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Striped Shorts
June 26, 2020

Silver Icing Striped Shorts

You know what time it is…it’s time to NAME IT TO WIN IT! We are looking for a fun and original name for these comfy striped lounge shorts! These shorts are lightweight, soft, have a comfortable stretchy waistband and POCKETS! No drawstring! We’re all going to be living in these shorts this summer!

Silver Icing Name It to Win Spotlight Striped Shorts

Enter your suggestion(s) by commenting on the website under the NAME IT TO WIN IT SPOTLIGHT post by Sunday, June 28 at 9AM (PST).

Silver Icing Name It to Win Spotlight Striped Shorts

Find out the winning name when this product launches as a Presale next week! The winner will receive their size of choice! (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL – Black and White Stripes or Navy and Red Stripes). These shorts will Presale for $14.99 (Retail $19.00). Good luck! ❤️

Silver Icing Name It to Win Spotlight Striped Shorts

*Christina is wearing the size S*

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Total of 502 Entries
Congratulations to Alyssa Fahie, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Let’s Set Sail Shorts
Stripe Anywhere
Janet Brzezicki
 [06/28 8:47:20AM] Small white stripe

Sassy stripes shorts
Mavis Conrad
 [06/28 8:34:22AM] Black/white size small

Chillaxin' in Comfort
Nicole Gryde
 [06/28 8:24:48AM] Black and White 2xl

Summer Relaxation
Beverley Campbell
 [06/28 8:23:23AM] XL - Navy and Red Stripes

I got stripes
Loranda Bosch
 [06/28 8:21:14AM] Xl-2xl depending on fit, navy and red

Lounging, Lake or Lunching shorts
Summer Manca
 [06/28 8:20:00AM] Black and White L

Summer Line Up
Amy Moore
 [06/28 7:54:07AM] Black and white in xs

Summer Staple
Michelle Mulder
 [06/28 7:00:34AM] XS, black and white

Love’n the lines
Charlene Little
 [06/28 6:12:37AM] 2XL black and white

Silver Icing Lounge Shorts
Denise Gaudette
 [06/28 5:54:21AM] XL Navy and Red

Yacht your shorts
Lynnette Babin
 [06/28 5:40:26AM] Large Black and white

Just Stripe Right
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 5:10:08AM] Navy & Red XL

I Saw The Line Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:53:47AM] Navy & Red XL

Line Your Pockets Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:52:39AM] Navy & Red XL

Stripe Yes Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:46:25AM] Navy & Red XL

Choose Your Stripes Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:45:07AM] Navy & Red XL

Stripe Left Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:42:59AM] Navy & Red XL

Stripe Yes Lounging Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:42:10AM] Navy & Red XL

Stripe Right Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:40:55AM] Navy & Red XL

You’ve Got the Stripe Stuff Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/28 3:35:47AM] Navy & Red XL

Lounge in Stripe Shorts
Sara Brown
 [06/28 2:38:20AM] Large Red and Blue

Freedom and Liberty
Brittany Ginter
 [06/28 1:36:12AM] M black and White.

Sorry (not sorry) Tank
Tamara Suh
 [06/28 12:05:59AM] Xl red

Covid Break Shorts
Nanci Vaughan
 [06/27 10:51:12PM] LG -Blue with white stripes

Love’n the lines
Charlene Little
 [06/27 10:12:40PM] 2xl black and white

Typical Canadian tank and shorts
Kimberly rose
 [06/27 9:40:56PM] 2xl red

Down By the Bay Shorts
Trena Marthaller
 [06/27 9:32:21PM] Lg Black and White

Summer stripesation shorts
Alanna Hermans
 [06/27 9:22:53PM] XL red

Earn Your Stripes
Angela Hazell
 [06/27 9:16:59PM] Black XL

Spin in’ Right Round
Angela Hazell
 [06/27 8:58:54PM] Black XL

Show your stripes shorts
Laura Veldink
 [06/27 7:47:26PM] Black and white in XL

Strutting in my stripes shorts
Leah Kraushaar
 [06/27 7:35:57PM] Xl black and white

Horizon Heaven Shorts
Janna Thompson
 [06/27 7:35:14PM] Medium & black/white

Striping to relaxation
Erin Agostini
 [06/27 6:59:05PM] 2xl black & red

Erin Whitham
 [06/27 6:56:11PM] L

Live Free
Renae Friesen
 [06/27 6:44:47PM] B/w/ small

49th Parallel Shorts
Brittaney Pregizer
 [06/27 6:42:47PM] Black and white XL

Do Wah Diddy Stiped shorts
Crystal Schouten
 [06/27 6:07:10PM] black M

Stripe away shorts!
Mary Ligori
 [06/27 5:46:16PM] 2XL - red and blue stripe away! ?

Sunday Shorts
Savannah Dennar
 [06/27 5:36:08PM] XL BLACK AND WHITE

Striped Away
Tara Babcock
 [06/27 5:12:02PM] Large- surprise me!

Coup de Foudre/Lightning Stripes shorts (coup de foudre is a French idiom for love at first sight and foudre is lighting), Stripe a Chord shorts, Stripe it Lucky shorts, Stripe of Luck shorts, Earn Your Stripes shorts, True Stripes shorts, Stripe Me Down shorts, On Stripe shorts, Stripe of Genius shorts, Show Your Stripes shorts, Stripe Down shorts,
Sarah Jane Costello
 [06/27 4:51:47PM] L, B&W

Prime Lines Short
Melanie Bergeron
 [06/27 4:36:34PM] Small, black & white

Perfectly Lined
 [06/27 4:33:50PM] Small, black & white

Carnival Lines Shorts
Melanie Bergeron
 [06/27 4:30:06PM] Small, black & white

True North
Angela Sharf
 [06/27 4:13:36PM] Large/ Blk & Wht

Down Time
Angela Sharf
 [06/27 4:12:42PM] Large/Blk & white

Styling, sassy stripes
Shauna Mychalyshyn
 [06/27 4:12:08PM] Black medium

Ruby Tuesday Shorts
Cindy Ross
 [06/27 4:10:39PM] Xl red and navy

Fun Flare Short
Cindy Ross
 [06/27 4:09:16PM] Xl black white

Comfy lines
Shauna Mychalyshyn
 [06/27 4:08:05PM] Blue/red medium

Lazy Days Stripes
Josie Stemmler
 [06/27 3:17:30PM] Black Med

Lazy Days Stripes
Josie Stemmler
 [06/27 3:16:07PM] Black Med

zebra shorts
margaret lavallee
 [06/27 2:59:31PM] ex large

ANYday FUNday in shorts
Trish Bichon
 [06/27 2:58:17PM] 2x black

Fun in SUNday !!
Trish Bichon
 [06/27 2:55:33PM] 2x

Perfect stripe, lineup for summer shorts, stripe up
Barbara Benner
 [06/27 1:56:59PM] Black and white

Call Me Stripes, Take me to the Stripes
Karen Bouwhuis
 [06/27 1:45:39PM] Large black and white

Simply striped shorts
Shauna Mychalyshyn
 [06/27 1:32:35PM] Medium black and white

Stripes Ahoy!
Jody Nordman
 [06/27 1:21:48PM] Blue/white size L

Comfy eh shorts
Lisa Etty
 [06/27 1:09:10PM] L Black & white

Nautical Navy
Dianr Grant
 [06/27 12:36:43PM] Small Navy/white stripe

The red, white and striped lounge short
Kaitlyn Richards
 [06/27 11:43:46AM] Black and white, x

Striped Relaxation Shorts
Shae Harding
 [06/27 11:40:44AM] Size Small black and white

Winning Streak Shorts; Off Duty Shorts; In Line Shorts
Stefanie Kaczmarek
 [06/27 11:35:15AM] Medium - black and white

Draw the line at comfort
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [06/27 11:22:39AM] Medium navy and white

Walking the style line
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [06/27 11:22:01AM] Medium navy and white

Lined up for comfort
Vikki Presakarchuk
 [06/27 11:17:31AM] Navy and white medium

Color me Canadian shorts
Mary Ellen Walker
 [06/27 11:00:37AM] Medium, red and navy

I draw the line
Chantel Taylor
 [06/27 10:49:54AM] Black and white XL

Stripe a pose shorts
Nancy Coles
 [06/27 10:49:07AM] Black size medium

Horizontal expression shorts
 [06/27 10:48:59AM] L-. Black and white

Sea side stripes
Chantel Taylor
 [06/27 10:47:38AM] Black and white XL

All summer long
Debbie Partridge
 [06/27 10:30:36AM] Blue/Red Large

Comfy Canadian shorts
Gloria Taylor
 [06/27 10:16:00AM] Large black and white

Lake stripes
Christine Horn
 [06/27 10:15:07AM] 2x red and navy please

Canadian girl stripes
Becky maschke
 [06/27 10:07:47AM] Medium blue and red

Sunny Days And Dreamy Nights
Kelsey Lacroix
 [06/27 9:58:04AM] Small Black and White

Umbrella shorts, line love shorts, comfort stripe shorts
Nerissa Smith
 [06/27 9:41:35AM] Small, navy and red

Let’s chill, let’s get comfortable, instant comfort, next level comfort, next level up, Summer loving,
Gugu Maponga
 [06/27 9:34:17AM] M

Walk the line shorts, lines go wild,
 [06/27 9:29:57AM] M

Line Me Up!, Line Em Up, Lightening Stripes Twice, Get In Line, Tow The Line, Softly Striped, Draw The Line, Lines Drawn
Tara Kennedy
 [06/27 9:22:43AM] Large & Navy and Red Stripes

Chillax Short
Tasha Kelly
 [06/27 9:19:42AM] Black and small

Get Shorty
 [06/27 9:10:14AM] Large, Black

Show your true stripes shorts, true North stripes shorts
Tracey Bruce
 [06/27 9:05:52AM] Black and white stripe, Large

Earned my stripes shorts
Maxine Mathews
 [06/27 8:56:18AM] Small, blue & red

Stripe-A-Line Shorts
Brette Bickford
 [06/27 8:51:06AM] XS & Black and white stripes

Lazy Dayz
Stacey Lubemsky
 [06/27 8:48:28AM] XL - black and white

Sorry, not Sorry
Laurel Bridger
 [06/27 8:38:29AM] Large red and black

Glide On Stripe Shorts; Striped for Days Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/27 8:35:15AM] Black and white: medium

Stripey Lightly Shorts; Sit or Sand Shorts; Strip-sided Shorts; Instant Slimming Shorts; Instant Comforts Shirts; Beauty in The Stripes Shorts; Beauty in Stripes Shorts; Chillin and Slimmin’ Shorts ; Chillin and Slimming Shorts; Dressed to Impress Myself Shorts; Glided On Stripped Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/27 8:32:08AM] Black and white; medium

Sassy stripes
Laura Marsh
 [06/27 8:29:56AM] 2xl Black and white

Humble Lines Shorts; Perfectly A-Lined Shorts; Straightaway Getaway Shorts; Getaway Shorts; Overlapping Comfort Shorts; Be Chill Shorts; Perfect Getaway
April Hunt
 [06/27 8:17:34AM] Black and white; medium

Chillaxing the day away shorts
Crystal Grubb
 [06/27 8:14:31AM] Lg navy & red

Stripes ahoy shorts
Dana Zieroth
 [06/27 8:09:42AM] Xl black and white

Stripe it up
Ana Klovan
 [06/27 8:07:26AM] S & black & white

Ezie-Wear Summer Shorts
Liz Straiton
 [06/27 8:01:53AM] Blue/red medium

Free & Easy Lounge Shorts
Brooke Derksen
 [06/27 7:59:27AM] XL Black & White

Earn your stripes shorts, Stripe it to the right shorts
Kelly Mitchell
 [06/27 7:48:38AM] Large black

Just Striping shorts
Pam Walsh
 [06/27 7:22:59AM] navy and red- large

Go-to Summer Short with pockets!
Lorelei Stern
 [06/27 7:16:40AM] S black and white stripes

Zoning Stripes Shorts
Nicole Waldner
 [06/27 6:58:20AM] Black and White. Medium

Ship to shore - Sailor Shorts
Alex Hudson
 [06/27 6:57:50AM] Black and white - XL

Ship to shore - Sailor shorts
Alex Hudson
 [06/27 6:56:30AM] Black and white - XL

Stripe A Pose, Love the Line
Susan Schmidt
 [06/27 6:53:31AM] Black 2x

Lines of Lounge
Nadine Bishop
 [06/27 6:47:28AM] Black/M

Stripe a pose shorts
Desiree Girardin
 [06/27 6:46:56AM] Large and black and white

Stripe a pocket lounge short - A pocked full of stripes - Lounge & Stripe
Whitney Dillon
 [06/27 6:36:58AM] 2xl - black

Pocket Full Of Comfort- No Strings Attached
Angele Lachance
 [06/27 6:06:04AM] XS

“Call Me Stripes” “Take Me To The Stripes”
Karen Bouwhuis
 [06/27 5:53:28AM] Large Black/White

Passports and summer shorts
Lisa Swaikoski
 [06/27 5:11:46AM] Black and white, size medium/large

Perfectly stripes
Katie Hunter
 [06/27 5:08:11AM] Black and white small

New Horizon Shorts
Renee Prevost
 [06/27 4:27:00AM] Black 2XL

Walk the line
Roberta Simson
 [06/27 4:11:33AM] Medium, black and white

Gilligan Shorts
Ashlee Murray
 [06/27 3:51:18AM] XL. Red and navy

Nice Stripes Eh
Jess Robertson
 [06/27 3:50:16AM] Black and White- size Medium

Gilligan Shorts
Ashlee Murray
 [06/27 3:49:57AM] XL red and Navy

Stay home shorts
Wanda-Lee Bowles
 [06/27 3:34:27AM] Navy and Red 2XL

Comfy Beaver
Nicole Latka
 [06/27 3:05:33AM] Small/ black and white

Crazy Canadian Stripies, The Canuck in all of Us, Winning with Stripes, Bold and Beautiful, Crazy Comfy Shorts, Love me some Striped Shorts
Carey Dingsdale
 [06/27 12:17:34AM] Small black and white

Canadian Stripes
Jodi Medley
 [06/26 11:43:10PM] M black and white

Lay low, layin in the sun, fun in the sun, lazy day shorts, break the ice, happy days shorts
Victoria Curran
 [06/26 11:26:52PM] Lrg navy and red

Lay low, layin in the sun, fun in the sun, lazy day shorts, break the ice, happy days shorts
Victoria Curran
 [06/26 11:25:36PM] Lrg Black and White shorts

Lay low, layin in the sun, fun in the sun, lazy day shorts, break the ice, happy days shorts
Victoria Curran
 [06/26 11:25:13PM] Lrg Black and White shorts

Lay low, layin in the sun, fun in the sun, lazy day shorts, break the ice, happy days shorts
Victoria Curran
 [06/26 11:24:08PM] Lrg Black and White shorts

Lazy for Dayz Shorts
Danielle Rusk
 [06/26 11:17:33PM] Small Black and White Stripes

All stripes from here
Amy Campbell
 [06/26 10:41:13PM] 2XL navy & red

All stripes here
Amy Campbell
 [06/26 10:38:53PM] 2XL navy & red

All stripes from here
Amy Campbell
 [06/26 10:36:19PM] 2XL red & navy

Here to stay shorts
Alyssa Fahie
 [06/26 10:31:07PM] Xs black/white

Stripes Ahoy Shorties
 [06/26 9:26:00PM] Sm/navy and red

Between the Lines
Megan Bulford
 [06/26 9:16:53PM] Medium Red and Blue

Stripe Me Happy
Jennifer Dakin
 [06/26 9:12:38PM] Medium, black and white

Earning my stripes shorts
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [06/26 9:08:54PM] Black and white in XL please

Stripes calling my name
Kelli Wilson
 [06/26 8:59:19PM] Medium- Black & White

Sun and Stripes Shorts; Summer Stripes Shorts; Fun in the Stripes Shorts
Mariel Pritchett
 [06/26 8:50:04PM] Black and white 2X

Short, Stripe and Sweet
Cynthia Branigan
 [06/26 8:46:10PM] Black and white -M

The Everyday Short, Lounge Away Short, The Seventh Stripe Short, Stripe Me Away Short, The Everyday Stripe
Whitney Dillon
 [06/26 8:31:47PM] Black - 2XL

Stripes eh!
Michelle Bailuk
 [06/26 8:26:44PM] Black & white size xl

Stripes Ahoy Shorts
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [06/26 8:19:21PM] Black and white, large

Stripes Ahoy Shorts
Sarah Parks-Quinn
 [06/26 8:18:21PM] Blacks

Paul cottrell
 [06/26 8:15:36PM] 8 red

The Admirals
Candace moore
 [06/26 8:14:50PM] 10 red

Kai thomas
 [06/26 8:13:31PM] 0 red

Sleepyhead Canada day
Tyana Carr-Janes
 [06/26 8:07:25PM] 2xl red shorts and shirt

Comfort Between the Lines
Megan Crawford
 [06/26 8:04:20PM] XS black and white

The « I earned my stripes » lounge short
Lindsay Lamarche
 [06/26 8:04:16PM] 2x black and white

Living the stripes life
Bev Seymour
 [06/26 7:58:32PM] Size L Color black and white

Stripe me away
Becca schonewille
 [06/26 7:53:23PM] Black and red xl

Stripe in comfort shorts
Kim Gowan
 [06/26 7:52:26PM] Medium black and white

Summer fun short
Vanessa christiuk
 [06/26 7:47:49PM] XL, navy/red

Line 'em up shorts; Northern parallel shorts
Dayna Friend
 [06/26 7:40:26PM] white and black, M

Lounge all day
Erika pinder
 [06/26 7:39:53PM] Black and white, XL

Sail away shorts
Tara McCord
 [06/26 7:37:50PM] 2xl Black & white

Stripe Line and Center
Natashia Liboiron
 [06/26 7:35:10PM] Navy and Red Stripes / Size: M

This Stripe’s For You shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/26 7:31:26PM] Black&White XL

One Stripe In Mu Pocket shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/26 7:30:12PM] Red&Navy XL

Pocketful of Stripes shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/26 7:28:24PM] Navy & Red XL

Line up shorts
Jenna Redford-Freiburger
 [06/26 7:26:19PM] M black and white

Bluberry cherry shorts
Maria Yazmin Aramoni
 [06/26 7:09:19PM] Blue Large

Keep it cool in stripes shorts
Maria Lento
 [06/26 7:07:32PM] Medium black and white

Striped in Comfort Shorts, Line it Up Shorts,
Michelle Tochor
 [06/26 7:00:49PM] Size Medium, Black

Naked Stripes
Donna Humber
 [06/26 6:45:59PM] XL black & white

Fancy pantd
Debbie Partridge
 [06/26 6:42:29PM] Large red/blue

Stripe it oh so right
Jennifer Blair
 [06/26 6:08:23PM] White and blue xl

Stripes, No Stars - Canadian Girl shorts
Meghann Faulkner
 [06/26 6:05:47PM] M - Black and White Stripes

All Summer Long
Stacey Nadeau
 [06/26 6:04:57PM] Small Black/white

All Stripes Are Off Shorts
Charmaine Kotyk
 [06/26 5:58:07PM] Black/white. Medium

Not Sorry
Lia Schoenroth
 [06/26 5:54:52PM] L Blue and red

Living the dream shorts
Amanda Herring
 [06/26 5:53:45PM] Large red

Rina DiNobile
 [06/26 5:53:06PM] size L

Mid summer dream shorts
Amanda Herring
 [06/26 5:52:34PM] Large red

Rina DiNobile
 [06/26 5:48:22PM] black size L

Yacht Rock shorts
Jennalyn Ranta
 [06/26 5:40:46PM] XL black and white

Canada Shorts
Niki Middleton
 [06/26 5:05:50PM] med

Comfort in a stripe
Dana Marshall
 [06/26 4:47:48PM] Black and red lg

Retro summer
Allyson Longley
 [06/26 4:37:31PM] Medium & red/ navy

Earn Your Stripes
Wendy Betteridge
 [06/26 4:34:41PM] Medium in Red

striped and sassy shorts
Courtney Eisel
 [06/26 4:30:56PM] 2xl b&w

simply striped shorts
Courtney Eisel
 [06/26 4:29:53PM] 2xl b&w

Pockets of Comfort Shorts
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/26 4:26:22PM] Black and White, Small

Total Indulgence Shorts
Courtney Eisel
 [06/26 4:26:02PM] 2XL black and white

Loud and Proud Shorts, Built for Lounging Shorts, Pockets if Comforts Shorts, Set up for Comfort Shorts, Second to None Shorts, Permission to Chill Shorts, Chill Stripes Shorts, Permission to Lounge Shorts
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [06/26 4:25:38PM] Black & White, small

The stripes have it
Allyson Plater
 [06/26 4:19:11PM] Black and white stripe. Size 8

Summer stripes
Chelsea McClurg
 [06/26 4:19:01PM] Black and white size med

Stripes rule shorts
Courtney Eisel
 [06/26 4:17:26PM] 2XL black and white

Sorry-not-sorry tank
Courtney Eisel
 [06/26 4:12:16PM] 2XL

Sorry Not Sorry Striped Shorts, Canada-eh stripes, Cute in Stripes, Stylish in Stripes, Comfort in Stripes
Holly Leclaire
 [06/26 4:07:16PM] Small, black & white stripes

Stretch that stripe short
Sierra Gustafson
 [06/26 4:03:20PM] Small and black and white

Name it to Win It - “ These aren’t Grandma’s Shorts”
Rebecca Chartrand
 [06/26 3:58:02PM] XL Black and white

Cabana Stripes
 [06/26 3:56:03PM] black/white 2XL

Name it to win it - “Hide the cellulite” shorts
Rebecca Chartrand
 [06/26 3:56:01PM] XL black

Cabana Stripes
Daphne Sali
 [06/26 3:50:59PM] Black/white 2XL

Cabana Stripes
Daphne Sali
 [06/26 3:50:20PM] Black/white 2XL

Stripe Me Right Round, Unblurred Lines, Livin On A Line, Livin Lines,
Jennifer Barone
 [06/26 3:38:02PM] M black and white

Pockets make them perfect
Summer Manca
 [06/26 3:36:24PM] Black and White L

Pockets are for posing
Summer Manca
 [06/26 3:35:53PM] Black and White L

Simply Striped Summer Shorts
Summer Manca
 [06/26 3:35:16PM] Black and White L

Nothing short of stripes
Crystal Herault
 [06/26 3:32:02PM] Medium, no preference love them both

Striped in Comfort
Stephanie Pelland
 [06/26 3:29:26PM] XL navy and red

Canadian Comfort
Elizabeth Platz
 [06/26 3:28:42PM] stripes

Bed to Beach and in between
Summer Manca
 [06/26 3:25:51PM] Black and White L

Sail Away Shorts
Alison Carlson
 [06/26 3:23:00PM] Medium, Black and white

Oh Stripes shorts!!
Lindsay Geist
 [06/26 3:20:24PM] Medium, black and white

Canadian lines
Kelly McQuade
 [06/26 3:15:53PM] Small navy

jaimee Love
 [06/26 3:15:47PM] Medium

Welcome to the dock side
jaimee Love
 [06/26 3:15:01PM] Medium

Lay it on the Line Shorts
Amy Tekatch
 [06/26 3:14:20PM] Black and white stripe, M

Livin Life Shorts
Caitlyn Bowker
 [06/26 3:14:15PM] black/white in Medium

The Red, White, and YOU shorts, Strong and Free shorts, The Canadian Dream shorts, Canadian Firework Shorts, Striped to perfection shorts
Heather Downey
 [06/26 3:09:50PM] Black and White, 2x

Comfort Zone
Katlin Wilson
 [06/26 3:07:31PM] Medium, black and white

Stripe it Right Round, Livin On A Stripe, Livin Lines, Unblurred Lines
Jennifer Barone
 [06/26 3:06:44PM] M black and white

It’s a stripe thing, Unblurred Lines, Livin on a Line, Livin Lines, Stripe It Right Round
Jennifer Barone
 [06/26 3:04:55PM] M black and white

True North Shorts
Misty Reimer
 [06/26 3:04:21PM] white/black xl

Strut Your Stripes
Dianna Hasley
 [06/26 3:02:30PM] Size small - black and white

Stripes are Forever lounge shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/26 2:59:41PM] Black and White 1x

Stripes Ahoy! Lounge Shorts
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/26 2:55:57PM] Black & White 1x

Sign me up shorts, Sign on the line shorts
Shannon Strachan
 [06/26 2:55:50PM] Size XL blk/white

Stripes Ahoy! Lounge Shorts,
Shannon Cavalheiro
 [06/26 2:53:36PM] Black & White 1X

Striped for days shorts
Jennifer Haley
 [06/26 2:52:58PM] Black and white XL

Between the Lines
Jennifer Graff
 [06/26 2:51:40PM] L & Black and White Stripes

Zippy stripers
Bailay Findlay
 [06/26 2:47:37PM] Black and white XL

Stripe into summer shorts
Lia Abbott
 [06/26 2:45:10PM] med red stripes

Lined Life Shorts
Natalie Baikie
 [06/26 2:41:56PM] Large black and white

Baby got bootie
Tatianna Hommy
 [06/26 2:41:10PM] Large Navy and red

Covid Comfy Short
Karla Allen
 [06/26 2:41:00PM] Black/white LG

Right Between the Lines Shorts;
Liz Roy
 [06/26 2:33:33PM] Medium Blue with red stripes

Stripe a Pose
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:32:29PM] 2xl black and white

Stripe a Pose Shorts
Jennifer Lusty
 [06/26 2:30:44PM] Black and white 2xl

Dock side shorts
Madison dayboll
 [06/26 2:28:52PM] Small, black and white

Hot Lines
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:27:40PM] 2xl black and white

Power Lines
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:25:48PM] 2xl black and white

Party Lines
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:25:09PM] 2xl black and white

Liberation Shorts
Naomi Tweedy
 [06/26 2:22:58PM] XS black and white

The Front Lines
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:22:29PM] 2x black and white

A Fine Line
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:21:23PM] 2X black and white

Summer Sassies...Break my heart with striped
Juanita Felix
 [06/26 2:20:32PM] Blue and white large

The Empire Stripes Back
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:20:07PM] 2x black and white

Line Rickey
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:19:05PM] 2x black and white

Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:17:46PM] 2X red and blue

Read between the Lines
Sharla Williamson
 [06/26 2:16:47PM] 2X red and blue

Canadian strong and Free tank
Tamara McCallum
 [06/26 2:13:16PM] S-red

Wind Down shorts
Sarah Bily
 [06/26 2:11:39PM] L, black and white

Striped Out! (Like, wiped out) lounge shorts
Jaime Marmei
 [06/26 2:07:27PM] Navy & Red (M)

Lake life shortz
 [06/26 2:07:16PM] Large - any colour!

Stripes for Days
Jenna Verhelst
 [06/26 1:47:59PM] Large black and white

Foxy shorts
Barb Kolkman
 [06/26 1:30:35PM] M - black

Southern Comfort (like the smooth drink)
Joanne Balderston
 [06/26 1:30:35PM] L (Black and White)

Stripes for Days shorts, Stripes for Summer shorts, Stripes to comfort shorts,
Jessica Armenti
 [06/26 1:28:57PM] XL, Black and White stripes

Line me up shorts
Jana Dobson
 [06/26 1:26:56PM] L

Color me striped
Kimberley Conrad
 [06/26 1:26:23PM] Black and white - small

Show Your Stripes
Kate Rosenthal
 [06/26 1:24:49PM] Black and white, small

Stripe A Pose Shorts
Nikki Williams-Rondeau
 [06/26 1:21:49PM] Large black & white

Striped Comfort
Jill-Anne (Jill) Herd
 [06/26 1:12:06PM] L Navy with red stripes

Lounge Away
Jacquie Middleton
 [06/26 1:08:24PM] White stripes size large

Stripes Away; Stripes Ahoy
Jacquie Middleton
 [06/26 1:04:41PM] White stripes size large

Weekend is here!
Diane Harmsworth
 [06/26 12:59:29PM] XL either colour :)

Summer Here and Summer There Shorts
Nicole Fraser
 [06/26 12:57:17PM] Medium Black and White

Sailor Sally Shorts
Kate Olson
 [06/26 12:57:09PM] M Black and white

Get Shorty
Diana Smith
 [06/26 12:56:41PM] XL, black and white

Shoreside Stripes
Alana Splint
 [06/26 12:54:32PM] Black and white, XL

Anchors away shorts
Shelley stefanowich
 [06/26 12:53:32PM] Black/white, 2xl

Stripped lounge shorts
Leanne jamieson
 [06/26 12:48:14PM] All

Strippingly comfortable
Crystal Mackie
 [06/26 12:39:17PM] Small black/white

Stripe a pose
Gerri Toews
 [06/26 12:38:22PM] xl black white

True north stripe and free
Crystal Mackie
 [06/26 12:38:21PM] Small Black/white

My stripping shorts
Crystal Mackie
 [06/26 12:37:36PM] Small black/white

Stripes Strong And Free
Katie Fleury
 [06/26 12:35:07PM] 2xl black and white

Sailers Delight
Sara Townsend
 [06/26 12:25:16PM] small, black and white

Sailor Shorts
Julie Walker
 [06/26 12:25:09PM] Black & White (M)

Strikingly Stripped Shorts : Strike a Stripe Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 12:23:29PM] Black and white: medium

“Stripes” Away!
Brittany Giesbrecht
 [06/26 12:22:42PM] Large - Black & White

stripes on, stripes off
Sarah bowen
 [06/26 12:21:02PM] xl

Stripped Through Summer Shirts; Straight Thru Summer Shorts; Straightaway Shorts; Straightaway Through Summer Shorts; Strikingly Stripey Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 12:20:43PM] Black and white; medium

Canadian stripes back shorts
Sarah bowen
 [06/26 12:20:08PM] xl

Barb kolkman
 [06/26 12:19:56PM] M - black / white / red

Stripe me, I'm not sorry
Sarah bowen
 [06/26 12:19:15PM] xl

Sailor stripe shorty
Vanessa Foster
 [06/26 12:17:34PM] Black & white Xl

sitting stripes
Sarah bowen
 [06/26 12:17:28PM] xl

Canada Stripes Back
Sarah bowen
 [06/26 12:16:16PM] xl

Lined with love
 [06/26 12:15:18PM] Medium white

Stripe it Hot
Trisha Tahouney
 [06/26 12:14:34PM] Black and White stripe XL

Canadian Stripes
Crystal Skinner
 [06/26 12:14:30PM] Ex small - small

Sugar and stripes and everything nice
Crystal Skinner
 [06/26 12:12:49PM] Ex small - small

Sun striped, lounge luxury
Christine Hankey
 [06/26 12:11:09PM] Large black

Jailbird Shorts, Comfort on the Horizon Shorts, Cross the Cozy Line Shorts
Erika Just
 [06/26 12:10:45PM] XL black and white stripes

Summer Social Shorts
 [06/26 12:10:23PM] Medium white

Stripes for days
Crystal Skinner
 [06/26 12:10:20PM] Extra small or small

Stripe’n out for the weekend shorts.
Danyell Ochocki
 [06/26 12:10:15PM] 2xl

Pocketful of pinstripes shorts
Kiran Paterson
 [06/26 12:08:35PM] Small, black and white

Through thick and thin shorts
Angela Grocholski
 [06/26 12:05:27PM] Navy and red size Xs

Lined up to Lounge
Lindsay Walsh
 [06/26 12:04:13PM] black and white size small

You had me a stripes short
Amanda Madill
 [06/26 11:59:29AM] black and white, size xs

Candy (candy striper)
Kate Welfing
 [06/26 11:53:31AM] Small. Navy and red

Stripes on pants off shorts, Lazy Stripes Shorts
Rachelle Bysterveld
 [06/26 11:52:49AM] M or L black and white

Earn Your Comfy stripes
Deanna Hunt
 [06/26 11:48:22AM] Medium black and white

Stripey and you know it Shorts
Tracey Marcil
 [06/26 11:45:08AM] Large black / white

Landscape Shorts
Tracey Marcil
 [06/26 11:44:33AM] Large black / white

The Stripe Way Shorts
Tracey Marcil
 [06/26 11:44:04AM] Large black / white

Infinite stripes
Jessi Senkoe
 [06/26 11:38:22AM] Red size large

Stripe Right
Tiffany osmond
 [06/26 11:38:20AM] Medium black and white

Sailor stripe shorts
Tara Sarsfield
 [06/26 11:38:10AM] Large, black

Sailor stripe shorts
Tara Sarsfield
 [06/26 11:37:52AM] Large, black

Stripes of glory
Kimberly Gleave
 [06/26 11:35:27AM] Xs black and white

Off to the Lake Short
sabrina Bourassa
 [06/26 11:34:45AM] small - black and white

I Walk the Line Shorts; Walk the Lines Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 11:33:06AM] Black and white: medium

Stylin-Stripe Short
Kimberly Hersak
 [06/26 11:32:12AM] XS Black

Between the Lines
Donna Clipperton
 [06/26 11:31:35AM] 2XL navy

Finish Line Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 11:31:29AM] Black and white: medium

Line art shorts
Richanda Zurowski
 [06/26 11:31:11AM] L black and white

Between the lines shorts
Shannon Reynolds
 [06/26 11:29:17AM] Large - black and white

Stripe The Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 11:28:36AM] Black and white: medium

Canada cozies, summer stripes, summer seafare
Nikohl Madge
 [06/26 11:27:31AM] XS, navy and red

Striped Delight
Shauna Huber
 [06/26 11:13:33AM] Size Medium. White stripes

On the line
Tanya King
 [06/26 11:12:45AM] Small

Sorry not sorry I’m Canadian
Julie Vacca
 [06/26 11:11:25AM] M

Silver Stripes Shorts
Cyndie Mosley
 [06/26 11:11:09AM] Large blue/red stripe

Sorry eh! Tank, Canada Proud Tank, Red white and sorry Tank
Rachel Shaw
 [06/26 11:10:16AM] Large

Striping a pose
Aleisha Barlow
 [06/26 11:06:35AM] 2xl black and white

Stripy kind of day!!
Toni Martino
 [06/26 11:00:36AM] black white strips XL

Lined for comfort, bring on the stripes, lounging with stripes
Linsey DeMontigny
 [06/26 10:53:42AM] Black and white large

Lines of Attitude Shorts, Striped Comfort Shorts, Stripe Right Shorts
Diana Stephens
 [06/26 10:50:58AM] L Black/White

Comfy summer stripes
Helen Wilkinson
 [06/26 10:50:43AM] XL, black and white

Earn your stripes shorts
Tara Bertling
 [06/26 10:47:02AM] Red and blue, med

Get Your Stripes Together Shorts
Haly Pisio
 [06/26 10:45:43AM] Black and white Medium

Lounge of Joy Shorts
Bettina Allen
 [06/26 10:45:40AM] Black & White, XL

Wear your stripes shorts
Tara Bertling
 [06/26 10:43:42AM] Red and blue medium

Relax Take It Breezy Shorts
Bettina Allen
 [06/26 10:43:32AM] Black & White, XL

Don't change your stripes shorts
Tara Bertling
 [06/26 10:42:43AM] Navy and red medium

Fresh & Breezy Shorts
Bettina Allen
 [06/26 10:41:20AM] Black & White, XL

Naut(ical) your average striped shorts.
Sandra Morse
 [06/26 10:41:01AM] XL. Black and White

Summer Nights Shorts
Bettina Allen
 [06/26 10:38:34AM] Black & White, XL

Shorts of love
Maureen Newton
 [06/26 10:37:12AM] L black/ with white stripes

Front Line shorts, time to shine shorts
Nikki Weightman
 [06/26 10:36:20AM] Xs black and white

Endless Stripes of Comfort Shorts
Bettina Allen
 [06/26 10:36:17AM] Black & White, XL

Gettin Stripey with it shorts
kristen kringhaug
 [06/26 10:30:47AM] M black and white

Comfy and fab shorts
Victoria hacetoglu
 [06/26 10:30:15AM] M black

Cool for the Summer, Stripe a short
Jana M
 [06/26 10:27:47AM] Navy and Red Size L

No strings attached shorts
Krista Parsons
 [06/26 10:26:26AM] Xl black and white striped

No strings attached shorts
Krista Parsons
 [06/26 10:25:44AM] Xl black and white striped

Striping into comfort shorts
Gina Colombe
 [06/26 10:25:16AM] Medium & black

Chilling on the dock shorts
Melanie Rumley
 [06/26 10:23:12AM] XS, black and white

Sorry, not so sorry Eh!!!
 [06/26 10:19:34AM] Large

Sorry, not sorry
Angela Rankine
 [06/26 10:19:28AM] S - red

Angela Ashton
 [06/26 10:18:15AM] XL black

Dream Shorts, Destined Shorts, Not Your Average Shorts, Lose Yourself Shorts, Best Friend Shorts
Carol Chorkawy
 [06/26 10:17:20AM] L in any colour

Lazy DayZ lounge shorts
Tammy Peterson
 [06/26 10:16:11AM] Black and white xl

Nautical shorts, Stripey Comfy, Relaxation shorts
Breeann Staibano
 [06/26 10:14:33AM] Small, black and white

Quarantine Shorts
Hawna Curliss
 [06/26 10:12:05AM] Red stripes and L

O Canada our Native Land Short Set
Liz Smith
 [06/26 10:11:07AM] Size Lg Black/White shorts

lined loungers
Jagjit Comins (Bobby)
 [06/26 10:10:43AM] black and white size 10 equivalent

Feel rite stripe comfort
Genevieve Dumont
 [06/26 10:10:19AM] L/XL navy and red

cozy cutoffs, comfy cutoffs, comfy cozy cutoffs, summer stripes,
Jagjit Comins (Bobby)
 [06/26 10:09:33AM] black and white size 10 equia

Proud of your stripes shorts
Jelaine Ralph
 [06/26 10:07:56AM] navy & red size L

Nauticaly Comfy
Candace Wigham
 [06/26 10:05:57AM] Xlarge White&blue

Comfy Cozy Cutoffs
Jagjit Comins (Bobby)
 [06/26 10:04:05AM] Black and White Size 10 Equivalent

Stripe a Pose in Comfort Shorts, Relax Time Sorts, Chill Down Shorts
Glenda Desaulniers
 [06/26 10:01:32AM] L Black

Lounge Act
Jenn Haviland
 [06/26 9:58:44AM] Xl blue

Short cut to summer shorts!
Jess Vallier
 [06/26 9:57:08AM] Black and white small

Butter shorts!
Kelly Defour
 [06/26 9:56:56AM] XL black and white

Stripe a Posey shorts, Stripes so cozy shorts, Lounge in comfort shorts, Seas the stripes shorts
Felisha Flodin
 [06/26 9:56:28AM] Black and white XL

In the name of love
Lisa Halverson
 [06/26 9:55:38AM] XL

Poolside comfort
Jennifer Hall
 [06/26 9:49:22AM] Size Large Navy and Red Stripes

Straight line to Summer shorts
Carrie Coon
 [06/26 9:47:09AM] Medium blue

VIP Lounge
Jenn Haviland
 [06/26 9:46:08AM] Xl blue

Walk The Strip, Horizon Cozy, Or Sunshine Stripes
Marcy Andersen
 [06/26 9:43:17AM] Black with White - Size Small

Stripes of comfort shorts
Tiffany Beaulieu
 [06/26 9:41:44AM] Black and white S

Red-Eh border line shorts
Sarah Wilbee
 [06/26 9:39:59AM] Large & black and red stripe

Seas the day lounge shorts
Jillian Cappuccino
 [06/26 9:38:45AM] Medium, navy and red

Stripping in style
Trina Wiseman
 [06/26 9:36:30AM] 3xl black and white

Sorry # Not Sorry
Naomi Gaertner
 [06/26 9:35:46AM] Xs navy and red

Summer Stripes
Vikki Macmillan
 [06/26 9:35:35AM] M & black/white

Nautical Comfort
Beth Burgess
 [06/26 9:34:55AM] Navy/white, medium

Walk the Line, Stripe to the right, Line me up, flat line my heart, straight to the beach shorts
Andrea Meyer
 [06/26 9:34:02AM] Black and white, large

Walk the Line, Stripe to the right, Line me up, flat line my heart, straight to the beach shorts
Andrea Meyer
 [06/26 9:33:37AM] Black and white, large

Stripping out shorts
Amanda McCullough
 [06/26 9:29:54AM] 2XL

By the Sea Shorts
Raina Brugger
 [06/26 9:27:39AM] Xs, black and white

Naut your striped shorts
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [06/26 9:26:53AM] 2Xl navy and red

Stripe Season Shorts
Raina Brugger
 [06/26 9:26:50AM] Xs, black and white

Summer Comfort Shorts
Raina Brugger
 [06/26 9:24:27AM] Xs, black and white

Nautical dreams shorts
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [06/26 9:24:11AM] 2XL black and white

Striped sensation shorts
Deanna Gerbrandt
 [06/26 9:22:25AM] 2XL black and white stripes

Hubba bubba shorts
Josée Bazinet
 [06/26 9:19:45AM] Med and black and white

Chillax in
Shannon Hutchison
 [06/26 9:17:53AM] Large black

Striped to Meet You shorts
Erin Mills
 [06/26 9:16:46AM] M - black & white stripe

Sea shore shorts
Julie Hoar
 [06/26 9:16:38AM] XL

True North Strong and Free tank
Erin Mills
 [06/26 9:15:56AM] M

Blue with navy
Julie Hoar
 [06/26 9:15:45AM] XL

Stripes for Days
Karen Flegel
 [06/26 9:12:15AM] Small black and white

Read Between the Lines Shorts, Cloud 9 Shorts
Samantha Wong
 [06/26 9:12:11AM] Black and White Stripes, medium

Everyday comfort shorts
Sara Irving
 [06/26 9:09:26AM] Medium red/blue

Relaxing with waldo
brittani forrest
 [06/26 9:09:21AM] medium, red

Sorry not Sorry Tank
Julie Sweeney
 [06/26 9:09:12AM] M

Sea Siren Shorts; Nauti Girl Shorts; Sail Away Shorts; Yacht Club Shorts
Nicole Antrim
 [06/26 9:09:02AM] S & black&white

Comfy cotton strips .
Penny Adam's
 [06/26 9:08:57AM] Xl black

Lazy Day Shorts
Heather Eyford
 [06/26 9:06:14AM] X-LARGE Navy and Red Stripes

Stripin Summertime shorts!!!
Sarah strutzenberger
 [06/26 9:06:11AM] Lg black & white

Summer stripes, stripes for days shorts
Charly zemlak
 [06/26 9:04:48AM] Medium. Navy and red

Summers dream
Lesley Tyrrell
 [06/26 9:04:02AM] Xl black & white

Stripes for days shorts, Summertime Stripes
Charly zemlak
 [06/26 9:03:38AM] Medium. Black and white

peace shorts, tide shorts, summer stripes, peaceful nights
Veronica Naomi Kish
 [06/26 9:01:12AM] Small, any color

Lounge Dayz Shorts
Jessie McKenzie
 [06/26 8:58:41AM] Size large, Black & white

Wear your stripes shorts
Amanda Grant
 [06/26 8:56:19AM] Navy/red medium

 [06/26 8:55:58AM] large black and white

Peace of stripes, Canadian loungers, peace shorts
Veronica Naomi Kish
 [06/26 8:54:48AM] Size small, any color! :)

 [06/26 8:53:27AM] L black and white

Lake shorts
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:50:48AM] Xl

Striped to my heart shorts
Yvonne stewart
 [06/26 8:48:34AM] Black white large

Saucy sexy stripes
Sherry sproul
 [06/26 8:48:27AM] Medium black and white

Just for Stripes shorts
Katie Hirvi
 [06/26 8:48:19AM] Sm black and white

Stripe A Pose Lounge Shorts
Krissi Martin
 [06/26 8:47:50AM] L Black & White

SOS stripes on shorts or saucy sexy stripes
Sherry sproul
 [06/26 8:47:37AM] Medium black and white

Hippie Strippie
Carolyn Fisher
 [06/26 8:46:39AM] Medium & Navy and Red Stripes

Catalina Shorts
Amy Tekatch
 [06/26 8:46:37AM] Black and white stripes, M

Easy like Sunday Shorts; Candy Stripe Shorts; Nautical but Nice Shorts
Haley Boland
 [06/26 8:44:56AM] 2XL black & white

Lounging Lines
Tesa Steinke
 [06/26 8:42:27AM] Navy & white 2X

Stripe it Rich
Tesa Steinke
 [06/26 8:40:49AM] Navy and white 2X

Front of the Line Shorts
Tesa Steinke
 [06/26 8:40:05AM] Navy and white 2X

Anchors Away
Samantha Hermans
 [06/26 8:39:34AM] XL, black and white

Lucky Stripe Shorts
Tesa Steinke
 [06/26 8:39:07AM] Black & white 2X

Stripe in comfort
Janet Slemko
 [06/26 8:38:50AM] Black /white stripes size XL

Lazy Sunday’s shorts , Playful weekends shorts, stripes abound shorts
Angela Yamaoka
 [06/26 8:38:42AM] Navy white M

Shortcut to Comfort
Stephanie Jones
 [06/26 8:38:39AM] Xl black & white

Fit to be Striped Shorts
Jennifer Lusty
 [06/26 8:37:51AM] Black and white 2xl

Set Sail for Summer
Nicole Cloutier
 [06/26 8:37:20AM] XL red and blue

Stripe for the Picking Shorts
Hilary Smith
 [06/26 8:37:18AM] black and white 2xl

Take me for a stroll
Faith Funnelle
 [06/26 8:37:01AM] 2x black and white

Yachty by Nature
Kari Kalinin
 [06/26 8:36:51AM] Red large

Striped to Meet You, Striped Silly, Once Upon a Striped Short, Summer Stripes
Jennifer Daeninck
 [06/26 8:33:49AM] B&W stripes 2xl

Stripe-it Right Shorts
Janet Slemko
 [06/26 8:33:22AM] Black with white stripes size XL

Hype Stripe Shorts
Vanessa Antoniuk
 [06/26 8:32:43AM] S - black and white

on the go shorts
Jennifer Zawadzki
 [06/26 8:32:43AM] 2xl black

Stripe Away
Terry Becker
 [06/26 8:32:17AM] Black/white medium

The stripped way shorts
Ashlee Gibbs
 [06/26 8:31:56AM] Black and white M

Lifestyle Lounge Shorts
Kellah Lavoie
 [06/26 8:31:41AM] White, large

Loungin’ Lines
Lisa Schmit
 [06/26 8:31:28AM] Lg. Black/white stripe

Line Up and Lounge
Candace Carriere
 [06/26 8:30:56AM] Medium Black and White

Stripe a pose shorts
Jacqueline Penner
 [06/26 8:30:26AM] Small black and white stripes

No Short Lines About it
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:29:40AM] Black and white: medium

Color outside the lines lounge shorts
Shannon Greene
 [06/26 8:29:11AM] black, medium

Follow your own path shorts
Kristy Stebbings
 [06/26 8:28:59AM] Blk XL

True north strong and free
Janice Barrett
 [06/26 8:28:14AM] Large ref

The Summer of our Stripes Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:28:00AM] Black and white; medium

Walk the line
Erica walsh
 [06/26 8:27:50AM] Large white

Much more than sidelines!
Summer Manca
 [06/26 8:27:39AM] Black and White L

The lines have been drawn
Pamela Valente
 [06/26 8:27:37AM] Navy and Red 2XL

Stripes on Stripes
Carmen Dmytryshyn
 [06/26 8:27:34AM] Black with white in Large

Long weekend shorts
Chelsea nelson
 [06/26 8:27:32AM] Xl black and white

True north tank
Janice Barrett
 [06/26 8:27:00AM] Large red

Stike a Line Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:26:53AM] Black and white; medium

Stripes Gallor
Amanda Kielstra
 [06/26 8:26:33AM] Medium - black and white

Get in line
Christie McPhee
 [06/26 8:26:30AM] Medium navy and red

Glowing hearts tank
Janice Barrett
 [06/26 8:26:07AM] Large red

Stripe to comfort shorts
Samantha Fraser
 [06/26 8:25:23AM] Black and white in XXL

Striped For Days Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:25:17AM] Black & White; Medium

True patriot love
Janice Barrett
 [06/26 8:24:47AM] Red large

Stripe-tastic comfort shorts
Luisa Rotella
 [06/26 8:24:41AM] Small Black & White

The Summer if Our Lines Short
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:23:34AM] Black and White; Medium

Stripe you next time
Haleys Goldenberg
 [06/26 8:23:34AM] Black and white 2xl

Classy bougie Stripes launch shorts
Claudia Belitski
 [06/26 8:23:28AM] Medium navy red stripes

Summer Candy Cane Shorts
Sara Johnston
 [06/26 8:22:47AM] Black/white medium

Stripe it Up
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:22:24AM] Black and white: Medium

Sorry Not Sorry Lounge Shorts
Tamara Hanley
 [06/26 8:22:01AM] Black and white L

Front of the Line shorts
Angela Smiley
 [06/26 8:21:58AM] XL Black and White

Stripes for life
Kristy Caines
 [06/26 8:21:54AM] Black and white size medium

Stoke a Line Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:21:28AM] Black and white; medium

Comf-EH shorts!
Alicia Taylor
 [06/26 8:21:15AM] Black and white in Medium

Hot summer days shorts
Erin Levesque
 [06/26 8:20:53AM] Black/white XL

Summer lovin shorts
Erin Levesque
 [06/26 8:20:33AM] Black/white XL

Comfy EH shorts!
Alicia Taylor
 [06/26 8:20:23AM] Black and white in Medium

Stripe it up shorts
Emily buss
 [06/26 8:20:15AM] XL black & white

Pockets Full of Lines Shorts
April Hunt
 [06/26 8:20:13AM] Black and white : medium

Stripe me sideways, linear love, tight lines and tan lines
Kelsey Alpaugh
 [06/26 8:20:03AM] Black and white, M

Canadian strong short, cottage ready, stripe to wear, Ready to stripe a pose, stripe a pose shorts
 [06/26 8:20:00AM] White large

Staycation shorts
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:19:04AM] Xl

Stripes for Dayz
Nicole Cloutier
 [06/26 8:18:50AM] Large-black and white

Day to day shoets
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:18:39AM] Xl

Simply summer
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:18:21AM] Xl

Summertime shorts
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:18:05AM] Xl

Stripe a pose
Cynthia Ficko
 [06/26 8:17:59AM] Black & white xs

Line by Line loungers
Kristin Frombach
 [06/26 8:17:43AM] Lg, navy/red

Stripes for days
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:17:25AM] Xl

No short comings here
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:17:07AM] Xl

Simply shorts
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:16:52AM] Xl

Stripe a Pose Summer Shorts
Lisa Kelly
 [06/26 8:16:43AM] Small Black and white stripes

Stripe Dreams
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:16:09AM] Xl

Canadian Cutie
Adrienne Lloyd
 [06/26 8:15:44AM] Xl

Stripingly amazing, stripe into happiness,
Vanessa Zulke
 [06/26 8:14:35AM] Navy L

Nautical Shorts
Ashley Mondor
 [06/26 8:13:24AM] L / Black & White

Stripes of Comfort Shorts
Jodie Cooper
 [06/26 8:13:17AM] Black & White 2XL

The stripe-EH shorts. The EH stripes.
Tovah Staudt
 [06/26 8:12:28AM] White. Small.

The Waldo Short
Heather Dyck
 [06/26 8:09:43AM] Small, b&w

Stripe Dream Shorts
Rhian Davies
 [06/26 8:09:08AM] black L

Stripe a pose
Samara Worth
 [06/26 8:08:44AM] Xs navy and red please

Stripes of Summer Shorts
Tracy Fisher
 [06/26 8:08:37AM] Size small - black/white

Striped to perfection
Vicki Hanson
 [06/26 8:06:35AM] Black and white size xl

Striped to perfection
Vicki Hanson
 [06/26 8:04:28AM] Black and white size xl

Land Ahoy
Jennifer Anderson
 [06/26 8:03:50AM] Large

Schools Out For Summer Shorts
Alyssa Fahie
 [06/26 8:03:35AM] Xs black/white

In Line Shorts; Walk the Line Shorts
Megan Summers
 [06/26 8:03:14AM] Black/White, Medium

Stripe it up!
Natalie McLaughlin
 [06/26 8:02:34AM] Black/white, L

Let’s Set Sail Shorts
Alyssa Fahie
 [06/26 8:01:44AM] Xs black/white

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