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Seal the Deal Belt
$59.00 CAD  

    • Adjustable belt
    • Stretchy, comfy and adjustable from 24" to 58" hips
    • No-slip inner grip
    • Elastic made from recycled pop bottles
    • Beep-free in airport security
    • Secret inner pocket for emergency cash and a key
    • Fully machine-washable in belt loops
    • 1.5" width
    • Measurements approx. 1.5" width, 26"- 47" length (unstretched)
    • Fabric 63% recycled polyester, 37% latex
    • Hypoallergenic, airport-friendly zinc alloy hardware

    The Seal the Deal Belt is the do-it-all belt for any outfit! Loop it through the belt loops of pants or jeans, achieve the perfect cropped look with sweaters, or cinch the waist of dresses. Plus, its non-slip silicone grip will stay in place all day long! Feel good about your purchase knowing it's made in Canada from a female-owned company utilizing recycled pop bottles!

    This is truly a magic belt! It's incredibly soft and stretchy and fits waist sizes 24" to 58"! It's made in Canada and the brand is founded by an amazing female named Claire. They used recycled materials and really wanted to design a belt that would fit you through every stage of your life. The inside has a silicone line that makes it perfect for cropping sweaters or wearing with dresses or jeans because it doesn't move! It's very soft and stretchy.

    This is such an incredible belt! It is from a female-owned company and these are made in Alberta! Perfect for wearing as a standard belt, but also for getting the perfect cropped look or cinching in at the waist. It is super stretchy and since it is adjustable, you always get a comfortable fit. There is a non-slip silicone grip on the inside that will keep the belt in place all day long! It's a O/S item that will fit so many people!


    Recycled polyester is crafted by turning plastic into yarn. The production of this innovative fabric diverts plastics from landfills, prevents bottles from ending up in our oceans, and significantly decreases greenhouse gases emitted by the production of virgin polyester. Recycled polyester requires a lot less energy and water to manufacture and can continuously be recycled, without losing any of its quality.
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