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Warming Up Gloves
$24.95 CAD  

    The Warming Up Gloves are the coolest way to keep your hands cozy and connected! Thanks to their smart touch technology, you can easily use your touchscreen devices without removing them. No more struggling while trying to send a quick text or take a cute winter selfie. With a cozy knit layered cuff that's removable and stretchy fabric for a perfect fit, these gloves have got you covered in comfort and warmth. They're your trusty sidekicks for every chilly adventure. Stay toasty, stay connected, and stay chic!

    • Smart touch gloves
    • Knit layered removable cuff
    • Stretchy
    • Fabric 50% acrylic, 50% polyester
    • Measurements approx. 9" length

    These are the perfect gloves because the pointer and thumb fingers have a little flower design on them that allows you to use your phone! The base of them is a suede-like material and the sweater cuff is removable as well! So warm and comfortable.

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