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Initial Necklaces
October 25, 2019

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Total of 388 Entries
Congratulations to Nicole Barlow, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Initially Charming Necklace!

Momma glam necklace
Tayla Collings
 [10/27 8:57:16AM] The letter C

It's all in the name
Penny Baer
 [10/27 7:55:57AM] Gold

Love at first letter, initial necklace
Jennifer Power
 [10/27 7:13:52AM] J

Quintessential Character
Suzie mcintosh
 [10/27 6:27:54AM] M

The Signature Jewel
Sherry Kohlen
 [10/27 4:55:50AM] S

Love Letters Necklace
Raina Brugger
 [10/27 12:31:30AM] Letter R

Pretty From A to Z
Raina Brugger
 [10/27 12:28:56AM] Letter R

Happy gold lucky
Shohreh Burchell
 [10/27 12:04:23AM] Gold S

Put A Name On It
Jennifer Wourms
 [10/26 10:58:23PM] Gold J

All the Letters Necklace
Tenille Jackson
 [10/26 10:25:34PM] Letter T

I'm An Original Initial Necklace
Chalsey Peeters
 [10/26 9:59:34PM] Silver C

It’s All in the Name
Kim McDowall
 [10/26 9:42:55PM] K - silver

Initially charming necklace
Karen Carvell
 [10/26 8:11:14PM] K

A to Z necklace, Say My Name necklace,
Terri Grey
 [10/26 7:22:40PM] Gold

Alpha-bet you'll love it
Meagan Clifton
 [10/26 6:48:25PM] Letter M

Chloe Jackson-Kotko
 [10/26 6:42:55PM] Rose gold Regular

Initial statement necklace
Michele Latham
 [10/26 6:42:15PM] Rose Gold M

Initially diamonds
Suzanne Kempton
 [10/26 6:34:37PM] Silver

Put your stamp on it
Robin LeBlanc
 [10/26 6:28:32PM] A

Initial Thoughts
Susanna Joy Kirkhart
 [10/26 5:38:35PM] Rose Gold, Black, and/or Silver 16-inch, 18-inch

I am
Alysha marmara
 [10/26 5:17:50PM] “A” gold

Let it be known
Alysha Marmara
 [10/26 5:17:22PM] “A” gold

Initials close to my heart Necklace
Kaylee Moerman
 [10/26 5:17:04PM] gold

Let me tell you
 [10/26 5:16:46PM] “A” gold

Letter my name necklace
Alysha Marmara
 [10/26 5:15:56PM] “A” gold

Layer me Pretty
Kaylee Moerman
 [10/26 5:11:53PM] gold

Letter perfect necklace, Initial Love necklace
Christina Sigouin
 [10/26 4:54:18PM] Gold with a C

Say my name
Sabrina O’Connor
 [10/26 4:41:05PM] Gold letter S

You're sparkling now
Yolanda Fookes
 [10/26 4:10:56PM] Y

Story of me, StoryBook necklace
Kali Bernst
 [10/26 3:42:02PM] Gold K

Blank Space
Kali Bernst
 [10/26 3:41:16PM] Gold K

Alphabet Soup Necklace
Julie Forde
 [10/26 3:29:33PM] Gold

Monoglam necklace
Kali Bernst
 [10/26 3:25:29PM] Gold K

Alpha Me
Kali Bernst
 [10/26 3:21:56PM] Gold K

Letter Be
Connie Dykstra
 [10/26 2:13:32PM] Gold & C

To The Letter
Dominique Lachapelle
 [10/26 1:51:48PM] Gold D

A little initial-tive
Jen Leakey
 [10/26 11:38:34AM] P

Letter Mail Necklace, Letter of Love Necklace
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [10/26 11:17:06AM] Gold, B

Love you from A to Z
Natalie Dunlop
 [10/26 9:52:24AM] N

Love you to the alphabet and back’
Natalie Dunlop
 [10/26 9:51:41AM] N

Initially Me
Kristin Blacklock
 [10/26 9:45:04AM] Gold and K

Letter Me Necklace
Monica Dion
 [10/26 9:25:03AM] Letter C

Chain Letter Necklace
Randi Cookskn
 [10/26 9:23:26AM] R

Initially Yours Pendant
Miranda Phoenix
 [10/26 9:21:57AM] Letter C for my daughter in silver

Love Letter Necklace
Randi Cookson
 [10/26 9:21:25AM] R

It’s Personal, Personally Yours
 [10/26 8:59:51AM] N gold not sure what sizes available

Sparkle me proud
Tecia Beulens
 [10/26 8:58:23AM] T

Love letter
Janny Buruma
 [10/26 8:53:24AM] Letter J , silver

initially iced, initialed, lettered, iced
 [10/26 8:46:10AM] N

Truly Yours Necklace
Lynda Davies
 [10/26 8:44:55AM] Gold

“Initial Impressions” Gold-Dipped Necklace
Layna Schmitt
 [10/26 8:43:48AM] Letter “A”

Now I know my ABC’s
Terri Osatchuk
 [10/26 8:28:43AM] Gold

Initially yours necklace
Bobbi Janzen
 [10/26 8:28:37AM] Silver B

to the letter necklace
Bobbi Janzen
 [10/26 8:27:48AM] Silver B

Love Letter Necklace
Kyla Boieeie
 [10/26 8:27:44AM] F in gold

DIN’s (dipped initial necklaces)
Marci Sweet
 [10/26 8:18:00AM] Gold letter M

Alpha Glitz
Amanda Kielstra
 [10/26 8:13:53AM] Rose gold - size small

Bling from A to Z ?
Erin Beauvais
 [10/26 8:10:05AM] Gold

Love Letters
Daryl Machacek
 [10/26 8:09:31AM] Gold & 16”

Alpha Delight
Terri Lynn Arnal
 [10/26 8:03:13AM] J

Gold Sparkle
Karen VanMaarion
 [10/26 8:02:16AM] K initial gold

Caps Lock
Melanie Meyer
 [10/26 7:58:55AM] Silver M

Name of the beholder
Lori Sereda
 [10/26 7:46:07AM] L

Lacey Welton
 [10/26 7:03:32AM] Medium rose gold

Glitter Me Initially Necklace
Kristin Kapush
 [10/26 7:01:54AM] Gold "K"

Letter Me Necklace
Leslie Konno
 [10/26 6:58:06AM] Letter K

Initially Close to my Heart; Charming Letters Necklace; Charmed Lettering Necklace; Bling around my Necklace
Kaitlin Gutowski
 [10/26 6:47:01AM] M

Love Yourself Necklace
Jennifer Sebok
 [10/26 6:37:35AM] Gold J

The Crystal Letter Necklaces
Amanda Gibb
 [10/26 5:52:48AM] A

Love Story Letters
Melanie Bergeron
 [10/26 5:23:39AM] gold & M

Initial-Me Necklace
Krista MacLean
 [10/26 4:02:14AM] K

Intial-Me Necklace
Krista MacLean
 [10/26 4:01:13AM] K

Your Own Necklace (Simple but perfect name, just like the necklace).
Lidia Visscher
 [10/26 4:00:54AM] L letter

Forever letter be mine
Shannon Joanisse
 [10/25 11:45:56PM] Gold

The Lennyn ( pronounced Lennon )
Melanie Mace
 [10/25 11:36:40PM] Gold M

Mommagram necklace
Tayla Collings
 [10/25 11:25:06PM] The letter T

A 2 Z Necklace.
Tammy Kornaga
 [10/25 11:16:29PM] Silver.

Initially Fine
Angela Loeschmann
 [10/25 10:38:26PM] The letter "M"

Love Letters
Amy Vandermeer
 [10/25 10:18:08PM] Gold A

Let’ter be mine
Twyla McLellan
 [10/25 9:57:37PM] T

Initially Yours
Twyla McLellan
 [10/25 9:54:07PM] T

That’s All Me
Melody Habibulayev
 [10/25 9:50:31PM] Gold

Initial Attraction
Margaret Carlson
 [10/25 9:46:58PM] Letter K

Call me by initial
Cory wickberg
 [10/25 9:44:28PM] Gold “C”

Just a letter
Crystal Mackie
 [10/25 9:42:11PM] Letter R

Letter to my heart
Crystal Mackie
 [10/25 9:38:52PM] Silver, letter R

A little bit of you
Wendy Sharp
 [10/25 9:34:56PM] Gold with “W”

True to You Necklace
Karen Otsig
 [10/25 9:10:33PM] Letter F

Letter Shimmer and Shine
Lisa Kelly
 [10/25 8:49:09PM] Silver and L

A-Z Dainties
 [10/25 8:45:50PM] Gold B!!

The Dainty
Alexandra lydestad
 [10/25 8:29:56PM] Gold and letter F

Je m'appelle pendant
ericka mckinnon
 [10/25 8:29:47PM] gold, letter E

Shannon Hutchison
 [10/25 8:13:59PM] S & gold

Simply Charmed;
Susan Constantine
 [10/25 8:07:29PM] Letter “J”

Linked letters necklace
Annette Collier
 [10/25 8:03:26PM] Letter “A”

Spelling Bee; AlphaCharm; Put A Spell on You; Inital My Heart;
Susan Constantine
 [10/25 8:03:20PM] Letter “J”

Melissa Merrick
 [10/25 7:58:56PM] Gold

Erika Glocker
 [10/25 7:43:08PM] E

Babes icing
Katie Gasemy
 [10/25 7:40:01PM] Gold k

Looks good around my neck
Franca Palumbo
 [10/25 7:35:41PM] Gold large

Absolutely charming necklace
Christine Richardson
 [10/25 7:29:38PM] C

Tara Harris
 [10/25 7:21:33PM] C

Letters of my heart...... The best of me from A to Z......simply me..... Initial love letter
gail jenkins
 [10/25 7:20:02PM] Gold letter G

ID neck Icing
Katie Gasemy
 [10/25 7:19:07PM] Gold small "k"

Initially Yours
Tara Harris
 [10/25 7:18:24PM] C

Ice yourself
Katie Gasemy
 [10/25 7:18:11PM] Gold small "k"

Ice by Silver Icing
Katie Gasemy
 [10/25 7:17:00PM] Gold small

Initial yourself
Katie Gasemy
 [10/25 7:15:23PM] Gold small

The Letter Necklace
Celeste Kallis
 [10/25 7:15:04PM] C

Love at initial sight
Katie Gasemy
 [10/25 7:14:23PM] Gold small

Dip Me
Katie Gasemy
 [10/25 7:12:20PM] Gold small

Initial Charm
Nicole Moxley
 [10/25 7:03:02PM] N

Forever Letter
Julie Gilbert
 [10/25 6:58:51PM] Gold letter J size: Small/short chain

Begins with you! Charmed by you! Charmingly you! Initial Keepsake! Forget Me Not! Chain Letter! Only You!
Carol Sawchuk
 [10/25 6:57:06PM] Gold, Letter C

Love Letters
Leida Wong
 [10/25 6:42:46PM] Letter L

*Initially Yours*
Sheila Becker
 [10/25 6:13:31PM] E necklace

It’s Capital!
Mel Dixon
 [10/25 6:06:12PM] Gold, M, necklace

A to Z love me !
Maureen Meers
 [10/25 6:03:27PM] M

 [10/25 5:48:09PM] gold letter Z please :)

Letters to my Heart
Amanda Spearing
 [10/25 5:47:49PM] "A" Gold :)

ABCeize the Day Necklace, Official Initial Necklace, A to Z Necklace , Now I Know My ABC ‘s Necklace
Shantel Blanke
 [10/25 5:39:27PM] Gold , S

Letters to Juliet, the best piece of me, shine bright like a diamond statement necklace, stargazer necklace, simply stunner statement necklace,
Jenessa talbot
 [10/25 5:23:14PM] Letter “J”

Alpha Jewel Bits
Tanya Lemoine
 [10/25 5:18:35PM] T please in rose gold if available

A love letter necklace
Valerie Gudmundson
 [10/25 5:12:28PM] Letter M please.

All for you intial pendent
Natalie wall
 [10/25 5:05:26PM] N

Say my name, say my name necklace; Initially Yours
Valerie Gudmundson
 [10/25 5:04:43PM] Letter M

Simply stated necklace, written in the stars necklace, initial thoughts necklace
Lauren James
 [10/25 5:04:29PM] L

Close to my heart necklace
Kristen martens
 [10/25 5:00:21PM] The letter E

Letter icing
Kristen martens
 [10/25 4:58:15PM] The letter E

Twinkle little letter necklace
Kristen martens
 [10/25 4:57:25PM] The letter E

Starlight initial necklace
Kristen martens
 [10/25 4:56:18PM] The letter E

Letter Hang
 [10/25 4:47:43PM] L

Only Yours necklace
marian de winter
 [10/25 4:45:07PM] necklaces don'r need a size

Initially Yours
Chantell Gamble
 [10/25 4:42:20PM] D

Love letters to me necklace
Shannon Greene
 [10/25 4:41:58PM] Silver

Rosemary Hogg
 [10/25 4:36:15PM] R

Letter me charming
Erin Legare
 [10/25 4:35:20PM] ‘e’

Good like Gold, memories of gold, Caught by Karat
Erica Loschiavo
 [10/25 3:50:46PM] Letter M

Sparkle my name
Monica Embury
 [10/25 3:50:36PM] Letter M

You name it! , A is for.. , L is for..Love necklace
Rebecca Vandenbrink
 [10/25 3:45:57PM] R or A or D

From A to Love
Lisa Wilson
 [10/25 3:44:57PM] Gold Letter “W”

Its all about me
Ella Correia
 [10/25 3:44:52PM] Gold

Lady bits necklace
Krista Moore
 [10/25 3:42:34PM] K gold.

Alphabet Soup Pendent
Sheryl Hray
 [10/25 3:37:15PM] Smallest size - rose gold or silver - letter A

Spell It Out Necklace
Krissi Martin
 [10/25 3:34:47PM] M

Say My Name Necklace
Laura Penny
 [10/25 3:34:23PM] L

Twinkle twinkle ABC
Kelsey roberge
 [10/25 3:32:53PM] K

Love Letters
Sarah Browning
 [10/25 3:32:51PM] Letter B

Just me
Donna Richards
 [10/25 3:30:44PM] Gold

Alpha Omega
Sara Pandel
 [10/25 3:29:35PM] Gold & medium

Letter Hang
Julie Leepart
 [10/25 3:18:45PM] Letter J

Letters of Love
Lori Ross
 [10/25 3:04:31PM] Silver 20 inch

Ode to you Necklace
Sarah Sinton
 [10/25 2:54:07PM] Letter S

Love Letters
Kari Kalinin
 [10/25 2:52:23PM] k

My Initial statement
Connie Tassone
 [10/25 2:48:14PM] Gold letter C

Initials carved on her heart
Connie Tassone
 [10/25 2:43:26PM] Gold with the letter C

Initial love
Diana Rice
 [10/25 2:42:20PM] Rose gold. Largest

Initial Impression
Tracy Greenwood
 [10/25 2:34:21PM] T

Initial Detail
Tracy Greenwood
 [10/25 2:33:28PM] T

To The Beat of My Heart Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:31:19PM] ‘T’

Let her sparkle necklace
Mindy Beckett
 [10/25 2:29:19PM] Letter M

The Way to My Heart Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:27:23PM] ‘T’

Pure Bling Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:25:40PM] ‘T’

Gold Notes Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:24:48PM] ‘T’

Stay Gold Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:22:46PM] ‘T’

Golden Letters Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:22:27PM] ‘T’

XOXO Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:21:57PM] ‘T’

Love, Me Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:21:36PM] ‘T’

Name sake necklace
 [10/25 2:21:32PM] Blue and xl

Charmed Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:19:29PM] ‘T’

Hello, It’s Me Necklace
Brooke Derksen
 [10/25 2:19:06PM] ‘T’

 [10/25 2:18:12PM] Gold necklace S

Initial Charm
Carmen Dmytryshyn
 [10/25 2:16:56PM] Letter C

Always by my heart
Avery Hulbert
 [10/25 2:11:45PM] Gold

Your name in lights
Antionette Payne
 [10/25 2:06:51PM] Letter A

Alpha letter necklace, shine bright, the gold and the beautiful, baby its gold outside necklace (lol),
Tina cimaglia
 [10/25 2:06:44PM] T, gold

Initially Enough
Rene Oxford
 [10/25 2:04:26PM] Gold or silver.

Love Letter, Love Letter to Me, Initial Love, A-Z Charm, Express Yourself, U R Charming
Stephanie Hanniman
 [10/25 2:02:39PM] S

What’s your Character necklace
Shelly Fleming
 [10/25 1:59:34PM] S

Your name here necklace
Shelly Fleming
 [10/25 1:58:23PM] S

Initially, yours
Chantal Bernard
 [10/25 1:58:00PM] Gold

Initially Yours, Personally Yours, Alphabetically Yours, Be You, Truly You
Deidre Sword
 [10/25 1:57:30PM] White gold/Silver “D”

Elegant letters for her
Joanne hope
 [10/25 1:46:06PM] Rose gold

Letters are a girls best friend
Shohreh Burchell
 [10/25 1:42:27PM] Gold S

AlphaBling necklace.
Shannon Earley
 [10/25 1:36:04PM] Not sure.

Just For You
Colleen Sibley
 [10/25 1:34:49PM] Gold. C 24”

Initial Here, Please
Antonya Crosby
 [10/25 1:32:23PM] A

What’s in a name necklace
Stephanie Ayers
 [10/25 1:31:44PM] The letter S

Initially, the best necklace..zirconia love this...Letter Drop this...
Angela McDonald
 [10/25 1:28:30PM] Letter A

Love letter, simple monogram, what's your name,
Gina Bergman
 [10/25 1:27:55PM] Gold "A"

Delicately charming necklace
Baily Dean
 [10/25 1:26:15PM] B

Love letters
Sarah hennessey
 [10/25 1:25:35PM] Gold

the Subtle Glam Monogram Necklace
Kayla Smith
 [10/25 1:23:01PM] gold letter K

Bling bling initial
Meghan Clarke
 [10/25 1:18:54PM] N/A

Initials by Design Necklace, Creatively Yours Necklace
Nikki Graveline
 [10/25 1:16:34PM] gold "N"

Say My Name or Forget Me Not
Nicole Torkos
 [10/25 1:16:28PM] Q or J

Letter me golden
Patricia Thompson
 [10/25 1:15:17PM] P

Initial your love
Jennifer Gauthier
 [10/25 1:14:01PM] Letter S

Letters round your heart
Jennifer Gauthier
 [10/25 1:11:34PM] Letter J

Close to the heart necklace
Katie reid
 [10/25 1:10:45PM] Small gold

A Charmed Life
Katrina Hawthorne
 [10/25 1:05:42PM] K

One in a Million, Initial Reaction, Thinking of you,
Maxine Joe
 [10/25 1:02:13PM] Letter L

Love Letter necklace
Meghan Schuler
 [10/25 1:00:14PM] Gold, M

Golden Identity or Golden ID
Joan Gould
 [10/25 12:57:53PM] J

Be You necklace, Forever My Letter necklace
Jennifer Barone
 [10/25 12:57:47PM] Gold letter J

Initial Me
Rosa Bitonti
 [10/25 12:48:21PM] Gold R

Letters of the heart necklace
Selinda Lye
 [10/25 12:46:20PM] Gold K

Letters of Lover
Karen Spencer
 [10/25 12:37:41PM] Letter K

The What’s in a Name, Necklace
Kristin Marchand
 [10/25 12:34:30PM] K

Let her be necklace
Michelle Hymers
 [10/25 12:33:50PM] M

Alpha Shine
Lisa Matlock
 [10/25 12:30:10PM] Letter L,

Letter me tell you a secret
Suzanne Forsythe
 [10/25 12:30:06PM] Letter S

Letters of Love
Glenys Harley
 [10/25 12:29:38PM] S- Pumpkin Spice

Bring Your A Name
Kristen Taylor
 [10/25 12:28:40PM] K

Chain Letter Necklace; delicate definition necklace; yours truly necklace; mini monogram necklace
Candice Daniels
 [10/25 12:24:41PM] C

The True You Necklace
Amanda Worden
 [10/25 12:22:26PM] Letter A

Name of the Game necklace
Mary Peters
 [10/25 12:21:55PM] Gold M

Initially Yours!
Kristen Anderson
 [10/25 12:19:01PM] K

Everyone’s special
Amanda Grant
 [10/25 12:17:15PM] O for Olivia, my daughter.

Letter shine ( let her shine)(Let’er shine). Letter sparkle( Let’er sparkle)(Let her sparkle)
Patti Derksen
 [10/25 12:13:22PM] Letter P

I initially sparkle
Yvonne stewart
 [10/25 12:12:50PM] *

The initial link
Donna-Rae Gibbs
 [10/25 12:12:19PM] Gold, the letter R, normal size

Initially Iced
 [10/25 12:12:18PM] letter A please

Golden Princess
 [10/25 12:06:51PM] Gold K

Love your letter necklace
Kara cahoon
 [10/25 12:03:04PM] Gold the letter K

All about U necklace
Christine Dewberry
 [10/25 12:02:06PM] Gold

Alpha”bits of sparkle”
Gen Petford
 [10/25 12:01:09PM] Letter P

Forever yours, Perfectly you, only for you necklace
Diana Mazzuca
 [10/25 11:53:46AM] D gold

Initially forever
Alicia chambers
 [10/25 11:49:06AM] 20" gold

1) "Let Her Shine Necklace" (a play on the word Letter) / 2) "Initial Impression" necklace / 3) "Initial Expression" Necklace / 4) My Baby Wrote Me a Letter necklace /5) Love Letters / 6) Shine On
Kelly Rawson
 [10/25 11:48:57AM] Gold, letter K

“Lets get personal”
Britany Purjue
 [10/25 11:46:39AM] Gold “J” any size :)

Initial Moments
Alicia chambers
 [10/25 11:46:24AM] 20" gold

Iniatial Thought Necklace
Michele Crane
 [10/25 11:45:39AM] M

Rhonda Woycheshin
 [10/25 11:40:29AM] Gold

Initial Impressions
Lisa Etty
 [10/25 11:38:30AM] K

Dainty and Dazzling
Linda Thompson
 [10/25 11:38:13AM] Gold

Initially perfect necklace
Victoria melbourne
 [10/25 11:37:10AM] Yellow gold, N

Initial It
Karen Carvell
 [10/25 11:36:08AM] K

Initially Yours
Janine Saastad
 [10/25 11:36:05AM] J

Initially delicate
Victoria Melbourne
 [10/25 11:35:37AM] Yellow gold,N, 18inch??

It Starts With You Necklace
Janice Engelhardt
 [10/25 11:34:33AM] Gold, smallest size

Your initial here necklace
Lynnelle Friesen
 [10/25 11:30:29AM] L

Diamonds Gaze
Doreen Lawrence
 [10/25 11:28:40AM] D

This is who I am
Amanda Rae Gould
 [10/25 11:25:45AM] A

I-me bling necklace
Sasha McLaughlin
 [10/25 11:24:56AM] "S"

Let her shine
Melissa McCarthy
 [10/25 11:23:14AM] .

Basic Beauty
Abby Park
 [10/25 11:18:16AM] A

That’s my name
Andrea Barry
 [10/25 11:16:50AM] Letter A

Brilliant Character necklace
Suzie McIntosh
 [10/25 11:16:04AM] S

Letter-ly in Love
Shari Maclellan
 [10/25 11:14:15AM] S

Delicate diamonds necklace
Kaitlyn Hornsby
 [10/25 11:13:20AM] K

Monogrammable necklace, Initially charming necklace
Nicole Barlow
 [10/25 11:11:17AM] gold and N

Capital Idea Necklace
Candice Crosby
 [10/25 11:08:27AM] C

Close to my Heart Necklace
Amanda Bruce
 [10/25 11:07:47AM] V

A Letter In Time Necklace
Bettina Allen
 [10/25 11:04:55AM] Letter B

Name of the Chain Necklace
Candice Crosby
 [10/25 11:02:06AM] C

Love letters
Kristy DelGrosso
 [10/25 10:58:20AM] K

Petite Lettres d'amore, Love as easy as ABC
Nikole Schmelter
 [10/25 10:55:50AM] Gold H

Babes by letter
Mercedes Kovacs
 [10/25 10:55:34AM] Gold, M

Initially yours necklace
lindsay bates
 [10/25 10:55:31AM] L

As easy as ABC, dear john letters.
Mercedes Kovacs
 [10/25 10:54:04AM] Gold, M

Initial Here Please .... Necklace
Susan Schmidt
 [10/25 10:53:14AM] Letter S

Named by Me
 [10/25 10:50:33AM] Gold

Letters to Juliette
Kiirsti Stilla
 [10/25 10:49:48AM] K

Letters of you!
Paula Gould
 [10/25 10:49:27AM] P

Kiirsti Stilla
 [10/25 10:49:20AM] K

Initially Yours! or Beautiful You! or Sparkling Reality!
Sherry Whittall
 [10/25 10:48:42AM] “S”

In the beginning initial necklace
Amanda Wowryk
 [10/25 10:43:28AM] A

Namesake Necklace
Lindsay Rivet
 [10/25 10:42:03AM] L

Letter to love necklace
jessica graham
 [10/25 10:40:24AM] J

Initially Yours
Pam Valente
 [10/25 10:35:06AM] large

Up in Lights!
Pam Valente
 [10/25 10:34:33AM] large

Alphablitz Necklace
Rebecca Laarakkers
 [10/25 10:32:57AM] L

Love Letter Necklace , My Initial Thought Necklace or Initial Thoughts Necklace
Amber Stevens
 [10/25 10:32:56AM] A or E

Letter Believe It!
Jenn Haviland
 [10/25 10:32:08AM] J

Initial Impression
Katie Nowry
 [10/25 10:26:49AM] Gold - letter K

Alphabetize my life
Jodi Dick
 [10/25 10:26:09AM] Gold and letter J

Initially Yours - All About the Alphabet - Pedal to the Letter - Alpha Gold
Jennifer Daeninck
 [10/25 10:25:30AM] Letter J

Letters of the Heart
Sonia Nasmith
 [10/25 10:23:09AM] S

The Capital Collection
Jacquelyn Dunne
 [10/25 10:18:45AM] ?

That's My Initial... My Initial Love... Initial Love... Letter love...
Emily Dyck
 [10/25 10:15:59AM] Yellow gold, any size

Love letters
Vanessa McEleney
 [10/25 10:15:45AM] Gold D&S

Initial keepsake necklace
Amber Hennessey
 [10/25 10:15:02AM] Gold A or H size

A character above necklace
Lianne Healey
 [10/25 10:13:55AM] I like a K

Spelt in Sparkles
Kaija Riabov
 [10/25 10:13:02AM] Letter “K”

Initially Beautiful Letter Necklace
Robena Baynton
 [10/25 10:11:21AM] T

If you like it, put A letter on it....
Sheila Moerkoert
 [10/25 10:11:00AM] Gold, "S"

Dippidy me
B Lodewyks
 [10/25 10:09:49AM] Gold

Spell it out necklace
Angela Skoreiko
 [10/25 10:09:35AM] The letter J

Initial Fame
Desire Crowe
 [10/25 10:08:02AM] D

For Letter Yours Necklace
Sharon Gaspar
 [10/25 10:06:41AM] Gold S

Alpha love necklace
Tara Macaulay
 [10/25 10:05:57AM] T

Love initially
Nicole Burchell
 [10/25 10:05:39AM] E

Initial Beauty Necklace
Kylee Mcfadzen
 [10/25 10:05:32AM] Gold, K, not sure sizes..

Love ? Initially
Cindy Bird
 [10/25 10:05:27AM] Gold

Love Letter Necklace
Nicole Freake
 [10/25 10:04:17AM] T

Letter Me Sparkle
Nicole Cowle
 [10/25 10:03:25AM] 2

Initially Simple
Lara Rosenberger
 [10/25 9:59:42AM] Gold

Letter Me Necklace
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [10/25 9:55:08AM] Letter P

Letters & Love
 [10/25 9:54:06AM] Gold

Under your spell
Stephanie Gould
 [10/25 9:51:49AM] Letter S

Letter of Love ?
Kimberly Reisig
 [10/25 9:50:37AM] Gold dipped

Love In Letters Necklace, Love Note Necklace, ABC Love Me Necklace
Tanya Nascimento
 [10/25 9:47:28AM] Initial T or N

Letter Be
Beth mah
 [10/25 9:44:24AM] Gold

A Sparkle of Joy
Yvette Reid
 [10/25 9:43:38AM] Letter Y

Initial beginning necklace
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [10/25 9:43:01AM] Gold, letter A

Alphagold Necklace
Kelly Gallagher
 [10/25 9:42:59AM] K

Letters of Gold Necklace
Bettina Allen
 [10/25 9:42:56AM] Letter B

Love letters necklace
Sarah Stewart
 [10/25 9:42:37AM] Letter s please

Initial Thoughts
Valerie Uusitalo
 [10/25 9:42:30AM] V

Initially Mine Necklace
Ali Balsillie
 [10/25 9:42:25AM] Gold - Letter "A"

 [10/25 9:42:22AM] R

Letter Me Necklace
Meghan Campbell
 [10/25 9:42:14AM] M gold

Letters of Love
Valerie Uusitalo
 [10/25 9:41:33AM] V

Chain Letter
Valerie Uusitalo
 [10/25 9:41:00AM] V

Initial Impressions
Laurie Habkirk
 [10/25 9:40:34AM] L

Dipped in Gold
Sandy Trentalance
 [10/25 9:40:18AM] Gold S

Love Letters
Kristin Wiszniak
 [10/25 9:39:40AM] Gold

You name it necklace
Danielle Wittal
 [10/25 9:37:33AM] Gold D

Brand it Babe initial necklace
Nikki robson
 [10/25 9:37:13AM] “N”

Love Letter Necklace
Megan fristak
 [10/25 9:36:39AM] Gold.

Initial impressions
Leanne gray
 [10/25 9:36:32AM] Gold

Counting Stars
Haley Goldenberg
 [10/25 9:35:55AM] Gold

Letter Be Happy necklace
Shanna Bosma
 [10/25 9:35:48AM] Gold letter S

Letter me love necklace, love me letter necklace, show me the letter necklace.
Randice Quick
 [10/25 9:35:14AM] Q

Leave your mark gold letter necklace
Lorene Charleson
 [10/25 9:34:22AM] Letter L

Spell it out
Brandy MacDonald
 [10/25 9:34:15AM] Letter B

Love Letter Necklace
Haley Boland
 [10/25 9:34:11AM] H

Initial Love
Shelley Stefanowich
 [10/25 9:33:18AM] Gold and the letter T

Letter Be Mine Necklace
Bettina Allen
 [10/25 9:32:42AM] Letter B

LetTER begin with love
Diana Mazzuca
 [10/25 9:31:03AM] D gold

Forever Me
Amanda LeFebvre
 [10/25 9:30:32AM] A

Make Your Mark Necklace
Julia Souliere
 [10/25 9:30:17AM] J

Letter of you, letters to you,
Chelsea Lund
 [10/25 9:30:10AM] Silver

Initial the sparkle in your life necklace
Rachelle Kuzek
 [10/25 9:30:09AM] Gold&18”

You bring out the letter in me
Amanda LeFebvre
 [10/25 9:29:08AM] A

Initially unique
Gina Bolton
 [10/25 9:28:29AM] G

Live Laugh Love Letters
Amanda LeFebvre
 [10/25 9:27:43AM] A

Put an Initial on it.
Alisha Patterson
 [10/25 9:27:34AM] Letter A

Put in in a letter, show me a sign, initially cherish
Gina Bolton
 [10/25 9:27:20AM] Gold G

Just be You
Amanda LeFebvre
 [10/25 9:26:56AM] A

Chain Letters Necklace
Karime Thom
 [10/25 9:26:00AM] Letter K

A-Z dipped in gold
Ashlie McBryan
 [10/25 9:25:07AM] A

Letter be mine
Teresa Jeang
 [10/25 9:24:46AM] T

Initially yours, love letters
Angela Yamaoka
 [10/25 9:23:59AM] Letter A

Alpha Beauty
Ashlie McBryan
 [10/25 9:23:15AM] Letter A

Little Letters Of Love
Karime Thom
 [10/25 9:23:10AM] Letter K

Letters To My Love
Karime Thom
 [10/25 9:22:44AM] Letter K

Initial Love Necklace
Nicole Churchill
 [10/25 9:21:55AM] Gold

Letter of Love
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/25 9:21:50AM] I

Who are you
Amanda LeFebvre
 [10/25 9:21:16AM] A

Put A Lettet On It Necklace
Jennifer Klassen
 [10/25 9:20:02AM] H

Chain Letters Of Love
Kimmy Eben-Ebenau
 [10/25 9:19:38AM] K - Gold

Frosting, Frost Me
Kerri Sutherland
 [10/25 9:19:35AM] K

Life letters
Debra Peterson
 [10/25 9:18:58AM] Silver

Letter to My Heart Necklace
Melissa Bray
 [10/25 9:18:09AM] M

Initial thoughts
Kianna Alexander
 [10/25 9:17:47AM] Regular

Personally Yours
Karen Stillman
 [10/25 9:17:40AM] K

Classy all the way from A-Z
Amanda LeFebvre
 [10/25 9:17:06AM] A

Initially Spellbound
Laurie Sterling
 [10/25 9:16:33AM] Letter L

Letter of love
Kimmy Eben-Ebenau
 [10/25 9:16:31AM] K

Love Letter necklace, I'll Spell it out necklace
Angela Smiley
 [10/25 9:16:15AM] Silver A

A little love letter ?
Linda Smith
 [10/25 9:16:14AM] J

A to Z initial necklace
Kirsten Confectioner
 [10/25 9:15:43AM] A

Lucky Letter, I Am Yours, Letterally Yours, First Letters First, It All Starts With A Letter, Classy Letters, Letterally Diamonds, Remember Me, Letters Are A Girls Best Friend ,
Sara Bradford
 [10/25 9:15:16AM] Letter S

Say my name
Cathy Schram
 [10/25 9:15:09AM] Letter C

Spell It Out Necklace, Spellbound Necklace, To The Letter Necklace, Alpha-beautiful Necklace,Love Letters Necklace
Laurie Sterling
 [10/25 9:14:26AM] Letter L

initial spark
Darsie smith
 [10/25 9:13:53AM] Silver long length

Initial me
Caroline Kelly
 [10/25 9:13:50AM] Gold, c

Sparkle of light
 [10/25 9:12:28AM] Gold c

Love Letter
Amanda LeFebvre
 [10/25 9:11:30AM] Letter A

Beautiful From The Initial Glance
Laura Bron
 [10/25 9:10:34AM] Gold L

Alpha Necklace
Pam Seely
 [10/25 9:10:20AM] P

Say My Initial Necklace
Lou-Ann Levesque
 [10/25 9:10:17AM] Letter L

It started with...
Tasha mark
 [10/25 9:08:51AM] G

A touch of class
Sara Bradford
 [10/25 9:08:45AM] Letter S

Say my name necklace, letters in love necklace, Dipped in gold initial necklace, pavé initial necklace,
Kaitlyn popert
 [10/25 9:08:38AM] Gold K

Girl Tribe Necklace
Sabrina Bryan
 [10/25 9:08:28AM] A

Love Letter Necklace
Jackie Burton
 [10/25 9:07:27AM] J

Capitalize YOUR Letter Necklace
Angie Coolin
 [10/25 9:06:29AM] Letter H

Duchess pendant
Darsie Smith
 [10/25 9:06:07AM] Unsure

Letters of love
Lindsey Alicia stark
 [10/25 9:05:31AM] Gold, C , long

More then just a letter
Vanessa Zulke
 [10/25 9:04:14AM] Z

Initial Sparkle Necklace
Kelsey Fitzpatrick
 [10/25 9:03:23AM] Gold K

Identify you necklace!
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [10/25 9:02:58AM] B

Initially Yours
Kaitlyn fox
 [10/25 9:02:33AM] K gold

Initially You
Kaitlyn fox
 [10/25 9:02:03AM] K gold

Initial Impression
Tonya Barich
 [10/25 8:55:20AM] Letter T

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