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Silver Icing

Silver Icing Keychain Kit
$34.95 CAD  
Yellow Multi

    Elevate your accessories with the Silver Icing Keychain Kit. Craft 2+ stylish keychain bracelets with stretchy elastic, featuring rubber and wooden beads. Includes 1 tassel, 2 key rings, and an easy pull metal threader for hassle-free crafting.

    • Creates 2+ keychain bracelets
    • 1 tassel
    • 2 key rings
    • Stretchy elastic
    • Rubber and wooden beads
    • Easy pull metal threader

    If you know me, you know I love to craft! And even better if it comes in a kit! This kit has everything you need to make 2+ bracelets! It comes with the stretchy elastic, threader, tassels, and key rings as well! Plus - how fun are these bead patterns! This is the perfect little gift or activity to do with friends! 

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