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Lightweight Summer Dress
July 17, 2020

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Congratulations to Erika Just, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Thank You Very Brunch Dress!

"Coastal Cabana Stripe" or "Cabana Stripe" dress
Nathalie Ranger
 [07/19 8:55:49AM] Blue, size 36 (I think!)

Stripe for Perfection Summer Dress
Virginia Mielke
 [07/19 8:47:08AM] 34, Blue & White

Knot Your Average Stripes Dress
Virginia Mielke
 [07/19 8:44:19AM] 34, Blue & White

Lakeside Dress, LakeStripe Dress, Lakeside Stripe Dress
Bobbie McEachern
 [07/19 8:37:38AM] 34 Grey

Into the Blue
Deborah Anderson
 [07/19 8:36:18AM] Medium

Wine & Line Me Summer Dress
Virginia Mielke
 [07/19 8:34:07AM] 34, Blue & White

Summer Love
Sue Weir
 [07/19 8:26:25AM] 44; Blue striped

Breezy Easy shift dress
Nancy Hyslop
 [07/19 8:21:55AM] xxl & blue and white

Linen breeze
Sara Gardner
 [07/19 8:14:40AM] Blue - 40

Classically comfy
Tanya King
 [07/19 5:51:30AM] 36-blue

The Saylor Summer Dress
Kristin Fisher
 [07/19 5:22:47AM] Grey & White Stripes (size 38)

First Date Dress
Kaitlyn Jobson
 [07/19 4:01:56AM] size 44, blue and white stripes

Summer Magic
Cindy MacNeill
 [07/19 3:58:06AM] 40, blue

Relax and Unwind
Cindy MacNeill
 [07/19 3:53:23AM] 40, blue

Fierce and Free
Cindy MacNeill
 [07/19 3:36:54AM] 40, blue

Less Monday more Summer
Cindy MacNeill
 [07/19 3:34:48AM] 40, blue

Good times and tan lines
Cindy MacNeill
 [07/19 3:32:58AM] 40, blue

Summer Dreams
Cindy MacNeill
 [07/19 3:29:58AM] 42, blue

Summer Nights
Cindy MacNeill
 [07/19 3:28:48AM] 42, blue

Aurora Skylines
Cassandra Hrynyk
 [07/19 12:14:48AM] 34/36 blue

Subtle Striped Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [07/19 12:05:40AM] Blue and white, 36

Lines of Lovely Dress, Lined Like Linen Dress, Simply Perfect Summer Dress
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [07/18 11:57:08PM] Blue and White, 36

Girl Next Door Dress, Summer Sunset Dress, Striped with Sass Dress, Summer Sophistication Dress, Versatility in Stripes Dress, Summer Stripes Dress, Sophisticated and Striped Summer Dress, Casually Classic Summer Dress, VaVa Very Versatile V-neck Dress, Striped and Tied Dress,
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [07/18 11:48:13PM] Blue and White, 36

Stripes makes life sweet dress
Geneviève Valleau
 [07/18 11:39:04PM] Grey & white, size 36 or 38?

Long walks on the beach
Chelsie Pollock
 [07/18 9:17:15PM] Small Blue

Fine Lines & Linen, Linen & Lines, Like A Fine Line
Melissa Robertson
 [07/18 8:36:40PM] 38, grey

Belt me Stripe me Dress
Kimberly Hersak
 [07/18 8:35:33PM] 34 Blue

Easy breezy flawless dress, let’s jump into dress, casual but classy dress
Bailey Andrusiak
 [07/18 8:25:12PM] 36 blue and white

Striped Down and Tied Up Dress
Robena Baynton
 [07/18 8:25:01PM] Blue & White, Medium

Free flowIng linen dress
Jody Summers
 [07/18 7:56:50PM] Grey Large

"Tide's In" Summer Dress
Heather Stoppa
 [07/18 7:24:19PM] 36; Blue and White Stripes

Mary Ann Dowd
 [07/18 7:22:06PM] size 44 in blue and white

Up for Anything Dress
Katrina Carson
 [07/18 6:52:53PM] 36 Grey & White

Chasing Sunsets dress
Jennifer janes
 [07/18 6:44:24PM] 34 and blue

Summer By The Sea Dress
Lauren Urbonas
 [07/18 6:36:35PM] Grey & White Stripes, Size 36

Out of the blue
Tina cimaglia
 [07/18 6:29:46PM] Xs blue

Align Yourself
Amanda Wabegijig-Jourdain
 [07/18 6:20:23PM] M - Grey & White

A walk to the grape vines dress, cherry picking denim dress, classic romance dress, free to be me denim dress, independent classy denim me dress, flawless the way I am dress, denim beauty dress, Classy country girl dress, Canadian Hawaïen dress
Mélanie St. Laurent
 [07/18 5:50:55PM] 36 blue

Linen me lightly
Charlene Elder
 [07/18 5:25:14PM] 34 grey stripe

Linen e lightly
Charlene Elder
 [07/18 5:23:28PM] 34 grey stripe

Summer Solstice dress
Leslie Hane
 [07/18 5:16:10PM] 34 Grey & White stripes

All Abord
Samantha ‘t Hart
 [07/18 4:51:23PM] 38, blue

Summer sailing dress
Crystal Mackie
 [07/18 4:51:19PM] Blue 34

Lost at sea
Crystal Mackie
 [07/18 4:49:48PM] Blue 34

Stripe a pose
Kinga goodship
 [07/18 4:39:17PM] 2xl

Stripe a pose
Kinga Goodship
 [07/18 4:38:37PM] 2xl

Stripe. Pose
Kinga Goodship
 [07/18 4:37:45PM] 2xl

Silver Icings Molly Dress in Linen
Michelle Gaudry
 [07/18 3:56:45PM] Size 38 in blue

Knot in Stripes, Breezy Chambray, Nice Stripes, Aligned Stripes, Denim Breeze, Twist&Tie Dress,
Samantha S.
 [07/18 3:54:05PM] 40, Blue and White

Stripey So Likey
Kelli Allen
 [07/18 3:51:40PM] Blue, 44

Aligned Chambray Dress, Nice Stripes, Relaxed Stripes, Simple&Comfortable, On The Line Dress, Pinstripe Wave Dress, Chambray Stripes Dress, Twist&Tie Chambray Dress
Samantha S.
 [07/18 3:45:52PM] 40, Blue&White

Light and Striped Linen Dress
Stephanie Maxwell
 [07/18 3:45:37PM] Blue large

Tied in denim dress. Tied up for summer
Kim bessette
 [07/18 3:44:55PM] Xl please

Free and Easy Dress
Stephanie Maxwell
 [07/18 3:44:31PM] Blue large

Flowing Easy Dress
Stephanie Maxwell
 [07/18 3:43:57PM] blue, large

Stripe-A-Palooza dress, The Stripe is the Limit dress, Come Go With Me dress, Blues, Stripes and Everything Nice dress, Blues and Stripes dress,
Jennifer Barone
 [07/18 3:33:44PM] Size 36

Lovely line dress or sunshine striped dress or super summer dress
Melina Tatchell
 [07/18 3:32:38PM] Grey and white stripes 40

Easy-breezy-dress, easy-breezy-dressy
Cara Colley
 [07/18 3:17:14PM] blue large

Goddess in the garden dress
Luisa Rotella
 [07/18 2:56:22PM] 36 & blue

You’re simply the dress / sky light dress / True Blew / Dress to express / Express yourself / Daydreamer
Janine Winter
 [07/18 2:45:06PM] Medium or size 38

On vacation summer dress / country girl take me home dress
Mélanie St. Laurent
 [07/18 2:39:00PM] 36 blue

Cotton Dreams
Marissa Weiss
 [07/18 2:21:20PM] 44 blue and white stripes

Cotton Dreams
Marissa Weiss
 [07/18 2:18:41PM] 44 blue and white stripes

Girl Next Door Dress
Sheri Crowston
 [07/18 2:04:01PM] Medium grey and white

Line Design
Sheri Crowston
 [07/18 2:02:36PM] Medium grey and white

Strip it away dress.
Billie Jo Seidemann
 [07/18 1:53:52PM] Size 38 in a blue and white strips.

Smart in Stripes
Janice King
 [07/18 1:40:49PM] Medium - light blue with white stripes

Sunset Stripe
Shari MacLellan
 [07/18 1:29:53PM] 36 blue

Harbour Hangout
Shari MacLellan
 [07/18 1:27:52PM] 36 Blue

Beachy Keen Adventures
Shari MacLellan
 [07/18 1:19:48PM] 36 Blue/white

Summer's sail
Tanya abiq
 [07/18 1:16:41PM] Blue 44

Knot by the Seaside; Linen to be ‘Aired
Joanna Smorhay
 [07/18 12:46:36PM] Blue Stripes, 34

Seaside living dress
Melanie Rumley
 [07/18 12:35:11PM] 34,blue and white

Blue for you!
Brandie Lovrencic
 [07/18 12:29:39PM] 2xl

Sea Breeze
Crystal Murney
 [07/18 12:24:32PM] 44, either colour

The Glenda dress
Cheryl Ring
 [07/18 12:17:27PM] Small blue

Island beauty
Athena Schwan
 [07/18 11:59:39AM] Blue and white, 36

Knot a Summer breeze
brandi tolofson
 [07/18 11:53:43AM] grey xl

Summers sassy stripes:)
Melissa Thompson
 [07/18 11:09:06AM] 40

Summers sassy stripes:)
 [07/18 11:08:37AM] 40

Tale of Life dress or Tale of Summer dress
Heather Trotz
 [07/18 10:47:01AM] ?

Striped Bare
Robena Mihalic
 [07/18 10:45:02AM] Blue and White, size medium

Between the lines dress
Jess DePalma
 [07/18 10:37:36AM] Grey stripes, 36

The Sky's the Linen Dress, Breeze on By Striped Dress
Samantha Wong
 [07/18 10:35:37AM] Medium in blue

Simply Summer
Vanessa Ryan
 [07/18 10:28:58AM] Pink & Grey, XL

Simply Sophisticated
Vanessa Ryan
 [07/18 10:27:56AM] Pink & Grey, XL

The Summer Breeze day dress :)
Jennifer Banham
 [07/18 10:26:38AM] Size XL (42), blue stripe

Garden Goddess dress
Luisa Rotella
 [07/18 10:11:53AM] 36 Blue

Summer Loving, Easy Breezy Summer Dress,
Michelle Lowther
 [07/18 10:07:24AM] 36 grey and white

Tied at the hip
Jennifer Power
 [07/18 9:44:23AM] 44 Blue and White

Boardroom impressions but beach ready
Trina Hoang
 [07/18 9:40:30AM] 34 blue and white

Linen life lightly
Sharon Samra
 [07/18 9:29:25AM] 42 blue and white stripes

Line-n me pretty, catch me on the line-n, line-n away with me, keeping me in line-n,
Maria pucci
 [07/18 9:12:21AM] 34/grey and white

Line-n me up pretty
Maria Pucci
 [07/18 9:06:16AM] 34/grey and white

Simply Sunmer
Tara Sebastian
 [07/18 9:01:58AM] Blue and White Stripe, size 38?

Summer days A-line
Tanya King
 [07/18 9:01:58AM] 36-blue

For The Love of Linen
Lisa Quesnelle
 [07/18 9:00:39AM] Size 42 and Blue and white stripes

Let it be stripes
Rebekah Donaldson
 [07/18 8:59:35AM] 38 Blue and white

Sea between the lines
Elisabeth Angus
 [07/18 8:57:41AM] Blue 36

What a dress
Lindsay seaby
 [07/18 8:57:27AM] Xs black

Seas the Day OR Knot on Call
Sileas Sideroff
 [07/18 8:52:54AM] 36 or 38 & Grey and white

Cast Away Dress
Kourtney Kerelation
 [07/18 8:49:39AM] 40 Grey/white stripes

Star in Stripes Dress
Kourtney Kerelation
 [07/18 8:48:25AM] 40 Grey & White Stripes

Sail Away With Me...
Tatianna Hommy
 [07/18 8:48:17AM] 44

Calm and Carefree
Erin Sebastien
 [07/18 8:45:24AM] Blue L

Just go with it! Classic flirty linen dress for work or play.
Allia Schofer
 [07/18 8:44:50AM] 42? Blue

Weekend comfort dress
Janene Quinn
 [07/18 8:44:13AM] The one shown s/m

The Anyday dress
Natalie Larade
 [07/18 8:41:13AM] 36, Grey and White stripes

The right stripes
Heather osmond
 [07/18 8:41:11AM] 38 blue

Sailing into Summer
Kristin Frombach
 [07/18 8:40:12AM] 44, grey & white

Live it up in linen
Siobhan MacDougall
 [07/18 8:40:00AM] 44-grey/white

Kiss My Blues Away Dress
Brandie Reeve
 [07/18 8:37:51AM] Blue with White Stripes 38

Whimsical Dream
Leanne Rusgnak
 [07/18 8:32:23AM] Usually wear ladies large

Seaside rendezvous
Patti sexton
 [07/18 8:29:54AM] 42 blue

Meet Me In Monaco
Laura Pierson
 [07/18 8:29:17AM] 34 white and grey ??

Summer breeze
Karen Pettigrew
 [07/18 8:25:09AM] 14 blue

Katerina Tsangarakis
 [07/18 8:22:40AM] Blue and white stripes, I don’t understand the sizing, do you have a size chart?

Stripes of Paradise
Megan Pistilli
 [07/18 8:18:28AM] Sz 44- Blue with white stripes

Jet-Streamed Sky Dress, Lin-Ain't Misbehavin' Dress, Thank-You Very Brunch Dress
Erika Just
 [07/18 8:17:54AM] blue and white stripes, 44

Summer safari dress
Tara Pfau
 [07/18 8:12:37AM] Size 40, blue and white

Simply stripes
Shannon DeGiacomo-Brown
 [07/18 8:10:14AM] Grey & white

Stunning in Stripes
Shannon DeGiacomo-Brown
 [07/18 8:08:53AM] Grey and white

Summer Lovin' Dress
Jill Stewart
 [07/18 8:08:12AM] 36 Grey & White Stripes

Linen for the sunshine
Julia Lacasse
 [07/18 8:06:33AM] Blue and white, 36

Livin in linen dress
Jenna Gregoire
 [07/18 7:44:41AM] 36, blue and white stripes

Seashore dress, for the love of linen,
Tina cimaglia
 [07/18 7:35:25AM] X's blue

The Henley ?
Rachel paul
 [07/18 7:25:33AM] Grey and white - size 38

Desiree Kasbrick
 [07/18 7:12:45AM] Blue and White. Size 36

Line it up fresh
Alina Adjemian
 [07/18 6:52:13AM] 44, blue

The Weekend Dress
Emily Gerein
 [07/18 6:47:44AM] 42, blue and white stripes

Working from home
Julie Pitre
 [07/18 6:12:56AM] 43, Blue and White

My favorite go to dress
Debbie Strickland
 [07/18 6:01:08AM] Small 34?

The perfect date- dress. Or the Malibu dress.
Kate Howrish
 [07/18 5:53:16AM] Grey and white stripe :) in a 2XL

Country comfy, country casual
Erica Walsh
 [07/18 5:47:53AM] 40

Set sail
Erica Walsh
 [07/18 5:44:26AM] 40

Pinstripe perfection
Erica Walsh
 [07/18 5:43:03AM] 40

London’s calling
Erica Walsh
 [07/18 5:42:16AM] 40

Stepping out in Stripes
Carrie Coon
 [07/18 5:09:54AM] Blue M/L

Striped Delight
Linda Thompson
 [07/18 5:08:13AM] Blue and White - Size XL

All the Right Places Dress
Charlotte McKenna
 [07/18 4:28:13AM] Size 34 blue

Lake Life Dress
Louise Vukas
 [07/18 4:08:39AM] 34 blue

Breezy blue sundress
Wali lohnes
 [07/18 1:56:50AM] Small

Seascape dress
Alison Connors
 [07/18 12:02:04AM] 36, blur&white

My Every day All day dress
Karen Major
 [07/17 10:55:14PM] 40 blue and white

Tie me a bow
Lyndsey Baker
 [07/17 10:52:15PM] 42 grey and white

Britta McDonald
 [07/17 10:36:57PM] 34 blue and white stripes

Britta McDonald
 [07/17 10:36:34PM] 34 blue and white stripes

Earned My Stripes
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [07/17 10:13:19PM] 36, grey and white

Breezy on the Eyes Dress
Amanda Kosokowsky
 [07/17 10:12:31PM] 36, grey and white stripes

Time To Linen
Celeste Kallis
 [07/17 10:10:01PM] 40

The London
Haley Crofton-Sleigh
 [07/17 9:55:42PM] 44 Grey & White

Too Chic 2 Beat
E Feron
 [07/17 9:50:48PM] 36 blue and white

Chic 2 Beat
Ellen Feron
 [07/17 9:48:31PM] 36 blue and white

Vacation vibes
Stephanie Fournier
 [07/17 9:41:31PM] 44 blue and white

Bound to B
Chrissy Klemencic
 [07/17 9:31:08PM] 40

Bayside dress
Chrissy Klemencic
 [07/17 9:28:22PM] 40

One liner dress
Amy Libby
 [07/17 9:22:21PM] Medium (38)

Stripe a pose
Crystal Parker
 [07/17 9:19:52PM] Grey-36

Melody Habibulayev
 [07/17 9:11:03PM] Blue and medium

Easy Breezy Summer Dress
Gabriella Azevedo
 [07/17 9:00:43PM] 38, Grey and White

Summer Lovin’
Sarah Wagner
 [07/17 8:47:17PM] 44

Summer Breeze
Kim Portillo
 [07/17 8:46:03PM] Blue or grey size 36

Basic beach, beach basic, summer stripes, no strings attached
Vanessa Laron
 [07/17 8:34:21PM] 36, blue

Light and Breezy Summer dress
Felisha Flodi
 [07/17 8:26:10PM] 44 Blue and white

Summer Fling Dress
Dani Hamilton
 [07/17 8:24:22PM] Large, blue

Southern Stripe
Brenda Shuttleworth
 [07/17 8:16:48PM] L Blue

Catch me at the Cottage
 [07/17 8:12:28PM] Blue size 38

Belt It Out Dress
Sharon Rathbone
 [07/17 8:03:35PM] 42 blue

My Tie Dress
Sharon Rathbone
 [07/17 8:01:54PM] 42 blue

Stripes Away
Jennifer Penner
 [07/17 8:01:35PM] 34 & Grey & White Stripes

Tied to Perfection Dress
Sharon Rathbone
 [07/17 8:00:30PM] 42 blue

I Can Tie It Myself Dress
Sharon Rathbone
 [07/17 7:59:36PM] 42 blue

Don't Tie Me Down Dress
Sharon Rathbone
 [07/17 7:58:18PM] 42 blue

Summer getaway dress
Dee Hunter
 [07/17 7:47:23PM] 34, blue with white

Piper Paige
Stephanie Dayman
 [07/17 7:46:07PM] Grey and White 34?

That’s a Wrap Dress
Sandy Trentalance
 [07/17 7:41:42PM] 44 black

Summer Stripin' Dress
Janine Nadeau
 [07/17 7:38:11PM] blue andwhite. not sure what size - I am an XL

You had me at Stripes, Canadian stripes
Tanya King
 [07/17 7:24:14PM] 36 -blue

The linen lined stunner
Stacy bell
 [07/17 7:21:05PM] Size 36 in grey and white

The linen lined stunner
Stacy bell
 [07/17 7:19:14PM] Size 36 grey and white

Color Me Summer
Sherri Johnson
 [07/17 7:16:56PM] 40, Gray and White Stripes

Summer of ... , Summer Of 2020, Blinding Stripes, Lines the Limit,
Tanya King
 [07/17 7:16:25PM] 36 - Blue

Karina Eva
 [07/17 7:12:51PM] Blue and White - 44

Summer breeze stripes
Maria Lento
 [07/17 7:12:15PM] Blue medium

Stripe me cool
Maria Lento
 [07/17 7:11:00PM] Blue size med

Cool belted shift
Debra Verbruggen
 [07/17 7:06:13PM] 40 blue stripe

Linen the Dream Dress
Angela McLellan
 [07/17 7:04:06PM] blue, size 38

Easy Breezy Summer Day
Nicole Newson
 [07/17 7:00:05PM] Xl

Light As Linen Dress, Take Me Away Linen Dress, Dockside Linen Dress,
Cristy Evers
 [07/17 6:59:06PM] 42 Grey and White

Seas the day, Easy breezy, Striped to perfection
Andrea Pereira
 [07/17 6:53:49PM] Blue 36

High End Lines; Dream Lines Dress; All the Right Lines
Hailey Osborne
 [07/17 6:50:08PM] Size 42; blue and white stripes

Stripe a pose
Kinga Goodship
 [07/17 6:47:06PM] 2xl

Stripe a Pose
Kelly Neufeld
 [07/17 6:46:12PM] Blue 42

Stripe a pose
 [07/17 6:46:04PM] 2xl blue

Fit to be Tied, Tie one on, Tied and True, To Tie for
Emily Hadary
 [07/17 6:36:35PM] Blue, 36

Sail into the Sun Wrap Dress
Tara Regehr
 [07/17 6:21:41PM] Blue and white - 44

Country lines
Erin Mills
 [07/17 6:20:49PM] Blue and white 38

Line me up
Erin Mills
 [07/17 6:20:18PM] Blue and white 38

Call me casual
Erin Mills
 [07/17 6:19:07PM] Blue and white 38

Casual Pinstripes
Erin Mills
 [07/17 6:18:35PM] Blue and white 38

Sugar & Stripes; Light as linen
Erin Miller
 [07/17 6:18:23PM] 34 blue

Summer breeze
Kaitlyn Paltiel
 [07/17 6:18:14PM] Large, grey and white stripes

Stripe it up
Erin Mills
 [07/17 6:16:50PM] Blue & white 38

All Striped Down
Devan Weber
 [07/17 6:16:31PM] Size 14 navy

Sugar & Stripes
Erin Miller
 [07/17 6:16:20PM] Blue 34

Striped to meet you
Erin Mills
 [07/17 6:16:17PM] Blue and white 38

Bashful Breeze
Amber Brown
 [07/17 6:15:10PM] 36 Blue and White

All Striped Down
Devan Weber
 [07/17 6:14:41PM] Size 14 navy blue

Working the Day Shift
Maureen Iles
 [07/17 6:12:23PM] 38

Stripingly Be-youtiful dress, stripes and linen dress
Amanda Gibb
 [07/17 6:11:00PM] blue and white; 38

Stripe A Pose Dress
Joanne MacLellan
 [07/17 6:08:51PM] 38, Blue and white stripe

Stripe a Pose Dress, Striped and Fabulous Dress, Stripes for Days Dress, Wrapped in Stripes Dress, Summer Stripes Dress, Striped to the Nines Dress, Stripes for Days Dress, Belted and Beautiful Dress, All Striped Up Dress, Crazy for Stripes Dress, Belts and Stripes and Everything Nice Dress, Styling Stripes Dress, Sugar and Stripes and Everything Nice Dress, The Right Stripes Dress,
Jessica Armenti
 [07/17 6:06:06PM] 44 and Blue and White Stripes

I tied the knot with white stripes, Vertically tied to love, Tied with sass
Lily Artymko
 [07/17 5:58:30PM] Blue, 44

Belt it Out Summer Dress
Charity Chaulk
 [07/17 5:53:05PM] Grey and white size 38

Sunny Stripes Up!
Kelsey Urban
 [07/17 5:51:29PM] Size 36, Grey & White

All Tied Up Dress
Haylee Johnson
 [07/17 5:48:04PM] 34 Grey and White Stripes

Stripes and Bows Dress
Haylee Johnson
 [07/17 5:46:47PM] 34 Grey and White Stripes

Tarra Mackinnon
 [07/17 5:45:56PM] Grey/white 42

Walk the Linen dress
Allison Vieth
 [07/17 5:45:55PM] 36, gray and white

Anyway the Tie Goes; Ties Surprise; Tied in Stripes; Ties Ahoy;
Susan Constantine
 [07/17 5:45:49PM] Grey 44

Fresh Linen Dream
Suzanne Pinel-Asselin
 [07/17 5:45:38PM] Size 36 blue and white stripes

Nautical Breeze
Lisa Wilson
 [07/17 5:25:34PM] L/XL

Sugar & Spice
Kimberly Waddell
 [07/17 5:20:13PM] 44 & Blue & White

Summer Holiday Dress
Lidia Visscher
 [07/17 5:19:25PM] 40 Blue & White stripes

Nautical Knot Linen Dress
Angele Lachance
 [07/17 5:11:45PM] 34 Blue and White Stripes

Lined Up
Charlotte Warford
 [07/17 5:06:47PM] L, blue and white

Stripes Ahoy
Charlotte Warford
 [07/17 5:05:48PM] L, blue and white

Lines the Way
Charlotte Warford
 [07/17 5:05:16PM] L, blue and white

Ms. Stripes-a-lot
Tina cimaglia
 [07/17 5:04:11PM] Xs light blue

Summer Stripes
Charlotte Warford
 [07/17 5:03:45PM] L, blue and white

This or That Dress, Business to Casual Dress
Melanie Lee
 [07/17 4:57:32PM] Not sure on the size (my stylist Weronika would tell me exactly which size lol but I would usually take a L) Grey and White

Keepin' it cool dress
Luisa Rotella
 [07/17 4:47:06PM] 36 Blue

Freedom with strips
Kimberly Young
 [07/17 4:46:24PM] Medium

Summer Lovin' Linen & Stripes
Chelsea Zarzycki
 [07/17 4:45:48PM] Size Large equivalent, grey stripes

Life’s a beach Sundress
Lindsay Zaik
 [07/17 4:43:43PM] 34 please. Blue and white stripes

Life’s a beach sundress
Lindsay zaik
 [07/17 4:42:49PM] Size 34 blue with white stripes

Striped delight
Megan McDonald
 [07/17 4:42:33PM] Blue 42

Summer Vibe
Kelsey Stewart
 [07/17 4:22:02PM] Large, gray

Tie Me Up Dress
Michelle McAleese
 [07/17 4:16:40PM] 34. Blue and White Stripes

All day, everyday dress
Shohreh Burchell
 [07/17 4:15:52PM] Blue 34

Sail Me Away
Marie-Pierre Falardeau
 [07/17 4:11:17PM] 34 & Blue and white stripes

Seas the Moment, Anchors Away and Easy, Breezy Style
Tara Kennedy
 [07/17 4:00:30PM] 42 and Blue and White Stripes

Go with the flow; straight up stripes;
Jessy Andrusiak
 [07/17 3:54:42PM] 34(?) blue and white

Neila Ocean
Elise Rozander
 [07/17 3:51:43PM] 38 Blue and White

Stripe is my type!
Arlyn Bolus
 [07/17 3:50:50PM] 36 and blue

Island Vibes
Margarita Roadknight
 [07/17 3:41:18PM] Large stripes

Bring me to the Greek islands
Helene Tsogas
 [07/17 3:40:39PM] Large stripes

Walk the Line
Shanda Rolfe
 [07/17 3:35:45PM] Size xl grey and white stripe

Santorini Summer
Megan Thain
 [07/17 3:27:25PM] 42 Blue

Pier perfect
Vanessa Laron
 [07/17 3:26:41PM] 36 grey and white

Stripe a pose
Amelia Mohammed
 [07/17 3:20:10PM] Blue and white 40

Walking on Sunshine tie dress
Megan Thain
 [07/17 3:19:59PM] 42 Blue

Not Just Another Summer Dress
Vanessa Carr
 [07/17 3:17:10PM] 42 Blue and White stripes

Longitudinal lady
Alysha Sears
 [07/17 3:16:16PM] Blue, XL

Sun 'n Stripes
Denielle Vasiliou
 [07/17 3:12:45PM] Medium, Blue

Vacation day
Marcela Mandeville
 [07/17 3:09:38PM] Blue, 38

Blue Belle, I Only Have Eyes For "Blue", Rustic Flair, Rustic Chic, Summer Love, Fresh Linen, Linen and Lines
Melissa Robertson
 [07/17 3:08:13PM] L, Grey & White

Staycation linen
Angel Morin
 [07/17 3:07:36PM] 38 blue and white stripes

Tie me up and Call me pretty
Cali Tofin
 [07/17 3:05:27PM] 38 Blue and White Stripe

Shoreline Dress
Shannon Smith
 [07/17 3:01:32PM] 36 grey and white

Mid Summers Dream Dress
Eryka Chamberlain
 [07/17 2:51:40PM] 36 Grey & White

1st mate dress
Crystal Mackie
 [07/17 2:51:23PM] 34 blue

Slip into summer
Angela Scandale
 [07/17 2:51:04PM] Grey 34

Farmhouse chic dress
Kira Paterson
 [07/17 2:50:59PM] Blue and white stripes

Coastal Shores Dress
Eryka Chamberlain
 [07/17 2:50:29PM] 36 Grey & White

Teach me to sail
Crystal Mackie
 [07/17 2:50:07PM] 34 blue

Love me some stripes
Jody Foy
 [07/17 2:46:10PM] 44

Gentle Breeze
Patty Otteson
 [07/17 2:45:06PM] Blue in size 36

Joanne Rancourt
 [07/17 2:44:02PM] Size 42 Blue

Bound to be nautical
Crystal Mackie
 [07/17 2:39:28PM] 34 blue

Boathouse Dress
Jill L Hackney
 [07/17 2:25:53PM] XXL, Gray White Strpe

Country Love
Crystal Frombach
 [07/17 2:21:04PM] Blue I don’t know my size

The Stripes Have It
Kelli Wilson
 [07/17 2:11:25PM] M

Eyes and Ties
chrissy Klemencic
 [07/17 2:11:24PM] 40

Sailor Stripes Boat Dress
Nevada Hewitt
 [07/17 2:10:54PM] Small blue and whiter stripes

Can you say cute
Kelli Wilson
 [07/17 2:10:44PM] M

Sailor Stripes Boat Dress
Nevada Hewitt
 [07/17 2:10:38PM] Small blue and whiter stripes

Tie one on summer dress
Bonnie Fouladi
 [07/17 2:08:24PM] 38, grey with white stripes

Stripes stripes baby
Laurèn Sybydlo
 [07/17 2:03:08PM] Small blue

Lines of Linen Dress
Nadine Bishop
 [07/17 1:57:40PM] M blue

Stripe with it
Christine Levesque
 [07/17 1:49:06PM] White and Blue —- 38

Tie me over
Sara Perry
 [07/17 1:44:49PM] Grey with white stripes size 36

Wrapped around you
Lena Gilbert
 [07/17 1:42:40PM] Medium, blue

Business Class
Tammy McAnaul
 [07/17 1:34:07PM] Blue and White stripes, 44

Wild and Free Dress, light in linen dress
Alicia Setter
 [07/17 1:32:41PM] 2XL - blue

It's a linen kind of day
 [07/17 1:31:15PM] 38 blue and white

Tie As You Like It!
Sheila Cannon
 [07/17 1:25:12PM] 44 Grey

Forget-Me-Knot dress
Janice Hennenfent Auger
 [07/17 1:22:21PM] Blue 44

Striped and Fancy Free Dress ; Fancy Free Dress; Freely Me Dress
April Hunt
 [07/17 1:17:41PM] White and Grey: 44

Rise and soul shine
Angela Fogarty
 [07/17 1:16:00PM] Large blue

Light and Striped Dress ; Summer Tide Dress
April Hunt
 [07/17 1:15:27PM] Blue and White: size 44

Front of the line dress
Suzie Mcintosh
 [07/17 1:14:40PM] 34 grey

Simplier times dress
Julie Hoar
 [07/17 1:13:11PM] 44 grey

Fit to be Tied Dress; Tied and True Dress; Standup Striped Dress
April Hunt
 [07/17 1:13:09PM] Blue and White : 44

Simple city dress
Julie Hoar
 [07/17 1:12:24PM] 44 grey

Rustic summer dress
Julie Hoar
 [07/17 1:11:54PM] 44 grey

Coffee & Tea Dress
Emily Buss
 [07/17 1:11:37PM] 44 blue

Summertime cabin dress
Sheri Price
 [07/17 1:11:13PM] Small grey

Namas-tie dress
Suzie Mcintosh
 [07/17 1:11:00PM] 34 grey

Whisk me away dress
Meghan Abiodun
 [07/17 1:11:00PM] 42? I wear Large or 10-12

Basking in the Sun Dress/Basking in the Sunlight Dress
Natashia Liboiron
 [07/17 1:10:36PM] 38 - Blue and White Stripes

Stripe and Pose Dress
April Hunt
 [07/17 1:10:11PM] Grey and White- 34

Take your time dress
Suzie Mcintosh
 [07/17 1:08:20PM] 34 grey

SUITable for Fun Dress
Audrey Plantje
 [07/17 1:07:06PM] Size 42 Blue & White Stripes

Rustic City Dress
Lorranne Listar
 [07/17 1:06:25PM] Large Blue and White

Soft summer lines
Suzie Mcintosh
 [07/17 1:06:23PM] 34 grey

Pick up lines
Suzie Mcintosh
 [07/17 1:03:44PM] 34 grey

Stripes of glory dress
Jacquie Middleton
 [07/17 1:03:21PM] 42 grey & white

The "Blow Me Away, Lux Linen Dress"
Kirsty Lindsay
 [07/17 1:01:10PM] Size 36, either beautiful colour option would be amazing

Vintage Stripe Dress, Living in Linen Dress, Fresh Linen Breeze Dress
Rachel Curran
 [07/17 12:55:32PM] Blue 42

Get In Line Summer Dress
Shawna Dawe
 [07/17 12:42:40PM] Equivalent of size 6 in blue

Set your sights on stripes
Sarah Chapman
 [07/17 12:41:19PM] Blue and white size 38

Straight linen
Diana Meads
 [07/17 12:39:24PM] M blue

Seeing Stripes Dress, Simply Stripes Dress,
Shanna Yaroshuk
 [07/17 12:39:11PM] 40, Blue & White

Linen fresh
Jessica kroes
 [07/17 12:35:41PM] Blue small

The linen wrap
Lauren Pollock
 [07/17 12:32:29PM] Large - blue

Keeping cool, tie it on, light & tie
 [07/17 12:31:35PM] Large and blue

Summer Breeze Dress
Alecia Nesbitt
 [07/17 12:29:19PM] Blue and white, size38

Summer Days
Wendy White
 [07/17 12:26:20PM] blue and white stripes, size large

Sipping in the sun dress
Joanne HollidayScott
 [07/17 12:25:16PM] 42

Cap sleeve shirt tale dress
Tonya Vis
 [07/17 12:21:34PM] Blue strip size medium or size 8

Cap sleeve shirt tale dress
Tonya Vis
 [07/17 12:20:21PM] Blue and white. Size medium or an 8

Country Chic (Sheek)
Loretta Nootchtai
 [07/17 12:18:12PM] 40 blue

Stripe a Pose Dress
Alecia Nesbitt
 [07/17 12:16:59PM] Blue and white, size 38

Cham-Bray of sunshine dress
Ashley Spagrud
 [07/17 12:14:07PM] Medium color: blue and white stripe

Stripe it up
 [07/17 12:13:18PM] Lrg blue

Easy Breezy Linen Dress
Carly Crewe
 [07/17 12:04:58PM] Grey and white, 34

Tie it on
Sandra thistke
 [07/17 12:02:22PM] 36 blue and white stripes

Positively Positano linen feel summer dress
Christina Giuliani
 [07/17 11:55:17AM] Blue 2xl or equivalent

Amalfi getaway belted dress
Christina Giuliani
 [07/17 11:53:26AM] Blue 2xl (or equivalent)

In Love with Linen, Stripes Ahoy!, Light and Breezy, A Tie for the Win,
Daniela Kershaw
 [07/17 11:53:08AM] 40 Blue

Lounge in Linen Dress
Donna Clipperton
 [07/17 11:53:08AM] Grey and white, 42

Sea Breeze Chambray Tunic
Janelle Wallace
 [07/17 11:53:05AM] Grey & white size 38/40

Fun or fancy summer dress
Jeannie hobbs
 [07/17 11:52:18AM] 38 gray

Breezy blues linen tie dress
Christina Giuliani
 [07/17 11:52:14AM] Blue 2xl

Cute 'n Cool
 [07/17 11:48:52AM] Xl blue

Living in linen dress. Light & linen Dress.
Brittany Beckett
 [07/17 11:47:55AM] Blue & white size 42

Stripes of Linen Dress
Donna clipperton
 [07/17 11:47:00AM] Grey and white 42

Come Sail Away
Ashley Doiron
 [07/17 11:43:30AM] Size 38 blue & white stripes please

Keep Me Cool Shirt Dress
Monika Greenwood
 [07/17 11:41:54AM] XL BLUE

Sleek & Sheek paperbag dress
Yvonne Stewart
 [07/17 11:40:17AM] Medium/Large in grey/white

Stripe a pose
Danielle Southwell
 [07/17 11:37:31AM] Grey and white 42

City Stripe
Sian Sime
 [07/17 11:36:41AM] Blue 42

Light weight summer dress
Debbie Webb
 [07/17 11:35:40AM] 14 grey black

I’m About the Stripes Dress
Katie Hirvi
 [07/17 11:23:31AM] 36 grey and white stripes

Anything is Popsicle Dress
Laura Bennett-Ferland
 [07/17 11:23:21AM] 42 grey & white

Summer Blues, sailme away dress
Ana Diaz
 [07/17 11:22:22AM] Medium

Anything is Popsicle Dress
Laura Bennett-Ferland
 [07/17 11:22:02AM] 42 grey and white

Tie me up Dress, Summer Fun Dress, Afternoon Tea Dress, The perfect dress, Stripes for days Dress, Come Sail Away Dress
Megan Curry
 [07/17 11:16:30AM] XL Grey

Light and airy summer dress
Lisa Swaikoski
 [07/17 11:10:47AM] 40 white and blue

Sherri gratton
 [07/17 11:10:14AM] Size 40-blue

Tied to you
Danielle Greier
 [07/17 11:05:06AM] 38 blue and white

Terrific Tea Time Dress
Michelle Bartel
 [07/17 11:04:46AM] 44 grey and white

Stripes of light linen love
Amy Hood
 [07/17 11:01:43AM] 36blue and white

striped for succes
Kellah Lavoie
 [07/17 11:00:45AM] grey, 42

Sea stripes
Julie VanSickle
 [07/17 10:59:21AM] 36 & grey

Stripes Ahoy
Natalie Watson
 [07/17 10:59:06AM] 36 blue

Lovely in Linen; Easy Breezy; Cute & Comfy; Soft & Smart
Laurissa Kainz
 [07/17 10:57:51AM] Large & grey and white

Styli n’ Stripes
Shannon Hutchison
 [07/17 10:55:12AM] Blue 40

Lake Life Dress
Emily Buss
 [07/17 10:54:41AM] 44 blue

Lake Time Dress
Emily Buss
 [07/17 10:54:11AM] 44 blue

Lake Okanagan Dress
Emily Buss
 [07/17 10:53:36AM] 44, blue

Sail Away into Summer Dress
Kasey Thompson
 [07/17 10:51:32AM] Blue and White Size 36

Easy Breezy
Julie VanSickle
 [07/17 10:50:52AM] 36 & grey

STRIPE - there it is!
Lindsay Nielsen
 [07/17 10:49:34AM] 36 grey

Stripes of Glory
Laurelly Beswitherick
 [07/17 10:47:11AM] 36 grey stripe

Straight to the Point
Jennifer Racine
 [07/17 10:46:19AM] 36 - Blue and white stripes

Straight to the Point
Jennifer Racine
 [07/17 10:45:16AM] 36 - Blue and white stripes

Paper bag princess dress
Tracy Thompson
 [07/17 10:44:54AM] Dark blue m

April in Madrid
Kristy Larocque
 [07/17 10:43:30AM] Grey and white stripes in 44

forget me knot dress
michelle stevens
 [07/17 10:41:42AM] 36 & black

 [07/17 10:41:15AM] L black and white

Down by the bay dress
Samantha Watson
 [07/17 10:40:07AM] Blue and white, 42

Summer Breeze Dress
Jessica Russell
 [07/17 10:37:15AM] 34 & Blue

Sail Away
Darlene Wilson
 [07/17 10:31:50AM] 38 in Blue/White

Long Lean into Summer Dress
ANITA Hopton
 [07/17 10:31:19AM] M & Blue/White Stripes

Light Loving Linen Dress
Lori Ferguson
 [07/17 10:31:14AM] Blue 44

Ocean Sky Breeze
Darlene Wilson
 [07/17 10:30:47AM] 38 in Blue/White colors

Country Chic
Tracey Pauls
 [07/17 10:29:35AM] Medium blue and white

Breezy Beach Dress
 [07/17 10:27:49AM] blue and white 42

Darlene Wilson
 [07/17 10:27:00AM] 38 in Blue/white

Love in Linen Dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [07/17 10:26:36AM] blue and white 42

Winnin' Linen, Dockside, Paris Summer,
Avrielle Nelson
 [07/17 10:25:26AM] 38 & Blue and White

Cool and carefree dress, weekender dress
Angela Siemens
 [07/17 10:24:02AM] 44 Grey

Sail away into the sunset!
Alicia Taylor
 [07/17 10:22:46AM] Grey size 38

Summer Lovin Dress
Natasha Veerkamp
 [07/17 10:22:14AM] blue and white 42

Wrapped in love dress, classy and cool dress, stress free dress, summer love dress
Jenn Gauthier
 [07/17 10:22:07AM] Blue and white, 40

Sail away with me
Tracy Carnegie
 [07/17 10:22:04AM] 38 blue

“Love Me Some Nauti-cal Stripes!”
Maggie Kerkhoff
 [07/17 10:21:27AM] Size 40 Blue and white

Knot distancing dress
Shona Adams
 [07/17 10:21:00AM] Blue 36

Living in Linen, Just Beachy, Down At the Boardwalk, Dock Of The Bay, Strolling In Stripes, Sail Away, Set Sail, Better in Stripes
Laurie Sterling
 [07/17 10:19:01AM] 36 blue and white

Sail away with me
Tracy Carnegie
 [07/17 10:18:53AM] 38 blue

Get Stripe To The Point
Brooke Eshkakogan
 [07/17 10:18:36AM] Blue and White XL size

Dorothy dress
Chelsea Elliott
 [07/17 10:17:27AM] 38 Blue

Happy Go Stripey Dress
Rebecca Weston
 [07/17 10:14:47AM] Small blue & white stripe

Romantic Summer
Jennifer Hall
 [07/17 10:14:18AM] Size 44 blue and white stripes

Luxe Light Linen
Stephanie Monfort
 [07/17 10:14:01AM] Blue and White, Size 36/38

Happy Go Stripey
Rebecca Weston
 [07/17 10:11:03AM] Small blue & white

Take me away, Take me for ice cream
Terri Hinds
 [07/17 10:07:57AM] 40. Blue and white stripes

Natical Ties Dress
Julia Grodkiewicz
 [07/17 10:06:26AM] M

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Summer Girl
Chantelle Janke
 [07/17 10:02:13AM] 42 Blue and White Stripe

Strike a summer pose
Sherry. Sproul
 [07/17 9:55:16AM] 38 grey and white

No Regrets dress
Tanya King
 [07/17 9:55:03AM] 36 (small) Blue

Bluenose (Sailboat) dress
Jennifer Soos
 [07/17 9:55:00AM] Either 2xl

Summer lovin stripes
Lisa Lundgren
 [07/17 9:54:53AM] 36 grey/white

Breeze by the ocean
Lisa Lundgren
 [07/17 9:51:55AM] 36 grey/white

Lay it on the Line
Alyssa Gerick
 [07/17 9:51:31AM] 36” Blue

Picnic Party dress
Haley Boland
 [07/17 9:51:11AM] Black, size 44

Tanya King
 [07/17 9:51:02AM] 36 -blue

The Been In Linen
Avrielle Nelson
 [07/17 9:50:21AM] 38 & Blue and White

Just breezy
Erica French
 [07/17 9:49:30AM] 44 grey

Stripe it lucky!!
Jaclyn Currie
 [07/17 9:48:52AM] Blue and white stripe size 38

Dressed for Summer, Sea Striped Summer, It’s an Ocean life for Me Dress
Kayla Jacula
 [07/17 9:48:05AM] 34, Blue and White

tied to perfection
Barb Goddard
 [07/17 9:47:36AM] 40 blue and white

Summer Fresh
Stephanie Harris
 [07/17 9:47:34AM] M grey and white

Fine Line Dress
Amy Tekatch
 [07/17 9:47:02AM] Grey and White Stripes, 38 or 40

Putting it all on the line
Akeshia Trudeau
 [07/17 9:46:43AM] 44 & blue

Santorini dress, Bella dress, Sorrento dress, Portofino dress, Corsica dress
Nicole Barlow
 [07/17 9:46:04AM] 36, blue and white stripes

Livin’ La Vida Lightly in Linen
Amanda Szucs
 [07/17 9:45:12AM] 36- Blue and White Stripes

Tea Time Dress, Out for an Afternoon Stroll Dress, Feeling Cute Dress, Sassy in Stripes Dress
Janique Grimard
 [07/17 9:45:04AM] 38, blue & white stripes

Walk the Line Dress
Amy Tekatch
 [07/17 9:44:11AM] Grey and White Stripes, 38 Or 40

Summer linen breeze dress!
 [07/17 9:42:30AM] Small and Blue and White!

Seas the Day
Tara Kennedy
 [07/17 9:40:34AM] 42 Blue and White Stripes

Lighter days dress
Tamara Paul
 [07/17 9:39:52AM] blue and size medium

Linen Love
Devon Anderson
 [07/17 9:38:56AM] 42 grey lines

Earn Your Stripes, A Fine Line, Drop Me a Line, Blue Streak, Bottom Line, Airs and Graces, Blue Sky Thinking, Any Way the Wind Blows, Life’s a Breeze, Shoot the Breeze
Alyssa Gerick
 [07/17 9:38:04AM] 36” Blue

Light linen summer dress
Jennifer Pang
 [07/17 9:37:41AM] 34, Blue

All Around Good Time Dress
Alisha Townsend-Baird
 [07/17 9:36:31AM] 42 Grey and white

Summer Nights
Megan Sparks
 [07/17 9:36:27AM] 38 blue and white

Linen to it Dress
Amy Tekatch
 [07/17 9:36:25AM] Grey and White Stripes, 38 Or 40

Sunshine and stripes, Easy Breezy Dress, Nice and Nautical Dress, Ties and Stripes Dress
Samantha Krump
 [07/17 9:36:05AM] 42 grey and white

Summer, All Tied Up!
Lorey Toulouse
 [07/17 9:35:48AM] Blue medium

Linin n’ lines lightweight summer dress
Marie Vincent
 [07/17 9:35:37AM] 34, blue and white stripe

Between the Lines Dress
Amy Tekatch
 [07/17 9:35:27AM] Grey and White Stripes, 38 or 40

Hips Don’t Lie Dress
Janique Vandal
 [07/17 9:34:12AM] Blue - 34

Striped for You
Tammy Droeshout
 [07/17 9:33:41AM] 44 Grey and White

Stripe Down, Live in Lines, Lucy loves Lines,
Meggan Lefebvre
 [07/17 9:33:28AM] Blue & White Stripes - 38

Lucky in linen dress
Janelle Nightingale
 [07/17 9:32:43AM] 44 blue

Tie Me Knot
Kyla Gariepy
 [07/17 9:32:36AM] L

Cloud, soft, cool amd comfortalbe just like a cloud
 [07/17 9:31:19AM] Blue 38

Straight Lined and ready to conquer
Ashlie McBryan
 [07/17 9:31:08AM] 44 Grey

Sips and Stripes
Erin Talbot
 [07/17 9:30:41AM] Blue 44

Ships Ahoy, Smooth sailing, Sailor Made, Ocean Dream, Ocean Breeze, Set Sail
heather dyck
 [07/17 9:30:36AM] 36, blue & white ?

Timeless-Tie lightweight summer dress
Marie Vincent
 [07/17 9:30:21AM] 34, blue and white stripe

By the Sea. The Nautical dress .
Jamie Pare
 [07/17 9:30:06AM] Grey and white - equivalent to size small

Hey Stripe To The Point
Brooke Eshkakogan
 [07/17 9:29:23AM] Blue and Grey XL size

Down by the lake dress
Nadia Arcand
 [07/17 9:28:07AM] 40 blue and white

For the love of linen
Melanie Calder
 [07/17 9:27:52AM] 42 in grey

Nice and Nautical, Sail Away, Stripe Away Stress
 [07/17 9:27:49AM] Xs and blue

Chill Lines
Lisa Lee
 [07/17 9:23:37AM] 40 blue

Tie It As You Like It
Loraine Lewis
 [07/17 9:23:24AM] 42 & blue

Get Striped down to it
Erin Mills
 [07/17 9:23:03AM] Blue & white 38

Stripes to you
Erin Mills
 [07/17 9:22:19AM] Blue and white 38

Breezy beach dress
Brittany Mackay
 [07/17 9:21:17AM] Grey and white size 34

Sassy in Stripes
Candice Loiselle
 [07/17 9:16:22AM] Medium lighter blue

Staycation Vibes, Bermuda/Bahama(Come on pretty mama), Aye Aye Cap’n!
Emmeli Chalupnicek
 [07/17 9:15:32AM] 38, blue and white

Coastlines Dress, Off the coastline dress, On the Boardwalk Dress
Melissa Stevens
 [07/17 9:15:17AM] Blue and white, 40

Country Glam
Stephanie Gray
 [07/17 9:14:54AM] 36- blue and white

Sea breeze dress
Kyla Toma
 [07/17 9:13:41AM] Large blue

Easy Breezy Livin' Easy Dress
Jennifer Dakin
 [07/17 9:12:06AM] Grey and white stripes (36)

Stripingly Fine
Kristy Bohnet
 [07/17 9:12:02AM] Gray and White 38

Get In Line
Sherilyn Henschell
 [07/17 9:11:36AM] Size 40 Gray

Cabana dress
April Broennle
 [07/17 9:11:01AM] 38, blue and white

Striped and Tied Together Summer Dress
Jan Halushka
 [07/17 9:10:37AM] Grey and white size 36

Sky lines dress
Leslie frick
 [07/17 9:09:39AM] 40, grey

The Connection Dress
Nicolle Parsons
 [07/17 9:09:29AM] Blue Stripes 44

The everyday casual dress
 [07/17 9:06:55AM] Large Blue

Stripped perfection
Meagen Pearson
 [07/17 9:05:27AM] Blue L

Winnin' in Linen Dress
Rachel Tourville
 [07/17 9:03:32AM] 44, grey

Striped Delight Dress
Mary Anne Fry
 [07/17 9:03:20AM] Blue white 40

Sun kissed memories dress
Britney Stone
 [07/17 8:59:59AM] L grey and white stripes

Tying Around , Loving the Lines
Janet Walker
 [07/17 8:59:52AM] 40/42 & blue and white stripes

Stripe Me Silly
Danielle Chapman
 [07/17 8:59:40AM] Size 38 Blue and white stripes

I walk the line dress
Savannah Dennar
 [07/17 8:58:22AM] Grey and white, not sure size

Anchors Away Dress, Line
Taunya Kooiker
 [07/17 8:58:20AM] XL - Blue and white

Easy breezy dress
 [07/17 8:57:43AM] Blue 44

Summer striped dress. Light & striped dress. Tied to the side dress
Brittany Beckett
 [07/17 8:57:40AM] Blue & white. Size XL (42)

Stripes A’hoy Linen Dress
Candice Loiselle
 [07/17 8:57:04AM] Medium light blue

Simply Stripes
Deb Warkentin
 [07/17 8:56:01AM] Grey , size small or mediumIum

Sassy in Stripes
Candice Loiselle
 [07/17 8:55:54AM] Blue medium

Breeze By
Christy Pflanz
 [07/17 8:55:41AM] Blue & 36

Simply Stripes
Deb Warkentin
 [07/17 8:55:19AM] Grey , size small or medium

By the SeaSide Stripes
Chantal Pelham-Edwards
 [07/17 8:54:30AM] Small, blue

No Weekend Business
Cassandra Massena
 [07/17 8:52:40AM] 40 & Blue and White

Moody Blues Summertime Dress
Debi Dykstra
 [07/17 8:52:16AM] large

Stripe Your Fancy?
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [07/17 8:49:21AM] Forgot to write the colour in my last entry - blue & white size 34

Tie me down dress
Kylie Krell
 [07/17 8:49:19AM] Blue & white, size 34

Summer Dream dress
Heather Christou
 [07/17 8:48:05AM] Grey and white 36

Stripe Your Fancy?
AnnMarie Makkinga
 [07/17 8:47:27AM] 34

Get In Linen dress
Heather Christou
 [07/17 8:47:06AM] Grey and white 36

Snappy Summer Dress
Christine Lowe
 [07/17 8:46:37AM] 40, blue & white

First Mate Dress, Sail Away Dress, Feeling Breezy Dress
Jana Mottl
 [07/17 8:46:01AM] 44, Blue and white stripes

Chambray Dream
Heather Christou
 [07/17 8:46:00AM] Grey and white 36

Pin stripe it up, pin it up dress, stripe a pose dress, country stripe dress, babes belt and stripe dress, it’s raining stripes, stripes of sunshine dress
Amanda Pion/Lepper
 [07/17 8:44:49AM] 36 blue and white

Italian Summer, Amalfi Vibes, sorrento summer, ciao bella
kristen wright
 [07/17 8:44:30AM] blue and white, size 36

Line me up dress
Lexi nichols
 [07/17 8:43:41AM] Med blue

Stripe a pose linen dress
Ashley Edwardson
 [07/17 8:43:29AM] 36

Simply relaxed
Tami LeBlanc
 [07/17 8:42:44AM] 44 blue and white

Fabulously flawless
Sydney Sopiwnyk
 [07/17 8:42:39AM] 38& blue

Light as a Stripe
Sandra Bennett
 [07/17 8:41:38AM] Blue and White, 36

Line Up Summer Dress
Ashley Lindbo
 [07/17 8:39:23AM] grey & white 34

Tides Away
Cherilyn Misling
 [07/17 8:38:51AM] 38 - Blue and White Stripes

Fine Linen Dress
Liz Roy
 [07/17 8:38:06AM] 38

Belt It Out or Tie One On
Katie Goodine
 [07/17 8:38:06AM] Medium, Blue

Amelia Dress
Skylynn Bourgeois
 [07/17 8:37:19AM] 36, blue and white stripes

Lazy Ties of Summer
Rachel Bunn
 [07/17 8:36:43AM] 40, blue and white stripes

Get In Line Dress
Megan Summers
 [07/17 8:36:42AM] Blue/white; 40

Summer Lovin
Lora Sinclair
 [07/17 8:36:25AM] 40 (xl) grey and white

Set sail, anchored
Andrea Bennett
 [07/17 8:35:37AM] M-L

The Friday Night Stripes dress (I luv me some Tim Riggins...)
Leslie Welch
 [07/17 8:35:18AM] Blue size 36

Summer Breeze Dress
Sarah Reuangrith
 [07/17 8:33:59AM] Blue

Stepping out in Stripes / Taking Stripes in Stride
Carrie Coon
 [07/17 8:33:25AM] Blue and white 38

Summer Nights
Megan Sparks
 [07/17 8:31:46AM] Medium blue and white

Candy cane kisses
Mavis McCrea
 [07/17 8:30:41AM] 40? Grey color

Summer Breeze
Jenna Leanne Fladager
 [07/17 8:30:23AM] Medium

Cape Cod
Sabrina Bryan
 [07/17 8:30:09AM] 38

Comfort between the lines
Kelli Zimmerman
 [07/17 8:29:50AM] Grey and white, size 38

Stripes of Summer Dress
Lisa Kelly
 [07/17 8:29:22AM] 36 & blue

Ocean Breeze
Sabrina Bryan
 [07/17 8:29:16AM] 38

Pretty in stripes
Veronica kish
 [07/17 8:29:00AM] Blue, 36

Comfort between the lines
Kelli Zimmerman
 [07/17 8:28:58AM] Grey and white - size 38

Set sail
Veronica kish
 [07/17 8:27:53AM] Blue, 36

California Dreaming Dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:27:49AM] 40

Tied to you
Kerri-Anne Gundersen
 [07/17 8:27:31AM] Blue size xs or sm

Linen on my mind, Summer Linen, Sun Striped
Tanya Nascimento
 [07/17 8:27:02AM] 34 blue & white

Breeze between the lines
Kerri-Anne Gundersen
 [07/17 8:26:42AM] Blue, xs / sm

Vacation Mode Dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:26:25AM] 40

Linen cruise
Veronica kish
 [07/17 8:25:43AM] Blue, 36

Boho summer dress
margaret vallier
 [07/17 8:25:32AM] large grey and white

All class no breaks
Tanya King
 [07/17 8:25:23AM] 36 - Blue

Summer lovin’
Veronica kish
 [07/17 8:25:04AM] Blue, 36

Chambray days , it’s a chambray and rosé kind of day
Nicole Smith
 [07/17 8:24:33AM] Grey 36

Walk the line dress
Riekje Van Delst
 [07/17 8:23:59AM] 44 grey

Cottage life Dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:23:51AM] 40

Beach Breeze
Lisa Atfield
 [07/17 8:23:28AM] 44

Cool cloud
Judy Witcomb
 [07/17 8:23:20AM] 36

For the love of lines
Lexi Nichols
 [07/17 8:23:16AM] Med blue

Lil' Bit Country Stripe midi dress
Melissa Bongalis
 [07/17 8:23:12AM] 38 Blue and White Stripe

Free to be me.
Tanya King
 [07/17 8:22:58AM] 36- blue

Living is easy
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:22:32AM] M

Long lines dress, the stripe is right dress
Julia Strickland
 [07/17 8:22:19AM] Small blue

Break Free Dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:21:53AM] M

Staying in Line
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:21:28AM] M

Beach Days Dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:21:05AM] M

Linen cruise
Veronica kish
 [07/17 8:21:04AM] Blue, 36

Summer Days Dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:20:32AM] M

Breezy Stripes
Ashleigh Topliss
 [07/17 8:20:19AM] blue 38

Let the Sun Shine Dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:20:07AM] M

Flight by Day
Tanya King
 [07/17 8:19:59AM] 36- BLUE

Clean lines
Katherine Henwood
 [07/17 8:19:37AM] Blue/white 44

Summer Days dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:19:10AM] M

Summer my way
Tanya King
 [07/17 8:19:01AM] 36 - blue

Ties on the Prize Dress
Kate Rosenthal
 [07/17 8:18:55AM] Blue, size 38

Let the Sun shine dress
Kate Britz
 [07/17 8:18:28AM] M

Easy Like Sunday Morning
Sarah Colibaba
 [07/17 8:16:26AM] Size 40? and Blue and White please

Cruisin' Midi Dress (Like best dress for a Cruise!)
Chantal Weightman
 [07/17 8:16:11AM] size 34 blue & white

Down Home Summer Dress
Megan Bulford
 [07/17 8:14:54AM] 42-Blue and White Stripes

Down Home Dress
Megan Bulford
 [07/17 8:13:33AM] 42-Blue and White Stripes

Dress and Go Linen dress
Karen Lang
 [07/17 8:12:16AM] Grey with strips, Large

Nautical Nights dress, Sea Dreams dress, yacht club dress,
Nikki Weightman
 [07/17 8:09:49AM] Blue and white 34

Stripe a Pose, Tie Me Anywhere, Simple and Clean,
Glenda Desaulniers
 [07/17 8:09:08AM] L, blue

Love in stripes
Ashlie McBryan
 [07/17 8:04:52AM] 44 and blue

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