Quilted Teddy Coat
October 28, 2022

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Total of 482 Entries
Congratulations to Traci Linklater, the winner of the Name it To Win It Contest
Introducing...the Teddy Set Go Jacket

Waffle and teddy knit coat
Heather Stanley
 [10/30 9:01:19AM] XXL cream

Fuzquilt Teddy
Tanya Weipert Delorme
 [10/30 8:49:33AM] Medium black

Lovely Rita’s Fave
Rita Young
 [10/30 8:38:02AM] XXL Black

Too Smooth
Rita Young
 [10/30 8:35:54AM] XXL Black

Here comes Winter Jacket , Loving Winter Jacket, Here I Come Jacket , See Me Now Jacket , Life Is Cozy
Marilyn Clark
 [10/30 8:31:42AM] Xl cream

Cozzy Flare
Lillian Strahl
 [10/30 8:31:38AM] XL beige

Teddy for your Thoughts
Natasha cochran
 [10/30 8:30:24AM] Black XXL

Wrapped in Warmth
Lillian Strahl
 [10/30 8:30:13AM] XL beige

Loving you Winter Jacket . Looking Cute Jacket
Marilyn Clark
 [10/30 8:26:51AM] Xl cream

Practically a hug
Tracey J Knowlton
 [10/30 8:22:09AM] XXL Cream

Time to Cuddle Jacket ,Puddle Cuddle Jacket ..
Marilyn Clark
 [10/30 8:21:42AM] Xl cream

Un-bear-ably cozy teddy coat, cozy like a bear hug jacket
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/30 8:21:08AM] XXl cream

Beary Cozy Teddy Coat, oh so beary cozy coat
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/30 8:17:24AM] XXL cream

Cozy bear
Christine Thelker
 [10/30 8:16:53AM] xl cream

Quilted lover teddy coat
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/30 8:15:06AM] XXL cream

Quilted love teddy coat
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/30 8:14:35AM] XXL Cream

The Cozy cub coat
Jamie Schlapbach
 [10/30 8:14:31AM] Size large in black please:)

Fuzzy quilted coat
Tracy Gionet Lebreton
 [10/30 8:10:21AM] Xxl black

Weather snuggles jacket
Aylene stang
 [10/30 7:09:07AM] Small cream

Chaos Coordinator Coat
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 7:00:12AM] Large black

Rink Life Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:58:58AM] Large cream

Keeping up with the Roosevelt’s Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:58:18AM] Large black

Eleanor and Ted Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:57:27AM] Black large

Running Errands Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:56:20AM] Large black

Crisp Day Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:55:55AM] Large cream

The Winnie Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:54:46AM] Large black

Crisp Morning Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:52:41AM] Large black

Chill out jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:51:59AM] Large cream

Forget the chill jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:51:31AM] Large black

Raise the temperature Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:51:08AM] Large cream

The Bear Hug jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:48:46AM] Large black

Dinner with the President jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:45:40AM] Large black

Eleanor Quilted Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:44:31AM] Large black

Two toned Eleanor Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:43:57AM] Large black

Two toned Eleanor Jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:43:10AM] Large black

Soft as Granny’s Quilt jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/30 6:38:25AM] Large black

How Soft Is This?, Casually Classy, I Can Bear It, Bear The Fall, Not Quite Winter Yet, Sensationally Sensory, Touch My Jacket, Feel This, You Gotta Feel This, Forever Fall
Camille Devost
 [10/30 6:15:25AM] Small, cream

Snuggle meets Style
Judy Gauthier
 [10/30 6:08:19AM] Large-Cream

Teddy Bear soft jacket
Tamara Lambregts
 [10/30 5:42:10AM] size small or medium

Winter Is Coming Jacket
Karen Carvell
 [10/30 5:39:12AM] XXL Cream

Warmth of Teddy Bear Hugs!
Sandra Devost
 [10/30 5:02:09AM] size L Cream

Northern Flare
Sandra Devost
 [10/30 4:46:20AM] Cream , Large

Oh So Sherpa
Grace Raso
 [10/30 4:29:20AM] M Cream

Mid range teddy
Christine salikin
 [10/30 2:37:38AM] Large black

Bear Necessities Jacket; Beary Cozy Coat, Cozy Combo Coat,
Candice Daniels
 [10/29 11:04:01PM] Large cream

Cozy Vibes Only
Angela Goerz
 [10/29 8:48:40PM] Cream XXL

Cozy Does It, Dark & Snowy, Fuzzy Business, Kinda a Fuzzy Story
Jennifer Villocero
 [10/29 8:41:01PM] XL & cream

Heavenly Hybrid
Crystal Wilson
 [10/29 8:08:35PM] XL Cream

Teddy For It All Jacket
Lisa Kelly
 [10/29 8:08:18PM] Small & Cream

Harmonious Hybrid
Crystal Wilson
 [10/29 8:06:12PM] XL Cream

Rink mom essential coat
Robin steed
 [10/29 8:02:34PM] 2xl black

Hybrid Happiness Coat
Crystal Wilson
 [10/29 8:01:17PM] XL Cream

Lara Jacket
Renee aucoin
 [10/29 7:30:57PM] XL cream colour

Teddy Bear Picnic
Kaitlyn Watson
 [10/29 6:52:02PM] Xxl black

Teddy bear Weather Forever
Brenna Stone
 [10/29 6:49:39PM] L black

Teddy bear Weather forever
Brenna Stone
 [10/29 6:48:38PM] L black

Wild at Heart jacket; Slay the Day jacket; Reason for the Season Jacket;
Lisa Tetzlaff
 [10/29 6:04:29PM] Xxl black

Hibernation station
Lynne Horning
 [10/29 5:52:36PM] Small in black

Quilted teddy coat
Belinda krienke
 [10/29 5:51:13PM] 1X white

Hold me closer jacket
Lisa Tetzlaff
 [10/29 5:42:27PM] Xxl black

Warm Hug Coat
Lynne Horning
 [10/29 5:42:09PM] Small in black

The snuggle is real jacket
Lisa Tetzlaff
 [10/29 5:38:48PM] Xxl black

I’ve fallen for you jacket
Lisa Tetzlaff
 [10/29 5:35:17PM] Xxl black

Love at frost sight Jacket,
Lisa Tetzlaff
 [10/29 5:30:34PM] Black xxl

Don’t flurry, be happy jacket
Lisa Tetzlaff
 [10/29 5:29:34PM] Black, XXL

Long dark night
Carrie dexter
 [10/29 5:24:22PM] Black xl

Quilt me Teddy Coat
Stacey Garton
 [10/29 5:24:21PM] Cream XS

Queddy Coat
Stacey Garton
 [10/29 5:23:18PM] Cream XS

Fall Adventures
Melissa Munch
 [10/29 5:20:03PM] Small, black

Fall ing in love
 [10/29 4:31:34PM] Large cream

Inside Out Coat
Kiersten Shantz
 [10/29 3:48:44PM] Small in cream

Fuzzy Wuzzy Jacket, Feels So Good Jacket, Falling For Fuzzy Jacket, Quilted Fuzzy Fun Jacket, No Fuzz About It Jacket, Quilt Queen/or Quilted Queen Jacket, Quilt Fuzzing Around Jacket, Girls Just Want To Have Fuzz Jacket
Tanya Roberts
 [10/29 3:24:00PM] XXL Black

Fuzzy Hugs Coat , The Hey Teddy Coat , Quilt Me Cozy Coat
Wendy Wowk
 [10/29 3:20:26PM] Black Large

Fall fuzzy comfort jacket
Jamie bowser
 [10/29 2:56:53PM] Large black

Teddy it up coat
Shannon Davies
 [10/29 2:24:39PM] Large cream

Cozy like home coat
Sandra davies
 [10/29 2:10:11PM] L black

Touch of Coziness
Cori Runkvist
 [10/29 2:07:59PM] M white

The Ready Teddy Coat
Jennifer Barone
 [10/29 2:07:20PM] Black size M

Keeping me softly coat
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/29 1:41:42PM] M cream

Comfy Cozy Jacket
Shannon Dufour
 [10/29 1:31:39PM] Black size Large

Killing me softly coat
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/29 1:30:15PM] M cream

Zipped in Style
Candace Walker
 [10/29 1:19:33PM] XL black

Keep Me Warm Coat
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 12:39:42PM] Small & black

Cuddle Me Coat
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 12:39:09PM] Small & black

Cozy Coat Jacket
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 12:28:41PM] Small & Black

Autumn’s quilted coat, Queens’s paddington quilted zip up, Everyday Autumn jacket
Christine Wilkinson
 [10/29 12:27:33PM] XS

Fall Into Me Jacket
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 12:23:05PM] Small & Black

Campfire Cozy Coat
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 12:21:49PM] Small & Black

Keep me warm jacket, keep me cozy jacket, take the chill away jacket
Kim Reisig
 [10/29 12:08:48PM] Black medium

Luxe Teddy Jacket
Melissa McCracken
 [10/29 11:56:16AM] M Black

Step into Fall Jacket
Heather Sidor
 [10/29 11:45:33AM] Medium cream

Step into Fall Jacket
Heather Sidor
 [10/29 11:43:58AM] Medium cream

Fuzzy and warm quilted Teddy coat
Christine pellerine
 [10/29 11:43:13AM] Medium cream

Quilted Queen Coat
Gina Hildebrand
 [10/29 11:33:27AM] Lg Cream

Quilt Me Cozy Coat
Rachel Bunn
 [10/29 11:33:06AM] L cream

Queen of the Quilt
Gina Hildebrand
 [10/29 11:32:23AM] Lg Cream

Sassy and Sweet
Emily Buss
 [10/29 11:32:14AM] XL black

What’s Up, Stitches!
Gina Hildebrand
 [10/29 11:31:27AM] Lg Cream

Leave Them In Stitches
Gina Hildebrand
 [10/29 11:29:42AM] Lg Cream

In Stitches
Gina Hildebrand
 [10/29 11:27:30AM] Lg cream

Fall into me cozy quilted coat
Melissa Seguin
 [10/29 11:24:08AM] Small black

Cozy Comfort Teddy Jacket, Cozy Casual Jacket, Teddy Bear Warmth Jacket, Teddy Bear Love Jacket, Cozy Comfort Jacket, Cozy Casual Teddy Jacket
Leanne Toews
 [10/29 11:23:24AM] medium & black

Casual comfort coat
Melissa Seguin
 [10/29 11:22:47AM] Black small

Bear hug
Colleen Yakemchuk
 [10/29 11:03:35AM] Xl black

Cozy quilted teddy coat. My teddy quilt coat. Little bit teddy, little bit quilty coat. It's a cinch quilted teddy coat. It's a cinch coat.
Megan Giesbrecht
 [10/29 11:01:15AM] Small Cream

Side by side jacket
Amanda Proulx
 [10/29 10:45:51AM] Med black

Teddy adventure shacket
Amy Vanderlende
 [10/29 10:05:09AM] Black L

Paddington station cozy
Susan chan
 [10/29 9:56:58AM] Med, cream

Cozy Teddy X 2, Two Way Coziness, Two Way Warmth Teddy
Sharon Poitras
 [10/29 9:55:58AM] Large in cream

Teddy for me coat
Isabelle Brulotte
 [10/29 9:53:21AM] Medium Black

Cozy stroll coat
Isabelle Brulotte
 [10/29 9:52:31AM] Medium black

Cozy Teddy coat
Isabelle Brulotte
 [10/29 9:51:28AM] Medium black

Teddy Coat 2.Oooh
Corinn Best
 [10/29 9:42:41AM] XXL & Black

Teddy Coat 2.O
Corinn Best
 [10/29 9:42:10AM] XXL & Black

All about teddy
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/29 9:40:35AM] M cream

2 in 1 jacket
Corinne Mcdonald
 [10/29 9:40:20AM] Large black

Cozy up quilted coat
Keisha venne
 [10/29 9:32:39AM] Black xl

All about that quilt jacket, quilted and cozy jacket,
Keisha venne
 [10/29 9:30:02AM] Xl black

Warm weekender
Sarah Bernard
 [10/29 9:18:52AM] Small & black

Teddy bear weather
Brenna Stone
 [10/29 9:11:05AM] Black M

Cozy Cuddles
Laura Moore
 [10/29 8:44:38AM] White, small

Un-bearably cozy teddy coat, warm & fuzzy teddy coat
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/29 8:39:23AM] XXL cream

Warm hug
Tracy McGrath
 [10/29 8:39:00AM] Med cream

The Paddington Jacket
Laura Moore
 [10/29 8:36:50AM] White , small

Cold weather cuddles coat
Amy Moore
 [10/29 8:36:27AM] Xs black

Warm Fuzzies Coat
Stephanie Dykstra
 [10/29 8:35:02AM] Black Large

Two sides of teddy
Mhairi Marcella
 [10/29 8:34:56AM] XL black

Teddy hugs
Mhairi Marcella
 [10/29 8:34:35AM] XL black

Teddy bear picnic
Sarah Peters
 [10/29 8:34:27AM] White large

Fall walks jacket
Mhairi Marcella
 [10/29 8:34:14AM] XL black

Grin & Bear it teddy coat
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/29 8:33:26AM] Cream XXL

Fuzzy flashback jacket
Shelby Brown
 [10/29 8:32:48AM] Cream size L

Bear Hug Jacket
Stephanie Halldorson
 [10/29 8:31:50AM] L black

Ruxpin Teddy Coat
Heather Moar
 [10/29 8:31:20AM] XL Beige

Un-bear-ably cozy Shacket, quilted teddy coat, bear hug teddy coat, cozy like a bear hug shacket
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/29 8:30:58AM] Cream XXL

Bear Necessities Jacket
Heather Moar
 [10/29 8:29:10AM] XL Beige

Teddy Layers Coat
Jennifer Chartrand
 [10/29 8:28:57AM] L Cream

Comfy Cozy Coat/Jacket
Heather Moar
 [10/29 8:27:00AM] XL Beige

The cozy comfort jacket
robin gilman
 [10/29 8:26:15AM] Large /black

Grin And Bear The Cold Shacket
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/29 8:25:45AM] Cream XXL

Quilt’s soft
Karen Grant
 [10/29 8:23:35AM] XL in cream

Keep It Cozy Quilted Teddy Shacket
Autumn Barbeau
 [10/29 8:23:26AM] XXL cream

Avery Jacket
Kelsey Sutcliffe
 [10/29 8:23:04AM] X large black

Warm,Comfy,Cozy Quilted Teddy Coat
Roxane Nicholson
 [10/29 8:20:39AM] Black med

Don't stop be-leafing
Kathy Van Tassel
 [10/29 8:17:30AM] Cream med.

Teddy Noggin Jacket
Wendeline Chan
 [10/29 8:15:45AM] L Black

Quzzle Coat - quilted and fuzzy.
Eva Beauclair
 [10/29 8:13:10AM] 3x - Black

The teddy
Tanya Fenrick
 [10/29 8:11:49AM] L white

Quzzle Coat
Eva Beauclair
 [10/29 8:11:45AM] 3x -Blac

Quilted Cabin Coat
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 8:11:00AM] Small & Black

Comfy Cabin Coat
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 8:10:13AM] Small & Black

The mama bear
Tanya Fenrick
 [10/29 8:09:48AM] L black

Dually Warm, Dually Soft, Dually Cozy, Double the Warmth, Double the Cozy
Christine Riddell
 [10/29 8:07:00AM] S Cream

Quilty Pleasure, Quilty Soft, Teddy Bear Picnic
Christine Riddell
 [10/29 8:03:28AM] S Cream

Pacific North West Coat
Tayler Metcalfe
 [10/29 7:57:34AM] Small & Black

Bear necessities
Lee Hanna
 [10/29 7:34:49AM] M black

It’s a Coozy-Woozy jacket
Joan Quinn
 [10/29 7:16:12AM] Black xl

Wrap me up
Lori Grebinski
 [10/29 7:12:13AM] Large

Quilted teadybear coat
Lori Grebinski
 [10/29 7:05:11AM] Large

Fall Into Love
Jessica Hernandez
 [10/29 7:03:06AM] Large Black

Teddy's Favorite Quilt
Barbara Quibell
 [10/29 6:38:43AM] XL Black

Cuddle Me Cozy Jacket
Bridget Dobransky
 [10/29 6:33:11AM] Black XL

I Quilt You Not Coat
Barbara Quibell
 [10/29 6:32:32AM] XL. Black

Cozy Cuddle Coat
Barbara Quibell
 [10/29 6:31:23AM] XL. Black

Fall Cuddler Jackett
Pamela Valente
 [10/29 5:48:29AM] XXL

Cozey away from home jacket
sandra davies
 [10/29 5:19:50AM] L black

Wrapped with Teddy
Brittany steckler
 [10/29 5:18:58AM] Black xxxl

The Transition Coat
Lacey Best
 [10/29 5:18:56AM] XXL Black

“Got Your Back” Teddy Coat
Erin Bolger
 [10/29 5:08:48AM] Black XXL

Cozied Up
Patricia Galloway
 [10/29 5:03:24AM] M Black

Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear
Katherine Henwood
 [10/29 5:00:36AM] Cream xl

Quilted comfort
Katherine Henwood
 [10/29 4:58:34AM] Cream xl

Snuggle into Fall; Cozy All Around
Ny franklyn
 [10/29 4:57:04AM] Cream XXL

Chic & Cozy
Alycia Tucker
 [10/29 4:54:33AM] Small black

Chill to Cozy Jacket, Teddy Hugs Jacket, Wrapped in Teddy Jacket
Melissa Comeau
 [10/29 4:41:37AM] Black and Medium

Tucked in Teddy
Katherine Henwood
 [10/29 4:32:18AM] Xl Cream

Teddy Bear’s Picnic coat, Seasonal change coat, A warm hug coat, mixed media coat,
Nicolle Parsons
 [10/29 2:26:15AM] Black, XxL

Fuzz N Fun Jacket
Bonnie Scott
 [10/28 11:30:31PM] Cream XXL

Switch It Up Coat
Donna Taylor
 [10/28 11:25:00PM] XXL Cream

Bear hug jacket
Lisa Cleveland
 [10/28 11:19:49PM] Cream XL

Snug as a bug
Kathleen Quibell
 [10/28 11:03:42PM] Large Cream

Snug as a bug
Kathleen Quibell
 [10/28 11:03:19PM] Large Cream

Two tone cozy teddy
Kathleen Quibell
 [10/28 11:02:06PM] Large Cream

Hold me cozy
Kathleen Quibell
 [10/28 11:00:34PM] Large Cream

Two-tone teddy jacket
Kathleen Quibell
 [10/28 10:59:46PM] Large Cream

Keep me cozy quilted jacket
Kathleen Quibell
 [10/28 10:58:35PM] large Cream

Hibernation vacation
Kathleen Quibell
 [10/28 10:57:36PM] Large Cream

Singing in the rain
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/28 10:00:13PM] M cream

Grandmas Cozy Quilt Coat
Megan Schultz
 [10/28 9:40:13PM] Black Large

Cozy walks coat
Megan Schultz
 [10/28 9:36:13PM] Black Large

Quilted Bliss teddy jacket
Megan Schultz
 [10/28 9:33:52PM] Black large

Hold me tight Teddy coat
Megan Schultz
 [10/28 9:30:19PM] Black large

No Compromises Coat, Aim Two Please, Fireside Coat, Sherpa to keep you cozy, Toasty Warm Teddy Coat, Can't Quilt Me Now
Vanessa Wickey
 [10/28 9:23:33PM] Medium black

Snuggle into me
Julie Kerr
 [10/28 9:15:59PM] Cream Xl

Snug as a bug jacket
Julie Kerr
 [10/28 9:15:15PM] Cream xl

Time to hibernate jacket
Julie Kerr
 [10/28 9:12:13PM] Cream Xl

Quilted northern jacket
Julie kerr
 [10/28 9:11:10PM] Cream Xl

Bear hug jacket
Julie kerr
 [10/28 9:10:08PM] Cream Xl

The Ted
Janeen St. Amant
 [10/28 9:00:15PM] Black; Medium

Kerry Young
 [10/28 8:54:19PM] XL

Keep me cozy and classy jacket
Crystal Mackie
 [10/28 8:46:47PM] Small black

Coziness with Comfort, Soft “N” Cozy, Simply Cozy with Style,
Darcie Yardley
 [10/28 8:28:35PM] M Cream

Quilted teddy remix coat
Marysia Waritsky
 [10/28 8:25:14PM] Black XL

A Little Bit Teddy
Jennifer Hanos
 [10/28 8:16:10PM] XS & Cream

Not your grandma’s quilted coat; Not your average Teddy coat; Opposites Attract Jacket; Bear-rry warm mid weight coat; Cozy into Fall Coat
Lindsay Lynch
 [10/28 8:13:51PM] XL Black

Wrap me up jacket
Kristy Stebbings
 [10/28 8:06:25PM] L cream

Teddy Light and Cozy
Tracy Lewis
 [10/28 7:55:35PM] Small & cream

Paddington Coat
Laura Price
 [10/28 7:53:04PM] Cream XXL

The Everyday
Patti lacey
 [10/28 7:40:00PM] Xlrg black

Teddy Love
 [10/28 7:29:16PM] Small- cream

Teddy throw jacket, paddington coat, hundred acre jacket, blustery day jacket
Caitlin Sigouin
 [10/28 7:25:21PM] White small

Two Cozy Jacket
Heather Vernon
 [10/28 7:19:29PM] 38/Medium Black

Quilty of loving a teddy coat, Quilt me up in a teddy coat
Kristy Sanderson
 [10/28 7:15:01PM] Small beige

Cuddle me softly
Amy Lauwers
 [10/28 7:14:18PM] Black large

Double the Love jacket
caitlin krekoski
 [10/28 7:05:51PM] Cream Xl

Can’t live without this jacket
Nancy Evoy
 [10/28 7:04:03PM] Medium black

I need this in my life jacket
Nancy Evoy
 [10/28 7:03:13PM] Medium Black

Fuzzy quilted Teddy coat
Karen Northey
 [10/28 6:59:56PM] Black xl

Made You Look Coat
Rebecca Davey
 [10/28 6:47:44PM] XL cream

“Winnies wish jacket” (Winnie the Pooh”
Stacey Vaughn
 [10/28 6:37:35PM] Black LG

Two Toned Teddy Jacket
Lisa Wou
 [10/28 6:27:47PM] Large & Cream

Picnic Jacket; Top Fuzz Jacket; All the Fuzz Jacket;
Ana Klovan
 [10/28 6:19:28PM] XS black

Half and half jacket
Katie Catroppa
 [10/28 6:11:07PM] M black

Fuzzy Wuzzy Walking Jacket
Linda Cassista
 [10/28 6:03:38PM] Cream Size XL

Bear Essential Teddy Coat
Debbie Slater
 [10/28 5:59:24PM] XL CREAM

Quilted teddy jacket
Tara Macaulay
 [10/28 5:43:46PM] Black medium

Teddy to party twofer jacket
Tara Macaulay
 [10/28 5:41:44PM] Black medium

Fall into me jacket
Melanie Rumley
 [10/28 5:33:47PM] XS black

Fall Favorite
Amy Preston
 [10/28 5:31:55PM] Cream in Large

Wrapped in Comfort Coat
Amanda Straker
 [10/28 5:26:40PM] 2XL cream if possible it’s

Out the Door Jacket , Out and About Jacket , Running Around Jacket,
Tracey Marcil
 [10/28 5:23:20PM] Xxl black

Real Cozy Jacket , Feel Cozy Jacket ,
Tracey Marcil
 [10/28 5:19:35PM] Xxl cream

You had me at Quilted jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/28 5:17:31PM] Large black

The Teddy Quilt jacket
Laurie Colhoun
 [10/28 5:16:11PM] Large black

Teddy bears picnic coat
Robin McGurk
 [10/28 4:57:56PM] Black, large

Comfort Coat
Marlee Huebner
 [10/28 4:53:04PM] Cream XL

Unbearably Soft Jacket
Tracey Dunlop
 [10/28 4:48:49PM] Cream large

Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy Jacket,
Tracey Dunlop
 [10/28 4:47:48PM] Cream large

Bear with Me
Michelle Bouillon
 [10/28 4:46:43PM] Large Black

West Coast Coat
Christine Masztalar
 [10/28 4:42:23PM] Cream 1XL or XL if no 1XL

Teddy or not, here I come!
Sandra Vancoughnett
 [10/28 4:40:56PM] Black, large

Take it on the trail
Tammy Brown
 [10/28 4:24:23PM] M & cream

Quilt so Soft Coat
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [10/28 4:19:29PM] L Cream

Call me twice Cait
caitlin krekoski
 [10/28 4:18:47PM] Xl black

You’re Quilt the Coat
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [10/28 4:18:37PM] L Cream

To warmer days, snuggled up
Jenny higgins
 [10/28 4:18:04PM] 3x&white

Call on me Twice Jacket
caitlin krekoski
 [10/28 4:17:52PM] Xl cream

Bundle Up Babe Coat
Michelle Day-Taxiarchis
 [10/28 4:17:36PM] L Cream

On to warmer days, snuggled up
Jenny higgins
 [10/28 4:17:15PM] 3x white

Quilt you keep me warm
 [10/28 4:14:03PM] cream small

Teddy remix coat
Marysia waritsky
 [10/28 3:49:28PM] Black xl

Quilted contrast teddy jacket
Marysia waritsky
 [10/28 3:47:14PM] Black XL

Classic cozy jacket
Cynthia Styan
 [10/28 3:41:24PM] XL beige

Any Occasion Teddy Jacket
Amanda Zimny
 [10/28 3:39:24PM] Small white

Double Delight Teddy jacket
Jina Clarke
 [10/28 3:35:16PM] Cream XL

Quilt Fuzz Teddy Coat
Andrea McGill
 [10/28 2:59:19PM] Small Cream color

Teddy Blanket coat
Melissa Mackell
 [10/28 2:55:39PM] Large black

Cookies n Cream
Heather Lambert
 [10/28 2:46:43PM] Xxl Black

Soft as Teddy Quilted Coat
Rhonda Bernard
 [10/28 2:41:43PM] Black XXl

Soft as Quilted Coat
Rhonda Bernard
 [10/28 2:41:07PM] Black XXl

Duo delightful jacket , twice the coziness coat
Amanda Grant
 [10/28 2:40:46PM] Beige medium

Perfect parka, Terrific trench.
Lanae hogan
 [10/28 2:29:02PM] XLarge black.

Quilted fuzzy zip up coat, Queen paddington coat, two textured jacket
Christine Wilkinson
 [10/28 2:25:20PM] XS- black

Transitional two tone teddy
Kaitlin Dawson
 [10/28 2:22:20PM] L Black

Yours to Bear Teddy Coat
Tonya Barich
 [10/28 2:21:31PM] M & Black

Cabin Coat, Cottage Coat, Cozy Cabin Coat, Cozy Cottage Coat
Amanda Asturias
 [10/28 2:18:59PM] Large, Cream

Teddy quilted zip up coat, Queen paddington coat, Two textured jacket,
Christine Wilkinson
 [10/28 2:18:17PM] XS-black

Sandra Wilson
 [10/28 2:11:01PM] Medium Black

Better With you Coat, Just like a hug Jacket, Teddy Bear Hug Jacket, Warm Embrace Coat, I love my Teddy Coat
Amber Jones
 [10/28 1:58:54PM] XL Black

Twice a Classic Jacket or It's A Vibe Jacket
Leanne Campbell
 [10/28 1:53:21PM] Black Medium

Fall with Teddy
Riekje van Delst
 [10/28 1:49:34PM] Cream, large

hug me tight jacket, fuzzy hugs jacket or cozy bear jacket
Kristy Collier
 [10/28 1:48:42PM] size xl black

Split woolies
Marlene mowat
 [10/28 1:43:14PM] Xl black

Split The Difference Teddy Coat
Carole-Anne Stanway
 [10/28 1:42:53PM] Size XXL Black

Teddy Bear Necessities Coat
Melissa Parasco
 [10/28 1:38:36PM] XL Black

Cozy quilted jacket
Tanis Hayward
 [10/28 1:33:42PM] Lg Black

Fuzzable Long Jacket
Jill Stewart
 [10/28 1:31:38PM] Size Small - Cream

Cozy and quilted
Megan Long
 [10/28 1:27:16PM] Cream medium

Warm and fuzzy feelings
Megan long
 [10/28 1:25:01PM] Cream medium

Paddington Coat, Queen of coats, Quilted Cozy coat
Brenda Villena
 [10/28 1:22:57PM] S cream

The day to day
Teri Rebagliati
 [10/28 1:21:10PM] Black Med

Teddy Bear Picnic, Build a bear, Hugga bear, teddy bear
 [10/28 1:18:24PM] Xxl black

Quilt my Sherpa jacket
Heather Andries
 [10/28 1:18:12PM] Medium & Cream

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Sarah Colibaba
 [10/28 1:12:04PM] Large black please

Snuggle me close
Monica Mikolas
 [10/28 1:08:37PM] Xxl black

Snuggled in warmth teddy jacket
Deana Snowden
 [10/28 1:06:02PM] Large; Cream

All Cuddled Up Coat
Matina Stamadianos
 [10/28 1:03:39PM] Black S

Quilt patch teddy coat
Dolores Wilson
 [10/28 12:58:14PM] Cream xl

Quilt patch midi coat
Dolores Wilson
 [10/28 12:57:45PM] Cream xl

Hug Me Close Teddy Bear Quilted Coat
Megan Kimball
 [10/28 12:51:52PM] Small… or medium.. unsure what will fit.. /Black

Soft & Airy coat
Jo-Ann McCreary
 [10/28 12:50:49PM] Cream XXL

Soft & Airy coat
Jo-Ann McCreary
 [10/28 12:49:05PM] Cream XXL

Quilted Fur Fun Coat
Wanda Helmeczi
 [10/28 12:47:13PM] Cream xxl

Flatter Me Fall
Erika Pelley
 [10/28 12:46:27PM] Black XXL

My Soft & Quilty Coat
Tessa Orr
 [10/28 12:34:45PM] Small, cream

Jacket of All Trades
Rosanna Fiorino
 [10/28 12:34:44PM] Black xs

Karen Northey
 [10/28 12:34:38PM] Black xl

Cozy teddy jackets
Danica Bydeweg
 [10/28 12:31:54PM] Small cream

Karen Northey
 [10/28 12:30:34PM] Black xl

Forever Fuzzy
Kimberley Plater-Mulhall
 [10/28 12:25:06PM] Black XXL

Elaine Gunderson
 [10/28 12:17:02PM] Large ble or charcoal

Fall in Two Pieces
Kristie Brunetti
 [10/28 12:14:30PM] Large, Cream

Split Decision Teddy Coat
Kristie Brunetti
 [10/28 12:12:49PM] Large, cream

Take Me To the Top Teddy Coat
Emily Langman
 [10/28 11:46:18AM] XL black

Cosy heaven
Cynthia Styan
 [10/28 11:37:04AM] Xl beige

Steady teddy jacket
Nicole Gregg
 [10/28 11:36:31AM] Large Cream

Go to great lengths jacket
Lori Campbell
 [10/28 11:35:41AM] Cream xl

Marylou Smith
 [10/28 11:33:10AM] Large cream colored

Wrap your arms around me-quilted coat
Rosanne Forseille
 [10/28 11:33:10AM] Cream xxl

Cozy Fall Moments
Cheryl Bowlier
 [10/28 11:30:16AM] Xl cream

The Un-Bear-ably Cozy Jacket, The Snuggle is Real Jacket, Cozy Bear-ings Jacket, Snuggle me Softly Jacket, Fur Your Snuggle Jacket, Let’s Get Cozy Jacket
Amanda Suslyk
 [10/28 11:28:35AM] Large & Crème

No guilt quilt coat
Shauna Brady
 [10/28 11:23:52AM] Medium black

Like a Bear Hug
Lorraine Lowry
 [10/28 11:13:45AM] Black L

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Robyn Hoffman
 [10/28 11:11:07AM] Large Black

Coat made of hugs
Angela Rodgers
 [10/28 11:06:10AM] L black

Walk in the park jacket
Mona Webster
 [10/28 11:05:03AM] Large , Cream

Walk the dog jacket
Mona Webster
 [10/28 11:04:10AM] Large , Cream

It's so fluffy coat!
Natalie McLaughlin
 [10/28 11:03:55AM] Black, XL

Tonal Teddy
Julie Tilley
 [10/28 10:58:45AM] Cream

Delightfully Quilty Jacket
Rebecca Francis
 [10/28 10:56:05AM] Black, xxl

Sleek teddy bear jacket
Stacy Smith
 [10/28 10:55:26AM] XL black

Cozy time Coat or Cozy Quilt jacket
Sharlene Desbiens
 [10/28 10:48:46AM] Large in cream

Teddy on Top, or Quilt Me Up
Christine Riddell
 [10/28 10:46:28AM] S Cream

Walk with me jacket
Erin Straughan
 [10/28 10:42:37AM] L Cream

Falling for You
Wendy Brescia
 [10/28 10:41:21AM] Black small

The Grateful Ted
Jennifer Gordon
 [10/28 10:41:12AM] Large black

Quilted and cozy jacket
Elsa Fawkes
 [10/28 10:39:42AM] Cream M

Dolce abbraccio
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/28 10:39:23AM] M cream

Teddy Top Jacket
Teal Hallaby
 [10/28 10:39:19AM] Small black

Snug as a bug jacket
Elsa Fawkes
 [10/28 10:39:07AM] Cream M

Won’t You be my Teddy Bear Coat
Karen McHale
 [10/28 10:34:29AM] Cream XXL

Quilted Winnie Jacket
Sheryl Kuiper
 [10/28 10:33:03AM] XL Black

Everyday teddy wear
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/28 10:31:07AM] M cream

Teddy care
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/28 10:30:13AM] M cream

Teddy's Quilt
Julie Marchioli
 [10/28 10:28:27AM] Medium Black

Soft embrace
Roberta Anzellini
 [10/28 10:26:38AM] M cream

La Bise Coat
Alyssa Fahie
 [10/28 10:22:29AM] Xs cream

Wrap me up Teddy coat
Maria Lento
 [10/28 10:18:14AM] Black med

Party on the top! Business on the bottom!
Jocelyn Wheelans
 [10/28 10:18:00AM] Size xl Color black

Teddy Set Go
Traci Linklater
 [10/28 10:17:55AM] Cream large

Wrapped up in cozy
Kim Gregorowich
 [10/28 10:16:59AM] Black XL

Snuggle Jacket- Teddy and quilt blanket in one
Charlene McCullough
 [10/28 10:15:30AM] 3X and either color I love them both!

Set The Tone Coat
Alyssa Fahie
 [10/28 10:13:31AM] Xs cream

The every occasion jacket
Debbie Slade
 [10/28 10:13:30AM] xxl white

Everyday wear
Teresa Haggart
 [10/28 10:09:28AM] XL Black

Bear Necessities
Traci Linklater
 [10/28 10:08:59AM] Cream large

Classic Cozy Quilted Jacket or Bear-y Cozy Quilted Jacket
Jessica Ham
 [10/28 10:06:48AM] XXL Black

The Darth & Trooper Jacket
Ashley Kowalenko
 [10/28 10:04:15AM] Medium white

Teddy 2.Oooh
Corinn Best
 [10/28 10:03:20AM] XXL & Black

Falling in Love
Traci Linklater
 [10/28 10:03:13AM] Cream large

Teddy 2.O
Corinn Best
 [10/28 10:00:59AM] XXL & Black

Snuggle Jacket- teddy and quilt all in one
Charlene McCullough
 [10/28 10:00:19AM] 3X black

Snug as a Hug
Traci Linklater
 [10/28 9:55:36AM] Cream large

Split Decision/Quilt Hugging Me Teddy
Leanne Chyzowski
 [10/28 9:54:38AM] BLACK XL

Quilted With Softness Jacket
Susan Ventimiglia
 [10/28 9:51:11AM] XXL black

Hug me Cozy Coat
 [10/28 9:44:43AM] Cream (Med)

Snuggle so long Jacket
Sarah Wright
 [10/28 9:44:35AM] L-Black

Two Tone Teddy
Christine Altstadt
 [10/28 9:42:12AM] Black, XL

Snuggle Me Up or Cozy Goodness
Marcy Andersen
 [10/28 9:40:17AM] Small Cream

Hug me back jacket
Alison Boczulak
 [10/28 9:38:54AM] Cream XXL

Fuzzy Feelings Jacket
Jessica Nakashimada
 [10/28 9:33:29AM] Cream XXL

Bear Snuggle Jacket, Teddy Snuggle Jacket, Want a Bear Hug Jacket, Snug & Cozy Jacket
Ashley Herron
 [10/28 9:27:28AM] Cream Large

Cozy Quilted Coat
Liz Roy
 [10/28 9:27:13AM] XL Cream

Quilted Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear Coat
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:25:57AM] XL Cream

Split Decision or Split Personality
Leanne Chyzowski
 [10/28 9:25:55AM] XL

Cozy Quilted Comfort Jacket
Liz Roy
 [10/28 9:25:21AM] XL cream

Quilted with ? Teddy Jacket
Kathy Pirone
 [10/28 9:25:14AM] Cream XL-XXL?

Goldilocks Teddy Jacket -it’s JUST right!
Jenn Dilfer
 [10/28 9:25:10AM] Cream XXL

Cozy Quilted Comfort Jacket
Liz Roy
 [10/28 9:24:59AM] XL cream

The best of two tones
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:24:34AM] Xl cream

Split Decision or Split Personality
Leanne Chyzowski
 [10/28 9:24:18AM] Xl

The best of both worlds
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:23:58AM] XL Cream

Rock Steady Teddy
Mimi Searls
 [10/28 9:23:43AM] Cream medium

Cozy Quilted Comfort Jacket
Liz Roy
 [10/28 9:23:24AM] XL cream

Fuzzy Bear Coat
Karen Carvell
 [10/28 9:23:14AM] XXL Cream

Multi tone teddy Coat
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:22:51AM] XL CREAM

Quilted with Teddy Jacket
Kathy Pirone
 [10/28 9:22:49AM] Cream XL-XXL?

Easy come Easy Go
Mimi Searls
 [10/28 9:22:10AM] Cream medium

Bearing Up!
Gillian Mullin
 [10/28 9:21:56AM] Medium Cream

Splitting tones teddy coat
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:21:38AM] XL Cream

Slow and Teddy
Mimi Searls
 [10/28 9:21:28AM] Cream medium

Sherpa to be a winner
Mimi Searls
 [10/28 9:21:07AM] Cream medium

Cozy Quilted Comfort
Lizanne Roy
 [10/28 9:20:43AM] XL cream

The best of two tones teddy coat
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:20:40AM] XL, Cream

Bear Hug Jacket
Karen Carvell
 [10/28 9:20:07AM] XXL Cream

Quilted Teddy Jacket
dj Johal
 [10/28 9:20:02AM] Black, large

Polar Teddy
Lea Lianza
 [10/28 9:19:42AM] Black - medium

Split tone Teddy Coat
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:19:31AM] xl-cream

Bear with me
Angela Mitres
 [10/28 9:18:55AM] Beige, small

Teddy/Cozy Jacket! Above and Beyond!!!
Jacqueline Johnson
 [10/28 9:18:39AM] L Cream /White

Brenda Dedrick
 [10/28 9:18:18AM] Oat L

Changing tones Teddy Jacket
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:17:28AM] XL Cream

Perfect combo jacket, coupled up teddy coat, Quilted with love, Quilted and cozy, Quilty conscience coat
Jackie Blackhall
 [10/28 9:15:27AM] L, cream

Mixed Media Teddy Jacket
Crystal Wilson
 [10/28 9:15:25AM] XL Cream

Snuggle up
 [10/28 9:14:33AM] Large white(cream)

Wrapped in a bear hug
Brenda Roberts
 [10/28 9:13:45AM] L and cream

Cuddly as a quilt soft as a Teddy jacket
Raelene Pearson
 [10/28 9:13:27AM] XXL Cream

Teddy bear jacket
Roxanne breau
 [10/28 9:12:28AM] Large and black

Bear Essential Zip Up
Allison Steeves
 [10/28 9:12:16AM] Medium, cream

Cozy as can be Teddy jacket
Michelle Chapman
 [10/28 9:10:33AM] Small cream

Tomorrow's Furcast
Alisha Baird
 [10/28 9:06:42AM] XL black

Fuzzy on top teddy coat
Sonja Vanderwood
 [10/28 9:06:37AM] Small cream

teddy bear hugs
Tamara Dumont
 [10/28 9:06:00AM] size medium and black

Two toned teddy coat
Sonja Vanderwood
 [10/28 9:05:34AM] Small black

Warm Hugs, It Takes Two, Cozy Mash-Up, Hugs All Around
Samantha Alexandra
 [10/28 9:05:26AM] L, Cream

Duet jacket
Jackie Blackhall
 [10/28 9:02:35AM] Large, cream

Bear hug
Lisa Mundy
 [10/28 9:02:33AM] Small cream

The Teddy Wrap jacket. Bear hug me, Oh my Teddy
 [10/28 9:01:58AM] xs cream

The luxure( like luxury )
Kathy Haydu
 [10/28 9:00:44AM] S white

Relaxing autumn
Caroline clarke
 [10/28 8:59:00AM] Black. Medium

Fuzzy with a side of quilt
Jessica Bracher
 [10/28 8:54:57AM] Cream, XL

Wrapped in warmth teddy coat, the whole package teddy coat, two times the jacket
Trinette Targett
 [10/28 8:52:21AM] Large & black

Free 'Fall'-en Warmth
Laura Dickie
 [10/28 8:52:00AM] Cream, XS

Classy Teddy Coat; Cozy Teddy Coat
Ali Burton
 [10/28 8:51:24AM] XXL I think? and black

All the teddy feels
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:44:21AM] Xs cream

Teddy bear quilt
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:42:19AM] Xs cream

Toned to perfection
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:41:25AM] Xs cream

Shades of perfection
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:40:54AM] Xs cream

Falling into winter
Melissa Goldie
 [10/28 8:39:32AM] Cream xl

Keep Calm Quilted Jacket, Tried and True Tonal Jacket, Sure Thing Tonal Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [10/28 8:38:45AM] Cream, M

Soft as Teddy Coat
Linda Cassista
 [10/28 8:37:47AM] Black xl

Kathryn Benson
 [10/28 8:37:32AM] Black XXL

Fuzzy Fall Fun Jacket
Selena Wilson
 [10/28 8:37:22AM] XL Black

Jekyll and HIDE coat, hide and seek coat, teddy rupskin coat,
Megan Wiens
 [10/28 8:37:10AM] Black large

The Paddington, Shrug Life jacket
Stef Wheelans
 [10/28 8:36:45AM] Large & cream

Bear Necessity Zip Up
Kelley McKay
 [10/28 8:36:37AM] Black Xl Please

Split personality
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:36:17AM] Xs black

Got you covered
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:35:41AM] Xs black

Two times a lady jacket
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:34:03AM] Xs cream

Beary Nice, Yogi
Rachelle Douglas
 [10/28 8:34:00AM] XL Cream

Snuggle me up
Jackie Borchers
 [10/28 8:32:23AM] Black xxl

Cozy up Quilted Jacket, Tip Top Teddy Jacket, Half Time Teddy Jacket, Quilted Queen Teddy Jacket, Teddy and True Jacket
Corinna Van Niejenhuis
 [10/28 8:32:06AM] Cream, M

Your Bear essential coat
Paula Fulthorpr
 [10/28 8:31:59AM] Cream XXL

Faux Hug Jacket
Victoria Macmillan
 [10/28 8:31:34AM] Large black

Double the fun jacket
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:31:04AM] Xs black

Two tone quilted comfy teddy
Christine Gingrich
 [10/28 8:30:39AM] 2x black

Times two jacket
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:30:32AM] Xs black

Paddington quilted jacket
Caitlin monka
 [10/28 8:30:21AM] Large in black

Fuzzy Feelings jacket
Angela Smiley
 [10/28 8:30:13AM] Black xl

Times two
Rebecca armstrong
 [10/28 8:29:33AM] Xs black

Quilted together jacket, Best of Both Worlds jacket, Fizzy Feelings jacket,
Angela Smiley
 [10/28 8:29:28AM] Black xl

Any time, Teddy time
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:28:59AM] L cream

Comfy or Ruxpin
Michelle Drohan
 [10/28 8:28:58AM] L Cream

Bestie Teddy
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:28:14AM] L cream

Polar Strolling
Trisha Tahouney
 [10/28 8:27:54AM] Large/Black

Comfy coat
Christine Gingrich
 [10/28 8:27:39AM] 2x black

Quilted Comfort
Trista McNolty
 [10/28 8:27:25AM] Medium white

Bear Hugs Jacket
Rebekah Thebarge
 [10/28 8:27:01AM] Medium white

Teddy Day
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:26:43AM] L cream

Teddy Hugs
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:25:53AM] L cream

Best of Both Worlds Jacket
Nikki Weightman
 [10/28 8:21:52AM] Cream xs

Double Trouble Jacket, Twice as Nice Jacket,
Nikki Weightman
 [10/28 8:20:50AM] Cream, xs

I like Warm Hugs
Torrie Stewart
 [10/28 8:14:57AM] lg tan

West to East Teddy Jacket, The Two-Toned Teddy, Coast to Coast, The comfort Teddy jacket, Teddy-Up
Whitney Dillon
 [10/28 8:14:14AM] Black & XXL

Hug me Closer Teddy Coat
Carolee Malley
 [10/28 8:14:00AM] XXL in Cream

Gather 'Round or Gather Around Shacket
Laura Peters
 [10/28 8:13:22AM] Cream - XL

Tone’s A Changing Jacket
Jess Laforest
 [10/28 8:13:13AM] Medium cream

Fuzzy wuzzy jacket
Krista Measures
 [10/28 8:13:10AM] Cream. Small

Two Tone Life Shacket
Jess Laforest
 [10/28 8:12:39AM] Medium cream

Teddy Weather
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:12:19AM] L cream

Fuzzy wuzzy jacket
Krista Measures
 [10/28 8:12:15AM] Small. Cream

Double the fun jacket
Angela Yamaoka
 [10/28 8:11:52AM] Black medium

Teddy Time Anytime
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:11:48AM] L cream

Love at first glance
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:11:07AM] L cream

Polar Express
Tracy Fisher
 [10/28 8:11:06AM] Small - Cream

Double stuffed teddy, she mean’s business teddy, best of both worlds teddy
Brayell Dengler
 [10/28 8:11:00AM] Black medium

Cooler Days Ahead
Paula Potts
 [10/28 8:10:38AM] Large cream

Teddy chic, cozy chic
Nikki Robson
 [10/28 8:10:35AM] XS Black

Tone’s A Changing Jacket
Jessica Laforest
 [10/28 8:10:33AM] Medium & Cream

Plunge into Autumn/fall jacket, bundle me up jacket, all bundled up jacket, envelope me jacket, swaddle me jacket
Shannon Davies
 [10/28 8:10:23AM] Cream Medium

Move over Shacket
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:10:11AM] L cream

Down to Earth
Tracy Fisher
 [10/28 8:09:58AM] Small - Cream

Lori Rose
 [10/28 8:09:50AM] Xxl tan

Funday Vibes
Brenda Meyer
 [10/28 8:09:35AM] L cream

What the fuzz
Ang Bedore
 [10/28 8:07:15AM] Large white

Two Destinations Jacket
Alyssa Fahie
 [10/28 8:06:36AM] Xs cream

Teddy Chic coat, cozy chic,
Nikki Robson
 [10/28 8:06:29AM] XS black

Warm Me Up Teddy
Tammy Psiurski
 [10/28 8:05:53AM] XXL Cream

Split Personality Quilted Teddy Coat
Caitlin Gillis
 [10/28 8:04:26AM] XXL Cream

Hybrid teddy
Kristina Peer
 [10/28 8:04:26AM] Black XL

Quilted Dreams Teddy Jacket
Ashley MacFarlane
 [10/28 8:04:11AM] Xs, cream

It’s a Sherpa Thing
Kristy Sayers
 [10/28 8:02:36AM] Cream XXL

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