05 3:03:24PM]

Mommies Lacy Helper
Jessica Sutherland
 [04/05 3:02:56PM]

Antoinette Dress
Nicole G
 [04/05 3:02:56PM]

Amazing Lace Dress
Darcy Cook
 [04/05 3:01:12PM]

Megan Quinn
 [04/05 3:00:32PM]

Ou La La Lace Dress
Alexandra MacPhail
 [04/05 2:59:52PM]

"The Three Colours Trilogy"
 [04/05 2:59:48PM]

Footloose and lacey free
Kyla cudmore
 [04/05 2:59:32PM]

Graceful Lace Dress
Carrissa Rice
 [04/05 2:59:02PM]

Simplistic Summertime Dress
Trudi Gillis
 [04/05 2:57:07PM]

Heavenly lace dress
Ashley Stewart
 [04/05 2:56:59PM]

Lacey clouds
Ashley Stronski
 [04/05 2:56:50PM]

Head Over Heels in Lace
Lindsay Burke
 [04/05 2:56:36PM]

Mademoiselle dentelle
Renee Deleseleuc
 [04/05 2:56:30PM]

Laced Affections Not Your Grandma's Lace Shifting Gears in Lace (shift dress)
Alicia McKnight
 [04/05 2:56:03PM]

Pretty as Chantily Lace Dress
Melissa Martineau
 [04/05 2:55:58PM]

1) Embraced in Lace Dress 2) Lucky in Lace Dress 3) What happens in Vegas dress
Janette Kent
 [04/05 2:55:41PM]

Intriguing Innocence
Tabitha Hildebrandt
 [04/05 2:55:35PM]

"Not your grandmothers lace"dress
Beverly Lewis
 [04/05 2:55:17PM]

Lace embrace
Connie Townsend
 [04/05 2:54:53PM]

Vintage Paisley
Amanda Carnegie
 [04/05 2:53:49PM]

Chantilly Lace
Jaime swiscoski
 [04/05 2:53:37PM]

Not your mother's doily dress
Stephanie Cook
 [04/05 2:53:13PM]

Fashionably lace dress
Ashley Connolly
 [04/05 2:53:00PM]

Summer Beauty
Megan rose
 [04/05 2:52:58PM]

I dream of lace A lace to remember Knocking on heavens door
Tracy Dubois
 [04/05 2:52:43PM]

Every Occasion Lace
Natasha Young
 [04/05 2:52:39PM]

The Duchess Dress Name of Love Dress
Maegen Orr
 [04/05 2:52:17PM]

Chantilly Amor
Shiloh Wilbur
 [04/05 2:51:56PM]

Hot & Classy lace dress
Renee Deleseleuc
 [04/05 2:51:42PM]

Lady with the lace dress on.
 [04/05 2:51:05PM]

Set the Pace Lace
 [04/05 2:51:02PM]

Bexley Dress Secret Garden Dress Callie Lace Dress Antoinette Dress Whimsical Affair Dress
Melissa Kowalczyk
 [04/05 2:50:51PM]

I Dream of Lace
 [04/05 2:50:48PM]

Love Story
Linda Emslie
 [04/05 2:50:17PM]

alluring lace affair
Megan Stokley
 [04/05 2:49:32PM]

Lord of the Lace
June Versteeg
 [04/05 2:49:27PM]

Cerise Lewis
 [04/05 2:49:14PM]

Lacy Daydreamer
Tara Grinyer
 [04/05 2:49:12PM]

Sassy & classy
Lori Giffin
 [04/05 2:48:33PM]

"Envy of the party" dress
Beverly Lewis
 [04/05 2:48:08PM]

Perfectly Laced Up Dress
Jindy Popoff
 [04/05 2:47:10PM]

Lacey's Dream
Tiffany crawford
 [04/05 2:46:46PM]

You had me at lace, Lace the night away
Julene Sawatzky
 [04/05 2:46:18PM]

Forever laced
Erica Ferris
 [04/05 2:45:52PM]

"She's not just another pretty Lace"
Chantel odden
 [04/05 2:45:34PM]

Love Them or Lace Them
June Versteeg
 [04/05 2:45:27PM]

My Fair Lady Dress Lady in Lace Dress I could have danced all night dress
Julene Sawatzky
 [04/05 2:44:24PM]

Laced in love
Erica Ferris
 [04/05 2:44:24PM]

Grace the lace dress
Shelley Grimley
 [04/05 2:44:05PM]

Player on Lace
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:43:53PM]

For the love of lace
Erica Ferris
 [04/05 2:43:26PM]

Chantilly Lace Dress
Rebecca Barthelette
 [04/05 2:42:59PM]

All the Right Laces
Laura Bollinger
 [04/05 2:42:42PM]

All Eyes On Me
Lela Perry
 [04/05 2:42:28PM]

Summertime romance dress, Chantilly lace dress, Vintage lace dress,
gina bergman
 [04/05 2:42:11PM]

Sultry Lace Dress
Erin Harder
 [04/05 2:42:03PM]

"The flirt fancy"
Sarah Smith
 [04/05 2:41:35PM]

frosting on the cake
Kathryn Digby
 [04/05 2:41:06PM]

Angel Wings Dress
Tamara Pulles
 [04/05 2:40:55PM]

Lacey Day, all frilled up
Kristy Arseneau
 [04/05 2:40:48PM]

All laced up romantic dress
Debbie Chaulk
 [04/05 2:40:46PM]

Lace it on me
Nicole Mitchell
 [04/05 2:39:50PM]

The flirt Sweet and simple Laced up
Kassandra klita
 [04/05 2:39:09PM]

Frill Seeker
Jackie Thiessen
 [04/05 2:39:06PM]

Love Lace Dress Gracefully Lacey Dress Lace is Grace Dress Sassy & Classy Lace Dreaming of Lace Dreaming In Lace Day to Night Lace Flirty & Fancy
Maria Wilson
 [04/05 2:39:03PM]

Lace be with you dress
Kyla Janzen
 [04/05 2:38:47PM]

Delicate Spring Fling
Kimberly Tompkins
 [04/05 2:38:41PM]

Lace it up
Dallas Dutra
 [04/05 2:38:26PM]

Laced in Love, That Lace Though, Lace me Down and Love Me, Get Laced
Cary-Anne McTaggart
 [04/05 2:38:24PM]

The Love Letter Lace Dress La Vie En Rose Dress("life in pink". Expression: "life is beautiful") Lady in Lace Dress Lady in Love Lace Dress
Cindy Jacquard
 [04/05 2:38:17PM]

Rounding Third Lace
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:37:39PM]

Shannon Ehler
 [04/05 2:37:32PM]

Lacey days dress
Erica Ferris
 [04/05 2:37:04PM]

Not your Basic Lace
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:36:54PM]

A grace of lace
Charlanne cremona
 [04/05 2:36:30PM]

Race to The Lace
Brenda Eaton
 [04/05 2:36:11PM]

All laced up! A night out with lace! Lace with me! Lace with me! Mcdreamy lace dress!
Henriette koops
 [04/05 2:36:04PM]

It's all about the lace
Marissa Herren
 [04/05 2:35:49PM]

Sophisticated Lace
Christine Dickau
 [04/05 2:35:25PM]

Graced with Lace
Tricia Freadrich
 [04/05 2:35:02PM]

Wishes and Whispers
Deborah wilson
 [04/05 2:34:40PM]

Lace & Grace dress
Shaylee McDermott
 [04/05 2:34:22PM]

All About That Lace Dress
Amy Standcumbe
 [04/05 2:34:21PM]

Lady In Lace Dress
Jennifer Klassen
 [04/05 2:34:03PM]

Lace goddess
Shannon Murphy
 [04/05 2:34:01PM]

Chase the Lace
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:33:59PM]

Laced in love
Morgan Oliver
 [04/05 2:33:53PM]

The Lace Is Right Dress
Erin Giroux
 [04/05 2:33:44PM]

Lovely in Lace
Brenda Eaton
 [04/05 2:33:31PM]

Bold and Lace
Courtney Hamilton
 [04/05 2:33:24PM]

Dreamsicle Lace Dress
Shaylee McDermott
 [04/05 2:33:24PM]

Lady in lace
Christine molinelli
 [04/05 2:33:23PM]

All Laces Covered
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:33:21PM]

Lace Love
Brenda Eaton
 [04/05 2:33:07PM]

Laced in Love
Alicia Wishart
 [04/05 2:32:58PM]

Allure Dress, Kindle Dress, Heroine Dress, Belladonna Dress
Tania Masin
 [04/05 2:32:53PM]

Trace of Lace Dress
Kayla Schofield
 [04/05 2:32:49PM]

Lady of Lace
Amy Hoffarth
 [04/05 2:32:44PM]

Ace of Lace
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:32:33PM]

Wish upon a dress
Deborah wilson
 [04/05 2:31:59PM]

What dreams are made of.
Sara Samson
 [04/05 2:31:57PM]

Soleil O'Lay-ce I do, lace! I do, Sunshine!
Stephanie Cudmore
 [04/05 2:31:43PM]

Laced with Love
Alicia Wishart
 [04/05 2:31:32PM]

The Lace is On
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:31:19PM]

The Center of Attention dress
Beverly Lewis
 [04/05 2:31:11PM]

Dress me up in your lace
Deborah wilson
 [04/05 2:31:06PM]

A Little Lace Capade!
Jennifer Brandner
 [04/05 2:30:52PM]

Layered with Lace
Alicia Kielburger
 [04/05 2:30:48PM]

Lacy Sensation, Lacy Affair
Dianne Graham
 [04/05 2:30:35PM]

First Romance/Dare to Lace/Lace Goddess
Lindsey McCabe
 [04/05 2:30:33PM]

Southern Belle
Julie Boisvenue
 [04/05 2:30:04PM]

Chantilly Flutter
Amy Hoffarth
 [04/05 2:29:37PM]

John Johnson
 [04/05 2:29:09PM]

Chantilly Flare
Amy Hoffarth
 [04/05 2:28:53PM]

Summertime romance lace dress
Debbie Chaulk
 [04/05 2:28:51PM]

Lace Escape Dress, Lace Embrace Dress, She's All That Dress, Material Girl Dress, DauntLace Dress, Reception Revolution Dress, Make My Night Dress, Carried Away Dress, To The Nine's Dress, All Laced Up Dress
Mallory Miller
 [04/05 2:28:29PM]

Laced with Poison
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:28:25PM]

A whimsical affair
Jennifer Lestander
 [04/05 2:28:20PM]

1)A little bit of heaven
Glenda Moline
 [04/05 2:28:12PM]

Lacey Mistress
Joann Johnson
 [04/05 2:28:12PM]

Ravishing Beauty
Michelle Hefford
 [04/05 2:27:44PM]

Oh My Lace!
Anita Perdia
 [04/05 2:27:34PM]

Luscious Lace
Jasmine Jardine
 [04/05 2:27:33PM]

The goddess
Sherri-lynn hickman
 [04/05 2:27:15PM]

A lacey affair
Marie Green
 [04/05 2:26:56PM]

Amazing Lace
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:26:55PM]

Lovely Lace
Anita Perdia
 [04/05 2:26:53PM]

Lace to the Finish
Tesa Steinke
 [04/05 2:26:10PM]

Frilly Little Lacey One
Megan Kirkley
 [04/05 2:25:59PM]

Al"laced" and forever
Lee Cross
 [04/05 2:25:39PM]

Wallflower Dress
Destiny Cameron
 [04/05 2:25:32PM]

Lovely in Lace Dress
Kelsey Jackson
 [04/05 2:25:27PM]

Lace Seduction, A Little Lacey, A Touch Of Lace
Lacey Johnson
 [04/05 2:24:56PM]

French Lace Dress
Trina Parsons
 [04/05 2:24:52PM]

Lacy Dream or Cupids Kiss or Angels Dream
 [04/05 2:24:50PM]

The Lace is on!
Elaine Moore
 [04/05 2:24:46PM]

Angelica dress
Kimberly Oldenburg
 [04/05 2:24:42PM]

Afternoon Delight
Lynda Dewit
 [04/05 2:24:38PM]

Simply Divine Lace
Anita Perdia
 [04/05 2:24:10PM]

Decidedly Romantic Lace Dress
Charmaine Crocker
 [04/05 2:24:02PM]

The Lace is in the Details, Dreaming of Elegance
Krystle MacDonald
 [04/05 2:23:53PM]

First Place Lace dress, Sitting Pretty dress, All About the Lace dress
Kristen Schiefke
 [04/05 2:23:39PM]

Love & Laughter Lace Dress
Anita Perdia
 [04/05 2:23:11PM]

Tanille Torgerson
 [04/05 2:22:47PM]

Sweet Dreams Dress Naught or Nice Love letter Lace dress
Destiny Cameron
 [04/05 2:22:26PM]

Vintage Vixen Lace Dress
Erica Fulton
 [04/05 2:22:18PM]

Lux Lace Dress
Vanessa Marshall
 [04/05 2:20:47PM]

Duchess Lace Dress
Melanie Young
 [04/05 2:20:36PM]

Sail away
Dallas Borris
 [04/05 2:20:26PM]

Racy n' Lacy Amazing Lace Lacey Lady
Valerie Matlock Rolfes
 [04/05 2:20:08PM]

Lady in lace
Elaine Moore
 [04/05 2:19:32PM]

Duchess Lace
Melanie Young
 [04/05 2:19:22PM]

Lace Affair (laissez fair)
Angela Stockert
 [04/05 2:19:10PM]

Heavenly Lace
Lizzy Spruyt
 [04/05 2:19:07PM]

Every Vow and Again Lace Dress
Vanessa Marshall
 [04/05 2:19:06PM]

Flirting with Lacey
Jessica Thompson
 [04/05 2:18:39PM]

Laced dream
Jenn Bennison
 [04/05 2:18:31PM]

Laced with Romance Laced in Perfection
Lisa McLean
 [04/05 2:18:14PM]

Beauty and the Lace
Krystle Collier
 [04/05 2:17:53PM]

Love & Lace
Natasha Perkins
 [04/05 2:17:38PM]

Grace in Lace
Natalie Baikie
 [04/05 2:17:32PM]

iLaceyou dress
Nina Jaarsma
 [04/05 2:17:18PM]

Lady in Lace Made in Heaven
Carissa Arnold
 [04/05 2:17:06PM]

Lace me or loose me
Lee Cross
 [04/05 2:17:05PM]

Summer Romance Dress Secret Garden Dress Country Lane Dress
Sheila Dyck
 [04/05 2:17:04PM]

All About That Lace!
Anita Perdia
 [04/05 2:17:00PM]

Cloud Goddess
Jan Parker
 [04/05 2:16:42PM]

Sexy N Lace
Andrea Melanson
 [04/05 2:16:24PM]

She Does Dress
Vanessa McEleney
 [04/05 2:16:07PM]

Lacey's night out
Jessica Thompson
 [04/05 2:16:07PM]

Sheer Shades of Lace
Paula Green
 [04/05 2:15:56PM]

La La Lacy Lady
Joanna Baker
 [04/05 2:15:48PM]

Lovely in lace Dress
Michelle Mitchell
 [04/05 2:15:27PM]

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dress
Nicole Smith
 [04/05 2:15:06PM]

Graced with Lace
Cheryl Cook
 [04/05 2:14:48PM]

Lady in Lace
Angela Smiley
 [04/05 2:14:23PM]

Summertime Romance :)
Amanda Keith
 [04/05 2:14:21PM]

Sassy in lace
Cassandra Phillips
 [04/05 2:14:21PM]

Lacey dream!
Angela struss
 [04/05 2:14:10PM]

Lace in all the right places
Janet Walker
 [04/05 2:14:09PM]

Graceful Lace Dress
Vanessa Marshall
 [04/05 2:14:08PM]

Lovely in Lace
Heather phillips
 [04/05 2:14:04PM]

Dream in Lace Dress Date Night Dress Romance in Lace
Destiny Cameron
 [04/05 2:13:50PM]

Day Dreamer Dress
Melanie Bennett
 [04/05 2:13:41PM]

Falling for You Lace Dress
Corrie Brookhouse
 [04/05 2:13:05PM]

Heavenly Dress Angel Dress
Kristina Todd
 [04/05 2:13:04PM]

Lace It Up
Katie Fry
 [04/05 2:12:57PM]

Lacey love
Shannon Jares
 [04/05 2:12:48PM]

Laced in Grace
Cheryl Cook
 [04/05 2:12:44PM]

Lovely in Lace
Janet Walker
 [04/05 2:12:36PM]

Amazing Lace or Lace Lace Baby!
Joelle Bakker
 [04/05 2:12:24PM]

All about that Lace (play on song all about that base) ;)
Ashley Burchell
 [04/05 2:12:21PM]

It's a Lacey affair
Vanessa David
 [04/05 2:12:20PM]