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Pajama Time
June 12, 2020

Silver Icing Caption This: Pajama Time

It’s the little things in life <3 Little things with big personalities that is! It's contest time again! Time to get cute and creative! Give us your best caption for this adorable photo for a chance to win a $50 Silver Icing E-Gift Card! Enter your suggestion by commenting on the website under the Caption This Spotlight Post with your best caption by Sunday, June 14th at 9AM PST. Find out the winning caption next week! Good luck!

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Note: Some entries submitted may require admin approval.
Total Entries: 131
Congratulations to Tara Bertling, the winner of the Caption This Contest
Winning Entry: "Wear cute pajamas, you never know who you will meet in your dreams!"

Sweetest little thing
Chantel Laur
 [06/14 8:05:27AM]

I had the best sleep ever.
Jennifer Nootchtai
 [06/14 6:01:02AM]

Cute and Comfy
Vera Cogliano
 [06/13 7:25:45PM]

Little Miss Thing, Sweet Thing,
Maria Boonstra
 [06/13 5:55:53PM]

Little but lots of sass (like my mommy)
Arienne Ferguson
 [06/13 4:24:00PM]

Can I stay up a few more minutes?
Deidre Lidgate
 [06/13 4:05:26PM]

Ain’t no thang, like a little thang
Erica w
 [06/13 3:58:00PM]

The littlest thing, the sweetest thing.
Gem Sheppard
 [06/13 3:31:30PM]

Little Thing? Big attitude!
Jenna Coleman
 [06/13 1:43:04PM]

Piece of my heart, little jams, mini jams, pjs and hugs, little love bug
Sarah Fell-Howe
 [06/13 12:32:24PM]

I'm cute and I know it! hehe
Elizabeth Donnelly
 [06/13 11:39:35AM]

Back off , I've got this! .......And you said,It's bedtime ! Not in my world......... or .....Just let me show you how it's done!
Rosemary Hogg
 [06/13 11:08:39AM]

I woke up this cute
Kerri Anne Fuller
 [06/13 9:26:36AM]

Do you like my dance moves? If you say no, I'm gonna throw this!
Nola Roy
 [06/13 9:19:42AM]

Bed Bug
Diana meads
 [06/13 8:59:20AM]

I just threw this Little Thing on! ??
Christina Ko
 [06/13 8:39:41AM]

Can I pleaaaase have a snack
Dora Roy
 [06/13 8:36:05AM]

Colour me cozy!
Karen Gurney
 [06/13 8:26:33AM]

Just doin’ my thing!
Nevada Hewitt
 [06/13 8:21:45AM]

Sometimes a little thing can make your day
Diana Stephens
 [06/13 8:14:38AM]

Look Mommy!
Laurie Stevens
 [06/13 7:29:32AM]

Itty bitty pretty one in pjs
Jennifer Jones
 [06/13 6:18:04AM]

Sassy Little Thing
Liz Smith
 [06/13 1:54:25AM]

I may be little but I’m fierce like my Mama
Rae-Leigha Chiorando
 [06/12 11:21:06PM]

Little thing...big heart...endless possibilities
Jennifer McEachern
 [06/12 11:12:26PM]

It wasn’t me...
Jennifer Bradford
 [06/12 10:10:22PM]

Look mommy I got this Little Stylist pose thing down
Kim Simmonds
 [06/12 8:50:48PM]

Can't rain on my parade/ Pure Comfiness/ Snug as a Bug/ You've got this
Bianca Easter
 [06/12 7:58:31PM]

Enjoy all the little things in these cozy pjs just like this cutie is!
Tamara Zaretski
 [06/12 7:18:49PM]

Lacey Van Diermen
 [06/12 5:54:24PM]

I may be little, but hear me ROAR!
Grace Lau
 [06/12 5:44:43PM]

Love in your life is the greatest gift to have ?
Kelsey Ballett
 [06/12 5:28:15PM]

I may be Little but I have a BIG Heart ?
Natashia Liboiron
 [06/12 5:03:23PM]

Little things; big personalities
Kristen Kringhaug
 [06/12 4:07:43PM]

This little thing is rocking fashion, comfort, and personality...just like Mom/Aunt/Grandma, Thanks SI!
Jaime Davison
 [06/12 3:30:27PM]

What, this little thing?
Jaime Davison
 [06/12 3:22:52PM]

Look Mommy,I’m ready for bed
Laurie Stevens
 [06/12 3:13:49PM]

Crazy “Little Thing” called love!
Laura Bollinger
 [06/12 2:41:23PM]

Princesses dont always wear gowns
Vikki Macmillan
 [06/12 2:36:53PM]

Sweet, Stylin' and Sassy
Bonnie DiFiore
 [06/12 2:29:40PM]

Loungewear of 2020
Maria McDougall
 [06/12 1:46:23PM]

I may be little but I sure am Sweet
Danielle Sumners
 [06/12 1:46:05PM]

Sweet as Pie
Renee Prevost
 [06/12 1:27:31PM]

She may be little, but she is mighty and oh, so fashionable!
Amanda Zimny
 [06/12 12:19:41PM]

From under my wing ?
Meighan Macdonald
 [06/12 12:12:00PM]

Look at Me! I’m Stylin’ like Mommy!
Kathy Pirone
 [06/12 12:04:32PM]

Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.
Jennifer Olsen
 [06/12 12:00:48PM]

She believed she could, and so she shes in time out.
Melissa Power
 [06/12 11:57:57AM]

You make my heart sing?
Lisa Redmond
 [06/12 11:42:51AM]

All that matters
Melody O'Connor
 [06/12 11:39:47AM]

Pajama Party!!
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [06/12 11:39:44AM]

Guuuurl, I got this!
Celeste Kallis
 [06/12 11:22:48AM]

Sweet little stripes
Ellie Durgan
 [06/12 11:22:26AM]

Little package, BIG dreams!
Celeste Kallis
 [06/12 11:21:36AM]

Little things that make life BIG
Ana Kalanj
 [06/12 11:18:07AM]

Every little thing is gonna be alright
Ana kalanj
 [06/12 11:12:57AM]

A little thing called love
Ana Kalanj
 [06/12 11:11:56AM]

“I’m cute and I know it”
Sara McLean
 [06/12 11:10:56AM]

Little bit of fierce, little bit of fun!
Celeste Kallis
 [06/12 10:59:07AM]

The biggest changes start with the littlest of things <3
Samantha Wong
 [06/12 10:57:04AM]

Best things come in little packages / Little things, big personalities.
Angela Mitres
 [06/12 10:53:35AM]

Killing the selfie game
Tina cimaglia
 [06/12 10:45:06AM]

Little things with big attitudes
Tina cimaglia
 [06/12 10:44:34AM]

Sweet and sassy little thing
Morag Mercer
 [06/12 10:41:23AM]

Let’s start trending this pose
Samantha S
 [06/12 10:38:13AM]

This little thing is a superstar
Samantha S
 [06/12 10:35:07AM]

Let the cuddles begin
Jennifer Staniec
 [06/12 10:31:05AM]

It's the little things that can change the world!
Samantha Wong
 [06/12 10:26:30AM]

It’s the little things in life that are worth dancing for.
Crystal Mackie
 [06/12 10:26:20AM]

I’ll be a super star when I grow up.
Crystal Mackie
 [06/12 10:25:52AM]

What me dance!
Crystal Mackie
 [06/12 10:20:39AM]

Welcome to my pj party, dance like no body’s watching!
Crystal Mackie
 [06/12 10:19:21AM]

Ta-Da! Sometimes little things shine the brightest light
Jacquie Middleton
 [06/12 10:19:08AM]

Little with a big heart
Angela Rodgers
 [06/12 10:18:54AM]

Ta-Da! Sometimes little things shine the brightest light
Jacquie Middleton
 [06/12 10:17:02AM]

I may be little but this is so comfy it's a big deal!
Ina Fung
 [06/12 10:13:01AM]

Look at Me! Stylin’ like Mommy!
Kathy Pirone
 [06/12 10:04:09AM]

Big Dreams come from little things
Angela Kerluke
 [06/12 9:57:46AM]

Big heart, big dreams, big personality; little size ??
Nicole Burchell
 [06/12 9:51:43AM]

Little thing with big dreams ??
Nicole Burchell
 [06/12 9:49:28AM]

Today's child, Tommorrow's Future Leader
Cara Rogers
 [06/12 9:38:45AM]

Today a shining light , Tommorrow's Future Star
Cara Rogers
 [06/12 9:38:14AM]

Little Thing - Big Dreams
Kyla Keller
 [06/12 9:37:20AM]

Hello world, watch me sparkle and shine bright! I may be little, but I have a big attitude and I’m not afraid to show it!
Jennifer Barone
 [06/12 9:32:56AM]

Mom says I have big cute factor in a little package; I’m adorable and I just can’t help it; I’m so cute I can get away with all kinds of naughty things!
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/12 9:31:04AM]

Best ... little thing !
Shieleen Mossop
 [06/12 9:29:50AM]

Look at Me!! Stylin’ Like Mommy ?
Kathy Pirone
 [06/12 9:21:30AM]

Small Packages
Jennifer Stevens
 [06/12 9:20:55AM]

Little thing, full of lotta love ?
Yvonne McKechnie
 [06/12 9:18:40AM]

Little Things make Big Things Happen
Bettina Allen
 [06/12 9:14:40AM]

It's the Little Things that Matter the Most
Bettina Allen
 [06/12 9:13:19AM]

And though she be but little, she is fierce!
Lea Pryce
 [06/12 9:13:15AM]

Classy and Sassy, Just Like Momma
Megan Summers
 [06/12 9:12:29AM]

Super Hero in Disguise!
Bettina Allen
 [06/12 9:09:49AM]

Movie & Popcorn Time ?
Darlene Tremorin
 [06/12 9:02:21AM]

It’s my time to shine!
Kaylee Moerman
 [06/12 8:55:10AM]

Don’t worry about that Mommy, this little things got it!
Brittany Sargent
 [06/12 8:55:06AM]

Move over world...She ain't lookin' back because this pretty little thing got big dreams ??
Heather Dyck
 [06/12 8:37:31AM]

Should have been an A in thAng! Oh HEYYYYY!
Lexi Nichols
 [06/12 8:34:04AM]

I may be little but I am FIERCE!
Lexi Nichols
 [06/12 8:32:07AM]

Most Important Things in Life
Catherine Williams
 [06/12 8:31:45AM]

I may be a little thing but I have big dreams
Amanda Dykstra
 [06/12 8:30:37AM]

That pose though ??
Krystle Senecal
 [06/12 8:26:21AM]

Wear cute pajamas, you never know who you will meet in your dreams!
Tara Bertling
 [06/12 8:21:16AM]

Little thing. Big personality
Dianna Owens
 [06/12 8:20:58AM]

Dream Big Little Thing
Robyn M
 [06/12 8:19:35AM]

Everything is better in pajamas!
Tara Bertling
 [06/12 8:19:18AM]

Little Thing with Big Dreams!
Megan Kelso
 [06/12 8:19:08AM]

It's the little things
robyn M.
 [06/12 8:18:48AM]

Dream big little one !
Courtney Pinsonneault
 [06/12 8:18:27AM]

It’s the little things that make the biggest impression on our lives
Melissa Ingram
 [06/12 8:17:28AM]

It’s the little things that mean the most to us
Melissa Ingram
 [06/12 8:16:06AM]

Pretty fly for a small fry!
Karen Otsig
 [06/12 8:15:57AM]

It’s the little things that mean the most to us
Melissa Ingram
 [06/12 8:15:14AM]

And though she be but little, she is fierce!
Tara Bertling
 [06/12 8:15:10AM]

Pretty fly for a small fry!
Karen Otsig
 [06/12 8:14:39AM]

Pretty fly for a small fry
Karen Otsig
 [06/12 8:13:42AM]

A little ‘icing’ on the cake!
Renée Zanussi
 [06/12 8:12:04AM]

Little thing (na na na na na) you make my heart sing!
Tara Bertling
 [06/12 8:12:01AM]

I’m a pretty big deal for something so little.
Carolyn Webster
 [06/12 8:09:54AM]

Don’t you worry about a thing!, “Don’t you worry about a little thing!
Emily Gerein
 [06/12 8:09:50AM]

This little thing is going to make a big difference
Raina Brugger
 [06/12 8:09:47AM]

May you always be the one who sees the light in the little things
Raina Brugger
 [06/12 8:08:50AM]

Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realise they were the big things
Raina Brugger
 [06/12 8:08:18AM]

She may be small but she is mighty
Nikki Weightman
 [06/12 8:05:39AM]

Little thing dream big
Sheila bock
 [06/12 8:04:33AM]

My mommy doesn’t know it yet but I coloured all over the walls, ain’t I cute though!!!
Nikki Weightman
 [06/12 8:03:38AM]

Just perfecting my bend and snap...! (Legally blonde)
Louise Vukas
 [06/12 8:03:26AM]

This Little Thing has BIG plans!!
Megan Power
 [06/12 8:03:20AM]

The little things take up the biggest space in our hearts.
Joëlle Bakker
 [06/12 8:03:02AM]

Oh heeyyy
Kayla Erlandson
 [06/12 8:02:09AM]

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