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Gold Dipped

Sparrow Cove

You're My Person Necklace
$24.95 CAD  
Rose Gold

    • Circle pendant engraved with "You're My Person"
    • Clasp closure
    • 2" extension
    • Approx. 20" (end to end)
    • Nickle-free
    • Lead compliant
    • Dipped in Gold and White Gold

    The You're My Person Necklace is all about that warm, fuzzy feeling of being someone's person. Whether it's for your significant other, your bestie, or the one who's been your ride-or-die, this pendant engraved necklace sums up your connection beautifully. This necklace isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a reminder of the bond you share with that special someone who means the world to you.

    How cute is this little necklace? It has a little message on it and the ring pendant can actually be removed and worn as a ring if you want! It fits on my middle finger so it's not too big!

    I love this necklace and the meaning of it! It has a delicate little chain and a circular pendant with a phrase! I will be grabbing a few as they are the perfect gift!

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